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A k o o b f o s D E B A selection of Foam Magazine Talent photographs

A k o o b f o s D E B A selection of Foam Magazine Talent photographs

Charlie Grosso Pauline Magnenat Carola Björk Helga Härenstam Agnese Sanvito Guy Archard Ana Nieto Kate Wilhelm Chris Mottalini Erin Mulvehill Almut von Pusch Sean Donnola Susan Falzone Michiel Burger Chrischa Oswald Jane Wilson Flore -Adèle Gau Allegra Martin Eline Baggen Peter Hoffman Loek van Vliet Jihyun Yeo Petr Antonov Laura S. Kicey Noran Bakrie Rodrigo Albert Andrew Breitenberg Maya Barkai Jamie Campbell Seza Bali Grace Kim Guido Gazzilli Matteo Girola Elizabeth Fleming Lucilia Heinberg Henrik Malmström Paul Paper Oliver Johannes Uhrig Nicole Elkins Magida El-Kassis Michael Itkoff Niklas Schjetlein Samantha Casolari Kate Hutchinson Iris Janke Orrie King Thi Bui Torben Höke Kristoffer Tripplaar

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Contributing photographers in order of appearance

Charlie Grosso Bogota, Colombia, 2009; Studio City, CA, USA, 2009; Los Angeles, CA, USA 2009; Williamsburg, New York, USA, 2010; Montréal, Cananda, 2010; Studio City, CA, USA, 2010 www.charliegrosso.com

Pauline Magnenat Catherine’s Bed in Early July, Geneva, Switzerland, 2009 www.paulinemagnenat.com Carola Björk Newly Awakened, 2005 www.carolabjork.se /qualia Helga Härenstam Jesus, Värmland, Sweden, 2007 www.helgaharenstam.se Agnese Sanvito Atelier Klaus, 2009 www.agnesesanvito.com Guy Archard Tissue, 2009 ; Glow, 2009; Death in the Afternoon, 2009; The Pleasure of the Text, 2009 www.guyarchard.com

Ana Nieto Psycho-Room, Brussels, Belgium, 2005; Bedroom, Brussels, Belgium, 2005; Wall-Frames, Brussels, Belgium, 2005; Mattress, Vitoria, Spain, 2007; Now, Vitoria, Spain, 2011; Motel, Bocaraton, Florida, 2006 www.ananieto.com

Kate Wilhelm Jeffrey’s Pillow, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010; Elizabeth’s Bible and Crossword, Cape Town, South Africa, 2010 Chris Mottalini Leif Eriksson Day (#9), L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada, 2008 www.mottalini.com Erin Mulvehill Untitled from the series Iconoclast, Webster, USA, 2009 www.icanfreezetime.com

Almut von Pusch Ilsa’s Bed, Eastbourne, England, 2008 www.almutvonpusch.de Sean Donnola Untitled, Vermont, USA, 2010 www.seandonnolastudio.com Susan Falzone Grace’s Bed, Ansonia, USA, 2009 www.susanfalzone.com Michiel Burger Kolkweg, Deventer, The Netherlands, 2009 www.michielburger.nl Chrischa Oswald Granny’s Bed, 2008 www.irritaction.com Jane Wilson A Bed in Latvia, Riga, Latvia, 2006; Bed - Jeremy, London, United Kingdom, 2009 www.jane-wilson.com Flore -Adèle Gau Right Afterwards, Paris, 2009; Where It All Begins, Venezia, 2009 www.floreadelegau.com Allegra Martin Untitled, Rubiera, Italy, 2009 www.irritaction.com Eline Baggen The Attic, Elsloo, The Netherlands, 2010; Short Stay, Breda, The Netherlands, 2009 www.elinebaggen.nl Peter Hoffman Bryan House: Moving Day, Aurora, IL, USA, 2009; Bryan House: The Hassan’s Bedroom After Six Months of Residence, Aurora, IL, USA, 2009 www.peterhoffmanphoto.com Loek van Vliet Interior from the series Gerard en de Zorgboerderij, Delfgauw, 2010 www.loekvanvliet.nl Jihyun Yeo From the series Graceful Ladies, Paris, 2009 www.jiyeo.com

Petr Antonov A Bedroom With a Wall-to-Wall Bed, Moscow, Russia, 2009 www.petrantonov.com

Guido Gazzilli A New Beginning from the series Mothers, Bologna, Italy, 2009 www.guidogazzilli.com

Laura S. Kicey Kennel, Monrovia, MD, USA, 2009; Extinguished, Frystown, PA, USA, 2006 www.kiceyphotographic.com

Matteo Girola Camere Incustodite – Unattended Rooms ( #1, #2, #4, #7, #11, #22), 2010 www.matteogirola.it

Noran Bakrie Pause, Jakarta, Indonesia, 2010 www.noranbakrie.com Rodrigo Albert Photograph from the series Beds!, Belo Horizonte, Brasil, 2006 Andrew Breitenberg Untitled, Abandoned USSR military barracks, Latvia, 2011 www.breitenberg.org

Elizabeth Fleming Untitled, Maplewood, NJ, USA, 2006 www.elizabethfleming.com Lucilia Heinberg Nemas, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2002 www.insomniafilms.com.ar

Maya Barkai Bed Landscape 13, NY, USA, 2008 www.mayabarkai.com & www.walking-men.com

Henrik Malmström On the Boat Between Helsinki and Stockholm, 2009 www.henrikmalmstrom.com

Jamie Campbell Mourning Light, Toronto, Canada, 2008 www.jamiecampbellphotography.com

Paul Paper Beds Just Slept In, Malmö, Sweden, 2008 www.itismyparty.org

Seza Bali Laura and Yassir’s Mattress, San Francisco, USA, 2007; Sibel and Erol’s Master Bedroom, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008; Grandma’s Bedside, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008; Grandma’s Pillow and Remote Control, Istanbul, Turkey, 2008 www.sezabali.com

Oliver Johannes Uhrig Fuckin’ Pictures, Algeria, 2009 www.oliveruhrig.com

Grace Kim Anonymous from the series Love Hotel, Seoul, Korea, 2008–09 www.grace-kim.com

Nicole Elkins Bed with Lamp, VA, USA, 2008; Morning Light, TN, USA, 2009; Plastic, TN, USA, 2009 www.nicoleelkinsphotography.com

Magida El-Kassis Untitled, Ottawa, Canada, 2008 www.magidaelkassis.com Michael Itkoff View from my Bedroom Window, Lake Wallenpaupak, PA, USA, 2006 www.michaelitkoff.com Niklas Schjetlein Tranquility, Oslo, Norway, 2010 www.niklasschjetlein.com Samantha Casolari Lady Truck, USA, 2011 www.samanthacasolari.com

Kate Hutchinson Untitled from the series Hospitalis Figmentum, Toronto, Canada, 2006 www.katehutchinson.com Iris Janke Untitled, Schmiedeberg, Germany, 2009 www.irisjanke.de Orrie King Bed Chiang Mai 2007, Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2007 www.orrieking.com Thi Bui Sleep from the series Here, London, United Kingdom, 2009 www.thibui.co.uk Torben Höke All photographs from the series Rented Rooms ( No.1 – No.6)

Kristoffer Tripplaar The Watergate Deconstructed # 14, Watergate Hotel, Washington, D.C., 2007 www.tripplaar.com

A Book of Beds

Idea Foam Magazine

A Book of Beds is published by

Concept, edit & design Vandejong, Amsterdam – Luisa Heinrich / Merel van den Berg / Pjotr de Jong

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Editor-in-chief Marloes Krijnen

Contributing photographers in order of appearance Charlie Grosso / Pauline Magnenat / Carola Björk /  Helga Härenstam / Agnese Sanvito / Guy Archard /  Ana Nieto / Kate Wilhelm / Chris Mottalini / Erin Mulvehill / Almut von Pusch / Sean Donnola / Susan Falzone / Michiel Burger / Chrischa Oswald / Jane Wilson / Flore -Adèle Gau / Allegra Martin / Eline Baggen / Peter Hoffman / Loek van Vliet / Jihyun Yeo /  Petr Antonov / Laura S. Kicey / Noran Bakrie / Rodrigo Albert / Andrew Breitenberg / Maya Barkai / Jamie Campbell / Seza Bali / Grace Kim / Guido Gazzilli /  Matteo Girola / Elizabeth Fleming / Lucilia Heinberg /  Henrik Malmström / Paul Paper / Oliver Johannes Uhrig / Nicole Elkins / Magida El-Kassis / Michael Itkoff /  Niklas Schjetlein / Samantha Casolari / Kate Hutchinson / Iris Janke / Orrie King /  Thi Bui / Torben Höke / Kristoffer Tripplaar

Creative Director Vandejong, Amsterdam – Pjotr de Jong

Cover photograph Laura and Yassir’s Mattress, San Francisco, USA, 2007 © Seza Bali Production Niek van Lonkhuijzen / Femke Papma Lithography & printing Drukkerij Slinger, Alkmaar – NL www.drukkerijslinger.nl Binding Callenbach Van Wijk, Nijkerk – NL www.callenbachvanwijk.nl Paper Igepa Nederland B.V., Tiel – NL www.igepa.nl

Editors Caroline von Courten / Marcel Feil / Pjotr de Jong / Marloes Krijnen Managing Editor Caroline von Courten Magazine Manager Niek van Lonkhuijzen The production of A Book of Beds has been made possible thanks to the generous support of Drukkerij Slinger and Igepa Nederland B.V. Foam Magazine is a collaboration between Foam and Vandejong Communications. Foam is sponsored by the VandenEnde Foundation, the BankGiro Loterij and De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek. Additional support for Foam 3h is provided by the Van Bijleveltstichting, &samhoud and Fonds BKVB. ISBN / EAN: 978 - 90 - 70516 - 22 - 2 © photographers, Foam Magazine BV, Amsterdam, 2011. All photographs are the copyright property of the photo­graphers and  / or their estates, and the Publications in which they have been published. All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopy, recording or otherwise without prior written permission of the publishers. Although the highest care is taken to make the information contained in this book as accurate as possible, the publishers can’t accept any responsibility for damage of any nature resulting from the use of this information.

A Book of beds A selection of Foam Magazine Talent photographs

Most of us love it, some of us will hate it, but we simply have to live with the thing that is our most loyal companion: our bed. On average we spend a third of our lifetime in our beds. Given that fact, it is surprising how neglected our bed usually is. We step out of it and tend to pay it no more attention until the moment we go to bed again. With this book however, things will change. Over the last years we noticed that a lot of photographers have taken all kinds of photographs in which the bed is the sole protagonist. And they come in all shapes and sizes: thrown open and stained, standing upright against a wall, seen from extremely close proximity, neatly made up, as part of a perverse sculpture, or standing casually between other pieces of furniture. Presented like this, a bed can quite easily become loaded with significance. It’s the place where we sleep, make love, where most of us are born and even­tually will die. The bed, a metaphor for life. Of course, with its distinction between sheets, pillows, blankets and walls, the bed offers countless opportunities for quasi-abstract studies in form, with the emphasis on texture. Therefore this book is as much a book on photography as it is on beds. All the photographs presented in this book have been selected by the editors of Foam Magazine, the international photography quarterly. Each autumn we present our famous Talent-issue for which we look at hundreds of portfolios and thousands of images taken by a new generation of photographers. Looking at all these photographs there was something that was ever-reoccurring, something we simply couldn’t ignore… the bed.

ISBN 978-90-70516-22-2

9 789070 516222

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A Book of Beds  

Most of us love it, some of us will hate it, but we simply have to live with the thing that is our most loyal companion: our bed. On average...

A Book of Beds  

Most of us love it, some of us will hate it, but we simply have to live with the thing that is our most loyal companion: our bed. On average...

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