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A Little Wow Rachid Ouhadi, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA One morning Rachid came into my office wondering what I had done to relieve a recent muscle pain in my back. He’d been awake all night with a literal “pain in the neck”. I explained to him that I used heat patches and Bayer Back & Body and that they definitely helped me cope until the pain had gone away. He was optimistic that it would work for him as well and he commented that he’d run out on his lunch break to pick both items up and give them a try. It couldn’t hurt right! I immediately thought, why make him wait until his lunch break. I made a quick trip to Target to purchase both items for him. Later in the day he commented that he could tell a difference already and he wore the patches for a few days. He’s now better, but it was nice to be able to do something to help, even though it was so small!

Paw Prints

Kristen Earle, Westminster at Buckhead Apartments, Atlanta, GA Recently my maintenance manager, Nelson, has been very down because his cat has been ill. He has been taking to her to vet appointments and has been very worried about her. He even cancelled a trip he had planned to Florida because he did not want to leave her alone. I asked him how she was doing the other day and he said that he was going to have to put her to sleep because she was not getting any better. He explained that he has had her for 14 years and that the coming weekend would be his last weekend with her before he had to bring her to the vet. I decided to go out and buy her some cat toys and treats so that it might liven her up a little bit for Nelson’s sake. I also bought a card and had the whole team sign it. When it was presented to Nelson it brought him to tears and he said that it really meant so much to him that we would do that for him. He mentioned that knowing he had to put her to sleep had been weighing heavily on his mind and he did not expect it to be so hard. He was very emotional but very appreciative. Unfortunately, Dana had to be put down so that she would not suffer any longer. However, Nelson adopted 2 kittens that are brothers by the name of Austin and Houston. He says they use the toys I bought for Dana all the time! Pets mean so much to us in our lives and losing one is often difficult. I am so happy that I could support Nelson during this time.

An Easier Commute Callie Murr, Cassi Walter, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA We have 2 new leasing consultants at Tuscany at Lindbergh: Callie and Cassi. Callie, a former coffee shop manager and self-proclaimed ‘coffee snob’, just relocated to Atlanta, and is experiencing her first real commute in rush hour traffic. Cassi, a recent graduate of UWG, is commuting all the way from Athens (roughly 140 miles round trip) – every day until she moves to Atlanta – in August! In spite of the fact that they start each day with a dreadful commute, they both walk in the door every morning, happy and ready to start the day! So I thought I'd make it a little more fun by giving each of them a cute travel mug. Cassi is a shop-a-holic and a shoe-a-holic, if there is such a thing, so her colorful ceramic mug is emblazoned with shoes and purses! Callie’s very simply states "Coffee Snob" – perfect for her! Both ladies were excited to receive their new mugs, and I was equally excited to be able to do something fun for them. They're doing a great job so far, and it's nice to be able to recognize them with a nice little surprise! 128

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