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A r royo Gr and e Communit y Hos pit al Foundation

Growing Through Giving A nnual Re por t 2012–2013

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Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

Our Mission The Foundation is committed to supporting the charitable and community healthcare mission of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital through fundraising and relationship building. The Foundation solicits philanthropic gifts, provides stewardship of these gifts, and grants funds to the hospital to advance the community’s access to health care.

Our Vision We aspire to contribute to a community where all people have access to high quality health care through our support of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

Welcome Dear Friends of the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation, We want to celebrate our accomplishments and vision of the future with you through the publication of the first Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation Annual Report. The Annual Report highlights ongoing advancements made at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) as we try to bring the best in health care to our community. These advancements would not be possible without the dedication and generosity of our donors, and the countless others who commit their time and talents to the hospital. AGCH recently celebrated its 50th year of providing community-focused health care to the South County. The hospital has seen many changes over that time as it has addressed the needs of our growing community. Over the last nine years, through its affiliation with Dignity Health, the hospital has seen a dramatic transformation resulting in the hospital being ranked among the top hospitals in the state and in some areas, the nation, in both quality and patient experience. This is a testament to the dedication of volunteers, physicians, hospital staff and the community, which would not have been possible without your continued generosity. In the past two years, the AGCH Foundation has provided the hospital with additional funding necessary to acquire the latest technology, enhanced programs, and services that would not be feasible through routine operations. The purchase of the most advanced CT scanning technology on the Central Coast places the hospital at the forefront in imaging services. In addition, the hospital has been able to refurbish all patient care rooms, acquire advanced echocardiogram technology and make other patient-experience enhancements. All of these advancements allow the hospital to be your trusted health care partner in the South County. Looking forward, the AGCH Foundation will continue to assist the hospital to achieve its vision of providing the highest quality health care with the expansion of emergency room services, upgrades to advanced imaging services, further development of acute rehabilitation services - the only service of its kind between Salinas and Santa Barbara - and the continued funding of breast cancer care for the underserved in our community. We will update you on our progress with these exciting goals, and once again we thank you and all of our donors for your commitment to our community. We appreciate your support and friendship and we invite you to join us in our efforts to grow and celebrate the great accomplishments we have already made.

In Gratitude,

Ken Dalebout Kathy Tompkins Administrator Chair of the Board Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation

Foundation Annual Repor t


Bre ast Cancer Fund Founder Lynn Dorland was born to help people. In her career as a registered nurse, and even after she retired and began volunteering in nonprofit clinical trials, she watched the need for breast cancer diagnostic services grow. Many women simply aren’t covered for breast cancer diagnostic tests in their health insurance plans, and they can’t afford the diagnostics on their own. After losing several friends to breast cancer, Lynn gathered a group of friends 11 years ago through the Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club to hold an annual fundraising event that would help local women get the diagnostics they wouldn’t normally be able to afford. Three years ago, they created the Breast Cancer Fund at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) Foundation. Lynn knows just how painful that loss can be and she realized that something needed to change. Anyone can donate to the Breast Cancer Fund at AGCH Foundation. Read on to find out more.


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

Lynn Dorland, Chair of the AGCH Foundation Breast Cancer Fund.

Bre ast Cancer Fund Helps Local Women One in every eight women will be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer during her lifetime, and early detection and treatment are keys to survival. Currently in San Luis Obispo County, if a low-income, uninsured or underinsured woman is under age 40, she has few resources for no-cost breast cancer screenings and followup diagnostic services. But breast cancer can strike at any time. The Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) Foundation is committed to helping women on the Central Coast get free screenings and diagnostic services for breast cancer. That’s why we created the Breast Cancer Fund in 2011. With every $100 raised for the Breast Cancer Fund at the AGCH Foundation, we are able to provide one mammogram or ultrasound. To date, the Breast Cancer Fund has provided more than 100 women with screenings and 30 additional diagnostic procedures.

The fund started through a donation from Rally for Hope, an annual Cypress Ridge women’s golf tournament. The fund allows the AGCH Foundation, in partnership with the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County, to offer free mammograms and other diagnostic services to local women who do not qualify for other funding. With ongoing support, the AGCH Foundation plans to expand the program to enhance the range of breast cancer services offered to those that would not otherwise have access to them. But we can’t do any of this without the generous support of the community. Through fundraising events and individual contributions, our little community has stepped up in a big way. The following are just some of the stories that show how committed our community is to helping women fight breast cancer.

BOWS UP FOR HOPE Who knew a little pink bow could do so much good? The local Pink Bow project began in 2010 to visually highlight Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and the money generated supported Rally for Hope, an annual golf tournament that funds breast cancer prevention and treatment. The bows are made out of pink tulle and sold to community members to tie around their mailbox, tree, front porch or other place outside. As part of Bows Up For Hope, the bows are placed on mailboxes, turning the community pink, on Oct. 1 every year. Now, all proceeds from pink bow sales benefit breast cancer patients on the Central Coast through the Breast Cancer Fund at the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation.

Foundation Annual Repor t


Parents, teachers and students at St. Patrick Catholic School show their support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

HONORING THOSE WHO LOST THE FIGHT In August 2013, the Monarch Dunes Golf Club hosted its inaugural Monarch Memorial Breast Cancer Tournament and raised $6,305 for the AGCH Breast Cancer Fund, strengthening its power to help breast cancer patients here on the Central Coast. But this tournament wasn’t your average golf tournament – instead of asking businesses and individuals to be tee sponsors, everyone was offered the opportunity to have a memorial sign, or signs, placed on the course to remember a loved one or friend. This tournament was the first of its kind at Monarch Dunes, and the tournament organizers look forward to making it even more successful next year.


Kristin Marsalek-8th grade teacher, Jackie Evans-retired 1st grade teacher, Debi Dykzeul-Extended Care Director/Instructional Aide, Maureen Halderman-Principal, Casey Reynolds-2nd grade teacher, Abby Gallagher-Aide, Tara Christianson-2nd grade teacher, Kathleen Radecke-Superintendant of School Diocese of Monterey.


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

When second-grade teacher Casey Reynolds was diagnosed with breast cancer, she halted a 21-year career teaching at St. Patrick Catholic School. The St. Patrick school community rallied to support her. A group of second-grade moms organized a jog-a-thon “Run for a Cure” event in 2013 to raise funds for free mammograms, ultrasounds, biopsies and other diagnostic services for underserved women in our community. Students created a dash of pink on the St. Patrick field that day as they skipped holding cancer awareness banners and sipped from pink water bottles. The jog-a-thon raised more than $7,000 for the AGCH Breast Cancer Fund.

PINK WINE BENEFITS BREAST CANCER FUND Kynsi Winery created a special pinot noir rosé to benefit the Breast Cancer Fund at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. The 2012 Barn Owl Blush has aromas of strawberry, rose, vanilla and lemon zest with a textured, round mouthfeel that finishes clean with layers of guava, apricot blossom, almond and yellow peaches. This wine will be on sale starting in March at the tasting room and online, and a portion of the proceeds go directly to the Breast Cancer Fund. Visit for more details.








Benefitting the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation, Breast Cancer Fund

Members of Cypress Ridge in Arroyo Grande are big supporters of our hospital, and we couldn’t be more thrilled by their enthusiasm. Both the Cypress Ridge Residents Golf Club and the Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club hold tournaments that directly benefit cancer services at AGCH. For 11 years, the Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club has hosted Rally for Hope, an annual golf tournament at Cypress Ridge Golf Club in Arroyo Grande that donates proceeds to cancer services and care. In 2010, the women’s club began donating directly to the AGCH Breast Cancer Fund. This incredible tournament includes 18 holes of golf, lunch and a raffle, and it draws women from all over the state, including San Luis Obispo County, the Central Valley and adjoining counties. In addition to Rally for Hope, the Cypress Ridge Residents Golf Club has hosted the Grossi MemberGuest Invitational Tournament. Together, they’ve raised more than $200,000 for 2012 Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club-Rally for Hope Tournament. breast cancer services. Foundation Annual Repor t


De ar Donor: As the Director of Medical Imaging at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, I want to thank those that contributed to make possible the installation of our new CT scanning technology at the hospital. Upgrading our previous CT to the new 64 channel technology will address the critical needs of so many of our patients. The advanced imaging capabilities allow for faster scan times, critical for our emergency room trauma and neurologic stroke patients. While some of these patients come to us as a result of accidents, such as the dunes, most are our neighbors and friends in the community. I am very fortunate to be able to work with a great Emergency Department and it is gratifying to add this new CT to the list of superlatives associated with this service. In addition to emergency services, the new scanner will allow us to better evaluate clinical conditions. We will be able to efficiently diagnosis strokes within 45 minutes of patients entering the hospital, evaluate lung clots and perform cardiac calcium scoring. These procedures benefit our patients who have illnesses that require a hospital stay as well as those that are seeking preventative care. The range of new diagnostic capabilities now available at the hospital is unmatched in the Five Cities.


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

With the upgrade not only comes extraordinary diagnostic capabilities, but also greater safety. The upgraded CT includes a feature referred to as ASiR, which is an additional computer that works with the CT to allow the same high resolution images to be obtained at a much lower radiology exposure (up to 40% lower than conventional CTs). This is important to everyone, especially children. We will be the only facility in San Luis Obispo County with this technology. Your investment has not only helped us to provide better care today but it will continue to help our hospital into the future. As a nonprofit hospital, all of our income is used at the hospital or used to support community projects. Your philanthropic support allows us to continue to invest in the hospital in ways that normally would not be possible. Sincerely,

William Ashley MD Director of Medical Imaging at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital

William Ashley, MD, Director of Medical Imaging at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

GR ATEFUL PATIENT APPL AUDS CARING STAFF When Marilyn Spoeneman woke up one Sunday morning in August 2013 with lower abdominal pain and difficulty standing, she knew immediately something was wrong. The 62year-old longtime medical administrative assistant realized that she needed to go to the emergency room – and fast. Upon her arrival, Marilyn was met with compassionate care from nurses who just wanted to make sure she was okay. “When I walked in the door, I felt like my family was here to take care of me,” Marilyn said. “I love this organization because it’s a not-for-profit hospital and they see you first to take care of you – they don’t ask you for insurance or paperwork. It goes back to the old ethics of being there for people – and they all showed up for me on that day.” Marilyn was seen within minutes of arriving, and after assessing her vital signs, the emergency department nurse soon realized that Marilyn needed immediate care– her blood pressure was 80 over 40 and she was going into septic shock. After further examination, the medical team found that Marilyn’s colon had ruptured and she needed emergency surgery to save her life. But Marilyn knew her life was in good hands – her husband Randy had taught at Arroyo Grande High School for 27 years and in many cases taught the children of the very nurses and doctors who were now helping his wife. Marilyn had an emergency colostomy to repair the rupture and had her appendix removed. But after a fast recovery in the hospital, Marilyn wasn’t done healing yet. The hospital

HOSPITAL FAMILY HONORS FOUNDING MEMBER Here at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital, we often come across extraordinary doctors and nurses. One such doctor is the late Robert Bailey, M.D., a remarkable man who passed away in 2012. Dr. Bailey was one of the four original founders of AGCH. He moved to California in 1960

Marilyn Spoeneman

sent her home with a Home Health nurse who helped teach her about her ostomy bag. Through it all, Marilyn remained vigilantly optimistic. “There are worse things in life, and I’m just happy to be alive,” she said. “When you are sick, if all you do is think about the negative, you’re never going to get better. You have to think of the positive.”

and began to search for a community that needed a hospital. He and his wife, the late Harlene Bailey, sought to provide the community with an invaluable resource – Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. In July 2013, we memorialized Dr. Bailey and his wife Harlene with a special plaque in the hospital’s courtyard that reads “A Dream Fulfilled.” The Bailey family filled the courtyard that day to honor their family’s achievements and commitment to the hospital and community over the years. Foundation Annual Repor t


OUR NEWEST GROUP OF GUARDIAN ANGELS Back row L to R: Pam Forsythe, Charlene Tucay, Stephanie Hughey, Janis Portz, Linda Patrick, Jan Koester, Thi-Ton Olshaskie, Kim Johnston, Claudia Medina, Tammy Kraestch, Stacy Proett, Susan Bishop Front row L to R: Jessica Gruendler, Nellie Sison, Carol Crabtree, Juanita Soto, Carolina Patacsil.

Guardian Angel Everyone needs a guardian angel. The Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) Foundation’s Guardian Angel program gives grateful patients and their loved ones the opportunity to support our hospital by paying tribute to the caregivers who made a difference during their stay. To date, the Foundation has received donations recognizing 50 caregivers. Each Guardian Angel recipient receives a custom-crafted lapel pin to wear proudly. There are many reasons patients choose to support AGCH through a Guardian Angel gift. Learn what Guardian Angel recipients and grateful patients have to say: “Thank you for helping me and saving my life” “Thank you for getting me up and going back to health” “My husband Tony had an exceptional treatment by the cardiologist dept and especially by the Doctor on call-he was there 24/7” “I am truly humbled to have patients recognize me in this way.”


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

“I would like to say thank you to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital –we feel truly blessed to have this hospital in our community. What a top-notch organization you run.” “I felt honored to be recognized and to know that the compassion I gave made a real difference in someone’s life.” “I am so grateful…may God bless you all. You are in my prayers” As a nonprofit organization, donations are vital to our investment in advanced medical technology, facilities and programs for those we serve. Our caregivers are an integral part of the patient experience and one of the hospital’s most valuable and cherished assets. Donations and recognition are essential ingredients to our success, thanks to you.

Graciela Sarmiento, MD

AMA ZING GR ACE LEGACY SOCIET Y The late Dr. Graciela “Grace” Sarmiento’s generosity knew no bounds. Her dedication to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) has created an enduring legacy that many have chosen to nurture. The Amazing Grace Legacy Society, named for Dr. Sarmiento, recognizes visionary individuals who invest in the future of health care by including AGCH in their wills or living trusts. Members of this special group are presented with a distinctive Amazing Grace Legacy Society keepsake and are recognized in our publications and website. Members will also receive special invitations as distinguished guests at AGCH Foundation programs and events. Join the Amazing Grace Legacy society and enhance the health care of all future generations.

Foundation Annual Repor t



Comedy Night Save the Date

Saturday, May 3, 2014 6:30–10 PM At the Loriana Ranch in San Luis Obispo Enjoy an evening of food, fun and laughter, all in support of the patients, programs and services of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.


Loriana Ranch, Comedy Night 2013.

E VENT HIGHLIGHTS GIVE, LAUGH, LOVE FOR A C AUSE Laughter filled the air during the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) Foundation’s sixth annual Comedy Night. This year’s event showcased a “Give, Laugh, Love” theme at the beautiful Loriana Ranch and raised more than $80,000 for hospital services and capital needs, including advanced technologies for the Emergency Department. The evening’s headliner, Hollywood Improv’s Phil Paulisol, was a crack-up, and guests walked away with several auction items including VIP 49ers season passes, platinum sponsorship in a private tournament at the Olympic Club, a Napa wine getaway in a private jet and so much more. The successful event wouldn’t have been possible without the generosity of Loriana Ranch, 20 volunteers, 15 local restaurants and wineries, and the support from more than 175 guests who came out to enjoy the evening.

WINE WARS HELPS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL In a clever twist to fundraising, the AGCH Foundation hosted Wine Wars with help from the SLO Vintners and Growers Association. Wine Wars gave people the opportunity to donate by purchasing raffle tickets and visiting participating wineries “scavenger-hunt” style for the chance to win great prizes, such as a new iPad or an Avila Beach vacation package for two. Wine Wars was held in May of 2012 and generated approximately $45,000 in donations to the AGCH Foundation to support emergency services and technology.

GOLF N GRUB The AGCH Foundation invited golfers to participate in the sixth annual Golf N Grub tournament, sponsored by Big Ideas. This highly anticipated event was held at the Monarch Dunes Golf Course in Nipomo in September 2012 and raised $63,000 for the hospital. A full field of golfers spent the day basking in sunshine and sampling delectable foods and wines from 29 local restaurants and wineries, all while raising funds for the AGCH Foundation. More than 60 volunteers helped make this event a tremendous success.

Foundation Annual Repor t


Save the Date Monday, September 22, 2014


9 AM Golfer check-in 11 AM Shotgun tee-off At the Monarch Dunes Golf Course in Nipomo Don’t miss the tournament where we keep it simple: fun golf and great food for a good cause.

All proceeds from Golf N Grub will benefit programs and services of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

Invitation to Follow

Pe ts With A Purpose On any given day, Marcella Roan bathes her two dogs Punkie and Phoebe and takes them to Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH). Not your average hospital visitors, the dogs have a special purpose – they help ease the healing process for patients. In July 2013, the hospital introduced the Healing Paws Pet Therapy Program to aid in the healing of patients. The benefits are infinite, but among them is the natural way these nationally certified dogs help motivate patients to participate in physical, occupational or speech therapy. For many patients, animals have a positive effect on human physiology and reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. They also motivate and inspire patients to get well. Take Punkie, for example. Marcella rescued Punkie, a fluffy white mixed terrier breed, after the dog was effectively paralyzed on the hind end following a car accident. The small dog was slowly rehabilitated using physical therapy, and she eventually got better. Punkie always remained gentle and sweet even through her injuries and pain. Now she walks on all fours, albeit with a little limp. “We realized that the patients, particularly in the Acute Rehab Center who are in the hospital for longer periods of time, are probably missing their own pets,” Marcella said. “We had one patient in the gym struggling to do physical therapy, and when we brought Punkie in and told her Punkie’s story, she said, ‘Well, if she can do it, I can too.’ It’s just so wonderful to hear things like that.”

Luckily, Marcella is no stranger to caring for animals. She practiced veterinary medicine for 30 years in Porterville, CA before eventually moving to Arroyo Grande to retire. But retirement didn’t stop her from working with animals. In June 2012, she became an AGCH volunteer and at the same time worked on getting Punkie and Phoebe nationally certified as therapy dogs.

“Punkie and Phoebe have great personalities – they’re gentle, friendly and I just knew they were great candidates to be therapy dogs,” “Punkie and Phoebe have great personalities – they’re gentle, friendly and I just knew they were great candidates to be therapy dogs,” Marcella said. “So I started training them and worked with a local evaluator for Therapy Dogs International to make sure both dogs were nationally certified. It’s a very stringent certification process. There are evaluations, physical exams, all dogs must be up-todate with their shots and vaccines, and there’s an annual renewal process as well to be recertified.” Both dogs continue to bring joy and comfort to patients at the hospital.

Therapy Dog, Punkie giving comfort to a patient at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.

Foundation Annual Repor t


Where Hope Mee ts Help:

Coa s tal C ancer C are and Diagnos tic Center A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelmingly emotional for everyone involved. That’s why at Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH), our team of experts at the Coastal Cancer Care and Diagnostic Center focuses on the whole person and their family, not just the disease. Every patient has access to a nurse navigator free of charge to help plan for additional screening needs and treatment options, as well as a broad range of support groups and education classes at the center and in partnership with other Dignity Health centers. As an enhancement to these programs, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital started its own general cancer support group in 2013. The group meets regularly and its membership has grown as the support is shared with others.

broad spectrum. It was the first of its kind in San Luis Obispo County to be accredited as a Comprehensive Community Cancer Center by the American College of Surgeon’s Commission on Cancer. And through a partnership with local physicians, the center provides the best in medical and surgical treatment, including clinical trials in affiliation with the University of California San Francisco. The center also offers digital mammography and ultrasound-guided biopsy services under the supervision of radiologists with decades of combined experience in breast care. And we don’t stop there. The Coastal Cancer Care and Diagnostic Center has partnered with the Community Action Partnership of San Luis Obispo County to develop a rich program of community support for

“Because excellent medical care, early detection and inspiring hope can make all the difference.” women who are unable to obtain screening mammography and follow up with advanced diagnostic services.

As well as support, we offer the best in medical care. Our team of medical experts meets regularly to discover new and improved ways to comfort and cure – shaping the future of how we care for our mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and neighbors. The Coastal Cancer Care and Diagnostic Center provides cancer diagnostic and care services to the community on a 16

Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

While most women have many options, women under age 40 are excluded from coverage for mammogram screenings, and most programs only cover screening services without the more advanced diagnostics. The AGCH Breast Cancer Fund helps fill these gaps by providing these vital services for women in our community. In 2013, this fund provided mammogram screenings for more than 100 local women who didn’t have the means to receive screenings on their own, and 30 of those women received further advanced diagnostic services, such as ultrasounds and biopsy services. As we look toward 2014, AGCH and its Coastal Cancer Care and Diagnostic Center will continue to bring the community together to offer the best in cancer diagnostic services, treatment, support and hope. Because excellent medical care, early detection and inspiring hope can make all the difference.

A Fre sh Way To Give Back Talley Farms launched its Fresh Harvest program in 2012, offering a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program that allows Central Coast residents to receive fresh, local produce weekly. This healthy and sustainable alternative to grocery shopping also gives back to the community in a big way. From every Fresh Harvest box purchased through the Arroyo Grande Community Foundation, 5% of that purchase goes back to the Foundation. Thank you, Talley Farms!

The Loving Cup Coffee & Gift Shoppe The Loving Cup Coffee & Gift Shoppe supports Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) by selling a variety of gift items and specialty coffees. It is the perfect place to pick up a surprise gift to cheer up a sick loved one, or refresh with a hot cup of fresh coffee, provided by our partner, The Central Roast. Although you might be making a one-time purchase, every item bought from our gift shoppe makes a lasting contribution to our hospital. Since January 2012, The Loving Cup Coffee & Gift Shoppe has contributed $80,000 to making AGCH the best it can be.

Foundation Annual Repor t



Kathy Tompkins

Jana Pruett

Leonard Grant

Nancy DePue


Vice Chairman



Ken Dalebout

Montisa Phelan Lopez

Villa Infanto

Larry Foreman, D.O.

Hospital Administrator

VP of Philanthropy

VP Patient Care Services

VP of Medical Affairs

Sue Andersen

Dan Cashier

William Ashley, M.D.

Fletcher Burton

Chief Financial Officer

Immediate Past Chair

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Cathy Cachu

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Lynn Dorland

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Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

Linda Fibich

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Kendra Kimlinger

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Tony Westbrook

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Jesse Wobrock, Ph.D.

Board Member

Board Member

Board Member Foundation Annual Repor t


AGCH Foundation Contributions Since 2006, gifts to the Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation have funded the following programs, services and capital needs:

Defibrillator Project – 2006


Nurse Call System – 2007


Coastal Cancer Care & Diagnostic Center – 2009


AGCH Healing Garden – 2010


Operating Room Technology – 2011


Patient Room Remodel Project – 2012–2013


Programs, Services and Capital needs of AGCH – 2013


Including CT Scanner upgrade with Low Dose Technology, Breast Cancer Program, CHF Program, Palliative Care Program, Patient Beds, Hand-Held Ultrasound and the Patient Satisfaction Program.

Total Funds Provided to AGCH

2011 Summary Total Dollars Raised – $288,995 Total Donors – 414


2012 Summary

2013 Summary

Total Dollars Raised – $262,276 Total Donors – 682

Total Dollars Raised – $355,332 Total Donors – 748

100% of donor contributions are applied to programs, services and capital needs of Arroyo Grande Community Hospital.


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital




THE COMMUNITY benefits from better health care services, and gives back to the Foundation to ensure that others and future generations receive the same quality, compassionate care.


THE HOSPITAL board and staff identify fundraising priorities based on patient experience, research, clinicians, and overall care.

More than $3.5 million has been raised since 2006.

Special Events, including Comedy Night, Golf N’ Grub, and others.

THE FOUNDATION helps the community realize their own philanthropic goals by matching them with hospital fundraising priorities.



Direct Donations. These include outright gifts including cash, stocks and bonds, or life insurance.


The Amazing Grace Legacy Society, which includes donations through wills, estate plans, and charitable remainder trusts.

The Employee Circle of Friends, which is comprised of donations from hospital employees.

Support the health care needs of the community through charitable giving to South County’s only not-for-profit hospital – Arroyo Grande Community Hospital. Contact the Foundation today at

(805) 994-5421.

WHERE DO THE FUNDS GO? As a not-for-profit hospital, Arroyo Grande Community Hospital (AGCH) relies on funds received through the AGCH Foundation to meet the health care needs of the community, beyond basic operating expenses.









Employ ee Circle Of Friends Every year, our employees support Arroyo Grande Community Hospital through the Foundation’s employee giving program–the Employee Circle of Friends. This group consists of employees who make one time or recurring financial gifts, including membership in the Hour of Power. By choosing to donate an hour of pay per period, employees send a powerful message of support for the care given to our patients and their belief in the healing mission and vision of excellence at our hospital. In the past, donations generated from the Employee Circle of Friends have helped renovate patient rooms, create the Healing Garden, buy new equipment, and fund programs for employee assistance and patient satisfaction.

To date, the Employee Circle of Friends has raised more than $161,000.

Employee Circle of Friends Co-Chairs; Kerry Nau, Acute Rehabilitation Unit Program Director, Kurt Ramey, Diagnostic Imaging Director, Teri Reeder, Emergency Services Director, Amber Rogers, Critical Care & Acute Care Services Director.


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

Friends of the Foundation The Arroyo Grande Community Foundation is pleased to recognize and celebrate the many friends that have supported the programs, services and capital needs of the hospital from January 1, 2012 through June 30, 2013.

Auctioneer Todd Ventura at the 2013 Comedy Night.

Linda Aarons Patti Abrozzo Carlos Acosta Alice Addison Thomas & Jane Adrian Sherrie Afshar Monica Aguilar Terra Ahlman Rebecca & Edmund Alarcio Deborah Alarcon Roberta Alderete Elise Alford Maurice Alford Nathan & Linda Alvarado Tim & Tracy Alves Rochelle Ambler Elsebeth Andersen Sue & Stephen Andersen Dave Anderson Gretchen Anderson Joyce Anderson Randy Anderson Edward Angelo Lia Anisgard S. Anselmo Marty Ardron Gil & Virginia Arena J.R. Arias Patricia Armada Marcella Armenta John Armstrong Angela Arroyo Blanca Arroyo Albert & Carolyn Ashjian Porsha Ashley Dr. William Ashley Wayne Asp Chris & Jennifer Auerbach Harold Austin Colleen Avery

Francisco Avila Anthony Baca Rudy Bachmann Melissa Bachmann Gail Bahner Brent Bailey Brian Bailey Bruce & Maria Bailey Amy Baker Dan Balfe Marc Barnham Y. Barrett Patricia Bartley Jennifer Bautista Maria Baza Jean Beach Ronald Beckman Lauren Bedia Vic & Dianne Beeler Ed Begovich George & Shirley Bekey Eugene & Gracia Bello Phillip Benedetti Larry & Gloria Benedict Roberta & Gary Bennewitz Matt Berban Kimberlee Berger Linda Bernard Don Paul Berry Bill Bettencourt Susan Bewett Austin Biddle John Billings Susan Bishop Blanche Black Kris Blanchard Roxanne Bohn Jeremy & Kathy Bond Pete Boreham Dolores & John Borges

Willie Borges Roberta Bos Omar Boshi Drew Boster Mary Ann Bowen William Bowen Diane Bowers John & Golda Bowman Myron Bowman Edward & Marilyn Bowsfield Sharon Boyajian Marsha Boyer Peggy Bozem Ron Brady Curtis & Karen Brandt Jerry Brandt Vincent Bravo Robert & Edith Brethour Aurora Bright Esther Britt Brittany Brown Cynthia Brown Gary Brown Helen Brown Katelyn Brown Steve & Shelly Brown Mary Bruggeman Laurie Brummett Joanne Brungs Doris Brust Sharlene Bryant Jilll & Paul Buckley Elaine Bumanglag Benjamin Bunggay Louanne & John Burke Jeanette Burrell Paul Buscaino Deanna & Chris Byrne Cynthia Cable Cathy & Jose Cachu Aaron Caderet Grace Calzia Margo Camilleri John Campbell Kyle Campbell Lisa Canez Marie Capela Kathleen Cardiel Edwin Cardoza Pat Cardoza Lydia Carreras Betty Cary Daniel & Willo Cashier Dr. Paul & Kathy Castello Karen Cervantes Joanne Chamberlin Andrea & Randy Chavez Carol & G. Ross Chenot Nora Chew

Earl Childers Connie Childress Karen Chong Andrea Chow Muriel Clare Richard Clark Karan Clarke Virgil Clarke Derek Classen Phyllis Clatterbuck James & Susan Claypool Terra Clayton John Clements Tom & Marjorie Clements Beverly Cohen Elizabeth & Sheldon Cohen Leonard Cohen Julie & Scott Coleman Rebecca Collins Jane Combs Thomas Conroy David Cook Tom & Veronica Cook Jill Cooper Stephanie Coray Sister Janet Corcoran Jo Ann Costa Shannonn Costin George & Carolene Couchman Theresa Couvrey-Leader Chuck & Marie Cova L. Sue Coville William Cowley Kristen Crabtree Barbara & Gerald Crawford Rena & Blake Cromwell June Crookes Ray Crosno Anne & James Crum Diane Cuccio Jo Culbertson Crystal Cullen May Cummings MeMe Cuneo Sylvia Curtis Pat & Dana Cusack Chris Cuvazos Terry & Linda Dahlgren Ken & Angela Dalebout Burke Dambly Gary Dangelo Nick & Viivi Darden Doris Darnell Thomas & Mary Dau Chris Davis Kimberly Davis Peggee Davis Ray Davis Richard Davis

Foundation Annual Repor t


Roger Davis Rebecca Dawes Melissa Dawson Marcella De Leonardis Jay DeCarli Fernando DeLeon Cheri DeMatteo Eric DeMatteo Jason & Christina DePue Nancy & James DePue Tony & Fabbian Detweiler Sylvia Diaz Tamara Dickinson Erin Didion Adrienne Dingler Cathy Dittman Betty Dodson Ben & Ty Dohi Howard & Katrina Dolinsky Kesang Dolkar Vicki Domingues Bill & Lynn Dorland Deenie Dotson Dan & Phyllis Downum Florris & Monte Drury Darlene Duke

Edward Evans Judith Evans Lisa Evans Larry Fairbanks Martin Farber Raymond Farney Mary & Ermen Fedel George Ferkin Leela Fernandez Jane Fesler-Delgadillo Ruth & Thomas Fetterman Terry & Linda Fibich Faust Filippi Bethany Filter Kala Fink Marian & Chuck Fiorentino Pat & Mike Fisher Sophie & Charles Fishman Patrick & Barbara Fitzgerald Melvin Fitzhenry Beth Flamm-Overby Shirley Fletcher Bernice Flood Dr. Steven & Laura Lee Flood Lambert Flores Paula Folino

Hospital volunteers Bernie Flood and Shirley St. Denis.

Pamela Dunlap Jean Dyer Robert & Marla Eaton Patricia Eby Rick Eckert Barbara & Jake Edman David & Mavi Edwards Kathryn & Danie Egan W. Eisen Mike & Judy Eisenhard Barbara & Theodore Engelhardt Margaret Ensminger Carol Erickson Donald & Marguerite Erickson Richard & Janet Erickson Candyce Espinoza Mary Estephan Brian Estrada Ailene Evans


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

Gerrie & Craig Ford Gordon Ford Kim & David Ford Dr. Larry & Lois Foreman Shirley Foreman Pam Forsythe Doree Foster Tammy Fournier Darlene Fowler Elizabeth Fowler Al Francisco Bamara Franco Lisa & Greg Franklin Jacqueline & Gary Frederick Robert Freeny Sally Frey Arthur & Cindy Fries Dona Fuchiwaki Lori Fuchiwaki

Tricia Fuentes Leticia Fuller Barbara Fullerton Douglas & Eleanor Gabriel Suzie Gabriel Jesus Galindo Frank Gandolfo Sheena Ganotisi Michael Garcia Peter Garcia Teresa Garcia-Sandoval Walter Gardinier Ms. Gaulrapp John Gavin Lorraine Gear Thomas Georgeades Scott Gerrero Mary Giambalvo Annette & Charlie Gibbs Lynn Gilbert Rob & Lori Gillespie Marjorie Gillett Audrey Goble Pat & Tony Goetz Robert & Sylvia Gold Rick Gomez Randy Gonzales Debby Goodman Donna Goodwin Paul Gorley Dorothy Gothard Yael Gott Linda & James Graham Herbert & Gladys Gramer Byron Grant Lenny & Michelle Grant Richard Grantham Glenn Graves Betty & Ronald Green Bryan & Cindy Gresser Bernie & Patricia Grewe Beth Grey Mary Ann Grinnell Roger Grismore Richard & Ann Grogan Brad Groh Maria Gross Enid & Dino Grossi Rick & Andrea Grossman Helene Grubb Marie Grube Jessica & John Gruendler Kent Gubbine Ed Guerena Darlene Guidotti Philip & Candace Guldeman John & Maureen Gutierrez Maria Gutierrez Beth Haberkern Jason Hackett Peter Hagopian Carlton Haley Anna Hall Cassandra Hall Gordon & Barbara Hall

James Hall Richard & Lois Halliday Jane Hallis Barbara Hamilton Barry Hammer Sharon & Jeremiah Hanley Robert Hanlin Alana & Jack Hansen Mary & William Harper Michelle Harper Nancy Harris Dr. Alex Harrison Herb Hart Claude Hartman Fred Hartman Theresa Hartman Catherine Harvey George & Patricia Haugen Christine Hawley Dr. Howard & Stephanie Hayashi John Hayashi Robert Hayashi Deborah & Terry Hayes Harold Headrick Judy & Hardy Hearn Richard Hearn Chuck & Carol Hebard Kathyrn Hedderig Marlene Heise L. Ralph Hennings Shirley & Philip Henry Lori Hensley Hobert & Colleen Herber Cyndee Herles Andy & Susie Hermreck Ernesto Hernandez Jennifer Hernandez Joel Hernandez Aurelia Herrera Terry Hetrick Ashley Hickey Kandice Hicks Karen Hicks Harold & Cheryl Hildreth Erna Hilton Doug & Karen Hitchen Joan & Warren Hockenbary Don Hoelle Calvin & Carney Hoffman Scott Hoffmann Jim & Gwen Hogeboom John Holcombe Blanche Hollingsead Rene Holzer Kevin Hooks Harry Hoover Ilse Hoppe Gavin Hori Marilyn Hornung Audrey Howard Janelle Hutchinson Marion Ikeda Stan & Terri Ikeda Vard & Terri Ikeda Samantha Infanto

Names reflect donations received from January 2012 – June 2013

Villa & Bill Infanto Lorraine Ingles Daniel & Lori Isaac B.J. Isbell Josanne Jacksen Anita James Trudy & Frank Jarratt Susan Johns Elizabeth & Ralph Johnson Gary Johnson Jeff & Diana Johnson Leila Johnson Swede & Marilyn Johnson Kim Johnston Florence Jones Vivianne Jones Amelia Joslin Chrystie Jowell Jerome & Rosemarie Kapacinskas Patricia & Paul Karp Koji & Susan Kasuyama Shirley Kawanami Tom & Myki Keffury Lynn Kelley Nannon Kelsall John Kenny Tricia Kesselring Amanda Khammany Pauline Kidwell James & Cynthia Killackey Eric Kim Deadra Kimball Valeree Kincaid Kenneth King Rick King Richard & Mary Kirkpatrick Karolee Kitman Robert Kitto Rozanne Klontz Daren Kneeland Joan & Michael Knight Joyce Knight Russell & Betty Knudson Della Koch Janice & Rick Koester Randy Kokka Scott & Sandra Kope Greg & Connie Korn Stacy Korsgaden Edward & Emily Kreins Jeff & Mary Kroll Matt Kronberg Rick Kueffer Sharon & Keith Kuhlenschmidt Margaret Kupsik Kraig Kuykendall Dr. Robert Kvalstad Barbara Kvek Roland Kwan Gloria Lacey Ashley Landry Mollyo Landry-Brown Patricia Lane James Lang Linda Larios

Dr. Rich & Kersti Lasiewski E.F & Doris Latini Alyson Lauver Robert Lawrence John Lee Rose Marie Lee Allan Legon Cristanne Leitner Dr.s Kenneth & Gabriele Levine Suzanne Levy Lee Roy & Gwendolyn Lienemann

Kelly & Chris Matosich Ralph & Sue May Diann Mc Donald-Wells Rosemary McAuliff Kerre McCall Val McClure John McCollister Stephanie McCrain Catherine McCready May McDonnel Timothy McGrath

Tim McGrath, Ed Angelo Bo DePue, Dan Cashier, 2012 Golf N Grub.

Beth Lindsay Jill Lindsey Greg & Jana Linn Deborah & Jim Liss Charles & Nancy Livingston Darlene Lomier Jordan Lopes Caroline Lopez Montisa & Leon Lopez Stephen & Janal Lorence Carol Lorenzini Walter & Carolyn Losier Gisele Loudin Sandy & Cindi Lubin Leah Lucchese Lynette Lucchesi Rick & Erin Lynn Melissa Lysne Joseph & Darlene Mack Melinda Maclean Marylee Madden-Bost Stephen Madjedi Linda Maher Joe Majewski Deb Malin Cherry Mana Ann Marchetti Zina Markevicius Aida Marquez John Marr Denise Martin Evelyn Martin Dr. Richard & Yolanda Martin Ginny & John Martinet Felipe Martinez

Names reflect donations received from January 2012 – June 2013

Marilyn McInerney Diane & Charles McKeague Joan McKenna David & Janet McLaughlin Juanita & Stuart McMullen Stephen Meade Yolanda Medina Donna Mehlschau Michelle Mele Wilbur Mellema Angie Mello Peter Melsheimer Rutila Mendoza Stacy Menhennitt Sally Meridith Vicci Messer Renee Metoyer Bobby & Kathleen Mihlhauser Claire & Thomas Milburn Diana Milla Elizabeth Miller Vita & Michael Miller John Miners Kathleen Mitchell Nancy Mitchell Silvia Mitchell Vicki Mobley Roberta Moeller Paul Moen Ally & Ron Montgomery Jennifer & Cory Moore Bill Morris Mary Ann & Ed Morton Michael Morton Constance Moxness

Annmarie Muir Rob Mullane Griselda Murawski Donna Murphy Lorene Murphy N.P. Murphy Tim Murphy Alesia Murray Henry Myers Jean Myers Kermita Myers Peggy Myking Mitra Nafisi Araceli Nagana-Neridith Susan Nail Beth Nakamura Kerry Nau Sister Antoinette Navarro Patricia & William Negrete John Nelson Sophia Nelson Herman & Ricki Neufeld Roger Neuschafer Mary Nevarez Michelle Newberry Janet Nickason Debby Nicklas Sallie Nicoletti Torben & Elizabeth Nielsen H. Niewisch Ms. Nisa Kristen Nolan Jack Norsworthy Richard & Barbara Nutting Mari O’Brien Dr. Brian & Meghan O’Carroll Mary & Pat O’Connor Sue Oddone Ruth Okin Pat Okura Jennifer Oliver Michelle Oliver Pat O’Malley Diane O’Neill Ray Onyeneke Patricia & Joseph Orlando Ken & Linda Osty Robert O’Sullivan Scott Overgaard Janice Owens-Martinez Ami & Tony Padilla Delia Padilla-Norris Randolph Page Florence & Henry Pangelinan Marcia Papich Stacy Parcher Enos & Carolina Patacsil Cecilia Patrick Linda Patrick Sarah & Larry Patzman Earl Paulding Allison Paulson Chamil Payne Earline & Thomas Payne Peggy Payne

Foundation Annual Repor t


Denise Martin, Leila Johnson, Denise El Effendi and Lisa Dawes at the 6th Annual Comedy Night.

Wilma Paz Edward & Gaye Peltzman Patricia Pequignot Oliver & Kelly Petri Sharon Petrick Kathleen & Theodore Pettersen Kristine Phanvongdrum Patrick & Patsy Phelan Robert & Ashley Phelan Mariamma Philipose Connie Phillips Joy Pickell Maggie Pickering Linda Pinto Antone Pires Cristina Pires Lisa & Joe Polino Cecelia Pollack Violet Ponza Fred Pope George & Patty Popovich Ike & Debbie Porter Richard & Jennifer Porter Henry & Judith Portz Deborah Powell Dianna Powers Roger Preheim Patricia Prince Katerina Pritchett Madeleine Protsman Alfred & Diane Provost Carrol & Joan Pruett Jana & Brent Pruett Leslie & Patricia Puccini Shelly Pullins Jess Quintana Ronald & Jean Quintana Jose Quiroga Bonnie Quiroz Bill & Louise Racine Anna Ralph Kurt Ramey Maria Ramirez Bonnie Ramsdell Linda Rand


Arroyo Grande Communit y Hospital

Penny Rappa George Raquel Debbie Rau Lisa Ray Ken Recchia Teri Reeder Curtis Reinhardt Dave & Mia Relyea Patti Remmengg Chase Reynolds Sandra Reynolds Dr. Juan Reynoso Sallie & James Rhoads Deanna Richards Matt & Kristy Richardson Brent Richissin Shelley Rieke Lionel Riheiro Thomas & LaDonna Rinn Eugene Rinzler Bessie Rivera Bonnie & Charles Rivera Natalia Roberts Dr. Scott & Dana Robertson Mercedes Rodriguez Borges Megan Roe Chris Rogalla Amber Rogers Alan & Kathy Roinestad Alejandro Rojas Denise Ronk Bianca Rosenthal Karen & Dave Ross Sherrie Ross Jessica Rotta Neal & Mary Rotteveel Carol Rowe Julie Roy Tammy Royal Gary & Donna Rucker Sharon Rude Betty & Donald Russell Krista Sabin Teruko Sakamoto Mary Salierno

Jack Salinas Jim Salvatore Debbie & William Sander Tom & Patti Sarro Zilpha Saul Barbara Schader Barbara Schaeffer Allen Schlocker P.J. Schneider Pamela Schneider Dayton & Norma Schroeder Susan Ratty Seeman Richard & Kathleen Senn Bill Senna Ralph Setzer Tauny Sexton Elizabeth Seymour Rohan Shaheen Christy Shand Paula Shapiro-Towey Virginia Shen Annette Shepard Joanne Sher Gene Shilder Toshio & Yoshiko Shishido Lana Sigman Esteban Silva Irma Silva Manny & Nancy Silva Melissa Silva Michelle Silva G. Silverstone Amy Siroky Nellie Sison V. Sketo Doris Skov Manfred & Ana Skrabanik Dr. Clinton Slaughter Steven Slaughter Dena Smith Dick Smith Edward Smith Jayne & Jack Smith Larry Smith Melanie & Robert Smith Janette Sofranko Gay-Marie Somers Loretta Sonnabend Judy Sorensen Steven Sorenson Jim Sorrells Juanita Soto Alvern & Linda Sousa Christina Squires Marty & Brenda St Denis Sean & Patty St Denis Dwight St Peters Maggie St Vincent Shelley Stahl Patrick & Grace Stamile Marcia Stanger Gail Stanley Brian Starr Kathryn Stater Katie Stater

Janet & Larry Stees Rose Ann Steiner Chrissy & Andy Stenson Betty Stephens Gene Stephens Rebecca Stephens Ronald & Norma Stephenson Sheila Stetson Madeline & David Stevenson Jeff Stewart Kent Stokes Fern Storm Tiscia Stornetta Deniese Stroub M. Suzon Stroud Michelle Strunda Lindsey Stump Kathleen Sullivan Leona & Denis Sullivan Mireille Supple Jeffrey Swaim Glen Carlos Swoopes David Sylvester Thurston Sylvester Virginia Sylvester Aimee Talleur Brian & Johnine Talley Ryan & Christina Talley Elaine Taylor Jeffrey Taylor Barbara Teets Paul Teixeira Paul Terborch Chuck Terhune Elizabeth Thielker James Thomas Richard & Judith Thompson Susan Thompson Ronald Throndson Kathy & Nick Tompkins Joseph Torres Irene Tracy Stanley Trapp Randa Trezza Jeryl Trimmer Jeanette Tripodi Dorothy Trulock Charlene Tucay Constantin Tudor Julie Turney John Turrill Marlene Tynon Kathleen Tyree Shashikala Udayakumar Anthony & Carole Ulibarri Shannan Ulrich Carolyn & Roger Underwood Sandy Underwood Diana & Donald Utterback Frances Valadez Kelly Vampola Megan Vampola Sarah Vampola Elizabeth Van Camp Mark & Pam Van Eck

Names reflect donations received from January 2012 – June 2013

Lisa & Ron Van Hoosear Chris Van Ruitan Peter & Melandy Van Schultze Melinda Van Veen Barbara & Ora Vasquez Crystal Vasquez Stephanie & Robin Ventura Pauline Verdegaal Adam & Mary Verdin Mary Verdin Arlene Versaw Susan Vick Gene Vieruz Bill Vines Angel Vivanco Theresa Vogel Joseph Vogt

Joe & Sherri Will Byron Williams Bruce Williamson Samuel & Marcella Willis Donna Wilson Rona Wilson Sue Windham Linda Winer Twylla Witt Dr. Jesse & Julie Wobrock Rebekah Wohlgemuth James & Maureen Wolfe Carol Wolff Anita Wong Ernie & Carolyn Wong Mark & Sara Wong Steve & Andrea Wong

The Talley Team, 2012 Golf N Grub.

Anne Von Rueden Carol Wagner Nancy Walsh Chris Warmuth Gene Warnert Louella Watson Ute Watson W. Watt Beverly Weaver Jim & Kathy Webb Andy & Joanne Weber Kim Weintraub Cynthia Welpott Fred & Helga Welz Elizabeth West Carol Wheat John Wheeler Mary Wheeler Gloria Whisler Diana White Karen White Kate White Tom White Diana Wiggins JoAnn Wihery Ticity Wilding Debra Wilkins Linda Wilkins

Shannan & Michael Woo Patricia Wright Stephen & Susan Yost Sanford & Dana Yudovin Isabel Zarate Eleanor Zeff Emily Zeman Valerie Zia Kari Ziegler Diane Ziemer Helen Zulewski Robert & Erin Zvada

Su pp o rti n g Orga n izati o n s Adelina’s Bistro AGCH Auxiliary Alan Roinestad Construction Amgen Ancient Peaks Winery Andrew Skelton Angelica Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Au Bon Climat Winery B & W Management Big Ideas

Names reflect donations received from January 2012 – June 2013

Bill McMorran - Green Oak Consulting Black Lake Women’s Golf Club Black Lake Women’s Half Rounders Branch Street Deli Butterfly Grille Café Andreini Caliber Accounting & Tax California Emergency Physicians Medical Group Central Coast Distributing Central Coast Surfboards Central Coast Vegetarian Network Central Drywall, Inc. CHC Chef Rick’s Claiborne & Churchill Coastal Anesthesiology Medical Associates Coasthills Federal Credit Union Community Health Centers Compass Health Cool Hand Luke’s Cor Tech County of SLO Curtis Winery Cypress Ridge Golf Course Cypress Ridge Men’s Golf Cypress Ridge Residents Golf Cypress Ridge Women’s Golf Club Dana Robertson Skin Care Dignity Health Éclair Bakery Enviromanagement, Inc. Enzo’s East Coast Eatery Fat Cat’s Café Fidelity Investments Fresh Kist Produce Gather Wine Bar Greenheart Farms, Inc. Green Oak Consulting Greg Linn Wines H.M. Hart Electric Honda of Santa Maria Huasna Development Company Huter Farms Integrated Health Management Services, LLC J.F. Will Company, Inc. JJ’s Market KCOY12 Kelsey See Canyon Vineyards Kindred Healthcare Operating, Inc. Kynsi Winery Laetitia Winery LR Baggs Co Madonna Enterprises Madonna Inn Marian Medical Center Medical Executive Committee MLI Monarch Dunes Golf Course Mullahey Ford

Nipomo HS - ASB NKT Commercial, LLC Nu-Tech Pest Management Old Juan’s Cantina Olde Port Inn Old Town Shirt Factory Optimist Club of Arroyo Grande Pacific Coast Sunglasses Pacific Petroleum California, Inc. Palo Mesa Pizza Peloton Cellars Pepe Delgado’s Mexican Restaurant Phantom Rivers Winery Phillips 66 Company Pirate Radio Prudential Lighting Qupe Wines Rabobank RehabCare Roger Dunn Golf Shop Rooster Creek Tavern Rotary Club of Pismo Beach/5 Cities RRM Design Group San Luis Ambulance San Luis Podiatry Group Santa Maria Inn Santa Maria Seeds, Inc SCCI Construction Scenic Marketing See’s Candy Sextant Wines Sinor LaVallee Wines Spiess Construction Splash Café Steamers of Pismo Stephen Ross Winery Talley Farms Talley Vineyards Tanner Jack’s Tap It Brewing Co. The Breakfast Buzz The Central Roast The Cliffs Resort, LLC The DocuTeam The Historic Santa Maria Inn The Rock Seafood and Grill Tolosa Winery Toyota of Santa Maria Upper Crust Trattoria Ventana Grill Western Propane Services

Foundation Annual Repor t


345 South Halcyon Road Arroyo Grande, CA 93420 (805) 994–5421

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation Annual Report 2012–2013  

Arroyo Grande Community Hospital Foundation celebrates growing through giving in its first annual report.

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