WOW Matters, The Venterra Experience, 7th Edition

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WOW Matters The Venterra Experience Seventh Edition

Preface Richard Roos, Chief Operating Officer

Each year when I start reading the first draft of the WOW Book, I always wonder how we are going to top the prior year. As in past years, there was no need to worry. I was again amazed by the quality and depth of the stories from 2015 – it seems that every year the stories get more impactful. This is a great testament to our employees who have whole-heartedly embraced the goal of being a customer experience leader, and the challenge of raising the bar each year. Having read the 2015 WOW Book, I took a moment to go back to the original WOW Book from 2009 – the same year President Barack Obama was inaugurated! This original WOW Book was only 5 square inches and a total of 32 pages. By contrast, our 2015 version is 8 ½ x 11 inches and nearly 200 pages. It’s amazing to see how much Venterra employees have embraced our customer experience vision and continue to create touching, memorable and even life changing moments for our customers. We always knew the first book was just a start, but I don’t think any of us could foresee how much we have grown in our pursuit of being a customer experience leader. The 2015 WOW Book continues the important shift, started in 2014, to include a significant focus on the Employee Experience which is highlighted in the “WOWee” section. In hindsight, this was long overdue. The WOW Book had its origins in celebrating the customer experience, but we have always known that great customer experience starts with the organizational culture that we foster and having amazing employees. The WOW book is now a celebration of delivering great customer experience, our culture and of our employees who make it all possible – it just feels very right. I want to thank everyone who helped write this book with their heartfelt actions towards our customers and their fellow employees. It is awesome to be part of an organization where people care so much for others and are making such a positive impact in the lives of those around them. Thank you for being such an inspiration to me and all future Venterra employees. I hope you enjoy reading the WOW Book as much as I did – it is definitely really good stuff!


Acknowledgements The Executive Team We are indebted to everyone at Venterra for making this such an easy publication to produce each year. The stories contained within our annual WOW Matters publication are a result of your commitment to our values, the passion you have, the sacrifices you make, and our collective pursuit of being a leader in providing World Class Customer Experience. While everyone’s contributions are vital to our success, we would like to especially recognize the contributions of those who are working at our communities and interact with our prospects and residents on a daily basis, you are the beginning and end to all that we accomplish and a shining example for all future Venterra employees. Thank you for a great 2015 and all that you will contribute in 2016.


About Venterra Venterra's mission is to acquire and manage multi-family communities in the southern United States that deliver a superior resident living experience. Our residents will experience A Better Way of Living. Venterra creates an enduring environment where honesty, integrity, respect, and humility flourish in the never ending pursuit of excellence. Venterra deploys proprietary technology and leading people management systems to pursue our focus on people, customer service and operating excellence. Our culture of innovation and access to our real-time information drives productivity, focus and a never-ending pursuit of a “Better Way”. Venterra’s success is rooted in our Core Values—values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. It is the bond that ties us together and gives our organization strength.



Meet Journey Devida


My name is Journey Devida; yes, Journey of Life. I started my journey with Venterra about a year ago when I accepted the position of Better Living Consultant. What a fantastic and emotional high the last year has been! I’m inspired daily by the culture I’m a part of. Being a part of something magical is the only way I know to describe it. I get to make a difference in the lives of others daily - and I get paid for it! Along my journey at Venterra, I’ve kept a scrapbook of the things I’ve learned, highlights, comments I’ve heard, pictures I’ve saved, etc. Consider it the best of Venterra! Allow me to take you on a journey of a year inside the best Multi Family organization in the industry! Nobody cares more for their employees. Nobody cares more for their residents. I hope you enjoy my scrapbook and share it with others!


Journey Devida


When searching for a job, I knew that I wanted to be with a company passionate about its customers and employees. Reviews are big to me - whether it’s for finding a new restaurant, pair of shoes or job, I always look to what others have to say. I got on and began researching property management companies. Venterra stood out like a shining star with a 4.8 out of 5 star rating; 92% recommendation to a friend; and 100% approval of the CEO, John Foresi. That alone made me want to work for Venterra, and reading the employee reviews were icing on the cake! I immediately went to to search job openings and saw that all Venterra communities are Top Rated on; an award only 6% of apartment communities across the nation qualify for. In addition, Venterra has the WOW Matters initiative that focuses on delivering WOW Moments to its customers daily and a complimenting internal element called WOWee, which focuses on providing WOW moments to one another within Venterra! I knew I wanted to work for Venterra. I submitted an application for a Better Living Consultant (leasing) position and was contacted for an interview! During the interview process, I could see that Venterra cared about me not only as a person but my future as well.

- jdv


“The things that set Venterra apart from its competitors are what makes this such a great place to work. A couple of examples would be the WOW program and Live It. Love It. Guarantee™, which show the company's focus on customer experience. Happy customers mean happier employees! In my time with Venterra I've seen lots of employees move up in the ranks which gives the feeling of job stability. One of the best things about Venterra is that the vast majority of employees seem to be genuinely good people with good hearts, and this makes a HUGE difference in the work environment from top to bottom.” – 3+ Year Tenured Employee March 2015 “Venterra is a well-run, and well organized corporation that strives on excellence in everything we do. I enjoy the fact that we have a 30 Day Live It. Love It. Guarantee™ and that we pride ourselves in customer service at No Risk by WOWing the residents every day! There is definitely a sense of home for not only the residents, but the employees. The fact that our CEO and COO care so much on what the onsite staff are saying is very unique as well. You are held to a high standard, and are always pushed for the next step. I truly feel that there is no other corporation like this one. It’s not a job, but a career.”

I have really enjoyed working at Venterra. When I first started, I loved everything the company was about. The company really loves its residents and takes time to focus on the customer experience. They also have fun employee events like Family Fun Days, Annual Kick Off parties, and always do fun little contests throughout the year. They celebrate your success and recognize your hard work. I have met a lot of great people during my time here and have made some really great friends as well.”

- Assistant Community Manager January 2015

“You truly have a voice. A Better Way of Living is not just a brand, it’s a promise to both its residents and employees.” - Community Manager April 2015 “Venterra is one of very few companies dedicated to the success of its employees. Through their never ending pursuit of excellence and team first attitude, Venterra has become the very definition of setting the example for all businesses. I have grown to be a better employee and a better person working for Venterra and I am forever grateful for all they have taught me through the years. I have been promoted twice within the company and have witnessed dozens of other promotions.” - Regional Maintenance Manager March 2015

- Assistant Community Manager May 2015

“Venterra is a company that stands by their corporate values.” - Community Manager June 2015



Venterra’s Vision “Our vision is to create an enduring environment where honesty, integrity, respect and humility flourishes in the never ending pursuit of excellence.”

I’m so proud to be a part of an organization where Integrity and Humility aren’t just words but part of the Core Values that are embedded in the culture. Our Customer Service Promises and Values remind us to provide the best living experience for our residents, while our Employee Promises remind us how we should treat one another and what we should expect from our leaders.

- jdv


Core Values Venterra’s success is rooted in our Core Values - values that define who we are and how we conduct ourselves. It is the band that ties us together and gives our organization strength.

The Core Values are the most important piece in our pursuit of our vision. They define the organization. Our CEO, John Foresi, has often said “If you don’t hold these values, that’s fine; but you can’t work for Venterra.”


Customer Service Values As part of our pursuit of our Service Vision, we are committed to our Service Values and realize that achieving Customer Service Excellence depends on our ability to consistently deliver these values in every customer interaction.

I love the Customer Service Values! They help to guide us as we interact wih our residents.

- jdv

I appreciate that Venterra goes above and beyond to make its employees feel valued. I also appreciate the extensive process they go to hire employees providing a well-developed team. One of my favorite things about Venterra is the WOW program. I love being able to step up and do something special for residents when they need it the most, or when they least expect it. I love Venterra’s values and all they stand for. These qualities really make Venterra a great place to work.� - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response Dallas/Tennessee Region 9

Employer/Employee Promise To give structure to our leadership tone, we created our Employer Promise, which frames the work environment that senior management is committed to delivering and the standard to which our leaders are held accountable.

I went from being a ‘resident’ to becoming a proud employee; and I can honestly say that I’m still impressed with Venterra as a whole. They WOWed me as a customer and WOWed me as an employee! The people that work for this organization are what attracted me to seek an opportunity and a career with Venterra. They are people with high morals, quality character values. – Anonymous Employee Experiience Survey Response Dallas/Tennessee Region

“The people that we work with make the difference. I love that every person on our corporate team is approachable, fun, respectful, and open about who they are and what they want. Most company leaders do not behave this way. I love the constant need in everyone to want to improve Venterra and be the best.” - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response Southeast Region 10

“I love working here! I love my team and coworkers! This job can be extremely stressful at times, but my team keeps me going! We support each other through encouragement and through pitching in to help when someone feels overloaded. I feel like this job is a great fit for my abilities and personality. I love that Venterra rewards good work, encourages team work and unity, offers great team building opportunities, and always offers continued training! Venterra is one of the most unique companies I’ve ever worked for!” - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response, Dallas/Tennessee Region “The culture within Venterra makes people feel like they are at home. It is very hard to find a company that focuses more on its core values than on policy. You really feel the humility and the power to be candid about certain situations that one may not agree on. This makes it enjoyable and makes us not afraid to voice our opinions.” - Anonymous Employee Experience Survey Response Houston Region

These are my favorite! I love that Venterra has provided written promises to me as an employee!

- jdv

Customer Promises Underlying our service promise is commitment of caring. We appreciate our residents and want to thank you for choosing Venterra by providing an environment where you are surrounded by people who care for you and want to improve the quality of your life.

“I appreciate that Venterra goes above and beyond to make its employees feel valued. I also appreciate the extensive process they go to hire employees providing a well-developed team. One of my favorite things about Venterra is the WOW program. I love being able to step up and do something special for residents when they need it the most, or when they least expect it. I love Venterra’s values and all they stand for. These qualities really make Venterra a great place to work.” - Anonymous Employee, Experience Survey Response, Dallas/Tennessee Region

I love that we have promises to our customers as well! It gives them a way to hold us accountable. My favorite is Make it Exceptional!

- jdv





The Leasing Experience At Venterra, we collect feedback from our residents at several stages throughout their journey. The feedback is so valuable. So many suggestions! I love that we take it and use it to affect change and make the experience better. We also get tons of feedback expressing thanks and appreciation! Allow me to take you on a journey shared in the words of our residents of what it means to experience a Better Way of Living. I’ve categorized them according to the stages of the Venterra Living Experience

with the first one being The Prospect Experience. Take a look at

- jdv

what prospects say about touring a Venterra community!


My mom and I are planning an out of state move to St. Petersburg, FL. Jenna was our leasing consultant. As soon as we arrived she made us feel welcome and was genuinely invested in helping us find the perfect fit for our needs. This was a welcome gift because we had had the exact opposite response from two different leasing consultants at two different properties in St. Petersburg. The energy, knowledge, and support she offered during our consultation and tour was like a breath of fresh air compared to the very poor welcome we received at the other locations. All of our options were clearly explained and Jenna made the process smooth and engaging. This was extremely helpful, given our limited time to explore St. Petersburg housing options in person before heading back home. Knowing how challenging an out of state move can be, Jenna was also kind enough to explain your online contract process. Thanks to your beautiful property, and the professionalism and care of your leasing consultants, we look forward to making Calais Park our new home! - Alexandrea Worthy, Calais Park Lofts and Apartments, Toured in October 2014 It’s a beautiful property. The leasing agent did a great job. I’m a property manager for a different management company, so being in the industry I can sometimes be a bit critical. However, there was nothing I would have done differently. The leasing agent was extremely knowledgeable about the product and community. The grounds were clean, and the clubhouse was organized. Great property and definitely in my top three! - Janelle Jordan, Calais Park Lofts and Apartments, Toured in January 2015


Jenna was very professional and answered all my questions. She was willing to go the extra mile if needed. She not only made me feel welcome but didn’t put pressure on me like a used car salesman, which would have sent me out the door. Also, she explained everything so well that my questions were minimal. I received a follow-up call from her the next day. - John James, Calais Park Lofts and Apartments, Toured in August 2015 Tracy is extremely professional, but welcoming and kind at the same time. The process was seamless. All of the community and leasing information was expressed in an honest and well informed way. This was truly the best experience I’d had after viewing several other communities earlier that day. By the time the tour was completed I already knew this was where I wanted to call home! I completed the application before I left. - Sarah Neilsen, Carlyle Place Apartments, Toured in August 2015 Jennifer was GREAT! I move at a fast pace with everything, but she, Johnnyon-the-spot prepared and had everything ready when I needed it. I loved her enthusiasm as well. She was really the deal-maker for my roommate and me in deciding that Champions Green was the place we wanted to be. - Victoria Pinson, Champions Green Apartments, Toured in November 2015 Your entire team was very attentive and helpful. They genuinely cared about helping me to find my home away from home. I appreciated their efforts. It was obvious that the staff has been well-trained and is happy with their work environment. The property manager was great also. Somehow she has found just the right balance between her professionalism and sense of humor to be an effective representative for your company, and a good, positive role model for her staff. The property is nice, but wouldn’t be worth much without the staff. Kudos. - Chris Howard, Fairways at South Shore Apartments, Toured in March 2015

I love EVERYTHING about Falcon Square! Violine and Luis in the leasing office are the two most sincere people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in a very long time! I didn’t feel pressured into renting and felt at home among friends with them, and at Falcon Square! I will definitely recommend Falcon Square to whoever needs a home! - Nadya Herrera, Falcon Square at Independence, Toured in December 2014

Michelle was great. She was knowledgeable about the property, saw to our needs as a family, and we never felt pushed to make a choice. We left and looked at one other property to make our decision. We were going to choose the other property due to more amenities on the grounds, but after dealing with their staff we chose Park Manor. The friendliness of the staff and the way we felt taken care of by Michelle outweighed the amenities at the other place. Thanks. - Kimberly Reed Park Manor Apartments Toured in February 2015

I would like to say that the customer service delivered at this location was beyond the Ritz Carlton. It’s the first time I have ever had more than one person in a team staff call me to see if I am still interested in the apartment. This not only made me feel special, it made me feel like someone important, like family. Thank you, Miguel, for the tour and the other two ladies who took the time to contact me. - Jeancarlo Gomez, Reflections on Sweetwater, Toured in July 2015

The apartment is for my parents who are moving from Baton Rouge to League City. Edgar is the associate who showed me exactly what my parents were looking for based on their needs. I have been apartment shopping for three months and have looked at everything. Stopping by your complex was by accident and I am glad I did because based on my recommendation my parents will be taking the apartment. Another shout out to Edgar. He was awesome and treated me like I was important whether I took the apartment or not. -

Reflections on Sweetwater is by far one of the best communities I have visited. I am thoroughly impressed with the grounds and the way they are kept. I am also impressed with the clubhouse and the landscaping. The asset that impressed me the most was Nikki, my leasing specialist. In the time that I have been a renter, I have never run into a leasing consultant or person as pleasant as Nikki. I was thoroughly impressed with her professionalism, knowledge, and dedication, and the apartments and their assets are unmatched. I can honestly say that she provides the type of customer care you remember for a lifetime. Before even taking a tour I was 80% in love with the complex just based on Nikki alone. - Sha Young, Reflections on Sweetwater, Toured in September 2014

- Timothy Glover, Fairways at South Shore Apartments, Toured in July 2015


Our tour was given by Dustin Crandall, and he was extremely helpful. The tour was very thorough and interesting - he answered questions I didn’t even thinkto ask, which was great considering how overwhelming apartment hunting can be. Over the eight or so apartment complexes I visited that day, he was by far the most helpful person. - Anna Lanier, Apex West Midtown Apartments, Toured in May 2015


I have not made a decision regarding the move, but if I do I am applying here. Thank you. I never felt pressured; I felt I would be valued as a resident. I was given all of the information I would need to make an informed decision based on how much money I would need to move in, and each month thereafter. No other apartment complex was this thorough. I got a real sense of honesty and integrity here. - Debbie Goolsby, Westminster at Buckhead, Toured in September 2015 Three employees stayed late on the night of Dec. 26th while I completed my apartment application. I’m afraid I don’t know their names, but the ladies worked quickly and the man made friendly conversation. They were willing to let me finish the application while they waited 15 minutes past the 6pm closing time, rather than making me drive an hour to do it the next day. Thanks! - Benjamin Berryhill, Wilshire Place Apartments, Toured in December 2014

It was such a pleasure meeting Nikki. She was extremely helpful and made the whole experience great. Also, she not only greeted every resident that passed us, but they greeted her as well and sometimes first. They even smiled and waved at her from their cars. That says a lot about how the staff interacts with the community and says a lot about Nikki and how she treats the residents. This was definitely not the case at other apartments I have visited. Residents would walk right past us and the leasing agent wouldn’t even stop talking to acknowledge the resident and vice versa. - Jacklyn Madden Reflections on Sweetwater, Toured in November 2014

Marcus Waston was an amazing leasing consultant. He answered all of my questions. He really went out of his way to show me all of my options regarding the garage walking distance and view. He made sure he had my information and followed up with a phone call and email regarding the apartments I saw after the visit to the community. Marcus should really be given recognition for taking the time to do all of this. i am not the easiest person to deal with but he kept me in line and informed me yesterday. - Cacorey Criswell Apex West Midtown Apartments Toured in September 2015

I love that it’s a small complex and has the feel of a townhouse community, not apartments. I love my garage! The grounds and the units are kept up nicely. Nice leasing and maintenance staff. - Kelli Borel, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Toured in January 2015 Very nice, neat, and clean. I knew this was our new home when I first drove in. Kevin was great, and he was actually what wrapped it up and locked in the deal. He’s great and deserves a raise. - Fritz Verbag Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Toured in October 2014 19


The New Resident Experience I just helped my newest residents move in! I’ve been working with them for weeks, so I’m just as excited as they are. After reminding them about our Live it. Love it. Guarantee™, where we

guarantee their happiness or they can move out, I walked them to their new home. I then presented them with a “Welcome Home” gift and handed them the keys. We want to make sure all our new residents have a great move in experience and, based on the

resident feedback coming in, they do! Check out what our newest residents have to say!

- jdv


The construction of the units is excellent, but your biggest strength is your staff. They have been so friendly and have gone further than any other apartment staff I've dealt with. They are very professional and have been excellent in answering any questions I’ve had. This went beyond move-in day. On a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks after moving in, one of my neighbors was playing his stereo VERY loudly. I tried blowing it off but decided to at least write an email through your online system asking for any guidance on what could be done. Within ten minutes of sending the email I received a phone call. I was informed that there is a specific noise policy they do enforce and was told the best way to handle that situation. The staff at every other apartment complex I've lived at wouldn't have worried about an email complaint until the next business day, and would basically have told me that I am on my own when it comes to noisy neighbors. - Charles Teel, West End Lodge Apartments, Resident since October 2014

I have been very impressed with the staff, the community, and my apartment. I am very excited and happy with my decision to move into Riverstone. Elizabeth was extremely understanding and patient with me throughout the entire process. All of the staff I have come in contact with have been very courteous and professional at the same time. Everybody has made it a point to make me feel welcome, and I do! - Justin Payne, Riverstone Apartments, Resident since October 2014

I found these apartments through an apartment leasing company. These were actually the first apartments they showed me and I instantly fell in love. The management is very helpful and made this move so easy. When my move-in date finally came and I picked up my keys, the woman from the office came upstairs with me just to make sure everything was perfect before I started moving my things in. They also had complementary pasta with plates, sauce, and a little bottle of wine, not to mention paper towels and toilet paper. I've never had such an amazing experience with any apartment complex. The people that live here are also so friendly. I get emails anytime anything is broken or is being fixed. Also a plus. I absolutely love this place! - Ashley Martinez, Zang Triangle Apartments, Resident since April 2015

I love living at Villa Lago! When I first toured the apartment, I knew this was the place for me. The office staff has been nothing but helpful. The community is well kept, and my apartment was perfect upon move-in. The complex has wonderful amenities. The price is competitive with the surrounding areas given all Villa Lago has to offer. I would recommend this community to any of my friends, and after having come to visit, they don't need any convincing! - Ashley Spencer, Villa Lago Apartments, Resident since March 2015


Amber Place Apartments are by far one of the best communities we have experienced. The leasing and move-in process was fast, and our leasing agent went far and above to make certain all of our questions were answered and that the transition was smooth. The grounds are beautiful, and we are overjoyed that the property welcomes our dog. We feel like we are finally home. - Wynona Perkins, Amber Place Apartments, Resident since January 2015

I transferred from one unit to another, and my property manager Christina O'Brien was very patient with me while making decisions on which apartment to choose, and when I would move. They made me feel like they care about me and appreciate me as a good tenant, and it made a difficult time in my life much, much better. Christina is a true professional, and very kind for working with me and my indecision about moving. Overall, I'm happy with my new place. - Jeanette Galvan, Bala Woods Apartments, Resident since August 2011

If you’re looking for an awesome community to call home, Carrington at Park Lakes is it! The grounds are beautifully kept, the staff is amazing, and they really make you feel welcome here! The units at the Carrington are phenomenal. I finally found a community that I am glad to be a part of!

Calais sets the mood and tone of the community from the moment you enter its doors. The level of professionalism from the staff compliments the quality of lifestyle Calais creates. With a number of great amenities, Calais seeks to assure your experience is luxurious and comfortable making it a truly great place to live.

- Shanyse Anderson, Carrington at Park Lakes, Resident since March 2015

- Carlos Barrantes, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Resident since August 2014

We’re very impressed with the property. It’s up-todate inside and out, clean and neat, and the staff goes above and beyond to welcome you and make you feel at home. We have been here a month now, and the staff treats us like friends instead of residents. My wife and I are very happy that we chose Calais Park to be our home. - John Mitchell, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Resident since May 2015 23

My move-in experience was great. The leasing rep was friendly and accommotdating. She escorted me to the door and assisted with getting me situated, making it a real, personal experience. The maintenance staff is friendly, helpful, and accommodating. The staff in the office is always pleasant and the Wi-Fi lounge is a huge convenience for me as a student, and my children. The pool area is beautiful and relaxing, and the picnic area is ideal for Sunday afternoon gatherings. I love it so far! - Marnae Eason, Park 9 Apartments, Resident since October 2011

South Shore Lakes is a great apartment community to live in. The move-in process was simple and straightforward, but it was after the move-in that we fell in love with the place. The layout of the buildings, the quiet atmosphere, the beautiful grounds… it’s the perfect apartment community for us. - Scott Ward, South Shore Lakes Apartments, Resident since October 2015

I think Park 9 is an amazing place to live, better than others I’ve been before. The staff is ALWAYS friendly, not only the first week or so. Maintenance always takes care of our issues and is very professional and nice.

Cypress Pointe is a beautiful community to live in. It’s located close to stores and other places in the city, yet it’s so quiet in the complex you would not realize it. It’s well kept on the outside and is very pleasing to the eye. I looked into - Luis Leon, many other apartments before choosPark 9 Apartments, ing this one. It’s the best there is! Resident since April 2015 - Gail Phillips, Cypress Pointe Apartments, Resident since April 2015 My husband and I moved to Carrington from Upstate NY. We had nothing to go on besides pictures of the complex and Everyone was really nice. I had a very online reviews. I was nervous moving short timeline to apply for an apartinto a new state, town, and apartment ment and everyone helped to move without even visiting! I would recom- the process along. I was very happy mend Carrington to anyone! This with the responsiveness of the mainapartment has exceeded our expec- tenance people as well. They got all of tations from the staff in the office, to my requests done the same day. Very the grounds, and the apartment itself. impressive, please keep that up! Also, The staff is always willing to help, and since I’ve moved in, Michaela has been if they don’t know the answers to your wonderful answering my emails when questions they will find out! Requests I have questions. Very happy resident are put in immediately and concerns so far. are taken care of promptly. I would - Kara Beck, tell anyone and everyone to look no Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, further! If you need a place to rent that Resident since February 2015 is safe, has the best staff you can ask for, beautiful grounds, and spectacular apartments, this is the place to come! 5 stars! College View is a very quiet, cozy, liv - Maribeth Lagendy, ing environment. The residents keep to Carrington at Park Lakes, themselves for the most part. MainteResident since July 2014 nance is very reactive to requests and flexible around your needs. Everyone in the front office is more than happy to help in any way they can. Beautiful landscaping and upkeep as well. - Grant Neal, College View Apartments, Resident since May 2015


Chez Moi provided an excellent movein experience. Although we had an unexpected issue when we arrived, the property’s team made sure it was taken care of as soon as possible. The grounds are in good shape with areas for pets to roam around, and there are little pet waste disposals here and there for our convenience. We’ve gone to one community event so far in the leasing office,

and the environment was warm and welcoming. I would definitely recommend Chez Moi to others looking for a safe and quiet apartment complex at a reasonable price. - Ernie May, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since September 2014

I have been very impressed with the staff, the community, and my apartment. I am very excited and happy with my decision to move into Riverstone. Elizabeth was extremely understanding and patient with me throughout the entire process. All of the staff I have come in contact with have been very courteous and near restaurants, shopping, and enprofessional at the same time. Everybody has made it a point to make tertainment. I absolutely love living here. me feel welcome- and I do! - Loren Coleman, - Justin Payne, Carrington at Park Lakes, Riverstone Apartments, Resident since December 2014 Resident since October 2014

My moving experience was great From the moment I first stepped foot with Westover Oaks. I had spent into the office at Raintree, my experi- weeks looking for an apartment ence has been wonderful. Everyone and was at the point of giving up. I on the staff has been nothing but walked into Westover Oaks and was friendly and welcoming. The ladies immediately shown an apartment. in the office are absolutely AMAZING! This was my first apartment and the Everything was exactly as promised girls in the front were really helpful and painless. I couldn’t have asked and communicated well. Overall, I for a better overall experience from was very satisfied & would definiteday one. Did I mention the ladies in the ly refer a friend. office are rock stars? - Mara Saldivar, - Dustin Anjo, Westover Oaks Apartments, Raintree Apartments, Resident since July 2014 Resident since September 2014

The Carrington is a wonderful place to live. The staff is extremely friendly and attentive. You feel like you’re at home as soon as you walk into the leasing office. The property is safe and is conveniently located

Living at Silverbrooke has been a very positive experience from the minute I walked into the leasing office to discuss my options. The staff is effective, efficient, and extremely pleasant. This is the only apartment I have lived in where I feel respected as a tenant.

My past experiences have been that they get in you in the apartment, all happy faces, and then when you need attention, you become a problem to deal with. I would highly recommend this complex to my personal friends and anyone looking for an apartment home. - Kim Renken, Silverbrooke Apartments, Resident since October 2014

The Preserve is a home away from home. The apartments are exceptionally clean, well appointed, spacious, and comfortable. The location to shopping and entertainment is perfect, you’ll never be bored. All staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. Being away from family is difficult. The Preserve makes it easier. - Raymond Weston, Preserve at Old Dowlen Apartments, Resident since June 2015


Tuscany at Lindbergh is a first-rate apartment complex. The staff is wonderful and so welcoming. My roommate and I live in a Piedmont unit and it is such a large living space compared to other complexes in the area. The amenities inside the unit are awesome. We had so much fun at the end of summer pool party; it really shows how the community comes together, and it’s truly a place to live and enjoy life! - Michele Menard, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Resident since August 2014

Nicole Brown was great. She was welcoming, knowledgeable, prompt, and professional. That type of attitude and quality encourages potential residents to become a part of the Villa Lago community. I love the upkeep of the grounds and landscaping. The feature of the car wash locations is a bonus, and it’s awesome that we have two dog park areas. - Amado Mendoza, Villa Lago Apartments, Resident since May 2015 This is an amazing complex and community to live in. The ladies in the leasing office are so helpful and we love them! The property management here is unlike any other we have dealt with in the past. They are timely, courteous, and they really do care about fixing any problem we may have. The maintenance team rocks, too! We wish we could stay here forever!

I’ve only been here a month, but I really feel like this place is pretty close to perfect. The staff is always courteous and professional; you definitely feel like a priority when you visit the office. They are always quick to respond to issues. It’s a very peaceful community which is great since I work from home. I’m glad I found Chez Moi, it’s been the best rental experience I’ve had to date.

- Hannah Skalsky, South Shore Lakes Apartments, Resident since May 2015

- Melaine Gonzalez, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since January 2014


Since Venterra took over, my experience living at The Vinings has drastically improved. People are very attentive and courteous. Work orders are taken seriously and processed according to need and urgency but do not take weeks to be completed. The improvements made to the community have been amazing. - Olga Presas, The Vinings Apartments, Resident since July 2014

The Dominion at the Woodlands has amazing customer service and knows how to keep their residents happy. If we have a complaint they take care of it right away. Maintenance is great and gets the job done in a timely fashion. I have to say, The Dominion is the best apartment complex I've seen in a while! - Courtney Campbell, Dominion at Woodlands Apartments, Resident since April 2015

The Fairways at South Shore has become home to my wife, son, and me. We have watched the hard work being put into making this place the best it can be every day. The office is wonderful. No issues with people. The floor plans are quite large for an apartment. A tour is a must if you’re looking for a financially motivating area with luxurious, almost elegant, living. It’s a nice place for sure, and well managed. - Ryan Seabranch, Fairways at South Shore Apartments, Resident since April 2015


Kelly Levesque is absolutely amazing! I've moved several times over the years and have had interactions with various property managers and people in rental positions. Of everyone I've ever worked with, Kelly was by far the best. To this day, I address any and all concerns to her, and she ensures everything gets rectified in a timely manner. - Mellissa Provorse, St. Andrews Apartments, Resident since March 2015

Great team management, really helpful. Muhammed helped us out tremendously. The entire staff was very nice and so happy for us. I couldn’t pick a better apartment to move into with my wife and two kids. They all love it here. We also enjoy the luxury of being close to Sugar Land and surrounding cities. Great location for schools. - Matthew Hoffmann, The Vinings Apartments, Resident since August 2015

This is truly an amazing complex. The employees here really try their hardest to make it a wonderful place to live, and it is. I personally haven’t gotten involved in the community aspect of the area yet, but it’s very impressive how much community drive the place has. That’s rare to find in an apartment complex. - Lauren Pennington, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Resident since December 2014

The Vinings is more than great and after three weeks here, we couldn’t be happier in our new apartment. We love the community. Venterra did well when buying this fairly new property, and they have been continuing to work to make things better, bringing everyone together as a family/team to keep the area looking great. The units are spacious and the layouts are well planned. The entire staff is extremely nice and is helpful with anything that may be needed at any time. Before, during, and after moving in, we received an abundance of offered help. That was a great relief, considering how difficult and lengthy a moving process can be. Whatever you need or want, The Vinings, if it doesn’t already have it, can most likely offer it and make it happen. When my girlfriend and I were apartment hunting, we looked at a lot of places and The Vinings was the only one we instantly knew was the right place for us. For anyone that doesn’t think highly of The Vinings right away, I strongly recommend just taking the time to swing by, or make an appointment to take a tour. You won’t be disappointed. The Vinings offers that luxury feeling and lifestyle, but it’s delivered in a more comfortable way, allowing you to be yourself and live & function the way you wish. Actual luxury apartment complexes have extremely high standards, but with tons of restrictions. Those places offered great things, but I don’t think I would have been comfortable living like that… not in the way The Vinings community has provided us so far. - Josh Bartczak, The Vinings Apartments, Resident since December 2014


We are very pleased to be in this community. We looked for a Venterra property because we lived in one before, and so far they have the best personnel and customer care out there. Carlyle Place is a wonderful place to live with affordable and beautiful apartments‌ everything here screams tranquility and comfort. We are recommending this place to everybody we know because it is just that good.

- Carla Cain, Carlyle Place Apartments, Resident since September 2004

Falcon Square is a beautiful apartment community in a great location. The staff is fantastic, the complex has great amenities, and the combination provides a real feeling of home. My husband and I are so happy that we chose Falcon Square when we moved from North Florida to the Orlando area. - Samantha Mullet, Falcon Square at Independence, Resident since July 2011

I enjoy living here at Park 9 very much! This is my first apartment and it was a transition from on-campus living. I was extremely worried but was pleased with the amenities, and the distance from campus is perfect. The staff is extremely welcoming and courteous and I get my questions or problems solved almost immediately. I just moved in and I already know that I’m going to renew my lease for another year! - Elisha Rodriguez, Park 9 Apartments, Resident since August 2014


I have lived in a variety of apartments over the past five years but never in my life have I ever had an experience like I have had here at the Landings of Brentwood. The staff went above and beyond to make sure I felt loved and welcomed in the community. The amenities and landscape are absolutely breathtaking. I would strongly recommend anyone who is interested, to check it out. - Steve Anderson, The Landings of Brentwood Apartments, Resident since November 2014

If you’re looking for a place to live that makes you feel comfortable when you first walk in the door, then Champions Woods is the place I recommend. The apartments are beautiful, the staff is friendly and professional, and the grounds are beautifully maintained. It’s a safe, gated community that takes pride in how things are done, and in keeping their tenants happy. - Laura Martin, Champions Woods Apartments, Resident since April 2015


Living at The Legacy is awesome. It's exciting to come home every day to such a beautiful, clean, and peaceful environment. The manager and her staff are exceptional in all aspects of making living at The Legacy a great experience. I would recommend our complex to anyone looking for a great place to live at an affordable price. - Arlene Giltz, Legacy at River Crossing Apartments, Resident since June 2015

Champions Woods has a great staff. When issues are brought up or if I need anything fixed it is taken care of almost immediately. My previous apartment was wonderful, but it seemed like I was on vacation or at a resort. Here at Champions Woods it is home. I absolutely love the apartment and atmosphere. I would and have recommended this place to anyone. I am so very happy to be living here. My friends and family can see how much happier I am, and proud to open my house and share quality time. Thank you! - Evelyn Fischer, Champions Woods Apartments, Resident since August 2014


The layout of the townhouse is incredible. I love the spaciousness and the open floor plan. I was concerned about traffic noise, but there was no need to fret. The townhouse is impressively insulated. Once I shut the door, the whole city and its noise disappear. Everyone I've met in the community has been incredibly kind. I moved from NY and I was clueless about Texas. The folks here are happy to share their love of Fort Worth, stuff to do, and places I can take my dog for fun. Speaking of dogs...everybody here has one, it seems. This only enhances the camaraderie among the residents. The dog park within the complex is a nice place to let my dog play. I love that the complex is small. It enhances a sense of community. I'd get lost in some of the other places I researched that have 800+ units. The cozy, quaint size of Monticello is one of the things that attracted me to this property. I was also glad to know they have a recycling program...rock on! Go green! Last but far from least, the staff. What can I say? They've been stellar! They have met all of my needs and have done so with expediency. The maintenance manager is clean-cut, highly skilled, and extremely prompt. The office staff always presents a professional attitude. They are consistently pleasant, helpful, and greet me with a smile. Think I'm exaggerating? I'm not. Trust me, I'm rabid about where I live. Maybe even a little neurotic about my surroundings. I need order and cleanliness. I work from home, thus my environment is crucial to my productivity. So for me to give such a glowing review is tantamount to spotting a unicorn on Main Street. Due to my high standards and critical nature, I rarely rave. Monticello is the exception, and I'm very happy to have the chance to say so! - Amy Ainsworth, Monticello Oaks Apartments, Resident since April 2015


Amber Place Apartments are by far one of the best communities we have experienced. The leasing and move-in process was fast, and our leasing agent went far and above to make certain all of our questions were answered and that the transition was smooth. The grounds are beautiful, and we are overjoyed that the property welcomes our dog. We feel like we are finally home.

My leasing agent Tiffany is super awesome! She made everything a breeze, and I felt so welcomed from the beginning. She's very professional and has the best personality! I really appreciate the fact that you guys have courtesy officers walking the grounds 24/7 now. - Domonique McMillian, Apex West Midtown Apartments, Resident since January 2015

- Wynona Perkins, Amber Place Apartments, Resident since January 2015

Not your average leasing agents... Westminster actually cares about its residents and takes the time to get to know them on a personal level. They are extremely responsive with any requests or questions. Customer service is what they pride themselves in. The location is great... just walking distance from shops, bars, shopping, etc. - Jeffrey Schnier, Westminster at Buckhead, Resident since January 2014


These are very nice, and spacious apartments. They are great for a person that likes living in the city and enjoys being amongst the crowd from time to time. Customer service from the leasing staff is awesome! - Christopher Trapp, Apex West Midtown Apartments, Resident since February 2015

Living at Silverbrooke has been very comfortable, and we are glad we chose these apartments. Not only was the application process easy, the staff responded right away to any questions we had and were always patient and polite. We got a response immediately and were living at our new home in a matter of days. The apartment and appliances were in excellent condition. I would definitely recommend Silverbrooke to anyone.

Fairways at South Shore is a very clean and modern apartment complex. The staff is quick to help and is kind. It’s in a great and safe neighborhood, and a 15-minute drive will get you to almost any place you want to go. The complex allows dogs, which is great. Overall, as someone who was not able to come visit before the lease signing, I would say that we made a great choice and I’d recommend this complex to almost anyone. - Cody Burgey, Fairways at South Shore Harbor, Resident since June 2015

- Rahab Figueroa, Silverbrooke Apartments, Resident since May 2015

Calais Park is a wonderful little community of apartments and is a stone's throw from the highway onramps, so the commute to work is a breeze. It’s also close to shopping and beaches. Downtown St. Petersburg is a straight shot from here, and there’s always something to do close by. It’s a good, all-around place to live. They just installed a new grilling station by the pool. I find myself cooking out there often. Thank you, Calais! - Matthew Mosher, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Resident since January 2015 34

I've only lived here a month but love it. The website keeps me informed and everyone is friendly, helpful, and it feels like home. I never hear any noise from neighbors, side or upper. All the grounds and pool are immaculate. Maintenance is quick and fixes things the right way. The staff has been friendly from the first day I looked to the present. I love the quietness and take advantage of the screened-in porch daily. - Cynthia Evans, Huntcliff Apartments, Resident since July 2014

The Landings of Brentwood has been absolutely wonderful. Everything from the staff to the apartments themselves have exceeded all of our expectations. The amenities are great and the facilities and pool are kept so clean. We would absolutely recommend the Landings of Brentwood for anyone who is looking for a place to call home.

I recently moved into this community. The first impression I received was quality and dedication of staff as they assisted in determining which apartment style would best suit my needs. The apartment style was found, requirements were met, and the first couple of concerns were taken care of. I am blessed to be able to call the Hamptons of Woodland Pointe home at this time, and pray the quality of regard never changes. From apartment to service, this has been a great experience. - Douglas Cobern, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Resident since April 2015

- Kate Buckner, The Landings of Brentwood Apartments, Resident since August 2014

We moved into The Landings a month ago. We’re not sure we will take advantage of the beautiful pool, fantastic fitness center, or great tennis courts, but we are sure that we love our spacious apartment, the wooded views, the staff, and most of all, we love making the turn into the Landings and driving up to our apartment home. Best move we have ever made! - George and Leah Salem, The Landings of Brentwood Apartments, Resident Since October 2014


Falcon Square at Independence is a great place to live. Aside from the apartments being beautiful, the staff is amazing. Any maintenance concern is addressed right away. One time I needed a lightbulb and 20 minutes later they were at my door and even offered to put it in for me if I couldn't reach the fan. The complex always has great things going on. It really feels like a community more than an apartment complex. I'm very happy here and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home!

I really like the environment at French Place Apartments. It's not a massive complex, and that promotes simple pleasures not really planned on. You end up with neighborly friends and courteous encounters in your walks to and fro. It’s a gated community and landscaped very nicely in a French Villa sort of way. The location is great, one mile to downtown and still living in the quieter side of the block where there are many beautiful old Victorian homes. If you want to live in serenity, this is it.

- Amanda Meli, Falcon Square at Independence, Resident since January 2015

- Douglas Bozarth, French Place Apartments, Resident since February 2015

The Preserve is a home away from home. The apartments are exceptionally clean, well appointed, spacious, and comfortable. Location to shopping and entertainment is perfect, you'll never be bored. All staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. Being away from family is difficult. The Preserve makes it easier. - Raymond Weston, Preserve at Old Dowlen Apartments, Resident since June 2015

We cannot say enough about the impeccable appearance of this entire community, including all of the buildings and grounds. The overall design is charming. Just as important, the staff is not only extremely accommodating, but also very, very friendly. There is a host of fun activities to get the neighbors together to get to know each other as well. We are completely satisfied and happy in our new home. - Jane Mostaccio, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe Apartments, Resident since September 2014


The Hamptons at Woodlands Pointe is an AWESOME place to call HOME. We are nestled next door to beautiful Percy Priest Lake. I'm pretty sure my dog thinks he has died and gone to Heaven since he has so much outdoor activity to take in. These apartment homes each have their own ground floor entrance and feel more like a townhouse than an apartment. Every floor plan here is unique and most even come with attached garages. The staff here even plans monthly parties to get the residents involved. - James Blackwelder, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe Apartments, Resident since April 2015

Falcon Square at Independence is a great place to live. Aside from the apartments being beautiful, the staff is amazing. Any maintenance concern is addressed right away. One time I needed a lightbulb and 20 minutes later they were at my door and even offered to put it in for me if I couldn't reach the fan. The complex always has great things going on. It really feels like a community more than an apartment complex. I'm very happy here and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a home! - Amanda Meli, Falcon Square at Independence, Resident since January 2015

I really like the environment at French Place Apartments. It's not a massive complex, and that promotes simple pleasures not really planned on. You end up with neighborly friends and courteous encounters in your walks to and fro. It’s a gated community and landscaped very nicely in a French Villa sort of way. The location is great, one mile to downtown and still living in the quieter side of the block where there are many beautiful old Victorian homes. If you want to live in serenity, this is it. - Douglas Bozarth, French Place Apartments, Resident since February 2015

The Preserve is a home away from home. The apartments are exceptionally clean, well appointed, spacious, and comfortable. Location to shopping and entertainment is perfect, you'll never be bored. All staff is knowledgeable, helpful, and courteous. Being away from family is difficult. The Preserve makes it easier. - Raymond Weston, Preserve at Old Dowlen Apartments, Resident since June 2015

We cannot say enough about the impeccable appearance of this entire community, including all of the buildings and grounds. The overall design is charming. Just as important, the staff is not only extremely accommodating, but also very, very friendly. There is a host of fun activities to get the neighbors together to get to know each other as well. We are completely satisfied and happy in our new home. - Jane Mostaccio, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Resident since September 2014

The Hamptons at Woodlands Pointe is an AWESOME place to call HOME. We are nestled next door to beautiful Percy Priest Lake. I'm pretty sure my dog thinks he has died and gone to Heaven since he has so much outdoor activity to take in. These apartment homes each have their own ground floor entrance and feel more like a townhouse than an apartment. Every floor plan here is unique and most even come with attached garages. The staff here even plans monthly parties to get the residents involved. - James Blackwelder, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Resident since April 2015 37


The Resident Experience Hearing and reading what our residents think about our communities always makes my day. Whether I’m on my property’s site or reading the numerous compliments that come in via

our online resident portal or resident surveys, reading their encouraging words truly puts a smile on my face.

- jdv


I found out about Riverstone Apartments through research on and have been very pleased with my decision to live here. It meets all of my requirements for a new home including safety, reasonable cost, washer and dryer in the unit, professional and courteous staff, and location. -Laura Lockwood, Riverstone Apartments, Resident since June 2014 The way maintenance requests are handled is amazing. They are very efficient and requests are usually handled the same day! Also, the option of paying rent online is a plus. Having two pools and lots of activities at the clubhouse makes it feel like a community. The landscaping is immaculate! -Sissy Jackson, Amber Place Apartments, Resident since August 2014 Amber Place is great for families, offering many ongoing activities to engage in. It appears that every aspect of one’s life is covered, such as mobile car washing, discount pizza nights, pool parties, and my favorite, bingo. The staff is very nice and though I rarely hang around the office, I am really impressed when they know who I am without giving my name. That is great customer service. - Patrice Hightower Amber Place Apartments, Resident since January 2015


When I step into the leasing office I always feel welcomed and cared about. When I’ve had a concern or an issue that needed to be addressed I have consistently received a fast and quality response. The level of customer service and professionalism is exceptional. There is a real sense of community here that I haven’t experienced anywhere else and I’ve lived

The staff is amazing. They are all friendly, courteous, and helpful. The maintenance crew knows what they’re doing and issues are handled in a very timely manner. The grounds are nicely kept. I feel safe and secure here. This has been the best place I have lived. - Nina Daniel, Willow Springs Apartments, Resident since April 2013 in two states, so that’s saying a lot. Hands down, this is the best apartment community I’ve ever lived. Thanks, Wilshire Place Apartments.

first place. Six years later, I’m still here. I’m so happy Nikki is back! Miguel is awesome too! He makes sure I get everything I need when or if I have a - Quancy Carl, problem. The maintenance guys are Wilshire Place Apart ments, awesome as well! From Mr. Lopez to Resident since March 2014 Robert they are all great. - Shirley Braxton, Reflections on Sweetwater, Our current manager Wesley takesResident since November 20, 2009 care of any issues immediately and with the utmost respect. Bettie is the kindest and most loving person I The Landings is a great place to live. have ever met and we wouldn’t have I’ve lived here for three and a half chosen this place if it weren’t for her. years. They are always attentive and quick to respond to maintenance Rene keeps the place happy and joyful! Everyone on the maintenance requests. I run on the primitive trail in the woods often and have scared staff is a very hard worker. up deer quite frequently. It is safe here - Jodie Swift, for my ten-year-old and is caring and The Ravinia Apartments, quiet as a community. Overall I am Resident since May 2015 very satisfied. Nikki is awesome. She was here when I first signed my lease at The Reflections and is the reason I signed in the

- Frank Borst The Landings of Brentwood, Resident since July 2010

Estancia at Morningstar has been a wonderful place to live and I plan to renew for a third year. If you’re looking for spacious luxury apartments, reasonable rates, access to major highways, dining, and shopping, this is the place for you. The property staff is great. I love how the residents are kept engaged with events for the kids and appreciation events for the adults. It’s like one big happy family at Estancia at Morningstar. - Andre Phelps, Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, Resident since December 2012

This is an excellent place to live. The apartments are well-designed, maintained, luxurious, and look and smell new, while the grounds are well landscaped. The staff is courteous and professional, and maintenance does a good job of completing requests satisfactorily within a - Joshua Smith, reasonable amount of time. - Joseph Cersosimo, Falcon Square at Independence, Westover Oaks Apartments, Resident since May 2015 Resident since February 2014

We’ve lived at many different residential communities in and around central Florida and this community’s staff is by far the friendliest we’ve had. I look at the office staff as friends and family of the community since their dispositions and personalities are like that of a friendly neighbor. Well done.

South Shore Lakes has given our family the best apartment living experience to date. We feel comfortable and safe here. It’s nice to have amenities like the fitness center, Dog Park, business center, and pools at our disposal. We also rented a garage at a great rate and love having access to our belongings instead of having to drive elsewhere. The apartment size is nice and roomy. The maintenance staff is beyond nice and the office staff is punctual and professional. I have nothing but good opinions about our experience here at South Shores. - Beth Gonzales, South Shore Lakes Apartments, Resident since May 2014

I’m not in the leasing office often, but when I do stop in my presence is always immediately acknowledged. If they are with a resident or future resident, they let me know that they’ll be right with me. I appreciate that they give me the same attention they do future residents. The staff is a large part of why I love it here. They are friendly, professional, knowledgeable, and go out of their way to ensure I’m happy with Westminster. I’m quite happy indeed! - Debra Quintero, Westminster at Buckhead, Resident since September 2014

I’ve lived here about a year now and I have to say that I am still 100% satI’ve heard bad stories of maintenance isfied. The neighbors are friendly, and the office staff is amazing and goes work at other apartment complexes above and beyond with their cusin the area. I’ve lived here for some tomer service. The ladies at the front time and don’t have that problem. I office are genuine with how they treat believe we have the best maintethe residents and that’s a big plus for nance crew in Pasadena, TX based my husband and me. If we ever need on response time and completion of anything they are there to help out in maintenance request. You can’t do any way they can. As for the apartments much better than that! themselves, everything is clean and - Mark Burden, well-kept. I also feel very safe. Thank Willow Springs Apartments, you, Cypress Pointe! Resident since October 2011 - Cathrine Olaes, Cypress Pointe Apartments, Resident since September 2014


I found out about Riverstone Apartments through research on and have been very pleased with my decision to live here. It meets all of my requirements for a new home including safety, reasonable cost, washer and dryer in the unit, professional and courteous staff, and location. - Laura Lockwood, Riverstone Apartments, Resident since June 2014 Overall we love our apartment here and plan on staying as long as possible. The complex is kept clean and flawless. We feel at home here, and safe. The staff is fantastic and have always been inviting. We pay a little more here because it’s a beautiful place, and we would recommend it to anyone.

got a voicemail from Taylor telling me that I had something to pick up at the office. When I got down there, they had a cupcake and a get-well card for me! I can’t tell you how much that meant to me - Daniel Grady, - they really go above and beyond to Villa Lago Apartments, make me feel like family here. Resident since March 2013 - Toni Cecil, Westminster at Buckhead, Resident since May 2014 Tuscany at Lindbergh is a great apartment community! The staff knows us by name and apartment number, which is an awesome feeling. The office staff is awesome. I’ve never lived where the office staff is friendly after We actually have names and aren’t just a dollar sign to them! For those of the signing of the lease. They go the extra mile here to make sure you are us who are dog owners, it’s so welhappy. With the well-lit parking lot I’m coming to have a maintenance staff not afraid to come in after dark. Mainthat knows our dogs’ names! I don’t know who’s happier to see each other, tenance is excellent. When you put in a request it is taken care of in a friendly and the dogs or the staff! professional manner. - Debra Anderson, - Floydean Hair, Tuscany at Lindbergh, Villa Lago Apartments, Resident since August 2014 Resident since October 2014


I love the general location of the property which is conveniently close to everything. The management and staff are what I love most about living here. Everyone is wonderful, particularly Kristin and Taylor, and I feel valued as a tenant. When I walk into the office I get hugs and smiles, and it makes my day. I was sick for a few days a couple of months ago and

The staff keeps the property looking great. They are all friendly and courteous to me. I feel at home here, like they put a warm blanket around me. I will tell everyone to come here for a great experience. - Sherrie Bostick, Reflections on Sweetwater, Resident since May 2009

I can’t say one bad thing about any of the staff, they are all amazing. All are pleasant and very knowledgeable about the company as a whole. I’m glad I’m here. I’m looking forward to a second or ground floor unit to become available. I would recommend this place to anyone, single or family. - Lyane Foreman, St. Andrews Apartments, Resident since September 2014 It’s been great living at The Vinings. I love walking my two little dogs every day and having the opportunity to enjoy the landscaping and natural beauty of the gardens. I highly recommend The Vinings in every way. The office staff and maintenance are very professional and helpful. - Katherine Moreno, The Vinings Apartments, Resident since February 2014 Carlyle Place is a wonderful place to live. It is nicely maintained, quiet, and safe. The management is extremely friendly and happy to help. I didn’t have any issues with my apartment until seven months in when my disposal and fridge stopped working. Maintenance responded within one day and

everything was fixed by the time I got everything was fixed by the time I got back from class. The apartment is a one minute drive to my school and the medical center. Everything about this place is great. I would 100% recommend it to anyone. - Blair Lenhan, Carlyle Place Apartments, Resident since July 2014 Ravinia apartments are wonderful! The staff makes you feel welcome anytime you interact with them. They are friendly and helpful. The unit we live in felt like home when we first stepped inside, and the layout is wonderful. We recommended this place to a family member who is now moved in, and he loves it as well. We will definitely be renewing our lease! - Jaklin Cupp, Chez Moi has made me feel quite welcome in the large and busy Austin area. The Ravinia Apartments, From my first visit and tour, it seemed like a place where I could feel comfortable. Resident since April 2014 The staff is friendly and the grounds are well maintained. It’s a safe, clean, welcoming environment that is well suited to anyone looking for a home that has a good community vibe without the craziness associated with some other I’ve lived at Belterra for nearly 22 months and it’s been the best apart- apartments. Any issues have been addressed graciously, and I can imagine that I’ll be here for a very long time. Definitely recommended! ment complex I’ve ever lived in. Any issues that arise are taken care of - Geoffrey Futch, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since June 2015 swiftly and efficiently by management. The front office is very diligent and Willow Springs to anybody who room right outside the bedroom. friendly when it comes to communiwould inquire about living here. garage is an EXCEPTIONAL space cation. Anytime a friend asks me to - Wesley Wack, addition! As an engineer, I couldn’t recommend a place to live in the North Willow Springs Apartments, have set it up better myself! I would Fort Worth area, I immediately recomResident since July 2013 recommend this complex to mend Belterra. The prices are good, anyone looking to have the comfort amenities plentiful, and the environand ease of living that you don’t get ment is perfect for singles and families Carrington at Park Lakes has the when you OWN your property. It’s alike. most friendly and resourceful - Kristen Mercer, staff. They are prompt with any Belterra Apartments, issues of concern that may come Resident since September 2014 about which are almost non-exis-

tent. We LOVE the saltwater pool, I really enjoy the quietness and clean- the private driveway and attached and the industrial grill unit. We also liness of the facility. Since living here, love the setup of our two bedroom I haven’t had one negative response about the living conditions. The man- space with the second bedroom agement is very helpful and accept- being across the living and kitchen ing of our needs. The maintenance pro space from the Master bedroom. It gram and work are among the most provides a lot of privacy for guests, professional. I would recommend office use, etc., with its own bath-


- Lisa Christoph, Carrington at Park Lakes, Resident since May 2012


Cedar Springs has been a great place to live. The community is safe and quiet. The staff is great to work with and you can trust them with any issues you may have. The apartment itself is nice and it’s a great price for the space. Also, it is really close to stores, work, entertainment, and more. We made the right choice when we chose Cedar Springs. - Calvin Harding Jr., Cedar Springs Apartments, Resident since June 2014

Danielle Roberson has made quite an impression towards my overall satisfaction here at Chez Moi Austin. She’s exactly the type of person you’d like to have on a team. She is easy to talk to about my living experience. Most importantly I know I can be candid about any issue and she won’t give me the typical, “it’s the best we can do” response. Instead, she goes out of her way to explain an issue. Danielle has mitigated my concerns with her extensive knowledge of her workplace and excellent customer service. - Humberto Lumbreras, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since August 2014


“Would You Recommend Venterra to Your Friends and Family?” People like us, they really like us! Over this past year alone, 18,792 residents have said “Yes” to the question “Would you recommend Venterra to your friends and family?” We love being liked and it’s all because of the great people that Venterra hires.

- jdv




The Service Request Experience Almost every renter will need to request the help of a Maintenance Technician at some point during their residency. At Venterra, I LOVE that I can count on our maintenance teams’ delivery on service! They

are committed to providing the best experience possible for our residents; so, when it comes to responding to service requests and exceeding the resident’s expectations, I know they’ll get it done. And I can back it with a 48-hour Maintenance Guarantee. Our

maintenance teams take pride in their work and it shows in the feedback from our residents. Take a look!

- jdv



I noticed my air conditioner wasn’t cooling at about 7 pm. I decided to enter a work request that evening with the expectation that the work might be completed the next day. Much to my surprise, Jose came to my door thirty minutes later and had my air working that evening! I was delighted, and I thought the response was above and beyond! To have Jose immediately respond was phenomenal. I really didn’t mean to make Jose get called out so late in the evening! He is a lovely man and always, always friendly and helpful! - Barbara Acker, College View Apartments, Resident since March 2011

Rick and Barry did a fantastic job completing my service requests. They responded quickly and fixed every issue very fast. Rick arrived with all the tools necessary to complete each job. Barry arrived shortly after to help with the issues that required two sets of hands. I am very satisfied with their professional service. - Roger Murphey III, Amber Place Apartments, Resident since August 2010

Robbie was top-notch; first class all the way! I can't thank you enough for being thorough and finding the problem with my air conditioner. It felt so good to walk into my apartment and feel the cool air. It has been a huge relief for me, and I can finally sleep comfortably again. Thanks again for your professionalism and for going above and beyond. - Karla Albrecht, Belterra Apartments, Resident since August 2014

I had a problem with the kitchen light which required several visits. John Wells, the professional that he is, was so frustrated with it that he just put in an updated lighting fixture. Now it works beautifully. I also noted that John installed a bedroom fan and my sleep has never been so good. Thank you! - Amy Witt, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Resident since December 2012

I left a phone message around 7:00 am and didn’t expect anyone to show up until much later. I figured I was going to be very late for work, but to my surprise, Jose showed up around 7:30 and was able to fix my garage so I could leave. It took him about 15 minutes, and then I was on my way. Great response time! - Darcea Quaye, Park at Waterford Harbor Apartments, Resident since October 2014

The Maintenance staff at Estancia is a tightly run ship. I’ve lived here nine years and have never experienced a problem with Jorge’s team. He hires good people and leads in a way that everyone is happy. The entire team speaks to the residents and they take great pride in their work. - Nola Blackwell, Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, Resident since March 2006 49


The power in my bedroom went off completely when I turned my ceiling fan on, and I couldn’t get it to come back on even when switching the breaker. This happened at 1:30 am. Maintenance was at my door at 9 am to fix the problem and even showed me how to make sure the breaker goes completely off and back on. I was super impressed and happy with how quickly my request was responded to. - Danielle Cagney, Falcon Square at Independence Apartments, Resident since March 2014

Carlos M. Reyes of Chez Moi Apartments is seriously the best maintenance man there is. Give this man a raise, a promotion, and a brand new car. I had three maintenance issues, and within one day he not only fixed them but fixed them with the highest of quality. Once again, I give my highest praise to Carlos. Chez Moi is unbelievably fortunate to have him. - Humberto Lumbreras, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since August 2014 The maintenance supervisor, as well as his staff are awesome! He’s very friendly, professional, and efficient. He calls to let me know he’s received my voicemail and he works long hours. I was especially impressed the day of my repairs. We had a flash flood warning and he and his team worked very late and in terrible weather to ensure that the needs of the property and residents were not ignored. The entire property management team here is wonderful! - Kathleen Blanchard, Forest View Apartments, Resident since June 2014

The gentleman who came over to address my air conditioning issue was very kind, quick, and seemed to genuinely care about the problem. He was happy to explain things if I had questions, and managed to get the entire job done in a very timely manner. He should be commended for his manner and work ethic. - Geoffrey Futch, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since January 2015 AWESOME service as usual. My air conditioning wasn’t working properly and the maintenance men were here twenty minutes after I sent in my request. I’ve lived here for fifteen months now and have never had a service call that wasn’t responded to immediately and professionally. They even followed up the next day to make sure everything was okay. It’s the best group I’ve ever seen. Many thanks! - Corie Ho, Village Walk Apartments, Resident since May 2014 This was the BEST maintenance request processed for me in two years. I’d had a piece of cardboard on my thermostat blocking the bright blue light. When I came home from work there was a completion notice for the repair I had requested and a note that they had set the light on the thermostat to go off after ten seconds after any button is pushed. They also replaced the filter in the furnace and replaced the battery in the smoke detector. I would like to commend the individual that went above and beyond for my request. Carlos was the maintenance guy that came to fix my door. I’ve come to know him and trust him. He NEVER complains about his job. He’s always in high spirits, respectful, polite, and conversational. In fact, when he came the last time, I gave him some DVDs I was about to take to Goodwill, and he mentioned that he’d give some of the chick flicks to the girls in the front office. An hour or so later he showed back up to bring me lunch from Jimmy John’s as a thank you for giving him the DVDs! - Megan Smith, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since July 2013



The Renewal Experience I get so excited when residents renew their leases! It’s awesome how many people love their living at a Venterra community and I love reading the feedback from our most tenured residents!

- jdv


This is one of best communities. It’s near to schools, the hospital, and shopping places. The leasing and maintenance staff are very friendly. Most maintenance requests are completed on the same day. This is simply awesome, and it shows the management’s dedication to the residents’ satisfaction. I’ve lived in many apartments in Austin, but so far, this is the best community. - Divyalakshmi Chandrasekar, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since May 2014 We love Molly, she’s very good at what she does for this property. I love how she takes care of business. Not only does she care how it looks outside, she also cares for us residents. It’s very nice to come home and feel proud of your home and know that any problem or issue will be immediately taken care of. - Leslie Creel, College View Apartments, Resident since October 2014 I’ve only been here a few weeks and so far I love my apartment. I love the cleanliness and professionalism of the Cypress Pointe Community. I could not have picked a better place to live. My entire family is happy and grateful to be residents of Cypress Pointe. Special Thanks to Patti! - Consqailla Payne, Cypress Pointe Apartments, Resident since February 2015 If you’re looking for a beautiful, quiet, and well-maintained apartment complex, this is the place. It has tons of storage space, wonderful neighbors, and a fantastic office and maintenance staff. It’s by far the best place I’ve ever lived. I researched many other apartment complexes before choosing this one. This is definitely a winner. - Donna Coulter, Cypress Pointe Apartments, Resident since July 2014


The Dominion is truly a COMMUNITY. It offers all the amenities of a luxury environment but gives the

The Legacy community is superior to other complexes. When a maintenance crew takes your concerns to heart it means a lot to a resident. A friendly staff that goes the distance to help satisfy an individual’s unique needs is customer service not often found in this day and age. My career brought me to Macon, and not knowing anyone, Legacy made me feel right at home. - Robert Herrick Jr., Legacy at River Crossing Apartments, Resident since October 2013 feel of a small town home. The staff is always welcoming, and above all, caring. I am so happy with my choice and couldn’t have asked for a better out of state move!

was responded to. - Danielle Cagney, Falcon Square at Independence, Resident since March 2014

- Chelsea Arrington, Dominion at Woodlands Apartments, Huntcliff quickly addresses issues and Resident since July 2014 notifies me by email. The staff works hard to maintain Huntcliff and make it an exceptional place to live. I highly recommend Falcon Square - Cynthia Evans, to everyone. This community is simply Huntcliff Apartments, the best. We’ve lived here since 2009 Resident since July 2014 and we love it. We feel safe here. All of our neighbors are very friendly and we care about each other. The staff is As always, my experience has been wonderful, especially Luis, the assistant quite pleasant. The staff, from Manager. We love him. We are truly the front desk to the maintenance blessed to be part of this community. workers, always seem to care about - Nancy Socorro, any concerns I may have. They work Falcon Square at Independence, quickly to resolve any issues, and I’m Resident since October 2009 more than happy to recommend this community to others who are looking for a similar experience. They make it feel like a home, which is precisely The power in my bedroom went off completely when I turned my ceiling fan what I was hoping for when I moved on, and I couldn’t get it to come back on here. even when switching the breaker. This - Geoffrey Futch, happened at 1:30 am. Maintenance was Chez Moi Apartments, at my door at 9 am to fix the problem Resident since January 2015 and even showed me how to make sure the breaker goes completely off and back on. I was super impressed and happy with how quickly my request

I love Timber Mill! The staff is always helpful and always on time with whatever concerns I have. I was assisted by the maintenance/ staff when my vehicle was disabled, and within two minutes they had it working again. I feel safer at Timber Mill than I ever have at other complexes, and have only good things to say about the parking situation. In all, Timber Mill is a wonderful place to live, and I can see myself living here for several more renewals! - Catlain Hein, Timber Mill Apartments, Resident since January 2014 I’m going on my third year in the community and have never had any Wilshire Apartments have the best, most caring employees in all departregrets for choosing Calais Park as my ments. Questions or maintenance requests are taken care of in a professional home. Management is awesome. manner. When any worries come up, I feel safe knowing the security staff is at They are kind, courteous, and your door in no time. It is an extremely laid back and quiet apartment complex professional. The maintenance staff with employees who treat you like you are part of their family. Who could ask should have a different title, like “Buildfor anything better? ing Maintenance Engineers”, they cer- Dawn Schwarz, Wilshire Place Apartments, Resident since June 2013 tainly are the jack-of-all-trades. I trust them in my home and when I return it never looks like they were there, except Champions Green is a great comWestover Oaks is a great commufor the completion paperwork left on munity. They are very attentive and nity. I came on a vacation trip during the counter. responsive to your needs. The office March of 2014 and after reviewing staff is great; whenever I need to visit ten other communities I fell in love - Vivian Terrell, them I am always greeted with a smile. with Westover Oaks. The office staff Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, I have, and will continue to recomis excellent and is always willing to Resident since July 2012 mend this community to friends help, with big smiles. They have great and my staff. communication with the residents. I “My wife and I have only been at - Kenneth Davis, love this place! Champions Green Apartments, - Jeannette Quinnones-Rivera, Carrington for a few months, but Resident since May 2009 Westover Oaks Apartments, every request we’ve put in has been Resident since June 2014 completed promptly with plenty of documentation and the opportunity to give feedback. The staff keeps the Chez Moi apartments offer spacious entire complex absolutely spotless. layouts in a beautiful setting near the This apartment complex is aweAlso, for anyone moving in, they go Walnut Creek Greenbelt. The pool is some! It’s quiet, yet the residents I above and beyond cleaning apartgreat, and the on-site gym is a godhave encountered are very friendly. ments before move-in. Every week send with weight training as well as Tracey and her team in the leasing there are professional apartment aerobic machines. The landscaping is office are also VERY friendly and liscleaning services all over the comgorgeous. The grounds are clean, atten to any questions or concerns. The plex. Awesome community, great tractive, and well maintained. Having grounds are well maintained and I am facilities, a wonderful place to live” a garage is a rare luxury for apartment very happy I decided to rent here. living. I love living here. - Joseph Monteith, - Dianne Vela, - Philip Winfrey, Chez Moi Apartments, Resident since June 2014

Carlyle Place Apartments, Resident since January 2015

Carrington at Park Lakes, Resident since August 2014 55

As a young professional living at Providence of Northlake, I am very impressed with this community. The grounds are always kept clean and anytime I’ve had an issue, it has been quickly resolved. After a long day at work, I know I am coming home to peace and quiet. I love the staff because they value my time and answer my questions promptly. One of the things I like most is how well they keep the community informed of any events that are happening. It really feels like home. - Chari Mackey, Providence of Northlake Apartments, Resident since June 2013

I have lived here for over a year now and plan to stay until I purchase a house. I’ve lived in other apartments in the area and this is by far the best. The office staff and maintenance men are ALWAYS friendly and prompt. I love the turtle pond and putting green. I would definitely recommend this beautiful and quiet community to anyone! - Amanda Jarvis, South Shore Lakes Apartments, Resident since March 2014

Estancia at Morningstar is a wonderful community! We have been treated with nothing but kindness and warmth. Everyone here is willing to help solve situations if they arise, and maintenance is quick and efficient. The grounds are always kept clean. We also love that it is pet-friendly! It makes a huge difference. We highly recommend this property to anyone.

friendly and helpful. Also, the grounds and pool are well maintained. They’ve made some significant changes at the pool and the upstairs clubhouse which are very attractive. - Dorthy Speer, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Resident since September 2009

I feel like the maintenance staff went - Sabrina Smiley, above and beyond to help me move my Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, Christmas tree! I’m very thankful that Resident since July 2012 I didn’t have to move it to the dumpster myself and was surprised to hear that they would be willing to help me move it. There are many reasons I enjoy living Sending a special thanks to the maintenance staff! at Falcon Square- the conservancy area at the back of my apartment, - Amy Leet, safety, convenient location to work, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, church, and shopping, the many Resident since June 2010 areas to bike and walk within a quiet nature environment, and the office and maintenance staff. Luis and Vania Calais Park is a lovely place to live. The are a true delight; I love those guys! I grounds are well kept, the apartments enjoy conversing with the staff, and are huge (with walk-in closets!) and the their work ethic is admirable. staff is professional, friendly, cooper- Marjorie Mouton, ative, and go beyond the call of duty Falcon Square at Independence, whenever possible. The maintenance Resident since November 2013 staff in particular just couldn’t be better. I’m very happy with my choice to live here. Tuscany at Lindbergh is overall a - Amy Witt, great living experience. The mainCalais Park Lofts & Apartments, tenance and office staff are very Resident since December 2012 Huntcliff continues to live up to its standards as far as I am concerned. The staff is always willing to bend over backwards to help if you need it and no matter where you see staff members or maintenance personnel, you are greeted as though you had lived here forever. Keep up the great work! - Sherry Synatzske, Huntcliff Apartments, Resident since March 2013 My wife and I have only been at Carrington for a few months, but every request we’ve put in has been completed promptly with plenty of documentation and the opportunity to give feedback. The staff keeps the entire complex absolutely spotless. Also, for anyone moving in, they go above and beyond cleaning apartments before move-in. Every week there are professional apartment cleaning services all over the complex. Awesome community, great facilities, a wonderful place to live. - Joseph Monteith, Carrington at Park Lakes Apartments, Resident since August 2014


Since we stepped into this community we fell in love with the place. Everybody was so friendly, even the residents- much different from where we came from. Tracy was so attentive and enthusiastic that we didn’t question making Carlyle Place our new home. Now, after a month, our babies (doggie and kitty) and we couldn’t be happier with our space and all the amenities this place has to offer. We are already recommending Carlyle Place to all of our friends and family! - Carla Cain, Carlyle Place Apartments, Resident since August 2014 Living at Willow Springs has been great. The office and maintenance staff are the best. Maintenance issues are always taken care of in a quick and courteous manner. The grounds are regularly kept up and always look nice. I feel very safe living at Willow Springs. I’ve lived at Willow Springs for approximately seven years

and would not live anywhere else. - Nina Daniel, Willow Springs Apartments, Resident since August 2011 We have been residents of Champions Woods for four months now and love it. The office staff, Flora, and Chioke are so respectful, friendly, and helpful. They immediately take care of any situation that arises, and with complete professionalism. We are happy to call Champions Woods our home. It’s beautiful here with the well-kept landscape. They have a great gate system which helps to prevent vandalism. We would recommend this complex to anyone, single or family.

customer” and a “filled unit”. I have managed properties, leased properties, & sold properties. I’ve raised three children in apartment communities and have to say that Venterra has been unparalleled in its commitment to this property and its inhabitants. I love living here. I enjoy my neighbors and I feel welcome, safe, and appreciated. I sell houses for a living and for me, Champions Woods is the right choice for where I am in my life and career, and for the quality of life I seek. - Hart Parris, Champions Woods Apartments, Resident since June 2008

- Brenda Nolan, Champions Woods Apartments, Resident since October 2014 As a single parent, I have been an apartment dweller for close to thirty years. I’ve lived where I was “just a tenant”, “an annoyance”, “a valued



I love reading notes and letters from our residents. It just shows how much they enjoy living at our communities and love our staff! And who doesn’t love a handwritten note? So memorable! -jdv 59


I have lived in rental properties for the past twenty five years and can state unequivocally that the Dominion at the Woodlands has given me my best experience by far. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Dominion at the Woodlands represents my longest stay ever. The fact that I have lived here for seven years should speak for itself. I give the Dominion at the Woodlands the highest possible rating. I would recommend this property to anyone! - Anthony Onwuegbuzie, Dominion at Woodlands Apartments, Resident since June 2007 As working mother looking for a safe neighborhood and wanting access to toll roads for work and nearby shopping, I’ve been impressed with this community. There’s even access to the tourist areas around Orlando. This community is tucked away. Everyone has said hello to my family. The park is great, and the pools as well. The maintenance staff is awesome. If you want natural lighting and a warm cozy home nestled away, this is the one. We searched dozens of communities around Orlando and this was a breath of fresh air. The community is constantly growing. You want to be in a place that grows with you and your needs. The all-American theme of independence is so heartwarming. This is a great community. - Amanda Kiener, Falcon Square at Independence, Resident since February 2015

As a resident at Forest View, I have to say that I’m very pleased living here! I find it quiet, peaceful, and relaxing. I can enjoy taking a walk around my apartment complex while feeling safe here. It’s very well maintained and provides several programs and extracurricular activities. They have shown me what a compassionate relationship they have with their residents. - Kathleen Blanchard, Forest View Apartments, Resident since June 2014 I love this property, the management team, and my neighbors. Jeanna, Angela, and Travis are great managers and are always available. Especially Jeanna and her helpful, kind, always positive attitude in dealing with the residents and any needs they may have. She is definitely

an asset to the property and perfect for the front desk. I have recommended this property to my friends and others as a great place to live. - Vickie Carrington, Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Resident since November 2011 Integrity, uprightness, morality, and high principles, that’s how I describe the management and the staff here at Huntcliff Apartments in League City, TX! They are awesome! As for living at the Huntcliff Apartments, I can tell you that’s a decision well made by my wife and me. We are truly blessed with the apartment we have, and at an affordable price. Give them a try, you will not regret it! - Marcos Santana Mojica, Huntcliff Apartments, Resident since November 2014 61


The Move-Out Experience I get so attached to my residents that when they have to move out, it makes me really sad. But fortunately I know that I’ve done everything I can to make a lasting impression on them; and in a lot

of cases know they’ll be back. It amazes me that once you’re part of the family, you’re always part of the Venterra family. We offer ongoing Referral Rewards to our previous residents. Even after leaving Venterra, a resident that refers someone to us will be rehave to say even when their journey with us is ending. -


warded. I truly am amazed at the nice things Venterra residents


Angie was exceptional and helped us from the day we moved in. Quinn was one of the best and nicest people on the maintenance staff. John in maintenance was also exceptional. High marks to Quinn, John and Angie. All made the community a better place. - Angela Kohlhorst, Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, Moved Out January 2015

I will miss the community. - Tina Skeens, Carrington at Park Lakes, Moved out December 2015

We moved to Apex West Midtown from out of state. Great staff, location, and community. My wife and I were very satisfied with our time there. - Justin Harvey, Apex West Midtown Apartments, Moved Out May 2015

Ms. Sarah and Ms. Kellie were fantastic leasing managers. They met and exceeded my expectations of service. - Angelina Daniels, Cedar Springs Apartments, Moved out November 2015

Move out went smoothly with no delays or problems. The staff was very accommodating from the move in process throughout the move out. - Nancy Smith, Carrington at Park Lakes, Moved out December 2015 64

I hate to leave! Thanks for all your help. - Courtney Williams, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Moved out December 2015

Venterra and the Estancia staff were absolutely amazing! Stephanie and Lisa were the best while we were there. - Blake Maguire, Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, Moved out December 2015

You guys were awesome, my husband and I were completely happy with living at Cypress Pointe! - Cathrine Mae Campbell, Cypress Pointe Apartments, Moved out December 2015

The Staff was very attentive to any needs or concerns that I had during my time at Carlyle Place. - Norman Briggs, Carlyle Place Apartments, Moved out December 2015

Efficient and friendly staff. They answered all of my questions and made my transition easy . - Megan McIntire, The Landings of Brentwood, Moved out December 2015

No problems at all. The Dominion Staff were excellent. - Guy Corbett, Dominion at Woodlands, Moved out December 2015

I was sorry to leave. You all were wonderful! - Dorothy Jorgensen, Huntcliff Apartments, Moved out December 2015

The staff was great. Thank you. - Jennifer Williamson, Cedar Springs Apartments, Moved out November 2015

Living at West End Lodge Apartments was great. Maintenance responses and attention to needs by management were quick and professional. - Andrew Sekelsky, West End Lodge Apartments, Moved Out November 2014

Living at The Pointe Apartments was perfect! - Jennifer Fagen, The Pointe Apartments, Moved Out April 2015

Everything was exceptional while living at Timber Mill Apartments. Thank you. - Marcus Dangerfield, Timber Mill Apartments, Moved Out January 2015

I lived at Carlyle place for four years. It’s a nice community. It’s a great place for pets and has a wonderful office staff. - Debbie Higgins, Carlyle Place Apartments, Moved Out September 2014

Improvements to the community were happening in a very timely manner. Great transition of development. I will miss the community! - Jonathan Kelley, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Moved Out February 2015

I miss living there every day. - Rachel Gutierrez, The Enclave at 1550 Apartments, Moved Out March 2015



Can you believe this?

100% of Venterra communities are Top Rated on! When we received our first 8’ banner in my office showing off our Top Rated status, I was impressed – “100%” of anything has to be good, right?

Well, I looked further into it and found that only 6% of

the communities in the US that are listed on even qualified for the award.

So, yes! It’s impressive that all Venterra communities

- jdv

received such good reviews on and to know that we are Top Rated for the 3rd year in a row makes me happy!


At the center of the Venterra Experience lies our Culture. As highlighted in the beginning, Venterra’s culture is fully rooted in

our Core Values, Service Values, and our Employee Promises. They define our work environment and provide the foundation from which this organization was built.

With a strong foundation, Venterra is able to provide various experiences and FUN programs that allow the employees to fully express themselves. Some of my favorite programs and areas of enjoyment include our annual Kickoff party, Leadership Conference, Better Living program, and Susan G. Komen for the Cure participation. I also love that we celebrate our achievements—

- jdv

accolades, promotions, FUN, and allow the employees to have candid feedback!



One of my favorite things about Venterra is that we make time to have fun while recognizing each others’ accomplishments. One way Venterra does this is through our annual awards ceremony and Kick Off party. Instead of a day of work, we get to attend a celebration where we receive awards for all of our hard work. These themed parties produce great photo ops!







I Got Promoted

I’ll never forget this! I was already in love with Venterra and everything it stands for when I found out that I was being promoted to Community Manager of my community property! I was so excited and blown away! And to top it off, the other Community Managers instantly welcomed

- jdv

me. I even received a feature on Venterra’s Instagram page!



“I love Venterra. I was only in the industry for 2 years prior to working for Venterra, and have now been with Venterra for 5 years. I completely fell in love with Venterra and its values. We are not treated as employees; we are treated as people. I take pride in coming to work every day and share my experiences of Venterra with my team constantly. I have been promoted within Venterra 3 times, and I take pride that they promote from within.” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Houston Region

“The potential for growth within Venterra is outstanding. I started as a leasing consultant and within 2 years was managing a community. Venterra is an extremely employee-focused company that provides recognition and reward for hard work and achievement. There are so many avenues and opportunities to be heard and help shape the future of the company.” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Houston Region

“Venterra promotes from within before hiring outside and awards its employees for recruiting employees as well.” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Houston Region


Each year Venterra has a conference for the leaders (Community Managers, Maintenance





Senior teams)


Venterra to come together to network and discuss the projects and initiatives for the year. I have always heard great stories about this conference, and this year, I actually got to experience it! There was a trade show with some of Venterra’s top vendors, presentations from our Executives and Senior Management, lots of great takeaways, and FUN!

- jdv





I learned about a great benefit that Venterra offers called Better Living.

Through Better Living, Venterra encourages us to live better lives and to make a difference in the lives of others.

We have a Better Living website where

we can enter our goals and learn about and encourage others’ in their goals. Venterra also launched a Better Living contest that focuses on a different Better Living Challenge each month. Through these challenges, I’ve been able to tone and workout, save money, declutter, get more sleep…it’s been so great!

- jdv

Check out some of my favorite goals and pictures from my Venterra friends!




In 2014 LeAnn decided to make several changes to ensure her continued happiness and to create a better quality of life. With the help of her doctor she came

up with a plan of action to start a new journey that would create a change in her lifestyle and way of thinking about food and exercise. During the year she was able to reach a significant milestone in weight loss and is looking forward to her lifelong goal of maintaining a healthier lifestyle. Recognizing that her own change can inspire change in others truly makes LeAnn a Better Living Champion!

- jdv

To reward her for her for all of her efforts and inspiration, LeAnn received a $2,000 check at our Texas Kick-Off party!





It’s obvious that Venterra is passionate about helping others, which is why it was no surprise to me when I learned that Venterra supports Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Since 2008,

- jdv

Venterra has raised more than $165,000 for breast cancer awareness through fundraisers, raises, and team events!


Venterra Knows How to Have Fun!


One of Venterra’s Employee Promises is that “we will make time to have fun and celebrate success”. Who doesn’t like to have fun?! Venterra does a great job of ensuring that we have fun both onsite at our communities as well as throughout the organization . We have annual Family Fun Days where we get a day off to bring our family together with our peers. Venterra also launched a new initiative that gives employees a day off for their birthdays. How cool is that! And we have a Fun Committee that focuses on making sure we have FUN everyday! This year they invited everyone to participate in Fantasy Football Survivor and Pick’em leagues. I actually won and received $500 just for playing!

- jdv


“I love working in a place that wants you to have fun. I love the work atmosphere and the work ethic of our leaders. I also love having birthdays off! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to not have to work on my birthday. I feel so appreciated by this new initiative.” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Florida Region

“Venterra really does believe in going above and beyond. On a daily basis we are WOWing our residents and employees. Just recently a new benefit was added for a paid day off on your birthday, which is awesome and very thoughtful. I really do have pride in telling my friends and family I work for this company. I look forward to coming to work, not only because of the residents but because of my work family; without them none of this would be true.”


- Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Houston Region

“Encouraged to have fun at work? CHECK! We even have a fun committee! Encouraged to be candid and put your ideas/opinions out there? CHECK! We can even put in ideas for better ways of doing things within our company. I love the atmosphere that Venterra creates and the amazing people that I work with daily. There isn’t any other company in this industry that can beat Venterra’s work life!” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Houston Region

“Venterra always does fun activities for its employees. Family Fun Day is once a year where you can bring your family and enjoy a day with your team members and other people within your region to play games, eat, etc... They also do fun little contests throughout the year and give out fun prizes or cash.” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Dallas/Tennessee Region

“I really enjoy interacting with Senior Management on Social Media sites, such as Instagram. Social Media is a huge part of popular culture today, and I love that Venterra takes such an active role on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to promote the company and help integrate its employees.” - Anonymous Employee, Employee Experience Survey Response, Southeast Region



Another one of Venterra’s Employee Promises is “you will have a voice”. Venterra offers many ways for us to share our ideas and feedback.. And the awesome part is that they actually listen and even award money for winning suggestions through the Better Way forum . I won $200 this year for ideas I submitted! We also have a Continuous Improvement forum that consists of a small group of individuals across the organization who help pilot new initiatives before they are rolled out to everyone; Just Ask Maintenance - a platform for asking maintenance questions to our regional maintenance leaders; and

- jdv

Yammer - a company wide social media platform for sharing ideas and news.




Venterra’s WOW-EE and WOW Matters are the heart of Venterra’s Culture. Our WOW-EE program is centered

around employees doing nice things for other employees. From an employee helping another employee move to a new city, to a whole team coming together to donate blood in

honor of an employee’s father who lost his battle years back; the WOW-EE program gives us the opportunity to help each other out in times of need, or just because!

WOW Matters has been in place since 2009. Since that time, my Venterra family has helped thousands upon thousands of residents in need of cheering up or simply just to celebrate a special occasion. I could easily fill an entire library with all of the great deeds that are done for our residents

through WOW Matters! But for my scrapbook, I’ll only be able to highlight some of my favorites. I hope you enjoy reading as much as I did!


- jdv



Recently my Regional Manager sent me to get a massage after

she found out I had been working extremely long hours. This kind gesture is part of the Venterra

WOW-EE benefit that allows us to show gratitude towards our team members. More than the

massage, I really appreciated that she noticed the long hours I was putting in and took the time to

thank me for it. Check out some of my favorite WOW-EE stories!

- jdv


Team Recognizes That A “Mom” Doesn’t Have To Have Children Of Her Own


Anna Flores French Place Apartments, San Antonio, TX I had never heard of CASA before until Anna, who’s been a volunteer for several years as a child advocate. I see how passionate she is with these kids and how hard she fights for them knowing that their little futures are in her hands. I went to CASA’s annual fundraising event to show my support and I was just blown away. As I walked through the gallery I looked at all the pictures of the advocates and all the smiles of the many kids who had been saved from abusive neglected homes and it nearly brought me to tears. They framed pictures of little happy drawings the children had drawn for their advocates in their own little attempts to say thank you. Some of the children would even refer to Anna as mom. I have seen her spend hours coming and going working on her cases. Even buying on countless occasions, clothes and toys for her little ones out of her own pocket. I came upon Anna’s portraits and I immediately remembered the story behind the family portrayed in the gallery. It was two sisters and a brother. The girls said they had to stay together to take care of each other and their little baby brother. Well Anna found them their forever home. Mother’s day was just around the corner so I knew I needed to do something really special. I went to Target and I got several bags and all kinds of fun toys, puzzles and books. I went to the card section and picked out the cutest Mother’s day card along with a little bouquet of flowers. When I got in to the office Anna was already working on the computer and I handed her the flowers and the card. She looked confused as the card read: To Mom from All of Us (Anna does not have any children) I thanked her, on behalf of all those little children some of whom were still babies that could not even begin to express their thank you’s for what she had done for them and all those lives that she will change as a result. I handed her the bags of toys and she was completely speechless. Tears running down her face she hugged me and said, “This is the most special gift I will ever receive.” 103

Catch Up On Some Reading

Darcy Casey Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX Darcy is our newest LC at Bala Woods. One day we were talking about what we do on our days off. She was telling me about a TV show that loves. She records it every Saturday night, and watches it on her day off. Unfortunately, one of her shows was deleted before she had had a chance to watch it, and she was really disappointed. One day shortly after that, I was at the store picking up items for move-in gifts and resident events, when I noticed the boxed set of the books on which her favorite show is based. I remembered that she had mentioned that she wanted to read them, so I picked them up for her. She was so excited to get the series that she started reading it on her lunch break!

Happy Father’s Day Jose Mulero Negron, Miguel Santiago, Roberto Rodriguez Jr. Falcon Square at Independence, Winter Garden, FL This Father's Day weekend started with a celebration at Falcon Square. We surprised our wonderful fathers, Jose, Rob, and Miguel, with some Publix gift cards to purchase BBQ supplies for their fun time with families.


Hardworking Dedication

Jesus Soto Wilshire Place Apartments, Houston, TX Our Porter, Jesus, is one of the hardest working guys I know. He takes immense pride in keeping our community beautiful. Yesterday I saw him taking care of a huge pile of furniture which someone had dumped, breaking it down with a pick axe. This morning he had the entire gas grill dismantled to clean each and every piece. Dedication like that leads to compliments from our residents.�

Regional Better Living Manager Survivor Kit

Jeralyn Canares Regional Better Living Manager, Houston, TX I cannot even begin to say how excited and proud I am that Jo is being promoted to Houston South Regional Better Living Manager! She will be absolutely amazing in that position! As a little treat to get her prepped for her new role, I put together a little survivor kit: a lunch box (a definite must, when going from property to property!), a water bottle, notebook, folder, pen holder, thank you cards, stickers for shops, Advil, lotion, Chapstick, and OF COURSE a super cute new calendar book. Congratulations, Jo! Now you’re all set to shine in your new role! 105

No Kids, a Salon & Wine

Alison Pinyan Amber Place Apartments, Warner Robins, GA Between her responsibilities as an ACM mentor and the oversight of the collections for a large property, Alison has been working very hard. In addition to all her responsibilities at the property, she is the very busy mom of several kids from a merged marriage. We know that the last couple of weeks have been very hectic, getting ready for the start of school. She has said more than once that she can't wait for school to start, because the kids will finally be back in a set schedule, which gives her a little break. We knew that her two days off would be coming up during the week, so Melinda, Rebecca and the team went to work to make sure that Alison found some ‘me’ time. They arranged to pay for her upcoming hair appointment, bought a few goodies to add some fun to her day off, and topped it off with one of her favorite bottles of wine. Ahhhhh … no kids, ‘me’ time at the salon, and wine – now that’s what I call a great day off!

P a c k i n g

f o r

V e g a s

Jason O’Brien The Preserve at Old Dowlen, Beaumont, TX My Porter, Jason, loves playing pool in his spare time, and plays tournaments often. He was so excited when he announced he would be going to Vegas for his next tournament! As the day of the trip approached, Jason began asking some of the staff if he could borrow a couple of pieces of luggage, because he didn't have any. I immediately jumped into action and purchased a brand new set of luggage and a carry-on for the trip. He was so excited and grateful when I gave him the bags! Now he has a set of luggage he can use for future trips as well! When he came back from Vegas, he was bursting with the news that his team had placed 38th out of 700 teams! Go, Jason! 106

F a m i l y

T i m e

I n

T h e

S u n Mary Green Senior Training Manager, San Antonio, TX Last summer, we planned a family get away to the beach to enjoy some much needed time together. I was excited to get the time with my family building sand castles and jumping in the waves with my five and two year old. On our last night there we decided to go out for a really nice family dinner. Afterward when we came back to our hotel room I saw a bottle of champagne and a sweet note wishing me a relaxing time on my vacation from my Venterra Team.

Get Well Miguel Canas, South Shore Lakes, League City, TX Our wonderful AM, Miguel, had an accident last week, and has not be able to return to work yet. We wanted to let him know that we cared and that we missed him, so we paid him a visit to wish him a fast recovery. We took him some flowers,

chocolates, and a card signed by the entire team. We even threw in a word puzzle book to keep him from getting bored! We hope to have Miguel back at work soon. Get well, Miguel!


Happy 12 Year Anniversary Jesus Jesus Dominguez Foxborough Apartments, Irving, TX Our property is currently on the market, and we have been down 3 maintenance positions. It's been extremely stressful for Jesus, my Assistant Maintenance, because in addition to the uncertainty around what will happen, he has been on call by himself for months. As if that weren’t enough, he always gets a large number of AC calls during the summer. He is never able to leave work at a reasonable time, and when he does get home, he helps his wife with their 5 kids – and 2 of them are 10 month old TWINS! When I found out that August 13th was their 12 year wedding anniversary, I decided to go all out and do things up right! First, I arranged for his mother in law to watch the kids for an evening. Then I got a nice anniversary card, a beautiful plant, and a $50 Gift Card to Olive Garden (their favorite restaurant). When they finally found an evening to get away together for their special dinner, Jesus got a call for another AC emergency on the property! He couldn't even enjoy his anniversary celebration with his wife without getting a call! Being who he is, he rushed through his dinner and ran out to Foxborough to take care of the request! Jesus is so responsible, and such a great, loyal employee, always giving 100% to the property, right up until the very end! We appreciate you, Jesus!

Hard Work =Basket of Cookies Kimberly Agudelo Tuscany at Lindbergh, Atlanta, GA Kimberly has been working many hours and every weekend because many of the properties have been short staffed. In addition, she has been racking up a ton of leases, especially for Team Tuscany. Lauren and I thought a cookie basket would be the perfect gift, and a nice way to reward Kim for all of her hard work. Kim was so excited when her basket of cookies arrived at the property! 108

Afraid To Ask For A Day Off Wilber Villatoro Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX What a perfect opportunity to WOW! Wilber, my porter, is fairly new. He came in to my office a month before his wife was due to have her baby. He closed the door and asked me if it would be alright to take a day or so when his wife went into labor. I was floored that he was so serious. My reaction, "shocked", and his reaction, "priceless" when I said, “Of course! That's just the way we roll around here!” When we received the news that his wife had gone into labor, Wilber did take some time off, and I purchased him a card and a Babies R Us gift card for $100. Wilber and his wife were so thrilled and surprised! It was fun to WOW them both!

As the Season Begins Mohamed Elgaidi, Apex West Midtown Apartments, Atlanta, GA Every year, summer marks the start of the busy ‘turn’ season, and this year is no exception. But this year we have really been feeling the heat here at Apex because we have been short staffed. Mohamed has been a tremendous help, working double time, turning apartments, and helping with the grounds. Now, we happen to know that he is a HUGE soccer fan – but not just any soccer fan – a CHELSEA soccer fan. As our way of saying thanks, and to reward him a little for all his hard work, the team decided to get him a brand new, hot-off-the-press 2015-2016 Chelsea jersey. He was so excited! We knew that it was something he would never have bought for himself, and it arrived just in time to start the EPL season!! Go Chelsea!

A Bit of Hydration and Fruit Pampering The Maintenance Team at Falcon Square at Independence, Winter Garden, FL The past few weeks have been extremely hot and exhausting for us here at Independence Apartments – especially for outside team members. Every time I see one of my maintenance guys come in to the office to cool off with a cold drink of water, I think about how hard it must be for them to spend all day on the golf cart, out there in the field under the unforgiving sun. It is especially important for them to stay hydrated throughout the day. The maintenance shop doesn’t have a water fountain, but they do have a large fridge – so I decided to fill it up with snacks, water, energy drinks and fresh fruits to help guys stay refreshed and hydrated throughout the day. When our maintenance crew is happy, everyone is happy! 109

Rising Star Nashville or Bust

Brittany Figel Park Manor Apartments, Newnan, GA Brittany started with Venterra in April of this year. I have to say that she is doing a great job and learning fast. She is already setting goals for herself, and as her manager, I couldn't be more proud. I knew she had a strong desire to achieve perfection, and that her work ethic meant that she would be a great fit, but I had no idea that we had a singing star among us! Brittany was chosen to perform at Nashville's Bluebird Café, where many distinguished artists have had their start. Like any youngster first starting out, Brittany monitors her money closely, and stays within her budget. So as a “good luck” to her, I thought it would be great to WOW her by helping out with her trip to Nashville. I gave her a gift card so that we could cover her gas and a nice meal once she arrives in Nashville. I did tell her it that it came with strings attached, though – she couldn't leave me! And that when she does make it big, I hope she remembers the little folks here in Newnan. She loved the card, and I think it touched her. It’s so amazing to work for a company where I can wow my employees!


New Shoes

Joe Saavedra, Preserve at Colony Lakes Apartments, Stafford, TX Ever since Joe Michael has joined us as Porter here at Colony Lakes, he has proven that his job title does not hold him back from performing any job that he is asked to do. From running tickets, make readies, pools, grounds, housekeeping, to taking on-calls – you name it, Joe has been there, ready to get the job done! Cristina and I were looking for a way to show our appreciation for all his hard work, when we noticed that his shoes were worn out. So we surprised him one day with ice cream and a new pair of shoes! The look on his face was priceless! I’m so glad we are able to do this for our hard working employees! Thanks for all your hard work, Joe!

EARTH ANGEL Gaspar Casarez, Wilshire Place Apartments, Houston, TX Last Friday I received the following message via the resident portal: “I called yesterday to give everyone a heads up that an a/c was louder than all get out when it came on. I had no clue if it was my unit or another resident's. Gaspar came out the SAME DAY and checked my unit and confirmed it was the unit next to mine and the he would set it up to be repaired tomorrow. He confirmed that he even checked my Freon and confirmed it was alright as well as change the batteries out of my thermostat. I am beside myself with the professional, patience and thorough checkup he did on not only my unit but a resident's that has no idea the a/c they have will be repaired before any problems occur. Another thumbs up for the office and maintenance staff. You all made my weekend. May all my Wilshire Place/Venterra Earth Angels have a wonderful weekend...?” And on Monday, a Kingsley Survey came through saying similarly great things about Gaspar. I felt like I needed to treat him somehow. He has two young children and I am certain date nights are few and far between so I picked up a gift card to PF Chang's and offered babysitting services so that he and his wife might enjoy a quiet night out. He is always so kind and cares for our residents and his neighbors like no other. 111

Everyone Needs A Weekend Getaway

Matthew Godaws Providence of Northlake Apartments, Lawrenceville, GA Our team at the Providence of Northlake is fortunate to have Matt as our Maintenance Manager. His hard work and dedication go a long way toward making us a winning team. As the single dad of an adorable 5 year old little girl, life can get kind of hectic for Matt. He takes his daughter to school in the mornings, works hard at Northlake all day, picks his daughter up from school, and then runs through dinner time, playtime, bath time, and bedtime. After all this, he might get a few minutes of ‘Matt time’. Then bright and early the next morning it’s time to wake up and do it all over again – each and every day! He loves his daughter and never complains about his schedule – it’s just what he does. It’s tough for two parents, but even tougher when it’s just one. He needed a break! Early last week, Matt started talking about his upcoming “weekend away.” He was super excited about a trip he had planned with his brother Justin at Harrah’s Cherokee in North Carolina. His mom would take care of his daughter that weekend, and the two

brothers would be able to let loose and have some fun! The two of them don’t get to hang out very often, so this weekend trip was going to be super special. He had checked out several different hotels, but as of Friday afternoon, had yet to book a room. Then it clicked! What better way to say thank you than to surprise him by paying for a night at a hotel right

across the street from Harrah’s? When we caught him looking online one last time, we told him we wanted to help. He thought we were offering to help with the booking, so when we told him we wanted to PAY for the room, he looked confused. When he realized what we were doing, he was so happy and thankful, his face just lit up! After their weekend getaway, he brought pics of them having fun and being silly outside of Harrah’s (above), and was full of stories about their great time together! It’s pretty awesome to have a Maintenance Manager everyone can depend on. Matt always has such a good attitude and sets a great example – one reason why our team really ‘clicks’. :) We are blessed, because we truly value and respect each other. Not everyone gets the chance to be on the kind of team that works so well together. Thanks, Matt! We’re so glad that you had such a great time!

Reach For Your Goals Andrew Anthon,

Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX


Andrew has been with the company for almost a year. In the past several months, several of us have been trying to get fit by doing small things here and there in the office. I recently purchased a Fitbit. Several of my friends have one as well, and we are trying to keep up with our steps

every day. I mentioned to Andrew that thanks to our Fitbit app, we have weekly competitions with each other. He thought that was really cool! He had just recently joined a gym, and was a little low on extra spending money, so I went down to Best Buy and got him a $100 gift card so he could pick out the one

he wanted. Now that he has his new FitBit Charge HR, we are constantly comparing our steps every day! And just in time for the 30 day Tone and Tighten Challenge!!

Giving the Gift Of Quality Time

Luis Gutierrez Falcon Square at Independence, Winter Garden, FL My APM, Luis, has mentioned that his father was diagnosed with bone cancer earlier this year, and that the whole family is having a very tough time adjusting to the news and the course of treatments ahead. We get periodic updates from Luis about his dad’s condition and treatments. Everyone in the family is making it their number one priority to support him emotionally day by day. But Luis has been really frustrated that he hasn’t been able to spend more quality one-on-one time when he visits his dad in Melbourne. He comes from a large family. During his visits, his dad’s wife’s adult children and their families are always there, sharing the huge house in Melbourne. Luis always feels as if someone is in the room, watching or being a silent witness while he and his dad try to have their quality father-son time. To help them connect and spend time together, I bought them a 2-hour scenic wildlife boat tour for two, and a $50 dinner at Grill’s Riverside Restaurant. Now they can escape the busy atmosphere of his dad’s house, and enjoy each other’s company, just the two of them!


Shiney Jeep

Family Lunch on Me

Dexter Rendon Calais Park Lofts & Apartments, St. Petersburg, FL Dexter recently joined us here at Calais Park in St. Petersburg, after completing a move from Jacksonville. We learned right away that there are two things Dexter really values: his dog, Shelby, and his new shiny blue Jeep, Captain America. Shelby fared just fine during the move, but unfortunately, that was not the case with Captain America. First, there was the issue of a roof leak while driving from one city to the other during a heavy rain storm (the jeep is a convertible). As if this wasn’t enough, he noticed some spots developing on his shiny new jeep after parking in the property’s parking lot. It turned out that the hard water from our irrigation system, combined with some rust, was leaving semi-permanent stains on his beautiful jeep. Well, we weren’t going to allow this to happen to Captain America! Scottie suggested that we buy Dexter a gift card at Pronto Detailing, a car detailing center near the property. He didn’t have to ask me twice! The lady who answered at Pronto was nice enough to take my order, write a note on the card, and mail it to the property. Captain America, we’ve done our duty! Now it’s your turn to shine!

Q2 High Achiever – Awesome Job! Sharon Starkey Villas at Newnan Crossing Apartments, Newnan, GA Sharon recently received the Q2 High Achievers Award for her work at the Villas at Newnan, a new acquisition in March, 2015. Sharon has worked very hard, learning her role with Venterra, mastering Encasa, and generally doing a phenomenal job during this period of transition. I appreciate all her dedication and hard work, and feel so fortunate to have her as my Assistant here. The TEAM here at the Villas at Newnan is very proud of her for receiving Q2 High Achievers Award! It speaks volumes that she received this award during our true first quarter. AWESOME Job, Sharon!!! We rewarded her with one of her favorite perfumes, Michael Kors! Smells wonderful! A lovely scent for a great girl!


Jaime Aguirre College View Apartments, La Porte, TX Jaime is such a team player. Every single day without fail, he brings lunch into the office and his wife prepares enough to share with the entire staff daily! Jaime lives in Dayton, and we work in La Porte, so he never gets to spend lunch with his family since they are so far from work! I saw him on the phone today and he told me that his father in law was in Pasadena and he may meet him for lunch with his wife and son. I had an idea- lunch would be on me. I found out that they wanted to go to the Chinese Buffet down the street, so I handed Jaime some cash and told him to let loose; lunch for him, his wife and his son were on me! I know how precious time with the family can be, and I felt it very important to show him that I acknowledge this! He would have ended up going to the same restaurant and treating his family, but I am sure the egg rolls tasted better when the money did not have to come out of his pocket. Of course, Jaime refused- but that is OK- I put the money in his pocket, pretended to plug my ears and told him to enjoy as I walked away. Later, I met Jaime’s niece who was able to join and his wife and was thanked by both of them.

Treating a New American Citizen To The National Pastime

Rachid Ouhadi, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA Rachid has got to be one of the most humble, hardworking people around. Not only does he push himself daily to be a superstar for Venterra, but he also spends much of his down time taking English classes and studying for both the HVAC certifications and for his U.S. Citizenship test. After passing his citizenship test with flying colors recently, he is now officially a U.S. Citizen! Because Rachid’s family travels to their home country of Morocco every summer, his wife and 2 youngest kids are away until mid-August, leaving him home with his 14 year old son. We doubted that his teenager would be brainstorming for fun ways to celebrate his father’s newest milestone, so I decided we needed to do something. What better way to celebrate becoming an American than with the good old American pastime - baseball?!?! I purchased 2 tickets to see the Atlanta Braves, a parking pass, and a $25 gift card so they can buy soda and hot dogs at the game! Better yet, the Friday night game will wrap up with a fireworks display! He told us that they have never been to a game, so he was beyond ecstatic! The next morning he reported that his son was just as thrilled as he was, and was already counting the days until the game! Rachid doesn’t know it just yet, but we’ll also be surprising him with a little extra time off on the day of the game, so that he can have plenty of time to get ready and beat rush hour traffic on his way to the 7:30 game! 115

Community Manager Improves a Work Day with Game Day

College View Apartments, La Porte, TX

and make such a great team. So I really wanted to do something big for the guys when they needed the little pick me up the most.

Anyone who lives along the Gulf Coast can tell you that mid-July is just plain hot and muggy outside, all the time. And because this hot weather seems to coincide with our busy turn season, sometimes things just get a little harder than usual here at College View. But in spite of these challenges, Jose and Jaime always push through. After working side by side for 10 years, they are really close – almost like family –

Anyone who has spent any time speaking with Jose and Jaime knows that they absolutely love sports, and are big fans of The Texans – to the extent that on game days, Jaime’s whole family dresses up in their Texans gear! After doing a little digging, I was able to find FOUR tickets to the first pre-season Texans vs. 49ers game, so the guys got a little treat!

Jose Padilla & Jaime Aguirre


When I called Jaime into the office, he thought something was wrong - but I surprised him! Then I found Jose cleaning a toilet for a make ready and surprised him! Needless to say, the guys’ smiles went from ear to ear! What a great way to turn a ‘chore’ moment into a moment of celebration!

An Important Move Amanda Franklin The Preserve at Colony Lakes Apartments, League City, Texas When we were about to take over our newest Houston property, The Preserve at Colony Lakes, our first volunteer to take on the challenge was Amanda F! She knew that it was a long way for her to relocate from Beaumont, about 2 1/2 hours away. She also knew that it might be extremely hectic, but she was still excited for the opportunity. As the moving date came closer, Amanda researched moving companies, but all their quotes were around $500! She didn’t have much to move, and definitely couldn’t afford that. Knowing what an asset Amanda would be for us, Shawnacee stepped in, rented her a moving truck for just $105, AND put in the elbow grease to help her move! We are so thankful to have Amanda on our team, and thankful that Shawnacee was so willing to help! What a great example of TEAM FIRST! 117

Venterra Gives Back Bridget Sherrod, Director of Recruiting & Employee Engagement, Houston, TX Last year at the Leadership Conference I shared with everyone my Better Living goal that was very personal to me. My father had three heart surgeries and blood that was donated helped extend his life for several years. My goal was to donate blood and help other families in hopes that they get to spend more time with their loved ones. I was WOWed when I found out that there was a blood drive being set up in my father’s name and everyone in the office was going to donate.


Venterra Comes Together to Welcome New Family Members Ashley Johnston, Francisco Vazquez, Kristin Schubert, Natalie Currence, Nicole Currence, Patty Martin, Wesley Carroll, The Ravinia Apartments, Spring, TX

Hayley recently moved from Indiana to Houston with her husband and were living with family. When she was hired at Timber Mill, they chose to make The Ravinia their new home & we soon found out that Hayley was pregnant. Hayley came to work one day, already showing the beautiful shape of a “Mommy to Be” and made a comment to Natalie (another Leasing Consultant) that her back was hurting. Come to find out, she was still sleeping on a blow up mattress. Word spread like lighting between the rest of the Forest View and Timber Mill family & we all started to look for a solution. We were calling friends, family and checking Craigslist. I came across a nice bedroom set that someone was selling for a good price – so I decided to check with the rest of staff to see what they thought. Then I called Wesley to talk to him about it. He told me that he was getting ready to move and was going to sell his bedroom set. He made us a great offer for the set

that included a queen size bed with mattresses, chest of drawers and a dresser with a mirror. We could not have asked for a better deal. We bought the bedroom set and were able to set it up in the apartment one day while Hayley was at work (with the help of her husband – Jeremy). The Maintenance staff from The Ravinia (Oscar, Julio, Iris and Francisco) cleaned and moved the furniture from one apartment to the other & Wesley went shopping for the bedding that would match. When Hayley came home that night, she had a furnished bedroom with everything including balloons. She was so excited. She told us that she had the best night sleep that evening & her back isn’t hurting her anymore (aside from the normal pains from carrying a bundle of joy, that is). (cont.) Forest View and Timber Mill always work together as a team, but The Ravinia was right there alongside us helping the whole way through

this project. We all wanted to give Hayley (and her husband) the warmest welcome to Venterra and hope to make this special time of her life as pleasant (and comfortable) as possible. Welcome to Venterra Hayley. We look forward to meeting the newest member of your family soon.


Shawn Hunter Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA

Dawg-On Nice Office

I don't know about the MM offices on other Venterra properties, but at Tuscany, the MM office is nothing more than a converted closet. I don’t know how Shawn manages! There is a narrow path to his desk and file cabinet, and the rest is packed full with marketing materials, sparkle buckets, and more! To add insult to injury, when the clubhouse was renovated recently, everyone got new desks and a decor upgrade, including artwork on the walls – everyone except Shawn, that is! He’s still stuck in his little closet, with bare walls and old hand-me-down furniture. Not a fun place to be! Now, Shawn is really committed to Tuscany, and has even received High Achiever recognition the last 2 quarters! So I figured we needed to do something to make his office a little more enjoyable! Football season is in the air, and Shawn is a huge Georgia Bulldogs fan. The team got together and decided that we would deck it out, UGA style! We bought him a desk caddy, a koozie for his Cokes, some artwork, and a badge reel so he can show his team pride even when he's out on property! Shawn's not one to show a ton of emotion, but when he came in and found all his new swag, he gave me a "that's what's up" which tells me that he loves it! I can tell that he takes real pride in his newly decorated digs, because it took him no time at all to get everything in its place! We’re so glad you like it, Shawn!

One Day Part Timer Jennifer Barrios Monticello Oaks Apartments, Fort Worth, TX


Jennifer only works one day a week, on Saturdays. This means I never get to see her face to face; we only communicate by email or text message. So I never have the chance to tell her in person how awesome she is and how much I appreciate her work on the days that she is here! This past weekend I wanted her to come in to a nice surprise, so I left her a little something, just to let her know that all her hard work does not go unnoticed, and that I appreciate everything she does for us. I bought a gift card so that she could get pampered! Nothing like getting your hair done! Jennifer was so thankful! “Ohhhh, my goodness! What a surprise! Thank you so much, Erin!!! I love working here, and love working with you! Thanks again!!! :) I just can’t stop smiling!”

Venterra Takes Care of Their Own Diane Giest, Temp/Contract Worker, San Antonio Region

We have a Leasing Consultant who has been a temp within our region for six years. She works at all of our communities, and is one of Venterra’s biggest fans. Recently, her apartment burned to the ground and she lost everything. As soon as we realized what had happened, a number of our staff leaped into action to help. First, one of the property managers drove her to her community. Next, several other property managers took to social media and got the word out about her loss via text, email, and Facebook. Not surprisingly, many Venterra employees banded together to donate money, furniture, towels, and clothes. Within a week we were able to move her into her new place. She was so grateful and said, “If there was ever a place to be when tragedy hit, it’s right here at a Venterra Community!

Part 2 – Corporate Recognition, Maitina Morrissey, Senior Regional Manager Diana Geist is one of our go-to leasing consultants for temporary help in San Antonio. She’s been assisting Venterra since our Vista del Rey days so she’s almost considered a Venterra employee. She is clearly liked by everyone and this showed even more when we found out her apartment burned to the ground a few weeks ago. She happened to be working at Signature Ridge when she received the call. Teresa Heeney immediately leaped into action and drove her to her community. Sadly, she lost everything and her three-year-old puppy had to be rushed to the vet. Teresa immediately informed everyone about Diana’s loss via Facebook and email. Not surprisingly, we had a bunch of San Antonio employees donate money, furniture, clothes, gift cards, etc. You name it, they were there to assist. I must say that the ones who ended up assisting the most were Teresa, Leann, and Stephanie. I thanked Teresa and Stephanie for their big hearts (need to call Leann as well). They said they wanted to do the right thing for this wonderful person. Because of this Diana, can’t say enough good things about Venterra. She clearly loves everything about this company. Side note: I mentioned Diana’s story to Lissa May and she ended up reaching into her pocket that same day (Kick Off ) and handed Diana some cash. Way to go Lissa!” 121

Making Cinco De Mayo Happy Again Marie Jackson, Amber Place Apartments, Warner Robins, GA Last Tuesday I noticed our housekeeper, Marie, was not quite as lively and entertaining as she usually is. I asked her if she had any plans for the evening since it was Cinco de Mayo and she just replied with a short “No”. I was going to leave the conversation at that, taking the hint that something was going on with her and I did not want to pry, but as she continued cleaning the office, she suddenly and sadly mentioned that it was the two year anniversary of her daughter’s passing. As a mother, I was absolutely heartbroken for Marie at the thought of the unbearable pain of losing a child. Marie then opened up and spoke to me about her daughter and about the things that they enjoyed together, and Cinco de Mayo being a holiday that they would often celebrate together with food, fun and margaritas. She said that she has had a difficult time celebrating the holiday the past couple of years and usually takes her granddaughter, who was her daughter’s only child, to their favorite restaurant instead. Marie and I talked for a while and when she left my office, I knew that I wanted to do something for her. I decided to do a fun, colorful basket with a margarita kit and a gift card to Cheddar’s, her and her granddaughter’s favorite restaurant. Marie was very touched and appreciative and immediately started crying when she saw the basket of goodies. She cried and said how thankful she was to work for such a caring corporation.

The Perfect End to a Personal Trip Kimberly Agudelo, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA Kim’s a true city girl – so much so, that living in Atlanta isn’t enough. She and her boyfriend have planned a long weekend in Chicago in September, just so that they can experience the food, sites and culture that another major American city has to offer! While talking about their upcoming trip, she told me about all the fun things they plan to do: take in a Cubs game, visit the Willis Tower so they can stand on the glass observation deck, go to the Navy Pier, and so much more! They looked into river cruises, but decided that that would be just a little too pricey, given everything else they had planned. Ding, ding, ding!!! The perfect WOW-EE! I quickly went online and made reservations for a 75 minute boat ride for their weekend 122

away. After a leisurely historic tour of the magnificent city and its architecture up and down the Chicago River, they would finish with a high speed thrill ride on Lake Michigan! Kim was so excited about this addition to their trip! But she was also confused about how I knew how to plan and schedule such a perfect gift!? I beamed and told her I was just listening :-) It made me so happy to know that I was able to make one of our staff so happy!! I can’t wait to see the pics of all the fun they had!

Sheri Judy Palm Club Apartments, Brunswick, GA Tom approached me asking if I could assist in getting Sheri a gift card to a spa in Savannah, GA that offers massages. He wanted to show Sheri how much their Palm Club team appreciates her. She’s been through a lot lately, some of them related to health issues but in spite of this, she prevailed and managed to maintain an upbeat attitude.

Because she deserves it

Sheri and her husband Rich, enjoy their weekend romps to Savannah so it only made sense to get her a spa package while enjoying their time together away from home. Tom called Rich and asked him for suggestions which he willingly gave. Tom then sent me an email letting me know where to make the purchase. Easy breezy! I purchased the GC, had it mailed to Palm Club c/o Tom Wood. They then presented it to Sheri who was pleasantly surprised.

Home, Sweet

Home Crystal Bradford Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX The all American Dream finally came through! One of Crystal's personal goals was to purchase a home before the end of 2015. I am so thrilled for her and the way everything has come into place. 1st came LOVE, then came MARRIAGE, then came the BABY in the BABY CARRIAGE! The final piece of the puzzle fit into place ... the purchase of her dream home! Of course this is a huge mile stone in someone’s life and I was a part of the process as she took this journey towards this big step. The day she got her keys to her new home I surprised her with a gift card for $100 as a house warming gift. 123

Joceline Arroyo College View Apartments, La Porte, TX Our Joceline is pregnant with her second child. She was told at one time that she could not have any more children, so this pregnancy came as a surprise. Because she has a 5 year old at home, and did not expect to have another baby, she had not saved ANYTHING! So she is starting over from scratch AND moving to a new home at the same time!

One Less Stress

New Resident, New Employee Shawn Jivani Venterra Realty Corporate, Houston, TX We had one of our newest move ins here at Wilshire Place who happens to be one of Venterra's new employees, Shawn Jivani, come to pick up keys. We wanted to do something extra special to welcome him into his new home so I gathered some intel regarding his personal interests from Daniel and found out he is a UH grad and an avid kayaker. We got him a book about kayaking Houston's water ways and some cool UH gear. Daniel also suggested placing a reserved spot in front of his new home to make his move from Austin that much easier so we made it happen. Welcome home Shawn!


Things are very tight for Joceline right now. In addition to buying a new home and planning for the baby, she’s had some mechanical problems with her car, so she’s looking for a new one. But her main concern is about not having enough for the baby, who will probably be making an early arrival! I wanted to help her with some baby needs, since little Oliver is coming soon! So I played detective and got her some footsies and a new pack-andplay. Just as I was putting these things together for her, Allen Rafieha added a car seat and two seat cradles which he is no longer using, making the WOW that much better!

Embarking On A New Challenge Margarita Lazcano, Westover Oaks Apartments, San Antonio, TX Last October the staff at Westover Oaks was very fortunate to acquire a heavily decorated veteran employee from Carlyle Place, Margarita Lazcano. After 2 months without a housekeeper, we reached out to Margarita and offered her the housekeeper/porter position. As soon as she arrived, she continued on her path of excellence, performing her duties at a very high level. When she wasn’t cleaning, she was riding along, side by side, with our AMM/MR, Luis Roberto, eager to learn as much as possible. It wasn’t long before she developed a great fascination for what we do as maintenance staff, asking many questions about the why’s and how’s of repairing different components. Then she expressed an interest in exploring more of the “porter” side of her job title, confident that she could be more useful if she had the skills to repair things here at the property. My assistant and I decided that we would take it a step further and train her on the make-ready process. Luis took her under his wing, and within a few days, was already commenting about how well she was progressing with her work. He could see that she was ready for some tools of her own! Margarita had already started to scrounge together small hand tools when she came across them, and carried them with her in her hand or in her pockets. She had also mentioned how nice it would be if she had her own tool box. So my AMM and I decided to fill her very own tool box with the tools she would need to help us maintain our property at a high level. After running the idea by Vanessa, I bought her a small tool box and filled it with the tools that would help her in her new challenge. Just as we anticipated, she was extremely happy to receive her very own set of tools! We hope she has great success with her new skills here at Venterra. We love you, Margarita!

Hard Work Pays Off! Chris Earle, French Place Apartments, San Antonio, TX Recently we had quite a busy week maintenance wise. In the middle of several move out and move in there was a major plumbing issue withone of our buildings. Chris came in early throughout the week and even stayed late into the evening on that Friday to ensure that the major plumbing issue got taken care of. Throughout all of this he was still running around getting his daily duties done along with working on his make ready. By Friday afternoon you could tell he was quite beat. He recently bought a PlayStation 5 and so I got him a gift card to Game Stop his favorite place to buy video games and a bag filled with his favorite goodies to enjoy throughout the weekend with his new games.


Rest and Relaxation Christina O’Brien Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX Christina is a single mom who has moved out here from California. Every time she talks about her son Ashton, it is very apparent that she loves him very much. Anyone with children knows that raising a child is a full time job, not to mention doing it on your own, in a different state, away from the support of friends and family. As busy as a single mom’s life can be, Christina has been lost without Ashton the last couple of months, because he has been visiting family in California for the summer. She is so excited that he will be returning soon, and has been super busy, getting everything ready for his return, and for school. With all this excitement and activity, she really needed to take a little break, and have some “me time”. Not long ago, we were spending a little down time looking at each other’s wish lists on Pinterest. Among other things on her list was a pedicure – she hadn’t had one in over a year! I decided to put together a goody bag based on some of the things I had seen in her list: a gift card for a pedicure, a super cushy yoga mat, some Scentsy wax, and a bracelet. The day that I had the goody bag ready, she was a little down, so it couldn’t have been a more perfect time for this great little WOW-EE! She was so thankful! It really does feel good to show our team how much they are appreciated! We do appreciate you, Christina! Enjoy!

An Aching Foot just for this! So we did some digging. First, we found that if he paid cash for the test, the price would be cut in Mario Rendon is our M/R person at half. Then we took up a collection to The Vinings. He is a true A+ team raise the rest of the money he needed player. Recently he has had a lot of for the test, and gave it to him as our pain in one foot. When he saw the WOW-EE! When we insisted that he doctor about it, they said he needed withdraw his notice, he was nearly an MRI. Mario is the sole provider for his family, so when he discovered that speechless. In tears, he managed to say, “Thank you, Thank you!” Really, the insurance company wanted an Mario, it’s no big deal! After all, isn't $800 payment to go toward his dethis what Venterra is made of? ductible, he knew he couldn’t afford it. But by turning in his resignation, he would qualify for the County Gold card. Well, there’s no way that we were going to accept his resignation, Mario Rendon The Vinings Apartments, Stafford, TX


Happy Feet!

Hugo Rocha, Maria Lara, Maria Moya, Champions Woods Apartments, Houston, TX Maria (Jr.) and I were going over the Final budget for March and we realized we didn't spend any money for our great team. She quickly mentioned when Maria (Sr.) was cleaning the office one day she saw her little toes sticking out her shoes, we see Hugo go through shoes that belonged to his sons, and Donald is always complaining about his feet, so why not get them comfortable work shoes! So thanks to that big creative brain of hers I quickly Googled searched for some good solid comfortable shoes. HOWEVER, I realized! I didn't know anyone's size. Maria Jr. had already asked Maria Sr. what size shoe she wore, so during our next huddle meeting we talked a bit about the uniforms and, of course, shoes! Long story short, we got everyone's shoe sizes and ordered some New Balance comfortable work shoes for the team! Now everyone has cool working kicks!

All It Takes Is A Little Pampering Stacie White, Palm Club Apartments, Brunswick, GA My LC, Stacie White has a busy life juggling an elementary school child and a teenager. She spends all of her time off doing things with them, running to and from activities. Along with this, Stacie hasn't been feeling well. Being a great mom, Stacie takes no time to do anything for herself. Finally Stacie has made a point to have a checkup. Running around with children is exhausting, let alone not feeling well. Stacie is a giver, not a taker and taking time for herself was not in her schedule! I overheard her one day say she missed getting her nails done, and pampering herself like she used to. She claimed she just didn’t' have time and she spends all of her fun money on her girls. Well, I decided it was time to treat her to a little pampering. I arranged a manicure and pedicure with my nail salon. I sent Stacie over and told her to take all the time she needs to get the full treatment and not to worry about work for a few hours. She was so excited! I knew by her reaction, I had picked the right thing to treat her to. She came back with beautiful toes and nails and feeling really special. She is special and she deserved a good pampering.


A Little Wow Rachid Ouhadi, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA One morning Rachid came into my office wondering what I had done to relieve a recent muscle pain in my back. He’d been awake all night with a literal “pain in the neck”. I explained to him that I used heat patches and Bayer Back & Body and that they definitely helped me cope until the pain had gone away. He was optimistic that it would work for him as well and he commented that he’d run out on his lunch break to pick both items up and give them a try. It couldn’t hurt right! I immediately thought, why make him wait until his lunch break. I made a quick trip to Target to purchase both items for him. Later in the day he commented that he could tell a difference already and he wore the patches for a few days. He’s now better, but it was nice to be able to do something to help, even though it was so small!

Paw Prints

Kristen Earle, Westminster at Buckhead Apartments, Atlanta, GA Recently my maintenance manager, Nelson, has been very down because his cat has been ill. He has been taking to her to vet appointments and has been very worried about her. He even cancelled a trip he had planned to Florida because he did not want to leave her alone. I asked him how she was doing the other day and he said that he was going to have to put her to sleep because she was not getting any better. He explained that he has had her for 14 years and that the coming weekend would be his last weekend with her before he had to bring her to the vet. I decided to go out and buy her some cat toys and treats so that it might liven her up a little bit for Nelson’s sake. I also bought a card and had the whole team sign it. When it was presented to Nelson it brought him to tears and he said that it really meant so much to him that we would do that for him. He mentioned that knowing he had to put her to sleep had been weighing heavily on his mind and he did not expect it to be so hard. He was very emotional but very appreciative. Unfortunately, Dana had to be put down so that she would not suffer any longer. However, Nelson adopted 2 kittens that are brothers by the name of Austin and Houston. He says they use the toys I bought for Dana all the time! Pets mean so much to us in our lives and losing one is often difficult. I am so happy that I could support Nelson during this time.

An Easier Commute Callie Murr, Cassi Walter, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments, Atlanta, GA We have 2 new leasing consultants at Tuscany at Lindbergh: Callie and Cassi. Callie, a former coffee shop manager and self-proclaimed ‘coffee snob’, just relocated to Atlanta, and is experiencing her first real commute in rush hour traffic. Cassi, a recent graduate of UWG, is commuting all the way from Athens (roughly 140 miles round trip) – every day until she moves to Atlanta – in August! In spite of the fact that they start each day with a dreadful commute, they both walk in the door every morning, happy and ready to start the day! So I thought I'd make it a little more fun by giving each of them a cute travel mug. Cassi is a shop-a-holic and a shoe-a-holic, if there is such a thing, so her colorful ceramic mug is emblazoned with shoes and purses! Callie’s very simply states "Coffee Snob" – perfect for her! Both ladies were excited to receive their new mugs, and I was equally excited to be able to do something fun for them. They're doing a great job so far, and it's nice to be able to recognize them with a nice little surprise! 128

– Callie Murr, Better Living Consultant, Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments



WOW Matters is one of my favorite programs within Venterra. It began in 2009 as a way to highlight the ways employees help residents in need. Today, it has grown into something much bigger. Beyond “good deeds� are acts of personal sacrifice, moments of true emotion and gifts that have no price tag. I have encountered so many residents whose lives have been made better by Venterra employees paving the path to a new way of

- jdv

customer experience. Here are some of my favorite WOW stories over this past year.


Fave Story 132

Just Whisk Those Worries Away Chelsea Ramirez, Nicol Brown Villa Lago Apartments, Fort Worth, TX It's been a crazy ride for one of our residents, Ashley. She first moved in to Villa Lago almost two years ago. She was separating from her husband at the time, and you could tell she was going through a whirlwind of emotions. Shortly after moving in, she moved out so that she could try to work things out with her husband. She was excited that they might be able to pick up the pieces and get things back on track. Well, two months after paying off her lease break, she asked if she could move back in, because things had not worked out as she had hoped. Her account was in good standing, so we were happy to find a new apartment for her. About five months later she moved out again. This time she shared the exciting news that she was pregnant, and that she and her boyfriend were starting a new life together! We were sad that she was leaving us again, but happy to see her so full of joy – and excited for the bundle of joy she was expecting. Unfortunately, within a few months, Ashley was moving in again – for not the first - not the second - but now the third time! When she came in to sign her lease, she told me that she had lost the baby, and that things had not worked out with the new boyfriend. Although she put on a brave face, saying that everything happens for a reason, I could see the struggle in her eyes. Ashley is a single mom of two boys, and as a full time pastry chef, she is always on the go! She often stops by the office, and when she does, she always brings yummy treats and stays to chit chat about life! I couldn't pass up the opportunity to WOW her!! I went online, bought a ton of awesome items from The Pampered Chef, and ordered a personalized apron that says "Just going to whisk those worries away", with her name in the background. When the package arrived, we called Ashley to let her know she had something 'Perishable' waiting for her in the office that way, we knew she would pick it up the same day. When she saw the wrapped package full of all the goodies, she was shocked, happy and excited, all at the same time – and kept asking why we had done that! I told her we were just so pleased to have her back, and that we hoped she would stay with us for a long time this time!! She confessed that she had had a stressful day that day, and that this kind of treat was just what she needed. As we were visiting over her new goodies, we started talking about some of our upcoming Resident Events. She was so excited about her new tools that she asked if she could host a free baking class as a Resident Event for us. We told her we would LOVE that! Sounds like a win-win for all of us! Yay!


Birthday Boy Olga Kosterina Falcon Square at Independence Apartments, Winter Garden, FL Recently our manager, Olga, was checking on a moisture buildup issue in one of our apartments. During her visit, the family’s little three-year old son Kaleb fell in love with her. As she was trying to talk to the parents, he kept grabbing her hand and pulling her to his room, where he showed off his toys and asked her to play with him. The parents were amazed at their son’s unique reaction to a stranger he had just met for the first time. Olga was touched by this bright little boy, and excused herself to play with him. He kept hugging her, showing her his toys and little cars with huge excitement. It was so heartwarming to see him happily telling her about his upcoming birthday and his love for cars, that Olga decided to surprise Kaleb with a huge remote controlled car. The day before his birthday, she called his parents to ask if they could stop by the office. As it happened, they were right by the clubhouse, checking their mail. When she asked if Kaleb was with them, they said he was, but added that for some reason he was very cranky right then. Olga asked them to stop in, and then surprised him with his early birthday gift. Boy, was he happy! The tears dried immediately on his excited little face! He couldn’t believe that his gift was about ¾ his size! Seeing his joy absolutely made our day!

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Got Milk?

Elizabeth Metts, Jessica Geeslin, Stacey Shropshire Riverstone Apartments, Fort Worth, TX

Alexander Roach, Angela Kohler, John Hourigan, Travis Swanson, Gianina Painter, Samuel Skelley Hamptons at Woodland Pointe, Nashville, TN

One of our newest residents, Tom, is a single dad with three little boys. He has been working with Liz to find the perfect new home for his family. After doing a little investigating, we discovered that they have come to us from out of state, and that he and his boys are huge Boston Red Sox fans. We thought the perfect way to WOW them, and to welcome them to Texas, would be to send them to their first Texas Rangers game! We studied the upcoming MLB schedule, and noticed that the Rangers would be playing the Red Sox in May - perfect! We rushed out to buy them four tickets for a Sunday afternoon game. The day they moved in, they found their tickets waiting for them on the kitchen counter! We may not be able to convert them into Rangers fans, but it’s worth a shot! 134

Gas Guzzler Bridget Proctor, Darlene Seale, Fabiola Lisa Baudler, Stephanie Burns, Brittany Bryant, Marco Juarez Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, The Colony, TX Patrick stopped by the office the other day to inform us of an unfortunate situation. He had just filled his tank the night before, only to find that someone had siphoned all his gas the next morning. He didn’t blame us; he just wanted to let us know what had happened. We all felt horrible, and wanted to do something to make it right. We WOW’d him with some gas gift cards to replace the gas that had been stolen.

One of our residents had just had surgery on her neck, and was having a difficult time getting around during her recovery. Her son asked the office staff if we could pick up some milk for them, because she wasn’t able to drive to the store. When he offered to pay for the milk, we declined, saying we would be happy to take care of it. While we were out, we thought it would be a great idea to surprise them with a few extra groceries to make things easier for them during this time! Travis ran to the store and picked up some freezer meals and, of course, milk! She was so surprised and grateful for our thoughtfulness, adding that this is why she LOVES living at the Hamptons. We are family!

Fave Story 135

Welcome To The 21st Century

Emily Serebrenick, Frances Yanez, Jennifer Glenn, Kathi Price, Zuly Lozano Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA Mike has loved every minute of living at Champions Green. The team has the pleasure of seeing Mike every day, as he orders many items online that are delivered to the office. On one of Mike’s daily visits, Emily noticed Mike was (nonchalantly) using a Walkman. She was shocked by this discovery as she had not seen a Walkman since her teenage years. She wondered if Mike kept the cassette tapes for over a decade, or if he purchased them in thrift stores. Emily decided to WOW Mike and bring him into the 21st century by purchasing him an iPod, in his favorite color. Later that week, when Mike came into the office to pick up some more “packages” Emily gave him his gift. She told Mike how special he was to all the team members in the office and that they wanted to do something nice for him. Mike was choked up, even before he opened the gift. He opened the gift, realized what we’d done for him, and for once, was speechless. It took him a few seconds to get his bearings. He then told the team in a thousand different ways, how grateful he was for the gift and how special it made him feel. Mike was also so thrilled to have an iPod of his own.

Honeymoon Suite On Us Fabiola Celado, Andrea Doane South Shore Lakes Apartments, League City, TX At 9 p.m. on a Friday, our residents David and Allison called the maintenance emergency line. Their washing machine had overflowed, and would not stop running! The apartment was badly flooded. Saturday morning Bridget called to make sure everything had been taken care of. They explained that the maintenance staff would be back on Monday to add new padding, but that their apartment was a wreck. Bridget could hear the disappointment in his voice. She asked if there was anything we could do to make their day better. Imagine her surprise when David said there really wasn’t anything she could do, adding that they would be out all day because it was their wedding day! She felt so bad for them that she and Darlene made a reservation for a nice honeymoon suite at a nearby hotel. And to keep the celebration going, they left a lovely bottle of champagne. David was truly touched that we cared so much. And we were happy that we could turn the situation around, and give the newlyweds a relaxing night!


Fave Story 137

A Healthier Way of Living Amy Pollak, Crystal Bradford, Shannon Stokes

Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX

We have a young couple who moved here from Florida. Sometimes the husband’s shift work involves working nights for weeks at a time, while his wife Neyeli is stuck at home all by herself after she gets off work. A few weeks ago, Neyeli sat in the office with me, talking about how her doctor had recently told her that her cholesterol was high, and that she needed to start taking better care of herself. She had just started doing Zumba at home, and was trying to eat healthier to lose weight. We thought it would be great to 138help her achieve her goal, and to

have fun doing it! We purchased a pretty pink water container so she can drink lots of water while working out. We also bought her an assortment of healthy snacks and protein bars, a $50 Target gift card for some workout clothes, and a $50 Visa gift card to put toward Zumba classes at a local dance studio. We even printed all the information about the classes in the area along with their locations, so she can choose the ones that are best for her. When we called Neyeli to the office to surprise her with the package, she was speechless, smiling from

ear to ear. She thanked us for being so kind, saying she couldn’t believe that we had done this for her. Her exact words were, “Nobody has ever done anything like this for me!” She just had to give each of us a huge hug!

From Delays to Hoorays Aaron Leal, David Rojas, Teresa Heeney Signature Ridge Apartments San Antonio, TX When Mohammed and his family moved from New York to Texas, everything that could go wrong, went wrong. There were airline delays, missed flights and incorrect hotel reservations. The family’s move in to Signature Ridge was delayed because their soon to be upstairs neighbor’s apartment flooded. Needless to say, San Antonio had not made a great impression on these New Yorkers. Signature Ridge’s office team got to work to help remedy the situation. They planned a WOW re-do of their apartment and a “day of fun” which included: breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, shopping and a trip to the movies. The family was so happy to have a break from their tumultuous experience. The children screeched with excitement and their mother was moved to tears. It was such a privilege to be able to provide this wonderful family with a silver lining.

Lunch & a Tour on Us Mayra Aviles Wilshire Place Apartments Houston, TX Priscilla, a resident at Wilshire Place had a hankering to see what our 2 bedroom apartments looked like, and to transfer to a different floor plan, but was having trouble because office hours didn’t correlate with her schedule. She left home too early and came back too late. She arranged to come to the office at 11 a.m., during her lunch hour. Mayra remembered Priscilla’s lunch hour was only 45 minutes long. She also knew that it took Priscilla nearly ten

minutes just to get out of the garage at her workplace.

pain. Watching Allan literally walking around in pain broke Ramon’s heart.

Mayra thought it would be awesome to buy Priscilla lunch and have it ready for her to eat when she arrived. When Priscilla arrived, she was treated to a chicken meal with lemonade and a bag of cookies. Priscilla was so happy that she hugged Mayra! She loved the layout of the apartment she was shown and was enthusiastic about transferring. Priscilla’s catered lunch hour really made her week.

The maintenance team had replaced the air conditioner but Allan decided that being on a higher floor was too much for his back. He inquired further about the cost of transferring to a downstairs apartment.

A New Refrigerator Eases Family’s Tough Week Debra Anderson Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments Atlanta, GA Mary’s small, personal, under-the-counter refrigerator was on the fritz. She asked if somebody from maintenance would take a look at it. Debra went over to her apartment to look at her refrigerator. While there Debra learned that Mary’s son was involved in a car accident. He wasn’t hurt, but his car required extensive repairs. Of course, we couldn’t buy Mary’s son a new car, but thanks to Debra’s idea we were able to make Mary’s day by replacing her refrigerator.

A Move that Made the Difference Ramon Gonzalez Sandstone Apartments Pasadena, TX Allan, a resident of Sandstone, came into the office late one afternoon frustrated that his air conditioner didn’t work. As he was talking, Ramon and Shawna learned that Allan had undergone multiple back surgeries and was often in severe

Ramon and Shawna took Allan’s health into account and considered how challenging it would be for him to carry all his belongings downstairs. They knew Allan didn’t have any friends or family in Houston, and that he had to drive himself 100 miles, every month, just to get his pain medication. They decided they couldn’t miss an opportunity to WOW him. Ramon made a few phone calls to find a moving company that would help Allan pack AND transport all his belongings for him. Allan didn’t have to lift a finger. Allan is now ecstatic with his downstairs apartment.

Happy Birthday Pizza Mollie Witt College View Apartments La Porte, TX A student on scholarship at the school near College View came into the office and asked if her mail was being held. The student seemed sad. She later revealed her birthday had recently passed. She hadn’t received any birthday cards and was feeling homesick. Mollie sprang into action after the student left the office. She put in a pizza delivery order. Within twenty minutes the student received a surprise pizza, soda and pizza cookie with a note “Happy Birthday from College View.” Who can appreciate a pizza better than a homesick college student?


Fave Story 140

A Fond Farewell rushed and talked to a couple of the residents involved and told them we had to change plans. It went from a party to a breakfast get together. The residents started spreading the word around the apartment community. Ashley shopped for the breakfast items and gifts. She came in early on the day of the party and set everything up. Since it was short notice, we had to bring Marie in on the surprise. She was able to keep Oscar at the house that morning until we were ready. When she brought him to the office he was surprised by all the people who had gathered to say, “Farewell”.

Ashley Johnston Forest View Apartments The Woodlands, TX Oscar and Marie have been part of the Forest View family since the beginning – 20+ years! During their time here, they have made their mark not only on the residents but on the office staff as well. Due to Oscar’s health, they had to move closer to the church where Oscar is the Pastor. It was not an easy decision for

them. Oscar and Marie had become a staple at the property and many residents have come to really care about them. Ashley wanted to find a way to send them off in style, so she planned a party to be held a couple days before their move out. As the plans were coming together, Oscar came in and told us that they needed to move earlier than expected. Well, this blew Ashley’s plan out of the water. What was once a two-week plan, turned into a couple days. Ashley

Then everyone was blown away when one of the residents brought in his guitar and sang a song for Oscar and Marie. Then we had a keyboard going and the party was in full swing. Everyone was laughing, crying, rocking, and rolling. We got Oscar and Marie some gifts to remember the property, the residents, and the staff. Oscar and Marie were both so grateful for the outpouring of friendship and support they received from everyone. They could not believe that so many residents would take the time to come say goodbye or that the staff would bother to set up an event just in their honor.


Fave 142

Story 143

A Magical Moment

From Homeless To Forever

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Carly Haycraft Salado Springs Apartments San Antonio, TX

Fabiola Celado, Andrea Doane, Darlene Seale, Briget Proctor, Rie Gresham South Shore Lakes Apartments League City, TX

Lavona Thomas, Ramon Gonzalez Sandstone Apartments Pasadena, TX

We have a resident at Salado Springs that brings her son in about four times a week to rent a DVD from our Library. Her little boy LOVES signing for the movies because it makes him feel big! Every time he came in he asked if we had the first Harry Potter movie, The Sorcerer’s Stone. This little guy had read all of the books and that was the only movie he had not seen. This same scenario went on for a couple months and each time he was just as hopeful, asking if we had the movie yet. Well, it turns out that Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone had gone missing, so every day when he came in I had to tell him, “I’m sorry, but we don’t have it yet, sweetie!” He was very gracious and said, “That’s okay!” with such a sad look in his eye. He was so sweet and polite that I decided to rectify this situation. I went out and bought, not just the first movie, but the entire collection! I called to ask his mom to come to the office and bring her son because we had something for him. They came in and when he opened his gift he jumped up and down and explained to his mom in Spanish that it was ALL EIGHT MOVIES! He had the WHOLE collection, and he kept saying “Thank you” while jumping up and down. Before he left he made sure he hugged and thanked EVERYONE who worked in the office! It was such a magical moment and made all of us feel so happy that we could give something to this sweet boy!


This past winter, our maintenance team found a Lab-mix puppy on the property that had been dumped. She was cold, scared, and hungry. They brought the puppy into the office with hopes that we could find her a place to stay so she wouldn’t have to spend another night in the cold. By closing time we had had no success. Kate, a resident, happened to be in the office and offered to take the puppy home for the night. We promised we would bring the puppy back the next day and find her a home. Kate had to leave early for school the next morning and left the puppy in the bathroom. When Darlene and Bridget came to pick up the puppy, they discovered that she had chewed through Kate’s blow dryer and straightener cords! They quickly cleaned up the mess and brought it back to the office. We felt awful that the puppy had destroyed Kate’s stuff. Fabiola took off to the store and replaced all the damaged items and even added in a few extras to show our gratitude. When Kate got home we asked her to come by the office. First we showed her the damage, then surprised her with the goodies! She was taken aback and was very happy with all her new items. So, what happened to the puppy? Darlene posted pictures of her on Facebook and the first offer came from Rie Gresham, the PM at The Fairways. Rie’s husband came and got the puppy. They named her Bella, and she is thriving in her forever home with a loving family!

We have a long-time elderly resident who is physically disabled and in poor health. Not long ago we did a routine inspection of his building for pest issues. We knew that he was doing his best to keep his apartment clean in spite of his limitations, but we were saddened to see the condition of his place. It was heartbreaking to see the way he had been living for the past six years, along with his two dogs, who were also aging and in poor health. It was clear that he needed some special support. I feared that if Ramon were to see the condition of his apartment, he would want to move him out. That just wouldn’t be right! Something had to be done. But Ramon surprised me! Rather than move the gentleman out, he showed true compassion by putting a plan in place to transfer him to another apartment so that he could have a fresh start! Together we arranged for movers to load and unload his belongings. In addition, he asked me to call a few of our sister properties to see if they could spare some furniture to replace his pieces, which were old and damaged. When he realized what we were doing to help him out, he was in tears and expressed great appreciation. Ramon’s compassion made a lifelong impression on me, and taught me a valuable lesson - ALWAYS put yourself in other people’s shoes. I will forever hold this story close to my heart.

Pedal of Honor Luis Gutierrez Falcon Square at Independence Apartments, Orlando, FL We have a dear family at Falcon Square who are new to this country. They have been working very hard since they arrived, but recently have run into a problem which has set them back financially. One day the father came to the office to ask about a rusty old bike which he had found in their building. He asked if they could clean it up so their son could ride it to school. From the looks of the bike, I knew it was too small for him, and that it would take a lot to get it up and running again. I see how much they do to raise their son to be a good kid, and to settle into a new life here in the States. I decided that giving the boy a gift would mean more to them than a family gift to be shared among them all. So I went to Target and got this awesome new bike! When I gave the bike to his son, I attached a nice card saying that we realize how much they are struggling, and that we appreciate them as residents. The father broke down in tears. I had never seen a grown man cry like that. I’m so glad that we were able to help this great family with this small but meaningful gift!

A Warm Anniversary Welcome Andrea Doane, Fabiola Celado, Darlene Seale, Bridget Proctor South Shore Lakes Apartments, League City, TX Liz & Nathan are one of the sweetest couples we’ve had the pleasure of coming across at South Shore Lakes Apartments. When the couple first came to us, they immediately fell in love with the community. However, at the time, they were in a bind. Their lease was up at their previous home, a place where they were completely miserable. They were struggling financially. They were excited they found a great alternative in South Shore Lakes Apartments, and decided they couldn’t pass up the opportunity to live here. Liz didn’t mind collecting every last one of their pennies to move in, because they loved it. They were so excited and happy. When Liz and Nathan were doing their first walk through of their apartment, they revealed it was their Anniversary. That was all we needed to hear. We recognized that we had to do something amazing for this couple. We gave them an assortment of housewarming gifts: and just for good measure, a voucher for a dinner and a movie night. Liz and Nathan were touched by the surprise, which reaffirmed that they picked the right community.


Keurig Bliss Kelly Levesque St. Andrews Apartments, Pearland, TX John, a three-year resident, came in one day to pick up a package. It was a Keurig coffee maker that he and his wife, Debbie, had purchased as a Christmas present for his stepdaughter. He talked about how great this machine was and how much his stepdaughter wanted one. I asked if he had one, and he said no. He and Debbie had a regular coffee maker. But he was very eager to try out the Keurig once his stepdaughter got it set up. I knew this would be the perfect opportunity to WOW them. I purchased the same Keurig along with a box of assorted holiday coffees. When I knocked on their door. Debbie told me that they had already purchased this machine for her daughter, and did not understand why I was standing there with another one. Once I explained that this was a gift from us, and we just wanted them to know how much we appreciate them as residents, she got very choked up. She gave me a huge hug, and said I had just given them the best Christmas present ever!

When You Wish Upon a Star Amy Pollak, Shannon Stokes, Crystal Bradford Raintree, Baytown, TX We have a little girl, Remi, who has SO much personality for a four year old. We laugh so hard when she comes into the office. One day she came in and asked us if we could play dress up and have a tea party with her. We told her that we were thrilled for the invitation, but that we didn’t have any princess dresses to wear! She said that we couldn’t fit into hers, so she thought it would be alright if we wore our everyday dresses. She kept talking about how she loves princesses, and tea parties, and playing with dolls, adding “I haven’t had a new princess dress in so long!” Of course, when you are four, all these things are SUCH a big deal! So it was Raintree to the rescue! As soon as she left, we ran to Target and bought her everything from the new Cinderella movie: the dress, the crown, the hair, and the doll. To top it off, we decided to give her family of four $100.00 for a family night out to see the movie! They were curious when we called them into the office, but as soon as their little girl spotted the pretty blue bag sitting on the desk, she was so excited that her face lit up like Christmas morning! She wanted to go watch the movie immediately in her new dress! Ah, the joys of children! Funny how making someone else genuinely happy brings just as much joy to us. Thanks, Venterra, for allowing us to bless other people. 146

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French Place Apartments San Antonio, TX

Willow Springs Apartments Pasadena, TX

Not long ago we were preparing to complete a deep treatment in one of our apartments. We informed the resident that she would need to leave her apartment for two hours while we were there. Unfortunately, this presented a problem because she was on call that day, and needed to have Wi-Fi access so that she could work from home. She does not have a vehicle, and I knew it would be too hot for her to work in the courtyard. So I offered to take her to a nearby Starbucks. She was so happy and relieved! When we arrived at Starbucks, I treated her to something to eat and drink, and she said the setting would be perfect! Then I arranged for Anna to pick her up at 7 pm so she would not have to worry about walking home. She was so grateful, and thanked us very much for going above and beyond.

One of our long term residents who always pays by check asked us if we could help her fill out a money order, muttering that she had never had to use a money order before. We could tell that she was very anxious and upset about it. When I asked her if everything was okay, she told me the story of her eventful weekend. While she was out running errands, she had stopped to get gas at the local Wal-Mart. In less than a minute, her life was turned upside down. She went from worrying about her grocery list one minute, to calling her banks and freezing all her accounts in the next. While she was pumping gas, someone had opened the passenger side door and grabbed her purse from the seat. She said she carried EVERYTHING in her purse, including her driver’s license and social security card. She was still in shock while she told the story, adding that she was glad she hadn’t seen it happen, because she might have been hurt while fighting for her belongings. As it was, she had had to drive around for hours, just to track down her birth certificate so that she could regain her identity. With all the stress she was going through, we decided to buy her a new purse, wallet, key tracker, pepper spray (just in case), and a book about finding joy in her days, hoping that it would ease her anxiety a little. She was thrilled with the gift, touched that we would help her out, and thankful that we cared so much.

I Can See Clearly Now Nicole Currence Forest View Apartments The Woodlands, TX Marissa, a new resident at Forest View, came in to the office one day to place a maintenance request. The globe of her ceiling fan light fixture had fallen off when she pulled the chain, and had broken right on her head! It had left a little scratch on her forehead, and chipped the right lens of her favorite prescription Ray Ban glasses. She acted as if it didn’t matter, insisting that we do nothing but fix the globe. No way! Of course we were going to do more! First, Nicole found out where Marissa originally bought her lenses, and ordered a new lens to replace the one that had been damaged. Then

she called Marissa to let her know that a new lens would be ready by the end of the week. Marissa was so surprised! She thanked us a bunch of times, and said she had never heard of anyone ever doing that for a resident. She added that she’s so glad that she chose Forest View for her new home!

Welcome to ATL Kimberly Agudelo Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments Atlanta, GA Recently one of our newer couples arrived at Tuscany at Lindbergh, super tired on move-in day! They had just driven in from NYC, and were completely exhausted and stressed out. To make matters worse, the moving company had confused their delivery date, and their things would not arrive until the following week! Fortunately, they had packed enough items in the car to get them through the next few days, but I could tell this was discouraging. As I walked with them to their apartment, I discovered that they had never been to Atlanta before. I tried to lighten the mood by telling them about all the cool things there are to do near our community. They mentioned that they wouldn’t be starting their new jobs until the following week, and so this would be a great time to do some exploring! At that point, I realized that Atlanta City Pass tickets would be the perfect WOW for them! With these tickets they could enjoy Atlanta’s top attractions which include the Georgia Aquarium, World of Coke, CNN Center, Zoo Atlanta, Fernbank Museum, the College Football Hall of Fame, and the Center for Civil and Human Rights. When I gave them the tickets they were so excited and happy! They couldn’t wait to check out all of these great sites! 149

A Little Quiet Time Adriana Galicia, Jerelly Mejia, Nicol Bashir, Russell Chun Shadowbrooke Apartments, Stafford, TX One of our longtime residents had a difficult pregnancy and was having a hard time recuperating once she got home. She was in the process of buying a home and her husband has a demanding job so he is not often home to help her. In addition to the new baby, she and her husband also have two other children. One day she was in the office faxing paperwork when she should have been in bed after her surgery. She was unable to walk home so I offered her a ride on the golf cart. She opened up saying that the baby was not allowing her to get the rest she needed and with her husband working all the time she was becoming overwhelmed. As I was helping her to her door I let her know that if she needed us to stop by her apartment to pick up paperwork just give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to help. Jerrelly and I went online to see what we could do to help this new mother get some rest and quiet time. We found a great device that the baby can lie in safely and it helps the baby go to sleep with soothing vibrations and cute hanging toys for the baby to play with.

A Gal Needs Her Closet Space! Danielle Roberson Chez Moi Apartments, Austin, TX This WOW was my first experience where a resident was SUPER frustrated about the apartment I leased them. Chris and Amy are a nice young couple who were very excited to move in to their spacious 2 bedroom apartment complete with a 6x6 walk-in (or twirl-in as I like to call it) closet. They stopped by twice to view the model, which was the same floor plan as theirs – or so I thought! The move-in date was approaching and I was off to do my agent walk. Imagine my horror when I noticed the apartment home they leased was a variation of the model and DID NOT have a 6x6 twirl-in closet! Amy and Chris are costume designers and they really needed the extra space. I went back to the office to notify them of the error on my part and face the music. Understandably they were disappointed and frustrated but wanted to come and see the apartment first before they made any decision. The next day they came in and viewed the apartment. While they said the apartment was great, it was not what they thought. We let them know ALL of their options and we would understand if this was a deal breaker but here at Venterra we want our residents HAPPY! We offered to buy them a wardrobe/closet from Ikea. They were shocked that we would even offer such a thing, but they did agree that it would help....because let’s face it a gal (and guy) need their closet space! In the end all has been forgiven and Amy and Chris are experiencing “A Better Way of Living”!


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Selfless Service Goes A Long Way Shannon Stokes, Crystal Bradford, Amy Pollak Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX We were in the office talking with Jasmine, one of our residents, whose mom had passed away. We had a long conversation that helped us learn a lot about her. During the conversation we asked if she had one wish, what would it be? She really touched our hearts when she responded with, “To have my mom in good health and to be able to communicate with her again.” We knew it was rough for her to go through something like this. We wanted to let Jasmine know that we care about her and are here for her. Remembering the conversation, we decided to try and make her feel better by buying some of her favorite things. We got her a Kindle Fire with a nice protective case, along with a gift card to get some books. We also got a variety pack of teas, a nice tea glass to drink it out of, and her favorite snack – almonds. To top it off we got her a sweet Sunshine Card that says how she always brightens our day. We called to tell Jasmine she had a package in the office. She came by to pick it up and about ten minutes later she called, crying and saying, “I am so blown away, why did y’all do this? How did you remember that I love to read? Thank you so much. I cannot wait to tell my co-workers all about you.” She then added, “Y’all are the best people I have ever met; it’s such a blessing to live here.” The reaction of a thankful heart was enough to put tears in our eyes. Jasmine doesn’t even realize that she is the one who actually WOW’d us!


Cassi Walter Tuscany at Lindbergh Apartments Atlanta, GA Recently I received a lead on a prospect who was very interested in moving to Tuscany because we are so close to the Marta Station. I gave Arjun a call, and began to present what Tuscany and Venterra had to offer. He was very nice, but he did have A LOT of questions about our move-in process, how we prepped each home for move-in, and the cleanliness of the community. He was moving from Virginia, and because time was of the essence, he had decided he would choose his housing “sight unseen,” so that it would be ready as soon as he arrived. He seemed really nervous about leasing an apartment without being able to see it and the community first, but I was determined to win him over. He was very clear that he was looking for a 2 bedroom apartment that was very clean and up to his standards, and that he would need for it to be available by the first of July. I let him know that the only 2 bed-

Bithday Trip To Castle Nails Ary Salas Foxborough Apartments, Irving, TX

When Rubi M. came by the office and noticed my powder nails, she said she really liked them! I told her that I get them done at Castle Nails in Coppell, which is 25 minutes away from the property. She mentioned that she might get hers done for her birthday, later this month. I decided to buy her a gift certificate from Castle Nails so she could treat herself for her special day. Unfortunately, she doesn’t drive, and doesn’t know the area, so she relies on her husband to

he wanted to see a firsthand view rather than the professional photos on the website. I went out and snapped a picture of everything he wanted to see. After he’d had a chance to look them over, he raised even more questions. I did everything I could to reassure him, and to respond to his concerns. In the end, he did decide to lease the apartment, and I felt a sense of accomplishment.


room we had available was older and had not been renovated, and offered to send him pictures of what it would look like. Arjun repeated that he was interested in our community because we are close to the Marta station, and once he moved to Atlanta, that would be the way he commuted to work. Over the next few days, there were many phone calls, as I continued to answer his questions and did all I could to reassure him that the apartment would be clean and ready. He requested current photos of the community because get around. I asked if she would let me to take her to the salon after work. She was so happy and excited, and immediately said that would be great! The day that we went, she was able to get a manicure with powder nails, a facial, and a mini massage! She felt so refreshed from the facial and the massage, adding that it was such a treat to be able to get out of the apartment without her husband and the two kids. She gave me a hug and thanked me for making this year’s birthday so special for her.

After all of the interactions with Arjun and hearing the concern he had for moving sight unseen, I knew I wanted to WOW him when he arrived. I decided to get him a Breeze card to cover his first week of trips into the city on the Marta. When I gave him his card along with a hand written note, he was very surprised! He thanked me multiple times. That definitely opened a new door, as we began chatting about places he and his wife could visit since they were new to Atlanta. I’m happy to say that he is now settled into the community, and loving his new home. I’m so glad that one small gift gave us a chance to strike a whole new tone for our relationship!

Maintenance Helps Keep Baby Bottles Clean Matthew Dobias Riverstone Apartments Fort Worth, TX We had a family that was having dishwasher trouble and maintenance had worked on it a few times. The mom was most concerned that her baby bottles were not getting steamed and sanitized. Matt was able to fix her dishwasher finally, but wanted to get this mother something extra for the trouble. We purchased a Steam Guard Electric Bottle Sanitizer, a bottle organizer, and a travel kit! Way to go Matt! 153

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Get The Motor Running Francisco Avilez Salado Springs, San Antonio, TX Frank is such an asset to our community. He is great with our residents here – so friendly, outgoing, and compassionate. Recently he was talking to one of our residents who was very down on his luck. After being laid off from his job, he had finally found new employment. This was great news! But as soon as he found his new job, his wife lost her job! As if that weren’t enough bad luck, his truck broke down, and they had no disposable income to take care of the repairs. How on earth was he going to get to work? Fortunately, after a little investigating, Frank found that all the truck needed was a new fuel pump. He researched the type of pump that was needed, priced it, and surprised our resident with a $200.00 gift card to AutoZone! Needless to say, the man was speechless at the gesture. Now he can get his vehicle running, and start his new job off right!

Now You Can Watch TV Andrew Anthon, Kimberley Baker Bala Woods Apartments Kingwood, TX

over right now and get it set up for you!” We are so happy that we were able to find a way for her to watch all her shows, without the commitment!

joyed and thankful that we were able to help him during this hard time.

A Perfect Fit Recently Andrew and I were talking with one of our newer residents when she came in to look over our movie selection. She had heard that DirecTV requires a 2 year commitment (which is the cable option for Bala Woods), and asked if we could suggest some other TV options. She was very interested to hear about Netflix and Hulu, and told us she would have to give it some thought. Among other things, she seemed a little unclear as to how to install the apps on her TV. As soon as she left, we had a bright idea. We looked on Amazon, and found an Apple TV that would be perfect for her! When she came by the office to pick up her “package” she was soooo excited! She wanted to get it set up right away, but mentioned that she would have to wait for her daughter to do it, because didn’t know how. Andrew, our techie, said “No need! I will come

Joey Zamora

A Helping Hand Beatrix Mueller, Nicole Ponton, Vanessa Sullivan Westover Oaks Apartments San Antonio, TX George is a veteran who lives in a two bedroom with his son Brandon here at Westover Oaks. They absolutely love our community! Currently he is a full time student, and relies on his VA loans to pay for his schooling and housing. The past two months the VA has not been consistent with their payments, which has created a hardship for George. We decided to WOW him with an HEB gift card for gas and groceries, a gift card to IHOP (his son’s favorite restaurant), and his favorite candle. George was so over-

Stonecreek Ranch Apartments Austin, TX A resident recently moved into a one-bedroom apartment. She was leasing an apartment she had never seen, but loved our community. While moving in she was devastated to find that her bedroom furniture didn’t fit. She loved her new home so much she decided to move in and sell her furniture. We helped her out with a $300 gift card for some new furniture. She was very happy that we went above and beyond to welcome her to Stonecreek Ranch.


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Work It Out Maria Moya Champions Woods, Houston, TX One of my very first leases here at Champions Woods was signed by this sweet elderly lady named Rebecca. When she came in to drop off her first check, she asked if I could show her how to use the treadmill. Normally I am ecstatic when residents tell me they want to work out, but this time I wasn't. I knew that Rebecca had lost about 90% of her eyesight, and that her vision was quite blurry. At the very least, it would to be difficult for her to use the equipment, and I was concerned that it might not be safe. I walked her over to the fitness center to help her to get started, but she quickly realized that it was not going to be safe for her to use alone. I could tell that she wanted so badly to do some type of exercise – I just had to help her think of something! Then I realized we had the perfect solution – water exercise! It is easy on joints, and our pool is not deep – so she can walk around in the water without any trouble. I bought her some water shoes, a hot pink cover up, and sunscreen. She LOVED the gift bag! She said that no other community has been as thoughtful as we have been, and that she was glad she had decided to make Champions Woods her new home.

Fall Wreath Supplies Melissa Cordaway Westover Oaks Apartments, San Antonio, TX We have a fabulous resident who cares for his mother at Westover Oaks. The mother was upset because she just purchased a new fall wreath for their front door and someone had stolen it. Melissa thought it would be great to purchase a new fall wreath for the woman, write a note, and put it on the door hanger. Soon after we placed the wreath on their door, we received a phone call from the mother. She was crying with happiness and thanking us. WOW'ing is the best!


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A Little Happiness In Your Cup Whitney Ryan Amber Place Apartments, Warner Robins, GA Mr. Garman is a polite widower who relocated to Amber Place to be closer to his sons after his wife passed away. Mr. Garman’s wife was his world. They’d been a couple for 46 years. When Whitney first visited Mr. Garman’s apartment, he expressed pride that the closet was big enough to hold the 100 jackets his wife bought him. Whitney could tell how much he missed his wife. Mr. Garman visited the office the next day just to say hello and tell us how much he was enjoying his new place. Whitney asked him what his plans were for that morning. Mr. Garman said he was heading towards a restaurant for his morning cup of coffee because he couldn’t find his coffee pot. Mr. Garman had 3 storage buildings filled with belongings, and didn’t want to trouble his sons to help him go on a treasure hunt for the coffee pot. Upon hearing Mr. Garman’s conundrum, Whitney immediately thought “Let’s Wow Him.” Melinda was already in a store outside getting office supplies. Whitney called and asked her to buy a coffee pot, some filters and a card. When the goodies arrived, Whitney called Mr. Garman and told him she had something for him to sign. He came to the office, received his surprise, and was taken aback. He said we were the “sweetest ladies” he’d ever met. Mr. Garman’s daughter in law called us later that day. She wanted to thank us for taking such good care of him. She told us Mr. Garman had called her and was practically crying when he told her what we had done. He couldn’t believe we’d be so kind. The next day, Mr. Garman walked into the office carrying two cards and a box of chocolate to show his appreciation.

Tacorofic Alison Pinyan Amber Place Apartments, Warner Robins, GA One of our favorite, and most attended resident events is Taco Tuesday. During the fall and winter months there were so many holiday-geared resident events, we were unable to incorporate Taco Tuesday. One of our residents, Nicole, and her 5-year old son, Michael, came into the office to pick up a package. While Nicole signed for the package, she looked at her son and said “Go ahead, Michael, ask her.” The little boy was so shy but politely asked Alison, “When are we having Taco Tuesday again?” Alison apologized to Michael and let him know that there was no date planned for Taco Tuesday yet, but that she would see what she could do. Michael looked disappointed, but smiled knowing there would be one soon.. Understanding Michael’s disappointment, Alison got a gift card to a local Mexican restaurant so he wouldn’t have to wait any longer to get his taco fix! Michael was so excited when he came to pick up his gift card and Nicole said they would use it that night!


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Oh No. Where Did the Grill Go? Kimberly Baker Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX We have a married couple here at Kingwood who love to invite friends over to barbecue. Last Sunday they had pulled out the grill and cooked a delicious meal. As they went inside to enjoy it, they left the grill outside so that it could cool down. Later that evening, as their friends were leaving, they noticed that the grill was gone. Their first thought was that it was trash pickup night, and that the grill had been left near the trash area. They asked our trash valet if he had possibly mistaken it as trash. No luck. Then they asked if we could email the other residents, to see if someone might have picked it up, thinking that it had been left as trash. We did. Still no luck. They even posted a sign by the mailboxes, with no success. I really wanted to reunite the couple with their beloved grill, so I went out and bought them a new one! It was a slight upgrade from the one they had, and even included new BBQ utensils to go with it. When I sent a message saying that they had something waiting for them in the office, they called right away, thinking that someone might have returned the grill. They sounded so hopeful! I told them that I was sorry, we hadn't found it, but that there was a package for them. They seemed puzzled, saying that they were not expecting anything, adding that they would be by the next day to pick it up. A few minutes later, the wife called back, saying she was curious. She asked if we could tell her what the package looked like. When we gave her very vague description of the box, she decided she would leave work early to pick it up. When she walked into my office and saw what it was, I could see tears in her eyes. "No way!” she blurted out – “That is so sweet! Can I give you a hug?" It made me so happy to see that she was so excited about it. Now they can keep up their weekend tradition!

If It Weren’t for BAD LUCK, We’d Have No Luck At All!! Melissa Cordaway, Vanessa Sullivan

Westover Oaks Apartments, San Antonio, TX Recently we had a family move into Westover Oaks for a short-term lease due to a gas leak explosion in their home. For the first three months, they lived in four different hotels because the insurance company would not authorize a short-term apartment rental. Finally, because the house repairs were taking so long, the insurance company authorized the family to lease an apartment. While waiting for approval on the apartment, some of the contracted workers from the insurance company’s stole a lot of the family’s belongings: TV, laptops, tools, jewelry, and clothing. When they were finally able to move into Westover Oaks they were ready and eager for some type of normal life. However, the day after they moved in, the husband had a heart attack and was hospitalized for more than a week. His wife came in to talk with leasing agent, Melissa. Melissa and the Westover staff knew they had to do something special for this family. During several conversations Melissa was able to gather information about the family. The wife wanted to start cooking healthier and wanted some healthy cookbooks. The Westover staff bought the family two healthy cookbooks, a prepared family meal of salmon, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and fresh veggies from H-E-B plus sugar free candy and healthy snacks. The best part was two massages, for the husband and wife to enjoy and relax. The wife came to the office to pick up this perishable package and as the staff walked out with all the gifts she started crying and hugged us all. She was shocked and humbled by the gifts and couldn’t thank us enough. This surprise touched all of us and felt so good because this family truly deserved something positive in their lives. 162

Here’s a Little Pink For You Alexander Roach, Angela Kohler, John Hourigan, Samuel Skelley, Travis Swanson Hamptons at Woodland Pointe Apartments, Nashville, TN Karen is a vivacious, sweet woman, a Hampton’s resident who fought battles with breast cancer and ovarian cancer, and won. During Breast Cancer Awareness we WOW’ed Karen with a special pink gift: a pink basket filled with pink chocolates, a pink bracelet, pink cookies and other pink treats. Karen was so surprised when we presented her gift. She loved the basket and appreciated our thoughtfulness in creating it for her. We are so grateful to be able to WOW our residents. Karen is so special to us. It was our pleasure to brighten her day.

Double Trouble Alex Rafieha, Jose Mascorieto Carrington at Park Lakes Apartments, Humble, TX One of our new er residents stopped by the office to submit a few work orders. While I entered them I encouraged her to sit and chat a bit. During our conversation she informed me that her husband’s Veterans benefits had been cut off due to a mix-up, and they were having a hard time getting things back on track. As part of his benefit structure they receive a monthly housing stipend. What’s more, they have two daughters with birthdays in the same month! After she left the office, Jose and I immediately knew this was our chance to introduce her to the Venterra culture! So Jose set out to purchase a gift card for $100 to help with the girls’ birthday gifts. Our resident stopped by the office in a rush so we snapped a quick happy “Selfie”. She called later in tears telling us how she appreciated what our staff did for her.

Tire Blues Noe Fuentes Wilshire Place Apartments, Houston, TX The other day Noe noticed that one of our residents was driving in very slowly. Right away he went out to see if he could help. She had blown out a tire, and it was completely beyond repair. After putting the spare on for her, he checked to see if the wheel had been damaged, adding that he would take the tire and wheel into the shop that same day. That afternoon, I purchased a new tire for her at Discount Tire. When Noe called to let her know that he would put the new tire on for her, she was stunned and deeply touched that we would do something like this. She admitted that the last couple of weeks have been rough, and that blowing out the tire hadn’t helped the situation. She didn’t have the money for a new tire, and had already started to make arrangements for a ride to get to and from work over the next few days. I told her that we were glad to help, and it was our pleasure to be able to brighten her week in this way.


Birthday Cake Balls Mollie Witt College View Apartments, La Porte, TX Our resident, Mike, loves to hear about Mollie’s adventures to Austin. Mollie and her family like to take mini-trips to the city every now and then. Mollie learned that Mike had a special birthday coming up and decided to do something nice for him. She custom-ordered a box of S’mores and Strawberry flavored cake balls from Austin Cake Ball™ and had them delivered to his door. Since Mike didn’t have the time nor resources to travel often, Mollie thought she’d send a piece of Austin to Mike.

Helping with Diapers!

At the Finish Line!

Crystal Sanchez

Jessica Harrison, Danielle Roberson Chez Moi Apartments, Austin, TX

Zang Triangle Apartments, Dallas, TX One day I was at the store, purchasing a few items for the property. As I was checking out, I noticed one of our residents in line right behind me, with a package of diapers. I quickly scooped up the diapers and paid for them while picking up my own items. I love that we have opportunities like this to make someone’s day, even if it’s just as simple as paying for someone’s diapers when they need it!

‘’Pool Closed for Remodeling Until April 30th, Gym Access Limited” This was not good news for our sweet neighbor, Tammy. She had begun a weight loss journey four months earlier, and was just reaching the finish line! A week before the pool was to close, she came to one of our resident events, elated that she had only 8 pounds to go! She was excited about being able to wear a bikini to the pool this summer, and even more excited that she could stop paying her personal trainer! Knowing how hard she had worked to reach her goals, we made a point to con-

tact her about the pool remodeling. After losing 23 pounds, she was concerned that all of her efforts, and those of her trainers, were going to be squashed. What could we do to help her stay on track? With Marco’s help, we were able to open the office for Tammy and her trainer at 7a.m. each day so that she could still work out in the gym and not lose the money she had pre-paid to her trainer. In addition, we gave her a $200 gift card so that she could celebrate on April 30th – the day of her final weigh-in! She was pleased and grateful for the special gym access, but she was thrilled about the gift card! When she came in for her gift, she couldn’t thank us enough. She is positive that she has lost the last 8 pounds, and can’t wait to to hear about her final weigh-in!

Bunches of Fun at the Zoo Danny Banegas Jr., Vanessa Sullivan, Melissa Cordaway, Nicole Ponton, Beatrix Mueller Westover Oaks Apartments, San Antonio, TX Catherine has lived at Westover Oaks for the past 3 years, and has always been one of our favorite residents. She never fails to make us smile when she stops by the office. Recently we learned that her son-in-law returned from Afghanistan a few months ago with a bad case of PTSD. When this happened, she had to take in her daughter and three grandkids, and has been taking care of and supporting them ever since. We thought they deserved to have a special day out as a family. We decided to WOW them with 5 tickets to the San Antonio Zoo, and a Sonic gift card to enjoy lunch on us! 164

A Night on the Tow Beatrix Mueller, Melissa Cordaway, Vanessa Sullivan, Nicole Ponton,

something like that could happen to them during their first night alone.

Part of Our Family

Alexander Roach, Angela Kohler, The next morning, the couple came John Hourigan, Samuel Skelley, Travis in, upset and told us what happened. Swanson Westover Oaks Apartments We decided to buy a new tire for San Antonio, TX Hamptons at Woodland Pointe the couple. We secretly found their Nashville, TN tire size, went to the tire store and Kira walks around Westover Oaks made arrangements to have it put community grounds for over an hour on. When we showed the young During breast cancer awareness a day talking on her cell phone to her couple the tire, they were touched month, staff at the Hamptons prehusband, John, who was transferred that we were so caring. They felt so sented a pink basket filled with treats to a Navy base in Hawaii. Kira, who is much better about their luck and to Tammy—one of our most inspiraalso in the Navy, recently moved with knew they chose the best place to tional residents. her dog from her old apartment to a call home. Tammy was diagnosed with Stage IV two bedroom apartment. breast cancer last year, and touched When John returned from his deployment, he only had a month to spend Acing the Real Estate with Kira before making his way back License Exam to Hawaii. Kira couldn’t take any time Erin Dobias off from work, so the couple had Monticello Oaks Apartments to squeeze quality time together Fort Worth, TX around a 60-hour work week. Team members at Westover Oaks decided to WOW Kira and John with a date night package which included a gift card for dinner and a movie so that they could treat themselves right one night before John traveled back to Hawaii.

Helping Young Residents Adjust Sonya Page, Maried Aleman, Patti Cassidy Cypress Pointe Apartments Orange Park, FL Sonya, Maried, and Patti were tickled to watch a couple move into their first apartment away from home. They had a great time decorating for hours and hours, and then decided to call it a night and go to bed. The first morning in their new home, the boyfriend decided to go out and get the couple breakfast. When he got to his car, he found his tire had been slashed. The couple was upset

us all deeply with her courage and tenacity in fighting the disease. She is currently in remission. We thought the pink basket was a fitting gift to celebrate her good health, and Tammy thought so too! When we called Tammy and her boyfriend, Sean, into the office and gave her the basket, she hugged us so tightly. She exOne of Monticello Oaks’ residents, plained how grateful she was to have an interior design consultant, decida “second family” and a safe place to ed she wanted to become a realtor. heal that truly felt like home. She exShe took the required courses, and plained how important support was studied for two weeks for hours on to her when her relatives were so far end for the license exam. Erin, who away. She was so moved, we could had previously taken this challenging see the appreciation in her eyes. Her exam, put herself in the resident’s boyfriend even teared up. shoes. She could relate to the details Moments like this remind us why we of the test the resident was strugdo this work. Tammy’s appreciation gling with, and could relate to her dreams and visions for accomplish- reminds us that when you give, you are the one who receives the best ments after she was licensed. Erin wished her luck and told her to keep gift. We love to help residents find their “home sweet home,” a place her posted. that is more than just four walls and A few weeks later, the resident came a place to stow their stuff. We are so into the office to let Erin know she thrilled that Tammy is with us today. passed her exam and had already It makes everything we do day in and secured a job. The new realtor gave day out worth it. Tammy is a remindErin one of her new business cards. er to us all to Never Give Up! Erin was so proud. She knew the resident’s favorite color was turquoise and had seen turquoise decorations in the resident’s home. Erin had a turquoise business card holder custom made to celebrate the resident’s achievements. 165

The Perfect Weights

Michelle LaCombe The Dominion at Woodlands Apartments, The Woodlands, TX

Our resident, Matt, told Michelle that 15 pound weights were the only caliber missing from the exercise room. Michelle promptly ordered 15 pound weights and waited for them to be delivered. Matt came in to the office every day and asked about the weights. Exercise was important to him, and he worked out at the fitness center regularly. Michelle decided to purchase a $25 gift card and 15 pound weights at a sporting goods store for Matt to use while we waited for our new equipment to arrive. A few days later Matt and his roommate Courtney sent a Thank You card to our team. The card definitely made our day.

Venterra opens doors...Literally! Danielle Roberson Chez Moi Apartments, Austin, TX

It’s Movie Night Every Night Kellie Layer, Brian Rowe, Sarah Ziebell Cedar Springs Apartments, Raleigh, NC Ariel and her daughter Maria-Alejandra moved to Cedar Springs this past summer. Ariel worked long hours and often wasn’t home when Maria-Alejandra arrived from her after school program. Maria-Alejandra quickly discovered our DVD library in the clubhouse and rented movies almost every day. One of the newer movies was “The Great Gatsby”. Maria-Alejandra had seen it in the theatre but loved it so much she rented it over and over. Kellie and I decided that she should have her own copy so we purchased the DVD for her, along with a movie night basket filled with popcorn, candy, soda, and a $10 Redbox certificate so she can rent movies we do not have in our library. When we presented her the movie and basket, Maria-Alejandra started laughing because this was one of the gifts she had asked for Christmas and now she would have to think of something else! Ariel was speechless that we would do something so unexpected for them.


Jason, a new prospect, came by to look at one of our apartments. After giving him the tour, he was sold! He was so eager to finalize the decision that he went right over to the business center and put in an application. As he was finishing up and saying good-bye, he realized that he had locked his keys in his car! He was beside himself, because he had to be back at work in an hour. Just as he was about to pay the pop-a-lock service, I told the locksmith that we would be taking care of the bill. Jason turned to me, stunned, as if to say, “Really?!” I grinned and replied, “Remember that ‘Venterra way’ I was telling you about? – It’s real! It’s not just a line to get you to lease…. We mean it!”

Nikki James, Miguel Garcia Reflections on Sweetwater Apartments Lawrenceville, GA

GREAT KID + Great Grades + Role Model ___________ Video Game

Here at Reflections on Sweetwater we have TREAT Fridays for the kids in the community and they LOVE it! There’s one boy in particular that always stops to talk to Tara on his way home. Recently he was headed home from school with a project graded with a large A+! He’s such a positive role model for the other children, we wanted to do something special for him. We were able to find out that he really wanted the WWE 2K14 wrestling game for his PS4. We got an okay from his father to buy it. His parents are proud of him, too. They understood why we wanted to WOW their son and were very appreciative. I mentioned that he is such a positive role model and everyone is so proud of him. He said, “I’m going to cry.” Keep up the great work!

Time to Cook!

We Make It All Better

Ramon Gonzalez, Sandstone Apartments, Pasadena, TX

Jesus Rico, Foxborough Apartments Irving, TX

A resident came in the office to complain about the landscapers. He had just washed his car and while the landscapers were using the blowers they got it dirty again. This particular resident has been with us for 6 years, so Jesse decided it would be nice to we presented her with the gift, she sounded like she was having a panic get him a gift card to the Mi-T-Fine Car attack, repeating, “I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Nothing like this has ever Wash up the road. This way he could happened to me!” A new prospect was in the office at the time, and we had get his car washed and detailed. He to explain that nothing bad had happened to Amanda; we had just surprised was very happy when Jesse gave him her with a gift that made her day! the gift card. Amanda is new to our community. One evening when she came in to rent a movie, she mentioned how much she enjoys cooking. She added that recently she had not been able to enjoy her hobby very much because she didn’t have any pots or pans; with this move they were starting over from scratch. That gave me a great idea. I ran out to the nearest Walmart and purchased a new set of pans and a set of plates for her. When


Breakdown Blues Brandon Perkins The Landings of Brentwood Apartments Brentwood, TN Brandon was on his way home from work when he heard a loud shrieking noise. He noticed a young woman and her children panicking by their car, so he pulled over to see if he could help. The woman saw the Venterra logo on Brandon’s shirt. She introduced herself as Jamie, and as a resident at The Landings. Jamie explained her car was making loud noises and she wasn’t sure what was happening. Brandon examined the car, tried a couple of old mechanic tricks and realized the car needed a few parts. Brandon decided he wanted to do something to WOW Jamie. After some digging, he found the exact part the car needed. He went to a nearby auto store and bought a gift card that would cover the part. When Brandon gave the gift card to Jamie, she was blown away. She was impressed that he had gone above and beyond to help her family.

Honing the Summer Bod! Eizabeth Metts, Stacey Shropshire Riverstone Apartments Fort Worth, Texas A resident who uses the fitness center regularly came by the office to ask if they take suggestions for new gym equipment. Stacey told him that all new equipment had already been purchased in January, but she would be happy to take his request. The resident was interested in a machine with a pull up bar to help him develop 168

upper body strength. The community wasn’t in a position to buy anything too pricey, but gave it some thought. They decided to WOW him. Stacey and Elizabeth found an “at home” pull-up bar online. They decided the pull up bar would be perfect for the resident’s apartment. When he was called into the office and given the pull-up bar, he was completely taken aback. He expressed his gratitude and promised to put the bar to good use.

A New Home for Teresa Ashley Johnston, Wesley Carroll The Ravinia Apartments, Spring, TX

Teresa had been living at The Ravinia since 2014, and was in love with the community. However, due to recent changes in her income, she could no longer afford to stay there. She explained her situation to Wesley, aka “Mr. Fix It”, and his gears began turning. As the former Assistant Property Manager at Forest View, Wesley had a hunch that it would be the perfect fit for her. At his suggestion, Teresa checked out her future home, and agreed that he was absolutely right! As she was signing the contract, she mentioned to Ashley that she was concerned about completing the move, because she had a

bad wrist, and her mother had recently had hip surgery. Ashley and Wesley sprang into action, crafting a plan. Ashley called several moving companies in the area. After explaining Teresa’s situation, she was able to find a mover who was willing to help by negotiating a lower rate. Teresa and her mother are now happy residents at Forest View. They are so grateful for all that the two teams have done for them, and are forever loyal to Venterra!

Collection Now Complete Betsy Flores, Salado Springs Apartments, San Antonio, TX Ramona recently moved into Salado Springs. Since becoming a resident, she has been such a joy to the entire staff. She loves chatting with us and telling us all about her life. Ramona came into the office one day to pick up some packages. She was so excited about what she had purchased. She pulled out a 2014 Holiday Anheuser-Busch stein. Ramona told us about her collection and how she has every holiday stein made EXCEPT for 1980 and 1981. She started collecting them in 1982 when her late husband bought their first one. As soon as she said that, we knew we had to complete her collection. We found the 2 missing steins online and surprised her with them! At first, she did not believe that we had bought them for her and then she was so overjoyed, she could not wait to show us the rest of her (now complete) collection. 169

Fave Story 170

David, one of our long-term residents, came in to the office to complain that right after washing his car, the landscapers had messed it up with the blower, and that this was the second time it had happened. My first thought was to get him a gift card to Mi-T-Fine Car Wash on Beltline. Jesse called David, and told him we had something for him in the office. He was so surprised and grateful that we had done this for him! He told us that we didn’t have to do that – he was just informing us of the problem with the blower. We told him we were happy to compensate him for his frustration with the landscapers. He was very thankful!

A Visit to the Car Wash Jesus Rico, Foxborough Apartments, Irving, TX

Ready For Fitness Sonya Page

Cypress Pointe Apartments Orange Park, FL I was conversing with a resident as she watched a TV commercial about a program which would help her to improve her diet and boost her metabolism. Her husband is a long-distance truck driver, and wouldn’t be home until July. She really wanted to get in shape and surprise him with a new look before he got home. Unfortunately, she would have to wait until payday to purchase the books, and payday was two weeks away! As soon as she left the office, I looked on Amazon and immediately found the author she was talking about. I purchased 3 books for her, including a cookbook and some test strips, so she could monitor her progress. When they arrived, I told her she had a package in the office. When

she opened it, she was so surprised! She told us that she had tried many other things in the past, but never kept up with them, adding that this time would be different, because I was investing in her goal. She knew she would make it this time, because we were there to keep her motivated and determined! Her goal is to lose 80 pounds, and she is so excited!

Yoga and Tea- We Love Thee Patrick Morris Chez Moi Apartments, Austin, TX I recently started teaching yoga at Chez Moi. The positive feedback from the residents has been heartwarming. I’m happy to share my passion for peace of mind with all who live here through my classes and my leasing position. After class on Sunday mornings we share hot tea and talk about our yoga experiences. One of our residents, Elva, got

really excited the first time I brought out the tea. She exclaimed, “I LOVE TEA!” She went on and on about her deep appreciation for all kinds of tea, especially vanilla. I knew I had to WOW her with all the tea she could handle! I went to the Steeping Room and got eight types of tea, four of them being some type of vanilla. Then I purchased an electric tea kettle and a ceramic teapot. Elva was so excited to receive her WOW gift, she was beyond words. I know she came to my yoga class to relax, but she got much more than that. I’m so grateful to work for a company that allows me to go above and beyond to make others feel good.


Fave Stories 172

Fave Stories 173

Fave Story 174

Welcome Back To Texas Andrea Poston, Nicol Brown, Matthew Dobias, David Velasco Villa Lago Apartments, Fort Worth, TX We have some awesome new residents who just moved back to Texas after a short time in Hawaii. It appears that after packing up and moving to Hawaii, things didn’t work out for them as they had hoped, so they had to pack up again and move ALL the way back! They have two sons, Tre and Dayne. The very first time I met Tre, he was as happy as can be, telling me about all the things he loved about Hawaii. When I asked him if he was sad about having to leave, he said that the only thing that made him sad was that they had to sell ALL of their stuff just to come back here, including his Nintendo Wii. About a month later, Tre and his mom came back to see the apartment, and he remembered me. As soon as they signed a lease, I knew right then just how we could WOW them. We ordered a Wii mini, and a game to go along with it. We topped it off with a $75 gift card to Main Event, so that the family could escape the stress of moving for one night, and enjoy a fun night out together!

Super Sleuth Support Network For a Family’s time of Need Mollie Witt College View Apartments, La Porte, TX A resident came into the office at Col- to work. Mollie pulled the residents lege View to put in a service request. file. She didn’t find his mother in laws name listed, but saw the man’s “I won’t be in the apartment today. I am attending a funeral with my wife. sister listed as an emergency contact. She googled both names and My mother in law passed away,” the found nothing. Eventually she found man said. the family on Facebook; including “I’m so sorry for your loss. Is there any- a photograph of the mother in law. thing I can do?” Mollie asked. She started searching obituaries in the local papers, and searching “No,” the resident responded. He funeral home listings. The fifth funerdropped his head. al listing she tried was a charm. She Mollie asked the mother’s name. found a photo of a woman who had The resident then left the office, leav- recently passed that matched the ing Mollie concerned. She decided to photo on Facebook. Then she read put her super sleuth detective skills the obituary.

Mollie went to the corner florist, picked up a bouquet of flowers mixed with green plants, and made it to the funeral home in time for the service. She also made her condolences and made sure the plant would be able to be transported to the resident’s apartment at the appropriate time. She wanted the family to know they had her support while they were grieving.


Welcome To Your New Home

Amy Pollak, Shannon Stokes, Crystal Bradford

Raintree Apartments, Baytown, TX We have an international couple who just moved here from Zamboanga City. They just purchased a TV and a few other essentials. We overheard them saying that they had had to ask a family friend to delay his visit because they were still getting acclimated. In reality, they had asked him to wait because they had no place for him to sleep. When we heard that, we went into GO MODE. First we purchased them a double high air mattress, sheet set, comforter, pillows, shams, accent throw pillows, and some decorations for their living room. Then we converted their living room into a combination bedroom and sitting area by adding a day bed and a few accents. He was so excited about all the new furnishings that he videotaped us while we were setting up his new area. They are so happy to be up off the floor, and to have an area where they can sit and watch TV. Now they can invite family and friends to visit sooner, rather than later! He just couldn’t stop saying, “WOW!” and asking, “Why are you doing this again?” We thought to ourselves, ‘Because that is just what we do – save one resident at a time with our super Venterra powers!’

Proud of Our Resident Doctor Jennifer Barrios, Erin Dobias Monticello Oaks Apartments, Fort Worth, TX Ramin, a loyal resident at Monticello Oaks graduated from medical school to train for the US Medical Corps. The team was sad to learn he was being transferred to Hawaii for his internship. We wanted to celebrate Ramin’s accomplishments, and to show our appreciation for what an important member of our community he has been. We presented Ramin with a Stylus pen with his name and new title engraved on it. Ramin was humbled by his gift. He and his wife were saddened about leaving our community, but said we will be remembered when they come back to the Lower 48. “Thank you guys so much. The Stylus is awesome! It will get some good use,” Ramin said. 176

We All Scream for Krispy Kreme Jeremy Wist, Kara Wilkinson, Melissa Gatheridge The Landings of Brentwood Apartments Brentwood, TN Our recent winter weather has definitely taken the state of Tennessee by surprise. The roads have been terrible, and there have been accidents everywhere! As I was going through my Facebook feed after work on Monday, I noticed a picture of The Landings in the background of one of the news stories. It was a story about two of our residents! The couple had decided to walk to Krispy Kreme on Monday when everyone was snowed in. After trekking two miles in the snow, dreaming of the hot coffee and donuts that would be awaiting them, they found that Krispy Kreme was closed! So after their four mile journey, they returned energized from the walk, but also tired, cold, hungry, and empty-handed! Well, anyone who braves the snow and ice for donuts is a friend of ours! Now that all of the local businesses are back up and running, and the roads are looking a little better, we decided it would be great to surprise them with a Krispy Kreme gift card! That way they can enjoy a cup of coffee and a whole lot of donuts together in these below zero temps! When they came in to collect their “package”, they were completely surprised that we had read their story, and that we had gone out of our way to do something so thoughtful for them!

New Car Mishap! Stephanie Burns, Lisa Baudler, Brittany Bryant, Marco Juarez Estancia at Morningstar Apartments, The Colony, TX Alyssa and her family are new residents here at Estancia. She came into the office recently with some concerns about the gate access, saying that she was routinely being cut off by other cars while opening the gate for herself. Unfortunately, on one occasion, as she was trying to avoid another car, she backed her own new car into one of the guard posts, leaving it scratched and dented. We could tell how disappointed she was. We contacted the nearest Toyota dealership, and asked how much it would cost to detail her car inside and out. Then we WOW’d her with a Visa gift card to cover the cost of the detail. Here’s hoping that it brings a smile to her face!Crystal San about her final weigh-in! 177

Superhero Twins Frank Damian Silverbrooke Apartments, Stafford, TX Here at Silverbrooke, we want to make sure all our residents are happy. We have one family with twin boys who are OBSESSED with superheroes! They were unhappy about being on the second floor, and since their boys are 10 years old, the downstairs neighbors were equally unhappy. We were able to transfer the family to a first floor unit. Unfortunately, they had to move the weekend of the twins’ birthday...leaving them short of time and funds to throw a birthday celebration. We decided to take it on ourselves, and got the twins matching Batman bathrobes with their names embroidered on them! They were so excited; they immediately put them on and ran around the office!

With Sympathy from Huntcliff Allison O’Brien, Diana Stephens, TaiRae Richey Huntcliff Apartments, League City, TX Allen and his daughter Alannah recently moved to Huntcliff, and they absolutely love it. Allen is a wonderful resident who has been friendly. One day, he arrived in the office, despondent and asked the team if they’d grant him a little leniency on his monthly rent. Allen revealed that his brother had passed away unexpectedly. Allen was responsible for making travel arrangements for himself, his Mom and his sister to prepare the funeral. They would be driving from Texas to their home town in Louisiana. The team found it tough to witness Allen’s pain and wanted to help him out. They decided to get Alan a gift card that would cover gas expenses for the entire trip. When they presented him with the card, they told him they were sorry for his loss and wanted to make their small contribution to help him out. Allen started crying. ““I knew I picked the right place to call home and this gesture just made that more true for me,” he later said. 178

Welcome to the 21st Century

Emily Serebrenick, Frances Yanez, Jennifer Glenn, Kathi Price, Zuly Lozano Champions Green Apartments, Alpharetta, GA Mike has loved every minute of living at Champions Green. The team has the pleasure of seeing Mike every day, as he orders many items online that are delivered to the office. On one of Mike’s daily visits, Emily noticed Mike was (nonchalantly) using a Walkman. She was shocked by this discovery as she had not seen a Walkman since her teenage years. She wondered if Mike kept the cassette tapes for over a decade, or if he purchased them in thrift stores. Emily decided to WOW Mike and bring him into the 21st century by purchasing him an iPod, in his favorite color. Later that week, when Mike came into the office to pick up some more “packages” Emily gave him his gift. She told Mike how special he was to all the team members in the office and that they wanted to do something nice for him. Mike was choked up, even before he opened the gift. He opened the gift, realized what we’d done for him, and for once, was speechless. It took him a few seconds to get his bearings. He then told the team in a thousand different ways, how grateful he was for the gift and how special it made him feel. Mike was also so thrilled to have an iPod of his own.

Get Well Soon Darcy Casey, Kimberley Baker Bala Woods Apartments, Kingwood, TX When one of our newer residents moved in to Bala Woods recently, she let us know that she would be bringing her dog Yoshi in about two weeks. A few days later, she told us that just as she was about to bring us all of Yoshi’s information, he had been attacked by another dog at a dog park, and had been rushed into surgery! Darcy and I immediately decided to get him a Get Well gift for his upcoming arrival. When he came into the office to greet the staff, he was soooo excited about his new goodies that he wouldn't sit still for his picture! We are so glad our newest four legged resident is on the mend. 179

Fave 180

Story 181




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