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Volume XVI-Issue 862


February 23, 2021


Vermilion Local Releases Song On All Platforms

Jordan John. Photo Elaina John

Elaina John Reporter

Vermilion Local Jordan John (stage name John Hollen) released a song titled “Lonely Night” on all streaming platforms on February 13. The artist has been enamoured with music ever since childhood, but first

picked up a guitar when he was 12. His natural ability was evident at a young age, and for many years the artist has been writing and performing both original songs and covers at local open mics, small gigs, Band in the Sand in 2017, and Taste of Vermilion in 2019. He has also participated in worship services at

Parkview Alliance Church. While he has been writing original songs for about as long as he has played guitar, “Lonely Night” is his first officially released single. “The song is really just about learning how to heal,” John said, “I wanted it to be intimate, as if I was just playing it for the

person that was listening. Productionwise, I wanted it to feel like I was performing live, imperfections and all.” John produced and recorded “Lonely Night” independently in a humble home studio. The song is available on all streaming platforms including Youtube and Spotify under the name John Hollen.


area news

The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

County Of Vermilion Welcomes New Director Of Protective Services

Lorna Hamilton Reporter

On February 1 the County of Vermilion welcomed a new Director of Protective Service and Emergency Management to replace outgoing Direc tor Orest Popil. Kirk Hughes, originally from Southern Ontario, who considers the small remote fly-in communit y of Deline, NW T his hometown, last resided in Taber which was his last posting as a member of the RCMP. Hughes has vast experience in the field of protective services. “I have a unique background that encompasses all three emergency ser vice profiles related to my posit i o n. I h ave b e e n a f ir ef i g hter fo r

over 24 years, the last dozen or so as Fire Chief in several departments across Canada, including large urban and small rural stations,” explained Hughes. H u g h e s ha s al s o wor ke d in l aw enforcement, ser ving as an RCMP member in Manitoba, O ntario, the NWT, and lastly in Alberta. “ I lef t the RCMP to be c ome the Director of Community Safety for the Munic ipal Distric t of Taber, where I s pearhead ed the creation of the Community Peace Officer Program, where I also served as a Peace Officer Sergeant,” stated Hughes. Hughes has also worked as an Operational Officer for the Ontario provincial agency responsible for disaster

In Memory Of

Fred Douglas

February 24, 2001 To A Loving Dad

Although our worlds are different now Or is that just how it seems For I see you when I close my eyes Because you're always in my dreams I know you're up in Heaven And looking down on me And when I look up at the stars I know that's where you'll be Even though I miss you You're not too far away Because my heart is full of memories And I treasure them everyday Our time on Earth was special But it's only the very start So please keep watching over me While we're not so far apart Someday the time will come When I no longer feel this pain That is the day when Heaven calls And we will meet again

Sadly missed by Jerry, Joyce and family.

response; Emergency Management Ontario. “As a member of the RCMP, I was subject matter in this area and wa s p o s te d to O nt ar i o d ur i n g t h e G8/20 Summits as well as on rotation in the NW T as the Emergency Co-ordinator for Search and Rescue,” explained Hughes. Hughes is also a veteran member of the Canadian Forces and a member of the Order of St. John (Ambulance). A s t h e n ew D i r e c t o r o f Pr o t e c tive Services Hughes has a long list of duties and responsibilities including managing eight fire departments within the County of Vermilion while attending serious incidents, determining fire cause origin and supporting rescue operations in the area. ”In the area of enforcement, I am responsible for the Community Peace Officer and Bylaw services within the County, as well as working with the RCMP and CN Rail Police, and other Alber ta Peace O f ficer s, to reduce crime in our rural areas and safeguard our residents as they travel, work, live and play within Vermilion River,” said Hughes. Hughes also says that he is responsible to prepare the County to respond and recover from all forms of disasters. “I can’t do this alone, and I am fortunate to work with a dedicated team of professionals to keep CVR safe,” said Hughes. Hughes says that while there are some changes he would like to see, he prefers to ease into any changes, but that he would like to promote the fire stations and recruit new firefighters. “One of my main objectives moving for ward will be to attract additional

firefighters, with a focus on younger p e o p l e a n d fe m a l e s i nto t h e f ir e fi g ht i n g pr ofe s s i o n. I b e li eve t h at the modern Fire Service needs new blood to help maintain our fire level of service throughout our communities,” said Hughes, who also went on to say that if you’ve ever thought about volunteering, now is the time. “ Come join us. Check us out on Fac e b o o k at Prote c t i ve S er v i c e s Count y of Vermilion River,” stated Hughes. When asked what prompted him to apply for this position Hughes stated that southern Alberta has three things that were motivational factors for him. “ Wind, bald prairies, and rat tle snakes,” said Hughes.

Kirk Hughes, new Director of Protective Service and Emergency Management for the County of Vermilion River. Photo submitted.

Lawrence John Kiziak (July 22, 1944 – February 14, 2021)

Lawrence John Kiziak of Vermilion passed away at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton on February 14, 2021 at the age of 76.


Lawrence spent the majority of his life in the Derwent, Clandonald, and Vermilion area with his wife of 50 years, Judy. Lawrence was a loving and dedicated dad and husband, a hard worker, having worked a number of jobs before settling down to farm and then eventually becoming a truck driver, and a faithful member of the Ukrainian Catholic Church, serving as cantor for more than 50 years, and as the president of the Ascension of Our Lord Ukrainian Catholic Parish near Derwent. The last few years of his life were spent in retirement, taking care of his wife, visiting with family and friends, singing, taking care of his church, and cracking really terrible dad jokes. Lawrence will be sadly missed by his loving family; his wife Judy of Vermilion; two children Shauna Kiziak of Red Deer and Darren Kiziak of Calgary; three grandchildren, Jonah, Jensen, and Ashton Smith; one sister Leona Jaremco of Vermilion; along with numerous other family and friends. He was predeceased by his parents William and Annie Kiziak and his siblings Peter Kiziak and Kay Milne.



A private Divine Liturgy of Christian Burial took place at the Ascension Parish. Memorial donations may be made to Hope for Dementia or charity of choice.

local news

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice


Acadia Farming Co. Charolais and Angus Bull Sale

March 2, 2021

Dryland Cattle Trading Corp.


Veteran, AB

Levi & Simon Mandel Barn Office: 403.664.8593 Home: 403.664.3369.ext 109

Lot 97

Lot 39

View catalouge and videos online at www.drylandcattletrading.com


Lorna Hamilton

Lot 23

Town Of Vermilion Welcomes New Businesses


Vermilion Mayor Caroline McAuley alongside Economic Development Officer Mary Lee Prior presented New Business Plaques to three businesses in Vermilion on Feb 17, Engima Art, Personal Shopper Lakeland and The Hunt. “It is wonderful to see new businesses in our town and these plaques have been at the office for a while due to COVID so we are doing our best to get them all handed out to our new business owners,” said Mayor McAuley. She went on to say that it is always good to have lots of options and opportunities for people to have local services. Owner of Engima Art Tattoos, Dana Lychak accepted her plaque from Mayor McAuley and said “Thank you so much, this is really cool.” Lychak opened her Tattoo shop in February last year and explained how it has been a different year due to all the yo-yo-ing of the restrictions. “I opened last February and then got

shut down and then I reopened and was super busy and then I was shut down again. I am finely reopened now,” said Lychak. Currently, she can only take appointments as walk-ins are not allowed and she is booking well into March. “I think it is amazing that you opened in February, and with all the challenges it shows that you have the strength that is needed to be an entrepreneur,” said Mayor McAuley. Lychak grew up near Derwent and apprenticed under tattoo artist Renita Senz from Elk Point. She has been tattooing for five years and has always wanted to be a tattoo artist since she was a little girl. “You know how your parents have those things from your childhood that say what you want to be when you grew up, well mine was either a Vet or a Tattoo Artist,” said Lychak. According to Lychak there is no college training to become a Tattoo Artist but you should always apprentice under another artist and make sure you do a blood-borne pathogens course.

“Anyone can buy a tattoo machine off of Amazon but there are techniques and designing you must know including different colouring, shading and you must be artistically inclined and be able to draw, etc.,” explained Lychak. Lychak went on to say that tattooing is her passion, she loves working with people and the art aspect of tattooing keeps her mind busy. Owner of Personal Shopper Lakeland Shelly Roberts was also presented with her new business plaque the same day by Mayor McAuley. With this unique business Roberts goes to the city and thrifts at places like the Good Will and purchases items to resell on her Facebook and Instagram pages. “I would really like to take over the community closet but they are not interested in having me do it my way and having me change things. They are very successful in what they do so that is their thing and I just wanted to do my own thing. I love what everyone has done downtown but not everyone can afford it and I want people to have nice things and be able to have those things at a low cost,” explained Roberts. If a client wanted a certain gift or any item they can contact Roberts through her Facebook page or by phoning or emailing her. Her contact information is on her page. She

also has items for sale listed on her social media sites. “If anyone is looking for certain things for example like I am looking for this for a birthday gift, or I need this size in jeans, I’m looking for pjs, I’m looking for leggings, I’m looking for a spring jacket, etc. I just put it on my list for when I go,” explained Roberts. The Hunt Thrift Store located in Lakeland Mall also received a plaque on Feb 17.

Kennedy Zurborg, Manager of The Hunt Thrift store with the plaque received from the Town of Vermilion.

From left, Mayor Caroline McAuley presenting Owner of Personal Shopper Lakeland Shelly Roberts with the Town of Vermilion Plaque for new businesses.

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From left, Mayor Caroline McAuley and Engima Art owner Dana Lychak receiving her plaque from the Town of Vermilion. Photos Lorna Hamilton



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REDUCED 1st Street East, Clandonald

NE 13-51-8-W4

1/4 Section close to Vermilion & only 1/2 Mile North of Highway 16. Comes with 1612 sq. ft. house and a very large mechanic shop and hip-roof barn with tin roof, 3 car garage, root cellar and other buildings. Shop comes with a hydraulic press and overhead crane and electric 5-ton hoist. House has boiler providing under floor heat (nice warm floors). Shop has a 62’ wash bay. MLS# A1061804

REDUCED 5101 - 45 Avenue

Here is a very nicely kept home with the east addition giving a third bedroom. The price is great for a young couple starter home or an investment as a rental. MLS# LL66427

Don Stewart (780) 853-7172 cell Doug Charlesworth (780) 581-8588 cell

Renovated starter home in Clandonald situated on 2 lots. The home has seen a long list of updates such as; new furnace, hot water tank (2017), all new shingles (2019), multiple windows, along with a completely overhauled electrical panel. Vacant & ready for its next owners. MLS# A1048936

Hugh Stewart (780) 581-8608 cell Email: realestate@stewartauctions.com

Contact your local Co-op Fuel Team.

780-645-1728 & 780-853-4337 www.cornerstonefuel.ca




Lorna Hamilton Editor

The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

An Even Greater Need For Kindness And Anti-bullying

Last week was Kindness Week and tomorrow is Pink Day. The past year has caused so many uncer tainties and while times of hardship usually promote solidarity this virus seems to have changed some people for the worse. Keyboard warriors take up their posts and are ready to jump on any poor soul they come across. Cyberbullying has certainly increased from what I can see. I have talked about this subject before in a previous editorial so I am

not going to beat it to death, but I do think people need to be kinder to each other and stop bullying people on social media! Everyone is entitled to their opinion and you can be respectful in the you present it instead of belittling your community members! Last week I received an email from a lady who thought it would be nice to acknowledge some acts of kindness she had heard about as quoted below. “I read in your paper that Feb. 14-20 is Random Acts of Kindness week. I overheard the lady from Reflec tions talking about it yesterday at the

Co-op Gas Bar. She gave a gift card to a random person at the gas pumps and then walked an elderly lady with a cane from her truck across the icy lot, waited with her while her gas was pumped, and then walked her back and helped her into her truck again. I also saw her helping a woman in the Co-op grocery parking lot find her hearing aid that fell. I also had a friend who had Valentine’s dinner bought for her at Something Sweet.” Upon reading this email it made me smile, I thought wow, there are still kind people out there, how nice. I think we need more of this in our

lives and less of the negativity. I am putting a challenge out there for everyone in our community. How about we all try to be more kind, not just during these special times but all the time. Kindness can be contagious, when a fellow member of our community witnesses acts of kindness, it often prompts others to do the same. Let’s take a step back from being keyboard warriors and take a step forward towards being more kind to our fellow community members. It will make our world such a happier place an d may be just may be make this pandemic easier to handle.

Enhanced COVID-19 Benefit Plan To Further Assist Small Businesses Across Alberta

Elaina John

Medium Enterprise Relaunch Grant mentary funding for small and mediumcomes to a close in March, the Alberta sized businesses starting in April. A s t h e $ 5 0 0 m i l l i o n S m a l l a n d Government will be providing suppleThe Enhanced COVID-19 Benefit Plan will provide additional funding to small and medium-sized businesses of up to $10,000 across the province with a budget of $120 million to help offset costs due to COVID-19, such as Closing Thursday, March 11, 2021 at 3:00 pm purchasing personal protective equipment, hiring staff, expanding online business, and more. “ It ’s c lear to us that some businesses will not be able to reopen until stage three of reopening,” said Minister of Jobs, Economy, and Innovation Doug Schweitzer, “we want to make sure this benefit targets those businesses that have sacrificed the most STEWART AUCTIONS www.stewartrealty.net during the pandemic.” 780-853-4725 or Toll Free at 1-800-269-8580 Vermilion, AB According to Alberta.ca, small and


ONLINE LAND AUCTION From Paul Metrunec Estate NW 36-53-8-W4 (Home 1/4) SW 36-53-8-W4 NE 35-53-8-W4

medium businesses account for 99 per cent of businesses across Alberta, and about 55 per cent of all employment. Businesses that report a revenue reduction of 60 per cent or more will be able to receive 15 per cent of their monthly revenue up to $10,000 and are required to report all provincial and federal supports they are receiving to ensure the revenue covered does not exceed 80 per cent. Another eligibility requirement is that the business has less than 500 employees. Funding does not need to be repaid. “The biggest thing I’d like to convey is a big thank you to small businesses across Alberta,” Minister Schweitzer added, “and please, support your local businesses.”

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4612 RAILWAY AVE, VERMILION • 780-853-9695

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Dawn Hames Columnist

As par ag u s i s in season right now coming from Mexico, from mid February to June, with April being the peak coming from British Columbia. The nutrients in asparagus read like the back of a multivitamin bottle. On top of all the vitamins found in asparagus, it has over 100 beneficial phyto nutrients. Asparagus also has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Who knew it was so amazing? Quiche is a classic dish that has been around for centuries. Food historians have traced its original origins back to an area around the Germany and France border. The German version would have originally been a simple smoked pork and egg pie, baked in a bread crust pie shell The French


Asparagus Quiche

versions of quiche use a pastry crust. If the quiche is made of spinach and feta cheese then it is a Florentine quiche. Quiche Lorraine originates from the Lorraine region of France and contains smoked bacon. The more modern versions of Quiche Lorraine have Gruyere cheese as well as the bacon. I would say that this version is a prairie style, as we love our bacon and cheddar cheese. Quiche can be served as a breakfast, a brunch dish, a luncheon or even and supper meal. Complimentary side dishes suggestions are a fruit salad, green salad, sliced tomatoes, pickles and fresh breads. Quiche goes well served with coffee, tea, orange juice, white wine, mimosa or champagne. Asparagus Quiche 4 slices of bacon cooked 1/2 cup chopped onion 1 3/4 cups chopped and cooked 4 eggs 1/2 cup cream 10% or 18%

Secretary Treasurer/CFO, Bob Brown Retires From BTPS


will be missed in the division. Bob is also Submitted known for his collection of fancy cars and NEWS RELEASE – February 18, 2021. we know he will be able to spend more time After 13 years as the Secretary Treasurer/ enjoying them in his retirement. CFO, Mr. Bob Brown has decided to retire from his position. Bob Brown is known for keeping the division and all of our schools on track with their budget processes. In his 13 years, we have had 13 successful annual financial audits, which speaks volumes about his work. Mr. Brown attended his last Board meeting this week and the Board expressed their deep gratitude and appreciation of all that he has accomplished for our division. He has led the financial department through some tough budget times. His easy going manner and focus on supporting students Bob Brown. Photo submitted

A Prairie Farmhouse Cookbook by Dawn Hames is now available at the Vermilion Voice office for purchase. Cash only $21.00 The Voice is open Mon - Fri 8 am to 5 pm

Dawn’s Interiors open Monday - Saturday at 11:00 am



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Publisher: Susan Chikie Editor: Lorna Hamilton Photographer / Reporter: Lorna Hamilton, Elaina John, Jerianne Bardoel Graphic Design: Amr Rezk Sales: Susan Chikie, Lorna Hamilton, Jerianne Bardoel

3/4 teaspoon sea salt bacon slices into small pieces. Stir in the 1/4 teaspoon pepper bacon pieces and asparagus. Pour this 1/2 cup grated aged cheddar or Swiss mixture into the pastry lined 8” round pan cheese or pie shell and bake for 38 minutes at 350 1/2 teaspoon dried dill weed degrees, or until a toothpick inserted into 1 tablespoon mustard the center comes out clean. Sprinkle with 1 pie shell 9” or make your own pastry salt 3” andwide pepper. Serve hot or cold. Serves version Place the pie shell into an 8” round pan. 4 - 6 This gives higher and straighter sides for the quiche. Spread the mustard on the bottom of the pastry shell. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Bake purchase tickets at airdriedreamvacation.ca the shell with the mustard for MAKE YOUR VACATION A 10 minutes. Fry the bacon until crisp, and cook the asparagus in boiling water for 3 – 5 In $ minutes, and drain to allow Prizes to cool slightly. In a mixing Tickets $120 bowl, whisk together the eggs, Only 600 Printed cream, salt pepper, dill, ched12 MONThLY DRAws Licence#566391 AIRDRIE COUNCIL #8045 dar cheese, onion. Chop the

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5042 - 49 Avenue Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1B7 AIRDRIE COUNCIL #8045

If you do not file by the date above, the estate property can lawfully be distributed without regard to any claim you may have.



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Tickets $120 Only 600 Printed



Love, All your:

10 children, 23 grandchildren, 41 great grandkids, & 6 great, great grandkids!

County of Minburn No. 27 Job Advertisement Summer Employment Agricultural Service Board Assistant The County of Minburn No. 27 is seeking two individuals for summer student positions in the Agricultural Service Board department located in Vegreville, Alberta. Job duties will include weed control activities on public and private land, field and crop surveys for agricultural pests, herbicide application, industrial mowing, and other Agricultural Service Board related duties. Qualifications: - High School Diploma - Excellent personal skills - Keen interest in modern agricultural and environmental practices - General knowledge of equipment, including repair and maintenance would be an asset - Post-secondary students are encouraged to apply - Valid Class 5 driver’s license This position may require occasional overtime. ______________________________________________________________ Please submit a complete resume and cover letter, detailing experience,education and qualifications by 4:00 pm on Monday, March 15, 2021 to HR@minburncounty.ab.ca. Questions regarding this position may also be directed to the above email address. _____________________________________________________________ Employment Term: May 3, 2021 to August 31, 2021 Location: Vegreville, Alberta Salary Range: $17.00 - $20.00 per hour The County of Minburn thanks all applicants for their interest in this position, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.



Craig Baird Columnist

Many people from small towns in Alberta have gone on to have successful NHL careers, and the community of Myrnam is one such place. It was here on Oct. 15, 1957 that Rocky Ray Saganiuk was born.

Rocky Saganiuk

After playing junior hockey for the Kamloops Chiefs and Lethbridge Broncos, he would be drafted by the Edmonton Oilers in the 1977 WHA draft, 29th overall, and the Toronto Maple Leafs 42nd overall in the NHL draft. Saganiuk chose to sign with the Maple Leafs and made his professional debut playing for the Dallas Black Hawks of the Central Hockey League, the farm team of

The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

the Maple Leafs. In that season, he had a respectable 29 points in 42 games. In 1978-79, he would make his NHL debut, playing a total of 16 games with the Maple Leafs, picking up an excellent eight points in 16 games. He would also play for the New Brunswick Hawks of the AHL that season, earning 76 points in 61 games. That season, he won the Les Cunningham Award for the most valuable player of the 1978-79 AHL season. That successful stint in the AHL earned him a job with the Toronto Maple Leafs, where he would spend the next three full seasons. His best season would be 197980 when he had 47 points in 75 games, followed by 30 points in 71 games and 33 points in 65 games. In 1982-83, he was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins, where he played 29 games, earning four points, while also spending time with the St. Catharines Saints, earning 49 points in 61 games.


While he never returned to the NHL, he had a good run in the AHL and the British Hockey League before his professional retirement in 1994-95 due to injuries. At the time of his retirement, he had 122 points in 259 NHL games, 129 points in 131 AHL games and 75 points in 31 British Hockey League games. Following his retirement, Saganiuk would develop hockey in England as a coach for several teams, before returning to North America to coach in the WHL and then work as a youth hockey director in Chicago. I put out a history magazine that highlights many aspects of Canadian history. It is free and is delivered to your inbox. E-mail me to subscribe at craig@canadaehx.com Support the column and my history show at www.patreon.com/canadaehx Listen to my podcast Canadian History Ehx on all podcast platforms or at www. canadaehx.ca


County of Minburn No. 27 Job Advertisement - Summer Employment Administrative Support The County of Minburn No. 27 is seeking two individuals for administrative summer student positions located in Vegreville, Alberta. The Administration Office position is responsible for providing receptionist duties, answering telephones, receipting revenue and daily cash reconciliation, maintaining office filing systems and preparing spreadsheets. This Public Works position is responsible for answering telephones, preparing spreadsheets and work orders as well as completing mail duties. Qualifications: - High School Diploma - Currently enrolled in Post-Secondary Business or Administrative Program - Excellent computer and written skills - Excellent communication, interpersonal skills and strong customer service skills - Valid Class 5 driver’s license This position may require occasional overtime. ______________________________________________________________

Public Works Shop Maintenance Assistant

The County of Minburn No. 27 is seeking one individual for a summer student position at the Public Works Shop located in Vegreville, Alberta. The Public Works Shop Maintenance Assistant position is responsible for assisting the Shop Foreman, Journeyman Heavy Duty Mechanic and Welder in the regular maintenance of equipment and vehicles. The successful candidate will also be responsible for picking up parts, cleaning the public works shops, detailing vehicles, and assisting Construction and Oiling Crews as directed. Qualifications: - High School Diploma - Currently enrolled in a Post-Secondary Education Program - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills - Valid Class 5 driver’s license This position may require occasional overtime. ______________________________________________________________ Please submit a complete resume and cover letter, detailing experience,education and qualifications by 4:00 pm on Monday, March 15, 2021 to HR@minburncounty.ab.ca. Questions regarding this position may also be directed to the above email address. _____________________________________________________________ Employment Term: May 3, 2021 to August 31, 2021 Location: Vegreville, Alberta Salary Range: $17.00 - $20.00 per hour The County of Minburn thanks all applicants for their interest in this position, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

CELEBR ATING 51 YEARS !!! FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY *Yearling & 2 year old virgin bulls *Whites, Tans, Horned & Polled *Performance Data Available *Semen tested

The Smiths R.R.#2 Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 Brent 846-2495 & Bev 780-846-2643

Rocky Saganiuk. Photo submitted

County of Minburn No. 27 Job Advertisement Summer Employment Protective Services Assistant The County of Minburn No. 27 is seeking one individual for summer position in the Protective Services department located in Vegreville, Alberta. Job duties will include conducting workplace health and safety inspections, promoting health and safety to field personnel, participate in and support daily safety meetings, assist with minor maintenance and inventory of fire department equipment, and provide administrative support including organizing and converting paper-based files to digital form. General responsibilities include: - High School Diploma - Excellent computer skills, knowledge of Microsoft Office products - Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, works well independently - Previous fire department or health and safety experience would be an asset - Valid Class 5 driver’s license This position may require occasional overtime. ______________________________________________________________ Please submit a complete resume and cover letter, detailing experience,education and qualifications by 4:00 pm on Monday, March 15, 2021 to HR@minburncounty.ab.ca. Questions regarding this position may also be directed to the above email address. _____________________________________________________________ Employment Term: May 3, 2021 to August 31, 2021 Location: Vegreville, Alberta Salary Range: $17.00 - $20.00 per hour The County of Minburn thanks all applicants for their interest in this position, however, only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

area news

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Shriners Hospitals For Children Wants Everyone To “Be Burn Aware”

Sue Chikie Reporter

bear and a googly-eyed teapot- who are featured in activity books for children ages 3-7 and 8-12. The duo leads children through the various rooms of a house, pointing out dangers, and how to easily correct or avoid them. The coloring pages, word searches, cartoons and other activities are designed to grab children’s attention and present the information in a memorable, age-appropriate manner. The campaign also features various tip sheets and fact cards, all available onlilne. Shriners Hospitals has also created an animated video, Boots and Brewster: The Burn Awareness Pair, which children are sure to enjoy. In the video, available on YouTube.com/ShrinersHospitals, Boots and Brewster take viewers on a fun and educational adventure to

help them become more burn aware- conditions, burns, spinal cord injuries, ness. and cleft lip and palate, regardless S hr i n er s H o s p i t a l s for Ch il d re n of the families’ ability to pay. Shriners encourages everyone concerned with Hospitals for Children is a non profit keeping children safe to visit bebur- organization and relies on the generosnaware.org for helpful burn prevention ity of donors. tips and information on how to order the All donations are tax deductible to the free materials. fullest extent permitted by law. For more Shriner Hospitals for Children is information, visit shrinershospitalsforchanging lives every day by providing children.org. pediatric specialty INVITATION TO TENDER c a r e, c o n d u c t i n g innovative research FARMLAND FOR SALE BY TENDER and offering outstanding educa- The SW 20 53 7 W4 is offered for Sale by tender subject to the restrictions tional programs for in the existing certificate of title. Approximately 110 cultivated acres. medical profession- The property is situated 14 miles north of Vermilion then west 6 miles als. Our health care then north 1 mile. s y s t e m p r o v i d e s 110 cultivated acres - 20 acres is hay land. Balance is yard site and c a r e f o r c h i l d r e n surrounding area and surface lease site. w i t h o r t h o p a e d i c The lands include a 900 square foot house, 2 bedrooms upstairs, partially

The Burn Awareness Week Annual Campaign kicked off from February 7-13 this year. It is a yearlong educational campaign aimed at burn awareness and prevention. This campaign has been ongoing since 1960 and if you would like to be a part of this or contribute, please contact; The Shriners Hospitals for Children, C/O Don Weeks, President Al-Wa Shrine Club, Lloydminster at 780-8757575 or email donweeks@telus.net. The Shriners Hospitals for Children has been a leader in burn care, research and education and burn injury prevention, which is a key component in this campaign. It includes free educational materials, available via the website beburnaware.org, and are designed to be resources for firefighters, teachers, parents and others concerned with the safety and well-being of children. Building on the theme “ Be Burn Aware”, they work to prevent burn injuries in the home, since that’s is where most preventable burn injuries occur. Homes are the sites of thousands of burn injuries to children every year, including scalds, fire related injuries and even electrical burns. “The most important point to remember is that many of these types of burns are preventable,” said David Greehaigh, M.D., chief of burns ar Shriners Hospitals for Children in Northern California. Consequently, educating parents and families about burn injuries and some simple safety precautions they can take that is a an important part of the mission of Shriners Hospitals for Children. The bur n awarenes s c am paign features two child-friendly character, Al London, secretary of Al-Wa Shrine Club, Lloydminster in the Boots and Brewster - a caped, cuddly Vermilion parade 2018. Photo Sue Chikie

We’re from here MCSnet is a local, family-owned rural internet service provider. Connect, share and always be there: At MCSnet, we believe in the neighbourly way of life. That’s why we’ve been dedicated to delivering high-speed, wireless internet to our rural communities since 1995. See our grassroots story at mcsnet.ca/about Call 1-844-908-9373 to learn about our internet & telephone services.


finished basement, 40' by 60' quonset with a new metal roof in 2019 and a 20' by 30' shed.

There is one oil and gas surface lease that is situated on the lands, the lease pays $2,000.00 per year and is payable in January each year. Such lease consideration will be adjusted in favor of the purchaser. Further information can be obtained by contacting Ken at 780-853-4215 or 780-853-7404. Tenders must be made in writing, accompanied by a bank draft or certified cheque for 5% of the amount of the tender price, as a deposit, payable to Duncan F. Crerar Law Office in Trust and identified FILE #9996 Tenders must be unconditional and will not be opened in public. The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. Upon acceptance, the successful tenderer will be notified on or before March 12, 2021, and the balance payable no later than thirty days after acceptance. Unsuccessful tender deposits will be returned via regular mail. If the successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after the acceptance of the tender, the attendant deposit shall be forfeited. Tenders will be received until 12 o'clock noon on March 9, 2021 at: Crerar Law Office 4936 50 Avenue Vermilion, AB T9X 1A4


area news

Lakeland College Online Program Info Sessions

Sue Chikie Reporter

O n M ar c h 11 t h e L l oyd m i n s ter campus will hold their virtual online Pr o g r a m Info S e s s i o n s fo r a l l to learn more about university transfer, health and wellness, business and energy programs. The Vermilion campus will show their agricultural sciences, environmental sciences, interior design technology, human ser vices and trades (pre - employment and apprenticeship) on March 12. Kayleigh Schmid commented, “We have so many programs at Lakeland. With ever y thing from agricultural sciences to environmental sciences,

human services to business, trades, energy and university transfer, and more, it can be difficult to choose w h i c h t o s t u d y. Fo r p r o s p e c t i ve students, Info Sessions help give them a broader and more in-depth understanding of what we offer and what to ex pe c t in eac h pro gram, which can help the decision-making process easier.” There will also be oppor tunities to connect with academic advisors to d i s c us s lear ner pathways an d program details. Vir tual tours will also be available. Anyone interested in attending is asked to RSVP online at lakelandcollege.ca/infosessions.

The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

Snow Angels

Jerianne Bardoel Reporter

The Elk Point Outreach School has taken part in a program called Snow Angels that is hosted by the County of St. Paul and Elk Point Family and Community Support Services (FCSS) for the last four years. This program gives students a chance to give back to their community by volunteering to clear snow for residents in the area. “It is important for students to see the adults in a school setting as positive role models. Our staff is out there, shoveling snow with the students.  We also want to model the importance of giving back to our community and this is one way that we can help,” stated Andrea Austin, Principal of the Elk Point Outreach School. The local Co-op donated all the shovels for the program. The school and its staff are very excited to get the students more involved in their community as the program supports the students in volunteering, paying it forward, and giving back to the community. The students are available to shovel Mondays – Thursdays on the warmer days throughout winter. If you live in the Elk Point area, you can call the Outreach school at Snow Angels Flyer. Photo submitted 780-724-4951 to be added to the list!

Letter To The Editor

Dear Editor, The traffic lights at main street and Hw y 41 has a turn lef t sign and a straight through sign when travelling west on main street. DRIVERS NEED to start being more aware when they are driving!!!!! I recently had a close call when I was in the correct straight through lane heading west, when I suddenly saw a SUV right beside me that had gone through the turning lane and headed west beside me. Just

about wiped out my drivers door! This is not the first time since those signs have been put up. Something needs to be done to make people more aware of signs and their surroundings!! The turning lane also has an “X” on the road where people are not supposed to stop too close to the intersection when light is red which they are not doing even when it’s not covered with snow. Wake up DRIVERS!!!!! Thank you

area news

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

John Ware Alberta’s First Black Cowboy

Sue Chikie Reporter

to recognize his legacy, not only as one of the first Black cowboys in Canada but as someone who blazed a trail as a horseman and a rancher. In 1905 Mildred died of pneumonia and although John was a master horseman he was killed only months later when his horse tripped in a badger hole, breaking his neck. Ware’s funeral was one of the largest held in the early days in Calgary. John Ware, is still an important part of Alberta’s history and there is also a do cumentar y c alled, John Ware Reclaimed, by an award winning author and playwright, Cheryl Foggo. It is available to stream at nfb.ca and on various festival platforms across Canada.

With February being Black History month, this week we are acknowledging John Ware who is considered Alberta’s first Black Cowboy. According to Wikipedia, Ware was born into slavery in 1845 on a cotton plantation in Georgetown, South Carolina and as soon as emancipation was declared, Ware left. At 18, he ended up in Texas and began working on a ranch, eventually becoming a steer herder working in and around Montana. In 1882, he was hired to help drive 3,000 head of cattle from the U.S. to Sir Hugh Allan’s North-West Cattle Co. in Alberta. He then found work at the Bar U and Quorn ranches before starting his own ranch near the Red Deer river. There are a wide range of tales about John’s ability to ride, shoot and wrangle, including that he was never tossed by a wild horse and that he was great steer wrestling which would become a highlight of the Calgary Stampede. Stories included that he could stop a steer head-on and wrestle it to the ground, walk the backs of a herd of cattle and easily lift small cows. Ware also was a highly skilled farmer and was instrumental in new agriculture techniques like irrigation and ranching. In 1900, he and his wife, Mildred had five children and had moved to the Duchess, Alberta area. His home was destroyed by a flood in 1902 which he rebuilt on higher ground overlooking a stream, which is now called Ware Creek. Ware would also have several other places named for him, including Mount Ware, John Ware Junior High and the John Ware Building. In 2012, Ca n ad a Po s t i s s u e d a commemorative stamp featuring Ware John Ware and Family. Photo credit Wikipedia

After 44 years in the Mannville, Minburn, Innisfree and area, Bud & Sandra of Bauer Auto & Tire ltd. are retiring and are passing the keys over to their son Gary. “Thank you all for the continued support. Stay healthy and happy in 2021.” - Sandra & Bud. Gary and staff are operating as Bauer’s Auto and Tire Shop and are ready and open: “We value your continued support and appreciate all the positive response as we continue on servicing the Mannville and Vermilion area. We are very pleased to be continuing with the family business”. Gary, Sharla, Addison and Hudson Bauer





All Cuts of Beef & Pork

Pepperoni - Regular, Honey Garlic & Teryaki • Lean Ground Beef • Jerky - Original, Honey Garlic, Teryaki, Hunter’s Blend & Hubkins Hardtack • Smoked Ham • Pork Chops - Fresh, Frozen or Smoked • Bacon - Maple, Brown Sugar or Regular •

Monday to Saturday 6 am - 9 pm Sunday 8 am - 9 pm

@ BarBQ Brand Meats





The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

Wheat Kenyon LLP Supports VIBE and


We Support




4915-47 Ave.

Highway 29 E & 881 S






Awareness Program.


Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Highway 16 W & RR #14

The Anti-Bullying




Vermilion office 5042 – 49 Avenue Vermilion AB T9X 1B7 PH: 780-853-4707 Fax: 780-853-4499

Lloydminster Office 6209 – 44 Street Lloydminster, AB T9V 1X8 PH: 780-874-5800 Fax: 780-853-4499




February 24, 2021


PINK SHIRT DAY 780-853-1885 Vermilion, AB www.hardyfinancial.ca

PINK SHIRT DAY Wednesday, February 24, 2021


Deborah A. Tovell

Suite 14, 5125-50 AVE. Phone: 780-853-2801 www.accountingvermilionab.ca


PINK SHIRT DAY & KINDNESS WEEK In these difficult times, it is important to highlight positive events and pay tribute to the many people helping others.

5208 - 46 AVE. VERMILION, AB




Choose Yours Wisely

Dr. Lee J. Moneo Optometrist 5010 - 50 St., Vermilion, AB Vermilion Eye Centre Phone: 780-853-6501

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice


4 Facts You May Not Know About Bullying

Contrary to what some people think, bullying isn’t a normal part of childhood. Here are some other realities about this harmful behaviour that need to be ac­knowledged. 1. Kids don’t grow out of bullying. Unless children face meaningful consequences and learn that bullying is unacceptable, this behaviour is likely to persist through adolescence and into adult­hood. It can also evolve into dating violence, workplace harassment and domestic abuse. 2. Fighting back makes bullying worse. While children should be encouraged to stand up to bullies, retaliating with violence, insults or other aggressive behaviour can lead to more persistent and severe bullying. Assertive responses and reporting bullying to an adult are more effective strategies.

Jerianne Bardoel

3 . Pe e r s c a n s to p b ullyin g in seconds. Most bullying incidents happen when peers are watching, and their reaction plays a major role in reinforcing or stopping the behaviour. In fact, research shows that when peers intervene, more than half of the time the bullying stops within 10 seconds. 4. Bullying can cause serious harm. Bullied children are more likely to experience headaches, stomach aches, anxiety and depression. They’re also at greater risk of long-term mental health problems and suicide. Additionally, chil­dren who bully are more likely to use drugs and engage in criminal activity. It’s only by dispelling myths about bullying and teaching children to develop healthy relationships that the issue can be properly addressed and bullying eradiPhoto submitted cated for good.

History Of Pink Shirt Day


Pink Shirt Day is a global anti-bullying movement that started in September of 2007 when two students at Central Kings Rural High School in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, David Sheppard and Travis Price, witnessed another student being bullied for wearing a pink shirt to school. Shep-

pard and Price then bought as many pink shirts as they could and gave them to other students at their school and encouraged them to wear them while explaining the meaning behind it. According to pinkshirtday.ca, in 2020 The Pink Shirt Day organization funded programs that impact over 59,000 children, such as; Kids Help Phone, KidSafe Proj-


ect, Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention Centre of BC, Boys and Girls Clubs of Western Canada, I Am Someone Ending Bullying Society, Vancouver Out On Screen Film and Video Society, Stigma-Free Society. On February 24, everyone across the globe is encouraged to practice kindness and wear pink in support of anti-bullying.


5118 Railway Avenue Vermilion, AB 780-853-5002


Together.. We Are Stronger




Lloydminster, AB www.creativeglass.co



PINK SHIRT DAY Choose Kindness

Carry out a random act of kindness, with no expectation of reward, safe in the knowledge that one day someone might do the same for you.

780-853-7559 Lakeland Mall Vermilion, AB

www.vermilion.ca EROME’ T. J

Together We Can Stand Up Against Bullying

Box 69, 4912 - 50 Ave. Kitscoty, AB T0B 2P0 (780) 846-2244 or (780) 853-5492 www.vermilion-river.com


February 24, 2021

J.R. Robson School



MODERN EDGE PAINTING LTD. 4928 50 Avenue, Vermilion, AB T9X 1A4 780-853-6663





File# ON-1538 / 02-21-2020 / Rachel (3M/PMS)




105cm / 53cm (3.5 ft / 1.75 ft)

5115 47th Ave. Vermillion, AB

We Support

To be concerned, is to be human. To act, is to care. Be a part of the solution.


(780) 853-5555 We Support

(3 ft / 1.5 ft)


Pink Shirt Day

90cm / 45cm


PINK SHIRT DAY Together We Can End Bullying


45cm 53cm

Mainline -1.27cm (.5”) border - 5.08cm (2”) corner radius Ramp - .635cm (.25”) border - 2.54cm (1”) corner radius Refer to a 3M Sheet and/or PMS guide to view the actual colors to be printed. This "Art Sample" is not a true representation of actual color printed. Territory

MTO Approval

Garth Rowswell MLA Vermilion-Lloydminster-Wainwright

780-853-5672 5009 50 AVE, VERMILION, AB

Field Account Manager


General Manager Approval


Client Approval


Black 3M #705 Red PMS 485


The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

J.R. Robson School News

Raynette Schroeder in an online version of Endless Skies Submitted Teachers’ Convention. The opening W e l c o m e M r . keynote speaker was Olympic hockey Colby Tyner to JR Robson, who will be player and broadcast analyst, Cassie filling in for Mrs. Innes as she starts her Campbell and comedian Brent Butt maternity leave. He will be teaching Gr. (Corner Gas) closed out the conven7 Language Arts. tion. All sessions were recorded and Tie (Formal) Dress Up Day happened can be viewed by all attendants. on Feb. 10 with students braving the B a s ket ball pr ac t i c e s st ar te d o n extreme cold to wear their best outfits Thursday. It will go on for a short time to earn Pirate Crew points. before moving on to Badminton. Once On Feb. 11-12, teachers participated again, students will only be able to

Anna Svenungard Submitted

The month of February has been a whirlwind of excitement at St. Jerome’s S c h o o l. We c e l e brated Valentine’s Day on February 10th with class parties and elementary Zoom Bingo. Mr. Chase was the caller, and the prizes were popcorn and juice boxes, as a special treat for our class parties that afternoon. The older students, grade 6 and up, had the opportunity to participate in “A Crush for a Crush.” Students had the opportunity to buy a crush pop for their crush, which would be secretly delivered on Valentine’s. Nothing says I love you like a little sugar! Students also had the opportunity to wear their formal attire on that day, so there were lots of spiffy looking Spartans walking the halls. Due to COVID, students brought their Valentine’s in a few days early this year, to make sure that they had time

available on jrr.hotlunches.net. Order deadline is Wednesday Feb 24. Important dates: February 24: Pink Shirt Day March 5: BTPS Learning Day – no classes March 17: Grad Photo Retake Day March 30: Parent / Teacher Interviews 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. April 2-9: Easter Break – no classes April 15: Parent/Teacher Interviews 4:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m.

St. Jerome’s School News

to “decontaminate” before being sent home. Addisen and Brody Poff handmade bookmarks for their peers, which turned out amazing! The recent cold snap made for lots of inside recesses. The grade ones in Ms. Svenungard’s class took this opportunity to compete in a puzzle building challenge, to see who could work as a team to complete their puzzle first. Lots of fun was had as they worked on their visual spatial skills and teamwork! Since the return to school in January, some staff were competing in a “Wellness Challenge” which involved 20 minutes of intentional daily movement as well as drinking 2L of water per day. I am happy to announce that the winner of this competition was Mrs. Krys, well done! This week marked the beginning of our Lenten journey. On Shrove Tuesday, Mr. Chase, Mr. Whelan, and Mrs. Dewing treated the whole school to a pancake and sausage lunch. It was a delicious way to prepare ourselves for the begin-

If your baby was born in 2020, don’t miss this opportunity!

Oh Baby

Babies of 2020

Published Tuesday, March 16th, 2021

Parents or grandparents, if your child or grandchild was born in 2020 send us their picture to be showcased in our “Babies of 2020” special. (Published in full color) Bring the photo into The Voice or send it by mail or e-mail. A close-up or head shot would be preferred. The cost will be $35.00 + GST

Babies of 2020

Cut out and send in along with the baby’s photo.

Please print and include $36.75 (payable to The Voice)

Vermilion Voice 5006-50 Ave. Vermilion, AB T9X 1A2 Ph: 780-853-6305 Fax: 780-853-5426 E-mail: vermilionvoice@gmail.com

practice and play intramural games; there will be no tournaments between schools. In celebration of Random Acts of Kindness Week VIBE has created a “Choose Kindness” window (hallway window attached to counselor and SEC offices) where staff and students are encouraged to write their random acts of kindness and watch as our kindness grows. The hot lunch menu for March is now

DEA DL Mar INE ch 1 1

ning of Lent. Traditionally, Christians made pancakes on this day as a way to use up their milk, eggs, and sugar before the 40 days of fasting during Lent started. Spartans also dressed up in their pajamas to embrace the pancake breakfast to the fullest. Many students took time that day to reflect on their Lenten promises for this year. I asked some students if they were willing to share the Lenten promises they made, and here is what they said: -Emily Bodurka, gr.4, said that she would try not to argue with her parents or siblings.  -Kingston Brodbin, gr.2, said that he and his whole family were giving up junk food for Lent. -Nixon Grieve, gr. 1, said that he was giving up YouTube for Lent. Way to go Nixon! -Ethan Wynnyk, gr. 4, said that he would be using his best manners at the dinner table.  - Keegan Kleefman, gr. 2, committed to working out every day!

Students in Mrs. McCormack’s grade 3 class secretly exchanged names and will be praying for the classmate whose name they chose throughout Lent. As we journey through Lent, we will wait and prepare ourselves for Easter by strengthening our relationship with God. “What wings are to a bird, and sails to a ship, prayer is to the soul.” -Corrieten Boom. On Ash Wednesday, Father Joy led a Zoom Mass, to enable us to continue to learn about Lent and the three pillars of our faith during this time: fasting, almsgiving, prayer. All grades zoomed in for the service, and teachers sprinkled the ashes on the crown of the students’ heads, to remind us that we are dust and unto dust we shall return. These Ashes are made from blessed palms from the previous year. Up and Coming: -February 24: Pink Shirt Day -March 5: Professional Development Day, no school for students  -March 24: Elementary Parent Teacher Interviews 

Vermilion Elementary School News

Karen King Submitted

Mrs. MacMillan had to make the difficult decision to cancel the book fair for this spring. It is simply too hard to have an online book fair, because, let’s face it, buying a book is much easier if you can pick it up and look at it. Hopefully by fall we will be able to host on site again. In the meantime, keep reading. Vermilion Elementar y School Hot Lunch Program has been providing warm, nutritious meals to students since 1999. Since the beginning, their goal has been to provide access to healthy meals regardless of a family’s financial circumstances. The Hot Lunch Program subsidizes meal costs for those who need it. This year more than ever, families are facing challenging times. Our lunch program has also had to make some significant changes to the way we are providing lunch to students in order to meet provincial COVID guidelines for both food handling and school safety. This has come at additional operating costs. We want to continue to ensure all students have access to hot, healthy lunches no matter the challenges their families are facing this year. For the remainder of the school year, we will be accepting donations to sponsor a VES student’s Hot Lunch. Please consider supporting our VES family by giving the gift of a healthy lunch so we can continue to Be the Best We Can Be. Donations can be made online at ves.hotlunches.net, or by contacting Chantel Betz betzchantel@gmail.com to make arrangements. Mail-in donations can be sent

to 5017 63 Street, Vermilion, AB T9X 1X4. Charitable receipts are available for donations over $50. A sincere thank you to those who have already donated. The smartboards in all of our classrooms are aging and we are aware that we need to be looking at the replacement of them. We have been researching some of our options, including items called ‘interactive panels’. These are screens that look much like a television on the outside. They are much more than televisions, however, and are connected to a computer. We are also considering the use of projectors combined with an interactive whiteboard. This is just one of the upgrades we are looking at over the coming weeks. We will be starting into what we expect will be a 2-3 year project. A couple of weeks ago, our chromebooks that we had ordered back in September 2020 arrived at our school. It seems the pandemic has set back some companies, causing delays in some sectors of societ y. This new cart of chromebooks has allowed our school to now have devices directly available to almost every single classroom. We are continuing to evaluate our budget and are also looking at some other larger expenditure. D ate s to R e m e m b e r : Fe b. 24 – Pink Shirt Day; Feb. 25 – Celebration Day Cancelled; Mar. 3 – Dress up as a Super Hero or as Someone Who Is Your Super Hero; Mar. 5 – BTPS Learning Day – No School; Mar. 8-12 – Science Fair; Mar. 15 – School Council Meeting at 7:00

area news

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Ducks Launches New Farmer-Focused Website

Ducks Unlimited Submitted

Site aligns with industry vision for sustainable agriculture Stonewall, Man. – Farmers looking for practical solutions to make their operations more sustainable have a new resource to turn to with Ducks Unlimited Canada’s (DUC) – ag.ducks.ca – a new website that builds on DUC’s long-time relationship with the agricultural industry. The new website is easy to navigate and provides users with information about DUC’s conservation programs that offer financial incentives. It also features several success stories that demonstrate how farmers and ranchers on the Prairies promote environmental and economic sustainability through conservation. “This new website is one way we can highlight some of the practices being used that have resulted from ongoing co-opera-

tive efforts between farmers, DUC and the agricultural industry,” says DUC’s agriculture lead, Paul Thoroughgood. “It gives us a place to recognize and acknowledge the great work that farmers and ranchers are doing to support conservation and sustainable agriculture every day.” To recognize the power of partnerships, the website features several agriculture industry leaders which DUC is engaged with on its Partners page. When it comes to national, sustainability discussions, DUC is often the only conservation group asked to speak to issues relating to conservation and Canadian agriculture. From crops to cows, DUC is proud to be involved in several important industry initiatives. In support of the Canadian beef industry, the new ag website is also home to Beef Belongs – a page dedicated to explaining how beef production benefits the environment.

“As a proud member of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef, we work with all partners in the beef value chain to dispel the myths around beef production,” says Kristine Tapley, DUC’s regional agrologist – beef industry. “Our new site clearly conveys that Canada needs beef farmers and ranchers. Grazing cattle offers tremendous benefits to our environment and the health of our land and our soil.” As more research demonstrates the connectivity between agriculture and the environment, DUC is pleased to play a role in helping the agriculture industry find economically and environmentally sound solutions that are based on science. “As consumers become more interested in how their food is produced, conservation groups like DUC can play an important role by adding credibility to the environmental values agriculture brings to the table,” says Thoroughgood. “DUC delivers


more programs at the farmgate than any other conservation group in Canada. We can help the industry reach environmental sustainability goals through program delivery and with the scientific expertise to back it up.” Explore the new website at ag.ducks. ca or contact your local DUC office to learn about eligible programs near you.

Photo submitted

St. Jerome’s Shrove Tuesday

St. Jerome’s took part in the Shrove Tuesday pancake breakfast. It is also known as Pancake Tuesday. Photos submitted


High Quantity pricing available. Come in and see us today for all your chick needs. Vermilion UFA Farm Store 4908-47 Ave, Vermilion, AB T9X 1J6

(780) 853-5323


The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021


Protecting Your Investment: Bull Management

Beef Cattle Research Council Research Submitted

Dr. Colin Palmer is the Associate Director of the University of Saskatchewan, Livestock and Forage Centre of Excellence in Saskatoon, Saskatche-

wan. He and his family also own and operate their own herd of Red Angus c at t l e n e ar D u n d ur n, S a s k atc h e wan. Dr. Palmer is a theriogenologist (specialist in animal reproduction) practicing in western Canada for

many years, but also has strong roots in eastern Canada. “No producer wants to buy a fat bull but just try to sell him a skinny one.” The investment in a herd sire is of ten a larg e purc hase for any



24 Two Year Old Bulls 17 Yearling Bulls 5 Purebred Open Heifers

RGK 537G

RGK 903H

RGK 903G

RGK 125H

RGK 244G

We welcome you to tour the cattle before the sale - call us today to plan a visit COLIN, TESSA & RYLIN VERBEEK COLIN (780) 982-1676 TESSA (403) 636-1066 RAYMOND & CORINE VERBEEK HOME (780) 939-2173 RAYMOND (780) 982-2176 crverbeek@xplornet.ca


Upcoming feature saleS Tuesday March 9th, 2021 At 1:00 PM

13th Annual Westgold Farms Bull Sale On offer 51 Black and Red Simmental bulls, Lunch at 12 noon.

Call Ken at 780-581-4135 for more information, in conjuction with the bull sale, David Mohr has on offer 300 replacement heifers.

Saturday, March 20th, 2021 At 1:00 PM

Kulyk Simmental 17th Annual Bull Sale Check out the website for sale offering & catalogue at www.kulyksimmentals.ca or call Richard at 306-441-9238



cow- calf operation. To ensure this investment will remain in the herd, breeding bulls must be properly maintained during and between breeding seasons. W h et h er yo u are a c o m m er c i a l cattle producer looking to purchase a new herd sire or are a purebred operator who is developing bulls for sale, over-feeding is one of the biggest issues when it comes to young bull management, says Dr. Colin Palmer. Pushing young bulls for large daily gains can lead to issues such as joint effusion (swelling), laminitis, acidosis, inflammation of the seminal vesicles, and over conditioning or simply becoming too fat. Overly conditioning bulls can have a direct impact on their performance as a herd sire. Fat deposits in the neck of the scrotum (top photo) can harm the cooling mechanism of the testes which can impair temperature regulation (both warm and cool). Dr. Palmer says this can lead to a reduction in testosterone and potential loss of sperm production in the testes. Pa l m er s ays p o or p er for m a n c e can also be a result of under feeding bulls, particularly in mature bulls. “A balanced diet including salt and m i n er a l s i s i m p o r t a nt for pre p aring mature bulls for the next breeding season. Feed testing is vital to ensure the proper nutrition is being met.” Palmer also suggests considering the use of feed additives such as Rumensin. Continued on page 17



Offering: 50 Charolais Yearlings 10 Two-Year Olds

David, Kristina, Kendall & Marshall Prokuda



Box 275 Glenevis, AB T0E 0X0

Phone: 780-932-1654 Email: prochar@xplornet.ca

Watch for regular updates on our facebook page

business cards

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice






Reaching out to families & individuals

We will provide a gift of Food, Personal Items, Cleaning Products, Baby Formula and Diapers.

(People & Animals) LORRAINE KOCHAN

Bus: (780) 853-5772 Fax: (780) 853-6910 Cell: (780) 853-3476 Email: rocw@telus.net 1-877-853-5772 4545 - 46 Ave. Vermilion, AB T9X 1J2

PHONE ONLY 780-581-0521 Leave a message and we will return your call (No text or email)


Professional Corporation

Chartered Professional Accountant

Deborah A. Tovell, CPA, CGA Deborah@accountingvermilionab.ca Suite 14 Bus: (780) 853-2801 5125 - 50th Avenue Fax: (780) 853-1728 Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1L9


(780) 853-7714 Derek Selte Vermilion, AB

Promote Your Corporate Card Here

Dr. Joe DeGirolamo Dr. Michelle Radasic (deJong) Vermilion Dental

Available at Lakeland College

Family Dentistry

Located on the south side of Vermilion campus next to the Service Centre.

Ph: 780.853.6505 5003 - 50th Street Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1M6

For more information call 780.853.8410 or email printing@lakelandcollege.ca

Prices as low as $18.27 a week for a 1 Year Contract or call us for 6 or 3 month Pricing vermilionvoice@gmail.com


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The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

AWNA BLANKET AND LOCAL CLASSIFIEDS Auctions COFFEE & FOOD EQUIPMENT, ANTIQUES Online Auction Feb 25 – March 3/21, Ponoka & Blackfalds, AB. Also selling Collectables, Horse Drawn Buggy, Amish Horse Board Room Table Drawn Carriage, & More. www.montgomeryauctions.com 1-800-3716963. Coming Events BLANKET THE PROVINCE with a classified ad. Only $269 (based on 25 words or less). Reach 90 weekly newspapers. Call NOW for details. 1-800-282-6903 Ext 225; www.awna.com. Feed and Seed ALBERTA FEED GRAIN: Buying Oats, Barley, Wheat, Canola, Peas, Screenings, Mixed Grains. Dry, Wet, Heated, or Spring Thresh. Prompt Payment. In House Trucks, In House Excreta Cleaning. Vac Rental. 1-888-483-8789.

HEATED CANOLA buying Green, Heated or Spring- b_thygesen@ducks.ca or 780 678-0150. thrashed Canola. Buying: oats, barley, wheat & peas Health for feed. Buying damaged or offgrade grain. “On Farm GET UP TO $50,000 from the Government of CanPickup” Westcan Feed & Grain, 1-877-250-5252. ada. ALL Ages & Medical Conditions qualify. Have a For Sale child under 18 instantly receive more money. CALL INTEGRITY POST FRAME BUILDINGS since 2008 THE BENEFITS PROGRAM 1-800-211-3550 or send BUILT WITH CONCRETE POSTS.   Barns, Shops, a text message with your name and mailing address to Riding Arenas, Machine Sheds and more, sales@ 403-980-3605 for your FREE benefits package. integritybuilt.com 1-866-974-7678 www.integritybuilt. HIP/KNEE REPLACEMENT. Other medical condicom. tions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING? The Disability Tax Credit allows for $3,000 yearly tax Land For Sale credit and $30,000 lump sum refund. Take advantage VERY INEXPENSIVE 2 QUARTERS OF PASTURE of this offer. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide: LAND, Central SK, for sale. 8 other good quarters Expert help. 1-844-453-5372. may be available. Requires fencing. Great hunting Services $74,900. Call Doug at 306-716-2671. DUCKS UNLIMITED CANADA has for sale 4 project GET YOUR MESSAGE SEEN ACROSS Alberta. The lands in Beaver County. Land locations are: Blanket Classifieds or Value Ads reach over 600,000 SW27-50-16-W4, SE 18-49-14 W4M, S½ 3-46-11 Alberta readers weekly. Two options starting at $269 W4M and NW 32-47-13 W4M. Call Brent Thygesen,




For Rent Give awaY 2000 sq ft, bright, spacious, 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, Do you have give aways? Until further notice The Vermain floor laundry, large foyer entrance, hardwood milion Voice will run your ad for FREE. Call 780-853floors throughout, high ceiling basement with sepa- 6305 or email vermilionvoice@gmail.com rate entrance into downstairs workshop area. Large services corner lot. $1,200 per month rent. $1,200 damage deposit, available February 20. Call Susan (780) 6993143.


You will like our prices! Take the time to give us a call! Lloydminster 780-875-6636, Toll Free # 1-888-8581011.

St Olga's Ukrainian Catholic Church will not be hosting an in person service at their facility due to COVID restrictions; so World Day Prayer is a virtual event March 5th. The theme for Vanuatu is "Build on a Firm Foundation". Access the service on YouTube by typing in: Women's Inter-Church Council of Canada. DONATIONS- encourage paperless by doing it online: go to www.wicc.org/donate OR use a smart phone and donate by text using 647 953 5557. MAIL CHEQUES TO: WICC (Women Inter-Church Council of Canada), 47 Queen's Park Crescent East, Toronto, Ontario M5S 2C3

or $995 to get your message out! Business changes, hiring, items for sale, cancellations, tenders, etc. People are increasingly staying home and rely on their local newspapers for information. KEEP people in the loop with our 90 Weekly Community Newspapers. Call THIS NEWSPAPER now or email classifieds@ awna.com for details. 1-800-282-6903, 780-434-8746 X225. www.awna.com. CRIMINAL RECORD? Why suffer employment/licensing loss? Travel/business opportunities? Be embarrassed? Think: Criminal Pardon. US entry waiver. Record purge. File destruction. Free consultation. 1-800-347-2540. www.accesslegalmjf.com GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420. www.pioneerwest.com.

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Petey is an adorable little Guinea Pig that is about 1 year old and loves people and all the delicious veggies he can get his little hands on! Petey is an interesting looking little fella that loves back scratches and having his picture taken once he is comfortable in his surroundings. Initially he can be a bit shy but once you hold him and make him feel safe, he is happy to just sit and hang out. If you think Petey is the Guinea Pig for you then call to book an appointment with the SPCA to meet this cute little guy today!


3” wide version 780-853-6305 vermilionvoice@gmail.com 780-853-6305 WINTER HARDY ALGONQUIN ALFALFA SEEDWANTED www.vermilionvoice.com WANTED For Sale Certified 2020 Algonquin Alfalfa Seed open 3” wide version

99.9% purity, zero weed seeds, inoculated, in 55 lb bags DEAD OR ALIVE wholesale price $2.90 a pound. Algonquin Alfalfa is a tap root tri foliate, extremely winter hardy, fine stem, and excellent disease resistance. Also Selling Timothy and Brome Grass Blends to your specifications. are once again touring the area!

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essential united

Canadian Prairie Pickers

Canadian Prairie Pickers are once again touring the area!

Farmer Direct. FREE SHIPPING on orders over 1200 lb.

Paying Cash For Coin Collections, foodbanksalberta.ca/open wide version Silver &3”Gold Coins, RoyalBOILERMAKERS Can. Mint Sets. LODGE 146 Easy Calving Angus Hybrid Bulls for Heifers Charlton Cattle Co. has more than 40 years’ experience Also Buying Gold Jewelry 3.75” widebulls version 3.75” wide version raising only easy calving for first calf heifers.

Paying Cash For Coin Collections, Silver & Gold Coins, Royal Can. Mint Sets. Also Buying Gold Jewelry

3”Forage wide version Call Ram River Seeds 403-634-1643

$ $ We purchase rolls, bags $ $ $ $ or boxes of silver coins $ open For Sale Certified 2020 Algonquin Alfalfa Seed PAYING HIGHEST PRICES PAYING HIGHEST PRICES $44 /HR essential + BENEFITS


$ $

• 49 red and black easy calving yearling bulls on test (65-85 pound BWs) • Less than 1% assist rate in over 32,000 home-raised and commercial heifers • Six month breeding soundness guarantee

We purchase rolls, bags $ $ for upcoming 2021 Maintenance or boxes of silver coins Turnarounds in Alberta. • TIG WELDERS • B PRESSURE WELDERS

• APPRENTICES • FITTERS An easy calving, stress-free spring is just a phone call away! 99.9% purity, zero weed seeds, inoculated, in 55 lb bags wholesale DarylAlfalfa at 780-806-1229 780-451-5992 ext 247 price $2.90 aContact pound. Algonquin is a tap root tri foliate,To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit extremely winterCharltonCattleCo@gmail.com hardy, fine stem, and excellent disease resistance. send resume to: hr146@boilermakers.ca

call Kellie at

To arrange a free, discrete in-home visit

united 1-778-257-8647

www.CharltonCattleCo.ca info, visit: boilermakers.ca/non-member more info: boilermakers.ca Bonded since 1967 Also Selling Timothy and Brome Grass Blends to your specifications. For moreFor

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Farmer Direct. FREE SHIPPING on orders over 1200 lb. Daily Sudoku: Mon 22-Feb-2021

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foodbanksalberta.ca/open 3.75” wide version LIBRA

Do a little shopping. You're likely to find a real You can form new partnerships, but don't bargain. Your communication move too quickly; things may not be as they BOILERMAKERS LODGE 146 skills are at an all-time high. Don't expect support from your appear. Partnerships could prove to be mate. lucrative. You will profit from home improvement projects and real estate deals. experience

Easy Calving Angus Hybrid Bulls for Heifers Charlton Cattle Co. has more than 40 years’ TAURUS raising only easy calving bulls for first calf heifers.


Don't blow situations out offor proportion. Any upcoming • 49 red and black easy calving yearling bulls on test (65-85 pound BWs)behavior will confuse capricious loved ones

Sit back and observe, regardless of how hard that might be. Get busy. Your outgoing nature will surprise others today.

2021 Maintenance Turnarounds in Alberta.

and your heifers mood swings will result in • Less than 1% assist rate in over 32,000 home-raised and commercial loneliness. You are best to move quickly SAGITTARIUS • TIGwith WELDERS • B PRESSURE WELDERS and to get in good the boss. • Six month breeding soundness guarantee Don't overreact to someone's advances. Your An easy calving, stress-free spring is just a phone callGEMINI away! • FITTERS • APPRENTICESattitude could be up and down like a yo-yo. Changes will not be easy for the youngsters Mishaps due to preoccupation will be involved. upsetting. Try to include friends and ext 247 780-451-5992 ext 247 in your activities. Get down to CharltonCattleCo@gmail.com relatives CAPRICORN business and do the work yourself. send resume to: hr146@boilermakers.ca It's hard to stay mad if the object of the CANCER anger refuses to react. Put your thoughts 458 For more visit: boilermakers.ca/non-member Forinfo, more info: boilermakers.ca our mate may not be too sure about your into some trendy new ideas. Unfortunately, intentions. Organize your house and be sure your personal life may suffer from a lack to include the whole family in the projects spare time. you have set out to do. Someone you care about may not be too well. AQUARIUS


1 6

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Contact Daryl at 780-806-1229

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www.CharltonCattleCo.ca 5 C I T R 6U S S W B P O 7 L I C E1 3 T R 9E U N C O L A R Y A 5 9 T A M P A U N1 O V 6A T E 3 A R E A C L U S T A E 3 R I 2A L M E O C7 O D D L E5 6 1R P S I A F A R A U N T R 7 U T H A R T S M P H 8 C A B A L A T Y P Daily Sudoku: Mon 22-Feb-2021 R I O A C L U I I N N V E E R N D Y E E D G E E





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Spend time getting into physical activities with your lover. Turn your present relationship around or start a new one. Better still, take your mate and let them foot the bill.


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1 7 6 5 7 1 3 9 6 5 9 8 1 1 6 3 9 3 2 6 7 7 5 6 1 4 7 3 8 1 Daily Sudoku: Mon 22-Feb-2021 Crossword Puzzle

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Call Ram River3.75” Forage 403-634-1643 wideSeeds version ARIES

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice


BULL BREEDERS Continued from page 14 Breeding Soundness Evaluation Dr. Palmer says any bull that is not fertile at the beginning of the breeding season, regardless of the cause, is a liability for the cow-calf producer. Dr. Palmer also notes that although a bull may fail a Breeding Soundess Evaluation (BSE), this does not necessarily mean the bull will never pass the test in the future. Stressors such as lameness, sudden temperature changes, and illness can negatively impact a bull’s ability to pass the BSE. He suggests te s t i n g b u l l s t h at f a i l e d t h e B S E initially to re -test a few to several week later depending upon the types of sperm defects present. Bulls that are believed to be capable of passing the BSE in the near future may be given a “decision deferred” or “questionable” classifications. Decision deferred is preferred for young bulls that are intended for a bull sale but just need more time to mature. Some causes of poor fertility may be genetic or due to a severe injury to the reproductive organs. Unfortunately, in many cases these occurrences may result in very long lasting or permanent poor fertility and these bulls are classified as unsatisfac tory. Poor semen quality of course is only part of the picture – a satisfactory bull must also be able to mount and complete ser vice. Dr. Palmer says producers may want to consider buying the ‘ full meal deal’ when it comes to purchasing bull insurance, which includes the full fertility coverage. Bull Housing, Health and Biosecu-

rity Bull housing and effective shelter are also important. Dr. Palmer says adequate bedding is necessar y to prevent frostbite on the testes which can negatively impact a BSE. He also suggests that easing bulls together into a new environment at the same time is helpful when est ablishing social dominance. Moving all the bulls to a new space ensures the surroundings are new to each of the bulls and you are not introducing a new guy to an already established group. Dr. Palmer advocates treating bulls with the same herd health program as the cow herd. Bulls can often be overlooked when it comes to vaccinations, but it is critical that their vac c i n e s for C l o s tr i d i a l d i s ea s e s

(Blackleg), bovine viral diarrhea virus (BVDV) and other bovine respiratory viruses are up to date. Bulls persistently infected (PI) with BVDV not only can spread disease within the herd, but it can negatively impact their fertility as well. Purchasing bulls from herds with sound vaccination programs is critical. Sharing bulls with neighbouring herds or even in a community pasture system can create a biosecurit y concern. Discuss with your veterinarian about herd health risks and consider taking additional precautions, including vaccinating your herd for reproductive diseases, requiring any external bulls be tested for trichomoniasis, ensuring parasite control protocols are in place, and a mitiga-

tion plan is in place for diseases such as Johne’s Disease. There are a lot of factors that go into purchasing herd bulls. Careful selection, feed and nutrition, protection from the elements, and mitigating biosecurity risks are just a few things to remember when sourcing and maintaining bulls. Proper management of herd sires is key to ensuring longevity and a producer being able to use a bull for multiple breeding seasons, maximizing the return on their initial investment of the bull purchase. Thank you to BCRC for permission to reprint this article. For more information check the website at http:// www.beefresearch.ca/

Looking for Farmland to Rent!

Proffesional, Courteous and Experienced Call Greg 780-970-1231 e: gw308@hotmail.com Dr. Palmer advocates treating bulls with the same herd health program as the cow herd. Photo credit Dr. Colin Palmer

10th Annual

New for 2021 the Sale will be Online Only Racehorse Style Timed Sale at

NW-27-46-2W4M Adjacent to Range Road 23 North of Township Road 464 SITE DESCRIPTION:  160 acres (150 arable acres)  Agricultural District  More informa�on can be found on our website: Tenders & For Sale

BID PROCEDURE: Bids will be accepted at the County Office un�l March 5, 2021 at 12:00 Noon MST Sale is subject to Condi�ons of the County Property is sold “AS IS”

DLMS FarmGate Timed Auctions

Sale Opens Thursday March 4, 2021 At 9:00 AM Closes Friday - March 5, 2021 - 1:00 PM with Exteneded Bidding Bulls On Display any time at the Farm ~ Call to View Offering g

in Featur

150 Bulls

Red, Black & Fullblood Simmental, Red & Black Angus, Hereford

Red Simmental

Black Simmental

Bulls Sell March 5 Black Simmental


Red Angus

Fullblood Simmental

Bid Online at, View sale catalogue & Video Clips Online at: www.dlms.ca

Black Angus

Red Simmental



Sale Contacts:

Garth Rogers 780-348-5893 Jay Macintyre 780-206-6442

MARK HOLOWAYCHUK 403-896-4990 ROGER PETERS 403-828-9815

For Complete Info contact any of the Chittick Family

For more Informa�on contact: Planning and Development Department County of Vermilion Office Box 69, 4912 – 50 Avenue, Kitscoty, AB (Ph) 780-846-2244 planning@county24.com

KIN-KIN Cattle Co. Gary & Faye Chittick (780) 786-4500

Rachido Ranch

Randy & Donna Chittick (780) 674-1986


Grant & Tanya Chittick - (780) 284-0684 Crystal Chittick - (780) 204-2005

Chittick Farms

Raymond & Mona Chittick (780) 305-3925


The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021

BULL BREEDERS Family Farm Looking For Crop And Pasture Land To Rent

Canadian Beef Producers Make $2.9 Million Investment In Research And Technology Transfer


"Cash Rent" Crop & Cattle Share Considered Please Contact Scott at 780-853-7895 or Krista at 780-853-1025


Calgary, AB – More than $2.9 million dollars will be invested by beef producers into new research and technology transfer projects in 2021 through t h e Can ad i an B e ef Cat t l e Ch e c kOff. Proposals for twenty-nine more projects have been approved for funding by the Beef Cattle Research Council (BCRC) to advance Canada’s beef sector.



WSF 201H

WSF 150H

WSF 9259G

WSF 204H




On Offer

Performance & Calving Ease Yearlings & Long Yearling Bulls A Select Group of Purebred & Commercial Females Unique Wilson Stock Farms Embryo Offering

Matt Bowman, BCRC Chair and a producer from Thornloe, Ontario, said the new projects add to the Council’s portfolio of research investments. “ We a r e s u p p o r t i n g m o r e w o r k focused on achieving specific priority outcomes in the Canadian Beef Research and Technology Transfer Strategy related to animal health and welfare, feed production and utilization, food safety and environmental stewardship,” said Bowman. “For example, new studies to quantify soil carbon sequestration through different grazing and intercropping systems, and others looking into causes and prevention of issues like scours and itchy cattle.” BCRC Vi c e - Chair Cr aig Lehr, a producer from Medicine Hat, Alberta, said knowledge translation and technology transfer is also a priority for the Council. “As provincial governments continue to cut valuable extension services, we do what we can to help fill the gaps,” he said. “The BCRC doesn’t have the capacity to provide the needed oneon-one consultation for beef producers, but we can support or lead projects that make meaningful science-based information freely available on beefresearch.ca in numerous formats that are helpful in making informed decisions.” Newly funded technology trans fer projects include an expansion of the Forage U-Pick tool to include Eastern Canada, and creation of additional resources on beefresearch.ca applicable to producers in Ontario, Quebec and the Atlantic provinces. Another project will collaborate with practicing veterinarians across Canada to develop decision making tools for their beef clients that help improve herd health and profitability. There is no cost to subscribe to be notified by email of new research results or seasonal, science-based production information and decision-making tools. The recent increase in Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off in most provinces enabled annual competitive calls for proposals for research and technology transfer projects to address critically underfunded priorities. The increase also resulted in the launch of a new BCRC program that funds short-term proof of concept and validation trials. Researchers are required to procure matching funds that leverage BCRC funding on a 1:2 or higher basis. Industry investment through check-off sends a clear message to governments about priorities and helps to procure investment by governments to multiply the impacts of producer dollars. The BCRC is Canada’s industr yled funding agency for beef, cattle and forage research. It is funded through a portion of the Canadian Beef Cattle Check-Off as well as government and industr y funding and is directed by a committee of beef producers from across the country. This announcement adds to the 86 projects co-funded by the BCRC that are currently underway at 30 Canadian institutions. Thank you to BCRC for permission to reprint this article. For more information check the website at http://www.beefresearch.ca/

February 23, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice


BULL BREEDERS Jerianne Bardoel Reporter

Celebrating Canadian Agriculture

Farm Credit Canada (FCC) conducted a sur vey of 2,000 Canadian residents between January 8 and 12 that showed a shift in what Canadians are doing and thinking about when buying their groceries since the COVID-19 pandemic started. FCC is Canada’s leading agriculture and food lender and is dedicated to the future of Canadian agriculture and food. “COVID-19 is the first important topic in the public health. Second important topic is food. Canadian agriculture is the most relevant on Canadians minds”, commented Marty Seymour, FCC’s director of industry relations. When consumers were asked if their behaviour has changed since the start of the pandemic, six out of 10 people said they are more likely to buy Canadian made or grown food, 56 per cent are more likely to look for Canadian made or grown food when they buy groceries, and 50 per cent are more likely to think about how their food is grown. According to the same survey eight in 10 Canadians believe that Canada’s food system and agriculture sector responded well to the COVID19 pandemic. Ninety-four per cent of

the survey respondents said they are it,” commented Seymour. ture Day by creating a meal with Canaall strong supporters of Canada’s agriCanadians are encouraged to Raise dian grown products, post it to social culture sector, and 91 per cent agree a Fork to celebrate Canada’s Agricul- media and use #CdnAgDay. that Canadian farmers are underappreciated. “February 23 is about celebrating Canadian food and the people behind

Purebred Charolais Yearling And 2 Year Old Bulls Available

is seeking Crop Land to rent Possible Reward For Referrals. Farming practices and stewardship that sets us apart from everyone else

Rent paid up front Willing to do land improvements and/or break grassland for the right term. FOR MORE INFO CONTACT TYREL @ 780-581-8250

Call Krista 780-853-1025 Sherwood Farms


5006-50 Ave., Vermilion, AB T9X 1A2 Ph: 780-853-6305 Fx: 780-853-5426 Email: vermilionvoice@gmail.com Your only local independent newspaper. Proudly serving Vermilion and area since 2004.

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The Vermilion Voice | February 23, 2021


Exporting Agriculture And Agri-Food Products


Food Products to International Markets webinar will cover the programs and Webinar to cover export programs, services offered by Alberta Agriculture and services and opportunities available to Forestry’s export development team. This Alberta agribusinesses. introductory webinar will also include highThe Exporting Agriculture and Agri- level agribusiness opportunities in the U.S., Submitted

Mexico, and Japan for Alberta exporters. ‘Alberta agriculture and agri-food companies should absolutely be tapping into the supports available to them within our team,’ says Evan Buie, international initiatives officer with Alberta Agriculture



KJP 26h

Black Angus

SAV Resource 1441 x Ruslyvia Miss 71B

KJP 1h


Hoc Broker x RF Flirtin 526C

KJP 93h


Mr Rusylvia Benelli 6B x Miss Rusylvia Sassy 42S

Rusylvia Cattle Co.

bohrson marketing services

Ken, Josie, Tyson, Riley & Taylor Pashulka | Derwent, AB | kenpashulka@hotmail.com Home: 780.741.2188 | Ken 780.787.0237 | Riley: 780.581.3013 | Tyson: 780.581.3870 | Taylor: 780.581.0788

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and Forestry. ‘This webinar will highlight how Alberta Agriculture and Forestry’s export development team can help you get your company to that next level…international success.’ Additional topics that may be covered include tips and tricks to doing business in the aforementioned export markets, common mistakes and FAQs of new exporters. This webinar is aimed at Alberta agriculture and agri-food companies new to exporting, new to the export development team, and those interested in learning more about the current export opportunities in U.S., Mexico, and Japan. Alberta Agriculture and Forestry presenters include: Evan Buie, International Initiatives Officer Meghan Horosko, Senior Trade Development Officer – United States & Latin America Mary Beth Takao, Senior Investment and Trade Officer – Japan Office Date and Time: Wednesday, March 3, 2021 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm To register: https://www.eventbrite. ca/e/exporting-agriculture-and-agri-foodproducts-to-international-markets-tickets-139783707833 Contact For more information, connect with Evan Buie: Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays) Phone: 780-422-7839 Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta) Email: evan.buie@gov.ab.ca

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Presort Calf & Yearling Sale Regular Slaughter Cows & Bulls To Follow

WEDNESDAY March 3 AT 9:30 AM

Presort Calf & Yearling Sale Regular Slaughter Cows & Bulls To Follow

WEDNESDAY March 10 AT 9:30 AM

Presort Calf & Yearling Sale Regular Slaughter Cows & Bulls To Follow MASKS ARE MANDATORY IN THE BUILDING Buyers Only inside the building for sale days

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Mike & Hazel Chase & Family Purebred Black Angus Cattle

A GOOD SELECTION OF TWO YEAR OLD AND YEARLING BULLS Waveny Angus Farm RR#4 Vermilion, AB T9X 1Y9 780-853-2275 / Cell: 780-853-3384 waveny@mcsnet.ca

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