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we lead the Vanderbilt MBA

we lead the Vanderbilt MBA

Mario Avila As a full-time student and head of the Owen Student Government Association, Mario somehow found time to launch Contigo Financial, a microfinance company offering low-income consumers an alternative to pawnshops and payday lenders.

MBA (General Management and Entrepreneurship)



with ideas d not egos.

Welcome to a



We should say right off: There’s no substitute for a visit to Vanderbilt. (We hope you’ll come.) Meantime, as the next best thing, we invite you to take a brief tour through these pages. Read testimonials from some of our students. Get a sense of what we’re all about. We think you’ll notice one thing right away. We do business a little differently—intentionally—than a lot of other elite schools you may be considering. The closer you look, the more we think you’ll appreciate the difference.

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g business. Contents

Who we are


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64 Which Program is Right for You?

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career paths

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50 Entrepreneurship 52 Consulting 54 Health Care 56 Human & Organizational Performance

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it’s true We’re small. By design, our enrollment is small. We’ve always known that smaller numbers mean more opportunities for classroom interaction, personal mentoring from professors and a stronger community where students can learn from one another.


There’s power in being selective.


We’re building a

new type of

business leader.

9:35 AM Second floor, between classes



Curious. Adaptable. Self-aware. Eager to learn. Persistent. Diligent. Problem solver. Team player. Self-starter.

Sound like you?

Read more.

3:30 PM Students gather in the lobby


Vanderbilt exists for a certain type of student. We’re built for future leaders who know they’ll never know it all—and use that humility to grow, to learn and to make business better.


Great companies for Hal Snyder Class of 2012 Marketing and Strategy American Airlines



will come

Skylar Flax-Davidson Class of 2013 Marketing and Strategy Gap, Inc.

Latia Harris Class of 2013 HOP and Strategy Microsoft


here. Jared Heiner Class of 2013 Finance, Accounting and Strategy ExxonMobil

And are confident about what they’ll find. Another reason to take note of Vanderbilt Business: Some of the world’s leading companies already do. They keep coming back to recruit, year after year, because they don’t merely want executives who are smart. That’s just their starting point. They also want people who have been trained to lead. Accustomed to being team players. And instilled with the wisdom that they are not yet all-wise, so that they’re always hungry to learn more. Below is a selection of our students and the companies where they’ll be working during their internships and post-graduation positions.

Ammar Hasan Class of 2012 Marketing and Strategy Medtronic

Frank Jones Class of 2012 Finance, Real Estate and Strategy Deloitte Consulting

Emily Martin Class of 2013 General Management Goldman Sachs


Caroline Leonard Class of 2012 Marketing and HOP Campbell Soup Co.


Our promise to students: Here is a place where you’ll be challenged to achieve your potential; find support as you shape your future; discover lifelong friends and mentors; and open doors to new possibilities.

we take


Most business schools place a big emphasis on numbers. Our passion is people. Talk to any Vanderbilt professor or staff member. You’ll notice a genuine desire to help each member of our community succeed. It’s ingrained. It’s how we work. Taking business personally means recognizing that every person is different. With different career goals and different needs. We’re eager to let you shape your own experience here. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? We’ll personally help you explore the possibilities, then get there.


Tami Fassinger Tami considers herself a kind of talent agent. With more than 20 years of experience in positions spanning corporate recruiting, MBA admissions and career management, she strives to understand the personal aspirations of everyone who walks through the door. Then she works tirelessly with individuals to connect them to the programs—and ultimately jobs— best suited to their goals.

Chief Recruiting Officer, Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management

personally. erson 11

One Day in the


Aaron Fung 7:30 AM

1:30 PM

Wake up with a cup of coffee. I may be partially responsible for the 140 percent rise in Starbucks’ stock price since I arrived at Owen. No time today for oatmeal or an omelette—just a pastry. Sigh.

Monetary and Fiscal Policy class with Dewey Daane, who was appointed to the Federal Reserve Board by JFK. Our guest speakers might be Don Kohn (former Vice Chair of the Fed) or Peter Fisher (Head of Fixed Income Portfolio Management at Blackrock). Oh, and our final speaker of the year? Paul Volcker. Yep.

9:40 AM

Walking into a classroom to the sounds of Run DMC is never something you expect…unless you have Negotiation class with Tim Vogus. Today he’s giving awards for students’ real-world negotiation papers, which range from asking people on dates to haggling over spa services.

4:00 PM

Time for some emails and calendar updates. On the docket for the following week: swimming on Monday night, a happy hour on Tuesday night and a nice dinner on the town on Wednesday.

11:30 AM

Team meeting for my Compensation class. We’re building a functional compensation model for a fictional technology startup, and my peers spend 15 minutes poking fun at me for antics from karaoke last week before we get to work.

7:00 PM

Vanderbilt University’s annual Impact Symposium, where world leaders discuss the future of American foreign policy. Tonight’s speakers: General Wesley Clark and former Utah governor Jon Huntsman (who addresses us in fluent Mandarin Chinese). Tomorrow night: former UN Ambassador Bill Richardson and former President of Mexico Vicente Fox.

1:00 PM

Today at lunch, I host a session of Owen Insights, a program I created where students teach classmates on topics they know intimately. Today Anne Marie is leading a session on “Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile.” (She’s going to LinkedIn this summer as one of their first-ever HR interns.)

10:00 PM

Finally home and able to grab dinner. Tonight, my only goals are to send my mom photos of a recent trip to Charleston, scan Facebook for any fun articles and watch Madagascar (the monkeys are hilarious!).


Aaron Fung When Aaron arrived at Vanderbilt, he wanted to unlock all the knowledge his classmates brought with them. So he started Owen Insights, a student-led series offering advice on everything from Excel to personal finance. Perfect training for his new role as a Relationship Manager for Credit Suisse in San Francisco.

MBA (Finance, Strategy, HOP)




Get a leg up

by going

Holly Kalemeris Holly, who has a physics degree from Wake Forest, thrives on challenges. Last summer, she trained to be a pilot. At Vanderbilt, she leads 100% Owen, driving service activities in Nashville. She finished her first MBA year studying business in China for two weeks, and spent her summer as a Senior Financial Analyst at Limited Brands.

MBA (Finance)




We think the best way to master business administration is to practice it. So we thoroughly integrate hands-on learning with real-world application into your two years at Owen. You’ll have opportunities to solve problems and develop strategies for “client” companies. Plan a conference. Compete in a case competition. Consult for a local startup. Manage an investment fund. Start your own business. There’s no substitute for practical experience. And there’s another practical reason we emphasize it: Real projects for real companies often lead to real jobs.

hands-on. “Serving as co-chair of the Vanderbilt Health Care Conference was the capstone of my MBA career, allowing me to apply my knowledge of marketing, operations, financial planning, negotiation and overall execution.” Anupa Naik Anupa, a UNC Tar Heel, credits Owen, the Health Care MBA and the Nashville Entrepreneur Center with helping her discover that she is an entrepreneur at heart, thriving in an environment that allows her to innovate and have an impact. After graduation, she found her place at InQuicker, an innovative health care startup.

Health Care MBA






Be part of much more

than a

great school.

It’s uncanny how many students, in looking back on their decision to come to Vanderbilt, say the same thing. They noticed something different from almost the moment they arrived on campus. A feeling they didn’t find when visiting other schools. A feeling they belong here, in the fullest sense of what belong means. You’ll feel it in the way people—students, faculty, staff—relate to each other. Support each other. Root for each other. You’ll find it in the social gatherings and service projects. In the way that colleagues tend to become long-time friends. Once you belong to this community, you belong for life.

1:15 PM Second Floor


If business schools are supposed to prepare future business leaders, shouldn’t they actually help you learn to lead? We thought so, too. So we integrated a unique Leadership Development Program into our MBA program. It builds skills that research shows correlate most highly with performance and promotion. It uses methods typically reserved for senior-level executives. And unlike most MBA programs, our LDP is individualized and tailored to you— not one size fits all.

Don’t just learn business.

Learn Kelsey Duggan Before Owen, Kelsey was a PhD who let her work speak for itself. She quickly realized that to succeed in B-school and beyond, she had to learn to tell her own story. She credits LDP with giving her the tools to talk about herself authentically and helping her to land an outstanding internship at Zimmer.

MBA (Health Care)




to lead. 19

Professor Nick Bollen

great All

business great

schools have


But ours will know you by name.

Our faculty have a worldwide reputation for their research and scholarship. They’re renowned as classroom teachers. But what students often say they appreciate most about our faculty are the relationships they build with them. When you have questions or need guidance, their doors are open. They’re mentors. Champions of student initiatives. Gateways to invaluable real-world learning opportunities. People you can genuinely talk to. And who genuinely listen. 20

Professor David Owens

Professor Mumin Kurtulus

Professor Jennifer Escalas

Professor Richard Willis


There is no status quo with Vanderbilt Business. It changes every year (or more often). That’s because students are empowered to shape not just their individual experiences but our whole environment. They launch student-run organizations. Or new initiatives (like one to combat global poverty). Begin new traditions. Suggest how we can do things better. And then make it happen. We’ll never keep doing things merely because it’s how they’ve always been done. That’s the one thing about our school that will never change.

Clark Bosslet A proud Aggie, Clark worked for KPMG and Texas Children’s Hospital before coming to Vanderbilt. Once here, he jumped headfirst into his passions, taking on leadership roles with the Vanderbilt Health Care Conference, Project Pyramid and OwenBloggers. What’s next? Clark joined ECG Management Consultants as a Senior Consultant in the Seattle office.

MBA (Health Care and Strategy)




“I was scared to death when I got to New York for my summer internship. Then I found I was better prepared than the interns from other schools. That also held true when I returned to a fulltime role after graduation. When you start on a higher plane than your competition, it’s easier to be successful.” Johnny Roberts Class of 1983 Managing Director, Credit Agricole CIB

We measure

Against TM



Ask around. We think you’ll find that Vanderbilt MBA students are as well prepared for a globally competitive job market as students from any other top B-school.

anybody. Talk to our alumni from Wall Street to the West Coast about discovering the value of their Vanderbilt training when they began competing for jobs and promotions. Or talk to the recruiters who hire them. Or look at the results of national case competitions, where our students routinely finish at or near the top. We achieve. It’s not boasting. It’s our history.


nashville 1


Music Scene – Rolling Stone Job Growth – Kiplinger



Places in the South for Digital Media – Southern Business & Development



Best Value City – Kiplinger Next Big Boom Town – Forbes


Nashville is eclectic and diverse. Equal parts urban sophistication and welcome-to-the-BBQ friendliness. Low cost of living and high quality of life. With great live music every night, and of every genre. Great restaurants from Ethiopian to Peruvian to soul food, old-fashioned meat-andthrees and Continental cuisine. Pro football. NHL hockey. Big-time college sports. Beautiful parks and hundreds of miles of trails and greenways. Little wonder that Nashville has been named the nation’s No. 1 Smart Place to Live.


Erika Bogar King Erika joined Deloitte after earning her MBA from Owen in 1999. After several years as a consultant, Erika now leads HR for Deloitte’s consulting operations. You’ll often find Erika back on campus, recruiting Owen students, sharing her wisdom or serving the school as a member of the Alumni Board.

MBA (Human and Organizational Performance)




, 8 300 coaches, mentors

and friends

on your side.

We can’t claim our network of high-achieving alumni is bigger than those of many top business schools. Instead, we believe they’re something much better than big. They’re active members of the Vanderbilt Business community who will be personal, and personable, parts of your experience here. Our alums routinely go out of their way to help you. They regularly coach MBA students in preparing for crucial interviews during the program’s first year. They run interference. Serve as mentors (and friends). And, when students have questions, they’re ready with answers and advice that are just a phone call or email away.



When you’re part of Vanderbilt Business, you’re fully a part of (not apart from) one of the world’s leading research universities. You can take classes from other schools and departments within Vanderbilt, if you choose. Take part in multidisciplinary efforts, like the one students launched to combat global poverty, with colleagues from Vanderbilt’s Divinity, Law, Medicine and Education Schools. And, of course, you’ll have full access to everything the campus has to offer (it’s a lot)—from Southeastern Conference athletics to intramural sports to big-time concerts to the fine arts. All on one of America’s most naturally beautiful campuses in the middle of a lively, cosmopolitan city.


One Day in the


Hannah Johnson 8:00 AM

3:30 PM

Wake up! As the first year progresses, you can start to set your own schedule. I like to schedule my first class for 9:40 AM. It allows me to keep my usual late hours, but still get to school at a decent time to maximize the day.

Done with class! Off to the library to work on deliverables for tomorrow’s Survey Design and Managerial Accounting classes.

5:00 PM

9:20 AM

Meet with Strategy team to discuss Capstone and make our R&D, production, marketing, finance, HR and TQM decisions for the day. At 8:00 PM, the instructor will advance the simulation one year and we will find out how our strategies paid off.

Arrive at school, put lunch in the refrigerator, drop extra gear in my locker.

9:40 AM

In Strategy class, we discuss Blue Ocean Strategy and the latest results from our Capstone simulated business competition.

7:00 PM

11:10 AM

8:01 PM

1:00 PM

8:30 PM

2:00 PM

12:15 PM

Walk home. Eat dinner and take a break.

Off to Starbucks across the street before settling down in the library.

Check Capstone results and start to email my team incessantly.

Take a break to eat lunch. My classmates are milling about, heading across the street to Panera or Mellow Mushroom or dashing off to meetings.

Finish stuff for tomorrow, scour internship postings, write cover letters, reach out to alumni via email, go to the gym, pay bills and do laundry.

New Product Development with David Owens. One of my favorite classes in B-school so far. The class takes you from brainstorming through prototyping and launching a product. We’re working with a technology company to develop an iPad peripheral. Today we learned about product costs and watched a video of a guy putting an iPad in a blender.

Put away books. Get ready for bed. Skype with family and friends in far-off time zones. Hit the sack.


Hannah Johnson A longtime resident of Southern California, Hannah jokes that she came to Vanderbilt to spot a new crop of celebrities. And while she’s seen plenty of stars, Hannah also added a strong dose of marketing to her science background. She’s now putting her skills to use as a Senior Associate with KPMG Consulting in Los Angeles.

MBA (Marketing)




We are com not c 10:45 AM Studying in the Fishbowl



mpetitive, cutthroat. 35

We don’t do curriculum differently to be different. We do it to give

you an advantage.

11:15 AM Room 218


At Vanderbilt, you’ll be immersed right away in a strong core of courses in business fundamentals. And because we follow a unique modular course format, which intensifies and accelerates the learning experience, you can gain a solid foundation of essential knowledge in a shorter period of time than with a traditional semester system. Our alumni and second-year MBA students say our market-driven approach to curriculum gives them a leg up when they interview for all-important summer internships midway through their first year. That doesn’t happen by happenstance. We designed it that way.


Choose the

10:15 AM Room 220


path that’s

career paths

right for you

(and your career).

Once you decide where you’d like your Vanderbilt MBA to take you, we offer the academic horsepower to help you get there—through your choice of career paths that hiring companies value: Finance • Marketing • Operations • Entrepreneurship • Consulting • Health Care • Human & Organizational Performance (HOP) Our flexible approach allows you to choose at least one concentration or specialization, further customize your program with courses in one or more other areas of interest, and build the knowledge and skills you need to pursue your path. We also offer joint degrees with other prestigious professional and graduate schools at Vanderbilt, including the Law School, Medical School, Graduate School, School of Engineering and Divinity School.


Finance Please take note of our Finance department.

Wall Street

already does.

Vanderbilt’s Finance faculty aren’t just world-class. They’re world-renowned. One uncovered a collusion scheme among NASDAQ brokers in the mid-1990s and changed how the exchange does business. One created the VIX, a widely used index that measures market volatility. Another is currently serving as the Chief Economist for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Yet another is a leading expert on hedge funds. Well, you get the picture. You can study with any (and all) of them here. Along with Wall Street, recruiters, too, have noticed that Vanderbilt has one of the top Finance departments in the world. As a result, we have a strong history of placing Finance students with the leading financial institutions globally. Choose Your Focus Finance Concentration Corporate Finance Specialization Investment Management Specialization Real Estate Emphasis

What You’ll Study Investments • Corporate Valuation • Equity Markets • Bond Markets • Derivatives Markets • Venture Capital • Active Portfolio Analysis • Corporate Restructuring • Risk Management • Mergers & Acquisitions

Sample Hiring Companies Amgen • Anheuser-Busch • Bank of America Merrill Lynch • Caesar’s Entertainment • Cardinal Health • Citi • Credit Suisse • Delta Airlines • ExxonMobil • Ford • Goldman Sachs • Johnson & Johnson • JP Morgan • Limited Brands • Mars • Nissan • SunTrust • UBS


Ed Ruff Ed, a native of Chicago, left a well-paying job at KPMG to get his MBA at Vanderbilt. Now an investment banker at Citigroup in New York, that risk paid off with a long-term reward.

MBA (Finance)





Some of the world’s

seem to think It’s a tribute to the caliber of students we attract to Vanderbilt (and to the faculty who teach them) that companies like 3M, AT&T, Mattel, General Mills and Microsoft are beating a pathway to our school when it comes to filling positions for marketing and brand management. And it’s no wonder: Vanderbilt marketing MBA graduates leave here not only with a thorough knowledge of the discipline but also with the skills in leadership, strategic thinking, communication, creativity and working in multifunctional teams that companies prize.

Choose Your Focus Marketing Concentration Brand Management Specialization

What You’ll Study Survey Design and Analysis • Consumer Analysis • Marketing Communications • Qualitative Marketing Research • Marketing Models • Sales Promotion • Brand Management

Sample Hiring Companies 3M • Adobe • Amazon • AT&T • Delta • Campbell’s Soup • Gap, Inc • General Mills • Hanesbrands • Heinz • Johnson & Johnson • Mars • Mattel • Medtronic • McKesson • Microsoft • Walmart


best brands

highly of ours.

4:15 PM Management Hall Crystal Churchwell participates in Brand Week, a four-day intensive brand management immersion.



4:35 PM Team meeting in the courtyard


You’ll meet people

just like you.

And many more

who aren’t. If recent classes are an indicator, your colleagues at Vanderbilt will be from 28 different states, from California to Connecticut. They’ll come from more than 18 different countries, from China to Ghana and from Peru to Switzerland. Their backgrounds will range from engineering to marketing to the military. For us, diversity isn’t a buzzword. We know that having students with such a rich mixture of experiences and perspectives makes a richer, more rewarding experience for you. That’s because here you don’t just learn from professors and textbooks, but also from one another.



4:45 PM Professor Nancy Lea Hyer meets with students in the courtyard.


Learn from

some brilliant

operators. Our Operations faculty have won international recognition, especially for advancing knowledge in such areas as organizational learning curves, time-based competition, category captainship, managing operations under bankruptcy risk, manufacturing cells and operations strategy. Not only that: Many have provided consulting services to clients that include some of the world’s best-known companies. So if you’re interested in the design and management of processes by which products are manufactured and services are delivered, you’ll find yourself surrounded by some of the best—including student teammates who bring home awards from international case competitions. Choose Your Focus Operations Concentration

What You’ll Study Supply Chain Management • Service Operations • Operations Strategy • Health Care Operations • Strategy & Operations Consulting • Strategic Management of Technology • Spreadsheets for Business Analytics • Managing and Improving Processes

Sample Hiring Companies

1 place st

Over the past 10 years, five Vanderbilt MBA teams have taken first place in national and international Operations Management competitions.

Amazon • Asurion • Caesars Entertainment • FedEx • HCA • HP • Humana • Johnson & Johnson • Lowe’s • McKesson • Sitel • UNUM • Vanderbilt University Medical Center


Business is global.

We think business school Today’s business world demands a global mind-set. That doesn’t just mean knowing about geography and currency differences. Business executives—no matter what market or sector—must understand the cultural framework within which they’re operating. That’s why at Vanderbilt, we lead immersion sessions in key markets across the globe that include visits to some of the world’s most important companies. But we also offer a unique studentled initiative called Project Pyramid, where students venture into some of the planet’s less-traveled areas. There, faculty members join students to work on some of the most intractable—but worthwhile—projects imaginable, like hunger, poverty and education. Now that is truly a global perspective.

Brazil Professor Mark Cohen led students on a weeklong trip for the Doing Business in Brazil course. Students did market research for a local business and visited several companies, including Petrobas, Coteminas and Natura.

Other Selected Global Experiences

1 Johannesburg, South Africa (Semester Study Abroad)

2 Santiago, Chile (Project Pyramid) 3 Hong Kong, China (Semester Study Abroad)


4 Istanbul, Turkey (Global Business Association Trip)


5 Paris, France (May/Summer Study Abroad) 6 Koblenz, Germany (Semester Study Abroad)

Study Abroad

Global Project

Project Pyramid worked in Guatemala City to establish a housing microfinance program for a low-income community. Students met with government officials, commercial and microfinance banks, and NGO leaders, and conducted the first community census to help draft new, sustainable business models for the community.


It’s one thing to study international business. Here, you can experience it.

should be, too. LONDON


china A group of students spent two weeks at Peking University in Beijing to learn firsthand about China’s history, culture, government, economy and consumer market. The trip also included company visits (Johnson & Johnson, Hyundai and Lenovo), cultural tours and basic Mandarin language courses.

Several students spent three weeks studying in Germany, where they learned about leadership and cultural differences, the European economy, auto retailing and marketing. The trip also included tours of the European Central Bank and an Audi manufacturing plant.


6 4




india Students traveled to Madurai, India, to help build a finance management information framework for the Aravind Eye Care System. They met with senior leaders, visited eye clinics in the city and villages, attended management meetings and interviewed hospital managers.

Students traveled to Nairobi, Kenya, to work for 10 days to help design educational evaluation metrics and succession planning in the slums of Mathare. They also met with Care for Aids and Juhudi Kilimo, two growing agencies making a huge impact in East Africa.



innovations begin with nurturing them is Megan Allen After five years in PR, Megan left the corporate world to focus on Georgie Beauty, the eco-luxe cosmetics startup she co-founded with her sister. After initial success, Megan felt unprepared to grow the company. At Vanderbilt, she honed her business skills, built a strong network and won two Owen entrepreneurial grants, giving her the tools to expand Georgie Beauty’s retail footprint.

MBA (General Management and Entrepreneurship)




Most schools take would-be entrepreneurs only as far as developing a business plan. At Vanderbilt, you can start a business. And while you’ll gain the knowledge to support such a project, that’s just the beginning for startups. We connect you with all kinds of resources, from networking with local entrepreneurs to organizations (including the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, the Nashville Capital Network and Jumpstart Foundry) that assist new entrepreneurs to secure funding for ventures.



The amount of funding Vanderbilt makes available each year for a few student startup businesses.

new ideas. at our core. Choose Your Focus Entrepreneurship Emphasis

What You’ll Study Small Business Management • Accounting and Finance for Entrepreneurs • Writing a Business Plan • Launching the Venture • Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship



Choose Your Focus Strategy Concentration plus one or more other concentrations

What You’ll Study

10:45 AM Room 216

Game Theory and Business Strategy • Corporate Strategy • Strategic Alignment of Human Capital • Innovation Strategy • Fast Growing Businesses • Operations Strategy • Leading Change • Marketing Strategy • Strategy & Operations Consulting

Sample Hiring Companies Accretive • ACS • Arryve Consulting • Capco • Capgemini • Deloitte Consulting • ECG Management Consultants • Ernst & Young • Huron Consulting Group • KPMG • Kurt Salmon • McKinsey • Microsoft

Problem solvers As long as businesses face challenges (in other words, as long as there are businesses), consulting organizations will fill a critical market need. At Vanderbilt, our flexible curriculum offers a great framework on which you can build a consulting career—and land a job with one of the elite companies that recruit here.

Our students who pursue this path often choose concentrations (and frequently double concentrations) in Strategy, General Management, Finance, Operations and HOP that give them the wide-ranging knowledge to solve problems for clients and lead change. And you can further build your skills through career seminars, case practice sessions with alumni, projects with companies and networking with industry leaders. 52

welcome. 53

health care Nobody else does

health care business

like this.

9:30 AM Students experience LifeFlight critical care helicopter service during Health Care Immersion course.


Combine a top-ranked business school with a world-class medical center and put them in a city named by The Wall Street Journal as one of the hottest places for health care. What you get is a health care management curriculum that delivers innovation in ways that no other MBA program does. Ways that immerse you in the delivery of health care (like standing next to a surgeon performing surgery). Ways that let you network with health care executives (relationships that often lead to jobs). Learn from one of the U.S. Congress’s foremost experts on health care policy. Or solve real challenges for local health care companies through exclusive residencies. Because you’ll learn the field from the inside out, you’ll be uniquely prepared for the future of health care. And prepared to shape it.

400,000 The number of jobs Nashville-based health care companies create globally, along with more than $70 billion in revenue.

Choose Your Focus

What You’ll Study

Sample Hiring Companies

Choose from a variety of electives to build your own health care career track. Or if you are seeking a career in health care services or consulting, choose the intensive Health Care Specialization. Students earning the Specialization must also earn a Concentration in one of the other disciplines, such as Finance, Marketing or Operations.

Health Care Economics & Policy • Health Care Entrepreneurship • Health Care Marketing • Health Care Operations • Health Care Technology • Health Care Innovation • Health Care Law and Regulation • Financial and Strategic Analysis: Applications to Health Care Services

Amgen • Bayer • Capgemini • Chattem/Sanofi Aventis • Community Health Systems • DaVita • Deloitte Consulting • ECG Management Consultants • Genentech • HCA • Humana • Johnson & Johnson • Kurt Salmon • McKesson • Pfizer • Vanguard • Zimmer


human & organizational performance How HOP can make a business



Vanderbilt offers one of the country’s most highly regarded MBA programs in Human and Organizational Performance. That makes our MBA students on this career path highly regarded by some of America’s savviest and best-known corporations and consulting firms. We offer a greater number and variety of courses than most business schools. And unlike typical HR programs, ours prepares you to sit at the C-level and help a company implement business strategies.





The historic job placement percentage for Vanderbilt MBAs on the HOP career track (with salaries matching those of other MBA tracks).

Vanderbilt’s 2012 rank among U.S. programs in Human Resources (#7 in the world) according to the Financial Times.

Choose Your Focus

What You’ll Study

Sample Hiring Companies

The HOP Concentration is flexible, allowing you to customize the curriculum to your unique needs. The HOP Specialization is more intense and focused, providing a structured foundation for careers in Human Capital Consulting or Corporate Human Resources Management.

Strategic Alignment of Human Capital • Leading Change • Organization Design • Talent Acquisition • Compensation • Labor and Employee Relations • Negotiation • Innovation Strategy • Ethics • Debates & Controversies in Business, Management & Society

Amgen • Bank of America Merrill Lynch • Capgemini • Deloitte Consulting • GE • Hewlett-Packard • Humana • IBM • LinkedIn • Microsoft • Nissan • Procter & Gamble • Sears


Anne Marie Mills What does an aeronautical engineer (testing planes at Boeing) do when she wants a fundamental career change? In Anne Marie’s case, she came to Vanderbilt with the goal of pursuing a strategic HR role. This summer, she’s interning with LinkedIn’s HR department, a perfect pairing with her tech background, she says.





Get support for your Our Career Management Center is exceptionally adept at doing just what its name promises: helping you build and manage your career. They’ll help connect you to the top recruiters seeking MBAs in your areas (expertise, industry and geographic) of interest. They’ll also help you make the most of those connections, with coaching, preparation and other resources to help you succeed in interviews. And since you’ll always be a Vanderbilt alum, you have access to our career services for life. When there are unexpected disruptions in industry and employment, you can rely on us for career coaching to networking to job leads.

3:30 PM Owen lobby


whole career

(not just your Owen career).


We’re far from

all business. Our students consistently say they work harder here than ever before. But they’ll also tell you this: They still find plenty of time for having fun. It happens at socials every Thursday night. And countless other casually unscheduled times in between. Intramural sports. Wine tastings. Food festivals where students prepare dishes from their native regions. Spur-of-the-moment meetups. Or times when students simply enjoy one another’s company. After all, this isn’t just a place where people make contacts. It’s where you make lifelong friends.




We welcome you to

our family. And that goes double for your family. You’re not the only one who will find a supportive environment at Vanderbilt. Through the Owen Partners Association (OPA), we help connect spouses, fiancÊs, partners, boyfriends, girlfriends and families to the life of our community. All OPAs are always invited to be part of social events and Owen clubs. And along with a network, we provide resources for job opportunities, child care, local schools and more.


Which program is


From the first rung on the career ladder to the corner office, Vanderbilt Business offers programs for every stage of your career.

Vanderbilt Young Professional Programs For undergraduates and recent college grads who want to launch a rewarding career in business

Typical age range 20-24

MS Finance 9 months

If you are looking for an entry-level position in investment research, asset management, sales and trading, insurance, corporate finance or risk management, this accelerated program will help you master the advanced research and analysis skills you need. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Harris Williams are just a few of the firms that hire our grads.

Master of accountancy


12 months

Vanderbilt offers two MAcc programs for recent college graduates. Both offer advantages you’ll find nowhere else: small classes, an opportunity for a paid internship with one of five firms considered among the top places to launch a career, and an emphasis on professional development and client service skills. The programs also offer outstanding prep courses for the CPA and CFA exams.


This traditional MAcc option leads to a career in the audit service line of a top firm—Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, KPMG or PricewaterhouseCoopers.

MAcc – Valuation

This innovative MAcc option prepares you for a career in the valuation service line of a global professional services firm.

Accelerator 28 days


Some call it “six internships on steroids.” Others, a “business boot camp.” Regardless of what you call it, in just four weeks, you will learn from the best faculty that Vanderbilt has to offer. Serve as a consultant solving real-world problems for companies such as FedEx, Coca-Cola and Whirlpool. Receive one-on-one career counseling and get the confidence to land your dream internship or job.



for you? vanderbilt mba

vanderbilt executive programs

For early career professionals who want to accelerate or alter their career trajectory

For working professionals—from rising managers to C-suite executives—who aspire to more

Typical age range 24-30

Typical age range 30-55


executive Mba

If you want to catapult your current career or switch to another one entirely, an MBA may be right for you. Our MBA program is known for its emphasis on leadership development and experiential learning. Equally important, our graduates are known for the qualities that recruiters seek—the ability to lead with ideas, not egos. A willingness to dig deeper and work harder. The capacity to solve problems collaboratively.

Vanderbilt offers two paths to earn a real MBA without disrupting your career momentum. Both offer a rigorous “executive edge” curriculum designed for those who are at or aspire to senior-level positions— management fundamentals and a focus on strategy, advanced financial frameworks and leadership. The programs share a lockstep first-year experience before diverging for varied coursework in the second year.

20 months

career paths

Finance Consulting Marketing Health Care Operations Human & Organizational Entrepreneurship Performance

Health Care Programs

24 months


The Executive MBA is for mid-level managers, senior executives, engineers, business owners, physicians, accountants, lawyers and other professionals who are responsible for strategy, global perspective and leading teams. Year Two features an intensive year-long strategy sequence, consulting project and an international residency.

EMBA – americas

This innovative option is ideal for managers who have responsibilities for cross-border business growth or aspire to an expat assignment. In Year Two, students take a deep dive into the unique business practices of Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. with four 10-day immersions at top business schools in each country.


Master of Management in HEALTH CARE

The Health Care MBA, known for its hands-on immersion experiences and industry partnerships, prepares you for the challenges of leadership in the health care industry. You’ll learn in the city with the largest concentration of health care services in the world, getting insight into all facets of the U.S. health care system, enabling you to make an immediate impact on the job.

The Master of Management in Health Care helps working clinicians and other experienced health care professionals effectively manage people, programs or processes to increase their responsibilities and value within their organizations. You will attend management core classes one night a week and intensive, industry-specific courses one weekend per month.

20 months

12 months

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2-3 days

12-36 months

Short, focused development programs to help you learn a new business topic or enhance your managerial skills.

Development tracks help you build a specific set of skills around an essential business area.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS tailored schedules

Educational solutions uniquely tailored to the developmental needs of client organizations.



This is who we are. This is what we do. We are competitive—not cutthroat. This, we believe, is our defining strength. It’s true we’re small. We like it that way. there is power in selectivity. that’s how we find people who dig deeper, work harder, challenge the status quo and lead with ideas (not egos). This is how we build our culture—one that’s collaborative above all else. Because we know that winning doesn’t mean leaving others behind. It’s what the market demands. It’s what others are still figuring out. We’re the B-school built for the persistent. The genuine. The professional who knows he or she hasn’t heard it all before—and uses that humility to grow. To learn. To change. That’s called wisdom. And a word from the wise: Take note of Vanderbilt. We’re building a new type of business leader—together. the Vanderbilt MBA Vanderbilt University | Owen Graduate School of Management 401 21st Avenue South | Nashville, TN 37203-2422 Telephone: 615.322.6469 | Fax: 615.343.1175 | Email: Web: | Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, US Central Time

Vanderbilt MBA Viewbook 2012-13  

We should say right off: There’s no substitute for a visit to Vanderbilt. (We hope you’ll come.) Meantime, as the next best thing, we invite...

Vanderbilt MBA Viewbook 2012-13  

We should say right off: There’s no substitute for a visit to Vanderbilt. (We hope you’ll come.) Meantime, as the next best thing, we invite...