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hether you are in search of a new family dentist or need a complete smile makeover, our practice is prepared to serve you with the utmost care and attention.

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January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

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6 Interview of Riverside Theatre Star Jeffrey Kringer 10 Voices of Vero: What’s On Your Bucket List? (from March) 13 Earthing by Dr. Stephen Sinatra (from September) 17 Voices of Vero: What Was Your Favorite Show As A Kid? (from July) 18 Travels by Steven: The Oldest City in America (from March) 20 Movie Review by Marshall Frank – West Side Story 22 Recipes: Immune Boosting Foods 24 Treasure Coast Stylist: Best of 2021 Fashion Gems 26 Tech Insights: Domain Names



95 Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach, Fl 32960


anuary is our “Best of” issue where we pick some of our favorite articles from 2021 (in case you missed them!) along with some new ones. Hope you enjoy!


We wish everyone a Happy Blessed New Year, filled with much laughter, love, and good health!


- Barbara Freund & Rhett Palmer

ive theatre is back at Riverside Theatre with their first professional production in almost two years! Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel opens January 4th and runs through the 23rd. Time magazine named Carousel the best musical of the 20th century. Pictured on the cover is Jeffrey Kringer (Billy Bigelow) and Samantha Bruce (Julie Jordan) Photo by Angel Udelhoven Check out Rhett's interview of actor Jeffrey Kringer who is starring as Billy Bigelow, on page 6.

Erma Bombeck’s Wisdom & Witticisms

I loved reading Erma Bombeck’s newspaper columns and miss her sense of humor and view of the world. I recently bumped into these and wanted to share. Seize the moment. Remember all those women on the ‘Titanic’ who waved off the dessert cart. When my kids become wild and unruly, I use a nice, safe playpen. When they’re finished, I climb out. Success is outliving your failures. He who laughs.....lasts. Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died. Cleaning the house while the children are home is like shoveling while it’s still snowing. I haven’t trusted polls since I read that 62% of women had affairs during their lunch hour. I’ve never met a woman in my life who would give up lunch for sex. 4

January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

My theory on housework is, if the item doesn’t multiply, smell, catch fire, or block the refrigerator door, let it be. No one else cares. Why should you? If I had my life to live over, instead of wishing away nine months of pregnancy, I’d have cherished every moment and realized that the wonderment growing inside me was the only chance in life to assist God in a miracle. The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one. No one ever died from sleeping in an unmade bed. Grandparenthood is one of life’s rewards for surviving your own children. Guilt: the gift that keeps on giving.


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January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice




Rhett Palmer: We have a Broadway star coming to the Riverside Theatre in Vero Beach. Good morning, Jeffrey Kringer. Are you in New York City right now? Jeffrey Kringer: I am. And it’s cold, but I’m holding up to it.


January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


o you’re on the West Side? I always picture actors on the West Side for some reason. Good guess, yes. I’m on the West Side up in Harlem right now. There are beautiful parks up here and good people.

You’re coming to the Riverside Theater soon as the carnival barker, Billy Bigelow, and the show is Carousel. Are you excited about doing this? I couldn’t be more excited. I’ve been away from theater for about two years now because of the pandemic and everything being shut down. So it’s really exciting to be back and take on a role that I’ve always wanted to play. The folks at Riverside are great people, they put up great shows, so it couldn’t be a better situation. I understand your entire family is involved in showbiz: your father, your mother, and your brother. That’s right. I guess you could say we got bitten by the bug. My dad was my drama teacher in high school, and so it was just something that I grew up around. Rodgers and Hammerstein, Les Misérables, these were all tunes I’d been listening to regularly. My brother’s an opera singer in London right now, but we all meet up every week and chat and catch up about what we’re getting into. My little brother is a very talented piano player, actor, singer. So you could say my dad led the charge as far as getting us all involved, but we’ve loved it ever since. You said something very interesting which gives great insight of the solidity of your foundation and your family: you get together once a week. You all have a conference call together? Yes, we do. My little brother left the nest just last year so my parents are newly empty nesters and it’s pretty tough, us being scattered around right now, and especially if I’m going off to do theater jobs around the country, or even internationally, and my brother is in London, like I said. The last year has brought us together in definitely a different way, I would say. I wonder if there’s been any studies done that prove the people that are involved in musical careers actually have happier lives. I bet you there is. And my girlfriend actually does kind of artistic therapy studies. She’s in graduate school right now, and she actually is studying that very same thing of the impact of art and music and dance in our lives, and how it contributes to our overall mental state. Is she going to see your performance in Carousel at the Riverside Theater here in Vero Beach? Yes, she’s planning on making the trip from San Jose all the way down to Florida to come and see the show, probably the same weekend as my parents.

How did you get involved in a production of West Side Story that you’re going to do over in France next year? Well, that’s the beauty of the entertainment industry and the theatrical industry in the modern era is that you can get your work out there a lot easier right now. I had done a production of West Side Story in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a beautiful production directed by Mark Clement, the artistic director out there, and choreographed by John Rua, an original member of the Hamilton cast and has some brilliant original choreography that he develops with his company in New York. I had some great footage that Milwaukee Repertory Theater had captured for me while I was there and just kind of put out into the ether. Sure enough, this opera company in France reached out over the last year and was interested in bringing me over there to do the role. It’s an exciting thing.

It’s really exciting to take on a role that I’ve always wanted to play. The folks at Riverside are great people, they put up great shows, so it couldn’t be a better situation. I see in your bio that you graduated from the State University of New York at Fredonia. Yes, I did. And I actually teach some high school drama classes every year at Schenectady High School as well. Fredonia was great. It’s a very good little liberal arts school just north of the Pennsylvania border, and I was given a lot of opportunity. see also in your bio, “Soon after (graduating), he made homes out of the audition rooms of 8th Avenue.” Now forgiving my naivety, but what does that mean? Well, 8th Avenue is kind of the staple area for a lot of actors to have to go to audition for parts. It’s where, say, a creative team from Riverside Theater would hire out a room and hire out a casting team, and they’d all sit in the room for the week and would see actor, after actor, after actor, come in and audition for the show. And so that’s where a lot of actors like Interview by me spend their time here in New York. “In a small coastal village in Maine, carnival barker Billy Bigelow” – that’s who you’ll be playing – “falls in love and marries a local millworker Julie Jordan. The romance Rhett Palmer quickly faces obstacles as both lose their jobs just as they learn she is pregnant.”


January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


…stepping into a character’s shoes, you’re not able to do it truthfully unless you’re able to be an open and receptive human yourself. – Jeffrey Kringer

And somehow you’re an accomplice in a robbery, you die, and then you come back 15 years later. Are you excited about doing the show? Yes, I’m definitely excited about doing it. I grew up with Rogers and Hammerstein; I think they’re brilliant writers and composers. (Continued next page) llen approached me about it in New York and asked me if I would be interested in coming and doing a workshop of Billy Bigelow for Carousel to see if it was something that was within my range. And I was excited by it because he wanted to stay true to the original story. Billy Bigelow is a young guy in his early 20s and he gets involved with a young girl just in her late teens. Usually the show is done with older actors, veteran actors, and I was excited to bring a youthful energy to the show, because I think that’s really what the show is about: in the moment, impulsive decisions that maybe we don’t consider the weight of until it’s too late. That’s actually a pretty thorough summary of what the show is from beginning to end. And Billy Bigelow definitely would be considered an anti-hero. I think there are so many lessons to be learned from those two characters’ journey.



January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

That’s a really interesting insight, that you’re growing as a human being by playing these various parts and putting your heart and soul into it, and then reflecting on the character. I want to compliment you on that. I appreciate it, thank you. I think that was a big part of my cultivation as an actor in college actually, kind of discovering that putting on a performance and stepping into a character’s shoes, you’re not able to do it truthfully unless you’re able to be an open and receptive human yourself. Are you going to sing the classic “You’ll Never Walk Alone?” That’s not one of Billy Bigelow’s songs. “If I Love You” is a classic that Billy Bigelow sings. He sings soliloquy as this kind of big seven-and-a-half-minute number with this beautiful throughline. It’s kind of like a big powerhouse, musical theatre standard that he wails out once he finds out that his wife is pregnant, and it’s just gorgeous. So I’m excited to pull that one out. I’m pretty excited about you coming to Vero Beach. Jeffrey Kringer is starring in Carousel at the Riverside Theatre January 4th through the 23rd.


Featuring beloved songs “If I Loved You,” “June Is Bustin' Out All Over,” and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Carousel is one of the most beautiful and compelling musicals of the 20th century.

Music by Richard Rodgers Book & Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II


Buy tickets: 772-231- 6990 • See more of what’s happening at:

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Dale Mauro and his son Brian

On Your First Pest Control Service With A New Annual Agreement January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


MARCH 2021


by Doolin Dalton

What’s on Your

Bucket List ? I would love to travel to Alaska and enjoy the Northern Lights and go whale watching. -Rachael Pollack, MARKETING DIRECTOR AT HAMILTON HOME LOANS

I’d love to go skydiving and see the world. Bora Bora and Beijing are on my list of places to visit. -Ingrid Hernandez, ARY KAY SALES DIRECTOR

I’d love to buy a Dukati and drive it down the coast of Italy. -Chris Nolan, ASSISTANT BROKER AT REMAX

What I’d really like to do is travel to Norway with my children and explore my heritage with them. -Jason Patzer, HOME INSPECTOR

My passion in life is to help teenagers and to help motivate them with financial and life goals. -Liz Montalvo, WARRANTY ANALYST


I’d like to see myself become one of the biggest family-owned A/C Companies in Vero Beach. -Steven Bates,

I was in the military so I’ve already seen much of the world. At this point, I’m just interested in keeping a successful business and ensuring that my family stays involved. -James Melton,

To take a three- or four-day trip down the Amazon River. -Jordan Lulich,



I have a deposit down for a seven-day yoga retreat in Costa Rica, so you could say I’m living it! -Pamela Parris, REALTOR

I’d just love to see my poems published. -David Kimball, CHAPLAIN

10 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

I want to go to Hawaii on a family vacation and learn to surf. -Tabitha Tuccillo,


I’d love to buy 100 acres of land and build a self-sustaining forest. Everything in the forest would be edible, and I would open it to the public. I’d allow people to bring backpacks to gather all the food they want, and take it with them, and perhaps leave a small donation on their way out. -Anthony Castaldi, MSMD PERCEPTION

Jason Patzer Chris Nolan


Pollock James Melton Ingrid Hernandez

Liz Montalvo




tabitha Tuccillo


steven Bates

Jordan Lulich

anthony Castaldi January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


It’s Showtime!

January 12-23

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Sundays January 16 - March 27

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Box Office: Open M - F, 10am - 2pm • 2020 San Juan Avenue

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FREE RX DELIVERY! (772) 978-6470 • 4015 20th Street • Vero Beach HOURS: MON-FRI 8AM - 6PM, SAT 9AM - 2PM

12 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

• Delivery service available • Personalized compounding • We accept most insurance plans and Worker’s Comp • Free delivery and Free flavoring for pediatric medications • Download our mobile app RX 2 Go to request refills and more!

You’re not just a number. You’re our neighbor. – Edwin Perkins, Owner/Pharmacist w w w. per ki nsvb. com


health decision we make on a daily basis is what we eat.”

Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?



ity, ation with ational ketplace is all about.

by Stephen Sinatra, M.D., F.A.C.C.

d sought-after cardiologists whose as revitalized patients with even the r and the founder of the New England top integrative cardiologists by ease with complementary nutritional, elped tens of thousands of people to tive lives.


hroughout practically all of history, we humans have walked barefoot and slept on the ground, largely oblivious to the fact that the gentle surface energies of the Earth harmonize and stabilize the body’s fundamental biological rhythms and keep inflammation at bay. In our contemporary Western world, the widespread use Stephen Sinatra, of insulative rubber- or plastic-soled shoes has disconnected M.D., F.A.C.C. us from these nurturing energies and, of course, we no longer sleep on the ground as we did in times past. New research, which I am proud to be involved in, indicates that this physical disconnect from the Earth creates abnormalities in the physiology and contributes to the chronic inflammation, pain, fatigue, stress, and poor sleep that are so rampant in our modern society. Along with the research has emerged an amazingly simple remedy for many health problems, including the chronic inflammation regarded as the cause of most common modern diseases, including cardiovascular disease. The remedy Palmer “Live” is something right beneath our feet - the Earth itself!


The Greatest Health Discovery in My Career During my nearly 40 years as a practicing cardiologist, I have encountered and used many wonderful natural treatments and seen first-hand astounding lifesaving technological advances. The greatest health discovery of my career, however, is something totally different and more natural than anything I could ever have imagined. This discovery is called Earthing, and it means reconnecting the human body to the Earth’s natural and subtle electric frequencies that few people even know exist. The surface of the planet, science tells us, brims with healthsustaining energy, but until recently the extraordinary benefits that it offers were basically unknown. (Continued on page 15)

“Research suggests that direct physical contact with the Earth reconnects you to the natural electric signal from the Earth governing all living organisms dwelling upon it.” January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice 13


(Continued from page 13)


onnecting the human body to this natural resource is utterly simple– just go barefoot outdoors. If you have ever walked along the beach near the surf, or on a grassy field wet with morning dew, you may have felt the energy in the form of gentle tingling or warmth in your feet and legs. You can also connect to this energy by sleeping, working, sitting, or resting on specially-designed and inexpensive conductive sheets, bands, or mats that transfer the energy via a wire into your home and office. These unique devices often relieve common health and pain problems. Recovery from surgery, injury, and extreme athletic performance is accelerated. People report sleeping better with more energy during the day. They feel better. For more than ten years, thousands of people around the world - men, women, children, and athletes - have incorporated Earthing into their daily routines. The results have been documented and they are extraordinary. This surprising yet totally intuitive subject is the focus of a new book that I have had the privilege to co-author. It is called Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever? (Basic Health Publications, 2010). In the book, my co-authors and I present research and observations collected during more than 12 years that strongly suggest that the biggest antiinflammatory on the planet is - get this! - the very planet itself. Basically, we live on top of a global treatment table! A Missing Link to Health? The research also suggests that direct physical contact with the Earth reconnects you to the natural electric signal from the Earth governing all living organisms dwelling upon it. The signal restores your body’s natural internal bioelectrical stability and rhythms, which in turn promote normal functioning of body systems, including the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, and immune systems. It shifts the nervous system from stress-dominated functioning to one of calmness. By reconnecting, you enable your body to return to its normal evolutionary electrical state, better able to self-regulate and self-heal. The Earth’s surface energy takes the form of a virtually unlimited reservoir of free electrons, subatomic particles. When “uploaded” into your body as a

result of direct physical contact with the ground, these electrons appear to quell the rampage of destructive free radicals at the basis of chronic pain and inflammation. Our hypothesis is that this effect takes place as negatively-charged electrons - like reinforcements swarming into battle - suffuse the body, basically overwhelming and neutralizing positively-charged free radicals. Earthing, we say, remedies a commonplace electron deficiency and thus reduces or eliminates inflammation. I see Earthing as a profoundly simple, practical, effective, and cost-cutting way to combat common illnesses and pain problems, and, from a preventive standpoint, keep people healthy. To me it represents a missing link in the health equation. In my own field of cardiology, Earthing has great promise for improving arrhythmias, blood pressure, circulation, and the vital pumping activity of the heart. I recently participated in a pilot study on the electrodynamics of blood cells that indicates Earthing significantly improves viscosity (blood thickness) and flow. Another study I was involved in showed how Earthing contributes to a de-stressing and balancing effect on the nervous system. It’s fascinating to think of the Earth as a medicallysignificant and natural blood thinner, tranquilizer, and anti-inflammatory. I fully expect many more benefits to emerge with ongoing research.

To hear the podcast on Doctor Pod, visit: https://www.buzzsprout. com/1768387/8416857 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice 15



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(772) 979-GOLF 16 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


*Starting fares for a one-way ticket. For Elite Airways flights, the first checked bag and carry-on will be free, $50.00 for a second checked bag, and $75.00 for the third checked bag per person. Each checked bag weighing between 51 and 70 pounds will be assessed a fee of $25 in addition to the checked bag fee. Each checked bag weighing between 71 and 100 pounds will be assessed a fee of $100. All fares are quoted in U.S. Dollars ($USD) unless otherwise specified. **Except emergency exit seating. Visit for more details on our standard baggage service fee schedule. Dates of the advertised flights are subj subject to change in accordance with regulatory requirements. See the TSA website for a list of prohibited items. Route dates/times subject to FAA approval.

JULY 2021


by Doolin Dalton

What was your favorite show as a kid?

MASH. It had everything: comedy, drama, and action. Plus, I have happy memories of watching it with my mother.

-Elizabeth Shreve,

I’m going to have to say Home Improvement. I always liked building things and working on cars, but just like Tim, I can be quite clumsy as well. My most memorable Christmas gift was a wooden box that folded open and had a bunch of tools in it. It was the first hammer that I hit my finger with and the first saw that I nicked myself with. I always loved the real bond that they shared as a family on the show and something that I genuinely loved as I was from a broken home. I really appreciated the memories of believing in what they portrayed as what could be real— a real home that was an improvement from the one I grew up in.

-Joseph Michael Gabriel Pernal

Transformers! They were more than meets the eye! The tale of the epic struggle between good and evil… with robots!

Some of my earliest memories was watching Cheers with my parents. I’d sit and watch with them and laughed when they laughed. I had no idea what I was laughing at; I just knew that it was time to laugh!


-Kenny Huling, BARTENDER


When I was young, I loved watching Rainbow Brite, but when I got older I watched a lot of Adventure Time. Heroic adventures, outstanding morals, and creativity.

-Leah Cortez,

Walker, Texas Ranger! I grew up watching every episode with my dad on Saturday nights, and have been a huge Chuck Norris fan since I can remember.

-Robert Carter,


Oh man, for me it had to be the Saturday morning X-Men cartoon series. I was so into comic books when that show came out and was hyped every Saturday morning when it came on. That theme song was epic!


BUILDING SUPPORT SPECIALIST January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


MARCH 2021


by Steven Eidelberg

The Oldest City in

America O

Historic Casa Monica Resort & Spa

Chefs preparing fried shrimp and fish at O'Steen's Restaurant 18

January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

ne of the most historic cities in the country is right here in Florida just a few hours north of Vero Beach, and often overlooked for the English historical cities of Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. I’m speaking, of course, of St. Augustine: the oldest continuously occupied European settlement in the USA founded by the Spanish in 1565. Our country and state’s fabric is weaved with Spanish history, and what better place to take a drive for a long weekend than to explore the narrow cobblestone streets and colonial architecture. The best time to go is shoulder season, March through May. Not only for the great weather, but also for good pricing without having to endure the heat of the summer (since you’ll be doing a lot outside in this old city). I first visited on a drive from New York to Miami when I was nine years old. My boyhood memories remembered mostly kitsch like Ripley’s Believe It or Not, and Potter’s Wax Museum (America’s oldest), and the spectacular fort Castillo de San Marcos National Monument, but visiting as an adult I can appreciate there is so much more: great boutiques, restaurants, live music venues and art galleries. Regarding art, you’ll want to visit the Lightner Museum for their eclectic collection and also visit the shops along St. George Street. Of course there is an Old Town Trolley Tour or the Red Train Tour (which many people prefer over the trolley) to hop on and off if you don’t want to walk, with over 20 stops each and an informative guide. But I like to explore by foot. There are some fantastic places to stay, and since it is for a nice long weekend, I recommend two different, but very nice upscale hotels. While many love to stay at the historic Casa Monica Resort & Spa which has been greeting people since 1888 in the style of many historic Florida hotels of the era, I prefer the more intimate The Collector – Luxury Inn

The Collector Inn courtyard

and Gardens. The Collector is an adult-only upscale inn surrounding a courtyard which is easily walkable to all that the old city has to offer. Both have strict health and safety protocols which will put your mind at ease as you relax in your room, their public spaces, or restaurants. peaking of restaurants, while I don’t think of St. Augustine as a “foodie” city, you won’t want to miss some the top restaurants for seafood. Be sure to make reservations for some of the most popular, because there may be limited seating due to Covid. Preserved is a lovely restaurant with a James Beard award-winning chef for an upscale night out; Catch 27 is St. Augustine’s best-known seafood restaurant and it lives up to its reputation; and for a no-frills treat for your stomach, you’ll want to head to Anastasia Island and get some spicy Minorcan chowder and plump fried shrimp at O’Steen’s Restaurant, but be prepared to wait a little while to be seated and note that it is cash only. And, while there are many places for a cocktail in the city, for a bit of history surrounding you with classic style, go no further than your hotel. There is The Well at The Collector which is one of my favorites for a nightcap, even if I am not staying there. It is housed in an historic structure and artfully outfitted with styling evocative of St. Augustine’s rich history and culture. St. Augustine may only be a short drive away, but if you haven’t been in a while or haven’t been at all, be sure to take advantage of this historic and charming town right in our backyard. You’ll step back in time and be glad you did.


Steve Eidelberg is the owner of Cousu Main Travel, an affiliate of Cruise Brothers Travel 401-369-8477 •,

The Well at The Collector

Steven Eidelberg

Historic St. George Street, St. Augustine

January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


REVIEWS West Side Story – PG13 by Marshall Frank

In a word: Magnificent.


he original 1961 movie version of West Side Story, directed by Jerome Robbins, won ten Oscars. Sixty years later, the 2021 version, directed by Steven Spielberg, will likely surpass ten. It is a fabulous picture that deserves to be considered among the greatest musical/ dramas of all time. Sadly, the big screen theaters will likely be disappointing as the movie makers and movie fans these days are watching such films on at-home large screens. The Covid-19 infestation may have much to do with that. I would still urge reluctant movie-goers to give the big screen version of this epic a viewing of the real thing. West Side Story deserves that. Among the biggest stories of the 2021 version is Spielberg’s utter genius in reaching out to virtually thousands of young actors/singers in assembling the very best cast possible. More often than not, youngsters who won a part in the movie had little background in show biz. The principal star playing the role of Maria was plucked from a plethora of some 30,000 wannabees in an effort to cast the very best of the best. New to the movie industry, that role went to Miss Rachel Zegler, now age twenty. (Remember that name.) Not only is Miss Zegler simple and beautiful, she has many natural elements needed in such an important role. Besides that, she has a pure and natural singing voice. No doubt we will be seeing a lot more of her in her movie career. Interesting to note, in the 1961 version the primary singers, such as Natalie Wood, did not actually sing because their voices were dubbed. In the 2021 version the voices are not dubbed. The full cast included roughly 30 street-gang players, some adult roles, all too many to include in a brief review. However, we must tip our hat to one star who appears in both versions of the movie, and that would be Rita Moreno

20 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

who won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress in 1961. In the new version, she plays Valentina, an elder woman who interacts with the young Hispanics of New York City’s “West Side.” And she also sings. Special credits are owed to other players as well, one being Ansel Elgort, age 27, who wonderfully plays Tony, the “Gringo” with whom Maria has fallen in love. Another powerful actress emerged from the cast who we will surely see in the future: Ariana Debose plays a voluptuous Puerto Rican teen whose energy is second to none. How will the awards be doled out for this movie? Very generously, I suspect. Best Director, Best Musical Score, Best Set Design, Best Acting in lead roles and supporting roles, Best Costumes, Best Cinematography, Best Sound, et cetera. We’ll know on March 27, 2022. Plenty of trivia for fans interested. For example, this film is the first time Steven Spielberg has directed a musical. Though this is Rachel Zegler’s first film role, Spielberg credits her as the greatest Maria he’s ever witnessed.


He’s taking me to C.J. Cannon’s!


TWO LOCATIONS: SW Corner of 20th Ave and Oslo Rd MON-SAT 7AM-3PM


C.J. Cannon’s

97 Royal Palm Pointe MON-FRI 7AM-3PM


Vintage Restaurant Classic Dining Breakfast Lunch • Dinner Cocktails


Overlooking the Vero Beach Airport 3414 Cherokee Drive • 772-567-7727 •




Chicken Club

Come See Me at

Crab Legs

Peterson’s Grove

Wednesday 2:00 till 5:00, Friday 2:00 till 5:00, Saturday 10:00 till 2:30 Chef Preparing My Seafood at Peterson’s Grove Every Saturday

Fresh Fish Filets

Take Out Available • Pan Pizzas, Philly Cheesesteaks, BBQ, Salads, Wings & More! • Featuring Saussie Pig Menu Items • Happy Hour Daily • Family Friendly Sports Pub Atmosphere

You’ve tried the rest Now try the best! South Vero Square Shopping Plaza (Near Oslo Road)

782 S. US Highway 1, Vero Beach, Florida

(772) 569-3336


Conch Chowder

Fresh STeoaYfoouor dDoor! ht

ig Delivered R

Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Sauce

Call Vickie 772.473.7883 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice 21

ImmuneBoosting Foods

for the New Year by Sharon Quercioli

Wow, 2022 … The last few years have brought unexpected challenges for all of us, but we look forward to a New Year full of health, happiness, and prosperity. One of the ways you can be proactive about your health is by eating well. There are plenty of immune-boosting foods you can pack into your daily regimen.

Berries Are Great For You


erries in general are a great addition to any diet. Most are packed with antioxidants (elderberries, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, etc.). Just look for a berry that is rich and vibrant in color. They’re not often as sweet as other fruit and that may be why they are often supplemented with sugar when people eat them. To avoid the unnecessary sugar, instead use berries as the sugar for other foods. • Top a kale salad with raspberries and blueberries • Top sugar-free yogurt with hemp seeds and your favorite mixture of berries • Use a mixture of your favorite berries in a smoothie • Make a parfait with sugar-free yogurt, berries, and toasted oats crumbles • Put blueberries and roasted chickpeas over a cool cucumber salad • Blend some raspberries in with your favorite glaze recipe for salmon • Make elderberry syrup (3 ½ c water, 2/3 c elderberries, 2 T ginger, 1 t cinnamon, ½ t ground cloves, and 1 c honey) in your InstantPot (9 minutes on high pressure. Quick release, then carefully strain)

ORANGE CINNAMON FRUIT SALAD I love a good fruit salad! It’s wonderful all year round. I love tossing some cut up fruit with two of my favorite homemade dressings. Remember that the fruit in this can be interchangeable depending on what you have around. INGREDIENTS

Lemon/Orange Dressing: 1 tablespoon orange juice 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon honey A pinch cinnamon Honey Lime Dressing: 1/4 cup honey Zest of 2 limes 1 1/2 tablespoons fresh lime juice For the fruit: 1 cup fresh blueberries 1 cup kiwi (peeled and diced) 1 cup mandarin oranges (peeled and segmented) 1 cup diced apples 1 cup grapes (halved) 1/2 cup pomegranate seeds A banana (peeled and sliced) INSTRUCTIONS • Prepare the fruit and place in large mixing bowl. Set aside. • Whisk together the dressing the ingredients and toss with the fruit.

I love to make this ahead of time and let it sit in the juices for a couple hours in the fridge before I serve it. It helps the flavors blend together. 22 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice


MENU Oy Oy Oysters!


ysters are packed with zinc, which is great if you’re trying to fight viruses. Zinc helps your body by activating white blood cells which are an important part of your immune system’s response. Zinc also helps heal wounds. Tomatoes are packed with vitamin C, so I suggest broiling some fresh oysters with this homemade tomato sauce.


2 pounds tomatoes Your favorite Italian herbs (I suggest oregano, parsley, and basil) 1 tablespoon red wine vinegar 2 tablespoons port wine 2 teaspoons sea salt 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 cloves garlic (minced) 2 tablespoons shallots (finely chopped) 2 dozen oysters INSTRUCTIONS • Preheat broiler. Cut tomatoes in half and place cut side up in baking dish. Broil about 3 inches from the heat for 10 to 15 minutes or just until the tomatoes release their juices. • Place the tomatoes, herbs, red wine vinegar, port wine, salt, and pepper in a blender and process. Stir in the shallots, garlic, and set aside. • Crumple some foil and then carefully open it up. Use the foil to line a rimmed baking sheet. (This will help keep the oysters upright.) • Shuck the oysters and leave them on a half shell. • Top each oyster with a 1/2 teaspoon of your tomato sauce. • Broil for about five to ten minutes. The edges of the oyster should just begin to curl. Enjoy! Sharon Quercioli, president of Our Wonderful World Media, is a highly successful entrepreneur and author of Eating to Live Well— a beautifully illustrated cookbook featuring dozens of healthy, mouthwatering recipes with down to earth information about how the foods we eat impact our health and wellness. She is a professional who Sharon Quercioli is deeply committed to educating and inspiring others. Sharon resides in West Palm Beach and can be reached at Visit Our Wonderful World Media at January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice 23

r e m l a P tt Rhe t s o H T alk


Award-Winnsting Talk Ho

Over 40,000 Interviews in 28 Years On Air! (Researched by a VERO Beach detective)



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Best of 2021






by Marianne Howell












Marianne Howell is a wardrobe consultant & personal stylist based on the Treasure Coast. She is drawn to simplicity and believes that less is more. Her goal is to help clients love their wardrobes and achieve an effortlessly stylish look that suits them best. You can see more of her current fashion finds at Find her online:; instagram, facebook, pinterest @treasurecoaststylist January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice 25

JUNE 2021


by Laura Steward

What You Should Know About Your


omain names. The addresses that you type into a web browser to get to things you are looking for. Names like or www. LauraSteward. com, or in the case of what I recently searched for, Shandong Noodle House. Except what I found was a site that I didn’t know wasn’t owned by the actual restaurant on Miracle Mile. It is owned by a company that is acting as middle man without the restaurant’s permission according to the restaurant’s owner. Let me explain why this is important enough to write about. Domain names are the internet’s unique way of finding your business and that is why only one person can own a specific spelling of a domain name. Unfortunately, nothing is stopping someone from buying a version of your domain name, or instead of .com, using .net, .org, .biz or many other options. In the case of Shandong Noodle House they bought, and currently use, Definitely shorter and easier to type, but they didn’t also buy This is critical for the real business because if you go to Google and type Shandong Noodle House Vero Beach, the first several listings are not the website actually owned and operated by the restaurant. Unfortunately, the real website for the restaurant at sdnoodle. com doesn’t show up in listings for several pages. And you cannot seem to place an online order for pickup. I discovered this when I went in for my order. Thankfully this was a legit site, which before I clicked to pay for my order, I triple checked things to make sure it was legit and not a hacking site. Sadly for the restaurant that order cost them 5% off the top of the order bill. Rather than fight, the restaurant has chosen to pay the 5% per order placed via that website. Perhaps because they do not want customer complaints? I wasn’t given any specific answer when I picked up my order. All I was told was it was not their website and they have to pay that owner 5% for every order placed via their online ordering. This is not illegal, but it is predatory. To prevent this happening to your business, make sure you buy the long name for your business, common misspellings of your business name, and even some alternatives. You never have to do anything with them, or you could

redirect them to your main website. The point is to protect your intellectual property that is your business web presence from someone looking to make a quick and shady buck off of you. I use to search for and buy domain names. There are others, but I find them trustworthy. You can fight the usurper of your domain name in court, but that takes time and money. That is what they count on. They don’t do this to big businesses anymore, but they do to many small business owners around the world. I’ve also seen people use other versions of your website for malicious purposes including posting incorrect information, being hateful to destroy your business, or even to embed malware on the computers of unsuspecting visitors to your website. rotect your income. Protect your name. So how many more domain names are you going to buy? And if you are looking to get some wonderful food from Shandong Noodle House, go to!


Laura Steward is a certified geek, business strategist, international speaker, award-winning author and beach lover. She lives in Sebastian, FL and can be reached at or via phone at 772-202-2138.

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NEED HELP with a Federal Government Agency?

Congressman Bill Posey and His Staff are Here to Serve You!


Over 25 Years of Tax Experience IRS Representation • Multi State Preparations Payroll • Sales Tax Bookkeeping (monthly, quarterly, annually) Tax Returns-Individuals, Partnerships, Corporations, LLCs QuickBooks Support • Tax Planning Incorporations (S-Corp, LLC) Assistance

If you have a problem with a federal government agency or department, such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, Social Security, Medicare, IRS, or the Passport Agency, etc., please feel free to contact my office.

Vero Beach Satellite Office

Limited Hours of Operation Indian River Administration Complex 1801 27th Street, Building A Vero Beach, Fl 32960 Phone: 772-226-1701

District Office

633 17th St, Vero Beach, FL 32960

2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Building C Melbourne, Fl 32940 Phone (321) 632-1776 Fax (321) 639-8595

To contact Rep. Posey by email, please visit: Paid for by official funds authorized by the House of Representatives.

We Haul Your Problems ) Away K N U J (

772-778-6903 Serving Indian River County

50 OFF Your Tax Preparation


New Clients Only. Must mention Vero’s Voice Magazine. Limited time offer. Limit one per client.

Touch of Class Cleaners New Location:

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N N C. C.









Veteran owned

Junk Monkey Services, llc 772-783-4110 Available 7 Days a Week





c llall 772-388-0533 acll ca a d o o ya!!y! 772-388-0533 t totdady 637 SebaStianblvd. blvd. 637 SebaStian 637 SebaStian blvd. SebaStian SebaStian SebaStian





inc. inc.





Residential • CommeRCial • industRial Residential • CommeRCial • industRial



complete complete electric electric Residential • CommeRCial • industRial


• WholeHouse House Automatic Automatic ••Whole Whole House Automatic Generators Generators Generators • Portable Generator Generator ••Portable Portable Generator Connections Connections Connections • Serviceand and Maintenance Maintenance ••Service Service and Maintenance Agreements Agreements Agreements Sales& Installation by • ••Sales Sales &&Installation Installation by Complete Electric Inc. Complete Complete Electric Electric Inc. • 24 Hour Emergency Service • • 24 24 Hour Hour Emergency Emergency Service Service EC0001911 / EC13001688 EC0001911 EC0001911 // EC13001688 EC13001688

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your purchase builds the story of home.

It’s the story of kids playing in their own yard while mom or dad cooks in their own kitchen. It’s the story of everyday security and dreams for the future. It’s the story of an affordable home a family built themselves with help from Habitat for Humanity and you.

Help families build the story of home.

Full Service Concierge Agents


OPEN 10AM - 6PM MON. - SAT. 4580 N. US HWY 1, Vero Beach, FL

! d e v o M e v We Ha

Recycling Made EASY


Glass Bottles and Jars

Aluminum/ Tin/Steel Cans


Not Recyclable

Plastics #1-7

NO Plastic Bags or StyrofoamTM

NO Tools or Heavy Metals

(Keep bottle caps on) NO Hoses or Cords


28 January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

NO Loose Bottle Capskeep caps on bottles

ith LL W

NO Shredded Paper


For info visit or call 226-3212

Coming Soon:

Freshly made-from-scratch

European and Hungarian Food!

Follow us on Facebook or at for our current menu & for photos of the new space!!

the Taste ness! pi Hap

390 21ST ST SuITE 103, VERO BEACH FL 32960

Tue-Thu 11AM – 8PM, Fri & Sat 11AM – 9PM, Sun 11AM – 8PM, Closed Mon • 772.213.8744


by Beth Walsh Stewart

the American Spirit Did you know?

• Michael Jordan was cut from his high school basketball team as a sophomore.

• George Washington lost twothirds of his battles before winning the Revolutionary War. • Sam Walton, creator of Walmart, had to wait seven • Abraham Lincoln lost 9 elecyears before opening his sections, became a widower, sufond store to ensure financing. fered a nervous breakdown, and filed for bankruptcy twice before being elected President of the United States. • Oprah Winfrey was fired from her job as a news anchor and told she wasn’t fit for TV. • Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper job for lack of ideas. • Steven King’s first novel was rejected 30 times.


• Garth Brooks was turned down by every music label in Nashville at least twice.


hese people personify vital messages about bringing your gift to the world. First of all, be tenacious. Employ the “never give up” attitude. Second, be patient. You can’t rush God’s timing. If you have a time frame in mind, make it flexible. The majority of a person’s life is spent “becoming” rather than “being”. Finally, if you don’t believe in yourself, it’s unlikely that others will. However, if you do believe in yourself, it doesn’t matter whether others do or not. July is the month we celebrate the American dream and the country that provides the opportunities to create the life of our dreams. God has blessed America! It’s time for America to bless God.

• Tom Brady, six-time Super re you tenacious? Sometimes that’s what it takes to be Bowl winning quarterback, successful. For many of us, we make an attempt but crumble wasn’t drafted until the 5th when we feel the sting of defeat. On a strong day, we may give round, meaning he was rejectit one more try, but then we fall back into that old self-talk ed by every NFL team at least that scolds and demoralizes. “You can’t pull it off.” “You’ll 4 times. never measure up.” “You’re not good enough.” Believe it or not, some of the most effective Americans through- • Steven Spielberg was turned down by both UCLA and USC out history had to overcome defeats and ignore negative self-talk. film schools. Their stories show that the key to success hinges on persisting amid losses. They believed in themselves and their talents so they • Steve Jobs was fired by Apple wouldn’t accept that the world wasn’t vying for their contribution. Computers early in his career. They persevered and kept steady. Beth Walsh Stewart is Cofounder of BethWe, a Here is an impressive list of losers-turned-winners. Reading nonprofit dedicated to rescuing the stragglers lost through these names is the perfect way to encourage the American in the shadows of the road of life. Best-known for her weekly blogs, regular articles in Vero’s Voice, and spirit that lives in each of us. Success stems from self-belief. Without workshops aimed to help people live their priorities, that, the ‘Average Joe’ won’t continue in the face of negative circumBeth is a Biblical Counselor and Professor at New stances. Let’s take a lesson from these folks that pushed through Covenant Bible College in Vero Beach, FL. You can Beth Walsh Stewart find more of her work at and found their niche in life.

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JULY 2021




RADIO Streaming 24/7


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g n i n r o M : p u e n i L

After having been a missionary in Africa for over ten years Don and his family have moved to VERO BEACH and he says “They Love It”


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January 2022/ ISSUE 132 / Vero’s Voice

Available on:

And More!


Do Not Fear by Pastor Alex Pappas


ith all the craziness going on in the world today, the uncertainties, the unknowns, it is so easy to be caught up in all kinds of anxiety and fear. It is no surprise that even a year and a half after its inception, the hot topic on everyone’s Pastor Alex Pappas lips remains to be Covid 19. So many people have so many questions and nobody seems to know what is true and what is false. People are afraid of losing loved ones, afraid of dying themselves. Many are asking themselves the question: what is going to happen if it gets worse? Amidst dealing with so many emotions, there is also much animosity between people. The ones that are pro mask, the ones that don’t wear masks. Families are fighting over vaccines. Should you vaccinate, should you not. There are many “what if” questions. We truly live in a very difficult time. The most important thing is knowing how to deal with all this fear and anxiety. The Bible teaches what we need to do. In fact, the Bible tells us 365 times not to fear. As a student of the Bible, it is common knowledge that when something is mentioned so many times, it is to get our attention and we need to take careful note of it. My personal favorite scripture on this subject is:



REV’S VERSES by Pastor Rich Ienuso


is the


of the


God will give

Read John 8:12-58. Jesus declares Himself the light of the world. Those who follow Him have the light of life; not the darkness of death.

us a peace

Jesus is from above (Heaven). Therefore, what He speaks is from Heaven itself. His words, views, origin, and commands all come from Heaven. God’s throne.

that exceeds anything we can

PHILIPPIANS 4:6–7 (NLT) 6 Don’t worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank him for all he has done. 7 Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus.


The Bible tells us that we should not worry but rather go to God with our concerns. When we do this and refuse to submit to the pressures from this world, God will give us a peace that exceeds anything we can understand. A peace that is surpassing all understanding, a peace that is supernatural, and a peace that will make all fear and anxiety flee from our lives. I pray that you will experience this today and all the days to come.

Jesus said that by not believing in Him (trusting Him alone for salvation), we would die in our sins. Dying in one’s sins means everlasting torment (hell itself). When we know the Truth, we are free. Freedom comes from trusting in Jesus. When we continue in His Word, we will know the Truth. Have you put your complete trust in Jesus, the Messiah? If not, today is your day to do it. John 3:16; 14:6. God’s blessings to you, Pastor Rich

Peace be to you. Pastor Alex Pappas is Senior Pastor at Oceans Unite Christian Center located in the Indian River Mall. Live broadcasts and podcasts are available at

Pastor Rich Ienuso

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Vero’s Voice Magazine Delivery Locations BEACHSIDE




Riverside Theatre Cliff Norris Real Estate Village Beach Market CVS-A1A Planes Dental Arts Vero Beach Hotel & Spa Cobalt Seaside Grille Corey’s Pharmacy Lemon Tree Ocean Grill Holiday Inn Treasure Lane Boutique Red Onion The Tides Ryder’s Gourmet Market Alec MacWilliam Real Estate Charlotte Terry Real Estate Di Mare Restaurant Marine Bank John Michael Matthews Fine Jewelry

IN TOWN Habitat for Humanity Stretch Zone Certus Memory Care CVS –53rd Center for Advanced Eye Care Big Shots Golf Mental Health of IRC – 37th PL Springhill Suites

Regency Park Oak Harbor Club Crab Stop Calvetti’s Manatee’s La Tabla Rhonda’s Seafood Mattress Market – US1 Postal Connection CVS –17th Sweet Kiss Ice Cream Vero Beach Book Center Dunkin Donuts Vincent’s Italian A & A Insurance First Watch Restaurant Hampton Inn S.T.A.R. Pilates Inti Restaurant Michaels on 7th The ARC Wooden Spoon - Oslo IRC Chamber of Commerce Vero Beach Theatre Guild County Administration Office Carole Jean Jordan, IRC Tax Collector Cultural Council Beach Bum Bagel Vero Beach Main Street Gallery 14

Main Library Renaissance Senior Living CJ Cannon’s Restaurant Vero Beach Airport Lobby Seatbacks of Elite Airways planes Perkins Pharmacy – Route 60 Oceans Unite Christian Center Oceans Cafe Mattress Market – Route 60 Brackett Library, IRSC Larry’s Roadside Restaurant Image 360 Gloria’s Health Hut Mrs. Mac’s Fillin Station Seacoast Bank Joey’s Seafood Golf Carts of VB Majestic Theatre Einstein Bagels Touch of Class Dry Cleaners Green Marlin Restaurant Molinari Pools American Legion Orthopaedic Center of Vero Beach Orthopaedic Center Physical Therapy Dean Wellness Center


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