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Contents Heart Mapping

We would like to thank Claire from Claire Gunn Photography for her creative input. Find her on Facebook or contact her on 079 473 8826.

Welcome to the all-new “The Healthy Choices Magazine”. This edition was created by me, Paul De Kock, and Michelle Wood. Michelle and I are very excited that we have been afforded this opportunity to express us, connect with you and together uncover, discover and explore this incredible journey called life. Michelle runs a company called “Get Connected” which assists in facilitating the process for you, your brand, and your business to reach its true potential. She believes in connecting deeply with the essence of you and your brand, and building an authentic foundation that allows you to express your true passions and purpose, uncover your playgrounds and thereby leading a conscious, connected and relevant brand to its full potential.

Learn all about Magnesium


A time for conscious leaders




Is there an alternative to plastic surgery?


Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis


Gene Testing Q&A


Creative Solutions to relationship troubles


Living in your truth


Taste of Cape Town




Fish Oil – More than just brain food


Publisher: Vibrant Living Supplements CC Editor: Paul de Kock 082 393 2888 Co-editor: Michelle Wood 072 320 3823 Design: Lee-ann Harris Purple Design 072 274 2111 For advertising enquiries please contact Paul on 082 393 2888

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Editors welcome

I have really enjoyed co-creating this magazine with Michelle as her input has been invaluable. We used one of the tools she teaches in her company, called ‘heart mapping’. This is described at greater length in the body of this magazine. It helped us to focus on our objectives and the manner in which we could express ourselves and in so-doing determine and satisfy the needs of you the reader. Michelle’s objectives are to use the tools at her disposal and her vast experience , to make your journey an intriguing fun experience no matter what your circumstances. My objective is to research the industry in order to find the type of products that you may find of interest and that may add value to the quality of your journey through life. We also co-created a personal strategy for the magazine and as this is the first one, wanted to share this with you. It was a meaningful collaborative experience for both of us as we found each other and produced a synergy that resulted in creating one clear direction for the magazine. We have renamed the magazine “The HEALTHY CHOICES” magazine as it is all about empowering you with ways and means to make the correct healthy choices about your life. We want to help you discover your freedom and hope this will be a place where you feel free and create your infinite abundance.

We hope that our values inspire you as much as they do us:

Abundance – be infinite, be limitless, be free, be wealth, be at one Shine – be you, be open, be the light, be a beacon, be great, be free, to glow Creativity – be playful, be silly, be colourful, be cheeky, be centred, be expressive, be in joy, be naughty, be receptive, be courageous Co-create – to flow, to share, to allow, to connect, to be in harmony, to create, to build, to grow Inclusive – be free, to allow, be love, be open Integrity – be open, be kind, be gentle, be honest, be powerful, be strong Truth – be real, be true 2 u, be trustworthy, be honourable, be love

Change takes time and together with you we hope to create some exciting changes over the coming months. We hope you will join in, express, share and enjoy in the dance of life with us. None of us truly know where we are going and that is the fun part! So enjoy the ride. Catch the greatest waves and discover the deepest lessons to help us create a better tomorrow. TODAY IS ALL WE TRULY HAVE.


Heart mapping

Unveil your mask through

Heart Mapping

I love and admire people who are brave to live in their truth! This is not about the difference between lying and telling the truth but in being true to themselves. I would like to introduce you to Johan Horak, who is wiling to share his heart mapping experience with you. My week started with a host of revelations that made me realise that when you embark on a journey to find the truth, you need to be able to handle what you might find! Let me put the situation into context… I recently took part in a Heart Mapping session with Michelle Wood, a close friend of mine who helps clients to unveil their mask, a mask they are often never even aware of! She does this through the process of Heart Mapping, a simple yet incredibly profound way of defining someone’s essence in a beautifully visual way. The only tools that are needed are an A3 sheet of paper, five of your favourite magazines, some scissors, glue, and a few hours of dedicated time with Michelle. When I arrived for my Heart Mapping session, Michelle asked me to spend half an hour paging through the magazines and to tear out images and phrases that attracted my attention, regardless of if it was for good or bad reasons. Then she asked me what had drawn my attention to each of the cut-


outs. Some were easy to explain, and others were not. As we went along, Michelle gave guidance as to the meaning of many of the cuttings – some had a direct, very obvious correlation, while others were more figurative in meaning. She made suggestions as to where each cutting should be positioned on my page and I glued them down. By the end of the session, a clear picture had emerged. It was a very accurate snapshot of my life as things stand today. There were themes Michelle had picked up along the way, concepts she challenged me with, things I needed to hear. And because we followed such a non-confrontational approach, I was open to receiving Michelle’s feedback and open to considering the possibility and consequences of change. What struck me most about my map was the prominence of an owl. The owl was my central image and it became obvious during this process that I share many characteristics with the owl, including the ability to hide behind a veil and watch from a distance. Now that I’m more aware of this tendency, I’m going to focus on coming out from behind the veil so that people can get to know the real me. It sounds simple enough but I know it’s something that will take a bit of time to get comfortable with. The fact that I’m even writing an article about my Heart Mapping experience is a step in the right direction! Most of all I’ve gained an incredible sense of self-awareness through the process of Heart Mapping and I’m so excited about the changes that have already started to happen. You can follow as he continues to unveil himself or you can set up a session to map your heart by calling mish on 0723203823 or mish,

Are you taking the right multivitamin? At Biolife Nutrition we believe that taking a multivitamin daily is a good starting point to satisfy one’s nutritional supplement needs. There are sufficient journal articles that show that a multivitamin a day can reduce the incidence of disease through improving the ability of your immune system to resist the ‘foreign invaders’. Particularly viruses and bacteria that abound in the environment. The key to a good vitamin is the range of vitamins and minerals within the formulation, the number of anti-oxidancts and the actual content of each on the caspsule or tablet. Su re gges tail te pr d ice

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Magnesium Nature’s Silent Guardian

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Magnesium Nature’s Silent Guardian


Magnesium Nature’s Silent Guardian


Magnesium Nature’s Silent Guardian


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Unveil yourself a time for conscious leaders

Picture by Heine De Waal (Solaris Health)

Unveil yourself a time for conscious leaders

As we walk on our journey and live in our truth, we are surrounded by people who passionately live their truth. Ex collegue, friend and co-creator I share with you, Kirsten Graham – coach, facilitator, trainer and business consultant. We are passionate about discovering true leaders and Kirsten has a unique point of view on helping you discover your leadership. Leader. I never used to like the word. For years it conjured up images of shinytoothed politicians, CEO’s and paperbacks promising musk-scented tips to have the minions follow you. Perhaps it’s the assumption that leaders are separate from the masses: somehow a gene, caste or class above others that unsettled me; or perhaps it was my inner cynic that for all the years I scoured the insides of organizations, books and publications, I came to realize that for the many stories about leaders, sadly I seldom found a story about leadership.

Leadership, I’ve come to realize, is not exclusive, nor is it bestowed by birthright, circumstance or succession planning. Leadership is not the sum of one’s skills, influential roles or loyal followers but rather, the simple truth of leadership is found when someone sees the truth of all that they are, and knows that to be anything less than this would betray their own worth. I call this kind of conscious leadership “Soul Leadership” because it is the ability to fully express your uniqueness: to embrace your Passions as your work, to live the truth of your unique Purpose, to stretch for the highest Possibilities for yourself, and in this way find your Place in the world. It is the process of self-discovery that connects individuals to their 4P’s and therefore activates and magnetizes the leader in everyone. As you read these words, and your mind searches for meaning, ask it to ponder this: if you truly stand in your uniqueness, then there is no need for competition because you are irreplaceable, one-of-a-kind. If you’re living your 4P’s, there is NO competition, no comparison, no judgment. This is leadership: the soul speaks, the heart listens and the mind makes a choice to join a movement of mastery living your truth. Unveil yourself…


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Dandelion COMMON NAME Dandelion LATIN NAME/S Taraxacum officinale PART USED Root or leaf

INTRODUCTION: Known primarily as a weed, Dandelion has an impressive range of health benefits. The leaves have long been known for their diuretic properties while the root is medicinally used for the liver. Dandelion is a perennial with ragged leaves, hollow stalks and bright yellow flowers. The herb grows wild in most parts of the world and the leaves are sometimes even eaten raw in salads. CONSTITUENTS: Triterpenoids, Vitamins A, B, C & D, Minerals (especially potassium). KEY ACTIONS: • Diuretic • Cholagogue • Anti-rheumatic • Laxative • Tonic INDICATIONS & USES: Although both the root and the leaf of the Dandelion plant have a diuretic action, the leaves are by far the more powerful diuretic than the root. Many conventional diuretics also cause a loss of the mineral

potassium while Dandelion is actually one of the best sources of potassium, thus an ideally balanced herb that can be safely used whenever diuretic action is required. The leaf may also be used to dissolve already formed gallstones in the gallbladder. Dandelion root, however, is one of the most effective and powerful detoxifying herbs. It has a significant cleansing action on the liver, encouraging the steady elimination of toxins. The root also stimulates bile production, helping the gall bladder to remove waste products. And here too, the root stimulates the kidneys, helping them to expel toxins in the urine. Dandelion is also a valuable general tonic, useful for a variety of digestive complaints. It’s medicinal benefits also cover skin and arthritic conditions, as well as being a gentle laxative. PREPARATION & DOSAGE: Tincture: 5-10ml 3 times daily, taken inbetween meals. Decoction: Put 2-3 tsps of the root into one cup of water, bring to the boil and gently simmer for 10-15 minutes. This should be drunk three times a day. Infusion: 1tsp of the leaf per cup of boiling water 1-3 times daily.

Liora Henen has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & an Honours Degree in Journalism from Rhodes University, as well as a Degree in Phytotherapy (i.e. Herbal Medicine) from the British School of Phytotherapy in East Sussex. She has been running her own health shop, Health Matters, in Sea Point, for just over 13 years. HEALTHY CHOICES 17

Just Pure

Just Pure – our philosophy We believe that we have created an ethical, exceptional range of organically certified skin & beauty products that will benefit women & men of all ages and skin types. All our products are Free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol, DEA, MEA, TEA, Ethyl Alcohol, Isopropyl, Pegs, Urea, Lanolin, Petroleum, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) or any harsh detergents, chemicals, synthetic colours or fragrances. We only use pure, natural, wild harvest and certified organic ingredients, sourced locally where possible. Our ingredients all offer therapeutic values, while making the product an enjoyable experience

during use. We know the origin of all our ingredients. We care about the environment, and our production methods are 100% environmentally friendly. We support Fair Trade, natural, organic and sustainable farming methods. All our natural formulations are handmade in small batches to ensure freshness and optimum shelf life. Our packaging is fully recyclable, and we do not believe in using excess packaging. We are totally opposed to animal testing, and none of our formulations are tested on animals. In fact, some of the essential oils

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Digestive problems Free radical damage Vitamin / mineral deficiencies Liver and Kidney stress Circulation problems Cholesterol

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Uric acid Immune weakness Over-acidity Parasites Yeast/Candida Bacterial infections

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Is there an alternative to plastic surgery?

Is there an alternative to

plastic surgery? I want to age gracefully. That said, I despise looking in the mirror and seeing those ever encroaching fine lines, and dare I say it, wrinkles. I am also not the biggest fan of injecting bacteria (no matter how harmless they say it is), nor am I a fan of taking time off to recover from being nipped and tucked. So what is the alternative? Luckily there is one.

selected photosynthesised biochemical agents are activated by exposure to particular frequencies of light. The process consists of various phases, including peeling, moisturising, circulation, regeneration, lifting and deep wrinkle treatment. All of this is done with the aid of Regim-A products and the results are amazing… and long lasting.

At LFY Clinic (that LFY stands for Look and Feel Young) in Claremont, they have a “plastic surgeon” named Skin Master Max! When having a treatment done with Max (who is a machine by the way) an intense lead photo dynamic therapy (ILPDT) is performed. That’s quite a mouth full, but basically, the skin is exposed to a combination of low frequency ultrasonic elastic waves and intense lead pulsed lights.

The average person needs only 4 treatments, the results of which will last over 6 months! So instead of a painful operation or injections, wonderful results are achieved… what could be better!

The treatment is based on the theory that


LFY Clinic is located in Cavendish Close, opposite Cavendish shopping centre. Give them a call to find out more 0861 021 539 or visit the website to explore their other body shaping and detoxifying treatments.

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Are you looking for an in-depth breakdown on how your body is functioning, the vital minerals it is depleted or in excess of, the toxic elements you need critically removed?

A Hair Tissue Analysis Mineral Analysis (HTMA) can accurately do all of this, it provides detailed information on the body’s complex design and functions, giving you first hand knowledge on how healthy you are and what direction you need to aim for to gain and maintain optimum health. Hair analysis gives an accurate, longrange view of the minerals crucial to the function of every organ, gland and structural system in the body. Minerals are the source of life, energy production and health since we are literally made of dust. Hair analysis gives you an exact elemental breakdown of what your body is made up of. No two analyses are the same. It may be that you suffer from headaches because you are toxic. Lack of energy because you are low in iron. Suffer muscle cramps because your magnesium levels are low. The very comprehensive, easy to read, individualized written report explains the intricacies of the tissue mineral analysis. The consequences and effects

of an excess or deficient element, when found, are explained in fine detail, in language written for both the consumer and practitioner alike. It also covers “Significant Ratios” and “Toxic Ratios” which often have more to do with your health than the actual levels of the minerals in your body. By adding if the patient/client is either a Fast or Slow Metaboliser, calculated by the Significant Ratios, the attending practitioner gives appropriate nutritional guidance, supporting good health through nutrition. The report also concludes with dietary recommendations allowing for the intricate balancing of trace minerals, again potentiating optimum health The proof comes in trying it. So often, clients have been amazed at how accurately their current health problems are noted and their reasons explained. Some have cried, “For the first time, someone truly understands me, it’s not just all in my head”. When in fact it’s all been “on their head” An HTMA report costs R1120 (excluding consultation) or R1008 for a follow up.

For more information contact Dr Shania Ellis-Lee at LFY Clinic Claremont 0861 021 539 or visit


Getting the facts on gene testing

Getting the facts on

gene testing

Getting the facts on Genetic testing in SA, Dr Shania Ellis-Lee interviews Professor Monique Zaahl on Stellenbosch University Genetics Department. Q1: I guess what the average person on the street would like to know is, why would they need to have their genes tested? There is a general tendency to start preventing disease rather than treat disease, meaning that if you have a family history of a disease (e.g. hemochromatosis), you can test for it before developing any symptoms of the disease. If tested positive in the case of hemochromatosis, symptoms can be prevented because of the genetic information. Genetic testing also assist clinicians in confirming a diagnosis.


Q2: What are genes and can they tell a person what diseases they may get? Genes consist of your genetic code (DNA) and is often referred to as your blueprint of life. Based on this information we can predict some diseases, not all. Q3: Sre they given advice on how to prevent these genes from expressing themselves? In most cases genes react to the environment. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle contributes to “better� gene expression. E.g. if you eat lots of food high in iron content and do have a predisposition to iron loading, this is not advantageous for you. Your genes in the iron metabolism pathway react accordingly and if a mutation exist in one of the iron genes, metabolizing the iron would not be effective.

Q4: Are the tests expensive? It depends on the specific test to be performed. At GENEdiagnostics we aim to make tests available to everyone as everyone has the right to specialized medical testing. We gradually lower prices when it is possible to do so. In general, the testing cost is not high. Q5: What kind of sample do you need? We use blood or swabs. Q6: What is genetic counseling? Genetic counseling allows you to make an informative choice of having a test done or not and also empowers you to make the right health choices. The aim of a genetic counselor is to communicate genetic information and results in an understandable way.

Creative solutions to relationship troubles

Creative solutions to relationship troubles What if the solution to your relationship problems was the exact opposite of that problem? Confused? Let me explain. During one of my Personalised Relationship workshops, I noticed how the couple was so stressed out and overwhelmed by their problems that their communication had completely shut down. During the session they got into a war of words until it eventually emerged that both of them were living with so much fear. The fear of losing one another, fear of financial loss, fear of failure, and so it went on. I suggested that they create a solution opposite to the problem, and in order to do this, we needed to delve deeper into the problem of fear to understand its origin. Individually, the couple made a list of the main challenges they experienced in their relationship (what was causing the fear and what fears did they have), and then came together as a couple to talk about each of the things they had written down. After this, I asked them to suggest what the opposite of each specific fear might be. It was surprising to note that when the couples listed the opposite of each of their fears, it was not always what their partner had expected. In most instances the ‘solution’ was far simpler than they had assumed. The next step was for the couple to expand on how each of the solutions might be attained. They did this through a fun and playful brainstorming session:


Problem: I’m afraid of disappointing you. Opposite: I’m afraid of disappointing me. I want to be proud of me. Solution: What makes me proud of me ? and how can I make me proud of me? Brainstorm ideas: Celebrate and honour my small achievements daily, sustain good friends, keep positive attitude, being aware of my feelings and acknowledging them, do the best of my ability at any given time, drink lots of water, make someone laugh, writing my poems, launching my business! Brainstorm your list or might be just one activity, define your problem and trust whatever the opposite comes up, we are all unique and not every persons answer will be the same. Then by coming up with the solutions as a couple, it strengthened the bond between the couple and gave them a mutually satisfying plan of action. The workshop also gave them a safe place within which to be vulnerable so that they could speak their individual truth without fear of repercussion. It is only through speaking your truth as an individual that you strengthen your relationship as a couple. And when you can explore and agree on creative solutions as a couple, it will not only solve your immediate problems but will also have a positive and lasting effect on your relationship as a whole. To schedule a LovemeLoveyou Pesonalised Relationship workshop, please contact or call Mish on 072 320 3823.

Living in your Truth

Living in your truth Sets you free from the self-limiting beliefs you assumed as a child. Gives you the opportunity to shift family and social beliefs that don’t serve you anymore so you feel free and don’t pass them onto your children. Allows you to truly connect in your relationships rather than to just communicate. Allows you to uncover that true power within you - discovering a deeper belief, trust and love for yourself. Allows you to hear your inner voice and intuition – an inner guidance system designed purely for you. Allows you to find balance within. Allows you to discover spiritual connectedness, emotional balance, physical wellbeing and mental stability. Allows you to move from living outside-in to living inside-out, where your inner being truly reflects on your outer side. Allows you to connect with your inner child and live in a fun, playful, responsible, compassionate and fulfilling manner. Michelle Wood


BIG TREE NUTRACEUTICAL is a dedicated herbal medicines company specialising in high value, efficacious ethnobotanical products drawn from the healing traditions of Africa. We are continually researching indigenous African medicinal plants with a long history of safety and efficacy with the intention of making this traditional wisdom available, in an ethical and respectful way, to the modern Western culture. We continue to incorporate additional healing herbs into our line as we discover them (and only once we have completed our very thorough research into them) so that you will always be able to find the very best of Africa’s natural pharmacopoeia here. Because our products are about improving your health, all our plant materials are either organically cultivated or sustainably and ethically wild-crafted. All our growers must comply with our own stringent quality criteria as a prerequisite for doing business with us.

And because even organic farms today are susceptible to wind born pesticides from neighbouring non-organic farms we conduct final rigorous pesticide residue tests (something few companies do) and reject any material that has the slightest trace of any pesticide. We also formulate with the minimum necessary levels of only the most natural and benign excipients possible and use only vegetarian capsules in our line to ensure the healing properties of the plant get to you in the purest way possible. Our raw materials and finished products are never irradiated or chemically fumigated, but only low temperature dry steam sterilized where required. Finally, we pack our product in glass (the only packaging material that is 100% inert and impermeable), and which is easily recyclable. Everything about these products you take, from our thorough research, careful and accurate sourcing and ecological conscious cultivation to our detailed formulation and professional production in a licensed GMP laboratory, is about quality, and carries the intention to facilitate your own healing and vibrant health in a natural and benign way.

Let the warm African sun shine on you!



Sutherlandia frutescens

Sceletium tortuosum

(Kankerbos, Cancer Bush, African Ginseng, Phetola,

(Kanna, Channa, Kougoed)

Lerumo-Lamadi, Unwele, Motlepelo, Insiswa)

ANTIDEPRESSANT AND MOOD ENHANCER ADAPTOGEN AND IMMUNE STIMULANT Sutherlandia frutescens is regarded as one of the most profound and multi-purpose of the medicinal plants in Southern Africa. It has enjoyed a long history of use as a safe and efficacious remedy for diverse health conditions by all cultures in the region. It has long been used as a supportive treatment in Cancer, hence one of its common names – Cancer Bush or Kankerbos. In Tswana it is called Phetola which means “it changes”, indicating that the plant changes the course of many illnesses towards a favorable outcome. The North-Sotho name of Lerumo-Lamadi means “the spear for the blood” indicating Sutherlandia’s function as a blood purifier. Sutherlandia powerfully assists the body to mobilise its own resources to deal with diverse physical and mental stresses, and research indicates that it functions as an adaptogen, as well as an immune stimulant (with similar properties and biochemistry to that of the well known Chinese herb Astragalus membranaceus). Sutherlandia has traditionally been used for enhancing well-being, immune support, longevity, stress, depression and anxiety, wasting from cancer, TB, and AIDS (it functions as an appetite stimulant in wasted patients, but not in healthy people), influenza, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral hepatitis, asthma and bronchitis, type 2 diabetes, mild to moderate hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, peptic ulcer, gastritis, reflux oesophagitis, hot flushes and irritability in menopause, and herpes. Studies also indicate significant antioxidant activity.

Sceletium tortuosum is a rare succulent from the Mesembryanthemaceae family and is distributed in certain semi-desert areas of Southern Africa. It was (and still is) highly regarded and sought after by both the Khoikhoi and the San (bushmen) people who have used this plant as a mood enhancer since prehistoric times. It has also been used as an appetite suppressant and mental and physical endurance enhancer by shepherds and hunters walking long distances in arid areas. Sceletium elevates mood and decreases anxiety, stress and tension, and functions as a model anxiolytic (antianxiety substance), as well as being a very effective antidepressant (it is believed to function as a natural SSRI – selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor). Sceletium is known to reduce addictive cravings particularly with regard to nicotine and also lessens the withdrawal effects of alcohol and other addictive drugs. It also helps balance aberrant brain chemistry caused by the effects of serotonin-depleting drugs. Due to its ability to stimulate feelings of empathy it has been used with success in couple and family therapy and is a useful adjunct to therapy in general. Sceletium has a unique ability to bring about emotional balance and simultaneously cause both relaxation and stimulation of a positive mood. Sceletium has also been used as a natural supplement for low mood, including grey weather syndrome, anxiety states, including social phobia, irritability in menopause, improvement in libido and post-traumatic stress disorder. A unique feature of Sceletium is its ability to release and liberate energy by relaxing the habitual mental tension that many people suffer.

Tel: 021 782 7675 • Fax: 086 680 1482 • E-mail:

Taste of Cape Town

Taste of Cape Town I had been looking forward to our first “Taste of Cape Town”. I think the location was absolutely perfect at Green Point Cricket Club grounds, close to everywhere and plenty of parking. The exhibitors, some forty wines estates and twenty restaurants were really well located with plenty of room for the inevitable queues. My personal opinion is that the ‘crowns’ by way of payment worked very well, but proved to be pricey considering the exhibitors were supposed to be enticing us with tastes of their wares and NOT full glass of wine prices. However once one had swallowed (no pun intended here) this, the evening was a great success. My favourite food was from the Planet Restaurant (which we just had to visit – see below) in the Mount Nelson. The mustard marinated fillet was absolute heaven as was Salmon trout with lemon and prawn salad. Top marks to Chef Rudi Liebenberg here. My accolade for the best wines must go to the Idiom, superb as always. There is a DIVINE food blog around at the moment called The recipes are all vegetarian if not Vegan and are absolutely mouth-watering and extremely easy to prepare. I have very successfully produced a number of them myself. That in itself is no mean feat, trust me!! PLANET RESTAURANT, FOOD THAT IS OUT OF THIS WORLD. We had the pleasure of dining at the Mount Nelson’s recently revamped, Planet Restaurant. The whole evening was an ab32 HEALTHY CHOICES

solute delight. Wonderful service from the waiting staff who were attentive and unobtrusive, a rarity these days I find. The maître de, Lizle, is a very knowledgeable young lady, extremely helpful and a credit to Planet management. I tried the slow cooked free range eggs, mature gouda and local cured ham with a pinotage reduction to start, whilst my partner had the Duck and Quail terrine, both a superb taste experience. For main course I had the duo of Lamb, which was done to perfection with very interesting presentation of crushed potato with tomato chutney and broccoli spears. My partner chose the Beef Fillet with red wine reduction, ‘stunning’. Desserts, always a tricky one in my book, because I want to try them all (I think it’s a childhood thing) !! I decided on ‘whiter shades of pale’ which is essentially a selection of white chocolate and mousses, beautifully presented but, too sweet for me I’m afraid. My partner had the ‘chocolate’ plate which was ‘too good to share’. I rest my case !! Planet is certainly going to remain on our list of special places to visit, not only for the food and service but the decor, which is out of this World. Happy eating. Tony Ward 082 393 2888

First of its kinds Wine Warehouse You taste, you choose, we deliver Wine @ The Mill is not your ordinary Bottle Store! We concentrate only on Boutique Estates. Whilst you browse through our store, you are welcome to a tasting and try our selection on offer . Whilst we offer educational, tasting workshops or just a fun evening on learning a little bit more about wine, we have our different wine makers on our floor every Saturday talking about there estates and doing the tastings. Walk through our boutique wine warehouse and feel enticed with all the knowledge and with Wine @ The Mill being a warehouse you can easily stock up on 6+ of your favourite wines.

The Old Biscuit Mill Shop 110 – 111 Block A Albert Road Woodstock

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LOWER MALL, CAVENDISH SQUARE Stockists of leading brand Vitamin

“She knows where the good stuff’s at!”

and Mineral Supplements, including Solgar, Enzyme Process and Absolute Organix Products. We also stock Environ, Dr. Hauschka, Esse Organic Skincare and Victorian Garden. Visit our store for all your dietary and wellbeing requirements.

" CELEBRATE LIFE FESTIVAL 2011 – HEALTHY CHOICES SPECIAL GIFT Bring this coupon along with you and buy your weekend pass for half price – R60! Come and restore your spirit and uplift your soul at Cape Town’s annual Celebrate Life Festival 2011. This much loved and eagerly anticipated annual event will take place at the River Club, Observatory 18-19 June 10:00 am to 5.00 pm. The accent is on healthy holistic living. The weekend is jam-packed with interesting speakers, amazing ongoing demonstrations such as drumming, belly dancing & tai chi as well as some free workshops that you can join in. This will be a weekend event for the whole family to enjoy, with funky stalls to browse through and delicious food stalls to eat at. Entrance is R60.00 per person per day, children under12 go free, Students, pensioners and disabled persons half price. Weekend pass R100.00 Book online or pay at the door. All talks, films, and workshops free. This is a great weekend to explore ways to uplift body mind and soul! For more information contact Caroline Chaplin on 021 762 3965 or Full programme and bookings on 34 HEALTHY CHOICES

When red blood cells stack upon one another, their surfaces are greatly diminished, thereby reducing the amount of oxygen that can be utilised by the body. This causes energy loss and fatigue. Ionic Minerals can correct this!

Low sodium ConcenTrace® Mineral Drops is a natural health mineral and trace element supplement. It is impossible to underestimate the importance of minerals and trace elements for the human body. They are the catalysts for all the vitamins and other nutrients your body uses in developing and maintaining good health. ConcenTrace® Mineral Drops captures the perfect balance of those minerals. Using ConcenTrace® every day (mixes with juice, food or re-mineralise purified water) will help conduct and generate your body’s entire electrical system. ConcenTrace® contains the full spectrum of all the minerals in a balance naturally welcome to your body. A daily intake will provide essential elements needed to balance your biological functions. Mix with juice, water or food to mask the concentrated mineral flavour.

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Fish Oil: More than just Brain Food It may reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease. And it may even improve psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. It could improve your child’s spelling and reading! Because of this it is widely used in learning disorders in children. But it is good for the mental health of everyone! And it not so bad for your eyes either. But who wants a young mind and old skin? Don’t despair, omega 3 fatty acids have been shown to improve the skin’s condition! And now everyone can afford it! The fish oil capsules from Biolife Nutrition is good for your health and friendly on your pocket.

Su g re ges tail te pr d ice

R5 5

BioLife Nutrition products are available at leading pharmacies and health stores. Web: E-mail: Contact Paul 082 393 2888

Soy Delights Candles

Soy Delights Candles sight • aroma • touch

Soy Delights are elegantly packaged

complete peace of mind and body. Sim-

South African candles handcrafted by In

ply dip your finger into the oil, warmed to

Time Promotions. 100% natural biodegrad-

just two degrees above body temperature,

able soybean wax and pure essential oils

and spread on the chosen area. While soy

are combined with a 100% cotton wick to

proteins moisturize, your skin tone, texture

illuminate your room. The unique combi-

and radiance also improve.

nation of sight, aroma and satin touch unite your senses and set the mood and

With smell being the strongest of the sens-

ambience you desire.

es, the aromatherapy oil infusions were researched extensively. The combinations

Composed of hydrogenated soybean

were confirmed by authority Elza Edelson,

wax, Soy Delights draw on the tested and

who has 25 years of professional compli-

trusted formula of Michael Richard.

mentary therapeutic experience.


1992, his perceptive recognition of the demand for a more cost effective and effi-

Two ranges are available. The first is the Ar-

cient, yet natural alternative to paraffin or

omatherapy Candle range, essentially ap-

bees wax exceeded expectation.

plied to the cuticles, hands, elbows, knees and feet. The second is the Body Candle,

Economical and slow burning, lasting

which depending on your choice, contains

50% longer, soy actually burns cooler and

a combination of shea butter, cocoa butter

cleaner too. As a result, aromas are dis-

or avocado oil, enabling a more lotion-like,

tributed more successfully through this

top-to-toe, massage-suitable range.

non-toxic, non-carcinogenic medium, significantly lowering the chance of allergic

Whether you want to alter, enhance or im-

reaction. Because these are absolutely no

prove your state of mind and inner health,

additives, the fragrance free Natural Bal-

Soy Delights will certainly have the perfect

ance candle is even safe for use during

balance of light, scent and caress you



This unique combination allows you to ap-

For more information contact

ply the warmed, liquefied, and fragranced

Paul on 082 393 2888 or

silky-smooth formula to your body with



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