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Bobby Jenkins

Chairman, ABC Home & Commercial Services

Michael Rottler

Treasurer, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions

John Myers

Vice Chairman, Rentokil North America

John Wilson

Vice Chairman, Rollins

Dominique Stumpf

Chief Executive Officer, NPMA

Cindy Mannes

Executive Director, PPMA


Bayer Environmental Science

Judy Dold

Rose Pest Solutions

Thomas Fortson

(Emeritus) Terminix Service, Inc.

Steve Gullickson MGK®

Russell Ives

Rose Pest Solutions

Trace McEuen

William Tesh

Univar USA, Inc.

Pest Management Systems, Inc.

Andrew Klein

Marillian Missiti

Buono Pest Control

Joe Thomas, Jr.

Assured Environments

Marion A. (Lex) Knox, Jr.

Mark Neterer

Corteva Agriscience™

Lawrence Treleven

Terminix Service, Inc.

Anthony Massey

Scott Reasons Syngenta

Ben Walker

Massey Services, Inc.

Harvey Massey

Kim Scott

Abizar (Zack) Zaki

Stephanie Jensen

BASF North America Crop Protection

(Emeritus) Massey Services, Inc.

The Terminix International Company

Arrow Exterminators, Inc.

Sprague Pest Solutions

Gregory Pest Solutions

FMC Corporation


Chris Gorecki Rollins

Letter from the chairman DEAR FRIENDS AND COLLEAGUES, The professional pest management industry has been

PPMA is funded 100% through voluntary donations from

fortunate to experience steady growth in recent years.

generous pest control firms and members of the supplier

According to research shared by Specialty Consultants,

community doing their part to lead this industry forward

the industry generated $8.9 billion in total service revenue

and provide exceptional marketing initiatives to inform

in 2018, and 2019 projections are expected to drive that

consumer audiences. To our investors, we want to express

number even higher. Now, there are a multitude of reasons

our deep and heartfelt appreciation for this support.

behind this shared success — from growth in individual service categories to advancements and efficiencies in how we operate our businesses — even a healthier housing market can be thrown into the mix. But one thing has been a constant mainstay in the last 20+ years and that is the incredible work we’re doing through the Professional Pest

PPMA needs your support, as it allows us to continue this impactful work on your behalf and on behalf of the industry as a whole. And believe it or not, you need us, too. Not only does our work benefit all pest control companies, but we also provide marketing solutions for all our investors

Management Alliance.

through our digital marketing service, Mainframe. This

The work PPMA does on your behalf and on behalf of the

marketing materials, collateral, social media content

industry is absolutely critical to ensuring our future and

and ad campaigns that are ready to use.

protecting our livelihoods. PPMA works to grow, promote, protect and defend the professional pest control industry and to grow the market by educating consumer audiences about pest problems and the value of professional services. Our continual call to action is for consumers to partner

online service gives companies access to incredible

So, sit back and prepare to be INSPIRED. See how our bigger and bolder ideas are driving this industry forward and get on board with PPMA because we are all better

with you.

when working together.

PPMA is indeed leading this industry forward with bigger


and bolder marketing initiatives and programs that, at the end of the day, make us all better. Whether it’s

Bobby Jenkins

through visual marketing campaigns, the important health messaging we deliver in our public service announcements (done in partnership with the CDC) or our expanding digital efforts that drive traffic to our consumer websites, we are reaching customers with compelling and accurate information. This report contains the highlights of what we can achieve as a unified force which are only made possible by the financial contributions of a few hundred strong, innovative and dedicated companies.

Chairman, PPMA ABC Home & Commercial Services

Letter from the executive director DEAR STAKEHOLDER, In my letter in last year’s report, I set quite a lofty goal of making 2019 the Professional Pest Management Alliance’s best year yet. I can confidently say we not only delivered on that goal, but we made 2019 bigger, bolder and better than ever before! From eye-opening videos and simulations to embarking on cutting-edge research with the help of artificial intelligence, each initiative had one central goal — to get consumers to call YOU. Inside this report you’ll find countless ways your support has helped us further our mission to grow, promote, protect and defend the professional pest management industry to both residential and commercial audiences, driving home the importance of the work you do each and every day as protectors of public health. This work is crucial to the lives of Americans everywhere, and we do not take our responsibility to support you lightly. As an advocate and unifying voice, PPMA has been able to help shape the public’s perception of professional pest control, and the work we’ve accomplished over the last year is a true testament to that commitment. In 2019, PPMA released two exciting video projects — “Will They Eat It?” and Mosquito Multiplier — which combined amassed more than 1.2 million total video views and provided homeowners with critical information to help protect their homes and families from threats posed by common pests. 2019 also

marked our best year for unique visits in website history, with PestWorld.org alone capturing over 7.8 million sessions. PPMA’s media relations program also shattered records in 2019 with 2,470 consumer print, online and broadcast media placements worth over 475 million impressions. On social media platforms, our custom content, frequent posting activity and robust advertising strategy earned us over 11.4 million total social media impressions in 2019 — that’s almost double the number of viewers that watched the series finale of “American Idol”! These marketing milestones, media wins and achievements belong to the many dedicated pest management companies and suppliers that support our mission. Through their generous support, we are able to continue to grow and capture new consumer audiences nationwide. We are growing the industry. It’s amazing what we can accomplish when we all work together toward one common goal. So, here’s to being bigger, bolder and better together! Best,

Cindy Mannes Executive Director, PPMA

Large Scale Campaigns Attract and Surprise In 2019, PPMA embarked on two major campaigns designed to help educate consumer audiences on the dangers and destructive nature of pests and the importance of working with a licensed pest control professional.

“WILL THEY EAT IT?” PPMA first unveiled “Will They Eat It?” — an exciting six-part online video series with an energetic and fun game show-inspired theme to find out what really happens when everyday household objects are exposed to 100,000 hungry termites. These boldly creative videos, hosted by Michael Bentley, Ph.D., director of training and education for NPMA, were released over the course of six weeks in summer and perfectly captured termites decimating everything from a dictionary to a bag of delicious, greasy fast food to the disbelief of audiences nationwide. The campaign achieved more than 392,000 media impressions, over 8.25 million social media impressions and 716,942 video views and counting.

MOSQUITO MULTIPLIER Mosquitoes are easily one of the most common and dangerous species humans encounter. Yet many homeowners are unaware of the prime breeding grounds they could be harboring in their own backyards. Mosquito Multiplier was a visual demonstration to show just how quickly mosquitoes are able to multiply in sources of standing water. By simulating a typical backyard environment with ideal conditions that allow Aedes aegypti mosquitoes to thrive, our team of experts took mosquito eggs and hatched them under controlled conditions, demonstrating how in less than one week a pile of eggs could produce more than 5,000 mosquitoes. This shocking visual simulation resulted in 22 earned media placements worth 5.2 million impressions. The video, which was also widely shared across PestWorld social media properties, amassed 6.4 million social media impressions and nearly 506,000 video views. These bigger, bolder and better marketing campaigns are all made available to organizations that invest in PPMA and subscribe to PPMAMainframe.org to help pest management companies share the exciting and shocking footage with their customers and local news outlets.







Consumer and Commercial Media Relations Programs LEVERAGING OUR EXPERTS PPMA’s high-caliber spokesperson bench has become a go-to resource for the media. Our team of experts is ready, often at a moment’s notice, to deliver credible, clear and authoritative messaging to the media, helping to answer questions relating to common household pests and the health and property risks they pose. Through this work, our experts have helped solidify our relationships with members of the media, ensuring we remain on their radar and stay a positive part of their stories.


Cindy Mannes VP of Public Affairs

Jorge P. Parada, MD, MPH, FACP, FIDSA

Jim Fredericks, Ph.D.

Medical Advisor for NPMA

Chief Entomologist

Michael Bentley, Ph.D.

Brittany Campbell, Ph.D., BCE

Staff Entomologist

Staff Entomologist

CONSUMER AND COMMERCIAL MEDIA WINS PPMA’s media relations program achieved an astounding 2,470 consumer print, online and broadcast media placements in 2019 that aimed to educate the public on the dangers associated with pests and the importance of working with a licensed pest control professional. This represents a 60 percent increase over our results for the year prior, and amounts to 475 million impressions — that’s almost five times the number of people that tuned into Super Bowl LIII in 2019! On the national front, we were featured in six segments on The Weather Channel, two articles each on AccuWeather.com and Realtor.com, a piece on USA Today online and were a quoted source in a whopping 14 articles on Reader’s Digest online! Regionally, our tips were featured in the Chicago Tribune, the Boston Herald and The Baltimore Sun, among hundreds of other local news outlets in media markets across the country. We also contributed our expertise to 35 media placements in various commercial market publications in 2019, five of which were bylined articles that appeared in QA: Quality Assurance Magazine. Additional coverage throughout the year spanned a range of outlets and topics, from housing and lodging, to buildings and facilities management, food processing, food safety and more.

AWARENESS INITIATIVES Each year, PPMA designates four awareness celebrations that are officially recognized by Chase’s Calendar of Events, a definitive resource on special events, observances, historic anniversaries and more. Termite Awareness Week in March, National Pest Management Month in April, Bed Bug Awareness Week in June and Rodent Awareness Week in October all aim to raise public awareness about common household pests. During each awareness initiative, PPMA launches a consumer media plan and dedicates its social media pages to the pest category with custom header images, graphics and posts to help engage the pest control community and consumers at-large. In all conversations and engagements, we raise awareness of the importance of working with a licensed pest control professional. Our efforts during all four awareness initiatives in 2019 combined garnered 263,572 impressions across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram and helped to elevate the important role pest control professionals play in our everyday lives.

Seasonal Forecasts

Extreme Winter Weather Expected to Drive Pests Indoors This Season SOUTHWEST:



Summer Recap: Drought conditions throughout early summer with late-season precipitation

Summer Recap: Record-breaking heat and little precipitation throughout the season

Summer Recap: Record precipitation and flash flooding throughout early summer

Summer Recap: Below-average temperatures and record-breaking precipitation

From drought to rain during summer, followed by a mild and wet winter ahead, pests like ticks that got a late-season start will now have ample time to thrive in favorable conditions. Rodents and occasional invaders such as stink bugs, elm leaf beetles and multicolored Asian lady beetles will also be driven indoors in search of shelter.

After a hot and dry summer, below-average temperatures and above-average precipitation predicted for winter for most of the region will help spur any lateseason mosquito activity. The eastern part of this region may also see a spike in rodent activity as heavy late-season snow is predicted.

Excessive mid-season rainfall coupled with a milder winter ahead will allow cockroach and mosquito populations to thrive well into the season.

Late-summer precipitation followed by a cold and wet winter will cause ant and cockroach populations to move indoors in search of food and shelter. Above-average snowfall in the northern part of this region will also drive rodents indoors this winter.


SOUTHEAST: Summer Recap: Record temperatures and excessive late-season precipitation

Summer Recap: Flash flooding and above-average temperatures

A warm, wet summer followed by a warm, wet winter will create the perfect conditions for mosquitoes, termites and ants to remain active throughout the entire season.

After a warm and wet summer, above-average temperatures and precipitation for fall may allow mosquitoes to remain active. Excessive snowfall and cold temperatures predicted in the eastern part of this region will also cause rodents and boxelder bugs to seek shelter indoors.

NORTHEAST & NEW ENGLAND: Summer Recap: Record precipitation levels throughout the entire region After an exceedingly wet summer, above-average temperatures in early fall will allow mosquitoes and ticks to linger, and will give spotted lanternfly populations ample time to lay eggs ahead of winter. With cold weather, above-average precipitation and early season snowfall predicted, rodents and stink bugs will also be forced indoors.

pest key late pest activity early pest activity

spotted lanternflies

early pest activity


mild & wet WINTER


on-time pest activity

increased tick, rodent, stink bug & beetle populations


mild & wet summer Mild & wet winteR

Increased ant, cockroach & rodent populations

late pest activity

warm & wet SUMMER cold & wet WINTER

Increased mosquito, rodent & boxelder populations

wet summer

COLD & wet winter

INCREASED mosquito, tick, spotted lanterfly, Rodent & stink bug POPULATIONS



stink bugs

hot & dry summer


early pest activity early pest activity

increased mosquito & rodent POPULATIONS


population forecast wet summer

mild winter

increased cockroach & mosquito populations

warm & wet summer


warm & wet winter

increased mosquito, termite & ant populations

higher than average pest population

average pest population



FALL / WINTER 2019 © 2019 National Pest Management Association

PPMA’s proprietary, biannual Bug Barometer® forecasts pest pressure across the country for the upcoming seasons. NPMA’s certified entomologists help to formulate the regional predictions and the results are released in a full consumer media relations campaign. In 2019, Brittany Campbell, Ph.D., BCE and Jim Fredericks, Ph.D. were each featured in national TV segments on The Weather Channel discussing the 2019 seasonal predictions. Producers used our photography, b-roll video and our official Bug Barometer® infographic. Reader’s Digest also published a piece online featuring our 2019 spring and summer predictions and included an image of our infographic, linking to PestWorld.org. Both reports received substantial national and regional media attention, securing more than 600 media wins worth 52.7 million impressions in 2019. That’s nearly three times the number of viewers that tuned into the “Dick Clark’s NewYear’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest®” special broadcast by ABC.

In only its second year, PPMA’s Vector Sectors™ report, which highlights the top 10 U.S. cities expected to have increased vector pest pressure in a given season, made national news headlines in 2019. Findings from the winter report along with our official infographic were featured on AccuWeather.com, FOXNews.com and iHeartRadio.com. The summer report also saw impressive coverage on MLive.com and in the Chicago Tribune and St. Louis Post-Dispatch. NPMA entomologist, Michael Bentley, Ph.D., was interviewed by CBS Tampa and shared insights and helpful prevention tips with viewers whose city frequently lands on the list. The biannual Vector Sectors™ reports netted 21 million impressions, and much like our Bug Barometer®, are quickly becoming a sought-after forecast tool by the media.

summer 2019

U.S. CITIES PUBLIC HEALTH PEST WATCHLIST When temperatures and precipitation levels rise, so can pest populations, including vector pests that can spread disease. These 10 cities experienced unusual weather this spring and summer, putting them on our watchlist for increased vector pest pressure this season.



Exceedingly wet conditions in both May and July could contribute to a spike in mosquito populations for the remainder of summer.

After experiencing its wettest May on record, above-average temperatures predicted for the remainder of summer could contribute to an increase in both tick and mosquito pressure.


New Orleans

With above-average temperatures and precipitation predicted for the remainder of summer, watch out for late-season tick and mosquito activity in this area.

Record-setting temperatures coupled with excessive rainfall early in the summer could contribute to increased mosquito pressure as we head into fall.

Oklahoma City


With May being its third wettest in history with over 12.5″ of rain, conditions are ripe for both tick and mosquito populations to flourish for the remainder of summer.

With record-setting rainfall May through June, above-average temperatures and continued precipitation throughout the remainder of summer will allow mosquito and tick populations to thrive.

Salt Lake City

St. Louis

After having one of its wettest Mays on record, above-average temperatures and precipitation predicted for August will allow mosquito populations to flourish into fall.

Excessive rainfall in May coupled with above-average temperatures for the remainder of summer could contribute to increased mosquito populations.

Washington, D.C.


Above-average temperatures this summer coupled with late-season precipitation could contribute to increased tick and mosquito pressure well into fall.

Record-setting heat in May coupled with significantly above-average rainfall in both May and June allowed mosquito populations to get a jumpstart on activity.

factor key


Above-average temps in spring and above-average temps and precip in summer

Above-average temps and precip in spring and summer

Above-average temps and precip in spring and above-average temps in summer

Below-average temps and precip in spring and above-average in summer

vector pests 101

Above-average precip in spring and above-average temps and precip in summer



prevention primer

mosquitoes: Mosquitoes are vectors of numerous

+ Apply bug repellent containing at least 20 percent DEET

diseases including malaria, yellow fever, dengue, encephalitis, Chikungunya, West Nile virus and Zika.

+ Wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors + Wear light-colored clothing to make pests more visible

ticks: The blacklegged tick is a vector of anaplasmosis,

+ Remove areas of standing water to minimize breeding

babesiosis and Lyme disease, while the American dog tick, Rocky Mountain wood tick and the brown dog tick are vectors of Rocky Mountain spotted fever.

Brought to you by the National Pest Management Association

Above-average precip and below-average temps in spring and above-average temps in summer

+ Contact a licensed pest control professional if an infestation is suspected


Consumer Website Traffic Shatters Records MORE THAN 7.8 MILLION VISITS TO PESTWORLD.ORG IN 2019 As part of PPMA’s expansive digital presence, we develop engaging content and oversee ongoing search engine optimization (SEO) efforts for two consumer education websites on behalf of the industry: PestWorld.org and PestWorldForKids.org. Overall, 2019 was our best year in website history as we tallied over 8.42 million total sessions — a 32 percent year-over-year increase. A trusted consumer resource for all things relating to pests and pest control, PestWorld.org alone drove over 7.8 million of those sessions, representing an impressive 36 percent year-over-year increase.





MICROSITES THAT AMAZE In 2019, PPMA created two dedicated microsites to house all of the outstanding materials and visuals from some of our biggest campaigns: the Tiny Termite House and “Will They Eat It?” video series. Full of crisp and compelling photography, video footage and a wealth of information on termites, both microsites serve as go-to resources for consumers, industry professionals and media members alike. As PestWorld.org-associated websites, the project microsites also help drive additional traffic to PestWorld.org, further establishing it as a leading resource among consumers for pestrelated information.

SHARING SYNDICATED CONTENT FAR AND WIDE Our ongoing content syndication campaigns to amplify our consumer website content more than doubled our results from 2018, generating an incredible 108.2 million impressions and driving 184,302 direct clicks to PestWorld.org, PestWorldForKids.org and supporting project microsites. CNN, our top publisher in 2019, generated over 40 million of those impressions and 83,000 clicks. Other top online publishers included well-known outlets like the New York Post, MSN, Fox News, ABC, The Washington Post and The Guardian, helping to spread our messaging to new audiences at an average cost per click of only $0.33.

GROWING PESTWORLDFORKIDS.ORG FOR YOUNGER GENERATIONS Further expanding our digital audience and presence, PPMA dedicated efforts and resources to our children’s programming website, PestWorldForKids.org. Thanks to our ongoing SEO strategy, the website now ranks on the first page of Google for 130 of its 153 target keywords, accounting for a collective 19,245 searches per month. In 2019, we also began adding new content to the site, including kid-friendly articles to further meet the needs of our growing online audience and help power our SEO efforts even further.

Getting Smarter with Artificial Intelligence The following heat map shows total U.S. engagement on the topic of rodents in June 2019. As you can see, a majority of the activity was along the coastline.


In 2019, PPMA embraced an emerging research technique utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) to better understand consumer engagement around pests and pest control topics. We work with a leader in AI technology to accurately assess public opinion on a given topic by generating randomized, controlled samples of the population through online media and using text analytics. There are countless applications for the data we’ve garnered thus far, and we’re only scratching the surface. Whether looking at nationwide trends or which pests are most troublesome on a state by state level, there is a huge opportunity for us to capitalize on this resource to help identify market opportunities and potential areas of investment. PPMA also makes the monthly recaps available to Mainframe subscribers, whereby companies can utilize the findings to help inform their own marketing programs and stay ahead of timely pest trends.

COUNT 50,000







social media engagement ORGANIC SOCIAL MEDIA RESULTS


PPMA frequently posts relevant and engaging content on its @PestWorld properties, including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube. These big and bold campaigns secured nearly 6 million organic social media impressions in 2019, delivering our messaging to a growing and active digital audience.

In 2019, PPMA prioritized visual content to effectively engage with today’s online users and drive impressions. Our “Who Knew?” photo series and new custom designed tips provide valuable pest prevention insights while prompting users to share our highquality imagery, further spreading our messaging to new audiences. In total, these custom designed assets drove 274,277 impressions and 8,437 engagements.

CELEBRITY PARTNERSHIP WITH ACTOR RICHARD KARN In summer 2019, PPMA teamed up with actor Richard Karn — most famously known for his role as Al Borland on the hit sitcom, “Home Improvement” — to talk about the importance of taking care of your home. In a short video, which garnered over 95,000 video views on Facebook alone, Karn offered five simple tips for homeowners on how they can pestproof their property during the summer.

SOCIAL MEDIA ADVERTISING Due to ever-changing social media algorithms and a growing propensity for consumers to look to social media for daily information, PPMA prioritized social media advertising as a large part of our overall digital strategy in 2019. Across Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, PPMA employed strategically targeted campaigns to deliver relevant information to highly engaged audiences. On Facebook, our advertisements resulted in over 27.8 million impressions and 504,000 link clicks to online PestWorld content. On YouTube, our promotions netted more than 2.7 million impressions and 742,235 video views. Finally, our promoted pins on Pinterest amassed over 643,000 total impressions, making for a truly impactful year on the social media advertising front.


Public Service Announcements Produced in Partnership with CDC

As a non-profit, PPMA manages a long-standing Public Service Announcement (PSA) program that continues to compete in a cluttered broadcast environment. New spots produced in 2019 added to an already impressive library of PSAs and successfully captured PSA Directors’ attention nationwide thanks in large part to our ongoing partnership with the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Our 2019 campaigns achieved 130,366 airings — that’s conservatively 3.9 million seconds of donated airtime! We are excited by the success of these campaigns, as each of them feature the pest and health messaging that is the core of our consumer education program.

438,162,244 IMPRESSIONS





Copesan Services, Inc.

ABC Home & Commercial Services - Dallas

Corky’s Pest Control, Inc.

ABC Home & Commercial Services - Houston

Cross Pest Control of Tampa

Alford Home Solutions

Dayton’s Pest Control Services, Inc.

American Pest

Dodson Bros. Exterminating Co.

American Pest Solutions, Inc.

EcoChoice Termite & Pest Control, LLC

Arrow Exterminators - Georgia


Assured Environments

Exterminating Unlimited, Inc.

Big Time Pest Control

Extermital Termite & Pest Control

Bug Zero, Inc.

Gregory Pest Solutions

Buono Pest Control Co., Inc.

Harvest Valley Pest Control

Cajun Bug Exterminating, LLC

Hoffman’s Exterminating Co., Inc. Home Pest Control Company, Inc.


Rollins, Inc.

Legacy Termite & Pest Control

Rose Pest Solutions - Illinois

Lloyd Pest Control Co., Inc.

Rose Pest Solutions - Michigan

Massey Services, Inc.

Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions

McCall Service, Inc.

Sprague Pest Solutions

McCauley Services

Terminix Company of North Carolina

Northwest Exterminating Co., Inc.

Terminix International - Tennessee

NuBorn Pest Control

Terminix Pest Control - Louisiana


Terminix Service, Inc. - South Carolina

Palmetto Exterminators, Inc.

Terminix, Inc. - Arkansas

Pest Management Systems, Inc.

The Bug Master

Pestmasters, Inc.

Thomas Pest Services, Inc.

Rentokil Steritech


Agreeable Pest Control

Billiot Industries

A-1 Exterminators, Inc.

Aiken Pest Control, Inc.

BioTech Pest Control, Inc.

A-1 Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

All-American Pest Control, Inc.

Blue Chip Pest Services

A-Abel Exterminating

American City Pest & Termite, Inc.

Blue Sky Pest Control

A.J. Barbo Inc.

American Pest Control, Inc. - Athens

Bosch Pest Control

AAA Pest Control, Inc.

American Pest Control, Inc. - Hanna City

Braman Termite & Pest Elimination

Aardvark Pest Management, Inc.

American Pest Control, Inc. - Troy

Brock Lawn & Pest Control, Inc.


American Pest Management, Inc.

Brody Brothers Pest Control

ABC Pest Control, Inc.

Arab Termite & Pest Control, Inc.

Bug Off Pest Control

ABC Pest Management, LLC

Arizona Pest Control

Burnum-Hahn Exterminators, Inc.

Abell Pest Control

Arrow Exterminating Co., Inc.

Cadenhead Service, Inc.

Absolute Pest Control

Atlantic Graduate Pest Management

California American Exterminator

Acme Exterminating Corporation

Authority Brands

Carolina Pest Management

Adam’s Pest Control

B. O. G. Pest Control

Carter Services, Inc.

Adam’s Pest Control, Inc.

Barrington Exterminating Co.

Catseye USA

Adept Pest Solutions

Beaverton Pest Control, Inc.

Charles Pest Control, Inc.

Admiral Pest Control, Inc.

Big Foot Pest Control, Inc.

Chemtec Pest Control

Aerex Pest Control Service, Inc.

Bill Clark Pest Control, Inc.

Chuck Sullivan Exterminators, Inc.


Delta Pest Control, Inc.

General Pest Control Co.

City Wide Exterminating, Inc.

Dial Environmental

Good Earth Pest Company

Clancy Brothers Pest Control

Dixon Pest Services, Inc.

Got Bugs? Inc.

Clark Pest Control

Eastside Exterminators, Inc.

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Green Giant Home & Commercial

Clegg’s Termite & Pest Control

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Environmental Security

Guardian Pest Solutions, Inc.

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Gunter Pest Management, Inc.

Cowleys Pest Services

Fahey Pest & Lawn Solutions, Inc.

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Cypress Creek Pest Control, Inc.

Finley Termite and Pest Control, Inc.

Hersh Exterminating Service, Inc.

D-Bug Pest Control

First Rate Solutions, Inc.

Homestead Pest Management, Inc.

D.J Bug Away, LLC

Freedom Pest Control Co., Inc.

Hopper Environmental Services, Inc.

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Future Services, Inc.

Hopper Termite & Pest Management, Inc.

Dave’s Pest Control

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Horizon Termite & Pest Control Corp.

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General Environmental Services, Inc.

HTP Termite & Pest Control


Lindsey Pest Services

New Mexico Pest Control

Hydrex Pest Control Co., Inc.

Loyal Termite & Pest Control Co., Inc.

Nexus Pest Solutions

Idaho Pest Management Association

Magic Exterminating Co., Inc.

Noosa Pest Management, LLC

Impact Pest Elimination

Mares Exterminating Co., LLC

North Fulton Pest Solutions

Infinite Pest Solutions

Mayley’s Pest Control

Nozzle Nolen, Inc.

Interstate Pest Management

McCloud Services

Ohio Exterminating Co., Inc.

Invader Pest Management, Inc.

McDuffie Pest Control

Olson’s Pest Technicians

IPM Integrated Pest Management

McKenzie Pest Control, Inc.

Oregon Pest Control Association

J.P. McHale Pest Management, Inc.

McNeely Pest Control

P.E.S.T., Inc.

J.P. Pest Services, Inc.

Metro Pest Control, Inc.


Ja-Roy Exterminating Services of St. Tammany, Inc.

Modern Exterminating Co., Inc. - Columbia

Patton Pest Control Co.

Jerry’s Pest Control, Inc.

Modern Exterminating Co., Inc. - Jacksonville

Jones Termite & Pest Control, Inc. Killo Exterminating Co., Inc. Knockout Pest Control, Inc. Ledford’s Termite & Pest Control, Inc. Lenegar’s Pest & Moisture Services

Modern Pest Control Modern Pest Services - Brunswick Modern Pest Services - Norwood Moyer Indoor/Outdoor Pest Control Mr. Bug Killer, Inc.

Patton Termite & Pest Control, Inc. Paul’s Pest Control, Inc. Perfection Pest Control, Inc. Perschel & Meyer Pest Management Pest Aid Company of Alexandria, Inc. Pest Solutions, Inc. Pestco Professionals Pest Control


Rid-A-Pest, Inc.

Terminix - Oregon


Ross Environmental Solutions, Inc.

The Bug Killer/The Bug Man

Pestex, Inc.

Safe Haven Pest Control

The Bug Man, Inc.

Phoenix VIP Events, LLC

Sage Pest Control

The Killers

Platinum Pest Solutions, Inc.

San Juan Pest Control

Plunkett’s Pest Control, Inc.

Scherzinger Pest Control

Thrasher Termite & Pest Control of So Cal, Inc.

Preferred Pest Control, Inc.

SEE Pest & Lawn Solutions

Preferred Termite & Pest Control


Pro Pacific Pest Control

Sherrill Pest Control

ProBest Pest Management

Shoreline Services, Inc.

Prompt Action Pest Control

Slug-A-Bug, Inc.

Prosite Pest Control

Southwestern Pest Control

Quality Pest Control, Inc.

Spencer Pest Services

Quik-Kill Pest Eliminators, Inc.

Spray Miami, LLC

Ransford Environmental Solutions, Inc.

Stern Environmental Group, LLC

Rapid Pest Solutions, Inc.

Suburban Exterminating

RichPro Pest Management, Inc.

Sure Thing Pest Control

Rid-A-Bug Exterminating Co., Inc.

Swat Pest Management

Triangle Pest Control Turner Pest Control Viking Termite & Pest Control Washington State Pest Mgmt Association Williams Pest Control Services Witt Pest Management World Pest Control/Sunflower Services Yankee Pest Control, Inc. Zip Zap Termite & Pest Control


GUARDIANS Good Strategies, LLC


Forshaw Inc.

Strategic Industries, LLC

AP&G Co., Inc.

Liphatech, Inc.

TAP Insulation

B Communications

Namron Business Associates, Inc.

Terramera, Inc.

Bell Labs, Inc. Central Life Sciences Control Solutions, Inc. FMC Professional Solutions

Nisus Corporation Oldham Chemicals Co., Inc. Specialty Consultants, LLC

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ABOUT MAINFRAME Mainframe is an online digital marketing agency powered by PPMA that provides subscribers with access to ready-made, professionally designed social media and digital content, as well as advertising, direct mail and public relations and media materials specifically created for pest control companies to help grow their businesses. And, did you know that by subscribing to Mainframe, you’re also supporting PPMA’s marketing programs? Your investment not only gives you access to valuable marketing materials but also powers PPMA initiatives aimed at making our industry bigger, bolder and better than ever before. All content is reviewed for accuracy by our team of certified entomologists and our medical advisor to ensure factual, credible information for our subscribers and PPMA investors. The site, PPMAMainframe.org, was also redesigned in 2019 to provide subscribers with a more intuitive user experience, including improved navigation and the ability to preview materials and videos on-site. New content is added every month that member companies can customize for their own audiences and efforts, giving users the digital and traditional marketing tools needed to stand out and communicate with prospects and customers alike, saving them both time and money.

ABOUT THE PROFESSIONAL PEST MANAGEMENT ALLIANCE PPMA was founded in 1997 to grow, promote, protect and defend the pest management industry. As the industry’s voice, PPMA continues to proactively educate the public on the value of professional pest control through its media relations, public service announcement, advertising, social media and online communications programs it conducts on behalf of the National Pest Management Association. TO JOIN US, PLEASE CONTACT CINDY MANNES AT CMANNES@PESTWORLD.ORG.




We serve as your voice in the media and the marketplace. We are raising awareness nationwide on the importance of pest control in major print, radio, TV, and digital media outlets with coverage that highlights the quality of life, health, safety and property threats that pests pose while providing valuable advice to homeowners. We are continuing to build goodwill for our industry and are driving customers to your door.

PPMA’s Board of Directors is made up of leaders drawn from multiple facets of the industry — pest management firms of all sizes, suppliers and distributors, as well as other key stakeholders. Our work relies solely on the voluntary donations from you, your colleagues and other industry allies.

Because of your investment in PPMA, we have grown our industry, bolstered our reputation and protected your livelihood and the livelihood of this industry as protectors of the health, food and property of our customers. Together, we can continue to grow.

The Professional Pest Management Alliance 10460 North Street, Fairfax, VA 22030 • 703.352.6762

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PPMA 2019 Annual Report  

PPMA 2019 Annual Report  

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