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hank you for joining the Achieve community. We created this Magazine for beauty, fitness, health, and wellness professionals! We understand the need for you to move beyond “just doing what you do for the love of it.”


So many health and wellness professionals are incredibly passionate about helping others. Most of us exchange time for money or live paycheck to paycheck because we are so passionate about what we do. We have all the education in the world as experts, but very few of us has been mentored and educated on the business aspect of what we do and how to create a business that is affluent and profitable. Achieve Systems is here to help you create the income you deserve without you having to invest tens of thousands of dollars in business coaches. We have laid out our proprietary coaching systems and templated processes targeted directly for this industry so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We provide you resources and revenue streams that you can plug into your business to create residual and passive income streams - it’s business in a box. Fun fact - the average 7-figure business in the health and wellness industry has at least 7 revenue streams…do you? We are here to assist you and provide you support and community so you don’t feel alone! We love hearing from our community, if you have any questions or suggestions please feel free to reach out to us!

Here’s to your success! Rob & Vanessa Raymond

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Welcome Passion and Prosperity

Chapter One 5 Habits to Help You Kick Fear to the Curb

Chapter Two Achieve Your Unstoppable Self!

Chapter Three Are You Living the Life You Want?

Chapter Four The Path To Success: A Massage Therapist’s Journey

Chapter Five The Power of The Fun Table!

Special Thank you to Casie Bradley Gent for her cover photos and so much more!

Achieve Success Magazine


Passion and Prosperity: Robert Raymond Shares Expert Secrets to Business Success.

Achieve Success Magazine



et’s Face it! We are all in the space we are in because we are here to help people live healthy lives and become the best they can be. We are all so passionate about what we do. If we are not, success is almost impossible in our industry. That has been Robert Raymond’s passion his entire career. He loves helping people. Over the years, Robert has helped clients go from 600 pounds to 180 pounds. He has trained some of the top athletes in the world. He has supported terminally ill clients and created over 100 education programs while authoring eight books. It’s safe to say Robert has excelled in business. Robert credits much of his success to his passion for helping people. Early on, he pursued to become the best businessperson he could be. In 2001, Robert realized his calling was to help entrepreneurs in the industry become as successful as he had. It was evident that Robert was great at picking up clients, business, revenue, and growing sevenfigure wellness and health industry businesses. He knew he had to start sharing it with others. Robert also knew

Achieve Success Magazine

he needed a team Everyone knows it takes a tribe to grow a business. Professionals in the health and wellness industry are known for their deep care and compassion for their clients. The focus is oftentimes so much on the education component that they forget about the business side. That’s how Achieve Systems was born. Robert was witnessing some of the best wellness and health professionals in the world fail in their business ventures because of their minimal skills in marketing, sales, networking, collaboration, and leadership. These health and wellness experts had the skills to change people’s lives, but unfortunately, they lacked the skills to attract those clients. Robert founded Achieve Systems because he wanted to provide the systems for experts in the health and wellness industry to achieve financial and professional success, ultimately leading to a healthier and happier world. Robert wanted to establish a membership program rather than just coaching to provide the ongoing support needed to acquire the success most want. The membership program offers community, guaranteed

leads, coaching systems, revenue streams, preferred partners, industry influencers, and much more. It is Robert’s pride and joy! Over the past three decades, Achieve Systems has impacted the success of millions of health and wellness professionals between its membership program, business building books, education programs, industry influencer programs, and systems it provides exclusively for professionals and businesses in the industry. “Why do we do it? Because it is our mission to impact the health of millions, and the way we do it is by providing the necessary tools to acquire the success we all deserve in business and growth,” said Robert. “No matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a newbie to our industry, we all need support and resources, so we are not on an island alone. We look forward to being that tribe for you because your success is so important. We are here for you!”

To learn more about Robert Raymond, Achieve Systems, and the secrets to business success, visit:


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5 Habits

to Help You Kick Fear to the Curb By JB Braden

Achieve Success Magazine


President Franklin D. Roosevelt is known for saying, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” The anticipation of an irrational fear can hold you back from taking that next step in your business, stepping on stage as a keynote speaker, or proposing to the love of your life. The phrase, “What if…” can hold you in a pattern of inaction.

Achieve Success Magazine


inety-one percent (91%) of our fears live solely in our mind. Many fears originate from the stories we tell ourselves. Our core beliefs we hold about ourselves are deeply rooted in the stories we tell ourselves. Analyzing where our anxiety or fear originates can be helpful in developing strategies to counteract them. The sooner you can tap into these limiting

thoughts, the easier it will be to flip the script on your negative beliefs and replace them with positive thoughts that will serve you better moving forward. Just like any muscle, we can train our brain to have different responses to familiar scenarios. Consistent recognition about fears that don’t come true can be an awesome first step to reprogramming your brain to be open to new responses. 10.

JB Braden



might be one of the best kept secrets when it comes to putting intentional focus on our thoughts and emotions. Simply put, mindfulness is accepting your thoughts, sensations and emotions in a non-judgemental way. When we are present in the moment, we are less likely to tap into distractions that our mind conjures up when we aren’t intentional about our thoughts.

Literally get up and take a walk, put on some music or call a friend. Choose to look at the positive side of the situation or find a learning you can apply moving forward. Focus on positive thoughts that will help you feel loved, respected, safe and empowered. Taking action will shift your energy and allow you to create a different outcome.

Achieve Success Magazine

LEARN TO GIVE UP CONTROL. Accept that you can’t be in control of everything. Take inventory of the things you can control and allow yourself to let go of the anxiety you feel about managing every minute detail. Controlling others can often feel like manipulation and it can cause a rift in your relationships. When you allow yourself to trust others to do their part, they rise to the occasion and perform better. 11.

BE AUTHENTICALLY YOU. Be real about how you feel in any given circumstance. Being vulnerable doesn’t make you weak or broken. Your feelings are real and deserve to be acknowledged. Use a journal to write out how you feel and own each emotion. Try not to assign positive or negative labels to your feelings. Simply allow yourself to feel and process what is happening in the moment. You may be surprised at the support you get when you allow yourself to open up and share from your heart.

STOP SELF ISOLATING. Two heads are always better than one. When you’re feeling overwhelmed by an obstacle Achieve Success Magazine

you’re facing, call in your “team” to consult with. Reaching out to your community for support will take the wind out of “overwhelm” sails. This could include a colleague, a coach, or a mental health professional. When you believe that you’re not alone and you have a group of trusted people to reach out to, you become unstoppable. When you’re overworked, stress can take over your life. Busy entrepreneurs often put their needs last and their self-care and mental health suffer. Burning the candle at both ends can only go on for so long before something starts to give.

“what if’’ to play a role in how you respond to the challenges you face. “What if” only has power when you tap into the negative side. Flip it around and name all of the benefits that can come if you take action and succeed. What if you really could live the life of your dreams?

Photography courtesy of Katiebird Photography

If you truly want to thrive in life, stop letting fear and anxiety impact your decisions. Stop allowing 12.

JB is an Inspirational Speaker, Speaker Coach and High Performance Success Coach. As a speaker for more than 20 years, he loves giving audience members around the country inspiration, great awareness and tools to help them grow to extraordinary heights. Giving them perspective to expand the scope of what’s possible and empowering them to transform their mindset from being imprisoned to Believing and Doing what’s necessary to achieve success. JB is a certified coach who specializes in working with Entrepreneurs, Executive Leadership Teams and HighPerformance Individuals. He works with his clients in a variety of different ways including: •

Helping them become better, more effective speakers/ presenters! Creating sustained success by making pivotal mindset shifts!

Identifying and overcoming roadblocks and obstacles that can derail success!

Perform consistently at a high level by mastering their mental preparation.

“My mission is to impact and empower the lives of millions!”

Achieve Success Magazine




Achieve Success Magazine


Achieve your unstoppable Self By Vanessa Raymond

Achieve Success Magazine


You are powerful!

you work it out!

You are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. You are a limitless CREATOR. With confidence in yourself and your abilities, you can create the life you want, the relationships you want, the job/ business you want, and the income you want.

A positive self-image will lead to a greater sense of self-worth. Abundance in your life- whether it be in relationships, overall happiness, or finances is directly related to your selfworth and the ability to take ownership of your inner powerLearning to improve your self-confidence will inevitably lead to achieving your life goals and gaining prosperity.

Yes - you can do all of that! I know this from personal experience. Confidence is such an integral part of living your life to the fullest and creating success in every area of your existence. YOU CAN be confident and have a healthy, positive self-image! The truth is, all of us possess confidence in certain areas of our lives. Maybe we don’t hold as much confidence in other areas. So, how can we build self-confidence in every aspect of our lives and maintain it? Confidence is like a muscle that needs to be exercised. And I’m here to help Achieve Success Magazine

Confidence helps you to take on challenges headfirst, focus on your objectives, and take risks. Without strong self-esteem, you are more likely to take a passive approach in life. This looks like making excuses, never leaving your comfort zone, and becoming apathetic about your future. I intend to help raise your awareness and give you the tools that will award you with an unstoppable charisma, magnetism, and an “energy” that is undeniable and infectious. Confidence

is contagious. By being the best version of yourself you can inspire and “infect” those around you. Your company will find their self-worth rising through every interaction with you as you set an incredible example. Along with a true sense of selfworth and confidence come joy and happiness. I have lived this… I live this every day! Today I want to share three tips that you can implement immediately to improve your self-confidence instantly:

Setting Intention For you to show up as confident, you will need to have the intention to do so. When we set financial goals or relationship goals it is always important to be very specific and clear about our intentions in order to achieve them. It is the same when shaping our image.


Posture Good posture can serve you in so many ways. Firstly, the way that others perceive you is greatly influenced by how you carry yourself. As humans, we subconsciously form “first impressions” within the first few seconds of meeting someone. You might not even have made eye contact with or smiled at someone, yet that person has already formed an opinion of you, like it or not. Again, this occurs subconsciously for everyone, and therefore the way you carry yourself has a huge impact on how others perceive your presence. Good posture gives you an air of confidence, poise, and professionalism. Besides, it has been said to make you appear more intelligent and capable.

Your Smile A smile radiates confidence! And I’ll say it again, confidence breeds confidence. It’s all about getting the ball rolling, and what easier way is there than using your smile? Another fascinating fact is that there is scientific proof that smiling generates the “feel good” hormones, known as endorphins. So even if you are not feeling particularly cheerful or happy, smiling can help change that. By smiling, you are contributing to your happiness! Isn’t that cool? I am so incredibly passionate about self-esteem because I, myself, was also not always the confident woman that people see today. Although there are several ways to approach the subject of self-image, I have found that focusing on practical things first allowed me to solve deeper issues. As you can see, by just implementing a few simple habits you can already be on your way to building your confidence. When we feel prepared and show up as our authentic “best” we inspire others and inevitably get unexpected compliments and positive reactions from others. This in itself helps us achieve that unstoppable confidence! Use this tips to be your best self, every day.

Achieve Success Magazine

Vanessa grew up in South Africa as a dancer/singer and successfully accomplished her dream to work as a professional musical theater performer. After years of studying various dance forms she graduated with a degree in Musical Theater. In 1994 she also graduated from beauty school as an aesthetician, cosmetologist and massage therapist. After professionally performing on stages around the world for 2 decades and running an in home beauty business Vanessa pursued a career in the Fitness and wellness industry. Vanessa is a seasoned Pilates instructor, Yoga Teacher and Personal trainer as well as fitness director for VISA Corporate. She also created and owns her own Kettlebell Certification Company called KFIT USA.

As a result of her experience in the performance, beauty and fitness industry’s, Vanessa created her selfimage and confidence coaching business and master trainer program - The Victory Factor. She is an author, International speaker, owns several businesses and a Confidence & Selfimage coach. She is also a coaching leader for Achieve Systems which is one of the largest health and wellness communities and coaching support systems in the industry. She is an author, International speaker, owns multiple businesses and a Confidence & Selfimage coach. She is also a coaching leader for Achieve Systems which is one of the largest health and wellness communities and coaching support systems in the industry. 17.

KILLER CONFIDENCE PLATINUM COACHING PROGRAM Bring in high end clients effortlessly and increase your client retention by knowing how to show up as the expert Stand out in the crowd in a sea of distraction, on the phone, on video, at networking events and on stage. Become a Rock Star Speaker to advance your business. Show up in an approachable and professional way by communicating effectively. When you step into your power you can show up in your business in the best way! Be catapulted forward in your success and generate revenue with more ease. 6 Months of Coaching 12 Power Elevation Sessions in person or virtual


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Are You Living the Life You Want? By Bert Oliva

Achieve Success Magazine



re you getting the results you want out of life? Are you someone who sets their goals, creates a plan, and then achieves at least 99% of what you put your mind to? Or are you someone who is unclear of their ambitions, doesn’t have a roadmap, and then only finishes the bare minimum of what is required of them? Odds are that you are probably somewhere in between these two extremes. And depending on the current circumstances of your life, you may lean more towards one extreme than another on any given day. This is totally normal and absolutely to be expected. We are all human and that means that there is not one of us on the entire planet that is 100% perfect 100% of the time.

ourselves into is just too deep to get out of and it’s easier to just give up. What if we didn’t have to wait until that breaking point to get out of our negative holding patterns? What if we had someone to point out when we are starting to fall off our path or even help us to develop a more productive path for ourselves? And what if we had someone to help dig us out of the holes we’ve already dug ourselves into? Sounds like a magic cure-all almost, doesn’t it? Well, it’s not. In fact, there are literally thousands of people around the world that do just that. These are business and personal coaches, mentors, and advisors. These professionals will sit with you, help you to figure out your goals, create

action plans to achieve them, and hold you accountable for what you have committed to achieving for yourself. Coaches, mentors, and advisors are not all the same; each has an expertise. Beware of any person that claims to be an expert for every business, personal, and family matter you are facing. A true professional coach is one that works with other coaches to help you to achieve all of your goals. It’s unfortunate that in today’s day and age we have to say this, but make sure that you check the track record of any person you hire on as a mentor or coach. There are just too many people that love to give advice on subject matters that they have not successfully attained themselves. Make sure

Oftentimes when we find ourselves in a stagnation pattern, we are not usually aware of it until it has gotten to some sort of breaking point for us: a loved one leaves us, a boss fires us, etc. It is usually not until something really jarring happens that we become aware of the negative patterns we have created in our life. And then at that point it may seem like the hole we’ve dug

Achieve Success Magazine


whomever you choose to work with can deliver on what you need them to and that you are clear on what they can truly help you achieve. Coaching differs dramatically from therapy. Coaches should focus on the future, whereas therapy focuses on the past. A great coach will challenge you outside of your comfort zone and make you look at the challenges in new ways. Think of this relationship as a partnership to help you grow your business and/or your life, make you and/or your organization more productive, and give you the tools to help you focus on what is truly important in your life and/or business. Like with everything, no one coach is your magic bullet for every challenge you face. Nor will a coach that is currently very successful with you necessarily be helpful in the future. As we grow and change, our needs grow and change, and sometimes we outgrow our coaches and mentors. Because of that it is vital that you continuously assess your success with your coaches and readjust as necessary. A great coach will help you

Achieve Success Magazine

boost your presence and improve your productivity, influence, and reputation for high achievement when you focus on the things that matter most. You will increase your competence and confidence, as well as your level of contribution to any organization. Like an athlete who runs several extra miles a week, this undertaking requires dedication, repetition of key elements, time invested beyond the typical work week, and maintaining a healthy balance in your life. Remember, you are the most important person in your life. You are the writer, producer, cameraman, star, and even the unpaid intern in the movie that is your life. You are the one that calls the shots and as such, you are the one that matters most, so if you’re not happy with where you are in your life, it’s time to make a different choice. It’s your life. Start living it. The purpose of Bert Oliva’s coaching programs is to improve self-awareness, create an empowering identity, unleash latent potential, enhance one’s quality of life, improve social status, increase earning potential, determine one’s primary life purpose, and facilitate the achievement of

personal causes and aspirations that will leave behind a personal legacy. You are on the journey of a lifetime; however, do you have a map and the resources necessary to arrive at your desired destination?

Bert has developed three main coaching tracks his students: - Personal Development Track - Career Advancement Track - Business Strategy Track These tracks are not exclusive of each other, but instead are used as guides for creating a custom coaching plan for you. All our sessions are held in the strictest of confidence and only discussed with your assigned coach. Having a trusted advisor and personal coach who can offer you different ideas and perspectives on your business and personal situation can help you to make better decisions in each area and increase your overall performance. That is what you get from Bert Oliva and that is what great resultoriented coaching can get you. Your future success deserves it.


Bert Oliva is a world-renowned international speaker, author, and corporate trainer on Leadership and Human Behavior. Bert teaches how to communicate more positively and powerfully. Bert conducts team-building, empowerment, and management communication seminars for companies and organizations interested in better employee relations, sales, morale, and productivity. His business programs help many multi-national companies around the world establish a clear vision, organizational culture, and a climate that enables success into daily routines. His exceptional gifts as a strategist allow him to connect life lessons to business insights in presentations that are unforgettable and delightful. He entices audiences to open their minds and grasp practical techniques they can use immediately through entertaining examples and hands-on exercises. He teaches roadmaps to help leaders command with greater awareness, more determined purpose, and focused engagement in order to achieve inspired results through dealing with emotions, thoughts, and subconscious belief systems.

Achieve Success Magazine


For Advertising or Media Inquiries call

720-317-4594 or email



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The Path To Success: A Massage Therapist’s Journey Not Yet Realized By Suzanne Eccher

Achieve Success Magazine


Achieve Success Magazine



ne of the biggest misunderstandings about massage therapy is that people understand it to be a luxury when really it was created for medical purposes and was initially introduced by a Swedish Doctor to help patients recover more quickly and was delivered by nurses in the hospital setting. As the medical field grew that offering left the hospital setting and massage was created as its own industry. Massage Therapy is just that, Therapy that is delivered with techniques in Swedish massage which help the body heal itself. The industry of massage therapy has gone through many changes, one of which fails to tell the consumer about the medical benefits a consumer can receive. Massage therapy is a preventative tool that prevents stress, injury and illness. As massage has become more popular the messaging and integrity of the individual therapist has been downgraded even though currently 65% of consumers were referred by their physician

Achieve Success Magazine

to get massage to help them resolve their issues. The integrity of the massage industry is currently at risk even though it is referred to by physicians. This is often due to lack of quality education and reaching the consumer in an educational platform. Maintaining the integrity of practitioners and providing therapists with the right education and opportunity for success is a passion of 26-year massage therapy veteran Suzanne Eccher. As a massage therapist graduating in 1995 in Boulder, Colorado Suzanne Eccher discovered how valuable massage therapy was for helping people to heal in their recovery and maintaining a less stressful life physically and emotionally by reading research articles and studies being done across the country. Over the years as her business grew, she noticed how little other massage therapists knew about the value of massage and how they lacked the ability to run a business. She observed the strife of others failing in business for over


Achieve Success Magazine


15 years because they did not utilize the information at their fingertips. With Achieve she found the right opportunity to create the change needed for therapists to wake up and move out of an archaic system of support provided by the industry. To begin with there is a lot of misinformation about what massage is, the research is not presented enough to the consumers though if you look around there are plenty of massage facilities you can go to. The problem for the consumer is they usually aren’t getting what they need by just going to any facility and getting any therapist. The good ones are out there but hard to find. They need help becoming more well-known and better at attracting the people that need them. The way a doctor is recognized as the best doctor in the area is also the way a massage therapist is recognized as the best therapist in the area. In the massage industry compared with the medical profession there are many parallels, yet the opportunities are not equal. A doctor is set up with relationships and systems the minute they join a practice, a massage

Achieve Success Magazine

therapist does not have this opportunity. Becoming unique and having a specialty is how to stand out. As in any profession marketing and branding is not taught to students, most just try to figure out how to but it takes a long time to find the best way to do it on their own but now we have Achieve. As an Achieve leader this is where Suzanne shines, helping therapists understand what they do best and how to put it together in a way that is generating income for them. A therapist owned industry supporting the massage entrepreneur is essential rather than franchise owners who have deep pockets who simply tap into having a business in the massage market. Massage is a huge business for spas earning $19 billion US dollars in 2019, yet most consumers come away dissatisfied with a spa massage and never learn about how it helps them if it does at all. Most people who have been to a spa understand this. Suzanne believes this must change to favor the independent massage therapist and their ability to work one on one with people who are looking for solutions in the

alternative health realm. As her success was monumental for her practice, Suzanne wants other therapists to have the same experience and have the lifestyle they want to live and that includes more business training and limiting exchanging hours for income. This is a great passion of hers to allow every therapist opportunity to accomplish this. Achieve Systems will help them develop them as the professionals they are. Her partnership with Robert Raymond CEO of Achieve Systems will continue to support every massage therapist at any level and at any stage of growth in their business. They are the solution.


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The Power of the Fun Table By Niki Cicak

Achieve Success Magazine


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o you have any idea how much fun it is to cut up a car?? I didn’t! Until I got the chance to go through extrication training with a local fire department. One of the hats I wear is the owner of Day Lily Salon and Spa, the other hat in Development for Nonprofits. What that means is that I establish infrastructures in nonprofits in order to enhance fundraising. So how in the world did I get a chance to go through extrication training? The answer is, Networking. At an event, a friend of mine sat a total stranger at my table and told her, “Sit with Niki, she’s the fun table!” That stranger not only became my friend but also a professional colleague…a relationship that led to writing this very article in fact. Do you know how I even ended up being at that event in the first place? You guessed it: Networking. “Networking,” the big ugly N word that everybody hates. No one wants to go to yet another “networking event” where some sales crazy, but good hearted, individual is waiting for you to stop talking long enough for them to cram a business card down your

Achieve Success Magazine

throat. Or maybe it’s as simple as you just feel awkward and don’t know how to insert yourself into a conversation between, what feels like, a room full of people who already know each other. Whatever the reason you hate networking, it is only because you’re doing it wrong! I have built and expanded a career, predominantly on a foundation of networking. The number one problem people have is that they don’t go into a networking opportunity with purpose. When you go into any networking situation where you are going to talk to another human being, have purpose in that conversation. That purpose can be anything you want! It can be as simple as you want to make 3 new contacts and you are open to whatever industry those contacts are in, it could be that you need to meet people in designated fields that you want to partner with in business, or maybe you are looking for a specific industry that you are looking to partner with on a specific project for your business. Whatever your reason, have fun with it! Think outside the box and be open to whatever possibilities present themselves.


Let me share with you a great example of that out of the box thinking. I own a salon, right? We partner with a brewery for a daddy/daughter date day event we host. At first, people thought it was CRAZY and we didn’t “make sense” to partner with a brewery. The result of that partnership was one of the best events we have ever held. We even got the local news stations to cover the event. The exposure was great for both businesses. My dear friend Todd, who owns the brewery and I met through networking. There is true power in networking. What about the flip side of the coin? What if you haven’t found the types of networking opportunities that you enjoy and are right for you? That’s ok. START YOUR OWN! Creating or starting a local chapter of a networking event system brands YOU as the connector and people will take the work of trying to connect off your hands as they will self-identify themselves as someone who wants to KNOW YOU. The more you brand yourself as the “Connector” the more people will want to connect and network with you. They come to understand that they will be able to make more connections for themselves, through you.

Achieve Success Magazine

You become the glue that gets people in meaningful and purposeful relationships. The best part of ALL this…it creates an additional revenue stream for your business! You create revenue through attendees, sponsors and additional clients who shop your business. In either scenario the best tool you have is to listen. My grandpa used to say, “Baby, God gave you two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should listen twice as much as you’re talking.” Listen to what the other person is telling you, hear if there is a problem they have that you can resolve or know the introduction to make for them to someone who can solve that problem. The follow through is the important part of that though so make sure you make that introduction! Follow through with whatever commitments you make and do it for the good of the people you are connecting. By expecting nothing in return from that connection you are truly doing it through the goodness of your heart and THAT comes back to you 1000fold.

Make sure and share with people the best ways in which to refer you. Get crystal clear and quick in your description of what problems you solve for people. Give the person who wants to refer you the info they need to share more about you and what you do. No matter the situation, know that what is important is that you exude the confidence of knowing that YOU ARE THE EXPERT in whatever it is you do. Own that! The more you exude that confidence of your own experience and knowledge base the more it will naturally draw people to you. It will give you more opportunity for others to develop “KNOW, LIKE and TRUST for you! YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU PROVIDE VALUE! And YOU ARE FUN!!! So…BE the Fun Table and see what beauty blossoms from there! If you are interested in learning more about how to start your own networking events chapter reach out to me on my website at

The other big problem I hear from people is they are not clear on how to refer you back.


Niki Cicak BIO

Achieve Success Magazine


Niki Cicak • Co-Founder, Co-Owner and Operator of Day Lily Salon and Spa.

• Finalist for the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce and EDC’s ATHENA Award 2020.

• Author of Thriving in Salon Ownership: What They Don’t Teach You About Owning a Salon

• Developed over 50 programs and events for salons, nonprofits and collaborative partnership opportunities.

• Co-Developer of Community and Cocktails Wellness Events • Co-Developer of Igniting Wellness Events Systems

• Master of pivoting business on a dime. • Development Director.

• Trainer with

• Collaboration Expert.

• MA in Philanthropy and Development.

• Public Speaker

• Entrepreneur. • Philanthropist. • Multi-Certified Beauty Industry Expert. • Alpha Leader in Achieve Systems, Member of Achieve Beauty Systems. • Developed and Expanded multiple non-profit sustainable fundraising programs. • Executive Director of the Mac Cicak Memorial Foundation. • Nominated for the Colorado Springs Business Journal’s Rising Stars 2020.

Achieve Success Magazine

Niki has developed a style of salon leadership over her 20+ year career that is focused on continuing education, community outreach and collaborative partnerships. She has expanded and consulted on countless development programs for various nonprofits throughout Colorado, exponentially growing their donor and fundraising bases. She is passionate about the Beauty industry and challenging those within it to think bigger. As a leader in Achieve Systems she believes this is the platform to help change the dialogue in the industry to one of community and not competition. Niki consults with and coaches other entrepreneurs in various

industries to help expand their businesses and to think creatively and outside the box. Her unique style of sass and humor make her an approachable partner and fun to work with! If you are interested in working more with Niki, collaborating on an event or learning more about Achieve Beauty or Achieve Systems please reach out to her at www. If you are interested in learning more about how to grow your health and wellness business and are interested in attending an Achieve Biz Conference please reach out to her at To learn more about her business, Day Lily Salon and Spa check out www.DayLilySalonAndSpa. com and at DayLilySalonAndSpa on Facebook, Instagram and DayLilySalon on Twitter.

--------------------------------And lastly, if you are interested in ordering her book, it is available on Amazon at


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