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Veterans of Foreign Wars. Post 10147 Apopka/Altamonte Springs P. O. Box 912. Apopka, Fl. 32704 ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED


Sound off JUNE




Sound off JUNE




Dear Comrades and friends. Well here we go again, another election and another VFW year. 2013-2014 I would like to thank all the outgoing Officers for their service and congratulations to the newly elected Officers. This will be my 28th year as Commander and we have come a long way but have much more to do. I would like more volunteers to come forth to help at the Post in this new year, especially volunteers with skills in plumbing, painting, electrical work, carpentry, etc. Additionally we need help in many other areas, so please contribute your time. Call one of the Officers and we will get back to you. Our goal this year is to finish the museum, the museum ad book and to get enough new members to reach our goal of 300 members. They are out there so if you know someone and need sign up assistance, give us a call at 407-8898266. Also we want to increase our attendance at our dinner/dance functions so bring your friends and help get a crowded dance floor again. In closing, keep our troops in your prayers till they are all home with their loved ones. GOD BLESS AMERICA UNITED WE STAND Artie Vecchio. Commander


All meeting times start at 7:30 pm. Dinner is served at 6:00 pm FEB 14 MARCH 14 APRIL 11



PLEASE TAKE NOTE that the deadline for information and articles to be published in the Sound off Newsletter has been changed to: the 5th of each month.

POST OFFICERS. Year 2013- 2014 Email:

Post 10147 Commander Sr. Vice Commander Jr. Vice Commander Adjutant Quartermaster Judge Advocate Surgeon Chaplain Service Officer Chief of Staff

Ph: 407-889-8266

Artie Vecchio (Evelyn) Don Mix (Janice) Edgardo Velazquez (Diane) Marc Dell (Anne) Bob Popp (Kathy) Jim Collins (Karen) Steve Sterner Ron Allen (Carol) Nick Dini Steve Deviese (Lorene)

407-886-3938 407-324-7380 407-886-1258 407-889-8551 407-410-7245 407-889-0933 407-772-2497 407-369-8645 407-886-6829 407-886-4331

If you can volunteer a few hours a week to help with Post events, please contact us or visit on a Wednesday or Saturday morning 8:00 AM to 12:00 PM.

TRUSTEES Three Year Two Year One Year Public Relations Historian

Jack Terman (Arline) Marv Suriff Roger Capper (Renate) Artie Vecchio (Evelyn) Bob Popp (Kathy)

407-782-3944 407-889-5885 407-886-6133 407-886-3938 407-464-7324

GOING GREEN Effective with the August issue of our monthly Newsletter we will NOT be mailing any future newsletters. Newsletters will be Emailed only.

DONATIONS WANTED If you have any military items you would like to donate to the Post museum such as: Uniforms, guns, knives, patches, insignias, etc, please bring items to the Post or call and we will arrange a pickup date. All donated items will be displayed with the name of the donor.

If you have an Email address that we are not aware of please send it via Email to: or send a note to: P.O.Box 912, Apopka, Fl. 32704

Soap, shampoo, etc from hotels, for the VA Nursing home and for poor children.

Mailing the newsletter has become cost prohibitive.

Tabs from aluminum cans for the tots of the Arnold Palmer Hospital.

Glasses for the needy .

Jr. Vice Commander’s Corner: Ed Velazquez “VA doesn't follow up with many veterans after mental health care” About a third of Veterans considered to be at high risk for suicide don’t receive the recommended follow-up care after they’ve been discharged from Veterans Affairs Department inpatient mental health care, according to a new report from the VA Inspector General. The VA study shows that of 215 cases reviewed between April and September 2012, 65 did not receive the recommended aftercare of four visits within 30 days of being discharged. Thirty three percent did not have any record of being contacted by a suicide prevention coordinator or case manager, as also is recommended in VA treatment policies. According to the report, patients who were not deemed at high risk for suicide fared slightly better. VA requires that patients discharged from acute mental health hospitalizations receive an evaluation within seven days of discharge, and the Inspector General found that 78 percent of 475 patients had received some type of evaluation within the expected time frame. But, 79 of those patients had received only a phone call and 30 of them did not get an appointment with a provider or even a telehealth counseling session in two weeks after discharge, . Nearly three-fourths of patients did not receive any follow-up evaluation within 48 hours. The VA is attempting to correct these concerns and has been building a database of suicide statistics to better understand the scope of the problem and develop programs to prevent it. By Patricia Kime. Army Times

Chaplains Corner: Ron Allen Thought to Contemplate “ My concern is not whether God is on our side; My greatest concern is to be on God’s side, For God is always right. Abraham Lincoln Get well card was sent to Julie Boria (Lou’s wife) Surgery recovery: Tom Lisle New Address for Ed Brenner, as of 05/01/2013 Spring Hills AL3800 Town Blvd / Rm 120 5201 Raymond Street. Orlando, Fl. 32738 He would like a visit if you are going that way


Installation of Officers. Dinner/dance Poppy drive Apopka cemetery Memorial Day. Service 11 am European dinner/dance Famous Boosters dinner/dance Octoberfest Walmart. 11 am Post 10147 Christmas party,

As always these dates are subject to Change


Police & Fireman Awards Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast Officer Installation European dinner/dance Turkey Federation Booster Dinner Dance Walgreen Christmas Party Post 10147 Christmas party,

As always these dates are subject to Change

INDIVIDUAL BOOSTERS 2013 If you would like to be a Booster for the year 2012 please mail a check in the amount of $25.00 to the VFW Post 10147 Acerra. Steve & Denise 8/13 Adams. Wally & Nina 1/14 Alfano. Frank & Fran 6/14 Allen, Ron & Carol 6/14 Anderson. Richard 1/13 Anthony, Pat & Peggy 6/13 Apopka Chamber of Commerce. Paul 3/14 Bankson. Pastor Doug 1/13 Boria. Lou & Julie 7/13 Bornmann, Susan C 8/13 Boucher, Rita 1/14 Bourdon. Hubert & Ginny 6/13 Bove. Russ & Sandy 9/13 Boyd. William & Joan 6/13 Braun. Mary 1/14 Brillant. Mark & Pat 2/13 Broadhurst. Ken & Jeanne 1/14 Brocker. Joyce 6/13 Brown, Brad & Barbara 4/13 Bunka. Bill & Evelyn 1/14 Burkholder. Mary Ann 1/14 Butler. Sam & Joyce Echon 6/13 Capper. Roger & Renate 6/13 Capper. Rolf 1/13 Carter, Rich 4/13 Cass. Norman & Sandy 12/13 Cifers. Doug 1/13 Collins. Friend E 1/13 Collins. Irene 1/14 Collins. Jim & Karen 1/13 Crane. Mary Lou 1/13 Day. Charles & Sylvia 9/13 Dershimer, Sandra 3/13 Deviese. Steve & Lorene 1/14 Dini. Greg & Barbara 1/14 Dini. Nick 1/14 Doggett. Dwight & Mabel 6/13 Doll. Beverly 1/13 Dombrowski. Tony 10/13 Dougherty. Thomas & Roberta 12/13 Douglas, Jr. Jack & Cherlyn 6/13 Echon. John & Lil 5/13 Fagg. William 5/13 Franqui. Bea 1/13 Franko. Dennis & Lynda 6/13 Gagnon. Marie 1/13

Galo. Anne 6/13 Greene. James & Nancy 6/13 Hall. Ellis & Sandra 6/13 Harshman. Ken & Marilyn 1/13 Heaton. Sam & Modean 6/13 Heisey. George & Carol 6/13 Highfield. Glen & Jacquelyn 6/13 Hooper. Eric 6/13 Ingrassia. Larry & Carolyn 3/13 Isidoro. Lucille 6/13 Jones. Tom & Betty 2/13 Kara. Joe & Liz 7/13 Keightley, Alan 6/13 Kelley. George 1/14 Kelsey. Joseph 6/13 Kline. Jerry & Pauline 1/14 Kloth. Jan 1/14 Knox. George & Neoma 6/13 Labo. Father Tim 1/14 Land. Mayor John 6/13 Laurendeau. Linda 1/14 Lee. Carl 8/13 Leigh. Kathryn 8/13 Linz. Robert & June 6/13 Lisle. Tom & Eva 6/13 Lochridge. Mick & Lisa 6/13 Lockeby. Ed & Mary Ann 6/13 Loomis Funeral Home 6/13 Loso. Maurice 6/13 Lowry. Frank & Elaine 6/13 Maleski. Michael & Mary 6/13 Mancuso. Mary F 9/13 Mancuso. Tony 9/13 Marsh. Catherine 6/13 Mathis. Jim 9/13 Mathius. Pauline 8/13 May. Frank & Josephine 9/12 McDonnell. Kerry T 6/13 McFadden. Michael & Sharyn 6/14 McGuffin. W.R 6/13 McKeon. John & Hannah 8/13 Meisel. Bill & Ellen 6/13 Mizel. Coz & Brenda 9/13 Mix. Don & Jan 6/13 Morrison. Jim & Valerie 6/13

Morrison II. James 6/13 Murray. Joan 6/13 Nelson. Bryan & Debbie 1/14 Nelsen. Brett & Jeannine 9/13 Normandin. Norm & Elaine 12/13 Olester. Elma B. 1/13 Piggott. Leon & Arlene 6/13 Pocius. Steve 2/13 Popp. Bob & Kathy 12/13 Richardson. Gerald & Amanda 1/14 Risser. Rich & Shirley 6/13 Roman. Walter & Helen 6/13 Rosen. Capt. Bob & Connie 6/13 Rossi. Anthony & Palma 6/13 Rossi-Killeen, Anita 8/13 Sarra. Maryann 1/13 Schaffer. Jim & Margaret 11/13 Smart. Robert & Anna May 6/13 Spurlock. Wm. “Greg” 6/13 Sterner. Steve 6/13 Sterner. John Phillip & Jean 8/13 Stroehlin. Dorothea 7/13 Stromwall. Dean 6/13 Sutton. Carol 6/13 Tabron. Alfred & Magdalena 6/13 Terman. Jack & Arlene 8/13 Turner. Tom & Debbie 6/13 Unetich Jr. Tony & Peggy 6/13 U. S. Surplus Sales Inc. 4/13 Vecchio. Art & Evelyn 1/13 Vecchio. Marianne 1/13 Velazquez. Ed & Diane 2/14 Victory Church World 1/13 Walker. Jim 3/13 Walsh. Jim & Mary 12/13 Wardell. John & Wanda 6/13 Wardell. Stacy 6/13 Weber, Jerry 12/13 Weiss. Jerry & Trudy 6/13 Wing. Jack & Mary 12/13 Yeager. Ken & Nancy 7/13 Zakszewski, Barbara 4/13 Ziolkowski. Robert 1/14

In memory of: Lucille Swanner. Burt Burns. Bob-Erma Kloth. Leroy-Irene Lang. Jack Collins. Bob Meade, Robert Boylon.

BUSINESS BOOSTERS These businesses are supporting the VFW Post 10147. Let us support them when we need a service

BUSINESS BOOSTERS These businesses are supporting the VFW Post 10147. Let us support them when we need a service

Call: 407-889-8266 for details

APOPKA / ALTAMONTE SPRINGS V.F.W Post # 10147 P.O.Box 912 Apopka, FL. 32704

$17.50 per person

VFW Post 10147 June 2013 Newsletter  
VFW Post 10147 June 2013 Newsletter  

June Newsletter of VFW Post 10147 in Apopka, Florida