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Letting go

A very simple guide. A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

Better than being dragged

None of this is new. Much you already know.

Three parts to this step:


Prying your fingers off one by one.

The load is lifted.

This book has lots of pictures. They are beyond your control.

Signs of being dragged I Going where you don’t want to go.

Signs of being dragged II

No matter what you do, it’s not getting any better.

Signs of being dragged III You are about to be pulled over a cliff again.

The first finger

So long as you think you can do it yourself the same wall will be there Go ahead, walk into it - again.

The second finger Letting go does not mean giving up all your worldly goods, but you might look at your preconceived notions.

The third finger. If willpower worked you would not be here.

Take a deep breath. Let go. Turn the page.

The load is lifted. I It is so much easier when you are not trying to move immovable objects.

The load is lifted. II It is so much easier when you stop trying to force your foot into a shoe three sizes too small.

The load is lifted III Your world will expand greatly as you accept your place in it.

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Letting Go  

If you are being dragged, this very simple guide might be able to help you let go - one finger at a time.

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