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Volume XVI-Issue 858


January 26, 2021


Vermilion Fire Department Receives Brand New Fire Truck

From left, Rocky Mountain Phoenix sale rep Dave Savostianik, Town of Vermilion CAO George Rogers, Vermilion Fire Department Fire Chief Bill Roth, Town of Vermilion Mayor Caroline McAuley, Rocky Mountain Phoenix sales manager Jay Elliott, and Vermilion Fire Department Deputy Fire Chief Anton Krys with the new Rosenbauer 104’ Cobra Platform fire truck. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Lorna Hamilton Reporter

Members of the Vermilion Fire Department and the Town of Vermilion were full of smiles and excitement on Jan 21 as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their brand new state of the art Rosenbauer 104’ Cobra Platform fire truck which cost $1.4 million and was purchased to replace the departments 20-year-old pumper truck. “We are not adding a piece of equipment to the hall we are replacing a piece of equipment. We have a 20-year-old truck that has done its time, its service, and it’s time to get rid of that one and

have this one,” said Vermilion Fire Chief Bill Roth. The new truck (quint as it is called) has both a ladder and a pump. The 104’ ladder (from the ground) is also equipped with a basket which will result in easier rescue from heights as firefighters would not have to carry victims up and down the ladder. It will also add extra safety for firefighters who have to work at extreme heights and can reach any building that is currently in Vermilion. “Last year I had a firefighter fall off a roof and luckily was not hurt, it could have been much worse. In the end, my biggest

concern as Chief is fire safety and keeping my firefighters safe, they will not be working on roofs it will all be done from the ladder and basket” explained Roth. The truck is also equipped with a waterway in front of the basket which can provide the firefighters the opportunity to fight fires from above. It is a tandem axle truck equipped with outriggers to help stabilize the vehicle on uneven ground surfaces and has a function where they can operate the truck remotely if they had to with a joystick. “This will be a frontline truck, this will be the first truck out of the hall on any town

calls from now on, and will be in service for the next 25 years,” added Roth. The new unit was purchased from Rocky Mountain Phoenix from Red Deer but the deal was made in Indianapolis. “We made the deal in Indianapolis as we were down there for the FDIC which is an international fire conference and we specifically went there to find somebody that would build us a truck. We sat with all different manufacturers from all over the country in Canada and the United States and this was the best bang for our buck and fit our needs. Continued on page 6



The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

President Biden Squashes Keystone Pipeline Within Hours

Lorna Hamilton Reporter

Pr e s i d e n t- e l e c t J o e B i d e n w a s sworn in as the 46th President of the United States on January 20. Within hours of becoming President, Biden squashed the future of the Keystone XL pipeline with the stroke of his pen as he signed an executive order to rescind the Keystone XL construction permit granted in 2019 by predecessor Donald Trump. TC Energy Corporation said in a press release that they are disappointed. “With the action to revoke the existing Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and that the decision would overturn an unprecedented, comprehensive regulatory process that lasted more than a decade and repeatedly concluded the pipeline would transport much-needed energy in an environmentally responsible way while enhancing North American energy security,” stated the release. The release went on to say, “The action will directly lead to the layoff of thousands of union workers and negatively impact ground-breaking industry commitments to use new renewable energy as well as historic equity partnerships with Indigenous communities.” TC Energy also said that they will review the decision, assess its implications, and consider its options but as of January 20, the project will be suspended. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney held a press conference the same day and had strong words for the new President as well as the Prime Minister of Canada. “As friends and allies of the United States, we are deeply disturbed that one of President Biden’s first actions in office has been to rescind the Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline border crossing. This is a gut punch

for the Canadian and Alberta economies, sadly it is an insult directed at the United States’ most important ally and trading partner on day one of the new administration,” stated Kenney. Kenney went on to say that this is not how you treat a friend and ally and that he will continue to fight for Alberta’s responsible energy industry and the 59,000 jobs the Keystone XL project would create. “Alberta’s government calls for the federal government and Prime Minister Trudeau to immediately enter into talks with the Biden administration on their cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline in the context of a broader agreement on energy supply and climate action. Failing an agreement with the American government, we call on the Government of Canada to respond with consequences for this attack on Canada’s largest industry. We are not asking for special treatment, simply the same res ponse that Canad a’s government had when other areas of our national economy were under threat from the US government,” said Kenney. Leader of Canada’s Conservatives and the Official Opposition the Hon. Erin O’Toole weighed in by saying that today’s cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline extension is devastating. “Justin Trudeau should have done more to stand up for our world-class energy sector and the men and women who depend on it to provide for their families,” stated O’Toole. ML A for Vermilion- LloydminsterWainwright Garth Rowswell agreed with Premier Kenney’s controlled outrage over the decision. “This act is a serious error which will set back Canada’s relations with the United States. It is difficult to understand the logic or natural justice of the

Executive Order which revokes the permit. MLA Rowswell also went on to say that there are political and economic ramifications of President Biden’s decision. “Canada is the United States closest and most steadfast ally. To revoke a project with no consultation with it stop trading partner is to disrespect the existing bilateral relationship between the two nations. Prime Minister Trudeau must immediately engage with the US President and make the strong case that Keystone XL is vitally important to the interests of both Canada and the United States. He must, albeit belatedly, fight for the project as hard as the Liberal government did for the easternbased steel industry when the previous US administration applied tariffs.,” commented Rowswell.

Economically speaking Rowswell says that Oil and Gas is the largest export to the US currently worth $90Bn p.a. and that over the next ten years, Keystone XL would represent an additional $30 billion in value to Alberta. He also went on to say that “Both the US and Canada, chiefly Western Canada will suffer huge job losses as a result of this order, early estimates are put at 59,000. Numbers such as these can be abstract. The concrete behind numbers such as this is the impact on real people and their families. Incidences of home repossession, family separation, and, worse, will increase. The loss of selfrespect and purpose, while lower on the physical damage scale, is equally as destructive. Add this blow to the battering being experienced by society from COVID-19 and I have grave concerns for Alberta and its citizens,” said Rowswell.

Premier Jason Kenney responding to the announcement of the Presidential Permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline being revoked by President Biden. Photo courtesy of the Government of Alberta

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January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Reflections Funeral Services Shop Local Incentive

Jerianne Bardoel Reporter

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many local businesses in Vermilion and area have been affected by the constant yo-yo-ing of the public health measure restrictions. With each shut down, businesses have seen a downward slide in their sales and of residents shopping local. Candice Anderson, owner of Reflections Funeral & Cremation, has recognized the struggles local businesses have faced since the economic downturn and came up with an idea to help boost local shopping in Vermilion. “ During these dif ficult times, it ’s b e c o m e m ore a p p are nt t h a n ever how important it is to try and keep our shopping experiences local. Secluded to our homes and small businesses seeing constant regulation, the year 2020 resulted in a large economic downturn. Even so, we want to continue to support our community of Vermilion and surrounding area in any way possible,” said Anderson.

Jerianne Bardoel

Anderson approached the Vermilion & Area District Chamber of Commerce with a suggestion to help encourage the ‘Shop Local’ Ideology. “Star ting Februar y 1, the Cham ber will begin accepting receipts that show $50 or more spent locally. Each submission in turn receives an entry into a monthly draw. At the end of each month, a draw will be made of the entered names. The drawn name will then receive a gift of a meal for four people, sponsored by Reflections Funeral Services. The meal/gift certificate will be purchased from a food vendor in our local area, which will change each month. Reflections have dedicated themselves to this sponsorship for the remainder of 2021. This draw will be applied to Vermilion, as well as our neighbouring communities of Mannville, Clandonald and Derwent. A schedule of locations for each month will shortly be released. Please ensure to follow on Facebook for more information and email submission details,” From left, Candice Anderson and Leanne Martin. Photo submitted commented Anderson.

RRSP & TFSA – What You Need To Know


It is that time of year again where you are getting prepared for tax season, and banks encourage you to set up a Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) or a Tax-Free Saving Account (TFSA). Here is some information to help you understand what these are and why you should get them. An RRSP is a registered retirement savings plan that you establish through a financial institution such as a bank, credit union, trust, or insurance company to which you, your spouse, or commonlaw partner contribute into. Deductible

RRSP contributions can be used to reduce your tax. Income you earn in the RRSP is usually exempt from tax as long as the funds remain in the plan. You have to pay tax when you receive payments from the plan. The benefit of an RRSP is best if the higher-income spouse or partner contributes to an RRSP for a lower-income spouse or partner, because the contributor will receive the benefit of a tax deduction. Setting up a self-directed RRSP is an option as well if you prefer to build and manage your own portfolio by buying and selling different types of investments. Your RRSP has a deduction limit that is often referred to as “contribution room”, and you

can find your deduction limit from your previous years notice of assessment, My Account, or MyCRA mobile app. www. canada.ca provides more information on how to set up your own RRSP. The Tax-Free Savings Account was started in 2009 for individuals +18 years old who have a valid Social Insurance Number (SIN) to set money aside tax free. There are multiple types of TFSAs; a deposit, an annuity contract, and an arrangement in trust. You can open a TFSA with banks, insurance companies, credit unions, and trust companies. Contributions to a TFSA are not deductible for income tax purposes. Any amount that is contributed is generally

tax-free, including when it is withdrawn. An individual can have more than one TFSA, however the total amount you contribute to all TFSAs cannot be more than your available TFSA contribution for that year. Just like the RRSP, you can open a selfdirected TFSA. To open a TFSA contact your financial institution, credit union, or insurance company and provide them with your SIN and date of birth to register your qualifying arrangement as a TFSA. You can also find your contribution room information through the same sources of the My Account or MyCRA mobile app. For more information about these accounts visit www.canada.ca.

IT’S RRSP TIME AGAIN Contribute to an RRSP now and enjoy Immediate tax Savings, the long-term benefits of compound growth and have a retirement you can look forward to.

It Is Also Time To Max Out Your TFSA Again.

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Alwyn Bowman passed away in the Mannville Care Centre on December 27, 2020 at the age 83 years. He was the third of the family born to William (Billy) and Eva, in Islay, Alberta. He is remembered by his wife, Grace; nieces Karen (Russel) Berezitzky, Darlene (Tim) Gourley; great nieces Jennifer (Ben), Breanne and great nephews Braden, Jared and Ethan. He was predeceased by parents, William and Eva, and brothers John and Robert. He is also remembered by many friends and neighbours. Farming was his life time passion. His many talents included mechanics, welding, and the ability to repair or create almost anything in their shop. Many hours of visiting and repairs occurred with friends and neighbours discussing machinery and/or crops at their farm. He was active in his community and enjoyed curling and bowling in his younger years. He played accordion with friends in their band, Melody Ranchers, at many of the local community halls for weekend dances. He was also an outdoor enthusiast and enjoyed many Sunday fishing trips to various lakes in NE Alberta. Once harvest was finished, his fall vacation was a hunting trip to western and Northern Alberta in the hopes of bringing home a moose. Due to Covid restrictions, a private family service was held on December 30, 2020. Many thanks to Rev Anne McGrath for her kind words and conducting a wonderful service for Alwyn. Special thanks as well to Jennifer and Breanne for reading the eulogy and poem during the service. We would also extend our thanks to the pallbearers, you each had a special connection and Alwyn always enjoyed the chance to visit with you all. We offer our sincere thanks to Dr Louw for his years of care with Alwyn. As well to the staff of both Mannville Care Centre and Vermilion Assisted Living, we extend our gratitude for the personal care in these past two years. The family wish to extend our appreciation to the many friends that sent flowers, cards, donations and messages during this difficult time. Your thoughtfulness and kindness will be forever remembered. In lieu of individual thank you notes, we will be making a donation to our chosen charities: Friends of Vermilion Health Care, Mannville Care Centre, Canadian Cancer Society. Sincerely, Grace, Karen & Russel, Darlene & Tim And families



Dawn Hames Columnist

At minus 35 this morning as I write this, the house feels like it needs to be warmed up with some cooking. I have been working a crumpet recipe for two weeks, and I decided this morning was the time to prefect it. About eight batches later over the course of the last two weeks, and ta da. My favourite crumpet recipe. It is made with a sour dough that I started made with yogurt, flour and water, but you can use any bread starter, one made from potato water or the traditional flour and water starter. Check back issues of the Vermilion Voice online for those recipes and detailed instructions. To make


a starter from yogurt, read the label for active lactobacillus culture. Choose plain yogurt with no added sugar, or fruits. If you have a starter already, you can salvage the amounts that you pour off, before feeds and turn it into yummy crumpets. Crumpets are a British favourite, and apparently no one born in Britain can say that they don’t know what a crumpet is. For me this has been a great food adventure. Many recipes use commercial yeast, but I wanted to go back to the healthiest and most traditional form of making crumpets. Crumpets look like a ver y high pancake, taste like fresh fried bread dough with an ever so slightly yeast aroma, and a slightly more developed texture. Where have crumpets been all my life? Hiding out in Britain, I guess. You can eat them hot

Minburn & District Agricultural Society ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING Thursday, February 11th @ 7:00 pm @ The Minburn Curling Rink (or Online, depending on COVID restrictions) Check our Facebook page for updates.

The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

off the griddle, or toast the cooled ones. They can be split open for all the little bubbles inside to be filled with butter and jam. They are delicious toasted, which is a favoured way to enjoy them. You can dress them up by spreading butter into their hot goodness, and then enjoying them sweet with jam, and syrups or savory, with cheeses, soups and stew or as a simple crumpets and tea food experience. Crumpets 1 cup hungry sour dough starter 2 eggs 1/2 - 2/3 cup flour 1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon sea salt To the sour dough starter, stir in the eggs, add 1/2 cup flour and the baking powder, sugar and salt and then stir,

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determine if you need more flour, I usually need to add an additional 1 - 2 tablespoons of flour to the half cup of flour. The amount of flour will depend on how thick or thin your starter is. The batter will be thicker than pancake batter. A thinner batter gives you thinner crumpets and a thicker batter gives you thicker crumpets. You can let this sit an hour or two, or use right away. Cook in a skillet, or grill until lightly browned and then flip to cook the other side. When I cook them in a fry pan I like to use a lid, as it keeps all the moisture in. Yogurt Starter for Sourdough Bread and Crumpets 1/2 cup unbleached flour 1/2 cup yogurt Mix together and let stand in a warm place for 12 hours. Feed the starter is 1/2 cup warm water and 1/2 cup flour and again let set in a warm place for 12 hours. For the first few days of creating the starter, I put it in the oven with the light on to keep it warm. The next feeding with be 1/2 cup yogurt and 1/2 cup flour. Continue to feed the starter alternately with flour and either the water or yogurt. This may take 4 – 5 days. It is ready to bake bread with when a spoon of the hungry starter, (before you feed it) floats on the top of a glass of water. If it sinks, it is not strong enough for bread. Big bubbles happening in the starter will work for this crumpet recipe, but when the starter starts producing lots of small bubbles, it will work for both bread and crumpets. Once you get you starter going and it is strong you can store your starter in the refrigerator for a week without feeding it, and bringing it out every week to warm up and then feed, allow it to regain strength by letting it feed in the warmth for 2 – 4 hours.



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January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Craig Baird Columnist

By 19 0 3, more people were moving into the area of Bowtell and Breage, b efo r e Ve r m i l i o n ever existed. With Harry Bowtell serving as not only the welcoming committee for the area, but a local guide for incoming settlers from 1903 to 1905, many of the first settlers in the area saw his welcoming face first when they arrived. Bowtell operated a stopping house at the time, and also served as a land agent for the area. The first place many settlers would stay in the area would be that stopping house. As more people arrived in Breage and Bowtell, things like dancers were organized using the instruments those settlers brought with them. There were happy times but there were also tough times. The snow of 1903-04 was a tough one for the people who came the previous spring and summer. There were many problems bringing in provisions from Edmonton and


A look At 1903-04 In Bowtell

from Lloydminster. Typically, seven drivers were needed to travel together, digging their sleighs out of the snow that blocked the way. On one such trip, two men were lost and froze to death attempting to walk alone during a winter storm. Spring would eventually come in March of 1904 but the ice jammed up the river. The river began to rise by 10 feet as a result. One night, the dam of ice broke, sending ice chunks up onto the hill. For the ranchers nearby, that ice provided them with ice well into the summer. In June, the river was now in full flood and several local residents went to Edmonton to get a large amount of planks, enough to carry 13 tons of groceries and stores. It was a tough journey that included riding on the river and dealing with terrible mosquitoes and black flies. They were eventually able to bring the groceries to town, much to the relief of local residents. That year, two bridges were also built. One over Tongue Creek, so named because George Powell broke a wagon

tongue going through it, and the other at dian History Ehx on all podcast platforms 3” wide version Deer Creek. or at www.canadaehx.ca The first doctor in the area arrived around this time. His name was Dr. H. Burris and he worked out of the office of Harry Bowtell, paying rent by doing purchase tickets at airdriedreamvacation.ca office work for Bowtell. Dr. Burris MAKE YOUR VACATION A did his work without modern roads, nearly no bridges and no telephones. Nonetheless, the In $ residents in the area rememPrizes ber him as being someone who Tickets $120 always made the journey to a Only 600 Printed home, no matter the terrain or 12 MONThLY DRAws Licence#566391 AIRDRIE COUNCIL #8045 weather. I put out a history magazine that highlights many aspects of Canadian history. It is free 3.75” wide and is delivered to your inbox. DEAD ORversion ALIVE E-mail me to subscribe at craig@canadaehx.com Support the column and my history show at www.patreon. com/canadaehx purchase tickets at airdriedreamvacation.ca are MAKE once again touring the area! Listen to my podcast CanaYOUR VACATION A

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Innisfree Minburn 4-H Beef Club

Rylan Jackson Submitted

On January 12 we held our first meeting of the New Year virtually. We all submitted photos virtually of our record books to make sure we are keeping it up to date. Our leaders will be doing tours in February to check in on our projects. Communications will look different this year due to the COVID restrictions. All

Editor: Crayola and TV guide. Just a thought about what a presidential library for Donald (TV guide would have Trump would be like. an audio aspect for nonI foresee advice and sponsorship for such a library coming readers.) from two appropriate contributors: Sam Stewart

McMinis, George January 28, 1989

January 28, 1989 In Loving Memory of our Special Grandfather

In Loving Memory of our Dad

The treasure of your memory Papa will never fade or die. In silence we will shed a tear and ask the reason why, God called your name so softly that only you could hear And no one heard the footsteps of the angels drawing near. As each and every day goes by we think of you awhile, and always in our hearts we will keep the memory of your smile. It broke our hearts to lose you, but you didn't go alone, For part of us went with you the day God called you home. The flowers and leaves may wither, the golden sun may set, but the hearts that truly loved you, are the ones that won't forget. God bless you Papa, 'til we meet again.

There is a bridge of memories from here to heaven above that keeps you very close to us, It's called the bridge of love. As time goes by without you and days are now 32 years, They hold a million memories and a thousand silent tears. To us you were so special, what more is there to say? Except to wish with all our hearts, That you were here today. We hold you close within our hearts, And there you will remain, To walk with us throughout our lives until we meet again.

Forever in our hearts with love, your Grandchildren, Lori, Alysha, Breanne, Joel, Mark, Darcie and Shauna

Ever remembered and sadly missed by Children Rod (Ruby), Alan and Anne

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members will still be required to do a club level communication activity. They will be recorded by the members and then submitted to be judged virtually. They will be due February 12, AIRDRIE COUNCIL #8045 with judging to take place a week later. Members will still get feedback that way from the judges. Some of our members are working on getting our 4-H signs ready if they don’t have them done already. Our next meeting will be on February 9, 2021 at 7 p.m., place or way to be determined.


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Card of Thanks BABYN

The family of Olga Babyn wish to thank Dr. Ali and the medical team at the Vermilion Health Centre for their care and compassion during mom’s stay in this facility. Thank you to Father Nykiforuk for the Divine Liturgy of Christian Burial, Cantor Lawrence Kiziak and to the cross bearer and pallbearers. We extend a heartfelt thank to all our family and friends for their kindness during this difficult time for our family. The cards of condolence, telephone calls, floral tributes, food baskets, Christmas baking, Mass cards and donations to Ascension Church-Derwent Farms in memory of mom are heartfully appreciated. To Candice, Bethany and staff at Reflections Funeral & Cremation Services we appreciate your professional services provided with care and compassion. Rest in peace Mom. Until we meet again.

Len, Susan (Bonnie), Olesia and Aryssa

FARMLAND FOR SALE OR LEASE BY TENDER The following farmlands are offered for sale or cash lease by tender: NW 26-52-4-4 (130 cultivated acres) NE 26-52-4-4 (140 cultivated acres) A Tender for Sale shall be submitted indicating the purchase price. A Tender for Lease shall be submitted indicating a CASH amount per ACRE. The Farm Lease Agreement will be for a term of three years. Tenders that are not for both parcels will not be considered. This property is situated 6 miles west of Marwayne on township road 524 and a 1/2 mile north on range road 41. Further information can be provided by contacting 780-875-5715 or 780-808-3430. Tenders must be made in writing accompanied by bank draft for 10% of the amount of the tender price, as a deposit, payable to WHEAT KENYON LLP, IN TRUST and identified TENDER - FILE No. 13915. The highest or any tender will not necessarily be accepted. In the event of acceptance, the successful tenderer will be notified on or before February 18, 2021, and the unsuccessful tender deposits will be returned. Tenders for purchase must be unconditional and the balance payable no later than thirty days after acceptance by the owner. If the successful tenderer does not complete the purchase after the acceptance of his tender, the deposit shall be forfeited. Tenders for lease are conditional upon a Farm Lease Agreement being entered into between the Lessor and Lessee upon acceptance of the tender for lease by the owner. If the successful tenderer does not enter into the Farm Lease Agreement after acceptance of his tender, the deposit shall be forfeited. Tenders will be received until 12 0'clock noon on February 4, 2021 at: Wheat Kenyon LLP 5042 - 49th Avenue Vermilion AB T9X 1B7



Continued from page 1 Rosenbauer built the truck in the States and then it was brought down to Red Deer and they finish off the decals and anything else that we needed to be changed. The four of us (from the department on our own time) went to Red Deer for two days and did nothing but run the truck, we went through it from top to bottom, did the final and made any changes that were needed,” explained Roth. The truck was delivered to Vermilion by sales manager, Jay Elliott and sales rep Dave Savostianik who Roth said was super easy to work with and that they were very fortunate they were there with them to build this truck. Each Captain in the Vermilion Fire Department is responsible for a truck and Roth said that Captain Tom Hartwell will be responsible for this truck. Roth also went on to say that with the arrival of the new truck some members of the Vermilion Fire Department had been sent to the Fire Training Centre to obtain their aerial certification and he anticipates it will take approximately six weeks of training every night to train the 15 people he plans to have operating the truck. Due to the COVID pandemic, he can only have

Jerianne Bardoel

The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

three to four people training at a time. Mayor Caroline McAuley, Economic Development Officer for the Town of Vermilion Marylee Prior, and CAO George Rogers were also in attendance for the arrival of the fire truck. “Wow! This has been a couple of years in the making, it has been a long time coming. This has been on our books for quite a long time and it is going to bring our firefighting to the next level and provide safety to our firefighters who are out in the field, this is critical, it really is about fire safety. I know people will look at it, and think, do we really need it but it’s a modern way of fighting fires and it will be able to improve safety and reduce time spent on fires because they will be able to fight them from above so this is a critical piece of equipment. It’s not just a new purchase it’s a replacement truck,” stated Mayor McAuley. McAuley went on to say “the truck that this new one is replacing looks amazing but it’s 20 years old and things start to give out.” CAO for the Town of Vermilion George Rogers says they often can’t get a lot of money from the sale of the pumper truck they are taking out of service, so they will be finding another use for the truck within

the operations for the Town. “The truck being replaced will go into our recreation and community services department, we are going to recycle the old truck and use it to help water plants in the summer, help do the flooding for the outdoor rinks, we have a lot of outdoor rinks that need flooding so you know it

will actually get used,” explained Mayor McAuley. Rogers also commented, “I want to commend our Fire Chief and his team of firefighters, this was designed and built by our team. They worked with the manufacturers based on the need and the requirements and efficiency, etc.,” said Rogers.

Front view of the new fire truck sporting the water tower in front of the basket which can be utilized to fight fires from above. Photo Lorna Hamilton

Lakeland College Receives $1.9 Million Grant


The Agriculture and Forestry Department of the Provincial Government was excited to announce their $1.9 million grant and three year agreement to support Lakeland College’s two key programs, The Pulse Agronomy Program and Beef Production Systems Program. Both of these programs provide important research that the Agriculture and Forestry Industry has deemed as priority. The pulse agronomy program is a mixture of extension and pulse research projects across Alberta that facilitates the growth of the agriculture and food industry and enhances rural sustainability. The beef production systems program focuses on livestock disease and pathogens, pain mitigation strategies and production efficiency, including beef forage, feed

rations and genetics. “Through these investments in science and research, we are helping to keep our pulse and beef producers on the cutting edge. This agreement with Lakeland College will support producer-led research priorities in these industries, while cultivating the next generation of agriculture researchers. A win- win!” said Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food. “This agreement supports a new model for agriculture research and increases Lakeland’s capacity to produce results of value and better serve commercial crop and beef producers. We are excited to build on our results-oriented research partnerships with industry while also increasing opportunities for student involvement as they develop applied research skills that will serve them well in the future.” stated Dr. Alice Wainwright-Stewart, president and

CEO, Lakeland College. “This agreement is another exciting step for farmer-led research. Agriculture will continue to have a bright future in Alberta with cutting-edge research and research excellence. Lakeland College is an amazing institution that does great agriculture research and we think that with this investment they will be able to continue on in the future,” commented Devin Dreeshan, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry. “Lakeland College continues to be a leader in agriculture research and this new agreement will only bolster that reputation. Under the stewardship of Lakeland, we can be certain that this project will support Alberta’s hard-working farmers and ranchers.” said Garth Rowswell, MLA for Vermilion- Lloydminster-Wainwright. “As RDAR interim board chair, in addition to previously announced funding for Olds

College, I am delighted that we are now able to support and significantly augment the work being done at Lakeland College. Lakeland College is a very strong postsecondary institution with significant agricultural assets and potential.” commented Dr. David Chalack, interim board chair, Results Driven Agriculture Research. The grant provides Lakeland College a great opportunity to provide new teaching opportunities of up and coming research as well as growing their research numbers in the Alberta Agriculture region. Results Driven Agriculture Research (RDAR), a new research arm of the provincial government, has committed $370 million over the next 10 years to fund agriculture research. RDAR has committed this funding to ensure that Farmers and Ranchers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to prioritizing agriculture research in Alberta.

Dangerous RCMP Pursuit Leads To Heavy Charges

Elaina John Reporter

On January 19, after a pursuit that began in Vermilion, a member of the Strathcona County RCMP was taken to the hospital in an ambulance. At 2:30 p.m. that day, two suspects were reported pointing a firearm in the County of Vermilion River. The suspects fled the scene in a black SUV which led to a pursuit beginning at 3:30 on Range Road 542 involving Strathcona County and Fort Saskatchewan RCMP. During the pursuit, an RCMP vehicle rolled near Range Road 540. One

Strathcona RCMP member was taken to the hospital, treated for minor injuries, and released. There are no other injuries to report. The two suspects were stopped on Range Road 544 by another RCMP vehicle and taken into custody. One suspect was identified as Michael Patrick Hill, a 23-year-old man from Onion Lake, and has been charged with assault with a weapon, dangerous operation of a vehicle, flight from a peace officer, pointing a firearm, operation of a motor vehicle while prohibited, possession of stolen property under $5,000, possession of

Vermilion 1-800-269-8580


PENDING! 5503 - 45 Street

Location Alert! This sprawling 1475 square-foot bungalow supplies all sorts of bells & whistles. Uncompromised views to the east with no neighbors behind. All shingles were replaced in 2010, along with all new siding. The home supplies central air conditioning, 5 bedrooms/ 3 bath. MLS# A1057555

PENDING! #101, Riverside Drive

One of Vermilion's most luxurious condo-units available in the Horizon Condominium. This first floor cornerunit supplies nearly 1200 square feet of living space, central A/C, and a wraparound deck to take in the beautiful river views. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, underground/heated parking. This unit truly separates itself from your average condo-feel. MLS# A1056722

Don Stewart (780) 853-7172 cell Doug Charlesworth (780) 581-8588 cell

SOLD! #203, 5101 - 51 Avenue

Extra size, corner-unit in the Maples condominium available. 1259 square feet, new flooring, wrap-around deck, central air conditioning, the list goes on separating itself from other units within the building. Heated underground parking, plenty of storage. All appliances set to stay, the unit is completely move-in ready. MLS# A1046997

Hugh Stewart (780) 581-8608 cell Email: realestate@stewartauctions.com

stolen property over $5,000, and failure to comply. Hill has been remanded into custody and will have a hearing in Sherwood Park Provincial Court on January 27. The second suspect was a 21-year-

old female from Onion Lake and was charged with theft of a motor vehicle, and was released on an Undertaking; therefore, her name has not been released. Her hearing will take place in Sherwood Park Provincial Court on March 17.

Photo Courtesy of Jenna Cowan

Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association Showcase 20201 Postponed

Greg Buchanan Submitted

January 19, 2021 Lloydminster, SK- The Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association (LAEA) will be postponing Showcase 2021, scheduled for March 26-28, 2021 for the second year. The LAEA Board of Directors and Staff are monitoring the COVID-19 situation very closely. As an active community nonprofit organization, our patrons, volunteers

and staff are top of mind during this time. “After extensive review, it has been determined that it is not possible to hold the planned event and also provide a safe environment, and therefore we must cancel Showcase for 2021.” We want to thank all our sponsors, volunteers and guests for the past support and we look forward to a great event in 2022. See you next year!


January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Owner Of Baseball Found In Joist During Renos Found

Lorna Hamilton Reporter

In the January 19 issue of the Vermilion Voice, we reported on the ongoing renovations at the old Vermilion Standard building which is being turned into an outdoor adventure store by owners Toland Cochrane and Aaron Hayman. During the renovations, Cochrane discovered a baseball in one of the joists with the name Joanne Cooper inscribed on it. Cochrane said he would like to find the owner of the ball and its history. Since the publishing of the article, the Vermilion Voice was contacted by Monte Gannon son of Joanne Cooper whose name was signed on the baseball. Gannon provided the Voice with his mother’s contact information.

Jerianne Bardoel Reporter

The Town of Vermilion has officially announced that there will be an increase of 1.05% to the Water Utility Rates and an increase of 5.57% for Sewer Utility Rates. “We are quite proud of the fact that our solid waste utility rates did not increase this year due to cost savings that compen-

The Voice contacted Joanne Cooper who is currently 80 years old and she explained the story of the baseball. “My mom, dad, and I lived above the Standard office, we had a home down next to my granddad’s property when all my sisters and brother were home, but when they all left Mom and Dad decided to make an apartment above the office. My dad went to work and did most of it (the Renos). I think we moved up there in 1952 and at that time I would have been in grade 7 or 8, I believe and I moved out when I was 17 or 18 and my parents continued to live there until the ‘70s. My dad always liked to encourage me with sports like skating and things like that, but I wanted a baseball because we did that in Phys Ed, so he got it and I had that

to play with up in the apartment. to show her grandkids unless he (Toland) Cooper went on to explain that she can’t had a use for it. think of how the ball ended up where it did but went on to speculate how it could have possibly ended up in the wall joist. “The only thing I can think of is I might have been fooling around with it upstairs because they didn’t fill the whole top with our apartment. They left an open space behind because it was a large space and we didn’t need it all so behind that it wasn’t totally finished there was flooring down but there wasn’t any drywall or anything up there, it was just storage in that area and my dog and I used to sort of play with the ball in the back there. Maybe that’s how it got there,” said Cooper. She went on to say that she would really really like to have the baseball back Joanne Cooper. Photo submitted

2021 Utility Rates Increase

sate for any increase in inflation. Our Water rates increased by 1.05% which is largely due to inflationary increases in costs that are not within our control. The Sewer Utility rates are increasing by 5.57% this year to help ensure that our future reserves are funded sufficiently to replace capital equipment and other assets associated with the wastewater

collection and treatment system. Decreases in grant funding require an increase in our ratepayer revenue to ensure that future generations are not paying for the cost of our current services and that our sewer utility is sustainable and in compliance with federal regulation,” commented Brian Leibel, Direction of Finance and Administration.

The annual revenue that the increased utility rates will be used to support those utilities to cover the costs. “Our utilities are run on a cost-recovery basis and are to be self-sustaining. Tax dollars are not used to support the operations of these utilities. It is a userpay system.” stated Mayor Caroline McAuley.

Lloydminster Exhibition Receives $1,000,000 Grant

Lloydminster Exhibition Submitted

Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association is pleased to announce that Lloyd Ex has received a $1,000,000 grant from the Alberta Government to advance the acquisition of City of Lloydminster property that is located directly North of the current Exhibition property. “Alberta’s Government is helping our partners build strong, healthy and vibrant communities by continuing to support the Community Facility Enhancement Program (CFEP). With a taxpayer investment of 1 million dollars, the Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association Ltd. will purchase land and facilities that will allow them to expand their programming and make efficient use of space. Their organization has worked hard to contribute matching dollars to this important project that will expand their community hub, and have a far-reach-

ing and positive impact on all Albertans. Now more than ever, we need projects that stimulate job growth and economic activities, while addressing community needs.” Minister Aheer, Culture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women. The grant application was applied for early in 2020 by Lloyd Ex with the specific goal to secure land for future growth & expansion. Proceeds received from the grant will go directly to the purchase of the land with the generous support of the City of Lloydminster. “The generous grant from the Alberta Government is a strong endorsement for the Lloydminster Exhibition and the impact our Association has on this area. We are pleased to see the Alberta government shares our vision for the potential this land expansion has for the community of Lloydminster and area. This vision has been in place for the past number of years and

First United Church Donates To Food Bank

Jerianne Bardoel Reporter

Peter Walsh, Board Chair of The First United Church, presented a $1000 donation cheque to Derek Collins, coordinator of the Vermilion Food Bank on December 1, 2020. “The Church Board thought that the

food bank may need a bit of a boost, given that COVID was a bit of a strange year,” commented Walsh. Walsh went on to mention “We do like to support local organizations as much as possible as part of our church mission giving.”

it’s gratifying to see all the hard work come Aalbers, City of Lloydminster. to fruition.” Ron Weaver, President Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association. “The Government of Alberta’s investment in the Lloydminster Agricultural Exhibition Association will allow the association to expand its footprint and build on its current offerings. Ultimately, the funding will enable the association to continue providing strength and sustainability to the community, and thrive as one of Western Canada’s premiere event destinations.” Mayor Gerald


Let’s get to the point We’ll take you where you want to go

Apply before Feb.1 for Early Admission mru.ca/Apply

From left Peter Walsh and Derek Collins. Photo submitted



The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

Marwayne Community Hall A Unique Setting for Your Special Occasion

Consider the beau�ful, quiet loca�on of the Marwayne Community Hall • Banquet sea�ng for 375 in main hall • Large mee�ng room with table-sea�ng for 80, or use it for buffet-style banquet • Large covered pa�o backs onto nature, accessible from main hall • Modern, beau�ful bathrooms • Stage with dressing rooms & washrooms • Excellent sound room with A/V equipment • Camping on site or just 10 minutes north at Lea Park • Just a 30 minute drive from Lloydminster

3 Reasons To Say ‘I Do’ To A Small Wedding While it can be a challenge to narrow down the ing) to plan a small wedding. You’ll have guest list for such an important event, there’s somemore venue options, the seating chart will be thing to be said for having a small wedding. Here are simple and decorating will be quicker. Plus, three reasons to consider opting for an intimate celeif you don’t like being in the spotlight, you’ll bration. probably feel more comfortable in front of 1. You’ll save on expenses fewer people. If you have a limited budget, reducing the 3. You’ll have more time for your guests number of guests allows you to book a smaller, A small wedding means you’ll have fewer more affordable venue and lower the cost of people to greet during the reception. Rather food, drinks and decorations. Conse­quently, it than circulate from table to table all evening, may free up money for luxuries like a gourmet you’ll be able to spend quality time with loved menu, designer shoes or a live band. ones and enjoy every moment to the fullest. 2. You’ll likely feel less stress Indeed, a small wedding has all the makings of a It’s generally easier (or at least less daunt- romantic and memorable day.

Contact 780-847-3962

For more informa�on visit marwayne.ca

NEW LOCATION - 7 Spruce Drive, Sedgewick, AB NEW PHONE NUMBER - 780-384-3574


Plan the party at a price you can afford! Weddings, birthdays, howers or meetings - large and lively or small and intimate Kitscoty Hall can accommodate. • Our hall capacity is 455 people in your own bartenders) • Large beautiful hard wood dance floor • Meeting room to host a number of • Stage for entertaining different events (60 people capacity) • Fully stocked kitchen with Dishwasher • Screen and projector available (can bring in your own caterer) • Sound system & microphone provided • Bar and walk in cooler (can bring For more information or to book our facility contact Ellen Frank at 780-872-9465 or Email: kitscotyhall@gmail.com. You can also check us out on Facebook or our Website www.kitscotyhall.com

Photo submitted

  household necessities & home decor gift ideas for the happy couple


Our facility will be governed by Alberta Health restrictions during the COVID 19 Pandemic. 1025 - 2 Ave, Wainwright 780-842-6111

January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice


Treat Yourself To An At-Home Honeymoon Treat yourself to an at-home honeymoon


ENGAGEMENT Restrictions put inRINGS place during the strangers. pandemic make it challenging, if not Indulge in an array of luxuries impossible, to travel to most prime Under normal circum­stances, a trip to honeymoon destinations. And once Paris or Tahiti would set you back a few you arrive, who knows what restaurants thousand dollars. Without airfare and and attractions will berings open. So while hotel bookings eating up your budget, Engagement and wedding white sandy beaches and European you may be able to afford one or more are pieces of jewelry you’ll wear cafés may be out of reach, every day for the rest of your a romantic indulgences. For example, you could: staycation hardly to be considered • Order all of your meals from life. Therefore,should it’s important settling for second best. restaurants and get them delivinvest in quality pieces that can All the comforts of home ered right to your door. stand the test of time — just First and foremost, you don’t have to • Splurge on a high-end sectional like your marriage. With that in worry about contracting the coronavisofa, k ing - size be d or home mind, here’s why Canadian dia­ rus if you choose to honeymoon from theatre system. monds are the way to go. the comfort of your home. Additionally, • S u r p r i s e y o u r p a r t n e r w i t h avoid the hassle of preparing for designer lingerie, and drink only 1.you’ll IT’S A GREENER CHOICE a trip — no need to renew your passfine wines every night. Diamond mining can be detri­ port, get vaccinated, con­vert your cash Honeymooning at home allows you to mental to the environment, es­ or buy travel insurance. Plus, you won’t start your life as a married couple in the pecially in countries where regulations 3. IT’S A VARIED CHOICE have to pack, and you can be sure comfort and privacy of your own home are limited or not properly enforced. This From vintage to bohemian, there’s no shor­ that the bedding hasn’t been used by while indulging in food, wine and gifts. isn’t the case in Canada, where compa­ tage of ring design styles made using Ca­ nies must adhere to stricter standards than nadian diamonds. You can also choose from various metals and incorporate other pre­ other regions. cious gems to design a truly one­of­a­kind a picture-perfect view to thering.• The ground. If you’ll be walking on 2. IT’SFrom AN ETHICAL CHOICE atmosphere, are plenty grass or sand during the ce­­­remony, Arelaxed major concern when there purchasing dia­ of reasons to have wedding outside.If you want stilettos the with question. a ringare youout canofwear pride, For monds is whether or your not they were mined need toprofits take particular comfort balance, shoes jewelryand shops in yourchoose area and inHowever, a war zoneyou’ll where their were usedcarevisit the yourIfdress, withtheir a wide heel,oforengagement better yet, an selection towhen financechoosing armed conflict. you optshoes for dia­andask about hairstyle to ensure youyou lookcan andbefeel elegantrings pair ofmade ballerina with flats. Canadian monds mined in Canada, sureyourand wedding best. Here are some thingsconditions. to consider. diamonds. • The wind. A long veil, flowy skirt and they were sourced in humane

3 reasons to choose Canadian diamonds

Restrictions put in place during the pande­ mic make it challenging, if not impossible, to travel to most prime honeymoon destina­ tions. And once you arrive, who knows what restaurants and attractions will be open. So while white sandy beaches and European cafés may be out of reach, a romantic stay­ cation should hardly be considered settling for second best. ALL THE COMFORTS OF HOME First and foremost, you don’t have to worry about contracting the coronavirus if you choose to honeymoon from the comfort of your home. Additionally, you’ll avoid the hassle of preparing for a trip — no need to renew your passport, get vaccinated, con­ vert your cash or buy travel insurance. Plus, Photo submitted you won’t have to pack, and you can be sure that the bedding hasn’t been used by loosely pinned-back hair can quickly strangers. get out of hand on a gusty day. Consider a birdcage veil and opt for a INDULGE IN AN ARRAY secure up­do style with beautiful pins OF LUXURIES to normal hold your hair in place. Under circum­ • Thea trip temperature. For a summer stances, to Paris wedding, sandals or Tahiti would set and a strapless or you back a few thou­

sand dollars. Without airfare and hotel boo­ kings eating up your budget, you may be able to afford one or more indulgences. For example, you could: • Order all of your meals from restaurants and get them delivered right to your door. • Splurge on a high­end sectional sofa, king­ size bed or home theatre system. • Surprise your partner with designer linge­ rie, and drink only fine wines every night. Honeymooning at home allows you to start your life as a married couple in the comfort and privacy of your own home while indul­ ging in food, wine and gifts.

Factors To Consider When Dressing For An Outdoor Wedding sleeveless dress are the way to go. Consider a matching jacket or shawl in case it gets cool in the evening. For a fall ceremony, opt for long sleeves and booties. To find the perfect dress and accessories, visit the stores in your area.

3 reasons to say ‘I do’ to a small wedding While it can be a challenge to narrow down the guest list for such an important event, there’s something to be said for having a small wedding. Here are three reasons to consider opting for an intimate celebration.

ting) to plan a small wedding. You’ll have more venue options, the seating chart will be simple and decorating will be quicker. Plus, if you don’t like being in the spotlight, you’ll probably feel more comfortable in front of fewer people.

1. YOU’LL SAVE ON EXPENSES If you have a limited budget, reducing the 3. YOU’LL HAVE MORE TIME FOR YOUR GUESTS number of guests allows you to book a smal­ A small wedding means you’ll have fewer ler,Photo moresubmitted affordable venue and lower the people to greet during the reception. Rather cost of food, drinks and decorations. Conse­ than circulate from table to table all eve­ quently, it may free up money for luxuries ning, you’ll be able to spend quality time like a gourmet menu, designer shoes or a with loved ones and enjoy every moment to live band. the fullest. Your first dance as a married cou­ple Above all else, don’t worry too much can be as exciting (and as nerve-racking) about on a show yourmakings guests. 2. YOU’LL LIKELY FEEL LESS STRESS Indeed, putting a small wedding hasfor all the as walking down the aisle. Here are a few It’s your day after all, so make your first It’s generally easier (or at least less daun­ of a romantic and memorable day. tips to ensure it’s a moment you’ll look dance a moment you’ll enjoy. back on fondly for years to come. 1. Choose a well-known song, or ask your DJ to create a mashup of genres so you can transition from a graceful waltz into an energetic salsa or swing dance routine. 2. Hire a professional to choreograph the dance, and be sure to rehearse it (in the shoes you’ll wear at the wedding) until you feel comfortable with every step. 3. If neither of you are particularly good dancers, opt for a slow romantic song and go all out on light or smoke effects to make your simple moves look more dynamic.

3 Tips For A Memorable First Dance

Bride guide: factors to consider when dressing for an outdoor wedding From a picture­perfect view to the relaxed atmosphere, there are plenty of reasons to have your wedding outside. However, Bride’s Name: Marla McPhee you’ll need to take particular care when Groom’s Name: Pablo de Leon choosing your dress, shoes and hairstyle to Date Married: September 12, 2020 ensure you look and feel your best. Here Wedding Lake Gardens are someLocation: things toHastings consider. Place Of Residence: Edmonton Bride’s Parents: Gwen & McPhee • The ground. If you’ll beBill walking on grass Groom’s Parents: Elizabeth Sandoval or sand during the

ceremony, stilettos are out of the ques­ tion. For comfort and balance, choose shoes with a wide heel, or better yet, an elegant pair of bal­ lerina flats.

Bride’s Name: Braelene Barlow

• The temperature. For a summer wed­ Groom’s Name: Kameren Ballas ding, sandals and a strapless or sleeveless 22, 2020 a mat­ dressDate are Married: the way August to go. Consider Wedding Location: Vermilion ching jacket or shawl in case it gets cool Of Residence: Vermilion in thePlace evening. For a fall ceremony, opt Bride’s Parents: Randy & Wendy Barlow for long sleeves and booties.

Groom’s Parents: Gary Ballas & Sharon Ballas To find Grandparents: the perfect dress accessories, Bride's Stan and & Inez Curtis visit theand stores in&your area.Barlow Larry Audrey Groom's Grandparent: Edna Tymchuk

• The wind. A long veil, flowy skirt and loosely pinned­back hair can quickly get out of hand on a gusty day. Consider a birdcage veil and opt for a secure up­ do style with beauti­ ful pins to hold your hair in place.

Online search option: Special section packages Drop-down menu selection: Bridal/Couples

The photos and images in this issue are available to download in black & white and in a larger size from the online page folder.

Photo submitted


Contact: Carl Au Tel 780 875-4404 ext 792 Email: cau@dayslloydminsterhotel.com



The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

Community and Recreation Funding 2020 Year in Review

County of Vermilion River, Kitscoty, AB Submitted

Despite the challenging times due to COVID-19, the County of Vermilion River is pleased to be able to support local organizations and facilities that provide recreation, arts and culture opportunities, enhance community spirit, encourage active participation along Community Grants Vermilion River Regional 4H: Golden Valley Community Association: Rivercourse Recreation Society: Kitscoty Curling Association: Clandonald & District Recreation Association: Clandonald Agricultural Society: Paradise Valley & District Seniors Citizens: Paradise Valley Memorial Hall: Operational Funding Town of Vermilion: City of Lloydminster: Alcurve Community Recreation Centre: Blackfoot Community Hall: Blackfoot & District Golden Slippers Association: Bowtell Community Association: Buffalo Coulee Community Club: Clandonald & District Ag Society:

The County approved a Park Trust Fund request of $50,000 from the Lea Park Golf Club for their bridge rehabilitation project due to the damage of spring flooding. Park Trust Reserve is set aside for the purposes of a public park or public recreation area and adheres to County policy. These moneys are collected when a land out of a quarter section is subdivided a second time, as permitted in the MGA. Details regarding the approved requests is available within the Council agendas

$1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $1,000 $2,000 $1,800 $1,800 $2,000 $270,734.10 $33,122 $3,300 $2,700 $1,400 $600 $1,300 $4,400

with community enhancement projects. The County’s Community and Recreation Funding enables recreation development and ongoing partnerships throughout the region, enhancing access for residents to recreational facility services and programs. The County of Vermilion River has awarded commuClandonald & District Recreation Association: Dewberry Hall Society: Dewberry & District Ag Society: Golden Valley Community Association: Islay Community Association: Islay Curling Club: Kitscoty & District Ag Society – Arena Board: Kitscot y & District Communit y & Seniors Association: Kitscoty & District Ag Society – Kitscoty Community Hall: Kitscoty Golf Club: Kitscoty Curling Association: Landonville Community Association: Lea Park Rodeo Association: Lea Park Golf Club: Marwayne Arena Board: Marwayne Minor Ball Association:


Bred Bred Cow Cow & & Heifer Heifer Sale Sale Open Consignment Open Consignment 1:00 1:00 p.m. p.m.

8 8

15 15

21 21

22 22

7 7

8 8

14 14

15 15

21 21

22 22

28 28

29 29

$1,600 $2,500 $1,200 $500 $900 $5,300 $28,771 $25,000 $1,250


9 9

10 10

16 16

17 17

23 23

24 24

Lloydminster, Meadow Lake & Prince Albert


All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m.

2 2

3 3

9 9

10 10

16 16

17 17

23 23

24 24

30 30

31 31

11 11

12 12

18 18

19 19

25 25

26 26

All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m.

All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Regular Cow Cow & & Bull Bull Sale Sale 1:00 1:00 p.m. p.m.


5 5

11 11

12 12

18 18

19 19

25 25

26 26

All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m.

6 6 13 13

Bred Bred Cow Cow & & Heifer Heifer Sale Sale Open Consignment Open Consignment 1:00 1:00 p.m. p.m.

20 20

27 27


4 4

All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Regular Cow Cow & & Bull Bull Sale Sale 1:00 1:00 p.m. p.m.


5 5

All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m.



4 4

All All Breeds Breeds Presort Presort Internet Internet Calf Calf Sale Sale 9:00 9:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m. Regular Cow & Bull Sale 1:00 p.m.



Westgold Westgold Bull Bull Sale Sale & & David David Mohr’s Mohr’s replacement replacement heifer heifer sale sale 1:00 1:00 pm pm Bred Bred Cow Cow & & Heifer Heifer Sale Sale Open Consignment Open Consignment 1:00 1:00 pm pm


Division of Northern Livestock Sales

Internet Internet Sales Sales Website: Website: www.dlms.ca www.dlms.ca


1 1

$2,400 $12,000 $1,200 $12,000 $6,300 $36,000 $3,000

$8,500 $12,000 $1,400 $7,000 $32,000 $3,400


3 3

Bred Bred Cow Cow & & Heifer Heifer Sale Sale Open Consignment Open Consignment 1:00 1:00 p.m. p.m.




2 2

Premier Premier Hereford Hereford and and Angus Angus Bull Bull & Heifer sale at 1:00 & Heifer sale at 1:00 p.m. p.m.

14 14





1 1

7 7

$5,300 $27,000 $1,000 $5,500 $3,000 $43,000

Marwayne Community Hall: Marwayne Curling Club: McLaughlin Improvement Association: Mount Joy Snow Resort: Paradise Valley & District Ag Society: Paradise Valley & District Museum Society: Paradise Valley & District Senior Citizens Centre: Paradise Valley Memorial Hall: Rivercourse Recreation Society: Riverton Community Association: Streamstown Community Club: Tulliby Lake & District Ag Society: Capital Funding D e b e n t u r e I n t e r e s t ( D e w b e r r y, Marwayne, Paradise Valley): Village of Kitscoty – general lev y allocation: Fidelity National Hall:

and minutes under Meeting Agendas and Minutes on the County website. More information on the County’s funding programs can be found under Recreation on the County website. Media inquiries may be directed to: Communications County of Vermilion River communications@ county24.com Deputy Reeve Clint Murray presents Park Trust funding to Shannon Franklin of the Lea Park Golf Club. Photo submitted

Northern Livestock Sales



nity grants and operational and capital assistance through the Community and Recreation Funding Program within the 2020 budget. The County looks forward to supporting these initiatives in 2021 to continue community spirit and vibrancy. The funding approvals were as follows:

6 6

th 17 17th Annual Annual Kulyk Kulyk Simmental Simmental Bull Bull sale sale & & Open Replacement heifer sale 1:00 Open Replacement heifer sale 1:00 pm pm

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D.L.M.S. D.L.M.S. Off Off Farm Farm Internet Internet Sale Sale Every Every Thursday Thursday 10:00 10:00 a.m. a.m. Regular Sale Every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Main Office 306-825-8831 Regular Sale Every Thursday at 1:00 p.m. Main Office 306-825-8831

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January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

My Journey Of Coping With COVID-19

Donna Okkema, Vermilion, Alberta Submitted

In Memory of Dad (Franklin Wolters) As I think back on this past year, it occurs to me that most of the folks that read this paper are rural people. For a large number of us, the spring and covid came straight on the heels of a very difficult and disappointing fall of 2019. We received fall rain and early snow, and though a super human effort was made, we only harvested 40 acres and burnt off many combine belts and bent up the header on the combine in the attempt. It was just too wet. We had to give up and wait. This scenario had never ever happened to us before and was a very defeating feeling. Thousands of dollars sitting out under snow banks. What could possibly be worse than that?? Many input dollars spent and no grain to sell?? I remember a quote I believe came from Chris Hadfield, Canadian Astronaut. Something along the lines of “There is never ever anything so bad, that it couldn’t be made worse”. Enter Covid-19. As farmers, living out in the country, we already understand isolation and working long, variable hours without days off. We understand making do, doing without, and making the best of a situation. We understand sacrifice, responsibility and sticking with a task, no matter what and finishing what we started. We knew we were in for a difficult spring with so much to accomplish. Calving would start and we would have to be combining, baling, hauling bales and clearing fields while getting the seeding equipment ready and getting the seeding done. Then the engine blew up in the grain truck and we had to remove it, take one out of a donor truck we had, and put that one back in. We needed it for trucking grain when we did get combining. When we did get combining the fields were wet and we got stuck repeatedly with the combine. It just seemed to be an insurmountable mountain to climb. Early mornings, late

nights. Long days. An impossibly cold April with way more snow than was normal and -20 weather. Checking for baby calves night and day. Feeding. Chores. Exhaustion. My husband never laid his head on his pillow for days on end. We generally calve April\May to avoid this type of weather. What else could possibly go wrong?? Try getting supplies and doing business when things are closed or on reduced hours due to covid. Can’t pop into a neighbors or even Tim Horton’s for a coffee. Or even just pop to town once in a while for a break and change of scenery with a meal out. It was all closed.   Strange, strange, frustrating times. How did we survive, cope and stay sane?? Well, just put one foot in front of the other. One day at a time. “When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on.” ---Franklin D. Roosevelt. “Change your thoughts, and you change your world.” ---Norman Vincent Peale. We knew we had to do it all, had to buckle down, and just do what had to be done. We were not starving, we still had a job, and as long as we kept at it, it would get done, and things would get better. Be positive, take each little victory to heart, and decide what was next on the list. And just do it!! There is no magic to it. Humans are resilient and have survived this long because we can adapt. We now have ways to stay in touch that were unheard of when I was a girl. Facebook, texting, email, Skype. Everybody, everywhere available all the time. We never need to feel alone or lonely. Just reach out to somebody. I have an 82 year old email friend from Regina, that I met through serendipity, and we write back and forth to each other pouring out our feelings and activities for the day. One can never, ever underestimate how much it means to just “get something off our back”. “We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is some-

thing to be enthusiastic about” ---Charles Kingsley. On top of all this, I took on a project. That “something to be enthusiastic about”! I love plants, nature and gardening. So, I started a new garden. I turned a spot that had been full of a row of 7 dead Mayday trees (death by black knot), and turned it into a lovely little garden spot with a large raised planter. I planted salad greens in it the end of April and covered it with a tent of plastic and had green onions, radish, lettuce and baby carrots very early. I planted a garden and tended it every second I wasn’t busy doing something else. When I was in my garden “Covid DID NOT EXIST”!! “The miracle is this: the more we share, the more we have.” ---Leonard Nimoy. I shared lettuce and later on beans, zucchini, squash, beets, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. Bouquets of sweet peas and flowers. I understand that many people took on gardening this spring. Seeds were hard to find and greenhouses emptied quickly as people took to their back yards to get out of the house. I totally understand it. It is relaxing and rewarding and soothes the soul. On a daily basis there is growth, change and always something to look forward to. The day you go out and those first big plump strawberries are ready is a good one. Or

the taste of the first picking of veggies or new potatoes. That first beautiful morning glory flower greeting you. There is always something better than feeling sorry for ourselves and the situation. Look for small ways to have a positive experience. A meal of fresh produce you produce yourself is a feeling of accomplishment that anybody can have. No matter how small the garden. Even a tumbler tomato plant on the deck can produce a huge bounty. “Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” ---Albert Einstein. I have always cut out and saved quotes, and anybody who has been to my house and seen them clipped on the fridge, literally covering the whole surface can attest to that. Sometimes we just need a little reminder of wisdom that can make us think and improve our outlook. I hope that in sharing them and giving my perspective will give somebody else the enthusiasm to try something new and just avoid thinking about covid and how it has changed our lives. We have to hang in there. It will be in the past, some day, and things will get better and it will be a dim memory. The time is going to go by anyway, so we might as well stay sane in the mean time. This too shall pass!!

Photo submitted




Murray, Bev, Kallie, Tyler & Claire, Bryce & Annie HOME 403-742-5226 MURRAY 403-742-9813 TYLER 403-741-9571 BRYCE 403-740-2638












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The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

W4M and NW 32-47-13 W4M. Call Brent Thygesen, censing loss? Travel/business opportunities? Be emb_thygesen@ducks.ca or 780 678-0150. barrassed? Think: Criminal Pardon. US entry waiver. Record purge. File destruction. Free consultation. HEALTH 1-800-347-2540. www.accesslegalmjf.com HIP/KNEE REPLACEMENT. Other medical condi- GET YOUR MESSAGE SEEN ACROSS Alberta. The tions causing TROUBLE WALKING or DRESSING? Blanket Classifieds or Value Ads reach over 600,000 The Disability Tax Credit allows for $3,000 yearly tax Alberta readers weekly. Two options starting at $269 credit and $30,000 lump sum refund. Take advantage or $995 to get your message out! Business changes, of this offer. Apply NOW; quickest refund Nationwide: hiring, items for sale, cancellations, tenders, etc. PeoExpert help. 1-844-453-5372. ple are increasingly staying home and rely on their local newspapers for information. KEEP people in the REAL ESTATE loop with our 90 Weekly Community Newspapers. VERY INEXPENSIVE 2 QUARTERS OF PASTURE Call THIS NEWSPAPER now or email classifieds@ LAND, Central SK, for sale. 8 other good quarters awna.com for details. 1-800-282-6903, 780-434-8746 may be available. Requires fencing. Great hunting X225. www.awna.com. $74,900. Call Doug at 306-716-2671. GET BACK ON TRACK! Bad credit? Bills? Unemployed? Need Money? We Lend! If you own your own SERVICES CRIMINAL RECORD? Why suffer employment/li- home - you qualify. Pioneer Acceptance Corp. Member BBB. 1-877-987-1420. www.pioneerwest.com.

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Classifieds Build


Blairs.Ag “Pursuit of Excellence” Bull Sale


Tuesday, February 2, 1:00 pm at the Jackson Cattle Co. sale facility in Sedley, SK. 88 Two Year Old Black and Red Angus bulls.

As a Full�me, year round posi�on, the Service Manager is accountable for opera�ng an efficient and profitable service department with a strong focus on customer sa�sfac�on and quality workmanship. Responsibili�es: - Provide and maintain the highest level of customer service. - Successfully manage produc�vity, training and performance of the en�re Service Team. - Provide staff with leadership, guidance and effec�ve communica�on. - Manage an efficient and profitable service department. - Customer communica�on to resolve issues, maintain and develop rela�onships while also working to grow new business. - Work in collabora�on with other departments to ensure the customers transac�on and dealership experience is a success. - Open and maintain all data on work orders including parts, labor and materials. - Field internal and external customer inquiries coming in to the Service Department. - Maintain other service files, resources and records. Qualifica�ons: - Must have outgoing, friendly personality and superior communica�on & customer service skills and the ability to nego�ate customer complaints to a sa�sfactory resolu�on. - Experience working in a service department and knowledge and experience with agricultural machinery is preferred. Agriculture background and a general understanding of mechanical/technical terms are definite assets. - Must have good computer skills including Microso� Office and use of internet with knowledge of office procedures and good organiza�onal skills. - Minimum High School Diploma or GED equivalent. - Clean driver’s license. Wage dependent on experience and knowledge. Email resumes to brent.irelfarm@telus.net

Make plans to see the bulls before sale day! For more sale information or a catalogue call Kevin 306-365-7922, Blake 306-528-7484 or T Bar C Cattle Co. at 306-220-5006. View the catalogue online at www.BuyAgro.com. Watch & bid online at www.DLMS.ca OR www.DVauction.com (PL #116061)


vermilionvoice@gmail.com Health Care www.vermilionvoice.com


Casual Position

The successful candidate must posses the following:

• A passion for working with seniors is an asset • HCA Certificate • Ability to assist in personal care, support residents in activities of daily living and provide comfort and support services to a variety of individuals. • Shifts will include days, evenings, weekends and nights • Maintain strict confidentiality • First Aid & CPR Certification required, or willing to obtain prior to employment • Current Criminal Record Check Required Please Submit your resume and cover letter to Resident Care Manager, Tabitha Dykstra by Jan 18th, 2021 at residentcare@vdhf.ca



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January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice






Reaching out to families & individuals

We will provide a gift of Food, Personal Items, Cleaning Products, Baby Formula and Diapers.

(People & Animals) LORRAINE KOCHAN

Bus: (780) 853-5772 Fax: (780) 853-6910 Cell: (780) 853-3476 Email: rocw@telus.net 1-877-853-5772 4545 - 46 Ave. Vermilion, AB T9X 1J2

PHONE ONLY 780-581-0521 Leave a message and we will return your call (No text or email)


Professional Corporation

Chartered Professional Accountant

Deborah A. Tovell, CPA, CGA

(780) 853-7714 Derek Selte Vermilion, AB

Deborah@accountingvermilionab.ca Suite 14 Bus: (780) 853-2801 5125 - 50th Avenue Fax: (780) 853-1728 Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1L9


Promote Your Corporate Card Here

Dr. Joe DeGirolamo Dr. Michelle Radasic (deJong) Vermilion Dental

Available at Lakeland College

Family Dentistry

Located on the south side of Vermilion campus next to the Service Centre.

Ph: 780.853.6505 5003 - 50th Street Vermilion, Alberta T9X 1M6

For more information call 780.853.8410 or email printing@lakelandcollege.ca

Prices as low as $18.27 a week for a 1 Year Contract or call us for 6 or 3 month Pricing vermilionvoice@gmail.com


VERMILION AND AREA HOME BUSINESSES Vermilion Breeders Co-op Financing Available for Bred Cows, Bred Cows with Calves at Side, and Bred Heifers

780-853-2344 Raw food

Apparel Home DĂŠcor Pet Grooming 4932 - 50th Ave. Vermilion, AB T9X 1A4

Rick Rewuski Box 1265, Dewberry, AB T0B 1G0 Ph: (780) 847-4166 Fax: (780) 847-4944

You Dump it, We Pump it


ď “ď Žď Żď ˇď€ ď ?ď Źď Żď ˇď Šď Žď §ď€ ď€Śď€ ď ’ď Ľď ­ď Żď śď Ąď Źď€ ď “ď Ľď ˛ď śď Šď Łď Ľď ł

and Porta-potty Rentals Box 5 Myrnam, AB T0B 3K0 Cell (780) 581-3867 H (780) 366-3855 or Abe (780) 210-0431

ďƒźď€ ď ’ď Ľď łď Šď ¤ď Ľď Žď ´ď Šď Ąď Źď€ ď€Żď€ ď ƒď Żď ­ď ­ď Ľď ˛ď Łď Šď Ąď Źď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ďƒźď€ ď “ď Šď ¤ď Ľď ˇď Ąď Źď Ťď ł ďƒźď€ ď “ď Ąď Źď ´ď€ ď€Śď€ ď “ď Ąď Žď ¤ď€ ď ď °ď °ď Źď Šď Łď Ąď ´ď Šď Żď Žď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ďƒźď€ ď –ď€ ď ?ď Źď Żď ˇď€  C#: 306-307-2645 or 780-808-1957 (Leave a message) email: kenmarcamaro72@gmail.com

Tom’s Interior/ Exterior Handi Man


Elaine Urwin, RMT

Murray Brown • R E SID E N T I A L • C O M M E R CI A L •SERVICE

(780) 581-0852

KEN HARTWELL pH: 780-853-3318




Trent Westman owner/operator

Brandon Tupper

5002-65th St Vermilion, AB T9X 1X6 c : 780.581.8775 t : 1.888.545.7707 Brandon@KnightsSpraying.ca f : 1.780.628.0777 www.KnightsSpraying.ca

The East Central Family Day Home Agency

Charlene Young PH: 780.853.3856

EM: mcy1@telus.net Web: www.lastingimpressionscatering.com 4614 - 48A Ave, Vermilion, AB

“Our reputation is on the table�

Jon Bodurka Custom Spraying


& Grain Hauling


For Promt Officient Service

Call 780-853-6314 Cell 780-853-7801

Lasting Impressions Catering


Commercial • Residential • Farm Maintenance • Trenching



*Helping Families Build Happy Children We have licensed Day Home Providers who have room to provide care for all ages. We provide snacks, lunches and planned activities. Parents can apply for subsidy.

Call Shelley today to find your quality Child Care 780-853-6190

A Flush is Better than a Full House


Relaxation Massage â–Ş Therapeutic Massage Hot Stone Massage â–Ş Reiki Master Pregnancy Massage

Shelly Gordon RMT

Specializing in Livestock Hauling

Ernie Lessner Cell: 780-205-1571


#20, 5125 50 Ave., Vermilion Professional Building Vermilion, AB T9X 1A8


Tel: 780-847-2405

18,000 plus potential customers will see your ad HERE!! Call 780-853-6305 vermilionvoice@gmail.com



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8 3 9 2 6 4 7

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Do not let your mate annoy you; patience will be the key. You'll stay out of trouble if you pick projects that will benefit the whole family. Catch up on overdue paperwork.


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(780) 853-3605

Installation of Siding, Window Capping, Soffit, Fascia, Eavestroughing FOR A FREE ESTIMATE CALL TOM AT 780-581-6167 NO JOB TOO SMALL

Vermilion Septic Services


Registered Massage Therapist

Brendan Franklin



The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

Buffalo Trail Public Schools

BTPS Submitted

HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM BTPS! We were waiting in anticipation for 2021 and having all of our students back in school. It has been so great to have them back in our buildings! BTPS is distributing the Reporting for Year One 2020 of our Four Year Plan 2019-2023. Year One 2019 2020 represents some of the highlights gathered from schools and is linked to each of the assurance domains. The plan is linked here and is also available on our website @ www.btps.ca. It did seem that winter hit BTPS last week. The freezing rain, then snow and high winds made travel terrible for a couple days last week. A positive that has come out of our pandemic learning is that students are able to connect with their classes when travel makes it impossible

Lorna Hamilton

to be at school. We had many students who were able to continue their learning at home during the non-bus days. As we are so fortunate to have our students back in school, we will remind people that schools are limited to essential visitors only. All students fill out the AHS COVID-19 Daily Checklist and stay home when they have the symptoms. This has helped limit the number of close contacts within our schools. Last week, we had confirmation that two individuals at one of our schools have tested positive for COVID-19. Our schools work quickly to let their school communities know this information and there is immediate follow up with contacting all close contacts with isolation information. BTPS is very appreciative of the continued support of our families, students and staff as we keep each other safe. Our schools continue to plan engag-

ing activities and events for our students cases pictures from all schools each within the pandemic guidelines. Our week. This is a great way to see all our BTPS Newsletter on our website show- happenings in one spot.

Story time. Photo submitted

On Duty Alberta Paramedic Charged


The Vegreville RCMP detachment received a call on January 2 informing them of an ambulance that was travelling in the wrong direction in the westbound lane of highway 16 near Ranfurly, Alberta just after 9 p.m.

The vehicle was stopped by Vegreville RCMP where they discovered a patient and another male paramedic in the treatment area of the vehicle which was in transport. The 24-year-old female paramedic who was operating the vehicle was consequently arrested and charged with impaired driving of a motor vehicle and impaired driving of a

motor vehicle over 0.8 and was released on an appearance notice scheduled for March 22. The Ambulance service is overseen by Medavie Health Services West and is contracted by Alberta Health Services. Due to the matter being in front of the courts Medavie Health Services West could not

comment on the particulars of the incident. “An employee is currently on leave pending an investigation. As the matter is before the courts we are unable to provide any further information,” said Director of Communications Troy Davies for Medavie Health Services West in an email comment to the Vermilion Voice.

Design-A-Bookmark Challenge

Jerianne Bardoel Reporter

The Vermilion Public Library has started a Bookmark Contest that includes all ages, and you can use any means to create it (pencil, crayon, water colour, ink, etc.). The contest ends on February 13. The panel of judges will review submis-

sions and choose a winner from four age categories (6 and under, 7-9, 10-13, 14 and up). One submission per person. Return entry forms in the book slot by Feb 13. A winner from each age category will receive $50 Vermilion Chamber Dollars that can be spent locally at any participating business.

Upcoming feature saleS

To participate in the challenge, call the Library to schedule curbside pick-up for the contest entry form. Since the shutdown, the Vermilion Public Library is closed to in-person visits. However, curbside pickup, reference, faxing and printing services are available. Request library materials at www.

tracpac.ab.ca, use theTracpac app, or call the Library Monday - Friday from 10 a.m.5 p.m. for assistance at (780)-853-4288. “Our programming has moved online. Check our website: www.vplibrary.ca or our Facebook page for programming news,” commented Sheila Heit, Programs Coordinator.

Purebred Charolais Yearling And 2 Year Old Bulls Available

Tuesday February 2nd, 2021 At 1:00 PM 90 Top Quality Simm X Bred Heifers, RWF goggled eyed. Red & Red Baldies, Bred to Red Angus Bulls start calving April 5.

For More info call Jerry @ 780-806-8362 116 Black Angus & Red Angus Simm X cows bred to Black Angus or Black Baldies for April 20th calving.

Call Cody @ 780-872-4639 for more info. 120 Simm Ang X cows 75% Black, 25% Black Brockle/Blaze, Bred to Black Simm and Black Angus Bull. 42 day breeding to start calving March 15th. Full herd health.

Call Krista 780-853-1025 Sherwood Farms

Family Farm Looking For Crop And Pasture Land To Rent

Monday February 8th, 2021 At 1:00 PM On offer 40 Hereford Bulls, 11 Black Angus Bulls, 40 Commercial Heifers and 40 Replacement Horned Hereford Heifer Calves.

To view catalogue visit www.dlms.com under “EXT Sale Listings” Contact: Stan Lock 306-753-7884, Brian Thomas 403-348-6468, Brady Moncrieff 306-228-9177, Cole Ayrey 780-753-7239, Jon Lock 306-753-7861 WWW.NORTHERNLIVESTOCKSALES.CA


"Cash Rent" Crop & Cattle Share Considered Please Contact Scott at 780-853-7895 or Krista at 780-853-1025


January 26, 2021 | The Vermilion Voice

Jerianne Bardoel

Ag For Life Introduces Its Latest Rural And Farm Safety Initiative


Agriculture for Life has announced the launch of its latest rural and farm safety initiative, Mission to Mars. The program is designed to provide critical safety education through a virtual mission to Mars. The Rural and Farm Safety Escape Mail utilizes the logic of an escape room and provides an interactive and playful opportunity to learn about rural and farm safety. The game challenges players to understand and identif y risks and harmful situations which can then be applied to real-life situations resulting in safer environments for youth. The agriculture sector is unique in that children and youth sustain a significant number of preventable agriculture-related injuries. According to the Canadian Agricultural Report, on average there are 101 deaths per year due to agriculture related incidents, eight of which involve children. In an effort to continue to deliver meaningful safety education, Ag for Life has launched the Rural and Farm Safety Escape Mail. Collaborating with

Mobile Escape, Ag for Life is bringing safety messaging to life in a new and never-before-seen way. “Every year there are a number of preventable injuries and fatalities that occur due to many associated rural hazards” says CEO, Luree Williamson. “ The goal of Ag for Life is to greatly reduce this number by providing e d u c atio nal s afet y awarenes s programming to youth and their families.” The Challenge: It’s out of this world. Ag for Life’s Rural and Farm Safety escape mail game utilizes the logic of an escape room - providing an interactive, playful way to learn about safety, while challenging players to understand, identify and mitigate risks in order to keep themselves and their crew safe!  Digital components and physical manipulatives are utilized to encourage problem solving through the story telling narrative. This experience is engaging, valuable, and it’s adaptable to all grade levels. STEP 1 : PREPARE The experience begins with a compelling video introduction. The

video is a recruitment commercial from an Agriculture for Life’s space agency enlisting help to advise on farm safety protocol on Mars! STEP 2 : ENGAGE Recruits will be divided into pairs and given an envelope - the content of which forms the bulk of their interactions. The envelope contains information on agricultural safety as well as manipulatives and things to do. STEP 3: AFFIRM As puzzles are solved, the answers are recorded on the web portal. The facilitator guides the experience, with e a c h c o r r e c t a n swe r p r o g r e s s i n g recruits through the learning modules. STEP 4: REWARD Every good game has a rewarding conclusion, and in this case, the new recruits succeed and are given a ticket to Mars! They will join the first farming crew on the red planet and implement agricultural safety protocol. M o r e i n fo r m at i o n c a n b e fo u n d at www.agricultureforlife.ca/missionto-mars.  Ag for Life aims to foster through e d u c at i o n, a n u n d e r s t a n d i n g a n d appreciation of agriculture and its


fundamental connection to life. About Ag for Life Ag for Life (Agriculture for Life) has the mandate to deliver educational programming designed to improve rural and farm safety while building public understanding around the agricultural industry.  Ag for Life is made possible through the funding and commitment of companies that employ almost 20,000 people in more than 350 Alberta communities. Founding Members include AdFarm, Glacier FarmMedia, Nutrien, Rocky Mountain Equipment, TC Energy and UFA Co-operative Limited. Find out more at agricultureforlife.ca.

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Haying In The 30’s Helped 334 Families In 2020

Lorna Hamilton Reporter

Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society located in Mallaig was unable to host their annual two day event last year in August due to the COVID pandemic but that didn’t prevent them from helping cancer patients in 2020. “It’s been a tough year and we lost

money because we couldn’t hold our annual event, but we were still able to help people affected by cancer.” said President Martin Naundorf. According to Naundorf the Society is still receiving donations from people and businesses and that they are still in pretty good shape and able to help. “Last year we helped 334 individuals

which totalled $334,000 so we are pretty happy about that. We can help roughly 30 families a month,” said Naundorf. Due to the pandemic Naundorf said they have been unable to have board meetings as they usually would but are hoping to get things going soon and are hoping to have their annual event in August of 2021, but will know more hopefully by June.

During their down time Naundorf said they were able to do some work on the site which included some new buildings, an overhead shed, root cellar, windmill and they also combated flooding issues. If you would like to help support the Haying in the 30’s Cancer Support Society you can E-transfer or mail in donations.

re Quality, Consistency and Proven Genetics are Guaranteed!

Where Quality, Consistency and Proven Genetics are Guaranteed! Where Quality, Consistency and Proven Genetics are Guaranteed!

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Philip & Marie Harty

Philip & Marie Harty H 780.376.2241 780.385.5977 John & Myrna Rawe H 780.376.3598 C 780.679.7725 catalogue visitC our website:


r updates, pictures, videos and catalogue visit our website: Philip & Marie Harty H 780.376.2241 C 780.385.5977 www.rawesranches.com

Philip & &Marie Marie Harty Philip Harty

The Ranch where performance accident! Marie Harty H 780.376.2241 C 780.385.5977 John & Myrna RaweisHno 780.376.3598 C 780.679.7725


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The Vermilion Voice | January 26, 2021

St. Jerome’s Catholic School News

Anna Svenungard Submitted

We are well into the new year and couldn’t be more excited to have ALL our students, from K-12, back in the building for in-person learning! All students completed one week of “at-home” learning the first week of January. The staff at St. Jerome’s are so proud of the quality of work done during that week at home. Thank you to all of the Spartans and their families for making the start of 2021 a success! Our first week back in classes brought a rain and snowstorm on Wednesday, leaving the roads and sidewalks very icy. The one advantage was that the hill became a fun place for kids to slide at recess! Students in Grade 3 McMartin went skating on Monday at the outdoor rink near our school. They reported that the ice surface was in great condition and much fun was had by all. These students also began an exploration of the country of Peru. They made relief maps using play doh and then shared their knowledge taking pictures of their maps, videotaping the information, and adding text boxes on the chromebooks. *Interesting fact about Peru, on New Year’s Eve friends and family give

Karen King Submitted

O ur s c ho o l has purchased three new carts of 23 chrome books each this year, with the second one having just arrived and the third one expected to arrive in February. This has been a necessary upgrade, as we have several aging devices in our school. Many of our classrooms have their own carts, which has been extra valuable

gifts of yellow underwear for good luck and prosperity in the year ahead. Students in Grade 2 & 3 Schmidt wrapped up their science unit on sound with a project that may bring back fond memories for some readers. Students had to build and test a good old fashioned “cup phone.” To fur ther their understanding of community in social studies, Grade 1 students in Ms. Svenungard’s class questioned three very special members of our school community. They interviewed our secretary Mrs. Zayac, Mr. Decker our maintenance man and head custodian, and Mrs. Fillier who is an experienced Educational assistant. We loved it when Mrs. Zayac told us that her favourite time of school each day was Morning Prayer and Oh Canada. When the students asked her why, her response was that it was the time of day that brought the whole school together as a community, singing and connecting with God. Mr. Decker looked like a deer in the headlights when asked by one sweet little girl what his second favourite colour was… as it turns out it is maroon! And the students grilled Mrs. Fillier about who her favourite teacher in the school was. However, she withstood the pressure and remained neutral, saying that she

loves all of the teachers that she works with! Overall, there were many highlights during these interviews and the students loved finding out more about these special people and their role in supporting student learning at our school. In most years, we would have been well into our basketball season by now. But this is definitely not most years! We are still hopeful that we will be allowed to practice basketball this year, but it is unlikely that we will be allowed to play any games. We have kids signed up and coaches ready to go, so let’s hope the situation with Covid improves enough so that we can start basketball activities again. The present Health Order expires on January 21st so we hope to have more information for you at that time.  Upcoming:  -High School Students will be writing exams from January 22-27th.  -January 29- No School for Students (Professional Development for Staff) -February 1- No School for Students (Organizational Day) -February 2- First Day of Second Semester (Grades 7-12) -February 11 & 12: No School for Students (Teacher Convention) -February 15- No School-Family Day!

Grade 2 & 3 students in Mrs. Schmidt’s class had fun building and testing “cup phones” as a fun way to end their science study of sound.

St. Jerome’s Grade 3 student, Akeisha Mandocdoc, with her relief map of Peru, created with playdoh. Students then shared their knowledge taking pictures of their maps, videotaping the information, and adding text boxes. Photos submitted

Vermilion Elementary School News

this year. Having carts in each class allows for each student to have their own device, which also saves on the need to sanitize after every use. We are also beginning the process of determining whether ‘Interactive Projectors’ or ‘Interactive Panels’ are more suited to our staff and students. Every time a Co-op member uses any recyclable bag at the Cornerstone Co-op store, three cents is donated to local school breakfast programs. VES

We’re from here MCSnet is a local, family-owned rural internet service provider. Connect, share and always be there: At MCSnet, we believe in the neighbourly way of life. That’s why we’ve been dedicated to delivering high-speed, wireless internet to our rural communities since 1995. See our grassroots story at mcsnet.ca/about Call 1-844-908-9373 to learn about our internet & telephone services.

encourages our parents and community members to use recyclable bags to reduce our collective impact on the environment and to help support our breakfast program. We will be having another book fair from March 23-30. So, if you need any books for gifts, then you will have an opportunity to make some purchases all the while supporting our Learning Commons. The money raised goes towards purchasing more books for our

Learning Commons. Dates to Remember: Jan. 29 – No School – Teacher Directed Day; Feb. 1 – No School – School Learning Day for Teachers; Feb. 2 – Dress up All in the Same Color or Dress up with Rainbow Colors; Feb. 8 – Virtual School Council Meeting at 7:00 pm; Feb 11-12 – No School – Teachers’ Convention; Feb. 15 – No School – Family Day; Feb. 19 – 100th Day of School; Feb. 24 – Pink Shirt Day

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