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IN THIS ISSUE • The real war on cancer finally begins (maybe) • Are you getting enough minerals to be sporting fit? • Discover the sub clinical reasons for your health challenges! • Tony’s travel pages • Cape Town Winelands in Winter • Save the Cape Town Ballet Company – see page 40 for details

Issue 5

Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) F o r a H ea lt hy H ea r t an d mo r e • • • • •

CoQ10 is essential for the production of energy that keeps your body running. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. CoQ10 rejuvenates brain cells and may help to prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. CoQ10 is also used to treat gum disease. CoQ10 has been used for more than three decades it has been used successfully in Japan and by wellinformed USA and European physicians to treat and prevent heart disease. • It has also been shown that statin drugs, which are used in the treatment of high cholesterol levels, reduce the CoQ10 in the body, leading to tiredness or lethargy. It is believed by many health professionals that all those on statin-type drugs should also supplement with CoQ10. • CoQ10 is known as the cellular ‘spark plug’. Just as a motor vehicle needs a spark plug to give it life, so your body needs an adequate supply of COENZYME Q10 in order to function properly. Source: The Antioxidant Miracle (1999). L.Packer & C.Colman Ellis Henen

Available at Sunset Pharmacy and Health Matters @ R59 for 30 or R169 for 90

SUNSET PHARMACY Sea Point Medical Centre Arcade 11 Kloof Road, Sea Point 8005 Tel: 021 434 5490 Fax: 021 439 9432

13 Kloof Road, Sea Point, Cape Town, Western Cape, 8005 Phone: 021 434 3333

Many of us have a love of fine food and fine wines, or the finest single malts. Many of us on occasions overindulge. Imagine passing up a slow Greek lamb roast or a fine well-aged point rump, or for that matter a porcini risotto with parmesan shavings, when one has already had a substantial hors d’ oeuvre.

Well here are a couple of products to make the process a little healthier

Biolife B4 special at R3.90 per sachet Available at Wellness Warehouse and other participating stores e-mail: Sales representative: Paul 082 393 2888;

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Dear Readers A special welcome to the 5th issue of Vibrant Life, the health and lifestyle magazine of choice. A big WELCOME to all our visitors. I hope you experience the best of what South Africa has to offer and may your visit leave you with one huge desire: TO COME BACK AS SOON AS POSSIBLE! Tony and Ellis both wrote great articles about places to visit and where to eat. Don’t miss these. I would also like to ad that if you find yourself in Greenpoint and dying for a burger, look no further than Beefcakes. Great fun, good service and hunger busting burgers make it a winner.

t n a r Vibife L

Sincerely Paul

The Health and Lifestyle Magazine of choice

The unique concept of Dr. Hauschka skincare 8 Detox with a clay bath 10 Are you getting enough minerals to be sporting fit? 11 Why Viridian? 14 Boosting you immunity this Winter 15 Get your essential fats from nature’s original source: micro algae 16 Raw Protein Power from Rice 18 Reflexology: An ancient healing art 19 The real war on cancer finally begins (maybe) 20 Short term therapy using hypnotherapy and a solution focused approach 22 Discover the sub clinical reasons for your health challenges 26 What makes a good multivitamin? 27 The White Light Healing Centre 28 What question would change your life? 30 Tony’s travels 31 Sceletium 33 Cape Town Winelands in Winter 34 “Not made in China” 36 Music to Nourish 37 Tony’s travels 40 Save the Cape Town Ballet Company 41 Live the life you love! 46 Publisher: Paul de Kock 082 393 2888 Design: Lee-ann Harris Purple Design 072 274 2111 For advertising enquiries please contact Paul on 082 393 2888

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Die Boord

Health Shop

Shop 14 Die Boord Shopping Centre Saffraan Avenue Die Boord Stellenbosch

Die Boord Health Shop’s professional staff are all dedicated to assisting their clients make informed health and lifestyle decisions. We are excited to announce that we now stock the Dr.Hauschka range of skin care products. Soon we will also offer Dr.Hauschka treatments in our Day Spa. On offer is a variety of nutritional, herbal, homeopathic and cosmetic ranges, including Viridian and Solgar. We also stock a wide variety of baby


Trading Hours: 08h00 – 20h00 Tel: 021 887 9400 Fax: 021 887 9399

products including Holle Organic Baby Foods and Hylands remedies. Please enquire about our new range of herbal tinctures for children. These tinctures are alcohol free and sweetened with tooth friendly xylitol. At our restaurant “Eat Well” we offer a fresh seasonal harvest table every weekday between 12h00 and 15h00. Come and dish up at R45 per plate. This offer includes a healthy dessert! The harvest table is an excellent choice for a quick, delicious and healthy option at lunch time.

Dr.Hauschka Certified Natural and Organic Skin Care

The unique concept of  Dr.Hauschka Skin Care The Dr.Hauschka Skin Care range was launched over 43 years ago and prides itself in being an authentically Natural Skin Care Range. Free of artificial preservatives, fragrances and colours

Dr.Hauschka preparations are designed to help the skin regenerate itself. The preparations help to restore balance and harmony in the skin which brings us to the true meaning of the word cosmetic, derived from the Greek word ‘kosmein’, which means: to restore order and balance.

All ingredients used in the Dr.Hauschka preparations are obtained from Nature. Only the highest quality Organic and Biodynamically grown plants are used in all the preparations. These ingredients are sourced from all over the world through fair-trade agreements.

Oil-free night care products support the nocturnal metabolism of the skin, which is then at its most active. The skin is thus able to use its powers of self-regeneration and regain its natural equilibrium. It is able to breathe freely and overcome any weaknesses and imbalances, staying healthy and beautiful.

Dr.Hauschka Skin Care regards the human skin as a Holistic organ that protects the body. The skin is exposed to external and internal influences that can weaken it resulting in an imbalance. This imbalance can be: dryness, lack of moisture, over production of oil, as well as premature ageing.

The Dr.Hauschka products carry the certification mark Certified Natural Cosmetics awarded by the German Industrial association BDIH to individual products conforming to their stringent criteria and guaranteed by the IMO, an independent certification body for Organic produce.


Dr.Hauschka Wins AWARDS AGAIN. s hit “Sale ar Ye of the ” 2009

Dr.Hauschka PRESS INFORMATION Three hits in a row for Dr.Hauschka Skin Care Dr.Hauschka Soothing Mask named “Sales Hit of the Year 2009” Bad Boll/Eckwälden, 22 April 2010 – For the third time in a row, Dr.Hauschka Skin Care has been awarded the title “Sales Hit of the Year” in the face care category. This time it was Dr.Hauschka Soothing Mask that won over consumers. The moisture-balancing mask for sensitive skin that is prone to redness is now officially one of the most successful newly launched products of 2009 in the natural cosmetics segment.

Of all the new face care products, Dr.Hauschka Soothing Mask went over the checkout scanners of Germany’s natural food stores and organic supermarkets most often. For this reason, it was awarded the “Sales Hit of the Year” prize at the Vivaness trade fair for natural personal care and wellness on 17 February 2010. Since 2007, Vivaness has been held annually in Nuremberg, Germany, alongside BioFach, the world’s leading trade fair for organic products. The “Sales Hit of the Year” title is awarded during the two trade fairs. It honours newly launched products that have sold exceptionally well at natural food stores across Germany in the previous year. “We are very pleased that Dr.Hauschka Soothing Mask has been able to follow our Rose Day Cream Light and our Regenerating Serum to become the third Dr.Hauschka Skin Care facial product in a row to be named ‘Sales Hit of the Year’,” comments Silvia Steck, head of international marketing for Dr.Hauschka Skin Care at WALA Heilmittel GmbH.


Avondson Detox Clay Bath

To be honest, not being a bath person I was a little hesitant to start. But after the first few baths I have become a true believer and find myself looking forward to the next. I have now done 9 baths in total with intervals of two baths per week with one week brake after the 6th bath as recommended. My experiences and noticeable improvements from these baths are: • I feel more relaxed after the bath • I have better sleeping habits. • I feel more energetic during the day • My joints and muscles are more flexible and the pain is improving • Aches in feet has subsided • Also unexpectedly, my skin tone and texture has improved

Avondson Detox Clay Bath “I’m writing to express my thanks for being introduced to the Avondson Detox Clay Bath product. I have recently been diagnosed with heavy metal (lead) in my system and as part of my treatment I was introduced to the Avondson Detox Clay Baths through my doctor. I am suffering from symptoms such as: high blood sugar (diabetes), insomnia, chronic fatigue, aching joints and muscles, aching feet and lots more.


In conclusion, the Avondson Clay Bath is truly a great detoxifying product and is definitely improving my condition.” Fowzaan Nordien The clay’s 4% – Smectite content has the ability to assist in the extraction of heavy metals, pesticides, free radicals and other toxins from the body and can be done in the comfort of your own bath tub. A series of clay baths can treat many symptoms and/or illnesses and boost the health of anyone exposed to the modern world’s additives, preservatives, environmental and industrial pollutants. Avondson Detox Clay Bath is an absorbent volcanic clay and extracts toxic chemicals through the pores of the skin. Email: Tel/Fax 023 3551 703    Cell: 082 342 1933        

Are you getting enough minerals to be sporting fit?

Are you getting enough minerals to be sporting fit? Dr Shania Ellis-Lee

Key Sports Minerals:

Athletes and active people have specific nutritional needs. In practice there are two types of active patients who need extra mineral nutrition. Some want to start exercising but are having difficulty because mineral deficiencies are causing poor muscle cell function (poor recovery, aching, weakness and cramping). Others are seasoned athletes with the same complaints who are concerned about their performance. The most famous example of the importance of minerals for athletes is basketball player Bill Walton. His promising career with the Portland Trailblazers was sidelined during the ’70s because he kept getting stress fractures in his ankles. After a mineral analysis showed he was deficient in copper and manganese and after supplementing these minerals, he made a complete recovery and was back on the court. 

Minerals have a wide variety of functions: providing the body with structure (calcium and phosphorus) and involvement with enzyme reactions (zinc and magnesium), oxygen transport (iron), water and acid/ alkaline balance (sodium and potassium), and proper bone growth and formation of cartilage (manganese).

Calcium: leg cramps, bone and muscle strength. Magnesium: involved in enzymatic reactions and cell membrane transport. 

 Sodium: Regulates cellular fluid volume through osmosis and is involved with pH. 

 Potassium: important in nerve and muscle function. Iron: found in haemoglobin used for carrying oxygen in the blood to increase energy. 

 Copper: a component of superoxide dismutase, which is an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Manganese: also a component of superoxide dismutase. 

 Selenium: used by the body to destroy free radicals. 

 Chromium: helps to stabilize blood sugar. 

 Boron: used in the treatment of exercise-induced osteoporosis Diagnosing Deficiency: The simplest way to test for mineral deficiency is to do a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis HTMA), contact Dr Shania Ellis-Lee at LFY CLinic Claremont: 0861 021 539.


To Your Health Health Shop

Silwood Centre, Campground Road Rondebosch (Next to Westerford Kwikspar) Tel: 021 685 1795 / 082 234 0609

Now presenting: Drs Allison Le Roux (D.Hom; D.Herbalism) and Essop (D.Hom) Offering the following services: Live Blood Analysis Homeopathy Medical Herbalism Ozone Therapy Podiatry Pain Management Glucose Testing Cholesterol Testing Blood Pressure Monitoring To Your Health also at Kenilworth Centre: upstairs next to Game

Omega Pure now even purer

Omega Pure now even purer Get your Essential Fats from Nature’s original source: micro-algae Ever wondered where krill and then fish get their Omega-3s from? It all starts with micro-algae, the original source of these health-giving Essential Fatty Acids. Absolute Organix Omega Pure is the only Omega-3 supplement containing the long chain Omega-3s, DHA and EPA, derived from micro-algae – and a new enhanced formulation of Omega Pure is now available. Improvements in the extraction process have enabled us to not only increase the concentration of Essential Fats but also to reduce the dosage from 3 to 2 capsules a day. The new formulation delivers 400mg of ultra-pure DHA (87.5%) and EPA per dose. Omega Pure is an excellent source of Omega-3s for anyone over 12, especially for pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers; the micro-algae are grown under pristine conditions in ponds completely free of ocean contaminants like mercury and dioxins or, in the case of farmed fish, of antibiotics and growth hormones.

Inquiries: (011) 615 9233 16 VIBRANT LIFE

And unlike fish oils which require intensive cleaning and heating in order to extract the fatty acids, the oils in Omega-Pure are cold-extracted, so the nutrient quality and bio-availability of the Essential Fats is of the highest order. Omega Pure is a perfect source of DHA/ EPA for vegans/vegetarians and is approved by the Vegan Society of the UK. Available in glass bottles of 60 vegecaps (a month’s supply) at health stores and selected pharmacies, or online at www. Recommended retail price: R198. As with all dietary supplements, always consult your health-care professional before using, especially if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under medical supervision.






Stockists of leading brand Vitamin and Mineral Supplements, including Solgar, Viridian and Green Vibrance Products. We also stock Environ, Dr. Hauschka, Esse Organic Skincare and Victorian Garden. Visit our store for all your dietary and wellbeing requirements

“She knows where the good stuff’s at!”


Raw Vegan Protein

Raw Protein Power from Rice Absolute Organix Raw Vegan Protein (RVP) powder is a true Superfood for the 21st Century. It’s made from organic sprouted brown rice, and what’s in the tub is 80% pure protein. It’s silky smooth with an amino acid profile close to mother’s milk, and is ideal for vegetarians and those with dairy and gluten allergies or other dietary restrictions. Our RVP is made using all-natural process of fermentation, filtration and enzymatic processing that consumes the fats and carbohydrates in the rice and leaves just the protein behind (plus a little fibre). With over 12g of protein per 15g serving, Absolute Organix Raw Vegan Protein has a superior amino acid profile – it contains all nine essential amino acids – making it an excellent alternative to whey and soy proteins. It’s made without the use of nutrientdestroying heat or the use of chemicals or additives, has a pleasant, natural flavour and zero gritty taste, so it blends easily in smoothies and shakes. Absolute Organix RVP is certified Kosher (parev) by the Beth Din.

Our Raw Vegan Protein is great for athletes. • Builds functional strength without unnecessary bulk caused by hormones in meat • Excellent amino profile – all nine essential amino acids including the critical branched-chain aminos for muscle building and repair • Easy to digest (no gas, no bloating) • Natural taste: can be used in any smoothie or mixed with water or rice milk • No chemical sweeteners, no solvents, no dairy, no soy, no bulking agents, additives or preservatives, no animal by-products, 100% natural. • Enables you to follow a high-protein diet without resorting to animal products. … and children too Children especially need high-quality plant-based proteins. You can blend our RVP with fruit and (pure) water or rice milk or yoghurt and some honey to make a delicious superfood smoothie. Absolute Organix Raw Vegan Protein is available in 400g and 1kg tubs from health stores and selected pharmacies, or online at

Inquiries: (011) 615-9233 • 18 VIBRANT LIFE

Reflexology an ancient healing art

Reflexology an ancient healing art South Africans are very excited to host the 2010 World Cup Soccer. This world-event encouraged me to contemplate the importance of feet. After all – playing soccer won’t be possible without feet! Just imagine how many feet are visiting our country? We tend to neglect our feet, yet they play an important role in our lives. Each foot carries half of our body weight. Leonardo da Vince called the feet “a masterpiece of engineering and a work of art.” Reflexology dates back to around 2500 BC. A pictograph was found in the tomb of an Egyptian physician called Ankmahor. He was the most influential person second to the king and most probably practiced Reflexology. There are many other ancient cultures that also practiced a form of Reflexology. In the art of Reflexology, the body is mapped on the feet. When the two feet are placed next to each other, it mirrors the complete human body. The big toes represent the head, each toe one half of the head. Finer points on the toes represent the face and internal glands in the head. The ball of the foot represents the chest and lungs, the soft middle part the internal organs and digestive tract. The arch represents the spinal column and the heel the pelvic girdle. Continued on page 21. VIBRANT LIFE 19

The real war on cancer

The real war on


finally begins (maybe) By Bruce Cohen

The South African media blissfully ignored one of the most important health stories of the decade – the recent report by the US President’s Cancer Panel (PCP) which, finally, has turned the tables on the entire cancer industry from within. While the PCP report focuses on the cancer epidemic in America – everything in it is of relevance to humanity: we are all being systematically poisoned to death by carcinogenic chemicals and industrial radiation. The message from the PCP is loud and clear: if we hope to reduce cancer rates, we must eliminate cancer-causing chemicals in our home and work environments. 20 VIBRANT LIFE

Says the PCP “The panel urges you (Pres Obama) most strongly to use the power of your office to remove the carcinogens and other toxins from our food, water, and air that needlessly increase healthcare costs, cripple our nation’s productivity, and devastate American lives.” Predictably, the American Cancer Association and the US chemical industry have waded into the PCP report; they have been in deliberate denial about the causes of cancer for decades. For them cancer is in the genes, or just bad luck in the roulette of life. The PCP report points out that Americans (as well as the rest of us) are daily exposed

The Real war on cancer to around 80 000 agricultural and industrial chemicals (and dozens more new ones each year) yet only a few hundred of them have ever been safety tested. Many of these chemicals are known or suspected cancer-causing agents (carcinogens) or endocrine (hormonal) disruptors. They are in the foods we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe; they are in our shampoos and conditioners, our furniture and our cars; they are everywhere.

tal contaminants can cross the placental barrier and, to a disturbing extent, babies are being born “pre-polluted.” The PCP report is groundbreaking because the panel comes from the heartland of orthodox medicine in the US, not the fringe of natural/alternative therapists who have been blaming cancer on industrial pollution for over a century.

The PCP says many of these known or suspected carcinogens are totally unregulated and where there is enforcement, it is weak. In virtually all cases, safety regulations fail to take multiple exposures and exposure interactions into account.

Finally, it seems, the orthodox medical community is being dragged (albeit kicking) into the 21st Century and that the war on cancer will hopefully start focussing on what’s really important: not the pharmaceutical “cures” (which are often worse than the disease) but the causes. And we don’t have to look far for the culprits.

Ominously, the PCP warns we are also poisoning the unborn: Numerous environmen-

Bruce Cohen is the founder of Absolute Organix (

Continued from page 19.

and therefore it is an excellent preventative health practice.

The simplicity of Reflexology really belies its efficacy. The technique is so simple that it does not require years of training to become a master. Apart from the knowledge, a good practitioner only needs massaging skills, compassion, intuition and a genuine desire to help people. The benefits of Reflexology are: • Stress reduction • Improved circulation • Body detoxification • Mind clarity • Revitalised body Reflexology balances the whole system

Receiving a treatment feels like a gentle foot massage, but it is effectively a holistic healing technique. When particular points on the feet are massaged, certain parts and organs are stimulated to vibrate at its optimum frequency, thus bringing the body back to balance and optimum health. Then healing can occur. Next time when your feet feels tired, think of what your body is telling you. Maybe it is not just your feet which are tired, but some other parts of your body that needs balance. I invite you to pay a visit to a Reflexologist and experience the bliss!

Heiné is an experienced wellness facilitator trained in several different modalities. He is also a Reiki Master and qualified counsellor. Contact: 072 293 9478;; VIBRANT LIFE 21

Short term therapy

Short term therapy using Hypnotherapy and a Solution Focused approach By Lesley Wood M.P.NLP (NEW YORK), C.Ht, Member of American Board of Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (U.S.A). Member of South African Institute of Hypnotherapy, Counselling (SACAP)

What is short term therapy you may ask? Imagine how different your life would feel if you where focused on the solution rather than the problem? Even just the thought of having a solution available is immediately empowering whereas just seeing the problem can often feel like a deep dark hole with no return. Between hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and a Solution Focused approach, I rarely see someone more than six times (with an average of 3 sessions for many issues). My type of therapy is also a partnership between myself and my client. My clients are introduced to tools and skills that empower them and give them a greater feeling of control. Through my work I have discovered how important self esteem / self identity is in ones interaction with all aspects of life. I have found by first facilitating change on an emotional level, through hypnotherapy or other exercises, individual self esteem


and self awareness grows, thus enabling a person to make better life choices. My emphasis is on empowerment of the individual. My work brings me into contact with many different concerns (for example: phobias, fear of speaking in public, emotional pain due to the past and / or relationship issues – to name a few). While I do assist clients with a large variation of issues my own special interests lie with self esteem & weight loss. Between seeing me, ‘homework’ to aid my clients on their journey to balanced living and also working closely with hormone specialists and dieticians where necessary, my clients are assured a holistic approach. I focus on permanent behaviour change and creating an educated mindful eating approach. One part of my research is keeping an eye on studies throughout the world and there is becoming a greater recognition in

Short term therapy

the benefit of a more holistic approach to weight loss: In a Swedish study, the group who used cognitive behaviour therapy lost on average 8kg in 10 weeks, while the control group lost nothing. The group using cognitive behaviour therapy continued to lose weight 18 months after their initial treatment. In a further American study of 1,700 overweight men and women showed that those who kept a regular food and exercise journal, along with eating a lowfat diet and exercising 30 minutes per day, lost 18 pounds in 20 weeks, compared to a nine-pound loss among those who did no journaling. Another scary statistic is that the average person underestimates what they eat on a daily basis by 30-50%. This is one place

where using mindful eating can work miracles! Although we live in a consumer orientated society where instant gratification has sadly become the norm, there is no instant fix to weight loss or a healthy body and mind. I have found by making lasting sustainable change using a solution focused / behaviour change approach, my clients are more likely to develop the long-term healthy habits that will help keep them generally healthy and happy into the future. Focusing on long term life-style changes that one can maintain will not only aid you in achieving your goals but, more importantly, sustaining them. For further information I can be contacted on

Coming in July 2010



B_E_E products are safe and gentle for you and your home. We exclude harmful chemicals in favour of natural cleaning agents and essential oils. Each product has been dermatologically tested and designed to be gentle on skin.

Stockist enquiries: Gauteng: Absolute Organix 011 615 9233 Rest of SA: Wellness Warehouse 021 480 9509

everything you need to live life well






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BEE Whitener

“the widest range of wellness products online”

Discover reasons for health challenges

Discover the sub clinical reasons for your health challenges! Do you often feel sluggish, bloated, demotivated and just not yourself? Suffer from short term memory loss, stress and weight gain? Have you been going to your doctor and had numerous blood tests done that turn out to be within normal range? And yet you have a nagging feeling that you can function at a much healthier level than you are currently experiencing. Chances are that your problem is subclinical, meaning that although it has not been detected in a medical test, it does mean that there is an imbalance within your body’s digestive, immune, endocrine and/or hormonal systems. For example, take tiredness: underlying conditions may be an underactive thyroid, sluggish liver function, microparasite infestation, hypoglycaemia or too much cortisol (stress hormone) circulating in your system. Even metal toxicity (amalgams) or root canal treatment in your mouth can zap your vitality and memory! This is where muscle testing can shed light on the underlying conditions of your health challenges before it spirals out of control and you end up with a chronic, debilitating disease. A simple muscle test to test all the common underlying subclinical symptoms will indicate where your actual tiredness stems from and the appropriate remedy can be found in the same way. How does this work? By applying gentle





extended arm, it will present weak in the presence of the tester for your subclinical syndrome. These syndromes can range from underactive thyroid, insulin resistance, adrenal fatigue, lack of serotonin, Candida and many more or a combination there off. When the appropriate supplement is identified your arm will re-strengthen. This method gives a clear indication and is not a hit and miss strategy or based on guess work. Most clients start to feel a remarkable shift within days of taking the correct supplements. The same method can be applied to identify allergies. In order to effect lasting improvement in your physical and emotional wellbeing the core emotional blockages and belief systems are also uncovered via muscle testing. Body and mind are interconnected and these old emotional issues and beliefs can block your physical healing. By applying Emotional Freedom Technique on the acupuncture points, your sabotaging patterns that is keeping you from achieving what you want is removed. This clears the path for optimum health and realizing your potential. To experience the life changing effects of this modality, contact Tersia Mills on (021) 683 0481 or 083 676 0624 to book either a half an hour or an hour’s consultation. Free talks are regularly held at the Harfield Village Practice on a Wednesday evening explaining the techniques and the latest scientific findings pertaining to energy medicine. Also consulting in Durban and Johannesburg.

What makes a good multivitamin?

What makes a good multivitamin? Biolife Multivitamin + Antioxidants (& Homocysteine Lowering formula) has been developed to incorporate all important vitamin & mineral ingredients in quantities in excess of the minimum recommended daily requirements.

In a study conducted by the Lewin Group in the United States it was shown that the five-year estimate of potential net savings (by medical aid) resulting from daily multivitamin intake for mature adults is approximately 1.6 billion US dollars.

The product contains the most comprehensive range of ingredients on the RSA or International market and is one of the very few vegicaps available in a multivitamin.

Elevated levels of homocysteine, an amino acid produced in the body, are associated with hardening and narrowing of the arteries (atherosclerosis). This can increase the risk of heart attacks and strokes. Homocysteine levels can be lowered by taking folic acid, Vitamin B6 and B12, all contained in generous amounts in this formulation.

The Immune System The immune system plays an integral part in ones well-being. Immune simply means that you are protected from acquiring something. Essentially, when one is in good health one’s immune system is working optimally. Supplementation If one ate five portions of fresh vegetables daily in addition to following a good eating plan, exercised 3-4 times a week, was stress free and emotionally wellbalanced, then supplementation would be unnecessary. Unfortunately the manner in which we ‘work, eat and play’ necessitates supplementation with vitamins and a balanced approach to exercise, work and nutrition. Studies have shown that taking a good multivitamin daily will help to strengthen the immune system. It may not prevent all illnesses but would certainly reduce the incidence of disease and/or the duration.

Biolife’s multivitamin is one of the very few made in a vegicap from soya bean oil and also contains Omega 6. Its vitamin B content is more than most multivitamins. Besides the normal anti-oxidants such as Beta Carotene, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc, Biolife has added Alpha Lipoic Acid, Grapeseed Oil, Green Tea extract, Citrus Bioflavonoids and Lycopene. Starting one’s day with a Biolife Multivitamin will certainly boost your immune system and in so doing reduce the incidence of disease. It is very cost effective. A six month supply would cost approximately R50 per month. Should have a problem obtaining the product please call Paul @ 082 393 2888 or Ellis @ 083 658 6490.


White Light Healing Centre

The White Light Healing Centre The White Light Healing Foundation aims to develop physical, mental, psychological and emotional well-being whilst helping to increase efficiency and productivity for all. With a successful White Light Healing Centre already established in the breathtakingly picturesque surrounds of Johannesburg’s Botanical gardens, Cathy Bouwer’s latest triumph is the tranquil and inspirational healing haven she’s established at the much-loved Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock, Cape Town. Travelling between both her centres, Cathy encourages her clients in Johannesburg and Cape Town to begin a journey of enlightenment and start to “Love the Life

they Live”. She endeavors to facilitate greater prosperity and harmony for Mind, Body and Spirit through unique one-on-one healing experiences. Each personalised session with Cathy Bouwer offers a comprehensive journey of healing which will restore a state of balance and harmony throughout one’s entire being. One-on-one healing sessions include: Intuitive Healing 90 minutes An intuitive healing session with Cathy Bouwer will balance the chakras and work on any issues the client is currently facing often using past life regression to break repetitive and negative patterns by releasing past life issues that no longer serve you in this life.

Founded by Cathy Bouwer, a passionate and inspirational healer who has overcome huge personal loss to live a full and beautiful life 28 VIBRANT LIFE

White Light Healing Centre

Antaneea 120 minutes Working only with love, Antaneea technique is a gentle, loving & deeply transformational healing massage. 12 coloured oils are placed on the body, sounds are then toned over the energy centres which resonate within the cells. The combination gently releases the hurts and past which are stored in the DNA. Cathy Bouwer also offers a variety of workshops for both adults and children. Upcoming group workshops at White Light Healing Centre, Cape Town include: Magic of Colour (16th and 17th July 2010) Benefit from the surprising world of colour with this uber-fun and insightful two-day workshop. You will be astounded by the power of colour in our daily lives. Discover strengths and hurdles for yourself and your loved ones – balance energies at home and work.

Gratitude Circle and a Meditation/Healing Circle. This centre also offers it’s guests a specialised bouquet of holistic treatments, including Antaneea Technique, Colour Reading, SCIO Machine-Biofeedback Therapy, Past Life Regressions, Kinesiology, Emaho! and Bach Remedies; which are all used to balance, restore, energise, release and heal Mind, Body and Spirit. Whether you experience Cathy Bouwer’s magic touch in Johannesburg or at her new centre in Cape Town, you are sure to experience a process of energy and vibration that will leave you feeling refreshed love, abundant joy and gentle peace. For more information please visit

The Shining Way for Kids (Sunday 8th August) The first of a three-part series especially dedicated to kids. Children need life guidance too. Give your child the chance to discover their own shining diamond within and empower them to make the right choices. Making Sense of Grief (14 October 2010) Losing a child, lover, parent, sibling or even a beloved pet can be very traumatic. Learn to cope with, and even benefit from the experience. Choose to live more fully. Offering a selection of overnight retreats for up to 12 guests per night, the White Light Healing Centre in Johannesburg comes complete with Meditation Decks, a


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Tony’s travels By Tony Ward 0823932288

Isn’t it wonderful when a dream comes true? That is how Capetonians are feeling now that the new stadium is complete and the city is ready to welcome her visitors  to help celebrate the FIFA World Cup 2010. Go Bafana Bafana!!! I have put together a few suggestions to enrich your stay whilst in Cape Town.   All visitors to Cape Town should take the cable car up Table Mountain to marvel at the amazing views of the City and of the Constantia Valley and beyond to False Bay. St. George’s Cathedral and The Company Gardens, at the junction of Adderley Street and Wale Street  are well worth a visit.  The gardens, dating back to the late 17th century, include some of the original trees planted by Jan Van Riebeeck, the first Dutch Colonial Administrator to the Cape. A little further afield from the City, visit the Woodstock biscuit factory on Saturday mornings. Take your appetite. The selection of fresh organically grown produce plus a large selection of food and wines are scrumptious. There are a number of theatres in the City all offering excellent productions ranging from intimate ‘one man’ shows to acclaimed plays, ballets and musicals. The Artscape Theatre (021 410 9800), in the City centre, during June and July are featuring Bavarian Film Week, Le Grande Cirque and African Songbook.  The

Baxter Theatre (021 685 7880), in Rondebosch, have Vodacom Funny Festival, Romeo’s Kiss (a new ballet), Girl in a Yellow Dress and From Africa with Laugh. The  Fugard(021 461 4554) (in a converted church close to District Six) is showing Aesop’s Fables until the 12th of July. Please also see my plea for assistance for The Cape Town Ballet Company on page 41. There are numerous Art Galleries in the City. The Lisa King Gallery, Joao Ferreira Gallery, Atlantic Art Gallery and The Cape Gallery to name but a few. For eating out I recommend Camills in Greenpoint (021 425 9019), 95 Keerom Street (021 422 0765)  in the City centre and Salt in the Ambassador Hotel (021 439 7258). Il Leone (021 4210071) has what I consider to be the best Italian cuisine in Cape Town. For Thai food Yindees on Kloof Street (021 422 1022) is always on the ball. In the same area Manna (021 426 241) on Kloof Street is great for lunch with delicious breads baked on the premises. Bon Appetite! Of course, no one should leave Cape Town without a visit to our wine estates. For ideas on wine estates to visit please have a look at Ellis’s article on page 34.   I am always available on 082 3932288 if you need any help with your travel plans. Have a lookout for my new site coming in July 2010 Buen viajie.


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Sceletium COMMON NAME Kougoed (Afrikaans); Channa; Kanna (Khoi) LATIN NAME/S Sceletium tortuosum PART USED Mainly the leaves INTRODUCTION Sceletium is a perennial small groundcover plant native to Southern Africa. It was highly sought after by the Khoikhoi, bushman people and hunter-gatherers as a mood enhancing substance since prehistoric times. Historically, the prepared dried plant was chewed, smoked or powdered and inhaled as snuff. There are eight species known, all of which are usually found in dry Karoo vegetation. Sceletium tortuosum is the most well known and most widely distributed species which is known to elevate mood, decrease anxiety, stress and tension. CONSTITUENTS Alkaloids, including mesembrine, mesembrenol and tortuosamine. KEY ACTIONS Uplifts mood Anxiolytic (Anti-anxiety) Provides energy Antidepressant (Natural serotonin reuptake inhibitor) INDICATIONS AND USES Sceletium is successfully used today by many professionals to treat patients who experience anxiety states and/or mild to moderate depression. It is also an effective remedy

used by the lay person to elevate mood & adequately deal with the stress, tension & mental fatigue of modern living. The plant has also been used as an appetite suppressant and is known too to reduce addictive cravings, effectively helping specifically to wean alcoholics off alcohol and lessen the associated withdrawal effects. Although there have been no confirmed reports of drug interactions, the neuroreceptor activities of Sceletium imply possible contraindications & side-effects if used in conjunction with other psychiatric medications, including all antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, sedatives, recreational drugs and any cardiac medication. In these instances, it is strongly advised to avoid taking any Sceletium-containing supplements. Do not use Sceletium either during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. PREPARATION AND DOSAGE Tincture: 15-20 drops 3 times daily, taken inbetween meals. Capsules/Tablets: A typical dose is between 50mg and 100mg once or twice daily, usually taken inbetween meals (breakfast & lunch).

Liora Henen has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & an Honours Degree in Journalism from Rhodes University, as well as a Degree in Phytotherapy (i.e. Herbal Medicine) from the British School of Phytotherapy in East Sussex. She has been running her own health shop, Health Matters, in Sea Point, for just over 11years. VIBRANT LIFE 33

Cape Town Winelands in Winter

Cape Town Winelands in


By Ellis Henen

I thought that I would take a different approach with this months newsletter in that I would not discuss anything medical, but would offer some suggestions to those of you who have the time and inclination to explore some food and wine venues in the beautiful Cape Winelands during the cold and rainy days that abound. Why food and wine? Well they both have been an interest of mine through the years so I thought of sharing some of the venues visited. If you are partial to oxtail, ‘Barrique’ (Tel: 021 881 3001) on the wine estate Vredenheim, is known in the area for this outstanding dish. The meat just falls off the bone and is   reasonably priced as are the wines.  Try the Clos Malverne Pinotage. Take the N2 from Cape Town and exit 33, the Baden Powell Road,and about 12km later you will see the sign on the left of the road where you then turn right. Something very special on a winter’s day is to visit Rust en Vrede on the Annandale Road off the R44 for a lunch down in their cellar, where you will be served Chalmar Beef, with chips and salad (nothing else is available-not even coffee). Not a good idea if you are a vegetarian.





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The highlight of this meal is the outstanding tasting of award winning Rust en Vrede wines provided free with the meal. The Rust en Vrede restaurant, open at night, is a very special place to visit for an outstanding four or six course meal. The restaurant is listed in the top ten in South Africa and in the top 100 in the world by an international travel It is 2007/11/21 11:08 AM Page magazine. 7 priced well above the average, although the wide range of wines are reasonably priced. The food is outstanding. (Tel: 021 881 3881). The Rust en Vrede Cabernet 2004 at R200 and the Ettiene Le Riche 2003 Cabernet are superb world class reds. Pomegranate restaurant on the Vergenoegd Wine Estate, 2 km off the N2 on the Baden Powell Road, is another worth a visit. The mushroom crepes, oxtail risotto, or game carpaccio, are good choices as starters. Game,fish & duck (imported from France) are main courses, with their famous chocolate crepes a must as dessert. Probably the only restaurant on a wine estate that allows you to bring your own wine and does not charge corkage! (Tel: 021 843 3248) Beyerskloof Wine Estate off the R301 heading for the N2 is a must for a ‘pinotage burger’ with caramelised onions. Order two and you receive a free bottle of Beyerkloof wine to enjoy with the meal (hopefully this

Cape Town Winelands in Winter still exists as a special). Booking is a must. (Tel: 021 865 2135). Their tasting room is also worth a visit with knowledgeable ‘smiling’ attendants. The Beyerskloof pinotage made famous by Beyers Truter the owner/ winemaker is probably the cheapest quality wine you will find anywhere in the world. Guardian Peak is another beautiful estate overlooking the Ernie Els Vineyards, situated just off the R44 on the Annandale Road. The scallops and calves liver were delicious (check whether available) as was the slow cooked lamb shank. Each dish is paired with a glass of Guardian Peak wines, so be sure there is one non-drinker amongst the guests as the wine just flows. (Tel: 021 881 3899). Bodega, on the Dornier wine estate, with its beautiful driveway through the trees is also well worth visiting for their varied and interesting  dishes which include salted  calamari with  chilli saffron, flammkuchen (crispy flatbread with different toppings), and chorizo cassoulet when available. Dornier is off the R44 at Blaauklippen road. (Tel: 021 880 0557). The restaurants described above are but a few of the 60-70 restaurants on wine estates in the Stellenbosch area. Let me know if you visit one or two.


Not made in China

Newly established Heritage Protection Unit called “Engel & Boef” – their current concern:

“Not made in China” Meet Chief Inspectors Engel & Boef – not your average sleuths. At the helm of the Heritage Protection Unit, initiated last year by artist Alheit Ströh, they face the daunting task of preventing the extinction of our cultural heritage. However, in their preliminary investigation it has become apparent that their roles cannot be limited only to probing and uncovering the extent to which our society has been infiltrated by alien identities. According to Ströh, they also have to act as guardians of our cultural heritage given the scale at which we ignorantly succumb to and accept these invasions. London’s cultural lumbar punch left Ströh somewhat disoriented on his return to South Africa recently after three years and, in his attempts to immerse himself back into society, he became a tourist in his own country. From functional to ornamental, what he found on the creative scene left him with a growing sense of disconnectedness as almost every object he picked up had first been in Chinese hands. This set him on an almost obsessive quest for products made on local soil, not in some other country – hence the title of his works on show. A formally trained landscape architect, Ströh’s design addiction over the years has driven him to experiment with different


media – as is evident in these works, which combine his current trade as a goldsmith with a longstanding love affair with ceramics. What better way, then, to tackle the proverbial bull in the china shop by its horns than by employing ceramic as medium to highlight the fragility of the bigger issue: protecting our heritage? Not Made In China not only refers to the commodity but with subtly changing contours, implicates and explores our country’s particular heritage which, of all exotic influences over centuries (Dutch, British, German etc.), may well include references to China. Therefore, far from discriminating against Chinese-made goods as such, Ströh’s “special agents” Engel & Boef are more concerned with the localisation of products – from conceptual development and design to manufacture, which naturally extends to fair trade – before they will apply their stamp of approval. Urban Muti Pot as object and title (referring to a traditional southern African item with healing properties) is an example of how Ströh explores his heritage by combining the endemic with the classical European (the Royal Crown, also evoking special powers), while reflecting our modern industrial experience with the use of recycled plastic moulds.

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Tony’s travels

Tony’s travels Grand Daddy Recently we had the pleasure of staying at The Granddaddy Hotel (previously the Metropole) in Cape Town. What a very nice experience it was too. Located on Long Street and therefore right in the heart of Cape Town. The rooms are well appointed with a truly eclectic mix I can only describe as Afri/kitsch/chic, which is great. The bar area on the first floor is cool and slightly funky and quite obviously THE place to be for late night drinks with friends before hitting the clubs close by. I think that the hotel’s crowning glory (quite literally) is up on the roof! The open air theatre there is perfect for early evening


By Tony Ward 0823932288

chilling. In the summer months movies are shown and there are live music performances featuring the best in local talent. Surrounding this area there is a retro chrome trailer ‘park’ which are actually rooms and very well appointed they are too. Such a wonderful idea to sleep under the stars, as it were, in the centre of Cape Town.

Tony’s travels

Why not check out the website on www. or contact the hotel direct on 021 424 7247. Better still just call in for a cocktail ‘up on the roof’. Village and Life Accommodation specialist in De Waterkant The new South Africa emerged as the Rainbow Nation in 1994 and purely coincidentally (I’m sure) so did Village and Life in De Waterkant with a couple of small properties offering first class accommodation and hospitality. It’s still happening today. They also have first class apartments and family villas in Camps Bay. Of course their portfolio has now grown to a very impressive forty properties, all of the very highest standard of refurbishment and ambience. Most properties have plunge pools, with decks and stunning views. The Victorian artisans’ cottages have taken on an air of sophistication and comfort offering everything from elegant studio apartments to cottages and luxury villas, and these are all available for weekends, holidays or long-term occupation. Bed and breakfast or self-catering is available on all properties, and the choice is yours.

HELP, HELP, HELP The Cape Town Ballet Company at the Artscape is in dire, dire straights! So much so that there is a very real danger of the company closing their doors forever! The Government has decided to cut their financial help, both locally and nationally, by up to 60%. Now quite obviously we cannot allow the Ballet Company to close, so, have a word with your employer, or if you are the boss, please urgently take note that the company needs your sponsorship. Think what fabulous publicity this will mean for your business, and you will be helping rescue our Ballet Company. If you feel that you would like to help personally look at the ballet company’s website and follow the prompts. www. Many thanks on behalf of The Cape Town Ballet.

De Waterkant is ideally located at the edge of the City Bowl within a few minutes’ walk of the City and its many attractions; also The V&A Waterfront shopping heaven is ten minutes’ walk away. Please contact me if you would like help with making your reservations at either of these, or any properties, in the Cape. I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO WELCOME ALL OUR VISITORS FROM OVERSEAS AND WISH YOU ALL A HAPPY STAY IN CAPE TOWN



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Shifting mind

“Not made in China”

Vibrant Life issue 5  

Health and Lifestyle Magazine

Vibrant Life issue 5  

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