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your move Vanderbilt Executive Programs Executive MBA | Americas MBA for Executives Executive Development Institute: Open Enrollment Programs Certificates of Excellence & Custom Programs for Organizations


your move Vanderbilt Executive Programs Executive MBA | Americas MBA for Executives Executive Development Institute: Open Enrollment Programs Certificates of Excellence & Custom Programs for Organizations

Keri Floyd An accountant by training, Keri wanted to exercise her creative skills as well as her analytical side. Her employer, Nissan of North America, agreed. After nine years, they moved her from Accounting to Advanced Planning, a cross-disciplinary group that seeks to understand consumer behavior and trends in order to design vehicles that will be on the road in five to six years.

Executive MBA



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7:50 AM Class is about to begin.

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Let’s say you’re a goal-oriented businessperson, ready for more responsibility. Eager to be more valuable to your organization. Motivated to help everyone work more effectively. How do you move your career from the plateau you’ve reached to a path that takes you higher? We’d like to offer several suggestions. All starting with one world-class graduate school of management. Whether you choose a rigorous degree program such as an MBA built especially for working managers and professionals, or opt for highly focused open enrollment and certificate non-degree programs through our Executive Development Institute, Vanderbilt can equip you with the knowledge and skills to take you where you want to go.

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Executive MBA



Overview of Programs Year One Curriculum

Executive MBA

Year Two Curriculum

International Residency

Americas MBA for Executives

Year Two Curriculum

36-39 40-43

In-Country Immersions

Executive Development Institute Open Enrollment Programs


Leadership Management Strategy

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If you have spent time at other leading graduate schools of business, you may notice right away that we do things a little differently at Vanderbilt. We believe in leading with ideas, not egos. In being competitive, not cut-throat. And that solving problems collaboratively makes for smarter solutions. We dig deeper and work harder because we believe effort always outdoes entitlement. We believe in challenging assumptions because those who continually look beyond the status quo are least likely to be left behind. We may not be like everybody else, but our goal is clear: to provide a graduate management education that strengthens individuals in their careers and helps build solid organizations designed to win in the future.

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Middle managers, rising stars,

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and teams


Vanderbilt Executive Programs aren’t just for executives. They’re for businesspeople eager to gain the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to handle higher-level responsibilities (and who need ways to get that knowledge without taking time off from their careers).

They’re for teams (and even entire organizations) seeking to hone skills or solve problems through proven and practical management education. And, not least, they’re also for senior executives (even CEOs) looking to become even better at what they do.

Our programs are for those who are ready to understand the bigger picture (and how all the smaller pictures fit together).

“I wanted to learn different things and maybe be exposed to different challenges in the future, in other areas than just product development. Now, when I’m designing new refrigerator freezers, I have a different way to think. I think about things like costs and how we’re going to perform in the market. I didn’t have that vision before.”


Daniel Zardo A native of Brazil, Daniel is an engineer on a two-year assignment for Whirlpool in the United States. While he enjoys the fresh perspective his Evansville-to-Nashville commute affords him, his worldview is about to expand even further. Now in his second year of the Americas MBA for Executives, Daniel will soon immerse himself in the business culture of the four largest economies in the Americas.

Americas MBA for Executives





“The Vanderbilt name is powerful. It carries weight. As part of a new business venture, I traveled to India. When I told people I met that I have an MBA from Vanderbilt, they understood what that means. It gives you relevance and legitimacy.” — Sanat Dixit, M.D., Executive MBA | Class of 2012


Companies send executives

We’re good

Here are just a few of the companies represented by students in Vanderbilt Executive Programs.

Procter & Gamble / HCA / Autozone / Morgan Keegan / Bridgestone /

General Motors / Jones Lang LaSalle / Brown-Forman / Community Hea

Humana / Dollar General / Home Depot / Mapco / Dell / BlueCrossBlu

Tractor Supply Company / National Federation of Independent Business (N

Harrah’s / Allstate / Pharm M.D. / SunTrust Bank / Unum Provident / A

GlaxoSmithKline / HealthStream / International Paper / Smith & Nephe

Carrier / GE Appliances / Schneider Electric-Square D / Whirlpool / Ozb

United Technologies / Covenant Transport / U.S. Army / Medtronic / Mea


here for one simple reason.

for business.

Here’s the bottom line on Vanderbilt Executive Programs: they’re great for the bottom lines of the organizations that sponsor and support students to learn here. (Often, the payback is in the millions.) The investments start generating returns from day one, since students begin applying new knowledge and skills on the job right away. And studies show that Executive Program students remain loyal to their current employers, regardless of the level of sponsorship. Little wonder, then, that some of the world’s best-known companies (and lots of local or regional ones) rely on Vanderbilt Business to strengthen their teams.

NASBA / Cummins / Johnson & Johnson / Ford Motor Credit /

alth Systems / Big Time Toys / Nissan / Gibson Guitar / DuPont /

ueShield of Tennessee / Mars Petcare / AT&T / FedEx / Sara Lee /

NFIB) / ExxonMobil Corporation / TVA / Gaylord Entertainment /

Allergan / Bristol-Myers Squibb / Cisco / Cardinal Health /

ew / Vanderbilt University Medical Center / Avery Dennison /

burn-Hessey Logistics / AOL / Asurion / Oracle / Motorola /

ad Johnson / Amgen / Wackenhut Services / Bosch / KPMG


Professor Bruce Cooil Faculty Director, Executive MBA Programs

Here, great professors are also great mentors, advisors and friends. We think it’s not enough to offer outstanding scholars, highly published researchers, skillful teachers and seasoned practitioners. Our professors will also know you by name.

In the executive classroom, our faculty are proficient at drawing out wisdom from the collective experience of students and adept at bringing business theory and practice together.

It’s not just because our school—and our classes—are small. It’s because we foster an atmosphere where open-door accessibility and collaboration are prized. (That’s by design.)

We think that gives you the best of both worlds: professors who are thoroughly grounded in their fields and a learning environment grounded in personal relationships. 10

Professor Germain Bรถer

Professor Kimberly Pace

Professor Luke Froeb

Professor David Owens Faculty Director, Executive Development Institute

Professor Nancy Lea Hyer

Professor Mumin Kurtulus



the vanderbilt

Some MBAs are a lot more equal


executive mba: than others. If you’re simply looking to add the letters MBA behind your name, you have a world of options. But if you’re looking for an Executive MBA that’s respected around the world—one that reflects the academic rigor of a full, 60-credit-hour program, gives you a distinctive executive edge, surrounds you with world-class peers and internationally respected faculty, gives you a global perspective, and is uniquely tailored to the needs of those aspiring to (or already in) senior management positions—then we can recommend two outstanding choices. Our traditional Executive MBA program focuses on advanced management, strategic vision and leadership skills essential to achieving your full executive potential. In addition, Vanderbilt offers you the unique option of earning the Americas MBA for Executives, in which you can build on the fundamentals of the first year of the traditional Executive MBA program to gain specialized knowledge and insights of business in the Americas that prepare you for transnational responsibilities. Either path you choose (and we can help you assess which is right for you), you’ll have a world-class MBA that will help you get wherever you want your career to go.


The Vanderbilt Executive Edge



Get an executive edge that

All Executive MBA programs offer the basic management fundamentals. Vanderbilt adds the essential layers that help you reach your full potential as an executive (and your full value to your organization).

for the top

Leadership Development—The leap from manager to leader requires depth in self-awareness,

organizational awareness, strategic alignment to corporate strategy and skills in negotiation and influencing teams. Vanderbilt Executive MBA programs offer courses, C-Teams and Leadership Development workshops with sophisticated personal assessment tools to help you identify and implement a personal leadership growth plan.

Strategic Skills and Vision—Building upon sophisticated financial frameworks,

Vanderbilt Executive MBA programs embed strategic theory and case studies in both firstand second-year curriculum. A hallmark of the programs is the year-long Capstone Strategy Project that takes place throughout the second year of study and features a team-based consulting project with a client company.

Advanced Financial Frameworks—Both the Vanderbilt Executive MBA and the Americas MBA for Executives build on the quantitative MBA foundation with a thorough overlay of advanced financial frameworks including valuation, globalization and foreign exchange exposures— all of which are critical for truly understanding strategic choices and risk.

Management Fundamentals—The Vanderbilt Executive MBA core curriculum—the same used in the Vanderbilt weekday MBA program—lays the foundation in quantitative and soft skills including statistics, economics, finance, accounting, operations, marketing and organization management. 15

ACCELERATOR® executive mba


Become part of a C-Team and get the view from the top. Since most successful executives tackle problems in teams, we’ve always believed business students should too. That’s why here, like nowhere else, you’ll complete much of your work as part of a cross-functional “C-Team” of peers. We carefully design these teams to emulate a “C-suite” of executives, including a complementary balance of backgrounds and expertise, so you’ll have people on your team representing the various roles you’d find in a typical organization. As a result, you’ll widen the lens through which you see problems (just as top executives must do). And chances are, as our graduates often say, you’ll learn as much from your team as in the classroom.

“At Owen, not only was I learning Operations from a great professor, but my C-Team member Shawn Williams, the Director of Quality at Nissan, could take me into the Nissan plant and show me what happens when a bottleneck occurs, or what just-intime delivery means in the manufacturing world.”


ACCELERATOR® executive mba

Amanda Cox Ask award-winning Marriott International sales leader Amanda Cox what surprises her most about her time at Vanderbilt. “How much I already miss being in class.” The 2011 recipient of the Dean’s Award for Academic Excellence, Amanda freely admits that the program was difficult and demanding. Would she do it again? Her answer, without hesitation: “Yes!”

Executive MBA



Saturday afternoon break. C-Team meets outside Classroom #222.



How can you handle strategy for

by starting Businesses rise or fall on strategic plans. So, as a signature (and distinctive) part of our Executive MBA program, your second year will include a comprehensive Business Strategy Sequence, regardless of whether you choose the Traditional or Americas MBA route.

Beyond the classroom experience of lecture, reading, case analysis and facilitated discussion, the Business Strategy Sequence involves a consulting project with a client company that you and your C-Team will manage. Throughout the project

34 18

ACCELERATOR® executive mba

your company?


you’ll be under the supervision of one of our faculty. You’ll also have access to all the resources and valuable databases of our Walker Management Library (including a research librarian who will be dedicated to your C-Team). It’s a total immersion experience that requires all the tools and concepts you’ve learned as you build an integrated strategic plan for your client. And it’s a key reason why the Vanderbilt Executive MBA ranks among the best in the world for strategy.

35 19

“My employer noticed

I had a skill set

I didn’t have before.

They’ve already given me a promotion.” redesign a supply chain process or build a new spreadsheet model that provides better information for management decisions.

Learn it Saturday. Use it Monday. Built into our core curriculum are apply-itnow experiences designed to reinforce the new knowledge you gain and help you put it to work right away.

As a result, you—and your employer— begin to enjoy an immediate return on your MBA investment. One that will continue to generate returns for the next two years and well beyond.

In one class, you might work with your C-Team to apply classroom learning to a real problem facing one of your employers. In another, you might

Jonathan Osborne A Project Manager working in the Aerospace industry in Huntsville, Jonathan felt that he had good business instincts but was somewhat “clueless” when it came to management topics such as finance, marketing research and process control. Clueless no more: recently promoted, Jonathan is responsible for the cost, schedule and contract performance of all projects related to a new business segment.

Executive MBA




ACCELERATOR速 executive mba


Don’t just learn to manage.

Learn to lead. 6:45 PM Friday Leadership Development Workshop


Since the whole object of an MBA is to prepare you for higher leadership, shouldn’t a program actually develop students in that critical quality, instead of just leaving it to chance?

ACCELERATOR® executive mba

We think so, too. That’s why we designed our program with a distinctive emphasis on developing your leadership abilities and advancing your career. You’ll have access to valuable diagnostic tools used by Fortune 500 CEOs as well as the ability to participate in a series of Friday night workshops on topics of leadership. You’ll even have a professional executive coach dedicated to working with you and your team. On top of that, we support you in establishing and achieving professional goals through career counseling, networking with faculty and peers and access to a wide range of our school’s other resources.

Vanderbilt Executive MBA Leadership Development Program An open door to the tools and support needed to learn, practice, modify and grow leadership skills.

Assessment and Insights You will have access to several best-of-class diagnostic tools used by Fortune 500 companies, such as the Hogan Leadership Assessment.


Individual Development

You are encouraged to attend engaging and interactive Friday evening workshops dedicated to the topic of leadership.

You will be supported as you build a leadership development plan tailored to your needs.

Group Work


Your C-Team is a “living lab” for learning and practicing leadership skills.

You can call upon the one-to-one coaching services of our LDP team and, as needed, the professional executive coaches we retain.


“You learn as much

from your peers as from your professors.

And your professors are world-class.”

John Murfee Managing Director Avondale Partners Class of 2008

— Patrick Quirk, Executive MBA | Class of 2009

Lynn Matrisian, Ph.D. VP, Scientific and Medical Affairs Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Class of 2013


Rahul Mehta Senior Marketing Specialist Schneider Electric Americas Class of 2013

When you join the Vanderbilt Executive MBA program, you join an elite network of peers.

ACCELERATORÂŽ executive mba

On average, our Executive MBA students possess 12 years of career experience. They’re engineers, marketers, IT professionals, doctors, scientists, entrepreneurs, accountants, salespeople, you name it. Our faculty are adept at leveraging this wealth of experience and perspectives to enrich your learning experience. And the value goes beyond your classmates and the classroom because you can tap into the depth, diversity and expertise across our entire alumni network, both now and after you graduate.

Sergio Corbo Chief Marketing Officer, Industrial Solutions GE Energy Management Class of 2005

Jacqueline Parker Co-Founder Covenant Transportation Group Class of 2012


William A. Singleton III Global Innovation Program Manager Wrigley Class of 2010

so much

“It meant to us that the program was

welcoming our whole family.” — David Stockbower, Executive MBA | Class of 2011

Your whole family will be affected by your decision to pursue an Executive MBA. So we make a point of involving and welcoming them from the get-go—starting with an invitation to spouses and partners to attend our initial information sessions.

And once you enroll, your family becomes part of ours. Families come from all over for cookouts, Vanderbilt football games and special family days. In these ways and many others, we help build a sense of community. That’s part of what we mean when we say we take business personally.


ACCELERATOR速 executive mba


One world-class MBA. Like other world-class programs, the traditional Vanderbilt Executive MBA will give you a measure of understanding of global business that is essential today. But for those who want an even deeper, richer global perspective, we created the Americas MBA for Executives.


Year One

TRADITIONAL This track is suited for mid- and senior-level managers, physicians, engineers and business owners who want to advance their companies and their careers. It offers a solid global perspective, necessary for business in today’s marketplace, and is ideal for those moving into leadership roles responsible for strategic direction.

New Harmony

Which Program?

Foundational Curriculum

AMERICAS This track is for established managers and executives who have (or aspire to) positions of responsibility in the Americas or would significantly benefit from the enriched global mindset developed through intensive incountry immersions and becoming part of an international cohort of executive students.

Leadership Development



Enjoy a Shared Year One Experience

Choose Your Program Before you enroll, our admissions staff can help you decide whether the traditional Executive MBA or the Americas MBA for Executives is the best fit for you.

Whichever option you choose, during your first year you’ll share the same classes and rigorous core curriculum that have made the Vanderbilt Executive MBA highly regarded.


Year Two capstone Strategy project


Leadership Development

Strategy Sequence

Global Sequence

International Trip

Specialized Curriculum UNITED STATES

the Vanderbilt MBA



Canada capstone Strategy project



Diverge for Specialized Year Two Curriculum During the second year, both tracks emphasize business strategy and feature a year-long Capstone Strategy Project. While traditional Executive MBA students continue with the alternating Saturday schedule from Year One, Americas MBA students become part of a traveling classroom taught by expert faculty at highly-ranked business schools in the Western Hemisphere’s largest economies.



Gather to Celebrate Your Accomplishment Either path will lead you to the same end: a Vanderbilt MBA that is respected around the world.

ACCELERATORÂŽ executive mba

ways to get one.

First, you’ll notice the rigor of the core curriculum that all of our Executive MBA students complete during their first year regardless of track. It’s one of the hallmarks that separate the Vanderbilt program from less challenging Executive MBA programs. You’ll also notice the difference your new knowledge is making each week in your daily work—and how you’re able to apply that knowledge to solve problems, handle new challenges and gain a new perspective on existing ones.

What you’ll study during your first year n Financial n Finance

and managerial accounting

n Valuing

corporations n Leadership and team dynamics n Marketing n Micro and macro economics n Operations n Organizational behavior n Statistics

see the difference from

day one of 9:30 AM Saturday Quick break and time to compare notes on assignment due.


ACCELERATOR速 executive mba

year one. 31

32 32

“The New Harmony experience

was everything

ACCELERATOR® executive mba

I didn’t


It was perfect.”

— Karen Sahetya, Executive MBA | Class of 2012 Each year, the incoming Executive MBA class begins its Vanderbilt experience with an intensive one-week residency at a historic retreat in New Harmony, Indiana. But don’t let the serene name fool you. In this intimate, bucolic setting you will receive an intensive and rigorous immersion into the Executive MBA curriculum and Leadership Development Program. You’ll also begin working with your colleagues in a crossfunctional “C-Team”—the group you’ll work with throughout your time in the program. Most important, the trip provides time away from the daily demands of your professional and personal life, giving you ample opportunity to acclimate to your new role as “student” and begin forming the bonds with peers and others in the Owen community that will last a lifetime.


Photos of cats and dogs adorn most walls in the Franklin, Tennessee, headquarters of Mars Petcare.

Two weeks

in the

worklife of

Britt Groomes, EMBA 2013 Britt agreed to share a sampling of his first-year experience from the two weeks between Saturday class sessions.

week 1 Monday After work, I dive into our assignments from last Saturday’s classes. I read a case we’re working on and prep information for our current C-Team group project.

Tuesday Connect with the other members of my C-Team to discuss our group assignment. We work through what we’ve done before the meeting and delegate pieces of the deliverable.

Wednesday Get home from work. Spend some time with my family, which just grew to three with the birth of our daughter, Harper. Have dinner and take the baby in a stroller as we walk our dogs. Between 7:00 and 11:00, I usually settle into my individual and group assignments.

Friday I use my lunchtime to get in a little training for the Music City Triathlon (my first) because most weeknights are devoted to schoolwork. (My wife set up a place in the sunroom to be my defined study spot).


Saturday Unless I’m studying for finals or mid-terms, most of my alternating Saturdays are free. Prebaby, we spent a lot of weekends on the lake. Now, we’re mostly hanging around the house with Harper. (And loving it.)

week 2 Monday I pick it back up after the weekend. Tonight I’m getting ready for our weekly C-Team meeting. We’re working on a “dashboard” for Macroeconomics, in which we evaluate one industry (we chose railroads) and prepare a presentation on key macroeconomic indicators that affect that industry.

Friday Often I take advantage of the optional Leadership Development sessions on Friday nights. It’s where you learn the “soft skills” you don’t get in class, but that are extremely valuable if you aspire to higher leadership (my goal is to be a CFO someday). Friday nights also give our C-team a chance to meet one last time and make sure we have everything tied down for Saturday.

Wednesday I’m continually amazed by how “real-world” our classwork is. I recently drew on what I learned in Bill Christie’s Corporate Finance class to create a working model (with some suggestions from Bill) for our company’s buyers to use in negotiations.

Tuesday Meet with the C-Team to work through what we’ve done, refine and polish.


Saturday Classes begin at 7:50. I arrive between 7:00 and 7:15 for breakfast (and any last-minute prep). With three 3-hour classes, marathon Saturdays are tough. I get home and my brain is fried. Fortunately, I’m a good note taker and I’ll review everything tomorrow night in the sunroom.

ACCELERATOR® year executive two americas mba

After working at Deloitte, Britt joined Mars Petcare in 2009 and is now a Supply Finance Manager. Most recent promotion: new father.

Traditional Executive MBA Year Two:

Building on a

Strong 36

What you will study: n

Business strategy Corporate financial policy n Creating and launching a new venture n Global enterprises n Service operations n Advanced marketing topics n Strategic alignment of human capital n Negotiation n Special topics in executive management n Ethics n

PLUS: n One-week international residency n Year-long Capstone Strategy Project

Foundation better integrate functional areas to optimize company performance.

Your first year will give you a strong core foundation in management essentials, advanced quantitative skills and new perspectives on leadership.

Your classes are designed to support and prepare you for a year-long Capstone Strategy Project in which your C-Team will serve as senior-level consultants for a critical challenge faced by a company of your choosing. The year culminates in a week-long international business immersion experience.

Year Two of our program picks up where many Executive MBA programs leave off. You’ll focus on strategic aspects of building and managing an organization in a competitive global environment and how to


second year international residency

Business is global.

We think business school

should be too.

During your second year of the traditional Executive MBA program, you’ll be part of a group immersion experience outside the U.S.—the culmination of a Global Enterprise Sequence that brings classroom learning and theory to life and gives you the grounding that is a must-have for all senior executives today. Typically, the international residency will include one or two host countries and visits to ten corporations (which may be local, regional or international companies based in these countries or satellite offices of U.S.-headquartered companies). Through meetings with local executives and Vanderbilt alumni, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of the differences and complexities—from staffing and financial/legal structures to social customs—inherent in doing business in the global marketplace. And you’ll gain a broader perspective essential for leadership in an increasingly interconnected business world.


ACCELERATOR速 year year two twotraditional americas Executive MBA Class of 2012 visiting Beijing, Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Macau


What you will study:

In Canada: n Global strategy n Cross-cultural management In Brazil: n Corporate social responsibility n Strategic management for emerging markets In Mexico: n Family business n Competitive strategy In the United States: n Creating and launching a new venture n Global innovation strategy PLUS: n Year-long Capstone Strategy Project

Americas MBA year two:

think globally.

study hemis 40

Take Vanderbilt’s internationally respected Executive MBA program. Then, during Year Two, fuse the essentials of that program (including the focus on strategy) with a deep-dive immersion into the four largest economies in the Western Hemisphere— an option that brings together the business disciplines and global mindset that prepare senior executives to succeed in today’s “flat world” marketplace. Result? The Americas MBA for Executives, developed in alliance with Vanderbilt and leading business schools in Brazil, Canada and Mexico. Through this unique program, we capitalize on our long experience and relationships in the Americas to provide a training ground where you can learn not only the essentials that apply to doing business throughout North and South America, but also the essential questions and factors to consider that will help you successfully handle higher-level business anywhere in the world.

pherically. 41

second year in-Country immersions


Don’t just global business.

Immerse yourself in it.

If you pursue the specialized Americas MBA for Executives, during your second year you’ll be part of an international cohort of no more than 60 executives—up to 15 students from each of the four prestigious business schools in the Americas Alliance.

these countries best. Meanwhile, a member of the Vanderbilt faculty will oversee your group Capstone Strategy Project, in which you will work with a Fortune 500 company to help solve specific business challenges in the Americas.

Instead of meeting every other Saturday as in Year One, you’ll be part of a “traveling classroom” throughout Year Two—with 10-day immersions in Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the United States. Using curriculum that makes your course work uniquely relevant to each country, you’ll learn from the exceptional faculty of our partner schools, who know

Throughout the immersion experiences, you’ll learn firsthand the culture, business practices and consumer perceptions and behaviors of these four nations and economies. And you’ll do it among peers from those countries whose own insights and experience will be invaluable throughout your career.

In addition to a Vanderbilt MBA, Americas MBA graduates receive a certificate jointly issued by the four schools of the Americas Alliance.

Vancouver, British Columbia

Mexico City

São Paulo 42

Nashville, Tennessee


ACCELERATOR® year two americas

Simon Fraser University Beedie School of Business Beedie is home to Canada’s first Executive MBA program and is a Canadian leader in global business teaching and research. Simon Fraser has been ranked as Canada’s top comprehensive university.

mexico Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) ITAM is one of Mexico’s pre-eminent institutions of higher learning and the best private university in Mexico, according to El Universal. ITAM was also named best business school in Latin America by America Economia.

United States Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management Globally recognized as one of the top Executive MBA programs, Vanderbilt is renowned for its strategy and leadership curriculum. Owen is part of Vanderbilt University, one of the world’s premier research institutions, which includes top schools in Medicine, Law, Engineering, Education and Divinity.


Fundação Instituto de Administração (FIA) (Management Institute Foundation) FIA has been named the “most innovative business school in South America” by European CEO magazine and is the only fully Brazilian Executive MBA ranked among the best in the world by the Financial Times.



executive development

Look into two great business

You. And your

open enrollment programs Certificates of excellence Custom Programs




organization. Pick programs that let you build knowledge in targeted areas. Or take a combination of programs over time and earn a credential. Or let us design and deliver a program to improve your team or entire organization.

Just because you’re a busy working professional doesn’t mean you can’t go back to business school in a way that’s tailored to your needs and schedule. We created the Vanderbilt Executive Development Institute with people like you in mind.

And you can do it all in a way that lets you gain the benefit of a Vanderbilt Business experience—including access to renowned faculty, resources and a network of professional peers—without the commitment of a degree or a formal admissions process.

Through compact, two- and three-day Open Enrollment Programs for individuals—and Custom Programs built for organizations— you can gain critical business knowledge, skills and tools to apply immediately on the job.


Learn the art of


And the science. Our faculty have long been known for helping business professionals become business leaders. Through a series of Open Enrollment programs in leadership, you can access that expertise and apply it in your career and your organization.

Executive Leadership Transform your leadership style. Build skills to design, implement and manage a vision that will help drive your organization’s success.

Leadership Coaching


The number of books that Dick Daft—popular author and Vanderbilt professor—has written on the topic of leadership. His most recent—The Executive and the Elephant: A Leader’s Guide for Building Inner Excellence— currently boasts a 5-star rating on

Strengthen your managerial effectiveness and build a distinctive set of competencies to coach, motivate and empower high-performing employees.

Leading Change Become an influential leader of change in your organization. Spearhead change initiatives using analytical frameworks and proven models.

VISIT to view the most current list of programs offered.


open enrollment programs - leadership

“My first class, Executive Leadership with Professor Dick Daft, made a big impact. He touched a variety of areas over the three days that spurred me to dig deeper.”

— William Smith, Director of

Manufacturing Operations, Firestone Building Products

Professor Dick Daft


Build your

management skills in manageable increments. 48

open open enrollment enrollment programs - management - management For working professionals, we’ve distilled the cross-disciplinary management essentials from our MBA programs into a series of short, Open Enrollment programs to fit your particular needs and your schedule. Achieving Operational Excellence

Managing Teams in Organizations

Learn best-practice strategies to improve business results. Understand how to increase efficiencies, implement highperformance processes and deliver value at lower costs.

Be a leader who creates, empowers, motivates and sustains high-performing teams. Learn how to understand the roles of individuals and the complexity of team dynamics to drive your teams forward.

Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers

Marketing for Strategic Growth Make key marketing decisions with confidence. Explore marketing fundamentals and leave with a toolkit of models and frameworks that will help you develop, implement and evaluate your organization’s marketing strategies.

Increase your value with a foundation in finance and accounting. Understand what the numbers mean and how to use financial systems and data to identify risks and opportunities.

Leading Projects for Strategic Results


Gain essential project management skills (including tactics and strategies for creating and maintaining organizational success) that will help you achieve your organization’s strategic goals.

to view the most current list of programs offered.


Michael Burcham is a CEO (several times over) who launched and ran two successful health care companies; serves on the advisory board of four other health care organizations; and is strategic advisor to a variety of other health care firms and health care venture funds. President and CEO of the Nashville Entrepreneur Center and board member of both the Nashville Technology Council and the International Business Council, Michael is a frequent national speaker on strategy and entrepreneurial thinking.


best in the

from some of the


Michael Burcham isn’t your typical business school professor. But he typifies the distinguished business practitioners who teach in our programs. Thanks to faculty like Dr. Burcham—a successful CEO and nationally recognized expert on both strategy and entrepreneurship—and others, you can learn strategy from literally some of the best and smartest in business.

Enterprise Risk Management

Negotiation Skills for Managers

Protect your organization’s bottom line from potential hazards. Learn to identify, manage and mitigate possible disaster and threats to your organization.

Gain the ability to negotiate and resolve disputes using a systematic framework. Identify your best negotiation style and learn practical tools and techniques to improve your effectiveness at achieving the best possible outcomes.

Managing New Product and Service Development Position your organization for strategic competitive advantage. Learn a systematic process to successfully manage the design and development of any product or service.

Strategic Innovation Learn a formal process for creating an innovative culture within your organization. Examine the basic frameworks of innovation practices and learn how to leverage both individuals and teams to achieve greater business success.


VISIT to view the most current list of programs offered.

open enrollment programs - strategy

Learn business strategy

Gain a Vanderbilt Business

you’re gaining

We’ve structured our programs so that, if you choose to take a combination of programs to master a certain area, you can earn a respected credential in the form of a Vanderbilt Executive Development Certificate of Excellence. To earn a certificate, you will need to complete four programs within a designated period of time.

“Without question, the courses brought me a better understanding of my development needs and clarity on how I need to address them.” Kathleen Overlin Assistant Vice President Production Office Manager Chubb Group of Insurance Companies

Certificate in Leadership Excellence Executive Leadership Leadership Coaching Leading Change Negotiation Skills for Managers

Certificate in Management Fundamentals Achieving Operational Excellence Finance & Accounting for Non-Financial Managers Marketing for Strategic Growth Strategic Innovation

Certificate in Business Excellence You may customize your own certificate by selecting any four Open Enrollment programs that are most relevant to your needs.


new knowledge. “I have decided to put my management team through the common curriculum. My approach on how I develop and invest in my top talent has shifted.”

“I chose the certificate program because the combination of courses is relevant to what I deal with daily and the timing of the courses was good.”

Meyers Stallings Associate Director Performance Improvement Office Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Deborah Webb Vice President of Customer Resources Nupont Division Computer Services, Inc.


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All organizations have one thing in common. They’re different. With different needs and goals. So, leveraging the talents of top Vanderbilt faculty and leading business practitioners, we can design unique programs customized around your culture, your strategy and your needs. The result? Tailored solutions that you can implement faster, across your entire organization.

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Vanderbilt’s Custom Programs

1 First, we listen closely to understand your objectives, get a feel for the individuals/teams that comprise the audience and grasp any overarching issues or circumstances that will help guide us in building a working relationship.


We establish a client team for your organization who will develop and deliver your program. They’ll dig for details to understand all facets of your development needs, challenges and desired outcomes.

immediate results. Our faculty, recognized as expert instructors, will deliver and implement your made-to-order program according to plan.


4 5 Because we believe in long-term relationships, we extend our work for you beyond the classroom, conducting a thorough evaluation (including surveys of participants and internal sponsors) to understand how well the program met your objectives. Our faculty remain available to your management team and program participants.

3 We’ll devise and customize a blueprint that melds expert and relevant curriculum with innovative learning practices. In this collaborative process, we consult you for feedback, modifying and refining the content, design and delivery until they meet your approval.


custom programs

rategic goals.

“Vanderbilt has become

our partner in managing

leadership development.” — Anish Baijal, Director of Talent Management, Nissan North America


Preparing high-potential employees for leadership

When Nissan North America moved its headquarters from Los Angeles to Middle Tennessee in 2006, the company asked us to partner with them in creating a world-class leadership development program for their high-potential employees around the globe. “We continue to partner with Vanderbilt,” says Anish Baijal, Director of Talent Management. “The faculty has served as an invaluable resource and deep pool of knowledge. They combine theoretical study with up-to-date business-relevant knowledge that helps our employees tackle the business challenges they face.”


custom programs

Companies large and small rely on Vanderbilt to develop customized programs that help them solve problems and operate more effectively. We deliver. That’s why our clients keep turning to us, year after year.

Louisiana Pacific

Building a brand in Latin America

With strong success in the Chilean market, LP set its sights on Brazil—but recognized that growth there required a deeper understanding of the country’s cultural nuances. Through a custom program, we worked with their executive team in Brazil to develop a new strategic model suited to help LP enter the Brazilian building materials market. “It’s nice,” says LP’s CEO Rick Frost, “that we have this kind of expertise in our backyard at Vanderbilt.”





executive students.

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Executive students are masters at juggling. Job.

Family. School. That’s why, at Vanderbilt, we cater to you. We’ve dedicated an entire wing of our facility to Executive Programs—a space that combines the historic character of one of Vanderbilt’s earliest buildings (circa 1888) with contemporary classrooms and state-of-the-art technology. In our Executive Lounge, set aside exclusively as a home away from home for executive students, you’ll find a business center, quiet study area, fresh coffee, soft drinks, M&Ms and other treats. You’ll also enjoy an even more valuable resource: the full support of our staff, who will (not quite literally, but almost) bend over backwards to meet your needs.


Los Angeles. Toronto. Mexico City. Brussels. Tokyo. Just a few of the cities—near and far—from which students travel to attend Vanderbilt Executive Programs.


The number (at last count) of U.S. cities that have direct service to Nashville International Airport.


The number of nights that you can find affordable accommodations, good music, restaurants and entertainment an easy walk or drive from campus.


is easy to reach. AND HARD TO BEAT. Executive Programs at Vanderbilt can be quite challenging. Thankfully, the commute for most of our executive students is relatively easy. Nashville is served by three major interstate highways and an international airport that offers 380 flights daily and nonstop service to 50 cities. Nine of the nation’s top ten metro areas are within a two-hour flight. And once you get here, you’ll find that Nashville is wonderfully cosmopolitan — with great restaurants, great night spots, great live music every night (and of every genre) and people whose welcome-to-thebarbecue friendliness is renowned.



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New York Philadelphia Chicago Washington, D.C.

Atlanta Dallas/Ft. Worth





Our promise to students: Here is a place where you’ll be challenged to achieve your potential; find support as you shape your future; discover lifelong friends and mentors; and open doors to new possibilities.

All of our executive students have one thing in common: They’re different. With different strengths. Different areas of expertise and experience. Different aspirations. So our focus is on you and your success. Whether you’re seeking the credentials of an MBA that is recognized around the globe, or are simply looking to fill particular gaps in your skills, we’ll help you build a stronger resume and make yourself more valuable to your organization (in ways those at the top will notice). All the while, we’ll help you gain confidence and the feeling that you’ve not only challenged yourself but mastered that challenge. It’s part of what we mean when we say we believe that business is personal.

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Juli Bennett There is nothing that Juli enjoys more than talking with students and learning how she can better help them achieve their goals. The evidence? Her office phone rolls directly to her personal cell phone ensuring her availability to talk, counsel and cheerlead day and night. A huge champion of the Vanderbilt high-touch culture, Juli experienced the benefits of it herself as a graduate of the MBA Class of 1993.

Executive Director, MBA programs for Executives Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management


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From the first rung on the career ladder to the corner office, Vanderbilt Business offers programs for every stage of your career.

Vanderbilt Young Professional Programs For undergraduates and recent college grads who want to launch a rewarding career in business

Typical age range 20-24

MS Finance 9 months

If you are looking for an entry-level position in investment research, asset management, sales and trading, insurance, corporate finance or risk management, this accelerated program will help you master the advanced research and analysis skills you need. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Harris Williams are just a few of the firms that hire our grads.

Master of accountancy


12 months

Vanderbilt offers two MAcc programs for recent college graduates. Both offer advantages you’ll find nowhere else: small classes, an opportunity for a paid internship with one of five firms considered among the top places to launch a career, and an emphasis on professional development and client service skills. The programs also offer outstanding prep courses for the CPA and CFA exams.


This traditional MAcc option leads to a career in the audit service line of a top firm—Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, KPMG or PricewaterhouseCoopers.

MAcc Valuation

This innovative MAcc option prepares you for a career in the valuation service line of a global professional services firm.

Accelerator 28 days


Some call it “six internships on steroids.” Others, a “business boot camp.” Regardless of what you call it, in just four weeks, you will learn from the best faculty that Vanderbilt has to offer. Serve as a consultant solving real-world problems for companies such as FedEx, Coca-Cola and Whirlpool. Receive one-on-one career counseling and get the confidence to land your dream internship or job.



for you? vanderbilt mba

vanderbilt executive programs

For early career professionals who want to accelerate or alter their career trajectory

For working professionals—from rising managers to C-suite executives—who aspire to more

Typical age range 24-30

Typical age range 30-55


executive Mba

If you want to catapult your current career or switch to another one entirely, an MBA may be right for you. Our MBA program is known for its emphasis on leadership development and experiential learning. Equally important, our graduates are known for the qualities that recruiters seek—the ability to lead with ideas, not egos. A willingness to dig deeper and work harder. The capacity to solve problems collaboratively.

Vanderbilt offers two paths to earn a real MBA without disrupting your career momentum. Both offer a rigorous “executive edge” curriculum designed for those who are at or aspire to senior-level positions— management fundamentals and a focus on strategy, advanced financial frameworks and leadership. The programs share a lockstep first-year experience before diverging for varied course work in the second year.

20 months

career paths

Finance Consulting Marketing Health Care Operations Human & Organizational Entrepreneurship Performance

Health Care Programs

20-24 months


The Executive MBA is for mid-level managers, senior executives, engineers, business owners, physicians, accountants, lawyers and other professionals who are responsible for strategy, global perspective and leading teams. Year Two features an intensive year-long strategy sequence, consulting project and an international residency.

EMBA – americas

This innovative option is ideal for managers who have responsibilities for cross-border business growth or aspire to an expat assignment. In Year Two, students take a deep dive into the unique business practices of Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. with four 10-day immersions at a top business school in each country.


Master of Management in HEALTH CARE

The Health Care MBA, known for its hands-on immersion experiences and industry partnerships, prepares you for the challenges of leadership in the health care industry. You’ll learn in the city with the largest concentration of health care services in the world, getting insight into all facets of the U.S. health care system, enabling you to make an immediate impact on the job.

The Master of Management in Health Care helps working clinicians and other experienced health care professionals effectively manage people, programs or processes to increase their responsibilities and value within their organizations. You will attend management core classes one night a week and intensive, industry-specific courses one weekend per month.

20 months

12 months

EXECUTIVE DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE For more information on these programs, visit



2-3 days

12-36 months

Short, focused development programs to help you learn a new business topic or enhance your managerial skills.

Development tracks help you build a specific set of skills around an essential business area.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS tailored schedules

Educational solutions uniquely tailored to the developmental needs of client organizations.



This is who we are. This is what we do. We are competitive—not cutthroat. This, we believe, is our defining strength. It’s true we’re small. We like it that way. there is power in selectivity. that’s how we find people who dig deeper, work harder, challenge the status quo and lead with ideas (not egos). This is how we build our culture—one that’s collaborative above all else. Because we know that winning doesn’t mean leaving others behind. It’s what the market demands. It’s what others are still figuring out. We’re the B-school built for the persistent. The genuine. The professional who knows he or she hasn’t heard it all before—and uses that humility to grow. To learn. To change. That’s called wisdom. And a word from the wise: Take note of Vanderbilt. We’re building a new type of business leader—together. Vanderbilt Executive Programs Vanderbilt University | Owen Graduate School of Management 401 21st Avenue South | Nashville, TN 37203-2422 Telephone: 615.322.3120 | Fax: 615.343.2293 | Email: Web: | Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, US Central Time

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Executive Programs Viewbook  

Grow your career further, faster. With a full range of programs to fit your needs and schedule—from two Executive MBA options to flexible O...

Executive Programs Viewbook  

Grow your career further, faster. With a full range of programs to fit your needs and schedule—from two Executive MBA options to flexible O...