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Newsletter, Winter 2013

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Jack 2001-2004

to Lend a Hand”

It’s hard to believe that 2013 is already coming to a close. This incredible community’s consistent generosity, from virtually every corner of the County, has again allowed Jack’s Helping Hand to keep up with the ever growing needs and demands of our special needs children. 2013 was a year that we will always remember! By year end, our assistance program was helping nearly one new child every day. Our 2013 Seventh Annual Benefit Auction and BBQ at the Santa Margarita Ranch was a sell-out, and the members of our community in attendance firmly established 2013 as the year that provided more support for our programs than we ever imagined possible. The Imagination Park Fall Classic, has now been established as an annual golf tournament raising funds for the Jack Ready Imagination Park, which recently received a grading permit to allow our dream park to finally take shape. We’ve now established a beautiful and generously donated business office at 1155 Marsh Street in San Luis Obispo, where we welcome clients and families for our assistance programs We sadly bade farewell to Mary Illingworth who reluctantly chose to retire in October. Mary served as our Charitable Administrator from the formation and creation of Jack’s Helping Hand, We welcomed Steve Hollister to our Board of Directors and Karen Borges as our new Executive Director, both have already proven to be valuable assets to Jack’s Helping Hand. Bridget and I had a dream when we established Jack’s Helping Hand, and we still dream about Jack’s Imagination Park but it’s each of you, as a part of our community that has made these dreams a reality. If you’re reading this newsletter, we know that it’s you that makes each of these good works possible, and we will continue to do everything possible to fulfill your faith and trust. Through your support, assistance and good wishes we will together continue to make wonderful things happen for some very special children. Please accept our thanks!

Paul and Bridget Ready

A Cha

rit able Non-Profit

ah Rock n Jo ODAY T Jonah Rock’s story is one of miracles. The journey began when Jonah was 15 weeks old in his mother’s womb and was threatened by a miscarriage, but Jonah survived. Then, at 24 weeks in the womb, Jonah experienced a massive stroke in his left brain, and survived yet again. Unfortunately, Jonah’s stroke would later cause developmental delays and unstoppable seizures, the first of which came when he was 18 months old. Like all of his seizures, it required emergency medical intervention. Jonah would have 6-12 of these seizures a year, all of them lasting an average of one to three hours. Jonah made it through all of these seizures, and in the midst of the struggle remained his joyful, curious, and compassionate self. He was put on multiple anti-seizure medications but all of them failed. Finally, a group of doctors at UCLA determined that the only hope of giving Jonah a life free of seizures (and avoiding death caused by seizure) was to perform a hemispherectomy, the removal of Jonah’s entire left brain. On October 25, 2012, Jonah successfully underwent surgery at UCLA medical center, spent two weeks in the ICU, and then spent three weeks at Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles to relearn how to walk. Throughout this entire journey, Jack’s Helping Hand was able to make a profound difference for Jonah and his family. The organization provided an amazing bed that allowed Jonah to sleep peacefully and be safely contained. When the family traveled to UCLA for the surgery, JHH provided gas cards and paid for their lodging at the Ronald McDonald House at CHLA. Seeing positive change in the lives of children like Jonah keeps JHH going strong. We are thrilled to celebrate Jonah’s progress and the miracles that have contributed to his amazing life story. “What can I say about JHH? Being a parent of a child with special needs is appropriately characterized as a journey of joy, fear, and fatigue. JHH has made that journey easier. We are forever grateful for JHH!”- Andy & April Rock


e to Len r e H d

d n a Ha

Jack’s Assistance Program has been busier than ever trying to meet the needs of our community. In light of the current economic times, we were able to fulfill requests for assistance with equipment, medical treatment, housing and transportation when there were no other sources to cover these expenses. This year was no exception to the great things we can do. We have: •

Purchased a ceiling track/movement system for installation in this year’s Poly House Project

Purchased a specialized bicycle for a girl to introduce her to the Bob Jones Trial

Purchased a lift system to assist a family with transporting a child in and out of the car

Paid for counseling and rehabilitation therapies for several children

Purchased hearing aids, leg braces, and other medical equipment for many children

Provided scholarships for the Little Swimmers classes

Provided $42,000 to assist with medical bills for several families

Provided $48,000 towards the cost of medical equipment for special needs children

Provided $29,000 towards transportation costs including gas cards, train and airline tickets, and car rental for several families

Provided $25,000 towards the cost of food and lodging for families of children traveling to UCLA Children’s Hospital, Lucille Packard, and Children’s Hospital Central California

We are blessed that Jack’s Helping Hand continued to be recognized by many civic minded organizations and companies for the good deeds we strive to perform within our community. Special recognition goes to Pete Clark and Tim Twisselman, via the Meadow Muffin Golf Classic Tournament, Chevron Oil Company, the Florence Martin Foundation, United Methodist Pre-School, Verdin, San Luis Sports Therapy, Team Big Dawg, Running Warehouse, the Cliffs Resort, TapIt Brewing, the Copeland’s via Cork Couture, the San Luis Obispo Rotary De Tolosa Club, Three Speckled Hens Antiques and Old Stuff Show, Heritage Oaks Bank Fun Run, Bishop Peak Elementary School, and Kathy Ahearn’s Laguna Junior High Leadership Class, just to name a few. We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and everyone who have provided generous donations towards the support of Jack’s Helping Hand, and our many programs. With the untiring support of this community we can continue to meet the demands of our children with special needs. es g team rais awg Racin est y rd a H h it The Big D e emory of K m in y e n mo

Bishops P JHH a c eak 6th grade c heck aft lass pre er recyc sents cans thro ling u gh ou t the year aluminum

ool’s Pen iddle Sch L agun a M rs ss Winne Wars Cla



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aptive Toy

A s p ec ia in Shell l pizza fundra is B ea c h donate er at the Cliff s s pr o c e eds to Resor t JHH

in g L en d

Li b r ar y

Our three Jack’s Adaptive Toy Lending Libraries continue to ensure that our special toys and equipment are available to all of our North, Central and South County clients, therapists and teachers at no cost whatsoever. This year we extended services at our San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles toy lending libraries to include fun family socials, giving our clients and their families the opportunity to gather and enjoy some family fun. Our San Luis Obispo library is located at Central Coast Gymnastics, the North County Adaptive Toy Lending Library, Katie’s Korner, is located

on the lower floor of the Paso Robles Children’s Museum; and Pat’s Place in South County just moved to 239 W. Tefft #1 in Nipomo. The Toy Lending Libraries are staffed with our wonderful volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering at any of these locations, we would be most appreciative. For more information please contact us at (805) 547-1914 or

ecial Pla t o Grow p S ce A Jack’s Helping Hand’s commitment to the California Children’s Services Medical Therapy Units continued this year. We have helped children obtain services and assisted in acquiring and, at times, supplementing the cost of therapy and therapy equipment. This year we also provided two new iPads for these therapy units to assist with meeting the individual needs of local children.

While Jillian was in and out of the hospital, the Assistance Program helped her family with medical bills. Now, Jillian enjoys spending her time coloring and reading books.

D ea r Ma ry (J We a a re so b ck ’ s H za tio elpin less n’ s g Ha ed b help S tan n d), y yo f ford ur o or o ! Th rg an ur t suc ian k rip t h de yo o ta easi er! W ils to m u for c arin ake ha t com g fo lifea gr mun r s ea t ity. serv tuff ice t Lo ve o ou , E liz r ab et h Fo rbes P. S. Tha nk y me a o u so nd m muc y ford h fo . Als family’ s tr o, th ip to r helpin anks g Stan for B re n all t n an he f Forb oo d es !

We welcomed a new member to our Board of Directors, Mr. Steve Hollister. Steve’s family is well known and established here in our community and Steve’s experience in the world of business, finance and non-profit provides a valuable asset to Jack’s Helping Hand.

“A si b ea mple a ct u ty o all its f kin d Th n es o wn an k sh ” you Ha as nd a , Ja f or ou c k r h ’s He g as son E elpin g lpi th y u mo n ’ s s th n g sup n po r e y a n sur roug da a te t is h da g if g er y w ver nd tc all y it m mu a rd ith th e . ch a de thr mo a pp Your ad ou re c iff gh. re eas iicu y to Lo g et lt da y ve, Th e Tu Ma rs gge h r, S all F am tell ily a, E h yn (Rob ert ) ,

Li t t l e


er’s Class m m i w

The Little Swimmer’s Program is now in its fifth year and going strong. What originally began as a seasonal program has turned into a year round class. Designed for children ages 2 to 8 with special needs, Little Swimmer’s classes engage participants in fun water activities that encourage both physical and social development. The combination of buoyancy and gentle resistance of the water enable children to

strengthen muscles, learn new movement patterns and become more independent. The head instructor, Kay Heaton, B.S.M.S Kinesio-Therapist, uses her warm water therapy pool and provides classes year round. Instruction follows Red Cross guidelines and parent participation to ensure utmost safety.


ack’s d J A Be n H r a ne f i t f o elping H The Jack’s Helping Hand Seventh Annual Benefit left us astounded at the continued and unwavering support and generosity of our community. The warmer than expected temperature did not interfere with the festivities. The delectable combination of wine, food, and people made for another very special evening. Local celebrity John Summer and Jack’s Helping Hand celebrity, Owen Beck, returned to host the event. The always entertaining and supportive auctioneer, Jim Settle and his crew contributed to the festivities and the cause. We were also lucky to have many recipient families present to enjoy the festivities. Guests mingled and bid on a fabulous array of items in the silent auction while listening to Mariachi Perla Jalisciense. The silent auction was filled with weekend getaways, local activities, golf, jewelry, overflowing gift baskets, paintings, wine, home decor items and baskets of kid-friendly goodies. Wine donated by local vineyards and a delectable menu provided by Trumpet Vine Catering in Paso Robles created the perfect combination for success. The live auction was a flourish of outstanding items including a week in the Italian countryside in a private home, a week in the Hamptons, week long trips to Alaska and Costa Rica, a relaxing vacation to Napa Valley, a San Francisco weekend with tickets to a 49’ers football game, and a weekend at the beautiful Wisteria House overlooking the Pacific. Local items included two days and nights of wine tasting and dinner for four sponsored by Tablas Creek Vineyard, dinner at Limrock Orchards, wine tasting in Paso Robles with dinner at Il Cortile, two packages with tickets for four to Jazz night with Huey Lewis at the Mid-State Fair, and tickets to Rascal Flatts and The Band Perry with a night stay at the Oakes Hotel and Suites. Additional items included McPhee’s Grill dinner and limousine package, and a dinner for eight at Ciopinot with limousine service and a case of Silver Oak wine. A dinner with Paul and Bridget Ready finished off the auction items. Kevin and Kathy Main created and generously donated their beautiful Jack’s Helping Hand gold medallion for our raffle. The local band JD Project provided an array of amazing music to close out the evening. Thanks to the generous spirit of our community, the event raised over $200,000. These funds will go directly into the Jack’s Helping Hand Assistance Program to fulfill new and ongoing requests for assistance with equipment, specialty items, medical costs, and transportation expenses.

ewe l l M a h r y Illingwor t Far

After more than seven years of wholehearted service, Jack’s Helping Hand Executive Director Mary Illingworth announced her retirement. Just last January she received the very special recognition as one of the Who’s Who in Non-Profits and Foundations. It’s no secret that Mary has been an outstanding advocate for children with disabilities and their families, as well as a driving force for Jack’s Helping Hand. We cannot thank her enough for her incredible hard work and dedication over the years. We all wish her the most fulfilling and enjoyable retirement and look forward to seeing her at future JHH events.



ar e n

B or g es

Karen Borges has recently been hired as our new Executive Director. Karen has been an unwavering supporter of Jack’s Helping Hand and now we have the opportunity to utilize her amazing organizational skills in our new office. Karen is the mother of two boys, one of whom has had special medical needs. Karen is gifted with both the knowledge and personal commitment necessary to be a part of our unique team. Karen is joined by Jill Gentilly, our long-term friend and supporter. If you find an extra moment, come down for a visit. If you’re thinking of volunteering, please come and join the JHH crew, we’d love to have you on board for the future goals and accomplishments we’ve planned.



P n io

k r a

Cl l l Fa

as s i c

This year, the Imagination Park Fall Classic was once again celebrated on September 19, 2013, at Monarch Dunes golf course. It is difficult to really describe this golf tournament, other than being a one-of-a-kind extravaganza; an incredible day of golf, outrageous food and libations. The Imagination Park Fall Classic is now well on the way to being established as an annual golf tournament raising funds for the Jack Ready Imagination Park. The second year event was a sell-out, and beyond our wildest hopes and expectations. Other than being an extremely fun day on the course, the second annual golf tournament raised more than $56,000 for the development of the Park. The 2013 IPFC tournament created a dynamic approach to fundraising and maintaining the park, and was only made possible by the hard work of Russ Lovell, the tournament board, major sponsors Blue Rooster Telecom, Glenn Burdette, Mission Community Bank, and a multitude of other generous sponsors and participants. With that, we are excited to announce the date for next year’s tournament- Friday, September 5, 2014! If you haven’t signed up for the games, you’ll need to do so without delay! Ja c

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Help in

g Ha n d, Wor ds c an ’ t the even ap b eg i w e h precia ti n to on a a ve f e nd t or y relie hank xpress ou g ved t fuln uys he p of h ess . JH re s av Hh n eed ing a ch sure an elpe s. Yo d ex ild w d pen s u gu ith s an d es we a ys h pe c i al elp u re s o th ankf s so mu Muc u ch l. h April lo ve, McG ee a nd V in ce Sot o

Im a g in a t

ar k i on P

U p d at e

We’re more excited than ever about the Jack Ready Imagination Park. The County of San Luis Obispo issued our grading permit on November 13, 2013 shortly after the Board of Supervisors had waived our permit fees on November 5th. We are officially in the home stretch for breaking ground at this special place to play. Once graded, we expect to keep the momentum going with park improvements that the entire community, from a universally accessible perspective, will soon enjoy.

Legacy Helping Hands Martin Resorts Dr. Chris Hulburd and Noreen Martin NKT Commercial Kathy and Nick Tompkins

Platinum Helping Hands ($5,000 and above)

Blue Rooster Telecom David and Kelli Cole Chevron Products Company Nora and Ken Comee Benny Cotta Larry Fernandez Randall and Nancy Flamm Glenn Burdette Florence MacFarlane Martin Memorial Blake and Carol Irving Jim and Mary Lewis Kevin and Donna Lewis John and Marcie Lindvall Russ and Cheryl Lovell Stephen and Beverly Maguire Meadow Muffin Golf Tournament Tim and Katie Murphy Orrandre Family San Luis Obispo County Donald and Joyce Sherwood The Sence Foundation Eva Verdin Vetter-Winters Admin. Trust Brett Whitaker

Gold Helping Hands ($1,000 and above)

Adamski Moroski Madden & Green LLP Sandy Ahearn Molly and Edward Attala Elizabeth Bilich Ramona and Curtis Black Dr. Robert and Eileen Blair Mary Ann and Steve Boneso Ryan Bumgarner C. Green Realty Michael and Mary Louise Cavaletto Ciopinot Seafood and Restaurant S.A. and J.A. Coleman Digital West Christopher and Marie Duenow Ernst Law Group

Farmer & Ready Bert and Candace Forbes Glenn Burdette Golden State Phone & Wireless Clayton and Kristy Hall Randall and Sharman Harr Heritage Oaks Bank Gail Hermreck Steve and Lori Hollister Idler’s Appliances Dave and Cynthia Illingworth Paul and Patricia Illingworth Tim and Debbie Kopack Laguna Middle School Leadership Class Donna and Kevin Lewis Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes Steve and Pam Lombardi S. Lombardi and Associates Jessie Manriquez Tom and Bonita McGonagill Diana McGrail McNamara Realty, Inc. Meadow Muffin Golf Classic Mission Community Bank Larry and Jeanette Meek Lyle and Chris Meek MINDBODY, Inc. Mission Community Bank Heather Moonjian Morris & Garritano Murphy and Associates Dan and Kelly O’Hare Kevin and Mary Okimoto Old Juan’s Cantina Phone and Wireless PRP Companies Eddy and Ellen Quijano Rabobank Stan and Elaine Rosenfield Rotary Club of SLO De Tolosa Natalie Sada San Luis Obispo Community Foundation San Luis Sports Therapy Schneider Industries, Inc. Sesloc Federal Credit Union Sunset Honda Cameron Tapp Taylor Frigon Capital Management Team Big Dawg Richard and Dana Thorne Three Speckled Hens Dante Tognazzi Amelia and Peter Tognazzini Tolosa Press Matt and Maureen Trevisan Ultrex Business Products United Way of San Luis Obispo County, Inc Wells Fargo Advisors Jim and Kathy Webb Western Pacific Construction Tim Williams Bill and Karen Wood Woodland Ventures LLC Rami Zarnegar Lynn and Randall Zurbach


Silver Helping Hands ($500 and above)

Raymond C. Alexander Benny and Cheryl Benjamin Jeffrey and Joan Buckingham Tom and Cheryl Caruso Monte Cool The Cliff’s Resort Copelands’ Properties Pete Dakin Chris and Paulette Darway Fairway George and Leeanne Fisher Jim and Elaine Gardiner Tom and Gail Garris Gato Crushing & Recycling Brad and Nancy Goodman Gene and Flavia Gray Hank and Karen Greenberg Diana Henderson Curtis and Mary Illingworth Ken and Terri Jacques Frank and Betsy Kelton Phillip and Lanie Koziel Kenneth and Josephine Krossa John and Marilyn Kuden Susan Lyon Richard Macias Paul and Kathy Madonna Velma Marsalek Brian and Kathy Metcalf Tad and Patricia Miller Mountian Hill Investment Partners PG&E Corporation Campaign Steve and Janine Quaglino RBC Trust Company Bridget and Paul Ready James and Joan Reilly Eric and Colleen Sand Sara Beth Coyote Foundation Ali Semon Charles and Ginny Senn Specialty Construction, Inc.

The Cliffs Resort Nicholas and Darcie Thille Paul and Fran Tognazzini Dr Bruce and Alexandra Whitcher

Bronze Helping Hands ($100 and above)

Rebecca Adams John and Denise Allen Neil Amarante David and Sharon Ashton Edward Attala Larry and Linda Austin Sue Babcock David and Tina Ballantyne Sue Barlett Brick and Cyndi Baxter Linda and Roger Bishop Andy and Linda Blodgett Paul and Lila Jean Bogardus Bolton Family Foundation Patricia and James Bond Boneso Brothers Construction Darrell and Kristin Bridgeford Ulianos Brinez Kathleen Brown Jim and Jenele Buttery Jon and Samantha Cagliero Yesinia Cardenas Joseph and Mary Louise Cardoza Carmel and Naccasha LLP Jeff and Peggi Carscaden Steven and Susan Carter Mary Lou and Michael Cavaletto Central Coast Remedial Resources Thomas and Alexandra Chapelle Charter Brokerage & Investment Company Randy and Andrea Chavez Brandon Chreene Kris and Gina Cindrich Barrie and Melanie Cleveland

Parker’s diagnosis required special medical equipment to help him walk and JHH was able to help his family make this purchase so that he has the chance to pursue his other musical passions.

Cole Chrysler-Dodge-Mazda John & Martha Conti Todd and Kathy Cooper Dr. Harry and Robin Corbett Cuesta Park Animal Hospital Laura Custureri Richard and Judith Dal Porto Valerie and Rusty Davies Janice, Danny and Sarah Davis Mark Davis Jill Decristoparo Mary Jo and Michael Devitt Kurt.Dill DocuTeam Clarence and Nancy Donati George and Kristi Donati Sharon and John Donovan John and Dolores Dowell Carl and Robin Dudley Michael and Jacquelyn Duffy John and Jennifer Duval Russell and Wanda Duval Michael and Barbara Dyer Dana Easton David and Aimee Edsall Bonnie M. Edwards David and Mavi Edwards Barry and Joni Epperson John and Stephanie Ewan Farm Supply William and Faith Fieldhouse Richard and Sheryl Fields First American Title Company Paul Graham Fisher Janet and Dave Fitzpatrick John Forsberg Founders Bank Framberger Employee Benefits & Insurance Francine M. Henriksen Founder’s Community Bank Thomas and Megan Fraysse Robert Freeman Dignity Health/French Hospital Medical Center

Jacob has endured a number of operations since his first heart surgery at 3 months old. JHH helped Jacob’s family pay for medical bills and travel expenses throughout his treatments.

Charles and Katheryn Furphy Gene and Bonnie Garritano Tom and Deb Geaslen Michael and Jill Gentilly Barbara George Paul and Debra Georgehiou Michael and Noreen Gibbons Jennifer and Dale Ginder Bryan and Beverly Gingg Keith Godfrey Russ and Sally Graybehl Jack Gresser GRF Enterprises Dr. Ben Griffin Hal Sweasey Real Estate Hall, Hieatt & Connely, LLP Steve Hamilton Rich and Cam Hanen PR Hardy Kevin and Mary Kaye Harlan Vanessa and Peter Harris Dean Haupt David & Lynn Henriksen William A.Herreras Peggy and Peter Hesse Kevin and Elaine Hill Bill and Shase Hockey Cathleen Holmes William Hooker Dennis and Carol Howland David and Allison Hungerford Robert Huttle J.D. Project JB Dewar JDR Real Estate Services, Inc. JoAnn Jennings Jane and Dennis Johansen Lesa John Jeff Johnson Kathy Joseph David and Sharon Juhnke Dana and Erik Justesen Barry and Brenda Karleskint Jolene Keebler Terry Kilpatrick Chris and Diana Knauer Karen Kolba Linwood and Sheila Kornegay Laroche Family Dennis Law Jan and Dennis Lawrence Dr. Daniel Lewis E. L. and J. A. Lewis Joseph and Erin Lillis Rusty and Chuck Lipscomb Ron Lovell Eugene and Dorothy Maas Darrylin Macartney Mark Machala Daniel and Kiley MacLeod Kevin and Kathi Main Douglas and Nancy Major Bob and Janet Marsalek Mike and Michelle McAustin Jim and Sandra McBeth Suzy McBride Lowell McDonnell Cecilia Merrill Miner Family Trust of 1992 Matt and Megan Miranda

Terri Monnell Julie and Leonard Moothart Michael Morris Robert and Margaret Mott Robert and Jennifer Mulvaney Tom and Donna Murrell Keith and Cherryl Nancolas Holly Naylor Nelson Family Trust James and Margaret Neville NKT Commercial Kandy and Philip Noel Sara Nofflett Cress NSBC United Way, Inc Daniel O’Neill Old Mission School Olsen Family Eileen Marie Ottaviani Dale and Jean Overland Steve and Jan Owens Jeff and Denise Padgett Harold and Rose Page Thomas Paine Roy and Roberta Parsons Michael and D’Elaine Patrick Gary and Katherine Peters Dick & Wendy Pierce Hugh Pitts Paul Provence Bill and Chris Pucciarelli Quaglino Properties Albert and Sharon Ramirez Bill Raver Rea Family Shirley Ready Diana Cavallero Rheinisch Rice Ranch Ventures James and Sandra Rice Bruce K. Richard Roberts Insurance Services Susan and Bill Roberts Adolfo Rodriguez George and Gayle Rosenberger Ryan Ross, DDS San Luis Obispo Knights of Columbus Stacey Sand Manfred and Jean Sander John and Kathryn Scully John and Kay Semon Elizabeth Shepard Joe Shepard Denise and Mark Sherman Gerald W Shipsey Katherine Shisler Sierra Pacific Mortgage Helen Silva SLO Plastering, Inc. Brett Sloan Deborah and Craig Smith Ronald Smith Tony Spinelli Lillian Stanley Michelle C.Starnes Rick and Nancy Stauch Christopher Stellpflug Jeffrey M Stepanian Robert Stornetta Brian and Kay Storrs Gregg and Mary Kay Stratton

Alexis loves to ride bikes, so JHH purchased a special AS 2000 adaptive bike that helps her practice balance, coordination and build muscle. Mike and Lisa Streator John and Liz Summer Sunrise Mortgage and Investment Company Gary and Belin Tanner Dr. Louis Tedone Deanna Teixeira Mark and Jennifer Teixiera The Manse Ruthanne Tompkins Tony Spinelli & Associates United Way of Santa Barbara County Vandenberg Rising Six Richard and Elsie VanHorn Adam and Mary Verdin Mary Vickers Mitch Vieira Ken and Tricia Volk R.E. and Debra Wacker Ward and Ward Dr. William and Donnalee Watson Lindsay Waugh Tom Waylett Kem and Robin Weber Kathleen Dooly Weiss David Wellenkamp Nigel and Hope Whitehead Whittle Fire Protection Gary and Carla Willey Wilson & Co. Wilson & Wilson Kris and Cecilia Wine Gary Wintermeyer Paul and Marian Wolff Stephen E. Wyer Denis and Teresa Zerr Frances M. Zohns Roger and Barbara Zolldan


Jack’s Helping Hand, Inc. P.O. Box 14718 San Luis Obispo, CA 93406 (805) 547-1914


e S av

e th



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a ck ’ s D ea r J

we’ve moved! JHH Offices are now located at 1155 Marsh St. in San Luis Obispo. Our fax number has also changed to (805) 592-2018. If you’re in need of assistance or have any questions, please contact us at (805) 547-1914

Han d, Helpin g

or the k you f n a h t g if t o w an t t n d two We all iPads a o e w t h t n of ed in don a tio l be us in e ese w il h T otor, f . m s l d ca r f visua un io m t m n o e m r an d c o develop t o the m in en ts gross our cli motor, h it w s skills ervice ca tion re n ’ s S ia Child n m. The r a o r f g li Ca p y Pro a r sic e h T l an d mu Medica a vailable nd s a n g io t in a t applic motiva y r ve e s ar s. option r clien t for ou g in g a g en ch very mu osity is r e n e g . ed Your n d valu ia ted a apprec MP H ely, Sin cer , M. D., en stein r o nt B e y m Pe n n epart ealth D H c li b Pu r Off ice Health

Zach is a cancer survivor who is currently pursuing his passion with computers. JHH financially assisted Zach and his family throughout his multiple cancer treatments.

Jack's Helping Hand Newsletter  
Jack's Helping Hand Newsletter