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Preface A different way of saying, what day it is. Every day has a story, whether in our lives or those of others, so there are dates that commemorate those days, to be remembered in our memory. Many people only know that one day is a holiday, because they are going to rest, this is the time to know why not work that day and the other days that exist. It was not possible to put all the dates and their stories for the reason, this book has 368 dates, and would have more than 500 pages if they all put.



January 1 - Universal Fraternity

Day of celebration and joy, but also of reflection. Time to get together with family and friends. To celebrate the connection, of a year that begins, so we can continue. Hope for a better future, but we have to fight so with the Lord, a new story enjoy. Learning from past mistakes and don't commit them anymore. Lift your head and face whatever comes, and always believe. What better days will come. Let's live looking forward and be happier my people.


January 6 - Day of Gratitude I am grateful to God for the light of each day, at night and its starry days. Grateful to Him for having sacrificed his only son for me, to pay for my sins. Thankful for the wind in the forests, cities and lakes that relieves us the heat. Thankful for the waters that come from the rains, that quenches our thirst, watering the plantations and cleans up dirt. I am grateful to Him for being healthy and walk, through the air I breathe. I am grateful to God, for giving me inspiration in that text.


I am grateful to Him for supporting me in the midst of tribulations, thankful for forgiving me, for accepting me as a son. I am grateful that He did a perfect world, which at the moment is no longer, not because of him, but because of greed of “men”. I am grateful to God for creating the birds that help reforest forests spreading seeds. Thankful for the beaches, hills and landscapes that makes us rest and contemplate the beauty of your creation.


January 7 - Reader's Day

A reader who reads, who imagines and dreams, and traveling, through the verses. Acquire knowledge through, freedom of expression. Acquire critical sense. Stay on top of current affairs. And you become a better person. Congratulations to all readers. May you continue, reading and dreaming.


January 7 - Freedom Day for Cults Freedom is what everyone wants, but not everyone does their part. They want your freedom, but don't let the other one have yours. Freedom to express yourself, what you believe. Have faith in what you believe. Show the world that what is believed is right, but always respecting, the neighbor, friend, relative or colleague who thinks differently. Alive! Live joyful! Live your life and forget that of others! Long live the freedom of worship!


January 8 - National Photography Day Clicked by friends, photographers, relatives even a selfie. Photo is always photo. Just a moment, a record and a memory. Photo is always photo. Be on the engagement. Be at the wedding. Be at birth. Be in death, ops! Not death! Let's save happy and special moments, not sad. From our friends and family.


January 11 - Pesticide Pollution Control Day

Pesticides that help, to fight the plague. Increases production, but if there is no control, harms the health of those who eat. Use mindfully, because whoever will eat the food it will be you, your friends and family. Pesticides good for production, bad for the population. Let's use it sparingly.


January 14 - Football Coach Day Teaches, makes challenges, gives hope, is a teacher! Prepares players for the match that there will be only one winner. Or maybe a tie, if the game is decisive, have to prepare too for penalties! Penalty kicks or preparation? Emotional or technical? Something that involves everything. Strategy, training, experience, all this need in a coach.


January 15 - World Composer Day

He expresses victories, defeats, sorrows, joys, opinion and even protest. Composer, if not him, our life would not be the same. Radio without music. Film without soundtrack. Worship without praise. Inspiration that some of them say that comes from God, others out of nowhere and some even speak, that comes from the devil. But always respecting each other, the opinion of the other. Congratulations, to all composers.


January 16 - Sugar cane cutter day

Under hot sun, with a trimmer in hand. Suffered life, that many without study, they had to face. Many built houses and supported their families, in just 2 harvests. But now with the harvester? Is the job over? It's not over, job has, even better, now they cut cane, sitting and in the air conditioning. But it needs qualification. Without a course my brother doesn't give!


January 17 - Day of the Brazilian Courts of Auditors

They oversee the legislative branch. They supervise public accounts, so to defend public money! They bring benefits to society bringing back what was stolen. Tax for the benefit of the People! Prevent our money be used in the wrong way. Born on January 17, 1983, so to control government spending.


January 18 - International Day of Laughter

501/5000 Smile not just because you're being filmed. Smile because it helps your well-being. Smile not just because you want to show a false appearance. Smile because it will boost your immune system. Smile not just to look good in the photo. Smile because it relieves physical tension and stress. Smile because it is good for the heart, reduces anxiety and fear. This generates relationships of trust and resolves conflicts. It attracts more people close to you. Smiling is the best medicine for your mind!


January 19 - Official day of the hairdresser Take care of your look, increases even your self-esteem. Helps you to have looking good. Shapes, cuts and repairs, even others' mistakes. Take care of your image, especially if it is a public person. If the customer is famous, becomes news. If the hair looks good, compliments. If it's bad, criticism. How important is this profession. Congratulations, to all hairdressers!


January 20 - Day of the pharmacist

He produces medicines, seriously is responsible. He also serves you, guides you on medicines. It even gives you injections. Responsibility function, lifesaver, but if you get it wrong, it can be fatal. Knowledge, technical, experience is this necessary.


January 25 - Day of the postman

Under the sun or rain, in summer, winter, autumn and spring, they are always there. They bring messages, products purchased on the “internet” and even billets. They face difficulties in time to do the job. They face dogs, even on the sidewalk. Messengers, who carry the messages, of companies and people where you have to go.


January 27 - International Day of Remembrance for Holocaust Victims Memories everyone has. Some are good, other bad ones. Good memories have to be kept in our hearts. Bad, we have to remember that this It can never happen again. Millions died, Jewish, Gypsy, Polish, homosexuals, the disabled and communists. Prejudice, never again! To live, your life. It is what everyone should think.


January 28 - National day to combat slave labor

January 28, 2004, was the date of the murder of Erastóstenes, João, Nelson and Ailton. Heroes, who just wanted to save people. Freedom, that's what they wanted! Slaves in Minas Gerais (Brazil). But our heroes, were killed and martyred! Freedom is what everyone wants! But not all, put themselves in the shoes of others. Never do with another, what you don't want for yourself.


January 29 - Hospitality Day Be aimless travelers, or even with destination. They need to be welcomed. Education is always welcome, mainly on first impression, that's what they say it stays. Good hospitality is what everyone wants, when traveling. Whether in hosting, transport or trade. Let’s be polite, Hospitable, unprejudiced and live!


January 30 - Day of longing I miss you, I miss you! I'm sorry for people who have already left. Whether on a trip, scheduled for the return or even without a scheduled return. Longing for those who are gone, died of old age, in a tragic way, or even illness. Longing, we have to have. But we cannot leave that only she reigns in our lives. We miss those who are gone, but we have to live with those that are here.


January 30 - Olympic Gymnastics Day

The art of exercising art shown through agility, with the body and concentration. Hours of training, so get skills for competition. Educational and even therapeutic, good for health, an art for everyone. Respect sportsmen, workers, that stay several hours per day training, that deserve our respect.


January 30 - National Day of Comics

Stories that touch children, and even adults. Brazilian history created for the first time, in 1869 by Angelo Agostini. That was how this art began in Brazil. Art that enchants, that educates the population. That makes you laugh and rejoices the hearts of many! Stories that are written with freedom, of expression. That was not always so!


January 31 - World Day of Solidarity Solidarity, a humanitarian act! Be it helping a neighbor, a relative or a friend. Solidarity is always solidarity, give you a little, be time, money, food or clothing. Solidarity is always solidarity, Let us love one another without prejudice, of race, religion or others. Solidarity is always solidarity, a gesture that can change the world, whether even in small gestures, let us be supportive!




February 1 - Advertiser Day

Dissemination of ideas. Trade, industry, Institutions, government and other people's ideas, everything is publicized by them, even propaganda against stretch marks. Creativity is what you need to be a successful professional. Agility, skill has to have. Professionals who normally work in an environment with air conditioning. But make no mistake, their life is not easy. Creating is more difficult, to work carrying weight.


February 1 - Civil Police Hero Day

They risk their lives and even family members. They are brave, to have a quality of life, they are exemplary heroes. They are fathers and also mothers, are good citizens, but there are also bad guys, we cannot generalize. Its objectives, to protect the population, It brings security, trades, schools and homes. Congratulations to all the civil police, for your work.


February 2 - Tax Agent Day

Documentation supervisors of companies. For the benefit of the population, fine those vacillations. Professionals who pass by, hours studying. In order to pass through the public tender. It is not easy to be an agent, hit head on, with big guys. Happy then, for that day celebration.


February 4 - World Cancer Day Awareness that everyone, you have to go to the doctor. If discovered early, hope will reign. If we take too long to go, Can we move forward and just a miracle to save. Consciousness everyone has to have, let's take care of ourselves, live a life avoiding, what can cause us cancer. We live happy and hopeful, because life can be tough, but we are stronger with God's help.


February 5 - National Day of Mammography

Recommended for women from 40 to 60 years old, but if you have the symptom, it never hurts to take the exam. Some cancers are possible to discover with the touch, but not all are like that. Prudence is never too much, going to the doctor is always good, to avoid major problems. Let's be aware and go to the doctor.


February 6 - Environmental Defense Agent Day Defenders of the heritage of humanity. Warriors, when I speak, warriors, because they are warriors themselves. Many times the bullet is received, inspections. Protect forests and fight for a more sustainable world. Nature Lovers, always fight for our well-being. They promote education, guides us to a better world for our ‘habitat’, a pollution-free world it's a healthy world, Congratulations to all the professionals.


February 7 - National Chart Day The strike happened and it was on February 7, 1923, in São Paulo it was the place. The leader João da Costa Pimenta. Better wages they fought, and also working conditions. In a time of growth, the salary did not increase, only the profit of the bosses. From this strike, first time the graphics union. Everyone has a father, the press too, he was Johan Guttenberg, the man who printed the first bible. Congratulations to your day.


February 8 - State Day of the Individual Entrepreneur (Pernambuco)

Unemployment knocked on the door. What to do? It remains only to undertake. Because crossing your arms, cannot, not starve. Be selling products from door to door, or even at one point in the street. Entrepreneur, always a fighter. Fight every day. For daily bread. Congratulations to your day.


February 11 - Janitor's Day

They watch over. They care. They clean. They organize. They are the caretakers. They help to preserve the building. They are in schools, hospitals and businesses. Always friendly. They always help the population, from the location to the visitor. Friends, companions end up becoming. Happy for your day. So shall we celebrate?


February 11 - World Day of the Sick

Sick or sick, whatever, but the suffering it's the same. Suffering ends spreading all around with friends and family. Pain, suffering. It is not easy to be sick, cries and even feels loneliness. Let us pray for the sick, let us comfort with words, positive. It is not easy to be sick!


February 14 - Day of the botonista

He was a composer, a painter, actor, writer and also inventor. He is from Campinas 'DĂŠcourt'. Botonismo promoter he was. National passion, now on the button. Table football, a passion of Brazilian, now on the table. Let's Play? We want a fun. You are not going regret.


February 16 - Reporter's Day

They inform us, whether on TV, on the radio, newspaper or even the “internet”. They go out in the storm, in the war risk their lives to inform us. They interview criminals, activists, police, politicians without fear to be pressed. Friendly and communicative these are ours honored.


February 17 - Cat Day

They are cute and affectionate, but they are also lazy. They sleep a lot, but they protect the house of rodents and scorpions. They like to hunt, but also scratching. Even so there are people who mistreat them. Animate the house and some say. That even cure depression, for cheering up its owner lonely.


February 18 - State Day of Surfers

An adventure on the water, that's what they do. With the board, they slide in the water. The waves crash, with skills they do a ‘show’ at sea with radical maneuvers. Everyone is apprehensive seeing what will happen. Will he make it? You can't do it! Sea sportsmen, Pathfinders, either by hobby or profession. In sport like this, defend the nation.


February 18 - High School Day in Brazil It is important to study, if everyone studied the high school, world poverty, would be cut in half. Education, without it, there is no development, whether in individuals, families, communities and societies. Knowledge is necessary, especially in the present times. The government has to do its part, but the population too. Inequality in Brazil is great. Just studying, for that situation to change. Let's study?


February 19 - Sportsman's Day

They work hard, train for hours. They represent the nation, where it goes. They are sportsmen. Lei Zico or “Sportsman’s Day”, it is a date to celebrate. Sport is health, health and life. Often called heroes, they represent us, In the whole world. Happy sportsman's day.


February 21 - International Mother Language Day

Pakistan February 8, 1952. Students just wanted to speak their language. Campaign for the Bangla reconciliation. Policemen set fire to them. What is it? What cruelty! Where's freedom of speech? A meeting took place February 21, students agreed to continue the protest the government had them all killed. Earth Martyrs!


February 21 - National Day of the Italian Immigrant

Brazil, the land of all! Italians could not be left out. Here is the country with the greatest Italian roots in the world. Our current president has Italian roots. February 21, date of the Pietro Tabacchi's expedition to EspĂ­rito Santo, in 1974. The start date of the migration of Italians in Brazil. They worked in the fields the country in the southeast and south. They are 25 million in Brazil! Long live the Italian people!


February 23 - Day of the deaf and dumb

Inclusion everyone needs. But few strive to act. They don't hear. They don't speak. But who cares? If they were you? They need education. They need leisure. They need you. They need love. They are the deaf and dumb. Inclusion and non-exclusion. Love and not hate. Live and not imprison!


February 24 - Day of the conquest of the female vote in Brazil

They are majorities in Brazil. But they were not always able to vote. They were forced to keep silent. Now he speaks even more than men. In 1891 their right was rejected, but on February 24, 1932, it was the turning point. Before in 1893 in New Zealand, they were already voting. In France, it was after Brazil, in 1944 and Switzerland 1971. In 2000 in Brazil, there were more voters women than men. Long live democracy in Brazil!


February 26 - Comedian's Day

Ancient Greece Origin, but that conquered the whole world. With your art. Art of smiling. Art of crying. Art of acting. Art of entertaining. Art is always art. They cheer you up. They raise your self-esteem. Happy, let's laugh! Smile and even sing.


February 27 - National textbook day

It is essential for knowledge. It is essential for training. He's the textbook! Without it, you can't have a profession. They are good and make you aware for production. Through them, they form professionals and even some doctors. So let's study?


February 27 - Federal Revenue Tax Agent's Day

They monitor fraud, evasion, control of measures products and services. They are federal agents. They inspect and return a lot of money for the government, with that they are invested this money for the benefit of the population. Fiscal warriors. Tax for the benefit of the people! Say no to corruption and happy with the inspection.


MARCH – 54

March 1 - Day of the sick child

Happy child, healthy child. Sick isn't cool. If it happens, you have to go to the doctor. Because happy child is a healthy child. If a problem occurs, take it to the doctor immediately. Because children are more sensitive! God bless you the children of all nations!

MARCH – 55

March 1 - Eco Tourism Day

Preserve fauna and flora, it is everyone's obligation. Because if you don't preserve it, will harm our planet. Ecotourism, one way, to appreciate the works of God, existing in Brazil. Watching the birds. Watching trees. Watching Alligators and even jaguars. Be careful! Because these animals are dangerous, and they will want to defend their home.

MARCH – 56

March 2 - National Day of Tourism

Brazil, a wonderful land! Beaches in several states of Brazil. And gigantic forests. Brazil a country of landscapes. Brazil a country, that the world has to know, that sometimes, not even Brazilians know, because they prefer to travel (abroad) than in Brazil. Rio de Janeiro, the wonderful city. Curitiba the most beautiful city in Latin America. Ribeirão Preto to Brazilian California. São Paulo is the city that has the best gastronomy in the country, and so many others that I did not mention. Long live tourism, travel in Brazil. Brazil by Brazilian Brazil.

MARCH – 57

March 2 - Harvest Day

Time to celebrate, the grape harvest. Moment to enter, in the vineyards with joy. It's party, which has the objective to rescue Italian culture and also the incentive to planting. Grape that goes to the fruit salad. Grape that makes wine. Grape going to the juice. Grape that even goes in the popsicle. Grape, always grape. Delicious! Let's taste it?

MARCH – 58

March 3 - Rubber Tapper's Day March 3, 1878, this is the date, of the first rubber plantation in the state of Acre. JoĂŁo Gabriel, northeastern, entrepreneur and so it started. It was then in the Amazon rainforest, it all started. To thereby extract latex. Latex that turns rubber, that goes to the tire, gloves, bladders and condoms.

MARCH – 59

March 5 - Brazilian Philatelist's Day

Collectors that started to be honored in 1969. A cultural activity, that attracts many, that are more than 40 million in the world. After all what do they collect? Letter stamps. There are many in the world. Congratulations on your day, philatelists.

MARCH – 60

March 5 - Cooperative Integration Day

In Brazil, the movement started by European settlers in northern ParanĂĄ, in 1847. There are 1,113 organizations that generate about 38.7 thousand jobs and have about 3.2 million members. Cooperative, a solution, for those who are unemployed. Long live the union, because together we are strong. Workers and also employers. That is how the cooperative works. Everyone happy and satisfied, with winning your money.

MARCH – 61

March 7 - Marine Day

The Royal Brigade of the Portuguese Navy, arrived on March 7, 1808. They came to Brazil to protect from Napoleon. Courageous who protect, our country. At the borders of the ocean, there they are. National heroes. Warriors, congratulations on your day.

MARCH – 62

March 7 - Paleontologist's Day

Paleontologist's Day was established on March 7, the date of the foundation of the Brazilian Society of Paleontology, which took place in 1958. The SĂŁo Paulo state government also established the Paleontologist's Day on June 15, through Law No. 2,818, of April 30, 1981. However, this date is not accepted by paleontologists. They discover fossils. They study fossils. They study our history. They are paleontologists.

MARCH – 63

March 8 - International Women's Day

Women mothers. Women entrepreneurs. Women sportsmen. Beloved women. War women, who conquered their space. Today in Brazil, they are the majority and are decisive in the elections. Women who dream, Women who conquer, space and equality. Congratulations to your day.

MARCH – 64

March 10 - Phone Day

One of the most important 20th century, of course is the phone. Alexander Graham Bell, is the man. Invented on the day March 10, 1876 But there was help, from Italian Antonio Meucci, responsible for creating the telegraph that gave rise to the telephone. In the United States in 2002, Meucci, was recognized as the inventor. In Brazil, it was D. Pedro II in 1877.

MARCH – 65

March 10 - World Day Against Sedentary Lifestyle

Do you exercise? It's good to exercise. Healthy eating, It is also good. Sedentary lifestyle generates heart attack, hypertension and diabetes. So shall we exercise? Be it daytime. Be it at night. Regardless of the time. Let's exercise! Play sports. It's life! Let's run, in the sense of running.

MARCH – 66

March 12 - Librarian Day

Graduated in librarianship, they work in the process country's cultural heritage. They read. They indicate. They organize. They are librarians. The Honoree was born on March 12, 1882, the first librarian in Brazil! He is Manuel Bastos Tigre. He worked for years at the Central library of the University of Brazil, continued even after he retired. He was an engineer, a writer, poet, publicist and is logical “If it's Bayer, it's good.”

MARCH – 67

March 12 - World Kidney Day

Drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day. Also drink orange or lemon juice. Avoid excessive protein. Lower the salt. Avoid oxalate-rich foods. Have stone-breaking tea. Decrease the sodium. Increase the water. Take care of your kidneys. Take care of your health. Live well! Live better!

MARCH – 68

March 14 - World Poetry Day

A lyrical text. Human language. A masterpiece. This is poetry. An expression of feelings. An expression of love. Poetry, used in letters of love. Used in art, a masterpiece. A drawing in the words, an artistic expression. Happy poetry day!

MARCH – 69

March 14 - Day of the book seller

He sells books. He sells dreams. He sells stories. It sells imagination. He's the book seller. It promotes culture. It promotes education. It promotes knowledge. It promotes a world without prejudice. He earns his daily bread. But it also helps to entertain, this world, full of disappointments.

MARCH – 70

March 14 - Day of the bald They have baldness, for some it is cause for sadness, for others of joy, happy bald day. It's not always like that, some are bald, because I wanted. Treatments exist. Wigs, implants and even say around miraculous tree leaves that make it grow. Regardless of the choice, choose to be happy, Happy bald day!

MARCH – 71

March 15 - International Consumer Protection Day

They are bosses. They are consumers. They deserve respect. Because if not, they'll fire you. A day to remember consumer protection, first instituted, in 1962 by the President of the United States, John Kennedy.

Right to security. Right to information. Right to choose. Right to be heard. Right, everyone has a right. Let's respect it.

MARCH – 72

March 16 - National Ombudsman Day

It was celebrated for the first time in 1995. Created by the ABO (Brazilian Association of Ombudsmen) in João Pessoa, Paraíba. It was made official in Brazil in 2012. They serve you. They are often cursed. Not because of them. But because of the mistakes of the companies. Often, have health problems. Because of stressful employment. Shall we respect it?

MARCH – 73

March 16 - Federal Prison Agent Day

They arrived March 16, 2006, and its landmark on March 8, 2010. It is not easy to be an agent. stay in a dangerous zone criminal organizations. Your first unit, opened in Catanduvas, ParanĂĄ, there were never records of rebellion there, escape, or entry of illegal or cellular objects. Risk profession. Profession that defends, the population, of the danger that is there. Congratulations to all of you Brazil's agents.

MARCH – 74

March 18 - Jewish Immigration Day

A date that started to be celebrated in 2009. A simple tribute to this people that contributed so much in Brazil. Jews, victims of prejudice. Victims of the Holocaust. Victims of people, who do not accept differences. Warrior people. God's people. Long live the Jewish people.

MARCH – 75

March 19 - School Day

The second house. For those who only study, for those who work and study, the third. Respect, with everyone, with colleagues, with teachers, with directors and everyone. Respect is learned at home. At school, you learn other things. Place where you learn to read. Place where you learn a profession. Knowledge to earn your bread. Happy school day!

MARCH – 76

March 19 - World Craftsman Day

Skill with hands, that's what you need. So to make a decor object. Craftsman-artist, works with creativity. Craftsman-craftsman works with several items in series. Semi-industrial craftsman who uses semi-industrial processes. Independent of the craftsman. Craftsman is always craftsman. Congratulations on your day, artist.

MARCH – 77

March 19 - Carpenter's Day

Carpenter the profession of the savior. The profession of Jesus, who worked because your foster father. They work with wood, and sell to construction. They work with rough wood, so to move on to the joiners. They work hard. It's not easy, be a carpenter.

MARCH – 78

March 20 - Beginning of autumn

The Beginning of Autumn, also called the Autumn Equinox, takes place on March 20, 2020 at exactly 12:50 am. Autumn always starts between March 20th and 21st. This season, which follows the summer and precedes the winter, ends between the 20th and 21st of June. Moment of exchange of leaves of the trees. To prepare for the arrival of winter. The days are shorter. The nights are longer. This is autumn.

MARCH – 79

March 20 - International Day of Happiness

Created by the UN in June 2012. It started in Bhutan, an Asian country. One of the happiest countries in the world. In 2013 the first year of celebration. Let's laugh? Bhutan priority. Gross and absolute happiness. And the GDP? Does not matter. What matters is happiness. Be happy. Be cheerful. Because laughing is better than crying!

MARCH – 80

March 20 - International Day of the Storyteller

It began to be celebrated since 1991 when a group of researchers in Switzerland elected this day to foster the practice worldwide. Tell stories. Take information, those who need it so much. Interact. Take emotion. Tell stories. This is what it does. A profession, that makes many laughs, or even, stop to think.

MARCH – 81

March 20 - International Day of Sleep

Sleep is necessary, for our health. Sleep deprivation, has an impact on health and well-being. Whoever sleeps the necessary. Prevents cardiovascular disease, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer's or psychiatric illnesses. Not getting enough sleep affects your thinking, the concentration and memorization of people, who are more susceptible to commit lapses such as forgetfulness or distractions, or to suffer road accidents. Irritability and sudden mood swings are also observed in people who sleep poorly. 45% of the world's population is affected by lack of sleep. Let's go to sleep?

MARCH – 82

March 21 - World Childhood Day

Everyone has the right to food. Everyone has the right to education. Everyone has the right to health. Everyone has the right to leisure. Everyone has the right to freedom. Childhood, a time of fun. A time to dream. A time to do. What every child does. Play. Adult things, do only when you grow up. Live this time as a child, because unfortunately, many cannot work as adults. But they can be parents like adults. Are we going to live childhood as a child?

MARCH – 83

March 21 - International Down Syndrome Day

They are different. But who is the same? Everyone has their space. Everyone deserves to be respected. They are excited. They are friendly. They are loved. They deserve to be respected. They do everything that everyone does. Shall we respect it?

MARCH – 84

March 22 - World Water Day

Created by the General Assembly United Nations Organization. In 1993, the National Water Day was created in Portugal, celebrated on October 1. Water if you don't care, it may end. Savings, use the necessary. Soap in the bath, with the shower turned off. Brush your teeth, with the tap turned off. Sweep the sidewalk instead, to wash every day.

MARCH – 85

March 23 - World Meteorologist Day

The date came in 1961, because of the celebration of the creation of the World Meteorological Organization-WMO, an institution that is linked to the UN (United Nations) and that has existed since 1950. Meteorology, study of the Earth's atmosphere that predicts the weather. They study dynamic, physical and chemical phenomena, with the Earth's surface. Attentive professionals, climate change. Changes can happen, and they predict.

MARCH – 86

March 23 - Naturologist's Day

Date chosen for this celebration for being on the Natural Therapies Day calendar. Professionals who use pseudo-scientific practices marketed as “natural”, “non-invasive” or “regenerative”. Even though it is not considered effective by medical professionals, this is your day. They are persecuted and have been processed in several countries. This is your day, let's celebrate!

MARCH – 87

March 23 - Agribusiness Day

A cycle of agriculture and livestock. He's everywhere, food, clothes, furniture and even in the bag. It is agribusiness. Agribusiness is Brazil's strong point. Through it, we feed and feed the world. Long live Agribusiness! Agribusiness, it has to be done responsibly. Agribusiness, it has to be done with respect. Agribusiness has to be done responsibly. Happy agribusiness day!

MARCH – 88

March 24 - World Tuberculosis Day

Discovered in 1882 by Robert Koch is one of the oldest diseases in the world. One third of the world's population is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis. 9 million will develop the disease and 2 million will die each year. Brazil is (18th) with the highest number of cases, Rio de Janeiro has the most cases. This disease affects the poor more, victims of social inequality. There is a cure, but if it is treated. So always go to the doctor!

MARCH – 89

March 24 - International Day for the Right to the Truth

In 2010, when it was chosen by the UN, a tribute to that man, Monsignor Oscar Arnulfo Romero, archbishop of El Salvador. He was murdered on March 25, at mass. Because I fought for democracy and human rights. Choose the truth and not the lie! The truth always appears. The truth sets you free. Let's tell the truth!

MARCH – 90

March 26 - Cocoa Day

Created with the objective of protecting cocoa trees in EspĂ­rito Santo and Bahia, cocoa day was born. Typical in Central and South America, Cocoa, is also found in Africa and Asia. Brazil, the (5th) the largest cocoa producer in the world. 95% of cocoa in Brazil is found in Bahia. Cocoa is the main raw material for chocolate. Shall we celebrate Cocoa Day? Shall we eat a chocolate? But, eat in moderation.

MARCH – 91

March 26 - World Epilepsy Awareness Day

Created in 2008, by a 9-year-old Canadian girl Cassidy Megan. Who chose the purple color to represent epilepsy, due to the Lavender flower. These people feel alone. We cannot abandon them. We have to be more human and get closer to them. We will not leave, these people only! Epilepsy, a syndrome that temporarily alters brain function, in which a group of brain cells behave unsteadily, causing physical reactions known as epileptic seizures.

MARCH – 92

March 27 - Day of digital and social inclusion

Date created by Gilberto Kassab, cited in an article by Rodrigo Baggi, and filed in 2007. Even so, it has been celebrated by many since 2003. Everyone has a right to know. Everyone has the right to knowledge. Everyone has the right to have fun, regardless of listening. Everyone has the right to have vision, everyone deserves respect. Be read in Braille. Be reading by listening. Be read on signs. Are we going to include everyone in our digital and social life? Everyone deserves to read.

MARCH – 93

March 27 - International circus day

In honor of the Piolim clown, Abelardo Pinto, he ran the Piolim circus for over 30 years. He also played the violin, did contortions and acrobatics. The chosen date was his birthday, he was born in 1897 in RibeirĂŁo Preto. Entertainment, which brings joy, there are people who fought every day. De-stress and cheer the children. Look at the clown! Look at the bearded woman! Look at the magician! Look at the circus!

MARCH – 94

March 28 - Day of the designer and Reviewer

A simple tribute, to the designer and proofreader. They are proofreaders. They are image proofreaders. They are the planners. They leave the newspaper. They leave the magazine. They leave the books. They even leave the sites, more harmonious. If you didn't know, this profession. Now you know. Congratulations on your day!

MARCH – 95

March 30 - World Bipolar Disorder Day

Celebrated on the birthday of the painter Vincent Van Gogh, who was posthumously diagnosed, as a probable carrier of the disorder. A brain disease. That begins in childhood and adolescence. Or it starts in the young adult and evolves in crises of depression, anxiety and throughout life. Go to the doctor. And let's take care!

MARCH – 96

March 30 - Football Day

A variation of football. Played on smaller fields, in synthetic grams. There are 7 on each side and it was created by the Brazilian, Milton Mattani. Practiced by 12 million people in Brazil, it was created in the 1980s. For our joy! Played by people. It's a great way to have fun and stay in shape. Because health never hurts! Receive the launch. Catch the ball, dribble the opponent. Play for the teammate and it's a goal! Just celebrate!

MARCH – 97

March 31 - Health and Nutrition Day

It's time to reflect, are we eating well? Eating well means being healthy and having a better life. Fruit for breakfast. Fruit for lunch. Fruit at dinner. Fruit is healthy! Strawberry rich in calcium, iron, vitamins A, C, B5 and B6. Banana rich in potassium, fiber and B vitamins. Watermelon, rich in potassium, iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. Grape, rich in potassium and fiber. Orange, rich in vitamin C. Pineapple rich in vitamins, A, B and C. Melon has a lot of calcium and phosphorus, iron, vitamins A and C.

MARCH – 98

It is better to eat fruit than to take medicine. Are we going to eat well?


APRIL – 100

April 1 - Tomato Day

Important for healthy diet. It is native to South and Central America. The Incas were the first to cultivate and consume them. With the beginning of expeditions and colonization, the tomato was taken to Europe, where it became popular and although it was popularized as a vegetable, the tomato is classified as a fruit. It assists in caring for the cardiovascular system, aiding blood circulation. He's a fruit. It is used as a vegetable. It is rich in vitamin C. He's the tomato!

APRIL – 101

April 2 - World Autism Awareness Day

Created by the UN on December 18, 2007. Celebrated for the first time in 2008, nearly 70 million people worldwide have autism. Autism is a neurological disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and non-verbal communication and restricted and repetitive behavior. It is hereditary, strongly associated, agents that cause birth defects. They deserve respect. They are autistic.

APRIL – 102

April 3 - Actuary Day

He is a technical professional specialized in assessing and managing risks, and must have an academic background in Actuarial Sciences, with knowledge in mathematics, statistics, law, economics and finance. It operates in the economic-financial market in promoting research, risk assessment, calculating the probabilities of events and creating mathematical models for insurance and plans, mainly in the areas of open or closed supplementary pension and health, always taking into account financial changes and in the world. Its symbol, the hourglass. Congratulations on your day!

APRIL – 103

April 3 - Community Sport Day

Sport or Sport does not matter. The important thing is to practice physical activities, occasional or organized, thus balancing health. Improving physical or mental fitness, providing entertainment to participants. It can be competitive, where the winner or winners can be identified by achieving a goal, and it may require a degree of skill, especially at higher levels. There are hundreds of categories of sports in existence, including those for a single participant, even those with hundreds of simultaneous participants, in teams or individually. Let's play sports!

APRIL – 104

April 4 - National Parkinson's Day

Awareness Day, about Parkinson's Disease. Disease that affects the central nervous system. Most common in people over 60 years. It affects the muscle movement of the individual. They have involuntary tremors. They have body stiffness. They have posture instability. They have slow movements. They are 1% of the world population. They have Parkinson's. There are alternatives that help to double the life expectancy of people who suffer from this disease. There is still no definitive answer on the reasons that lead to the development of Parkinson's disease, but some scholars believe that hereditary and environmental factors are involved.

APRIL – 105

April 5 - Palm Sunday

A different Sunday. A Sunday that the master, son of god had a triumphal entry into Jerusalem. One Sunday that the son of God, He was received with joy, In Jerusalem. Several people threw their robes, for him to pass over. That's right. Robes! But they just remembered, of those who took easier things, the branches. This information is here. Happy branch day!

APRIL – 106

April 7 - Broker's Day

A tribute to the professional who is dedicated to helping people during the processes of acquisition and negotiation of certain goods and services. They are realtors. They are insurance brokers. They are stockbrokers. They are brokers. They have to be attentive. They have to be dedicated. They have to be professionals. They have to be ethical. Happy broker's day.

APRIL – 107

April 7 - Day of the Medical Examiner

The date appeared in 1886, the medical-legal expertise in Brazil became official, under the signature of the advisor João Alfredo Corrêa de Oliveira, then president of the Province of São Paulo. One of the most important areas within forensic medicine, the activity performed by coroners. Responsible for performing necropsy on human bodies, in order to analyze the organic structure of the body, in an attempt to find and explain the reason that would have led that person to die. Forensic doctors work when the circumstances of death are not natural, that is, a murder, accident or suicide. Congratulations on your day.

APRIL – 108

April 7 - National journalist day

Established since 1931, it is a tribute to the physician and journalist Giovanni Battista Líbero Badaró, killed by political enemies in 1830. Líbero Badaró, as he was better known, was an oppositionism to the emperor D. Pedro I and was the creator of the Constitutional Observatory. Defender of the freedom of the press, he died for his denunciations of his ideology that contradicted the men of power. They inform us. They communicate to us. They are pressured. They are the journalists.

APRIL – 109

April 8 - World Cancer Day

It is important to have treatment, right at the beginning. So to be healed. There is skin cancer. There is prostate cancer. There is colon and rectal cancer. There is lung cancer. There is breast cancer. There is stomach cancer. Whatever the cancer, never stop going to the doctor. Fight for life, don't give up, do the treatment, go to the doctor!

APRIL – 110

April 8 - Swimming Day

A sport that helps in physical and human development. 4th most practiced sport in Brazil. Officialized as a sport in Brazil in 1897. The following year, the first championship took place in Brazil. Swimming is the movement performed in the water. A useful and recreational physical activity. Swim to lose weight. Swim to improve your respiratory system. Swim to strengthen your joints. Swim to develop muscles. Swim to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes. Swim to improve your heart health. Swim to improve circulation. Swim to decrease stress. Then swim.

APRIL – 111

April 9 - National Steel Day

The day that started because of the homage to the Siderúrgica Nacional company, in 1941, a decree sanctioned by President Getúlio Vargas. It is used in construction. It is used in food packaging. It is used on the bicycle. It is used in the car. It's steel. Brazil is in the eighth position in the ranking of the largest producers of crude steel in the world, producing about 3% of the existing steel in the entire planet. Steel creates jobs. Steel generates income. Steel is steel.

APRIL – 112

April 9 - Library Day

A Brazilian Decree dated April 9, 1980, instituted the National Book and Library Week in the country, as well as the Day of the Librarian. For this reason, 09/04 is known as Library Day. There are important information for cultural formation, for the formation of a person as a citizen. There is the ticket for a trip. A trip to the books. Books that have studies. Books that have knowledge. Books that have different opinions. Those are the books.

APRIL – 113

April 10 - Engineering Day

A tribute not only to all engineers, but also to Lieutenant Colonel JoĂŁo Carlos de Villagran Cabrita, who died on April 10, 1866. Be civil engineer, chemist, biomedical, oil and gas, electric, aeronautics, aquaculture, bio engineering, environmental, food, cartographic, metallurgical, energy, materials, fishing, computing, control and automation, surveying, agronomic, agricultural, acoustic, security in work, horticulture, physics, forestry, mines, naval, mechanics, water, mechatronics, textile and clothing technology, sanitary, telecommunications, production or textiles. Engineering is always engineering. Several years of studies. Several years sleeping badly. Congratulations to all engineers.

APRIL – 114

April 10 - Passion of the Christ

He was born predestined to save the world. He became a man, but he was God. It was expected by many as the king of that land, but, he is King in heaven. It went through the same as us, he even lost his foster father. It made the blind to see and paralyzed to walk. With five loaves and two fish 5,000 men fed it. He died a virgin, pure. Was humiliated, lost all his blood and died. On the 3rd day he was resurrected and in 40 days he stayed. On earth, he evangelized, and then the Holy Spirit left here. APRIL – 115

APRIL – 115

April 13 - Youth Day

Young, a time of discovery. Time of experiences. Season of adventures. There are more than 1 billion in the world! They have rights in Brazil to education. They have rights to health. They have housing rights. They have rights to work. They have a right to everything. But now that the choices made in youth, can influence a lifetime. So live with planning.

APRIL – 116

April 14 - World Coffee Day

Be it Carioca. Be it pinged. Be it cappuccino. Be it American. Be it expressed. Coffee is a worldwide passion. It is consumed by 9 out of 10 Brazilians over the age of 15. Brazil is the largest coffee producer and exporter. The coffee bean is fertilizer. Coffee grounds take the bad smell out of the fridge. Coffee increases the ability to concentrate. Coffee prevents depression and moodiness. So. Is there a coffee there?

APRIL – 117

April 15 - World Designer Day

In honor of Leonardo da Vinci, the day of the designer was born, which was born on April 15, 1452, in the city of Vinci, in Italy. First established as a commemorative in 2011. Congratulations to all the designers. They are artists. They are photographers, who use their hands instead of machines. They are creative. They are designers.

APRIL – 118

April 15 - World Soil Conservation Day

Since November 13, 1989, in Brazil, there is a solo day. A tribute to the American conservationist Hugh Hammond Bennett (1881–1960), considered the “father of soil conservation” in the United States and a model for all other nations. Solo, use it correctly. Recycle. Do not discard medication. Prefer organic products. Use reused products. Set up a composting system. Buy biodegradable products. Use natural fertilizers and organic compounds in vegetable gardens and gardens; Plant trees. Preserve the soil!

APRIL – 119

April 15 - Children's Disarmament Day

Awareness of peace, must come from an early age. Gun in hand. Only if you are an adult, being a police officer, because a bandit does not. Child playing with gun is not cool. Cool drawing or reading a book. Prefer books, than weapons. Prefer love, than hate.

APRIL – 120

April 16 - National Voice Day Instituted by law, June 18, 2008. But the first celebration was in 1999. The world highlight started in 2003, when it started to be celebrated in the United States, Europe and Asia. Care must be taken. In order to preserve the voice, stay alert for voice changes, that can be a sign of disease. Laryngeal cancer is a worrying example of how the lack of importance with the voice can manifest itself. Eat a diet rich in fiber and protein. Drink plenty of water and exercise. Do not shout in excess or in high pitch. Speak slowly, sleep well. Eat an apple to clean your vocal cords. Happy voice day.

APRIL – 121

April 17 - National Day of Botany

Plants are fundamental to life. Plants are fundamental to the land. They generate oxygen. They generate food. They generate fibers. They generate fuels. They generate medicine. They absorb carbon dioxide, an important greenhouse gas, through photosynthesis. Plant is healthy for health. Plant is always plant. Let's cultivate?

APRIL – 122

April 17 - International Day of Peasant Struggles

Date created with the objective, to protect rights, and campaign against discrimination suffered by peasants and other rural workers. They are the ones that produce the most, food in the world, responsible for the food on your table. But they still suffer discrimination. In Africa more than 70% is carried out by women. They plant. They reap. They take care of the land. They are the peasants. Congratulations to these warriors.

APRIL – 123

April 17 - Judo Day

An ancient Japanese martial art. It is derived from jujitsu. Strong hand-to-hand and numerous keys, but without offensive blows. This is Judo. Do judo and win games, but also, fitness and weight loss. Gain increased brain performance and discipline. Encourage Respect. Develop the Ability to Analyze Reality. Develop Core Values for Humans. Do judo! And be happy!

APRIL – 124

April 17 - World Hemophilia Day In honor of Frank Schnabel, founder of the World Federation of Hemophilia. This tribute was born, since 1989. Which is celebrated in more than 100 countries. A special day, “Treatment for All” campaign. The more people know about hemophilia, the fewer prejudices and the easier the fight for the rights of hemophiliacs. Shall we respect it? A severe clotting disorder and most of the time, hereditary, in which the individual's blood does not clot properly. It can lead to uncontrolled bleeding. This is Hemophilia. Hemophilia has no cure. But for God nothing is impossible!

APRIL – 125

April 18 - World Amateur Radio Day

A tribute to the radio amateur, used in a maintenance practice of an alternative radio station, with the objective of establishing contact with remote or isolated communities and assisting the authorities in the dissemination of communications about risk situations or public calamities. Transmission and reception is your job. Voice communication. Communication of data or images. That is your role. Experiments by a Brazilian priest Roberto Landell de Moura and the Italian Guglielmo Marconi, established the first radio broadcasts in the late 19th century. Congratulations on this invention.

APRIL – 126

April 19 - National Day of the Indian

Commemoration created in 1943, by President Getúlio Vargas, which had already been proposed in 1940, by the indigenous leaders of the continent who participated in the Inter-American Indian Congress, held in Mexico. They boycotted the opening days of the event, fearing that their claims would not be heard by “white men”. During this congress, the Inter-American Indian Institute was created. Also based in Mexico, whose function is to care for the rights of indigenous people in America. First residents of Brazil. Forest preservatives. These are the Indians. Congratulations on your day.

APRIL – 127

April 19 - Brazilian Army Day

Marked by the first struggle of the peoples of Brazil against Dutch domination, in 1648. One of the three armed forces of Brazil, is the Brazilian army. They protect us from Brazil's borders, thus bringing us security, this is the Brazilian army. They train a lot, to defend the nation. They run. They do jumping jacks. They do flexion. They do sit-ups. They make bars. They do circuit training. They track obstacles. They do rope track. They are the Brazilian soldiers.

APRIL – 128

April 19 - World Bicycle Day

Approved on April 12, 2018, as an official day of awareness about the various social benefits of using the United Nations bicycle for transportation and leisure. Bicycle, sustainable development. The first bicycle, appeared in 1874, invented by H.J. Lawson. His third model, designed in 1879. Congratulations to the inventor. It makes you lose weight. It improves your muscle endurance. It develops well-being and increases your breath. It has low impact on your joints. It lowers cholesterol and controls blood glucose. It regulates blood pressure. It eliminates toxins from the body. It improves blood circulation. She is the bicycle.

APRIL – 129

April 20 - Diplomat's Day

A tribute to the Patron of Brazilian Diplomacy, José Maria da Silva Paranhos, better known as Barão de Rio Branco. He was born on April 20, 1850 and has already commanded the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Due to the great contribution that the Baron of Rio Branco brought to the Brazilian Chancellery, it is celebrated on his birthday. He represents the president. He represents his country. He represents Brazil. He's the diplomat.

APRIL – 130

April 20 - Disco Day

A tribute to the musician Ataulfo Alves, who died on April 20, 1968. Ten years later, in 1978, in Rio de Janeiro, the nostalgic and disc collectors decided to dedicate this date to celebrate their passion for vinyl. A milestone in the history of musical entertainment, helping to create habits, whether among listeners or among music producers. Developed in the mid-1940s, it remained popular around the world until the appearance of the CD and other more advanced media. Also called LP, a “record player” or “record player” is required. He's out of style. It was taken from several stores. He's the record.

APRIL – 131

April 21 - Day of the metallurgist

Considered one of the oldest professions of mankind, it is estimated that the first blacksmiths appeared around 6 thousand years ago. Brazil has even had a metallurgical president. They handle metals. They produce metal parts. They are metallurgists. Congratulations on your day.

APRIL – 132

April 21 - Tiradentes Joaquim, of humble origin from Minas Gerais, dentist and republican. Illusionist, he was brave. He fought against the high tax rates, which still exist in Brazil. Inconfidentes planned the governor's death. Discovered he went, imprisoned for 3 years stayed. With his companions and was the one who had courage to assume you fought. April 21, 1972, he was hanged. Afterwards his squared body was divided into 4 parts and on the roads he went to Ouro Preto. His head displayed was on a stake in the square.

APRIL – 133

And in the proclamation of the Republic, Proclaimed as a martyr he was.

APRIL – 134

April 21 - Latinity Day

A tribute to the Latin people. Brazil's largest country on that continent. Countries known for their joy. Countries known for their music. Countries known for popular culture. Be it Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil or Chile. Be it Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba or Ecuador. Be it El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti or Honduras. Be it Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama or Paraguay. Be it Peru, Dominican Republic, Uruguay or Venezuela. Latinos, will always be Latinos. They are warm and receptive. They have exotic traits. They own a rich culture.

APRIL – 135

They speak more Portuguese and Spanish. They are Latinos.

APRIL – 136

April 21 - Civil Police Day

Created in 1946, a tribute to these professionals, also a tribute to Tiradentes (Joaquim JosĂŠ da Silva Xavier), the patron of Brazilian police (civil and military). They investigate crimes in order to gather evidence to identify the perpetrators of these crimes. They investigate. They patrol streets. They protect the community. They are the civil police. Congratulations to these warriors.

APRIL – 137

April 22 - Day of discovery of Brazil

By accident Pedro Álvares Cabral, on April 22, 1500, discovered Brazil. But it was not the first, after the Indians. In 1498 Duarte Pacheco Pereira would have reached the Brazilian coast in the current northern region, exploring part of the lands that belong to the states of Pará and Maranhão. But this discovery was kept secret, that's why Cabral took fame. By accident Cabral arrived. In Bahia the anchor played, and the Indians saw it, several redwood trees, he found, but gold took it.

APRIL – 138

April 24 - World Meningitis Day

A campaign against the disease, hence the date. Infections exist. But vaccines too. 1 in 5 people who have it, die, so it is important to vaccinate. The faster you go to the doctor, the faster you recover. Of those who survive, 10% to 15% have sequela, like deafness and blindness. Let's get vaccinated, and stop believing in “fake news”!

APRIL – 139

April 24 - National Pounds Day

Date created by deputy Eduardo Barbosa (PSDB-MG) which met the demands of the National Federation of Education and Integration of the Deaf (Feneis), institution dedicated to the cause of people with hearing loss. An achievement of freedom of expression. A minority achievement. Such a suffering minority. Sign language. For them to understand. For them to study. But they don't always succeed.

APRIL – 140

April 25 - World Malaria Day

A date to recognize the effort, the most effective control of this disease, the use and support of successful experiences. Currently, half the world's population is at risk for this disease. The most likely ones are the poorest. It is transmitted by a mosquito. From 2010 to 2011 in Brazil, 21% of cases were reduced. Malaria can be prevented. Malaria has a cure. Avoid it. Take care.

APRIL – 141

April 27 - Maid's Day

Date in honor of Zita, was born in 1218, in the city of Lucca, Italy, he worked from the age of 12 until his death for an Italian family. His death, April 27, 1271. A generous person, who always helped others. She was generous. She was a saint. She was Zita. They are wars. They have the profession that works the most. They are often humiliated. They are domestic servants. Congratulations on your day.

APRIL – 142

April 28 - Education Day

Date chosen at the World Education Forum held in Dakar, Senegal, in 2000. It is a commitment by countries to bring basic and secondary education to all children and young people in the world. A date to organize activities of importance to values, educational for the formation of children and adolescents. Be in the family. Be at school. Social, ethical and moral values of the individual. Every child has to learn. Happy education day.

APRIL – 143

April 28 - Mother's Day

EIn 1957, a British industrial worker created a zoo in his home and very much wanted to have an anaconda (the snake) in his collection. After he got the animal, the man could not pronounce the name correctly and called the snake "mother-in-law". The President of Brazil at the time, Jânio Quadros, organized a special breakfast for his government officials and said that everyone could bring their wives and inlaws. The British industrial worker followed the President's orders and took his wife and COBRA to the party! She is your wife's mother. She can be nice. She can be grumpy. But it's your mother-in-law.

APRIL – 144

April 29 - World Dance Day Created in 1982 by the International Dance Committee (CID) of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). A tribute to the birth date of Jean-Georges Noverre (1727-1810), a master of French ballet. He was a dancer and ballet teacher, writer of the book “As Cartas Sobre a Dança”. Coincidentally, it is the same birthday as Marika Gidali, a dancer who co-founded Ballet Stagium in São Paulo. Dancing burns, calories. Dancing increases fitness. Dancing strengthens the entire body musculature. Dancing strengthens the bones, preventing bone loss (osteoporosis). Dancing increases the heart rate, helping the heart to pump more blood into the body and muscles.

APRIL – 145

Dancing increases the respiratory rate. Dancing Releases serotonin and endorphins (neurotransmitters that release pleasure). Dancing reduces pain. Dancing provides pleasure and good mood. Dancing improves learning and discipline. Dancing slows aging. Dancing improves self-esteem. Dancing improves sensuality, rhythm, flexibility, agility and motor coordination. So dance.


MAY – 147

May 1 - Labor Day In 1886 in Chicago, 1st of May, workers the fight was on. The strike happened, on the streets they went out like that, better job conditions have. From 13 hours to 8 passed. The Workday, so it decreased. 2 days of conflict and protesters died. The population revolted, new conflict caused. May 4, new deaths emerged. Thus arose, a simple tribute to the worker.

MAY – 148

May 1 - World Day to Combat Skin Cancer

Skin cancer is the most common type of disease in Brazil, with 176 thousand new cases per year, 30% of all malignant tumors in Brazil correspond to skin cancer. The estimate is 165580 thousand new cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer. The disease will effect more men (85,170 thousand) than women (80,410 thousand). Avoid the sun between 10 am and 4 pm. Avoid excessive sun. Avoid tanning beds. Reapply the protector every 2 to 3 hours, even those that are “waterproof”. Apply sunscreen about 30 minutes before exposing yourself to the sun. Wear caps, hats, long clothes, sunglasses and always look for shady places. Take care of your health.

MAY – 149

May 3 - World Press Freedom Day

That day was created by UNESCO in 1993. Created to warn of the impunity committed against hundreds of journalists who are tortured or murdered as a result of persecutions for information obtained and published by these professionals. Freedom is what everyone likes. Freedom does not always leave everyone. The press must have freedom. The press cannot have a side. Press has to tell the truth. Congratulations to all the media professionals. Long live freedom.

MAY – 150

May 3 - Day of the legislator

The date was instituted on May 3, 1823, on that occasion the first Constituent Assembly of Brazil was installed, inaugurating the Legislative Power in the Country. Be a municipal legislator. Be a state legislator. Be a federal legislator. They are all important in our life. Although many people think not. That is why it is important to take the vote seriously. Take democracy seriously. They create laws. They vote on the law. They are the legislators.

MAY – 151

May 3 - World Day of the Sun

It is located about 150 million kilometers from Earth and is extremely hot, reaching temperatures between 6,000 and 15 million degrees Celsius. Important star that has a profound relationship with the survival of all species of living beings on Earth. It is a source of energy for all living beings. It is used for photosynthesis. It is part of the water cycle. He's the sun.

MAY – 152

May 5th - Painter's Day

There are several ways to consume and produce art that is the taste of all age groups. A tribute not only for painters. But also to José Ferraz de Almeida Júnior, one of the most important Brazilian plastic artists of the 19th century. Thus, since 1950, this date has been used to celebrate and highlight the beautiful work that these professionals perform in the artistic development of Brazil. They paint real estate. They paint pictures. They leave the atmosphere pleasant. Either without drawing or with drawings. They are the painters.

MAY – 153

May 6 - National Day of Mathematics

A tribute to the Brazilian mathematician, writer and educator Júlio César de Mello e Souza, better known as Malba Tahan. Law created by Congresswoman Raquel Teixeira was responsible for presenting a bill, on May 5, 2004. Only on June 26, 2013, did the President of the Republic, Dilma Rousseff, sign the law. Born on May 6, 1895, in Rio de Janeiro, Júlio César de Mello e Souza (Malba Tahan) began teaching at the age of 18. It is important when spending. It is important in concentration. She's the math.

MAY – 154

May 7 - Ophthalmologist's Day

The tribute date began, May 7, 1930. In 1968, the date was made official in the state of São Paulo by the deputy and ophthalmologist Antônio Salim Curiati. However, only in 1986, Minister of Health Seigo Tsuzuki established May 7 as the National Day of Ophthalmologists at the national level. They perform surgeries. They prescribe treatments. They take care of our sight. They are the ophthalmologists, Congratulations on your day.

MAY – 155

May 8 - Day of the marketer

A tribute to the professionals responsible for creating and selling ideas, as well as developing strategies and projects that help to move and improve competition in the job market. Currently, “marketing” professionals can have diverse academic backgrounds, such as journalism, publicity and advertising, letters, “marketing” and administration. They create ideas. They sell products. They are the “marketing” professionals.

MAY – 156

May 8 - National Day for the fight against Endometriosis

Endometriosis has no cure, but simple practices, such as healthy eating and exercise, relieve symptoms and leave you alone with the disease. The disease affects about 6 million women in the country, being characterized by the growth of the endometrium, tissue that lines the inside of the uterus, in other parts of the body. Symptoms, cramps. There is no cure, but you can live well. Go to the doctor!

MAY – 157

May 8 - National Day of Hemoglobinopathies These are genetic diseases resulting from abnormalities in the structure or production of hemoglobin, present in red blood cells and responsible for transporting oxygen to tissues. About 150,000 children have the most severe form of thalassemia. It is estimated that, worldwide, 15 million people have thalassemia, 200 million have the disease gene, 250,000 children are born with sickle cell anemia. In Brazil, there are 700 people with the most severe form of thalassemia and three million people carry the disease gene. Its consequences. Reduced oxygen affinity, increased affinity for oxygen, methemoglobin, unstable hemoglobin and crystallization. Let's take care.

MAY – 158

May 10 - World Lupus Day Five million people worldwide have lupus. In many cases of lupus, more than one organ system can be affected, including the kidneys, heart, lungs and brain. Blood and blood vessels can also be affected. 7 out of 10 patients agree with Systemic Lupus Erythematous (SLE) affects their self-esteem and more than half feel alone and powerless. 61% had to make domestic adjustments to deal with lupus. 40% of SLE patients quit working or retire earlier than planned. 36% of the general population is unaware that lupus is a disease, with 11% believing that lupus is a bacterium. 8% of people believe that lupus is a plant. 51% could not identify or did not know the complications associated with lupus, such as insufficiency kidney, anemia or heart attack. Only about a third (39%) of people knew that lupus

MAY – 159

affects the joints. 13% believe that having unprotected sex contributes to someone who develops lupus. Let's take care.

MAY – 160

May 10 - Mother's Day The oldest celebration of Mother's Day originates in ancient Greece, where the entrance of spring was celebrated by Reia, the Mother of the gods. The tradition of honoring mothers continued with the celebrations in honor of Cybele, also called Magna Mater (Great Mother). After being Christianized, the Roman Empire continued to celebrate Mother's Day, but on the 4th Sunday of Lent, in honor of the Virgin Mary, and of the Mother Church. In the 20th century, a young American woman named Anna Jarvis lost her mother and went into depression. Concerned about her, her friends decided to throw a party, to perpetuate the memory of Anna's mother and, at the same time, try to cheer her up. In 1914, the date was made official by President Woodrow Wilson, and began to be celebrated on May 9th. In Brazil, the first Mother's Day was promoted by the Associação Cristã de Moços de Porto Alegre, on May 12,

MAY – 161

1918. But it was only in 1932 that the president GetĂşlio Vargas made the second Sunday in May official as Mother's Day in the country. Mother who carries the baby in her womb for 9 months. Mother who wakes up at dawn to breastfeed, or change her diaper. Mother the one who stays up at dawn, because the son didn't arrive. It is not easy to be a mother. Congratulations to all the warriors.

MAY – 162

May 11 - Entrepreneurship Day

Entrepreneurship is closely related to the issue of innovation, in which there is a certain objective of creating something within a sector or producing something new. Several ‘startups’, for example, are innovating within an existing sector. Daring, visionary. Brave, this is the entrepreneur.

MAY – 163

May 12 - Nursing Day

It has been celebrated worldwide since 1965. However, this date was officially established only in 1974. May 12th was chosen as a tribute to the birth of Florence Nightingale, considered the “mother” of modern nursing. Florence Nightingale, an English national, was born in Florence, Italy. At the age of 17, Florence Nightingale, who was an Anglican Christian, decided to become a nurse, believing she had a call from God to do nursing. It was in the Crimean War, in which the United Kingdom participated between 1853 and 1856, that her work became more known, and she was called “Lady of the Lamp”, an instrument she used at night to better aid the wounded. Florence Nightingale founded the world's first secular Nursing School in England in 1860. They serve you. They take care of you.

MAY – 164

They are attentive. They are the nurses.

MAY – 165

May 12 - World Fibromyalgia Day

Disease present in up to 10% of patients with ankylosing spondylitis and can reach 20% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. Fibromyalgia may present as an isolated condition or be associated with other rheumatic diseases, especially inflammatory diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis. When this association occurs, patients' capacity and quality of life worsen. It is present in up to 10% of patients with ankylosing spondylitis and can reach 20% of patients with rheumatoid arthritis. As fibromyalgia is not a disorder that causes inflammation, there is no change in the laboratory tests of these patients. It causes pain. It causes tiredness. She is Fibromyalgia Take care.

MAY – 166

May 13 - Automobile Day

A tribute to Bertha Benz, wife of Karl Benz, one of the creators of the first car for sale in the world, the Benz Patent-Motorwagen or Motorcar. Another date version would commemorate the production of Belcar, considered as the first Brazilian passenger car. The model of Vemag-Veículos e Máquinas Agrícolas S.A. would have a 1.0 engine. The number one car unit would have left the production line in 1958, that is, 24 years after Getúlio Vargas' decree. Another hypothesis is the opening of the first paved road in Brazil. The highway that connects the city of Rio de Janeiro to Petrópolis, with about 66 kilometers, was inaugurated on May 13, 1926. Be a tribute to Bertha Benz. Be date would celebrate the production of Belcar. Be the opening of the first paved road in Brazil. Happy automobile day.

MAY – 167

May 15 - Day of the social worker

The date arose from the approval of Law No. 3,252, of August 27, 1957, through Federal Decree No. 994, of May 15, 1962, which regulates and officializes the profession in Brazil. However, in 1993, Law No. 8,662, of 7 June 1993, repealed the Law of 1957 and applied a new Law on Regulation of the Profession. Therefore, in homage to the regulation of the profession, in 1962, the 15th of May is considered the National Day of the Social Worker. They work on social projects. They plan. They implement. They coordinate. They evaluate policies. They help society. They are social workers.

MAY – 168

May 15 - International Family Day

International Family Day was instituted by the General Assembly of the United Nations, during a meeting held on September 20, 1993. The date was celebrated for the first time in 1994. The family is important in society. The family is important to underline the basic character of the family in the education of children. The family is important to pass messages of love, respect and togetherness, essential elements for the relationship of all members of the family. The family is important to alert society to the rights and responsibilities of families. The family is important to make citizens aware of the social, economic and demographic issues that affect the family. The family is important to raise awareness among the population about the different types of family that exist, all of which are completely legitimate.

MAY – 169

Family is important. Family is family.

MAY – 170

May 16 - Gari Day

They keep the streets clean. They keep the squares clean. They are the street sweepers. Do not throw garbage on the floor. Because it can fall into the manhole and cause flooding. The street sweepers exist. But it doesn't make sense for you to throw trash on the floor, since the trash can is right there. Gari, there is no need to sweep up trash, and the trash can is right there. Have a little more compassion. Gari, a tribute to the Frenchman, Pedro Aleixo Gary, who became known for being the founder of the first garbage collection company on the streets of Rio de Janeiro, in 1976. Congratulations to the street sweepers for their day.

MAY – 171

May 17 - World Recycling Day

We all consume. We all generate garbage. We should all recycle, so to preserve. We generate garbage. We leave the garbage for collection. Where is he going? We all have to worry. To where the trash will go. Because the wrong destination. You can come back to us. And our health harm.

MAY – 172

May 18 - International Museum Day

History everyone has. Many of them are in museums. It's time to visit. It's time to enjoy. Be modern art. Be classic art. Be contemporary art. Museums are cultural spaces where exhibitions of artistic works are presented on the most varied themes and styles. Your celebration date was created, in 1977, through the initiative of ICOM-International Council of Museums, an organization that integrates the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

MAY – 173

May 18 - Day to combat sexual exploitation against children and adolescents

According to data from the Human Rights Secretariat, the number of cases of sexual violence against children and adolescents in the country is frightening. The choice of this date is in memory of the “Araceli Case”, a crime that shocked the country at the time. Araceli Crespo was a girl of only 8 years old, who was raped and violently murdered on May 18, 1973. This crime, although hideous, still goes unpunished. The National Day to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents was officially established in the country in 2000. Sexual exploitation is a crime. Report it.

MAY – 174

May 19 - Physicist's Day

In Brazil, it started to be celebrated as Physics Day from 2005, when the UN (United Nations Organization) decreed that the International Year of Physics, in honor of the centenary of the “Miraculous Year of Einstein”. In 1905, Albert Einstein, one of the most important physicists in history, published his articles on the theory of relativity, a study that would revolutionize physics. Some people consider the choice of May 19 (May 19) to be a reference to the year 1905. They dedicate themselves to studying science. They dedicate themselves to studying the consequences of the universe. They made electricity, engines, refrigerators, cell phones, airplanes, computers. They are the physicists.

MAY – 175

May 20 - Day of optimism

An optimist is one who thinks positive. An optimist is one who sees only the flowers, and does not see the thorns in them. An optimist is someone who loses his job, and does not say he is unemployed, says he is available for the job market. An optimist is someone who loses a relative, who instead of crying, celebrates why that person went to heaven. Congratulations to all optimists.

MAY – 176

May 22 - Hug Day

This date came from the initiative of the Australian Juan Mann who created the Free Hugs Campaign in 2004, with the simple objective of distributing “free” hugs on the streets of Sydney. A show of affection. A show of affection. A show of friendship. This is the hug.

MAY – 177

May 24 - National Coffee Day

Celebrated in Brazil since 2005. The day recalls the beginning of the great coffee plantations in the country, responsible for representing an important historical period for the development of the Brazilian economy and society. About 9 out of 10 Brazilians over 15 consume coffee. Be it carioca, cappuccino, espresso or American. Coffee is undoubtedly a “darling” in the country. Increases the level of concentration. It is the second most consumed drink in the world. Helps prevent depression and moodiness. The sludge becomes compost. It appeared in the 9th century in Ethiopia. This is coffee. Let's taste it.

MAY – 178

May 25 - Industry Day

May 25 was chosen as Industry Day in honor of the patron of national industry, Roberto Simonsen, who died on May 25, 1948. Roberto Simonsen was an engineer, industrialist, administrator, professor, historian and politician, as well as a member of the Brazilian Academy of Letters-ABL. In addition, Simonsen was president of the National Confederation of Industry (CNI) and the Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo (FIESP). They are the largest representation of the national economy. They are in the food. They are in the locker rooms. They were installed under the government of Getúlio Vargas. Foreign companies were installed only under the

MAY – 179

Juscelino Kubitschek government. They are the industries.

MAY – 180

May 25 - Dressmaker's Day

According to the Brazilian Apparel Association (Abravest), the work of Brazilian dressmakers generates an average of R$ 4.5 billion per year. The seamstresses are masters in the thread and needle, with only these two instruments they can produce incredible pieces, from dresses, shirts, curtains and other products made from fabrics. And with a machine then ... they can double that production. Also known as stylists, seamstresses can create fashion trends that will be used throughout the different seasons. They are true artists. They are stylists. They are masters at the needle. They are the seamstresses.

MAY – 181

May 25 - Day of the rural worker

Celebrated in Brazil since June 1, 1964. On May 25, 1963, federal deputy Fernando Ferrari (1921-1963) died, one of the politicians most engaged in the struggle of rural workers for their rights and social issues. Fernando's death became a date, a symbol for professionals in the category. In 1971, the Rural Worker Assistance Program was established, with Complementary Law No. 11, which became known as the Fernando Ferrari Law, in honor of the parliamentarian who fought for the rights of these workers. They work in rural areas. They work in the fields. They work on the farms. They are rural workers.

MAY – 182

May 25 - National adoption day

Officialized since May 9, 2002. This law established May 25 as the official date for the celebration of Adoption Day in the country. Originally, May 25 was declared National Day of Adoption (at an unofficial level) during the First National Meeting of Associations and Support Groups for Adoption, in 1996. The right to family life. The right to live together with dignity. The right that everyone has to have. The right to have a new family. Adopt a child.

MAY – 183

May 30 - Decorator's Day

Decorators are professionals trained in interior design (and are also known as Interior Designer), who use visual and scenography techniques to modify or create a specific environment in a specific physical space, such as a living room, bedroom, office, kitchen etc. They have creativity. They have sensitivities. They are the decoration professionals. Congratulations to your day.

MAY – 184

May 31 - International stewardess day

The creation of Flight Attendant Day, as well as International Flight Attendant Day, is a tribute to the creation of the International Flight Attendants Association-IFAA (International Flight Attendants Association). The Association was founded on May 31, 1973, but the date would not be official since 1986. A tribute to all flight attendants. Professionals responsible for ensuring passenger comfort while traveling by plane. Congratulations to your day.


JUNE – 186

June 3 - Human Resources Professional Day

This, which keep the internal lives of employees within an organization in order. They are humanitarian. They motivate. They train. They qualify. They contribute to the growth of the company. They are human resources.

JUNE – 187

June 5 - International Ecology Day

In honor of the so-called “Stockholm Conference”, a meeting sponsored by the United Nations (UN) in 1972, to address environmental issues. Initially, this United Nations conference brought together 113 countries, in addition to 250 non-governmental organizations. Throughout the 1980s, interest in ecology and the natural balance increased. In 1992, another major conference, Rio-92 is held in Rio de Janeiro to assess progress and involve governments and the population in preserving the environment. Scientific study of the interactions between organisms and their environment. Greek origin, term “eco” was born from the expression “oikos”, whose meaning is “house”, and the word “logos” refers to “to know” or “to study”. Thus, Ecology can be defined as the “study of the house”, that is, of the environment.

JUNE – 188

June 6 - National foot test day

An examination made from blood collected from the baby's heel and which allows the identification of serious diseases, such as: congenital hypothyroidism (the newborn's thyroid gland cannot produce adequate amounts of hormones), phenylketonuria (metabolism disease) and hemoglobinopathies (diseases that affect the sickle cell trait and sickle cell disease). Diseases have no symptoms at birth. If they are not treated early. They can cause serious damage to health. Even severe and irreversible mental retardation. All newborns must do. So be careful. Let's do it.

JUNE – 189

June 7 - National day of recyclable material collectors

It was on June 7, 2001, that 3 thousand people took to the streets at the Esplanada dos MinistĂŠrios in Brasilia, claiming the rights of recyclable material collectors. It was on the street, making noise, that the National Movement of Waste Pickers (MNCR) emerged, fighting the seed of a new, more just and sustainable world. They help to reduce landfill waste. They help to decrease the withdrawal of raw materials from the environment. They are warriors. Even so, are despised by many. Let's respect!

JUNE – 190

June 8 - Day of the citrus grower

The date was established in 1969 and recalls the importance of the professional who takes care of the plantations and the production of citrus fruits which are orange, lemon, lime, mandarin, cider and many others such as pineapple and acerola. Rich in vitamin C, they are essential to strengthen bones, cartilage and the immune system. The consumption of these fruits is recommended at all ages. Brazil produces 80% of the world's orange juice. They pick fruits. They harvest vitamin C. They harvest our food. They are the citrus growers.

JUNE – 191

June 12 - Valentine's Day Outside Brazil, especially in the United States and Europe, Valentine's Day is celebrated on February 14, a date also known as Valentine's Day (Valentine’s Day). Schedule a romantic dinner. Play a game of questions and answers. Make a surprise box for your love. Organize a romantic picnic. Spread messages of love around the house. Travel, alone to a special place. Stay in a nice hotel. Watch a movie or a series together. Give your girlfriend flowers. Happy Valentine's Day, married people too.

JUNE – 192

June 13 - National Tourist Day

In Brazil, the date was established on May 9, 2012. Tourist is national. Be international. Tourist is always tourist. He wants to know the place. He wants to have fun. He wants to enjoy it. Tourist is always tourist. He deserves respect. He has to respect it. Tourist is always tourist. Congratulations on your day.

JUNE – 193

June 15 - World Wind Energy Day (or wind)

It started as a European date in 2007, but became a world date in 2009. It is a clean and renewable energy source. It is one of the fastest growing sectors, with approximately $ 100 billion invested per year. It has more facilities in the EU than gas and coal combined (consumption equivalent to 73 million households). About 80 countries invest. The state of Texas is a leader in generating this electricity. China presents the largest energy program in the world. It's wind energy!

JUNE – 194

June 16 - International Sea Turtle Day

First celebrated on May 23, 2000. Since then, the initiative has spread across the world, among environmental protection groups and NGOs. A date to promote, knowledge about turtles. Be the land turtles. Be the freshwater turtles. Be the sea turtles. Be the turtles that live in the water and land. Turtles must be respected. Respect them.

JUNE – 195

June 17 - World Day to Combat Desertification

It was first celebrated in 1995. Several countries are committed to reducing the destructive actions that contribute to the desertification process across the planet. This agreement was made official through the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification in Countries Affected by Serious Drought or Desertification (UNCCD). Whether due to the loss of the ecosystem's capacity to renew its biological resources. Whether due to human action or climatic variations. This is desertification. Water is essential for life, preserve it.

JUNE – 196

June 18 - Chemist's Day

Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the changes and transformations undergone by matter, including soil, water, air, pollutants, minerals and metals, as well as their composition and properties. Chemist's Day is celebrated on June 18, as it was on that date that the former president, Juscelino Kubitschek, signed Law No. 2,800 / 1956, also known as the “Chemicals Law�, which created the Federal and Regional Councils of Chemistry and regulated the profession. The chemist who analyzes the water you drink. The chemist who analyzes the beer you drink. The chemist who analyzes the shampoo you use. The chemist who analyzes the soap you use. Chemists are very important in our lives. Whether in food, clothing or leisure. But unfortunately, not everyone is honest.

JUNE – 197

There was a lack of chemists to analyze the poisoned beer that killed. There was a lack of chemicals to analyze contaminated water that you took. In fact, the chemist was there, but did not identify the problem. Why? I do not know that. I just know that the analysis is necessary, and has to be done. Here is my indignation. Congratulations to the honest chemists. For your contribution.

JUNE – 198

June 19 - National Cinema Day

A tribute to the seventh art produced in Brazil. A tribute on the same day that the Italian-Brazilian Afonso Segreto, the country's first cameraman and director, recorded the first moving images in Brazilian territory, in 1898. Afonso Segreto made images of the entrance to Guanabara Bay, in Rio de Janeiro, on board the French ship BrĂŠsil the first filming in national territory. He makes you laugh. He makes you cry. It makes you think. He is Brazilian cinema.

JUNE – 199

June 20 - World Refugee Day It was in 2000 that the UN instituted World Refugee Day, with the aim of conceptualizing governments and populations for the serious problem of refugees. He wanted to be happy with his family in his country. Discussions took place between the people and the government, rebels broke out. Were the rebels right? There are people who say no, others say yes, but there were consequences on of that. The war came and took part of his friends and family. Death and hunger came, pain and sadness took over his heart. To survive, he abandoned his friends and family (those who survived) and came to live in Brazil. Longing is not the only difficulty in an unknown land, employment is one of them. He is a refugee and I will pay half, so “profit” said a Brazilian. Another said: — These refugees are only hindering

JUNE – 200

our country, taking away jobs and income. He didn't get a job, in his homeland he was a doctor, in Brazil, he became a beggar, the rubbish in the city turned over. - What is it? - Are you going through my trash? - Soiling my sidewalk? Said a woman. - Madam, I just want to work, to kill my hunger. Do not want to disrupt. Sadness ravaged his heart, hunger was not enough, there was longing, it hurts, but people don't understand. They think he just wants to take his job, but in fact, he just wants to be happy, to survive in a world that is not always fair. He wants to be happy, his life to rebuild, but he is not the only one. There are millions in the world. Victims of wars, who often suffer prejudice, they just want to survive. Not all people are bad.

JUNE – 201

Are there people who preach war? Yes there is. But there are also those who preach peace, those who help refugees, with food, clothing, lodging and a chance for “restitution”. They don't want to take anyone's job, they want to live, a solution for their lives, which are so painful. Some commit suicide, because they cannot find a solution, they have no support from the population. We have to be more human, to be more “Christians”, a Christian has to follow the Bible, follow the new. We preach love and not hate. We are all brothers, regardless of color or nation. The suffering of one is also of the other, let us live without prejudice. Everyone has their opinion. But everyone deserves respect, even carrying their pain, or joy. Say no to prejudice, everyone has their story!

JUNE – 202

June 20 - Beginning of winter

Winter begins on June 20, 2020, at 6:44 pm and ends on September 22, 2020, with the spring equinox. This is the season before spring and autumn. In the Southern Hemisphere, where Brazil is located. Low temperature season. Time to get stylish. Shorter days. Longer nights. This is winter. Shall we eat soup?

JUNE – 203

June 21 - Day of the intellectual

They create. They imagine. They think. They reflect. They form opinions. They are the intellectuals. The main objective of this date is to focus attention on the importance of training professionals and intellectual citizens, that is, with the necessary criticality to question and debate issues inherent to life in society.

JUNE – 204

June 21 - National Asthma Day

A chronic inflammatory disease of the airways that affects the bronchi. In asthmatic patients, the bronchi become inflamed, especially when they come into contact with a triggering factor (dust, mites, pollution, cigarette smoke, cold air or physical exercise), making breathing difficult. Shortness of breath. Wheezing. Chest tightness or cough. Those are the symptoms. Asthma has no cure. Asthma is a chronic disease. If you have. Avoid closed environments. Avoid exposure to smoke or dust. Practice exercises regularly.

JUNE – 205

June 24 - International Milk Day

The date was established by the United Nations Food Organization in 2001, with the objective of showing the importance for the population of the consumption of milk and its derivatives to maintain a balanced diet. Milk plays a fundamental role in nutrition. Milk has an important source of calcium. Be breast milk. Be sachet milk. Be boxed milk. That is the food. Essential food for baby. Adult food as well. But to the controversies of its benefit to the adult. It can hurt.

JUNE – 206

June 26 - International Day Against Drugs

Chosen by the United Nations (UN) as the International Day to Combat Drugs. Every year, the UN, through the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC), emphasizes the International Drug Prevention Campaign; in Vienna, on this date, a World Drug Report is released containing updated information from around the world on drug consumption, production and trafficking. Be a drug prescribed by the doctor. Be a drug bought at the pharmacy without a prescription. Be the drug bought at the supermarket. Be a drug bought irregularly. Drugs are always drugs. It is bad health, avoid using it as much as possible. Always try to solve your problem. Being of physical or mental health, avoiding the drug.

JUNE – 207

June 26 - Geography teacher's day

Established because it was the date when Law no. 6664 of June 26, 1979, that regulated the profession. With this law only those who attended the Faculty of Geography could be a teacher in the area. Responsible for presenting the world. Responsible for presenting the map. Showing the countries. Showing the states. Showing the capitals. This is the geography teacher. Congratulations on your day.

JUNE – 208

June 29 - Operator's Day

Since the year 1956, Operator Day has been celebrated. The emergence of the profession was only possible after 1876, the year in which Alexandre Graham Bell invented the telephone, causing a revolution in the means of communication. She calls you. She offers you. She charges you. It is often cursed. So many goes into depression. She's the operator. Many of them have already been replaced. By artificial intelligence. Congratulations on your day.

JUNE – 209

June 29 - Fisherman's Day

This date is because it is the day of Saint Peter, the apostle fisherman and who is also the patron saint of fishermen, so the date was chosen to commemorate the day of the fisherman. It is important to respect the rivers. It is important to respect the lakes. It is important to respect the seas. It is important to respect the fish. Be a fisherman by profession. Be a fisherman for sport. Be a fisherman for leisure. Fisherman is always a fisherman. Congratulations on your day.

JUNE – 210

June 30 - Trucker's Day

This date was made official through Law No. 5,487, of December 30, 1986. At the national level, the former vice-president of Brazil, JosĂŠ Alencar Gomes da Silva, decreed through law No. 11,927, of April 17, 2009, the National Trucker Day to be celebrated on September 19. But, at the popular level, Truckers' Day continues to be celebrated on June 30, a date that also commemorates St. Christopher's Day, the patron saint of drivers. They know all of Brazil. They carry our food. If they stop. Brazil stops. Congratulations to all truck drivers.


JULY – 212

July 1 - BCG vaccine day

Created in 1921 by Léon Calmette and Alphonse Guérin. It protects against severe forms of tuberculosis, a contagious disease, caused by bacteria that mainly affects the lungs and which, if left untreated, can cause serious breathing problems, weight loss, weakness and even lead to death. It protects you from an airborne illness. It protects you from a disease transmitted by sneezing. It protects you from tuberculosis. Get vaccinated, because that is the only way for you to be immune to this disease.

JULY – 213

July 2 - Hospital Day

A tribute to the founding date of the Hospital da Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santos, in the state of São Paulo, in 1945, considered one of the largest in Brazil. The inauguration took place in the place where a hospital already existed. In 1543, the Santa Casa de Misericórdia de Santos was founded for the first time by Brás Cubas (1507-1592), a Portuguese nobleman. Hospital place to be attended. Diagnostic place hospital. Hospital cured place. Congratulations to all professionals in this area.

JULY – 214

July 2 - Brazilian Firefighter's Day

A tribute to the creation of the Court's Provisional Fire Department, inaugurated on July 2, 1856, in Rio de Janeiro, and under the command of Major JoĂŁo Batista de Morais Antas. The Brazilian Firefighter's Day was instituted on April 2, 1954. In the past, the fire was extinguished, after the warning in the chime of the bells, men, women and even children, they went to the well and took water, passed the bucket from hand to hand, until it was thrown into the fire. Time passed, and now firefighters have appeared. They pay for the fire, rescue people and even animals, risky locations. Congratulations to these warriors.

JULY – 215

July 3 - National day to combat racial discrimination

In 1951, the National Congress passed Law 1.390, better known as the Afonso Arinos Law, proposed by the jurist, politician and writer from Minas Gerais and which established any practice resulting from prejudice by race or color as a criminal offense. It was the first law against racism in the country. Prejudice is ugly. Prejudice is wrong. Prejudice is a crime. Be it race, religion and sexual orientation. Prejudice is always prejudice. Say no to prejudice!

JULY – 216

July 4 - Telemarketing attendant day

They work with the call center. They answer all customer questions. They offer services. They are the telemarketing professionals. They are often boring. But not because of them, because they need to work. That is why they get cursed by many, for bothering us with unnecessary calls. But I understand that they have to hit goals. Let us respect telemarketing operators.

JULY – 217

July 6 - State Fauna Day (RJ)

The commemoration date was created on January 6, 1987. Fauna is animal life. It could be a plant. It could be flora. It could be fungus. Term used by zoologists and paleontologists for a collection of animals. For paleontologists there is a sequence of about 80 stages of fauna, rocks containing similar fossils. Origin of the name Fauna, a goddess, Roman of the land and fertility. Name used for the first time, by Lineu as title of his work of 1746 Fauna Suecica

JULY – 218

July 8 - Baker's Day

A tribute to Santa Isabel de Portugal, popularly known as the “patron saint of bakers”. According to legend, during the 14th century, Portugal faced an intense crisis and people were very hungry. To help the less fortunate, the queen of Portugal, Isabel de Aragão, anonymously distributed bread to the poor. One day, when the queen was preparing to distribute the loaves, King D. Dinis I intercepted her and demanded that she show what she hid in her apron. They work at dawn. So, in terms of the warm bread in the morning. They are bakers. Congratulations on your day.

JULY – 219

July 8 - World Allergy Day

A warning alerts people about the importance of treating allergies, as in certain cases allergies can cause death. On this day you can find out more about allergies and visit your family doctor, for example. Half of Europeans suffer from allergies. One third of European children suffer from allergies. A sheet can contain a million and a half mites, but leaving the bed undone for half an hour is enough to kill them. In Portugal, respiratory diseases are responsible for 15 million days of annual leave, for five million consultations and 1.8 million visits to the emergency room. Allergies, let's take care!

JULY – 220

July 8 - National Day of Science and Researcher

The first date was sanctioned in 2001, by Law No. 10,221; and the second, in 2008, through Law No. 11,807. Both honor the day of the creation of the Brazilian Society for the Progress of Science (SBPC), on July 8, 1948. Since then, this entity has become one of the pillars for teachers, students and researchers from all over the country. Draw attention to the country's scientific production. Stimulate young people's taste for science and disseminate scientific knowledge to society. 13% of everything that is researched in the world is researched in Brazil. Congratulations to scientists and researchers for your day.

JULY – 221

July 9 - Constitutionalist Revolution Day

In 1997, the governor of the state of São Paulo, Mário Covas, made the 9th of July official as a civil holiday in the region, a tribute to the constitutionalism soldier who fought for the fall of the Vargas dictatorship. Officially, the Day of the Revolution and the Constitutionalism Soldier was transformed into a civil holiday in 1997, through Law No. 9,947, based on a bill presented by deputy Guilherme Gianetti. Four students from São Paulo died. And the population was moved. The demand for a new constitution was a priority for the bourgeois society of São Paulo, which officially started the revolution on July 9, 1932, fighting against the national government for three months. The combat ended on October 2, 1932, with the surrender of the Paulistas.

JULY – 222

July 14 - Freedom of thought day

Freedom of thought is the individual's guarantee of maintaining and defending his idea or position in relation to a fact, or a point of view. According to Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, promulgated by the UN (United Nations), on December 10, 1948: Freedom to think. Freedom to write. Freedom to express yourself. Freedom to live our choices, but without offending. Happy freedom day.

JULY – 223

July 15 - International Men's Day

The date aims to raise awareness among the male population about the care they should take with their health. In Brazil, Men's Day was created at the initiative of the National Order of Writers and has been celebrated in the country since 1992. Human Day began to be celebrated in 1999, in Trinidad and Tobago, by Dr. Jerome Teelucksingh, who, with the support of the United Nations (UN), created the date in order to raise awareness about health care and male gender equality. He was the first, resident of the world. They work, they have fun, they are men. Congratulations to your day.

JULY – 224

July 16 - National Day of the Merchant

The date arose because of Law No. 2,048, of October 26, 1953, which honors the birth of José Maria da Silva Lisboa, better known as Visconde de Cairu, the Patron of Brazilian Commerce. Viscount of Cairu was responsible for creating the first laws that would benefit Brazilian trade, which before was totally dependent on Portugal. One of his main actions was to advise the Portuguese king D. João VI to sign the Royal Letter, on January 28, 1808, opening Brazilian ports to foreign trade. They offer you a necessary product for you. Even what is not necessary, but it helps. They are the marketers.

JULY – 225

July 17 - Day of protection of forests

An awareness, of preservation. From the Lung of the world, the Amazon rainforest. And of all forests in Brazil. Use wood made from reforestation. Do not set fire to the woods. Do not throw garbage in the environment. Do not throw cigarettes into forests. Always use recyclable paper. Preserve the forests!

JULY – 226

July 17 - Day of the submariner

The first three submarines used in Brazil went into operation on July 17, 1914. Called F1, F3 and F5, they were built at the Fiat shipyard in Torino, Italy, and delivered to Brazilian authorities between 1913 and 1914, as part of the Shipbuilding Program created by the Minister of the Navy. The “Submersible Flotilla” was active for 20 years, and was used mainly in training the population. Crew members of a submarine. Mainly military. Congratulations on your day.

JULY – 227

July 17 - World Emoji Day

The Apple package features the calendar Emoji dated July 17, the day the company announced iCal, its calendar application, during the 2002 MacWorld Expo. Given this context, on July 17, 2014, member of the Unicode consortium and creator of Emojipedia Jeremy Burge proclaimed the date as World Emoji Day. Since then, the event has been getting bigger and bigger and with more fans. The faces show joy. The faces show love. The faces show sadness. These guys are Emojis.

JULY – 228

July 18 - National Troubadour Day

This date is celebrated for being the day of the birth of Gilson de Castro (RJ), whose literary pseudonym is Luiz OtĂĄvio. It is a micro poem. It is a poem of 4 verses. And each verse must have seven poetic syllables. This is the storm. Congratulations to all troubadours for their day.

JULY – 229

July 18 - Veterans Day

In total 21, German submarines and two Italians were responsible for the sinking of thirty-six Brazilian merchant ships, causing one thousand, six hundred and ninety-one (1691) shipwrecked and one thousand and seventy-four deaths (1074). This was the main reason that led to Brazil's declaration of war on Germany and Italy. The FEB remained uninterrupted for two hundred and thirty-nine days in combat. As an example of comparison, of the forty-four American divisions that fought in the theaters of operations in North Africa and Europe (Italian and Western fronts) between November 1942 and May 1945, only twelve were continuously fighting more days than the Brazilian division. Defenders of our land! Congratulations to all the veterans of the war!

JULY – 230

July 19 - Charity Day

In order to reinforce the feeling of altruism among Brazilians, the Day of Charity in Brazil was created, made official with Law No. 5,063, of July 4, 1966, decreed by then President Humberto Castelo Branco. Day to make people aware of the practice and diffusion of solidarity, as a means to develop a good understanding among all human beings. Charity is one of the qualities most defended by most religions, who insist that the main definition of charity is “to love and help others”. He who has no charity has nothing! He who does not love the neighbor he sees, much less will love him who does not see. Let's do more charity!

JULY – 231

July 19 - Football Day

Before football was officially introduced by Charles Miller in Brazil in 1894, after returning from England where he had spent 20 years, the Brazilian Club of Cricket, had included the sport in 1880. The first soccer match in Brazil dates from August 1, 1901 and was held in NiterĂłi. The dispute between a Brazilian and an English team ended in 1x1. This date was chosen and created by the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) in 1976. The goal was to honor a team from Rio Grande do Sul, Sport Clube Rio Grande, founded on July 19, 1900, which was the first registered soccer team in Brazil. Football is sport. Football is the passion of Brazilians. Football is business. Football is also a job.

JULY – 232

July 20 - Friend's Day

Friend Day and International Friendship Day, on July 20, was first adopted in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1999, this date has been officially celebrated in this country, which is one of the most celebrated celebrations by the neighboring country. The date was created by the Argentine Enrique Ernesto Febbraro (1924-2008), who considered the arrival of man on the Moon as a symbol of unity among all human beings. The idea came about with the arrival of Man on the Moon, because this fact meant that together, people could manage to overcome almost impossible challenges. Friend who listens. Friend the one who keeps secret. Friend who advises. Friend is always friend.

JULY – 233

July 22 - World Brain Day

In 2014, the World Federation of Neurology (WFN), instituted World Brain Day, on July 22, with the aim of calling attention to the role of the brain in our life and in the discovery of the world. It is part of the central nervous system. It commands bodily functions. But the supreme brain functions, how to reason, memorize and pay attention, they are controlled by the hemispheres and the lobes that make up the cortex. Take care of your brain! Rest when there is stress, sleep when you need to, like healthy foods, get healthy hobbies, beware of alcohol, do not smoke, eat foods with vitamin B, and have a healthy heart.

JULY – 234

July 23 - Road Guard Day

The date recalls the creation of the first cadre of professionals of the Federal Highway Police (PRF), on July 23, 1935, known as “traffic inspectors”. Antônio Felix Filho, known as “Turquinho”, was the first federal highway patrolman. In 1935, his job was to watch the Rio-Petrópolis, Rio-São Paulo and União Indústria highways. Initially, the Federal Highway Police was called the “Highway Police”, a group created by the Washington Luís government on July 24, 1928. They maintain safety on the highways. This saves many lives. They are the road guards.

JULY – 235

July 24 - Freshman Day

The term freshman, in Brazil, refers to the novice student and who in this condition can be subjected to student hoax, that is, to all sorts of games, by the oldest students, called veterans. It is synonymous with animal (female: bug) and beast. In Portugal, freshman, or freshman, is the student who has just arrived at higher education and who normally participates in the welcoming practices organized by veteran students, where there is a series of games and games prepared for the “reception of the freshman”. Ordinarily, the freshman is also usually referred to as “animal”. He is a student. He's the animal. He's a newbie. He's the freshman. Congratulations to your day.

JULY – 236

July 24 - Pig farmer's day

One of the most complex professions in Agribusiness is remembered throughout the national territory. This date is in honor of the thousands of pig producers spread throughout Brazil, who help to strengthen the economy, produce quality food and preserve the environment. To the rural entrepreneurs, all the recognition for demonstrating that pig farming also represents agribusiness and that it is giant, for having courageous producers. They produce food. They produce pigs. They are pig farmers. Congratulations on your day.

JULY – 237

July 25 - Municipal taxi driver's day

They are often psychologists. They are often tour guides. They are often historians. They are the taxi drivers. Listen and pay attention to different stories and stories. He lives sharing his knowledge about the points of the city. He opens the doors of his own car, for those he has never seen before, he has the patience to face the daily traffic and a lot of determination to drive for hours on end, always with politeness and good humor. Congratulations, taxi drivers!

JULY – 238

July 25 - Travelers' Day

The good traveler must be one who returns from one trip thinking about the next. He who gives himself opportunities not only for great discoveries, learning and self-knowledge but also to transform himself, or rather, let himself be transformed and, why not, also face a journey with enough fun, emotion, adventure and human warmth. He knows the world. He knows people. He's the traveler.

JULY – 239

July 25 - Settler's Day

On this date, we commemorate those who were essential for the development of Brazil, the colonists, who came from other countries to settle here and work mainly in the development of agriculture. The date of July 25 was established as Settler's Day in 1968, with the creation of Federal Law 5,496, on September 5 of that year, however, the date had been known for a long time, since 1924, when the commemorating the centenary of the Germans' coming to Rio Grande do Sul, the date was recognized and used to celebrate the colonists, especially the Germans. The history of that date highlights the arrival of the first Germans, who on July 18, 1824, came to settle in Brazil, landed in Porto. Soon after, on July 25, they held what would be the state's first evangelical cult, making the date a landmark for the region, expanding religious culture.

JULY – 240

July 25 - Writer's Day

This date is a tribute to those who dedicate themselves to written words. Whether in scientific or fictional texts, writers must have the great ability to entertain readers. At the international level, writers are. The idea of honoring all writers on July 25th arose from the 1st Festival of Brazilian Writers, organized in the 1960s by the Brazilian Writers Union, under the chairmanship of João Peregrino Júnior and Jorge Amado, one of the main names in literature national. He writes studies. He writes stories. He writes dreams. He's the writer.

JULY – 241

July 26 - Grandparents Day

World Grandparents Day is a tribute to Ana and Joaquim, Maria's parents, therefore, grandparents of Jesus Christ. On July 26, 1584, Pope Gregory VIII, canonized the grandparents of Jesus Christ, so the choice of this date for the celebration. They are your parents' parents. They are many grandchildren, parents too. They are the grandparents. Congratulations to all of you.

JULY – 242

July 27 - Day to fight head and neck cancer

That day is celebrated on the 27th of July. The Brazilian Society of Head and Neck Surgery (SBCCP), which has been searching for the best for the prevention and treatment of the disease for 50 years, promotes awareness-raising and information activities in the fight against this cancer throughout the month of July. Papillomavirus (HPV) infection has contributed, in recent years, to the increase in the incidence of this disease, according to the SBCCP. There are about 41 thousand new cases annually, according to estimates by the National Cancer Institute (Inca). Brazilian studies show that about 7% of the population may have HPV infection detected in the mouth. It gives more to men. It has to be fought right at the beginning. Prevent yourself!

JULY – 243

July 27 - Pediatrics Day

The date was chosen because it was the foundation day of the Brazilian Society of Pediatrics, which took place in 1910. The Pediatrician is the doctor responsible for treating babies and children. In addition to all the study that a doctor must have, the pediatrician has to have a way with children and know how to talk to them in a special way. They take care of children. In a special way. They use games. They use games. For the consultation to be more pleasant. They are pediatricians. Congratulations to your day.

JULY – 244

July 28 - Farmer's Day

The Farmer's Day was created through the Decree of Law No. 48,630, of July 27, 1960, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the State Secretariat for Agriculture, Commerce and Public Works in 1860, by Dom Pedro II. President Juscelino Kubitschek was the one who signed the law, believing that farmers were primarily responsible for Brazil's economic growth in the mid-twentieth century. They grow produce on the land. They plant and harvest our food. They are the farmers.

JULY – 245

July 28 - World Day Against Viral Hepatitis

Currently, more than 500 thousand people live with the Hepatitis C virus and still do not know, since it is a silent disease that usually does not show symptoms until it reaches greater severity. The Ministry of Health, in partnership with states and municipalities, agreed on the plan for the elimination of hepatitis C by 2030. Each year, the Ministry of Health sends to the states about nine million rapid tests for the diagnosis of this condition. Take care of your health. Always go to the doctor!


AUGUST – 247

August 1 - National Day of the Brazilian postage stamp

This date honors the issuance of the first postage stamp by the Brazilian Post Office, on August 1, 1843. Brazil is known as the second country to approve the use of postage stamps in correspondence, in 1843, being preceded only by England (creator of the postage stamp system). The postage stamps were created in an attempt to avoid losses with the return of correspondence. In the past, payment for letters was made by recipients; if he did not accept the correspondence, the post would be at a loss. The love letter stamp that is out of fashion. The seal of the product purchased at the online store. Stamp is always stamp.

AUGUST – 248

August 1 - Cerealist's Day

Responsible for 45% of grain storage in the country, the sector complains about the lack of resources for new structures. August 1st, is the Day of the Cerealist. This professional is responsible for 45% of grain storage in the country. But this is still not enough to meet national demand. The sector says that there is a lack of resources for the construction of new structures. Soy in the USA (the world's largest grain producer). Soy in Brazil (second largest world producer of grain). Mato Grosso (is the largest Brazilian soy producer)... Parana Rio Grande do Sul GoiĂĄs is right behind. Be it oats, corn, barley, rice or quinoa. Be it amaranth, beans or lentils. Cereal is very nutritious. Congratulations to all cerealists.

AUGUST – 249

August 3 - Day of the dyer Dyeing is the professional who works dyeing fabrics, that is, giving color and life to these materials. In the past, however, it was common for the dyer to also take care of clothes in general, ironing and ironing the clothes of his clients. The practice of dyeing fabrics is quite old. In Ancient Egypt, for example, 7,000 years before Christ, Egyptians were already dyeing their garments as a sign of nobility. For a long time, red meant royalty and was used by the sovereigns and dignitaries of the Church. One way to find this shade was through the brazilwood tree. This date was chosen to honor the dry cleaners for being Santa Lídia Day, the patron saint of these professionals. Saint Lydia is considered one of the first Christians in Europe. Originally pagan and later Jewish, the purple merchant was said to have been converted to Christianity by the hands of São Paulo and São Lucas. His life appears in the Acts of the Apostles.

AUGUST – 250

You have to have dyeing skills. You must have knowledge of color shades. To be a dyer.

AUGUST – 251

August 5 - National Health Day

National Health Day was made official through Law No. 5,352, of November 8, 1967, of the Ministry of Health and Education and Culture. August 5 was chosen to celebrate National Health Day because it was the birth date of the sanitary professional Oswaldo da Cruz, an important figure in the history of fighting the eradication of the plague, yellow fever and smallpox epidemics in Brazil, in the beginning of the 20th century. Oswaldo da Cruz was born on August 5, 1872 and was responsible for the creation of the Instituto Soroterápico Federal (currently known as Fundação Oswaldo CruzFiocruz) and the foundation of the Brazilian Academy of Sciences. To be healthy you have to take care of yourself. To be healthy you have to prevent it. To be healthy you always have to go to the doctor.

AUGUST – 252

August 5 - Day of country culture (SP)

Historically, country life began with Bandeirismo, a movement to explore the interior of the state of São Paulo by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century. Antônio Cândido defined as Paulistânia the whole axis of expansion and diffusion of the Bandeirante culture. This region is where we understand what we mean by country culture. The states of São Paulo (mainly the interior), Goiás, Mato Grosso do Sul, northern half of Paraná, part of Tocantins, part of Mato Grosso and regions such as Sul de Minas and Triângulo Mineiro, are the places where these values were set. Caipira speaks differently. But who is the same? Let's respect and celebrate the day.

AUGUST – 253

August 5 - National Health Surveillance Day

First general director of Public Health in Brazil and responsible for the campaigns that managed to eradicate smallpox, bubonic plague and yellow fever in the early 20th century, the sanitary doctor Oswaldo Cruz wrote his name in the history of health in the country. In reference to his birth on August 5, National Health Day and National Health Surveillance Day are celebrated. Oswaldo Gonçalves Cruz was born on August 5, 1872, in São Luís de Paraitinga-SP. He entered medical school at the age of 15, in Rio de Janeiro, and already set up a small laboratory in the basement of his house and started to publish scientific articles. He specialized in bacteriology in 1896, at the Pasteur Institute, in Paris-FR. Congratulations to all the professionals!

AUGUST – 254

August 7 - State Mental Health Day

A date that reinforces the importance of this care for public health and society as a whole. Illnesses such as depression, anxiety and bipolarity are modern pathologies, which are increasingly common. According to the World Health Organization, WHO, from 2005 to 2015, the number of people living with depression increased by 18%. It is estimated that 322 million people suffer from the disease worldwide. In Brazil, about 11.5 million people have depression, while 18.6 million suffer from anxiety disorders. Mental health is serious. It could end in suicide. Prevent yourself. Fight to get the cure.

AUGUST – 255

August 8 - International pedestrian day

The date was due to the famous photo of the Beatles crossing a pedestrian crossing to be the cover of one of their mythological Ips. But it could be another date, such as, for example, the day when the brilliant Adoniran Barbosa composed or recorded the beautiful Iracema, the best chronicle ever made by a SĂŁo Paulo pedestrian. To be a pedestrian is to represent 40% of hikes in Brazil. Being a pedestrian means being able to walk without polluting. To be a pedestrian is to practice physical exercises. Congratulations on your day.

AUGUST – 256

August 8 - National day to fight cholesterol

High blood cholesterol is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, including heart attack and stroke, an important risk factor for death. Among the complications resulting from excess cholesterol is atherosclerosis, an accumulation of fatty plaques in the arteries that prevents the passage of blood and can cause heart problems, such as heart attack, and stroke. Data from the World Health Organization (WHO) confirm that CVD represented more than 30% of deaths in the world in 2015 and in developing countries, such as Brazil, reached more than three quarters of the causes of death. Exercise! Avoid saturated fats. Avoid trans fat. Take care of your health.

AUGUST – 257

August 9 - Father's Day There are reports that Father's Day appeared in Babylon, more than 4,000 years ago, when a young man named Elmesu made a clay card for his father, wishing him luck, health and long life. In more recent records, in the year 1909, in the United States, Sonora Louise Smart Dodd (1882-1978) decided to create Father's Day because of the admiration he felt for his father, William Jackson Smart. For this, his birthday was chosen: 19 June. The Americans and commerce were very interested in the date and it was not long before the celebration spread throughout the state of Washington and, soon after, spreading throughout the country. In 1972, President Richard Nixon made Father's Day official in the United States. Father is the one who cares. Father is the one who educates. Congratulations to all parents.

AUGUST – 258

August 11 - Lawyer Day

In homage to the creation of the first two Law courses in Brazil: the Faculty of Law of Largo de São Francisco, in São Paulo; and the Faculty of Law of Olinda, in Pernambuco. Both courses were created by D. Pedro I, in 1827. Traditionally, on August 11, law students celebrate the so-called “Dia da Pendura”, when they go out to restaurants near the university, consume and do not pay, because the bill is “hung” for the restaurant owner to pay. He defends you from an accusation. He rightly gives you something back. He's the lawyer.

AUGUST – 259

August 11 - Student Day

The relationship of Student Day with the creation of Law courses is marked by the importance that the Legal Sciences have in the history of education in our country. At the celebration of 100 years of law school in 1927, lawyer Celso Gand Ley, one of the participants in the celebration, proposed that August 11 be registered as National Student Day, which can also be called Student Day. This date also has another very important meaning for the class, since on August 11, 1937, the National Student Union-UNE was born, which protects the rights and duties of all students in the country. They work and study. They spend the night studying. They are the students.

AUGUST – 260

August 11 - National Awareness Day

It is important to emphasize that one of the greatest symbols that a country hears the manifestations of its people am what is registered in the Constitution. The Constitution is the Fundamental and Supreme Law of a State, being a set of regulatory norms referring, among other issues, to the organization of public powers, form of government, distribution of competence and the rights and duties of citizens. Everyone has to be aware. Everyone has to have respect. Let's be aware. What is right or wrong.

AUGUST – 261

August 12 - National Day of the Arts

National Arts Day emerged from Decree-Law No. 82,385, of October 5, 1978, and from Law No. 6,533, of May 24, 1978. Such laws regulated the profession of Artist and Technician in Entertainment Shows, in addition to more than 100 other functions that can also be inserted in what would be considered an artistic work. Visit a museum. Watch theater show. Watch an opera show. Watch a musical. Go to the cinema. Reads, books. Go to the circus. Long live the art!

AUGUST – 262

August 13 - Economist's Day

The Economist's Day is celebrated on August 13 because it was on that date that ex-president GetĂşlio Vargas signed Law No. 1,411, of August 13, 1951, which made the creation of the profession of economist in Brazil official. Adam Smith, Karl Marx, John Maynard Keynes, David Ricardo, Alfred Marshall, Irving Fisher, Joseph Schumpeter, Friedrich Hayek, Joan Robinson, Milton Friedman, Douglass North, Robert Solow, these are just some names of economists in the world, here is this tribute. They understand people's spending and guide how to use it correctly. They are the economists.

AUGUST – 263

August 13 - International Lefties Day

Left-Handed Day was celebrated for the first time on August 13, 1976. However, this date was only made official in the 1990s, at the initiative of the British club Left-Handers Day Club, which struggled against the prejudice they suffered from being left-handed. Only 10% of the population is left-handed, that is, utensils and objects built to facilitate people's daily lives were made predominantly for people who use their right hands, who are the majority in the world. Left-handed person who writes with his left hand. Left-hander who kicks with his left foot. Left-handed, congratulations on your day.

AUGUST – 264

August 14 - Day to combat pollution

The date aims to alert all spheres of the population about the serious environmental problem that we face and to seek measures to contain the degradation of our planet. Be smog. Be water pollution. Be soil pollution. Be radioactive pollution. Be noise pollution. Be visual pollution. Pollution will always harm our health. Let's avoid it. Let's separate organic and recyclable waste. Let's avoid plastic bags. We will reuse the packaging. We will avoid throwing trash on the streets. We will avoid burning.

AUGUST – 265

August 14 - Cardiologist's Day

The choice of this date to celebrate Cardiologist's Day was made by the Brazilian Society of Cardiology, in order to reinforce the importance of this professional's work, in addition to alerting the population about the care they should take with heart health. It takes care of the heart and blood circulation. He advises on heart care. He's the cardiologist. If you have family histories, it's always a good idea to get tested.

AUGUST – 266

August 15th - Computer Day This date is a tribute to technology that has brought countless advances, benefits and facilities to people's daily lives: IT! Through programs, “software” or through the “internet” itself, information technology has become over the years an essential tool for the basic and advanced tasks of any company and routine life. Informatics Day is celebrated on August 15 because it was on this date, in 1946, that ENIAC, the device that would be the predecessor of current computers, appeared. The acronym ENIAC stands for Electrical Numerical Integrator and Computer. This device is considered the first large-scale electronic digital computer. Those responsible for the development of such a device were American scientists John Eckert and John Mauchly, from Electronic Control Company. ENIAC's goal was to process calculations and it was possible to perform 5,000 operations per second.

AUGUST – 267

It is present in computers. It is present in cell phones. She is present on TV. She is present in the cinema. She is computer science.

AUGUST – 268

August 15th - Pregnant woman's day

Special date, since the period of pregnancy is very important for women, whether they are first-timers or not. Healthy eating. Ensures you are free of anemia, hemorrhages and gestational diabetes. Eat well. Do prenatal care. Go to the doctor.

AUGUST – 269

August 16 - Philosopher's Day

This area of knowledge studies themes related to reflections about human existence, nature, the Universe, ethical and moral values, politics, religion, among other subjects inherent to philosophical thought. Philosophers use, as tools to support and express their ideas, logical arguments and conceptual analyzes. Among the main names of philosophy, Aristotle, Plato and Socrates stand out, the latter consecrated by many authors as the “father of Western philosophy”. They reflect on life. They study life. And then they spread their thoughts about life. Congratulations to the philosophers.

AUGUST – 270

August 17 - Historical Heritage Day

Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade, president of Iphan in 1937-1967. Since 1998, the year of Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade's centenary, the 17th of August has been dedicated to Heritage Day. Born in Belo Horizonte, the lawyer, journalist, writer and first president of Iphan, created the Revista do Patrimônio Histórico e Artístico Nacional, one of the country's main publications on the preservation of Brazilian cultural heritage. Between 1934 and 1945, when Gustavo Capanema was Minister of Education, Rodrigo Melo Franco de Andrade was part of the group formed by intellectuals and artists who inherited the ideals of the Week of 1922, when he became the main responsible for the legal consolidation of the Cultural Heritage theme in Brazil. Our history. A historic property. Let's preserve the historical heritage!

AUGUST – 271

August 18 - Cultural Revolution Day

The Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, or simply the Cultural Revolution, which began on August 18, 1966, and ended with the death of Mao Tse Tung in 1976, represents one of the remarkable events in contemporary Chinese history, with considerable international repercussion. In 1966, Mao decides to launch the Cultural Revolution in order to consolidate his power by leaning on the young population. He wanted to purge the Communist Party of its “revisionist” elements and to limit the power of bureaucracy. The “red guards”, a group of young people inspired by the principles of the Little Red Book, became the active arm of this revolution and questioned the leadership of the Party. A day of revolution. The day of the Cultural Revolution.

AUGUST – 272

August 18 - Intern's Day The day marks the publication of the Decree that regulated the internship in the country, in 1982. Since 2008, the activity has had rules defined by a specific law, which makes the payment of scholarships and transport assistance mandatory, limits the weekly workday, and guarantees 30 days of vacation per year, among other rights. To prevent distortions, the Senate analyzes a series of proposals that seek to enhance and ensure the rights of students. Among them, an initiative (PLS 93/2017), by the senator, Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES) under analysis at the Social Affairs Commission (CAS) that obliges interns to contribute to Social Security. Another proposal (PLC 105/2017) under analysis in the Senate plenary includes the National Internship Day in the official calendar. An opportunity to become professionals. An opportunity to learn. Congratulations to the interns.

AUGUST – 273

August 19 - Day of the theater artist

The Day of the Theater Artist emerged from Decree-Law No. 6,533, of May 24, 1978, which regulates the professions of artists and technicians in amusement shows. The law, even being created on May 24, only came into force on August 19, 1978, so the choice of this date to honor these artists. A tribute to the actors. A tribute to the directors. A tribute to those responsible for sound repair. A tribute to those responsible for lighting. A tribute to those responsible for the costume. A tribute to everyone responsible for the theater. Congratulations to your day!

AUGUST – 274

August 19 - Historian's Day

The creation of Historian's Day was made official by Decree-Law No. 12,130, of December 17, 2009. The choice of August 19 is a tribute to Joaquim Nabuco (1849-1910), born on that day in Pernambuco. He was one of the most important historians in the country and one of those responsible for the founding of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Joaquim was also known for being one of the greatest abolitionists in the country. He studies history. He knows the story. He's the historian.

AUGUST – 275

August 19 - National Cyclist Day

That date was stipulated in memory of the Brazilian cyclist Pedro Davison, 25 years old, who was a victim of the Brazilian traffic being run over in 2006, while cycling in the South Axis. Wear a helmet. Plot safer routes. Avoid walking as far as possible on the sidewalks. Sign with your hands. Make your bike visible. Do not ride the wrong way. Watch out for intersections. Do not share the track with large vehicles. Don't ride between cars. Those are the tips.

AUGUST – 276

August 19 - Actor's Day

Their function, to express a fiction, or even reality. Actor, the one who will act, in a story, and send a message. They are essences in a film, in a theater and on TV, they are the actors. Actor, one who takes emotion. Actor, that one makes you think. Actor, the one who even makes you revolt. Long live the Brazilian actor.

AUGUST – 277

August 21 - Slum Day

Favela is the set of low-cost housing poorly built and lacking infrastructure (sewage, water supply, energy, health center, garbage collection, schools, public transport, etc.). The favelas are located in areas irregularly occupied on the hillsides, on the banks of streams, rivers, channels, mangroves, etc. The houses are built in wood or masonry, many with more than one floor, with no spacing between them, creating a densely populated area. Nobody wants to live in it. They live because they have no option. Suffer a lot of prejudice. We will respect the favelados.

AUGUST – 278

August 22 - Special Educator's Day

Professional is dedicated to improving the learning of people with disabilities, developmental disorders or giftedness. These specialists include teachers trained in special education, physical educators, psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, among others. They work together to provide better learning, interaction in school activities and social life, both in the classroom and in the multifunctional resource rooms. They educate. They are psychologists. They are physical therapists. They are speech therapists. They are special educators.

AUGUST – 279

August 23 - Naval Aviator Day

Its history began in 1916, with the creation of the Escola de Aviação Naval, the first military aviation in Brazil. In these years of existence, Naval Aviation has been tracing a path marked by pioneering spirit, remembering that just ten years after the first flight of 14Bis by Santos Dumont, the Brazilian Navy was already making history with the Curtis's F 1916 aircraft, beginning the conquest of the operation use of the Squadron's resources. They are present throughout Brazil. They are naval aviators.

AUGUST – 280

August 23 - Day of the fight against injustice

This date makes us reflect on the injustices practiced by the world, in all social classes, whether for condemning an innocent person, discriminating against someone (sex, color, race, religion), etc. We cannot be silent on such an important day! Condemn only if it is proof. Condemn for error and not for religion or color. But by mistake. Say no to injustices.

AUGUST – 281

August 23 - Day of the governor

The activity of stewardship is as old as the institution. With the creation of the Ministry of Aeronautics, on January 20, 1941, a budget commission was created and, at the same time, a body was created to manage the accounting and farm services, budget, distribution of funds and credits, in addition to accounts and payment in general. With the creation of the Aeronautics Finance Service, which had Navy and Army military personnel, the cadre of commissioning officers was created. In the context of World War II, the activity of stewardship grew and reorganized in the institution. Army logistics officers. They are the intendances.

AUGUST – 282

August 24 - Artists' Day

Be an actor. Be a director. Be a poet. Be a writer. Be a painter. Be a sculptor. Be a composer. Be a musician. Be a dancer. Be a craftsman. Be a photographer. Whatever the artist. Congratulations to your day. The artist is anyone who expresses himself through art and who cultivates the feeling of beauty and art, making it possible to find artists in various fields.

AUGUST – 283

August 24 - Childhood Day

Contrary to what many people may imagine, Children's Day has nothing to do with Children's Day, celebrated on October 12th. This date was created by UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) in order to promote a reflection on the living conditions of children around the world. Take the foot test. The test makes it possible to diagnose diseases such as congenital hypothyroidism, phenylketonuria, anemia and other diseases that affect the blood. Take care of your child's health!

AUGUST – 284

August 25 - Soldier's Day

The date came in honor of Luís Alves de Lima e Silva, better known as Duque de Caxias, and who became the patron of the Brazilian Army. In Brazil, military service has been mandatory since 1908. Every 18-year-old man must join the Brazilian Army, the Navy or the Air Force, which belong to the Ministry of Defense of Brazil. Although it is not mandatory for women, they can also pursue a military career. Maria Quitéria de Jesus (1792-1853) was the first female military woman who fought bravely in the country's War of Independence. In 1996, she was recognized as “Patronesse of the Complementary Staff of Brazilian Army Officers”. They protect the nation, bravely. They are the soldiers.

AUGUST – 285

August 26 - Declaration of human rights day

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen was announced to the public on August 26, 1789, in France. There was an urgent need to publicize the declaration to legitimize the government that began with the removal of King Louis XVI, who would beheaded four years later, on January 21, 1793. The importance of this document today is that it was the first declaration of rights and a source of inspiration for others that came later, such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights approved by the UN (United Nations) in 1948. Proof of this is the comparison of the first articles from both: Everyone has a right. And the man too.

AUGUST – 286

August 27 - Day of the psychologist

In Brazil, the Psychologist's Day is celebrated on August 27 because on that day, in 1964, Law No. 4,119, which provides for the profession of psychologist, was regulated. This date celebrates the health professional responsible for studying and guiding human behavior, dealing with people's feelings, traumas and crises. They hear you. They help you. They are psychologists.

AUGUST – 287

August 27 - Realtor's Day

Real estate agents fought for many years to get their profession regularized in Brazil. The first registration is from 1951, with the proposal of Law nÂş 1,185, sent to the National Congress, which asked for the regulation of the profession and legal definition of rights and duties. However, only on August 27, 1962, with Decree No. 4,116, the profession was made official. Thus, the Federal Council and the regional councils of Realtors (CRECI's) were created. However, the law was repealed in 1978, accused of unconstitutionality, and was replaced by Decree No. 6,530 / 2008. They sell the property to you safely. They are professionals. They are realtors.

AUGUST – 288

August 28 - National Bank Day

A tribute to an extremely important historical moment for these professionals in the country. On August 28, 1951, the SĂŁo Paulo Bankers' Union went on strike after receiving an insignificant salary readjustment proposal from the government. At the time, professionals asked for 40% wage improvement and better working conditions. A tribute to those who take care of our money. A tribute to those who invest our money. A tribute to bankers.

AUGUST – 289

August 29 - National day to combat smoking

The National Day to Combat Tobacco was created through Federal Law No. 7,488, of June 11, 1986, which proposes to alert the population about the harm caused by the use of tobacco (cigarettes, cigars, etc.). He is responsible for infertility. He is responsible for sexual impotence. He is responsible for stroke. He is responsible for emphysema. He is responsible for bronchitis. He is responsible for heart disease. He's the cigarette. Avoid it. It is estimated that seven people die each day as a result of secondhand smoke.

AUGUST – 290

August 29 - International gamer day

This date was created by some magazines from Spain, which are specialized in games, to remember all those who like games, gamers! The video game is not just fun! With games, we develop our logical reasoning, agility, coordination, attention, we learn to deal with frustration, and we still unite with colleagues. It's not just fun. It is also learning. Let's Play?

AUGUST – 291

August 29 - International day against nuclear tests

The objective of the International Day Against Nuclear Tests is clear: to join efforts to reach the end of nuclear tests. The International Day Against Nuclear Tests is a recent date: it was on December 2, 2009, that the UN declared this day in resolution 64/35. The date is derived from the fact that it was on August 29, 1991, that one of the largest nuclear test sites in the world was closed: Semipalatinsk, in Kazakhstan. The UN General Assembly instituted the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty in 1996, but it has not yet been ratified by countries such as the United States, China, North Korea, Israel, India, Egypt, Iran and Pakistan, which prevents the entry into force. Let's live in peace. Say no to nuclear tests!

AUGUST – 292

August 30 - International Day for Victims of Enforced Disappearances

The date was established by the UN in December 2010, through resolution 65/209, beginning to be celebrated in 2011. The objective is to unite the leaders of the countries and to combat the forced disappearance of people all over the world. They were victims. They are missing. Be it because of your opinion. Or religion. Be part of a group. Or party. They are all missing.

AUGUST – 293

August 30 - National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Day

Celebrated for the first time in 2006, the date was the result of a lot of work by ABEM and aimed to seek something of national representation that would increase the visibility of Multiple Sclerosis, its patients and the challenges they face on a daily basis. This date was chosen in honor of the founder of ABEM, Ana Maria Levy, who was born on August 30th. And thanks to Ana Maria, ABEM has been providing services to the population for over 30 years, followed by many other associates throughout Brazil. Fatigue, speech disorders, visual disorders, balance and coordination problems, spasticity, cognitive disorders, emotional disorders and sexuality. Those are the symptoms. If you do, see your doctor.

AUGUST – 294

August 31 - Nutritionist Day

A tribute to the creation of the Brazilian Association of Nutritionists (ABN), founded on August 31, 1949. Subsequently, ABN was replaced by the Brazilian Nutritionist Federation and, later, by the Brazilian Nutrition Association (Asbran). This date aims to honor the professional responsible for planning food programs for people, in addition to preparing specific diets to help improve the quality of life and health of their patients. They help to maintain our health. They are requested by hospitals, clinics and sportsmen. They are nutritionists.



September 1 - Day of the traveling salesman

There was a time when the news reached us through traveling salesmen, men who sold bags, fabrics and a multitude of other things. Coming from the capital, or from abroad, they carried the hottest news and the main gossip in all areas of business. It was through these street vendors that we learned about the main news. Sales representative. Traveler. This is the traveling salesman. Congratulations to your day.


September 1 - Day of the physical education professional Decree-Law No. 9,696, of September 1, 1998, regulated the role of the Physical Education Professional at the federal level. The commemorative date came in memory of this achievement for professionals in the area, through Law No. 11,342, of August 18, 2006. Physical education began to be implemented in academic curricula in primary and secondary schools in 1852, starting with Decree-Law No. 630. Responsible for keeping the human body in action and healthy. Responsible for teaching techniques and practices of the various existing sports activities. Responsible for teaching values such as teamwork, respect for rules and motivation. This is the physical education professional. Congratulations to your day.


September 2 - Day of the photographic and cinematographic reporter A dynamic profession, the professional who works in the area of photojournalism, responsible for capturing images of journalistic facts that are transformed into news. In photojournalism, photography must transmit information, and this can be done according to the work techniques that the photo reporter has. They can work for magazines, newspapers, internet portals and more. The photo in journalism of the emphasis and complementary information for any report. The first photographic records took place in 1816. The reporter's profession was consolidated when the British Roger Fenton, during the period from 1853 to 1856, photographed the Crimean War; In 1888, the American George Eastman produced the first camera. He has a lot of agility. It records the main and remarkable events. He's the photo reporter.


September 2 - Florist's Day

Time to honor those who help us pay homage on different occasions. A day to honor those who take care of the flowers with care and make people's lives more cheerful, colorful and fragrant. She is skilled in floriculture. She is creative. It is practical. She is talented. She is sensitive. She is the florist. Congratulations to your day.


September 3 - Biologist's Day

This day corresponds to the date of regulation of the professions of Biologist and Biomedical in Brazil, through Decree-Law No. 6,684, of September 3, 1979. He dedicates to the study of living beings. It fights pest control. In order to guarantee environmental preservation. Congratulations to your day.


September 4 - Day of the servant

Law number 4,965, of March 31, 1986, establishes the Day of the Serventuary, to be celebrated on September 4. They can be court clerks, notaries, clerks, bailiffs, auditorium porters, public records officers, etc. They are court clerks. They assist judges. They assist prosecutors. They assist lawyers. They are notaries. They are clerks. They are bailiffs. They are auditorium porters. They are public record officers. They are the servants.


September 5 - Pharmacy Officer Day

The date is celebrated on the same day that the first pharmacy officers' convention took place, in September 1953, at the Municipal Library of SĂŁo Paulo. They sometimes occupy the role of responsible for drugstore technicians. But they need to be enabled. They sell. They help you. They are the pharmacy officers. Congratulations to your day.


September 5 - Brothers' Day

The day came at the initiative of the Catholic Church, which pays homage to the anniversary of the death of the missionary, Mother Teresa of Calcutta, since 2007, which is the 10th anniversary of her death. In the religious context, the meaning of the word “brother” is linked to “neighbor”. Therefore, this day serves to encourage people to rethink attitudes towards other human beings, being more humble, companions and kind. Brother's Day is a very celebrated date in India (during the month of August). There, Hindus perform an offering ritual between brothers of a family, symbolizing the union and protection between them. Be a blood brother. Be a considerate brother. Brother is always brother. Congratulations to all of you.


September 5 - Amazon Day

With an area of about 5.5 million kilometers of forest alone, the Amazon is present in 8 Brazilian states: Acre, Amapá, Pará, Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia, Tocantins and part of Maranhão and Mato Grosso. In South America, it comprises the following countries: Suriname, Bolivia, Guyana, French Guiana, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. The climate in the Amazon region is predominantly equatorial and humid. Another record of the Amazon is its hydrographic basin. With about 7 million kilometers in length, the main rivers in the region are: Amazonas (the largest in the world in length), Negro, Trombetas, Japurá, Madeira, Xingu, Tapajós, Purus and Juruá (all tributaries of the Amazon River). The chosen day referred to September 5, 1850, when Prince D. Pedro II decreed the creation of the Province of


Amazonas (current State of Amazonas). Date to worry about. With the forest that is about to end. Illegal deforestation affecting the region's fauna and flora. Causing imbalances, due to unbalanced people.


September 6 - Tailor's Day

Tailor's Day is officially celebrated on September 6 in the Brazilian states of Espírito Santo, based on Law No. 1,385, of February 24, 1958; Santa Catarina, with Law No. 3,709, of August 4, 1965; and São Paulo, with Law No. 2,308, of October 6, 1953. Tailor's Day is celebrated annually on September 6 in Brazil. The date honors one of the oldest professions in the world, that of tailors. They create. They sew. They reform. They are the tailors. Congratulations to your day.


September 7 - Independence of Brazil In December 1821, D. Pedro I, tried to take. In January 1822, signatures arose, 8 thousand in total. And the “get” day, then it happened. In May 1822, decreed “Fulfill yourself” was. In June, a specific summons was, thus forming a constituent assembly September 2, an extraordinary session, It happened. This process followed with a war of independence and in the following months important events took place, such as the acclamation of D. Pedro I as emperor of Brazil, on October 12th, and his coronation that took place on December 1st.


On the banks of the Ipiranga River, September 7, 1822, this hero has emerged. Pedro de Alcântara, with his sword. But the process is not over, October 12 D. Pedro I was acclaimed as emperor of Brazil in December 1st, crowned was.


September 8 - World Literacy Day

Brazil still celebrates the National Literacy Day on November 14. This date was created at the initiative of the Ministry of Education and Science (MEC), based on Law No. 19.402 / 1930. In order to promote literacy in the various countries, the United Nations (UN) and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) established this date in 1967. The process of learning to read and write (literacy) is directly related to the development of a country, as indicated by research in the area. The more illiterate people, the lower the rate of development. Reading is necessary to know, What is going on. Let's study.


September 8 - National day of the fight for medicines

It is a date created to recognize the struggle of associations and NGOs around the world that have come together for one cause: to ensure that people have access to medicines. People who depend on drugs to survive and who often cannot access it at high cost, can resort to some initiatives that make drugs available for free or at a reduced price. Some people need medication. Medicines everyone is entitled to.


September 8 - World Cystic Fibrosis Day

On this date, in 1989, the discovery of the CFTR Gene, responsible for causing Cystic Fibrosis, was published. In Brazil, Cystic Fibrosis is still a little known disease, although its main symptoms are related to the biggest causes of infant mortality, according to UNICEF. These symptoms are related to the respiratory and digestive systems, such as: chronic cough, recurrent pneumonia, malnutrition, diarrhea and difficulty in gaining weight and height. These symptoms can represent some diseases, among them Cystic Fibrosis. A genetic disease. Not contagious. There is no cure. It is cystic fibrosis.


September 9 - Administrator Day

It is a tribute to the signing of Law No. 4,769, of September 9, 1965, responsible for regulating the profession of Administrator in Brazil. The date was also instituted by CFA Resolution 65/68, of 12/09/68. A tribute to the administrator. Responsible for managing an organization. Be it family business, personal management or consulting. He's always an administrator. Congratulations to your day.


September 9 - Speed Day

It is present in many aspects of our lives. Be the speed of the car. Be the speed of the plane. Be the speed of the helicopter. Be the speed of the rocket. Be the speed of the bicycle. Be the speed of light. Speed is always speed. Congratulations on speeding up your day.


September 9 - Hot Dog Day

A tribute to the supposed creation date of this sandwich, on September 9, 1884, in New York City. The hot dog would have been invented by a German immigrant. He had the incredible idea of putting a sausage inside a bread, which is a very practical way of eating. This date is a tribute to the world's most famous hot dog sandwich! Also known as Hot Dog Day, Hot Dog Day is not very popular in Brazil. Bread with a sausage. It can be just that. But also corn, potatoes and lettuce. There are also sauces: mayonnaise, mustard and katchup. This is the hot dog.


September 10 - Day of the fat man

The main objective of Fat Man's Day is to raise awareness of the importance of maintaining respect for those who are overweight, or even those people who only have a more advanced body structure. As we know, obesity can be harmful to health. However, it does not mean that the person who has a larger physical constitution necessarily has some illness. They are elegant. They deserve respect. Congratulations to your day.


September 11 - Brigadier's Day

In 1945, to promote the campaign of a candidate for the presidency of the Republic, Brigadeiro Eduardo Gomes, which was hugely successful among women, the campaign “slogan” was created: “vote for the brigadeiro that is beautiful and tasty”. Its most devoted voters decided to promote and organize parties to raise funds for their campaign and created a sweet recipe to offer at these meetings. As the time was post-war, there was a great lack of milk and sugar and that's how they used condensed milk, mixing it with butter and chocolate. Eduardo Gomes did not win the dispute, but the delicacy fell in the taste of Brazilians and there are already 73 years of brigadeiros out there, whether it be pots, spoons or rolls. He's sweet. He is present at birthdays and weddings. He's the brigadier.


September 13 - World Sepsis Day

Sepsis is a serious health problem and data released by the Latin American Sepsis Institute (ILAS) are impressive: sepsis today is responsible for more deaths than cancer or acute myocardial infarction. It is estimated about 670 thousand cases in Brazil per year. Most cases are of patients seen in urgent and emergency services. According to ILAS, the lethality due to sepsis in patients coming from these services from Brazilian public institutions is 51.7%. Slurred speech, extreme tremors or muscle pain, low urine output, severe shortness of breath, feeling that you may die, stained or pale skin. Those are the symptoms. Let's take care!


September 15 - Music therapist day

Area that seeks to develop the potential of human beings achieving better quality of life through prevention, rehabilitation or treatment. There are records of the application of music therapy in the Bible under the Saul government, also in the period of World War II, and the first music therapy program was founded in 1944 at Michigan State University, in the United States. In April 1991, the then Governor of the State of SĂŁo Paulo, Antonio Fleury Filho, declared the 15th of September as Music Therapy Day, but soon afterwards the celebration was extended to the whole country. Whether in rhythm, melody or harmony. This is the professional's role. Use music to treat others. Congratulations to your day.


September 15 - World Lymphoma Awareness Day

As its name suggests, the main objective of this date is to make the population aware of the importance of early identifying the symptoms of lymphoma, helping to facilitate its treatment. It's cancer. It affects the lymphatic system. They are lymphomas. If it is diagnosed in time, it shows a high, cure rate. Symptoms, fever, swelling, weight loss, loss of appetite, itchy skin, fatigue and abnormal night sweating.


September 16 - International day for the preservation of the ozone layer

The ozone layer is a natural defense of the planet against ultraviolet rays, which are extremely harmful to living beings. In addition to presenting probable scenarios on how environmental impacts can destroy the ozone layer, during this date solutions are also presented on how to encourage attitudes favorable to the environment, avoiding the wearing out of this natural barrier. The creation of this date was instituted on the initiative of the United Nations (UN), in 1994, as a celebration of the signing of the Montreal Protocol, which took place on September 16, 1987. Freezers, refrigerators and air conditioning units manufactured before 1995 must be properly disposed of. Let's preserve!


September 17 - World Understanding Day

The date aims to make people aware of one of the main characteristics that humanity must have for there to be maximum peace on the planet: understanding. Understanding does not mean canceling yourself as a person, after all individuals, as well as aesthetically, are also different in relation to the ideals of life or social behavior. These differences are formed by several factors, such as age group, generation, culture, religion, education, etc. The big question posed on World Understanding Day is precisely how to deal with so many differences. Respect differences. Because nobody is the same. Respect the religious or sexual choice. That is the purpose. Let's respect!


September 18 - Day of national symbols

National Symbols Day is celebrated on 18 September. Be the national flag. Be the national weapons. Be the national stamps. Be the national anthem. Let's honor it. These symbols are of high relevance, because they represent Brazil and the nation's identity worldwide. Brazilian national symbols were established and are regulated through Law No. 5,700, of September 1, 1971. This law also determines all specifications that help to standardize national symbols, such as dimensions, patterns, colors, representations, etc.


September 19 - Buyer's Day

On September 19, the Buyer's Day is celebrated, which is the professional responsible for the purchases made by a company. This is a very important function for any business. Thus, a professional in the purchasing area has to act beyond the purchase process, understanding the needs of each area of a company. Although there is no official national day for the buyer, the date became known as such, through Law No. 5039 of 1986, approved by the Legislative Assembly of the State of SĂŁo Paulo. He has to be good at negotiation. To please your boss. So bring savings to the company. That's the buyer.


September 19 - Day of the orthopedist

September 19 was chosen in honor of the Brazilian Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology, founded on September 19, 1935. They take care of the bones. They take care of the joints. They take care of the muscles. They take care of the ligaments. They always develop techniques to correct deformities. They are orthopedists. Congratulations to your day.


September 20 - Day of the farroupilha revolution

The Farroupilha Revolution, also known as Gaucho Day, is celebrated on September 20. This date is considered a state holiday in Rio Grande do Sul. Gaucho Day is a tribute to one of the most important historical episodes for the gaucho community: the Farroupilha Revolution or Guerra dos Farrapos, which began on September 20, 1835, and ended on May 1, 1845, a period that has passed through history of this state as the “Heroic Decade”. A regional revolt. That lasted about 10 years. A day to remember history. This is the farroupilha revolution.


September 21 - Arbor Day

This date was chosen because it precedes the beginning of spring in the Southern Hemisphere, which depending on the year can occur between September 22 and 23. Although it is still celebrated today, Tree Day was replaced by the Annual Feast of Trees, instituted by federal decree 55,795, of February 24, 1965. It is important to preserve. She is our shadow. She is our oxygen. It bears us fruit. She is the tree.


September 21 - Farmer's Day This date honors agribusiness entrepreneurs who work to supply food and raw materials that help to potentiate the economy, Be small. Be average. They are the farmers. They plant and harvest. And they deserve our respect. In colonial Brazil, being a farmer was synonymous with wealth and nobility, due to the influence they exercised at the Court. The planting of sugar cane, the use of slaves and the patriarchal system in the “Casas Grandes” marked the farmers of this time. With the end of slavery, the scenario changed in the country. Farmers came to be known, for the most part, as “coffee barons” and continued to represent one of the wealthiest classes.


September 22 - National Day of the Paralympic Athlete

Officially, the National Day of the Paralympic Athlete was instituted from Decree-Law No. 12,622, of May 8, 2012. This date is celebrated in sequence to the National Day of Struggle for People with Disabilities, on September 21. The choice of this date is a tribute to the creation of the International Paralympic Committee (CPI), which was founded on September 22, 1989. Currently, Brazil is one of the most representative nations in terms of Paralympic sport, with excellent athletes who are international references. They represent Brazil. They are warriors. They are Paralympic athletes.


September 22 - Beginning of spring

Time of reforestation of forests. Time of flowers. Time of a more flowery and pleasant environment. It's spring let's celebrate! The spring in the Northern Hemisphere is called the “northern spring” and the spring in the Southern Hemisphere is called the “southern spring”. The “northern spring” in the Northern Hemisphere begins on March 20 and ends on June 21. The “southern spring” in the Southern Hemisphere begins on September 23 and ends on December 21. These dates can vary by a few days from year to year. From the point of view of astronomy, the spring of the Southern Hemisphere begins at the September equinox and ends at the December solstice, in the case of the Northern Hemisphere it begins at the March equinox and ends at the June solstice.


September 23 - National Ice Cream Day

Ice cream appeared more than 4 thousand years ago in China, from a mixture of milk, rice and snow, forming a dessert that resembles a contemporary hail. Only in the 13th century, through explorer Marco Polo, who ventured into Chinese lands and learned the process of making ice cream there, did this delicacy arrive in Europe. Brazil ranks 12th among the countries that most consume this dessert. The choice of September 23 marks the beginning of rising temperatures in Brazil. It refreshes you. He's sweet. It is tasty. He does not put on weight, but whoever eats does. He's the ice cream. But eat in moderation.


September 23 - Welder's Day

The welder works with welding, mechanical fixing, screwing, or gluing, to be able to join metallic or similar materials. It also works on the coating and maintenance of these objects. Welding is a service that can be used for different needs, being able to join similar materials or not. This is the most permanent way of fixing. Being a welder is not easy. Wear a mask, to avoid inhaling the smoke. Especially in this heat. Congratulations, today is the day of the welder.


September 27 - World Tourism Day

The date began to be celebrated in 1980, after a decision by the World Tourism Organization. Considered one of the largest economic sectors in the world, tourism is of great importance for the economy of many countries, which have an essential element in this sector for economic growth and development. Whether on the northeast beaches. Whether on the beaches of SĂŁo Paulo. Whether on the beaches of Rio. Be in Christ the Redeemer. Let's travel?


September 28 - World Rabies Day

Also known as World Rabies Day, this day is an initiative of the Alliance for the Control of Rabies, with the support of the World Health Organization. World Rabies Day is celebrated every year on September 28, in honor of Louis Pasteur, who died on this day, who developed the first effective vaccine against rabies. The first celebration took place in 2007. It causes inflammation in the brain. That is why it is important to vaccinate. Because it is better to vaccinate than to falter! The disease considered eradicated in Portugal since 1956. Rabies kills a person in the world every 10 minutes, especially children under the age of 15 (60% of victims).


September 30 - Navigation Day

A journey from one point to another. A moment of discovery. That was how they discovered Brazil. Shall we sail? People like the Greeks, Romans and Egyptians already used their knowledge in relation to the wind, the position of the stars, as well as reliefs and other information to guide the so-called ships. Even though terrestrial navigation techniques exist, maritime navigation gained more prominence and importance, as it always represented greater risk and also challenges, which helped in the development of more improved techniques, with the objective of exploration. In the Middle Ages, the compass was invented by the Chinese, which helped to boost trade between peoples, making possible a more precise and targeted navigation. Congratulations browsers!


September 30 - International Translation Day The 30th was chosen because this is St. Jerónimo's Day, the patron saint of translators. Deceased on September 30, São Jerónimo was the one who translated the Bible into Latin, making it more accessible to the population. Since 1953, the International Federation of Translators has celebrated this date, but it was in 1991 that the International Translation Day was officially launched, in order to promote the profession of translator in the world. It is the translator that allows people to come closer to the world, breaking the barriers between languages, already exemplified in the Bible that St. Jerome translated with the imposing Tower of Babel. In this tower that would allow man to reach heaven, confusion in men was caused by God to cause them to speak different languages. They send messages from other peoples. They are the translators.



October 1 - International Day of Older Persons

This date was created at the initiative of the UN (United Nations), in 1991, during the adoption of Resolution 46/91, aiming to address the rights of the elderly and creating spaces for debate on the importance of preserving the respect and dignity of these people. The objective of this date, in addition to honoring older people, is to encourage society's awareness of the needs of older people. They helped to build the country. They have preference. They are the elderly.


October 1 - International Music Day

The idea to create World Music Day came from a UNESCO initiative in 1975, through the International Music Council-a non-governmental organization, founded in 1949, which aims to promote peace and friendship among peoples with the help of music. Music has a profound influence on human beings, being able to thrill, rejoice, surprise, terrify, etc. It manages to awaken all feelings, even the deepest ones. It has always been present in the history of mankind, from the most primitive tribes of human beings, either as a cultural and religious production or exclusively dedicated to entertainment. She calms down. It thrills you. She cheers you up. She is the music.


October 2 - International Day of the Notary

Present on five continents and in almost all countries of the European Union, notaries are responsible for ensuring speed, citizenship and security for the most important acts in the lives of citizens. The profession is one of the oldest in the world. It all started with man's need to record data on people, buildings and various other aspects of civilization. In Brazil, the activity has become important since its beginnings, with the arrival of the Portuguese in our territory. The role of the notary public was extremely important for the legal structure of the kingdom. They guarantee authenticity. They guarantee security. In legal acts.


October 3 - World Dentist Day

The date arose because of the creation of the first training course for dentists, in 1840, in Baltimore, in the United States of America. They take care of your smile. It often increases your self-esteem. They take care of your mouth health. They are the dentists.


October 4 - Dog Day

The origin of this date refers to the birth of SĂŁo Francisco de Assis, on October 4, 1225, considered by the Catholic Church as the patron of ecology and protector of animals. The guard of the house. The best man's friend. But also mate. Loyal always is. Let's take care. And don't mistreat.


October 5 - World Habitat Day

The date was created at the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN) in 1985, through resolution 40/202, and was celebrated for the first time in 1986, it is celebrated on the first Monday in October. Date to reflect on the state of the people. Reflect on cities. Reflect on public spaces. Guarantee the basic rights of an adequate life for all men, such as the right to adequate housing. We will preserve.


October 9 - Athletics Day

Athletics may be one of the oldest sports in humanity, but in Brazil its history is quite recent. Only in 1910 did the first athletics competitions emerge in the country. The Brazilian Athletics Confederation was only created in 1977. The date pays homage to one of the oldest sports practices in the world, known as “base sport” for using the primary movements of the human being: running, walking, jumping and throwing. Athletics appeared in the first Olympic Games, around 776 BC, in Greece. The sport consists of a series of tests that test the physical endurance and abilities of the human being. Athletics is health. Health and life. Practice.


October 12 - Children's Day

The proposal for the creation of this date is authored by Fluminense federal deputy Galdino do Valle Filho. After its approval, Decree-Law No. 4867 of 5 November 1924 emerged, which made 12 October official as Children's Day. However, the day gained greater popularity from 1960, when the Toy Factory Estrela made a promotion with Johnson & Johnson and created “Week of Robust Baby” in order to increase its sales. Date to celebrate children's rights. Date to help raise people's awareness. About the care we have to take with them.


October 14 - National Day of the Meteorologist A professional who prevents us. About rain, about sun and even storms. Through forecasting, we prepare, we avoid future losses and even accidents. Sometimes it goes wrong. Why, God only knows the truth. How important is your job. Congratulations to all meteorologists!


October 15 - Teacher's Day

The celebration began in São Paulo, where four teachers had the idea of organizing a day stop to commemorate this date. This date was made nationally official as a school holiday through Federal Decree No. 52,682, of October 14, 1963. On October 15, 1827, Dom Pedro I, Emperor of Brazil, enacted an Imperial Law responsible for the creation of Elementary Education in Brazil (which he called “Escola de Primeiras Letras”), and through this decree all cities should have their primary schools. The decree also contained teachers' salaries, basic materials and even how teachers should be hired. They are the masters. They teach us. They are the teachers.


October 16 - World Anesthesia Day

In 1773, Joseph Priestley took the first step towards general anesthesia with the discovery of nitrous oxide. At the time, N₂O was known as “hilarious gas”, for its ability to suppress pain and provide the feeling of an uncontrolled desire to laugh. The gas was not recognized by official medicine, therefore, the first surgical intervention performed under general anesthesia occurred only on October 16, 1846, during the removal of a tumor in the neck with the use of sulfuric ether to anesthetize the patient. It relieves pain. It reassures you. She is Anesthesia!


October 17 - Electrician's Day

The Electrical Engineering course was regulated on December 11, 1933. Not only was this course made official, but several other engineering courses were opened on the same day, making December 11, the Day of the Engineer. The Day of the Electrical Engineer, however, is celebrated on November 23, the date of the founding of the Instituto Eletrotécnico de Itajubá (November 23, 1913). Only with Law No. 12,074, of October 29, 2009 (based on Bill No. 2,545, of 2003), the date was made official in Brazil. They are responsible for electrical maintenance. Without it there is no Whatsapp. Without it there is no cinema. Without it there is no TV. Congratulations to all electricians.


October 18 - Doctor's Day

Luke was one of the four New Testament evangelists, and his gospel is the third in chronological order. Lucas was a doctor, which is why it was decided to honor the professionals on the same day as this saint's feast. They take care of your health. They can be generalists. They can be experts. It doesn't matter the area. The important thing is to save lives. Congratulations to all the doctors.


October 18 - Docker Day

In memory of the opening of Brazilian ports to friendly nations, by D. João VI. A major milestone for the stevedores was the modernization of the Brazilian Ports, in 1993 (law nº 8,630 / 93), by President Itamar Franco, making the professional stop performing only menial functions, but also the need to have specific training to deal with the new technologies implemented. Technician responsible for coloring. Technician responsible for the removal or storage of cargo in the holds. This is the role of this technician. Congratulations to your day.


October 19 - World Day to Combat Breast Cancer

According to data from INCA (National Cancer Institute), breast cancer is the second most prevalent among women and represents 28% of cancer cases per year. Faced with reality, the best continuous measure being prevention. Get a mammogram. For this case, have any disease, healing will be easier.


October 19 - Day of the computer professional

Also known as IT Professional (Information Technology) Day, this date honors people who are dedicated to studying information technology. They are programmers. They are engineers. They are administrators. They are analysts; They are computer professionals.


October 20 - Archivist Day

On October 20, 1823, then deputy Pedro de Araújo Lima, who would come to be known as Marquês de Olinda, presented the proposal for the creation of the first Public Archive in Brazil. To further reinforce the importance of this date for archivists, it was coincidentally on October 20, 1971, that the Association of Brazilian Archivists (AAB) was inaugurated. They care. They organize. They archive private collections and documents. They are the archivists. Congratulations to your day.


October 25 - Construction Day

Construction Worker Day is celebrated in October in honor of São Judas Tadeu, the religious patron of the profession. However, according to a decision taken by entities representing the professional category, Civil Construction Worker Day is celebrated three days before São Judas Tadeu Day, which is on October 28, the date of his death. They are masons. They are carpenters. They are plumbers. They are electricians. They are welders. They are construction professionals. Congratulations to your day.


October 25 - Shoemaker's Day

The choice of this date is a tribute to two saints. São Crispim and São Crispiniano, considered the patron saint of shoemakers. According to Christian accounts, Crispim and Crispiniano were two Christian brothers who would have lived in Soissons, France, around the 3rd century. During the day they both went out on the streets preaching Christianity and at night they worked as shoemakers to make a living. At that time, the Roman Empire persecuted Christians and, as a result, the brothers Crispim and Crispiniano were assassinated by order of the emperor. He's a craftsman. He makes shoes. He's the shoemaker.


October 28 - Day of the civil servant

The Day of the Public Servant appeared through the Federal Council of the Public Civil Service, recalling the creation of the laws that govern the rights and duties of the public servants, Decree Law nÂş 1.713, of October 28, 1939. What motivated the creation of the date by the Council, in part, was the founding of the Administrative Department of the Public Service of Brazil, in 1938. They serve the people. They work in hospitals. They work in schools. They work in the offices. They are civil servants. Congratulations to your day.



November 1 - World Day of Veganism

The date came in 1994, through Louise Wallis, president of the Vegan Society, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the UK Vegan Society, founded in 1944. The date celebrates vegan awareness across the globe, that is, an act of protest against the consumption of products of animal origin. Veganism does not recommend eating animal foods and dairy products, such as milk and eggs, for example. They don't eat meat. They do not consume fish. They do not consume chickens. They don't drink milk. They don't even wear clothes or cosmetics of animal origin. They are vegans.


November 3 - End of censorship in Brazil

In Ancient Rome, censorship was the job or function of a sensor. Censorship is the use by the state or group of power, in the sense of controlling and preventing the circulation of information. Censorship criminalizes certain communication actions, or even the attempt to exercise that communication. In the modern sense, censorship consists of any attempt to suppress information, opinions and even forms of expression, as certain facets of art. Censorship can also be understood as the suppression of certain divergent points of view and opinions, through propaganda, counter-information or manipulation of the media. These methods tend to influence public opinion in order to prevent other ideas, other than those of the dominant groups, from being receptive. Freedom is what everyone asks for. Say no to censorship!


November 5 - Science and Culture Day Science and Culture Day is celebrated on the 5th of November, according to Law 5.579 of 1979, with Rui Barbosa's birthday. The objective of the date is to stimulate cultural expression and the production of scientific knowledge throughout the country. Rui Barbosa was born on November 5, 1849, in Salvador, and died on March 1, 1923, in PetrĂłpolis. He was a Brazilian diplomat, politician, jurist, translator, speaker, philologist and writer. Known for his ethical and political principles, he participated in great scenarios in his time, such as abolitionism, founding the Republic and defending the Federation. He was also a great scholar of the Portuguese language, and because of that he ended up replacing Machado de Assis as president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters. Science and culture. Are necessary. Let's get out there.


November 5 - Prosthetic Day

Curitiba, capital of the State of Paraná, is one of the pioneers, with Law No. 8,384, of March 28, 1994, which stipulates the 5th of November as the Official Municipal Day of Dental Prosthodontics. The cities of São Paulo and Juiz de Fora (MG) were also some first cities that made the date official. They produce implants. They produce prostheses. They produce dental appliances. They produce molds for tooth whitening. They are the prosthetic professionals.


November 7 - Broadcaster's Day

The official date for the celebration of Radio Broadcaster Day is a tribute to the composer, musician and broadcaster Ary Barroso, who was born on November 7, 1903. However, popularly, radio broadcasters still celebrate the 21st of September, which refers to the date of the creation of the law that fixed the base salary for these professionals, in 1943, during the government of GetĂşlio Vargas. He plays news. He plays music. It touches hearts. He's the broadcaster. Congratulations on your day.


November 8 - World Urbanism Day

This commemorative date was introduced in Buenos Aires in 1934 by Carlos MarĂ­a della Paolera, the first South American to graduate from the Institute of Urbanism at the University of Paris. Paolera defended the construction of a scientific urbanism, that is, the planning of cities should be treated as a science in order to make it more efficient for its citizens. In 1949, the United Nations National Organization (UN) decided to adopt this date in its calendar and more than 30 countries follow this recommendation. Brazil has celebrated Urbanism Day since 1987, when it was made official by President JosĂŠ Sarney. Standards set for the growth of the city. Among them the technical, economic and administrative. Congratulations to the world day of urbanism.


November 8 - Radiologist's Day

On November 8, 1895, the German physicist Wilhehm Conrad Roentgen began to experiment in his laboratory at the University of Wurzburg. Without knowing it, Roentgen was creating one of the greatest discoveries in contemporary medicine. On December 22 of the same year, Roentgen used radiation to photograph the bones of his wife's hand. Without knowing for sure the “ray” capable of doing this feat, the German called the invention “X-ray”, and the “X” has always been used to indicate what is undetermined or unknown. After perfecting his discovery, Roentgen received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 for creating the “X-ray”. They examine the bone and muscle structure, through the x-ray. They are the radiology professionals.


November 9 - National Hotel Day

On this day, in 1936, the first congress of the Brazilian Association of the Hotel Industry (ABIH) was held in Rio de Janeiro. Since then, the sector has been responsible for 1.3 million direct jobs and 675 thousand indirect jobs in Brazil, according to 2016 data from the same institution. They receive tourists. They are hospitable. They are also chamberlains. They make beds. They welcome. They are managers. They are hoteliers.


November 10 - National invoice day

Proof of your purchase. Be it electronic invoice. Be it electronic service invoice. Be it manual invoice. Let's ask for the note. We state tax. Be federal tax. All of these taxes are paid and are written on the note. Regardless of tax, pay. Municipal tax is usually for real estate transitions, IPTU or trade license. It is necessary, so that there are no evasions. It is necessary for you to prove that you have paid tax to the government. Pay tax for what? For politicians to have a comfortable life?


Tax monies unlike that most of the population thinks, it's not just to play politicians. The taxes collected are used to maintain the asphalt. To pay for municipal, state, federal and daycare schools. To pay doctors at government health posts. The government spends a lot on politicians' salaries, but it also spends on the people. Let's do our part. We will pay. Because even Jesus paid.


November 10 - Squadron Day The Brazilian Police Station was created when the government of Independent Brazil recognized the indispensability of the commitment to adopt all the measures that were necessary for the nascent Empire to have a Squadron able to defend it, in view of the length of the coast, to the rich and fertile territory and also capable of ensuring continuous trade between its ports, since ProvidĂŞncia had chosen for BRAZIL the highest destinations of glory and prosperity, which could only be defended by a respectable Navy. On that occasion, on November 10, 1822, the National Pavilion created after Independence was raised for the first time in the Nau Martim de Freitas (renamed Pedro Primeiro), the flagship of the Squadron in formation. The ceremony was full of pomp and 101 shots were saved. Designation of a fraction of people. Ships or aircraft, with various meanings. Especially in the military, but also in the civil sphere. That's squad!


November 11 - Armistice Day

It was on November 11 (the 11th month of the calendar) of 1918, at 11 am, that the peace agreement between the Allies and Germany was signed, in a restaurant car, in the forest of Compiègne, officially placing a point end in the First World War, which started four years earlier. It has since become a day of remembrance in honor of the soldiers and survivors of the Great War. In many parts of the world there are two minutes of silence at 11 am. There were 20 million dead and disabled. 1.4 million French were killed. This is the damage that war does. Let's talk?


November 12 - National day of supermarkets Celebrated on November 12 because of the law that regulated the supermarket profession in Brazil. On November 12, 1968, Decree-Law No. 7,208, made the professional activity of those responsible for supermarkets official. That same year, the Brazilian Supermarket Association-ABRAS was founded. A fraternization between them and the union. A fraternization between them and the industrial partners. They are the supermarkets. Congratulations to your day. It can be hyper or supermarkets are very useful. There you find your food. There you will find decorative objects. There you will find toys for children. There you can find hygiene products. There is the supermarket.


November 14 - Bandeirante Day

Celebrations take place across the country, especially in schools. The students carry out activities that recall the importance that these characters had for the construction of the history of Brazil. They pioneered. They helped to conquer. They helped to protect part of the Brazilian territory, during the period of Portuguese colonization. They are the pioneers. They helped to expand the Brazilian territory. But they were enemies of the Indians and blacks. They enslaved the Indians and blacks. They were one of the great protagonists of the slave system in the colonial Brazil period.


November 15 - Proclamation of the Republic 1889 the people reacted, Marshal Deodoro appeared. Conflict o Viscount of Ouro Preto. In the early morning of November 15th, Deodoro led to the end the monarchical regime ends. He crossed Campo de Santana and, at the Duque de Caxias Palace was, took off his hat and proclaimed “Long live the Republic!” The troop parade so happened, on 1º de Março street, towards the Imperial Palace. Revolted the president arrested, Afonso Celso de Assis Figueiredo.


Viscount, tried to resist, Floriano gave an arrest warrant, to the Viscount, and the proclamation of the Republic so It happened.


November 17 - Creativity Day

Creativity is an ability to invent or create new things. A creative person is an innovative person who has original ideas. Be in music. Be it in poetry. Be in painting. Be on an invention. Wherever. Creativity is always creativity. It is essential for advertising professionals. It is essential for artists. Congratulations to all creatives.


November 18 - Guardian Counselor Day

The Guardian Counselor function was created in July 1990, accompanied by ECA. They fight for the rights of children and adolescents. They play the role of and mentors the youngest. They create initiatives that enhance the development of children and adolescents. They are the guardianship counselors. A Guardian Counselor is part of a Guardian Council, a permanent and autonomous body, created in accordance with Article 131 of the ECA. In 2012, Guardianship Counselors were recognized at the legal level, and it was established that they need remuneration and continuous training throughout their careers.


November 19 - National Flag Day

On the same date, in 1889, the national republican flag was established as the official flag of Brazil. On November 19, 1889, the newly installed republican government of Brazil replaced the former imperial flag with the flag of the Republic. The new flag, designed by DĂŠcio Vilares, was adopted by Decree No. 4 on November 19, 1889. On May 11, 1992, the Brazilian flag had 27 stars, instead of 22, in order to include the new states of the federation. It is the symbol of the country. It symbolizes the union of states. It will never be red. She is beautiful. It is green, yellow, blue and white. She is our Brazilian flag.


November 19 - International Chess Day

On November 19, 1888, Cuban José Raul Capablanca was born, considered “genius and boy prodigy of chess”. He was a world chess champion from 1921 to 1927, playing in tournaments around the world. Capablanca died of a heart attack in 1942 at the Manhattan Chess Club while analyzing a game. José Raúl Capablanca, considered one of the greatest chess players of all time and the only Hispanic-American to become world champion. It involves more than 600 million people worldwide. It was entertainment for kings and courtiers in the Middle Ages. He's chess.


November 20 - Biomedical Day

Decree-Law 11.339, of August 3, 2006, establishes November 20 as the National Biomedical Day. The choice of date refers to the day on which the profession was finally regularized in the country, through Bill No. 6,684 of September 3, 1979. A tribute to the health professional, who works in partnership with doctors. In order to discover diagnoses, through physical-chemical and microbiological laboratory analysis. To do so, act in the treatment of diseases that affect the sanitation of the environment. Congratulations to your day.


November 20 - National Black Awareness Day

During the colonial Brazil period, Zumbi symbolized the struggle of blacks against slavery that Africans suffered. Zumbi died while defending his community and fighting for the rights of his people. Quilombo dos Palmares, located in the current state of Alagoas, led by Zumbi, formed resistance to the current slave system. There, enslaved blacks regained their freedom, preserved African culture in the colony, and lived off planting and trading with nearby cities. Zombie who was murdered fought to the death against slavery, which would only end on May 13, 1888, with the official abolition of slavery in Brazil, signed by the then Princess Isabel. 193 years after his death. Everyone has the same colored blood. Everyone has the right to freedom. Say no to Racism.


November 21 - World Television Day The date was proclaimed by the United Nations in December 1996, after the first World Television Forum, on November 21, 1996. It started on September 18, 1950, being TV Tupi. In 1953 TV Record (the oldest TV in Brazil currently in operation) is opened. In 1959 Continental TV was born. In 1960 Excelsior TV was born. In 1960, the first two television stations in Recife were opened: TV Jornal do Commercio and TV RĂĄdio Clube de Pernambuco. In 1965 Rede Globo was born. In 1967 TV Bandeirantes was born. In 1968 educational TV in Brazil was born. In 1972 the first color TV broadcast in Brazil begins. In 1972, the Amazon Network is inaugurated. In 1981 TVS was born, which soon afterwards became SBT. In 1983, Rede Manchete (now Rede TV) was founded.


Congratulations to all TV professionals for their day.


November 22 - International Musician Day A tribute to the figure of Santa Cecília, considered the patron saint of musicians, according to Catholic tradition. Saint Cecilia was born in Rome in the middle of the third century. The young woman used to attend Masses of Pope Urban I and was a very devout Christian. However, one day, without knowing it, she was promised by her father to marry Valerian, a pagan man. Legend has it that, on their wedding night, Cecília refused to lose her virginity and sang to her husband the beauty of maintaining chastity. Cecília's singing convinced Valeriano to keep his wife a virgin. Then he and Valerian's brother Tiburcio converted to Christianity and both were sentenced to death. Later, Cecilia would face the Roman court officials and be tortured in order to renounce her faith. However, the more she was subjected to suffering, the more she was more willing and sang. G After a few days she was beheaded. Her party has been celebrated since the 5th century, but only in 1594, she


was named patron of music by Pope Gregory XIII. According to Greek legend, the gods asked Zeus to create deities who could sing in celebration of victories against the Titans. Zeus, in response to requests, spent 9 nights of love with Mnemosy, the goddess of memory, and from this union 9 entities were born, which were called “Muses”. In fact, the origin of the word music comes from there. Among his creations was Euterpe, the muse of music, who paired with Apollo, god of the sun and music, to praise the victories of the other gods. Euterpe is usually depicted with a wreath on her head and a flute in her hands. She pleases. She sends a message. It touches the heart. She is the music.


November 24 - National Day of Rivers

It was instituted due to great concern with water scarcity, as well as the preservation and protection of natural resources. Rivers are of great importance for life in the most varied ecosystems. The vegetation on the banks of rivers is called Mata Ciliar (or Mata de Galeria, or Ripária Forest). It is vitally important to preserve riparian forest, as it prevents the process of soil erosion, since part of the water that drains out of the rains is retained by the roots of this vegetation. Brazil has 13.8% of the planet's water availability. Amazonas, São Francisco and Paraná, where around 80% of the country's water production is concentrated. These basins cover about 72% of the Brazilian territory, especially the Amazon Basin, which has about 60% of the country's surface.


November 25 - National Blood Donor Day

The Day of the Volunteer Blood Donor was established through Decree-Law No. 53,988, of June 30, 1964, signed by President Castello Branco, defining the day of November 25, the anniversary date of the foundation of the Brazilian Association of Volunteer Blood Donors, as the official date of the blood donor in Brazil. A tribute to those who help others, donating part of you. It is also an opportunity to publicize, donation, which help several people. The bible says that we should not eat blood, at that time there was no donation. Several people are confusing, this verse as a donation ban. Just to remember don't drink blood, because it is bad for your health.


November 28 - Day of the Unknown Soldier

He lost his life defending the homeland. But his body was never found. He is the unknown soldier. The origin of this tribute happened in the United Kingdom, when in 1920 an incognito warrior, who died fighting during the First World War, was buried in Westminster Abbey. This ceremony aimed to dignify all soldiers who gave their lives for the British Empire. In Brazil, the National Monument to the Dead of World War II, which is in Rio de Janeiro, was inaugurated in June 1960. This monument contains an urn with remains of unidentified soldiers, which symbolizes the Unknown Soldier.


November 30 - Day of the theologian

The 30th of November was established as the day of the Theologian, by the LAW No. 4.504 of January, in 1991. In all of Brazil this date is marked by celebrations and activities alluding to the scholar of religions. They try to make religion rational. They teach people the word of God. But they don't always have courses. Some interpret the Bible without a course. Teo = God, Logia = estud = Study of God. This is theology! Congratulations to all the professionals.



December 1 - International AIDS Day

That day was created by the World Health Organization (WHO), with the support of the UN, in an Assembly held in October 1987. The Brazilian government, through the Ministry of Health, has been promoting campaigns to support the International AIDS Day since 1988. In 2020, the government launched a sexual abstinence campaign against early pregnancy of young people. It is worth remembering that Brazil is the only country that freely distributes the cocktail that fights the HIV. Let's avoid AIDS. Avoid having sex only after marriage. Avoid not cheating, because married people are also cheating, because of cheating. Avoid not using drugs, because the syringe also passes. Let's avoid it.


December 1 - Day of the Numismata

The day of the Numismata is celebrated on December 1st because the Catholic Church also celebrates Saint Eligio, patron saint of the numismatists and goldsmiths. Another possible explanation is that during a meeting of the Brazilian Numismatic Society, held on June 14, 1934, December 1 would have been chosen because it was the same date as the coronation of Dom Pedro I as emperor of Brazil. On this day, the first independent Brazilian currency, the Coroação Piece, came into circulation. They are dedicated to the study of coins. They are dedicated to the study of paper money. They are dedicated to the study of medals. They are the numismatists.


December 3 - International Day for the Fight of the Disabled

This date was created through a United Nations General Assembly - UN, on October 14, 1992. On the same date chosen by the UN to celebrate the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, the Day of the World Program of Action for People with Disabilities, created in 1982, is also celebrated. It's time to get informed. About physical disability. Or about mental disability. They must be inserted into society. There are 10% of the world population, who have some disability. Everyone deserves respect.


December 5 - Brazilian Red Cross Day

The Brazilian Red Cross (CVB) was founded on December 5, 1908, on the initiative of Dr. Joaquim de Oliveira Botelho, who was inspired by this international movement and decided to implant it in Brazil to help protect and save Brazilian lives. CVB operates following all international principles of the Red Cross, in addition to the constitution defined in accordance with the Geneva conventions. Currently, it is estimated that there are more than 20,000 Red Cross volunteers, registered across the country. They are humanitarian. They are impartial. They are neutral. They are independent. They are volunteers They are the Brazilian red cross. Congratulations on your work.


December 8 - National Family Day

Decree-Law No. 52,748, of October 24, 1963, calls December 8 as National Family Day. The date was chosen because it coincides with the Day of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception. For this reason, the date was considered a religious holiday in the past, however, today it is optional. It is time to reflect. It is time to preserve the family. Because it helps you in education, culture and ethics. Be a couple's family. Be a single mother's family. Family is always family. Let's preserve!


December 10 - Sociologist's Day

They design, supervise, analyze. They teach, general or special sociology. They advise and consult companies. They participate in the elaboration, supervision, regarding the social reality. They are sociologists. Sociology is an area within social science studies, focused on studying human behavior. Therefore, all variables that can alter an individual's behavior in some way must be considered. Therefore, a sociologist must be able to analyze human interactions. Using sources of research and survey of the collected data for the purpose of producing relevant information. Congratulations to your day.


December 11 - International Mountain Day

Since 2003, International Mountain Day, also known as International Mountain Day, has been celebrated annually in order to raise awareness among the population about the importance of preserving mountains in the world. Highlighting the opportunities and constraints in mountain development and building alliances that bring about positive change for people and mountain environments around the world are other goals for this date. Importance of mountains. Terrestrial ecosystems. That has a great biodiversity of fauna and flora! Used by old and new to talk to God. This is the mountain.


December 13 - National Day of the Blind

The National Day of the Blind was created based on Decree-Law No. 51,405, of July 26, 1961, signed by the then president of Brazil, Jânio da Silva Quadros. The creation of the date aims to consolidate the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which aims at the fundamentals of equality and solidarity for all citizens. Be born that way. We lost your sight later. They are blind. Want to see. That is why it is important to have accessibility for everyone. This book will be released in audiobook as well.


December 13 - Mason Day

In honor of the masons who helped build the city of BrasĂ­lia, the Brazilian capital, in just 41 months, in 1961, the President of Brazil Juscelino Kubitsckek ordered the erection of a monument that reminded everyone of the great importance of this profession for the country's development. One of the oldest professions of humanity. They build buildings. They build houses. They stay under the sun. They take the heavy. They build our home. They are the masons. Congratulations to your day.


December 15 - Zamenhof Day

Also known as Esperanto Day, it is celebrated annually on December 15 in honor of the creator of the Esperanto language, the Polish Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof, born on December 15, 1859. Esperanto is the most widely spoken auxiliary language in the world, with about 10 million non-fluent speakers and between 100,000 and 2 million fluent speakers. In 1887 the Esperanto “bible” appeared, Zamenhof's Unua Libro, which wanted to break the linguistic barriers around the globe and unite different peoples. It is used in travel and in literature. It is used in letters and cultural exchanges. It is used in conventions and radio broadcasts. This is Esperanto.


December 18 - Day of the museologist

The date was instituted on May 31, 2004, by presidential decree, under the government of President Luiz InĂĄcio Lula da Silva. They organize collections. They take care of conservation. They coordinate exhibitions. They preserve our culture. They are museologists. Congratulations to your day. On the day dedicated to the professional of museology, the objective is not only to honor the museologists, but mainly to recognize the importance of this profession, which is regulated by Law No. 7,287, of December 18, 1984, and Decree 91,775 of 15 October 1985.


December 21 - Beginning of summer

The beginning of summer 2020/2021 takes place on December 21, 2020, at 07:02. That day is called the summer solstice. Days longer than nights. Hot weather and constant rain. This is the summer. Let's go to the beach? The beginning of summer is marked by the astronomical event called Midsummer, that is, it is the period when the Southern Hemisphere is tilted about 23.5Âş in the direction of the Sun. In 2020, the summer solstice will be at 07h02, on 21 December in Brazil.


December 24 - National Day of the Orphan

This has been the case since the date was established in 1961 through Decree No. 50,912, of July 5, by the then president of Brazil, Jânio Quadros. A day to appreciate the spirit of solidarity. Those who spend Christmas without a family. It's time to visit them. Who knows, maybe even adopt them. They have no father. They have no mother. They have no uncles. They don't have grandparents. They have no family. They are the orphans. Congratulations to your day.


December 25 - Christmas

The baby was born, of a virgin who conceived him. In a barn, came, The king of the kings. Born and visited by, 3 wise men, gifted with, gold, frankincense and myrrh. Happy they were. God's promise was born to this people so loved. Hope is born in such a people beloved.


December 28 - Day of the saves lives

Supposedly, the celebration of the day of the lifeguard is on December 28th because it coincides with the day of devotion to the divine angel Damabiah, responsible for the protection and assistance of people who are or live at sea. By coincidence, on December 28, 1970, the Brazilian Military Brigade formed the first team of police officers to work exclusively as a lifeguard in the city of Porto Alegre. In Brazil, the first lifeguards began to operate in the mid1950s, in the coastal region of Rio Grande do Sul. They save those who drown. Be at sea. Be at the club pool. They are the, saved lives. Congratulations to these heroes.


Afterword I hope this book has given you more insight into the history of the world. The reason why is celebrated every day. I put curious facts, which are often not disclosed in schools. , so I wrote this book in my style, and point of view. God bless you all! MARCOS PONTAL

THANKS – 405

Thanks I come first to thank Jesus, my wife Roseli LaurĂŞncia, my mother Maria Machado and my brother Father Marcelo Machado. I am forever grateful to my God. I also thank all my teachers. Jesus bless you all!


About the author Born in the city of Pontal-SP (Interior of São Paulo), Marcos is a chemist, Web Designer and writer. In March 2019 he wrote the books “The History of Christian Movies in Brazil-462 Picture Edition” and “The History of Christian Movies in Brazil-Edition without Photos”, both with the same content only changes that 1 has a photo and another does not, in September he wrote the book “The Restitution of Love”. And in December of the same year, he was nominated as one of the finalists for the FICC, taking 3rd place at the International Christian Film Festival event held in Rio de Janeiro. In the “Game” category because of the game “The history of Christian films in Brazil”, based on the book with the same name. In 2019 residents of 6 countries (Brazil, United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and Italy) read the books he wrote.

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