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Workcamp in Gernsbach

This year the decision about leading workcamp was taken quite spontaneously. Just two weeks before I called Laura and I got it – workamp in Gernsbach. I am so happy that I had a chance to be there! Together with Julia we had so much fun and adventure, thanks to our great project partner Kevin and the cool group. But starting from the beginning – the project was about ecological work – we cut some branches, did some digging and grabbing around Gernsbach. The work was different every day, so never boring, and we worked with two guys responsible for us, so we had all the help and supervision we needed. I must say that working the whole day outside is not something that I am used to but because of the group we had lots of fun. Also Julia – my co-campleader – was so motivated that she always encouraged us to do more. When it got harder she was able not only to work a lot (I would say better than an average man) but also sing. Plus the weather – we were so lucky or maybe it’s just a south Germany climate – it was warm and sunny every day. We came back tanned in Mediterranean style. As for the free time activities – almost everything was organized for us by the project partner. Kevin and his colleague Monika took as to the trip to Baden Baden, to the castle for wine tasting, to the fire brigade’s office, prepared barbecue and many other things. I honestly can not imagine having a better project partner. They were so dedicated and with us almost every day. And not only well–prepared but also having fun with us – like during visiting fire brigade place – Kevin was totally wet after playing with water but still in a great mood. So to sum up – the contact with local representatives was just perfect. We had a great group! Mixed when it comes to volunteer experience and countries, motivation and personalities but somehow we liked each other a lot. The time we spent playing games was the best one! I discovered many fun games and ways of spending time. We had no wi-fi what so ever but we connected very well with each other. Although, coming back to

Stuttgart I met my participants – in Starbucs on the train station using internet… Well, we are city people but we were enjoying small town life at the time This workcamp experience was really great. After last year in Wangen I thought that there will be noting even remotely good. But it turns out it is true what I heard during seminars – every workcamp is different and it can be equally amazing. This time as well – the town was magnificent, surrounded by mountains, with a river and many things to do (even beach parties and concerts). My co campleader – so nice and relaxed. I learnt how to lead a workcamp without planning, doing evaluations and all the formal staff. “Let the group decide” was Julia’s motto and I must say it worked out great. The group – thank you guys for being there. You made this workcamp unforgettable. And last but not the least – our project partner! Kevin was the first person who welcomed us in Gernsbach and the one who was saying good bye to us on the train station. The gold star for being a best project partner which we gave him was totally earned. Thank you so much – you are the best! I tried to hold back my enthusiasm while writing this but I guess I didn’t manage. Again – it was perfect and I definitely could stay even longer. Thank you IBG for organizing such a great project.

Campreport Gernsbach 2013  
Campreport Gernsbach 2013  

Campreport of our workcamp in Gernsbach by our campleader and former EVS volunteer Anja.