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Volume 18 – Issue 1 April/May 2019

Join Us in Calgary for a Double Celebration!

The 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition AND The Bailliage du Canada – Chapitre du Canada (September 19 - 22, 2019)


or only the second time in the history of the event, Canada has been selected to host the prestigious 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition – to be held in conjunction with the 2019 Grand Chapître du Canada. Running from September 19-22, we will be hosting the brightest young chefs from Canada and across the globe, offering them an opportunity to form long-lasting friendships, and create memories that become career-defining moments.

The competition has a long and storied history, having first been organized in 1977 in Switzerland to support and promote future young chefs. Forty-three years later, it still provides each young competitor with a week of educational culinary experiences, and the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in a competitive environment with their peers, showcasing their talents and creativity in an international arena. We look forward to welcoming all the International and National Canadian Competitors, along with our many confreres and guests from Bailliages across Canada, the United States and around the world, to the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Canadian Gold Medallist Joseph Tran hard at work at the 2018 competition.

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Bailliage du Canada —Chapître du Canada 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs and 2019 National Meeting (Calgary, September 19-22, 2019)

Bailliage du Canada — Chapître du Canada 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs et 2019 Réunion du Conseil National (Calgary, le19-22 septembre, 2019)


Note from Bailli Délégué — David Tétrault

Un mot du Bailli Délégué — David Tétrault


Report on The International Young Chefs Competition 2019

Concours Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs International 2019


Canadian Gold – 1986, 2006, 2015 and 2018!

Médaille d'or canadienne – 1986, 2006, 2015 and 2018!


Your Host Hotel — The Hotel Arts

Votre hôte Hôtel — The Hotel Arts


Professional Spotlight – Quinn Staple

Vedette professionnelle – Quinn Staple


International des Jeunes Sommeliers 2018

International des Jeunes Sommeliers 2018


IN MEMORIAM – Grimard /Phisel/ Illichmann

EN MÉMOIRE – Grimard /Phisel/ Illichmann


La Chaîne — Coast-to-Coast

La Chaîne — d'un Océan à l'autre

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Note from the Bailli Délégué

David R. Tétrault Bailli Délégué du Canada Membre des Conseil d’Administration et Magistral Président du Comité des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Dear Canadian Member of la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, For only the second time in its history, the Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition will be held in Canada in conjunction with our own Grand Chapitre du Canada this September. As you will see in the this newsletter, Canada is no stranger to winning Gold and I know you all join with me in wishing our Canadian competitor Darnell Banman every success at this 43rd annual prestigious event. The organizing committee has compiled an outstanding array of amazing tours and culinary adventures for you all to enjoy culminating in the awards ceremony on Saturday prior to the Gala Dinner. I would like to thank them personally for their efforts. I would also like to thank all of the sponsors for the competitions and Grand Chapitre weekend events, without their support this event would not be possible. Finally, I would like to invite all of our Canadian confrères to join with us in September in Calgary! I would also like to take this opportunity to once again thank all of you who provided us with feedback by completing our strategic planning survey that was sent to the entire Canadian membership in late 2018. In fact, over 210 of the membership responded to that survey! Thanks to everyone who took the time to provide us with your invaluable feedback. Many new ideas were presented and areas were highlighted where our focus must change aswe move together into the future. Your National and Local Bailliage continues to discuss and seek ways to react to your feedback on a region-by-region basis. Please feel free to continue to offer your suggestions to members of your local and national committee members. Vive la Chaîne!


Each competitor is given four hours in which to compose a menu and prepare a three-course meal for four persons using ingredients presented in a “black box”. The primary protein is revealed to the competitors two months in advance while the rest of the black box is unveiled when each group of chefs enters the menu writing room at the competition itself.

Wüsthof professional carving knives.

The organizing committee has complied and outstanding array of amazing tours and culinary adventures for you all to enjoy culminating in the .awards ceremony on Saturday September 22 prior to the Gala Dinner. We thank them for their efforts and also thank all of the sponsors for the competitions and Grand Chapître weekend events, without their support this event would not be possible. Kitchen judges at 2018 competition.

A panel of 12 internationally certified chefs, all members of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, judge the competition, awarding marks for taste, presentation, originality and kitchen technique. As our own Joseph Tran did last year, the Gold Medalist receives a first place prize of a 5 week advanced culinary course at le Cordon Bleu, Paris, sponsored by le Cordon Bleu and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs; and an executive chef attaché case with a complete set of professional knives, sponsored by Wüsthof. The competitor judged to have the top skills and organization in the kitchen during the competition will also receive a set of professional Wüsthof carving knives.

For complete details on the 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition and the 2019 Grand Chapître du Canada, download the full 30 Page Program off the Canadian National Bailliage menu at our website:

Experience the Excitement of Calgary

Complete set of Wüsthof professional knives.


There's a place in the rolling foothills of Canada's Rocky Mountains where each year nearly five million visitors come from across Canada and around the world to explore, experience and enjoy. Calgary is a destination like no other: a mix of dynamic big-city energy, cheerful western hospitality and wondrous natural beauty. An urban centre surrounded on all sides by scenic Canadian vistas, Calgary’s diversity as a travel destination is its greatest strength.

Its natural setting, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains where the Bow and Elbow rivers meet, is an area of rich grasses, clear rivers, and warm, moist winds. A spectacular city to visit any time of year, Calgary's small-town warmth coupled with the vibrant urban ambience makes it a metropolis of wonderful contrasts. Known for its sunny skies, Alberta receives more hours of sunshine yearly than any other province in Canada.

The Calgary Tower provides a panoramic view of Calgary and the mountains, 630 ft. (190.8 m) above the ground. The Glenbow Museum focuses on Canadian heritage and features exhibits of Native and pioneer culture, Canadian artists and military history. Both are within easy walking distance of the host hotel.

Wildlife at the Calgary Zoo.

Calgary is a vibrant city that combines the best of all worlds. It’s cosmopolitan but casual; outdoorsy, but urban. There’s more than enough to keep its population of over 1.1 million people busy year round. You’ll find cultural attractions, festivals, restaurants, live performances, specialty shops and trendy nightspots. Downtown is a cosmopolitan dreamscape with numerous skyscrapers, massive shopping centres and sophisticated restaurants. A winding river separates downtown from Kensington Road, where you will find quaint shops, thriving arts and lovely cafes. Sit back on the outdoor benches and enjoy the warm Chinook winds when they roll into town. Stroll along riverside pathways, or visit one of the many area attractions.

The world-class Calgary Zoo features over 1,500 animals in natural habitats. It is particularly noted for its superb Destination Africa pavilion (featuring Canada’s only underwater hippo viewing pool); the Botanical Garden; the Prehistoric Park (with 27 lifesized dinosaur models) and the Canadian Wilds area, which is a safe place to view grizzlies, cougars and many other mammals and birds native to Canada. Canada Olympic Park has many activities, including skiing, bobsled and luge in the winter, and bungee jumping in the summer. Shopping Calgary is a shopper’s paradise: specialty shops and upscale districts, Inuit art and designer western wear. And the best news of all—Alberta does not have a provincial sales tax, making it a shopping haven! Just a few blocks north of host hotel The Hotel Arts, Stephen Avenue Walk is Calgary's largest and most popular shopping area with a pedestrian zone lined with boutique shops, galleries, restaurants, and coffee houses leading to a fourblock shopping complex called The Core, including Calgary Eaton Centre/TD Square, Bankers Hall and Scotia Centre.

Taking in the view from the Calgary Tower.


Try on a Mountie uniform at Fort Calgary Historic Park. Stroll along pioneer streets at Heritage Park Historical Village. You’ll also find museums and interpretive centres dedicated to the contributions of firefighters, police, pilots, soldiers, sailors and the grain industry. Extend your stay with a little “Rocky Mountain Relaxation”

Stephen Avenue Walk.

More than 400 stores are connected by Calgary’s indoor walkway system (locals call it the Plus-15). Specialty shops, antiques and upscale boutiques can be found along the streets of Uptown 17th Avenue, Inglewood, Kensington, Fourth Street and Mission.

You’ll find eye-popping views and unbelievable adventure just outside of Calgary, in the Canadian Rockies. Enjoy European-style spas, fitness centres, wood-burning fireplaces, ranches, dinner theater and more, all only an hour’s drive from the city’s centre. It’s the kind of place you can draw in a deep breath and actually feel yourself start to relax. The Canadian Rockies are easily accessible from Calgary by rental car or via the many convenient transportation services available. Kananaskis Country is a 4,000 square kilometer network of three provincial parks and multi-use areas within the Canadian Rockies. Canmore is a small town in the big wilderness and is the gateway to year-round adventure in the Canadian Rockies.

Enjoy Calgary’s Western Heritage You don’t have to leave the city to get a taste of Calgary’s heritage. The museums and historical sites all tell the story of a frontier town turned prairie metropolis.


People from all over the world are drawn to Banff National Park – a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banff town site is alive with more than 200 shops, 75 accommodation choices, 100 cafes, restaurants, bars and nightclubs and a variety of museums and galleries. Combining wild alpine beauty with first-class amenities, few places in the world have such stunning scenery as Lake Louise. The pace attracts visitors who want to savour the finer things; a good book in front of the fireplace, the stillness of the outdoors, or a quiet walk after dinner.




Wishing Our Canadian Competitor Success in Calgary!

Darnell Banman – International Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition 2019 On September 19, 2019, Winnipeg’s Darnell Banman, from the St. Charles Golf & Country Club, will meet that challenge on home turf in Calgary at the 43rd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs, competing against entrants from as many as 20 other countries for a five-week culinary course at le Cordon Bleu, and Wüsthof chefs’ knives.

competition) at that competition and received the Chef Paul Mastalir Award for Kitchen Excellence along with a Wüsthof Knife attaché set.

Wüsthof professional carving knives.

The young chefs will compete in the kitchens of the Culinary Campus at SAIT in the School of Hospitality and Tourism, the only Canadian institution to be named in the Top 50 of Hospitality and Hotel Management schools in the world by CEOWORLD.

Gold medallist Darnell Banman.

Imagine entering a room and being presented with a mystery basket containing seasonal ingredients, sometimes ones you have never seen before. You are then asked to compose and execute a three-course menu (first course, main course, and dessert) for four people using all of these ingredients, as well as drawing on a variety of staples from a pantry. Your written menu must be completed within the first halfhour, and then three and a half hours are allowed for preparation, after which the finished dishes are presented to be judged in fifteen minute intervals. It is an extremely challenging competition.


Darnell Banman hard at work during Canadian Natiolnal competition.

Darnell won the gold medal and the Fulgence Charpentier trophy at the 2018 National Meeting in Edmonton. Darnell was also recognized for having the highest kitchen score (as he did at the 2017

Darnell Banman, from the St. Charles Golf & Country Club Originally from Winkler Manitoba. Darnell lived there until he was 19 years old. Growing up, he didn’t really know what he wanted to do after graduation from high school. At age 15, he took a job as a dishwasher at the local golf course in Winkler called Mulligans. As time went on, he became more and more involved on line there and decided that he wanted to pursue a career in culinary arts. This lead to a move to Winnipeg to study at Red River College. Shortly after moving to Winnipeg, he was hired at the St. Charles Golf & Country club, working under Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, CM Conseiller Culinaire du Canada for over five years. As Darnell put it, this is where he first became interested in the possibility of competing “because Chef Takashi was always so involved with the Chaîne, my coworkers and I were constantly exposed to the competition. I would watch my coworkers train and compete and win time and time again, which inspired me to join in. Chef Takashi Murakami had such a strong work ethic and professionalism that he inspired me to take pride in my work and my work space. I think that this has helped me to win best kitchen score at Nationals”. During his time at St Charles, Darnell spent several years as the dining room chef where he was able to explore his creativity and grow individually by sharing his own ideas in preparing the dining room menu - putting his own spin on things.

Plating his dessert in Ed,onton..

His favourite course to prepare is dessert “because you can be creative with the colors and textures in the plate. It is also one of the hardest courses to perfect so there is always a way to make it better. For example, one thing I had been practicing intensively prior to Nationals was tempering chocolate. It is difficult to do but I think that that makes it fun. I enjoy challenging myself and learning new techniques to practice and perfect”. During his extensive training for nationals, Darnell had weekly black box trials at St Charles organized by Chef Jeremy Langemann and the St Charles Junior Sous Chef, Richard Tolentino, as several members of the Chaîne Winnipeg Bailliage tasted and critiqued his results. Darnell was thankful for this process as “their feedback was integral to my success at Nationals and I am thankful for the time they volunteered to help better my performance”. Darnell is also no stranger to adversity in culinary events as, prior to this latest 2018 competition, he had competed four times in the regional Manitoba competition, finally winning in 2017. Darnell has a very clear idea on how he approaches competitions. “My strategy when competing is to have a game plan and to follow it, which can be hard considering that a black box is always a surprise. I just try to be confident in what I know and to utilize it to the best of my abilities. Another strategy that I find is important for me when I am competing is to prepare for the worst. Some of my competitors in Edmonton were joking with me that my set up was a bit over the top, which it was! I brought as much as I could with me because it’s a new work space. I’m not familiar with it and I don’t want to have to spend time looking for kitchen supplies. I just bring everything I can with me so that I know where my equipment is, and I know how it works. This makes me feel more at ease when competing because it is one less thing to worry about and it allows me to maximize the time I spend on my food”. Looking forward to the International competition in Calgary, Darnell is “also super excited and grateful to have the opportunity to train at various restaurants across Canada. It is going to be a great experience to represent Canada in our own country and I am hoping that I can make everyone proud”. 9




International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs Canadian Gold – 1986, 2006, 2015 and 2018! As Canada prepares to host the International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs competition for the second time, we are pleased to update an article originally run in 2006 which explored the lives of Canada’s two past Gold medal winners as of 2006. We update that article today with the background pieces done on our two subsequent winners since then: Michael Christiansen who won in 2015 in Budapest, Hungary and Joseph Tran who took the Gold Medal just last year in Keelung, Taiwan.

Geoffrey Couper – 1986 Gold: A retrospective Geoffrey Couper, a young, talented and energetic Canadian chef, took the European culinary community by surprise in 1986, winning Canada’s first gold medal over national champions from such bastions of gastronomy as France, Austria, Switzerland and Germany at the International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs competition in Koblenz, Germany.

We were fortunate to have been able to speak in 2006 with Canada’s first gold medallist, Geoffrey Couper, who won the 1986 competition held in Koblenz, Germany. A retrospective on his win and career to that point follows below along with a discussion with Canada’s Daniel Craig who won the gold medal at the 30th International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs competition held in Adelaide, Australia in 2006. We conclude with a full chart of all the Gold Medal winners since the competition started in 1977. We would be remiss in not also mentioning those who won silver and bronze since 2006 at this competition (Note: the International website only publishes Gold Medalist names prior to that date). Our past Silver and Bronze medal winners over that time period include Third place 2016 Mackenzie Ferguson; Second place 2014 Rupert Garcia; Third place 2010 Stephanie Schnepf; Second place 2008 Michael Dekker; and Third place 2007 Tobias Grignon. They all contribute to Canada’s rich tradition of success as does all of the many chefs and culinarians that have donated so much of their time and expertise in mentoring all of our fine young chefs.

Geoffrey receiving his trophy in 1986.

There are some differences between the competition then and the one held today. In 1986, while each chef was still given an identical black box of food products, they were required to design and prepare a four-course menu for six people in under six hours. The competing Jeunes Commis were also assigned two assistants each. Geoffrey 's assistants spoke a smattering of English but, along with his broken German, they managed to communicate fairly well. As you can imagine, the kitchen that day was a hectic whirlwind of eleven competing chefs, twentytwo assistants, one supervising chef, numerous TV cameramen and several reporters. "You are under a lot of pressure," Geoffrey said in an interview with the Vancouver Sun at the time. 13

"You have no idea what you will be given, so you can't prepare for the competition. And all the time you are preparing the food, you are getting used to the kitchen and the stove." Geoffrey had compiled an impressive record prior to being chosen as Canada’s representative, having been chosen top apprentice in both BC and Canada in 1984, and winning the BC and Canadian Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs competitions, qualifying him for the international competition. He took his initial cook's training at the BC Institute of Technology and apprenticed under Executive Chef Gerhardt Pichler at the Hotel Vancouver. Following the competition, he took time to travel and experience as much of the European food scene as possible, returning to Vancouver to resume his career at the William Tell restaurant.

Winning Menu - 1986 Cold Terrine of Guinea Fowl Served with Marinated Vegetables Paupiettes of Salmon Stuffed with Braised Celery in a Chive Butter Sauce Lamb Loin with a Ragout of Wild Mushrooms and Leeks Poached Figs in Vanilla Syrup Served Warm with a Port Wine Sabayon

Over the past 30 years, Geoffrey has continued his love of travel and cooking by taking advantage of everything this highly mobile trade has to offer. His career is a postcard gallery of postings throughout some of the most beautiful places in British Columbia including the Gulf Islands, Whistler resort and the Rocky Mountains. He is presently in the wine country of the Okanagan Valley serving as Culinary Arts Chair & Instructor at Okanagan College, Kelowna, British Columbia. Daniel Craig – 2006 Gold Medallist

Geoffrey at Cedar Creek Estate Winery in Kelowna.

What he loves best is the presentation of food, Geoffrey said upon his return. "When you have a sound knowledge of the basics, then you can experiment." He admired the simplicity, imagination and beauty in many Japanese food presentations and learned a great deal working with a Japanesetrained chef, just as he has from chefs trained in other parts of the world. "That's the stimulating thing—chefs travel around a lot," he said. 14

On September 14, 2006, life changed a bit for Daniel Craig. An apprentice chef under Chef Craig Stoneman, Delta Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa, Daniel outdistanced twenty-two other superb Jeunes Commis from around the globe to win the International Jeunes Commis Rôtisseurs gold medal for Canada. Along with his medal, Daniel received the Arthur Bolli Memorial trophy, a scholarship from le Cordon Bleu International to attend a five-week cuisine programme at its Académie in Paris and an attaché case of eight Wüsthof chefs’ knives.

A few days after the competition, Daniel was able to reflect on his experiences. Mandatory ingredients in the black box were marrons, whiting fish, lamb saddle, mangoes, enoki mushrooms, leeks, almonds and Kipfler potatoes. Other ingredients included shallots, veal sweetbreads, coconut, bush tomatoes, various wines and spirits, and the staple ingredients salt, pepper, sugar, flour, etc.

Winning Menu - 2006 Appetizer Citrus Baked Paupiette of Whiting with Butter Poached Medallion of Marron, Braised Leek and Enoki Mushroom Ragout, Marron Essence, with Sherry Wine Gastrique Main course Juniper-Roasted Saddle of Lamb with Basil and Mint Kipfler Potato and Carrot Terrine Lemon-Scented Broccolini, Roast Shallot Reduction Dessert Mango and Lime Bavarian "Bombe" Minted Mango Salad, Blueberry Balsamic Syrup with Crisp Almond Cookie

David Tetrault, President of the Competition and Membre du Conseil d’Administration, presents the Arthur Bolli trophy to Daniel.

Daniel found the marrons, which are fresh water crayfish, the most challenging ingredient. He treated them as if they were live lobster. The other challenging ingredient was a fish called "whiting." To him, it had a mild flavour like our trout, so that is how he treated it! Daniel found the most difficult part of his experience was coming down with the flu—which was the worst on the actual day of the competition. The hospital told him it was a serious virus and gave him some antibiotics. Then he crashed for two or three days after the competition. He was sorry to miss out on some of the fabulous eight-course dinners, but he soon felt well enough to celebrate with other competitors. Daniel did not find any major differences between Australia and Canada in the format of the competition; in fact, the national and international competitions are run by the same rules so that competitors are fully prepared. The most tense part of the experience was when he heard them call the second and third place competitors. He didn't really believe it when he heard them call his name for first!

Winning appetizer; main course, and dessert.


Chef Daniel’s passion for cooking began early. At the ripe age of 12, Chef Craig had his first restaurant gig at a friend’s parent’s cafe. From there, his passion took him to Victoria, British Columbia, where he apprenticed at The Fairmont Empress and Delta Victoria Ocean Pointe Resort and Spa. Later, he graduated with honours and a Red Seal Certification from Camosun College. Bit by the travel bug, Chef Craig packed his bags once more, this time heading to Australia where he worked with two of the world’s top 50 restaurants in Sydney before heading to Paris, France to study at Le Cordon Bleu School of Culinary Arts. With an impressive resume, Chef Craig continued to work at a variety of notable restaurants in France and Canada, before landing the role of Executive Chef at The Ritz-Carlton, Toronto. Since that time, he has worked as Executive Chef at Delta Hotels by Marriott, Grand Okanagan Resort and as of February 2019 is Executive Chef with Westin Hotels & Resorts back in Toronto. Michael Christiansen – 2015 Gold Medallist Canada’s own Michael Christiansen took first place and the gold medal as the Canadian national representative at the prestigious 39th 2015 Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition held in Budapest, Hungary on September 11, 2015.

Twenty-two of the world’s finest young chefs were chosen for 2015 through selection competitions held in their respective countries. Competitors came from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Costa Rica, Finland, France, Guadeloupe, Germany, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, UK and USA. Compulsory ingredients in the 2015 “black box” included one whole sturgeon, a whole goose liver and venison along with butternut squash, caviar, king mushrooms, plums and Valrhona chocolate. Winning Menu - 2015 Appetizer Confit of Sturgeon served with parsley emulsion, cured tomato, black caviar and crisp Arborio rice Main course Slow Roasted Saddle of Venison served with pan-seared foie gras, pumpkin purée, and enoki mushroom Dessert Caramel and Valrhona White Chocolate Cremeux served with marinated plums and white chocolate mousse



Main Course.


A graduate of Kelvin High School in Winnipeg with a diploma in French Immersion, Michael attended the University of Winnipeg from 2009 to 2011. In 2011, he decided that a career in the culinary arts was for him, and he attended and graduated from the Red River College Professional Cooking Program in 2012. While at the college, Michael won the Co-op Program Award, the Leadership Award and the Queen’s Jubilee Award for Academic Standing.

experience and support behind me made all the difference when I first saw the contents of the black box, as I had been exposed to many different options through dry runs or just in day-to-day restaurant cooking at the Pear Tree.” Michael also went on to comment on the international competition itself, “The international competition is an incredible experience, not only based on the competition itself, but also the week spent with my fellow competitors. We were treated to a unique view of Hungarian culture and gastronomy. We were able to visit Domonyvölgy where we competed in the “Puszta” Games and then saw a fantastic horse show.” Michael was no stranger to competition, and success, in his young career. Since 2011, he competed at the CCF (Canadian Culinary Federation) Junior Chef Competition (2011); the Centrex Iron Chef (finalist 2011); the British Columbia Chaîne des Rôtisseurs regional competition (first place); and won the Hawkesworth Young Chef Scholarship. Joseph Tran – 2018 Gold Medallist Our most recent Gold Medalist Joseph Tran took first place at the 42nd Concours International des Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs Competition held in Keelung, Taiwan on September 7, 2018.

(left to right) David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué of Canada; Gold Medalist Michael Christiansen, Canada; Klaus Tritschler, Bailli Délégué of Germany.

After the competition, Michael served as Commis at the Pear Tree Restaurant in Burnaby, BC working under the guidance of Executive Chef Scott Jaeger, Vice-Conseiller Culinaire. Michael previously held the position of Commis at the Bonfire Bistro in Winnipeg and worked under the guidance of Executive Chef Takashi Murakami, C.M., during a co-op placement at the St. Charles Country Club. Following the international competition, he was quick to attribute his success to this support: “To prepare for this international competition, I relied heavily on the training and guidance I had received from my chef Scott Jaeger and other great Canadian Chaîne des Rôtisseurs member chefs who supported me through a tough year of training. Having this

Lunch at Master Chef Chin Restaurant Link.


Joseph competed against twenty-two of the world’s finest young chefs, coming from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Colombia, Dubai, Finland, Germany, Hungary, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK and USA.

The program started with a press conference at CKU with both the Mayor of Keelung and the Assistant Deputy Minister from the Ministry of Education for the Republic of China expressing their enthusiasm for this competition. News programs on local and English-speaking TV as well as print articles showcased the competitors and the competition. The local government sponsored a night fishing trip for squid which yielded more than one hundred fish. Competitors had the opportunity to take in the culture and history at the National Palace and the Chang Kai-Shek Memorial Plaza. Every day they had culinary adventures from a master class with Michelin 3-star Master Chef Chan, a tour of the local fish/fruit/vegetable market in the wee hours of the morning to dinner on the 86th floor of “101”, the tallest building in Taiwan. Some even squeezed in a visit to the famous Keelung Night Market.

Joseph at the Competition.

The young chefs competed in the kitchens of the Department of Culinary Arts at the Ching Kuo Institute, whose motto is “cooking is a work of art, while dining is a matter of culture”. Designed by top chefs in Taiwan, its programmes prepare the students to not only become well-rounded culinary professionals who know more than just great technique, but through a multi-disciplinary approach to culinary education also to develop their scientific understanding and leadership skills. As with Michael in 2015, Joseph received a first place prize of a 5 week advanced culinary course at le Cordon Bleu, Paris, sponsored by le Cordon Bleu and the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs; and an executive chef attaché case with a complete set of professional knives, sponsored by Wusthof. He also received a set of professional Wüsthof carving knives for his exceptional skills and organization in the kitchen during the competition. The 2018 black box compulsory ingredients included two blue crabs, two whole racks of lamb, porcini mushrooms, chia seeds, tofu, cream cheese and banana. 18

Keelung Fish market.

As Tran put it, “the International competition is jampacked with programs and activities. You have a unique opportunity to experience the country’s culture and diversity. No place better personified that than our visit to the fishing market in Keelung. All the Competitors had to rise early at 3 so we could arrive at the market in time to see all the fresh catches (giant groupers, milk fish, sea squirts) auctioned off to restaurants and locals. You meet young competitors and chefs from all around the world. For myself, the most memorable experience was lunch at Master Chef Chin Restaurant Link, having the opportunity to taste modern Taiwanese cuisine in an authentic setting.”

Winning Menu - 2018 Appetizer Blue Crab and Shrimp Terrine served with Tofu and chive puff, miso Aioli, Scallon Beurre Blanc Main course Marbled Lamb Rack served with Salt Baked Lamb Cap Stuffed Potato, Braised Leeks and carrot, Soy and Porcini Jus Dessert Banana and cream cheese mousse Citrus sable, white chocolate and Passion fruit Macaroons

At 25 years of age, Joseph had already been cooking for a decade, starting in his father’s restaurant in London, Ontario as a dishwasher. His favourite meals are home-made dishes, such as a vermicelli bowl with spring rolls and, originating from Vietnam, his background has influenced his style of cooking. Playing with flavour and texture profiles has his dishes dancing between sweet and sour, and crispy and chewy, each bite a surprise to the senses. After realizing his passion for cooking, Tran took culinary skills and culinary management at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario in 2013. On graduating, Joseph began working in a local hotel restaurant. Tran’s talent was quickly recognized by his Chef in London, who suggested that Tran be mentored by Chef Takashi Ito of Inn at Laurel Point in Victoria, B.C. Chef Ito travelled from Victoria to interview Tran and, recognizing the potential in this young cook, hired Joseph to work at AURA waterfront restaurant + patio, Inn at Laurel Point’s acclaimed restaurant. In his two years at AURA, Tran’s dedication and zeal resulted in his rapid rise up the culinary ladder to first cook. He constantly experiments with new dishes and combinations. Always looking to improve, Tran leaves no stone unturned. He has even taken his work home with him, creating a professional kitchen of his own, complete with a deep fryer. Practicing for the 2018 competition was a group effort, led by Executive Chef Takashi Ito. Tran stated at the time that “if it wasn’t for the chefs and mentors that took the time and resources to train me and insure I was able to compile extensive Black Box experience in preparation for the International competition over the past year, I wouldn’t have been able to achieve what I have. Chef Takashi Ito and David Tetrault decided to allow me to participate in a number of Canadian Regional Chaîne competitions over the year, including Vancouver where I met Chef Hamid Salimian and Chef Scott Jaegar and Winnipeg where I met Chef Takashi Murakami and Chef Cameron Huley. I am also particularly grateful to Executive Chef Takashi Ito and Chef Manpreet 19

(restaurant chef at Aura) for being my mentors. Their influence pushed me to do my best, yet to have fun and do what I love.” One ingredient, however, will always be a challenge for Tran, as he has a severe shellfish allergy. When using the ingredient, Tran

says he wears layers of gloves, and takes extra care. Joseph has become an expert at blind seasoning seafood, since he cannot actually taste a dish containing it.

International Gold Medal Winners (1977 – 2006)


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Your Host Hotel The Hotel Arts The Hotel Arts story began in 2005 when a team of local investors purchased and transformed an aging Holiday Inn in Calgary’s downtown area through a multi-million dollar makeover. They had a vision to create a different kind of hotel in the city – designcentric, fashion-forward and innovative in its culinary offerings.

Style-driven, the boutique property features modern décor and designer touches throughout with an extensive professionally-curated art collection. Home to two award-winning restaurants, the complex offers unique and innovative dining experiences. The soon-to-be-opened year-round outdoor pool is an urban oasis including a food and beverage serviced poolside patio.

Situated at the heart of Calgary’s art and entertainment scene, Hotel Arts offers a unique and refreshing connection to the city: a short walk from the Saddledome, Studio Bell (National Music Centre), TELUS Convention Centre and other downtown attractions. From cool eateries to boutique shopping and bustling nightlife, the entire creatively charged city is at your disposal. Modern designer touches grace the entry.

Raw Bar and Yellow Door Bistro Offering some of the best Asian fusion cuisine in the city, Raw Bar features Asian-inspired classics with a modern twist and an award-winning cocktail program in a contemporary lounge setting. It has a beautifully sophisticated atmosphere, with a vibrant ocean’s blue décor and mirrors all around. The Lobby.


The Raw Bar’s ocean blue decor.

Broccoli & Cheddar Fried Rice from the Raw Bar

Yellow Door Bistro features bistro-inspired cuisine with a reverence for classic ingredients served with a contemporary twist.

Broccoli & Cheddar Fried Rice from the Raw Bar

The Yellow Door Bistro.

119 12th Avenue SW Calgary, Alberta T2R 0G8 Phone: 403.266.4611 Toll-free: 1.800.661.9378 E-mail: Yellow Door Wine Room.


Professional Spotlight

Quinn Staple, Executive Chef, Maître Rôtisseur The Hotel Arts Group distinguished Alinea, Grant Achatz’s modernist threeMichelin star restaurant in Chicago. Quinn was also part of the culinary team at Olives and a few other Calgary restaurants before taking the helm at Yellow Door Bistro. In addition to his past experience, Chef Quinn has been active in the Calgary community, participating in numerous charity events, competitions and culinary festivals. He was also recognized by Avenue Calgary Magazine as one of the five people to watch in Calgary’s culinary scene in 2016 and represented Yellow Door Bistro at the Gold Medal Plates competition in Calgary in November 2017.

Quinn Staple, Executive Chef, Maître Rôtisseur.

Appointed Executive Chef of the Hotel Arts Group in 2017, Quinn Staple brought a new, innovative energy to the group’s culinary offerings, combining his enthusiastic approach to dining with his diverse culinary background. No stranger to the Hotel Arts Group, Chef Quinn played an instrumental role in the opening of the property’s Yellow Door Bistro in 2012. Showcasing his experience in French cuisine with contemporary influences and modern techniques, he has remained a driving force behind the success of the award-winning restaurant and has brought the same fervor and passion to his role as Executive Chef. “I’m looking forward to growing the exceptional reputation of the Hotel Arts brand, pushing creative boundaries to deliver unique and memorable encounters,” said Chef Quinn at the time of the transition, “I’m fortunate that I’ll be able to continue working with a very strong and talented team to help achieve those goals.” Staple cut his teeth at Canmore’s renowned Crazyweed Café. He then joined the Raw Bar team at Hotel Arts for a refreshing Asian-inspired change in style before conducting a stage at the

As Executive Chef, Staple leads the teams at the group’s three distinguished restaurants – Raw Bar, Yellow Door Bistro and Oxbow at the Kensington Riverside Inn. Chef Quinn also oversees the group’s in-room dining, banquets, as well as offsite catering, all ranging from small meetings to large parties and events throughout the city. “Quinn has a curious and creative outlook and is a talented leader,” comments Mark Wilson, General Manager and Vice President of Hotel Arts Group. “Under his direction, our team continues to offer the exceptional culinary adventures that Hotel Arts Group is known for.”


International des Jeunes Sommeliers 2019

Jeune Sommeliers look to Seoul Cyndi Grossman, Echanson du Canada As we are coming up to our National Competition to identify our Canadian candidate, our young Sommeliers are furiously studying and preparing for their written exams; which will be held on May 4th 2019. Considering this is a new position for myself, there have been many learning moments and exciting resources uncovered that I was not previously aware of. Not only am I grateful for the position of Echanson, but I feel very confident in the future of Chaine Canada and our abilities to send a competitive candidate to the International Jeune Sommelier competition in Seoul, South Korea in September. I am pleased to announce that at this moment we have had over 25 young sommeliers (under the age of 30) with a Chaine association reach out to participate in this exam. I would also like to thank Linda Robinson and Joe Scorgie for their outstanding work in Calgary, recruiting and mentoring their young sommeliers for the first round of exams. It would be a vision for every Bailliage to follow in their footsteps and I look forward to working with them to share these efforts with the rest of the country.

for us to really showcase our talents. After many conversations with Montreal native, Pier Alexis Pasouliere Master Sommelier, who won the International Jeunes Sommelier Competition in 2014 for Australia, he has committed his time to help Canada win. Pier Alexis speaks very highly and passionately of the Chaine des Rotisseurs and what the organization has meant to him and his career. This is a great partnership for us. He is probably the most competitive sommelier I have ever heard of. His sights are not only on "in it to win it" but to raise the bar in sommelier training and professionalism for Canada. You only need to check his website ( to know that we are heading in the right direction.

Pier Alexis Pasouliere, Master Sommelier

Calgary Sommeliers complete first round of exams.

Along with Calgary's example of active fundraising, brand recognition and enthusiasm, a solid Canadian training program for competitions will be imperative 24

As our Jeune Sommeliers are spending countless hours preparing over the next few weeks to write the National exam and earn the opportunity to represent Canada, Pier Alexis and I will be working hard behind the scenes to make sure that they are absolutely ready to compete. With determination and preparedness we can change the future of how Canada is perceived on the Jeune Sommelier stage. I wish all our competitors the very best of luck and I look forward to the next newsletter to update everyone on our results and continued goals for the future.

IN MEMORIAM/ EN MÉMOIRE – Grimard /Phisel/ Illichmann Honorable Normand Grimard, Bailli Délégué du Canada Honoraire, Membre du Conseil d’Honneur, Grand Commandeur (16 juin 1925 – 28 décembre 2017) (June 16, 1925 – December 28, 2017) moment-là pour être remplacé par Hyo Maier. Il a reçu l'étoile d'or du Canada en reconnaissance de ses quarante ans et plus au service de la Chaîne et a pris sa retraite de la Chaîne en 2014.

C’est avec grande tristesse que nous vous annonçons le décès de l'Honorable Normand Grimard, membre honoraire du conseil magistral, grand commandeur, membre de longue date de la Chaîne au Canada et Bailli Délégué du Canada Honoraire, le 28 décembre 2017 à l'âge de 92 ans.

Montreal, 1994

Normand était un membre loyal et dévoué de la chaîne. Entré à la confrérie en 1962, il a été Bailli Délégué du Canada de 1994 à 2003 et avait quitté son poste à ce

Montreal, 1994

Né à Rigaud, au Québec, il a obtenu un baccalauréat en arts du Séminaire Saint-Joseph de Trois-Rivières en 1946 et un baccalauréat en droit civil en 1949 de l'Université Laval. Il a été admis au Barreau du Québec en 1949 et a été nommé conseiller de la reine en 1959. Avocat, il a travaillé en droit minier à la Chambre de commerce du Québec. M. Grimard était un avocat renommé de la région de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue et a été élu au Sénat du Canada en septembre 1990. Il a représenté la division sénatoriale du Québec jusqu'à sa retraite en 2000. Il a été vice-président du Comité permanent des privilèges, du Règlement et de la procédure et a défendu l'existence du Sénat. Il laisse dans le deuil son épouse madame Dolly Grimard, ses enfants Marc (Marc Bédard), Louise et Monique ; ses petits-fils Guy et Christian (Rachel) ; ses neveux et nièces ainsi que de nombreux parents et amis. We present here a photo collage of Colin from past La Chaîne in Canada newsletters. 25

We are very sad to announce that the Honorable Normand Grimard, Membre Honoraire du Conseil Magistral, Grand Commandeur, a long-time member of the Chaîne in Canada and Bailli Délégué du Canada Honoraire, passed away on December 28, 2017 at the age of 92. Normand was a loyal and dedicated member of the Chaine, having joined the Conferie in 1962, and having served as Bailli Délégué du Canada from 1994 to 2003, retiring form the position at that time to be replaced by Hyo Maier. He was awarded the Gold Star of Canada in recognition of his more than forty years of service to la Chaîne and retired from the Chaîne itself in 2014. Born in Rigaud, Quebec, he received a Bachelor of Arts degree from St. Joseph Seminary, Trois-Rivières in 1946 and a Bachelor of Civil Law degree in 1949 from Laval University. He was called to the Quebec Bar in 1949 and was created a Queen's Counsel in 1959. A practicing lawyer, he worked in mining law at the Chambre de commerce du Québec. M. Grimard was a well-known lawyer in the Abitibi-Témiscamingue region and was elected to the Senate of Canada in September 1990. He represented the senatorial division of Quebec until he retired in 2000.

He was Deputy Chair of the Standing Committee Privileges, Standing Rules and Orders, and also authored L'indispensable Sénat: défense d'une institution mal aimée, a book in which he defended the existence of the Senate. He leaves his wife Madame Dolly Grimard, his children Marc (Marc Bédard), Louise and Monique; his grandsons Guy and Christian (Rachel); his nephews and nieces as well as many relatives and friends.

Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial Honoraire, Officier Commandeur (Julliet 10, 1948 – Mars 8, 2019) (July 10, 1948 – March 8, 2019) Caroline (Yves) et Martin (Karine), ses petits-enfants Marilyn, Antoine, Francis et Lorick, son frère Jean-Luc et ses soeurs Jocelyne et Roseline ainsi que ses nombreux amis. Jean-Claude était malade depuis quelques années, mais semblait toujours positif. Quelques jours avant son décès, Michael Busch, Bailli Honoraire de Montréal, lui a rendu visite et était optimiste.

C’est avec une immense tristesse que nous vous annonçons le décès de notre confrère de la Chaîne, JeanClaude Phisel, survenu à l’Hôpital de Montréal, le vendredi 8 mars, à l’âge de 70 ans. Outre son épouse Ginette Normandeau, il laisse dans le deuil ses enfants 26

Jean-Claude était un membre loyal et dévoué de la Chaîne. Entré à la Confrérie en 1983, il devint Vice-Argentier Chancelier du bailliage de Montréal en 1988. Jean-Claude a travaillé sans relâche pour la Chaîne, tout comme son père avant lui. En 2000, il a été nommé Bailli Provincial du Québec, un poste qu'il a occupé jusqu'à ce qu'il devient Bailli Provincial Honoraire en 2016. Titulaire de l'insigne Officier Commandeur, Jean-Claude a reçu l'étoile de bronze du Canada en 2007 et la médaille d'argent en 2011 en reconnaissance de ses plus de trente ans de service à la Chaîne.

We are very sad to announce that our Chaîne confrere, Jean-Claude Phisel, has passed away on Friday March 8 in the hospital in Montreal at the age of 70. Besides his wife Ginette Normandeau, he leaves to mourn his children Caroline (Yves) and Martin (Karine), his grandchildren Marilyn, Antoine, Francis and Lorick, his brother Jean-Luc and his sisters Jocelyne and Roseline along with his many friends. Jean-Claude had been ill for a few years, but was always positive. Even days before his passing, he was visited by Michael Busch, Bailli Honoraire du Montreal and was in an optimistic mood. Jean-Claude was a loyal and dedicated member of the Chaine, having joined the Confrerie in 1983, and in 1988 became Vice-Argentier Chancelier of the Montréal Bailliage. Jean-Claude worked tirelessly for the Chaîne, as did his father before him. In 2000, he was appointed Bailli Provincial of Quebec, serving in that position until he became Bailli Provincial Honoraire in 2016. Holder of the Officier Commandeur insignia, Jean-Claude was awarded the Bronze Star of Canada in 2007 and the International Silver Medal in 2011 in recognition of his more than thirty years of service to la Chaîne.

Au Souper Amical à l'occasion de la journée mondiale des Chaînes, le 21 avril 2018 (Gauche à droite) Linda Jones ; Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial Honoraire ; Jacques Viau, Chevalier ; Ginette Normandeau Phisel, Vice-Argentier Montréal et Tony Catanese, Argentier du Canada. At Diner Amical in celebration of World Chaine Day on April 21, 2018 (Left to right) Linda Jones; Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial Honoraire; Jacques Viau, Chevalier; Ginette Normandeau Phisel, Montreal Vice-Argentier; and Tony Catanese, Argentier du Canada.

Reçoit la médaille d'argent internationale aux célébrations du 50e anniversaire du Bailliage du Canada, du 27 au 30 octobre 2011. Receives International Silver Medal at the Bailliage du Canada 50th Anniversary celebrations, October 27–30, 2011.

Sur la tournée égyptienne 2010 de la Chaîne des Rôtisseurs. On la Chaine des Rôtisseurs Egyptian Tour 2010.

Au 50e anniversaire de la Grande réception de la Maison du Gouverneur avec Mme Ginette Phisel à droite. At 50th Anniversary Maison du Gouverneur Grand Reception with Mme Ginette Phisel to the right. Jean-Claude et Ginette au Restaurant M. Mme au Souper Amical à Montréal au début 2018. Jean-Claude and Ginette at M. Mme Restaurant Diner Amical in Montreal in early 2018.


(gauche à droite) Madame Ginette Phisel ; Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial du Québec, Commandeur ; Margrit Shakir-Hanna, Officier ; Samir Hanna, Membre Honoraire du Conseil Magistral, Commandeur et Elizabeth Brown à la Réunion nationale de Victoria en 2009. (left to right) Madame Ginette Phisel; Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial de Quebec, Commandeur; Margrit Shakir-Hanna, Officier; Samir Hanna, Membre Honoraire du Conseil Magistral, Commandeur; and Elizabeth Brown at Victoria National Meeting 2009. David Tetrault présente l'étoile de bronze du Canada à Jean-Claude. David Tetrault presents Jean-Claude with the Bronze Star of Canada.

(Gauche à droite) Jean-Claude Phisel, Chef Serge Jost, Michel P. Bush, Commandeur et Bailli de Montréal ainsi que M. Samir Hanna au Barbecue d’été au Fairmont Château Montebello en août 2010. (Left to right) Jean-Claude Phisel, Chef Serge Jost, Commandeur, Bailli de Montréal Michel P. Busch and Mr. Samir Hanna at August summer Barbecue, Fairmont Château Montebello, 2010.

À La Chronique Montréal, Septembre 2010. At Montreal’s La Chronique, September 2010.


La présentation de la médaille, du gauche à droite : Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli provincial du Québec; Thomas Gagné (Garde-manger du Restaurant Beaver Hall); Michel Busch, Bailli de Montréal et Conseiller des professionnels honoraire, Bailliage National. Presentation of the medal, from left to right: Jean-Claude Phisel, Quebec Provincial Bailli; Thomas Gagné (Beaver Hall Restaurant); Michel Busch, Bailli of Montreal and Honorary Professional Advisor, Bailliage National.

Juge lors de la compétition de jeunes chefs à Montréal en 2006. Hard at work judging at 2006 Montreal Jeune Chefs competition.

Rigole d'une blague à la réunion nationale 2007 à Calgary. Enjoying a joke at 2007 National Meeting in Calgary.

Gala, Calgary 2004

Au concours national Jeunes Commis à Montréal en 2003. At the 2003 National Jeunes Commis Competition in Montreal. Gauche à droite) Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial du Québec ; Madame Ginette Phisel ; Madame Legendre-Charbonnier, ViceChancelier Argentier et Dr. Pierre Charbonnier, Bailli Régional de l’Outaouais qui savourent une coupe de champagne à la réception du Chapitre de Québec 2008. (Left to right) Jean-Claude Phisel, Bailli Provincial du Quebec; Madame Ginette Phisel; Madame LegendreCharbonnier, Vice-Chancelier Argentier; and Dr. Pierre Charbonnier, Bailli Régional de l’Outaouais, enjoy a glass of champagne at the 2008 Quebec Chapitre reception.

Le Bailli Délégué Hyo Maier remet l'épinglette de 20 ans à Jean-Claude, Montréal 2003. Bailli Délégué Hyo Maier awards Jean-Claude with his 20 year pin in Montreal 2003. Avec Bert Phillips, Bailli Provincial Honoraire. With Bert Phillips, Bailli Provincial Honoraire.


Adolf Illichmann, Bailli Honoraire, Val d’Okanagan (August 25, 1931 – March 11, 2019)

We are very sad to announce that Kelowna Bailli Honoraire, Adolf Johann Illichmann, passed away on Monday March 11.Adolf joined the Val d’Okanagan Bailliage in in 1999 with the grade of Professional de la Table. He became Bailli of the Bailliage in 2000, serving in that role until 2006. Adolf retired from the Chaîne in 2013 The family firm, Illichmann's Meats, Sausages & Gourmet Foods, was founded in 1967 upon arriving in Kelowna (via Calgary; Fulda, Germany; and Rotwasseu, Czech Republic) and is now being managed by the fourth generation. Adolf's passion for his craft and capacity for hard work laid the foundation for a successful business, offering a wide variety of the finest quality butcher and deli meats prepared right in-store, along with European and gourmet foods.

Presentation of the trophy for best Pinot Noir at a one-hour marathon blind tasting September 27, 2002.

(left to right) Chargée de Missions National Honoraire Claire-Marie Jadot; Echanson du Canada Honoraire Roger Baekeland; Argentier National David Tetrault and Bailli Régional Honoraire Adolph Illichmann at blind tasting.

Adolf is survived by his wife Theresia of 60 years; children Judith (Michael), Thomas (Laura), and Robert; grandchildren Thomas (Sharon), Jacob (Steph), Robert (Jen), Daniel (Katie), Mark, Nathan (Jamie), Kady (Chris) and Laura; and great grandchildren Lily, Willow, Jack, Riley, Charlie, Morgan, Reed, Sasha, Georgia and Lincoln. Adolf is predeceased by his parents Adolf and Frieda and daughter- in- law Sharon Illichmann. Adolf’s friendly manner and hearty laugh will be missed by his many friends in and out of the Chaîne. At 2006 Chapître Dinner at Manteo Resort.


At the National Meeting in Montreal 2003 with Theresia and Bailliage de Victoria Bailli Daniel Rigollet.

With Richard Toussaint and Helene Scott, Okanagan Bailli RĂŠgional Honoraire at Stoney Paradise Farm in Kelowna, 2010.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de la Nouvelle-Ecosse (Submitted by Jerzy Gajewski, MD, FRCSC, Vice-Chargé de Presse) Eliot & Vine Diner Amical Eliot & Vine opened off Cunard Street in spring 2016. As per this quote from local food blog The Starving Sailor, “The restaurant is enriched by its deep backstory. Owner/proprietor Johanna Eliot has incorporated elements from her career as a TV producer to not only provide a high-quality European dining experience through the restaurant, but also to create an extension of herself in the same walls. For example, one might guess that the “vine” in the restaurant name is related to their affinity for good wine, however, Johanna will tell you it is named after the star-studded Los Angeles intersection of Hollywood and Vine”.

the 2012 Jeunes Chefs (Young Chefs) Rôtisseurs Competition held in Halifax, NS. Throughout his career he has been a loyal professional La Chaîne member. Many of us have experienced his food over the years during his time at Atlantic and Cut. Chef Beaton won the Young Chef competition last year.

Eliot & Vine Cured red snapper Watercress emulsion, Sugar snap peas, Pickled red pepper, Asparagus Confit duck terrine Duck breast + Foie gras dumpling, Dashi + Duck Broth, Shemiji mushroom

Chefs Madill and Beaton with Bailli Regional Ian James.

Sous vide-tandoori lamb loin 48 hour lamb shank “dosa”, House made “paneer”, Merguez sausage, Ancient grains Crepes dentelles Sticky toffee pudding, Pistachio, Kumquat The Wines San Salvador -Godello- 2012 Jack’s Canyon- Sauvignon Blanc -Waipara 2013 Chateau Carbonnieux – Pessac-Leognan 2008 Trivento – Malbec 2006

Chef Madill and Chef Beaton prepared our dinner. Chef Madill is a good friend of la Chaîne and won the gold medal and the Fulgence Charpentier Trophy at 32

Jerzy Gajewski, Johanna Eliot & Ian James.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de la Nouvelle-Ecosse continued

Bailliage de Toronto (Submitted Paul Morrell, Vice-Chargé de Presse) Over the last year the Toronto Bailliage of the Chaîne des Rôtisseurs has hosted an amazing range of events bringing a host of unique experiences to our members. On Saturday August 11, 2018, the Chaîne Toronto and Buffalo’s Bailliage continued with another year of the popular Annual Binational event. On this particular evening Peller Estates hosted an Ice Wine Country adventure where guests participated in a culinary adventure and explored the natural affinity between wine and food. A personalized five-course menu was carefully paired with Peller Estates premium VQA wines. The focus of the menu by Chef Jason Parsons was inspired by seasonal local farmdriven cuisine. In September the Toronto Bailliage had the opportunity and pleasure to visit the prestigious Rosedale Golf Club located in the heart of Toronto. The backdrop of this wonderful property and the newly built Clubhouse only enhanced the lovely meal prepared by Executive Chef Victor De Guzman.

Attendees enjoy Eliot & Vine evening.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Toronto continued

(left to right) David and Sabine Main with Paul and Amy Morrell.

The oysters.

The iconic CN Tower was the crown jewel of the year, where Chaîne des Rôtisseurs member and CN Tower’s Executive Chef John Morris, Maître Rôtisseur, hosted the annual Grand Chapitre. Executive Chef Morris works created a menu which featured only the freshest Canadian ingredients. This special event also included a visit from Bailli Délégué du Canada David R. Tetrault to induct all of our newest members.

February saw the first Mondial event of 2019. This event was hosted by Vice-Echanson Lesle Gibson at Famous Last Words in Toronto. Owner Marlene Thorne and Head Bartender Lucas Twyman led us through a French Literature-inspired cocktail class entitled "Libations of the Left Side". Our group was taught how to create four different cocktails made with French ingredients — French twists all connected to famous French literature.

(left to right) Thomas Schultze, Katja Heusel, Bill Morari, Daniel Schick, Christophe Le Chatton, Lisa Le Chatton, Peter Mueller.


(left to right) Salekh Al Aroud and David Hannon

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Toronto continued


On Saturday March 16th, St. George’s Golf and Country Club hosted our Diner Amical. In addition to being past host of the Invictus Games and future host of the RBC Canadian Open, St. George’s is ranked amongst the top 20 courses in the World as well as Canada’s highest ranked Five Star Platinum Club on the world stage.


On March 17th, the Toronto Jeunes Chefs Rôtisseurs competition was held at Niagara College’s Culinary Food and Wine Institute. Luca Maglietta from the King Edward Hotel was the winner of the local competition and will be representing the Toronto Bailliage in Calgary this October.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Toronto continued Next we stopped to sample a popular wine station provided by Luigi Bosc: Argentina, Joseph Drouhin: Burgundy, and Maison Sichel:Bordeaux. Then on to the following station offering a creation by Chef Rosalyn Ediger from SAIT, a flavoursome vegetarian dish of confit celery root, sweet roasted peppers, basil, onion crisps, and chili oil.

(Left to right) Chef John Morris CN Tower; Chef Chris Gironda, Scarborough Golf and Country Club,; Chef Dan Craig; The Westin Harbor Castle; Chef Tim Belanger; Chef Sam Seaver

Next up for the Toronto Bailliage are some fantastic events which include: The Granite Club, Ricarda’s, The Toronto Club, Vineland Estates and the Omni King Edward Hotel for the 2019 Chapitre.

Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary (Submitted by Ashley James, Vice-Chargé de Presse) SAIT Tastemarket, Cook for the Cause On a “frosty” minus 22⁰C February evening, members and friends of the Chaîne’s Calgary Bailliage gathered at SAIT Tastemarket to celebrate Cook for the Cause, raising funds for SAIT scholarships, Jeunes Chefs and Jeunes Sommeliers competitions. Guests were greeted with flutes of Taittinger Champagne along with three artistic appetizers, created by SAIT Chef Steve Lapine, Chef Rôtisseur, (Osso bucco with cabbage, truffle ricotta tortellini, and butter poached lobster with potato) as our emcee Vice-Chancelier Joe Scorgie welcomed our guests to the evening. We began our tour of the stations with a togarashi crusted Albicore Tuna, pickled mango, citrus dressing, and sheared romaine, courtesy of Chef Rogelio Herrera, Maître Rôtisseur, of Alloy.


Chef Rogelio Herrera of Alloy

Executive Chef Quinn Staple, Maître Rôtisseur, joined us from Hotel Arts, sampling a luscious deconstructed baked potato, potato gnocchi along with crème fraiche, chives and bacon bits, topped with grated mimolette. Next Chef Andrew Springett from SAIT served a perfectly tender smoked duck breast, parsnip parfait, salad and crisp, and golden raisin sauce. Conseiller Culinaire du Canada Jan Hansen followed, serving Vietnamese shaking beef striploin, basil infused pea puree, accompanied by flawless wild mushroom aranchini.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued For dessert, SAIT provided an orange pistachio creamsicle with cotton candy, served beneath a superb sugar statue created by Christine Beard, incorporating a sugar Chaîne plate, along with another sugar Chaîne plate among the cotton candy. Completing the evening, we sampled Kensington Wine Market’s 25th anniversary 1992 Vintage Port, from the cellars of Taylor Fladgate.

Hotel Arts Quinn Staple (left).

Then it was time to move on to the cheese and charcuterie station. The charcuterie was skillfully prepared by SAIT students, served alongside an enticing selection of cheeses donated by Worldwide Specialty Foods Ltd. SAIT Chefs Desmond Johnston and Georg Windisch, Chef Rôtisseur, supervised the charcuterie. Next to the bar, Burwood Distilleries was sampling their brands Gin, Vodka, Medica: Honey Liqueur, and Honey Eau de Vie. Steven Martinson created a unique champagne cocktail that was refreshing and summery. Transporting us, it could have been July! Here’s hoping the recipe soon follows. In addition, a tempting trio of The Grizzly Paws beverages, a Root Beer, Powder Hound Pale Ale, and Alpenglow Winter Ale were offered at the bar.

Conseillier Culinaire Du Canada Jan Hansen.

Our grateful thanks to all the chefs who participated. Boosting the funds raised, our silent auction items all proved popular, attracting brisk bidding activity. They were donated by the Post Hotel Relais et Chateaux; The Hyatt Calgary; Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise; Hotel Arts Group; Vero Bistro & Robert Kulawy; WinSport; Willow Park Wines & Spirits; Calgary Petroleum Club; The Ranchmen’s Club Calgary; Calgary Golf & Country Club & Le Creuset; The Glencoe Club; Calgary Winter Club; Gordon Food Service Canada; Henckle; La Chaumiere; Niche 37

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de l’Alberta à Calgary continued Market Imports – Llyn Strelau and Rodney Shaver; Joan and David Tetrault; Galileo Wine & Spirits; Zenato Wines; Clever Canines; Satwant Lota; Yalumba Wines; Vertigo Theatre; Chicken on the Way, McKenzie Towne; Glenfarclas Whisky; Luigi Bosca Wines; Taittinger Champagne. Thank you to Simply Elegant for the bird of paradise floral arrangements, adding tropical colour, helping everyone at least for a little while, to forget the chill awaiting us.

The participating Chefs.


Thank you to the culinary sponsors in making the evening a success: SAIT; SAIT Tastemarket; Hotel Arts Group and Alloy Restaurant. Thank you to the food sponsors, without you we would be unable to sample the tasty creations made by our sponsors above: Worldwide Specialty Foods Ltd.; City Fish; Gordon Food Service and SAIT. Last but never least, an enormous thank you to all the guests who braved the cold to join us making this an evening to remember. We cannot begin to express our gratitude to you for your supporting future generations of chefs.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver (Submitted by Ann Collette, Bailli Régional) Triumphant Return to the Westin Bayshore It had been many years since the Vancouver Bailliage had held a dinner at the iconic Westin Bayshore Hotel, but on Sunday, October 28, Maître Hotelier Martin Leclerc remedied that by welcoming Chaîne members and friends to the Westin for our 2018 Chaîne Intronisation and Dinner. The Westin Bayshore hotel team worked pure magic that evening, deftly bringing the glow of autumn into the main ballroom using strategically positioned amber spotlights whose colour was repeated in the beautiful red, orange, gold and yellow floral centrepieces that punctuated the elegant white linen and porcelain place settings. Executive Chef Geoff Carkner, Maître Rôtisseur, who was among the 12 new inductees honoured that evening, worked a different kind of magic, presenting a custom five-course meal accompanied by wine pairings sponsored by well-known British Columbia wineries Sandhill and Grey Monk Estate. Yes, it had been many years since the Vancouver Bailliage dined at the Westin Bayshore, but it was truly worth the wait.

2018 Intronisation Dinner Westin Bayshore Hotel Reception Hors d’oeuvres Foie gras magnum, white chocolate, crispy quinoa ODT bruschetta, shallot jam, grana Padano, micro basil, Duck confit cigar, brick pastry, mandarin orange, Hot smoked salmon, potato pancake Appetizer Kampachi Crudo Orange dashi, endive, begonia, finger lime Roast Black Cod Warm cucumber hearts, smoked yogurt, ice plant, toasted hazelnut, wild rice, bergamot gel 24-Hour Pork Belly Ginger rock-candy caramel, soubise, pickled and shaved vegetables Prime Rib Cap Uni, Matsutake mushrooms, carrot, marrow, spinach, red wine sauce Dessert - Leatherwood Honey Ice Cream Apple tarte tatin, rosemary caramel Wine Pairings supplied by Sandhill and Grey Monk Estate Winery

(left to right) Westin GM Martin Leclerc, Joan Tetrault, Bailli Délégué David Tetrault and Annie Pelletier.

Grand Maître Rôtisseur Bruno Marti presented the accolade to newly minted Maître Rôtisseur Chef Geoff Carkner.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued

The Vancouver Bailliage was pleased to welcome 10 new members in 2018.

An Italian Christmas The holiday season, perhaps more than any other time of year, turns our collective thoughts to the warm and comforting food traditions of our youth. So it was at the Vancouver Bailliage’s holiday season dinner at Executive Chef/Co-owner Gennaro Iorio, Maître Rôtisseur, award-winning La Terrazza Ristorante, where Chef Iorio took our group on a culinary journey through an Italian Christmas. The rich, elegant, Old World-infused décor of La Terrazza provided the perfect backdrop for a festive season celebration, which began with a lively standup reception featuring prosecco accompanied by three delectable pass-around canapes. 40

BC Provincial Bailli Jane Ruddick, Grand Maître Rôtisseur Officier Bruno Marti and Vancouver Bailli Ann Collette pause for a photo at the holiday season dinner at La Terrazza.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued The custom five-course dinner itself was a true reflection of the Italian culinary traditions that Gennaro was born into, and that clearly continue to inspire him every day in his own restaurant kitchen. The exquisite beef carpaccio opener melted on the tongue in an explosion of flavours, while the Giulio’s Pasta (named for Chef Iorio’s partner and restaurant sommelier) delighted with its perfectly prepared prawns gently tossed with classic Italian ingredients over homemade pasta. Both provided the superb lead-ups to the buttery sablefish course and the Australian lamb tenderloin main. Fantastico!

Christmas at La Terrazza

Lamb tenderloin was the main course of Chef Gennaro Iorio’s Italianinspired dinner for the Chaîne.

Beef Carpaccio Thinly sliced Angus beef tenderloin, crispy capers, black truffle vinaigrette, shaved Asiago 2013 San Silvestro Barbera d’Alba Superiore – Italy

Giulio’s Pasta Tagliatelle pasta black, tiger prawn, capers, garlic, peperoncino olive oil, crispy prosciutto, bread crumbs 2018 Cono Sur Organico Pinot Noir – Chile

Sable Fish Pan-seared sable fish, beluga lentils ragù, charred Meyer lemon 2017 Hester Creek Old Vines Trebbiano – British Columbia

Lamb Roasted Australian lamb tenderloin, herb Dijon encrusted, roasted cauliflower, celery root purée, rosemary - demi glaze 2000 Château Lanassen Haut-Médoc – France

Dessert - Torta Di Pera Baked almond tart, caramelized pears, vanilla bean ice cream, caramel drizzle 2017 Ruffino Moscato d’Asti – Italy

La Terrazza partner Giulio Micelli and Teresa Iorio accept the Chaîne’s gift of gratitude for a truly amazing dinner.

Octavia Vodka Tasting at Honey Salt The Vancouver Bailliage’s Ordre Mondial group, under the direction of Vice-Echanson Clement Lau, kicked off 2019 with the perfect pick for a mid-winter sipping event. It was a warm-you-up-from-the-inside vodka cocktail and canapé tasting featuring Octavia Vodka. 41

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued Octavia Vodka Tasting Honey Salt COCKTAILS Rosemary & Honey Collins A blend of rosemary syrup, freshly squeezed lemon juice, organic honey water and Octavia Ultra- Smooth Vodka served over ice and topped with soda.

Classic Martini X Octavia Vodka Dry “Blue Moon” Over-Proof Octavia Vodka stirred over ice and served in a Lillet-rinsed glass with bleu fromage stuffed green olives.

Clarified Bloody Mary Dea-Fortuna house blended tomato and spice mix and Octavia Premium Vodka stirred over ice. Vice-Echanson Clement Lau and friends enjoy a special vodka tasting at Honey Salt.

The intimate evening event, which took place at Honey Salt Lounge in the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver Hotel, happened while the region was in the grips of a heavy snowstorm that saw most traffic come to a crawl. However, evidently there’s nothing can keep an OM member from attending a great event with 100 per cent attendance.

Duck Wash Old Fashioned The Asian twist on a well-known classic cocktail featured Octavia Ultra Smooth duck washed vodka, hoisin bitters and scallion syrup.

Clover Club This homage to the 1896 Clover Club gentlemen’s lounge of the same name featured Octavia Premium Vodka, fresh raspberries, freshly squeezed lemon juice, simple syrup and egg white.

CANAPES Warm Dates Crispy Prosciutto, blue Benedictine

Avocado Toast Tuille, shallot, cilantro, celery, chili

Crispy Duck a l’orange Fritter Limoncello Semifreddo Freeze-dried raspberry, basil

Honey Salt Executive Chef Jason Labahn prepared four special canapés to accompany the selection of cocktails.


Octavia Vodka lived up to its reputation as a premium Canadian spirit, produced from Canadiangrown grain and Rocky Mountain spring water using a refined family recipe – the culmination of 100 years of distilling experience.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued Octavia Representatives from were on hand to talk about their vodka products as well as describe each of the five unique cocktails they presented to the 24 enthusiastic attendees.

Consul General of France M. Philippe Sutter says a word of welcome to the 80 people attending the special Alsatian dinner at Le Crocodile. Chaîne members (L to R) David Greig, Guy Collette and Sue Danahy were among the OM members who attended the Octavia vodka tasting.

In addition, the delicious selection of five different vodka cocktails were accompanied by some equally imaginative canapés that were specially prepared by the executive chef of Honey Salt.

The evening began with a perfect portion of classic pork hock and fois gras terrine followed by a lovely port wine and julienned duck consommé. What happened then had diners gasping in awe.

Soirée Alsacienne at Le Crocodile They say, “the more the merrier” and that was certainly the case when the Vancouver Bailliage joined with members from the Victoria Bailliage and the Vancouver Chapter of the International Wine and Food Society for a collegial gastronomic celebration of traditional Alsatian cuisine at Le Crocodile. The culinary revelers also included the Consul General of France M. Philippe Sutter, who like our host, Executive Chef, Owner and Grand Maître Rôtisseur Michel Jacob, is a native of the Alsace region. Every year, Chef Jacob sets aside two days in his renowned French restaurant, Le Crocodile, to share with his loyal patrons what is for him a “taste of home” – a hearty, traditional Choucroute dinner. It was an invitation he this year also graciously extended to his fellow Chaîne members and the IWFS, who together sold-out the event.

The epic Choucroute au Riesling main course at Le Crocodile was a departure from typical tasting portions and worth every mouth-watering bite!


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Vancouver continued The epic main course – Choucroute Garnie au Riesling – consisted of Riesling-simmered sauerkraut topped by a whole bratwurst, a European wiener, a smoked pork chop and a slice of pork belly accompanied by three perfectly prepared potatoes. Soirée Alsacienne Le Crocodile Canapés Cremant d’Alsace

Smoked Pork Hock and Fois Gras Terrine served with Sauterne Gelée & Toasted Brioche Gewürtztraminer

Port Wine Consommé served with Smoked Duck Breast Julienne Alvear Fino Dry Sherry

Choucroute Garnie Au Rieslisng Alsatian Riesling

Accordionist Alan Dionne added an additional Alsatian flavour to the Vancouver Bailliage’s first dining event of 2019.

Bailliage de Victoria (Submitted by David Izard, Vice Chargé de Presse and Gail Gabel, Bailli Régional)

Poire Williams Sorbet Dessert - Apple Beignet served with Kirsch Crème Anglaise Sauternes

It could be said that for a group accustomed to “tasting portions” this was a meal of truly heroic proportions!

Ordre Mondial Mixology Event, Little Jumbo Restaurant Housed in the Pacific Transfer Building a three-story Edwardian era red brick in historical old town district of Victoria, Little Jumbo Restaurant hosted the Bailliage’s first “Mixology Event”.

There’s no question our members and friends were wowed by the quality but also bowled over by the quantity of the main course, some of which diners took home in elegantly monogrammed Le Crocodile doggie bags. Evidently this was not the first time Chef Jacob’s guests have had to let out their belts and pack up the rest of the main course, which was simply too delicious to leave behind. Of course, no one should have been surprised. Chef Jacob, who over the years has hosted 12 Chaîne dinners for the Vancouver Chaîne, gave specific instructions that guests were not to eat for two days before the dinner. 44

Mixologist Avi Kunen prepares a “Comfy Knit Sweater”

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Executive Chef, Gabriel Fayerman-Hansen and Bar Manager, Avi Kunen collaborated to produce a unique dining experience worthy of the Ordre Mondial des Gourmets Dégustateurs. Instead of the more-traditional wine served with dinner, cocktails designed by Avi Kunen complemented the flavours of each of Chef Gabriel’s four delicious dinner courses. The restaurant’s bistro atmosphere and three hundred bottles of spirits, liqueurs and bitters are an impressive backdrop for the bar, as well as providing a fountain of opportunity for Avi’s creative talents. Chef Gabriel introduced each course, highlighting his selection of seasonal produce and flavours while admitting to a passion for quinces, very definitely shared by the author.

“Raising a Glass at our first Mixology Event!” (left to right) Jeanne and Genevieve Sedun, Heather Kerrie, Spencer Massie, and Thom Sedun.

The cocktail presented for this course was “Comfy Knit Sweater”, a tequila base with Avi’s pear and black pepper syrup and a dash of ginger bitters. There were several suggestions that one might sleep very well if one dared to down a couple of these “sweaters”!

Organic potato Stinging Nettle bisque.

“Harvest Morning” our first pairing was a personal favourite. The “seaside” gin-based cocktail infused with hints of apple and citrus paired beautifully with the Alder smoked salmon, celeriac remoulade, winter beets, and Blini. (Seaside Gin is produced locally at Vancouver Island’s Sheringham Distillery in Sooke— a recent winner of Canada’s “Best Contemporary Gin Award” at the prestigious 2019 World Gin Awards in London). This was followed by a bisque of organic potato and rosemary, little nuggets of fermented pink turnip and a garnish of Grand Fir gremolata.

The Scotch lovers in the group came into their own with the next cocktail, aptly named “Burning Leaves” which was based on a smokey Islay from McClelland. In addition to a touch of sauternes, this cocktail also contained the Italian liqueur, Cynar, whose base is a mix of thirteen plants and herbs with artichoke being the key note. This paired well with the hearty mushroom ragout, braised lamb, green olive and semolina agnolotti, not forgetting the garnish of Chef’s favourite quince jelly. 45

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Mondial Mixology Menu Little Jumbo Restaurant Winter beets and alder smoked Steelhead Trout Celeriac remoulade, Meyer lemon, sour cream blini

HARVEST MORNING: Sheringham Distillery “Seaside” gin, apple syrup, Lemon orange bitters, egg white

My favourite dessert, Apple Tarte Tatin also pleased the Scotch lovers as it was served with a Laphroaig Quarter Cask flavoured ice cream. Avi’s cocktail creation for the dessert, “Napping by the Fire” had a Spanish Brandy base with a dark chocolate and orange cordial finish. After such a perfect meal and cocktail experience, likely napping by the fire was on several agendas as the evening came to a close.

Northstar organic potato and Stinging Nettle bisque Fermented turnip, grand-fir gremolata COMFY KNIT SWEATER: Hornitos reposado, black pepper and pear syrup, ginger bitters

Braised Lamb Neck green olive and semolina agnolotti Cured squash, quince jelly, wild mushrooms BURNING LEAVES: Mcclelland’s Islay, Sauternes Cynar, cinnamon syrup, Lemon, grapefruit & rosemary bitters

Apple Tarte Tatin, clove and cinnamon pastry Vanilla Dulce de leche ice cream NAPPING BY THE FIRE: Torres 5-year brandy, Amaro Montenegró, Dark chocolate & orange cordial

Annual Inductions and Seasonal Dinner Gala The Victoria Bailliage celebrated our annual seasonal festive black-tie dinner gala at the Union Club of British Columbia. This private member’s club, which is in Victoria’s scenic historic inner harbour district, was recently designated a “National Heritage Site of Canada”. The timing of our visit was perfect, immediately following the completion of extensive exterior renovations and major interior remodelling of the landmark 105-year old Beaux-Arts clubhouse.

Bailli Regional Gail Gabel presents certificates to Little Jumbo culinary team.


Bailli Gail Gabel was able to enlist the club’s culinary team led by the very talented Executive Chef Nicolas Hipperson, Maître Rôtisseur and front of house Food and Beverage Manager Heather Power, Maître Restaurateur. As a result, we enjoyed an outstanding five-course menu celebrating the pleasures of the table — each course perfectly executed, paired with a lovely selection of wines, and elegantly served in the ballroom.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Annual Seasonal & Chapitre Dinner Union Club of British Columbia Champagne & Canapés Citrus-cured Hamachi with avocado and Northern Divine caviar Sea Urchin mousse with Dungeness Crab Beef tenderloin with truffle and foie gras Bailly Lapierre Brut Crémant de Bourgogne Réserve

Butternut Squash Soup Apple panna cotta, Vadouvan-spiced granola, parsley butter La Maison Darragon Haut des Ruettes Demi Sec 2016 AC Vouvray (Chenin Blanc)

Giant Pacific Octopus

Heather Power finalizes the table settings.

Special guests Dr. Jane Ruddick, Provincial Bailli, and David Tetrault, Bailli Délégué du Canada led the intronization ceremony assisted by Dr. Jack Littlepage, Chargé de Missions, and Bailli Honoraire Lyle Viereck. “DT”, no stranger to the foil, skilfully wielded his ceremonial foil inducting four new members into the Chaîne, followed by seven confrères into the Mondiale.

Smoked tomato compressed cucumber squid-ink emulsion Bacon breadcrumb pickled-jalapeño white bean Ragu and Cilantro shoots Domaine Hubert Brochard AC Sancerre, France (Loire Valley)

Gindara Sablefish Basil and saffron cured pork Lardo, Confit fingerling potatoes and crispy chips, Black garlic olive purée, roasted red pepper jelly Domaine l'Amauve Blanc AOC Séguret, France

Pan Roasted Dry-Aged Angus Tenderloin Foie gras au torchon & Braised beef tongue Purée de pomme, honey-glazed baby carrot, rutabaga fondant, wild mushrooms, red wine jus Barón de Ley Graciano DOCG Rioja, Spain

Coconut Pudding Citrus financier, preserved nectarine, lychee pearls, lemon grass & ginger gelato, gold leaf, lemon balm Château Armajan des Ormes 2013 AS Sauternes

In addition, Janine Yip received her 30-year Officier Commandeur pin; Tamaki Calder, Eric Spurling, and Allan Tyson received 10-year silver awards; and Shirley Lang was promoted to Maître Rôtisseur. Shirley Lang with Nelles Shackleton and Richard Spect.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued After a warm welcome, a champagne toast to our new confrères in recognition of those otherwise honored, the group of fifty-plus attendees moved to the Centennial Ballroom room for the main event. The evenings’ celebration closed with Dr. Jane Ruddick’s final accolade acknowledging Executive Chef Nicolas Hipperson and Heather Power’s integral role for creating an outstanding evening. AWARDS: 30-yrs Commandeur - Officier: Janine Yip 10-yr Commandeur (Silver): Tamaki Calder, Eric Spurling, Allan Tyson, Emory Haines (not present) PROMOTIONS: Shirley Lang, Maître Rôtisseur NEW MEMBERS: Deborah Mantell, Maître Hotelier Honoraire; Micah Barber, Rôtisseur; John Arnott, Chevalier; Larry Macintosh, Chevalier, Steven Walker-Duncan, Chef Rôtisseur (not present) L’ORDRE MONDIALE: Tamaki Calder, Anna Romeyn Ion; Shirley Lang, Larry Macintosh, Heather Power, Lyle Viereck Owen Wright (Member of the Vancouver Bailliage)

Giant pacific octopus


The Grand Finale — preparing the Coconut Pudding.

The Final Result!

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued

Members Inducted, Promoted and Receiving Awards.

New members of L’Ordre Mondiale.


La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued

Luncheon at SYSCO Foods The Bailliage enjoyed what was, in my humble opinion, the best luncheon in my more than 25-yearassociation with the Chaîne when Executive Chef Daniele Mereu at Victoria’s SYSCO Foods created a truly inspired four-course luncheon menu. This very generous invitation extended to our Bailliage by SYSCO is an opportunity for our Members to not only sample the broad range of products that SYSCO supplies to local culinary centres but to also appreciate another side of SYSCO’s business which includes consulting on restaurant and menu development and professional advice from SYSCO’s Executive Chef Daniele Mereu.

The many gastronomes among us, enjoyed a clear view of Daniele in full-force, his team in-sync, perform the final prep and assemblage on the plate. Daniele’s first course featured a ricotta and roasted eggplant stuffed cannolo, wrapped in a lightly toasted bavettine. This could have happily been be my favourite of the day, that is until Chef’s Daniele’s unveiled our next course aptly named “The Bottom of the Ocean”. The presentation on the plate was stunningly beautiful; an edible ocean diorama, composed with a sandy ocean bottom of chick pea Velouté; layered with tender of octopus, seared scallops, and delicate spot prawns, coral, and seaweed garnish. WOW! I was now thinking that maybe this might be my favourite course!

“The Bottom of the Ocean”.

Norma Kimble and Chef Daniele.

It was only fitting in-keeping with the afternoon’s Italian motif to serve the deliciously brut Prosecco Superiore to attendees immediately upon their arrival --much to the enjoyment of our appreciative members and their guests! We moved to SYSCO’s vast demonstration kitchen and sat seated long-table style — our table spanning the entire length of the room!


If anyone thought that the spectacular colours of the second course could not be topped, they were very definitely wrong. The main course was not your standard Filet Mignon. It was a tour de force — “Jackson Pollock meets Mark Rotheko”; a tender tenderloin nestled over a Foie Gras emulsion, shaved truffles, painted in a post-impressionist kaleidoscope of colour. The very palatable Vigneti Zabù, ‘Il Passo’ Nerello Mascalese was a perfect pairing and is one of my latest, favourite reds.

La Chaîne – Coast to Coast – Coast to Coast – Coast Bailliage de Victoria continued Luncheon SYSCO Foods Welcoming “Bubbles” Nino Franco Valdobbiadene Marca Oro Superiore Prosecco brut

Cannolo di Melanzana, Ricotta & Bavettine Eggplant Cannolo, Ricotta, Bavettine Bianco Monte del Fra Ca Del Magro, Custoza Superiore, 2016

“Jackson Pollock meets Mark Rotheko”.

Could the finale be as unique as its predecessor courses? Why not? After all, we were dining with Daniele Mereu! Have you ever thought about serving a piece of squash for dessert? Neither had I, but here we had a small steamed wedge of Kabocha squash served with delicate coconut custard, a touch of creamy condensed milk, garnished with a smattering of shredded coconut -- all topped with 23 carat gold leaf. A perfectly light and delicious ending to a spectacular meal. Ruffino Serelle Vin Santo del Chianti was a luscious complement.

Passatina di Ceci, Capesante, Polpo & Gamberi Rossi Chicke Pea Veloute’, Hakaido Scallop, Spanish Octopus, Spot Pranws Bianco Monte del Fra Ca Del Magro, Custoza Superiore, 2016

Filetto di Manzo, Colori Edibili, Emulsione di Foie Gras Sous Vide Beef Tendrloin, Foie Gras Emulsion, Edible Colours Vigneti Zabù, ‘Il Passo’ Nerello Mascalese, 2016

Kabocha Zucca, Crema Pasticcera al Cocco, Latte Condensato Steamed Kabocha Squash, Coconut Custard, condensed Milk Ruffino Serelle Vin Santo del Chianti

Kabocha Squash.

Ian Hughes and Beverley Straub.