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When things seem bleak

A very simple guide. A meditation in words and photos By Todd Vogel

There is a world out there you can choose what to focus on.

None of this is new. Much you already know.

Three parts to this :

Find a connection

Re-establish wonder

Look for the joy

This book has lots of pictures. They too are a part of your world

Finding a connection I Sometimes it is dark sometimes we wish to retreat sometimes beauty gets forgotten.

Finding a connection. II Yet somehow, even though the threads may be thin everything is linked even if it takes some looking for there is beauty.

Finding a connection III Look, don’t overlook.

Re establish wonder I

Often the simplest things are the ones which elude us

Re establish wonder II sometimes it’s as easy as taking off the tinted glasses through which we view the world

Re establish wonder III. explanations, definitions, identification and understanding can wait

Take a deep breath. look around you Turn the page.

Look for the joy I Embrace the light, according to some it was the first thing God made. Your beliefs may differ, but light is still a wonderful thing.

Look for the joy II In the grand scheme of things we are related to every living thing this is your long lost cousin

Look for the joy. III Just for this moment take comfort in the beauty which surrounds you.

Photos and text by Todd Vogel Copyright 2009 all rights reserved other titles, videos copies of these photos and contact information available at

When things look bleak  

And sometimes they do - an experement for someone I know for whom this applies - it may need editing

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