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Edition 30 2019



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CONTENTS Edition 30 | September - October 2019

02 Editor’s Letter 04 The middle-aged guide to online dating 06 Linger 08 Playlist: Songs to se(x)duce 10 Imagine: Aleda Laszczuk 16 All but lust is a fool’s lie 17 Intricate/filthy 18 Full bloom 20 Burnt sugar 21 My love 22 Lines 24 Be gay your own way 26 Interview: Frankly 32 Sex sells 34 Mythbusting: Emergency contraception

and unplanned pregnancy

37 Stigma 38 Sexiest scenes on the small screen 40 No one should be violated 42 Finding self-image 44 Humans of UniSA 48 Match Studio: One size fits all 54 Review: Clichéd porn plots 56 Horoscopes: The signs as adult outlets 58 USASA Club Feature: Rainbow Club Above Image Cyndal King Cover Image

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Frances Cohen We respectfully acknowledge the Kaurna, Boandik and Barngarla First Nations Peoples and their Elders past, present, and emerging, who are the First Nations’ traditional owners of the land that are now home to the University of South Australia’s campuses in Adelaide, Mount Gambier and Whyalla.

Edition 30 2019


EDITOR'S LETTER Edition 30 Head Editor | Tanner Muller

Let me guess. You’re probably flicking through the pages of this magazine because you thought it had a bit of nudity inside. Come on… admit it. We’re only human, after all. There’s nothing wrong with taking a moment to indulge in your fantasies. Some of the content might even persuade you to seek a bit of consensual intimacy. You’ll probably try to organise something on Tinder and reach out to one of your matches with a tacky pickup line, or a cheesy compliment about how cute their smile is. We’ve all been there (but that doesn’t excuse the fact that I’m still judging you). In the pursuit of sexual pleasure, it’s crucial to remember one thing: play it safe, dammit! Your health shouldn’t be compromised for anything. You only have one body in this lifetime and you owe it to yourself to treat it with respect. While this Sex Edition celebrates the many forms of intercourse, it also highlights the importance of your wellbeing. Inside these steamy pages you’ll uncover someone’s (unpleasant) experience with online dating, the myths surrounding emergency contraception, and why you’ve been watching porn wrong this whole time. So take a peek and see what you discover. You have our full permission. We’re not holding back. Are you?

Head Editor Tanner Muller | Co-Head Editor A nnabel Bowles | Co-Head Editor Ryan Colsey Communications & Digital Editor Geena Ho | Graphic Designer Oliver White | Printer Newst yle Print Design & Production Consultant Jack son Polley | Design & Production Consultant Rachael Sharman The views expressed in this magazine are not necessarily representative of the views of USASA or the editors.


Edition 30 2019

Edition 30 2019



The middle-aged guide to online dating Words by Le-An Morgan Artwork by Sarah Burton


want to start things off by saying that I’m recently single for the first time in many, many, many (you get the drift) years. The online dating world is new to me, but I’m learning to embrace it… or at least I’m trying to. I’ve got a profile,

with some appropriately seductive and sassy pics, and a little bio. Friends tell me my bio is too bolshy, but hey, I’m not here to fuck around! When I say I’m turned on by critical theory, have plans to overthrow patriarchy AND dismantle all colonial systems of oppression, you’re either on board, or you jog on, bro. I’ve been somewhat rebellious since the break-up and have decided that I don’t need a relationship—what with the kids, uni courses, and well… life. Instead, this 40-(something)-year-old Aboriginal woman has opted to engage in A LOT of consensual, no strings attached, sex. To be an absolute slut and do whatever I want. There shouldn’t be any shame in that, right? Are we that conditioned into believing someone of a certain age can’t be sleeping around? Well, I’m here to break down those barriers and tell you that YOU CAN. Something I hadn’t realised initially is that one of the only ways to get any sort of action nowadays is through online dating sites. It’s like entering an entirely different realm though. To the middle-aged folk out there who are contemplating as to whether they should set up a profile on one, just know that it’s a fucking minefield… and here’s why. What you see is a teensy insight into my personal experience of online dating and some of the (interesting) things I’ve encountered along the way: 1. First of all, there’s excellent NSA* sex… but at what cost? While he buttons his shirt (he’s a chef), I lay on the bed with my phone. He says, ‘babe, could you just go onto your Facebook and give my restaurant a review?’ I’m thinking, ‘bro, it ain’t your restaurant I just slept with.’ However, because I fold easier than a cheap shirt, I open the app and begin to type with words he feeds to me. 2. If you’re wanting to ease into things, invite someone over for Netflix, pizza and chill—just make sure the person wants the same thing too. He arrives in a suit (no, he wasn’t a businessman, but a construction worker)—awkward! I then go to order the pizza, but this guy decides he wants Chinese instead. Sure, why not. He’s the guest, after all. But, then he says ‘could you actually cook the steamed rice? I think it’s a rip off to pay for it.’ Ahhhhh… thank you, next. 3. Some want to be more romantic than others… and that’s sweet, right? At times, yes. But other times, WRONG! This fella comes around to mine with a gift. I open it to discover a book called Calm the fuck down. I stand there, speechless. Where does he get off? I mean, picture it with me now—a white man telling a middle-aged Aboriginal woman to calm down… stereotype much?! He says, ‘you need this. You seem to be angry about so much.’ Well, of course I am, dickhead. Your mob stole our land, our children, and our languages. You raped our women and locked up our men and kids. Wouldn’t you be bloody angry too?


Edition 30 2019

4. Coffee shops can be nice, especially if you’re meeting someone for the first time and haven’t been able to ascertain their personality yet. Boy meets me at a café near uni. We sit, and I pay for the coffee (ok, I guess that’s allowed). While we’re in the middle of our conversation, I notice how he keeps pushing his keys towards me. I’m like, what’s he doing? Can’t he keep his personal belongings to his side of the table? I look down and figure it all out. Ahhhh, he’s showing off his flashy key ring. It’s a Porsche logo. He sees me looking and wiggles his eyebrows in a suggestive manner. ‘Shall we go for a drive?’ he asks. I smile before responding. ‘No, thanks. I’m not impressed by your car. Way I see it, flashy things like that are the trappings of capitalism.’ We didn’t see each other after that—or even the bottom of our coffee cups, for that matter. 5. Lastly, there’s excellent NSA sex. I realise that I’ve already mentioned this, but it deserves another mention, dammit. Before I continue though, I just wanted to let you know that respect is fundamental in any sort of relationship. It doesn’t matter if it’s a quick fix, or a long-term partnership. Now, on with the story. We collapse onto the bed after we finish. I’m panting (you know, the post-hard-sex surrender), and he looks across at me. He says, ‘babe, I just want to say… you’re white.’ I pause for a moment. ‘Huh?’ I breathe. ‘Look, babe. You’re whiter than me.’ He grabs my arm and compares it to his. ‘What… what are you saying?’ I stammer, wondering if the orgasm popped an aneurysm in his brain. ‘You said you were Aboriginal. What are you though… 1/16th?’ I hoist myself up from the mattress and set a steely gaze. I’m feel like a tiger ready to pounce. Like the fragile white man he is, he senses danger. ‘Woah. Hold up, babe. It’s alright. I like you half-caste girls. I prefer ‘em white.’ All that goes through my head at that point is a line muttered by Bette Midler in The Rose, ‘pack your bags… I’m gonna find me a real man, a good man, a true man, a man to love me.’ But, he doesn’t deserve a classic movie line. Instead, I summon the strength of all the women before me. Their blood runs thick through mine. I say, ‘get the fuck out of my bedroom!’ He then has the audacity to respond with, ‘babe, what?’ There’s no stopping me now. ‘I said, Captain Colonisation, get your skinny, white ass out of my bed and take your racist eugenics out of my face.’ He continues. ‘But, baby. I’m saying you’re actually pretty for an Aboriginal.’ And there it was… Will I ever learn that mediocre white men aren’t worth my time and energy? Only time will tell, I guess. To all the middle-aged folk out there, use this as a way to learn from my mistakes. Respect yourself online. You deserve to be treated with dignity, and if someone doesn’t fulfill that, then you have every right to kick ‘em to the curb. ◼ *An acronym commonly used on dating sites to indicate the user would prefer to engage in ‘no strings attached’ sex.

Creative Writing

Linger Words by Ezra Théodore Tillett Photography by Carl Swart

‘It’s not noticeable,’ you say, because it’s not. But, he thinks it is. You want to swat his hands away. You say, ‘it doesn’t look bad; you’re just being a pedant.’ His hair is overly-gelled and you’ve had that discussion: where you mention you like it when he’s softer, but it’s not your call to make, so he styles it with each curl sharp enough to uncork a bottle of wine and you think of wax figures and how you didn’t wash your face. His scarf is crimson like the inside of his mouth and it is crooked where it knots at his throat. There is a tiny spot at the apex of his jaw he always misses when shaving and you love putting your finger on these chinks in his armour. The two of you drink from the same paper cup of Earl Grey. This is ordinary now; it was cheeky and intimate last month—but that was before he’d been inside you and had his fingers around you and his lips on your neck planting pale purple carnations. Toothpaste and bergamot mix oddly on the tongue. You lick over your front teeth and find in your haste you missed one, your right incisor has been left grimy. Every time you place the cup down, the spout is pointing at him. You feel his hand on your knee like a fallen

You look up because his fingers are

leaf—light, sudden, and unremarkable. Two,

delicately plucking lint from your shoulder,

three weeks ago, I would have blushed… maybe all

knuckles grazing your neck, his thumb drawing

of this is me being petty.

along your collarbone. His movements are slow,

‘That’s rather lovely,’ he says, placing the dog-eared pages on the table. ‘It’s supposed to be sad.’ He is saying so much and nothing; you are

careful, almost fussy. That’s not ordinary yet— which has to be meaningful. He makes me feel

safe. He makes you feel a lot of things. You like him in this shirt. You like that

saying nothing and everything and he does not

he’s handsome when he’s not trying, or when

hear it. You dropped everything to be here. You

he’s not aware of it—when he’s thinking. You

left a half-drunk cup of coffee on the window

don’t like the face he pulls for cameras. He’s

sill and forgot your gloves and now your fingers

talking about matching with other men on

are cold and he’s touching your knee—and

dating apps and you’re not jealous—that must

you’re not blushing about it.

be meaningful. So, you want his attention, but

He is exclaiming about a small tear in his sleeve.


Edition 30 2019

nothing serious—is that a question mark or full

Ezra Théodore Tillett

stop? It’s not that simple. He told you once that

‘You’re being all quiet,’ he gravitates

you make him clever, but he doesn’t need you

forward slightly to say this, looking you full in

for that, you just make him think. And now he’s

the face.

making you think in ways you’re rather certain he hasn’t considered yet. The two of you are good together in bed. That’s meaningful. Good is a mild way to put it—

You take another sip of his drink and his eyes follow your mouth as it touches the cup. ‘It is 7am, you know.’ You don’t think he heard you, but like

you are electric together. You get goosebumps

knowing that he isn’t listening because you’ve

whenever he’s near just from the static in the

distracted him, because he’s thinking about

air. He touches you in every right place, his cock

where your mouth was two days ago. So, you do

feels heavy in your hands, in your body, you

enjoy this singular attention of his. That’s not a

feel powerful and helpless in his. You make him

crime. No, but it is… inadvisable.

breathless and he makes you whimper. Good sex is about communication, after all, and he does love talking about it, candid and filthy, while

You move on, he speaks about colleagues, about things left to do, pieces to rehearse. ‘The art gallery has an opening next week,

you hang on every word like you’re hypnotised.

an exhibition of some new Cindy Sherman pieces.

And yet, here you are: he’s speaking to you, and

Would you like to come with me?’ I interject.

you are not listening. He drums his fingers on

It feels immediately too forward, but his

the table and now you’re thinking about every

face is unreadable, or maybe you’re just overly

inch they covered two days ago, and the press

invested and thus can’t tell anymore. He asks

of him, and you feel where his fingerprints still

you to send him the details, he’ll let you know.

burn between your legs and on your hips.

He is not going to let you know. He just needs time

He sips his drink and you watch his throat shift. It is so still this morning that you hear your watch’s tiny heartbeat. You are tired. ‘Thanks guys, sorry for the wait,’ the barista puts a brown bag of croissants on the table. When you reach for it, the paper crumples in your hand like bed linens. The pastry is warm and smooth, and you don’t want to hurt it with

to check his schedule. You know he doesn’t like making plans too far in advance. It’s good to be

patient. There is such a thing as too patient. He doesn’t even like art all that much. But you do. His head tilts and he frowns. ‘Shall we—’ You shake your head. Whatever he was about to suggest, no. ‘Not yet.’ You say it evenly, then clear your

your teeth, so you pull at the crimped edge to

throat. You want to stay here a little longer, with

unravel it. It gives off steam as you expose the

a heartbeat quiet on your wrist and his drink

inside and the heat turns your fingerprints pink.

still half-finished between you. Just while the

The two of you are all angles today. Your

pastries are still warm. ◼

hand covers the dip in your chin, your own stubble against your knuckles. One ankle is propped on the opposite knee with the toe of your shoe turned to him. He leans, his forearm oblique, free hand gesturing loosely. His knees point either side of you. You feel surrounded and avoided at the same time.

Edition 30 2019



SONGS TO SE(X)DUCE Words by Annabel Bowles Artwork by Oliver White

@VerseMag Listen to the playlist through our Spotify!

Annabel Bowles

1 Will He Joji 2 Provider Frank Ocean 3 bitches broken hearts Billie Eilish 4 Love Galore (feat. Travis Scott) SZA, Travis Scott 5 Unravel Me Sabrina Claudio 6 Mile High (feat. Travis Scott & Metro Boomin) James Blake, Travis Scott, Metro Boomin 7 Pussy Is God King Princess 8 Pound Cake / Paris Morton Music 2 Drake, JAY Z 9 Butterflies Cub Sport 10 Han Solo MIDNIGHT ERA 11 First Fuck 6LACK, Jhene Aiko 12 Coffee Sylvan Esso 13 Loveleen Rejjie Snow 14 Vixen Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Raury 15 Young & Dumb Cigarettes After Sex

Edition 30 2019


Aleda Laszczuk

Imagine: Aleda Laszczuk Interview conducted by Oliver White Artwork by Aleda Laszczuk

In this interview, Oliver White speaks with Visual Arts student Aleda Laszczuk to uncover her creative

Can you give a general introduction to yourself and your current body of work? Well, I was born in Adelaide, but spent the first ten years of my life living in Cambodia. I identify as a pansexual and my star sign is Leo.

process, the motivation

I’m also a flexitarian. I like moderate walks on

behind her work, and why

the beach and don’t think hating popular things

art became a means of survival.

makes you an interesting person. The encompassing vision of my art practice is to unpack the binary labels human beings have socially constructed—particularly those that are institutionalised and continue to play a pivotal role in state sanctioned acts pertaining to violence, power, and sex. These sorts of themes are interconnected in my work. Lately, I’ve been exploring ideas around dominance and submission. My aim is to convey the fragile tension that exists between ‘being in’ and ‘being out’ of control. My art practice is inspired by the collective (and often hypocritical) experiences of human beings, the memes that connect me to others all over the world, and popular culture that either liberates, or reinforces, patriarchy. Through different processes, such as performance, painting and sculpture, I seek to unravel the underlying misogyny, and problematic actuality, of certain aspects that exist in our society. My work aims to undo constructed gender binary, repressed sexuality, and the nuclear family.

Edition 30 2019



How do people tend to react to your statements

mediums, and modes of expression. But, I’m

about control and submission, as well as your

hoping it may evolve into a more unified process

personal work?

though, because at the moment, it’s feeling a

I’ve had a few people accuse me of making art

little disjointed.

purely about sex, without even taking the time to understand the significance behind my work.

What made you start pursuing art?

My intention has always been to create art

Art has always been a part of my life and self-

about the human condition and, somehow, this

expression. I won my high school’s Year 12 Art

continues to translate into investigations about

Prize, but, fearing my parents’ disapproval,

binaries, power and sex. It was Oscar Wilde

I instead went to university to study law.

who said ‘everything in the world is about sex,

After becoming disillusioned with working

except sex.’ I really identify with this statement

in human rights and social development in

because no matter what I’m exploring, it all

Cambodia, I decided that I would become the

fundamentally comes back to these three

‘perfect housewife.’ I moved to Toowoomba

themes—binaries, power, and sex.

with my commodity trader partner (who is now my ex) with goals of marriage, children,

You work in many different mediums. How do

and joining the local CWA. I spent my days in

you figure out what topic you want to pursue and

a performative cycle: making lavish meals,

what medium best suits that direction?

fluffing pillows, ironing white-collared shirts,

When I first came to art school, I wanted to

and being habitually abused in my new home.

redefine my painting skills. But, over the years,

It was only after I went out to seek help for

I’ve come to have an appreciation for the many

my partner’s ‘anger management problem’

ways ideas can be expressed. Through my

that I was confronted with these two words—

portraits, I try to be really precise and create

domestic violence. Feeling increasingly

a close replica to what I see in my reference

isolated from friends and family, I turned to

photos. But, I also set an extra challenge for

the internet in order to connect with others

myself by playing with double exposure. By

who’ve gone through similar experiences to try

approaching it in this way, the act of painting

and understand how I ended up in this sort of

becomes a punishing exercise for me. However,

relationship, despite my efforts to do better.

I find this stimulates my creativity. I also find human performativity to be

I returned to my artistic passions as a means of survival, and to regain an integral

really fascinating, and it’s an integral part of

part of my identity that I feared had been lost.

everything I do. Performance in general is the

Perhaps it was to avoid living in regret, or to just

medium in which I often explore more personal

to piss off my parents, but I decided to change

aspects of my gender identity and ideas about

the course of my life and indulge in a Visual

sexual expression. My sculptural work tends to

Arts education. While it has, at times, been

be more conceptual, as it attempts to subvert

extremely difficult (I actually still find it hard

these typical objects, or ideas, and transform

to call myself an ‘artist’), I absolutely love

them into something more playful, or sinister.

what I do.

At the moment, I feel a bit fragmented as a person, so I’ve accepted how this is reflected in my art. I seem to be using all of these different


Edition 30 2019

Aleda Laszczuk



Edition 30 2019

Aleda Laszczuk

What are your major influences outside of

What’s something/someone you’re obsessed with

visual art?

right now?

Spending many years of my life in Cambodia,

I’m currently obsessed with a book called

and travelling around the world, I witnessed the

Sex at Dawn, which is about the evolution of

effects of poverty, injustice, and imbalances of

monogamy in humans. I’m obsessed with

power firsthand. This had a tremendous impact

Brooke Candy, a sex positive artist. Her work

on me, as I realised that while the world was

mainly speaks about taking control of one’s

vast, human experiences were often (unequally)

sexual agency. She insists female sexuality

shared. My mother encouraged me to read

should be celebrated, and not hidden, or

books like Franz Kafka’s The Trial, and Fyodor

controlled. Lauding and normalising sexual

Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment, to name a

expression is something that is also integral to

couple. These authors helped shape some of the

my own work.

ways I have attempted to understand the world. This actually developed my interest in the works

The art world always seems to involve the

of philosophers like Michel Foucault and Judith

element of surprise. What future endeavours are

Butler. Popular culture and social media also

you hoping to experience in the coming years?

play a pivotal part in my observations of human

What future? ◼

interaction, self-expression and connection. As does my fascination with true crime and reality TV.

Edition 29 2019



All but lust is a fool’s lie Words by Zoe Kassiotis

I just want to fuck (ing write about) you let your twisted fantasies of all things grim, black and blue fuck the naïve innocence out of me let me be your animal inject me with your sin slide your tobacco-drenched fingers out my sex and in our lips taste my salt and daytime gin the sweet and sour flavour lingers I am your lamb, quivering in aural pleasure of heavy bass happily meek under the insatiable twitch of your calloused palm pressed hard over my canvas face those artist fingers brush painting our lust in saliva and sticky lip balm I wait for your breath we breathe together or we don’t breathe at all you take me higher you take me bent over and chained to the black antique table addicted to your scentless darkness I come back for more black you crucify me with satin ropes in the doorless doorway with hooks nailed in the eaves where a red lamp swings painting sultry iridescent glow on my limp lamb limbs all trust surrendered, my breathing slows as a disturbed set of black eyes snake hungrily over my naked bones take my control I don’t want it for the days with you and for hard liquor fucking and smoking and the nights well they’re for coffee, conversations and art


Edition 30 2019


Intricate/filthy Words by Heather McGinn

Sweet like serenading and sunrise storytelling And spooking the crows away from you Hot like teeth and tongues clashing And choking ‘til I tapped out, tied up Wholesome like cold water and an omelette And a sun screened walk to the city Filthy like no sleep and too much coffee And chain-smoking and nudity on the balcony Intricate like all of our past lives repeating And tumbling into each other on a hot night Elemental like sweat and blood and gas And your hand on my goosebumps Happy like sleeping and smiling and waiting Patiently to be next to you

Edition 30 2019



Maria Petroff 20

Edition 30 2019

Maria Petroff

Edition 30 2019



Burnt sugar Words by Jordan Byrne

Taste of rum dripping from his lips I grasp the back of his neck Beads of sweat running down smooth skin Our bodies collide Overcome with ecstasy I crave you The thunder outside throbbing Yet, the room is overcome by us His fingertips route down my spine Gentle yet dominant touch I bite his lip savouring burnt sugar His breath heightens His body tightens Palms around my waist Excelling to a territorial grip Telling me, he wants me for his own He pushed me up against dark oak Golden hair running through his fingers Reading my body like braille His spiced lips latched below my jaw Toes peeling off the timber floors I fastened my legs around his waist Clutching the locks on the back of his head Hips pulsing against my thighs My glistened chest locked to his Looking deep into his timber eyes Sweet stimulating whispers Pure undeniable devotion I am bare wearing nothing but him.


Edition 30 2019

Edition 29 2019



My Love Words by Liz Hodgson Artwork by Tiana Belperio

My love on the moon. Way into the atmosphere where light may be dim, lavishing in your beauty, together we swoon. Stay with me, way out on a limb. My love on the sun. In a sea of colourful heat, I melt into your soul, and we become one. Melding of bodies, heads to our feet. My love by a lake. Into the depths of your beauty I gaze and for you, all others I will forsake. Witnessed by God’s creatures as they graze. My love with no return. Vanishing into the ether, one way flight. Eternal love is what I yearn soaring away from human sight. My love stay with me for all time, Whether or not there is rhythm or rhyme.

Edition 30 2019



Lines Words by Chantel Bongiovanni Photography by Ella-Maude Wilson

We are lines drawn in the sand, We are finite ends, And parallel marks, You said, ‘surely you must know by now, We will never touch?’ But I saw the distance between us, The gaps pushing us apart And still, I longed for the ocean, Dragging the shore beneath it, To pull us under, I wanted to be thrown together, The weightless drawing us upward, Together, Finally, As the current swept us away, Why did I listen amidst the noise? I could’ve heard you so long ago, If I stopped listening to the waves, And heard the silence in our spaces, The way our edges did not bend, We sat side by side, The limits of our lines etched in the grain, Forming a void we were never meant to cross.


Edition 30 2019

Edition 29 2019


Be gay your own way

The Rainbow Club

Words by The Rainbow Club Artwork by Victoria Casson


egardless of whether you’re straight, in the

With any community, there’s usually a

closet, just came out, or have proudly been

generation gap between the young and old. This

your fabulous self for years, you likely have

is no exception for queer people. Even the word

an image of what being queer looks like. But,

‘queer’ is fraught with disagreement. For the

is there really a distinguishable queer look? Do

newer generations, it’s typically considered to

the stereotypes have any relevance, or are they

be an inclusive umbrella term, while for mature

based on misinformation? Let’s look a bit deeper

folk, it usually remains a slur. Nevertheless, it is

into this image.

now predominantly considered an empowering

There are some queer people who present

form of repurposing that attempts to extinguish

themselves as a walking kaleidoscope of

decades of discrimination. No matter which side

colours, but that’s not the case for everyone.

of the fence you’re on, the historical context

Outside of LGBTQIA+ spaces, our queerness can

for the queer community’s social norms, and

be indistinguishable from everyone else. You’ve

its subcultures, derives from a deliberate effort

probably sat next to us in a tute, or lecture,

to rebel against heteronormativity. Much

without any clue of our sexuality. You might

of it has evolved from behaviour based on

have even made an assumption based on the

either necessity, lack of legal alternatives, or

lack of visible rainbow. But, there is no real way

deliberate acts of defiance.

to look queer. Choosing not to wear certain clothes

When it comes down to it, being queer

or accessories doesn’t make anyone less of a queer

is more than just rainbow flags, pastel hair,

person. People just have their own style.

and high fashion. Wear whatever it is you want

Unfortunately, certain stereotypes still

to, but don’t target those who have a different

exist though, no matter how positive some of

aesthetic. With that said, don’t limit yourself to

them may seem on the surface. For instance,

other people and their expectations just because

gay men are considered inherently fashionable.

of the label you use to define yourself. Gay men

While this can be considered to be a pervasive

who don’t wear floral shirts still like to suck

‘positive stereotype,’ the downside of this is

cock, lesbians with long hair still want to finger

an expectation that gay men should always

vulvas, asexuals who wear colours other than

dress well, and be judged harshly if they don’t.

beige or grey don’t suddenly want to fuck you,

The queer person you’ve just met, or even the

gender diverse people can be as masculine or

queer friends you’ve known for ages, aren’t your

feminine as they please, and straight people can

personal shoppers. Sure, they might be happy

wear rainbow without being queer. In the end,

to help you, but that’s not a function of their

all you need to worry about is being the best

queerness—it might be simply because they’re

possible version of yourself. ◼

an individual who likes to give style advice. Honestly, the best fashion tip for yourself is to try things out, and discover what aesthetic works for you. Pro tip: go op shopping for all the bargains. Recycling clothes isn’t just a great way to find a unique outfit, but it also means you don’t need to worry about whether the multinational you’re buying from pays tax, or employs child labour. It’s a win-win!

Edition 30 2019


Interview: Frankly Interview conducted by Tanner Muller Images provided by Frankly


From the grittiness of Adelaide’s pub circuit, to the festival limelight, rising cabaret artist Frankly has taken the local industry by storm with her onewoman shows Publicly Private and Big Smoke Fauna. In this interview, the performing arts graduate unravels her experience of navigating the music scene, the development of her musical

How would you describe your music? Well, I feel as though there are two intersections where my music meet. On one hand, there’s a gritty, singer/songwriter, pub vibe to my sound, while the other side is more of a structured, cabaret, festival-focused style. A lot of my songs depict a story, or portray a certain emotion—so there’s also a lot of theatrics. I also like to say I create ‘candid cabaret,’ and I use this term because my shows tend to be more minimal and realistic. I feel like I can speak about real-life

persona, and the importance of female

situations and engage with my audience through


naturalistic storytelling and self-deprecating humour. I think a lot of people’s perception of ‘cabaret’ is this person in a beautiful gown, belting out a tune under a spotlight. But, my music tries to undo much of that. Who are some of your major influences? Who inspires you? I have my main trio of ladies, which we (Tanner and I) both share—Mama Reg (Regina Spektor), Björk (who is the ultimate queen of everything), and Amanda Palmer. They’re all massive inspirations to me for different reasons. Björk and Regina are definitely my go-to artists for song writing. Both of them incorporate a lot patterns, layers, motifs and repetition. What intrigues me about their style too is how they’re able to maintain a sense of simplicity. Then, of course, there’s Amanda Palmer. Out of the three, she’s the only one I’ve actually seen live. Watching her onstage was definitely a major learning experience. She’s such a pro at crafting these stories through her music that are funny, yet touching. Other than that, whenever I’m seeking inspiration, I tend to gravitate towards powerful female characters. When did you realise your passion for music? I guess I’ve always been into music. There were always pianos around my home, so I used to just sit there and fool around with the keys. This is a bit embarrassing for me to say, but I used the pre-recorded tracks on this Casio keyboard to create songs. I was very much into horses as a young girl (for awhile I actually embodied them, and got into trouble with some of my teachers

Edition 30 2019



because I would neigh in the middle of class), so

shows, I had a lot of shit to process, and felt it

the songs I wrote were based on my obsession

was important for myself, and other women, to

with them. Looking back, it was a bit of a Days

be hearing these messages of empowerment.

of Our Lives moment, because these songs were

While that’s still very much part of my sound,

about this community of horses, and how one

I’ve settled down more. I don’t need to work

would, say, have an affair, or commit a murder.

through these negative experiences anymore

I was cooked!

because I was able to process them all through

I was trained classically for awhile, but I

my music. Now, I have different things to worry

was always a bit shit at being a piano student—

about. With my latest show, Big Smoke Fauna,

I absolutely hated doing theory. Then, I started

most of the songs were about more simplistic

writing songs as a teenager, but they were all

issues, like moving out, and the pressures

horrible. I mean it. They were awful.

of adulthood.

How do you believe sex and intimacy are

Why do you believe it's important to have a voice

connected to your creative process?

and advocate as an artist?

I feel like this is such a question for who

I feel everybody relates themselves to artists.

Frankly was a couple years ago. She was such

If you hear a song that raises some issues you

a bad bitch. Now, I think her character has

might be dealing with, then you identify with

evolved in many ways. Retrospectively, I think

it. Sometimes, this can be really validating,

the initial creation of Frankly was rooted in

especially when you don’t necessarily feel

being this hypersexualised persona. One of the

comfortable enough to be talking about it. When

most important things for me when I started

you hear someone express how you’re feeling

out was taking these taboo subjects, like sex

through art, then it helps to know your situation

and intimacy, and using it to create a sense of

is not entirely unique. I’m the type of person

empowerment. Frankly was, and still is, an

who doesn’t really speak a whole lot about

extension of my personality. She possessed a lot

personal issues. I’m a bit of a private person in

of attributes that I didn’t feel as though I had in

that sense. But, if I can hear someone describe

my real life. I can be quite reserved, but Frankly

what I’m feeling through their music, then it’s

is this really outspoken and assertive woman

reassuring to know that I’m not alone. I want

who’s comfortable in her own skin. In saying

my music to achieve that—to be continuing an

that, my style has changed a bit, and while these

ongoing conversation about certain issues.

sorts of qualities are still part of who Frankly is, I’m more comfortable in myself now and I don’t

What are your thoughts on Adelaide’s local music

necessarily feel as though I need to be taking an

scene overall?

overly sexualised approach as much.

I have to be completely honest here and say that I’ve almost dropped out of the local

It’s interesting you mention that, because I

scene. I used to do the weekend gig circuit

remember when I saw your first show, some (if not

and perform at pubs, but it seems to be a bit

all) the songs were really punchy and comedic.

cliquey in some parts. I’m sure that happens

Lately, I feel as though there has been a bit of a

everywhere, but Adelaide is such a small place.

shift, as it seems you’re producing music that is

Everyone in the local scene know each other,

more beautiful and whimsical. Would I be right in

and it's quite interwoven. You can’t help but

saying there has been a development in your style?

notice how certain groups of people are, say,

Yeah, there’s definitely been a transition. It’s

performing together at the same venue and

interesting you described my songs as being

have a lot more consistency in the local scene.

‘punchy’ because I feel like I used to channel

It almost becomes a bit of a popularity contest.

all my aggression through music. Everything

People who are more naturally social and have

was quite dramatised. When I started creating

friends with more people are given a higher


Edition 30 2019


Edition 30 2019




Edition 30 2019


platform to stand on. While, of course, there has

What piece of advice would you give to any

to be a certain degree of quality in their music,

aspiring musician?

these sorts of people are almost dependent on

I’m notoriously bad at self-motivation. I

the social aspect of it, and venues are going

wouldn’t be surprised if I was a lapdog in a

to gravitate towards those sorts of acts more

previous life. But, at the same time, I’m always

because they can create more of an atmosphere.

in the mindset of wanting to push myself and

In saying that, it becomes harder to

pursue more things. So, I guess my advice would

develop yourself as an artist in the local scene,

be to just do it. Every time I’ve performed at a

because you’re almost judged more for your

Fringe Festival, I booked my season, without

social current, and not necessarily on the sort

necessarily having a show planned. For me,

of music you’re producing. For me, it’s hard

it’s what I need, otherwise nothing will get

because I have a small amount of friends, and

done. The minute I book that in, it’s cemented

I’m content with that. I like how I structure my

in my mind that I need to organise a show and

life that way. But, in terms of being an artist,

perform for a crowd of people who are paying to

it becomes hard because I don’t have that

see me. It’s the most motivational thing I can do

community of people, or extended friendship

for myself.

group. I also feel as though people aren’t seeing

I would also say to not overthink about

me perform at local gigs. I can sell tickets to a

what you’re doing. For me, if I’m watching

Fringe show, but if I’m performing at a front

an artist, I’m not looking for technical skills,

bar, or something, then not a lot of people are

or how well they can sing. I tend to gravitate

showing up. Then again, I feel like my music

towards the imperfections in people because

works better in a more intimate setting because

it shows they’ve filtered out these bullshit

I can engage with my audience and connect with

expectations. They’re just uniquely themselves.

them more. But, when I’m playing more locally

So, my advice would be to not get so caught up

with the pub circuit, it just doesn’t have the

with reaching a certain standard. Focus on the

same effect and I don’t get a whole lot out of it.

aspects of your music that come naturally to you and discover your own artistic voice. It makes

In saying this, do you think the majority of

you more distinctive. People aren’t wanting to

Adelaide are interested in the arts outside of a

see a regurgitation of someone else’s style.

festival space, such as Fringe? You know, it’s interesting, because you have

Can we expect anything new on the horizon? Do

these pockets of people who are always

you have any upcoming projects?

engaging with the arts. But then, you have these

I think the next step for me is to record

‘bullshit munchers’ who are purely showing

something. I get asked all the time if I’ve

up to festivals to just have that experience of

released anything and it’s a bit disappointing

buying an overpriced cocktail and sit in a beer

that I have to say no. I’ve been thinking about

garden. These same sorts of people are also

it a lot, so I definitely need to be developing

seeing more popularised shows and aren’t

something soon. Then again, I have such a large

interested in engaging with the local scene. This

catalogue of songs, so it’s hard for me to pick

sort of thing happens with other art forms too,

and choose which ones are good enough to be

I guess. For example, people will watch Netflix,

released. Maybe by the Adelaide Fringe, my

opposed to a locally produced web series.

show could be an album launch. But, it’s all very

Unfortunately, there’s just that dynamic

hypothetical. As I mentioned before, I’m terrible

with everything.

at self-motivation, but now that I’ve put it into the universe, I have to be accountable! ◼

Edition 30 2019



es c n a Fr 34

Edition 30 2019

Frances Cohen

n e h o C Edition 30 2019



Emergency contraception

MYTH: You need to take the emergency

Once called the ‘morning after pill,’ emergency

contraceptive pill the day after unprotected sex.

contraception is surrounded by myths and

FACT: The sooner you take the emergency

misinformation. Ultimately using emergency

contraceptive pill, the more effective it will be.

contraception is a safe and effective way to

It is most effective if taken within 24 hours of

prevent unplanned pregnancy. You could use

unprotected sex, but don’t think it’s too late if

emergency contraception if you:

you’re past this timeframe. See below:

• had sex without using contraception

• The LNG-ECP can be used up to three days

• forgot to take your usual contraceptive pills

after unprotected sex. It is estimated to prevent

• had sex without a condom/the condom broke

approximately 85% of pregnancies if taken within three days of unprotected sex, but still

MYTH: There’s just one pill, right?

offers some effectiveness up to 96 hours after

FACT: There are three kinds of emergency

having sex, if there is no alternative emergency

contraception available in Australia.

contraception available.

• A single dose levonorgestrel emergency

• The UPA-ECP is the more effective form of

contraceptive pill (LNG-ECP) taken within three

emergency contraception. It is more than 99%

days after unprotected sex.

effective if used within five days of unprotected

• A single dose ulipristal acetate emergency

sexual intercourse. The procedure to have a

contraceptive pill (UPA-ECP) taken up to five

copper IUD can be difficult to access and may

days after unprotected sex.

be more expensive than using the ECP. Contact

• Insertion of a copper intra-uterine device

SHINE SA, or see your doctor for

(IUD) within five days of unprotected sex,

more information.

which also provides very effective long-term contraception.

MYTH: Emergency contraceptive pills cause

The ECP is available over the counter at

an abortion.

pharmacies. You can also get it at SHINE

FACT: Emergency contraceptive pills do NOT

SA clinics, Adelaide Sexual Health Centre,

cause an abortion. If you accidentally take

Pregnancy Advisory Centre, and many public

them when you are already pregnant, they do

hospital emergency departments. Some

not cause harm. The copper IUD may prevent a

pharmacists may not supply the LNG-ECP if you

fertilised egg from implanting.

had unprotected sex over 72 hours ago, as this is against the recommendations in the

To learn more about emergency contraception,

product information.

you can read SHINE SA’S Fact Sheet here: contraception/emergency-contraception/


Edition 30 2019


Unplanned pregnancy and abortions

MYTH: Abortion has a long recovery.

Unplanned pregnancy is very common! There

FACT: Most people recover quickly after an

are many misconceptions around unplanned

abortion. A follow-up appointment after the

pregnancy and abortion that can cause distress

abortion is recommended to ensure you are

and prevent people from understanding their

feeling well and to discuss any concerns. This

full options. Stereotypes around the people

service is available at your doctor, SHINE SA,

who have abortions can also create stigma and

Pregnancy Advisory Centre, or the hospital.

shame, which can prevent people from accessing

Ongoing contraception may be organised at

services and keeping their pregnancy a secret.

the time of the abortion, or at the follow-up

Unplanned pregnancy happens and everyone

appointment. It is important to know that you

has the right to make their own decision.

can get pregnant again if you have unprotected sex as early as five days after an abortion, so you

MYTH: Abortions can have health risks.

should use condoms, or avoid sex, until you have

FACT: Abortions are very safe when performed

effective contraception.

by qualified practitioners. In South Australia, there are two methods available—medication

Abortions performed before 14 weeks of

and surgical. Both methods are safe and

pregnancy are available at the Pregnancy

effective. Medication abortion involves taking

Advisory Centre, and most public hospitals,

medication to cause a miscarriage. This method

including some country hospitals. A doctor’s

needs a follow-up appointment to ensure the

referral is not needed for the Pregnancy

procedure is complete. A surgical abortion is

Advisory Centre. ◼

performed under anaesthetic. It does not need an overnight stay. There may be some cramping

For more information on unplanned pregnancy you

and bleeding after both types.

can read SHINE SA’s Fact Sheet here: www.shinesa.

MYTH: Abortion is always a difficult decision.


FACT: If you have an abortion, you will have

You can also speak to the Pregnancy Advisory

your own unique experience. Unplanned

Centre, call 8243 3999, or visit www.sahealth.

pregnancy can cause emotional distress,

however, research shows that for most people, abortion causes no long lasting psychological consequences. It may be comforting to confide in a friend, family member, or partner about the decision, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

Edition 30 2019



Edition 30 2019

Grace Dixon

Stigma Words by Grace Dixon Artwork by Ella-Maude Wilson

Let’s discuss. It’s perfectly normal for someone to go out every weekend, throw back a few shots, and end the night with some consensual intercourse at a stranger’s house, right? But why isn’t it okay for someone sober and consenting, sitting in the safety of a parlour with cameras and security, choosing to partake in the same activity? For the simple fact that they’ve been paid to have consensual sex, they’re suddenly deemed a ‘criminal’. You have to admit, there’s something ironic in society’s wildly different perceptions of two very similar scenarios. Because of this, I would like to see the difficult topics (especially sex work) talked about more, even though it may make some uncomfortable. We need more open

Riddle me this as well… would you rather be

discussions about the taboo, to understand

a student, expected to study four courses a

that sex work is far from the likes of criminal

semester, work 30-hour weeks to cover the bills,

activity, but something not unlike the sex we’re

and still have enough energy to go into the city

all familiar with. Sure, there are some who

for a drink on the weekend—only to disappoint

might be judgemental, or have no genuine desire

yourself with someone who’s terrible at sex? OR,

to understand; but it’s important the stigma

would you rather work for an hour one night,

is broken dow n, to understand and support

and end up equally disappointed with the sexual

those who are vulnerable whilst sex work

experience but with anywhere between $200-

remains criminalised.

$600 in your pocket?

The stigma that a ‘prostitute’ or ‘sex worker’ is

I know which I’d rather. I, for one, fully support

someone standing on the street corner (i.e. Julia

the decriminalisation of sex work, on the

Roberts Pretty Woman style) is simply outdated

condition that it is regulated for safety, and

and, quite frankly, immature. Chances are,

that all are entitled to the same rights as every

you may know of someone (perhaps without

other worker. ◼

even realising it) who leads this double life. Sex workers can be anyone. They’re the everyday student, the suited professional, the parent. They’re partaking in the same act we all do, just according to their own conditions.

Edition 30 30 2019 2019 Edition

39 39


Sexiest scenes on the small screen Words by Chloe Cannell

For many of us, television is our gateway to the sounds and sights of sex. Perhaps you’re too scared to go near those daunting pornography sites, or you’re unable to access them on your parents’ computer. Whatever the case is, we’re curious. While many TV sex scenes are unnecessary and uncomfortable to watch, there are a few that stand above the rest. I don’t know if it’s the anticipation of not quite seeing everything, or being able to witness your favourite celebrities play out your fantasies in high production value, but it’s satisfying to see our cheekiest thoughts come to life. Here are some raunchy TV sex scenes that are sure to turn on any switch. *Spoilers ahead (duh)*


Edition 30 2019

Chloe Cannell

Misfits—Alisha & Simon At 14, this show was all the rage at my all-girls

Whether or not you agree you can get away with

school. We shared a USB around, sheepishly

erotic teen storylines with adult-age actors, the

saying it was just for the humour, not the graphic

orgy scene is an undoubtedly steamy minute

sex and violence. For those who aren’t caught up

of television. In this moment, resident bad

with the show, Misfits is a British science fiction

girl Prudence is the subject of sexual pleasure

comedy-drama where five young adults on

from her Weird Sisters Dorcas and Agatha, and

community service develop strange superpowers

leading men Ambrose, Nicholas and Luke.

after a freak storm. A scene I specifically remember replaying multiple times is Alisha

Tales of the City—Michael & Ben/Shawna,

and Simon’s first sexual tryst. The viewing of

Eli & Inka

this is made even more sensual because Alisha, a

This ground-breaking LGBTQIA+ inclusive

promiscuous partygoer, had been unable to touch

franchise is a bit more heartfelt than the sexy-

anyone without causing them to go into a sexual

fantasy shows I’ve mentioned so far. The first

frenzy—except Simon. The pacing and song

portrayal of sexual intercourse has a fun, yet

choice in this moment is just spot on too.

fast, pace to it—crossing between Michael and Ben, to the trio of Eli, Inka and Shawna. When

Buffy the Vampire Slayer—Buffy & Spike

a grinning Ben says to Michael, ‘stop talking

A classic show spanning seven seasons gave us

about trivia night and let me fuck you,’ it just

the feminist TV legend Buffy—played by blonde

lingers with you. Ugh. Yes, please.

bombshell Sarah Michelle Gellar—who uses her supernatural strength to take down evil


demons and… have sex with vampires? The iconic

Sexually-charged scenes and an exceptionally

sex scene between Buffy and Spike sees their

good-looking cast make up about 90% of this

fighting turn to love-making in perhaps one of

teen drama series. My favourite ship? Cheryl

the most iconic moments in the show’s history.

and Toni (known to fans as Choni) hands down.

The long-running sexual tension between the

There are countless YouTube compilations of

two characters explodes, and the chemistry

their romance, but as for the best sex scene,

between them is so powerful that it manages to

that would have to be in the episode American

take down an entire building.

Dreams. Initially, the two are mad at each other, however, their anger quickly subsides when

Now Apocalypse—Ulysses & Gabriel

Toni unzips Cheryl’s jacket. The couple then

There are way too many moments to choose

begin making-out and undressing one another.

from in this sexy, half-hour comedy series. But,

There’s even a blindfold involved.

the scene that spawned many steamy GIFs on Tumblr is the one we’ll be considering on this

While many of these glamorous depections of

list today. It sees Ulysses and Gabriel, played

sex have been permanently saved to the spank

by Avan Jogia and Tyler Posey, turn their first

bank, I have to admit this list shouldn’t be

date into a heated moment down an alley. The

considered as prime examples of intamacy. For

mutual masturbation is so intoxicating to

one, the volatile relationship between Buffy and

watch, especially with the good-looking leads.

Spike isn’t much of a turn on when you’re given

Sadly, the sexual explicitness of the show was

a bit more context about their history on the

not stimulating enough to hold an audience for a

show. Also, women don’t have to wear lingerie

second season.

all the time. And finally, do you ever see anyone in these shows reaching for some wet wipes

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina—Witch Orgy

after they’re done? No? I didn’t think so. ◼

Apparently, many parents overlooked the MA 15+ rating of this show and were shocked to see the darker, hypersexualised version of the comic book series.

Edition 30 2019



No one should be violated Words by Stephanie Montatore Artwork by Christina Massolino


Edition 30 2019

Stephanie Montatore

Excerpt from the U.N. 4th World Conference on Women Plenary Session, Hillary Clinton, 1995.

Edition 30 2019


Finding self-image Artwork by Cyndal King

Cyndal King

Edition 30 2019


Humans of UniSA: Edition 30 Everyone has a story. A defining moment of their existence that makes them the person they are today. For Humans of UniSA, we delve into the depths of human nature and speak with some students to discover a slice of their personal history.


Edition 30 2019

Humans of UniSA

Identity is really important to me and it’s a huge part of who I am. I feel like we need to love ourselves—no matter who, or what, we are. I’m a straight female and, for me, my identity was pretty clear cut, especially during school. I think that time in our lives is when we usually start finding out what we like, or don’t like. I remember having crushes on boys all throughout that time—you know, the typical

Courtney Flynn

school girl crush. I don’t think school is complete without falling really hard for someone! I’m a big believer in sparking something

Bachelor of Journalism and Professional Writing,

in person and letting fate decide if we’re right

Bachelor of Arts (English and Creative Writing)

for one another. That’s actually how I met my boyfriend. I think by making that initial

Interview conducted by Ryan Colsey

contact that doesn’t stem from a dating site,

Image supplied by Courtney Flynn

you can really see the connection you have, both emotionally and physically. With that said, it isn’t for everyone. As cheesy as it may sound, hope and optimism are the best tools you can have, especially when it comes to a romantic relationship. You’re not going to have the same timeline as everyone else, so there’s no need to rush into anything. When you spend some time getting to know yourself, and really appreciating who you are, that special person will just walk into your life—and the wait is really worth it for them. Don’t stress, because love will eventually come your way, and it’ll be one of the greatest things ever. This is probably a bit embarrassing for me to say, but there was this one time I fell down a flight of stairs during a date with this guy. I look back on that now and find it hilarious. But, I guess that moment was a message in itself. Sometimes, you have to fall on your face before you can meet the right person. Maybe that was the universe telling me that guy wasn’t right for me. Another piece of advice though—don’t wear heels on metal steps!

Edition 30 2019


Humans of UniSA

Monica Pascale

Bachelor of Psychological Science

I used to be such a mess. I always felt stressed and worried about everything. I also had a really low self-esteem and didn’t feel as though I could properly navigate my life. When I look back on

Interview and photography by Tanner Muller

my adolescence, I always felt pressured to get good grades at school and live up to a particular standard. Unfortunately, not a lot has changed, but I’m getting better at it. Something that’s helped me deal with all of this is social media— particularly Twitter. I say this because I’ve been able to discover a lot and interact with people who are in similar situations to me. It’s become my own distraction. I’m able to escape from all the pressures in life, even if it’s just for a few moments. I think through my study of psychology, I’ve been able to identify what I’m going through and how to better manage it. In my experience, it’s better to recognise your emotions, opposed to shying away from them. It takes a lot of guts to be vulnerable and if I could go back in time and tell myself anything, it would be to open myself up to others more. In saying all of this, when it comes to things like sex, I’m perfectly content. I’m not really sexually active, but that’s okay for me. I don’t need to seek gratification through intercourse. I’m comfortable enough in myself. Sure, sex might be something I think about quite a bit, but it’s not a priority. I’m happy just doing me.


Edition 30 2019

Humans of UniSA

The hardest thing I’ve experienced is not being able to have sex with the person I've been in a relationship with for three years, due to having

Frankie Gogler Master of Social Work

endometriosis. It all started in 2014 when, all of a sudden, intercourse became more difficult and painful. When I had my first gyno appointment, I remember the doctor couldn’t even do the examination properly because my muscles

Interview and photography by Geena Ho

were so tight. I was then referred to a pelvic floor physio, who showed me how to do dilator exercises. However, I found these exercises to be really uncomfortable, so I would avoid them as much I could. For a while, I hadn’t been making a lot of progress and things only became worse. At that point, I was really struggling with my mental health. I wouldn’t even really talk about it with my friends because I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. I didn’t feel like a woman anymore, let alone a human. After I was referred to a sex psychologist, I then started to develop the mental ability to do my dilator exercises regularly. Through this process, I also learnt to not be so ashamed about my condition. Now that I’ve overcome it, I’ve been able to have (mostly) pain-free sex, and it’s become more of an enjoyable and pleasurable experience. I’m quite happy to be opening up about this because I feel like we need to break down some of the stigmas we typically associate with sex. If there is anyone experiencing endometriosis out there, I can assure you that help is available and you will get through it. While it takes a lot of courage, patience and determination, it’s possible to have a pleasurable sexual experience again. ◼

Edition 30 2019


Match Studio: One size fits all Words and artwork by Match Studio

Students at the university’s innovative learning space, Match Studio, write about the pitfalls of gender specific design, while also addressing the challenges, and possible solutions, for designing in an increasingly gender-fluid society.


Edition 30 2019


esigners are taught that one of the first

Like many creative industries, design

steps during the creative process is

has historically been male dominated. This

understanding the needs of the user. At

is reflected in the way many human-centred

Match Studio, this principle is applied in a

products are branded and advertised. For

number of different ways. For instance, the

example, the size of construction tools and

Interior Architecture students who redesigned

electronic devices are usually catered towards

UniSA College took part in a collaborative

the larger male hand. This gender specific

workshop in order to understand how students

approach extends to car safety, with crash

and staff utilise the space already, and how

test dummies being historically based on the

this could be approved to better meet their

average height and weight of men. Sometimes,

needs. While this occurred, the Communication

the justification is rationalised under the

Design students at Match Studio were tasked

thinking of ‘one size fits all,’ meaning the

with improving student engagement through

design is intended to meet the needs of those

the university’s Career Service, and conducted

who are most likely to interact with it. In

a student-wide survey before they started

some cases, males and females are seen as

designing. When you’re a student in this

isolated groups of people, and are therefore

sort of situation, it’s fairly easy to become

targeted through branding and advertisement

complacent and make assumptions on your

accordingly. However, the problem with this

audience, which is why these sorts of steps are

thought process is how it tends to marginalise

important. However, this step becomes even

and extend the gap between us. Therefore,

more significant when you’re designing for a

we must ask ourselves how a more inclusive

completely different demographic from your

approach to design can be applied during the

own, as the assumptions we make about certain

creative process. In a contemporary context,

social groups have the potential to negatively

this article extends itself by also considering

influence people’s judgement. In this article,

those who identify as transgender, and

we’ll be discussing the impact of designing


for specific genders, and why assumptions concerning this can be problematic.

Edition 30 2019


Match Studio


Edition 30 2019

Match Studio

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, such as tampons and pads, many brands are doing their part. However, there is still a certain amount of frustration that remains when they are still marketed through pastel colour pallets, script typographic branding, and floral decoration. While it’s probably disingenuous to blame this pervasive use of feminine visual clichés on male designers, they still exist nonetheless. When it comes down to it, different visual motifs have been classed as either masculine or feminine, and have been used to target these demographics accordingly. Curved, flowing, smooth typography is often used to appeal towards women; while rigid, straight fonts with strong serifs and thick line strokes are considered more masculine in nature. These distinctions also apply to colour choice as well, where the classic ‘blue for boys, pink for girls’ stereotype is applied through darker tints and lighter tints, respectively. This means, there are (typically) two different ways of gender grouping that revolve around colour. Such visual classifications with gender marginalise us and have become culturally embedded into our society.

Edition 30 2019



Edition 30 2019

Match Studio

However, designers have the authority

in which all stakeholders of the project make a

to undo much of this. In fact, there are some

creative contribution in formulating a solution.

practical ways in which we can promote

By challenging the authoritative and creative

and instil gender fluidity through neutral

separation between designer, client and user,

visual motifs. For instance, simple san serif

assumptions are broken, and everyone’s needs

typefaces, minimalist iconography and natural

are recognised. This is perhaps one of (if not,

colours are just some of the ways to achieve a

the most) important aspects of the design

more balanced design. This visual language

process, and is where many designers go

has a greater chance of reaching a wider

wrong when approaching gendered design.

demographic, as the quality and functionality of

A framework of this kind could be utilised as a

the product is placed at the forefront, opposed

way to address the challenges of gender-fluid

to it relying on overt gender identifiers. On the

design, as it rejects the possibility of adopting

other hand, it has the potential to homogenise

visual language based on assumptions. Having

the visual landscape. In restricting visual

the collective experiences, perspectives

motifs (that can be considered gendered),

and knowledges of a diverse group of people

designers have less tools to work with. This

embedded in the design repositions the practice

also limits the potential for these motifs to be

as inclusive, rather than utilitarian. While many

reconceptualised if they are consistently used

question the validity of the co-design approach

in a neutral, or opposing, setting. With this

and the ways it can be implemented, it still

considered, it is believed that addressing the

has the potential to break down these negative

multiplicity of sexual and gender identities

stereotypes. Design has, and always will be, a

requires a theoretical framework, as much as

mediator for social change, so it’s important

a practical one. Many Match Studio projects,

that practitioners in the field address the

like the ones mentioned at the beginning of

increasing pervasiveness of gender fluidity in

this article, actually adopt something known

mainstream society. â—ź

as co-design, which (in short) is the process

Edition 30 2019


Review: Clichéd porn plots Words by Ryan Colsey

The teacher-student fling

The seductive step-parent

It’s every teenager’s fantasy

Ahh, yes, nothing like keeping

projected onto the computer

it in the family. Perhaps the

screen in your parents’

biggest problems with this plot

basement. This plot makes

are the serious psychological

perfect sense—combine a

issues these characters

hormonal young person, with

face, and how they're never

a lonely, controlling teacher,

addressed. This storyline is

and you have a very plausible

also based on the assumption

outcome. The likelihood of

that sex with your step-parent

a plot hole existing in these

is perfectly fine because you’re

sorts of productions is quite

not blood-related. However,

low, but they’re still not

the biggest turn-off with

perfect. In reality, a person

this is knowing that you’re

this horny probably isn’t going

indulging in a fantasy where

to be doing a very good job

you’re having sex with the

of teaching. However, if they

same person your biological

have these sorts of urges,

parent does. The thought

they should just become a uni

of your parent climaxing is

lecturer instead.

an instant boner-killer… no matter the situation.

Ryan Colsey

Let’s be real here. Most of the people who watch porn dismiss the storyline elements and always skip forward to ‘the good parts.’ We get it though. You’re probably a bit distracted to be focusing your attention on the acting skills and character development. However, these elements often go unnoticed and don’t receive the attention they rightfully deserve. Here at Verse, we want to be as inclusive as possible and believe it’s integral to bring visibility towards the most underrated part of pornography. So, this review details some of the most clichéd porn plots that you should definitely be paying more attention to.

A special massage

An extended visit at the doctor's

The plumber

This would definitely have to

Much like the lonely, controlling

This has got to be the most

be one of the most horrible

teacher, this plot is completely

plausible ploton this list.

plots, mostly because happy

against the ethics of the

Plumbers are experienced

ending massages aren’t even

medical field. Sure, some of

handlers of damp and dirty

that hard to cum by (see what I

us may have fantasised about

objects, so the transition from

did there). It makes the whole

going to Pound Town with a

work to sex should almost be

situation less erotic. These

sexy healthcare professional,

seamless. It also makes a lot

plots have no real suspense as

but you just can’t help but

of sense—the homeowner

there is absolutely no doubt in

consider a bit of logic here.

invites the plumber in, they

either character’s mind that

When you consider that doctor

start checking them out, and

sex is definitely on the cards.

appointments are arranged

one thing leads to another. All

All the other plots discussed

when you’re ill, under what

of sudden, the pipes under the

have at least some level of

circumstance is vigorous

sink aren’t the only ones that

uncertainty, or sexual tension.

sex ever a smart idea? It’s

need some adjusting. There is

But here, it just doesn’t come

annoying when you have to

still one question that remains

as a surprise.

spend hours in the waiting

unanswered though—what

room, so how comfortable

happens when the plumber

would you be knowing the

charges for overtime?

reason for the delay is because your doctor’s having sex with every prior patient?

Edition 30 2019



The signs as adult outlets Words by Annabel Bowles


Edition 30 2019

Annabel Bowles







• • •

21 Mar – 19 Apr

• •

Spends too much money on their car Gym addict Loves going to shisha lounges

20 Apr – 20 May

Room is constantly messy Still uses ex’s Netflix account Has been to a meditation camp

21 May – 20 Jun

• • •

Has to ask parents to have a sleepover Owns a highlighter collection Easily entertained




23 Jul – 22 Aug

23 Aug – 22 Sep


Mary’s Poppin

Madame Josephine’s

• • •

• • •

• • •

21 Jun – 22 Jul

Writes bad poetry Has a lot of ex-best friends Still uses Tumblr

Better fashion sense than you Counts their Instagram likes Only drinks long blacks

Loves going on wine tours PAFC Member Always fake-tanned





Good Vibrations

Phone Sex

• • •

• • •

23 Sep – 22 Oct

Enthusiastic about


• •

Regularly uses LinkedIn Always one step ahead of you

23 Oct – 21 Nov

Once had a tooth gem Wants to bring back MySpace Thinks Bali is its own country

22 Nov – 21 Dec

Reads The Advertiser religiously Will cook you dinner High school chess champion






• • •

• • •

22 Dec – 19 Jan

Is part of a rowing club Owns RM Williams boots ‘Entrepreneur’

20 Jan – 18 Feb

• •

Either really chill or really intense Says yes to everything Still uses that selfie from three

19 Feb – 20 Mar

Always busy with a side-hustle Hedonistic af Wiser than you

years ago

Edition 30 2019



USASA Club Feature: Rainbow Club Interview conducted by Geena Ho

Could you start off by telling us some of your goals

Images provided by Rainbow Club

for the future of Rainbow Club? What do you hope to achieve over the coming years?

It only seemed natural for us to revisit

Recently, we’ve been doing significant work with staff members to improve what university

our friends at the Rainbow Club for

offers queer students. Our goals are to establish

this year’s Sex Edition. Since we last

an Ally Network, an autonomous queer space,

touched base, a lot has happened. For instance, they dominated at the

and a USASA Board representative. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for us though.

recent UniSA Club Awards. They were

Rainbow Club was recently named USASA’s Club

presented with the prestigious USASA

of the Year. Why do you believe it’s so important

Club of the Year, while their President, Natrydð Sigurthur, took home Club Executive of the Year. Rainbow Club

to have an inclusive club like yours at university? A sense of belonging can make a big difference to the way people experience university. We feel the need to provide a visible presence

has certainly come a long way since

within our campus community so that students

their establishment in 2011. Back then,

and staff don’t feel so alone in their academic

the club operated as more of a social gathering for queer and gender diverse students alike. Nowadays, they’re one of the most active clubs on campus who aim to promote a safe and inclusive environment for students of diverse sexual orientation, gender identity, and

and professional journey. Despite achieving marriage equality, queer people still experience various forms of discrimination, and we want to do whatever possible to minimise that at UniSA. What do you offer students? We offer possibilities for students to meet each other through events, while also advocating for better services. We collaborate closely with our

biological sex. In this interview, Geena

equivalent clubs at the University of Adelaide

Ho caught up with the Rainbow Club to

and Flinders University to hold large, high-

see what’s been going on.

quality events like Pride Fest and Queer Ball. We also organise smaller events, such as picnics, bake sales and sexual health stalls on campus. Many of our members are from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, so we’ve translated our brochure into Arabic, Mandarin and Spanish to provide useful information to students who may otherwise miss out. What has been the most exciting thing Rainbow Club has been a part of so far? That would definitely have to be Pride March 2018. We banned together with Adelaide’s queer community to express our strengths in diversity. It was also a great opportunity for us


Edition 30 2019

Ryan Colsey

'Apart from getting society to fully embrace and accept us, we also need to look internally within the broader queer community' to increase our visibility. Behind the scenes, getting UniSA to support the establishment of an Ally Network has also been a huge feeling of accomplishment, and shows that our hard work in advocating for students is effective. What is your take on the current social climate around the queer community? Our community continues to develop and we’re making great strides towards equality. Apart from getting society to fully embrace and accept us, we also need to look internally within the broader queer community—especially with how we accept people of diverse cultures, ethnicities, and those who don’t adhere to the typical queer boundaries. Recently, religious discrimination has become a public issue and, unfortunately, queer people of faith lack visibility and obvious support structures due to the assumption that religion and queerness are inherently incompatible. How can we all help to make a difference? Tell your mates our club exists and get them to join for free through USASA. Volunteer at our events—we want to do regular on-campus events, but that’s difficult to achieve with six campuses. We’re also looking for students who speak languages in addition to English to help translate our posters, social media posts, and brochures. Anyone who helps us out also gets a treat, like free lunch, or bubble tea. ◼ If you’re interested in joining the Rainbow Club, or want to find out more information, be sure to send them an email at, or message their Facebook page.

USASA Financial Counselling

Need help putting the pieces together? Financial Counsellors can help you to develop a budget, help manage your finances, assist in dealing with university debt management and provide access to food support. To book an appointment visit

Want to be a

Student Leader? • Develop confidence & leadership • Build networks with staff & students • Increase your employability • Receive professional development • Assist with events • Give a voice to all students • Gain experience on Boards & Committees • Take part in university decision-making

Lead & represent your peers. Find out more at

September & October

What’s On September 11 2040 Film Screening - Student Sustainability Collective 12 Let’s Talk About Sex (City West) - UniSA Rainbow Club 13 USASOE Hindley Street Raid Pub Crawl - USASOE 19 Clubs Quiz Night - USASA Clubs 20 Illustration Animation Grad Show Raffle 20 Bar Trek Voyager Pub Crawl - Illustration & Animation Grad Show 21 Arch Gala - Architecture & Interior Architecture Club 21 Bike Ride & Picnic - UniSA Rainbow Club 21 On your bikes, get set, go! - Aspiring Planners Society 21 Clinical Exercise Physiology Pubcrawl - Clinical Exercise Physiology Society 22 ORAH Camp - ROUSTAH 28 SA International Students Prom - Chinese Students & Scholars

October 11 Showpony Open Mic - Showpony 18 Halloween Spooktacular - UniSA Rainbow Club 18 UniSA Business Ball 2019 - Business Schools

Recurring Events Weekly UniSA Art Club Weekly Sessions Weekly Magill Lunch Project Weekly Bible Talks - UniSA City Evangelical Students Weekly Music Lovers Rehearsals Weekly Overseas Christian Fellowship Weekly Sessions Weekly SP5 UniSA Ballet Classes Beginners to Advanced Intermediate to Advanced Beginners

Check out these events and more at 64

Edition 30 2019

USASA PRESIDENT'S LETTER Welcome back to everyone who is returning for the second half of the year, and a special welcome to those of you who are starting midyear (like I did) for the first time here at UniSA. For those of you who still don’t know, USASA is your student association here at UniSA run by students for students! For those of you wondering around campus aimlessly with nothing to do make sure you head over to your campus USASA counter and grab yourself some freebies and talk to one of our student staff members about services we offer for you. There is still plenty of fun stuff coming

If you don’t already make sure you follow

up this semester, so if you missed out on our

USASA on all the usual socials so that you never

welfare event UniTopia in SP2 make sure to

miss out on an event again.

keep your eye out because it is returning for an encore. We also have partnered up with the

Insta: @USASAadelaide

University and batyr for a joint ‘R U OK? Day’

Facebook: /USASAadelaide

activation. If you happen to miss the actual event it is important to always look out for

That’s all for now but if you ever have any

yourself and your friends through your time at

questions, concerns, or suggestions then don’t

Uni, so ask them if they’re okay all the time!, not

hesitate to get in touch. There is always someone

just that one day.

to listen.

And if you’ve been involved in a club this year or seen one of the hundreds of club-run

Much love,

activations around your campus, from bake sales and sausage sizzles, to pub-crawls and formals, now is the time to nominate your favourite USASA club!! You can do so by simply typing in ‘Club Nominations’ into USASA’s website. All the

Grace Dixon

winners will be announced at our annual Club

2019 USASA President

Awards Night October 11th so make sure you come

along – it is a great night for everyone involved and it is so great to see fellow students get acknowledge for all the extra work they do outside of study to make the whole university experience better for one another. 65

Bring a mate, share some chips, and start the conversation!

Mawson Lakes

GP Courtyard



Student Lounge, Building A


A diverse genders, sexes, and sexualities friendly event



2 0 1 9 FREE tickets to the orchestra * behind-the-scenes opportunities social events and meet-ups additional discounts and special offers *Ts & Cs apply. Visit for full information

Membership $50 Join at

Edition 30 2019


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