2020 PPMA Annual Report

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BOARD OF DIRECTORS Executive Committee







Chairman, ABC Home & Commercial Services

Treasurer, Rottler Pest & Lawn Solutions

Vice Chairman, Rentokil North America

Vice Chairman, Rollins

Chief Executive Officer, NPMA

Executive Director, PPMA

At Large Members PETE COMIS


Bayer U.S. LLC

BASF North America Crop Protection



Rose Pest Solutions

Terminix Service, Inc.


Corteva Agriscience

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Rose Pest Solutions

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Arrow Exterminators, Inc.



The Terminix International Co. WILLIAM TESH

Plunkett’s Pest Control


Terminix Service, Inc.


Massey Services, Inc.

LETTER FROM THE CHAIRMAN Dear Friends and Colleagues, Going into 2020 we had incredible optimism and momentum on our side. As an industry, we were thriving and looking forward to a banner year with a majority of companies expecting revenue and net profits to rise. Then, the world abruptly turned upside down. No one could have predicted the global pandemic or the sweeping effects it would have here at home on American lives and livelihoods. I spent much of the last year like so many of you. I cherished quality time with my family. I committed to being an even better partner in my community. I agonized and strategized over my business, valued employees and customers, trying to make sense of rigorous safety protocols, navigate a new kind of “normal” and working to overcome incessant obstacles and challenges. Yes, 2020 felt like an endurance run, but as an industry we found our footing — we didn’t give up and we didn’t stop. And from the highlights you’ll read here, you can see how the Professional Pest Management Alliance kept its foot firmly on the gas, harnessing that precious momentum to drive strategic growth and to propel our industry’s designation as an essential service into the national spotlight. From features in The New York Times, The Washington Post and National Geographic to 10 television interviews on The Weather Channel and hundreds of local media placements, PPMA has been telling your story far and wide about how crucial your services are to protecting public health. In addition to nimbly shifting tactics in the wake of the pandemic, we also worked tirelessly to encourage market growth by educating audiences about the

importance of professional pest control through our PSAs, digital platforms, advertising campaigns, children’s programming and more. We directed consumers to PestWorld.org where they could find a reputable and qualified professional pest control service — where they could find you. We’ve also delved into the world of Artificial Intelligence, harnessing its power to track consumer sentiment towards various pest-related topics to find out things like which pests homeowners encounter most often, where in the home they’re finding them and what their biggest concerns are once they do. Now, you’re probably wondering how we were able to continue driving this great momentum. The answer: through your steadfast support. PPMA is funded 100% through voluntary donations from generous pest control firms and members of the supplier community who are doing their part to lead our great industry forward. With that kind of dedication and momentum on our side, we are poised to succeed and we couldn’t be more grateful for you. The events of 2020 proved which industries are truly vital, and despite its challenges, the pest control community has shined. PPMA will continue to do its part to make sure your stories are told, your value is proven and that the industry can grow. Regards,

Bobby Jenkins, Chairman, PPMA ABC Home & Commercial Services, Austin, TX

The events of 2020 proved which industries are truly vital, and despite its challenges, the pest control community has shined.

Each initiative we undertake as the advocate for the professional pest control industry is aimed at elevating the crucial work you do each and every day to make our lives safer.

LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Dear Stakeholder, There’s no question that 2020 was a trying year. We faced situations both professionally and personally that not only challenged our resolve but tested our resiliency as well. In a year that shuttered many businesses, the true necessity of professional pest control was fully realized, and, as always, our industry rose to the occasion. Deemed an Essential Service amid the COVID-19 pandemic by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for its vital role in protecting public health, the professional pest control industry was in need of a unifying voice to help communicate its designation to consumers, and the Professional Pest Management Alliance met that challenge headon. Our mission is, and always has been, to grow, promote, protect and defend the professional pest control industry to both residential and commercial audiences, and this report is just a snapshot of all the ways your PPMA has been hard at work on your behalf throughout 2020 to do that, and more. At the onset of the pandemic, misinformation spread like wildfire about how the disease was transmitted, with many worrying pests like mosquitoes and ticks were capable of passing it to humans. PPMA quickly and nimbly seized that momentum and used it as an opportunity to educate the public and alleviate concerns while simultaneously underscoring the actual dangers associated with vector pests and the importance of professional pest control. When social distancing began to drastically affect rodent behaviors, PPMA stepped in as the credible voice on behalf of the industry, inserting our messaging and industry experts into the conversation and catapulting professional pest control into the limelight. But that didn’t stop us from delivering our triedand-true, high-impact campaigns as well. Despite the ongoing pandemic, PPMA released three new campaigns featuring our metal ant nest cast, never-

before-seen bed bug activity and our Rodents Revealed microsite and video series. Combined, these projects garnered a staggering 20.5+ million impressions and 694,000+ video views, emphasizing the threats these pests can pose to our health and home, and the importance of working with a professional if an infestation is suspected. On the media relations front, our efforts secured over 1,850 consumer print, online and broadcast media placements in 2020 worth 456 million impressions. On social media, our platforms generated over 9.1 million organic social media impressions thanks to our custom content, strategic posting and impactful advertising — that’s a 52% increase YoY! And our websites have never looked better with fresh new homepage designs implemented on PestWorld.org and PestWorldForKids.org, helping to contribute to our best year in site history for both properties at 8.23+ million total sessions for PestWorld.org and 773k+ for PestWorldForKids.org. Each initiative we undertake as the advocate for the professional pest control industry is aimed at elevating the crucial work you do each and every day to make our lives safer, and we couldn’t do it without your support. To our dedicated pest management companies and suppliers, I say thank you. Your generosity helps fuel PPMA’s momentum, enabling us to shape public perception of professional pest control, growing the market in return. These are your successes and we couldn’t be prouder of what we are accomplishing together. Best,

Cindy Mannes Executive Director, PPMA

COMPREHENSIVE COVID-19 RESPONSE REASSURING CONSUMER AUDIENCES As the COVID-19 pandemic brought upon quarantines and lockdowns, media and consumer interest started to rise regarding how these social distancing behaviors were impacting pests and animals. As restaurant closures dragged on, viral videos showing rodents aggressively foraging for food in broad daylight made their way into mainstream media and PPMA was right there to be a credible resource, offering professional advice and reassurance that pest control is an actively operating essential service. By employing a targeted and comprehensive media outreach strategy, we were able to insert our messaging and expert entomologists into a number of national and top-tier regional articles on the issue in publications such as The New York Times, National Geographic, The Washington Post, Realtor.com and Wired.com highlighting the essential role of professional pest control when it comes to rodent prevention and safety. As schools nationwide closed to comply with stay-at-home orders, we leveraged our educational PestWorldForKids.org materials to help families and teachers adjust to remote learning. These free resources were featured in national roundup articles on Today.com and USA Today online for a total combined audience of over 23.4 million. What’s more, our website is being used by educators on Clever, Google Classroom, Seesaw and other school applications.

COMMERCIAL MEDIA WINS PPMA’s commercial media relations efforts transitioned during the pandemic to educating commercial facility managers about the changes in pest behavior due to facility closures as well as how to prepare facilities for reopening. Our efforts resulted in 25 COVID-19-related placements in various key commercial publications, including Lodging Magazine, Facility Executive, Buildings, Food Safety magazine and more.

INDUSTRY COMMUNICATIONS PPMA also worked directly with NPMA leadership to produce relevant and useful materials needed for members to effectively communicate with customers about the essential role pest professionals play in protecting public health. From providing expert insight into disease transmission through a webinar hosted by our medical advisor, Dr. Jorge Parada, to creating an industry alert, customer communications toolkit, and so much more, PPMA created many invaluable assets that members can utilize, all of which are available on Mainframe to subscribers.


Metal Ant Nest Cast

Rodents Revealed

Bed Bugs

10+ Million

8.5+ Million

2 Million




Total Impressions Total Video Views

To show homeowners how ants live and work in large, complex colonies, often right in our own backyards, PPMA released a video project chronicling the creation and excavation of a fire ant nest cast from melted zinc. The project utilized a mix of HD video footage and photography in the style of an archeological dig conducted by our team of expert entomologists to capture this rare glimpse into the underground world of ants. The fully produced video offers a behind-the-scenes look at a colony that was once believed to house over 200,000 fire ants and shows consumers that one small ant inside the home can actually indicate a much larger problem that should be handled by a pest control professional. The project generated over 10 million online impressions and 83,000 video views.

Total Impressions Total Video Views

PPMA commissioned an eye-opening awareness and education initiative optimized for today’s consumers: Rodents Revealed. Released in conjunction with Rodent Awareness Week (October 20-26, 2020), the project brought talking points to life on-screen and emphasized the threats these pests can pose to health and property, as well as the importance of professional pest control. From the studio to the street, PPMA captured unique footage to help bring these creatures into the spotlight like never before. The project prioritized digital content to capture the attention of modernday consumers, utilizing short and engaging videos as well as a dedicated microsite. The initial launch generated over 8.5 million online impressions and 60,000 video views. Moving forward, the project assets can be leveraged by industry companies and professionals to engage with consumers and educate them on rodent threats and prevention.

Total Impressions Total Video Views

While travel plans were largely put on hold in 2020, PPMA made sure consumers still understood the threats bed bugs pose. Rather than just a hotel issue, these pests can be found almost anywhere people live and gather, such as hospitals, college dorms and even our own homes. The team captured incredible video footage to bring these elusive pests out of hiding. A time-lapse video of a bed bug egg hatching demonstrated just how quickly an infestation can grow. Unique footage of bed bugs reacting to carbon dioxide showed viewers how they can sense a potential host nearby. All of this astonishing and educational footage was packaged into a series of videos optimized for social media sharing emphasizing the importance of professional pest control. First released during Bed Bug Awareness Week (June 7-13), the initial launch generated nearly 2 million impressions and 550,000 video views, and the assets will continue to be leveraged moving forward. Special thanks to our partner, the New Orleans Mosquito, Termite and Rodent Control Board (NOMTRCB)

CHANGING PUBLIC PERCEPTION OF PROFESSIONAL PEST CONTROL MEDIA RELATIONS PPMA’s media relations strategy secured 1,850 news articles and segments in national and local media about the health and property threats posed by pests and the importance of working with a licensed pest control professional. These media wins exceeded 456 million impressions — that’s four times the number of viewers who tuned in to the most-watched TV series finale, M*A*S*H!


Media Placements

456 Million Impressions

On the national front, we were featured in 10 interviews on The Weather Channel, seven articles on Realtor.com, multiple pieces on USA Today online and in excellent pieces in the early stages of the pandemic in The New York Times print and online editions and The Washington Post. Additional national coverage secured includes placements on National Geographic online, Martha Stewart Living, House Beautiful online, Prevention online, Women’s Health, Newsweek, AccuWeather.com and AOL.com. Regionally, our expert advice was featured in The Pittsburgh PostGazette, The Chicago Tribune, The Detroit News and hundreds of other news outlets in local media markets across the nation.

Our commercial media relations program had a record-breaking year as we secured 58 media placements in various commercial market publications — that’s a 66% increase YoY! Coverage throughout the year spanned a variety of industries, including lodging and housing, buildings and facilities management, food processing and safety, and much more!


Media Placements

BUGGY BRUNCH In February 2020, PPMA hosted a Buggy Brunch at Hearst Tower in New York City offering their editorial staff the opportunity to meet with NPMA entomologist, Dr. Brittany Campbell, to help foster relationships with top consumer magazines and solidify NPMA as the go-to resource for anything pestrelated. We beat Hearst’s average event size, bringing our total to a whopping 70 editors from esteemed publications such as Good Housekeeping, Woman’s Day, Prevention, Redbook, Oprah, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and more — not to mention a whole host of Hearst digital editors in charge of content across all brands.


YoY Increase

SPOKESPERSON BENCH Our high-caliber spokesperson bench proved to be an invaluable asset during what was a very difficult media climate in 2020. The media has come to depend on our team of reliable experts for quick feedback and thoughtful insights on pests and the threats they pose. Securing our standing as a “go-to” resource, our experts are available to speak with the media at a moment’s notice, offering their knowledge and advice with an emphasis on the vital role pest control professionals play in protecting people’s health, food, property and businesses.

NPMA entomologist, Dr. Brittany Campbell, meets with Hearst editors

VIRTUAL SPEED PITCHING EVENTS Not surprisingly, virtual events were an integral part of our media relations program in 2020. To keep our standing as a top-of-mind, credible resource, the team attended both a Home & Garden and a Summer Fun virtual speed pitching event to connect with editors at top-tier consumer outlets. A delectable spread of bug-themed treats at our Buggy Brunch event

KEEPING PEST PRESSURE TOP-OF-MIND BUG BAROMETER® PPMA’s bi-annual Bug Barometer® forecasts pest pressure across the country for the upcoming seasons. NPMA entomologists help to formulate the regional predictions and the results are released in a full consumer media relations campaign. In 2020, our Bug Barometer® forecast received major national coverage, including three different national TV segments on The Weather Channel discussing the Spring/Summer 2020 predictions. In regional media news, PennLive.com published an article discussing the impact of warm weather on pest populations in Pennsylvania, and the Detroit Free Press published a piece on the expected increase in ticks and ants in Michigan based on NPMA’s forecast. Both reports received substantial national and regional media attention, securing a combined 1,100 media wins worth 9 million impressions in 2020.


Media Wins

9 Million Impressions

VECTOR SECTORS™ In its third year, PPMA’s Vector Sectors™ report, which highlights the top U.S. cities expected to have increased vector pest pressure in a given season, made national headlines in 2020. Findings from the winter report along with our official infographic were featured in an article on Reader’s Digest magazine online. Our summer report was also featured in a segment on The Weather Channel discussing how hot and wet weather can impact mosquito populations. In regional news, findings from the summer report were included in a PennLive.com article and were also included in a segment about West Nile virus on KFOR-TV, the NBC-affiliate in Oklahoma City, OK. The bi-annual Vector Sectors™ reports combined netted over 2.8 million impressions.

2.8+ Million Impressions



To meet today’s digital-oriented consumers where they are, PPMA manages two consumer education websites on behalf of the industry: PestWorld.org and PestWorldForKids.org. Through ongoing content development, search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and modern homepage redesigns for both sites, we continued to grow each site even after a record-setting 2019. On PestWorld.org, the redesigned homepage provides a fresh aesthetic fit for modern day online users, while also enabling more dynamic ways to present content and messaging. This year was our best year yet in the history of both domains, as we generated over 9 million total sessions across PestWorld.org and PestWorldForKids.org — a 7% YoY increase. No matter the time of year, PestWorld.org is a go-to resource for pest prevention tips and insights, driving over 8.2 million sessions on its own during 2020 — that’s 76 times the number of people that can fit into the largest U.S. sports stadium!

PPMA has continued to prioritize children’s programming via PestWorldForKids.org. Our homepage redesign improved both form and functionality, allowing for a more dynamic and engaging website experience for children, teachers and parents alike.

Impactful Microsites: Following the online success of the Tiny Termite House and the “Will They Eat It?” video series, PPMA has continued to leverage dedicated microsites to help house and amplify project materials and assets. In 2020, we created an interactive and unique site for our Rodents Revealed initiative, which brought rats and mice into the spotlight like never before. The microsite serves as a high-quality rodent resource for consumers, industry professionals and media personnel, while generating referral traffic to the main PestWorld.org website, further expanding our online audience.

To meet the needs of our growing audience and increase brand awareness, we rolled out our “Buggy Break” program at the onset of the pandemic, providing parents and teachers with a daily collection of fun and educational resources as they transitioned to at-home learning. We also partnered with Macaroni Kid, a network of parents looking for family-friendly activities and resources, to further expand our digital presence. The partnership leveraged custom content across the organization’s various digital channels, generating nearly 3 million impressions on PestWorldForKids.org -branded content and directing highly engaged referral traffic to the website. 2020 was by far the best year in site history, generating more than 773,700 total sessions as the website and our materials were increasingly utilized by teachers and parents across a number of different online learning platforms amidst school closures.

Consumer Website Performance: Our Best Year in Site History


Total Sessions


Total Sessions

GETTING SOCIAL ORGANIC RESULTS Across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube, PPMA has continued to expand its digital presence and online audience utilizing high-quality and timely content. Following a successful 2019, these relevant and engaging materials helped us keep up the momentum in 2020 as we generated over 9.1 million total organic social media impressions — that’s a 52% increase YoY.

FACEBOOK LIVE CHATS Amidst the quickly changing events of 2020, Facebook Live Chats became an increasingly effective way to essentially “sit down” and engage with online users regarding relevant and interesting topics. When “murder hornets” began to dominate headlines, PPMA experts provided facts about Asian giant hornets and highlighted the serious threats already posed by various native stinging insect populations. As schools across the country closed their doors due to safety concerns, our team of “Pest Professors” provided children and parents stuck at home with “Buggy Breaks,” recording short and interesting pest lessons to supplement daily activity schedules. These live chats spurred authentic user engagement, generating close to 550,000 impressions and approximately 176,500 video views while further establishing the @PestWorld account as a trusted and helpful resource for consumers, businesses and families alike.


Awareness Initiatives: Social Media Impressions Termite Awareness Week



Bed Bug Awareness Week



Rodent Awareness Week






Social media advertising is a core component of PPMA’s overarching digital strategy. Leveraging paid placements on Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, we are able to engage a widening audience with relevant and insightful content. Our 2020 campaigns on Facebook accounted for more than 23.3 million impressions, 822,000 landing page views on our consumer website content and nearly 1 million video ThruPlays. On YouTube, our advertisements captured over 12 million impressions and 3.3 million video views. As for Pinterest, promoted pins allowed us to generate more than 3.7 million impressions and nearly 37,000 link clicks. As social media becomes ever more influential to modern-day decision-making, advertising on these platforms will only become increasingly impactful.

To support and grow our expansive digital presence, PPMA utilizes content syndication campaigns to share our consumer website content with new and different online audiences. In 2020, our campaigns amassed over 68 million impressions and 214,500 link clicks, driving new users to our consumer websites and existing project microsites. Content syndication allows our content to be featured on well-established and widely read online publications, including Yahoo! News, CNN, FOX News, MSN and more.

68 Million Impressions

214,500 Link Clicks


What Arti­ficial Intelligence can tell us about its impact on the pest control industry through online conversations




increases from February 2020 to March 2020 on the topic of working with pest control professionals amid COVID-19


in conversations around the topic of pests and whether or not they can transmit COVID-19



261,699 engagements in January

increases from February 2020 to March 2020 on the ability to transmit COVID-19 by keyword

528,922 engagements in February


PPMA uses Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered research techniques to better understand consumer behavior. We continuously monitor both broad and niche pest-related consumer conversations to help glean patterns and top concerns amongst Americans. We make all monthly recaps available to Mainframe subscribers, whereby companies can utilize the findings to help inform their own marketing programs and stay ahead of timely pest trends. From identifying the most troublesome pests on a state-by-state level to analyzing nationwide trends, there are countless avenues for investors to capitalize on this resource to help identify market opportunities and potential areas of investment.

4 Million engagements in March

MOSQUITOS 885% RATS 569% 0




0 800










AVERAGE MONTHLY ENGAGEMENT The following heat map represents the increase in average monthly engagement of pest-related conversations due to the topic of COVID-19

AI also proved to be invaluable in assessing the effects the COVID-19 pandemic had on both consumers and the pest control industry alike. With our findings, we created monthly recaps and infographics at the height of the pandemic to help investors fine-tune their marketing efforts based on the top concerns amongst Americans in regard to COVID-19 and pests. All of these materials, and more, are available to Mainframe subscribers to help companies make smarter, more informed marketing decisions.



IMPACTFUL PSAs PPMA manages a long-standing Public Service Announcement (PSA) program that continues to compete in a cluttered broadcast environment. As the COVID-19 pandemic rapidly unfolded, it became clear rather quickly that we would need to adjust the production plan for our new PSA creative in light of state orders and CDC guidelines restricting travel and group congregation. We connected with our distribution partner to ensure PSA Directors were still seeking content and were encouraged by their positive response, highlighting the ongoing need for quality PSAs in both television and radio formats. In addition to redistributing our “Safety First” PSA produced in partnership with the CDC that features people in home settings learning about harmful pest health threats, we also produced our first animated, 2D graphics PSA called “It’s That Easy.” The new spot embodied the pest and health messaging that is the core of our consumer education program, focusing on rodents, ticks and mosquitoes and how easy it can be to introduce pest threats into your home, putting your health at risk. We received strong national support from FOX News Channel, FOX Business, Grit TV and 100s of network affiliates in local markets across the U.S., helping to boost our numbers as we closed out quite an unconventional year.


Total Airings

386,542,545 Impressions

$16,094,088 Media Value

MEDICAL MINUTE Knowing that there is a strong appetite for both health-focused content and animated, custom graphics-driven social videos, PPMA just launched its new Medical Minute series at the end of 2020 featuring five short, animated videos that focus on vector-borne diseases and other health risks posed by pests. All content was developed in consultation with our medical advisor, Dr. Jorge Parada, and discusses vector pests, potential health risks, symptoms and treatment options, as well as advice on when to seek medical attention. For our very first video, we explored the widely discussed topic of how some Lyme disease symptoms mirror those of COVID-19, briefly explaining the symptoms of each in a visually engaging way and then providing viewers with tick prevention tips to help them stay safe. Additional topics explored throughout the series include the similarities and differences between symptoms of West Nile virus and EEE, how to tell the difference between flu symptoms and hantavirus, how to spot the telltale signs of Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever and how to distinguish between flea, spider and bed bug bites. Videos were shared on PestWorld.org and across our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest platforms to generate views and drive traffic to our site. We have also utilized these videos as part of our successful YouTube advertising campaign and will be able to leverage them in the future as well based on seasonal relevance, especially during months when vector pest pressure is peaking.

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Our Guardian companies generously give 1/10th of 1% of their annual revenues to drive strategic industry growth.

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PPMA was founded in 1997 to grow, promote, protect and defend the pest management industry. As the industry’s voice, PPMA continues to proactively educate the public on the value of professional pest control through its media relations, public service announcement, advertising, social media and online communications programs it conducts on behalf of the National Pest Management Association. To join us, please contact Cindy Mannes at cmannes@pestworld.org

THE PPMA MANDATE The Professional Pest Management Alliance is the advocate, voice and partner for the professional pest management community: Professional pest management companies, manufacturers, distributors, all stakeholders. We are an organization managed by a board of directors, which is comprised of industry stakeholders including pest management firms, suppliers and distributors. Our overriding objective is to present a fair and balanced picture of our industry to the consumer.

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