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The JUNE 2021


Official magazine of the

THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NEW ZEALAND Canterbury Branch Incorporated



Official magazine of the THE VINTAGE CAR CLUB OF NEW ZEALAND

Canterbury Branch

Auto Restorations Ltd.' s talented welders can repair almost anything, be it steel, aluminium or stainless steel, with MIG, TIG or ARC welding processes. Certified skills for peace of mind. Our engineering team can return it to its original specs if so desired.

Contact George Kear: +64 366 9988 e: george@autorestorations.co.nz w: www.autorestorations.co.nz 52 Stewart Street, Chch, New Zealand

Insurance VERO CIS – telephone 0800 658 411 Canterbury Branch Agency Number 300130 This number needs to be quoted when taking out insurance for Canterbury Branch to benefit.


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26 Motorcycle Report

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PO BOX 11-082, Sockburn, Christchurch 8443

BRANCH BANK ACCOUNT DETAILS Westpac Barrington. Account Number: 03 1594 0096832 00 Please enter your name and event entered or other details on your deposit. PAGE 3

Canterbury Branch Coming Events June Thurs 3 Sun 6 Sat 5-Mon 7 Wed 9 Wed 9 Sun 13 Wed 16 Sun 20 Sun 20 Wed 23

Noggin Night Ground Crew Day Irishman Rally 9-90s Motorcycle Noggin Restoration of the Year Run Commercial Noggin Old Cars, Bikes & Coffee Branch AGM North Canterbury Noggin

July Thurs 1 Sun 6 Wed 7 Wed 14 Wed 21 Wed 28

Noggin Night Ground Crew Day 9-90s Motorcycle Noggin Commercial Noggin North Canterbury Noggin

Canterbury Branch Monthly Programme Want to plan ahead - here is our regular monthly scheduled events Noggin Night 1st thursday of the month

Old Cars, Bikes & Coffee 3rd Sunday of the month

9-90s 1st wednesday after noggin

Ground Crew maintenance team 1st Sunday of the month

Motorcycle Noggin 2nd Wednesday of the month

Parts Shed Wednesdays 12.30 – 5pm and every 3rd and 4th Sunday 9am - 12 noon.

Commercial Noggin 3rd Wednesday of the month North Canterbury Noggin 4th Wednesday of the month PAGE 4

CHAIRMAN’S REPORT Motoring activities have largely been winding down as we move in towards winter with a very successful Rural Run behind us and our Annual Irishman Creek about to take place. This is a major event for the Branch and participants with entrants arriving from far and wide and this year facing one for the larger challenges ever planned. We look forward to the various tales and stories that emanate from their efforts and hope that there are some taking part who will record some of the activities for publication in The Hub. With around one hundred and fifty starters, there should be some prepared to spill the beans.

came to a halt for period, it is pleasing to be able to report that work is under way there again with completion in sight.

ROSS BUTLER Chairman ph 03 352 3160

With the Annual General Meeting taking place this month, I would encourage you to attend and have your say in the running of the Branch. There are still a couple of vacancies on the committee which can be filled from the floor and which do not take up a lot of time and as much effort as you can offer.

Whilst the upgrade to the clubrooms kitchen

Canterbury Branch Restoration of the Year Trophies Have you got a vehicle eligible for judging? It’s not too late to enter ... Enter online just go to the coming events section of our branch website: canterburybranchvintagecarclub.org.nz or fill in the entry form our May Hub

Last year’s overall winner was Hamish Pierce’s 1979 Leyland Clubman 1275GT - a superb ground up restoration. PAGE 5

SECRETARY’S REPORT Short and sweet this month as we have the AGM reports as well. Well the Banks around the country are not making my life any easier when it comes to not being able to accept cheques from a number of our members from this point on. I really can’t understand how the Banks have been able to implement this new policy regarding the use of cheques in the future. This is nothing short of elderly abuse. As you all know we have a rather large number of our members in the over 70’s age bracket including me. In that group there are quite a few who have not, for what ever reason, wished to learn a whole new way of life, Phone Banking, Internet Banking , even the use of a cell phone. While most of us have accepted these changes I sympathise with those that just can’t be bothered with it all or don’t have younger family who can help them with simple tasks like paying a bill.

Think about this. You go into a Bank to pay your rates bill.

ROD THROWER Secretary ph 03 338 2320

After standing in the queue you are told we can’t draw money out of your account to pay said bill and you need to join another queue and draw out the cash and come back. So the bill is lets say $315.00 so you draw out $320 as you need $5 for a coffee next door. You go back and queue again to find when you get to the teller they can’t give you change so you have to go back queue again to change that $10. Doesn’t even bear thinking about. On that note we will soldier on and I will still worry when I receive cash in the mail.

52 Stewart Street PO Box 22273, Christchurch Phone 03 366 9988 Email: george@autorestorations.co.nz www.autorestorations.co.nz

FULL W.O.F SERVICES Bikes • Cars • Trailers

3 Inspectors on site. Please phone 366 9988 to book. PAGE 6

Volunteers Wanted 2021 National AGM will be commemorating 75 years of the Vintage Car Club of NZ (Inc.)

Canterbury Branch is hosting this event and needs


to assist with the organisation The VCC National AGM in August 2021 is being Hosted by Canterbury Branch. This is the 75th year of the Vintage Car Club in NZ. All club members are welcome at the club National AGM 9am Saturday 14th August at the Rydges Hotel, Latimer Square. Our small organising group would like support from local members either by • Offering to transport visitors from the Airport on Friday 13 August and return on Sunday 15 August. • Taking part in a short celebratory local tour in club eligible cars to an interesting lunch stop and return to the Rydges Hotel by 3pm on Friday 13 August

• Joining visitors at the regular sunday Branch OCBC (Old Cars, Bikes & Coffee) at Cutler Park on Sunday 15 August with interesting vehicles for display. • Attending the Dinner on Saturday night at the Rydges Hotel.

Help us make the celebration of our club’s 75th anniversary memorable. Any offers of help over this weekend will be welcome.

Further Enquiries email the organisers Marilyn McKinlay: bmm45@uclive.ac.nz and or Katryna Shaw: katryna.shaw@pacificradiology.com PAGE 7

NEW MEMBERS Welcome to our club. We look forward to meeting you at our coming events and activities Michael Harding: 1937 Pontiac Quality Six Sedan

Alexander Marshall: 1932 Alvis Speed 20 Charlesworth

Cameron Shipley: 1928 Ford A Tudor, 1967 Volkswagen Beetle, 1980 Volkswagen Kombi Van, 1937 Morris 8 Sports

Dave and Diane Rees: 1930 Ford A Coupe, 1934 Ford Fordor

Eric and Christine Mace: 1939 Vauxhall 10 sedan

Alec Marshall has imported his family Alvis out from England where it was shed stored since the early ‘50s.

Eric and Christine (Chris) Mace: 1939 Vauxhall 10 sedan PAGE 8

Cam Shipley and his ‘67 VW.

Steaming hot coffee on a frosty morning - nothing better! Join us for our next OCBC (Old cars, bikes and coffee)

CUTLER PARK 20 June 2021

Open to VCC members and Non-members 3rd Sunday of the month from 9.30am Enquiries to Colin Hey

Barn Hire The Barn is available for hire to all members for birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, and other functions.

Contact Kevin or Claire on 03 312 7255


Rear Wheel Brake Rally Update 2 Due to delays with the anodizing the rally plaques have been delayed further. I now expect to pick these up on Monday 31 May and have them dispatched the same day. Rally Organiser: Mike Milne PAGE 9

Tony and Leigh Craythorne, 1952 Austin A40 Sport, Hartleys Road, Pig Saddle approaching Whitecliffs.

The Autumn Three Day Run Words and Photos Andrew and Kama Morison

The Autumn Three Day Run was organised by Graeme Sword and family. This was the 12th Multi day Autumn run, and the final run to be organised by Graeme Sword, making it just that little bit more special. 40 VCC cars with approximately 100 people attended. The Autumn weather was a perfect backdrop for the three days, making it a memorable run that everyone seemed to enjoy.

Saturday 24 April The run started at Cutler Park, McLeans Island, at the Canterbury Branch Clubrooms. There were cars from a variety of years arriving which made for interesting conversations, connections, and viewing. The oldest vehicle was a 1922 Fiat 501 and the newest vehicles were from the 1980’s. Tea, coffee, and of course some biscuits,

Cutler Park - John and Rae Hanson Triumph TR5.

1971 Daimler and 1966 Humber Sceptre.


Hartleys Road, Pig Saddle near Whitecliffs, Marty and Judie Christie 1957 Vauxhall Velox.

Alan and Barbara Hill 1930 Model A Pickup entering the Castle Claremont property.

Cars at Castle Claremont, Timaru. PAGE 11

Claremont Castle, Timaru.

were served, while people registered and listened to the briefing. The run began at 10am. There were two routes, a long and a short route. The long route of 70 miles drove through the shingle Pig Saddle Road into Whitecliffs. This was a great photography spot as the vehicles passed on the dusty gravel road. The short route drove via Coalgate and joined the long route vehicles at Methven Visitors Centre for lunch, tea, coffee, raffles, and of course more biscuits. After lunch the cars drove to Geraldine, via Mayfield and Arundel. Many of the drivers stayed at the Geraldine Hotel where an evening meal was served, followed by music and dance. Sunday 25 April – ANZAC DAY The Geraldine ANZAC Day parade started at 9am and was attended by the majority of the rally participants. After the parade, participants met for a briefing at the Fresh Choice carpark. There was a short and a long run to the 137 year old Castle Claremont just west of Timaru. Cars were photographed as they arrived at the castle. The sun was shining, the Autumn colours were plenty and the cars looked their best. PAGE 12

Monday lunch stop at Plains Railway and Historical Museum, Tinwald.

At the castle there was a sausage sizzle, lunch, tea, coffee, and cake. There was an opportunity to view the inside of the castle, and an interesting talk was given by the current owner Bob Young on the history of the property. More photos were taken. There was a lovely atmosphere and participants seemed to enjoy the relaxing afternoon. The afternoon run went through Timaru, Winchester and back to Geraldine for dinner, drinks, the raffle prize draw, and celebrations for Graeme Sword and his years of running the Autumn run. There were many conversations about the fun that has been had on the Autumn run over these past years. Monday 26 April The final day started with a hearty breakfast

and numerous cups of tea before a briefing at 10.30am. The cars had three routes to choose from, all finishing at the Plains Railway and Historical Museum, Tinwald, Ashburton. Here participants had the opportunity to look around and enjoy the Museum before eating BYO lunch and heading home. We enjoyed taking the photos, eating the biscuits, and listening to all of the fun stories participants shared. We hope that someone will want to take over the reins of this enjoyable Autumn run in the future.

Autumn Run Words Barbara Hill

It’s not often we get overwhelmed with articles but the autumn run must have been worth the effort of attending as we received two articles on this event.

Around 100 participants met at Cutler Park on Saturday 24th April for morning tea and a chat before leaving at 10 o’clock. There was a choice of two runs, one with some shingle roads and one without. The routes took us on attractive back country roads through Courtney, Waddington and Coalgate on our way to Methven where we ate our picnic lunch at the Methven Visitor Centre. In the afternoon we made our way along the inland main road to Geraldine where we stayed in various accommodations for the weekend. On Saturday evening we met at the Geraldine Heritage Hotel for a delicious meal followed by musical entertainment.

Tony and Annette Meikle, with Nancy McSaveney 1957 Vauxhall Cresta, Castle Claremont gates.

Many ofus attended the Geraldine community’s Anzac Day service at the

Michael Pidgeon and Louise Russell, 1922 Fiat 501 entering Castle Claremont. PAGE 13

Cenotaph in Talbot Street. The local community members and organisations were well represented, with a wide range of age groups participating in the service. During the service we were surprised by the flyover of an Air Force Hercules 40sqn plane. Following this service, we took part in either a short or long run, using interesting roads which were our route to Claremont Castle on Mt Horrible Road inland from Timaru. This magnificent 14 bedroom home, presently owned by Robert Young, is 134 years old. It was built, using local granite, for George Rhodes and his French bride. During the 20th century it was bought by the Catholic Church for use as St Joseph’s Novitiate as a home for the Marist brothers. Those of us on the run were able to take the opportunity to look over both the inside and outside of this very interesting building, which apart from being a comfortable home, also has a large function room, a chapel and an outside swimming pool, as well as attractive gardens. Then we shared a barbeque lunch which was prepared for us by Julie and Graeme Sword and their team of helpers. After that, our vehicles were photographed, with their owners, in front of the castle. These photos have also formed the basis of the 2022 calendar which Graeme has

Hartleys Road, Pig Saddle approaching Whitecliffs. PAGE 14

organised to be produced by Kaiapoi Paper Plus. Sunday’s events were completed with another delicious meal at the Geraldine Hotel. On Monday we returned home via Tinwald, Ashburton, where we visited The Plains Vintage Railway and Historical Museum. This museum is situated in well maintained grounds with neat tidy buildings housing, among other things a Pioneer cottage complete with furnishings and household equipment of yesteryear, an historic church, vintage steam engines, tractors and other farm implements, trains, fire engines and firefighting equipment. On behalf of all those who attended this weekend, we would like to sincerely thank everyone who contributed in any way to making this such a special and memorable event. We especially want to thank Julie and Graeme Sword and their daughter Debbie Morison as well as Annette and Tony Meikle, for all the work that they did to make the weekend such a success. We all enjoyed the delicious baking that they provided. We appreciated that Andrew and Kama Morison took great photos during the weekend.

WE WAN YOUT 8, 9, 10 OCTOBER 2021

SWAP MEET REPORT Planning for Swap Meet 2021 is progressing well, and if the crowd attending the Ashburton Swap Meet last month is anything to go by, we’re in for a big event this year. At this point we only have around 40 sites left for booking, so if you are planning on taking a site and haven’t yet secured one, please make sure you get hold of Neil Shaskey soon. Best point of contact is to use the site email address: swapmeetsites@gmail.com which Neil keeps an eye on. Because we had a list of volunteer names for the various rosters for the different tasks ready to go for the 2020 event, we have decided to use these as the basis for this year. So, if you put your name down last year, it is back on the list for this year as of now. It’s by no means completely full, so you can still change your allocated time, or you can take your name off if you really need to. The roster will be at the June and July noggins so you can check it, and then after the July noggin everyone on the roster will be contacted to confirm their availability. I cannot stress strongly enough that this is our one and only major fundraising event for the year, and we need the support of every able-bodied member to help run it. The more volunteers we have for the various tasks, the easier it is for everyone, so please offer us a

couple of hours of your time at some stage over the weekend. Right now we have some immediate needs: • We need some new locations for our big signs on prominent routes around the city. If you have a property where we could put a sign up around the beginning of September for six weeks, or if you know someone who does, please get in touch with me so we can make the necessary arrangements. • We need someone to look after our Cars for Sale area, now that Ashley Crofts has moved to Australia. You don’t need to be on site the whole time, but being there until about 11.00am on Friday and Saturday mornings is vital to ensure cars are in the correct place and that the fees are collected. It’s definitely not a difficult job, so if you think this is something you could do, please get in touch with me. The informal camping areas are also going to be marked out and numbered this year. We’re aware that many of our campers have their favourite spot, so this will ensure you will be able to book it each year without the need for turning up extra-early to get your spot. Colin Hey Chairman, Swap Meet Committee PAGE 15

Daffodil Rally for Cancer



Everyon e Welcom e No mat ter wha t kind of vehicle you driv e.

Wanted volunteers to help out with the start points for the

Daffodil Rally, Sunday 22 August from 9.00am until 10.30am, in New Brighton, Cashmere, Rolleston and Rangiora. Also need a few for the finish at Cutler Park from about 11.00am until 12.30, and 12.30 until 2.00pm. Please contact Colin Hey if you can assist. Please note this date on your calendar and in your diary now, and if you are involved in any One-Make clubs please ensure your club committee is aware of this date as well. It will be an open event suitable for any veteran, vintage, classic (old or new) or collectible vehicle or motorcycle. This year the event will start by meeting in four locations at 10.00am: Rangiora, New Brighton, Cashmere and Rolleston (exact locations to be confirmed closer to the time), with runs from each converging at Cutler Park by 12.00 noon, where all cars will be on public display for the afternoon. A donation (suggested $20 per car, but you decide) will be collected on arrival at Cutler Park. All proceeds will be passed on directly to the Canterbury/West Coast branch of the Cancer Society. Prizes for Best American, British, European, Japanese, Australian, motorcycle, Best Dressed, and Cancer Society personality’s choice.

If you would like to help with the organisation – especially at any of the start venues, please contact You can Colin Hey on 021 883 807 or even come sp ecially email: heywolseley699@gmail.com dressed for th occasion e ! TO FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE DAFFODIL RALLY FOR CANCER, VISIT WWW.VCC.ORG.NZ PAGE 16


NOGGIN L-R Ian Close, 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile. Bruce & Shirley Shadbolt 1904 L’ Etoile.

At our May Noggin there were two beautifully restored, early Veterans that have had a lot of expert craftsmanship, as well as many hours of restoration, to bring them to their present condition. They both received a lot of attention from the members. Veteran cars are always a problem to bring to the display, because they have little or no lights etc or they need trailing. Thank you to Ian & Bruce for displaying & trailing their great vehicles to the Noggin last month. Bruce & Shirley Shadbolt. 1904 L’ Etoile. (which is a French car). The English translation, means, “The Star”.

DON MULLER Noggin Displays Co-ordinator Ph 385 6850 The Christchurch agents for these was, “Adams Star Cycle Company”, 138-140 High Street. Ian Close. 1903 Curved Dash Oldsmobile. Ian had quite a busy day, not only did he bring the Curved Dash Oldsmobile to the clubrooms, he was up early that morning for a quick road trip to Dunedin and in time for a meeting on the way back and was still at the clubrooms at 10pm. Thanks Ian, great effort.

Future Displays June 3: Sunbeam & Talbot cars.

Posh picnic Feb 2021. The Collins family really looked the part at this event.


CUTLER PARK GROUND MAINTENANCE CREW Come and join us 1st Sunday of every month 8am - noon Call Mike Foster 03 359 8260 if your want more information or just show up on the day.

- New faces always welcome north canterbury noggin


Fancy a drive north of the city?

5 2

Join us at our regular North Canterbury Noggin

rangiora RSA Fourth Wednesday of the month/- From 7.30pm 82/82 Victoria Street, Rangiora Photo: Proshotz Photography


Photo: Proshotz Photography





ACentral special Levin Daytoprovided North IslandHeritage from Taranaki Hawkes Bayby The Vintag Two event optionson on closed roads Among the displays showtarmac will be Vern Jenson (Whe 5 Day Time Trial: Tuesday 26th to Saturdaywho 30th will October be demonstra 2 Day Time Trial: Friday 29th and Saturday 30th October There will also be Tractors/Fire Engines, and Veter Refer: www.targa.nz for details. including a gaggle of Ford Model T Contact: Rod Corbett rod.corbett88@gmail.com 027 433 8772 It will be a fun day out for all the family w And I have promised


9-90’s REPORT 9-90s Report May 2021 Tony Becker arranged this well organised run to Daniel Smith’s car collection. A nice little run. a good destination, but the weather was cold and miserable - you name it - we had it - but we didn’t have snow. Daniel made up for it by letting us enjoy seeing his cars. Absolutely fabulous. And his helicopters, radios and motorbikes. I am looking forward to seeing his projected museum in the future. For lunch we went to his man shed for coffee. It was help yourself, everything supplied. Thank you for your generous hospitality, Daniel. And a big thank you to Tony Becker and the Meikles for a great day. Tony donated the entry fees to Nurse Maude. Thank you, Tony. June 9 A CHANGE OF PLAN. Les Sloan is helping out by changing his month and Roy Granger has stepped up to fill the gap. Thank you to both of you. We will meet at Princess Margaret Hospital at 9.55am on June 10.

July 7 Mid Winter Christmas Pot Luck at the Barn. We will do it the Maori way again. Bring for two and eat for one. Homemade food only. We will have the fire going. See you there at 11.30am. We will gossip about the ones who haven’t come and as a bonus George Nimmo will show some slides of his trip from Shanghai to London. The Team and I are looking forward to seeing you next month. FUTURE EVENTS Please check your emails or the club website for any cancellation of our future trips.

JOHN KUIPERS 9-90’s Coordinator



Things are slowing down for our section now that the cooler weather has finally arrived. We’ve had a great summer of motoring, with many varied events to attend and enjoy. Things will pretty-well wrap up for a couple of months at least after Irishmans on Queens Birthday weekend, and then the Restoration of the Year Run on 13th June which may well turn out a couple of new Veteran restorations for judging? Time to get the tin-tops out now and enjoy them during the cooler months, and schedule in a bit of maintenance on the Veterans. I know ours needs to have a clicking noise in the driveshaft investigated, the magneto removed for a service and re-set, and an oilchange, grease and good check over after a lot of use during this past season. Already next season is shaping up well. We now have a date set for the branch Annual Veteran Rally. It will be on Sunday 26th September, and it will consist of a run from the Darfield Recreation Centre (where trailers can be safely left if necessary), with a short and a medium length route finishing at the now completely restored Racecourse Hill homestead. As well as the homestead, a huge amount of work has been put into a full refurbishment of the gardens. The owners are planning on a public open day that same day so we can display our veteran cars to the public attending - a great opportunity to share our interest in historical motoring and a great fit with the homestead open day. There will also be some simple field tests there to complete the fun. Entry forms will PAGE 20

COLIN HEY Veteran Convenor Ph 359-8737 021 883 807

be in the August hub – it’s a wee way off yet, but mark the date in your diary now. After that, the National Veteran Rally has been confirmed as being in Cromwell on 29th – 31st October and entry forms are now out (see elsewhere in the Hub). We are also planning another visit to and display at the Hororata Highland Games in November and maybe a garage raid that month also, and then we get into our usual regular events once again over summer. I’m sure it won’t take long to come around. It was great to see Ian and Rosemary Close’s Curved Dash Oldsmobile and Bruce and Shirley Shadbolt’s L’Etoile in the clubrooms for the last noggin. As I’ve mentioned before, both are superb restorations and everyone enjoyed the opportunity of having a close-up look. There are other restorations on the go too from both of them, and a few others I’ve heard about too, so still some more cars and bikes to emerge yet.





On each of the motoring days (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) your day will start from either Devon Street East or Devon Street West in the city, and have the option of a short or a long run. There is no set morning departure time from New Plymouth each day. However, you will be given a time when you will need to be at the lunch stop/destination as well as an estimated travel time. The Destinations Monday 17 Destination Tikorangi Wednesday 19 Destination Opunake Thursday 20 Destination Stratford/ Whangamomona Thursday Evening Street Party Extravaganza Friday 21 Destination Hawera Tuesday 18 Competitive day (optional): The competitive aspect is timing only. Separate routes for the following classes of vehicles; Veteran, Vintage, Post Vintage, Post War, P60, P80, Motorcycles and Commercials. Starting points for these routes are all different and will be from places of interest. If preferred have a rest day today or take time out to enjoy the sights of Taranaki.



*Complete your registration and pay before 30 June 2021 and be in the draw to win two free tickets to the festival finale.

Gravel Roads On Monday, Thursday and Friday where there are gravel roads, there are alternative instructions to use if you want to stay on the sealed road. The Wednesday motoring takes you around the coast to Opunake. There are a couple of hundred metres of unsealed road which follow the coast. This is a sand base road and will be less damaging than travelling over any usual road works.






May Run – The end of VOG’s summer season

on attractively landscaped sections set on the slopes of these foothills.

What a fantastic day Tuesday 11 May was both weather wise and for VOG riding in fact one could almost call it therapeutic as we purred off from the Halswell Quarry Park to do a run in the country as organised by VCC & VOG member Wayne Gath.

Talking of foothills we even struck some of these on Rhodes Rd where some of the lads had to do some pedal assist to get the Solex and the rider over these rises. There was even a short 1/2km of shingle to add to the excitement of the ride and with us being mostly smooth tarmac riders it was quite a “challenge”. Everyone survived these ordeals and we eventually ended up at our lunch break at the Tai Tapu Hotel where the staff had set up tables outside under large shady umbrellas. What a great venue this was very tranquil.

A fairly straight forward but interesting ride this month with no dramas around the Old Tai Tapu Rd & Rhodes Rd area. It was a very nostalgic ride for our recently turned Octogenarian John Thompson of Model T and Penny Farthing fame. John tells me this was where he did his courting of his then “wife to be” Jenny whose parents had a farm on the hills in the Rhodes Rd area. A trip down memory lane for John. No farming here now but large magnificent residential homes set

A very enjoyable autumn ride this was, we will now put our machines to rest for the next 2 months and give them their annual tune up to try and find that extra 2km/hr.

“The Gang” PAGE 23

May - Old Cars, Bikes & Coffee

Another excellent OCBC was held on 16th May, with another nice morning and a big turnout of vehicles, including a couple of motorcycles this month. There were a few having a test-run before Irishman’s, and two club one-make runs started from OCBC as well – there was a joint Wolseley/Jowett/ Riley run, and the Rover Club also began their outing there that morning. Bruce and Shirley Shadbolt arrived about 9.00am with the 1900 Locomobile on the trailer, and soon had it out and steamed up ready to offer anyone a ride around the clubroom area. Both Shirley and Bruce undertook the driving role, and many took the opportunity to have a short run in the car. It’s superbly presented and it’s fascinating to see how it all works, complete with appropriate steam noises, the odd small flash-back, and lots of steam, whilst all the time under perfect and calm control. A few of us discussed the possibility of having an interesting vehicle present as a feature of every OCBC, so we’ll do a bit of thinking around what we could do. Meanwhile, the coffee cart was kept very busy all of the time! PAGE 24

Shirley Shadbolt takes Rod Thrower for a ride on the Locomobile at the May OCBC.

Bruce McCormick’s 1937 Ford V8 at the May OCBC

Next month’s OCBC is on 20 June – the morning of our AGM. As a suggestion, you might like to bring some lunch with you and stay on for the AGM in the afternoon. Hope to see you there.

Dave’s been busy planning

mark your diaries

Restoration of the Year Run

SUNDAY 13 JUNE 2021 Come and join us for a casual run open to all members not just those entering the restoration of the year. Start at Don Crawford’s (Crawfords Mouldings), 7 March Place, Belfast. Arrive by 10am for morning tea (supplied) - leaving at 10.30am.Take a picnic lunch - run will finish at Cutler Park for lunch and judging. Queries to Dave Inwood, Ph: 327-4156.

Show Weekend Tour for 2021 FRIDAY 12, SATURDAY 13, SUNDAY 14 NOVEMBER 2021 Our annual Show Weekend Tour is a long run Canterbury Tradition - if you haven’t joined us before it would be great to see you come away with us for a tour to Sunny Nelson. Plan ahead and book accommodation for the above dates - in the Nelson, Richmond area. The Saturday run will start at Nelson Vintage Car Club clubrooms near Richmond. We have reserved the restaurant at the Waimea Club in Richmond for our traditional Saturday evening meal. You can choose to return on Sunday but we will organise a Sunday run for those that wish to stay on return home on Monday, the 15th. Any questions ring Dave Inwood, Ph: 327-4156.

Specialising in new parts for English Fords 1932-1980 ✆ 03 379 3775 PO BOX 13-515 CHRISTCHURCH WWW.ENFORD.COM PAGE 25

MOTORCYCLE REPORT Winter has hit with vengeance; cold, windy and wet. This is going out to the garage and work on the projects instead weather… PAST EVENTS

24 April – Fish & Chip Run. The proposed garage raid had been delayed, so about 8 riders fronted up for a run via Old West Coast Road to the Oxford Diner for lunch. Back via Great South Eyre Road – wow!! Was that more exciting than the Tram Road??

8 May – Ride for Life. An ACC Sponsored motorcycle training course. Eight riders with two instructors spent the day on the theory and practice of the Gold Motorcycle Training course. Specifically designed for the slower VCC type motorcycle, even the know-alls with some 40 – 50 years + riding experience learned something. Very highly recommended; there will be another in the spring, so look for this, it is REALLY well worth going on.

12 May – Motorcycle Noggin. Cold night, but about a dozen or so turned up to the Motorcycle Corner under the shelter in front of the roaring fire.

23 May – Ruff Run. A disappointingly small turnout, only 2 or 3. We will need to review the continuation of this event. FUTURE EVENTS

9 June – AGM of the Motorcycle Section. To be held in The Barn, McLeans Island’s Cutler Park, beginning at 7.30 pm. The usual bribery and corruption will be on show as a supper will be prepared for the attendees, and the fire will be lit in advance so the room is a bit warmer than usual. PAGE 26

CHRIS LEITH Motorcycle Section

Please support YOUR committee by turning up. This year it will not be the usual “I move that the last year’s committee be re-elected” – “I move nominations closed” “Carried” and that is that. No, we are actually looking for new committee members this year. At least three will be required as the section delegate and chairman of the section is standing down, and two others are retiring. Have you got some bright ideas for the future of the section? Then come along, join the committee, and you’d be surprised just how welcoming the old guard is. Especially if you have some good ideas – never fear, you WILL be listened to, as it is you that is the future of the section. We do need younger people to be active! At the AGM there are a number of annual trophies that will be presented, so turn up to see if you get a gong…

26 June – Fish & Chip Run. No information available, so just meet at the usual place, BP Petrol Station, Cnr Antigua St/Moorhouse Ave 10.15 am for a 10.30 am departure. Any changes to this there will be a notice put out via the email system.

9 – 10 July – Mid Winter Run. Possibly going to North Canterbury, will be an overnight event. Mike Glenday is the organiser, cell phone 021 1920581 email mike.heatherg@xtra.co.nz. The start will be at the Coffee Culture Shop, near the corner Main North Road & Daniels Road. We used to start the F&C runs there for a while. Meet 10.00 am for a 10.30 am start. Look out for an email in a couple of weeks with full details.

23 July – Fish & Chip Run. We are planning a garage raid on a substantial collection of cars, bikes and motoring memorability, so keep tuned this way for more details next month.



Thanks to Wayne McCrone for hosting the May Commercial Noggin at his place, much appreciated. The Commercial Noggin is still a work in progress for June, it will be 3rd Wednesday of the month as usual on 16 June, location to be advised. Once I’ve worked out what’s happening I’ll let as many know as possible, so if you haven’t heard from me give me a call.

NEIL SHASKEY Commercial Convenor

Well I’m sure that all of you Irishman entrants are in the final throws of getting the car prepared for an interesting and challenging rally this year. For many of us this involves clearing the car of the accumulated junk, charging the battery, pumping up the tyres and a quick grease around on the way to get a WOF. A big thanks to the organisers and on the day supporters of this event. Irishman Rally is one of the branches biggest calendar rallies and well supported with drivers and cars travelling from all over New Zealand.

Congratulations to Ian and Barbara Fraser, who won the Best British Car prize at the recent annual Ashburton Plains Rotary Classic and Vintage Rally for their newly restored Riley Elf. Well done!

For those that aren’t using your cars over the winter months, now is a good time to winterise them for storage. Safe Winter Motoring

MIKE MILNE Vintage Convenor

motorcycle section



VCC riders at the Island heading out for the ride

VCC Motorcyclists Ride Forever Training Day Words Peter Barnett and Photos Ornsby Motorcycle Training

On Saturday 8 May a group of VCC members on club eligible motorcycles completed Ride Forever Gold training. This eight hour course does not teach people to ride, but is based on giving experienced riders tools to continue riding on the road for life. The Ride Forever training has been running since 2014 and is an ACC initiative to help reduce accidents and injuries involving motorcyclists. Recent statistics indicate those who have done the course are 27% less likely to have an accident. Some club members had done the course previously, but this was the first time it had been promoted through the VCC. Dan Ornsby and Clive Chapman from Ornsby Motorcycle Training ran the course for us. They have been providing training for 10 years and offer a number of rider training courses including road and track based training. Details of their courses are found at: https://motorcycletraining.co.nz/ Our day started at the clubrooms with a presentation and discussion covering rider gear, road position, cornering, and braking, PAGE 28

before we all headed out for a day ride. We were split into two groups each with an instructor and given radios and ear pieces so the instructor could give advice as he took turns at following each of us. First stop was Waikuku for lunch at the Collective Café, then through Sefton and back roads to the Waipara truck weighing station to use their sealed area for low speed turns and practising emergency stops. The instructor chose Kurt’s Puch motorcycle to demonstrate emergency braking before we all lined up for several practice runs. It was interesting to see the stopping distance shorten and increased control when the proper techniques are applied. The day warmed up nicely and the rest of the afternoon included a run through Weka Pass and Scargill Valley to Greta Valley. A major part of the training was Active Observation which puts you in a position on the road with the most room should you need to react, whether that is gravel or a pot hole, a vehicle in the other lane, or someone pulling out from an intersection. This also meant riding in a position to maximise the chance of being seen.

The instructor demonstrating the technique for emergency braking on Kurt’s Puch.

Paul Ainsworth’s Norton Commando

Lee Alsop and Triumph

Trainers checking out Kurt’s Puch

Receiving instruction.

Lunch at the office cafe, Waikuku. Photo Lee Alsop.

Everyone on the course enjoyed the day and got something out of the course. In my case it was thinking about things that had not previously occurred to me. Two of our riders had over 60 years riding experience each and both said they learnt something from the day. Anything that keeps us riding safely for longer has to be a good thing.

and we can let you know once we have a suitable group together (Minimum 6 and maximum 12). If you want to be notified drop an email to Peter Barnett on barnetthome@xtra.co.nz

The Club hopes to run another course in Spring. If you would like to be contacted please put your name on a contact list

The Ride Forever website has information on the courses offered plus free on line coaching modules that can be completed at anytime. Go to their site at: https://www.rideforever.co.nz/


More helpers are always needed to work with our committee – please consider how you can assist with the day to day running of our branch



Sunday 20 June 2021 at 2.00 pm in the clubrooms, Cutler Park, McLeans Island.

CARS WANTED - CAN YOU HELP? Ronald McDonald House Fundraising Event Friday 18 June 2021 Ronald McDonald House are running their annual Christchurch Supper Club fundraising charity dinner on Friday 18 June. We have offered to organise at least five cars to help transport their guests from the predinner venue at Christs College to various locations around Christchurch. This will involve transporting two to four passengers, probably doing two trips, starting at 7.00pm. It will only take one hour to complete the task. Ideally we need large cars that can accommodate adults comfortably particularly in the back seat. As we found out last time we helped, it will be dark, cold, and possibly even wet, so we need cars that can handle these conditions. Many other car clubs are contributing to this event also. If you can help, please contact Colin Hey, phone 359-8737 PAGE 30

the Parts Shed

When was the last time you came in and said Gidday? A reminder to those members who haven’t been in for a while the work that has been done, organising the stock and in general tidying up. There is stock coming in every week and it’s easier to find what you want. Current offerings include: - the makings of Special based on Studebaker President Eight. A project for a real enthusiast. - The basics for a VETERAN STUDEBAKER, circa 1915 rolling chassis. - Lots of motorcycle parts received recently. Come and take a look. Contact Wayne Stocks 383 1380 or Ross Butler 021 314 221 STOP PRESS: The spares shed has just been donated a large collection of second-hand BLMC parts - mostly ‘Landcrab’ 1800, Marina and 1800 Princess parts, including two 1800 cars, and a number of engine/gearbox units. If there is anything anyone needs then please visit the spares shed and have a look.


MARKETPLACE For Sale 1923 HUPMOBILE MOTOR R3 4 CYL PLUS PARTS 8 generators, Delco, Remy, Bosch, Lucas, 3 starter motors, 1 vintage long shaft. 1 REO magneto, 2 x 8 inch glazed headlights, 1 brass honeycomb core radiator. Ph 03 323 8759, ivanehibberd@gmail.com THE ONLY WAY TO REALLY RETIRE IS TO SELL YOUR GEAR Tooling and dollies for the repair of lamps and mouldings. Dozens of vice-mounting formers made for light rims, lamp bodies and trim mouldings. Some free standing formers but most are bench mount.with laser pointer and miniature hammers etc. $150 Folder, crimper, and templates for the making of standard sized rally number holders. Drilling guide and dimple dies. Approx 50 pre-cut stainless pieces ready to fold and finish all that is needed is rudimentary metal skills and a polishing buff on your bench grinder. Enough materials included to make $1200 worth of holders at a fraction of the stainless price $250 Metal Lathe ‘Little John’ older machine with infinitely variable speed control, many tools and tips. Four jawed chuck and face plate, live centres, dead centres, Jacobs chuck, screw cutting capability. $1000 English thicknesser and planer six inch wide cut, recently sharpened blades fitted now surplus to requirements (have purchased a larger model) $350 Mititoyo dial gauge on magnetic base plate, like new condition $80 Knurling tool with second set of die wheels, still in the box $50 Ph Alan Wills 03 332 7225 or 021 0870 0692.


VAUXHALL 10-12 WORKSHOP MANUAL 8Genuine factory/Luton, in mint condition. $30 Ph Tom Clements 352 7457. TYRES – New classic and vintage. Most sizes available, crossply, black and whitewall. Some second-hand. Phone Jack – 03 352 6672, cellphone 0274 322 041. 

1936 MG SA rare vehicle in unrestored used condition.Current Reg and WoF. Brakes completely redone, new tyres and carpet. Changed circumstances force reluctant sale. Offers over $45K. Phone Kevin 03 365 1938.

Wanted 1957 Hillman Minx Rear axles wanted. Geoff Roulston, rolo1952@live.com

CONDOLENCES Our deepest sympathies are extended to the families of those members and friends of the branch who have recently passed away. Dereck Meynell Jim Magee


Thinking of selling or just looking for some confidential real estate advice? Call Neale Cook your residential sales professional today. Special packages available exclusively for fellow VCC members. 03 375 4827 | 021 295 3628 | neale.cook@bayleys.co.nz WHALAN & PARTNERS LTD, BAYLEYS, LICENSED UNDER THE REA ACT 2008


Resid entia l / Co m m erc ia l / R u ra l / Prop er ty S er v ices



2020-2021 MAIN COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN: Ross Butler (Debbie)

03 352 3160, 021 314 221 rossrbutler@gmail.com

SECRETARY: Rod Thrower (Lynda) 03 338 2320, 021 126 3529 canterbury@vcc.org.nz or thrower.rod@gmail.com TREASURER: Kevin Sarjeant (Joan)

03 365 1938 (pref), 027 365 1938 kevin.sarjeant@xtra.co.nz



Colin Hey (Jenny) 03 359 8737, 021 883 807 heywolseley699@gmail.com

Colin Hey (Jenny) 03 359 8737, 021 883 807 heywolseley699@gmail.com

Katryna Shaw (Bryce), 021 0277 2375 katryna.shaw@pacificradiology.com



Neale Cook (Sasha), 021 295 3628 neale.cook@bayleys.co.nz


Mike Milne (Sacha), 022 358 7246 oldandrecovered@gmail.com COMMERCIAL CONVENOR

Neil Shaskey (Louise) 03 352 8802, 027 289 6201 neilandlouise@snap.net.nz IMMEDIATE PAST CHAIR:

VICE CAPTAIN: Dave Inwood (Linda)

John Coomber (Christine) 03 310 7056, 027 292 5206 johnchriscoomber@gmail.com

03 327 4156, 027 3077-636 magical_monaco@xtra.co.nz

COMMITTEE: George Kear (Jorden) 03 347 0315, 027 221 4332 george.kear@gmail.com


Phillip Jeeves (Marietta), 03 338 0666 pmjeeves@gmail.com VELOSOLEX GROUP (VOG’S)

Royce Baker (Janice), 03 322 5529 whisky17@xtra.co.nz



Gill Stevenson (Kevin), 03 327 5743 kstevenson@xtra.co.nz or gill.ellwood@cdhb.health.nz Amanda Franklin (Wayne), 03 389 7066, wfranklin100@hotmail.com

Colin Hey (Jenny), 03 359 8737 heywolseley699@gmail.com


Wayne Stocks, 03 383 1380 waynestoxy@gmail.com

Don Muller (Marlene) 03 385 6850, 021 181 3449 donmarlzmuller@gmail.com




John Kuipers (Colleen), 03 332 7926 VIC REPRESENTATIVE

Don Bennetts (Judy), 03 385 6333 djbennetts@compassnet.co.nz MAINTENANCE/ CLUB ROOMS

Mike Foster, 03 359 8260, 022 3598 260 mike dawn.foster@xtra.co.nz

Owen Genet (Phone messages to Owen should be left with Kay see her contact details below) ASSISTANT LIBRARIAN

Kay Shaskey (Graeme), 03 352 5217 kayandgraeme@xtra.co.nz


Neil Shaskey (Louise) 03 352 8802, 027 289 6201 swapmeetsites@gmail.com BARN BOOKINGS/CAMPING

Kevin & Claire Campion 03 312 7255, 027 407 5344 kj.ec.campion@xtra.co.nz BEADED WHEELS REPORTER :

Tony Becker (Ngaire) 03 421 2426, 027 446 6964 danebecker36@gmail.com NORTH CANTY NOGGIN:

Alan Hill, (Barbara) 03 313 6008, 021 161 5866, abhill@ usnet.co.nz TROPHY CUSTODIAN

Leigh Craythorne (Tony) 03 342 9110, 027 460 4508 craythornes@actrix.co.nz HUB EDITOR/CLUB WEB SITE

Rosalie Brown, 03 332 3531 vccthehub@gmail.com






Open Hours Monday to Friday 8:00 - 5:00 Saturday 8:00 - 12:00 Roy & Annette Adams Phone/Fax 03 327 8155 After Hours 027 435 0636 Free Battery Check - MTA Member 96 Williams Street, Kaiapoi 7630 BATTERIES, AIR CONDITIONING, STARTER MOTORS, BULBS AND LAMPS, AUTO ELECTRICS




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