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Special Insert: 2019 Business Awards

BUSINESS MATTERS Rose Arsenault Chamber Member of the Year

Gordy Dodd

Governors’ Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Working together to build good business and great community.

Met @ The Chamber


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G ov e r n o r s ’ L i f e t i m e Ac h i e v e m e n t Awa r d W i n n e r

Gordy Dodd BUSINESS MATTERS Spring/Summer 2019

Business Matters is a bi-annual publication of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce and a key business resource targeted to 2,000 business leaders in our community. The Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce is the region’s most diverse and influential business association. Our vision is to work together to build good business and great community.

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C h a mb e r M e mb e r of the year

Rose Arsenault

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Canada Votes


Chamber hosts six federal ministers


Chamber Events: Something for Everyone!

Local issues you should think about when you head to the polls on October 21.

Members of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce have heard firsthand about many important national matters.

Nothing can duplicate the moment you meet face-to-face with the connections you need to do business.


Chamber Member of the Year


2019 Greater Victoria Business Awards

Rose Arsenault — the original social network — is the 2019 recipient of the Chamber Member of the Year award.

Celebrate excellence in our business community as we look at the winners and finalists for the 2019 Greater Victoria Business Awards.


Governors’ Lifetime Achievement Winner


Introducing Our New Members!


Met @ The Chamber

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Working together to build good business and great community.

Discover the story behind the iconic Gordy Dodd, the 2019 recipient of the Governors’ Lifetime Achievement Award.

Welcome to those who’ve decided to join the people who get things done. Membership — it's about the company we keep.

Here at The Chamber we know that business grows and runs better when smoothed by the influence of connections. We want to help you with that. We’ve included two recent stories of valuable business connections who Met @The Chamber.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


Canada Votes What we need federally for Greater Victoria

Canadians head to the polls on Oct. 21 to decide who will lead the country for the next four years. In Greater Victoria, our goal is to ensure Chamber members are among the best informed voters in Canada. Already this year we have hosted six federal ministers as part of our Business Leaders Series. On these pages, we take a look at local issues for our federal representatives, and what we are advocating the federal government do about them.

The Chamber is also working with our community partners to host a federal candidate listening session on June 12 at the Victoria Conference Centre. This will be a great opportunity to express our concerns and visions to whoever is elected in Greater Victoria. Our community partners are the South Island Prosperity Partnership, the City of Victoria, the Downtown Victoria Business Association, Destination Greater Victoria and the Greater Victoria Harbour Authority.

Workforce Housing We need all levels of government to consider the unique requirements of workforce housing. Employers in Greater Victoria have too many jobs going unfilled, and the single biggest deterrent for employees in Greater Victoria is the cost of housing. We want to know what federal candidates will do to ease this crisis. We are asking the federal government to expand the National Housing Strategy to include more non-market housing through partnerships with local governments and non-profit housing providers. Tax incentives can encourage private investment in purpose-built rental housing. The federal government can also invest more in co-op housing, improving existing units and funding partnerships that create new housing opportunities for families. And, by creating incentives to revitalize older multi-unit rental housing, government can prolong the lifespan of buildings, helping keep rent at affordable rates and improving energy efficiency.

Labour A pressing need for workers continues to be a major concern for The Chamber, as well as Destination Greater Victoria. With more than 22,000 jobs in tourism and hospitality, the lack of an adequate workforce is particularly worrisome in this sector as positions remain vacant, stifling business. We are asking the federal government to help increase the supply of available workers by setting relevant immigration targets and making the process more efficient, as well as encouraging domestic mobility programs. We need many more workers, both foreign and domestic, in every sector.

Smart mobility We would appreciate action from the federal and provincial governments on a commitment to funding for the Smart Mobility strategies planned by the South Island Prosperity Partnership (SIPP). This means working with municipalities and First Nations in Greater Victoria to create a civic technology cluster that can test, purchase and deploy new technologies to solve mobility challenges facing our region. This pilot can be developed and implemented through a single point of contact via SIPP, thus capturing all the elements needed to scale to a large metropolitan area — or scale down to smaller, rural municipalities and remote First Nations.


BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Transportation The federal government has committed to international emission reduction targets, and British Columbia has committed to transitioning to electric vehicles for private and commercial use. For Greater Victoria to lead this transition, commuters need alternatives to vehicles powered by fossil-fuels, and our region needs options that encourage fewer people to drive singleoccupancy vehicles to work. We want the federal government to continue its Public Transit Infrastructure Fund, and provide incentives for the electrification of commercial fleets including ferries, buses, trucks and couriers. Government, through the Standards Council of Canada, can also align manufacturers of electric vehicles on a common electric charging technology, and expand the number of electric vehicle charging stations in Greater Victoria and across Vancouver Island.

Working together to build good business and great community.


Child Care We are asking the federal government to match the investment made by the provincial government to increase access to affordable, quality child care. For a working family, child care is typically the second highest expense after housing. Workers are reducing hours and modifying shifts to compensate for the lack of child care, adding to the shortage of labour at a time when we have the lowest unemployment rate in the country. As well, a shortage of early childhood educators contributes to the lack of licensed spaces. To overcome this drag on our economy and to ensure children have a safe and stimulating start in life, child care needs the same level of government attention and investment as the other fundamental underpinnings of our economy such as education, transportation and health care.

The City of Victoria has embarked on a Witness Reconciliation Program with the Esquimalt and Songhees Nations. The mission is being undertaken with integrity, an open heart and a willingness to take the time needed to work in diverse ways. The work of the federal government’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission was handed over to the National Centre for Truth and Reconciliation, which continues efforts to record the painful history of the residential school system and systemic discrimination against indigenous people. We want the federal government to remain committed to continue the healing process and forge a future of inclusiveness.

Climate Change Greater Victoria is seeing increasing climate chaos through more severe winter storms and hotter, drier summers. The City of Victoria reports 70 per cent of street trees it removes are because of stress and disease due to climate change. We request that the federal government provide predictable funding to ensure local governments have climate action plans. Working with the province, these plans will be key to helping Canada meet its commitments to the Paris Agreement. We also want the federal government to match provincial incentives to help people choose zero-emission vehicles and energy efficient heating options for their homes, and to provide incentives for business to reduce emissions and create innovative solutions. Local governments can play a bigger role in mitigating climate change, if the federal government encourages the provincial government to give cities more authority to develop creative solutions. Potential ideas include offering loans for energy-efficient retrofits and collecting repayment through savings on utility bills, using business licence fees to incentivize reductions in carbon pollution and congestion pricing.

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Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


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Sixth sense of what’s happening in Ottawa

Minister Bill Minister Morneau Catherine McKenna

Minister Jonathan Wilkinson

Minister Joyce Murray

Minister Ahmed Hussen

Minister Mélanie Joly

Members of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce heard firsthand from six federal ministers in the first five months of this year. Weeks before the federal budget, Canada’s Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Chamber CEO Catherine Holt and Chamber members engaged in a conversation about the state of the economy, housing affordability and money laundering. Minister Morneau was candid about the trials of working with the U.S. under the Trump administration, and how Canada could be impacted by Brexit. On Feb. 11, The Chamber hosted federal Minister of Environment and Climate Change Catherine McKenna. After a short speech, McKenna and Holt talked about different approaches to taxing pollution, why we need to speak clearly about the risks of climate change and the opportunities for business to lead through innovation.

Teressa and Ron work together on the new parallel bars at Nigel House

Every Step Matters

While in Greater Victoria, Minister McKenna announced a $1.25 million investment over five years in the University of Victoria’s Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium.

Ron has progressed from being bedridden to taking huge steps, thanks to the generosity of our donors. Please join us in helping more people, like Ron, experience improved wellbeing.

On March 15, The Chamber hosted Jonathan Wilkinson, federal Minister of Fisheries, Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard. At the luncheon, which was well-attended by local Chamber members and chambers across the Island, Wilkinson addressed concerns about the future of whales, salmon and ocean-based businesses. The minister spoke about his government’s efforts to protect salmon and orcas by managing threats such as noise, interference, pollution, climate change and lack of food. During the Q&A, the Minister and audience members talked about the need to strike a balance between protecting salmon and whales and ensuring coastal communities have access to needed resources.

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Broadmead Care, 4579 Chatterton Way, Victoria, BC V8X 4Y7 Tel. 250-658-0311

Working together to build good business and great community.

Broadmead Care society is a registered charity. #129290383 RR0001

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


Wilkinson was clear that his ministry’s primary objective is ensuring the survival of the southern resident killer whales, and that a concerted effort is needed. The meeting foreshadowed an announcement one month later when Wilkinson’s ministry introduced new regulations that require any Chinook salmon caught before mid-July to be released back into the ocean, with limits on the number of Chinook that can be kept after that date. On March 26, a group of Greater Victoria business leaders and Chamber board members met with Joyce Murray, President of Canada’s Treasury Board and Minister of Digital Government. Murray answered questions about public-sector hiring policies, recognizing foreign certification, the Canada Summer Jobs Program and why government believes prioritizing debt to GDP and signing free-trade deals is the best way to encourage investment. On April 25, Chamber members with an interest in Canada’s immigration system were able to ask tough questions of federal Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen. Minister Hussen was pressed to increase the available pool of foreign workers to help businesses deal with our region’s labour crunch. WorkBC is predicting 150,000 job vacancies on Vancouver Island in the next 10 years, while the Conference Board of Canada says immigration will account for 100 percent of the country’s population growth by 2034. Improving Canada’s immigration system is one of The Chamber’s advocacy priorities for 2019. While Minister Hussen was in Victoria at the invitation of The Chamber, he was able to use the visit to meet privately with community leaders and attend a swearing in ceremony for new Canadians. On May 13, Chamber members were able to be part of a discussion with Mélanie Joly, federal Minister of Tourism, Official Languages and La Francophonie. Minister Joly spoke about the future of tourism in Canada, and what that means for Greater Victoria. Our region is one of the country’s top destinations for tourists, and the industry generates more than $2.3 billion in economic activity and employs more than 23,000 people. Joly spoke about her work in Ottawa to have tourism seen as a major economic driver for the country. Six ministers, six opportunities to ensure the concerns of Greater Victoria businesses are heard in Ottawa.


BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Working together to build good business and great community.

{Chamberevents} YYJ Eats June 4 | 5 to 7 p.m. St. Ann's Academy 835 Humboldt St.

Prodigy Group July Mingle July 11 | 5 to 7 p.m. Victopia Co-working Space 2nd Fl-1824 Store St.

Prodigy Group September Mingle September 12 | 5 to 7 p.m. CANOE Brewpub 450 Swift St.

Prodigy Group June Mingle June 13 | 5 to 7 p.m. Whole Foods Market 3587 Blanshard St.

July Business Mixer July 18 | 5 to 7 p.m. Coast Victoria Hotel & Marina by APA 146 Kingston St.

5 Chamber Business Mixer September 20 | 5 to 7 p.m. TBA

June Business Mixer June 18 | 5 to 7 p.m. Victoria HarbourCats at Wilson's Group Stadium at Royal Athletic Park 1014 Caledonia St. Trade Accelerator Program June 18, 19, 26 and July 24 More info on victoriachamber.ca Summer Social Series

Distillers Dinner at the Farm July 3 | 6 to 9:00 p.m. Bilston Creek Farm 4185 Metchosin Rd.

Summer Social Series

A Taste of BC August 7 | 5:30 to 9 p.m. Government House 1401 Rockland Av. Prodigy Group August Mingle August 8 | 5 to 7 p.m. TBA

B.C. Day August 5

August Business Mixer August 15 | 5 to 7 p.m. Greater Victoria Coalition to End Homelessness 1125 Pembroke St. Summer Social Series

Board Election Information Session July 9 | 12 to 1 p.m. The Chamber, 852 Fort St.

Office Closures Canada Day July 1

Labour Day September 2

Summer Roundup at the Roundhouse September 5 | 6 to 9 p.m. The Roundhouse at Bayview 80 Saghalie Rd.

Chamber Summer Hours (June, July and August) Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and Friday 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

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Jonathan Veale CIM CFA Founder & Portfolio Manager

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Working together to build good business and great community.

Jim Stewart BSc AACI Co-Founder RealStream & Real Estate Asset Manager


Brenda MacFarlane MBA CFP CIM Portfolio Manager

Sonja Ostopchuk

Investment Administrator

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


Rose Arsenault: The original social network Chamber member of the Year

Rose Arsenault Talentcor


BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Back in the late 1990s, when Rose Arsenault was starting her career in staffing and recruiting, the phone would ring — sometimes often — while she was on vacation visiting her mother’s lakeside cabin in Ontario’s cottage country. “I had an old phone and a list of temps on a piece of paper,” she says, of her turn of the century technology. Arsenault would flip open her mobile, grab her notebook full of contact info for available office workers and wade into the water to find the spot where cell reception was best and she could carry on her long-distant conversation with her clients on the west coast. Arsenault answered calls, matching workers with employers until all of her clients were set up for the day. And then she would do it again the next morning, until she was back in Victoria taking calls from her office. Born in Winnipeg, Arsenault grew up in Vivian, Manitoba, a rural farming community where she attended a one-room schoolhouse from Grades 1 to 3. Arsenault still remembers her teacher’s name, Miss Eames, and a childhood spent without the distractions of screens. “My entire life was spent in school or outside,” she says, recalling her early life in a farmhouse that had no running water. At six, tragedy struck when her dad died. The family left its farmhouse and moved to Dryden, Ont. to start a new life. In 1980, as a young adult, Arsenault struck out on her own, moving across the country to Vancouver. She worked at Rogers Communication in a variety of positions, eventually serving as an executive assistant until December 1996, when she moved to Victoria to follow her partner at the time. The couple settled into a home in Langford, and stocked up their cupboard just as the snow began to fall and the blizzard of ’96 shut down the entire city. “We just played in the snow for a week!” she says, remembering the snow piling up on her balcony and the effort it took to keep it clear so it wouldn’t collapse. In September 1997, Arsenault accepted a job as a sales rep at a staffing and recruiting company. The business went through a few name changes before it became Talentcor, where she still works today. Back in 1997, it was a small office, with Arsenault doing sales and one other person working as a human resource recruiter. It turned out to be the right place at the right time for Arsenault. Within months, the recruiter retired and Arsenault needed to stickhandle both roles. The hard work paid off and enabled Arsenault to master a new set of professional skills. It was about this time she met Glenn Terrell, the former CEO of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce. Terrell gave Arsenault advice that would end up guiding her next two decades in business. “He said, ‘If you do nothing else, join The Chamber.’”

Working together to build good business and great community.

Award sponsored by

Air Canada

Above: Rose (front row, left side) when she first joined the Ambassador Committee.

LEADING THE WAY Above: The one-room schoolhouse Rose attended in Vivian, Manitoba.

Above: Rose with her "Chamber Husband" John Espley.

She took the advice, and the move gave her immediate legitimacy. “Nobody wants to do business with you unless they know you’re not going anywhere.” However, back at the turn of the millennium, The Chamber was struggling to adapt to changing times and had yet to shake off anachronistic traditions that were once the norm for business. So, after a short separation, Arsenault made up her mind that change was overdue and she needed to be part of the solution. Going from Rogers Communications, where she worked alongside 500 people, to working by herself was a drastic change. “I needed to get out,” she says. “And The Chamber offered a social life and a chance to build professional relationships.” In 2004 she became an ambassador for The Chamber, and, in 2006, was elected to the Board of Directors. She was re-elected multiple times, until Chamber bylaws automatically ended her term in 2014. She continues to be a visible presence for The Chamber as a member of the Ambassador Committee. “I’ve gotten to know so many people through The Chamber,” she says. “I love being able to walk downtown and run into people I know.” John Espley, manager of Member Engagement for the Vancouver Island Construction Association, met Arsenault through networking events at The Chamber. In 2006, he joined The Chamber’s Board of Directors and saw how much extra Arsenault contributed to the organization. “It was so obvious how much she cared for our members’ interests and wanted them to not just be a member for the sake of business, but to enjoy their participation in The Chamber and at Chamber events,” Espley says. “She is so often volunteering at a Chamber event, staffing a table or greeting arrivals. This has gone on for many, many years.” The two hung out often, attending as many events as possible and even carpooling together.

Working together to build good business and great community.

At Air Canada, we strive to lead at the highest level in everything we do. That’s why we’re proud to celebrate the hardworking business and community leaders achieving new heights in customer service, entrepreneurship, sustainable business practices and innovation. Congratulations to the winners of this year’s Greater Victoria Business Awards.

LA VOIE DE L’EXCELLENCE À Air Canada, nous visons l’excellence dans tout ce que nous entreprenons. C’est pourquoi nous sommes fiers de souligner le travail acharné des dirigeants locaux et des chefs d’entreprises qui atteignent de nouveaux sommets dans le service à la clientèle, l’entrepreneuriat, les pratiques d’affaires durables et l’innovation. Félicitations à tous les lauréats des Greater Victoria Business Awards de cette année.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


“It just happened that we would tend to stand together at these events,” Espley says. “Eventually, the story got back to us that people thought we were a married couple.” After a good laugh, Espley and Arsenault adopted the concept and became “Chamber husband and wife.” “This is a great example of how Chamber participation not only grows business but creates and fosters friendships,” Espley says. “Rose and her partner Simon are now dear friends of my wife (Carrie) and mine and we even holidayed together last year.” Arsenault has been with Talentcor for more than two decades, and says attitudes have changed but the lessons she learned starting out remain. “We used to take resumes to an employer who was looking to hire,” recalls Arsenault, adding that, even today, she insists on meeting face-toface with every client. Getting to know the culture of her client’s workplace is key, enabling Arsenault and her team to find a good fit for employee and employer. “I have the best job in the world,” she says. “I’m nosey by nature.”

State of Hiring Arsenault’s job filling job vacancies for employers is on the frontline of one of the biggest challenges facing Greater Victoria’s economy. The No. 1 concern voiced by Chamber members continues to be the struggle to attract and retain workers. “The economy right now is the most frustrating ever,” Arsenault says. “In the 21 years of doing this, I’ve never felt more frustrated.” With the economy firing on all cylinders and more people choosing to start their own business, the need for workers is higher than ever. In April, Greater Victoria’s unemployment rate was 3.1 per cent — lowest in the country. The majority of employers in Greater Victoria need to fill entry-level or midcareer positions, and there’s not as many high-end jobs. “The employer here needs a Jack or Jill of all trades,” Arsenault says. “I think employers are a little more open in Victoria to try workers at whatever stage of life they’re in,” she says, noting that businesses are often pleasantly surprised by the work ethic of older generations. Low unemployment is also opening

Living for tomorrow.

doors for new arrivals to Canada, as Arsenault says she’s placing more immigrants all the time. One thing that can be frustrating is that even in a socially progressive city such as Greater Victoria it can be difficult for people to see beyond stigmas. Sexism, ageism and other forms of discrimination can’t be ignored — though there is a sense the tide is turning. Arsenault recalls one of her career highlights, working with an individual who was transitioning gender and could not find work. The person was exceptionally kind and considerate, but struggled with the challenges of going through a profoundly transformative process. Arsenault connected the individual with a company that needed someone for its night shift. The timing was perfect and helped the person maintain their dignity while keeping food on the table. The night job eventually led to a successful career in a related field. “She impacted my life,” says Arsenault, who shared the pain of watching doors close, and the joy when new ones opened. “She is still an awesome employee.”

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BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

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Working together to build good business and great community.

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Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


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peninsula co-op

New Business


Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter

Peninsula Co-op Members

Jill Van Gyn


Fatso High Performance Peanut Butter burst onto the Victoria grocery scene in 2016 with their feisty little jar of delicious peanut butter enriched with plant-based superfats. With a shoestring budget and a car that could fit exactly 73 cases of Fatso, founder and CEO Jill Van Gyn, pushed her way into grocery stores across BC including Whole Foods, Thrifty Foods, and Save-On-Foods. Fatso has enjoyed continued success, including a Dragon’s Den episode in which the company received four offers. Today, Fatso is well on its way to becoming a national brand with over 1,000 grocery stores carrying Fatso Classic and Fatso Cocoa. Through strategic management, Fatso has been a profitable company from year one, and as such, been proud to give back to local charities including AVI, The Mustard Seed, and Qmunity.


Urban Bee Honey Farm Top 3 Things

We Like About Co-op: 1. Get cash back on gas and food purchases. 2. As members, we are owners of a fast growing local company. 3. Co-op gives back to our local community through the community support program. Not a member yet? Become a member for just $27 and get a lifetime membership. No annual fee. Sign up in store or online peninsulaco-op.com

Specializing in Saanich Peninsula honey, Urban Bee Honey Farm opened its doors in September 2017. It places bee hives on properties around the peninsula to collect honey which is then extracted and labelled with the street on the Lindsay and Jason Dault Saanich Peninsula where it originated. The farm also raises local turkeys, chickens and free range vegetable-fed pork. Honey Farm Urban Bee Honey Farm’s retail store supports local artisans that make beeswax wraps, encaustic (hot wax) artwork, lip balm, salves, beeswax candles, supplements, desserts, and of course, delicious honey from all over BC. In June 2018 they opened a small coffee bar inside the store, so customers can enjoy a cup of locally grown tea and a delicious honey treat while sitting in store, or in the pollinating garden outside.



www.urbanbeehoney.ca 14

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Working together to build good business and great community.

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the City of Victoria

Business of the Year (1-10 Employees) Luv-A-Rug Services Inc.

Stephen Dusty Roberts


Since 1996, Luv-A-Rug Services Inc. has been washing area rugs and restoring “art you can walk on.” Their in-house Persian-trained weavers perform authentic hand repairs on all types of rugs, from the inexpensive machinemade to the most valuable handwoven priceless antique. Luv-A-Rug's mission of giving back to the community was recently recognized publicly when it took it upon itself to clean more than 400 rugs within School District 61’s elementary schools, a $90,000 project, at no cost. They also clean rugs donated to refugee families, Women In Need, and charitable thrift stores; restore horse blankets by donation to the BC Horse Council; wash dog beds by donation to the SPCA; clean K to Grade 3 classroom rugs for free and offer half-price cleaning to non-profit organizations.

Welcome to Victoria YOU HAVE ARRIVED

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National Education Consulting Inc. (NECI) NECI is a procurement and contract management training organization that has been delivering classroom, online and blended learning to both public and private sector organizations since 1991. NECI holds a unique market niche in Canada, focusing on the legal, practical and strategic considerations for procurement within any organization. NECI regularly provides speakers and conference sessions for industry associations and community groups, often for free or nominal charge. For example, NECI actively participates in the Vancouver Island Construction Forum each year, has partnered with ASPECT to deliver online training for not-for-profits in BC that respond to government procurement processes, and provides financial support to local groups such as The Mustard Seed, Women’s Transition House and the SPCA.

The Business Hub at City Hall is your first point of contact if you are an entrepreneur, investor or anyone looking to do business in Victoria. We will help you access information and connect you to the right resources to get your business open quicker. Connect with our Business Ambassador today!

Maureen Sullivan

Open Monday to Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 1 Centennial Square, Victoria 250.361.0629 bizhub@victoria.ca victoria.ca/bizhub

www.neci-legaledge.com Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


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TELUS PureFibre

Business of the Year (11-39 Employees) AOT Technologies


In 2011, AOT Technologies was started by two entrepreneurs, a $15,000 loan and some ambitious goals. Today, AOT employs 25 people in BC, several more across their three offices, and continues to grow at an average of 50% each year. AOT is an IT consulting and software development partner for BC Praveen Ramachandran and companies. Their core service George Philip offerings are application integration, custom software development, and Internet of Things. One of the outstanding successes of the company is its significant contribution to BC government projects. For example, AOT was fortunate to assist on a BC Ministry of Natural Resources project that aimed to create an innovative new system to support effective stewardship of natural resources and facilitate consultation with First Nations.

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LIDA Homes Inc. In operation since 2009, LIDA Homes Inc. has emerged as a market-leading contractor in Victoria. LIDA Homes offers a proprietary cloud-based project management system that provides a seamless budgeting and construction process to mitigate the many arduous tasks associated with building their customer’s dream home, including a guaranteed price before the first hammer is raised. Through time-tested processes and innovation, their fully integrated system offers clients an industry-leading service. The LIDA Homes mission is unparalleled customer satisfaction, world-class craftsmanship, and a meticulous attention to detail. LIDA Homes has grown from a team of two to a team of 17 full time employees. LIDA Homes’ exponential growth trajectory and award acknowledgements is a result of their willingness to exceed customer expectations.

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BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Working together to build good business and great community.

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Wilson's Group of Companies

Business of the Year (40+ Employees) Berwick Retirement Communities

Amir Hemani


Over the past 30 years, Berwick has grown from one to six retirement communities in Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox, Campbell River and Kamloops, with the seventh on the way in Qualicum Beach. Over that time, Berwick has built a reputation for offering an unparalleled standard of senior living with resort-style amenities, meals prepared by red seal chefs and a broad level of services and activities. In addition, Berwick’s unique local ownership by Gordon and Chris Denford, a Victoria based family, has allowed the company to operate with local insight and a community mindset. Berwick believes that to be successful, one must do so while supporting the community one lives and operates in. That’s why Berwick supports many non-profit organizations like the United Way, Hospice and more.


The Root Cellar Village Green Grocer Standing firmly behind the motto of “farm fresh, dirt cheap,” The Root Cellar provides quality food to over 10,000 customers a week with the commitment of brightening every customer’s day. This local family-owned green grocer, founded in 2008, provides the Island’s largest selection of organic, Adam & Daisy Orser local and conventional produce. The Root Cellar also has a full-service butcher, deli, bulk foods, floral and garden centre, artisanal grocery, local baked goods and a new coffee bar. Their focus on community purchasing sees them buy from small "mom and pop" gardeners to large greenhouse operations on the Saanich Peninsula and beyond. From the very start, they gave back to their community through donations, recycling, composting and waste-reduction programs that continue to form a key element of their business practice.

YOUR ISLAND TRANSPORTATION PARTNER Congratulations to the 2019 Finalists & Winners of the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce Business Awards!


www.therootcellar.ca Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


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Ralmax Group of Companies

Outstanding Workplace “Success isn’t just about what you accomplish in your life; it’s about what you inspire others to do.”

CHEK Media Group


Congratulations to all Chamber Business Award Recipients and Nominees. Rob Germain

CHEK is a BC broadcasting pioneer, proudly serving Greater Victoria and beyond for more than six decades. CHEK was the first commercial television station in BC, signing on the air in 1956 from its original studios in Saanich. Continuing to pioneer, it became independent and employee-owned in 2009 after employees and community-minded investors rallied to save the station when it was threatened with closure. CHEK celebrates a milestone of 10 years of employee-ownership in September. It is the only employee-owned station in North America. CHEK’s status as an outstanding workplace is best proved by the number of its employees that are veterans. Some have been with CHEK for more than 40 years, providing mentoring and training for many of its more junior employees.



Fernwood Coffee Company

Fernwood Coffee Company and The Parsonage Café have been brewing tastefully in Victoria for 12 years. They have been providing ethically sourced wholesale coffee to many local restaurants and cafes as well as operating the Parsonage Cafe in Fernwood/North Park. Fernwood Coffee Company has always tried to set themselves apart through customer service, inclusivity and community involvement. Their goal is to run their business with kindness as the core value, from how they treat their staff and service wholesale clients to the way they interact with customers. Apart from great coffee as a staff perk, they provide paid health benefits for their staff, which creates a higher retention rate, and offer staff a wellness program and career advancement program.

Proud champions of Victoria’s working harbour, industrial lands and jobs that sustain families. 18

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Ben Cram


Working together to build good business and great community.

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WildPlay Element Parks

Tom Benson


WildPlay Element Parks opened its first adventure park location in 2006 over the stunning Nanaimo River, and has grown to six locations across North America with HQ in Victoria. Since their first year of operation, WildPlay has set itself up as an industry leader in adventure course design, construction, operations and risk management. Along with being one of the first of its kind of adventure park, WildPlay has led other green innovations, introducing the first generation of electronic waivers more than five years ago for a paper-free park and providing staff opportunities for initiatives such as UpcycLeash where decommissioned gear was repurposed and crafted into dog leashes with the profits donated to wildlife and conservation projects. WildPlay has an active donation program that gives 3% of the total gross proďŹ t from each park back to their local community.



Summer Social Series

Distillers Dinner at the Farm

Savour the summer as you enjoy a carefully curated four-course dinner prepared by House of Boateng and paired with Sheringham Distillery spirits, in the idyllic lavender fields at Bilston Creek Farm. Wednesday, July 3 | 6-9 pm Bilston Creek Farm 4185 Metchosin Rd.

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Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


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Innov8 Digital Solutions

OuTstanding Customer Service Connect Hearing

Sandra Fulton


Congratulations to the 2019 Nominees Outstanding customer service is a pillar of our business; we are honoured to present the final nominees. Best of luck to all nominees of the 2019 Greater Victoria Business Awards.


myinnov8.ca | 250.384.7243 20 BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

As Canada’s No. 1 physician referred hearing healthcare provider, with over 130 clinics nationally, Connect Hearing is a leader in hearing healthcare, which at its core, is based on building connections. Connect Hearing’s staff learn about their customer’s lifestyle – their needs, their activities, their loved ones, their aspirations so that they help them connect to the sounds of life. Connect Hearing listens so that their customers feel heard. It is only after this point that staff discuss technology, ensuring clients feel taken care of before they think about a solution that’s right for them. Connect Hearing’s technology can enable music streaming, phone calls, language translation, and real time sound amplification with noise reduction, all in a size smaller than a pen cap.


Wallace Driving School

Wallace Driving School (WDS) teaches driving lessons to not only new drivers, but also requalifying seniors, corporate clients, new Canadians and all others wishing to gain, retain or refresh a BC driver’s license. WDS is one of only 52 driving schools licensed in B.C. to teach the ICBCapproved Graduated Licensing Course for new drivers. Should a student fail the road test, having completed the course, all subsequent lessons and the car for the test is free of charge. There is no other driving school in BC, out of nearly 700 schools, that matches this extraordinary commitment. WDS has taught over 50 Syrian refugees over the last three years free-ofcharge as an investment in our newest Canadians. Their path to a fruitful life in Canada is enhanced greatly when they can legally drive.

Stephen Wallace

www.wallacedrivingschool.com Working together to build good business and great community.

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Camosun College

Sustainable Business Practices Clean Air Yard Care

Richard Larkin

Created in 2010, Clean Air Yard Care is the first carbon neutral landscaping business in Canada. It’s committed to using green energy that eliminates air, water, soil and noise pollution. Specially designed trailers convert the sun’s energy into electricity to power all of Clean Air Yard Care’s battery and electric lawn and yard care tools. Using this innovative equipment means it doesn’t produce any harmful emissions, reduces noise pollution and there are no gasoline or oil spills or leaks. As environmental leaders, Clean Air Yard Care’s dream is that by the year 2025, all landscaping companies will join the green revolution – adopting renewable energy yard care services and their business model will be the “norm” rather than the “niche."




Iredale Architecture

Founded in 1980, Iredale Architecture is an award-winning architectural firm with offices in Victoria and Vancouver. In addition to architecture, the firm has expertise in building envelope science, interior design, master planning, heritage restoration, and LEED and Passive House facilitation. Iredale Architecture was one of the earliest adopters of sustainable design strategies and contributed to the development of LEED standards in the early 2000s, including the facilitation of numerous presentations regarding the science of sustainable building design. For each project, Iredale Architecture considers the building’s site context, the nature of the building occupancy and climatic conditions to identify unique energy-saving opportunities for clients.

"As a safety professional, my skills need to be current. Camosun’s upgrading courses keep me on top of my game."

Brett Malcolm Safety Coordinator, Seaspan Victoria

Richard Iredale

You always belong here camosun.ca/alumni


Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


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Children’s Health Foundation of Vancouver Island

Non-profit of the Year Broadmead Care With your gift, you’re helping kids like Lucy have access to the health care they need.

David Cheperdak

Broadmead Care is a non-profit organization that has been caring for veterans and seniors since the 1970s. They have built a reputation as an innovative health-care provider that provides high-quality residential care and community-based services, and is a trusted business partner and excellent employer. For many years, Broadmead Care has been supporting a significant shift in residential care – a shift from an institutional, medically focused model of care to a personcentered approach focused on living well. Its commitment is to provide compassionate care that opens the door for relationships to flourish and help residents experience a sense of belonging, respect and acceptance, and to ultimately enjoy a life worth living. The staff motto is “Where Love, Life and Living Matter.”



Island kid Lucy

Join us as champions for the health of every Island family by donating to the Kids First Fund today! islandkidsfirst.com formerly

Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative

Established in 1991 by a group of tenacious women, Victoria Women in Need Community Cooperative (WIN) supports women along their own unique journey between crisis, self-sufficiency and wellness. WIN’s programs are designed to be there with women along each step of their journey. WIN works in collaboration with over 20 partner organizations, and, in the last year, supported over 1,200 women through the Crisis and Referral, Gift Certificate, New Start, Self Sufficiency and Transformations Programs. WIN is proud to provide affordable, quality goods through four welcoming, well-curated resale shops in the Greater Victoria area. Deeply committed to a sustainable environment, WIN plays a vital role in the re-use of goods in the community through its programs, shops and partnerships

Michelle Young

www.womeninneed.ca 22 BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Working together to build good business and great community.

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Young Entrepreneur Anton Ihl E:Né Raw Food Sake Bar


In June of 2018, Anton Ihl became the manager of E:Né Raw Food Sake Bar: a unique cultural experience with the largest sake selection in all of Canada. As an established international sake sommelier, Anton recognized that there was a gap in the Victoria food and drink scene and the missing ingredient was sake. Since then he has brought E:Né as well as sake to the forefront in Victoria with aims for national recognition. E:Né successfully hosted the first International sake festival in Victoria within three months of opening. Anton’s passion to share his knowledge within the community, and his dedication to actively participate with public fundraisers and charities are at the foundation of the kind of entrepreneur Victoria needs from its successful business leaders.


Tyler Glashutter RE-LY Metal RE-LY Metal has been putting their touch on local homes and businesses since being established in January 2016. Family-owned and operated, RELY Metal specializes in custom railings, gates and brackets and is proud to make Victoria homes and gardens more beautiful with custom metal arts and designs. Highly motivated, they enjoy working with their clients and involving themselves with the community, while building friendships along the way. Since starting the business, Tyler Glashutter has been a proud volunteer for the Kiwanis Club and a member of The Chamber. Being a business owner/ entrepreneur has allowed him to have a flexible schedule that enables him to participate in community fundraisers and meet many wonderful people.

YOUR POTENTIAL. SEE HOW FAR it can take you. Let the transformative power of our cohort-based learning model put your work and life experience to great use. You’ll collaborate with like-minded, industry-leading peers every step of the way in an applied, practical and personalized platform for success. If you’re ready for the next step in your career, and life, let’s talk. We see great things ahead.

1.877.778.6227 royalroads.ca


Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019 23

Co-op students making a difference in the community Peek into the offices of The Downtown Victoria Business Association (DVBA) and you’ll feel the palpable energy. As a non-profit organization whose mandate is to support businesses in downtown Victoria, there’s always something going on. For the past two years, DVBA has been welcoming University of Victoria co-operative education (coop) students to the team. UVic’s Co-op Program connects students’ cutting-edge skills and knowledge to the real world, helping them gain hands-on experience that prepares them for their future careers. At the DVBA, students contribute to marketing operations including social media, event and festival planning, writing, blogging and interacting with business owners. DVBA Marketing Manager Anne-Sophie Dumetz is a big advocate of the program. “It’s wonderful to work with co-op students who are interested in applying their studies and learning new things,” she says. “I was a co-op student and this is also my way of paying it forward.” Last summer, DVBA had two co-op students; commerce student Mollie Green worked as a junior content marketer, while social sciences student Jodi Bot made a splash as a culture and events assistant. “I was working on social media, facilitating the endof-summer Downtown Victoria Buskers Festival, and maintaining events operations,” says Bot. “It was very valuable to see all of the behind-the-scenes work of Victoria businesses.” When asked about her advice for employers consider hiring students? “Go for it! Try it,” Dumetz says. “Give your students the best opportunities and you’ll reap the rewards—students’ strengths, dynamic energy and professionalism.”

Co-op student Jodi Bot (left) and Mollie Green (right) work alongside Executive Director Jeff Bray (centre left) and Marketing Manager Anne-Sophie Dumetz (centre right).

Co-operative Education Program and Career Services uvic.ca/employers 250.721.6616

Co-op and Career Services camosun.ca/cecs 250.370.4181

Students like Jodi and Mollie bring real-world skills relevant to your workplace. Hire a co-op student today.

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Deloitte Canada

Business Person of the Year Toni Desrosiers Abeego Designs


Toni Desrosiers is the founder of Abeego and inventor of the world’s first reusable, breathable food wrap. Abeego saves food by picking up where the peel leaves off, keeping food fresher longer. Toni is guided by her principles to be logical and inspirational. Logic says everyone should know what's next to their food, so she has always been transparent about the ingredients, which has also inspired a worldwide beeswax foodwrap industry. What makes Abeego shine is not only its durable and long lasting wraps, but the greater mission to end food waste and put healthy, sustainable food back into people’s hands. In 2018, Abeego received the Startup Canada Social Enterprise Award and Toni was named TELUS Trailblazer of the Year at the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Awards.

AI stands to change the world. How can Canada prepare?


Brian Henry Ocean River Sports and Adventures Ocean River is one of the premier specialty kayak and adventure companies in North America. Brian Henry, the founder and current owner, has been running Ocean River since 1981, and Ocean River continues to be recognized as one of the most significant outdoor/paddlesports outfitter and tours provider in North America. Brian is a pioneer of the industry, a founder of the paddle sports industry, as well as an entrepreneur who to this day, is able to modify and adapt his business as things change. His continued focus is with the team at Ocean River Sports to keep moving forward, innovating new avenues through creating new tours, creating training around team building, modernizing their online presence and focusing on the expanding tourism market, allowing Ocean River Sports to stay relevant in a changing world.

Learn more: Canada175.ca/AIprosperity

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www.oceanriver.com Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019 25

Governors’ Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Gordy Dodd Dodd's Furniture and MaTtress

Faith, luck, humour key to Gordy Dodd’s success When Gordy Dodd was a child, the schoolhouse he went to had two signs posted prominently on either side of the front door. Children walking into school were greeted by the saying “Come here to learn.” When the school day ended, the sign above the exit read “Go out and serve mankind.” Dodd was born in the landlocked state of Punjab, located near the Kashmir Valley in the north of India and bordering Pakistan to the west. The region is known for fertile plains that stretch out below the Himalayas. When the 74-year-old Dodd, now semi-retired, returns to visit, he flies into New Delhi, home to 22 million, and makes his way past the sprawling city deep into the rural fields and farmhouses. When he arrives at Jalwerha, a community smaller than Youbou on Vancouver Island, he revisits the memories and lessons he learned as a young child that continue to shape his life. Jalwerha’s economy is tied to the land, with farmers toiling for months and then praying that conditions prevail to allow for a good harvest. “They depend on nature,” says Dodd, of the land and people who shaped his faith. Flooding, drought and blight are ever-present, threatening to throw life into turmoil for village residents. But, being farmers, they are resilient. “The crop needs to be cultivated in time. You work day and night. And when it’s done you take time off.” That quality would stick with Dodd throughout his life. “I believe if you work hard. And stay on the right track. And have a little luck, you’ll be successful.” In 1967, a young Canada was celebrating its centennial and a young Dodd arrived seeking new opportunities. He laboured in northern BC and Alberta, working in sawmills and part time at a Hudson Bay department store — where he first learned about the Canadian furniture business. By 1972, Dodd was ready for the next stage of his life so returned to India to get married. In 1977, he and his wife Ravinder came back to Canada and opened their first store in Victoria, at Quadra Street and Kings Road, with 2,500 square-feet of retail space. “I had to do everything myself,” he says, often working 12 hour days by the time he finished delivering in the evening what he had sold at the store during the day. “When I started, I didn’t care if I was making money,” he says. He bought a freight truck for $800 and would drive to a supplier in Vancouver where he would load up on furniture purchased on credit. He’d then head straight back to Victoria and sell the furniture as fast as possible, repeating the process over and over. “You have to spend at least 60 hours a week on your business,” Dodd says, about life as an entrepreneur. “It’s not easy.”

26 BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Working together to build good business and great community.

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Despite the hours, or maybe because of them, he found a way to keep his young family close. His wife worked in the store and they set up a crib for their infant son, Love Dodd, in what had been a small room for janitorial supplies. In time, the company grew and, today, Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress occupies a 35,000 square-foot store across from Mayfair Shopping Centre. The company also has stores in Nanaimo and Campbell River, as well as a 43,000 square-foot distribution centre in Victoria. The largest independent furniture retailer on Vancouver Island, Dodd’s has been a member of The Chamber since 2002. When the new Victoria store was being built, all of the inventory had to be moved to a temporary location. Dodd had three people helping load up the truck and three people unloading at the other end. He drove back and forth, working continuously until everything had been moved. “I throw my watch out,” he says about driving projects through to completion. “We have to finish.” Dodd’s success can be summed up as a lot of hard work, a little luck and strong belief in himself that led to the quirky marketing campaign that has made him a local celebrity. As he established his furniture business, Dodd tried different approaches to advertising. A naturally outgoing personality with a deep-seated sense of humour, Dodd was ready to entertain the world — or, at least, Vancouver Islanders. “I was reading, studying a lot about advertising,” Dodd says, recalling listening to a radio show talking about the need to stand out. “I heard, ‘do something different, or die.’” He knew he couldn’t match the big budgets that chain stores spent on their dedicated marketing departments, so he developed a strategy. Dodd targeted his ads to run during an exceptionally popular Saturday wrestling show featuring Canadian legend Gene Kiniski. The show was a huge hit for CHEK TV on the Island, and Dodd credits Kiniski’s appeal with helping his own brand find an audience. “I met Gordy in the early ‘80s,” says Mike Woloshen, the creative talent at the station who has worked with Dodd for three decades. “Gordy always had a bit of character about him.” The two created a campaign that went on to win numerous marketing awards, and is still a feather in the cap for CHEK, Woloshen says. The first television commercials that aired were straight retail commercials advertising the store and its location. The idea to have Dodd portray famous characters didn’t take root until one day when he returned from a trip with a series of novelty photos that showed him dressed as John Wayne, Superman and Elvis. “OK, let’s play with that,” Woloshen recalls thinking as they worked on a new approach. The first series of humourous spots took off. “He was getting a response so we kept coming up with different pop culture references,” Woloshen says. “Gordy always wants to be a performer — it’s his nature.” The spots attracted an audience, bringing more attention to Dodd and his business. Woloshen attributes part of the success to consistency. “He’s smart in the way he buys his airtime,” Woloshen says, about Dodd sticking with the campaign year after year, and growing his audience. “These ads, they never get old,” Dodd says, singling out the Incredible Bulk, and spoofs of Star Trek and the Price and is Right as

Working together to build good business and great community.

Times Colonist


timescolonist.com BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


The first television commercials that aired were straight retail commercials advertising the store and its location. The idea to have Dodd portray famous characters didn’t take root until one day when he returned from a trip with a series of novelty photos that showed him dressed as John Wayne, Superman and Elvis.

“I found that radio works well because it pays for itself. It drives people to the website and they pick up the phone to call. We decided to go hard on The Q! and it worked!” - Brody Funk, owner, Super Plumber

www.VictoriaAdvertising.ca Hear what some of our other clients have to say at www.VictoriaAdvertising.ca/client

28 BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

a few favourites. The commercials have become part of the fabric of Vancouver Island. Generations have grown up with the ads, and they continue to reach new audiences online. The latest has Dodd playing the role of Mary Poppins and was shot this year. The success has enabled Dodd’s Furniture and Mattress to become the largest independent furniture store on Vancouver Island. “I could retire, but I’m not feeling like that. I still have energy. I still exercise.” These days, the business is even more of a family affair. Dodd’s son, Love, and his daughter, Aman, help run the company. Having people he trusts look after the store has made it easier for Dodd to get away. He returns to India twice every year, and has helped improve the lives for thousands of people whose circumstances would otherwise never allow them to escape the poverty they were born into. “I’m trying to help,” Dodd says, encouraging others to do the same. “Do the right thing. Don’t hurt anybody, and, if you have extra, please share.” In Canada, he is also dedicated to giving back. As the sign on his old school house implored, he continues to serve others. Recently, Dodd saw a need in Greater Victoria hospitals, where nurses pull 12 hour shifts and the work is often exhausting. Through his store, Dodd donated two reclining sofas to make it easier for staff to catch a quick nap during their break. He’s also a supporter of the Victoria Hospice and its annual Walk for Peace, inspired by Siri Guru Nanak Dev Ji who walked across South Asia preaching to everyone regardless of their religion, social standing or gender. When he’s not at the store he can often be found at Our Place Society, which offers a sense of hope to Greater Victoria’s most vulnerable people. He has donated a truck full of clothing, food and other helpful goods. He also sponsors festive dinners at Thanksgiving and Christmas that feed 4,000 people in need in Victoria, Campbell River and Nanaimo. “In Victoria, we don’t have too many (problems),” he says about our region’s ongoing efforts to help its most vulnerable citizens. “There are 2,000 or 2,500 people who need help, but there are 400,000 people living in Greater Victoria. It’s not too much. If we work hard, we can win this.”

Working together to build good business and great community.

{NewMembers} A.B. Painting Services

Daitan Labs of Canada Inc

Ashdown Capital

Doctors of the World

At A.B. Painting Services we provide quality painting services at affordable prices throughout Southern Vancouver Island. Whether you need interior or exterior painting service for residential or commercial properties, we are here to help. 250-589-4122 www.abpaintingservices.ca Ashdown Capital is your financing advocate. We help position you in a way that gets banks competing for your business and puts you in the best position for success. We specialize in working capital, real estate, construction, and equipment financing. 778-587-5863 www.ashdowncapital.ca

Daitan builds ground-breaking software products. Our experienced, expert teams and broad range of software product development services will accelerate your product’s time to market — without introducing risk. 778-922-4258 www.daitan.com Doctors of the World - Médecins du Monde is an independent international movement of campaigning activists who provide care, bear witness and support social change. 250-937-6109 www.medecinsdumonde.org/en

E:Ne Raw Food Sake Bar

As Canada’s largest communications company, Bell provides consumers, businesses and government customers with solutions for all their communications needs. 250-592-7881 www.bell.ca

E:Ne offers a unique take on Japanese specialty dishes. We pride ourselves on pairing our cuisine with the largest sake selection in Canada. From anniversaries to a night out on the town, E:Ne is the perfect destination for a delightful evening 778-433-0363 www.nuboene.com

Blackapple Cellular

Easter Seals BC & Yukon

Bell Mobility - Hillside Ave

With 8 locations across Vancouver Island (4 in Greater Victoria) Blackapple Cellular specializes in providing reasonably-priced smartphone and tablet repairs, with unparalleled customer service. 778-440-3130 www.blackapplecellular.com

As a service of the BC Lions Society for Children with Disabilities, we are dedicated to providing programs and services to persons with diverse abilities. 604-873-1865 www.eastersealsbcy.ca

Elemental Asbestos & Mold Removal

Elemental is a local family run business, services offered are: Asbestos Testing and Removal, Mold Testing and Removal, Hazmat Survey, Indoor Air Quality Testing 250-415-5048 www.elementalasbestos.ca

Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program EDP is a business loans program that reduces the obstacles that people with disabilities or ongoing health issues may face when looking for financing. We believe that ongoing health or disability issues should not be a barrier to business success. 604-289-4222 www.communityfutures.ca/edp


The way better peanut butter. Fatso is an all natural peanut butter enriched with plant-based superfats. eatfatso.com

Fisgard St Forum

The Fisgard St. Forum is Victoria’s friendliest community-oriented space rental for meetings, workshops, dance or exercise studio space, or other small and medium-sized events. 250-589-1667 fisgardstforum.com

Blue Heron Montessori

Blue Heron Montessori is a progressive Montessori early learning setting for children ages 2.5 to 5 years old. Our program is created to truly follow the child, incorporating current research and standards for Early Childhood Education. 250-667-2277 blueheronmontessori.com/contact

JOHN WILSON President and Owner Wilson’s Group

Clean Air Yard Care

Created in 2010, Clean Air Yard Care is the first carbon neutral landscaping business in Canada. It’s committed to using green energy that eliminates air, water, soil and noise pollution. 250-889-5375 cleanairyardcare.ca

RAHIM KHUDABUX GM and Owner Max Furniture

Community Social Planning Council

The work includes the advancement of factors influencing quality of life, including social wellbeing, community health and education and the alleviation of poverty and its related elements. 250-383-6166 www.communitycouncil.ca

Connections Place Society

Promoting mental wellness in Victoria by raising community support and funds to implement the community-based Clubhouse International Program. 250-483-3748 www.connectionsplace.org

victoriachamber.ca 250-383-7191

Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019 29

{NewMembers} Fitness Experience Victoria

Fitness Experience - Canada’s premier startto-finish fitness equipment sales and service provider. 250-478-0225 fitnessexperience.ca

Flying Squirrel Victoria

Flying Squirrel is a spring-loaded, urban playground like you've never seen before, and whether you're a seasoned adrenaline junkie, or a family with toddlers and young children, everyone is welcome! 778-404-1778 flyingsquirrelsports.ca

Flynn Digital

Flynn Digital Plus gives you the tools and resources to help provide your products and services to your customers and the public. 250-818-7746 flynndigitalplus.com

Garden City Aquaponics Inc.

Global Tents

Global Tents is Vancouver Island’s foremost provider for all events including birthday parties, weddings, reunions, corporate events, trade shows, festivals, fundraisers and sporting events. 250-385-3541 www.globaltents.ca

Gregory Schadt Real Estate

I am a Victoria Realtor® specializing on downsizing and strata buildings. My goal is to make your move a sensible, smooth, and informed experience. I am happy to provide expert advice when you are considering purchasing a first time house/condo! 250-634-2190 www.ownvictoria.ca

Hattie Root Photography

We create unique, creative, and vivid images that captures real and natural beauty. Our focus is on capturing exquisite one of a kind celebrations & weddings, as well as commercial products, styling and branding. 250-589-4614 www.hattierootphotography.com

Garden City Aquaponics is a specialized urban farm in Greater Victoria, B.C. that grows herbs, greens, and micro greens in a tilapia powered aquaponic system. 250-686-4047 CONNECT HEARING – VICTORIA CHAMBER gardencityaquaponics.ca

HeroWork Program Society

HeroWork engages and organizes community members to donate their time, resources and spirit to charities that need better buildings to deliver services to the vulnerable among us. 250-590-4221 www.herowork.com

Integrated Rehab and Performance Ltd.

Want to lose weight, get off medication, or be physically active with your family? We believe in engaging you in every step of the journey. You can expect to leave every session feeling invigorated and knowing more about your body and how it works. 778-535-3312 rehabandperform.com

Island Outfitters

Your first stop for all your outdoor needs including hunting and fishing supplies as well as charters and accommodation. We also look after your needed repairs, licenses and fish processing. 250-475-4969 www.fishingvictoria.com

Julie Swift Realtor

OF COMMERCE MAGAZINEWhether investing in a new property, or

marketing an existing one, Julie will help you profit in your next real estate transaction. 250-818-3483 www.julieswift.com

4.94” × 4.7” 04/08/19

Katana Coaching & Consulting

I assist organizations and individuals in their decision making and in managing change through my consulting, coaching, and facilitation services. 778-922-6526 www.katanacc.com

Kevin Light Photography

I want hearing expertise that listens. We hear you.

Knightsbridge Capital Group

Knightsbridge Capital Group is committed to providing expertise at every stage of a company’s life cycle by creating a formula to maximize corporate cash flows and improve prospects for the long-term growth of our clients. 604-684-7070 knightsbridgegroup.ca

• Connect Hearing has the latest, most discreet hearing aids on the market. • We’re Canada’s #1 physician referred† hearing healthcare provider. 888.850.9979 connecthearing.ca

Land Story Design Associates

We have 6 clinics located in the Victoria area. Call us today for your FREE hearing test. VAC, WCB, WSIB, WorkSafeBC, ADP & ODSP accepted. Registered under the College of Speech and Hearing Health Professionals of BC. *Free hearing tests are only applicable for customers over 50 years of age. No purchase required. Some conditions may apply. †Based on national physician referrals over the tenure of the corporation’s Canadian business operations compared to the disclosed referral count of leading competitors. ®CAA, CAA logo and CAA Rewards trademarks owned by, and use is authorized by, the Canadian Automobile Association.

30 BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

2008 Olympic gold medallist and freelance photographer based in Victoria, continually looking for opportunities to further explore my passion for photography. 250-418-5202 kevinlight.photoshelter.com/index

Transforming challenging sites into places that engage the senses and imagination. Designing collaborative translations of client vision, site context and requirements for landscape and home. 250-858-2163 www.landstory.ca

Working together to build good business and great community.

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{NewMembers} Landsea Tours Ltd

Landsea Tours Ltd provides stress-free exploration with unparalleled expertise and local knowledge leaving everyone feeling entertained, rested, and full of fun facts! 604-255-7272 vancouvertours.com

La-Z-Boy Home Furnishings & Décor

Moka House Cook Street

Great neighborhoods reflect great communities, and we believe that great communities need a”focal point”; a place to meet, laugh, enjoy good friends and, most importantly, a good cup of coffee. 250-388-7377 mokahouse.com

Our Vancouver Island La-Z-Boy team is waiting to assist you with all of your furniture needs. Our friendly, helpful approach means we are there for you our client and have your best interest in mind. 250-382-5269 www.la-z-boyvi.com

National Education Consulting Inc. (NECI)

LIDA Homes Inc.

Ocean Networks Canada

Custom Home Builder, Renovator, General Contractor, and Developer. Our Goal: to build your dream. Our mantra: the pursuit of complete customer satisfaction. 778-440-5432 www.lidahomes.ca

Local Urban Bites

We create beautifully crafted, seasonallyinspired recipes that you cook at home. We use the freshest ingredients Victoria has to offer and endeavour to use only environmentally friendly packaging. We know you’ll love our meals and the convenience. 250-508-6614 localurbanbites.com

NECI provides training in procurement and contract management to public and private sector organizations across Canada. 250-370-0041 www.neci-legaledge.com Ocean Networks Canada enhances life on Earth by providing knowledge and leadership that deliver solutions for science, society, and industry. 250-472-5400 oceannetworks.ca

Off The Eaten Track

From small businesses to fresh ingredients, Off The Eaten Track is passionate about taking guests to favorite hidden gems and introducing them to local chefs and owners that make Victoria a culinary destination. 778-918-4584 www.offtheeatentracktours.ca

Mairet Hotels

Pacific Football Club

Vancouver Island’s professional soccer club 778-584-6732 pacificfc.canpl.ca

Paragon Private Wealth

Paragon is an independent wealth management firm dedicated to providing disciplined investment counsel to discerning clients, including individual investors, private companies, family trusts, and foundations. 250-590 5833 ppwi.ca

Part and Parcel

Friendly counter-service restaurant crafting unique salads, sandwiches & mains with locally sourced ingredients. 778-406-0888 www.partandparcel.ca

Peloton Technologies Inc

We vowed to find a better way to facilitate payments between organizations and built the industry’s most robust platform to perfect the automation of all electronic payment channels. (800) 723-8108 peloton-technologies.com

Ready to Rent

Ready to Rent provides education and support to tenants and landlords with the goal of successful tenancies. 250-388-7171 www.readytorentbc.org

Mairet Hotels is a bespoken Canadian hospitality management company led by an award-winning team. Hire us if you’re looking for a hotel management team to help convert, transform and reposition your property to outperform your competitive field. 250-889-5494 mairethotels.com

Malahat Nation

The Malahat Nation represents approximately 340 members with two reserve lands located on the western shore of Saanich Inlet, south of the village of Mill Bay, about 40 kilometres north of Victoria. 250-743-3231 malahatnation.ca

Moduurn Mobility Inc

Moduurn mobile ordering platform enables businesses of all sizes to deploy their own brand of mobile ordering applications, to serve their customers and employees from anywhere. 250-514-4994 www.moduurn.com

Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


{NewMembers} Remote Goat Inc

Goatrek allows humans to connect through the devices they are already using by providing a mobile application to share authentic travel and/or adventure experiences with like-minded people. 587-983-5729 www.goatrek.com

Rockland Scientific

Stimpson | CPA provides clients with the specialized accounting support and services they need, allowing them to focus on their businesses and personal lives. Offering a fixed price payment plan which includes unlimited meetings and phone support. 250-590-5211 www.stimpsoncpa.ca

The Condo Group Real Estate Ltd.

Rockland Scientific creates oceanographic measurement equipment that help scientists understand climate change. 250-370-1688 rocklandscientific.com

Scale Collaborative

Scale provides consulting, coaching and facilitation to assist organizations and funders transform their organizations, and ultimately, the sector. 250-858-4406 www.scalecollaborative.ca

Skal Victoria

Stimpson | CPA

Skal is a professional organization of tourism leaders around the world, promoting global tourism and friendship. It is the only international group uniting all branches of the travel and tourism industry. 250-940-4431 www.skalvictoria.ca

Greater Victoria’s experts in condo & strata real estate. The Condo Group is dedicated to working with condo & townhome buyers, sellers and developers in Greater Victoria. 250-382-6636 thecondogroup.com

The Corporation of the District of Saanich

Four full-service community recreation centres; one 18-hole golf course, as well as several additional community facilities: 250-475-1775 www.saanich.ca

Tillicum Centre - Anthem Properties

There’s always something happening at Tillicum Centre! With over 50 retail shops and services, you’ll be sure to find everything you need. 250-381-7123 www.tillicumcentre.ca

Tip Top Tree Service Ltd

Locally owned & operated company providing quality tree care to Greater Victoria. Call today for a free quote! 250-857-2420 tiptoptreesltd.com

Tofino Bus

Tofino Bus the Island Bus Co. is more than just Tofino offering scheduled bus routes to all Vancouver Island cities and towns - including freight. We offer daily departures from Vancouver to all Island towns serviced by us. 250-724-1266 www.tofinobus.com

Tom Wood Contracting

Tom Wood Contracting is a construction trade contractor specializing in both concrete formwork and the supply and installation of reinforcing steel. 778-968-5176

Tom’s Lawns and Gardens

Provides professional gardening services that save you time. Don’t worry about finding the time to keep your gardens free of weeds or manicured the way they should be. Forget about fitting weeding, feeding, watering and pruning into your schedule. 250-217-3101 www.tomslawnsandgardens.com



250-383-7191 or victoriachamber.ca

Saturday, November 2 Fairmont Empress 721 Government St. 6-10:30 PM



32 BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

Working together to build good business and great community.

{NewMembers} TUTTI

TUTTI is a food and lifestyle delivery service that connects you with a wide array of locally owned businesses 250-590-6668 www.tutti.app

Tymac Launch Service

We are a diverse marine transportation company that has been servicing the shipping industry in the Port of Vancouver since 1930. 604-681-8628 tymac.ca

Uber Canada

At Uber, we ignite opportunity by setting the world in motion. We take on big problems to help drivers, riders, delivery partners, and eaters get moving in more than 600 cities around the world. 778-863-9906 www.uber.com

Urban Bee Honey Farm

Urban Bee Honey Farm is a local destination for farm fresh honeys, infused honey’s and locally made artisan gifts made with beeswax and love. Enjoy coffee, teas and locally baked treats in their cafe. 250-580-2337 www.urbanbeehoney.ca

Vancouver Island Gutter

Victoria International Marina

Victoria International Marina is a world-class luxury yacht center, located in the beautiful Victoria Harbour, gateway to North America’s most spectacular cruising waters. 778-432-0477 www.vimarina.ca

WDS Capital & Associates Inc.

WDS understands business and finance. We will review and advise on your business strategy, future goals and capital needs, then roll up our sleeves to help you achieve these goals. 250-589-5305 www.wdscapitalinc.com


Wesbild specializes in master-planned communities, shopping centres, parks, industrial and golf courses. 604-694-8800 wesbild.com

Wheelies Motorcycles & Cafe

Wheelies Motorcycles has a full service custom motorcycle and repair shop that specializes in vintage and antique bikes. We can do anything from full ground up customs, to complete engine rebuilding, or just basic repairs and maintenance. 250-995-9359 www.wheeliesmotorcycles.ca

Wittich Environmental Services Ltd Wittich Environmental Services Ltd. (WES) is a locally owned, multidisciplinary team of environmental professionals focused on delivering high quality and practical environmental solutions. 250-642-4859 wesltd.net

Wolf Meal Prep

‘Way of Life Foods” Order from our online weekly menu, delivered right to your door. Gluten-Free, no refined sugar. Saves you time, energy and money. 250-217-6465 www.wolfmealprep.com

Zero Waste Emporium

Family owned, community-oriented company and Victoria’s FIRST Zero Waste grocery store. We promote ecological awareness by offering reliable, sustainably sourced products that will help reduce environmental footprint and empower Zero Waste lifestyles 778-433-9376 www.zerowasteemporium.com

*New members up to March 31, 2019.

Vancouver Island Gutter is an Island based gutter and soffit installation company providing exceptional service to residential and commercial customers from Nanaimo to Victoria. 250-538-7714 www.vanislgutter.com

Vector Shoppe Printing

We are a sustainable print company with a mission to affordably showcase you and your business' uniqueness with a lasting impression. 866-200-3303 vectorshoppe.ca

Victopia Co-working Space

Victopia Co-working Space is a community of independent entrepreneurs who enjoy the synergy created working alongside like-minded business people actively engaged in building a successful business. 250-590-1801 www.victopia.co

Victoria Arts Council

The Victoria Arts Council is dedicated to raising awareness of and developing a positive, supportive environment for the arts through education, civic advocacy, projects and programs that reach artists and the community at large. 778-533-7123 vicartscouncil.ca

Working together to build good business and great community.

BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019


Here at The Chamber we know that business grows and runs better when smoothed by the influence of connections. We want to help you with that.

Sherri Bell

“We’re looking at expanding opportunities for Camosun to provide certifications that will help BC Ferries meet our most pressing labour demands.”

President Camosun College

Mark Collins CEO BC Ferries

Sherri Bell and Mark Collins The Chamber prides itself on helping people make the kind of connections that let them build good business and great community. A perfect example is the winning combination of Camosun College and BC Ferries. “BC Ferries and Camosun College have a longstanding relationship, but I first connected with Sherri at a Chamber Business Leaders Luncheon,” Collins says “We’re looking at expanding opportunities for Camosun to provide certifications that will help BC Ferries meet our most pressing labour demands.” As a post-secondary school focused on getting graduates into the workforce, Camosun was keen to find ways to work with the unique opportunity presented by sharing the same hometown as BC Ferries. “We know the labour market is constantly changing and new skills are needed as technology changes the tasks we do every day at our jobs,” Bell says. “Camosun provides a direct route for many people seeking careers in the skilled trades by focusing on applied skills as well as a broader education. BC Ferries is a good example of a major employer that needs people with very specific skills, so it’s important for us to work together.”

Mandy Farmer and Al Hasham The Chamber has been around 156 years, so it’s not surprising that it has been a part of life for generations of families in Greater Victoria. Mandy Farmer and Al Hasham were both involved with the Greater Victoria Chamber of Commerce before they finally met at The Chamber. “The Chamber has been part of my life and my family’s life for a long-time, so it’s

tough to pin down exactly when I met Al. It was through The Chamber though, and he is one of the people I have always looked for when attending Chamber networking events,” Farmer says. Hasham recalls meeting Farmer through her family’s business, back when he started his first courier company in Victoria.

Mandy Farmer President & CEO Accent Inns and Hotel Zed


BUSINESSMATTERS | spring/summer 2019

“We’ve grown up with The Chamber and have been involved with it for a long time,” Hasham says. “In fact, I nominated Mandy for Business Person of the Year in 2017. I was as thrilled as she was when her name was announced as the winner.”

Al Hasham Owner, Maximum Express Courier, Freight & Logistics and Max Furniture

Working together to build good business and great community.

Working together to build good business and great community.

HIRE A CO-OP STUDENT Hire employees with real-world skills relevant to today’s workplace.

Co-operative Education Program and Career Services uvic.ca/employers 250.721.6616

Co-op and Career Services camosun.ca/cecs 250.370.4410 Working together to build good business and great community.