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Electronic Barbie 100 US$ EACH

It will be made of plastic and metal, it will be little, like a normal barbie, it will have a girl´s shape, it will come in different styles. The skin will be fair and the clothes would change with the style. The Barbie will change her clothes and her make-up by her own, and is going to walk and dance, it will need button to walk. The girls will have fun with this toy because it´s very practical and it won´t break easily.

Helicarpter 1 million US$

The helicarpter will be a combination between a car and a helicopter. It will be big, electronic and rechargeable and it’ll have paddles. The best thing about it, is that it’s ecological. This means of transport will be available in different colours and it’ll be able to carry, up to 6 people. If you are stuck on traffic, you won’t have to worry! With the powerful paddles, this flying car will take you out of there. The battery will last 3 days when you charge it.

Car that travels through time 3 millions US$

This invention travels through time, it is like an ordinary car, and you are the one who decides the color and the model. You can use it simulating it is a normal car and when you suddenly want to go to the past or to the future for any reason, you have to press the red button which is on the left front side of the car’s celling. After that, it turns into an invisible object and there will magically appear lots of buttons with different colors where you have to put the exact date, time and place where you want to go. It works with a time machine which is connected to the motor of the car, we are working on one of them which works with solar energy, it may go on sale on April 3015

Flying car 500 thousands US$

It will look like a normal car, made by citroen, with wheels, but with turbines in each side. It will have a carbon fiber body and a light chassis You will be able to choose the color of the car and put some vinyl on it Function: with this ecological car you will be able to do fast trips and you won´t spend money in fuel. How will it work? : it will have electric engine and two batteries. And in each side is going to have two powerful turbines that let it fly.

Remote ball 999 US$ EACH

It will be a sort of soccer ball with a handled via remote control. It will be able to do many things, such as opening half, become tennis ball, and other things. These balls will be prepared to support any climate. It has a coating that will protect it from the rain, which never gets wet. The same will be used in major soccer matches worldwide, such as Barcelona and Real Madrid, and other equipment.

Teddy bear of the future 2000 US$ EACH

It will be a teddy bear that will act like a human being. It will be for children and they will have a lot of fun with it. You will be able to choose the color, the size, the personality and the voice of each bear. There will be bears for girls and for boys.

The S.U.B.A.T. car 1 million US$

Basically, the S.U.B.A.T.CAR (System of Underwater Breathing and Travelling) will work just like a normal and regular submarine; and it´s going to be equipped with air reserves units and pressure stabilizers. It might also have specials wheels to be used in the bottom of the ocean. It may look like a small rocket, and it could have seats up to four passengers. The S.U.B.A.T. will support up to eight hundred meters of deep the standard edition, but, if the client buys the expeditionary class, he will get the maximum quality, reliability and performance than the S.U.B.A.T. unit can give, being the maximum deep of this product two thousand meters.

This ship will be built in carbon fiber, because is a very adaptive and light material, and with plastic PVC parts. The glasses (special glasses for pressure support) could be of a mix of sand, red clay and particles of titanium. It will come in different and exotic colors, like sapphire, ruby, emerald, jade, silver, golden, and many others. The submarine will provide the possibility to submerge in a different world, and travel across the oceans and seas. The air can be recharge with a big tube that will come out of the ship´s body itself, and will drag air into the ship´s cabin. It will work with nuclear energy, counting every unit with a nuclear core that will feed the motor of the ship for a lot of years, so it will have a long life use.

Toys and Transport (4H 2013)  
Toys and Transport (4H 2013)  

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