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Sorry mom

for never listening to you

Victor Interiano - senior copywriter

Dear mother, you’re probably still mad at me

since i didn’t become a

lawyer like you always


Citgo Lubricants Copy: How classic is in your hands, that lasts all your life it’s in ours. Wherever life drives you. Citgo Lubricants.

Citgo Lubricants Copy: Living your freedom it’s in your hands, that it responds the right way it’s in ours. Wherever life drives you. Citgo Lubricants.

Citgo Lubricants Copy: The size of your family it’s in your hands, their tranquility it’s in ours. Wherever life drives you. Citgo Lubricants.

San Salvador Zoo, Posters and flyers to educate the visitors. Copy translation: Your food is to die for. Please don’t feed our animals.

Poster against gender violence Copy translation: Buying make up should be exciting. Denounce gender violence.


Copy: Driving signs deserve your respect. Don’t ignore them.

Campaign for Mixta Beer with Lemon and 0.9% alcohol. Copy: 0.9 More dareful.


Copy: Change neighbors once in a while.

Ad showing how close of your house a supermarket can be.

ADOC is a salvadoran shoe brand, congratulating the national beach soccer team for making it to the the semifinals of the Beach Soccer World Cup. Copy: You don’t need shoes to leave a footprint. Though we sell shoes, we are proud of the triumph of those who don’t wear them.

LEGO: You know when it’s time.

H100 Double Cabin Launch Copy: It’s always useful to have some extra space. New Hyundai h100 double cabin

Hyundai Getz Launch Campaign Teen targeted, fun and echological, the car is shouting it’s cool specs. Copy: I believe in myself - Standard safety bars

Super repuestos, the biggest auto part seller in El Salvador, needed to launch a campaign that stand out of the category, letting everyone know that they are the leaders, and therefore, thanking their clients (mechanics) by saying they are everyone’s heroes. Copy: Real heroes don’t wear costumes. You will be for the one that needs you and take them out of a risky situation, without knowing, you will be their hero. We are proud to work beside you.

PSA to raise awareness about not using your cellphone while you’re driving.

Ad Campaign for a new beauty suplement called “Skin Hair and Nails�

Sorry mom, But look all the nice things i’ve done! maybe someday, you’ll love advertising the way i do.

Name: VĂ­ctor Interiano Contact: Worked in: GREY Worldwide El Salvador Leo Burnett El Salvador JWT El Salvador Lowe & Partners Multicultural knowledge: Spanish, English.

References: VĂ­ctor Pardo Head of art, El Taier/Tribu DDB Guatemala Reynaldo Pino General Creative Director, JWT El Salvador and, my mom of course.

Been here: Advertising • Argentina Superior School of Advertising 2010 Film • Monica Herrera School of Communication 2008 Graphic Design and Advertising • Don Bosco University 2005 Several advertising festivals and workshops.