Vail Valley Foundation Annual Report 2015

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A N N UA L R E P O R T 2015–2016


VVF Board of Directors

Vail Valley Foundation Mission

Andy Arnold Judy Berkowitz Jenn Bruno Susan Campbell Steve Coyer Jack Crosby Andy Daly Ron Davis Bill Esrey Johannes Faessler Tim Finchem Harry Frampton, Chairman Pete Frechette Steve Friedman John Garnsey Margie Gart Donna Giordano Sheika Gramshammer Martha Head Michael Herman Al Hubbard Bill Hybl Mike Imhof Chris Jarnot George Johnson Alexia Jurschak Kent Logan Doug Lovell Peter May Brian Nolan Bobby Patton


Michael Price Eric Resnick Douglas Rippeto Dick Rothkopf Ken Schanzer Mike Shannon Stanley Shuman Rod Slifer Ann Smead Oscar Tang Fred Tresca Stewart Turley Betsy Wiegers

DIRECTORS EMERITUS Adam Aron Marlene Boll Bjorn Erik Borgen James Berry Craddock John Galvin Pepi Gramshammer Steve Haber Elaine Kelton

The Vail Valley Foundation is a non-profit organization that seeks to enhance the spirit of the Vail Valley through initiatives in the arts, education and athletics.



Harry, how would you sum up where the Vail Valley Foundation is today? If I could choose one phrase it would be, “on the move.” In 1999 we came away from the World Championships and entered a renaissance. It was done by the generous nature of the community and our partners, through creative thinking, big ideas, and sheer will. After the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships, I feel the same way about where we are headed now.

What are some of the things that the organization will be ‘making possible’ in the future? First, we have to take a moment to look at some of the truly important work that’s already being done. For example, our education work is serving more than 4,000 children in this valley. We continue to provide world-class cultural programming at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, and through the Vail International Dance Festival. We are also achieving at a new level in athletics via America’s Winter Opening, Birds of Prey World Cup, and the Mountain Games. We really do have such wonderful activity ongoing right now in the areas of the arts, education and athletics. But in our minds we always ask…what can we do next? Stay tuned as this year we’ll be announcing some new and exciting initiatives that will make an incredible difference in our community.

Harry Frampton Chairman of the Board Vail Valley Foundation

As President and CEO of the Vail Valley Foundation, what is your vision for the organization? The Vail Valley Foundation is all about “making it possible.” Together with our tireless partners, donors, staff and volunteers, the Foundation does so much to make this a dynamic and vibrant community. We will always make it a priority to bring MIKE IMHOF excellence to our existing work. That said, we are not an organization that rests on its laurels. We have several big ideas taking shape which align well with our mission statement, and we look forward to an exciting future. The Vail Valley Foundation is active in music, dance, arts, athletics, and education from early childhood to college scholarships. What is the single aspect of the organization that brings it all together? Our greatest asset is people. It is the tie that binds, as they say. We have a tremendously talented and dedicated team of professionals working for our organization, and a volunteer corps that is a testament to the passion and commitment that people in our Valley have for their community. We are also fortunate to have partners and a community around us who understand our important role. We are incredibly grateful to those who work with us every day to differentiate us as a community that is always looking to improve. When we take a moment to look, collectively, at who we are, it is a combination of all of these people, working together, who make this a very special place to live and visit.

Mike Imhof President and CEO Vail Valley Foundation 3

A DISCUSSION with MELISA REWOLD-THUON What’s next for the education programs at the Vail Valley Foundation? MELISA REWOLD-THUON This year brings new possibilities, new Vice President of strategies, and new program growth in Education, Vail Valley education. In early 2016, we will also Foundation be rolling out a new name: The Vail Valley Foundation’s educational arm will be known as YouthPower365. The name symbolizes our yearround programming and the daily positive outcomes we bring to every child in our valley. It exemplifies the heart of all 16 current programs in our cradle-to-career pathway, empowering our children to be successful in school and in life. In 2016, we will engage even more youth, and we will refine and expand our proven programs to give every child the opportunity to grow through participating in our programs. What are some of the key aspects of your work that have a positive impact on our valley’s young people? This year, our target strategy is to increase parent engagement 4


across our programming. We are excited to be able to call parents our partners in improving their children’s education and possibilities for their future. Parents are a critical key to success for the more than 4,000 children participating in our programs. In our afterschool and summer PwrHrs academic and enrichment programs, we are working with local schools to provide parent education nights in areas of literacy, math, college and career readiness, as well as general strategies for improving outcomes for their children. The schools have seen a significant increase in parent and family attendance at their events since the inception of this partnership. In the Magic Bus and other early childhood programs, the 'Parent Promise' is now an important part of helping kids learn. We perform three at-home visits per year, we share data on children’s growth with their parents, and we talk with them about what they can do to help their children be ready for success in kindergarten and beyond. The response has been overwhelmingly positive with an increase in parent engagement and growth in children’s learning.

OPPOSITE PAGE: The Magic Bus mobile preschool makes visits to 10 different neighborhoods throughout Eagle County, providing engaging learning experiences for children 3–5 years old who are not enrolled in a traditional preschool program.

PAGE 6: Our Dollars for Scholars program was a national finalist for new affiliate of the year in 2015. PwrHrs summer programs include a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) curriculum that builds twenty-first century learning skills. Photos by Rex Keep.

“The Youth Foundation (soon to be known as YouthPower365) is an incredible blessing to the children in our community. It is hard to imagine what would happen to our kids if things like the afterschool and educational programs provided by the Vail Valley Foundation went away. This partnership is working miracles on a daily basis for our students and families.” — Jason E. Glass, Ed.D., Superintendent & Chief Learner, Eagle County Schools “Juan Carlos (my son) is learning so much, and now I know what I can do to help him learn more.” — Veronica, Magic Bus parent “Vail Valley Foundation education programs have given my children so much; now it’s my turn to give back to them.” — Carmen, Parent Mentor “I love PwrHrs because you can do a lot of fun stuff like playing games. I also like PwrHrs because I feel safe and the teachers care about me. I also learn new things!” — Melissa, June Creek Elementary student



Tell us a bit more about the Parent Mentor program. Our new Parent Mentor program engages parents in their children’s education through volunteerism in their local elementary school. Each of our 45 parent mentors give more than 200 hours during the school year to instructionally assist a teacher in the classroom. Parent mentors also attend over 50 hours of professional development to improve their instructional and educational skills. On a daily basis, parent mentors assist in the education of more than 1,000 Eagle County Schools’ students. Do you have plans for expansion in 2016? The core of our education programming is making dreams become possibilities for children in our valley. With a $383,000 expansion of programming planned this year, we will reach nearly 1,200 more youth. We are currently developing deeper partnerships with our educational and governmental institutions, other nonprofits, businesses and community partners, to create new opportunities for college and career paths for our kids. Today we are raising the bar by helping struggling kids make the grade. In the future, we aspire to make programming available for every child in our valley to help each child reach her or his full potential. We never know which of our children could be a modern Mozart or could be the one to develop a cure for cancer. YouthPower365 is making it possible. 6



Celebrate the Beat

Success at Six

First Notes / Very Young Composers

Great Start

Sowing Seeds

Magic Bus

Kaiser Permanente Cup (COPA) Soccer

Learn Through Play

Internships and Apprenticeships

Parent Mentors

Support the Arts reaching Students (STARS) @ VPAC

K–12 PwrHrs (School Year) PwrHrs (Summer School)


Girl PowHER

Youth Foundation Dollars for Scholars®

Academic Soccer Anti-Bullying KidSTRONG



64 14 784 136

We supplemented the income of Eagle County educators and staff BY OVER $750K

IN 2015

IN 2015

Dollars for Scholars awarded


784 CHILDREN participated in Kaiser Permanente Cup (COPA)

IN 2015

Now serving over 4,000 students in Eagle County


85% of Magic Bus participants

were ready for Kindergarten

We provide PROGRAMMING in

14 Eagle County public schools


Our Great Start Kindergarten Readiness program

served 136 students who had not yet attended a traditional classroom


IN 2015

Girl PowHER expanded

to two high schools

2,172 Parent Mentors VOLUNTEERED for 2,172 HOURS in Eagle County Schools



A MESSAGE from TIGER SHAW For more than 30 years, the Vail Valley Foundation has been a key player in ‘Making It Possible’ for U.S. Ski Team athletes and


helping elevate the sport of alpine skiing in the United States. As a competitor in the 1989 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships

The 2015 Alpine World Ski

at Vail/Beaver Creek, I vividly remember racing on International, now called Lindsey’s, and crossing the finish line in front of

Championships put the Vail Valley in the

thousands of cheering fans.

international spotlight with an estimated


global media viewership of 800 million in

President and CEO

27 nations. Photo by Logan Robertson.

U.S. Ski Team stars Mikaela Shiffrin, Ted Ligety, Lindsey Vonn and Travis Ganong experienced this feeling on Association a whole new level at the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships as they hammered down Birds of Prey and Raptor, bringing home five total medals for the USA. With 220,000 spectators and a global media viewership of 800 million, including record live audiences in America, the 2015 Championships were the most successful showcase of the sport in the United States to date. Vail is a region rich in ski racing history. Ski and Snowboard Club Vail has provided thousands of athletes with the opportunity to learn the sport and achieve their dreams, whether that’s making the U.S. national team or winning a local race. Since 1967, the Vail Valley has been a regular host to the Audi FIS Ski World Cup tour. Since the development of Birds of Prey, U.S. athletes have seen a tremendous amount of success on an U.S. Ski and Snowboard



iconic course, capturing 26 World Cup podiums on Birds of Prey and Raptor, including a five-win streak by Ted Ligety. The U.S. Ski and Snowboard Association values its investment in World Cup ski racing at Vail/Beaver Creek because of the partnership with the Vail Valley Foundation that continues to elevate the sport of alpine skiing to the next level. Securing extensive broadcast coverage of events and engaging with new audiences via traditional and social media will be a priority as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of the World Cup in Beaver Creek next season, travel to PyeongChang for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games and beyond. I would like to thank the Vail Valley Foundation for its continued support of our organization and the sport of alpine skiing in America, and for Making It Possible for our athletes to achieve Best in the World success. See you on the slopes this season!

2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships by the numbers




2015 ALPINE WORLD SKI CHAMPIONSHIPS FINANCIALS TOTAL PROJECT 2010–2015 Revenue . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $58,550,766 Operating expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ($57,016,194) Net income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,534,572 Less: Bid costs* . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .($487,387) Net income after bid costs . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,047,185 CECILIA FOLZ *During the two years leading up to winning the 2015 AWSC bid (2009–2010), VVF spent $775,887 to secure

Former President and CEO,


the bid, partially offset by $288,500 in revenue contributed by our partners Vail Resorts, Town of Vail, Beaver Creek

Vail Valley Foundation


Resort Company, and the United States Ski and Snowboard Association for a net expenditure of $487,387.

In recognition of 26 years of service.
















EverBank America’s Winter Opening and Audi Birds of Prey carve a new path for ski racing in America

Legendary French racer Jean-Claude Killy, left, competes in Vail at one of the first World Cup races in March of 1967, on Vail Mountain. At right, USA racer Ted Ligety competes on the Birds of Prey World Cup course in 2014. Killy photo used by permission of the Durrance Collection. Ligety photo by Jonathan Selkowitz.

The excitement surrounding ski racing in the Vail Valley is no anomaly. In fact, it finds its roots on a sunny weekend on Vail Mountain in March of 1967, when our valley hosted one of the world’s first World Cup ski races. Forty-nine seasons later, Vail and Beaver Creek remain one of only five original locations still on the FIS World Cup tour. In 2016, the International Ski Federation (FIS) will celebrate its 50th year of hosting the Alpine World Cup ski racing circuit, and the Vail Valley will be ready. In December 2015, we paved the way for this celebration with the first-ever EverBank America’s Winter Opening. The tagline for the event is “Where It Begins,” and it ushers in a new vision for what early winter will become in Vail and Beaver Creek, with multiple concerts, festivities, social events and networking opportunities that can surround and complement the iconic Audi Birds of Prey World Cup race week.

In 2016, the EverBank America’s Winter Opening will be even bigger and better. Plans include ski races under the lights at Golden Peak, headliner concerts in Vail and Beaver Creek villages, and the creation of a permanent location for the International Ski Hall of Fame. All of this is tied to a larger grandstand and elevated spectator offerings on each of our World Cup race days. The outlook for ski racing in America is even brighter than it was on that fine day in March of 1967. With millions of worldwide spectators, increased USA television coverage from NBC, and a new generation of talented athletes just coming into their own, ski racing has proven to be a sport that’s moving in the right direction. Even as we lead the way for ski racing in North America, we pay homage to the legends of our past. After all, it is within their stories, and their achievements, that we find inspiration as we create our vision for the future.



A SESSION with JUSTIN WILKENFELD Justin, what are your first memories of working with the Vail Valley Foundation? I remember meeting the Vail Valley JUSTIN Foundation crew at Outdoor Retailer WILKENFELD back in 2010. We were still in startVice President, up mode and growing steadily, similar Brand Integrity to where Mountain Games was at the GoPro time. I think we saw promise in what the Mountain Games could be and VVF saw potential in GoPro to be a great partner…so we did it!

GoPro and the Mountain Games seem to have ‘grown up together.’ As you’ve gone through that process, what are the reasons you think the relationship has gone so well? As both GoPro and Mountain Games grew, we jumped at the chance to elevate our partnership and develop a deeper connection with participants. Making friends with core enthusiasts, creating opportunities to engage fans attending to see these amazing athletes performing at a high level, the music festival aspect—all of these elements have made for an amazing ride with our friends at VVF.

What do you like most about the GoPro Mountain Games? The Mountain Games really embrace the outdoor community and celebrate the passion that the athletes and attendees have for the outdoors and their sports. There is really nothing like this event in the world, and we have been really stoked to be a part of it. The opportunity to create killer content, around such a wide variety of sports, is awesome, but the ability to engage with such passionate people from around the world who will take their stoke from the games back home is invaluable.

Finally, what do you think sets the GoPro Mountain Games apart? The accessibility to the Mountain Games is special. You feel welcomed into and a part of the event in a way that is so different from other events I’ve attended in action or motor sports. Real people doing really fun sports in the awesome Vail Valley…it really doesn’t get much better than that!



OPPOSITE PAGE: The GoPro Mountain Games have taken the once-sleepy season of early June and made it the official kick-off to summer in the mountains. The weekend is now one of the most popular times of year to come visit the Vail Valley. Photo of highline slackliner Heather Larson by Zach Mahone.

2015 GoPro Mountain Games by the numbers*












*Data based on third-party survey conducted by Intercept Insight, LLC


Vail International Dance Festival by the numbers




















IN MOTION with DAMIAN WOETZEL OPPOSITE PAGE: Misty Copeland & Alexandre Hammoudi perform the “White Swan” pas de deux at the International Evening of Dance I program at the 2015 Vail International Dance Festival. Photo by Erin Baiano. In 2016, Damian Woetzel will be celebrating his 10th year as Artistic Director of the Vail International Dance Festival.

How has the Vail Valley Foundation impacted your life? Personally, the Vail Valley Foundation DAMIAN WOETZEL has given me the opportunity to work Artistic Director, on projects and issues through the arts, Vail International creating a laboratory from which the Dance Festival successful results can be shared and duplicated elsewhere. I think of the Vail International Dance Festival itself, with new works being commissioned that can be pivotal for the artists and companies involved, and also Celebrate the Beat, which after 10 years in Vail, is also doing enormously successful work in other cities around Colorado. The opportunity to make work happen like this is life changing, and the Vail Valley Foundation drives this work by its commitment to the idea that the arts and culture are of primary importance to all communities. How do you see the Vail Valley Foundation benefitting the community? Through programs in education, including Celebrate the Beat, the Vail Valley Foundation displays its intentions to make positive change for all in the Vail Valley. Likewise, at the Dance Festival we look to extend the reach of the art we put on our

stages to include all who would benefit from what culture, uniquely can provide. For example, Dancing in the Streets was started to bring the art into contact with the public in ways not possible in a traditional theater environment, giving people the opportunity to “be the art,” which is what dancing really is.

What do you feel should be the main focus for our community moving forward? What role would you like to see the Vail Valley Foundation play to achieve that? Inequality. Consistent with issues plaguing the country, and the world beyond, addressing inequality and access to a path worthy of our wealth and ability as a nation are the key to success no matter what the endeavor whether artistic, educational, or sport-related. The Vail Valley Foundation can and should expand on its emphasis to share the opportunities provided by its programs, demonstrating and reinforcing how access to its initiatives can change lives and create communities where there are now silos of demographic and economic groups. At the Dance Festival, I am working to increase the access to all aspects of the Festival, and to make it a learning organization which responds to its insufficiencies as much as it strengthens and builds on its successes.



ON STAGE with KRIS SABEL What have the Vilar Performing Arts Center and the Vail Valley Foundation meant to you personally, and to the KRIS SABEL community in which you live? Executive Director, Vilar Performing The Foundation and the VPAC have Arts Center impacted my life in both a personal and professional way. In this day and age, we have so many choices for our entertainment and cultural experiences: on our phones, our smart TVs, and any number of downloadable formats. These easily-available forms of entertainment have created new ways to share information and build connections, and yet they often lack the depth and impact that one can only find in live, in-person, experiences in the performing arts. I feel incredibly fortunate to be a part of an organization which provides opportunities for people to come together and experience the performing arts, and to have that shared experience that happens between an audience and an artist and among fellow audience members. Through our STARS and Community Performance Fund programs we are able to help foster a love of the performing arts 16


in the younger members of our community, either as artists or audience members, and ensure a strong demand for audience and artists into the future.

OPPOSITE PAGE: Montgomery Gentry performs at the Vilar Performing Arts Center. Photo by Zach Mahone.

What makes the performing arts important in this day and age? It seems that technology has allowed us to be more connected than ever to family, friends and even complete strangers. On the other hand, we can sometimes feel more disconnected to what matters, or overloaded with too much information. The act of coming together in person is more important than ever. Our generous supporters understand that the performing arts play an important role in today’s society, and they make it possible for us to enrich each other’s lives, and the lives of each guest and member of our community. As we look forward to the next chapter at the Vilar Performing Arts Center, we feel honored by the responsibility that comes with our role in curating an ever-more diverse selection of arts performances, even as we foster a new generation of artists, supporters, and admirers of the arts.



SET BREAK with JENNIFER MASON OPPOSITE PAGE: Locals and visitors enjoy a Crazy Mountain Brewery Hot Summer Nights Performance at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. Photo by ShowLove Media.

How did you first begin working with the Vail Valley Foundation? Like many people, my first encounter JENNIFER MASON with the Vail Valley Foundation was as Director of Operations, a volunteer. It was 1994, and I was able Gerald R. Ford to take part in the UCI Mountain Bike Amphitheater, Vail & Trials World Championships. Our Valley Foundation volunteers are such a big part of who we are —I loved being one, and today I love working with them, and channeling their enthusiasm and energy into our programs and events. What are some of the legacies that the Ford Amphitheater has created for the valley? After 1999, there was this feeling that we were entering a time of big ideas and new opportunities. We took the Hot Summer Nights free concert series to a new level, and it was a big success. It is now a staple of our community and draws record crowds; we’ve truly created a legacy for this Valley. By August of 2001, the Foundation had completed an extensive reconstruction of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater to bring the venue up to modern standards. Last year, we greatly improved the Amphitheater once again, by adding a majestic lobby and tribute area celebrating the many contributions of President and Mrs. Ford to our community, a new terraced lawn, and other structural renovations. As a result, the Ford Amphitheater is known as one of the most incredible performing arts venues in Colorado today.

Beyond your work at the Ford Amphitheater, you also work closely with volunteers, manage entertainment at many events, and you’re also now a Vail town councilwoman. In your opinion, what’s next for the Vail Valley Foundation and the community as a whole? With the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships come and gone, it feels like it did in 1999, although we have so much more going on in our annual, ongoing slate of programs and events. We envision the Ford Amphitheater to have an expanding schedule into the early and late summer with events like the GoPro Mountain Games and Vail International Dance Festival. Of course, we will continue to partner with other local, nonprofit organizations such as Bravo! Vail, Betty Ford Alpine Gardens, Vail Symposium, and others to ensure that the Ford Amphitheater remains at the center of summer culture in the Vail Valley. We like to think really big in terms of what’s next. We envision a new music experience that appeals to a broader audience to include rock, bluegrass and more. As we continue to be a center for the arts, music, and culture of this valley, we see a bright future for the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater.



UPDATE from the VAIL GLOBAL ENERGY FORUM The Vail Valley Foundation is honored to host the Vail Global Energy Forum* at the Vilar Performing Arts Center January 29–31, 2016. Presented by the Vail Global Energy Forum Foundation in partnership with the Stanford University Precourt Institute for Energy and the Stanford University Precourt Energy Efficiency Center, the fifth annual event will host leaders from around the world in an engaging and thought-provoking examination of the rise of North America and the future of energy. Areas of focus will include creating improvements in energy efficiency, sustainability, clean energy technologies, energy security and supply. Featured speakers, panelists, and attendees will again include an exciting roster of distinguished government officials, corporate energy executives, leading research scientists, venture capitalists, investors, entrepreneurs and world-renowned journalists. Confirmed speakers and panelists include:

John Hickenlooper, Governor of Colorado Marianne Kah, Chief Economist, ConocoPhillips Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy & Finance, State of New York Fred Krupp, President, Environmental Defense Fund Arun Majumdar, Professor, Mechanical Engineering, and Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University Steven Mueller, Chairman & CEO, Southwestern Energy Tom Petrie, Chairman, Petrie Partners Rob Portman, U.S. Senator (R/Ohio)

David Carroll, President and CEO, Gas Technology Institute

Gary Roughead, US Navy (Ret.), Annenberg Distinguished Visiting Fellow, Hoover Institution

Ahmad Chatila, President & CEO, SunEdison

Doug Suttles, President & CEO, Encana

John Christmann, President & CEO, Apache Corporation

Peter Trelenberg, Manager of Environmental Policy and Planning, ExxonMobil Corporation

Jim Brown, President, Western Hemisphere, Halliburton

Michael Dimock, President, Pew Research Center Tom Fanning, Chairman, President & CEO, Southern Company Julio Friedmann, Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Office of Fossil Energy, U.S. Dept. of Energy General Michael Hayden, USAF (Ret.), former Director of the NSA and former Director of the CIA 20


Al Walker, Chairman, President & CEO, Anadarko Petroleum Mark Zoback, Professor, Geophysics, and Senior Fellow, Precourt Institute for Energy, Stanford University *The Vail Global Energy Forum Foundation is an independent 501 (c) (3) organization.

THIS PAGE: Keynote speaker Condoleezza Rice speaks at the 2015 Vail Global Energy Forum. Photo by Zach Mahone.


BOB FORD Chief Financial Officer, Vail Valley Foundation


2015 Alpine World Ski Championships $34,774,845 What’s the most important thing you do as the CFO of the Vail Valley Foundation? n Athletic Programming $3,749,811 As Chief Financial Officer, I take my fiduciary responsibility very seriously and believe that the integrity of the n financial data is paramount. The Vail Valley Cultural Programming $6,691,950 Foundation is a complex non-profit that is active in several distinct, yet inter-related, arenas. A critical part of n myGeneral role is to ensure that our funding, from and Administrative $3,344,485 incredibly generous donors and organizations, will be maximized to directly impact our mission that each dollar was intended to support. n Membership $1,373,461 n Education and Grants $3,175,111 n In Kind $3,549,259 OPERATING EXPENSES

The diagrams below offer two ways of looking at the Vail Valley Foundation revenues, both of which equal the same amount of $57,560,131.

n Individual Contributors. . . . . . $11,079,445 n Sponsorships . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $28,957,285 n Ticket Sales/Event Fees. . . . . . . . $3,032,859 n Agency Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,525,312 n Other. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,415,971 n In Kind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,549,259 Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $57,560,131

n 2015 Alpine World

n 2015 Alpine World

Ski Championships . . . . . . . . . $35,369,896

Ski Championships . . . . . . . . . $34,774,845

n Athletic Programming . . . . . . . . $3,662,105 n Cultural Programming. . . . . . . . $6,978,315 n Membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,470,602 n Education & Grants. . . . . . . . . . $3,235,627 n Other. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $294,327 n In Kind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,549,259

n Athletic Programming . . . . . . . . $3,749,811 n Cultural Programming. . . . . . . . $6,691,950 n General and Administrative. . . . $3,344,485 n Membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,373,461 n Education and Grants . . . . . . . . $3,175,111 n In Kind . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,549,259

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $57,560,131

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $56,658,922 Net Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $901,208*

*$595,051 of total net income of $901,208 is a result of 2015 AWSC revenues and expenses booked during Fiscal Year Ending 9/30/2015. *For more information on 2015 financials, see page 9. Data accurate as of Dec. 1, 2015.




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Salazon Chocolate Company SeasonFive Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Silver Oak Simba Run Skratch Labs Slifer Designs Slifer, Smith and Frampton Real Estate Sonnenalp Resort of Vail SOS Global Sprint Squash Blossom Starbucks Summit MRB Holdings, LLC Surefoot SYNC Performance The Charter at Beaver Creek The Denver Post The Dusty Boot The Gallegos Corporation The Golden Bear The Lodge At Vail The Red Bulletin The Ritz Carlton Club + Residences The Steadman Clinic The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa The Wren Town of Avon Town of Eagle Town of Gypsum Town of Minturn Town of Vail Trango Trek Light Gear Trigger Point Tudor Watch TV8 Vail/Beaver Creek

United States Ski and Snowboard Association Unleashed by Petco US Bancorp Foundation US Forest Service Vail Cascade Resort & Spa Vail Conoco Vail Daily Vail Honeywagon Vail Integrative Medical Group Vail Marriott Mountain Resort Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Vail Mountain School Vail Myriad Vail Racquet Club Vail Resorts Vail Resorts Retail Vail Spa Vail Summit Orthopaedics Vail Valley Getaway Vail Valley Jet Center Vail Valley Medical Center Vasque Footwear Vibram USA Volvo Cars North America Wagner Equipment Co. Wells Fargo Bank, N.A. Wend Waxworks West Vail Shell Western Slope Beverage Western Union White Horse Solutions Winnebago Woody Creek Distillers Yakima YETI Coolers Yuba Bikes Zai Skis Zehren and Assoc. Zuke’s

THIS PAGE: The staff of the Vail Valley Foundation at the 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships thanks the committee members, sponsors, partners, volunteers, and community members who made the multi-year effort a success. Photo by Logan Robertson.


2015 CHAMPIONSHIPS COMMITTEES Executive Ceil Folz Erik Borgen Bill Esrey Harry Frampton John Garnsey Mike Imhof Bill Marolt Steve McConahey Dexter Paine Eric Resnick Tiger Shaw Advisory Tim Baker Michael Berry Virginia Egger Scott Fitzwilliams David Ingemie Patrik Jaerbyn Mike Jaquet Lou Krieg Doug Lovell Alex Natt Rachel Oys Aldo Radamus Stan Zemler Administration Roger Behler Ron Brill Kevin Clair John Heilmann Debby Jasper Bob Knous Adam Laseur Jim Leonard Charlie L’Esperance Nicole Lucido Karen Martinez Mary McDougall JC Moritz Laura Tumperi Terry O’Connor Eric Simon

Ceremonies Jenn Bruno Henrietta Armbruster Hans Berglund Travis Coggin Laura Diebel Jillian Forbes Sheika Gramshammer Amy Holm Yvonne Jacobs Jana Morgan Hap Poole Stacey Sapp Adi Slifer Communications/IT Robert Urwiler Ron Braden Michael King Dave Peterson Eric Phannenstiel Andy Shenberger Michael Thompson Culture Scott Cross Sean Cross Molly Eppard Yvette Frampton Kenton Hopkins Karl Krueger Anne Marie McDermott Jim Palermo Haruko Smith Howard Stone Donors Lucy Davis Nicole Balazs Alix Berglund Luca Bruno Denise Calvin Donna Caynoski Sharon Dennis Kathleen Eck Christopher Frampton

Bethany Haerter Bob Hatcher Becky Hernreich Stacey Sapp Melanie Schmieding Shawnna Frank Steve Virostek Andrea Webber Environment Markian Feduschak Kristen Bertuglia Fritz Bratschie Kate Burchenal Luke Cartin Deron Dircksen Don Dressler Allison Ebbets Angelo Fernandez Tom Flemming Max Forgensi John Gitchell Kara Heide Yuri Kostick Kim Langmaid Matt Pielsticker Nicola Ripley Jane Ross Nick Sterling Facilities Chupa Nelson Jerry Anderson Annie Apple Tim Baker Marka Brenner Mike Cuthbertson Andy Daly Jim Kemp Bill Kennedy Marlin Linder John Neufeld Rudi Neumayr Jim Roberts George Ruther Hannes Spaeh

David Viele Gary Woodworth Festival Susie Tjossem Julie Bergsten Doe Browning Cathleen Coughran Nathan Cox Virginia Egger Cookie Flaum Sarah Franke Lael Fray Jamie Gunion Brian Hall Rayla Kundolf Sybill Navas Beth Slifer Holli Snyder Mia Vlaar Hospitality Brian Nolan PJ Berg Larry DiPasquale Jennah Lagomarsino Suzy Melson Mary Mino Matt Morgan John Shipp Jennifer Sturgeon Eric Pottorff Lodging Johannes Faessler Bryan Austin Jeff Burrell Peter Dann Dean Johnson Bob McCleary Chris Romer Marketing Chris Jarnot Yann Benjamin Eric Burgund

Joseph Cleary John Dawsey Jim Kellen Kelli McDonald Kari Mohr Davy Ratchford Jonathan Smith Kendyl Severino Brooke Skjonsby Medical Jack Eck, MD Joyce Benson Tom Clanton, MD Will Dunn Reg Franciose, MD Larry Gaul, MD Tom Hackett, MD Fred Morrison Steve Vardaman Matt Whalen Steve Zuckerman Municipal Services Bill Simmons Greg Barrett Jane Burden Kelley Collier Greg Hall Clyde Hanks Chris Lubbers Mark Miscio Mike Rose John Sheehan Jeff Wetzel Public Relations & Media John Dakin Liz Biebl Jen Brown Ann Gallery Megan Harrod Angelika Hermann-Meir Tom Kelly May Lilley Riikka Rakic

Rosalie Waxman Kristin Yantis Race Greg Johnson Luke Bodensteiner Calum Clark Ellen Galbraith Brad Ghent Patrick Jaerbyn Doug Lovell Jodi Peterson Aldo Radamus Jim Roberts Bryan Rooney Ron Rupert Burke Russo Security & Safety Dwight Henninger Jeff Babb Karl Bauer Barry Bratt James Clancy Neil Colclough Rebecca Larson Mark Miller Fred Morrison Jim Sanders Barry Smith Bob Ticer Chuck Vale James van Beek Social Susan Frampton Alicia Arseneau Betsy Bradley Pamela Davis Marc DesRosiers Holly Elliot Molly Eppard Vicky Garnsey Andrea Georgopolis Donna Giordano Jim Harding Sheri Mintz Katie Tille

Volunteers Cheryl Jensen Liz Adams Bob Armour Mary Lou Armour Tenie Chicoine Doris Dewton Suzy Donohue Cookie Flaum Brad Ghent Tracy Gillette Cynthia Gordon Joe Morrill Susan Morrill Sue Rushmore Gary Wicklund Youth Margie Gart Chris Anthony Kristan Carey Dick Coe Kathy Cummings Nicky DeFord Nancy Dempsey Sue Dorf Mark Fenstermacher Bizzy Gart Erika Ghent Geoff Grimmer Robyn Levy Alison Levy Alicia McConnell Henry McQueeney Arn Menconi Aldo Radamus Lynda Sampson Shiloy Sanders Lissa Tyler Operations VP and Oversight of all Operations Committees Katrina Ammer

Television Ken Schanzer



THOUGHTS from TINA VARDAMAN The Vail Valley Foundation has meant different things to me at different times in my 22 years here in the Vail Valley. When I moved to the Valley in the early 1990s as a college grad, the Foundation was the organization to which I attributed the dynamic nature of our community. Whether it was the excitement of World Cup ski racing or the 1999 Alpine World Ski Championships, the UCI World Mountain Biking Championships, or a perfect summer night at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, I knew the TINA VARDAMAN

Foundation was the force making all of those magical moments possible.

Senior Director of Development,

Fast forward 20 years, my husband and I are so incredibly lucky to be raising our twin daughters in this community. As a parent, the Foundation has come to mean so much more to me. I feel incredibly blessed to be raising my family in a place where my kids have the opportunity to be exposed to world-class events, athletes, and artists, as it is truly inspiring to them. I will never forget a moment I shared with my daughters when our hometown hero, Mikaela Shiffrin, crossed the finish line to win gold at the 2015 World Championships; what a role model she is, played out on stage right here in our backyard! The support my children and their classmates receive through Vail Valley Foundation



YouthPower365 programs provides amazing opportunities and enrichment, and demonstrates the commitment of this community to our future by investing in our youth. Over the years, one thing has not changed for me. When I connect the dots of our community and what makes it so special‌ they are the same. The mountains brought us here together, and through organizations like the Vail Valley Foundation, we connect as people, with the common goal of making this the best place to live and raise a family. I am proud to be part of the Vail Valley Foundation because I want to help ensure our future is as bright as our past.


DONORS The donor lists that follow represent supporters who gave a gift(s) to the Vail Valley Foundation between October 1, 2014 and September 30, 2015. Thank you to all our loyal donors.

Vail Valley Foundation Donors The generous support of our donors enables us to enhance and sustain the spirit of the Vail Valley by providing leadership in arts, athletic, and educational endeavors.

We have carefully reviewed the names that are listed. However, if you find an error or omission, please accept our apologies and contact us at 970.777.2015 ext.5951 Millennium Club so that we may correct The Millennium Club our records. recognizes those who,

Donor Listing Key * Denotes Cornerstone Friends Level Donor daf Denotes Donor Advised Fund s Denotes Scholarship ^ Denotes Deceased

over the course of their lifetime, have made gifts to the Foundation of $1,000,000 or more. We sincerely thank these members for their philanthropic commitment. Anonymous (2) Beaver Creek Metropolitan District Beaver Creek Resort Company Judy & Howard Berkowitz Marlene & John Boll Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Joyce Mollerup & Robert Buckman Ann Smead & Michael Byram Susan & Harry Frampton Pat & Pete Frechette Rose & George Gillett Donna Giordano Martha Head Lyda Hill Vicki & Kent Logan Leni & Peter May Molly & Jay Precourt J. Douglas Rippeto Mary Sue & Michael Shannon

Oscar Tang Family Town of Vail Vail Resorts, Inc. Alberto Vilar

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Capital Campaign Marlene & John Boll The Borgen Family Susan & Harry Frampton Lyda Hill J. Douglas Rippeto Mary Sue & Michael Shannon

Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle The Vail Valley Visionary Circle recognizes those individuals who have included the Foundation in their estate planning. We are extremely grateful for their commitment to us. Anonymous P. Richard Bauer Margo & Roger Behler Ann Smead & Michael Byram Holly & Tim Finchem Ceil & Steve Folz Susan & Harry Frampton Linda & John Galvin Cheryl & Robert Gary Jean Graham-Smith Anne & Donald Graubart Neal Groff Family Jeanne & Jim Gustafson Robert Hernreich Clairlee & Bob Hirsch Jill & Loyal Huddleston Marlene & Ben Krell Vicki & Kent Logan Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Dr. Barry J. Mankowitz Sherry & George Middlemas Ed O'Brien Martha & Terry Allen Perl J. Douglas Rippeto Margie & Charles Steinmetz Mary & Paul Webster

The General Fund Leadership Giving Circles The leaders listed in one of these four levels made a major, unrestricted financial contribution to the Foundation. We are indebted to these individuals for their annual support. Cornerstone Friends Karen R. Masano & John M. Arnold Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Ann Smead & Michael Byram LeeAnn & Jeffrey Ettinger Pat & Pete Frechette Donna Giordano Martha Head Karen & Michael Herman Leni & Peter May Sherri & Robert L. Patton, Jr. Vikki & Michael Price J. Douglas Rippeto Mary Sue & Michael Shannon Marcy & Gerald Spector Oscar Tang Family Friends of Vail Phyllis & Steve Anderson Judy Hart Angelo & John M. Angelo Patricia & Sergio Arguelles Susan & Dale Benditz Judy & Howard Berkowitz Marlene & John Boll Kelly & Sam Bronfman Doe Browning Patsy & Pedro Cerisola Lucy & Ron Davis Renee & Todd Davison Marijke & Lodewijk DeVink Barbara & Thomas Dooley Julie & Bill Esrey Stephanie & Larry Flinn Susan & Harry Frampton Margie & Tom Gart Georgia & Donald Gogel Lyn Goldstein Jeanne & James Gustafson Viviana & George Handtmann Rick Hayes Robert Hernreich

Heather & Glenn Hilliard Kathy & Al Hubbard Mr. & Mrs. H. Anthony Ittleson Susu & George Johnson Diane Pitt & Mitchell Karlin Cynnie & Peter Kellogg Ruth & Sidney Lapidus Vicki & Kent Logan Patricia & Frank Lynch Matilde & Alejandro Marti/ The Sebastian Vail Shirley & William S. McIntyre Amanda & Neal Moszkowski Vicki & Trygve Myhren Terri & Michael Noell Jean & Raymond Oglethorpe Molly & Jay Precourt Mary & Steven Read Sara & Eric Resnick Maru & Jorge Rojas June & Paul Rossetti Lisa & Kenneth Schanzer Helen & Charles Schwab Helen & Vincent Sheehy Sydney & Stanley S. Shuman Rupinder Sidhu Sue & Martin Solomon Bill Stolzer Sarah Nash & Michael Sylvester James W. Taylor Denise O'Leary & Kent Thiry Deborah & Fred Tresca Debra & Ken Tuchman Linda & Stew Turley Barbara & Richard Wenninger Kristy & Bill Woolfolk Eagle Program Libby Anschutz Bacca Foundation Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust Angela & Peter Dal Pezzo Lisa & Bruce Goldman Georgia & Robert Hatcher Tara & Robert Levine Nicole & Steve Lucido Michele & David Mittelman Amy & James Regan Margie & Charles Steinmetz

Medallion Anonymous Vicki & Dr. Garry Boxer Lisa Tannebaum & Don Brownstein Susan & Jeff Campbell Dorothy Elizabeth Cronin Kaye & Bud Isaacs Roberta & Michael Joseph Shelby & J. Scott Key Sarah & Peter Millett Kristen Nostrand Senenne & Marc Philippon William Sterett, M.D. Marjorie A. Swig Laura D. Tumperi Jan & Greg Winchester Champions Circle Anonymous Ann Newman & Andy Arnold Marilyn Augur Donna & Donald Baumgartner Jeanne & Joe Brandmeyer Carol & Harry Cebron Kay & Thomas Clanton Jane & Reed Eberly Trish Fillo Peggy Fossett Joan Francis Laura & William Frick Michael & Elizabeth Galvin Penny & Bill George Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Amy & Patrick Heckethorn Mindy & Andrew Heyer Kiwi & Landon Hilliard Sarah & Christopher Hunt Alexia & Jerome Jurschak Patty & Bill Kleh Marlene & Benjamin Krell Almudena & Rodrigo Lebois Sue & Jim Liken Beth & Larry Mathis Carolyn & Gene Mercy Alejandra & Tomas Milmo Sissel & Richard Pomboy Suzanne & Bernie Scharf Elaine & Steven Schwartzreich Kerri & Steven Siegel Janis & Ronald Simon

Harvey Simpson Elizabeth & Rodney Slifer Nancy & John Snyder Gay & Richard Steadman Brooke & Hap Stein Sally & Gregg Tryhus The Vail Resorts Charitable Fund Laura & Stephen Wehrle Pamela & Steven Wexler Joan Whittenberg Marilyn & Ron Wollard Legends Circle Thomas Barnett Marcella & Robert Barry Heidi Beale Devon & Peter Briger Susan & Graham Burton Norma & Charles Carter Kathleen & Jack Eck William E. Ford Marshall Gordon Rebecca & Stuart Green Kim Gustafson Deborah Wittman & Rik Heid Kenton Hopkins Daney & Lee Klingenstein Judy LaSpada & Michelle Caldwell Stephanie & Rod Linafelter Diane & Louis Loosbrock Kathy & Steve McConahey Susan & Thomas Moran Sally & Don O'Neal Polly & Mark Peterson Wendy & Paul Raether Rella & Monroe Rifkin Neera & Rajendra Singh Jon & Nancy Tellor Family Foundation Elizabeth Vincent Lisa & Mark Walsh Cynthia & Chris Ware Margaret & Loyal Wilson Heidi Witherell, M.D. Founders Club Anonymous Holly Adams Sheldon D. Andrew & Jeffrey D. Byrne Christina & Balz Arrigoni


Jennifer & David Adkins Christian Avignon Dierdre & Ronnie Baker Mark A. Ballenger II Elise & Brian Barish Alix & Hans Berglund Terre & Jack Bergman Jane & Robert Berry Brooke & Jon Erik Borgen Randi Borgen Jacqueline & Donald Brennan Stacy & Michael Brown Robin & Tom Burch Susan Catalano Tokuko & William Chapin James Chase Rebecca & Joseph Crosbie Julie & Michael Current Sharon Dennis Doris Dewton & Richard Gretz Andrea Eddy Lois & Stephen Eisen Erika & Matt Fitzgerald Jennifer & Richard Geisman Helen & Russell Gies Andrea & Michael Glass Lisa & Jerry Greenberg Lori & Arthur Greenfeder Pamela & David Gross Bethany & Jonathan Haerter Michelle & Bobby Head Sally & Kyle Hybl Kristel & B.J. Hybl Alex & David Hyde Shelly & Chris Jarnot Cheryl & Bill Jensen Sarah & Tait Johnson Kathy & Neal Kimmel Brad Korell & Justin McNulty Barbara & Michael Landry Janie & Bobby Lipnick Carol & Douglas Lovell Alison & Tim McAdam Ingrid & Sean McGinley Heather & J.P. McInerny Nancy & Robert McLeod Kaia & Misha Moritz Wendy & Skip Nichamin Malia & Jay Nobrega Rosanne & Gary Oatey Laurie & David O'Connell


Jennifer Alsever & Kevin O'Donnell Matthew Olson Marlys & Ralph Palumbo Marian & Philip Paolilli Amanda Precourt Paulina & Scott Proper Kerry & Justin Roach Alysa & Jonathan Rotella Krizia Naegele-Routh & Michael Routh Erik Sale Stacey Sapp Pamela & Frank Saxton Nancy Wolk & David Schlendorf Melanie & Timothy Schmieding Gayle & Doug Schwartz Rochelle Hanley & Shirish Shenolikar Kristin Tang & Mike Marston Susan & Robert Tartre Tim Tyler Drs. Jean & Alec Urquhart Kathryn & Leo Vecellio Jacqueline Hurlbutt & Norman Waite Allison Krausen & Kyle Webb Kathryn & Mike Weller Kris & August Whittenberg Teresa & Paul Wible Kristin Yantis President’s Circle Brenda & Joe Adeeb Roxanne & Ed Anderson Amy Becher Jayne & Paul Becker Kara & Farley Bolwell Diane & Jeff Brundage Christine & George Burns Janis & Bill Burrow Kathryn & David Campbell Caryn Clayman Patti & John Cogswell Mary Ellen & Stanley Cope Mary Ellen & Bob Darretta Reg & Michelle Del Ponte Kara Horner & Spencer Denison Jacqueline Deveric Paulette & Gil DiGiannantonio


Julia & Simon Dixon Irene & Jared Drescher Jerilyn Berardi & Steven Erickson Thos Evans Marty & John Farrell Wendy & Alan Feldman Cookie & Jim Flaum Terry & John Forester Miriam & Morris Futernick Christopher Galvin Vivien & Andrew Greenberg Neal C. & Nancy E. Groff Roslyn & Ralph Halbert Jennifer & Kyle Hansen Stephanie & John Hanson Martha Rehm & Cherryl Hobart Cathy & Graham Hollis Kathy & William Hybl Terrie & Doug Ideker Mary Sue & Stephen Katz Elaine & Art Kelton Michele & Joel Kennedy Myrna & Robert Krohn Jennifer Lansing Martha & Carl Lindner III Elaine & Jeff Lovell Nancy & Richard Lubin Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Susan & John W. Madden III Katy & Randall Marcus May Family Foundation Brenda & Joe McHugh Nancy & Matt McKenna Patricia & Charles McMunn Diane & Paul McNamara Jan & John Meck Laura Awazu & David Moromisato Laurie Richer & Jeff Morris Karen Lechner & Michael Murphy J.R. Musser Allison & Frank Navarro Patricia Pacey & Charles Neinas Todd and Martha Nicholson Fund of the Nicholson Family Foundation Eric Noreen & Suzi Hill Mary Beth & Charles O'Reilly Thomas Paulson


Jackie & James Power Andrea Markezin & Joel Press Judy Holmes & James Progin Michael Reisinger Leslie & Tristan Renz Ann & Ronald Riley Judy & Kenneth Robins Beverly Roble Nancy & Robert Rosen Sarah & Bill Ross William A. Russell III Stacy Sadler Lisa & Ken Schapiro Leroy and Connie Schmidt Family Foundation Marilyn & David Scott Carole & Peter Segal Eva & Timothy Slattery Kelley & James Smith Colleen & John Sorte Jamie & John Stone Sweet Basil Kate & Scott Turnipseed Thistle & Rose Foundation Mark Tuttle Meredith & Ryan Van Ness Diane & Marshall Wallach Jill & Robert Warner Susan & Thomas Washing Mindy & Gregory White Megan & Nick Wilder Melinda & Stephen Winn Jan & Dee Wisor Barbara & J.R. Woodhull Rosalie Wooten Vail Valley Members Anonymous (3) Sandra & Larry Agneberg Catherine & Scott Alexander Mary Ellen Anderson Mimi Asplundh Mary Reisher & Barry Berlin Biondi Family Pamela & Brooks Bock Tempe & John Brooks Joan & Jack Carnie Robin & Dan Catlin Cindy & John Chase Community First Foundation Rebecca & Carl Crawford Maureen & David Cross Michele & William Darken Judy & Art Davenport

Richard Disberger Susan & Carl Edwards Margaret & Gary Edwards Emilie Egan/ Egan Family Trust Widge Ferguson Barbara & Paul Flowers Audrey & Andrew Franklin Frieder Family Garfinkel’s Diane & Waldo Geiger Susi & Dennis Gertmenian Doris & Matt Gobec Bonnie & Gary Goldberg Robert Gosiewski Alison & Michael Greene Ines & Enrique Grisoni Karin & Dean Johnson Suzie & Steven Kirby Jane & Mark Knauer Nancy & Richard Knowlton Jessica & Tom Korzenecki Patricia & Howard Kraines Tracy & Brian Lenehan Jane & Corey Light Susan & Steven Lipstein Deborah & Dan Luginbuhl Judy & Nicholas Martin Jenifer & Lawrence Marx Matsuhisa Vail Bernhard Mauch Laurie & Mark McKinley Ellen Miller Nancy & W.P. Nelson Gerry & Edmund Palmer Arthur Rhein Cathy & Peter Ridder Dr. Bill Rodkey Robyn & Mark Shegda Fred Steingraber Terra Bistro Vail Fine Art Gallery George Vaught Ann & Patrick Wallace Susan & Albert Weihl Marilyn & John Wells Jeffrey Wineman Carolyn & Tom Wittenbraker Ellen & Michael Wolfson Jane & David Yarian Community Members Anonymous Donna Barrows

Beaver Creek Chophouse Thomas Brix Connie & Peter Burkert Campo de Fiori Linda & Mark Caplan Deana & Todd Crawford Delta Whiskey Martinna & Charles Dill Fran & Don Diones Peter Elliott Sally Blackmun & Michael Elsberry Elway's Restaurant Susan & Stewart Eves Mark Fenstermacher Micki & Larry Fletcher Louise & Richard Funk Margaret & Thomas Gorrie Sandy & Bill Goss Grouse Mountain Grill Linda & Chris Hanson Hooked Robin & Mark Howard Bettan Laughlin Jane & Harry Misakian Sheila Mossman Martha & J. Scott Raecker Sargent Bickham Lagudis, LLC Karen & William Snare Vail Chophouse Brian Woodell Supporting Members AmazonSmile Foundation Doris Bailey Benevity Kay & Charles Bertrand Julie & Larry Blivas Blue Moose Pizza Beaver Creek Blue Moose Pizza Vail Adriana & David Bombard Karen Shupe & Norman Bowles Barbara & Dolph Bridgewater Sandra Cannon Kathy & Daniel Caruso Barbara & Charles Clark Deborah & Daniel Clarke Marla & George Coleman Alan Crocker Janice & Tommy Culp

Kathryn & Harold Dahl Lee & William Dandrea Susan & Mark Dean Candace & Thomas Decker Katie & Dillon DeMore Karen & John Dunn Jean Richmond & Horst Essl Carolyn & Don Etter Linda & Raymond Finn Lyn Anne Fitzpatrick Sally & Crosby Foster Ellie & Michael Francisco Olga & Lubomir Georgiev Golden Eagle Inn Jennifer & Steve Gullickson Cathey Herren William Hibbs Joan & Kenneth Hodges Icon Foundation Kathleen & Elliott Jones Irit & Lawrence Karsh Joanne Kemp Gary Kime Evelyn & Edward Lang Melanna & Jean Marcellot Martha & Douglas Mayeda Thomas McDevitt Cheryl & James McVey Martha & Kevin Milbery Patricia Montgomery Ellen & Jean-Claude Moritz Delphine Mulvihill & Anne Milburn Jennifer & Bobby Murphy Leslie & Robert Nathan Jean Naumann Margaret & Jeffrey Nicholls Hope & Greg O'Quin Helen & Foxhall Parker Richard Patriacca Joyce & Robert Pegg Carol Kay & Michael Phillips Susan & Albert Pollack Steve Prawdzik Robert Reagan Elissa Stein & Richard Replin Anna Hallen & Eric Ross John Ruggles Gwyneth & Richard Sample Maureen & Les Shapiro Meredith & Jay Shapiro Ricki & Steve Sherlin Shelley & Bill Simmons

Mary Bennett & Waldemar Sint Trudi Sorensen Katherine & Robert Smith Solaris Bowling & Restaurant LLC Jane Stampe & Susan Cremer The Westside Cafe & Market Marilynn & Carl Thoma Trudy & W.I. Thomas Janis & Bradley Vaughn Andrew Warner Michelle & Gerald Warshofsky Yellowbelly Cynthia & Jeffrey Yingling Contributing Members Anonymous Lanell Avery Kathy Bellamy & Mike Williams Margaret Blazek Shan & Caleb Burchenal Lauren & Greg Burnett Susan & Gordon Coburn Sunny & Thomas Corrigan Sue Nikolai & Markian Feduschak Steven Gilbert Pamela & Richard Hinds Summer Holm Ann & Collier Kirkham Carol & John Krueger Ms. Kristin McClement Betsy Hill & Burt Merical Mile High United Way Paula Mattes & George Mirmelstein Betsy & William Nevin Sara Newsam Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Brooke & Gary Palumbo Park Hyatt Beaver Creek PayPal Giving Fund Bonnie & Eric Pottorff Elizabeth & Franklin Reilly Laurel Broy & Harry Sandell Barbara & Clark Shivley Madeline & Les Stern Toscanini Vail Marriott Mountain Resort Zupancic Family

Education Donors The following donors supported the Vail Valley Foundation’s Youth Foundation and Star Dancing Gala, providing annual support to elevate education in Eagle County. Principal’s Circle Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen DAF The Borgen Family DAF Ann Smead & Michael Byram DAF The Colorado Health Foundation Amy & Steven Coyer DAF S Oscar Tang Family* DAF Valedictorian Visionary Randi Borgen DAF Brooke & Jon Erik Borgen DAF Kathy & James Cargill Daniels Fund Cathy & Peter Halstead Karen & Michael Herman DAF Kaia & Misha Moritz DAF Amanda Precourt Molly & Jay Precourt Quest Foundation Mary Sue & Michael Shannon* DAF Sidney E. Frank Foundation Vail Resorts, Inc. S Betsy & George Wiegers Honor Society Kelly & Sam Bronfman Lisa Tannebaum & Don Brownstein Susan & Gordon DesCombes S Eagle County Government S Julie & Bill Esrey DAF Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Gallegos Corporation Betsy & Mark Kogan Richard "Chupa" Nelson The Precourt Foundation Amy & James Regan Annie & Richard Rothkopf

Jean & Phil Smith Lynne & Peter Smitham Temple Hoyne Buell Foundation Beverly & Bill Thomas Argie Ligeros & Patrick Tierney Education Innovators Adolph Coors Foundation Barbie Allen/ James C. Allen Charitable Foundation Alpine Bank Ann Newman & Andy Arnold Karen R. Masano & John M. Arnold* Lori & Bob Brown Charitable Foundation of the Edwards Rotary Club S Lucy & Ron Davis S Eagle County Schools S Margaret & Thomas Edwards El Pomar Foundation FirstBank Holding Company Nancy & Mark Foster Susan & Harry Frampton Pat & Pete Frechette* George Family Foundation Donna Giordano DAF Dr. Thomas Hackett and Ms. Kim Soffer Martha Head* Kathy & William Hybl Kathi & Stanley Jones Kaiser Permanente Frances Karsh & Leo Spaziani Elaine & Art Kelton Vanessa Kerzner & Nick Sagar Patty & Bill Kleh Judy & Alan Kosloff DAF KSL Capital Partners, LLC Sue & Jim Liken Kelly Liken & Rick Colomitz Leni & Peter May* Joann McPike Sherri & Robert L. Patton, Jr.* Vikki & Michael Price* Nancy & Donald Remey S Carolyn & Rick Renaud Sara & Eric Resnick J. Douglas Rippeto Alysa & Jonathan Rotella Scholarship America, Inc. Harvey Simpson Marcy & Gerald Spector*

CITIZENS of the YEAR: Pat & Pete Frechette

Stephanie & David Spina William Sterett, M.D. Laura & Keith Tucker Vail Valley Cares Pamela & Steven Wexler Education Advocates Anschutz Family Foundation Marilyn Augur Amy Becher Barbara & Jack Benson Doe Browning The Colorado Trust Craig J. Foley Joan Francis Lisa & Bruce Goldman Sarah & Tait Johnson Alexia & Jerome Jurschak Tara & Robert Levine Alexandra & Robert Linn Deborah & Dan Luginbuhl Donna & Patrick Martin Sarah & Peter Millett Allison & Russell Molina Joanne & Jeffrey O'Neill Pam & Ben Peternell Elaine & Steven Schwartzreich Janis & Ronald Simon Mary Lynn & Warren Staley Brooke & Hap Stein Marjorie A. Swig Deborah & Fred Tresca United Way of Eagle River Valley Vail Valley Medical Center Vail Valley Surgery Center Amy L. Roth, Ph.D. & Jack Van Valkenburgh The Women's Foundation of Colorado Education Supporters Anonymous S Alpine Party Rentals James Bigos Holly & D'Arcy Cole Cathryn & Christopher Cooper Nancy & Kenneth Deline Debra & James Donahugh Anita & Steven Gilbert Deborah Wittman & Rik Heid Kathy & Al Hubbard

The Vail Valley Foundation was pleased to recognize Pat and Pete Frechette as the 2015 Vail Valley Citizens of the Year in honor of their long-standing commitment to the Vail Valley. They have demonstrated a passion for the arts, a strong desire to provide opportunities for children, and a belief in stewarding our natural environment. They were recognized at the 17th Annual Black Diamond Ball on December 4, 2015 at the Ritz-Carlton, Bachelor Gulch.

“Pat and Pete are humble, warm, and generous people, and many non-profit organizations in the Valley are doing great work in our community thanks to the Frechettes’ vision and leadership,” says Tina Vardaman, Vice President of Development at the Vail Valley Foundation. The Frechettes met in their hometown of Janesville, Wisconsin and began dating in their senior year of high school. They graduated from University of Wisconsin, Madison and married shortly after college. Pete, the retired Board Chair and CEO of Patterson Companies, and Pat, whose degree in education fuels her passion for children and education, raised their family primarily in the Chicago area. Patterson Companies brought them to Minneapolis where they have given generously to support the community. In the late 1990s, the Frechettes became part-time residents of the Vail Valley, and they quickly became a force of generosity and leadership in many of the Valley’s cornerstone institutions of culture, youth education, health services, and environmental stewardship. Pete has served on the Board of Directors of the Vail Valley Foundation since 2010 and has long been a champion of the Foundation’s mission of enriching the Vail Valley through programs and events in the arts, education, and athletics. PAT & PETE FRECHETTE

Vail Valley Citizens of the Year

They have been instrumental supporters of the STARS (Support the Arts Reaching Students) program at the Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC), which has provided opportunities for students in Eagle County to expand their horizons and experience live performing arts as an enhancement to their school curriculum. Their passion for the environment is evident through their support of Walking Mountains and active work with the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. Their work in health services is highlighted by their participation as a founding family of Roundup River Ranch, a member of Paul Newman’s Serious Fun Children’s Network, which provides children with serious illnesses the opportunity to attend camp. Their passion for quality health services in our community is also evident through Pete’s participation as a member of the Vail Valley Medical Center’s Heath Services Board. “Pat and Pete are a special couple who have demonstrated leadership, good will, and a tremendous desire to improve our community,” says Kathy Borgen, community leader and philanthropist who serves on the Vail Valley Citizen of the Year Selection Committee. “They have significantly contributed to the heritage of the Vail Valley and its future, and are making a lasting difference in our community.”



Diane Pitt & Mitchell Karlin Patrice & Peter Knobel Irmgard & Charles Lipcon Vicki & Kent Logan Vanessa & Johnny Lyons Alison & Tim McAdam Pam & Michael Mycoskie Ursula & Larry Nisonoff Terri & Michael Noell Linda & Joseph Perry Teressa & Anthony Perry Barrett & Reid Phillips Sandra Phillips Georgia & Robert Pourchot Melisa Rewold-Thuon & Albert “Chico� Thuon June & Paul Rossetti Roberta & Bob Schmidt Carter & Jeff Sharfstein Slifer Smith & Frampton Foundation Donna & W. Randolph Smith Patricia & H. Smith Sue & Martin Solomon Barbara & Carter Strauss Vail Summit Orthopaedics Vail Valley Business Women S Susan & Thomas Washing Education Champions Jill Landman Alfond Mary Ellen Anderson Aubrie Apple & Suzi Apple Aziz Family Battle Mountain High School S Tracey & David Bentley Judy & Howard Berkowitz Vicki & Dr. Garry Boxer Eleanor & Gus Bramante Sunny & Phil Brodsky Jennifer & Michael Brumbaugh Burt Foundation Carolyn & Gary Cage Kathryn & David Campbell Blaise Carrig Kay & Thomas Clanton Dorothy & Bill Cohen Community First Foundation Country Club of the Rockies Mary & David Davies Lauren DesCombes Suzy & Jim Donohue Jane & Matthew Donovan


Britten Elizabeth Kristi & Craig Ferraro FirstBank Avon and FirstBank Vail Renee & Chad Fleischer Ceil & Steve Folz Suzanne Gallegos Nancy & Samuel Gary Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Donald Grant Bethany & Jonathan Haerter Jane & Thomas Healy Kelly & Michael Holton Alex & David Hyde Shelly & Chris Jarnot Cheryl & Bill Jensen Jane & Greg Johnson Karin & Dean Johnson Elana Amsterdam & Robert Katz Anne-Marie & John Keane Elisse & Eric Kelley Patti & James Kemp Andrea Kerzner Solomon Kerzner Vicki & Seth Kogan Heidi Krzebietke Christina & Josh Lautenberg Diane & Louis Loosbrock Carol & Douglas Lovell Mary Ann & Tim LyBarger Lynne & Peter Mackechnie Leslie & Chuck Madison Dana & Brian Maurer Nancy & Steve McPhetridge Anna Menz Angella & Dwight Merriman Liz & Luc Meyer Virginia & Richard Michaux Peter Mueller Nancy & Mack Nichols Courtney O'Brien Laurie & David O'Connell Marjorie & Philip Odeen Cyril F. and Marie O'Neil Foundation Sissel & Richard Pomboy DAF Monica & Daniel Porter Kathi Renman & Jim Picard Anne Roberts Susan & Richard Rogel Mary Anne & Jim Rogers Sue & Michael Rushmore


Lisa & Kenneth Schanzer Roberta & Ernest Scheller Deborah & Jim Shpall Jeanne Shuldener & Dalton Sim Brenda Baden & Stephen Smith Robert Solon St. Anne's Episcopal School Christopher Stiebler Kris & JP Sunderland Carly & Christopher Tanis Linda & Stew Turley Drs. Jean & Alec Urquhart US Bank Foundation Lois & John Van Deusen Shawna & Andrew Wachter Joy & Benjamin Warren Jan & Stephen Watson Whole Kids Foundation Tina & David Wilson Barbara & Charles Wolff Margaret & Glen Wood Andrea & Gary Yetman

Cookie & Jim Flaum Victoria Frank Frieder Family Debra & Richard Geddes Rose & George Gillett Girl Scout Troup 53950 Rainy & Frederick Green Susan & Ron Gruber Adam Harrison Margo & Paul Hields Brandy & Ken Hoeve Laureen Hopkins Mary & Charles Jackson Twila & Michael Jenkins Daney & Lee Klingenstein Erin Lawwill Richard Levine Sara & Michael Manwiller Trudy & Robert Matarese Alec Mauro Cynthia McAdam Laura & Steve McKeever Alejandra & Tomas Milmo Judy & Terry Minger Andrea Modlin Education Mentors Vicki & Trygve Myhren Letitia & Christopher Aitken Carolyn & Mike Neff Carey Anderson & Wendy & Skip Nichamin A. Todd Rash John Nichols Shannon & Todger Anderson Eric Noreen & Suzi Hill Alicia & Craig Arseneau Timothy OKeefe Kelli & Jeff Bailey Amy & Dan Reynolds S Margo & Roger Behler Patrice & Marshall Ringler Jen & Tim Bettenhausen David Sable Pamela & Brooks Bock Erik Sale Kara & Farley Bolwell Kerry Shannon Debbie & William Brady Gina & Steve Spessard Charlotte Brantley Evelyn & Barry Strauch Debbie & Peter Brill Lynne & Pat Sullivan Kristina & Ian Bruce Daniel Sunday Catherine Jones Coburn & Lindsey Thomson Russell Coburn The Toler Family Catherine Cox US Bank Georgette Dienst Vail Board of Realtors Debbie & Drex Douglas June & Robert Vanourek Eagle Valley Community Fund Anne & Robert Verratti Kathleen & Jack Eck Heather & Randall Viola Lainie Edinburg & Joel Kaye Janis & Roger Ward Education Foundation of Susan & Albert Weihl Eagle County Candice & Axel Wilhelmsen Sheryl & Robert Engleby Amy Woodworth Mary Kate & Bart Ewing Kristin Yantis Sandra Farkas John A. Feagin, M.D.

Friends of Education Anne & Bart Barnett John Barry Heidi Bintz Sharon & Britt Bishop Karen Blommer Jamie & Robert Blume Kelli & Jeffrey Brausch Stefanie Brazil Maria & Pablo Calvo Jennifer Cartmell Hays Sarah Benjes & Aaron Ciszek Michael Conroy Lucinda & Andrew Daly Kelly & Dave Dantas Teressa Danzoll Robin Deighan Doris Dewton & Richard Gretz Ines & Fred Distelhorst Debra & Lawrence Dutmer Lois & Stephen Eisen Philip Elder Elegant Cabinetry & Design Louise & William Elliott Michele & Chris Evans Carrie Fell Regina & Kyle Fink Shawnna & Graham Frank Elly Frymire Cone Beth Ganz Elena Georgouses Lauren & Foster Gillett Andrea & Michael Glass Michael Goar Neal C. & Nancy E. Groff Patty & Calvin Harvey Patricia & Lawrence Herrington Joelle Hill Russell Hohensee Stephen Holmes Shana & Duncan Horner Bratzo Horruitiner Louise & Philip Hoversten Sally & Kyle Hybl George Johnson Lee Jones James King Emily & Mike Kloser Brad Korell & Justin McNulty Marisa & Merrill Lahman Laine & Merv Lapin Stephanie & Rod Linafelter

Heather & Tim Losa George Markantonis Laura & Jim Marx Quincy McAdam Maria McEvoy Kate McKay Jeanne & Harry McQueeney Jody & Jeff Morgan Carol Neary Aren Design Stephen Paine Senenne & Marc Philippon Lars Phillips Emily Reaser Jennifer Reed Resort Books Susan & Bert Rewold Kerry & Justin Roach Leigh Rychel Tammy Schiff Gayle & Doug Schwartz Karen & David Shaw Shaw Electric Cristina Shipp John Shipp Elizabeth & Rodney Slifer Bubbles & Steve Smolev Nancy & John Snyder Gary Sommer Elsie & Bill Sterett Mary Streit Trista & Ryan Sutter Betti & Michael Tiner Leanne Toler Alison Tomlinson Triumph Mountain Properties Martha Solis-Turner & James Turner Rosslyn Valentine Tina & Steve Vardaman Marjorie Vickers Judy & Phil Walters Karin & Robert Weber Patti & Ron Weinstein Traci & Michael Wodlinger Nancy & Thomas Zinna Education Contributors Hilary Abbott Jennifer & David Adkins Maureen Adler Mona Lisa Aguilar Lori & Larry Allen Elizabeth & Doug Alrick

Pedro Alvarez Linda Alvis Loring & Bill Amass AmazonSmile Foundation Katrina Ammer Natalie & Chris Amoroso Bradley Anderson Martha Brassel & Chris Anderson Susan & Louis Armitage Taylor Armstrong Yulia Artemova Mary Bailey Peggy & Chip Bair Mary Anne & Charles Baker Orla Bannan Timothy Beck Aliria Bello de Delgado Michael Beneville Robyn Benincasa Vanessa Bennett Lisa Beres Alix & Hans Berglund Martha & Bill Bevan Jill Bezyak Joseph Bigos Thomas Bigos Jennifer & Bryan Bill Deborah Webster & Stephen Blanchard Erin Hall & Eric Blitzstein Roy Bloomfield Michele & Richard Bolduc Josh Bottomley Renee & Tom Boyd Jennifer & Michael Bradbury Dan Brajtbord Debi Brandt Courtney Breul Sarah Briam Ben Brittenham Noelle Brock Lori Brower Stacy & Michael Brown Lilia & Nicholas Brown Jennifer & Luca Bruno Laura Blackman & Donald Bunch Jennifer & Keith Burger Bret Burton Nancy Burton Cristina & Ronald Byrne Marsha & William Campbell John Canon

Rob Carter Elizabeth Chabot Crick & Spencer Crick Germaine Chan Kathy Chandler-Henry & George Henry Lynn & Jim Chapin Kimberly Chelain Jessica Chen Elizabeth & Gordon Chicoine Susanna Chlipala Elysia Clemens Mark Cleveland Geena Clonan Susan Colbert Marci & Shawn Colby Carol Collins Will Comerford Kathleen & David Cope Sunny & Tom Corrigan Corrie & David Crane Rebecca & Carl Crawford Joanne & Jack Crosby Anne Cuny Cupid's Cronies Kevin Cusack Margaret & Russell Cyphers Lee & William Dandrea Arte Davies^ Susie Davis Pamela Davis Yvonne & John Dawsey Erica de Longpre Kathleen Dee Zachary Deherrera Rachel & James Delong Christine & Edward Dent John Dinmore James Downey Marilyn & Greg Earle S Lillian Edwards Heidi & Stephen Elzinga Kabe Erkenbrack Claire & Marshall Evans Sue Nikolai & Markian Feduschak Kathy & David Ferguson Jonathan Ferguson Erika & Matt Fitzgerald Victoria & Brian Flynn Cheryl Foley Deborah King Ford & Robert Ford David Forenza

Terry & John Forester Pollyanna Forster Sue & Reginald Franciose Kenneth Friedman Miriam & Morris Futernick Coleen & Brad Geiger Elaine Gelvin Erin & Chris Gersbach Tracy & Leroy Getchell Helen & Russell Gies Rachel Gildor Tracy McCoy Gillette Ann Gilmartin Cory & Sean Glackin Sarah & Jason Glass Margee Godwin Kerri Goff Melissa Goldman Julie Goraj Lisa & Paul Gordon Lynn & John Gottlieb Maxine & Warren Graboyes Amy & Brandon Greer Sheila Grieco Annette & James Grundtisch Steven Guarascio Bob Guiney Diane Hagen Roberta & Gene Hagerman Nancy Halbeck Margie Hamrick Cheryl Hansen Daric Harvey Leanne Hauseman Sally & Wil Hergenrader Kyle Herren High Altitude Gardening LLC Linda Hill Brenda & Alan Himelfarb Scott Hopkins Robinette & Stephen Hoppin Elizabeth Howe Nancy & Bobby Inman Dennie Jagger Sandy Jennings Sherry & Rob Johnson Arthur Johnson Louise Johnston Jamie & Greg Jones Charles Jones Natalie Martin & Terrell Joseph Karen Kane Lesley Kaye

Sally Carlson & Karl Keesling Bob Kenney Joanna Kerwin Beverley Kerzner Tracy & Peter Kinsella Meggen & Ron Kirkham Brenda Buglione & Jeffrey Kirwood Teresa Kloser Ruth Kloser Karen Kloser Nancy & Richard Knowlton Rosalind & Marvin Kochman Nikolas Kong Angela Korch Lindsey & Casey Kraft Carol & John Krueger Julie Kurtz Jean Kwolek Corey Lamothe Judith Landau & Pamela Lessing George Laurie Jennifer & Pete Law Jane & Howard Leavitt Sandra Lee Laura Leitzinger Ann & Charles L'Esperance Kiku Loomis Jennifer Ludwig Kelly & Jamie Malin Rebecca Masler Mindy & Tony Mauro Maeve McGrath Carmel & Bill McGuckin Heather & J.P. McInerny Linda McKinney Shawn McMillan Jean & Ernest McSpadden MEDNAX Services Colin Medved Kathryn Middleton Julie & Steven Miller John Miller Cory Miller Wayne Miller Constance Miller Sheri Mintz Jane & Harry Misakian Suzanne Morgan Robert Moroney Susan & Joe Morrill Beth & Charles Morrison Susan Morrison

Catherine Moss Sloan Munter Lindsey Myers Sandy Nachman Kyle Nelson Betsy & William Nevin Peggy Nicholls Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Samantha Nottingham The Ogden Family Jennifer Orlinsky Barbara Painter Beth Pappas Christopher Parks Leslie & James Pavelich Pazzo's West Inc. Haley Pearson Peyton Perry Vicki & Arthur Perry James Perry Tracy & Gary Pesso Kacee Picot Renee Pitra Sarah Pritchard Diane & Todd Purse Robin Rankin Marrouche Mark Read Roseanne Rehn Stan Rehn Andrea & Eric Reinhard Carolyn & Robert Reintjes Michele Rewold Reynolds, Kalamaya & Voboril, LLC Pearl Rieger Gracie Campbell & Lee Rimel Wendy Rimel Renee Ristow Amy Roberts Bill Rock Amy & Scott Rogers Chris Romer Sarah & Byron Rose Alycia Rossiter Terie Roubos Megan Rowell Kimberly Rowland Steve Rozanski Jill & Taylor Ryan Karen & Jack Ryan Stacy Sadler Jeanne Sagurton S Julia & Brian Salerno Gail Flesher & David Salvin

Lynda & Pete Sampson Shiloy & James Sanders Katie & Michael Santambrogio Stacey Sapp Cassie Scalettar Marina Skweir & Christopher Scanlan AK Schleusner Julie Schlossinger Carole Schragen Barbara Scrivens Ashley Seeger Emily Sessler Karen Shander Teresa & Dennis Shay Deborah & Patrick Sheehy Stephen Sheridan Gary Shimanowitz Cynthia & Jack Sibley Lisa Siegert-Free & Nate Free Holly & Denny Simonton Marion Singleton Suzanne Sloan Betty & Garrett Smith Tamara & Scott Smith Kathy & Kevin Smith Devon DeCrausaz & Rick Smith Sarah & Norman Smith Emily & Paul St Ruth Adam Stack Michael Staughton Gay & Richard Steadman Susan Sterett Judith & Robert Stiber Catherine & Howard Stone Jamie & John Stone Stephanie & Arthur Strasburger Kimberly & Eric Strauch Jill Suarez Susan & Steven Suggs Donielle & Tim Sullivan Mike Sullivan Tarrah & Michael Suman Barbara & Bob Sutter Gretchen Swanson Tricia Swenson Rhonda Swenson Edwin Swinford Maggie & Brandon Swonger Connie Talmage Elizabeth Taylor Roberta Turner

Monique Tuttle Danie & John Tyler Tamara Underwood Rebecca Urquhart Alison Wadey Susan & Eric Wagenknecht Sheila Wald Jennifer Wanner Martha Waterhouse Allison Krausen & Kyle Webb Lori & Steven Wellins Chris Welsh Evin Garretson & Jens Werner Nicole Whitaker Nicky White Joan Whittenberg Johnna Williams Martha Williams Joan & Bob Willoughby Ellen & Bruce Winston David Wooten Juli Young Heather & Mike Young Kelly Young Amy & James Yurcak Ethan Zohn

Vail International Dance Festival Donors For over 25 years the Festival has been a fixture of summer culture in the Vail Valley. Thank you to all of our supporters who bring this internationally acclaimed event to our community. Presenters Circle Susan & Jeff Campbell Oscar Tang Family* Betsy & George Wiegers Underwriters Circle Anonymous Jody & John Arnhold Donna & Donald Baumgartner Judy & Howard Berkowitz Priscilla Brewster Lisa Tannebaum & Don Brownstein Pam & Ernest Elsner National Endowment for the Arts Marjorie & Philip Odeen Jill & Kevin Plancher Linda & Stephen Waterhouse Diamond Dress Circle Karen R. Masano & John M. Arnold* Marlene & John Boll Joanne & Jack Crosby Barb & Rob DeLuca, Currents Fine Jewelry Martha Head* Pat & Pete Frechette* Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Jerome Robbins Foundation Wendy Williams and Noel & Ben Kullavanijaya Nancy & Richard Lubin

Leni & Peter May* Jean & Tom McDonnell Carolyn & Gene Mercy Jane & Skip Netzorg Sherri & Robert L. Patton, Jr.* Martha & Terry Perl Vikki & Michael Price* Mary Sue & Michael Shannon* Marcy & Gerald Spector* Carol & Hans Storr Dhuanne & Douglas Tansill Argie Ligeros & Patrick Tierney The Mary Wolf Family Platinum Dress Circle Lisa & Bruce Goldman Marvin Naiman and Margery Goldman Family Foundation Kathy & William Hybl Kay Lawrence New York City Center Michèle & Steve Pesner Senenne & Marc Philippon Joanne Posner-Mayer Janet Pyle & Paul Repetto Rella & Monroe Rifkin Pixley & Ken Schiciano Susan & Jeffrey Stern Genie & Robert Stine Martin Waldbaum Joan Whittenberg LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Gold Dress Circle Martin Atkin & Reid Balthaser Dierdre & Ronnie Baker Wendy & Warren Blumenthal Margo Boyle Diane & Jeff Brundage Ann Smead & Michael Byram Clara Willoughby Cargile Yvonne Chen Arlene Harris & Martin Cooper Linda & J. Berry Craddock Karen Nold & Robert Croteau Lois & Stephen Eisen El Pomar Foundation Susan & Harry Frampton Joan Francis


Jennifer & Richard Geisman Mary Poole & Paul Goodspeed Kelly & Michael Gottlieb Malo & John Harrison Debra Herz Lorraine & Harley Higbie Cheryl Holman Ami & Scott Hudgins Sarah & Tait Johnson Elaine & Art Kelton Bonnie Lee & Lawrence Kivel Judy & Alan Kosloff Philip Livingston Ferrell & William McClean Helen McIntyre Paul Mesard Karen R. Nagel The Ogden Family Ronnie & William Potter Michael Ritchie Nancy & Don Remey Irene & Fred Shen Deana & Gerald Stempler Linda & Stew Turley Brenton VerPloeg Ellen & James Wiss Barbara & David Zalaznick Silver Dress Circle Anonymous Christine Bassett Rebecca & Howard Braverman Kaye Summers & Dan Carpenter Margaret & Clayton Chessman Laurie Claus, O.K. Detrick Foundation Allie Coppeak Renee & Jeffrey Epstein Julie & Bill Esrey Larry Field Micki & Larry Fletcher Miriam & Morris Futernick Margie & Tom Gart Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Margery Gottfried Linda & Richard Greene Sharon & Tom Haverstock Gretchen & Charles Lobitz Marjorie Marks Deborah Nunez Stacey Sapp


AK Schleusner Marla Steele Judith Taylor & Joan Nissman Vail Friends of the Dance Tina & David Wilson Vail Valley Member Anonymous Rosemary Watt & Charles Arnao Ellen Arnovitz Nancy & John Austin Beth Barbre Kim Boehland Community First Foundation Janelle & Phil Coulson Brenda & Thomas Curnin Cynthia Engles Joel Foreman Norma & Morton Funger Michael & Elizabeth Galvin Dianne & Ed Green Stephanie & John Hanson Sanford Hertz Margot & Stephen Holland Alexia & Jerome Jurschak Barbara & Timothy Kelley Ivy & Frederick Kushner Martha & Carl Lindner III Alejandra & Tomas Milmo John Murphy Sandy & Fred Pack Lindsay & Rick Rauch Rosalind Reed Carey & Tim Romer Minna Schrag Nancy & John Snyder Pat & Larry Stewart Anne Stodghill Kelly Vogt Barbara & Stanley Weinstein Karen & John Weslar Donna Whittington Jeff Wiles Bruce Wilson Margaret & Glen Wood Community Member Melinda & Glenn Adams Amy Allen Sheila & James Amend Sheldon D. Andrew & Jeffrey D. Byrne Ann Newman & Andy Arnold


Karin & Ron Artinian Melanie & Brent Backes William Bent Deborah Boillot Diana Bradley Marc Brombert Bette Campbell Maureen & David Cross Diane Bradshaw & John Demenkoff Eagle Valley Community Fund Steven Eagleson Holly & Buck Elliott Yvette & Christopher Frampton Jim Francis Christine Freedman Willie Fuhrman Maria Garza Serge Goldberg Barry Goodman Linda Gordon & Arnold Gorin Alfredo Granai Jennifer & Steven Jorns Myron Levin Luz Maria Lopez de Gomez Jonna Mackin Pamela Mandelker Nancy & Ron Marshall Lisa & William Maury Joanne & Walter Mendes Liz & Luc Meyer Daniel Mironov Melissa & Gregory Murphy Lawrence Newman JeriLynn & Gordon Ommen Deborah Powers Linda Rabeneck Robin Reed Susan & Richard Rogel Stephanie Rudnick Denise & Jim Sanderson Christi Small Katherine Smith Rita & Brad Sonnenberg Marilyn & James H. Steane II Elaine & Richard Swomley Deborah & Fred Tresca Taya Treulieb Kolostyak John Tydeman Laurian Unnevehr Lois & John Van Deusen Patricia & Edward Wahtera


Carol Walker, Global Dance LLC Bella Whelan Katherine & Michael Whitcomb Rosalind & Larry Wolff Supporting Member Alla Barash Kay & Charles Bertrand Jacqueline & Donald Brennan Robert Cammarota Laura DeCinque Cari & Matt Dietz Ines & Fred Distelhorst Celeste & Peter Fenichel Don Freedman Nancy & Gary Freedman Brenda & Ken Glass Stuart Goldberg Jan Harding Gloria Heyer Betsy Hoke John Jaran Paul Johl Mary Lamb Lucas Tracy Lenehan Susan & Jon Lounsbury Linda McKinney Mr & Mrs Douglas Mossman Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Dennis Parsons David Ricketts Nina Saks Leslie Stern Judith & Charles Stoopack Joanie Tanous Michael Trauner Jennifer & Jake Van Beelen Gena Whitten & Robert Wilhelm Contributing Member Martha Brassel & Chris Anderson Kimberly Anderson Melanie & Brent Backus Doris & Richard Beitling Marc Brambert Mike Boylston Michelle Burnette Jay Busch Cody Case Barbara Cohen

Carmen Cojanu Mary & Bill Cotton Pamela & James Crane William Crutchfield Bente de Booy Dana Diehl Stuart Drury Susan Duckworth Lillian Edwards Luis Escalante Sandy Elliott Aleene & James Fraser Lori Frasier Michelle & Robin Gersten Suzanne Greene Laurie & Jim Gregg Susan & Allie Gruber Meghan Gruttemeyer Helen & Steve Gubin Jan Harkins Nancy Hassett Roxann Hayes Israel Hernandez Anne & Jim Hillary Pamela & Richard Hinds Edwin Hoffman Summer Holm Jill & Loyal Huddleston Dennis Hurt Kaye & Bud Isaacs Jay Katzman Jonathan Klip Katherine & Derek Konopka Robyn Landry Robert Laney Christina & Josh Lautenberg Daniel Lawrence Susan Marino Jennifer & Jim Mason David McMichael Dominic Meylor Andrea Miller Katherine Moore Delphine Mulvihill & Anne Milburn Cookie Murphy-Pettee Pam & Michael Mycoskie Nicole Nagel-Gogolak Sasown Nash Natalya Nazarenko Inge Nuss Hector Ordonez Maureen O'Shea-Stone Gay Oxford

Reid Patterson Kathryn Peisach Richard Phillips Kenneth Robinson Andrew Rollins Alvin Ruthenberg Valerie Schaefer Lynda Brecke & Rick Schwartz Emily Sessler Dianne & John Shearer Laura Siena Zachary Smith Gina & Steve Spessard Allen Steinkopf Kathryn & Bill Stephenson Victoria Jo Stone Martine & Jeff Sween Janet Walsh Ann-Mari Westerhoff Kelly Whitaker Jill Wilson Waverly Wilson Linda & Dean Wolz Shelley & Mick Woodworth Rosalie Wooten Donna Wyatt Laura Zeller VIDF Fan Club Anonymous (2) Claude Accum Brenda Adeeb Joe Adeeb Janet Adler William Adler Sheila Amend James Amend Roxanne Anderson Ed Anderson Catherine Anderson Truman Anderson Beth Barbre Michael Barish Elizabeth Benish Kristen Best Kathleen Blair Jack Blair Tiffany Burnette Wendy Boutin Linda Boyne Diana Bradley Diane Bradshaw Kathleen Brown

Barbara Bryson Christine Burns George Burns Dr. Cathy Campbell Judy Canter Julie Carr Donald Casturo Elizabeth Chambers Molly Churchill Patricia Coffey Mary Lynn Cohagan Rhoda Cohen Karyn Contino Maureen Cross Barbara Mellman Davis Mary Davis John Demenkoff Nancy Denton Debra Devereaux Jacqueline Deveric Sherry Dorward Barbara Dubin Steven Eagleson Rochelle Eick Carolyn Etter Don Etter Carole Feistmann Larry Field David Folkes Carolyn Ford Reed Ford Inge Franberg Jim Francis Eileen Friars Sofia Fox Vicky Garza-Mohajer Holly Gill Ben Gill Sarah Glick Linda Gordon Arnold Gorin Dianne Green Ed Green Suzanne Greene Helen Gubin Steven Gubin Sue Hagler Daniel Hagler Ronne Hess Donald Hess Tedi Hill Pamela Hinds Richard Hinds Kimberley Hoch

A. Jackson Holt Marilyn Horween Matthew Horween Jill Huddleston Loyal Huddleston Meredith Hutson Roger Hutson Leslie Isom Malin Johnsdotter Alberta Johnson Liz Kidd Bob Knous Charlene Koegel Katherine Konopka Susan Krausen Anthony Krausen Ivy Kushner Lesley Larson Cynthia LeBreton Helena Leslie Peter Leslie JoAnn Carhart Levy Rebecca Lewis Jerry Lewis Elspeth MacHattie Jessica Mapes Karen Marisak Stephen Marquart Dr. Franklin Massari Nancy McKeever Lisa Mehigan Mary Angela Meyer Dominic Meylor Andrea Miller Leslie Mishner Charles Mishner John Murphy Daniel Murphy Yoshiki Obayashi Judy O'Brien Sue O'Dorisio Thomas O'Dorisio Hope Oquin Fred Pack Cynthia Patterson Scott Pyle Dr. Linda Rabeneck Barbara Reed, MD Rosalind Reed John Reynolds Nancy Reynolds Suzie Robinson Kenneth Robinson Dr. Bill Rodkey

Barbara Rothenberg Howard Rothenberg Gretchen Rowe Sue Rushmore Michael Rushmore Wayne Ruting Susan Schneider Minna Schrag Carole Schragen Troy Selden Carol Shapiro Stanley Shapiro Amy Shea Mary Clare Silva Nancy Singer Stanley Singer Martha Skinner Susan Stearns Alexandra Steinhauser Barbara Steinhauser Les Stern Pat Stewart Larry Stewart Judith Stiber Judith Stoopack Charles Stoopack Joanie Tanous Carrie Thomas Lois Van Deusen John Van Deusen Victor Vensas Patricia Wahtera Edward Wahtera Sheila Wald Deborah Webster Molly Webster Bella Whelan Tina Wilson Bruce Wilson Harriet Wolf Lisa Wormstadt

Vilar Performing Arts Center Donors The Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC) enhances the quality of life for our community and guests by presenting a diverse, year-round lineup of cultural, educational, and entertainment events and programs. $1,000,000 and above Beaver Creek Resort Company $250,000 and above Beaver Creek Metropolitan District $50,000–$100,000 The Forrest and Frances Lattner Foundation Joyce Mollerup & Robert Buckman $25,000–$49,999 Peggy Fossett Pat & Pete Frechette* Elizabeth & David Ginsberg Carolyn & Rick Renaud J. Douglas Rippeto US Bank Volvo $15,000 and above Beaver Creek Property Owners Association Jeanne & Joe Brandmeyer Susan & Jeff Campbell Nancy Gage & Allan Finney Peed Family Marilyn & James H. Steane II Vilar Center Guild $10,000 and above Anonymous J. Alberto Arias

Karen R. Masano & John M. Arnold* Carla Bossi-Comelli & Marco Pecori Kathy & James Cargill Castellini Family Foundation Debra & James Donahugh Pam & Ernest Elsner Cynthia Engles Cheryl & Robert Gary Diane & Tom Gates Sandi & Ron Haddock Linda & Milledge Hart Martha Head* Sue & Rich Jones Carol & Geof Kirsch Sandra & Charles Lloyd The Malloy Family Beth & Larry Mathis Leni & Peter May* Drs. Toby & Mort Mower Sherri & Robert L. Patton, Jr.* Vikki & Michael Price* Gretchen & Bob Ravenscroft Mary Sue & Michael Shannon* The Sherrill Family Foundation – Debbie & Skip Courtney Marcy & Gerald Spector* Janet & James Stanard Catherine & James Tobin Deborah & Fred Tresca Linda & Stew Turley Mary & Paul Webster Joan & William Weiant Gena Whitten & Robert Wilhelm $5,000 and above Anonymous (2) Marcine & Michael Balk Pam & Richard Bard Tina & Melvyn Bergstein Jane & Robert Berry Judith & Gresham Brebach Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust Noelle Brock Doe Browning Cathleen & Dave Bullen Ann Smead & Michael Byram Dorothy & Bill Cohen Patty & Jim Cownie Charitable Fund

Joel Cox Mary & David Davies Shirley & Thomas Day Lisa Dennis & Gavin Selway Jane DeNunzio Katherine & Peter Dolan Suzy & Jim Donohue Irene & Jared Drescher John & Lynn Egan Amy & Vernon Faulconer Sallie & Robert Fawcett Betsy & Jesse Fink Laurie & Warren Florkiewicz Barbara & Paul Flowers Craig J. Foley Dawn & Stephen Friedman Paula & Gerald Friesen Linda & John Galvin Grace & Stephen Gamble Holly & Ben Gill Donna Giordano Laura & Morris Gottesman Terri & Tom Grojean Kathy & Jim Haymaker Jean & William Hellegas Rebecca & Roy Hillenburg Clairlee & Robert Hirsch Laureen Hopkins Kenton Hopkins Debbie & Pat Horvath John Jaran Marlene & Robert Josefsberg Roberta & Michael Joseph Alexia & Jerome Jurschak Diane Pitt & Mitchell Karlin Ceci & John Keck Betsy & Mark Kogan Marlene & Benjamin Krell Jennifer & Curtis Krizek Kathy & Frank Kyle Sue & Jim Liken Patricia & Frank Lynch Ann & John Martin Marcia & Tom McCalden Hilary & Patrick McDonald Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Clare & Brian McGowan Paula & Jeffrey Miller Ellen Mitchell Sammye & Mike Myers Wendy & Skip Nichamin Eric Noreen & Suzi Hill Dorothy & Henry Norton Blue & Clifford Olson

Lisa & John Ourisman Diane & Roy Parrott Karen & Marc Peperzak Pam & Ben Peternell Lynn & Brian Ranelle Amy & James Regan Paul Repetto & Janet Pyle Ric@Haagen-Dazs @Arrabelle Anne Roberts Carole Schragen Harvey Simpson Debbi & Charles Smith Pamela & Richard Smith Dr. Nancy J. Alexander & David F. Staat Caren & Albert Stahmer Jarona & Bill Stevens James W. Taylor Patti & Cliff Thompson Amy L. Roth, Ph.D. & Jack Van Valkenburgh Barbara & Kyle Vann Bonnie Vogt Janis & Roger Ward Michael Watters Toni & Michael Williams Mary Clare & Bruce Williams Linda & Donald Winter Kristen & William Woolfolk United Way of Eagle River Valley Underwriting Circle ($2,500+) Marilyn Augur Dierdre & Ronnie Baker Barbara Baldrey Carolyn & Gary Cage Jo-Ann Churchill in memory of Ned Churchill Brenda & Thomas Curnin Amanda & Peter Ford Susan & Harry Frampton Sandy King & Charles Johnston Kerma & John Karoly Barbara & Timothy Kelley Shelby & J. Scott Key Susan & David Knust Irene & Gasper Lazzara Olivia & Rod Miller Jack Neal

Donna & W. Randolph Smith Nancy & John Snyder Nancy & Jon Tellor Beverly & Bill Thomas The Vail Jazz Foundation, Inc. Vilar Center Volunteers Susan & Albert Weihl Western States Arts Federation Betty & Michael Wohl Friends of VPAC ($1,250+) Penny Bank and Family, Herbert Bank and Family Karen Nold & Robert Croteau Stephanie & John Hanson Patricia & Lawrence Herrington Ruth & Robert Lavinia Nancy & Ron Marshall Barbara & Richard Massman Hazel & Matthew Murray Cyril F. and Marie O'Neil Foundation Diane & Jarrett Osborn Mary Pat & Keith Rapp Barbara & Howard Rothenberg William Sterett, M.D. Vail Valley Academy of Dance

Terri & Mathew Juechter Katsue & Kokichi Kawai Keller Family Melinda & Keith Landsness Ann & William Lieff Kevin E. Lofton Pamela & Richard Nolan Gerry & Edmund Palmer Jo Ann & Ronald Robertson Michelle & Tom Sheffield Nancy Smith Marjorie Vickers Ann & Patrick Wallace Carole Watters Kathy & Jon Zeschin Caroline Zug & Steven Szymanski

Community Member ($250+) Roxanne & Stephen Adzima Margo & Roger Behler Holly & Buck Elliott Nancy & Gary Freedman Family Miriam & Morris Futernick Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Sandy & Bill Goss Francis Greenburger Joel High Alberta & Reese Johnson Jennifer & Steven Jorns James Kleckner Vail Valley Member Liz & Jim Krezowski ($500+) William Kucharski Barbara & Frederick Baumann Liz & Luc Meyer Anthony Binsfeld Joanna & John Moody Pamela & Brooks Bock Lauren & Josh Neaman Lois Bruce Sandra Noreen Community First Foundation Daren Perlstein Monica & Kevin Courville Marcia & William Reed Maureen & David Cross Elissa Stein & Richard Replin Jane & Tom DeBenedetto Elizabeth Rountree Eagle Valley Community Fund Pamela & Jerry Secor Patricia & Steven Erlanger Peter Vavra Cookie & Jim Flaum Terry & John Forester Supporting Member Aleene & James Fraser ($100+) Anne & Donald Graubart Anonymous (3) Alison & Michael Greene Donna Abbruzzese Gaynelle & Vernon Grizzard Ellen & Robert Alexander Alexander Habib Pamela & Richard Alexander Randi & Edward Halsell Lynn & Jerry Anderson

Delores & Warren Androus Mary & Jose Armario Susan & Robert Baker Marcella & Robert Barry Beaver Creek Resort Company Gay Bellrichard Linda Bercher L. Harrison Bernbaum Wendy & Warren Blumenthal Joan & Henry Bornstein Erin & Robert Boselli Karen Shupe & Norman Bowles Sue Brandl Priscilla Brewster Cynthia & David Bright Patricia Burrows B.D. Campbell Nancy & George Casey Barbara & Charles Clark Cheryl Clayton Virginia Kraft Payson & David Cole Holly & D'Arcy Cole Rosalie Corbett Sandra Craft Pam & Jim Crine Doris Dewton & Richard Gretz Charenton Drake Maggie & David Eickholt Janice & Michael Emmert Jenny & Wendell Erwin Ellen & Mike Esposito Phyllis & Robert Finlay Anne Marie Frigon Greer & Jack Gardner Tom Gautreau Katherine George Wayne Goad Debra & Norman Goldman Marilyn Greenspan Stewart Greisman Linda & Richard Gruss Patricia & William Hammon Barbara Hataway Marjorie & Max Henry Patricia Johnson Karen Kern Claudia & Bruce Kiely Janice Lancaster Lynn & Gregg Landau John Liegl


Maria-Rosa & Gustavo Lopez-Munoz Joyce & Jeff Luker Leslie & John Manes Lori Bender-Mankowitz & Barry Mankowitz, M.D. Melanna & Jean Marcellot Peg Meek Richard Meister Giedre Mereckis Mildred Mielke Stephen Mintz Carolyn & John Moorman Christina Morin Susan & Joe Morrill Barbara Mullenger Joan & Larry Mullens Suzette Newman Terence Nottingham Yvonne & Rob Oppenheimer Carolie Owens Donna & Barry Parker Jackie & James Power Anne Prinzhorn Drs. Meg & Michael Racenstein Patricia Rasmussen
Maureen & Jerry Riordan Vicki Rippeto Sybil Roos Nancy & Gerald Rose Ann & Paul Rosenwald Tom Russo Gail Rutenberg Ruth Johnson & Kris Sabel Gwen & Richard Scalpello Suzanne & Bernie Scharf Eula & Bill Schulz Annah Scully Christine Sena Steven Seyffert Nancy & William Slowikowski Doreen Somers Lorraine Spargo Barbara & James Spiker Larry Traubel Jennifer & Jake Van Beelen Jen & George Vanderhoof Bonnie & John Vesey Gail Weinnig Barbara & Stanley Weinstein Gunnel & Hal Weiser Donna Whittington


LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Elizabeth & Harold Wright Emily Zeigler Contributing Member ($25+) Terry Abernathy Ann & Jeffrey Antonius Michael Atkinson Guy Ayrault Theresa Barger Xin & Bob Barron Paul Bates Heidi Beale Vicki Beckman Robert Behar Doris & Richard Beitling Stephen Beyer Kathryn Birch Chris Bowlby Carol Brejot Beth Bridges Suzanne & Richard Bross Terence Brown David W Bullock Susan & John Carlyle Judith & David Carson Amy & Chris Cochran Bonnie Cole Francisco Colon Brenda Coonrad Casey Cooper Steve Corneillier Ann Cromie Randi Davis Courtney Davis Steven Davison Michael Dawson Charlotte & Douglas Dechant Reg & Michelle Del Ponte Maria Delascurain Daniel Dettwiler Jocelyn Dienst Lisa Dillon Judy & Don Donnalley Jane & Reed Eberly Lillian Edwards Mark Elwood Steve Everist Karen Eyrich William Fibkins Eleanor Finlay Deborah King Ford & Robert Ford


Petra Weber & Michael Forster Andrew Fredman Beverly & Phil Freedman Mark Freytag Sandra Fundy Pamela & Barry Gatz Ilene & Gary Gauger Lawrence Gaul Jennifer Geller Netia & Henry Gerken Jillian Gibbs Yonina Gomberg Manuel Gómez-Daza Shiela & Robert Gouterman Tressa Granger Phoebe Guenzel Jane Hall Susan Hanna Patti Dwyer Harkreader Mary & J. Bruce Harreld Natasha Haugen Sharon & Tom Haverstock Moises Hernandez Marcie & Douglas Heymann Donna Hillin Heather Holleman Tim Howard Barbie & Mark Huggenvik Elizabeth Hunt Eric Hynden Marcia Ishizuka Elizabeth James Caroline Junkin Larry Kalas Amos Kaminski John Kaufman Amy & Carter Keller Elaine & Art Kelton Joan & Michael Kenniff Colleen & Allen Kirkley Amy & Steven Kisielica Janet & Tom Kleinhardt Elizabeth & C. Michael Kojaian Carl Kurt Peter Lampe Kathleen Larson Patricia Lazarus Dawn & Randy Lebowitz Karen Lechner & Mark Murphy Sage Lenka Trisha & Alan Lewis


S. Lewis Carol Lincoln Jane Lindstrom Jeffrey Long Diane & Louis Loosbrock Rob Marchbank Pamela McConnell Greg McLaughlin Sheryl & David McMillan Miles McMillin Carole & James McNeill Mary Anne Metternick Carol & Don Meyer Nancy Miller Sarah & Peter Millett Alejandra & Tomas Milmo Susan & David Mott Pam & Michael Mycoskie Balan Nair Maria & Andreas Gruson Anthony Newton Joyce & Peter Nielsen Julie Norberg Richard Norton Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Reggie O'Brien Stacey & Trey Odom Trey Odom Phyllis & Tom Owens Robert Packard Mary Parker Andrew Pearl Nancy & Kent Pettit Jerome Philpott Susan & Albert Pollack Victoria Pope Jeri Powles Herb Pozen & Milly Goldstein Jeff Procopio Annette Ramer Gail Reisinger Lewis Ribner Nancy & Rick Richardson Sharon Rioux Esteban Rivero Gonzalez Theresa Roberts Chase Rodgers Stephen Rose Patti Roskill Adrienne & Christopher Rowberry Patricia & Ronald Ruback Sue & Michael Rushmore Nancy & Robert Samit

Gwyneth & Richard Sample John Schafer Kurt Schneuwly Bernd Schreiber Roberta & Jonathan Schwartz Stephanie & Bernard Schwartz Lynda Brecke & Rick Schwartz Trish Scott Gary Shaffer Janice Shannon Carol Sharer Jean Shearon Leslie & Jim Shindler Todd Shollenberger Christine Simpson Stokes Lynne & Peter Smitham Andres Soriano Ronald Starr Chad Steele Darlene Stookey Mendy Strohli Kathie Talbot Betti & Michael Tiner Alison & Charles Townsend Barbara & Melvin Vaughn Todd Vitale Cheryl & Jeffrey Wall Kenneth Walton Stefanie Warmuth Valerie Watts David Wedmore Gina Weems Grace Wellwerts Leila White Elizabeth White Stephanie & Robert Whittelsey Linda & Dean Wolz Allison Wright Donna Wyatt Linda & Donald Zerangue

2015 Alpine World Ski Championships The donors participating in the 2015 Donor Programs played an integral part in helping deliver the Dream of 2015, while also making a major investment in the future of skiing and ski racing in the United States. Team Vail Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Doe Browning Ann Smead & Michael Byram Susan & Harry Frampton Elizabeth & Phill Gross Julie & Dan Leever Sherri & Robert L. Patton, Jr. Sara & Eric Resnick Susan & Gary Rosenbach Mary Sue & Michael Shannon Lynne & Pat Sullivan Team USA Anonymous Karen R. Masano & John M. Arnold El Pomar Foundation Betsy & Gregory Galvin Cynnie & Peter Kellogg Amanda Precourt Vikki & Michael Price Gold Medal Club Anonymous (3) Mary Ellen Anderson The Anschutz Foundation Patricia & Sergio Arguelles Susan & Jeff Campbell Virginia Kraft Payson & David Cole Lucy & Ron Davis Renee & Todd Davison Susan & Gordon DesCombes

Julie & William Esrey Georgia & Robert Hatcher Heather & Jim Hughes Roberta & Michael Joseph Diane Pitt & Mitchell Karlin Terri & Michael Noell Carla Bossi-Comelli & Marco Pecori Mary & Steven Read Preston W. Spruance & Chelsea R. Spruance The Stolzer Family Foundation Oscar Tang Family Joanne & Steve Virostek Podium Club Anonymous (2) Alice Ruth & Ron Alvarez Shannon & Todger Anderson Ashley & Greg Arnold Abbe & Adam Aron Christina & Balz Arrigoni Nancy & Richard Axilrod Bacca Foundation Margo & Roger Behler Jeffy & Jim Benedict Alix & Hans Berglund Marlene & John Boll Vicki & Garry Boxer Jeanne & Joe Brandmeyer Lisa & Ronald Brill Lynda & Larry Broderick Kelly & Sam Bronfman Jeff Campeau Wendy & Mike Carey Norma & Charles Carter Frank Cohen Liz Cronin David Copeland The Sherrill Family Foundation—Debbie Sherrill Courtney Dawkins Family Foundation Michelle & Reg Del Ponte Brad, Nancy, Camden & Margaux Dempsey Sharon Dennis Karen & Jerry Diffley Meg & James Duke Janet & James Dulin Scott Dunklee Jane & Reed Eberly Kathleen & Jack Eck

Lynn & John Egan Andrea & Larry Elliott The Faessler Family Kristi & Craig Ferraro Deborah King Ford & Robert Ford Pat & Pete Frechette The Frieder Family Elizabeth Galvin Margie & Tom Gart Donna Giordano (2) Gosia Glowacka Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Terri & Tom Grojean Martha Head Amy & Patrick Heckethorn Kathryn & Douglas Hendrickson Hernreich Family Jerrilyn & David Hoffmann Cricket & Drew Hollenbeck Debbie & Pat Horvath Kathy & Al Hubbard Kathy & William Hybl Cheryl & Bill Jensen Robert A. Johnson Kaufman Family Foundation Elaine & Arthur Kelton Ralph Krieger Jennifer & Curtis Krizek Vicki & Kent Logan Jim Madden & Marc McMorris The May Family Foundation Leni & Peter May Kathleen & Stephen McConahey Shirley & Bill McIntyre Mead Family Olivia & Rod Miller Sarah & Peter Millett Alejandra & Tomas Milmo(2) Allison & Russell Molina (2) Ellen Moritz Amanda & Neal Moszkowski Liz Smith & Chip Newton Jennifer Alsever & Kevin O'Donnell Erin O’Keefe Polly & Mark Peterson Monica & Daniel Porter Judy Holmes & James Progin June & Paul Rossetti Jonathan Rotella

Ann & William Sacher Schreier Family Elizabeth & Rod Slifer David Sondheimer Brooke & Hap Stein Mimi & Chad Stephens Becca & Mark Stupfel Susan & Steven Suggs Suzanne & Michael E. Tennenbaum Deborah & Fred Tresca Laura Tumperi Lisa & James Wallace Sandi & Greg Walton Debbie & Thomas S. Ward Waukesha County Community Foundation / Laura and Daniel Gruber Memorial Fund Allison Krausen & Kyle Webb Andrea Mancuso Webber & Scott Webber Angie & Jack Welter Paul Wible Buddy Wilton Jan & Greg Winchester Kristy & William Woolfolk Club 2015 Anonymous (11) Melinda & Glenn Adams Dana & Brendan Addis Jennifer & David Adkins Jill Landman Alfond Barbie Allen Lori & Larry Allen Bob Allison Katrina Ammer Phyllis & Steve Anderson Jackie Anthony Henrietta & Eric Armbruster Kelli & Jeff Bailey Patricia & John Bailey Laurie Baker Nicole & Matthew Balazs Valerie & Edward Banner Jennifer & Jim Barrier Amy Becher Kristi & Paul Beckler The Benavides Family Terre & Jack Bergman Jane & Robert Berry The Blommer Family Robert Blume

Randi Borgen Travis Bossow Karen Shupe & Norman Bowles Diane Boyer The Bradshaw Family Melissa & Peter Brandrup Judith & Gresham Brebach Sean J. Breslin (2) Priscilla Brewster Cynthia & David Bright The Brinkerhoff Family Noelle Brock Suzanne & Richard Bross Rhonda & David Brown Anne & Jeffrey Brown Gayle Voelker-Brown & Paul Brown Jennifer & Luca Bruno Julie & David Burns Susan & Graham Burton (3) Jo & Richard L. Byyny Sara & Steve Cady Kathryn & David Campbell Kirsten & Giorgio Cantele Linda & Mark Caplan Janet Caylor Donna & Bill Caynoski Erin & Don Chappel Cathy Jones-Coburn & Russ Coburn (2) Patti Shwayder-Coffin & Steve Coffin Marcella & Neil Cohen Nancy & John Cole (2) Lori Carcich & Paul Collins Mary Ellen & Stanley Cope Barbara & Ron Couri Patty & Jim Cownie Charitable Fund Angela & Peter Dal Pezzo Lucinda & Andrew Daly Karen Rosenbach & Thomas Daniel Kelly & Dave Dantas Melissa & Oscar David Blake Davis Elizabeth Davis Adina Dean Joie & Brad DeGraff Katie & Dillon DeMore Jacqueline Deveric Alitza Vagenknechtova & Dwight Devon

Kim & Rick Dilling Suzy & Jim Donohue Debra & James Donahugh(2) Kathryn & Patrick Drew Andrea Eddy Holly & Buck Elliott Pam & Ernest Elsner (4) Lynn Emmert Diane & Brad England Mary & David Erbland Barb Kirchbaum & Kent Erickson Jerilyn & Steven Erickson Sandy Eskenazi (2) Jean Richmond & Horst Essl Kari Anderson & Bruce Evans (2) Marty & Tim Farrell Christine & Dan Fitchett Erika & Matt Fitzgerald Linda & Scott Flanders Ceil & Steve Folz Jill & Kraig Forbes Shawnna & Graham Frank Paula & Gerald Friesen Greer & John Gardner Vicky & John Garnsey Cheryl & Robert Gary Felicia & Charles Gervais Helen & Russell Gies Tracy Gillette (2) Michele & Tom Gill Deborah & Cary Glastein John Glover Doris & Matt Gobec Joni & Paul Gotthelf Alison & Michael Greene Pamela & David Gross Maria & Andreas Gruson Coco & Luis Gruson Alicia & Wayne Guerra Gustafson Family Foundation Bethany & Jonathan Haerter Laurie & John Haffenreffer Mary Beth Hagearty Cheryl & Fred Halpern Kay & Jeff Hanes Stephanie & Dustin Hansen (6) Montine Hansl Linda & Chris Hanson Carrie & John Hayden Brian Hegi

Deborah Wittman & Rik Heid Dana Gumber & Craig Held Cynthia & Daniel Helle Gov. John Hickenlooper Amy & Claes Holm (2) Betsy & Larry Hendrickson Dwight Henninger (2) Kevin Herda (2) Martha Rehm & Cherryl Hobart Beth & Kevin Hoffman (2) Joanna & Gordon Hoffstein Kenton Hopkins Verna & Thomas Howard Louise & Brian Hoyt Kathy & Peter Huddleston Beth & Richard Hussey Heather & Trygve Hutto Alex & David Hyde Vina & Tom Hyde Terrie & Doug Ideker Mr. & Mrs. H. Anthony Ittleson Mandy and Tom Jaffe Amy & Andy Jent Karin & Dean Johnson Robert A. Johnson (8) Tori Johnson Ross Kamm Angela Kalb & Tom Karr Mike Kazma Perri & Elliot Kirshenblatt Bonnie Lee & Lawrence Kivel Caroline Fisher & Bob Knous Robin & Richard Kochmann Brad Korell Myrna & Robert Krohn Karin & John Kukral Wendi & Brian Kushner Barbara & Michael Landry Anne Hintz & Bettan Laughlin Kim & Jordan Laycob Andrea & Michael Leeds/ Harbor Glow Foundation Tracy & Brian Lenehan Judi & Adam Leseur Janet & Mark Levy Ann & William Lieff Stephanie & Rod Linafelter Irmgard & Charles Lipcon Janie & Bobby Lipnick

Mary & John Lohre Elaine & Jeff Lovell Susan & Thomas Lundeen Gary Lutz (24) Claire Thayer & Matt Lydens Vanessa & Johnny Lyons Jeane & Gary Manchester (2) Jennifer & Jim Mason Diana Mathias Ron, Kyle & Bennett McCord Julie & Bob McCormick Cheryl & Rob McEwen Ingrid & Sean McGinley Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Lisa & Mike McGrath Heather & J.P. McInerny Ashley Phillips & Brendan McMahon Diane & Paul McNamara Lucy & Leon McVay (2) Jan & John Meck Anna Menz Lindsy & James Meyer Carol Moore-Mink & \John Mink Ann & Alan Mintz Belinda & Eric Monson Linda & Michael Mossman Rita & Rick Mueller Berry Mullennix Julie & Peter Murphy J.R. Musser Vicki & Trygve Myhren Karen Nagel Gail & Chuck Nash Lucy & John Needham Patricia Pacey & Charles Neinas Weesie & Tradd Newton Wendy & Skip Nichamin Todd and Martha Nicholson Fund of the Nicholson Family Foundation Joanne & Joe Norell Anita & John O'Connell Mary Beth & Charles O'Reilly James Oravetz Dino Orendorff Lucie & Joseph Pal Bogi Palsson Carol Pattison Dee Dee & Allen Phillips Laurie & Miller Phillips Regina & Aaron Pickle

Stephanie & Randolph Pierce Theresa & Rick Pirog Keith Pockross Karen and Scott Podsednik Brook & Dave Portman Happy & JP Power Kenny Prevost Heidi Heltzel & Marc Prisant Lara & John Purchase Kathy & David Puterbaugh Suzy & Phil Quigley Isa & Enrique Ramirez Norma & W. Russell Ramsey Jon Randman Lynn & Brian Ranelle Mary Pat & Keith Rapp Carey Anderson & A. Todd Rash Elizabeth Reichert Kathy & William Reinbold Andrea & Peter Resnick (2) Jody Ellant & Howard Reiter Patrice & Marshall Ringler Rivero Family (8) Susan & Jim Roberts Rodney Family Kelli & Kreston Rohrig Crissy & Fred Rumford The Ruzika Family The Joe Ryan Family Ann & Patrick Ryan (2) Stacy Sadler Lynda & Pete Sampson Stacey Sapp Lisa & Ken Schapiro Nancy Wolk & David Schlendorf AK Schleusner Melanie & Timothy Schmieding Robert Schuham Tresa & Dave Schulman Peggy & Tony Sciotto Lisa Dennis & Gavin Sellway (4) Gloria & Alfredo Sesana Rochelle Hanley & Shirish Shenolikar Thomas Shoup Noranne & Skip Siemers Andrew Sigfusson Bethanie & Bill Simon Eva &

Timothy Edward Slattery Kelley & James Smith (3) Jane Roberts & Jerralyn Smith Sharon & Tim Smith Mignon & Ricardo Souto Valerie & Ed Spencer Gina & Steve Spessard Connie & James Steiner Shelley & Dutch Stortz Elisabeth & Karl Swann Sophia Symko Mary & Rusty Tally Cathy Taub Nicholas Tell Nancy & Jon Tellor Timothy Timmerman Stephen Tomlinson (2) Linda & Stewart Turley Dee & Jack Turner (2) Carroll Tyler Danie & John Tyler Mariah & Jon Ulvestad Georgiana & Carlos Unanue Tina & Steve Vardaman Nancy & Joe Veranth Elizabeth^ & Al Voltz (2) Monica & Daniel Voltz (2) Lisa & Mark Walsh Colleen & Richard Weber (2) Mary & Paul Webster Deborah & Peter Weinberg Tiffany & Mark Weinreich Mara & Richard Weissmann Phid & Jeff Wells Anne & Doug Weltner Bob West Pamela & Steven Wexler Heather Whiteford Teresa & Paul Wible LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Lisa Widmier Jodie & Bruce Willard Patricia & Robert Willoughby Tina & David Wilson Chelsea Winters Heidi Witherell, M.D. Marilyn & Ron Wollard Rosalie Wooten Kimberly Wysocki & Jim Wright Wendy & Keith Yamada (2) Nicole Folino & Bob Yost Deborah & Stephen Yurco

Fan Club Cathy & Bill Bethke Pam Brandmeyer Christine & George Burns Barbara & Charles Clark Pamela & James Crane Alan Crocker (3) Maureen & David Cross Lee & William Dandrea Amy & Connie Dorsey Sally Blackmun & Michael Elsberry Sally & Crosby Foster Victoria Frank Larry Gaul Diane & Waldo Geiger John Howard IV Beth & Rich Howard Russell Howard Mandy & Tom Jaffe Andrew Jones Kerma & John Karoly Maya Restaurant Jane & Harry Misakian Pam & Michael Mycoskie Mary Beth & Charles O’Reilly Gerry & Edmund Palmer Gary Palumbo Carol K. & Michael Phillips Tom Prendergast Lee Rimel Anne & Joseph Russell Robyn & Mark Shegda Carole Schragen Pat & Larry Stewart Tim Tyler Susan & Albert Weihl


2014 Black Diamond Ball Sponsors Diamond Sponsors KSL Capital Partners, LLC Vail Resorts Volvo Emerald Sponsors Alpine Bank Susan & Dale Benditz Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen East West Partners El Pomar Foundation Ruby Sponsors Ann Smead & Michael Byram Donna Giordano EverBank First Bank Kaiser Permanente Korbel California Champagne Tara & Robert Levine Amanda Precourt Slifer Smith & Frampton Real Estate The Steadman Clinic US Bank Vail Honeywagon Vail Valley Medical Center Wells Fargo Private Bank


Vail Global Energy Forum Vail Global Energy Forum appreciates the generous sponsorships and donations from the following individuals, corporations, and foundations. Presenting Sponsor The Precourt Foundation Platinum Sponsors Encana Denver Business Journal Epic Promise The Frederic C. Hamilton Foundation Noble Energy Pioneer Natural Resources Gold Sponsors Apache Corporation Halliburton Silver Sponsors Arrowpoint Partners America’s Natural Gas Alliance Beaver Creek Resort Company CH2MHill Hart Energy Holland & Hart Larry Holdren Strategic Communications Petroleum Connection University of Wyoming School of Energy Resources Friends of the Forum: Colorado Oil and Gas Association Colorado Petroleum Association East West Partners Energy Equipment and Infrastructure Alliance (EEIA) Environmental Defense Fund


Consulate General of Canada JP Morgan Chase Holy Cross Energy, A Touchstone Energy Cooperative Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP Marchay Mexichem Obsidian Saxum Vail Daily Xssentials Platinum Donors Andy Arnold Judy & Howard Berkowitz Kathleen & Jack Eck Martha Head & John A. Feagin, M.D. Ann & Payton Lake Molly & Christopher Stephan Lanny Martin and Platte River Equities Betsy & George Wiegers Gold Donors Barbie Allen Argie Ligeros & Patrick Tierney Ann Smead & Michael Byram Gena Whitten & Bob Wilhelm Silver Donors Kelly & Sam Bronfman Lucy & Ron Davis Diane Deacon & Ron Mannix Betsy and Jesse Fink Foundation Ann & Dick Rothkopf Elizabeth & Rod Slifer Nancy & John Snyder Patrick Mulligan



VOLUNTEERS Vail Valley Foundation and Vilar Center Volunteers James Abbott Donna Abbruzzese Susan Abend Toby Abend Marcy Abling Robert Abrams Teri Abrams Edward Abramson Ann Adair-Smith James Adamic Elizabeth Adams Jenni Adams Helga Adasz Larry Agneberg Cynthia Aguilar Mauro Aguilar Victor Aguirre Douglas Airey David Albright Nancy Alexander Wilma Alexander Mary Adams Alldredge Justin Allen Lori Allen Randi Alt Paul Amos Carl Andersen Beth Anderson Curtis Anderson Douglas Anderson Grace Anderson Jesse Anderson Nancy Anderson Todd Anderson Andi Andersson

Sheldon Andrew Carole Andrews Robert Andrews Keith Anglen Nancy Anglen Russell Anglen Molly Ansfield Ann Antonius Donald Appelle Jeff Apps Eric Aragon M Douglas Archer MaryLou Armour Robert Armour Craig Arndt Jennifer Arndt Laurel Lee Aronson-Tsioni Balz Arrigoni Christina Arrigoni Edgar Arroyo Don Artico Susan Artico Kris Ashley Nathan Asoian Jan Attoma Edmund Axtell John Babbs Maia Babbs Alvin Babcock Gretchen Babcock Jennifer Babcock Paul Backlund Donna Bagneris Ashley Bailey Bradly Bailey Doris Bailey Elizabeth Bailey Forrest Bailey Joe Bailey Kelli Bailey Joseph Bailey, Jr. Bob Baker Ronald Baker Susan Baker Maria Balashova Barbara Baldrey

Cindy Balin Sharon Balius Shary Balius Sherri Ball Kathie Ballah Mark Ballenger Michael Ballou Michael Balster Thomas Banner Elmer Barbee Amber Barbella Jane Barber Frank Barborek Rebecca Barborek Chad Bareman Charles Barker Clare Barnes Brion Barnett Steven Barry Valerie Barry Adam Bartlett Kurt Basford Michael Baskins Forbes Bassett Arzu Basyildiz Yvonne Batal Billy Bates Daniel Bates Karen Bates Paul Bates William Bates Leah Baxter Marci Bay Ian Bearden Mitzi Beardsley Danielle Beaty James Beaudry Jeffrey Becker Beau Beckner Lauren Beckos Kristi Beebe Scott Beebe Martha Beery Milbery David Behler Janet Behler Doris Beitling Rick Beitling

Lorrayne Bell Richard Bell Sarah Bell Kathryn Bellamy Shelley Bellm Gay Bellrichard Geir Bendiksen Christopher Bennett James Benson Jim Benson Chapin Benway Kathryn Benysh Phil Berg Colleen Berga Jonny Bergsten Lukas Bergsten Philip Bernardo Elmar Bernhard PJ Bevan Michael Biggers Ben Biggs Kathryn Biggs Gus Bigos Kathryn Birch Lynda Birkelbach Holli Bishop Michael Bisner Adam Blaine Mary Blair Greta Blamire Cynthia Blancke Lindsay Blanton Jonathon Blisserd Julie Blivas Larry Blivas Brian Blood Pat Blood Patricia Blood Brooke Bobela Brooks Bock Pamela Bock Kim Boehland Sam Bogan Thomas Bogard Jaime Bogardy Thomas Bollin Deborah Bolon-Feeney Nanci Bolton Kaye Bomgaars Kristy Bond Mike Bond Jeff Booths Timothy Borden

Linda Boren Randi Borgen Steven Boros Brittney Bossow Bethany Boston-Johnson Ligia Boteanu Holly Bouchard Bruce Boulding Paul Boulis Ann Bourke Charles Bourret Joseph Bovaconti Barbara Bower Norman Bowles Judy Bowman Donald Boyce Mary Boyd Tania Boyd Doug Boyer Ken Brackney James Brain Melissa Brandrup Peter Brandrup Frank Brandse David Brandt Mark Bratman Nellie Bratman Dana Braun Joerg Braun Rita Braun Anne Breckheimer Bjorn Bredeson Susan Breeden Cheri Breeman Diane Bremer Susan Brenden Stefan Brenner Alice Brew Beth Bridges Hailey Bridgewater Bryan Brinyark Martins Brize Uldis Brize Janet Bro Noelle Brock Alphonse Brodeur Grant Brodeur Philip Brodsky Richard Bross Suzanne Bross Charlie Brown Covell Brown Gypsy Brown

Jeanette Brown Joseph Brown Melinda Brown Steven Brown Lorraine Brown-Bassett Charlie Bruce Lois Bruce Margo Brundage Bear Bryant Jack Buchanan Peggy Buchannan Kenneth Buckius Mary Buckius Kayla Buckland Jacek Buczynski Evie Budd Rosen Marco Buechel Peter Bugbee Bastien Bugnard Tim Burch Elaine Burger Frederick Burger Connie Burkert Peter Burkert Melissa Burkholder Lauren Burnett Anthony Burns Meghan Burns G. Roxanne Bybee Gene Bygd Nancy Byrne Elaine Byrnes Thomas Byrnes Tom Byrnes Jennifer Cakir Nezih Cakir Carol Calinoff Althea Callaway Cliff Callaway Megan Calvert Bob Cameron Constance Campbell Laura Campbell Pedro Campos Beat Cane Diane Canepa Olson Charles Cantrell Ryan Cantrell Peggy Carey Sue Carey JoAnne Carilli-Stevenson Jay Carlson

Lise Carnes Jack Carnie Astrid Carraro David Carson Judy Carson Francesca Carvallo Ian Casey Alan Casserly Elaine Castruita Melaina Castruita Lawrence Cavanaugh Guerino Cavegn Lakay Cecil Nan Cecil Chris Cerimele Maren Cerimele Annie Cerovich Paul Chadwick Adam Chambers Joan Chambers Harry Chandler Karen Chandler Suzanne Chandler Harry Chandler III Kathy Chandler-Henry Jane Chaney Jessica Chaney Sounia Chaney James Chapin Lynn Chapin George Chapman Whitney Charlene Mary Charlers Watts Sara Charles Glenn Chase Jean Pierre Chatellard Jean Chatterton Alicia Chavez Daniel Chayes Eugene Cheong Mary Chevitski Caleb Chicoine Jerry Chicoine Gordon Chicoine Tenie Chicoine* Jim Childers Marie Chilton Susan Chipman Joyce Chizmadia Carol Christensen Kent Christian George Christman Teresa Cierco Lopez

Chrisopher Cipriani Holly Clark Susan Clark Adam Clarke Hannah Claydon Beth Cleveland Dick Cleveland Jay Climaco Richard Clubine Abigail Cobb Chad Cobb James Cobb Amy Cochran* Jane Coffin William Coffin Diane Coggin Christopher Cohen David Cohen Jackie Cohen Dillon Colagrosso Holly Cole John Coles Richard Collier Sandy Collier Mark Colman Richard Colt Gary Colwell Deborah Comerford Bradley Condo Wendy Congleton Paul Cook Rand Coolman Brenda Coonrod Kathleen Cope Mary Ellen Cope Lance Copley Rosalie Corbett Douglas Corkran Dolly Corlin Rod Corlin Ann Corneille Erin Cornelius Patricia Cornett Jay Corsetti Keiven Cosgriff Stephen Costas David Cote Sara Coulter Judy Countryman Keith Countryman Arthur Couture Billie Cowden Becky Crawford Carl Crawford

Rebecca Crawford Norma Creighton Jim Crine Pam Crine Jennifer Crites Alan Crocker Stephen Crockett Douglas Cross Brent Crouch Peter Crowley Shane Cruickshank Brian Culp Christopher Cumming Paige Cumming Jeanne Cunningham Anne Cuny Gary Curmode Ryan Currence Carol Curtis Cheri Curtis Mikayla Curtis Richard Curtis Christine Cutler Diana Cutler Bob Dagg Robert Dagg Sharon Dale Joshua Dale Heather Damon Craig Dampier Ingrid Dampier Janet Daniels Stephen Daniels Matt Dannals Kelly Dantas Michele Darken Will Darken Arthur Davenport Kirsten Davenport Abby Davidson Stephan Davidson Taylor Davidson Wendy Davidson May Davidson David Davies Garrett Davies Leslie Davies Mary Davies Tom Davies Andrew Davis Bill Davis Liz Davis Peter Davis

Randi Davis Wink Davis Christy Daw Nelson Dawn Sara De Iraola Marianella De Sola Mark Dean Vernell Debbie Gerlinde Debie Charlotte DeChant Deep DeChoudhury Katie Deck Dale Decker Vaughn Decrausaz Kathy Dee Gabriel Del Rossi Pam DelBosco Alisa Demartino Daniela Demeillac Dillon DeMore Anna Dengel Spencer Denison Steve Dennis Ashley Dentler Andrew Derickson Jackie Descisciolo Paul Deshazo Marianne Desmarais Elfi Devaney Kathryn DeVault Doris Dewton Carol Dickman Phyllis Dickson Bob Dienst Jocelyn Dienst Kimberly Dietrich Sydney Dietz Benno Paul Dillier Kim Dilling Tom Dimelow Eric Dirkes Richard Disberger Donna Ditoro Jessica Ditoro John Ditoro Abby Dixon Kim Dixon Mary Dockstader Rodgers Dockstader Paul Dodd Timmy Dolan Douglas Donato Brett Donelson Don Donnalley

Judy Donnalley Treva Donnell Neeve Donohue Suzanne Donohue Jim Donohue John Donovan Kerry Donovan Michael Donovan Grant Dornan Henry Dornseif Michael Dorsey Sharron Dorward Frank Doss James Doudna Debra Douglas Adam Dowling James Dowling Jim Dowling Brian Doyle Frederick Doyle Cory Drake Alex Dryden Megan du Toit Mark Dubovy Mark Duchart Dudley Duel Bruce Duff Suzanne Dugan Alison Dumond Loren Dumont Nancy Dunbar Rosemary Dupre Littlefield Lindsay DuRussel Linda Dyal Kim Dykstra Debra Earl Griffin Easter Justin Eastling Skylar Ebeler Barry Eckhaus Jackson Edelmann David Edwards Thomas Edwards Emilie Egan Jennifer Ehrlich John Eisenhard Marilyn Eisenhard Isidor Eisenmann John Eisenschmid Georg Eiswirth Chris Ekrem Terry Ellstrom Marion Elmquist

Cynthia Elsey Lisa Elsey Ryan Elwyn Yvette Emmer Elfriede Emmert Lynn Emmert Diane England Lance Enholm Nancy Epstein Denise Erhart Tom Erhart Dana Erickson Linda Erickson Matthias Ernst James Errant Nancy Erwin Patrick Espy Bill Esrey Horst Essl Bilal Ettawil Christian Ettl Janelle Evans Colleen Everett Merry Ewing Karen Eyrich Susan Fairweather Ann Faison Samson Faison Sandy Faison Lydia Farr William Farris James Feeney Jonathan Feeney Duane Fehringer Pierre Felli Elmar Fend Carol Ferguson Lisa Ferguson Linda FergusonMuldowney Jim Ferraco Sue Ferraco Lynette Ferraro Gordon Ferris Deborah Ferris Travers Terrance Ferry Thaddeus Fial Andrew Fickling Nicholas Fickling Eric Fields Kevin Fifield John Findlay Bob Finlay Eleanor Finlay

Phyllis Finlay Buzz Finn Raymond Finn, Jr Matthew Finnigan Julie Fischer Bill Fisher Mark Fisher Mary Fisher Sara Fisher Christopher Fitzgerald Kaitlyn Fitzpatrick David Fjelstad Cookie Flaum Sharon Fleischer Carlos Flores Sean Florian Laura Fluke Tamara Fluri Mary Flynn Garrett Fonda Kevin Foote Ashley Forche Alicia Ford Chip Ford Reed Ford Edwina Fordyce Lizzie Foreman John Forester Brett Forlano Joni Forman Steven Formica Brian Forsline Deb Forsline Michael Forster Margaret Forstl Andrew Forsyth Bryon Fortney Lewis Fowler Patricia Foxwell Peter Fralick Susan Frampton Ingegerd Franberg Kerstin Frauenschuh Nicole Frauenschuh Nate Free Karen Frei Mikala Freitas Calvin French MIke French Lisa Frenzel Jill Fried Heidi Bintz Friedman Harry Frieze Kathryn Frieze

Yvonne Fromm Manfred Froschauer Elizabeth Frost Mitchell Fry Anna Fuchs Herbert Fuchs Alan Fuller Laura Fuller Margaret Fuller Peggy Fuller Sandra Fundy Stephen Fusco Brian Gagnon Cynthia Gagnon Paul Gagnon Ellen Galbraith Philip Gallagher Carlos Gallegos Gabriela Gallegos Shannon Gallegos Suzanne Gallegos Ann Gallo Jaime Gallo Nancy Gamble Pierre Garand Laura Garbe Warren Garbe Kathleen Garcia Richard Garcia Greer Gardner Howard Gardner Jack Gardner Mari Garland Thomas Garland Vicky Garnsey Dennis Gartner Lulu Garton Catherine Gassman Betty Gauche-Roy Gary Gauger Ilene Gauger Kimberly Gavin Sandy Gaylord Tom Gaylord Debra Geddes John Gee Hannah Geisman John Geller Joye Gelo Matthew Genelin Pollyanne Gentry Cuyler Gerbich Lonetia Gerken Netia Gerken

Donald Gerstein Helen Gerstein Bradley Ghent* Christa Ghent Curtis Ghent Adam Giambruno Keith Giglio Nora Gilbertson Marilyn Gill Tracy Gillette Stephanie Gillis Gerald Sean Gilmour Thomas Gingrich Florian Ginner Donna Giordano Allie Gish Sarah Givens Howard Glasser Valerie Glimp Dan Godec Sue Godec* Albert Matthias Goergen Hank Goetze Nancy Goetze Don Goldberg Eric Goldman Kate Goldstein Milly Goldstein Thomas Goldthwait Daniel Gongloff Lisa Gooch Gregory Goodman Jove Goodman Frederick Goodwin Marcette Gordon Daniel Gorin Alina Gorlanova Brian Gormley Nick Gorski Wiebe Gortmaker Daniela Goselova Rob Gosiewski Sandra Goss Daniela Gosselova Jill Gossett Calley Gottbehuet David Goulet Robert Gouterman Shiela Gouterman Julie Graceffa Mary Graebel MarieElise Gramm Michael Granado

Richard Granzow Paul Gravel Colleen Gray Cappie Green Jim Green Lisa Greenberg Claire Greenblatt Heather Greene Kevin Greene Marilyn Greenspan Bradley Greenway Jim Gregg Laurie Gregg George Gregory Kathleen Gregory Pat Gregory Edward Gretsch Fred Gretsch, Sr. Samuel Gretz Ross Griffith Alexei Grint Bruce Gronner Allen Gross Jeremy Gross Valerie Gross Merritt Grothe Susan Gruber Todd Grubin Carla Guarascio Vincent Guercio Frank Guerrero Zach Guida Thomas Gulden Pamela Gundlach Kim Gustafson Joseph Gutgsell Michael Guy Edward Gwathmey Katherine Gwathmey Michelle Ha James Haas Merry Haas James Haeffner Karen Haeffner Christian Haeusermann Dinah Hagan Thomas Halberg Andrew Halbert Cynthia Halbgewoks Michael Hale Jessica Haley Karen Haley Molly Haley


Ryan Haley Thomas Haley Timothy Haley Jane Hall Kathleen Hall Linda Hall Nate Hall Wyatt Hall Janet Hall Jarle Halsnes Stein Halsnes Walt Halsted Rachel Halzel Robb Hamina Pat Hammon Dave Hammond Christine Hancock DarciLynn Hand Vernell Hank Mackenzie Hanna Janine Hannemann Douglas Hansen Eric Hansen James Harding Patti Harkreader Juanita Harles Alfred Harness Jim Harnick Diane Harriman Jeffrey Harriman Chuck Harris Ezra Harris Gabriel Harris Jeanne Harris Sam Harris Jill Harrison Marc Harrison Rick Harrison Richard Harvey Susan Hasbrouck Anne Hatch Mary Hathorn Charlie Hauser Timo Hauser Ken Hawkins Sandra Hawkins Janet Hawkinson Robert Hay Deb Hayda John Hayden Elizabeth Haymes Joseph Haymes Ross Haymes Stephanie Hays


John Hayward Sibylle Hechtel Patricia Hedlund Matthew Hehn Nancy Heinen Katharina Hell John Helmering Betsydiane Hendrickson Lester Hendrickson Werner Henkel Elizabeth Henning Victor Henning Carl Henrikson Deanna Henry Neal Henzler Robin Henzler Richard Herbert Terresa Herbst Thomas Herling Jose Hernandez Becky Hernreich Juliana Herr Scott Hershman Marlene Heston Robert Hickey Nancy Hickok Stephen Hickok Erika Higgins Joel High Bryonny Hiland Frances Hill Gerry Hill Joelle Hill Susan Hill Kelly Hillencamp Margaret Hillman Claudia Hilty Anne Hirn Lauren Hitchner Leslie Hitchner Rebecca Hite Dele Hobbs Brandy Hoeve Phillip Hofling Steve Holden Kevin Holderness Summer Holm Dan Holman Paula Holman Judith Holmes Nathan Holmes Robert Holmes Jacob Holst


Diana Honey Kiss Tyler Hopkins David Horne Courtney Hornsby Doug Horswill Reed Horton Sally Horton Chris Hoss Mark Houston Mary Houston Sherry Houston Charles Howard Thomas Howard Verna Howard Brian Howard Matt Howard Kimber Howe Laura Howe Audrey Howell Lorraine Howenstein Brian Hoyt Linda Hryckowian Alfred Hubbard Bonnie Hubbard Fritz Hubbard William Hubbard Alex Huck Bob Huff Ian Huff Loretta Huff Rolf Hufnagel Barbara Huggenvik Mark Huggenvik Gina Huggins Deborah Hughes Pam Hughes Stefanie Hummon Aaron Humphrey James Hunter Keeley Hunter Mike Hurst Rita Hurst Jens Husted Eric Hutchinson Charles Hutchko Ellen Imhof Judith Inglis Brent Irwin Rosalie Hill Isom Jay Ivison William Jackoboice Dominique Jackson Donald Jackson Karla Jacobo Lazareno

Jeff Jacobs Kaylee Jacobson Aaron Jacomet Amanda Jaffe Harry Jaffe Michael Jaksch Liz James Katie Janus Lucille Rivers Jardis Paul Jardis Michele Jarnot Debby Jasper* Harry Jasper Nancy Jastatt PJ Jenick Timothy Jenkins Bliss Jensen Svetlana Jentzen Heather Jochl Susan Johnson Beth Johnston Amy Jones Cynthia Jones Evan Jones Olivia Jones Russ Jones Ruth Jones Carl Juergens Fanny Jurarez Agata Kaminska Robert Kamp Siegfried Kampl Jeff Kanter Jenny Kapela Shelly Kapfhammer Theresia KapfhammerNeuman Howard Kaplan Mary Sue Katz Katie Keane Judy Kearney Marlene Kearney Joachim Keck Kevin Keelan Cathy Keil Julie Keith Rachel Keith Stuart Keith III Gina Kelble John Kelleher Eric Kelley Michael Kelley Charles Kelly Emilie Kelly


Kim Kelly Tom Kelly Tyler Kelly Mac Kelsall Daniel Kelsey Alexandra Kendall Logan Kendle Rebecca Kennedy Rindy Kenny Heidi Kenny Thompson David Kenworthy Nancy Kenyon Karen Kern Newton Kern Heinz Kernlinger Joanna Kerwin* Stanislava Khachianidi Becky Kieler Mikie Kieler Bruce Kiely Robert Kingston Jann Kinney Kraige Kinney Jay Kirksey Kerry Kirksey Becky Kiser Adam Kiss Ronald Kitchell Jim Kleckner Ben Kleimer Janet Kleinhardt Tom Kleinhardt Jordan Kleinhuizen John Kleinman Nancy Kleinman Bruce Klockars Bill Knaus Betty Knez James Knez Scott Knoll Amy Knous Brian Knowlton Susan Knowlton Anne Knudson-Fitzpatrick Jennifer Koscelnik Steve Koschmann Nancy Kosloff Karen Kotarski Paul Kotarski Kathi Kotula Kevan Kozlowski Serena Kozusko

Sean Krabach Casey Kraft Lindsey Kraft Michael Krein Jim Krezkowski Liz Krezkowski Katharine Krezowski Mark Krezowski Warren Krok Ewa Krokowska Sue Kruger Hanna Kubiak Kevin Kuebert Kerrie Kuhl Kim Kuhlke Nanette Kuich Nicholas Kuich Susan Kupahll Grant Kuphall Carl Kurt Judy Kurt Charles Lamb David Lambert Robert Lambert Steven Lammens Keith Landsness Melinda Landsness Christine Lane Thomas Lang Karl Langensand Kathy Langenwalter Donald Lanphere Elaine Lapin Karen Larsen Thomas Larsen Janifer Larson Rose Lathi Ann Lauterbach Betty Lauziere Sylvie Lauzon Tom Lawlor Janet Lawrence Thomas Lawrence Barbara Lawrence Pat Lazarus Mark Lazur Thomas Lear Chris LeBarron Karen Lechner Anna Lee Bitzie Lee Chris Lee Jim Lee Michael Leeds

Jon Lehman Pat Lehman Gernot Leitner Pamela Lessing Rebecca Levi-Cohen Beth Levine-Rosen Philip Levy May Lew Alan Lewis Jane Lewis Sherry Lewis Trish Lewis Jon Lieber BJ Lieberman Jane Lilja Carol Lincoln Pamela Lindroth Jane Lindstrom Florence Linet Andrew Linger Dyann Linger George Linger Robert Linn Brigitta Linzbichler Helmut Linzbichler Thomas Litchev Vicky Litchev Dave Little Lucia London Jeffrey Long Kim Long Linda Long Diane Loosbrock Louis Loosbrock Cholpon Lord Stephanie Lord-Johnson Woody Lottman Justin Lottman Jeffrey Lovelace Elaine Lovell Michael Lovely Shane Lovely Joseph Lowery Myreh Luallen Matt Luby Nicole Lucido Tom Ludwig Logan Lueders Susan Lueders Ricky Luevanos Herb Luhman Sherry Luhman Fabian Lukas

Walt Luke III Barbara Lukes Edward Lukes Thomas Lundeen John Lychak Stephen Lynott Sandra Macartney Molly Macaulay George Macdonald Steve Macia Greg Macik Hank Mader Ann Renée Magnusson Andrea Malagon Matthew Malone Patrick Maloney Nina Mamaeva Maurice Mandel Maryann Manion Michael Mann Nicholas Mans Randall Mans Euginnia Manseau Robert Marana Melanna Marcellot Cheryl Marks Marjorie Marks Richard Marks Bonnie Marlette Alison Martens Brennon Martin Robert Martin William Martin Jr Sam Martus Petra Masnicova Jim Mason Andrew Mat Diana Mathias Montgomery Mathias Chris Matlon John Mattern III Jeffrey Matthes Joseph Matthews Mike Matthews Allan Mattson Cody May Werner Mayer Helen Mayes Chris Mayhew Leon McBroom Emily McCabe Marlene McCafferty Marcia McCalden Tom McCalden

Carol McCallister Carol McCallister Christine McCarthy Doug McClure Larry McDonald Paul Mcdonald Marian McDonough Charles McDougall Mary McDougall Karen McFall Thomas McFall Josie McGovern Beth McGregor Robb McGuffin Tom McHugh John McIntyre Trina McKay Linda McKinney Mel McKinney Carol McKown Marla McLane Jon McLaughlin Lynn McLeod Gloria McMahon Audrey McNeely Carole Ann McNeill Karissa McNiven Debra Meese Laurine Megna-Davis Kristen Mehan Dale Mehl Whitney Meister Chanel Melin Mary Melsa Joe Menendez Jose Menendez Gedra Mereckis Frederick Merizon John Merritt Linda Mestas Morin Mary Anne Metternick Alan Meyer Paul Michelin Kristina Michieli Robert Mickus Earl Mielke Kevin Milbery Martha Milbery Sherazada Milfeld Constance Miller Doris Miller Franklin Miller Greg Miller Justin Miller

Mary Jane Miller Maxwell Miller Monte Miller Patricia Miller Quinn Miller Rick Miller Jeffrey Minor Ashley Mitchell Henry Mitchell Holly Moebius John Moebius Kenneth Molcsan Leslie Molinar Shay Momiroff Barry Monroe Arleen Montag Patricia Montgomery Brandon Moon Ronald Mooney Alexandra Moran Rosie Moreno Jaine Moretti Jeff Morgan Jody Morgan Randolph Morgan Ed Morin Linda Morin Jean-Claude Moritz Joe Morrill Susan Morrill Matthew Morris Michael Morris Bobbi Morrison Christine Morrison Marvin Morrison Dale Mosier Alexa Mossman Sue Mott Dave Mott Sam Moulton Jan Moyes Maciej Mrugala Han Mu Kang Gerald Mueller Stefan K. Mueller Seanna Mulligan Larry Mullin Mark Muncey Lisa Muncy-Pietrzak Katie Mundal Jennifer Murdock Nancy Murk Mark Murphy Patrick Murphy

David Murray Diane NaDal Jeffrey Nadas Eugene Nagle Jodi Nagle Jason Napoli Susan Narduzzi Chuck Nash Gail Nash Brian Nason Felicia Nassi Sounia Nejad Chaney Jerald Nelsen Carol Nelson Dawn Nelson Elaine Nelson Maggie Nelson Rob Nelson Ross Nelson Glenn Nenninger Lisa Nerio Theresia Neuman Suzette Newman Sara Newsam Louis Nichamin, M.D. Carryn Nicholas Lillian Nicholas Margaret Nicholls John Nichols Heinz Niederhauser Gary Nielsen Jim Nielsen Joyce Nielsen Linda Nielsen Marco Nitri Francis Noel Max Nolan Patrick Noll Julie Norberg Kay Norby Fial Mark Nothnagel Beth Notis Laura Notorangelo Michael Notorangelo Nancy Nottingham Zdenek Novak Sara Nulle William Nutkins Clark Nyberg Morgan Nyberg Bill O’Brien Regina O’Brien Heather O’Brien-Greene

SHILOY SANDERS In service since 1999

Darrel Ochs Robert O’Connell Peter O’Connor Michael O’Farrell Brian Ogawa Renee Okubo Ginny Oldenburg Craig Oldenburger Linda Oldenburger Larry Olson Donna Olsson Kimberly Opekar Karin O’Quinn Becky O’Rourke Don Orseck Linda Orseck Dudley Ottley Carmen Otto Mark Ouimette Brian Owens Carolie Owens Kristin Owens Peter Owens Phyllis Owens Music Pace Patti Pack Thomas Painter Jay Palace Blaine Palmer Joyce Palmer Karen Palmer Stephanie Palmer Beth Pantzer Umberto Papi Michaelene Paradise Sue Parker Amber Parmet

What motivates you to be a part of the Vail Valley Foundation? I just love being active and around people in this valley, who are so willing to give of themselves. I think keeping active keeps you young!”

Kathleen Parrish Michael Parry Lauren Pasquale Dena Pastorini Christopher Patten Edith Patterson Jefferson Patterson Carol Pattison Nancy Patton Linda Paul Gretchen Paules Michael Paules Gregory Peairs Lynn Pearson Jeffrey Peck Ellen Penchuk Angela Penrose Steve Penrose Gregory Pent Kathleen Perino Clementine Perkins Maryse Perrigaud Michel Perrigaud Charles Perry John Perry Marissa Perry George Person Jean Peterson Julie Peterson Nancy Peterson Pam Peterson Todd Peterson Kent Pettit Nancy Pettit Melinda Phannenstiel Amy Phillips Regina Pickle

Lloyd Piercy Ralf Pietrowski Gregory Pike Claudia Pineda Jen Pinkus Elizabeth Pinson Ernest Pinson Jr Michelle Pipak Jon Piper Josh Pipkin Frank Pita Jeanne Pita Megan Plancher Paul Plotz Betty Poeschel Gordon Poeschel Gregory Poganski Tom Pohl Susan Pollack Jude Pollock Barb Polus Ekaterina Popova Patrick Porsche Alexander Porter Kaylee Porter Kim Porter Roger Porter Steven Post Diane Potter James Potter John Power Brad Powers Gail Powers Ruth Powers Thomas Powers Jeri Powles Mary Pownall

Herb Pozen Judith Prather William Prather Steve Prawdzik Amanda Precourt Amber Prince Herb Prince Scott Prince Marc Prisant Steven Pritchard Ruth Prochnow Clarissa Profant John Profitt Alessio Pruneri Colleen Pruss Vladislav Pryakhin Heather Pugh Emil Pulick Rosemary Pulick Emmett Purcell Richard Purkiss Susan Purkrabek-Knust Merlon Pusey Cricket Pylman Ryan Quinlivan Josh Rabow Virginia Racht Fred Radar Leann Radar Alisa Rader Gerhard Rainer Annette Ramer Silvia Ramirez Leonard Randolph Jr Howard Rapson Patti Rasmussen Luke Rasmussen Matt Rasmussen Johnny Rauzi Melinda Ravsten David Rawlings Matthew Razo Marissa Redman Peter Reed Elisa Rehm Bob Reich Gresham Reichert Helga Rein Andrea P Reinhard Eric Reinhard Eric Reise Charles Reisen Gail Reisinger

Mike Reisinger Jochen Reisser Marcel Reissner Brandy Reitter Jozef Remsik Karen Rennie Julie Retzlaff Cynthia Reynolds Kathy Reynolds Jeff Rhodes Douglas Rice Jane Rice Gruss Richard Spike Richards Carl Richardson Carole Richardson Ronnie Richardson Wilda Richmond Gisele Riden Steven Riden Barbara Rieb Patricia Rieger Jerimiah Rieman Slavina Rindone Kenny Rindy Sharon Rioux Milan Ristic Denise Roach Kerry Roach Richard Roach Dustin Roberts Fred Roberts Anne Robertson Cheryl Robertson Richard Robertson Dene Robinson Jeanne Robinson Jeffrey Robinson Shirley Jean Robinson Timothy Robinson Judy Rodriguez Robert Roehl Todd Roehr Rosalin Rogers Teresa Rohde Linda Rohler Antonio Rojas Mark Rokusek Mark Roman Kathy Roper Gerald Rose Kent Rose Nancy Rose Rayma Rose

Peter Rosenberg Ann Rosenwald Paul Rosenwald Massimo Rossetto Valerie Rossman Jerry Rowe Karen Rowe Jim Rowland Kimberly Rowland Joseph Roy Steven Roy Patti Ruback Ron Ruback Herb Rubinstein Thelma Rubinstein Isabella Rubis Barbara Ruh James Ruh Eric Ruhaak Miguel Ruiz Peg Rumaine Andrea Running Phil Ruschmeyer David Ruskin Craig Rusnak Richard Russ Tom Russo* Ann Ryan Jeanne Ryan Joseph Ryan Kaila Ryan Patrick Ryan Christopher Rydjeski Kymberly Sabins Edward Sacco Jan Sackbauer Rick Sackbauer III Rita Sacks Stacy Sadler Lenka Sage Ashley Sale Susan Sale Teresa Salinas Lynda Sampson Sandee Sander Jim Sanders* Shiloy Sanders Jeff Sandoval Michael Sanner John Santaniello Gerald Santoro Robin Santoro Stacey Sapp Kristina Sappenfield

Watson Sarah Aleksandar Sargic Venelin Sariev Adriana Saroki Ken Sassi Lucas Satterlee George Saunders Nancy Saunders Mike Sawatzki Dick Sawyer Gwen Scalpello Larry Schaap Herbert Schactner Phil Schaefer Tyson Schaeffer George Schafer Lisa Schafer Peter Schafer Lisa Schanzer Jenna Schauer Christina Schelde Scott Scherer David Scherpf Maryann Scherpf Diana Scherr Matthew Scherr Paul Scheyermann Robert Schilling Carol Schimmer Senta Schleder David Schlendorf Lynne Schlepper A.K. Schleusner Darcy Schlichting Reiner Schlimbach Julie Schlotthauer Annalisa Schmad Franz Xaver Schmid Walter Schmid Candice Schmidt Chris Schmidt Julie Schmidt William Schmitt Iwan Schneider Beverly Schneiter Christina Schoeni Todd Scholl Charlotte Schollenberger Lucretia Schram Stefan Schrey Kari Schroeder Anne Schubert Paul Schuler

Bill Schulz Eula Schulz Steven Schwab Lois Schwager Bernie Schwartz Bobbi Schwartz Jon Schwartz Stephanie Schwartz Susan Schwartz Maxwell Schwoppe Gail Scoby Judith Scott Walter Scott Mette Sedivy Cynthia Seebode Becky Seely Les Seely Margaret Segerberg Lizzie Seibert Jennifer Seifert Jim Seifert Christine Sena Robert Senn Justin Serbinski Heinz-Henning Seute Jeffrey Seville Chad Sewell Sue Sewell Katharine Shafer Tom Shaheen Gabrielle Shalley Nicole Shapiro Rebecca Sharp Ricki Shaw-Sherlin Teresa Shay David Shearon Jean Shearon Robert Shearon Mara Sheldon Paul Sheldon Lonnie Shelton Roberta Shelton David Michael Sheppard Ryan Sheridan Ricki Sherlin Steve Sherlin Pamela Sherman Mary Sherrill Charlie Sherwood Teresa Sherwood Christopher Shining Lori Shoop Michael Shoop

Edward Shriner Jeffrey Shroll Michael Shub Karen Shupe Lynne Siefert Mark Siefert Marcia Siegel Scot Siegel Margaret Sierant Michael Silbermann Mary Silver Scott Silver Nicola Silvestri Alexandra Simon Jed Simon Teak Simonton Nedree Simpson Bonita Sims Theron Sims Daniel Sindlhofer Carolyn Sipes Jim Sipes Barb Siray Jaime Sirchio Maria Sison Ioan Sita Ryan Siu Bart Skidmore Dustin Skinner Shannon Slack Eric Slagle Blair Slott Elizabeth Small Robert Small Betty Jean Smith Carl Smith Dail Smith Daryl Smith Diane Smith Geoffrey Smith Grant Smith Jim Smith Kathy Smith Laura Smith Loren Smith Marisa Smith Pamela Smith Raymond Smith Richard Smith Robin Smith Sharon Smith Stephen Smith Tyler Smith Shirley Smithson


Craig Snowdon Kenneth Snoy Berton Solomon Lois Solomon Ben Sommers Vincent Sorbello Jerry Sorensen Hector Soto Mignon Souto Hannes Spaeh Ben Spaniol Kelli Spaniol Kristi Spaniol Karen Spearing Bree Spell Douglas Spencer Craig Spidle Anna Spitaler Rick Spitzer Charlotte Springer Jay Springer Nathan Springer David Staat Marc Stallings Bradley Stamp Jerry Stanek Nancy Staquet Jill Stautner John Steiert Sharon Stenson Tab Stephens Marc Stern Don Stevens Gerald Stevens Kimberly Stevenson John Stewart Dean Stockdale Kathryn Stoffers Alexander Stone David Stone Jamieson Stone Dawn Stone Mullin Laura Stonerook Darlene Stookey Jacob Storm Bruce Stott Annika Stough Dianne Stovall Richard Stovall Joshua Stowell Kimberly Strauch Frank Strauss Joanne Strauss Staci Striegnitz


TENIE CHICOINE In service since the autumn of 1997

Todd Strom Ron Strong Meghan Struve Carol Stube William Stube Victoria Stueber Judith Stupp John Stutzman Elizabeth Sullivan Daniel Sunday Jay Sunny Trista Sutter Hunt Suzanne Kathy Svoboda Bryan Swain James Swanson Jeffery Swanson John Swanson Darren Szot Marek Szwebel Pamela Tafoya Elizabeth Taggart Lillian Tailyour Kathie Talbot Thomas Talbot David Talon Mladen Tasev Lynda Tasillo Thomas Tasillo Brooke Taylor James Taylor Mark Taylor Carri Tedstrom Aaron Telitz


What motivates you to be a volunteer for the Vail Valley Foundation? After moving here it was a way to get involved in the community and meet new people. It has been a fantastic journey through the years, getting to know the staff and the volunteers from all over the world.

Lindsey Tenbraak Richard Tenbraak David Tepoorten Matthew Tepoorten Constance Teunis Bernard Teunis, M.D. Markus Thamm Claire Thayer Dawn Theelke Timothy Theys Kristoffer Thoma David Thomas Heather Thomas Leanna Thompson Peter Thompson Rita Thompson Susan Thompson David Thomson Erik Thoren Pam Thorn Gary Thornton Eileen Thurnauer Hugh Thurnauer Karen Tibbetts Mans Marlys Tibboel Ronald Tibboel Lawrence Ticknor Fredrick Tighe Ruth Tillman Monika Tomza Brenda Torres Anthony Tortona Jon Trachte Deborah Travers

Jane Traweek Teresa Tristaino Christopher Trivell Peter Troller Thomas Trotter Robert Troutman Laura Tumperi John Turchan Judy Turtletaub Michael Turtletaub Tracy Tutag Antje Tyedmers George Tyler Marianne Tyler Janice Ugale Jorge Umana Chase Umbenhouer Darien Underwood Lisa Unger Nicole Unger Christian Updike Thomas Utter Teddy Utz Alice Vagenknechtova Annie Valenti Betsy Van Beek Steve Van Beek Jacob Van Beelen Amy Van Den Dijssel Loy Van Vleet Ruth Van Vleet Alysa VanAsten Jake VanBeelen George Vanderhoof


Jennifer Vanderhoof Sandy Vandeventer Daryn Vanstone Jenny Vasques Barbara Vaughn Melvin Vaughn Jaan Vehik Cathline Verlinde David Verlinde Scott Verlinde Debbie Vernell Hank Vernell Jack Vesey Bonnie Vesey Andrea Vesque Andy Vesque John Vincze Mia Vlaar Ryan Vlaar Norman Vogel Eric Vogt Betty Volt Albert Voltz Deborah Voltz Elizabeth Voltz^ Margaret von Kuegelgen Kyle von Spreecken Charlene Vorous Donald Vorous Heidi Vosbeck Lauren Vossler Bryan Wachs Matthew Wagner Richard Wagner PJ Walder Sophia Walder Luann Waldrep Dana Walker Darlan Wall Kevin Wall Linda Wall Patricia Wall Steve Wallace Josef Alowis Wallimann Kathy Walter Thom Walter Tobias Wandinger Todd Ward Karl Wardrop David Warmenhoven Mike Warmenhoven Cassidy Warner

Jill Warner Lindsey Warner Nancy Warner Robert Warner John Warren Marcy Wastl Christian Waszak Alexander Watson Valerie Watts Peter Webber Petra Weber Susan Weber Heidi Weckbacher Giulia Wedam Gina Weems Frederick Wegener Albert Weihl Susan Weihl Gail Weinnig Howard Weisman Deborah Weiss Malcolm Weiss Margot Welch Norm Welch Kevin Whalen Jake Wheeler Alex Whetstone Brandan White Leila White Maria White Nate White Spencer Whitehouse Lon Whitman Jeanne Whitney George Wickers Gary Wicklund LaDonna Wicklund Helene Wieting Sandra Wilcox Megan Wilder Nicholas Wilder James Wiley Axel Wilhelmsen Gary Wilke Philip Wilkerson Lisa Wilkes Bert Willemse Connie Willemssen David Willemssen Ann Williams Celine Williams Jeremiah Williams Judith Williams Mary Clare Williams

Michael Williams Todd Williams Hans Willimann Sally Willis Bob Willloughby Joan Willloughby Andre Willner Virginia Willner Patricia Willoughby Deborah Wills Cheryl Wilson Emily Wilson Jean Wilson Margaret Wilson Marty Wilson Mona Wilson Penny Wilson Richard Wilson Rodger Wilson Stephanie Winsor Carole Wolff-Sowers Dean Wolz Linda Wolz Murray Wood Valerie Woodbury Douglas Wooden John Woodring Kristine Woodruff Stephanie Woodruff Kara Woods* Randy Woods Sheena Woods Barrett Woods Parker Woods Camryn Woodworth Dave Wooten Sally Worl Allison Wright Anthony Wright Elizabeth Wright Harold Wright David Wüthrich Irene Yaccino Michael Yaccino III Christine Yanisiw Valinda Yarberry Caryn Yarger Dmytriy Yerinov Scott Yokiel Chiara Young Concetta Young Jerry Young Paul Young Elizabeth Youngquist

Andrew Zaback Jack Zacks Jonathan Zapp Franz Zarda John Zavodsky Robert Zavodsky Ryan Zehner Gregg Zeliff Bill Zeller Kirsten Zeller* Thomas Zenklusen Yuanyuan Zhang Liz Ziegler Michael Ziegler Lisa ZimmermanGreenberg Richard Zollars Benjamin Zuckerman William Zuehl Bernie Zuroff Janice Zuroff Rochelle Zuroff Alida Zwaan Gregory

*These ten volunteers graciously dedicate countless hours of their time to volunteer for ALL Vail Valley Foundation events and coordinate other volunteers.

Education Volunteers Star Dancing Gala The “Atomic” Amber Barella Connor Calaway Anne Hirn Alexandra Reyes Phuc Tran Data Entry Christina Cheesman Lily Ludewig Jill Sinding Family Connect Sarah Amberg Natalie Arroyo Abby Davidson Taylor Davidson Wendy Davidson Carlos Jaquez Anabel Johnson Jean Claude Moritz Sebastian Moritz Alec Moritz Paula Palmeteer Sue Rushmore Bonn SanDiego Parent Mentor Program Marisela Arce Daisy Arvisu Veronica Barron Claudia Bryan Blanca Cabral Claudia Cabral Argelia Cano Ana Maria Casas Carmen Castillo Guadalupe Cordova Guadalupe De Lara Raquel Delgado Diana Flores Gladys Garcia Veronica Garcia Erika Garduno Alejandra Guzman Carolina Guzman Leticia Guzman Erika Juarez

Miriam Karbasi Emma Lazalde Neysi Loera Olga Loera Noelia Lujan Angelica Macias Adriana Maldonado Marisol Martinez Veronica Martinez Maria Elena Mendez Lizeth Mendoza Consuelo Meraz Horalia Meraz Guadalupe Montes Perla Morales Gisela Nuñez Mayra Orona Selene Ovalle Luz Pedroza Joana Puebla Maria Elena Ramirez Beatriz Rascon Bibiana Rivero Maria Omilba Rodriguez Maria Elva Rosales Amparo Ruiz Maria Serna Yolanda Silva Natalia Sisneros Yasmin Solis Karely Vega

Sara Fisher Vicki Flynn Shawnna Frank Angie Gaffney Martha Head Lynn Janklow Patie Jansen Anne-Marie Keane Elaine Kelton Heather O’Malley Erin Moran Charlotte Muir Tara Murphy Dawn Nelson Renea Nilsson Tanya Rippeth Karen Rosenbach Wendi Rowles Tyra Rudrud Jill Ryan LeeAnna Salazar Diana Scherr Sondra Slappey Pam Smith Emily St Ruth Tricia Swenson Kim Taylor Tracy Tutag Kathy Walter Kim Walter Kerry White Liz Zeigler

Magic Bus Judy Kurt Louise Willimann

Girl PowHER Mike Christenberry The Cos Bar Patricia Ferguson Elena Gorgeouses Mind Springs Health Lauren Pasquale Kathryn Regjo

Archery Noah Anderson PwrHrs Noah Anderson Alexandra Reyes Girl PowHER/ PowHER Up for Success Beth Bailey Stefanie Brazil Sara Braucht Kim Carson Shawna Cook Cameron Cusick Susie Davis

Turkey Trot Erik Garcia John Halloran Fashion Show Amy Becher Vanessa Lyons Community Coaches April Aragon Cassandra Armas Stephanie Chavez

Yesenia Duran Oasis Dueñas Emmanuel Escobar Hector Escobar Brian Fierro Julio Loera Christopher Lopez Ramon Lopez Paol Macias Leslie Martinez Marco Martinez Nickolaus Opel Wolfgang Opel Daniel Ortega Lizbeth Ruiz Copa Coaches Miguel Alvarez Alondra Bastardo Alberto Beltran Jesus Camuñez Norma Camuñez Kevin Cannel Javier Carbajal Miguel Casas Emily Chavez Sandra Chavez Luis Corral Victor Cortes Jason Dueñas Alejandra Elizalde Armando Espinoza Ramon Fierro Veyra Gamboa Erik Garcia Gustavo Garcia Jessica Gonzalez Jill Kammurer Jose Lopez Edgar Luevanos Ricky Luevanos Tony Luevanos Juan Macias Jerry Martinez Esmeralda Mejia Daniel Montes Bryan Morales Victor Rios Antonio Rojas Jared Rodriguez Palo Rodriguez Jose Serna Armando Soto Jesus Torres

Junior Valladarez Daniel Webb Brisa Zubiran Sowing Seeds BCES PTA EES PTA EVES PTA Amber Barbella Jean & Joel Cummins Meredith Deem Sarah & Kyle Hoiland Elke Kaiser Emily Larsen Katie Leibig First Notes Emily Zeigler Cycling Trip Greg Mueller Cristian Ravelo

2016 at a GLANCE JANUARY 29–31



Vail Global Energy Forum

Vail International Dance Festival

Vilar Performing Arts Center

JUNE 9–12


GoPro Mountain Games

Star Dancing Gala



Crazy Mountain Brewery

EverBank America’s Winter Opening

Hot Summer Nights free concert series

Audi Birds of Prey


Black Diamond Ball

programming Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater programming YouthPower365 programming

Moe’s BBQ ShowDown Town free concert series







VVF Staff


Photo by Travis Davis, Eef 4K Productions.




Mike Imhof, President & CEO Heidi Elzinga , Assistant to the President & CEO

Bob Ford, Chief Financial Officer Scott Proper, Controller Erica de Longpre, Sr. Accounting Manager Dionne Drugan Brown, Office Manager Helen Gies, Accountant Gail Russell, Bookkeeper Stefanie Brazil, HR Director Brian Muller, IT Director Kevin Rowe, IT Manager

Dave Dressman, Vice President of Sales Jessica Stevens, Regional Sponsorship Sales Manager Greg Bloom, Sponsorship Sales Director Sacha Kostick, Sales & Operations Coordinator



Duncan Horner, VP of Marketing Tom Boyd, Communications Director Maggie Bevan, Marketing Manager Ruthie Hamrick, Marketing Manager, VPAC

Kris Sabel, Executive Director Charlotte Muir, Theatre Director Erik Brown, Technical Director Aja Vogelman, Assistant Technical Director Dean Davis, Facilities Manager Stephanie Johnson, Food & Beverage Manager LeeAnn Marshall, Community Relations Manager Lauren Gary, Box Office Manager, VPAC & GRFA Beth Pond, Development Officer Kimberly Hannold, Administrative Coordinator

MEMBERSHIP & DEVELOPMENT Tina Vardaman, VP of Development Patrice Ringler, Director of Major Gifts Kristin Morgan, Director of Development Meredith Kennedy, M embership & Donor Relations Manager Emily Sessler, Development Manager Erin Hall, Development Administrator Taylre Derby, Events & Development Coordinator

EDUCATION Melisa Rewold-Thuon, Vice President of Education Lee Jones, Director of Operations Carrie Benway, Director of Development, Education Lauren DesCombes, Sr. Development Officer Peter Barclay, Sr. Program Manager of PwrHrs Lindsey Myers, Program Manager Bratzo Horruitiner, Program Manager Deb Dutmer, Magic Bus Manager Kendra Cowles, Early Childhood Manager Gretchen Swanson, Program Coordinator Laura Watkins, Program Manager Maria Calvo, Home Visitation Coordinator Magdalena Lopez, Magic Bus Coordinator Olivia Snider, Grant Writer, Education

OPERATIONS Ernest Saeger, Director of Operations, Venues & Facilities Jen Mason, Director of Operations, GRFA Julia Salerno, Senior Lodging Manager Mac Garnsey, Operations Manager Matt Andrews, Operations Manager Erin Kelly, Competition Manager Lisa Babb, Hospitality Manager

VAIL INTERNATIONAL DANCE FESTIVAL Damian Woetzel, Artistic Director Martha Brassel, D irector of Operations & Development Martin Nieves, Festival Manager

P.O. Box 309 Vail, Colorado 81658 970.777.2015 phone 888.883.8245 toll free 970.949.9265 fax VVF.ORG

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