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ON THE COVER A TOUCH OF Class Vette Ladies An organization just for ladies 3


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TWO RULES: Ladies only Drama Free /


Establish in February 2015, an organization created to provide a common base for female Corvette enthusiasts to bond and share mutual experiences. A place to talk about their love of corvettes; Fashion * Wine * tracking their cars Yoga * Zumba and diets. While providing an Atmosphere of camaraderie, the Ladies Participates in car shows. I’m sure this will Become an inspiration to all female corvette Enthusiasts nationwide. A Touch of Class Vette Ladies have grown really Grown in the last few months. With their Commitment to driving a corvette and sisterhood, these ladies are true icons in the female corvette Community and true spirit of our Beautiful Corvette 7 Lifestyle. Check them out

One of the Cool cars from the New York Auto Show






Buying a used C5 or C6, like buying any used car, can be a daunting proposition. But because of the Corvette's high profile and reputation as a premiere performance vehicle, some extra caution and due diligence is in order when shopping for one. In researching this article, I consulted Ron DeSmedt, the owner of Contemporary Corvette in Bristol, PA (, to elicit his views and advice on what to look for and what to stay away from when shopping for a C5 or a C6. In addition to running one of the largest Corvette boneyards in the country, Ron has been in the business of buying and selling Corvettes for more than a decade and is one of the earliest pioneer sellers on eBay Motors, so he knows whereof he speaks. He was kind and generous enough to share his wealth of knowledge with us here. Determining If The Car Has Been Front Hit When Corvettes are involved in accidents, more often than not the collision damage occurs to the front of the car.

From 1997 through 2004 GM put the VIN number on the front right side framerail, and from 1997 through 2002 it was also on the front bar as well. So to determine if the car has been hit in the front, the most critical thing to look for is the VIN number on the front right side framerail (and front bar, if applicable). This VIN number has to coincide exactly with the VIN number appearing on the dash plate. Now, if the car was front hiteven a little bit-it would distort the VIN number. Even if the repair facility straightened out the framerail and cleaned it all up, the distortion to the VIN number would still be apparent. And if the front bar or the side framerail had been replaced, the VIN number will not be on it; hence, if the number is distorted or missing, this is proof-positive that the car has been hit in the front. Replaced Panels C5s and C6s are, in effect, unibody constructed, because the body is bonded to the framerails. It's not like the earlier generations of Corvettes where the body could be unbolted and lifted right off the frame-these

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latter-generation Corvettes are mated and bonded to the frames on the assembly line with a special epoxy that can't be reproduced by


checking the bonding lines where the epoxy adhesive shows. An easy place to check for this is on the bonding lines of the inner fenders in the engine bay. Car History Checking Checking out the prospective purchase with CarFax ( good, but not infallible. According to DeSmedt, if a previous owner had an accident and didn't report it (to keep insurance premiums down), then there would be no record of the collision for Carfax to report. He says that another good reporting service is AutoCheck ( Very often things will show up on AutoCheck that don't on CarFax. One of the auctions he regularly buys at in Mannheim, PA, only honors AutoCheck reports and disregards CarFax reports. He advises that if you're very suspicious of a prospective vehicle or if you really want to be cautious before making a purchase that you get reports from both agencies.

The factory door sticker should still be on the driver's side outer door jamb; if it's not, the door has most probably been replaced. And, of course, the VIN number on the sticker should match the VIN of the car as well-if the numbers don't match, it's a replacement door. But this sticker is only affixed to the driver's side door-there isn't any on the passenger door. But don't let the fact that a door has been replaced put you off buying the car-it shouldn't. The presence of the correct door sticker is just a way of knowing that the door hasn't been replaced- and if it isn't there, it's a way of gauging the "honest disclosure" of the seller. There really aren't any indicators with regards to VIN numbers when it comes to the rear of the car, but, as stated earlier, most of the time the collisions occur to the front of the vehicle anyway. Optional Equipment The next thing to look for when C5/C6 shopping is the optional equipment the potential car is equipped with. You can get anything from a base coupe, which is pretty much a bare-bones Corvette to one that is loaded with all the goodies. Read more 13


Published: 01/10/2013 - by John Pearley Huffman, Contributor

These are the 10 worst Corvettes of all time. Not one-off customs where some individual indulged his atrocious taste to a disastrous end. And not single cars that were recalled under the lemon laws so often they could be squeezed for their juice. These are production cars sold through Chevrolet dealers to people who thought they were getting something great.

And relatively speaking, almost any Corvette is better than almost any ordinary car. 10. 1987 Callaway Twin Turbo Corvette 9. 1995 Corvette Pace Car 8. 1958 Corvette 7. 1988 Corvette Commemorative Edition

Those people were wrong or where they?

6. 1982 Corvette Collector Edition

Keep this in perspective before raging at this list. If there was one long list of all the production Corvettes that started with the greatest ever at the top and finished with the least great at the bottom, this is just reading from the bottom up.

5. 1979 Corvette L48 4. 1998 Corvette Pace Car 3. 1980 Corvette 305 2. 1953 Corvette

15 1. 1975 Corvette Base

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Five other rules: 1. don’t touch the show cars (unless asked), 2. keep food and drinks away, 3. cars are for looking-not leaning, 4. let the judges judge 5. and of course keep an eye out for the person with the camera. Car show season is coming up and I found some good tips that can be useful to everyone.


Car show season is coming up and I found some good tips that can be useful to everyone. 1. 2. 3.

Thou shalt not BURN OUT before leaving Thou shalt arrive on time Thou shalt not Covet thy neighbor’s parking spot

Thou shlat notify event staff of thou’s early departure Thou shlat heed to event staff directions Thou shlat not Drag Race on public roads Thou shalt not kill the Person who touched their ride Thou shalt be respectful of others Thou shalt patiently answer inquiries Thou shalt abide by the judge’s decision, yes Read more…


mention ladies has the curves the corvette has. For us women who drive a corvette, respect is earned by the miles on your car by the number of car shows you have been too, the amount of trophies you have won; to just simply showing off your corvette. We paid our dues and have come a long way; we are proud drivers of our corvettes, to racing our corvettes on the tracks as fearlessly as the men. Ladies it uses to be the men’s world. More and more women are moving from the passenger seat. Female Corvette Owners has definitely increased over the years. With our corvette, we flaunt our freedom on the open roads not to

Some do not mind the travel distances, some simply loves the drives. Times are changing and today women represent more than 10% of female Corvette owners! Women are creating and joining co-ed corvette clubs. The thrill of the drive, the power, the need for the speed. Women are racing on the drag race track and road racing tracks giving the men a run for their money! I tell you the rise of female corvette owner and empowerment is here! Hands up, Ladies. Although I have seen men just as catty as women but that‘s another


issue! LOL!

How would you spend the first 1,000 miles of your brand new C7? An average driver will reach that point after just one month of owning a vehicle, involving it in his or her 25-mile commute to work plus the occasional jaunt to a friend or relative’s home every other weekend. However, we like to think that Corvettes, especially this latest breed, get a little bit more strenuous exercise mixed in. Burnouts out of a parking lot, track days, maybe even some “spirited” sprints down the highway where the police weren’t looking. All the fun (and trouble) you can get into with a C7 therefore puts it in a higher danger index and sometimes, accidents happen, like in the case of this Arctic White 1LT Stingray resting in Northern Virginia. Read more 21

If so, and your dream Corvette is a 1969 C3, then this kit could be your answer—if you show support for it and get it turned into a production kit. While C3 Corvette wouldn’t be our first choice (how about a C2 Sting Ray convertible?), this kit is a gorgeous example of the car, as rendered through the blocky bits of plastic. Read more

Created as part of Lego’s Ideas project, the kit needs 10,000 supporters to reach the official review board, which will then decide whether the kit is worthy of production—or feasible—and then, if it gets the green light, it could be sold as an official production Lego kit to the public. This kit has 347 days left to gain its 10,000 supporters, and already has 2,690 supporters signed up. If you’re a Lego-building car enthusiast, go show your love for the project, and help bring a fellow enthusiast’s dream to life--and then build it yourself. Read more


The Chevrolet Corvette C6.R is a grand tourer racing car built by Pratt & Miller and General Motors for competition in endurance racing. It is a replacement for the Corvette C5-R racing car, applying the body style of the new C6 generation Chevrolet Corvette as well as improvements to increase the speed and reliability on the track. Since its debut in 2005, it has continued on from the previous dominance of the C5-R in its racing class with multiple American Le Mans Series championships and race wins in the Le Mans Series, FIA GT Championship, and 24 Hours of Le Mans



“Nothing says it better than N2UCards� Create your own personalize cards. Add your corvette photo to the front

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2015 VGCA Calendar NEW YORK AUTO SHOW Jacob Javits Convention Ctr. ~ April 3-12, 2015 CORVETTES ON BEALE STREET Memphis, TN ~ April 16-19, 2015 NATIONAL CORVETTE MUSEUM’S BIRDAY BASH Bowling Green, KY ~ April 23-25 Spring Fling All Corvette Show Columbus, OH ~ May 8-9, 2015 KLAS ACT CORVETTE CLUB Flint, MI ~ May 29-31, 2015 25




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By Tony Markovich Wait, wait, and wait. Hold on just a second. Before you throw your hands up in disgust yelping about how stupid scissor (aka Lambo) doors are and how they’re a huge waste of money, at least hear out why they’re useful for the man who made the decision to install them. Corvette Forum member and proud owner of this Shark Grey 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Z06Type2Designs is a tall person who has a slightly more difficult time getting into and getting out of a car this low. “I’m 6′3″ and now I can finally get in and out of the car without scratching the damn interior,” he said. “Ninety percent of the reason for the upgrade was utility.” That makes sense, no? Sure, the doors might be a little bit obnoxious, but he’s also less likely to accidentally ding his doors on anything while trying to get out. Read more 31



There is no shortage of sand or adventure in Morocco. The event was the Rallye Aicha des Gazelles du Maroc and it might have been just what the patient order red. Founded in 1990 by French communications executive Dominique Serra, the rally is for women only -– over 320 women this year. They will drive 4x4s, crossovers and trucks and ride quads and motorcycles. The rally itself takes nine days to run. Each two-woman team is given an old –- 40to 50-year-old –- topographic map and a compass. There is no GPS, no satellite phone, not even binoculars. The idea is to navigate across the roadless, trackless desert to various waypoints in the shortest distance possible. Time is not important, mileage is. If things go really bad, there is a button to push on the car sort of like OnStar but with a satellite link, the same link that tracks the rallyists’ waypoints all the time so no one gets hopelessly lost. Push the button and they come to rescue you. But if they do, you lose points. Mechanics travel with the rally and fix anything that breaks. A huge medical contingent also travels with the rally, but spends most of its time conducting clinics for the Morracans, including the prescribing and fitting of thousands of pairs of eyeglasses. “This has been inspiring to a lot of women,” Lerner said. “Women come up to me and tell me stories, ‘I read about you in the newspaper and I was afraid to go ziplining but then I thought of you and I did it,’ little things like that. But also bigger things. Sometimes you just need to do something outside your comfort zone. It’s been an enhancement to my life.” Rally organizer Dominique Serra cites other acts of inspired rallyists. “The rally is a trigger,” Serra told the New York Times in that article Lerner read many years ago. “There are women who get divorced when they go home, who get married, who change jobs. Completing the rally each day demands a little more force, a little more courage, a little more know-how, and they advance. They totally change their points of reference.” From that perspective, maybe we could all use a good rally or two every now and then. Read more 34

Automakers issue recalls fixing defects, or sometimes justing to check for defects. When a model is recalled, the automaker contacts every owner of that model by mail, and asks him or her to bring his or her car to a dealer. The dealer replaces defective parts at no cost to the car owner. Every recall is registered with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which is where gets information for our recall database.

What Should I Do If My Car is Recalled? Automakers issue recalls to fix defects, or sometimes just to check for defects. Oftentimes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will ask for a recall, after investigating common safety problems. If you receive notice of a recall, contact your local dealer. You don't have to wait to be contacted by mail, which happens two or three months after a recall is announced.

How Do Recalls Happen? Sometimes an automaker will catch a defect in its own tests. Oftentimes the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration will ask for a recall, after investigating common problems. The main way that NHTSA hears about these problems is by complaints from owners, so if you think your car is unsafe, contact NHTSA at NHTSA conducts frequent investigations, but not all lead to recalls.

What Else Should I Know? If you think your car has a safety defect but it hasn't been recalled, save your receipt and other documents if you get it repaired. If the car is recalled later for that specific problem, you may be able to get reimbursed from the automaker. There have been 9 recalls on Corvette vehicles in recent years. The latest, dated 2015-01-26 and published by the NHTSA on 2015-01-28, was due to a problem with the suspension. Since 1997, Corvette's have experienced approximately 15 recall(s) due to hazards with various components, including the air bags, parking brake, shock absorber, wiring and hinge and attachments. See a list of recalls for your model year below. IMPORTANT NOTE: Also check the list of Additional Chevrolet Models to the right. At times, the manufacturer or the NHTSA may use slightly different model names, or group models together by series. Check on recalls 2nd link recalls 35 Ladies thumb ring with black enamel corvette signature. This curvy ring is the most comfortable thumb ring ever. More detail

C5 Corvette Script pendant 1 Ÿ�-14K More detail

Ladies thumb ring with black enamel corvette signature. This curvy ring is the most comfortable thumb ring ever. More detail


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Vette Girls Corvette Association Online Magazine February/March 2015  
Vette Girls Corvette Association Online Magazine February/March 2015  

Vette Girls Corvette Association Online Magazine February/March 2015