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KABUNKY Wedding Cake Krumble

This smooshy Wedding Cake Krumble is so heavy and strange. Be cautious, or you might stumble, take a tumble, and spill the change. Pick yourself up off the floor and do another dab. Is your rig in range? What? You're too stoned to hit it again? Pass it over here, then. I need a couple more rips. I said all that without even moving my lips..I'm sitting poised, focused, undeterred. You are laying on the ground lookin just like a turd. Man, that really messed your shit up. C’mon, cupcake. Let me help you get up.

THC- 68.6% Caryophyllene- 21.9mg/g Limonene- 13.9mg/g Myrcene- 8.5mg/g Linalool- 8.5mg/g Humulene- 7.2mg/g Bisabolol- 2.8mg/g



I could introduce Kabunky #9 every month It's magnificent. The heavy purple and deep green tones just beg me to twist it up or pack a quick bowl. It tastes like sweet cookies and emits the most pleasant scent. When consumed, white smoke fills the room like air freshener. Get Kabunky’s #9 strain only at Nevada Made.

THC-19.89% Caryophyllene- 6.44mg/g Limonene- 2.9mg/g Humulene- 1.84mg/g Linalool- 1.7mg/g


KUSHY PUNCH Watermelon Full Spectrum Indica Gummies

Kushy Punch, a popular California edible brand is now in Nevada and this product does not disappoint. Their watermelon flavored indica gummies, made with cannabinoid rich full spectrum oil deliver a nice, relaxing body high allowing you to relax and drift off to sleep. The fact that they are low calorie, nongmo and gluten free are all added bonuses.

Total THC- 102mg Units/Container- 10 THC- 10.2mg/unit Terpinolene- 0.1mg/unit


EPC CBD/THC 10:1 tincture

Experience Premium Cannabis never disappoints when it comes to their thoughtfully curated cannabis tinctures. This 10:1 (500mg CBD:50mg THC) tincture is the perfect accompaniment to daytime or nighttime activities without a heavy, hazy effect. I love this tincture to ease social anxiety before facing a stressful day, or to help unwind and ease into evening relaxation. Promotes healthy neurovascular function and antiinflammation.

500 mg CBD 50 mg THC


Earthy, skunky goodness that packs an indica-wallop when it comes to chasing away stress, anxiety and depression. Heavier in THC than some strains, GMO is great for easing pain and providing a general sense of relief. A healthy limonene and caryophyllene profile aid in extra alleviation of tension and inflammation.

THC-27.89% Limonene- 6.3mg/g Caryophyllene- 5.23mg/g Myrcene- 4.64mg/g


CITY TREES Blue Agave Tincture

One of the most versatile tinctures on the market, this City Trees’ Blue Agave Tincture can be used alone or since water-soluble, mixed into food or drinks. Extracted from the blue agave plant, this tincture is naturally sweetened and low on the glycemic index. The honey like consistency makes it perfect to mix into your next cup of tea.

Total Grams- 73 Total Servings- 60 Grams/ ml 1.216g Total THC- 240.9mg Total CBD- 232.9mg THC/gram- 3.3mg/g CBD/gram- 3.19mg/g