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JUMP START Vanderbilt Young Professional Programs Accelerator速 Summer Business Institute | MS Finance Master of Accountancy: MAcc & MAcc Valuation

JUMP START Vanderbilt Young Professional Programs Accelerator速 Summer Business Institute | MS Finance Master of Accountancy: MAcc & MAcc Valuation

YOUR Business CAREER with some world-class options. David Webster As a Vanderbilt undergraduate, David always knew that he wanted a career in business; he just wasn’t sure what that career might look like in the long term. Quite certain that there is no such thing as a job labeled “Human and Organizational Developer”—his undergraduate major—he determined that accounting would be the best place to start.


2013 Class

it’s a competitive world out there.

give yourself

In an average year, 1.75 million Americans graduate from college. Even if you’re among the top 10 percent of your class, 175,000 people who rank with you are competing for career-building jobs. If that math feels unpromising, we’d like to suggest several ways to change the odds in your favor: innovative career-launching programs ranging from a four-week summer business “boot camp” to one-year programs in finance or accounting. Besides the prestigious name behind them, all have one thing in common: They’ll equip you with the skills and door-opening connections to jump-start a business career.

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an edge from

the start. C o n te n t s

Accelerator速-Vanderbilt Summer Business Institute



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Our Promise to Students: Here is a place where you’ll be challenged to achieve your potential; find support as you shape your future; discover lifelong friends and mentors; and open doors to new possibilities.

we take business All of our students have one thing in common: They’re different. With different strengths. Different aspirations. Different needs.

So our focus is on you and your success. On knowing you as a person, not just a student. On making sure you gain the knowledge, experience, credentials and connections to jump-start a rewarding career in business.

That’s not just our promise. It’s our history. 02

––and your career––

personally. 03

“I knew that art history wasn’t going to be the most lucrative career for the kind of lifestyle that I would like to live, but I wasn’t sure what area of business I wanted. Someone I respect said, ‘You can’t lose if you start off in accounting.’ Here I am.”


Poets, quants and



What we look for most in prospective students are the qualities that are reliable predictors of success (and that recruiters prize). Like strong academic performance. An aptitude for analysis and problem solving. Solid communication and interpersonal skills. Keen work ethic. And strong GMAT or GRE scores. So, even if you didn’t major in business as an undergraduate, rest assured that we welcome those with diverse academic backgrounds. P.S. By the way, we welcome business majors, too.

Jamie Lillard Jamie is a self-proclaimed workaholic. The long hours that she experienced at PricewaterhouseCoopers during her internship didn’t scare her in the least. She loved the variety of activities, working in teams and being able to apply what she learned in the classroom to her job. Her hobby? Running. Definitely a good fit for her new career.





it’s true We’re small. Vanderbilt Owen Graduate School of Management is one of the best business schools in the country. Also, one of the smallest. For you, that means not only a world-class degree but also hand-picked classmates and small class sizes. Greater access to our outstanding faculty. Closer relationships with your peers. And the best news of all—you’ll have absolutely no undergraduates to compete with for faculty attention and study space.


There’s power in being selective. 1:15 PM Upstairs Owen Lobby


Professor Debra Jeter

great All

business great

schools have


But ours will know you by name. Our faculty have a worldwide reputation for their research and scholarship. They’re renowned as classroom teachers. But what students often say they appreciate most about our faculty are the relationships they build with them. When you have questions or need guidance, their doors are open. They’re mentors. Champions of student initiatives. Gateways to invaluable real-world learning opportunities. People you can genuinely talk to. And who genuinely listen.


Professor David Owens

Professor Bart Victor

Professor Cliff Ball

Professor Gary Scudder


Approximate ratio of Vanderbilt Business students to faculty. Our programs are small by design. 09

4:05 PM Lee Berliner and Mausami Patel share a laugh.

We are compet It’s uncanny how many students say they quickly noticed something different about Vanderbilt. A feeling they didn’t find when visiting other schools. You’ll feel it in the way people relate to each other. Support each other. Root for each other. And in the way that students, faculty and staff tend to become longtime friends. Ours is a close community. And once you’re part of it, you belong for life.







Vanderbilt summer business institute:

give yourself a

in just 12

These days, it’s tough to get a good job after college without meaningful experience. And it’s tough to get experience without a job. AcceleratorVanderbilt Summer Business Institute helps college students and recent graduates get both.

killer resume.

28 days. In four fast-paced weeks, you’ll immerse yourself in the business world. Learn the nuts and bolts of marketing, logistics, finance, operations and branding. Build skills that win jobs. Apply new knowledge almost as soon as you gain it. Learn to work in teams (and lead them). Present your strategic ideas to senior executives of real companies. Gain new confidence. Do more than you ever imagined. (And have fun while you’re doing it!) 13

A (very busy) in the

Day Life:

Maria Jorgensen, Accelerator® 2012

6:00 AM

1:00 PM

Wake up and get ready for another fast-paced day.

We have a Deloitte info session where Vandy alums teach about the different entry-level positions offered at Deloitte. By the end of the session, there are 25-30 students crowded around the speakers trying to exchange business cards with them.

7:00 AM

Breakfast at Owen with my teammates as they straggle in. We chat and laugh about what we learned the previous day and what we hope to learn today.

2:15 PM

8:00 AM

Session with Miss Adams, our “wardrobe consultant.” The class erupts into laughter quite often as we poke fun at one another.

First class of the day in Averbuch Auditorium. Everyone struggles to find their nametag, hoping a friend yells out your name and points you in the right direction.

3:00 PM

9:15 AM

Dress rehearsal for Oreck. Each team presents in front of our judges/professors, hoping they like what they see. We anxiously wait outside Averbuch Auditorium until we’re called in.

We get a 15-minute break. I usually go get some coffee and am back in my chair for the next lecture.

9:30 AM

Cherrie Clark teaches marketing strategy. As soon as the clock strikes, the class goes silent, eager to hear what she’ll teach us today.

5:00 PM

Over dinner, we exchange notes from our presentation and discuss the advice given to us by Professors Owens, Clark, Hinkle, Furse and Pace.

10:30 AM

Team time. We plan how to implement our ideas for a project for Oreck into a final slide deck.

6:00 PM


We gather again in team time, assigning each other notes to perfect the client presentation for tomorrow.

Most days, we either have a working lunch with our team or meet with members of other teams to share ideas. It’s imperative to use this time to work rather than just chat with friends.

8:00 PM

Leave Owen and head back to Stambaugh dorms to gather again in our groups and finish up the project.

11:00 PM

I’m finally in bed, ready to start a new day and hoping to get first place in the competition with our peers. 14


Maria Jorgensen Graduated 2011 from the University of Arizona with a major in Spanish Literature and minor in Communications. Before Accelerator, she earned internships ranging from resort properties management in Telluride to human resources in Kulpsville, PA. Two weeks into the program: “Accelerator has changed my life. I’ve learned a lot about business, about myself, and about the world around me.”





Real projects. Real clients. Real opportunities. The client: Captain D’s, a Nashville-based restaurant operator in the category of fast casual seafood, with more than 500 locations in 26 states. The assignment: Present ideas for strengthening the company’s customer loyalty. The result: Captain D’s plans to take several of the ideas from Accelerator teams “to the next level,” testing them in restaurants with its customers.

J u s t a few of the compa n ie s that have s po n s ored A ccelerator project s over the year s .


Jonathan Muhtar Chief Marketing Officer Captain D’s

“Some of the presentations were

amazing, considering

they had just one week.”

Bindi Menon Senior Director of Marketing Strategy and Insights Captain D’s



“I had to remind myself they were undergrads. So much of their work was MBA-caliber.”

We’re hands-on from Day One. Through Day 28.

During that time, teams of Accelerator students handle six real-world consulting projects. They apply what they’re learning in class to come up with real solutions to real business problems for real companies. Then they present their ideas to the company’s key executives, sometimes even the CEO (people you’d probably never meet in an ordinary internship).


3:15 PM Room 216



“an internship on steroids”

Four weeks.

Six internships. “It’s a lot about growing and creating a path for your future.”

“It’s a beautiful confluence of great people, projects and learning environment.”

Julia Moore Harvard University Class of 2012 Majors: Psychology & Visual Environmental Studies

Evan Gold University of Georgia Class of 2010 Major: Political Science/Pre-Law. Earlier career ambitions: Lawyer, NBA basketball player




intensely rewarding program.

“You’re running on adrenaline most of the time.”

“Accelerator helped me to apply the creativity I’ve developed as a musician to business.”

“It’s a great place to challenge yourself.”

Emily Garcia Vanderbilt University Class of 2014 Recent work experience: Skating carhop at Sonic

Alex Krew Vanderbilt University Class of 2014 Majors: Economics & Cello Performance

Summer Jaikum Zhao Washington University Class of 2012 Major: Environmental Sciences/Minor: Political Science Patent holder for self-cleaning portable chopsticks


Don’t just

improve your resumĂŠ.

Improve your prospects. 22


Besides the job prospect-enhancing knowledge and experience you’ll get from Accelerator, we’ll equip you with resources that will help you land a meaningful internship and a rewarding job. We provide career counseling. Help you hone your interviewing skills. Critique your resumé. Help you make connections with potential employers at networking events. All these advantages—combined with the confidence you’ll gain—will help you get a big head start as you launch your career.


MS FINANCE: get on a

fast TM


Today, financial analysis skills are more valuable than ever. Vanderbilt is exceptionally situated to help you gain them. We start with a reputation in Finance that it is second to none and a highly placed network of alumni and recruiters with excellent connections to Wall Street and points beyond. Then, we combine those advantages with a program that offers a rigorous curriculum, allows you to work alongside MBA students and lets you tailor your degree to your interests. All in just nine months.


to a finance career. 25


can an

MS Finance take you?

“I will never be a quant, but I wanted to improve my quantitative skills. I wanted to rebrand myself as someone who was serious about a career in finance and up to the challenge.� Sheila Swedberg Class of 2012 Financial Analyst Caterpillar Financial



A:Where do you

want to go? “I wanted to build technical skills and have a chance to network with smart, hardworking people. I learned about finance but also about other topics such as negotiation and real estate. And I got a great job I could not have otherwise gotten.”

“I wanted to be at a school that was one of the top. That’s why I came here. Owen has helped me kick-start a career in equity research and opened many other opportunities.”

Chase Seaver Class of 2012 Investment Banking Analyst Raymond James

Wenjun Xu Class of 2012 Associate Equity Research Analyst Thompson Research Group


Rigor, without Professor David Parsley

Pick your track: Quantitative or Corporate. Or build your own. With Vanderbilt’s MS Finance you’ll get a solid grounding with core curriculum and then have the opportunity to tailor your studies to your own needs and interests. Here, as with no other MS Finance program, more than half your courses will be electives.

Things you will study

Other business electives you may take

(required for all MS Finance students) Financial economics Econometrics Accounting Financial accounting Corporate valuation

Business in the world economy Managerial economics Financial reporting Taxation of business & transactions Advanced management accounting Financial analysis of environmental, social & governance issues Corporate strategies for environmental, social & governance issues Game theory & business strategy Real estate financial analysis Real estate development Real estate finance & capital markets Property law for business students Commercial real estate transactions Negotiation Ethics in business Advanced financial reporting & analysis Taxation of corporations & shareholders Taxation of joint ventures, partnerships & other “flow-through” entities Seminar in monetary & fiscal policy Introduction to law & business Advanced spreadsheets for IT applications Financial statement analysis

Finance courses you may study

(at least four of these are required) Corporate financial policy International financial markets & instruments Equities markets Bond markets Financial institutions Mergers & acquisitions Venture capital/private equity Risk management Financial data analysis Derivative securities valuation Active portfolio management Corporate restructuring Federal income taxation of mergers & acquisitions Corporate restructuring for distressed firms



rigidity. 1:15 PM The Second Floor “Fishbowl”


Early in the MS Finance program, you’ll benefit from a course in Professional and Career Development. We provide one-on-one career coaching. Interview prep. Networking visits to financial hubs. On-campus interviews and info sessions. Peer coaching. Even internship opportunities for early applicants with our partners (who include Goldman Sachs and NASDAQ). All focused on your goal: landing a great job after graduation.

get an getting a job. Blake Gore Call him a cheerleader. A coach. Your accountability partner. Whatever you call him, Blake is the “go-to guy” in Owen’s Career Management Center for MS Finance students. (Rumor has it that he does all three of these things exceptionally well.) When he’s not working with students, you might find Blake playing “air guitar” and dreaming of being a front man for a Southern outlaw country band.

Sr. Associate Director and Coach


Owen CMC


edge in 31

Mylan Pharmaceuticals

Imagine the


places and people your

new career brings. DaVita

Horizon Wind Energy

Daimler Chrysler

Corporate Finance





Harris Williams & Co.

MS Finance

Goldman Sachs

Investment Banking Koch Supply & Trading

BAML Raymond James

SunTrust Robinson Humphrey

Royal Bank of Scotland

Sales & Trading Deutsche Bank


Morgan Stanley Goldman Sachs

Analysis Group





Booz Allen Hamilton





Ernst & Young Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Government and Academia

US Securities and Exchange Commission

Archon Group

(an affiliate of Goldman Sachs)

PhDUniversity of Pennsylvania (Wharton)

Healthcare Realty Trust

Real Estate Jones Lang LaSalle Savills

Crestline Investors

Asset Management

Avondale Partners

Investment Research

Guggenheim Partners

Northwestern Mutual

Goldman Sachs

Goldman Sachs Bridgewater 33

Please take note of our Finance department.

Wall Street

already does.

Vanderbilt’s Finance faculty aren’t just world-class. They’re world-renowned.

Yet another is a go-to expert on hedge funds. Well, you get the picture.

One literally changed the way NASDAQ does business. Another developed market indexes for the Chicago Board of Trade. Another pioneered indices to measure market volatility. One is serving as a Chief Economist and Director of Risk for the SEC.

Along with Wall Street, recruiters, too, have noticed that Vanderbilt has one of the world’s top Finance departments. As a result, we have a strong history of placing Finance students with the world’s top financial institutions.




The total amount paid in fines after Vanderbilt finance professor Bill Christie helped uncover a collusion scheme among NASDAQ traders that was shortchanging investors.

Professor Bill Christie




The highest closing on record of the CBOE’s Market Volatility Index (VIX), a critical gauge to measure the “fear” sentiment among investors. The index was developed by Vanderbilt finance professor Robert Whaley and hit its peak on November 20, 2008, two months after Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy.

Professor Craig Lewis

Chief Economist for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission

The post that Vanderbilt finance professor Craig Lewis was tapped to fill in May 2011 by SEC chairman Mary Schapiro. His work there involved developing SEC guidelines for conducting economic analysis and implementing this new guidance in its ongoing rule makings, particularly those mandated by Congress in the Dodd-Frank Act.




Professors Bob Whaley and Jacob Sagi

The current number of NASDAQ Alpha Index options available. These innovative financial instruments, whose payoffs depend on how well an individual stock performs against the S&P 500, were made possible by “relative performance” indexes developed for the exchange by Vanderbilt professors Bob Whaley and Jacob Sagi. 35

The notional amount outstanding of over-thecounter derivatives, a market for which Vanderbilt finance professor Hans Stoll provided the analytical underpinnings through his foundational work on futures and options pricing.

Professor Hans Stoll

Join a financial network that

san francisco NEW YORK Sheru Chowdhry (‘00)

Managing Director, Paulson & Co. A specialist in distressed debt, Chowdhry arrived in 2004 at Paulson & Co., putting it on the path to grow into one of the world’s largest and most successful hedge funds with about $30 billion in assets currently under management.

SAN FRANCISCO John Underwood (’98)

Managing Director of Private Wealth Management for Goldman Sachs Underwood oversees the private wealth management team in San Francisco, where he is primarily responsible for the group’s portfolio risk management. Prior to joining Goldman upon graduating from Owen, Underwood was a financial analyst focused on the high yield fixed income sector.

WASHINGTON, D.C. Adena Friedman (’93)

Chief Financial Officer, The Carlyle Group Friedman is one of the financial world’s most sought after CFOs—she previously served in that role for NASDAQ OMX—because she holds a distinguished record as a strategist renowned for successfully carrying out her bold and innovative visions.

DALLAS Connie Ritter (’80)

Global Planning and Development Manager, ExxonMobil Corporation Ritter holds responsibility for functional strategic planning and personnel development. During her 30-year ExxonMobil career, Ritter has held a variety of financial management positions, including management of global financial accounting operations and serving as CFO for Exxon’s copper mining business in Chile.

SAO PAULO Luis Berlfein (’97)

Vice President of fixed income sales and debt capital markets at BNP Paribas. Under Berlfein, BNP Paribas has brought Brazil to the euros market and executed a number of dollar-denominated debt issues for local financial institutions and corporations. Prior to BNP Paribas, Berlfein worked at ABN AMRO.


stretches from


to Hong Kong Known almost since its founding as Wall Street’s secret weapon, the Vanderbilt MBA program has carved out a vast financial footprint with alumni serving at some of the highest levels of global business. MS Finance graduates are no different, going on to important positions at marquee companies like Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank and Bridgewater Associates.

LONDON Nataliya Lee (’02)

Director, Bank of America/Merrill Lynch, London U.K. After graduating from Owen, Lee covered several industrial sectors throughout Russia and Central Asia for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). From there, she began work on debt products in emerging markets—an area she continues to work in today.

HONG KONG Fang Fang (’93)

CEO of J.P. Morgan, China Operating at the crossroads of global finance, Fang has helped transform his native China into an economic force perhaps unrivaled in human history. Not bad for someone who called the Vanderbilt Admissions Office, collect, to learn more about pursuing a graduate degree in finance.

MUMBAI Madhu Kannan (‘00)

Head of Business Development, Tata Group After a decade spent at NYSE Euronext, at age 36 Kannan became the youngest CEO in the long history of the Bombay Stock Exchange. In April, he assumed a key leadership role at India’s largest industrial conglomerate.

Accra Kisseih Antonio (’05)

Regional Head of Product Development for Ecobank Capital, Ghana With stints at Barclays and Zenith Capital under his belt, Antonio began working in product development in 2011 for the investment-banking arm of Ecobank, the leading pan-African bank operating in 32 countries across the continent, more than any other in the world.


master of

One outstanding Two exceptional MAcc MAcc Valuation



You didn’t major in accounting or business? Never dreamed of being a CPA? No problem. We created two Master of Accountancy programs to help students from widely diverse academic backgrounds launch rewarding business careers.


degree. career paths.

Our programs—designed in consultation with the field’s top professional services firms—offer you a combination of advantages you’ll find nowhere else: small classes, opportunities for a paid internship with a premier global firm, an emphasis on professional development and preparation for CPA and CFA exams. Choose your path. Our original MAcc program not only takes you to a career in the audit service line of a top firm but also serves as a gateway to a variety of leadership positions in finance and accounting. The MAcc Valuation program, meanwhile, will lead to a career as an expert in valuing everything from companies to a musical artist’s song catalog. Bring your strong academic, communication and critical thinking skills. We’ll take you from there. In just one year.


Your ticket to a top-ranked firm.

No experience necessary.

Our five partner firms not only are at the top of the professional services field. They’re all at or near the top of any “Best Places to Work and Launch a Career” list—with competitive compensation, great geographical flexibility and opportunities for growth.

Daniel Astrop Class of 2012 Ernst & Young (New York)


Sarah Byrd Class of 2012 KPMG (Denver)

master of accountancy



Last year (and the year before that, and the year before that), 100 percent of the graduates of our MAcc programs received job offers from Top Five accounting firms.

Alexandra Hale Class of 2012 PricewaterhouseCoopers (Louisville)

Matt Favichio Class of 2012 Grant Thornton (Charlotte)

41 27

Gretchen Hector Class of 2012 Deloitte (Salt Lake City)

You’re invested in your career. So are our

partner firms.

From day one.

No matter which program you choose, the Vanderbilt Master of Accountancy offers you significant access to leaders from our partner firms from the day you’re accepted into the program. Starting with Welcome Weekend, you’ll have opportunities to get to know them through networking events. Visit them in their offices. Evaluate which firms might be the best choice for you. Why will our partners invest so much time and attention on you and your classmates? Two reasons. One: they’re looking for people with the talent and skills they need. And two: they know they’ll find you here.

28 42

master of accountancy

29 43


As part of your course work in either Master of Accountancy program, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a 10-week internship with one of our partner firms. The internship enables you to round out your education here with the real-world experience you’ve been preparing for. And it enables partner firms to give you a “trial run” as an employee—since successful internships typically lead to full-time job offers upon your graduation.

Intern with our (Did we mention our partners Tao Guo Ask Tao—a native of Shanghai—why she is so good at accents. It’s a fun story that includes attending a British school in China, living in a multi-cultural environment in Canada for several years, followed by a move to the U.S. Midwest to earn a degree in economics. Now in Nashville, we’re guessing that it won’t be long until she can speak “southern” and adds “y’all” to her vocabulary. MAcc

44 36



partners. are the premier global

public accounting firms?)

45 37

master of accountancy

“I looked at a lot of schools and saw that Vanderbilt had an internship built into the year. That was exciting for me because not all schools have that.�

Learn skills

other programs

won’t teach you. Finance and accounting are about much more than numbers. As a professional, you need to know how to lead. How to build and manage teams. How to interact successfully with clients. Here, through a best-in-breed professional development program that offers tools used by Fortune 500 companies to help develop their rising stars, we’ll help you learn them all.

“Public accounting is not just sitting down at a desk crunching numbers all day. It’s a very team-oriented, very people-oriented environment. It’s a service industry, so what the firm has to offer its clients is its people.” Daniel Astrop The moment you meet Daniel, you know that you are looking at a football player. He has played as long as he can remember—through grade school, high school and at Davidson, his undergraduate alma mater where he was elected team captain his senior year. He credits his growth as a leader and a person to the privilege of leading a team of players onto the field each Saturday. MAcc




master of accountancy



yourself on a track to the top.

6:45 PM Networking event with partner firms



MAcc CAREER PATH Here’s a secret most non-business people don’t know. An audit and assurance position with a global professional services firm isn’t an anonymous role in the back office. It’s a ticket to top leadership (or wherever else you’d like to go). It’s a fast-paced, people-centric, teamwork-oriented pathway that exposes you to a wide variety of companies in a wide range of industries, with opportunities to work around the world.



rate Sect o rpo


ting an


ou n cc

ervices dS

Public A

As a result, you can quickly gain the seasoning that will make you a well-rounded business leader—the kind who’s on track to be a firm partner, corporate executive or CEO, consultant or entrepreneur.

epreneur ntr




(Auditing and Consulting)

JR./SR. Associate


(Auditing and Assurance)



GO FROM ZERO Starting in August, you’ll study everything from managerial finance and financial reporting to audit institutions and process, accounting information systems, managerial economics, taxation, ethics in accounting and how to document audit engagements. You’ll learn leadership and communication skills that make you even more valuable. You’ll have the opportunity for a 10-week paid internship. After commencement, you will use the gold-standard Becker review course to prep for and take the CPA exam. It’s intense. And intensely rewarding.

What you will study Communication Leadership Ethics in accounting Managerial finance Financial reporting Accounting information systems Managerial economics Taxation

What you will learn prior to your internship The audit process How to document audit engagements

38 50




39 51

One Day in the


Jessica Kashyap 5:30 AM

Get up, work out for 40-45 minutes, come back home to feed and walk my dogs, Artie and Zuzu.

7:50 AM

Leave for work. It’s about 20 minutes to Community Health Systems. Most days, we work at the client’s offices. Sometimes, for training or meetings, we “hotel” at Deloitte’s office downtown.

8:10 AM

elusive pieces of information that might involve talking to a hospital CFO, then to the controller or the business office manager. You never know what your day will be like. It’s always a fresh series of puzzles to solve—which is fun.

Settle in, get coffee, check emails. As a team (there are about 30 of us) we meet with our senior manager to brainstorm and discuss the day. Some days, I already know what I’ll be working on. Other days, I might be chasing “unicorns”—critical but

9:00(ish) AM

Start evaluating “supports”— documentation received from hospitals to support their financial line items. 52

10:15 AM

Make calls to (and field calls from) local hospitals to discuss their documentation. Typically, I’m dealing with things for 75 different hospitals (at least). Organization is key!


While earning her Master of Accountancy, Jessica Kashyap completed an internship with Deloitte in her native India. After graduation in May 2011, she passed the CPA exam and joined Deloitte in Nashville, where she’s part of an audit team dedicated to Community Health Systems, which operates community hospitals across the US.

1:00 PM


Most days I eat at my desk, from a PBJ sandwich to leftover Indian dishes I’ve made. On Fridays, the whole team goes out to lunch.

Touchpoint meetings with the client’s internal audit staff. While learning to audit I’m also learning management skills, so I’m getting the bigger picture.

5:30 or 6:00 PM

with bills and personal emails. Maybe call my grandparents in Bombay, because it’s morning there and a good time to talk.

6:30 PM

10:30 PM

Touch base with my senior manager before heading out (if it’s summer). During busy season—January to mid-February—we’ll usually be here till 10:30 or 11:00, and then just go home and go to bed. It’s hard, but you also know there’s an end to it.

3:00 PM

Coffee, then get back to it. We spend much of the day gathering information. Around 3:30 I start documenting what we have.

Take the dogs out. Cook. Straighten house. Watch TV, catch up



MAcc VALUATION CAReeR PATH How much is Michael Jackson’s music library worth? How much should a company pay to purchase a downstream supplier? What’s the value of a brand name and goodwill? As a valuation professional, you’ll provide expert counsel on questions such as these that help clients make sound business decisions on everything from strategy and acquisitions to asset management, restructuring and divestitures and management planning.




Public A c

vices Ser


rate Sect o rpo



u n t i ng a n co

nce Sector



JR./SR. Associate (Valuation)

34 54

epreneur ntr



(Valuation / Consultation)

MAcc Valuation


Today, demand is growing by double-digits for young professionals with the skills and savvy to succeed in this growing field. Right now there is only one “go-to” source for talent. Ours.


intersection of

finance and accounting.

And make yourself

MAcc Valuation

Build your career at the

very valuable.

WHAT’S IT REALLY WORTH? You’ll help clients shape critical business decisions by determining the value of: Business enterprises • Financial instruments • Goodwill • Intellectual property • Brand equity • Customer relationships • Stock-based compensation • Asset retirement obligations



The field’s

top firms

love this program. In one intensive year, our MAcc Valuation program will give you the knowledge, experience and credentials to jump successfully into a dynamic field. Our rigorous curriculum gives you not only technical expertise in finance and accounting; it allows you to develop skills in communications and leadership that are essential in this client-facing business. You’ll have the opportunity for a 10-week paid internship. And you will prep for and take the CPA and CFA exams. It’s all part of the design. And you’ll find it nowhere else.

Professor Karl Hackenbrack Faculty Director, MAcc Programs

What you will study Financial modeling and reporting Investments Valuing corporations Managerial accounting Law and business Strategy Taxation Communication, leadership and ethics


you will, too.

1:45 PM. Room 218



MAcc Valuation

We think


Becca Stone Becca Stone will always have a wonderful “claim to fame”; she was the very first person admitted to the newly launched Vanderbilt MAcc Valuation program. While there are no special awards or cash prizes for such an honor, Becca has her eye on a great prize—landing a job in New York where she can indulge her love of theater—any type of theater—from Cats to Hamlet. MAcc Valuation




MAcc Valuation

“I looked at a lot of other schools. Once I found out about the Valuation program, it just seemed like a perfect match. There’s not another program like this in the country.”


“Vanderbilt has been my dream school since I was little. You always hear about it being such a prestigious university.” Carly Bender

MAcc Valuation Class of 2013

When you’re part of Vanderbilt Business, you’re fully a part of (not apart from) one of the world’s leading research universities. You’ll have full access to everything the campus has to offer (it’s a lot)—from Southeastern Conference athletics to intramural sports to big-time concerts to the fine arts. You can take part in multidisciplinary efforts, like the one students launched to combat global poverty, with colleagues from Vanderbilt’s Divinity and Law schools (among others). All on one of America’s most naturally beautiful campuses in the middle of a lively, cosmopolitan city.


nashville 1


Music Scene – Rolling Stone Job Growth – Kiplinger



Places in the South for Digital Media – Southern Business & Development



Best Value City – Kiplinger Next Big Boom Town – Forbes


Nashville is eclectic and diverse. Equal parts urban sophistication and welcome-to-the-BBQ friendliness. Low cost of living and high quality of life. With great live music every night and of every genre. Great restaurants from Ethiopian to Peruvian to soul food, old-fashioned meat-andthrees and Continental cuisine. Pro football. NHL hockey. Big-time college sports. Beautiful parks and hundreds of miles of trails and greenways. Little wonder that Nashville has been named the nation’s No. 1 Smart Place to Live.


Which program is


From the first rung on the career ladder to the corner office, Vanderbilt Business offers programs for every stage of your career.

Vanderbilt Young Professional Programs For undergraduates and recent college grads who want to launch a rewarding career in business

Typical age range 20-24

MS Finance 9 months

If you are looking for an entry-level position in investment research, asset management, sales and trading, insurance, corporate finance or risk management, this accelerated program will help you master the advanced research and analysis skills you need. Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merrill Lynch and Harris Williams are just a few of the firms that hire our grads.

Master of accountancy


12 months

Vanderbilt offers two MAcc programs for recent college graduates. Both offer advantages you’ll find nowhere else: small classes, an opportunity for a paid internship with one of five firms considered among the top places to launch a career, and an emphasis on professional development and client service skills. The programs also offer outstanding prep courses for the CPA and CFA exams.


This traditional MAcc option leads to a career in the audit service line of a top firm—Deloitte, Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton, KPMG or PricewaterhouseCoopers.

MAcc Valuation

This innovative MAcc option prepares you for a career in the valuation service line of a global professional services firm.

Accelerator 28 days


Some call it “six internships on steroids.” Others, a “business boot camp.” Regardless of what you call it, in just four weeks, you will learn from the best faculty that Vanderbilt has to offer. Serve as a consultant solving real-world problems for companies such as FedEx, Coca-Cola and Whirlpool. Receive one-on-one career counseling and get the confidence to land your dream internship or job.



for you? vanderbilt mba

vanderbilt executive programs

For early career professionals who want to accelerate or alter their career trajectory

For working professionals—from rising managers to C-suite executives—who aspire to more

Typical age range 24-30

Typical age range 30-55


executive Mba

If you want to catapult your current career or switch to another one entirely, an MBA may be right for you. Our MBA program is known for its emphasis on leadership development and experiential learning. Equally important, our graduates are known for the qualities that recruiters seek—the ability to lead with ideas, not egos. A willingness to dig deeper and work harder. The capacity to solve problems collaboratively.

Vanderbilt offers two paths to earn a real MBA without disrupting your career momentum. Both offer a rigorous “executive edge” curriculum designed for those who are at or aspire to senior-level positions— management fundamentals and a focus on strategy, advanced financial frameworks and leadership. The programs share a lockstep first-year experience before diverging for varied course work in the second year.

20 months

career paths

Finance Consulting Marketing Health Care Operations Human & Organizational Entrepreneurship Performance

Health Care Programs

24 months


The Executive MBA is for mid-level managers, senior executives, engineers, business owners, physicians, accountants, lawyers and other professionals who are responsible for strategy, global perspective and leading teams. Year Two features an intensive year-long strategy sequence, consulting project and an international residency.

EMBA – americas

This innovative option is ideal for managers who have responsibilities for cross-border business growth or aspire to an expat assignment. In Year Two, students take a deep dive into the unique business practices of Brazil, Canada, Mexico and the U.S. with four 10-day immersions at top business schools in each country.


Master of Management in HEALTH CARE

The Health Care MBA, known for its hands-on immersion experiences and industry partnerships, prepares you for the challenges of leadership in the health care industry. You’ll learn in the city with the largest concentration of health care services in the world, getting insight into all facets of the U.S. health care system, enabling you to make an immediate impact on the job.

The Master of Management in Health Care helps working clinicians and other experienced health care professionals effectively manage people, programs or processes to increase their responsibilities and value within their organizations. You will attend management core classes one night a week and intensive, industry-specific courses one weekend per month.

20 months

12 months

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2-3 days

12-36 months

Short, focused development programs to help you learn a new business topic or enhance your managerial skills.

Development tracks help you build a specific set of skills around an essential business area.

CUSTOM PROGRAMS tailored schedules

Educational solutions uniquely tailored to the developmental needs of client organizations.



This is who we are. This is what we do. We are competitive—not cutthroat. This, we believe, is our defining strength. It’s true we’re small. We like it that way. there is power in selectivity. that’s how we find people who dig deeper, work harder, challenge the status quo and lead with ideas (not egos). This is how we build our culture—one that’s collaborative above all else. Because we know that winning doesn’t mean leaving others behind. It’s what the market demands. It’s what others are still figuring out. We’re the B-school built for the persistent. The genuine. The professional who knows he or she hasn’t heard it all before—and uses that humility to grow. To learn. To change. That’s called wisdom. And a word from the wise: Take note of Vanderbilt. We’re building a new type of business leader—together. Vanderbilt Young Professional Programs Vanderbilt University | Owen Graduate School of Management 401 21st Avenue South | Nashville, TN 37203-2422 Telephone: 615.322.6469 | Fax: 615.343.1175 | Email: Web: | Hours: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM, US Central Time

Vanderbilt University is committed to principles of equal opportunity and affirmative action.

Young Professionals Viewbook  
Young Professionals Viewbook  

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