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Technology is developing more and more and in the future will bring us some wonderful and exciting things.

A catalogue of future products created and compiled by 4th C students from Instituto San Francisco de Asis, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2009)

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Tomorrow’s Cars and Transport Hello ladies and gentlemen... we are back again, but in this occasion to tell you what the future has prepared for us. As you know the buses produce harmful gases. However, this won’t be a problem anymore. In spite of producing harmful gases, the buses will have a healthy system that will help to prevent the pollution and it may happen that the transport will be faster than now. Tell me... have you ever felt that the subways and buses are too hot in summer? Well this won’t happen any more in the future, because they will have air ventilations and it will be a pleasure to travel by train, or subway. The subways will have TV and computers for the people who have a long trip.

By the year 2020 the cars might fly because will have the same systems of the plane. There won’t be enough space in the earth for the cars. They may be more luxurious than they are now and it will be easier buy a car. Also they might sell biodiesel, a new combustible that will save our world from pollution. We could say about cars 29

that they will have incorporated a play station and a TV for the kids.

Flying Cars

In the future there will be cars which will fly. They will be electric. They will take off in front of your house, will fly fast and take you wherever you want. They will drive themselves. They won´t need people. The Space Car It will fly as fast as the light speed. Unlike other cars, this will run on solar energy so that the car will have solar panels that can store this energy to use on a cloudy day and at night. You will save money because you won’t have to pay for the petrol and you won´t have to stand the traffic. The disadvantage is that it will cost $ 1.000.000


In the future, there will be cars with airplane wings added. This invention will be due to the fact that the streets will be so crowded that it might be impossible to walk. So aereal roads will be built, but not only for planes. These flying cars will … transit there. Despite the wings (that will give the car the shape of an airplane), it will have four car wheels. The main characteristics of these cars will be: • They won’t have doors, instead of that they will have "open ceilings" whenever the driver presses the right button. • The speed will be not able to increase more than 50 km/h. • Its energy source will not be fossil fuels. It will be a solar battery. These cars will probably be most found in high population countries as China or Japan.

FLYING CARS They will allow us to fly and travel off the floor in the air. It will be great to fly without traffic and you could move faster than driving ordinary cars. The car isn’t too big, but it allows us to carry between six or seven people. None of the people who would travel in flying cars would have to drive because the car is always automatic. You only have to say where you want to go. FLYING CAR 2000: will be a new car that has wings to fly that can be folded when not using them. This type of car might be faster and safer for persons. People will be able choose the color they like most because it will create many designs. These cars will have a navigation system that allows you to obtain information of different destinations which are possible to go.


CARS OF THE FUTURE The Sailing&Flying Car XY3000 The Sailing&Flying Car XY3000 may be the evolution of modern cars. It will let you drive over the water, so that it would not be a problem anymore when you are driving a long distance and the land ends and the sea begins. Anyway, that won’t be the only solution that this car will give you. You’ll also be able to spread the wings that this car has, to travel by air. And if it wasn’t good enough, this car may not pollute the environment! That’s because it will be a hydrogen and compressed-air car, and on the ground it will use biogas.

We will show you a new car that will make a revolution in the world. This car will have an extraordinary technology. Its wheels will allow you to drive in the sea it will also fly in the sky, the seats of the car will be ejectable. The GPS system will allow you to arrive as soon as possible to the destination. It will stop automatically in each red signal.


The Pocket-Car will allow people to take their car where they want, without paying or looking for a parking place, because it uses the most advanced technologies, all in a small remote control that can turn into this car. In this car, there is a little intelligent robot, which will guide and help the people to find the right destination. However, if they want, this robot could entertain the children when they are bored. It also has a screen, which is connected with a satellite, so it will have a map that could show exactly where they are. In addition this car is very safe because it has the best safety belts ever. These belts also have a new technology that makes you feel comfortable.


The car of the future

The car of the future is going to be the amazing advance of the technology of the future. This car is going to be smaller than the common cars. It’s going to work only with solar energy and is going to have voice recognition. What is new about this car is that it has the possibility of flying! Incredibly, the new and perfect car is going to be able to fly to a few meters off the ground. This car will have plates of air below the car that provide the impulse and flight power of this transport. This car is going to be the most costly of all times, and is going to be of limited sale. So, if you have the money, and you live to tell it, don't hesitate to buy it!

The tricycle of the future This tricycle, at simple sight is very normal, but it is going to be the amazing advance of the technological world future. The tricycle will fly! Its wheels will be transformed into wings, and it also could speak. 29

It can be of simple company, and it is advisable to use it with precaution, because it could cause many accidents in the future.


Autobus I think robot car will exist in the future, because this will have a computer with buttons. Those buttons will have different utilities. This car will be use by women and men. This robot car will have electric range, beds, bathroom, kitchen, playroom, etc. There are different colors and forms.

Light speed train

Another means of transport of the future will be a train which goes at light speed. With it you can reach far towns in minutes.


PIPE CARRIER The pipe carrier is a rapid form of transport. It consists of a few pipes of glass that travel across the whole city taking people to the different places. Beginning in a cabin placed in the path, the subject selects the place he wants to go, and after paying the price he transported towards there.



Interactive doll They look like a normal doll, but they have microchips, making them able to talk and play with you. When not in use, they recharge their batteries sleeping.

Automatic Jumper It will allow us to jump all the time without falling. This toy will also include lights all over it.

The greatest dog In the future, this electronic dog will give us love, entertainment and wonderful learning. This toy will help people with problems, it will tell jokes, and make people laugh! Lots of children will love this new creation, because it will be like your best friend lovely and friendly, and it will communicate love all the time. It may be done in many ways: sound, smells and by touch. This kind of electronic dog will respond to all the instructions that you can give to it


The only thing that you have to do is play with it, because it doesn´t need anything more. I think in the future the toys might be like the robot at the photo. It could be more like a real dog so children could take care of a dog which is really fake. And it could have more advantages than a real dog, do things a real dog couldn’t, like learning new tricks. It also helps to help boys and girls how to take care of a pet, and also to be responsible. It might have some games in order to have fun with children. It could have, also, something that can recognise the voice in order to give him orders that he can realise. Scientifics of the future might prepare it to seem as real as possible as a dog. I think it could be a very popular toy for children of all ages.

In the future action figures will have a lot of guns and equipment that will make ... easier to have fun. But things like that could be dangerous for little children. So I think it could have more technology in order to avoid accidents. It may have, like in the dog, something to recognise the voice of the owner in order to realise the action I order him, or maybe ... could have some new actions like reproduce music, or videos. It might have sound that can make the toy more real, like weapons sounds or something for some movements. Apart from that, he has to have the ability to move alone, fly and make actions for the entertainment of the owner.

"Poncio " will be a small robot, user friendly for children because it will be capable of taking any order the owner wants. A tiny battery will be connected to the robot and this is the reason why it might be not reccomended for children under five years old. The robot will be able to talk, sing, dance, make ice-creams, and even it might have a touch screen above. It will be the ideal toy when holidays comes, because with " Poncio " everything will be funny.


I think in the future toy cars will move by themselves. They will be programated to drive alone and never crash with anything. They will have a lot of new functions like fly, or talk in order to offer more fun to kids who want to play with it. I also think the future cars will have a lot of guns and weapons to entertain their owners. It also would have a CD player to reproduce music. The most important thing of this car is that it works without battery or electricity. It works with solar energy, in order to protect the world and is more comfortable if it hasn’t got any wire or cable. It will be a very important thing, because most people really take care of the pollution and they will probably buy this car. Real dogs could be replaced by electronic dogs. It will do a lot of things that a real dog couldn’t make. Like doing housework, cleaning the house or the most important thing is that they could look after children when you aren’t at home. So that you could be calmer when you are at work, knowing that your sons are safe at home. But the most important thing is that children will learn how to take care of a pet, so that they will be prepared for when they have a real dog. It might have all the things a real dog has, to make it as really as it can be possible.


-One of the newest toys we made was “THE PETS CELL”. This is a new necklace made for animals. This necklace can communicate the exactly position of the animal. It will be possible locate at all time to the animal, so much if I mislead as if it has been stolen. The necklace sends a message to the mobile of the owner if the animal exceeds an area defined by the owner, since it can be the garden of house or the park where we are. The necklace is elaborated in a material that difficultly can be cut. If one tries to cut the tape or to force the clasp a message of notice is sent to the mobile the owner. Size: 30cm of width and adjustable length Colors: Black, Blue, White. Price:$110 Made in Argentina Julio’s company (All rights reserved) This toy was made to stimulate the capacity of the baby. The toy name is “STIMULATOR”. This is a new toy made for babies. This toy can make sounds, animal sound. It’s also has a screen where the baby can watch educational videos. The father can use the stimulator like a “baby call” and the stimulator can be used like a video camera. The father can leave the baby with the stimulator and go to cook. If something happens the stimulator calls the father quickly. Your baby can sleep quiet whit the stimulator because It also reproduce the father voice in case the baby wake up Size: 30 cm of width and 50cm of length Colors: Blue and White Price: $210 29

Made in Argentina Julio’s company (All rights reserved)

The Future Fun! Your own 0KM! Rafaga3000 will be the brand of mini cars inspired on all of that 0km your daddy wish to buy, MiniCopper, Mercedes Benz, Volvo, etc. These cars might be able to work just with your voice, it will run when you tell it to do it, and stop as well. So be anxious! These little friends

Tell me mirror how do I look? Beauty tip 3.7 will be the one al only toy mirror that tells you how pretty you look on mornings. For all that little ladies who want to make up, Beauty tip 3.7 might also be able to tell you what color of shadow and lipstick you should use each day! And could tell if you mistake too. Won’t it be great? Have a nice mirror that will talk to you like in fairytales.

Cars are very famous toys someone’s have very extrange colors, a lot of wells and doors. They are very popular on kids that plays with this cars a lot of time. They are a lot of variety of cars but de most famous is de Ferrari that every kid like. In the future this cars will transform into robots by 29

pressing one boton and we may have controls with we can teach them things to do.

THE FUTURE DOLLS They will be the best friend of your daughters. They will sing, dance, talk, eat, drink and cry. They might communicate real feelings. They might be as this as a real woman, as tall as a real girl. I´m sure they will be very beautiful too. Buy it! They will be very cheap.

CONSTRUCTION KITS I think they will be very interesting for children and for adults too. They might teach children to build future cars or buildings. They might contain hundred of hard parts and with them. The children might build interesting things. Buy it!


In the future, dolls will be bigger than they are nowadays. Dolls will be beautiful, because girls will be able to look after their hair, their clothes, etc. with more technology, (For example, the doll will say: "I think my hair looks very nice!", or: "Can you change that hairstyle? I don’t like It") .It is important to say, that they will have the ability to walk and move by herself. I think it will be more exciting because dolls will have attitudes and characteristics of humans. Also, their skin will be composed by silicone; the make-up will last a long time. It also has its eyes, mouth, teeth, etc with a special material in order to last more than the dolls of nowadays. The dolls will also include different types of dresses so that the owner can dress it like he wants. The creator also must take care of details, in order to assimilate it as real as it can to a human, to seem to have a real person like friend instead of a doll.

The Robot Dog This dog is incredible, but it is not a normal dog, is a ROBOT. It has a human mind, and it is characterized for being able to realize activities of a dog and also of human beings. It is totally affectionate to any person, and it might be possible to transform it into a hunting dog or guardian. It is fabulous!

Tactile table games: No more lost pieces of games. With the new generation of tactile table games you will just have to buy the chip of the game u want, and everything is going to be automatically. If you don’t want to play anymore you can even save it and continue it whenever you want it! And of course, no more of being 2 hours to put away all the stuff, you only have to press off. Hilarious don’t u think? 29

London game : This game will consist in a lot of pieces that all together form a beautiful picture of London, but this pieces will be waterproof. It will have lights and sounds like the real city, so you can imagine how lightly this city is. Obviously this game will have iman, so the pieces can connect rapidly, and you can form the puzzle more eficiently.

Flying Skateboard will be the evolution of skateboarding. The skateboard will work on batteries. A new fun way to be transported without damaging the ecosystem for the time being where the preservation of the ozone layer is essential.


Ultra Airplane will be handled with a remote control and will be able to reach heights unmatched by other toy airplanes. It will support weights of up to 80 kilos. The owner of this fabulous toy may catch on and be transported by the flights

The doll will walk and run, her eyes will look up and down, it will have a technology that will allow her to speak different languages. Her clothes will change of colour automatically. She will dance and sing the music that you want. She will also have long hair and it will grow up fast. She will be able to smile. Be sure every girl will be happy with this doll!


Do you think you have the most trendy and exotic clothe that it could ever have been invented? If the answer is yes, you are wrong. By the year 2020 “Victoria Secret” and “Sony” wil be launching the “Chameleon Outfit”. The Chameleon Outfit will be composed by a jacket and a pair of trousers. But, what is going to be the amazing thing about this clothes? Chameleon Outfit will be able to take any colour the owner wants and even change the colour whenever he wants. Moreover it will not get dirty! Both, the jacket and the trousers will adjust to everybody bodies, no matter the height or weight. This fabulous function will be due to the micro=elastic fabric that it will be able to contract or expand depending on the body of the buyer.

Also Chameleon Outfit is not going to be flammable, so it Could be used in fires by firemen. This product it might be bought by overweight people as it is very difficult for them to find clothes that fit them nowadays. As it also might be very fashionable, every girl will want to have one, so it will be easy to get an outfit in malls, stores or virtual shops.


CHANGE CLOTHES: will be connected to a computer program which allow us to change our clothes color when we want. This program might be more expensive than regular clothes.

Sensitive clothes This clothes will be of cotton´s fabric. The fabric will be very resistant, durable and will have temperature sensors. The temperature sensors will adapt the thermal necessities of the body. For example: a man feels could and the sensitive clothes offers hot. I think this clothes will be useful because the people will be comfortable in places of extreme climate.



Fashion watch: You can change the color of your clothes by pressing a bottom of your watch. By this way you are going to be able to show yourself with different types of clothes without spending a lot of money in clothes. You will have a lot in one uniform with a watch! Clothes of Future 29

Clothes in the future are going to be wonderful! Jacket, trousers, t-shirts or the gloves are going to have lights of colors, and they are going to change the color if you want it! The new clothes with lights are going to be a shout of the mode. You can choose between red or blue lights, this way you are going to be able to decorate your clothes. The lights are on and off with a device that is in the pocket. They aren't submersible. If you want that your clothes change color, only you have to put on your favorite article, and then to press a button, which automatic was changing the colors of your clothes to green, blue, red, yellow, or white. If you stain your clothes, don't worry! with only change color, the texture of the clothes was remaining like new.

Shoes I think might not exist in the future. The shoes will be able to fly because will have motor and wings. The shoe will charge the battery. Also it will be can on the skate in the ice. The shoes will be use by the doctors for the emergencies. There are different colours. The shoes will be have stereo too.


The Chamaleon Clothes: …will let change the colour of the clothes as a person like. The fabric will be made with a secret substance and a micro-chip that will change their color when a person order to, so that you will have the same t-shirt, jacket or trousers in different colours. That it will be fantastic.

SHOES OF THE FUTURE The CD and MP3 Player Sneakers The CD and MP3 Player Sneakers will allow you to forget about your old stereo and your ipod, because they will give you the chance to carry both of them at the same time on your shoes! Can you imagine listening to music through your shoes? They’ll have speakers so that you’ll be able to listen to loud music, but if you prefer not making so much noise, you’ll also be able to plug in your headphones. Music and dancing lovers will probably be in love with these shoes. With the CD and MP3 Player Sneakers, you will actually have the rhythm on your feet.


Some clothes can even recharge your iPod. The world is warmer, so we need to buy a suit that we can wear 10 months out of the year. What we’re seeing on spring is the technology in the fabrics to make the suits more comfortable and low-maintenance. For the truly “green” conscious, we’ll present a sporty jacket with solar panels on the collar that can recharge a mobile phone or an iPod. Something James Bond might be proud to wear will be in stores on November. We haven’t solved the problem of global warming, but the solar jacket shows there are steps we took in the right direction. The solar panels detach and can be used independently. Five hours of sunshine can recharge just about any portable electronic device. The coat was developed in partnership with a firm that produces it based in Interactive Wear. We’ve work with a wearable electronics.



In fact, we’ve made it come with adaptors for different devices. On a more conventional note, the pictures showed cocktail jackets for evening, including one in silk stitched with real silver threads to be worn either with tuxedo pants or jeans We also want to introduce a wool cloth which repels water and could be used for informal meetings like some kind of shirt.


People complain about traffic jams when they have to go to work. Well, in a closer future that will not be a problem, because in about 20 years “BMW” will bring out the “TeleTransporter”. The TeleTransporter will be a machine seemed to a lift that will allow people to transport themselves from one place to another without moving a foot. The distance of moving will not be longer that 10 km around. Some advantages of this invention will be : - It will sorteen the time that takes people to go to work. - There might not be as much traffic as it is expected. Some drawbacks will be : - In coludy days the TeleTransporter will not work as its energy surce is solar energy. - This product will not be possible to use for people under eighteen, for preventive measures. - In case you want to transport to a place that does not have TeleTransporter, you will have to imagine that place in your mind. Otherwise the machine will not do its job. TeleTransporters will be ideal for impunctual people



multimedia-equipment and technology.

Nowdays the technology is advancing every day. In a closer future, the multimedia equipment may be quite different. The computers could talk and said when you are doing something wrong, and will be smaller than there are now, and will include a telephone in case you would like to talk with someone or call off an appointment, the advantage is that you won’t have to move from wherever you are. The television might be different to. When I said this I mean that will have installed s micro-chip, which would be useful for chanching the channels with your own voice, and if this really exist, we won’t have to use control’s TV any more. Also, the TV might have another design better than the actually. But may happen that with all this improvements, the price of tv will be major. 29


In my personal view, the telephone will have some improvement to. For example you will be able to decide the person you would like to call with your own voice, and hang up in the moment you like. It might be prepared to tell you what thing you want to do. And obviously may have included a mini TV for seeing the person who you are talking to.

The new safety

With the new technology new ways of protection will be created as force fields that will protect buildings from being destroyed because of a natural threat.

Candles to sing

Soon will available for new candles for birthday cakes, this candles will “sing� the happy birthday song, and there will be sparks of on the cake colors, making a party prettiest and funny. 29

Multimedia Equipment This are very famous objects in teenagers and sometimes in adults because they are very useful in moments that you are bored. They are cheaper and every body can have one. In the future people will have very small multimedia equipment that they might put on your ear and listen to music any time you want only putting in your ear.

Talking Computer This is the new talking computer! the best invention in the world, this kind of computer will be like a psychologist, but the difference it would be that you can buy it and have it in your house to talk with it , all the time, and all the days ! It would be greate, because this computer will change your life ! NO MORE PROBLEMS !, talk with it , and your life will be gorgeus, there´s nothing that this computer can’t solve.

A COOKER AND CLEANER GADGET It is a gadget which allows us to not have to do anything while this “product” cooks and cleans for us. It makes we don’t lose time doing this things. And, of course, we could save time. The people only will have to press a button and select the food they would want. After that, the “cooker and cleaner gadget” will start his work. While the food is


being cooked, the same gadget will cleans. It walks around the entire house as one of us cleaning everything is in his way. The God Machine will be in every country who needs it, because this machine would be the first one that, only using land and water, will create tasty and nourishing food. This invention is very important for the humanity because it would help to stop the hunger of the world. It has a meter of pressure and of temperature to show when it is possible to use the machine.

Exoskeleton will be an important change in people of future. I think that it is hard to carry things like backpack, bags, etc. And it is not healthy. People usually have to do this, and sometimes, for hours. So, that invent is going to be great, because this kind of Exoskeleton will do that people don't fell exhausted when they do an activity. People will fit this device in their legs, like the picture is showing, and this will enable that we will be able to carry more weight, run faster or simply, it will enable that people don't be tiring when they make things that can be damaging for their bodies. Exoskeleton will have sensors, and this is beneficial, because the mechanic skeleton will follow the moves that will do our legs or arms.


Anti- natural disasters house This house will be designed to support earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados and floodings. For earthquakes: It will have anti-seismic roller. In these days, Japan have buildings with this sistem f the rollers. For floodings: The house will have floating plataform under of the floor. For hurricanes and tornados: Under the house will have two floodgates and a place similar basement. The entertainment of the future. MP3 Watch: The new generation of watches will have an mp3 up to 8GB so u can download all your music and take it everywhere u want to. This would probably be the best invention of the future.

The helmet of recollections is a hull helmet that contains a device with a screen that allows us to see any moment of our lives, just entering the date and the hour of the event. For all the ages, it is an appliance that can be used by the whole family for different uses.



Future catalogue (4 2009)  

Created and compiled by 4th C EFL students from ISFA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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