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Vanderbilt MS Finance 2011 Investment Banking Analyst, Harris Williams & Co., Richmond, Va. Undergraduate: Trinity University

Facts, figures, stats and things worth knowing about the Vanderbilt MS Finance.




The number of students in the Vanderbilt MS Finance Class of 2012. Our selectivity and focus on each student’s success enable us to develop leaders more effectively, via intimate and collegial classroom experiences.

The quick pace to an MS Finance degree. You will receive rigorous training that will allow you to accept immediately challenging assignments after graduation.

MBA students

A well-rounded leader.

Your classmates throughout the program. From orientation through graduation, you’ll study alongside Vanderbilt MBA students, resulting in a broader understanding of global financial issues and other business disciplines.

Who you will be post-graduation. You’ll learn not only the fundamentals of finance, but also how to apply critical thinking, problem solving and communication strategies to realistic business situations.





The number of electives offered for you to customize your degree beyond core courses.


The global value of over-the-counter (OTC) derivatives, a market that Vanderbilt finance professor Hans Stoll helped make possible through his work on options markets.

The number of Alpha Indexes introduced by NASDAQ in 2010 after being created by Vanderbilt professors Jacob Sagi and Robert Whaley. Starting in April 2011 investors began trading derivatives on the Alpha Indexes, which measure how well an individual stock performs against a broader market benchmark such as the S&P 500.

vanderbilt Master of science in finance

Looking for the bridge to a The Vanderbilt MS Fi Considering a career in finance but unsure your undergraduate degree takes you where you want to go? Or maybe you have a degree in finance and you want something more? Spend a year with us and you’ll be positioned for success. The world of finance has become increasingly complex, and a deep understanding of cutting-edge methodologies is critical for success. The Vanderbilt MS Finance is a challenging analytical program that prepares you for a rewarding

career in investment research, asset management, sales and trading, insurance, corporate finance or risk management. This accelerated program will help you master the advanced research and analysis skills you need.

Your Career with an MS Finance Career guidance: We are focused on your success. We will work closely with you to explore and define your career aspirations while teaching you top-notch career management skills. Your valuable career resources will include: n Personalized guidance from the

Career Management Center and trained MBA peer coaches n Interview preparation: mock

interviews with your career coach, peers and employers n Networking visits to financial hubs n On-campus interviews and company

information sessions

Career Paths Potential career tracks for MS Finance students include: Investment Banking Corporate Finance Sales & Trading Investment Research Asset Management Consulting Private Wealth Management Risk Management

Companies hiring MS Finance students include:* Avondale Partners Bank of America Merrill Lynch BB&T Bridgewater Associates Capital Trust Citi Bank Deloitte Financial Advisory Services

Deutsche Bank Ernst & Young G2 Goldman Sachs Harris Williams Horizon Wind Energy Hydroflo Pumps Jones Lang LaSalle Northwestern Mutual

Outpatient Imaging Affiliates P&M Corporate Finance PricewaterhouseCoopers Savills Southern Land Company Taishin Commercial Bank *Class of 2011

Carla Ruiz-Ney Vanderbilt MS Finance 2009

Investment Banking Analyst, Debt Capital Markets, Banc of America, Charlotte, N.C. Undergraduate: Wesleyan College

Banker. Communicator. World Shaper. After graduating from Wesleyan College and completing internships with Bank of America Mortgage and Merrill Lynch, Carla Ruiz-Ney set out to pursue a finance degree that would improve her ability to communicate quantitatively. “I have found that success comes to professionals who can communicate qualitatively and quantitatively,” she said. That Owen had one of the few MS Finance programs in the country put the school on Carla’s short list. What cemented it for her was the school’s commitment to helping students succeed. “Owen gave me the resources to be successful… Read the rest of Carla’s story

great career? inance takes you there. Vanderbilt MS Finance Early Applicant Internship Program The Vanderbilt MS Finance Internship Program can help you prepare for your career with an internship with one of our partners, including Goldman Sachs, NASDAQ, Chicago Board Options Exchange and more. Interested students should apply early to the MS Finance program (late fall). Taught by the best Much of Vanderbilt’s reputation in finance is attributed to the university’s world-class finance faculty. They’re researchers and teachers who do more than just instruct. And they have great experience and deep connections in the business world. They are highly accessible to students.

Kate Barraclough Program Director for Vanderbilt’s Master of Finance. Her academic research focuses on derivatives, and prior to Owen, she led a group at KPMG advising the Australian government’s national Department of Finance. Nick Bollen Recognized as one of the world’s foremost experts on hedge funds, Bollen is currently using statistical models to map the inner workings of these investment vehicles. His work is key to organizations like the SEC— to help spot fraud—as well as institutional investors. Bill Christie A 1994 study that Christie co-authored uncovered evidence of collusion among a high-profile

group of securities brokers, prompting an SEC investigation that led to more than $1 billion in fines. Christie continues to write about legal issues in financial markets and holds a joint appointment at Vanderbilt Law School. Hans Stoll A pioneer in finance research, Stoll helped lay the foundation for pricing derivative investments. His work on how the markets and securities dealers operate continues to have a profound impact on researchers and practitioners. Bob Whaley A prominent researcher, Whaley is perhaps best known for his creation of the CBOE Market Volatility Index (VIX). Also known as the “fear index,” the VIX has become an increasingly critical gauge of investor sentiment.

Reon Curry

Vanderbilt MS Finance 2011

Transfer Pricing Consultant, Ernst & Young, Miami, Fla. Undergraduate: Clarkson University

Consultant. Traveler. World Shaper. Travel to nine countries, not counting his native Bahamas, has given Reon Curry a wellrounded, broader perspective on many issues. Reon knew Vanderbilt’s MS Finance program would give him similar advantages because he could interact with MBAs and take a variety of courses. Reon says he started out with a “quantitative bias,” but he remembers learning in a course in game theory that “number-crunching isn’t always the best way to solve a problem. Owen strengthened my financial prowess while helping me build strong relationships that will carry me through my career…” Read the rest of Reon’s story

Are You Right for the Field? Undergraduate Majors

Accounting 11%

Other 7%

Science/Math 16%

Finance 42%

Vanderbilt actively seeks candidates with strong performance in diverse academic backgrounds with good communication skills. The Vanderbilt MS Finance is designed for college graduates with the following qualities: n Strong academic performance

in prior university studies n Solid communication and

Class Profile MS Finance Class of 2012 Class size


Women 29% Men 71% 0-2 years work experience


3+ years work experience


interpersonal skills Economics 24%

n Aptitude for analysis and

problem solving n Keen work ethic and integrity n Strong GMAT or GRE score

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Daniel Soli Vanderbilt MS Finance 2011 Banker. Comic. World Shaper. While working in San Antonio as a financial advisor for a private wealth firm, Daniel Soli realized he wanted to pursue a career in investment banking. He also realized he lacked the credentials to break into that industry. Vanderbilt’s MS Finance program was his bridge. “Owen has an amazing reputation,” says the California native, who plays everything from tennis to bridge and has performed as a fledgling standup comic. “I was looking for the best program that fit my criteria—students my age, great name reputation, strong placement history—and I found it…” To read the rest of Daniel’s story, visit

Our Promise To students:

Here is a place where you will be challenged to achieve your potential; find support as you shape your future; discover lifelong friends and mentors; and open doors to new possibilities.

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To alumni:

Here is a place where you can engage, think, reach, teach, influence people, and transform the world around you.

Here is a place that you can call home, build business relationships, and inspire those who follow to reach even higher.

Here is a place where you will find the men and women who have the skills, the drive, and the determination to move your organization forward.

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Telephone: 615.322.6469 Facsimile: 615.343.4661 Email: Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, US Central Time

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MS Finance Brochure  

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