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October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

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On the cover:

6 Growing Up with Harbor Branch 7 Life Journey of Dr. Edith Widder


10 Teens Who Care: Victoria Lahey 14 Voices of Vero: What would your super power be? 18 Travels by Steven: Cruise News You Can Use 20 Movie Reviews: Chuck Cannon – VAL Marshall Frank – CRY MACHO 22 Recipes: Peasant Vegetable Soup and Apple Upside-Down Cake 25 TC Stylist: 15 Pieces to Build a Classic Fall Capsule Wardrobe 26 Tech Insights: Tech Revolution

RCA Founder Dr. Edith Widder emerging from the Johnson Sea Link after one of her 250 dives in the worldclass submersible that was designed & built on the Treasure Coast.


95 Royal Palm Pointe, Vero Beach, Fl 32960 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF

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Glenn Swift




Cell Phone Quotes I finally realized that people are prisoners of their phones...that’s why it’s called a “cell” phone. – Unknown Got a new phone today. My old one failed the swimming test. – Unknown The cell phone has become a transitional object, replacing the toddler’s teddy bear for comfort and a sense of belonging. – Margaret Heffernan If someone doesn’t respond to a phone call, I think they’ve died. – Charlie Brooker The first cell phone model weighed over two pounds and you could only talk for 20 minutes before the battery ran out. Which is just as well because you couldn’t hold it up for much longer. – Martin Cooper Cell phones are the latest invention in rudeness. – Terri Guillemets Dear cell phone companies: please make an “unsend my text” option. – Unknown 4

October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

George Pevarnik


Cell phones are so convenient that they’re an inconvenience. – Haruki Murakami

“Mr. B” Paul Bartoszewicz

Apparently we love our own cell phones but we hate everyone else’s. – Joe Bob Briggs

Noah Woodrow

It’s easier for a rich man to ride that camel through the eye of a needle directly into the Kingdom of Heaven than for some of us to give up our cell phone. – Vera Nazarian Cell phones these days keep getting thinner and smarter... people the opposite. – Unknown We don’t care. We don’t have to. We’re the phone company. – Lily Tomlin Why must I prove that I am me when I pay bills over the phone? Did some else call to pay my bills, and if they did, why don’t you let them? – Unknown

Life is what happens when your cell phone is charging. – Unknown





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October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice


Our Editor at Large reflects back upon growing up in Vero Beach in the early days of the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute.

one such visit with my dad. The sub fascinated me but being on the claustrophobic side I couldn’t imagine being hundreds of feet below the surface in such a cramped space. While I have many stories about HBOI – one includes a Howard Hughes connection (none of which I can prove) – there is one that I can at least swear to that I’d like to share. Two years after HBOI’s compleby Glenn R. Swift tion in 1971, the Johnson Sea Link was beset by tragedy in a routine dive off Key West. The sub had become entangled in wreckage (more to come on this), trapping hen Rhett and Barbara spoke to me Bob, his wife and his son Don literally the vessel for more than 24 hours before the US Navy a couple weeks back about interlived at The Breakers for several months could rescue them. Sadly, two of the four occupants viewing Dr. Edie Widder, founder of beginning in 1970 and would visit with us (three of whom were staying at The Breakers) in the Ocean Research & Conservation Association routinely over the next two years. You see, aft compartment died in the accident due to lack of (ORCA), I was truly excited. I had never met Barr & Barr had won the bid to build Harbor oxygen—one of the two was the famed designer’s son, Dr. Widder, but I knew that she had been Branch in nearby Fort Pierce. The dream Edwin Link, Jr. the senior scientist at the internationally Glenn a couple years of philanthropist J. Seward Johnson, son The tragedy was national news, and Walter before his amateur renowned Harbor Branch Oceanographic of Robert Wood Johnson (founder of Johnson Cronkite soon announced that the US Navy would hold sleuthing days Institute (HBOI) in Fort Pierce for many & Johnson), and Edward Link, one of the a review at a secret location to uncover the cause of years—an institution with which I had personal ties leading aviation and nautical engineers of the 20th the accident. Where was that? The Breakers Resort going back to its earliest days. Some of which are... let’s century, Harbor Branch was intended to become one of in Vero Beach. Our guests were told there would not say... a bit different. So, while spending time with the the world’s leading oceanographic research institube any continental breakfast served for a short while, amazing scientist in writing this month’s feature story, tions—a goal it achieved very quickly. but they weren’t told why, of course...because it was I shared some of my experiences with Dr. Widder. “I As the guest of Bob Barr, I was able to visit the a secret. Well...the location of the inquiry was never think YOU need to write a story about YOUR experilocation throughout its various stages of construction uncovered by the media, but most of the tenth grade of ences,” she said. and for a couple years after as constant modifications St. Edward’s School knew the secret the very next day. were frequently made to the expansive facility. One of So, here’s my story. (You can guess the source.) The year was 1970. I was thirteen years old, and my the Institute’s outstanding accomplishments was the Having a keen interest in the accident, I soon father, Reginald Swift, a senior British government offi- Johnson Sea Link submersible, arguably the world’s discovered that nearly everyone involved in the invescial with the UK Ministry of Supply during WWII, was most sophisticated deep-sea research submarine. (Dr. tigation was in their rooms by about 7pm or so. That’s the Resident Manager of The Breakers Resort in Vero Widder would take the plunge in the Sea Link more when I sprang into action. Having grown up in a disthan 250 times during her tenure at Harbor Branch.) Beach... 3100 S. Ocean Drive to be exact, an upscale tinctly English family, I had not yet ruled out a career 30-unit lodging tucked neatly between the Driftwood Incredibly, I was able to meet Edwin Link and actually with British Intelligence. That keen fantasy, coupled Inn, which acquired it in the 1980s and converted it to sit in the submersible (not underwater, mind you) on with access to a pass key, presented an opportunity. the timeshare that still bears the name The Driftwood For several nights, I would make up some lame Breakers, and Humiston Park. (I’ll save my Waldo excuse to be gone for a few minutes so that I could slip Sexton stories for another day...) into the lounge and meticulously peruse the various Built in 1961, The Breakers was right on the beach documents on the desk of the chief investigator. In featuring oceanfront rooms with breathtaking views, James Bond-style, I made certain that all the pages a beautiful pool surrounded by statuesque coconut were stacked and placed precisely as they had been betrees whose branches swayed with the constant ocean fore my uninvited appearance. No one ever found out, breeze, abutted by hedges of ever-blooming hibiscus. but I lived for weeks in mortal fear that the FBI would For many years, the Breakers had the reputation of come knocking. (I revealed my secret to Mom and Dad being the nicest place to stay in Vero Beach. We had a a couple years later.) Needless to say, I learned a lot poolside lounge where we served continental breakfast about the accident as an amateur sleuth. But there is (more about that later). I lived at The Breakers with one aspect I’ve never been able to square up with the my parents from its groundbreaking until we moved to official report. Riomar Bay in 1972. My mom, Dorothy Swift, a former n addition to the voluminous documents, there were fashion model and Madison Avenue advertising execuchalkboards depicting the accident and...creepily... tive who owned and ran a woman’s boutique in Sexton the stricken sub. The official report later made Plaza named The Rage, and dad eventually became public stated that the Sea Link had become entangled part owners and continued to run the resort until 1979. in the wreckage of a destroyer, the USS Fred T. Berry, So, my formative years were spent at The Breakers, which had been sunk a few years earlier to build an where I met many colorful and influential people ranging artificial reef. The bizarre thing is that the drawings I from NASA’s Werner Von Braun and astronaut Gus saw of the sunken vessel alongside the Sea Link were Grissom (who likely would have been the first man on clearly marked “U-boat.” But there is nothing in the the moon if not for the Apollo 1 tragedy) to movie and official report referring to a U-boat being connected TV stars Alan Funt and Danny Kaye. Famed treasure with the mishap, only the Berry. So, perhaps this salvor Mel Fischer came by often and held auctions in The Johnson Sea-Link (JSL) submersible is launched from the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution's R/V was something that was initially surmised and then our lounge, too. None, however, were more interesting... Seward Johnson. North Carolina Continental Slope. discarded as evidence to the contrary surfaced. Then or kinder...than Robert Barr, president of Barr & Barr, Photographer: Liz Baird, NC Museum of Natural Sciences again, maybe there is a sunken U-boat off of Key West. Inc., a prestigious Manhattan-based architectural/conCredit: Life on the Edge 2004 Expedition: NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration. If so, the secret is now out. struction firm that listed Rockefeller Center and Radio As for Howard’ll just have to wait... City Music Hall on its resume.

Growing Up with Harbor Branch




October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice


The Life Journey of

Dr. Edith Widder Founder/CEO of the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA)



ome of us are quite up in years before we know “what we’re going to do when we grow up.” Others have it figured out fairly quickly, like world-renowned oceanographic research scientist Dr. Edith Widder. At the ripe old age of 12, young Edie had it pretty well nailed down but probably not the way you might think. This is her story. “I was eleven years old and a bad student,” said Widder. “I was a daydreamer… bored with school…wanting to be outside and climbing trees, not stuck in a classroom.” Despite her poor progress to that point, young Edie had the right DNA for academic success. “Both my parents were PhD mathematicians and extremely frustrated at what to do with me. In fact, the school wanted to hold me back, to repeat the 6th grade.” But Edie’s parents had an idea…a bit different from the norm as to what to do with a struggling student. “My parents had just been granted a year’s sabbatical and wanted to take me on a trip around the world. All the while they would be ‘home schooling’ me, although we didn’t use that terminology backed then,”

joked Widder. As for the curriculum, “Mathematics and World History would be the core components with an emphasis upon the great sites in World History.” The school’s reaction? “They approved it. I really don’t know how my parents convinced them.” So off went Edie and her parents on their global journey. “First, we went to Europe…what an awakening. We visited museum after museum…I was enthralled by the incredible art and decided I wanted to be an artist.” Next came Egypt. “We visited the pyramids and King Tut’s tomb.” Again, young Edie was captivated, and decided that a career change was in order. “Now, I wanted to be an archaeologist.” Then came India, a mystical country that touched Edie’s heart in such a way that no matter what career path she embarked upon she wished to help all of humanity. “After India, we went to Australia. I fell in love with the wildlife, even climbing up the eucalyptus trees to be up close with the koalas.” Edie decided that yet another profession would better suit her. “I was determined to be a biologist.” Well, you might say… we’re getting warmer. CONTINUED NEXT PAGE October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice



Next came Fiji…a real life-changer for Edie. “We walked right on to the massive coral reefs there where you could literally place your hands on an unimaginable array of marine life…everything from sea cucumbers to giant clams. I have to admit that we were a tad ignorant that what we were doing wasn’t in the best interests of the reef, but I was infatuated and at that moment I committed to becoming a marine biologist. That came with a realization…I knew that I now had to ‘buckle down’…stop daydreaming…get good grades…and go to college.” Guess you could say Edie’s parents had the right idea. often wonder if I had started east and journeyed west if I would have become an artist,” joked Edie. Upon returning home, Edie committed herself to her education, although she still liked to climb trees. After graduating high school, she was accepted at Tufts, a prestigious university just northwest of Boston, a wonderful place to take that first step to becoming a marine biologist. Just one problem. “I guess I had climbed one too many trees.” “I had always had back pain…thought it was normal… but thinking I had pulled a muscle I went for a physical, and it revealed that I required spinal fusion surgery and would be on my back for months. So, I did the surgery, but while in recovery I was faced with all sorts of complications. One was very serious.” Immediately after the surgery, there was hemorrhaging in both of Edie’s eyes. “I woke up blind…and that was terrifying.” After several days, Edie regained partial sight in one eye…and many weeks later she regained full sight in both eyes. “I was forced to remain in the hospital for four months and to study on my back during that entire time, but it could have been much worse.”


It was during her time in recovery and in her struggle to regain her sight that Edie developed a keen interest in bioluminescence—light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism. Little did she know that she would someday unlock some of its most complex secrets. Edie graduated Magna Cum Laude from Tufts with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. Then it was on to Santa Barbara, California and the University of California in Santa Barbara (UCSB) where she earned a master’s degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Neurobiology. “I had a particularly strong interest to study dinoflagellates, single-cell creatures that are bioluminescent and ‘bloom’ in dense layers near the surface of the ocean. But no one could tell me how to become a marine biologist. So, while at UCSB, I applied for and received a grant to use the latest undersea technology to measure low light levels in the deeper parts of the ocean off of Southern California’s Channel Islands.” The year was 1984, and Edie had taken another major step on her life journey. “I had always loved gadgets, and this stuff I couldn’t keep my hands off.” Not long after, Edie was off to sea for another expedition. “I still didn’t really know how to make a career as a marine biologist, but somehow it was all working out.” But as we often hear, nothing lasts forever. After several months, the expedition was rapidly depleting its available funding, and it looked like a desk job at a university was in her near future. “I had just completed what I though was my last expedition and gearing up to relocate to Madison, Wisconsin to begin post-doctoral work when my ‘big break’ happened.” You see, Edie was approached by Dr. Bruce Robertson, a legendary oceanographer who pioneered deep-depth probes going back to

Bioluminescence in Florida coastal waters

Edie developed a keen interest in bioluminescence—light produced by a chemical reaction within a living organism. Little did she know that she would someday unlock some of its most complex secrets.” 8

October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

Edie operating a WASP. The WASP represents the latest in deep-diving technology allowing divers to reach depths of up to 2000 feet without the need to decompress upon resurfacing.

the 1950s. He was looking for a trained deep diver and submersible pilot for an expedition off Southern California, right in Edie’s backyard. “I became a certified WASP diver and began training as a pilot.” Before long, Edie was a certified Scientific Research Pilot for Atmosphere Diving Systems. What’s a WASP? Well…It’s no ordinary scuba gear. This is for serious divers only! That is, if you’re thinking of going down say 2,000 feet or so. Kind of a combination of an astronaut’s gear and a suit of armor, the WASP deep-dive suit features elaborate pressure joints for mobility purposes while maintaining sufficient internal pressure to eliminate many of the physiological dangers associated with deep diving. Following a dive, the occupant does not need to decompress, and there is no need for special gas mixtures, nor is there danger of decompression sickness or nitrogen narcosis. (Don’t think you can run down to your local dive shop and pick one up. They run around $800,000 and require considerable training.) “My first dive in the WASP was off Santa Barbara at a depth of 800 feet. “The experience was nothing like I had ever imagined. It was like Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’…transformative. There was light everywhere.”

Before long, Edie was plunging down to deeper and deeper depths, having a “whale” of a time in her WASP suit. The work was exhilarating but not without risk. Nevertheless, she has been focused on bioluminescence and deep diving ever since that “Starry Night” moment. Edie’s next biggest “plunge” was learning how to operate the Johnson Sea Link, one of the world’s most sophisticated undersea submersibles. That would set her up for an appointment as senior scientist at the birthplace of the Johnson Sea Link—the Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute (HBOI) in Fort Pierce, Florida. die had come a long way from her 6th grade days as a day dreamer. What would become a sixteen-year tenure at Harbor Branch would not only place her on the path to become one of the world’s most innovative scientists in the field of oceanographic research, but provide her with a vision of how people like you and me can work together with the scientific community to help save our beloved ocean. Come back next month for Part 2 of this amazing journey.


Look for Part 2 in an upcoming issue!

October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice



Victoria Lahey by Dhyana Mishra

Victoria teaching a camper how to properly dissect and process a fish for ORCA's One Health: Fish Monitoring project.


or many people, the ocean is a mysterious and daunting place. But for Victoria Lahey, a senior at Vero Beach High School, it’s a second home. Since her junior year, Victoria has been working with the Ocean Research & Conservation Association (ORCA), a nonprofit dedicated to using innovative technologies to protect and restore aquatic ecosystems, including the Indian River Lagoon. Victoria’s commitment to ORCA as leader of a pollution mapping team, laboratory intern, and camp counselor has made a difference in our community and deepened her passion for marine biology. “I’ve loved science since I was a little girl,” says Victoria. “My dad manufactures submersibles, and I’ve been on multiple dives with him in the Bahamas since elementary school. So when I met the staff of ORCA two years ago, I jumped at the chance to get involved.” Among Victoria’s roles at ORCA is principal investigator of a pollution mapping team for one of the association’s Citizen Science projects. Once every two months, she leads her team of four to sites in the Indian River Lagoon to collect data. “We take muck and water samples and test the temperature, salinity, pH, and dissolved oxygen,” says Victoria. “We record data and bring samples back to the ORCA lab to test concentration of natural nutrients, including phosphates, ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate.” The data Victoria and her team collect are used to promote long-term changes in the regulation of local ecosystems. Victoria explains, “In the future, our data may influence lawmakers to impose legislation that prevents dumping excess phosphates and other pollutants into the water.”

10 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

Victoria and her pollution mapping team gathering data at the MacWilliams boat ramps in August of this year.

Victoria also volunteers at ORCA’s marine laboratory in Vero Beach where she serves as the only high school intern. Together with ORCA scientists, she conducts field research at the Indian River Lagoon and Lake Okeechobee, and the team later analyzes the data in the lab. Victoria is a UF-certified professional laboratory assistant, a credential she earned through Vero Beach High School’s three-year biotechnology program. “I feel comfortable using equipment such as spectrophotometers at ORCA because I’ve worked with similar equipment in school,” she says. Victoria’s involvement with ORCA extends beyond the lab: she volunteered last summer as a counselor at ORCA’s marine biology camp where she taught middle school students to dissect fish and build miniature remotely-operated vehicles (ROVs). hese days, along with her commitments to ORCA, Victoria is training at Triton Submarines in Sebastian to become certified to pilot a Triton 3300/3 three-person sub. Ultimately, her goal is to earn a PhD in marine biology. “I’m interested in conservation and fascinated by deep-sea exploration,” she says. “I’ve gained so much professional experience with ORCA, and I’m very grateful to be part of an extraordinary team that is determined to make a difference.”


Dhyana is a high school junior at Holy Trinity Episcopal Academy in Melbourne. She is an active violist in her community, and really enjoys writing as well.

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welcoming Dr. Zudans to the Center for Advanced Eye Care team! Val Zudans, M.D. is Board Certified by the Val Zudans, M.D. is Board Certified by the AMERICAN OF OPHTHALMOLOGY AMERICAN BOARDBOARD OF OPHTHALMOLOGY. Dr. Zudans completed his ophthalmology residency at the prestigious Bascom Palmer Eye Institute in Mi-

ami, consistently ranked theresidency number one ophthalmology program in the country for over 15 years by US Dr. Zudans completed his ophthalmology at the pres-tigious Bascom and World his residency, his Bachelor Palmer Eye News Institute in Report. Miami, Before consistently rankedhe earned the number one of Science degree in Chemistry from ophthalmology the program in theofcoun-try overhe15was years by US News and World University Florida for where an Anderson scholar and elected Phi Beta Kappa. He received his Report. Before Doctorate his residency, he earneddegree his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemisin Medicine from the University of Florida College of Medicine and was elected to the try from the University of Florida where he was an Anderson scholar and elected the top 10% of his class. national medical honor society Alpha Omega Alpha representing Phi Beta Kappa. He received his Doctorate in Medicine degree from the University Cataract Surgery of Florida College of Medicine andCertified was elected to American the national medical honor Dr. Zudans is Board by the Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American society Alpha Omega Alpha representing thestudy top 10% of his class. College of Surgeons. His for MACS related to HDOculofacial lens implants was published Plastic Surgery in the Journal of

Dr. Zudans completed his ophthalmology residency at the pres-tigious Basc Palmer Eye Institute in Miami, consistently ranked the number ophthalmology program in the coun-try for over 15 years by US News and Wo Report. Before his residency, he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chem Cataract and Refractive Surgery, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal for cataract surgeons. He is a local Macular Degeneration Treatment tryBoard from the University of ofFlorida where Dr. Zudans is Board Certified by the American of Ophthalmology and a Fellow the American College he was an Anderson scholar and elec speaker and maintains active memberships in the Florida Diabetic Society ofEye Ophthalmology, American Academy • Optical of Surgeons. His study for MACS related to HD lens implants was published in the Journal of Cataract and Beta Kappa. He Society received his Doctorate in Care Medicine degree from the Univer ofPhi Ophthalmology, ofHeCataract Refractive Surgery, Florida Medical Association, Refractive Surgery, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal forAmerican cataract surgeons. isBroad a localand speaker and Band Light and Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing and Indian River County Medical Society. maintains active memberships in theofFlorida Society College of Ophthalmology, Ameri-can Academy of Florida of Medicine and was elected to the national medical ho Hydrafacial and RF Microneedling • Botox and Filler Ophthalmology, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Florida Medical Association, and Indian The Entire Team at Center for Advanced Eye Care is available for new consultations and would society Alpha Omega Alpha representing the toppatient 10% of his class. River County Medical Society. Onsite Medication Dispensary William J. Mallon, M.D.

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The Entire Team at Center for Advanced Eye Care is available for new patient consultations and would very much like to help you see your best. Please call 772-299-1404 to schedule your next appointment.

Dr. Zudans is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and a Fellow of the American Coll of Surgeons. His study for MACS related to HD lens implants wasCataract published in the Journal of Cataract Surgery Refractive Surgery, the preeminent peer-reviewed journal for Oculofacial cataract surgeons. He is a local speaker Plastic Surgery Degeneration Treatment maintains active memberships in the Florida Society Macular of Ophthalmology, Ameri-can Academy Diabetic Eye Care • Optical Ophthalmology, American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, Florida Medical Association, and Ind Broad Band Light and Halo Laser Skin Resurfacing River County Medical Society. Dominick A. Benedetto, M.D.

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12 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

Alexander D. Blanford, M.D.





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October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice 13

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AMANDA LINDSTROM InVISIbIlIty. I’d lIke tO nOt be SeEn fOr awhIle. -hannah grzech, Student


telepOrtatIOn. It’S lIke quIck tRavel, but better! -WIlL O’neIl, Student

I’d chOOSe telepOrtatIOn. It cOUlD gO anywhere, anD It wOUlD be faSter anD fReE tO arRIve at my deStInatIOn. -AmanDa LInDStrOm, RecReAtIOn COOrDInatOr

telepOrtatIOn. BeIng abLe tO tRavel InStantly SaveS tIme anD yOu can get cLOSer tO the bad guY tO defeAt hIm faSter. -StaceY CampbelL mack, BartenDer

14 OctOber 2021

/ ISSUe 129 / VerO’S VOIce




by DOOlIn DaltOn


the abIlIty tO cOnJure the perFect temperature gLaSS Of water fOr the tIme. I’d rather nOt have the reSpOnSIbIlIty Of SavIng the wOrLd. -mOrgan Lane, CertIfied FlIght InStRuctOr


MIKE CEIMKO If I cOUlD gO wIth OnLy One, It’d have tO be InVISIbIlIty! -JeSSIca hafOlk,

Ever SInCe I waS a bOY, I alWaYS wanted tO fly. WatChIng the ChRIStOpher ReEve “Superman” mOvIES aS a kId had the bIggeSt Impact On me. WatChIng hIm SOAr abOve the cIty wIth hIS IcOnIc theme muSIc made me wISh I cOUlD dO that. -DOOlIn DaltOn, Jd SOUnD prOductIOnS/VerO’S VOIce WrIter

genuIne CleAnIng anD prOperty management

I wOUlDn’t have a SuperpOwer. LIke Batman, I’d lIke tO remInD everyOne Of human pOtentIAl. -mIke CIEmkO, nft prOducer

JASON AVERY ReAdIng mInDS SO I can knOw what peOpLe are thInkIng. It wOUlD be helpful In a lOt Of reAl wOrLd SItuAtIOnS, lIke takIng a flIght teSt. AnD I’m Sure It wOUlDn’t hurt when talkIng tO the ladIES, eIther! -Shane LIm,

FlIght. If I gOtta pIck One OnLy, that’S the mOSt fReEIng One. the vIEwS alOne make It the beSt pOwer! -JaSOn Avery, Owner DaVInCI’S DreAmWOrkS COmIcS anD gameS

CertIfied FlIght InStRuctOr

October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice



GET YOURS EARLY! Back by Popular Demand

Celtic Angels Christmas WITH THE

night Danc K c i ers lt e C

& The Trinity Band Ensemble of Dublin

2 SHOWS! TUES., NOV 30, 2021 • 3PM & 7PM




Call (772) 564-5537 or Visit

For a joyous Christmas experience you will never forget! 16 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

! d e v o M e We Hav

Coming Soon:

Freshly made-from-scratch

European and Hungarian Food!

Follow us on Facebook or at for our current menu & for photos of the new space!!

the Taste ness! pi Hap

390 21ST ST SuITE 103, VERO BEACH FL 32960

Tue-Thu 11AM – 8PM, Fri & Sat 11AM – 9PM, Sun 11AM – 8PM, Closed Mon • 772.213.8744


6th Annual

Tom Danaher Golf Tournament

Have Your Taxes Prepared Safely & Virtually

J &S


The Arc IRC

Sandridge Golf Club

Vero Beach Saturday, Oct. 9th $100 per player


633 17th St, Vero Beach, FL 32960

om Danaher was a great supporter of local charities and always looking for ways to help others. Unfortunately, this caring young man passed away on October 3rd, 2015. To honor Tom’s memory, his family and friends started the Tom Danaher Golf Tournament to benefit local charities. This year the tournament is to benefit The Arc of IRC.

Serving Indian River County

Join us for a day of golf in Tom’s honor and help support The Arc. The Arc has been providing services for special needs adults since 1975!

Justice & Stamas CPAs, LLC

Justice & Stamas CPAs, LLC


50 OFF Your Tax Preparation


New Clients Only. Must mention Vero’s Voice Magazine. Limited time offer. Limit one per client.

Contact Noreen Davis at 772.584.9511

for info on sponsorships or to register to play. October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice



by Steven Eidelberg

Cruise News

You Can Use! Mardi Gras Havana Cabana

Rudi's Seafood Grill


recently went on back-to-back cruises. It was interesting because one cruise line has adopted option one of the CDC’s Conditional Sail Order, and the other adopted option two; both for unique reasons, and you’ll understand why soon. Regarding both, the health and safety protocols were top notch, and living in Vero Beach I can say that I felt safer against contracting Covid-19 onboard the ships than I do sometimes right here at home. Starting with the Carnival Mardi Gras on a 7-night cruise stopping in Mexico and Honduras, I cannot say how impressed I was with this new ship. She definitely takes Carnival to the next level with the design, activities onboard, as well as the style of the cabins. The service was very friendly, and surprisingly the food was some of the best of the large cruise lines in the industry. In typical Carnival fashion, there were many FUN things to do onboard, regardless if you were in a regular cabin or in their special section of Havana Cabanas. Taking FUN to the next level, the Mardi Gras is the first ship ever to have BOLT, a roller-coaster at sea! The specialty restaurants abound, and Rudi’s Seafood Grill and ChiBang serving both Chinese and Mexican food were my favorites, and of course there’s the regular dining. Carnival chose option one from the CDC’s Conditional Sailing Order whereby 95% of passengers sailing must be vaccinated and 98% of the crew. They are sailing currently at 70% capacity and request masks be worn onboard in inside areas. Outside, you don’t have to worry about a mask, and I found out this ship was sailing actually at 99% vaccination level with only the children unvaccinated, so people choosing to wear masks were hit and miss. The only place they were required was on the elevators, which makes sense because of proximity. A few days later, and with a stay at Disney’s wonderful Grand Floridian Resort prior to the cruise, I embarked on the Disney Dream. She is a lovely ship, and of course geared towards families, although there is a separate adult section which I did enjoy. What sets Disney Cruise Line apart from any other cruise line with a children’s program is the entertainment. Their live production of Beauty and the Beast was so good I had to go twice. Characters are available daily to interact with children (and adults) versus at the parks, where it’s sometimes an additional cost or difficult with so many people.

The Mardi Gras is the first ship ever to have BOLT, a roller-coaster at sea!


October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

The fun activities included animation classes, movies shown by the pool, great dining rooms with animated interaction at your table, and unlimited Disney/Pixar/Star Wars films on demand in your cabin. Plus, a stop at their private island, Castaway Cay, made the trip very enjoyable although for only a long weekend. Top that off with a very nice cabin that has a separate WC and tub/shower combo and you are assured a great family experience, perfect also for intergenerational groups with grandparents, parents and children all having fun.


isney chose option two from the CDC. Why? Because option two allows unvaccinated passengers and with the number of children under 12 cruising

who can’t be vaccinated, it makes sense. But cruise lines choosing option two had to do test cruises first and come back with negative results. They also have to have anyone unvaccinated tested at most 5 days prior to sailing and also at the pier, plus purchase insurance before they are allowed to board. Because this is a higher mix of vaccinated versus unvaccinated passengers, mask adherence on Disney as well as social distancing practices are more strictly enforced than Carnival or other cruise lines that choose option one. That said, it quite frankly was no bother; you don’t wear a mask outdoors. Cruising is back. Whichever option the cruise line took from the CDC, it will only last a little while longer since the Condition-

al Sail Order expires on November 1, and while it may not be exactly as it was prior to the pandemic, there is no turning back. So, book your cruise on these cruise lines. There are amazing deals for the remainder of 2021, or book for the future – but, with so much pent-up demand, 2022 is selling out fast (believe it or not…and prices will reflect that).

Bon Voyage!

Disney "Dream"

Steven Eidelberg

Steve Eidelberg is the owner of Cousu Main Travel, an affiliate of Cruise Brothers Travel 401-369-8477, October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice



VAL Rated R Documentary by Chuck Cannon


just watched this on a whim. I like Val Kilmer but never thought I could watch an hour and a half documentary about him. Narrated by his son Jack, this movie captured me and took me on an emotional rollercoaster. I was not expecting to feel so moved, broken-hearted, and inspired as I was when it was over. There’s a lot to unpack in this documentary and it is done very well. Just going through life’s problems and sadly through chronic illness, Val Kilmer’s life shines a light of self-reflection that so many of us can relate to. This movie was a reminder that regardless of fame and fortune, a man is still human and will experience the same gains and losses in life that we all share: love, heartbreak, joy, grief, success and failure. Val Kilmer’s journey is amazing and beautifully told by his son. He bares his soul and sometimes it brought me to tears simply to be followed by laughter. Through it all, I was compelled to admire Val Kilmer in a way I hadn’t in the past. Showing the real struggles Val has endured with his battle with throat cancer rekindled both his and my faith. I realized that Val Kilmer and so many of his roles have been a part of the soundtrack of my life. With that in mind, Val Kilmer will always be my huckleberry. In case you have forgotten some of Val’s movies: Top Gun, Batman Forever, Batman and Robin, Tombstone, The Doors, Heat, Willow, Real Genius, Felon, Top Secret. Val Kilmer has starred or been in at least 71 different films. This documentary will remind you of how much he has been a part of our lives. VAL : An easy 5 stars out of 5 stars.

by Marshall Frank In a word: Engrossing. hough flawed in a few scenes, this is a good movie and far less complicated than most in modern times. For moviegoers who rely on death-defying heroics, blood-gushing, untold fights, karate kicks, guns blasting, screaming, daredevil stunts, female breasts or the repetitive use of the “F” bomb, DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE. Based on a novel by N. Richard Nash, Cry Macho stars one-ofa-kind actor Clint Eastwood who plays Miko, an over-the-hill rodeo star and washed-up horse breeder who, in 1978, accepts a job from an ex-boss in Texas to bring the man’s 13 year-old son home and away from his alcoholic mom who lives in Mexico. But there’s more to the story. Crossing rural Mexico (via cars and horses) on their way back to Texas, the unlikely pair face several unexpected and challenging obstacles. The world-weary horseman may have found his own sense of redemption by developing an unintended relationship by teaching the boy what it means to be a good man. Simple, but deep. The story tears at the heart in several aspects, including an unanticipated tender romance with a Mexican lady, though the two cannot speak the same language. The real phenom is the man named Clint, who at age 91 not only plays the lead role, he also serves as screenwriter and director. Though challenged in some scenes where we can detect his fragility, we cannot escape the admiration so many have for witnessing such a high achiever who knows no limits. Also admired is the performance by the young actor Eduardo Minett, age 13, who plays Rafo. Amazingly, the boy’s constant and closest pet is a rooster that’s always in the boy’s company – like brothers. The following is an excerpt from the script, which I dare to include in this review: Rafa: His name is Macho, like me. Very strong rooster. Miko: Whatever. Rafa: What’s wrong with that? Miko: Guy wants to name his cock Macho, it’s okay by me. Clint Eastwood has performed in over 60 movies and won numerous awards, including two Oscars for Best Director. I doubt he’ll be retiring any time soon.


CRY MACHO: 20 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

C.J. Cannon’s R E S TA U R A N T & LO U N G E

Vintage Restaurant ••••• Classic Dining Breakfast • Lunch • Dinner Overlooking the Vero Beach Airport 3414 Cherokee Drive 772-567-7727



TWO LOCATIONS: SW Corner of 20th Ave and Oslo Rd MON-SAT 7AM-3PM

772-217-3132 97 Royal Palm Pointe





Chicken Club

Come See Me at

Crab Legs

Peterson’s Grove

Wednesday 2:00 till 5:00, Friday 2:00 till 5:00, Saturday 10:00 till 2:30 Chef Preparing My Seafood at Peterson’s Grove Every Saturday

Fresh Fish Filets

Take Out Available • Pan Pizzas, Philly Cheesesteaks, BBQ, Salads, Wings & More! • Featuring Saussie Pig Menu Items • Happy Hour Daily • Family Friendly Sports Pub Atmosphere

You’ve tried the rest Now try the best! South Vero Square Shopping Plaza (Near Oslo Road)

782 S. US Highway 1, Vero Beach, Florida

(772) 569-3336


Conch Chowder

Fresh STeoaYfoouor dDoor! ht

ig Delivered R

Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Sauce

Call Vickie 772.473.7883 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice 21



by Barbara Freund

Fall Favorites!


INGREDIENTS 1 1/4 cups dried white beans (Great Northern) or 2 16-ounce cans 4 tablespoons bacon fat, salted butter or olive oil 1 cup finely chopped yellow onions 3 leeks, white part only, well rinsed and thinly sliced 2 celery ribs, sliced 1/2 inch thick 3 carrots, peeled and sliced 1/2 inch thick 1 teaspoon dried thyme 1 dried bay leaf Freshly ground black pepper, to taste 8 cups Chicken or Beef Stock, or a combination of the two 3 parsnips, peeled and chopped 1 ham hock 1/2 small green cabbage, shredded (about 2 cups) 1/2 cup chopped Italian parsley 4 garlic cloves, peeled and chopped Salt, to taste 22 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

INSTRUCTIONS • Sort through beans and discard any pebbles. Soak the beans overnight in water that covers them by 3 inches. The next day, drain the water, rinse the beans; set aside. • Melt bacon fat or butter in a large heavy pot over low heat. Add the onions, leeks, celery, and carrots; cook, covered, about 25 minutes, until the vegetables are tender. • Stir in the thyme, bay leaf, and a grinding of black pepper, and pour in the stock. Add the parsnips, ham hock and beans and bring up to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer, partially covered, about 45 minutes, until the beans are tender. • Remove the ham hock and allow it to cool slightly. Cut the meat off the bone, cut it into chunks, and return the meat to the pot. • Add the cabbage, parsley, and garlic, and simmer for another 10 minutes. Taste and correct the seasoning. Add salt at this point if the soup needs it. Serve immediately.



all is my favorite season. Though the thermometer isn’t registering cool temperatures yet, I love the thought of being in the northeast: enjoying the chilly air, wearing turtlenecks, apple picking, driving through colorful fall foliage, pumpkins everywhere…and warming up with hot soup. I’m a big fan of the “Silver Palate Cookbook” and have been making variations of Peasant Vegetable Soup for years. I use butter/olive oil combo instead of the suggested bacon fat; I substitute shredded ham for the ham hock; add chopped spinach and a can of chopped tomatoes; top with parmesan. It’s hearty enough for a meal with a green salad and crusty rye bread. Tastes better the next day. Save room for another fall favorite – Apple Upside-Down Cake!

APPLE UPSIDE-DOWN CAKE INGREDIENTS Topping: 6 tablespoons unsalted butter 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar 1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract 2 medium apples, peeled, cored, sliced into 1/4 inch slices (1 1/2–2 cups) Cake: 1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 stick unsalted butter, softened to room temperature 1/2 cup granulated sugar 1/2 cup packed light brown sugar 2 large eggs, room temperature 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 6 tablespoons whole milk, room temperature INSTRUCTIONS • Preheat oven to 350°. • Melt butter and brown sugar in a small pan over medium heat. Whisk constantly for 1 minute as mixture thickens. Remove from heat and whisk in the cinnamon and vanilla extract. Pour into an ungreased 9×2 inch pie dish or round cake pan. (Make sure the pan is 2 inches deep.) • Arrange the apple slices neatly on top, overlapping where necessary. Refrigerate while you make the batter. • Whisk the flour, baking powder, cinnamon, nutmeg, and salt together; set aside. • Using a stand mixer with a paddle attachment beat the butter on high speed 1 minute, until smooth and creamy. Add both sugars and beat on high speed another minute, until creamed together. Scrape the bowl as needed. On high speed, beat in the eggs and vanilla extract until combined.

• Pour the dry ingredients into the wet ingredients. Turn the mixer to low speed and slowly pour in the milk. Beat on low speed until all of the ingredients are just combined. Do not overmix. (You may need to stir by hand to make sure there are no lumps at the bottom of the bowl.) Pour and spread cake batter evenly over topping. • Bake 40-46 minutes, tenting foil on top of the cake halfway through bake time to prevent the top from over-browning before the center is fully cooked. The cake is done when a toothpick inserted into the center of the cake comes out mostly clean. Don’t be alarmed if your cake takes longer or if the cake sticks to the foil. (The cake gets inverted anyway.) • Remove cake from the oven and cool on a wire rack for 15 minutes. Invert the cake onto a serving plate. Cool the cake completely at room temperature before slicing and serving.

Notes • Use Granny Smith, Honeycrisp, or your favorite baking apples. • Place a rimmed baking sheet on a rack under your pan to avoid spillage onto your oven if desired. Recipe adapted from

October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice 23


“The single most important health decision we make on a daily basis is what we eat.”

O L I V E O I L S • SA U C E S • PAS TAS • S P I C E S • V I N E G A R S & M O R E !


r. Stephen Sinatra has made it his mission to develop and offer an entire line of high vibrational foods and products that support health and vitality, for his patients and the general population alike. Making choices that are in line with that is what he calls living a “high-vibrational lifestyle.” And that’s what Vervana Marketplace is all about. Dr. Stephen Sinatra is one of the most highly-respected and sought-after cardiologists whose integrative approach to treating cardiovascular disease has revitalized patients with even the most advanced forms of illness. He is a best-selling author and the founder of the New England Heart Center, where he became known as one of America’s top integrative cardiologists by combining conventional medical treatments for heart disease with complementary nutritional, anti-aging and psychological therapies. Dr. Sinatra has helped tens of thousands of people to achieve better heart health and lead long, healthy and active lives.

Receive 20% Off at

Using Promo Code: Palmer20 24 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

Hear Dr. Sinatra Live Fridays 10-11 on Rhett Palmer “Live” & on Rhett Palmer Podcast & DOCTORS POD




by Marianne Howell

To Build A Classic Florida Fall Capsule Wardrobe







































7 4

14 9




14 Local Find!





FLEECE BOYFRIEND JOGGER $40 AMERICAN EAGLE | AE.COM Marianne Howell is a wardrobe consultant & personal stylist based on the Treasure Coast. She is drawn to simplicity and believes that less is more. Her goal is to help clients love their wardrobes and achieve an effortlessly stylish look that suits them best. You can see more of her current fashion finds at Find her online:; instagram, facebook, pinterest @treasurecoaststylist October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice 25




󰑒󰡥󰡶o󱁬u󳑴󼀆󰡯󰡮 by Laura Steward

Technology is … Technology has changed my life by … Technology is something I use to help me …

When you read those partial sentences, did your mind begin finishing the sentence? For many, technology is a means to an end, a way to get information, keep in touch with clients and friends, watch videos, keep track of inventory, do accounting, connect remote workers, call a car service, order food, create art, and so much more. Less than fifteen years ago we didn’t even have a smartphone. The iPhone created an industry in 2007 no one even knew they wanted, and it has taken on a life of its own every day since. The iPhone spawned the development of apps of all kinds and made some apps like Angry Birds, Candy Crush and even Uber possible. Without the platform created for the iPhone many of the things we do on our phones today might not have arrived yet. We might be tethered to our computers with big screens without touch or voice commands. We might not, but it does seem that the tech developed for the iPhone rapidly began finding its way into other devices like thermostats, Alexa, smart watches, and even your Windows computer. The world of tech took a major leap forward in 2007 and shows no signs of slowing. Because technology became accessible in places only imagined in Dick Tracy cartoons or Star Trek or science fiction movies, it was a radical departure from lugging around briefcase-sized “laptops,” cell phones that required extendible antennas and were the size of

How the iPod revolutionized the way the world listened to music, the iPhone changed the way we thought of a phone.

iPhone prototype on exhibit inside Apple Museum

walkie-talkies from the military. How the iPod revolutionized the way the world listened to music, the iPhone changed the way we thought of a phone. Digital photography and movies are now accessible to anyone with an iPhone as is editing those same photos and movies. Podcasting can be done right from your phone as can a video call with a client or someone far away. Calls are no longer relegated to just audio. Travel also changed when the iPhone hit the market. Apple Maps made it easier not to get lost by putting GPS maps and directions into the palm of your hand and you never had to try and refold a paper map again. Although I loved paper maps and planning my trips on them growing up, GPS apps like WAZE and Google Maps do make it a lot easier to navigate from point A to point B but, pay attention, sometimes the GPS can take you in the water or off a road less traveled! When I look back at the 14 years since the iPhone changed the way we think of computers and technology, I wonder what the next 14 years will bring us. Perhaps the transporter and replicators from Star Trek? Or maybe flying cars, colonies on Mars and beyond, or even the end of war and the fixing of climate change. Whatever it brings, I will be watching, thinking, and more than likely writing about how it fits into our lives. I will be curious to see how I write that article, though. Will it be a laptop? A tablet or phone or something else purely voice driven? Let’s meet back here in 14 years and see!

Laura Steward is a certified geek, business strategist, international speaker, award-winning author and beach lover. She lives in Sebastian, FL and can be reached at or via phone at 772-202-2138. 26 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice

Let’s Avoid These







Recycling Horrors This Halloween!

Halloween can be a real nightmare for your recycling container too. 5 Halloween items that should never go in the blue cart: 1. Candy Wrappers: too small.

2. Pumpkins: Can’t go in your blue cart, but are

considered yard waste and also can be composted.

3. Costumes: They can be reused or repurposed, but not recycled!

4. Makeup: Gooey tubes of face paint should be thrown away.

5. Spooky Lighting: These



Get tickets at:

are considered tanglers and should never go in the blue cart. They can be brought to one of the 5 Customer Convenience Centers or the Main County Landfill for proper recycling.

Confusion at your cart? Download the CARTer’s Corner app to see what goes where or visit

October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice 27

It’s Showtime!

Family Fun! 18-HOLE MINIATURE PUTTING COURSE Tickets: $30 • Box Office: Open M - F, 10am - 2pm 2020 San Juan Avenue • (772) 562-8300


We Haul Your Problems ) K Away N (JU



Veteran owned

Junk Monkey Services, llc 772-783-4110 Available 7 Days a Week

28 October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice


(772) 979-GOLF



NEED HELP with a Federal Government Agency?

Congressman Bill Posey and His Staff are Here to Serve You!

by Beth Walsh Stewart

If you have a problem with a federal government agency or department, such as the Department of Veteran Affairs, Social Security, Medicare, IRS, or the Passport Agency, etc., please feel free to contact my office.


ave you felt broken lately? Maybe you were misunderstood by someone you deal with regularly. Maybe someone you love got bad news about an illness. Maybe the weight of this world and its burdens feel heavy on your back. Whatever the cause, you’re not alone with the feeling. You feel like crying but the tears don’t come. You feel like isolating but you realize the pain will follow you into your hideout. You feel powerless and your energy level is at zero. You feel broken and without hope. Could there be an emotional “superglue” that can reconnect the pieces if you follow the instructions? Maybe so. Pull out that little imaginary tube of stickiness and read the fictitious directions on the back. They are clear. 1. Collect broken pieces of heart and surrender them to Master Heart-Mender. 2. Hand this tube to Him when ready for relief. 3. Leave all in His hands, close your eyes, and ask Him to do His best. 4. If sadness seeps out, wipe it away tenderly. 5. Trust that the final outcome will serve you well. 6. Stay close until connection feels strong. 7. Get out there and use your mended heart with confidence. In the end, Love never fails. People will fail you. Love them anyway. Situations will fail you. Love those involved as they endure them. Prospects will fail you. Love yourself until you can see a new plan unfolding. Broken hearts can be repaired. This, too, shall pass. Give it time.

Beth Walsh Stewart, MTh, is best-known for her work with BethWe, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing the stragglers lost in the shadows of the road of life. Her weekly blogs, regular articles in Vero’s Voice, and wellbeing workshops help people live their priorities. A professor at New Covenant Bible College, you can find more of her work at

Vero Beach Satellite Office

Limited Hours of Operation Indian River Administration Complex 1801 27th Street, Building A Vero Beach, Fl 32960 Phone: 772-226-1701

District Office

2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way Building C Melbourne, Fl 32940 Phone (321) 632-1776 Fax (321) 639-8595

To contact Rep. Posey by email, please visit: Paid for by official funds authorized by the House of Representatives.

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The SuperNatural Today! With Pastor Alex


inc. inc.







N N C. C.







Integrative Metabolic Cardiology with Stephen T. Sinatra, MD






Residential • CommeRCial • industRial Residential • CommeRCial • industRial


g n i n r o M : p u e n i L

complete complete electric electric Residential • CommeRCial • industRial




The Goodness of God by Pastor Alex Pappas

In my walk as a pastor, I have had many wonderful people come through my office doors requesting help with all kinds of challenges that they are facing in their lives. I have had parents come in and tell me how bad their children are Pastor Alex Pappas behaving, and stating that their children need to desperately change, and they would love to see them serving the Lord. Many couples have walked through my door… wives have come in complaining how bad their husband is behaving, driving them absolutely crazy. Husbands tell me how bad their wives are acting. As a pastor, husband, and father, I can completely understand that the struggle they are going through is very real. In most cases, the person that they are complaining about is not really serving the Lord, or not serving the Lord the way that they want them to. One thing I find interesting with mostly everyone walking through my door is their desire for me to tell them what they must do to make the other person change. I am not disregarding the fact that every situation is unique and that some people are really going through a difficult time with loved ones around them. However, my counsel often really shocks them. My advice most of the time will state that instead of fighting with that person and judging them and commanding them to change or to come to church or else…to rather show them what Jesus has really done in their own personal lives. The way to a person’s heart is to do it the way Jesus did. He said:

“The way to a person’s heart is to do it the way Jesus did.”

JOHN 8:15–16 (NLT) 15 You judge me by human standards, but I do not judge anyone. 16 And if I did, my judgment would be correct in every respect because I am not alone. The Father who sent me is with me. You see, it was not that Jesus couldn’t judge, but rather that He chose not to judge. Instead, He knew that if people could see God through Him, that would bring change. The Bible tells us in Romans 2:4 that the goodness of God leads to repentance. The word “repentance” actually means to cause someone to change their mind and go in the opposite direction. My advice to you if you want to see someone change, you have to show them the goodness of God, and then you will begin to see that person transformed. When a person begins to see the love and heart of God very often it will draw them to God. Judging them normally causes the opposite effect. Let’s lead by example. Let’s show everyone the goodness of God.

REV’S VERSES by Pastor Rich Ienuso


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Read John 8:12-58. Jesus declares Himself the light of the world. Those who follow Him have the light of life; not the darkness of death. Jesus is from above (Heaven). Therefore, what He speaks is from Heaven itself. His words, views, origin, and commands all come from Heaven. God’s throne. Jesus said that by not believing in Him (trusting Him alone for salvation), we would die in our sins. Dying in one’s sins means everlasting torment (hell itself). When we know the Truth, we are free. Freedom comes from trusting in Jesus. When we continue in His Word, we will know the Truth. Have you put your complete trust in Jesus, the Messiah? If not, today is your day to do it. John 3:16; 14:6. God’s blessings to you, Pastor Rich

Pastor Alex Pappas is Senior Pastor at Oceans Unite Christian Center located in the Indian River Mall. Live broadcasts and podcasts are available at Tune in Fridays 11 AM to hear The Supernatural Today on Pastor Rich Ienuso October 2021 / ISSUE 129 / Vero’s Voice 31

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BEACHSIDE Riverside Theatre Cliff Norris Real Estate Village Beach Market CVS-A1A Planes Dental Arts Vero Beach Hotel & Spa Cobalt Seaside Grille Corey’s Pharmacy Lemon Tree Ocean Grill Holiday Inn Treasure Lane Boutique Red Onion The Tides Ryder’s Gourmet Market Alec MacWilliam Real Estate Charlotte Terry Real Estate Di Mare Restaurant Marine Bank John Michael Matthews Fine Jewelry

IN TOWN Habitat for Humanity Stretch Zone Certus Memory Care CVS –53rd Center for Advanced Eye Care Big Shots Golf Mental Health of IRC – 37th PL Springhill Suites



Regency Park Oak Harbor Club Crab Stop Calvetti’s Manatee’s La Tabla Rhonda’s Seafood Mattress Market – US1 Postal Connection CVS –17th Sweet Kiss Ice Cream Vero Beach Book Center Dunkin Donuts Vincent’s Italian A & A Insurance First Watch Restaurant Hampton Inn S.T.A.R. Pilates Inti Restaurant Michaels on 7th The ARC Wooden Spoon - Oslo IRC Chamber of Commerce Vero Beach Theatre Guild County Administration Office Carole Jean Jordan, IRC Tax Collector Cultural Council Beach Bum Bagel Vero Beach Main Street Gallery 14

Main Library Renaissance Senior Living CJ Cannon’s Restaurant Vero Beach Airport Lobby Seatbacks of Elite Airways planes Perkins Pharmacy – Route 60 Oceans Unite Christian Center Oceans Cafe Mattress Market – Route 60 Brackett Library, IRSC Larry’s Roadside Restaurant Image 360 Gloria’s Health Hut Mrs. Mac’s Fillin Station Seacoast Bank Joey’s Seafood Golf Carts of VB Majestic Theatre Einstein Bagels Touch of Class Dry Cleaners Green Marlin Restaurant Molinari Pools American Legion Orthopaedic Center of Vero Beach Orthopaedic Center Physical Therapy Dean Wellness Center












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