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REC IS HERE! WELCOME TO ALL THE NEW RECREATIONAL CONSUMERS! WE'VE HAD A PRETTY GOOD RUN UP UNTIL NOW. NEVADA IS GROWING SOME OF THE BEST CANNABIS AROUND. ALL THE BIGGER COMPANIES ARE FLOCKING TO GET HERE. THE BOOM IS NOW ON! BUT LET'S NOT FORGET, THE WORK HAS JUST BEGUN. DISPENSARIES: With the huge amount of people about to start buying, ALL of us in the industry NEED to step up our game. I know all the dispensaries are hiring right now. My plea to them is simple, be careful who you hire. Just because it's recreational now, doesn't mean that many of these people visiting dispensaries aren't coming in for medical help. When interviewing new employees, test them. Make sure they aren't going to give someone a product that can hurt them. Make sure they understand terpenes and their benefits. We need to prove to the world this can work and that we can help humanity feel better and do so safely. An educated budtender can literally change and save lives. Please be vigilant in your hiring process. CULTIVATORS: As growers, you put so much hard work and love into your flowers, please make it easy for us budtenders to sell it. Keep up on your samples. Putting a smell jar up to somebody's face and having your FRESH product smack them in the nose makes our already hard job much easier. And that in turn sells more of your product. You keep the samples stankin', and we will keep it selling!

LABS: Get these numbers uniform so we can properly tell people what's in each product and what it will do. The differences lately have EVERYONE questioning lab results! This should not be happening. Your results are what budtenders depend on when telling people what the product will do. We need you to all give us accurate numbers and inform us when reading them changes in any way. POLITICIANS: To the politicians who did the work to get us here, a begrudging THANK YOU. I know it wasn't easy, but in the end you are helping more people than you'll ever know and allowing us to help others. I know you did it for money, but still, people are getting the help they NEED and for that I (as an anti establishment, old punk rocker) have to thank you. PATIENTS: And to the patients and new recreational customers, please realize this is a whole new industry. There are going to be problems. Be vocal about them. Help us all make this process go easier. But remember you HAVE to be patient with us. If you have an issue at a dispensary, don't freak out. Take someone aside and inform them or send the facility an email. More than likely, the problem will either already be known and in the midst of getting fixed or the facility will address the issue and rectify it in a timely manner. And, keep up with your medical cards. We need to keep the medical program afloat. It's what got us here in the first place. Looking forward to finally getting to sell EVERYONE (21 and over) some kick ass Nevada cannabis LEGALLY!!!! Rob Ruckus is a Nevada medical marijuana patient, and budtender at Inyo Fine Cannabis, a long-time Las Vegas resident and cannabis activist, star of A&E's Bad Ink, musician and host of Ruckus on the Radio.


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