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R Existing roads

Site within context

This project consisted of developing a car showroom for the car manufacturer AUDI. With LA serving as Predominately a CAR CITY, most unbuilt land found within the city is utilized to perform as CAR PARKS. This project focuses on the extension of the public street to intertwine it the extension of the road, creating instance for complete interaction between the 3 major PROGRAMS within the building. The double ramp system intertwines the DESIGN CENTER, HISTORIC SHOWROOM, and CURRENT MODEL SHOWROOM. The ground floor is left open to the general public at all times, enabling it to be used as an AMPHITHEATER, as well as a point of REST, and a SKATEBOARD RAMP. FILMS will be shown at night.

Continuation of an existing car ramp

Continuation of the street as a pedestrian ramp

Car parks Green space Bus stops


Placement of program where the vehicle ramp and pedestrian ramp intersect

Creation of a skin to create connections with exterior sidewalks

Removal of void to create connections between levels

portfolio 2012  
portfolio 2012  

a compilation of my studio work up till 2012