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Issue 4

March/April 2010

BioLife Nutrition

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Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) F o r a H ea lt hy H ea r t an d mo r e • • • • •

CoQ10 is essential for the production of energy that keeps your body running. CoQ10 is a powerful antioxidant. CoQ10 rejuvenates brain cells and may help to prevent Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. CoQ10 is also used to treat gum disease. CoQ10 has been used for more than three decades it has been used successfully in Japan and by wellinformed USA and European physicians to treat and prevent heart disease. • It has also been shown that statin drugs, which are used in the treatment of high cholesterol levels, reduce the CoQ10 in the body, leading to tiredness or lethargy. It is believed by many health professionals that all those on statin-type drugs should also supplement with CoQ10. • CoQ10 is known as the cellular ‘spark plug’. Just as a motor vehicle needs a spark plug to give it life, so your body needs an adequate supply of COENZYME Q10 in order to function properly. Source: The Antioxidant Miracle (1999). L.Packer & C.Colman Ellis Henen These and other fine BioLife Nutrition products are available at leading pharmacies and health stores. North: Absolute Organix 011 615 9233 • South: Paul 082 393 2888;

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Dear Readers Welcome to the fourth issue of Vibrant Life. I hope you find it full of useful and interesting information. Please note that we are also available online at And thank you to all our contributors and advertisers for your support.

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The Health and Lifestyle Magazine of choice

Live blood analysis


The mind of a horse


Joint problems in dogs


Healthy water


Thyroid hormone resistance


Idiom by Tammy


Tony’s travels


Weight masters


Reclaim your energy




Words of wisdom from Dr Frans Kromhout


Inner balance


Many more enemas


Slowing down the aging process


Say no to Uganda death law


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Pisces & Aries

Pisces for Feb/ March 2010 What a wonderful time this is for Pisces, love, romance and joy is all in the air, just be careful of overdoing it and living too much in the wonderful fantasy, as around the 7th of March all will change and you will feel like your wonderful world has come crashing down and been turned on it’s head. Social life is fabulous at the moment, and it’s all fun & games at work as well, but are you paying attention to what is important? Everything seems fabulous on the outside, but there is somebody in your working environment that you may already be aware of working against you. This is going to come to ahead, if it hasn’t already and you will feel under attack and not really understand where it is all coming from. Be very watchful for people who are out to take advantage of you or exploit you as you are very keen to please at the moment. Pay attention to your family, they need you as well even though they may feel like a bit of a burden or too much responsibility holding you down as your focus is all on work and or romance. Aries for Mar/Apr 2010 Work is not where you want to be right now! You seem to be at loggerheads with someone in a position of authority,

your boss? This may just be the right time to look for something better, it is a time to make a change, you may also feel bored and not challenged or stimulated enough in your current position. If it is just another position with in the current job that you are after, you are up against somebody who is probably more qualified for the job than you, but even so you are more likely to get that position, however it may turnout not to be what you wanted after all and could leave you in a situation of conflict wit the person you went up against for the position. But your will, ambition and confidence is strong, just be careful that you don’t come across as too pushy or arrogant as you are likely to find yourself in hot water. Financially this seem to be flowing well, but your are spending it as fast as it’s coming it, you may want to watch that a bit as it could also lead you into a difficult situation with your partner that they have to bail you out.



Please contact us at or phone Tony at 0823932288 Please contact us at or phone Tony at 0823932288 Please contact us at or phone Tony at 082 393 2288 Courtesy of SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM Courtesy of SOUTH AFRICAN TOURISM

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Swiss infant food and formula manufacturer Holle has added two new porridges to their range – and both are gluten-free. As with all other Holle organic porridges, they are wholegrain from certified organic agriculture, dairy-free and without any added sugars or salt, providing infants with easy-to-digest foods of exceptional purity and manufacturing quality. It doesn’t get any better than Holle! The new products in the range are a Millet and Pear porridge and a new 3-Grain porridge made from Rice, Millet and Corn. Also in the Holle range are four singlegrain porridges, Rice, Spelt, Millet and Rolled Oats well as a multi-grain Muesli (oats, spelt, sultanas and apple juice). They are suitable for toddlers from six months. Both the Rice and Millet porridges are gluten-free). Holle also manufactures infant formulas of the highest quality: The range includes a Stage 1 formula (from birth to six months), Stage 2 (from six months to one year), and Stage 3 (from 12 months). In addition, Holle’s Goat’s Milk Formula (from six months) is an excellent alternative for babies with lactose intolerance or digestive problems.

Visit the Holle website ( for more information on Holle products as well as free advice on infant nutrition. Holle organic baby foods are sold through leading health stores and pharmacies. Contact Absolute Organix on (011) 615 9233 or visit

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Live Blood analysis can help to take the guesswork out of choosing the correct supplement for you. By analysing a single drop of blood, we can uncover many internal imbalances, including: ❤ Digestive problems ❤ Free radical damage ❤ Vitamin / mineral deficiencies ❤ Liver and Kidney stress ❤ Circulation problems ❤ Cholesterol at e s bl en a l d ai ar om Av e G e fr rch r th to Ma 0 s 2 01 1 2

❤ Uric acid ❤ Immune weakness ❤ Over-acidity ❤ Parasites ❤ Yeast/Candida ❤ Bacterial infections

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Live blood analysis

Live blood analysis Live blood analysis uses a drop of live blood from the patient’s finger and viewed under a special microscope with a darkfield condenser.  It enables the blood sample to be illuminated from the sides, making various components phosphoresce behind a dark background.  Visible are particles smaller than a cell, which would normally not be visible under a normal light microscope.   All the living components of the blood are seen clearly, and can be viewed by the patient, using state of the art computer technology. The Examination of live blood is available for the early detection of serious health conditions, as well as to show the progress being made upon correctional therapies.  It is therefore possible to see at what stage of pathological development the body is in.  What can be determined from live blood analysis? Indication of low immune stress Heavy metal toxicity  Hormonal Imbalances Vitamin and mineral deficiencies Fungal Infections  Parasite infestations Digestive problems Atheroscierotic predispostion Liver and spleen stress Predispostion to autoimmune or degenerative disease    Researches can actively study the effects of nutrition on blood cell vitality.  It was shown that whole foods, particularly an abundance of fresh fruits, vegetables and


juices eaten over an extended period of time, dramatically alter the blood cells. Stacking of the cells could be eliminated, and the cells regain their uniform round shape and appeared more vital. In abnormal formation the cells are stacked like a roll of pennies - whereas they should be separate and round. Do something dramatic... Have your own blood tested.  Then take 25 drops of ConcenTrace ionic minerals, wait an hour and repeat the test.   The results may astound you and you may even feel more alert and energetic.  These results may vary with each individual, but if you had the ‘stacked pennies’ formation, you should see a marked difference in your blood condition on the second test as in the BEFORE and AFTER photographs.  Similarly, if a diluted drop of ConcenTrace is added to the stacked blood on the slide, the cells will immediately break away from one another and de-stack into single cells, again as in the photos. Stacking is believed to be caused by the lack of proper nutrition and it reduces the ability of the red blood cells to pick up oxygen in the lungs fro release at cellular level.  Within 30 to 60 minutes after taking a teaspoon of ConcenTrace, the red blood cells become separate and round.  Each cell is floating independently and the entire cell is displayed.  Stacking of blood cells are thought to be a precursor to disease.  For example, it is noted that all cancer patients have the cell stacking formation. 

Use ConcenTrace速速 to hydrate

Therapy through the mind of a horse

that these fights for supremacy are usually immediate, brief and once over, grudges are not held. It is in this safe and calm realm that humans can best communicate with horses. As our safety on horseback is largely dependent upon the horse’s state of mind and his confidence in a rider’s ability to keep him safe, it follows that it is in our interests to be perceived as the highest ranking animal in the herd.

Therapy through

the mind of a horse An unique synergy exists between human and horse, predator and prey. It is based upon a seemingly uneasy combination of power and vulnerability on both sides. It can at its worst be dangerous in the extreme, or at its best unite two opposing mind sets to create a powerful and harmonious whole. A voyage of discovery into the horse mind can teach us a great deal about the way we think and behave, as measured by the horse’s reactions to us. Horses live in herds with an enormously strict pecking order. The most dominant animal is not necessarily the biggest, but is rather, the most determined. Their safety resides in their obedience to this hierarchy, which is earned through battles through the rankings. Once this pecking order is established, calm prevails. Their instincts are, therefore, to follow the most dominant animal who can be relied upon to keep them safe. Any herd leader who is unreliable or erratic will soon be replaced. It is important to understand 12 VIBRANT LIFE

The respect accorded to a herd leader is gained by consistent, predictable behavior and the imposition of clear and understandable parameters, behavior that humans, ironically, seem to find difficult in all walks of life. Antisocial horse behavior can almost always be traced back to human inconsistency often based upon sentimentality. Horses can survive either constant love or constant abuse but not love/abuse. Calm, is a state of mind horses’ aspire to, as any flight behavior such as running away, shying etc, unless moderated by training, is associated with fear. For calm to prevail there must be a clear, unchanging concept, presented to the horse, as to what acceptable behavior is, as is the case within the herd. Horses are motivated by consequences and once persuaded, unlike humans, tend not to change the parameters unless influenced by our actions. Negotiating with horses, using the very tools they themselves use amongst each other, allows horses to actively choose how to behave. This matter of understanding that they can affect human behavior by means of their own, allows them a measure of control over their world, increasing their sense of security. Pure coercion through equipment i.e. control through pain or the threat of pain, means relying only on what the horse feels through his body, not what he understands with his mind. If he has no sense of how to earn rewards by means

Therapy through the mind of a horse of cause and effect, he lives in a state of uncertainty which is perilously close to active flight behavior. Horses in a herd almost seem to possess one mind and that mind directs them to move according to very obvious blocks and openings. This innate response to pressure and release, both physical and psychological gives horse and rider the tools they need to communicate with under saddle. This is where difficulties usually arise, not because of the horse’s inability to respond, but because of the rider’s inability to apply and release pressure effectively. Having explained to the horse that we are safely in charge and that we will let him know what we expect from him by means of signals from our bodies, we then proceed to change all the parameters! We bring other issues into play; we’re having a bad day, we are rushed for time etc etc. He understands none of this and what should be a calm, orderly series of events becomes a fight. As the fight escalates, our bodies give increasingly difficult to interpret signals, exacerbating the confusion. We also forget to give our horses warning as to our intentions making his life even more difficult. The first rule of dressage in any book should be that the horse should be calm, alert, interested and communicative. The first rule of dressage

in any book should be that the human should be calm, alert, interested and communicative. Both should be respectful and receptive, as both have equal parts to play and are mutually dependant. The human’s job is to conceptualise and inspire, the horse’s job is to do what he does best, which is move. Each should allow the other to perform these tasks without interference. Interference occurs when the rider is unclear mentally or physically, or both; or when the horse is second guessing the rider’s right to lead because of the above. Having established trust and respect on both sides, the lines of communication between human and horse can be strengthened to a degree of empathy that is almost uncanny, allowing a partnership that elevates the sport to an art form. This is not a partnership based on sentiment however, but rather on trust and respect and it is earned through reliable leadership on the part of the human. “Love without honesty is sentimentality, honesty without love is brutality”. It is our responsibility to organize our own minds and bodies in order to provide the safe and stable environment a horse needs. The process of doing so cannot help but teach us what we need to do for ourselves. The horse just needs to be a horse!

By Alison Ellis Brown from The Country Club riding school at Porter School in Tokai. At the school they endeavour to teach horsemanship. Not only the riding, but more the understanding of how the minds of the horse and rider work together. They do outrides into the Constantiaberg Mountain and the forest. Alison can be contacted on 082 373 5054 or at VIBRANT LIFE 13


Joint problems in dogs

Joint problems in


One of the most common problems in dogs of all breeds is related to their joints. There are all sorts of reasons for this, which I don’t want to go into here. What I would like to discuss here, is a safe natural method of treating joint problems in dogs. Vets will often prescribe steroidal or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for these conditions. These drugs work very well, but have unfortunate side-effects. Long term use can be extremely damaging to the dog. Sometimes, an alternative exists. Herbal or natural substances don’t always work – sometimes the disease is just too bad and has advanced beyond what natural medicine can help with. But in a lot of cases, there are natural products which go a long way towards helping to heal these problems. These are some of the natural substances that help: Devil’s Claw This is a root of a plant that grows in the Kalahari Desert – an African export that is used world-wide to alleviate the pain and inflammation of arthritis and related conditions. MSM MSM is a naturally occurring, sulphurcontaining substance that helps in a variety of diseases, including allergies and joint diseases. No-one is absolutely sure exactly how it works, but it has been proven to work in a number of highly professional clinical trials. Phytosterols The active ingredient of our very own African Potato has been found to help

with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Allergic Rhinitis as well as Conjunctivitis. It is also an allround immune modulator, normalizing the immune response. Glucosamine sulphate Glucosamine sulphate is a very small building block of cartilage. So, when cartilage is damaged, by disease or injury, glucosamine sulphate helps in the rebuilding process. Evening Primrose Oil Containing Omega 6 oils, EPO has been scientifically proven to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis. The Herbal Pet product, Joint Formula, contains all of these ingredients. Beryl Shuttleworth BSc Hons (Biochem) BSc (Biochem, Zoology) VIBRANT LIFE 15

The quest for perfectly healthy water

The quest for perfectly

healthy water We are what we drink The human body is 70% water. You could say we are water. And we are, truly, what we drink. From a narrow biochemical view, water is just hydrogen and oxygen clumped together. But, seen from an holistic health and bio-physical perspective, there’s much more to water than just H20.

WATER JEWEL ... A frozen drop of Happy Water photographed by Atelier für Kunst und Mystic in Uttigen, Switzerland using techniques developed by Dr Masaru Emoto.

Living Water resonates with energy from the sun, reveals exquisite crystalline structures reflecting its energy and vitality, is saturated with oxygen and contains a wide variety of minerals and trace elements. Water that is pure, energized, oxygen- and mineral-rich can play a vital role in protecting and promoting one’s health through: • Improved hydration and restoring of the body’s mineral balance • More efficient transport of nutrients and oxygen directly into the cells • Faster intra- and extra-cellular detoxification and removal of waste products It’s the very stuff of life, and Happy Water has been developed for you to make Living Water part of your daily life.


The fresh water catastrophe Our planet’s fresh water supply is in a catastrophic state and despite the well-meaning assurances of our water authorities, healthconscious consumers have been increasingly turning to home filtration systems and/or bottled waters.

Water filters, reverse osmosis and distillation units provide a vital first line of defence against viral and bacterial contamination of water, and also remove chlorine and fluoride. But what sort of water are you left with? Clean water? Yes, but it’salso dead water, rendered lifeless by these purification methods which strip the water of its minerals, energy and oxygen. The result is an aggressive, often acidic liquid that actually leaches minerals from the body. There is a growing body of opinion that this lifeless water is responsible for the build-up of acid waste that contributes to a long list of degenerative ailments.

The quest for perfectly healthy water

The structure of Living Water The science and philosophy behind Happy Water has been inspired by the work of researchers such as Vicktor Shauberger and Dr Masaru Emoto, author of the Secret Life of Water and other books that highlight the fascinating connection between the quality of water and its energetic, crystal structure. Unpolluted water produces harmonious, structured crystal hexagons, but polluted water produces deformed shapes. Water purified by reverse osmosis or distillation has virtually no crystalline structure; its natural vibrational frequency has been destroyed.

Enter Happy Water Happy Water enables you to create Living Water (some call it structured or primordial water), a return to the pristine, lifegiving essence that flowed through ancient rivers and glaciers long before Man began to wreak havoc on the planet’s fragile resources. It’s a concentrated colloidal solution of mineral-rich Kalahari Crystal Salt in ultrapurified water that has been re-energized, re-vitalized and re-oxygenated. Just a few drops of Happy Water will imbue your water with the vibrational energies and elemental balance of Living Water.

Happy Water rebuilds that structure. It is the result of a multi-faceted process that truly simulates and consistently duplicates the formation of Living Water by Nature. It re-vitalizes, re-oxygenates and re-energizes sad, lifeless water, and then re-mineralizes it with over 80 minerals and trace elements, imbuing it with the life-giving vibrational energies and the elemental balance of primordial, Living Water. Happy Water is sold as a concentrate solution that you add to purified water (you can use filtered water, reverse osmosis or distilled water). Bottled purified water can also be used. A 50ml bottle of Happy Water will make approximately 50L of Living Water. Read more about Happy




Fishing for the facts about Omega oils

Why plants oils are the healthier choice Laura Scott goes fishing for the facts about

Omega oils There is a widespread misconception amongst the general public and health professionals that fish is the only source of “good fats”. There are two reasons why these ideas have become so well established. Firstly, much has been made of the healthiness of the Mediterranean diet, which is based on generous servings of fruits and vegetables, cereals and olive oil and where fish is served in preference to meat or dairy products. Mealtimes tend to be very social and this may have profound implications for health. Secondly, a number of studies have examined the effect of fish oil in helping to prevent a second heart attack in people who have already had one attack, and these show some protection benefits. Fats in the Diet Eating the right kind of fat is crucial. What we don’t need are saturated fats, found mainly in meat, dairy and animal products, but also in many processed foods. These are strongly linked to high blood cholesterol, hardening of the arteries, coronary heart disease, some cancers and other degenerative diseases. We do need unsaturated fats – especially polyunsaturated fats. Within polyunsaturated fats are substances called Essential Fatty Acids, or EFAs, namely omega-6 and 18 VIBRANT LIFE

omega-3 fats. EFAs - particularly the omega-3 fats - help keep the heart healthy. (Although olive oil is not an EFA it is another type of unsaturated fat which has some healthy properties and it is good to include it in the diet). Fish is a source of EFAs, particularly omega-3 fats, but not all fish contain them. However, the richest sources of omega-3 fats are not fish at all, but plants. Seed oils such as flax and hemp are rich sources, as are seeds and nuts themselves - particularly walnuts. Green leafy vegetables are also a source. Omega-3 and Heart Disease It’s been known for a long time that people whose diet is based largely on fish and is rich in omega-3 have low rates of heart disease. This led researchers to investigate whether giving fish to people who had already suffered a heart attack would prevent them from having another attack. These are ‘secondary prevention trials’ and two of the largest are the DART and GISSI trials, which both used fish-based omega-3 fats. Continued on page 20

Fishing for the facts about Omega oils

The Omega leader Absolute Organix Omega 3:6:9 sets the standard for quality in plant-based Omega oils. Only certified organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin oils are used: flax, cranberry (two of the richest plant sources of Omega-3s), pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and evening primrose, specially blended in a 2:1:1 ratio of Omega 3,6 and 9s. It’s also available in Vegecaps. Sold at good health stores and selected pharmacies, or online at

Inquiries: 011 615 9233 • •


Fishing for the facts about Omega oils

They did show a reduced risk, but much less publicised was the LYON trial, which used plant oils as a source of omega-3 fats. The results of this study showed that plant oils reduced the risk of a secondary heart attack by at least twice that of fish oils! Amazingly, a 70% reduction in mortality was achieved (in the LYON trial) - more than double that of the fish trials! There was also a significant reduction in coronary ‘events’ and these protective effects were found to start quickly. Four years on, patients were still following the diet and their hearts were still being protected. Subsequent studies have confirmed the power of plant omega-3 fatty acids in protecting the heart. Comparing the three main trials shows that: • plant oils are far more effective than fish oils in reducing the chance of cardiac death in high-risk patients; • plant oils reduce the risk of dying from secondary heart attack by more than double that of fish oils; • plant oils reduce the number of painful, non-fatal heart attacks; • there are long-term survival benefits from consuming plant oils. The trials we’ve written about all looked at people who were at high risk of a heart attack. When researchers looked at low-risk groups (those who eat low levels of saturated fats) they found that eating fish had no effect on reducing their chances of dying from a heart attack. Toxins in Fish Human beings have been so successful at spreading pollution that environmental contamination is widespread and all oceans now contain toxic chemicals. Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are now part of most food chains and they become more concentrated the higher up


the chain you go. Mercury, organophosphates, PCBs, dioxins and radioactive pollution in some fish are all highly toxic to life. Fatty foods have a tendency to ‘soak’ up toxins and so oily fish are particularly prone to absorbing them - the toxins are actually stored in the fatty part of the fish. By eating smaller fish, oily fish take on their toxic load and become ever more toxic themselves! POPs are implicated in heart disease, infertility and can harm developing foetuses. One way toxins such as mercury harm the body is by acting as potent free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that damage cells, and the body’s main defence against them are antioxidants – betacarotene (converted to vitamin A), and vitamins C and E. Plant foods are rich in these antioxidants and plant oils are particularly rich in vitamin E, which stops EFAs from deteriorating or going off. Only plant oils, not fish oils, contain protective vitamin E. Summary • Plant oils are a far healthier source of the essential fats we need. • Plant oils halve the risk of heart disease compared with fish oils. • Fish is likely to be contaminated with harmful chemicals. • Plant oils are far less likely to turn rancid than fish oils. • Plant-based diets offer protection against many diseases. This is an edited version of an article by Laura Scott, senior nutritionist with the UK Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation. The full text of this article with references is available at resources.htm

Thyroid hormone resistance

Thyroid hormone resistance Dr. Duncan Carmichael is an Anti-Aging doctor who delivers aesthetic medicine (Botox, Fillers, Mesotherapy) combined with health medicine (hormone balancing and food intolerance). He initially worked in Cape Town as a GP with interests in naturopathic medicine. He has since trained in aesthetic procedures in the UK and in Anti-Aging health medicine in Europe. What if you felt that you had an underactive thyroid but your doctor told you the blood results were normal? What if you felt that you were gradually putting on weight, struggling to get up in the morning, had dry coarse hair, cold hands, heavy periods and low mood changes? You may be convinced that there was something wrong with your thyroid, but your doctor might well tell you that your blood results are completely normal. He may be absolutely right. However, we are starting to discover that us doctors could in fact be wrong. In the very near future we will show that many patients like this have thyroid resistance. This means that the blood levels of thyroid hormone look normal, but the hormones can’t do their work because the cell receptor is blocked. Why are we starting to think this way? The first clues came from a similar hormone system, insulin. In the USA, up to 50% of diabetics are believed to be insulin resistant. This means that where the insulin is meant to push glucose into the cells, there is a blockage and it takes a lot more insulin than normal to do the job. The question then stands, if this is true for diabetics, why is it not true for the other hormone systems? If you look in the medical literature you will find that there is not very much research about this at all. So what we are talking about is brand new

in the world of conventional medicine and we are still feeling our way with it. What we are looking for are substances that can block thyroid hormone (T3) from attaching to cells and doing their work. In the USA they can now test for something called reverse T3. This has been discovered to block the active hormone T3, by sitting in the receptor where T3 wants to work and doing nothing. The result is that you can have all the symptoms of underactive thyroid, but normal blood levels of T3. Your doctor would quite understandably tell you that your thyroid is normal. The good news is we can now start to unblock this by giving tablets. There is further good news. We are currently doing a small study at our clinic on thyroid hormone resistance and are showing that there is something simple that you can help yourself with. We have shown that liver toxins seem to slow down the thyroid function by affecting the thyroid receptors. As you detoxify the liver, the thyroid function improves. You have more energy, your basal temperature improves and your basal metabolic rate improves. So if you feel that your thyroid is underactive, you may well be right. The first thing you can do is begin a liver detoxification program and move towards optimal health. VIBRANT LIFE 21

Standard beef vs organic beef Standard beef and the rearing of it is yield driven. That means that the young animal – calf, is taken and put through a feeding program, very much like a body builder going to the gym.  The aim is to rear an animal in the shortest space of time to reach its optimal slaughter weight so that the costs are kept to a minimal.  This entails feeding the animal an enriched diet, which contains hormones, steroids and antibiotics.  This in turn leaves the meat with trace elements which then have an effect on our bodies.   One needs to be careful in not confusing country reared beef with organic beef.  Country reared beef is what it says, the animals are allowed to roam freely, but are still given small amounts of antibiotics to protect the animal against major sicknesses.  Organic beef may only be called organic beef if the following criteria are met.  First of all the farms where the animals are reared has to be certified, the soil has to be tested for pesticides, heavy metals and general contamination as well as their drinking water.  This includes all the neighbouring farms.  These tests are done on an annual basis and is a very costly exercise. Now to the animals... The animals are earmarked at birth and carry  this until they are slaughtered.  During the entire process the animals are monitored to ensure that no steroids, antibiotics or hormones are fed to the animals.  At slaughtering the animals are role marked to differentiate between other carcasses and the coding from the earmark gets recorded and stays with the carcass until you buy your preferred cut at your local supermarket or your nearby butcher. R. Gautschi


Standard beef vs

organic beef


ATHLETES Absolute Organix Omega Sport is specially formulated for those involved in endurance sports or intense physical activity. It’s a potent blend of organic flax seed oil and medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut oil. The Omega-3s in flax seed oil enhance stamina, are anti-inflammatory and help speed up muscle recovery after exercise. They are also natural blood thinners and may help reduce cholesterol. MCTs deliver a power-package of instant energy. Absorbed directly into the blood stream, they are rapidly converted by the body into pure energy, never to fat. Research has shown that MCTs can also help increase lean muscle. Omega Sport naturally complements training/ dietary plans for runners, cyclists, bodybuilders, tri-athletes ... for anyone on a quest for peak performance. Available at good health stores and pharmacies. Inquiries: (011) 615 9233


B_E_E products are safe and gentle for you and your home. We exclude harmful chemicals in favour of natural cleaning agents and essential oils. Each product has been dermatologically tested and designed to be gentle on skin.

Stockist enquiries: Gauteng: Absolute Organix 011 615 9233 Rest of SA: Wellness Warehouse 021 480 9509

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IDIOM by Tammy

Idiom has released the first of a series of products that are evocative ‘Expressions of South Africa’. The first in the compendium of luxury products to be created in collaboration with talented South African artisans, designers and artists, is a 100% organic, bespoke perfume that was commissioned to local perfumer Tammy Frazer called IDIOM by TAMMY.

The particular inspiration for the perfume was the IDIOM Cape Blend, which is a fragrant blend made with South Africa’s own unique varietal, Pinotage.

The scent is completely natural expression: from the bottles that are hand-blown by a famous local glassblower David Reade, who has used clear glass and the deep Burgundian hue of wine, to reflect the nature of the contents that were inspired by wine, through to the organic nature of its essential oil contents blended carefully by the perfumer. Reade, who makes his own clear glass, using sand from the Cape, does not use a mould when creating his free-blown glass bottles, which makes every bottle unique and with its own character. Similarly the perfume contents are quite similar to wine due to their botanic nature: instead of being a synthetic perfume, natural perfumes evolve over time as they age. IDIOM by TAMMY, being completely organic, is a journey of the senses that changes not only as you open it, as you apply it, and through the evening as you wear it; but also within the bottle over time, improving with age like a good wine.

The unique aroma actively extracts the positive aromas around the Cape Blend wine: in this case the hints of rose petals, splashes of ripe berries, light anilla and smokey nature of the barrels, retaining the sensual earthy character and a solid backbone. Typical of a good Cape Blend, there is a hint of caramel on the nose, and a bit of fynbos, lead by the patchouli, leaving one with positive, lingering notes. The blend was one of the only Pinotage blend that was a clear winner being the top scoring wine and the only one with 4 stars, in a Wine Magazine comparative tasting, with notes: “Pitch black. Appealing oak on the note. Subtle and restrained on the palate with dark fruit.” The latest 2006 vintage has also won Double Gold at Michelangelo, Gold at Veritas and Diamond at Investec Winemakers Choice Awards.


The Cape Blend is R150 at cellar door and the rare fragrance is available at R2800 estimated retail price, and has a 24 carat gold tag and comes in a wooden presentation box. Contact Silvana on 0791 787867 VIBRANT LIFE 26

Tony’s travels

Tony’s travels VISTA’S B&B I am really happy to be able to recommend a perfect location for that well earned couple of days away. Situated high above Glencairn beach, with stunning views over Simons Town and across False Bay. Vistas is an immaculate place to stay with home cooked muffins for breakfast provided courtesy of the charming owners Caroline and Alan. With the Constantia Valley wine route just 10 minutes away Vistas is perfectly situated should you feel the need to sample some of the best wines in the Cape. Just ask your hosts for their preferences, they will be delighted to help. The historic charms of Simons Town are a few minutes’ drive as is Boulders Beach and beyond to Cape Point. Contact details: 021 7823595 Caroline 082 784 2827 Please mention my name when making your reservation

By Tony Ward 0823932288

EAGLES’ NEST As the name suggests you will find Eagle’s Nest wine estate perched high on the mountainside overlooking the lush rolling hills of the Constantia Valley and beyond to the False Bay coastline. The unique terroir contributes to the diverse viticulture of this area thus producing three (only) of the most amazing wines I have had the pleasure of tasting in a long, long time. The Viognier, in my opinion, is second to none. It is lightly wooded with subtle peachy notes and so full bodied that you could be forgiven thinking you were enjoying a light fruity red. Stunning! The Merlot has a gorgeous plum and cherry nose with a marvelous well rounded spicy palate. Not to be missed. The Shiraz is not a wine to be taken lightly. It is absolutely the finest I have tasted in the Cape. White pepper and clove flavours burst in ones mouth. I recommend you stock up on this while you can. You can contact Andrew Leaver to arrange private tastings either in the old homestead or high up in the Eagles Nest. Contact details: 021 683 0487 Andrew Leaver 083 273 3928


Weight Masters

Weight Masters

Whether you struggle with your weight, or maybe you make poor decisions, in other areas of your life (no matter what the size) – basically whatever your vice may be; we have all been on the brink of a breakthrough, only to fall short with no one to blame but ourselves. Whether you’ve been there once or 100 times, there is an important lesson to learn here – one that may not be the most obvious: Who you are now does not determine who you will be. The catch is this: you have to MAKE it happen. The difference between who you are NOW and who you will BE happens because of choice. It doesn’t have to be a heroic choice, it can be small/ consistent choices made everyday in the right direction that make the difference. But they MUST be made and can only be made by you. To achieve your goals you need to understand your starting point so you can track your progress and make the most resourceful choices. That is why I am such a stickler about keeping a food journal! I feel it is vitally important to understand what you are putting into your body so you can make conscious positive changes that will allow you to reach your goals. When it comes to health and weight here are a sample of questions to ask yourself:

Who you are now does not determine who you will be 28 VIBRANT LIFE

Good fats are great fat-burners

Good fats are great

f a t - b u r n e rs

It’s amazing how many people still believe that fat makes you fat. They lump together all fats in the “nasty food” category, ignoring how important Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega-3s, are in helping people reach and maintain normal weight. Leading US nutritionist and author Anne Louise Gittleman neatly sums it up: “Putting Essential Fats back into the diet works to increase metabolic rate and improve the entire system of energy production. With this increase in metabolism, weight loss is not only possible, it’s inevitable. Blood sugar levels are balanced and food cravings become a thing of the past.” Based on research from McGill University in Canada, Absolute Organix Omega Slim has been specially formulated for weight-loss, exploiting the synergistic effects of a number of health-giving oils: • Certified organic, coldpressed, extra virgin oils

– flax, pumpkin, cranberry, sesame, sunflower and evening primrose, rich in all Essential Fatty Acids, especially Omega-3 (the same high quality oils that go into our best-selling Omega 3:6:9 blend). • Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs) extracted from coconut oil, clinically proven to assist with weight loss and also deliver instant energy without affecting blood sugar levels. • Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), an oil fraction from the safflower plant, which promotes lean muscle development and reduces fat storage. Omega Slim is endorsed by SureSlim, South Africa’s leading weight management and wellness programme. Losing weight – and keeping the kilos off over a sustained period – is not about dieting. It’s about healthy eating. Omega Slim is available at leading health stores and pharmacies.

Inquiries: 011 615 9233 • •


Weight Masters

Looking at the now • What are your current eating habits? HonestlyJ! • Where and when do you eat? • What do you need to change to be more compatible with your new healthy lifestyle? • Do you need advice or help from a professional (coach, dietician, therapist etc) to get on track? • How many of your calories are coming from alcohol and sugary soft drinks? The influence of family and friends • How does the lifestyle of family and friends affect your weight loss efforts? • Can you accept the things you cannot change? If your world is filled with people who are couch potatoes – how do you plan to work against this culture? You cannot change the way other people act and the way they speak – "oh, so you're on another diet again are you?"... But you can choose how you will respond inwardly and outwardly – ahead of time. Getting started Here’s the exciting bit – First: start seeing yourself NOW as the person you will BE. If you have a picture of how you want to look put it in a place were you can see it daily like the bathroom mirror or on the fridge. Second: Start behaving in a way that mirrors the behaviours of the kind of person you will become. Healthy people find joy in eating lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and salads so shift your thinking: stop seeing healthy living as a punishment and start celebrating the fact you are taking care of your body. Keep a journal of what you eat, feelings, thoughts and especially accomplishments. When experts say


“don’t diet,” make it a lifestyle. They mean that you need to change behaviours to lose weight. However, to lose weight for good, you must choose behaviours you can live with forever. You need to consistently ask yourself, “Is this change that I just made something I can do forever?” Third: Stay focused on YOU; on YOUR vision for yourself. And don’t be afraid to verbalise your desires to those around you so they can aid in your transformation. Fight for you future self, and celebrate every healthier choice you make. By Lesley Wood.

For the full version of this article and to see all the questions – visit our website

Reclaim your energy

Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) Patterns and Hypothyroid Dysfunction evaluation

Reclaim your energy!

The endocrine glands (hormones) influence trace element metabolism, and the trace elements are known to influence endocrine function. This is why HTMA patterns may prove useful in evaluating endocrine activity and getting you onto supplements that can quickly correct any imbalances that are creating symptoms. We also often experience the physical symptoms of an under or over active endocrine system, which is often not picked up in blood tests, but becomes very obvious in an HTMA test. The HTMA pattern of hypothyroidism is associated with a disturbance in the following mineral ratios: calcium/phosphorus (Ca/P), calcium/ magnesium (Ca/Mg), sodium/ magnesium (Na/Mg) but mostly through the relationship between calcium/potassium (Ca/K). In Hypothyroidism (under active Thyroid), Calcium absorption is increased while renal phosphorus reabsorption is decreased (affecting Ca/P). An increased in PTH (Parathyroid hormone) activity also contributes to the HTMA pattern. PTH increases calcium and magnesium absorption while decreasing the renal reabsorption of phosphorus, as well as sodium and potassium. Fatigued Adrenals (seen in the Na/K and Na/Mg ratios), excessive Copper and

even an increase in Insulin activity (reflected in an increase in Ca/Mg ratio) all also correspond to increased PTH and contribute to the symptoms of an underactive thyroid gland! The ratios seen in Hypothyroidism are reversed in hyper-thyroid HTMA profiles. An increase in thyroid activity promotes calcium and magnesium excretion and increases phosphorus retention. This is a result of an apparent thyroid-parathyroid antagonism. So if you are feeling out of sorts, that your energy isn’t what it used to be, your skin is a little drier and you have gained a few extra kilos, have your hair analysed, it may reveal the cause of your symptoms and can guide you to treating yourself effectively and naturally! For more information please call Dr Shania Ellis-Lee on 0861 021 539 (09h00 – 15h00 weekdays) or e-mail: – more info can also be found at www.metabolicbalance. and * The TMA results (mineral levels and ratios) discussed in this article are based upon atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis and laboratory procedures utilized by Trace Elements, Inc., and may not apply as well to different laboratory techniques and preparatory procedures. VIBRANT LIFE 31

We stock herbal, homeopathic and Chinese remedies, quality vitamins and aromatherapy oils

When your mind is clear and your body healthy, your soul and spirit can shine

Indulge in our freshly squeezed fruit and veg juices

Organic fruit and vegetables

Friendly service

available as well

and professional

as nuts, dried fruit


and wheat-free bread & rolls

Freshly made sandwiches and in winter we serve heartwarming veggie soup

Because health matters to us

And so much more ‌. See you soon ď Š

Sea Point Medical Centre Arcade 11 Kloof Road, Sea Point 8005 Tel: 021 434 5490 Fax: 021 439 9432

Cancer Bush Liora Henen of Health Matters

Cancer Bush COMMON NAME: Cancer bush (English); Kankerbos (Afrikaans) LATIN NAME/S: Sutherlandia Frutescens PART USED: Mainly the leaves CONSTITUENTS: Canavanine, pinitol and the amino acid GABA.

KEY ACTIONS • Antiviral • Anti-diabetic • Anti-cancer • Bitter tonic

INTRODUCTION The cancer bush, indigenous to Southern Africa, is an attractive shrub with silvery leaves, red flowers and balloon-like pods. The plant’s medicinal uses probably originated with the Khoi and San people. There are six species of Sutherlandia which are often difficult to tell apart and often no distinction is made between their medicinal uses and they are thus oftentimes likely to be combined. INDICATIONS & USES Conditions that have been treated with the Sutherlandia species have included stomach problems like indigestion, gastritis, peptic ulcers, internal cancers and poor appetite as well as fever, colds, influenza,

diabetes, heart failure, rheumatism, liver conditions, urinary tract infections, inflammation, stress and anxiety. There are many reported and strongly supported anecdotes where the Cancer Bush appears to significantly benefit the treatment of various cancers. The plant’s highly active compounds, including specifically canavanine and it’s inherent amino acid content suggest it’s very possible scientific basis for treating and potentially curing these serious medical conditions. PREPARATION & DOSAGE Strong decoctions or tinctures of the leaves and young stems are generally used.

Liora Henen has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology & an Honours Degree in Journalism from Rhodes University, as well as a Degree in Phytotherapy (i.e. Herbal Medicine) from the British School of Phytotherapy in East Sussex. She has been running her own health shop, Health Matters, in Sea Point, for just over 11years.


Inner balance Integrative health system in consciousness are achieved. Hidden subconscious sabotaging programs and limiting beliefs are neutralized and pave the way for the answers to your deepest spiritual challenges.

Are you a seeker feeling blocked, anxious and lacking in direction? Inner Balance is a powerful Energetic healing system based on proven spiritual principles utilizing Applied Kinesiology and Emotional Freedom Technique to heal physical conditions, sabotaging emotional patterns and limiting beliefs that are blocking you from manifesting your potential. Body and mind are interconnected and your emotions and beliefs become imbedded as cellular memory programs which exert power over what you feel, think and achieve in life. Inner Balance sessions are unique, noninvasive and respect your body’s own Consciousness (Innate Wisdom) in guiding your healing process and are completely safe without any healing crises other than positive change in an astonishing short time. This is the same Consciousness that coordinates approximately fifty trillion cells, each doing a million synchronized biochemical actions per second in your body! Consciousness research is discovering that this subtle Energy is the Divine guiding force behind our evolution towards higher dimensions of consciousness and, as such, the mechanism for all talents, intuition, inspiration and spiritual growth. By allowing your Consciousness to heal the physical and emotional causes of illness, profound and permanent shifts

The result is permanent, transformational self-empowerment and dramatically improves your ability to manifest your goals. You discover your centre of Inner Peace and with this realized the rest of your life falls into place. We are aware that there is something deep within us that requires awakening and kindling and this prompts the search for answers to our physical, emotional and spiritual discomfort. Using Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) and subtle neuro-muscular biofeedback, which taps into a universal ever present energy field beyond time and space, the source of why you are blocked, hurt and repeating sabotaging patterns can be uncovered. The foundation of your negative energy patterns and disease is then released by using various healing techniques as well as Emotional Freedom Technique. “EFT is a simple, powerful process that can profoundly influence gene activity, health and behavior.” Bruce Lipton, PhD I also share with you empowering techniques to use daily to assist your own continuous healing. “The capacity of your Innate Wisdom is infinite” Talks are held on Wednesdays at 19h00, Harfield Village practice. Contact Tersia Mills (021) 683 0481/ 083 676 0624 for bookings, appointments or information.


My New Year’s resolution: Many more enemas

My New Year’s resolution:

Many more

enemas By Bruce Cohen, founder of Absolute Organix

I was on a sensitive mission as I snuck into my local pharmacy and whispered my need into the ear of a store assistant. “Hey Vusi,” she boomed down the aisle filled with pre-Christmas shoppers, “show this gentleman the enema buckets”. Vusi bounded up to me with a glint in his eye, a skip in his stride and a toothy, knowing smile. “I’m a Zulu … we know everything about enemas, man,” he proclaimed loudly in one of those Pythonesque nudge, nudge, wink, wink, say no more moments that brought a flush to my cheeks.


Vusi ambled down the aisle, reached for a package and started to unwrap it before me and several other by now interested customers. With the skill of a blindfolded Umkontho We Sizwe veteran re-assembling an AK47, he had the equipment primed for action in a matter of seconds. After some brief instruction he sent me on my way, a meter of red tubing dangling behind me like an inflamed and angry serpent. My name is Bruce and I am an enema virgin. Well I was until two weeks ago; now I’m a pro. Inserting hard plastic objects up my

My New Year’s resolution: Many more enemas bum and trickle-feeding warm liquids into my colon feels, well, almost natural, like brushing one’s teeth or driving a car. My interest in the health benefits of enemas was sparked recently after I started researching liver detoxification, which I believe we all need as we get older and our bodies accumulate increasing concentrations of environmental poisons. The liver plays a key role in the detox process and a good gallbladder/liver cleanse helps keep the body’s detox weaponry battle-ready. You might wonder what enemas have to do with the liver. After all, the usual reason for an enema is to flush the colon. Well it turns out that there’s a special kind of enema that is said to be highly effective as a liver/blood detoxifier: coffee enemas. If you haven’t heard about the benefits of rectal espressos or anal Arabicas or any other cheap/snide metaphors for this interesting therapy, sit back and relax, much is revealed below: The effectiveness of the coffee enema is: 1. It stimulates bile flow from the gallbladder which carries toxins out of the liver. You may have tried milk thistle or dandelion to achieve such a detox, but these are herbal lightweights when compared to the kick of coffee. The herbal remedies, while stimulating some bile production, do not prevent the bile and its toxins from being reabsorbed by the body the way coffee does (the body recycles bile several times). It’s claimed that coffee enemas will move up to 98% of bile toxins out of the body. 2. Two acids found in coffee (cafestol palmitate and kahweol palmitate) stimulate the glutathione s-transferase (GST) enzyme system, one of the most

powerful detox mechanisms that captures and removes many kinds of carcinogens and poisons from the blood stream and then escorts them safely out of the body. Gar Hildenbrand, a specialist in the field, says that under the influence of a coffee enema the GST system will increase its activity by 600% to 700% above normal. “No materials other than coffee are known to stimulate it as much.” Hildenbrand works for the Gerson Foundation, which uses coffee enemas as part of its natural treatment regime for cancer. The therapy was pioneered by Dr Max Gerson in the Thirties and his work continues today though Gerson clinics in the USA, UK and Mexico. (You won’t be surprised to hear that Gerson and his coffee enemas have been pilloried by the medical establishment). If all this talk about the detox benefits of coffee has you thinking you can simply drink more lattes or espressos and get the same result, alas the reverse is true: drinking coffee generally ensures the re-absorbtion of toxins. Coffee enemas are not a quick fix. Years of toxic build-up cannot be removed overnight; it takes time. If you think coffee enemas might be helpful to you, please do the research and don’t undertake this therapy if you are under medical care without consulting with your healthcare professional. Check out these websites: By Bruce Cohen (


The Aging Process Can we slow it down?

The Aging Process Can we slow it down? We all get older, except for Benjamin Button of course. Some of us age gracefully, some not, some look older & some retain their youthful look. Some lose their hair some retain their hair and so on. Genetics, one may ask? Probably but not always. Is there something one can do to just look better, have less wrinkles or a better looking skin? What about the memory? It seems to deteriorate with age. Can one do something about it? Aching joints, sore back, difficulty in getting up and sitting down. Knee replacements, hip replacements. Does this sound familiar? Can one do anything about it or is it mainly due to the natural progression of the aging process? What about comparing our bodies to that of of the modern day fancy motor car. Today some of the vehicles even think for you, in terms of electronic park assist and voice activation commands. They do however need care and need ‘food’ in the form of petrol to provide energy and some electricity (electric cars) to drive the car. Spark plugs to ignite the power. They need to be serviced, checked out from time to time and need parts replaced when really aged or badly treated by the owner. Oxidation and pollution leads to rusting (aging) over time and eventually they need replacing, but sometimes ‘die’ before being able to be replaced and are then just used as spare parts. Our bodies are similar. If anyone, professional or otherwise, tells me that there is no place for supplements and that they 38 VIBRANT LIFE

are ‘expensive pee’ then I say they do not know what they are talking about, or they simply have not bothered research them, or to try them over time. Today there are many clinical trials that have proven the benefits in taking supplements. I am not suggesting that they will always be an alternative answer to allopathic medicine in being used for an ailment, disease or chronic illness but there is certainly a place for them. Of course there needs to be a balance between good nutrition, exercise, emotional well-being and supplements. Eating 5 – 7 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables daily go a long way in providing the necessary nutrients. We live in a polluted environment, which all of us breathe in daily, causing millions of free radicles to attack the good cells in one’s body. This is the manner in which we age over time, form wrinkles, develop dry skin, lose hair, memory & energy to name but a few of those well accepted age related inevitabilities. Can we prevent some? The answer? Visit a good Health Store or Pharmacy who have knowledgable staff who can advise you on a supplement regimen. I will elaborate on specific supplements to take for the ‘aging process’, memory loss and other common complaints such as dry skin & libido in my follow-up letter next month. For now start your daily regimen with a good multivitamin, 1000mg of Vitamin C and omega 3-6-9 fatty acids . If no weight bearing exercises are being done, then 600 to 1200mg of elemental calcium must be added. Ellis Henen.

What is renew20 anti-wrinkle active patch? • A new skin care product that provides dramatic results in the reduction of the appearance of age signs and wrinkles. • Immediate effect after a single 20 minute treatment with accumulated long lasting effect. • Revolutionary patented technology, which offers printable, thin and flexible, safe and non-toxic power cells and micro electronics incorporated into a simple cosmetic topical patch. Dramatic results after 20 minutes • Reduction of the appearance of age signs. • Diminish appearance of crow’s feel wrinkles. • Visible reduction of puffiness. • Smooth and firm the eye contour area. Available at Dis-Chem pharmacies and leading health stores or online at

For more information contact Conny on 072 431 7299 or e-mail: VIBRANT LIFE 39

Say no to Uganda death law

Say no to Uganda death law! Dear friends, In just two weeks, nearly half a million of us have signed the global petition against Uganda’s proposed law to sentence gay people to death and jail their friends. It’s an extraordinary response to a terrifying law – but more is needed. Extremists are escalating their rhetoric – with one pastor showing gay pornography in order to whip up rage. But very few know the harsh details of this draconian bill. And no public opinion poll has asked whether the Ugandan people would support such mass execution. The Ugandan movement against the bill, which has been electrified by global solidarity, hasn’t had the resources to inform their fellow citizens about the bill’s deadly provisions. If enough of us chip in, we can help launch radio spots, newspaper ads, and billboard campaigns that reach millions of Ugandans with the truth – and a powerful, human call to protect human rights. Donate now to fuel the defense of rights in Uganda: voices/98.php?cl_taf_sign=6aQqWtUs While homophobia is widespread in Uganda, as in much of the world, so is a belief in basic human rights – and this bill is, at heart, an assault on human rights. The fundamental belief that every life is equally precious, regardless of nation, creed, or sexual orientation, is at the heart of the opposition to this bill. It’s what has led hundreds of thousands of us to sign the petition – which has been sent to Ugandan and donor governments, and will be


presented to the Speaker of Parliament in Uganda next week. And it’s what has united the church leaders, gay groups, and human rights advocates in Uganda to join together for justice. The Ugandans at the front lines of this struggle are doing all they can. Our support – resources that cost us very little – can make all the difference in the world to them. Donate here: voices/98.php?cl_taf_sign=6aQqWtUs Let’s rise to this moment, and make their cause our own. With hope, Ben, Alice, David, Paula, Benjamin, Ricken, and the whole Avaaz team PS: You can read the actual law here: You can read more about the proposed law here: If you haven’t signed it, you can join the petition against the law at this link: rights/?fr

Lactose-free and sugar-free chocolates

ng duci Intro

lactose-free and sugar-free chocolates Got a sweet tooth but need to avoid sugar and/or milk products? XOX (pronounced “socks”) lactose-free and sugar-free chocolates are a delicious alternative. They’re made from tapioca instead of milk powder and Maltitol instead of sugar. Each packet weighs 150g. The entire range is Kosher.

The XOX Blue Range (non-dairy) consists of 6 chocolate-coated products: • Almonds • Cranberries • Hazelnuts • Honeycomb • Macadamias • Peanuts Ingredients: Fruit/Nuts, Sugar, Vegetable fat, Maltodextrin, Cocao powder, Lecithin, natural vanilla flavour.

The XOX Red Range (non-dairy and sugar-free, suitable for diabetics) consists of chocolate-coated: • Almonds • Hazelnuts • Peanuts Ingredients: Nuts, Maltitol, Vegetable fat, Maltodextrin, Cocao powder, Lecithin, natural vanilla flavour.

Inquiries: Absolute Organix on (011) 615 9233 VIBRANT LIFE 41

To Your Health Health Shop

Silwood Centre, Campground Road Rondebosch (Next to Westerford Kwikspar) Tel: 021 685 1795 / 082 234 0609

Now presenting: Drs Allison Le Roux (D.Hom; D.Herbalism) and Essop (D.Hom) Offering the following services: Live Blood Analysis Homeopathy Medical Herbalism Ozone Therapy Podiatry Pain Management Glucose Testing Cholesterol Testing Blood Pressure Monitoring To Your Health also at Kenilworth Centre: upstairs next to Game

Sutherlandia frutescens

History and traditional use Sutherlandia frutescens is regarded as one of the most profound and multi-purpose of the medicinal plants in Southern Africa. It has enjoyed a long history of use as a safe and efficacious remedy for diverse health conditions by all cultures in the region. It has long been used as a supportive treatment in Cancer, hence one of its common names – Cancer Bush or Kankerbos. In Tswana it is called Phetola which means “it changes”, indicating that the plant changes the course of many illnesses towards a favorable outcome. The North-Sotho name of Lerumo-Lamadi means “the spear for the blood” indicating Sutherlandia’s function as a blood purifier. Sutherlandia powerfully assists the body to mobilise its own resources to deal with diverse physical and mental stresses, and research indicates that it functions as an adaptogen, as well as an immune

stimulant (with similar properties and biochemistry to that of the well known Chinese herb Astragalus membranaceus). Sutherlandia has traditionally been used for enhancing well-being, immune support, longevity, stress, depression and anxiety, wasting from cancer, TB, and AIDS (it functions as an appetite stimulant in wasted patients, but not in healthy people), influenza, chronic fatigue syndrome, viral hepatitis, asthma and bronchitis, type 2 diabetes, mild to moderate hypertension, rheumatoid arthritis, peptic ulcer, gastritis, reflux oesophagitis, hot flushes and irritability in menopause, and herpes. Studies also indicate significant antioxidant activity.

Health Consultants Cape Town Wellness Warehouse, an innovative “Health, Wellness & Lifestyle” Retailer seeks competent individuals with a passion for vitamins, supplements and customer excellence to professionally represent our brand in our Health Departments. In addition to relevant experience in a retail health environment, the successful applicants will possess a sincere interest in natural-; and integrative medicine or nutrition. A relevant qualification will be highly advantageous. Suitably experienced individuals are invited to send a concise CV in confidence to or via fax: 086 615 7033.

live life well

Flu fighters

Beat the winter

colds and flu

Flu fighte



Immune Defence


Super Natural C


with vibrant health’s trio F.L.U. Fighters is designed for use during a viral infection or to avoid its occurrence. FLU Fighters also combines newly researched ingredients into a unique formula for the support of intestinal health. It can be used as both a preventative and a crisis intervention formula. It is a unique and powerful combination, centered round three supplements that support intestinal health, and prevent viruses from taking hold in the mucosal tissue lining: Gigartina, Immunoglobulins and Tyndalized probiotics. An Immune Defence support formula that supplies specific antibodies and helps fight off disease causing organisms as they enter the body by focusing on the mucosal tissue lining. It helps clear post nasal drip, sinusitis, allergic reactions, colds and flu, by enhancing the immune system. Immune Defence is the first natural product to deliver such a high level of these antibodies (immunoglobulin’s). Immune Defence provides high potency, bovine immunoglobulin’s together with other proven immune

enhancers – to fight of all bacteria, viruses, yeasts and toxins commonly found in the gastrointestinal tract and mucosal tissue lining, and strengthen the bodies’ ability to fight them off. Super Natural C takes advantage of recent research to combine high ORAC value plant extracts with natural Vitamin C from Acerola berry and Camu-camu extracts. The result is a 100% natural Vitamin C from a variety of plant sources – making it highly bioavailable to the body. A completely natural C complex from plants, with no synthetic Vitamin C, or Ascorbic Acid, and a potent selection of plant polyphenols. The vitamin C is provided by Acerola berry and Camu-camu, and is not, unlike most vitamin C supplements, synthetically made. At least sixteen other polyphenols compliment this all encompassing and effective Vitamin C. Products are available from selected health shops or contact www.natural for further stockists. VIBRANT LIFE 45


What makes a good Multivitamin?

These and other fine BioLife Nutrition products are available at leading pharmacies and health stores. Web: E-mail: Contact Paul 082 393 2888

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