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TABLE OF CONTENTS Welcome to Beaver Creek . . . . . . . . . . . 6 Schedule of Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Ski & Snowboard Club Vail . . . . . . . . . . 10 Racers To Watch . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 A Star Is Born . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Let’s Get Festive . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24 Previous Birds of Prey Winners . . . . . 26 YouthPower365 Kids Zone . . . . . . . . . . 28 Getting to the Races . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 30 Thanks to our Sponsors . . . . . . . . . . . . 33




Photo by Eric Schramm, courtesy of USSA.

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Welcome to the 2018 edition of the Audi FIS Xfinity Birds of Prey World

Andy Arnold

Al Hubbard

Life Trustees

Cup races at Beaver Creek.

John Arnold

B.J. Hybl

Adam Aron

Hans Berglund

Mike Imhof

Judy Berkowitz

Sam Bronfman

Chris Jarnot

Marlene Boll

Susan Campbell

George Johnson

Bjorn Erik Borgen

Charlene Chen

Alexia Jurschak

Berry Craddock

Steve Coyer

Doug Lovell

Andy Daly

Sarah Millett

Jack Crosby, In Memoriam

Ron Davis

Ellen Moritz

Matt Donovan

Kaia Moritz

Bill Esrey

Michael Price

The eyes of the ski racing world are focused on Beaver Creek this

Johannes Faessler

Eric Resnick

weekend, and you are right here to see it live and in person. Please join

Tim Finchem

Dick Rothkopf

us each day after the races in Beaver Creek village for family-friendly

Steve Friedman

Ken Schanzer

John Garnsey

Mike Shannon

On behalf of our Board and staff at the Vail Valley Foundation, our

Margie Gart

Stanley Shuman

incredible volunteers, our partners, Vail Resorts, Beaver Creek Resort,

Donna Giordano

Rod Slifer

U.S. Ski and Snowboard, the International Ski Federation, the U.S. Forest

Ann Smead

Service and everyone who works round the clock to put together this

Sheika Gramshammer

global event, we welcome you to World Cup racing in the Rockies.

Mike Herman

The action and excitement of watching these incredible athletes is unrivaled. We at the Vail Valley Foundation, and our donors and partners that make the Audi FIS Ski World Cup possible, hope this year’s event is a memorable experience for you. Today, you will likely see a few old friends, and probably make a few new ones. If you have children, they may be inspired by what they see today, and no doubt a few of tomorrow’s World Cup athletes are in our audience today.

entertainment, concerts, games, prizes, and more.

Beth Howard Sincerely,

Hap Stein Kristin Tang Fred Tresca Stewart Turley Mary Webster Betsy Wiegers

Mike Imhof

Gary Woodworth

President, Vail Valley Foundation




President Gerald R. Ford, In Memoriam Harry Frampton, Chairman Emeritus Pete Frechette, In Memoriam John Galvin, In Memoriam George Gillett Pepi Gramshammer Steve Haber Martha Head William Hybl Elaine Kelton Kent Logan Peter May Doug Rippeto Oscar Tang

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS THURSDAY, NOV 29 Men’s Downhill Training 11am, Birds of Prey Racecourse

80s Ski Welcome Party

Warren Miller’s Face of Winter | $20

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Après Reception

7:30pm, Vilar Performing Arts Center vilarpac.org for tickets

3-6:30pm, LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Beaver Creek Office

with special appearance by TED LIGETY 4-7pm, Beaver Creek Village


Live Music: The Goonies 5-7pm, Beaver Creek Village

11am, Birds of Prey Racecourse Awards ceremony and Korbel Spray-Off immediately follows


Birds of Prey Way

Men’s Downhill Race 10:45am, Birds of Prey Racecourse

Birds of Prey Way 12-6pm, Beaver Creek Village

Free Ice Skating 3-5pm, Beaver Creek Village

Live Music: The Monophonics 3-6pm, Beaver Creek Village

U.S. Ski Team Athlete Signing 4-5pm, Beaver Creek Village

Men’s Super G Race

12-6pm, Beaver Creek Village

Live Music: Beau Thomas 1-3pm, Beaver Creek Village

Beers of Prey | $35 Presented by Ballast Point 2-6pm, Beaver Creek Village bcworldcup.com for tickets

SUNDAY, DEC 02 Men’s Giant Slalom Race Run 1: 9:45am, Birds of Prey Racecourse Run 2: 12:45pm, Birds of Prey Racecourse Awards ceremony immediately follows

Birds of Prey Way 10am-3pm, Beaver Creek Village

3-5pm, Beaver Creek Village


Live Music: The Hackensaw Boys

This event is being recorded. It’s possible your face, voice, and/or behavior might end up in the media and in advertising for our and others’ products and services.

3-6pm, Beaver Creek Village

with FIREWORKS FINALE! 5:45-6:15pm, Beaver Creek Village


Have a Complimentary Cocktail & Protect our Winters 8-10pm, Colorado Tasting Room in Beaver Creek Village

Free Ice Skating

Downhill Awards & Super G Bib Presentation


TINCUP Mountain Whiskey POWer Hour

*All events subject to change


Photo by Logan Robertson


Helps set the standard on XFINITY BIRDS OF PREY COURSE Club athletes, coaches, volunteers are integral ahead of Audi FIS Ski World Cup event It takes a village to make the Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup happen, but there’s little doubt that, without Ski & Snowboard Club Vail (SSCV), these races wouldn’t be possible. This view was confirmed by Tom Johnston, alpine technical advisor for U.S. Ski & Snowboard, as he was overseeing the installation of several hundred yards of B net just above the Birds of Prey finish area on Tuesday of race week. The installation of B net (the orange fencing that lines parts of the course and protects 10


racers in the event of a crash) by SSCV coaches is part of a long-standing collaboration between the local ski club and the Vail Valley Foundation, organizer of this week’s Xfinity Birds of Prey World Cup races at Beaver Creek. It’s just one of the ways these races are made possible and enhanced by the manpower and expertise of the ski club. Over a nineday period, starting the morning after Thanksgiving, SSCV mobilizes more than 50 coaches, athletes, and parent volunteers per day to help set up and refine the Golden Eagle course — that’s nearly 4000 man hours. The club’s responsibilities include installing B net, slipping the track, and facilitating the runner crew (workers who fix broken gates and respond to problems on the course). “Ski Club Vail provides a large pool of young, healthy coaches who can do hard labor for long periods of time,” Johnston said with a STAY CONNECTED

smile. “They’re also professionals at installing safety protection, so we don’t have to manage every installation. “The ski club also provides a large pool of younger workers, the athletes, who can do a lot of slipping and really polishing the track, which makes it the high level that it is,” Johnston added. “For sure, without the ski club, it would be a much lower-level event.” Johnston said it’s a good experience for young racers to be out on the hill, so they can see how much work goes into putting on a ski race. The military-style command structure of the Birds of Prey race crew is something kids should experience more often, he said. “Every time a ski passes over the snow it melts it,” Johnston explained. “It breaks down the bigger crystals into smaller crystals. It creates more density, that’s what gives it the nice surface.”

Pg 10 top and pg 11 bottom: Racers and coaches from Ski & Snowboard Club Vail help slip the Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup course leading up to race day. Photo by Geoff Mintz, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail. John “JC” Cole, SSCV’s Human Performance Director and twodecade veteran of the club, has been moonlighting as SSCV’s general on the hill at the Birds of Prey for 12 out of the last 20 years. He can still remember a time before the creation of the Beaver Creek Race Department and the Talon Crew when Ski Club Vail was responsible for running the race from beginning to end. He said the event is much better supported these days — which is why it has become so highly regarded among the international racing community — but SSCV coaches, athletes, and volunteers are still thrilled to play their part. “This is a big commitment for everybody involved. We’re pulling athletes away from training and coaches from coaching, but at the end of the day, it’s an incredible opportunity for them to be out here. … It’s a cultural thing. We live in a ski town. We’re incredibly lucky to have the only World Cup Downhill race in the U.S. right here in our backyard, and these kids have an opportunity to see the absolute best in the world come out and compete. It’s just so cool.” Asked what he’s learned over the last 20 years setting up the Birds of Prey course, Cole said simply, “Work smarter. … It’s a long-term strategy. You’ve got to know what the big push days are, when we’re going to be up there all day. And you’ve got to know when to get everybody down off the hill and get them recovered.” BY GEOFF MINTZ, SKI & SNOWBOARD CLUB VAIL

Photo by Geoff Mintz, Ski & Snowboard Club Vail.

Above: At left, PJ Jenick, longtime chief of race for SSCV events. At right, Brett Borgard, U12 alpine team manager.




WATCH Ted Ligety

Age: 34 Hometown: Park City, Utah World Cup Wins: 25 Discipline titles: 5 GS overall titles, one in combined World Championships Medals: 7 Olympic Medals: 2 Birds of Prey Wins: 5 2017 Birds of Prey: SG/DNF, GS/7 2015 Birds of Prey: SG/2, GS/DNF 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/28, SG/11, GS/1 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/42, SG/5, GS/1 2012 Birds of Prey: SG/4, GS/1 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/22, SG/DNF, GS/2, GS/1, SL/13 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/DNF, GS/1 2009 Birds of Prey: SC/DNF, GS/4 2008 Birds of Prey: GS/2, SG/7 2007 Birds of Prey: SC/8, GS/4, SG/23

World Cup Wins: 13 World Cup Podiums: 44 World Cup Titles: 1 SG World Championships Medals: 2 Birds of Prey wins: 2 (both SG) 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/22, SG/3, GS/DNF 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/4, SG16, GS/DNQ 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/8, SG/1, GS/25 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/2, SG/3 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/24, SG/3, GS/12 2011 Birds of Prey: DG/10, SG/5, GS/5 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/13 2009 Birds of Prey: GS/6 2008 Birds of Prey: DH/46, SG/10, GS/DNF 2007 Birds of Prey: DH/44, SG/1, GS/7

Age: 33 Hometown: Vinstra World Cup Wins: 21 World Cup Podiums: 48 World Cup Titles: 3 discipline (DH, 2 SG) World Championships Medals: 2 Olympic Medals: 5 (2018 DH silver, SG bronze) Birds of Prey Wins: 1 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/11, SG/2, GS/DNQ 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/2, SG/55, GS/15 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/1, SG/2, GS/15 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/12, SG/9, GS/17 BCWORLDCUP.COM | #BCWORLDCUP

Hannes Reichelt

Age: 38 Hometown: Radstadt

Kjetil Jansrud


2012 Birds of Prey: DH/3, SG/6 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/26, SG/6, GS/3, GS/7 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/10, GS/2 2009 Birds of Prey: DH/23, SC/11, GS/5 2008 Birds of Prey: SG/19, GS/4 2005 Birds of Prey: SL/4


Alexis Pinturault

Steven Nyman

World Cup Wins: 21 World Cup Podiums: 46 World Cup titles: 2 in combined World Championships Medals: 1 Olympic Medals: 4 (2018 combined silver, team event silver, GS bronze) 2017 Birds of Prey: SG/5, GS/12 2015 Birds of Prey: SG/DNF, GS/DNF 2014 Birds of Prey: SG/3, GS/2 2013 Birds of Prey: SG/18T, GS/5 2012 Birds of Prey: GS/5 2011 Birds of Prey: GS/9T, GS/4, SL/DNF

World Cup Wins: 3 World Cup podiums: 11 2017 Birds of Prey: Did not compete (injury) 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/15, SG/35 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/3, SG/DNF 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/21, SG/37 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/33 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/25 2009 Birds of Prey: DH/31 2008 Birds of Prey: DH/7, SG/25 2007 Birds of Prey: SC/DNF, DH/2, GS/DNQ, SG/DNF

Age: 27 Hometown: Courchevel

Aksel Lund Svindal

Age: 35 Hometown: Kjeller World Cup Wins: 35 World Cup Titles: 2 Overall, 9 Discipline World Championships Medals: 8 Olympic Medals: 4 (2018 Downhill gold) Birds of Prey Wins: 6 2017 Birds of Prey: DS/1, SG/6 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/1, SG/21 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/6, SG/6 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/1, SG/7, GS/11 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/2, SG/2, GS/6 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/5, SG/2, GS/9T, GS/6, SL/DNQ 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/9, GS/5 2009 Birds of Prey: GS/3, DH/3, SC/6 2008 Birds of Prey: GS/3, DH/1, SG/1 2007 Birds of Prey: Injured in DH Training

Marcel Hirscher

Age: 29 Hometown: Annaberg World Cup Wins: 58 Podiums: 123 World Cup Titles: 7 overall, 9 discipline World Championships Medals: 7 Olympic Medals: 3 (2018 GS and Combined gold) Birds of Prey Wins: 4 2017 Birds of Prey: GS/1 2015 Birds of Prey: SG/1, GS/1 2014 Birds of Prey: SG/DNF, GS/3 2013 Birds of Prey: SG/16, GS/3 2012 Birds of Prey: GS/2 2011 Birds of Prey: GS/1, GS/2, SL/3 2010 Birds of Prey: GS/3 2009 Birds of Prey: GS/29 2008 Birds of Prey: GS/15 Photos by Jonathan Selkowitz

Age: 36 Hometown: Provo, Utah

Dominik Paris

Age: 29 Hometown: Merano World Cup Wins: 9 World Cup Podiums: 22 World Championships Medals: 1 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/5, SG/10, GS/DNQ 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/20, SG/13, GS/DNQ 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/4, SG/5 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/9, SG/DNF 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/5, SG/29 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/49 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/DNF 2009 Birds of Prey: DH/23, DH/36

Peter Fill

Age: 36 Hometown: Castelrotto World Cup wins: 3 World Cup podiums: 22 World Cup titles: 2 DH World Championship medals: 2 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/10, SG/16 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/8, SG/26 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/10, SG/4 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/3, SG/3 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/8, SG/DNF 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/7, SG/25, GS/DNF, GS/DNQ 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/6, GS/DNF 2008 Birds of Prey: DH/11, SG/12, GS/DNF 2007 Birds of Prey: DH/7, SG/36, SC/30, GS/15 2006 Birds of Prey: DH/4, SC/4, GS/DNQ, 2005 Birds of Prey: DH/7, SG/15, GS/DNF 2004 Birds of Prey: DH/14, SG/DNF, GS/DNQ, SL/DNF 2003 Birds of Prey: DH/28, DH/29, SG/4 2002 Birds of Prey: DH/30, SG/20


Beat Feuz

Matthias Mayer

World Cup wins: 10 World Cup podiums: 35 World Championship medals: 2 Olympic medals: 2 (2018 SG silver, DH bronze) 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/2, SG/25 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/2, SG/23 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/6, SG/26 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/2, SG/3, GS/16, GS/17 2009 Birds of Prey: DH/20, DH/DNF, SC/16, GS/DNQ

World Cup wins: 5 World Cup podiums: 19 Olympic medals: 2 (2018 SG gold) 2017 Birds of Prey: DH12, SG/6, GS/DNF 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/21, SG/54 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/9, SG/17, GS/24 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/DNF, SG/10, GS/DNF 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/21, SG/7, GS/16 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/48, SG/DNF, GS/DNF, GS/DNQ

Age: 31 Hometown: Schangnau

Age: 28 Hometown: Afritz

Henrik Kristoffersen

Erik Guay

Age: 24 Hometown: Lørenskog

Age: 37 Hometown: Mont Tremblant

World Cup wins: 16 World Cup podiums: 45 World Cup titles: 1 SL Olympic medals: 2 (2018 GS silver) 2017 Birds of Prey: GS/2 2015 Birds of Prey: GS/3 2014 Birds of Prey: GS/27

World Cup wins: 5 World Cup podiums: 25 World Cup titles: 1 SG World Championship medals: 3 2017 Birds of Prey: Did not compete (injury) 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/11, SG/9 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/16, SG/30 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/15, DH/11 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/17, SG/7 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/29, GS/DNF 2009 Birds of Prey: DH/29 2008 Birds of Prey: DH/3, SG/13, GS/DNQ 2007 Birds of Prey: DH/15, SG/DNF, GS/DNQ 2006 Birds of Prey: DH/DNF, SC/DNS, GS/DSQ 2005 Birds of Prey: DH/6, SG/2, GS/21

Felix Neureuther Age: 34 Hometown: Partenkirchen

World Cup wins: 13 World Cup podiums: 47 World Championship medals: 3 2017 Birds of Prey: Did not compete (injury) 2015 Birds of Prey: GS/5 2014 Birds of Prey: GS/8 2013 Birds of Prey: GS/7 2012 Birds of Prey: GS/17 2011 Birds of Prey: SL/10 2010 Birds of Prey: GS/19 2009 Birds of Prey: SC/22, GS/DNQ 2007 Birds of Prey: GS/DNQ 2006 Birds of Prey: GS/22, SL/3 2005 Birds of Prey: GS/DNQ, SL/11 2004 Birds of Prey: GS/DNQ, SL/6

Aleksander Aamodt Kilde Age: 26 Hometown: Bærum World Cup wins: 2 World Cup podiums: 7 World Cup titles: 1 SG 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/14, SG/8, GS/26 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/16, SG/7, GS/DNF 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/33, SG/DNF, GS/DNQ 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/DNF, SG/23, GS/DNQ




Mathieu Faivre

Thomas Dressen

World Cup wins: 1 World Cup podiums: 5 2017 Birds of Prey: SG/49, GS/DNQ 2015 Birds of Prey: GS/7 2014 Birds of Prey: GS/11 2013 Birds of Prey: GS/4 2012 Birds of Prey: GS/28

World Cup wins: 2 (2018 Hahnenkamm DH champion) World Cup podiums: 4 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/3, SG/10 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/DNS, SG/DNF

Age: 26 Hometown: Isola 2000

Travis Ganong

Age: 30 Hometown: Lake Tahoe, CA World Cup wins: 2 World Cup podiums: 4 World Championship medals: 1 (2015 DH silver in Beaver Creek) 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/30, SG/33 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/12, SG/6 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/5, SG/28 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/15, SG/DNF 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/16, SG/DNF 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/33, SG/DNF 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/31

Age: 25 Hometown: Mittenwald

Christof Innerhofer

Age: 33 Hometown: Gais-Gais World Cup wins: 6 World Cup Podiums: 15 Olympic medals: 2 World Championship medals: 3 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/4, SG/13 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/7, SG/14 2014 Birds of Prey: DH/27, SG/20 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/14, SG/21 2012 Birds of Prey: DH/1, SG/17 2011 Birds of Prey: DH/12, SG/13, GS/DNQ, GS/28 2010 Birds of Prey: SG/4, GS/DNQ 2009 Birds of Prey: DH/12, GS/DNQ, SC/13 2008 Birds of Prey: DH/31, SG/4, GS/DNQ 2007 Birds of Prey: DH/26, SG/19, GS/DNQ, SC/24

Vincent Kriechmayr

Age: 27 Hometown: Linz World Cup wins: 3 World Cup podiums: 7 2017 Birds of Prey: DH/6, SG/1 2015 Birds of Prey: DH/14, SG/10, GS/DNF 2014 Birds of Prey: SG/DNF, GS/DNQ 2013 Birds of Prey: DH/39, SG/16, GS/DNQ



There is a spirit of warmth and friendliness radiating from the Sonnenalp Hotel. Here, we call this feeling gemütlichkeit – the warmest European hospitality. Family-owned and operated for over five generations, guests who love Vail return year after year to the intimacy of the Sonnenalp Hotel. The Sonnenalp epitomizes the mix of alpine adventure and elegance that sets Vail apart. Centrally located in Vail Village overlooking Gore Creek, you’ll enjoy our full service European spa, activity programs for all ages, three on-site restaurants and live music at the King’s Club lounge. Contact our concierge at 970-479-5429 or concierge@sonnenalp.com to book your stay today.

20 Vail Road • Vail, Colorado 81657 970-476-5656 • sonnenalp.com Follow us on Instagram: @genussatthesonnenalp or @sonnenalp




Your might have noticed something special about this year’s Xfinity Birds of Prey poster. The racer on that poster – the one whose speed is blurring the image, and whose face seems to encapsulate the razor’s-edge thrill of rocketing down the course among the world’s best; the one whose image is showing up in newspaper ads, digital ads, on the cover of this digital program, and on the semi-sacrosanct poster for this year’s Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup all throughout Eagle County – that racer is River Radamus. The image comes from 2017, when, at 19 years old, Radamus made his Audi FIS Ski World Cup debut on the Xfinity Birds of Prey Giant Slalom course. He missed qualifying for the second run by less than 0.2 seconds. This year, at 20, Radamus aims to take another leap forward on the legendary course that’s only minutes from his home. A long-time Vail Valley local and top racer out of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, Radamus is making waves in local ski racing circles – and those waves are traveling overseas as Radamus embarks on his first year on the Audi FIS Ski World Cup tour. He made his World Cup slalom debut in Levi, Finland on Nov. 11, 2018, but he said that coming out of the starting gate in his home-town race is a moment unlike any other. “I’ve been watching Birds of Prey my whole life,” Radamus said. “When I was in elementary school, we used to have field trips to go watch when it came to town. I’d get to watch guys like Weibrecht, Bode, Ted, Nolan, etc., just crush at these races, and dream of an opportunity to do the same. And now I get my chance to race against the world’s best in my own backyard. I mean, how can you not love that? It’s races like this that I’ve worked my whole life for.” Known for his unbeatable work ethic and mature-beyond-his-years demeanor, the 20-year-old seems to be taking his new position in the limelight well. Much like Lindsey Vonn and Mikaela Shiffrin, who also came out of the Ski and Snowboard Club Vail program, Radamus seems well coached not only on the mechanics of ski racing, but also the finer points of being an upstanding young gentleman. It may have helped that his father, Aldo Radamus, was Executive Director of Ski and Snowboard Club Vail for 14 years, coinciding with his son’s matriculation.

Chapter 1 of the

River Radamus story was written right here in the Vail Valley

“I owe a huge debt to Ski and Snowboard Club Vail for where I am today,” Radamus said. “SSCV was hugely influential in molding me into the skier I am today. Birds of Prey gave me exposure to elite alpine competition at an early age and helped me believe it was possible. And most importantly, the community around here, that has been so supportive of ski racing, and supportive of me. It’s definitely going to be special charging for the hometown crowd.” Radamus is a potential start for the Friday Super G, an announcement he will confirm or deny at a press conference schedule for Thursday, Nov. 29 at 4 p.m. Radamus is also scheduled to start in the Sunday Giant Slalom once again. When he comes out of the starting gate, there’s little doubt a huge swell of support will erupt from the thousands of gathered fans as they watch history in the making. STORY BY TOM BOYD

Photo by Jonathan Selkowitz


What are you made of ? Lorissa, a working mom driven by a desire to provide real food crafted for a full life, created Lorissa’s Kitchen in 2016. Her premium protein snacks come in a variety of flavors made with 100 percent grass-fed beef and chicken raised without antibiotics. Find Lorissa's Kitchen at major grocery and convenience stores, and on Amazon.com.







MSG FREE lorissaskitchen.com

“Rockin’ Protein is a convenient, portable and, most importantly, tasty protein source to help our athletes recover from their hard workouts.” -Allen Tran, MS, RD, CSSD | U.S. Ski & Snowboard Team High Performance Dietitian



FESTIVE! Festivities will fill Family-friendly fun 80s Ski Welcome Party Thursday, Nov. 29, 4-7 p.m. Beaver Creek village Throughout the weekend, kid’s games, events, skating (FREE • With special appearance by during Xfinity Birds from 3-5 p.m. on Friday and Ted Ligety Saturday) and prizes await in the of Prey Audi FIS Ski • Live Music: The Goonies safe and friendly atmosphere of World Cup race week the beautiful Beaver Creek Village. •VIP giveaways, Pumphouse Racing isn’t the only thing electrifying Beaver Creek during the Xfinity Birds of Prey this year. All throughout the weekend, the Beaver Creek Village base area will be alive with family-friendly fun+games, concerts, drink specials, and a ton of adventure await as event organizers the Vail Valley Foundation and Beaver Creek Resort Company prepare for four days of festivities designed to pair perfectly with the onmountain action. It’s a lot to absorb, so let’s jump right in: here’s a look at everything planned for what’s known as ‘Birds of Prey Way’ in the heart of Beaver Creek Village from Nov. 29-Dec. 2.


During the races, kids can enjoy the YouthPower365 Kids Zone, presented by TIAA Bank, then join the fun in the Village. Learn more at bcworldcup.com.

‘Flash your pass’ at Pumphouse Bar Throughout the weekend, enjoy the Pumphouse Bar located in the center of Beaver Creek near the ice rink, serving offerings from Pacifico, TINCUP, Stranahan’s, Wild Tonic, Korbel, Robert Mondavi, and Svedka. Pumphouse Bar will be offering drink specials all weekend long to Epic Pass holders when they ‘Flash their Pass’. On Friday, Eagle County ID holders will also receive $1 off drinks when they present their ID at the bar.



bar drink specials & more

Todays’ ski racers are performing better than ever before, but nothing can top the peak of style that overtook the sport (and the world) in the 1980s. Race fans (and ski fans in general) can welcome the races in style by dressing up in ’80s ski gear and jamming to the live ’80s cover tunes from “The Goonies” on the TINCUP Music Stage. Six-time Birds of Prey Giant Slalom winner Ted Ligety is on tap to come by the event for a special appearance during the party, courtesy of GoPro. Giveaways, drink specials, and more, are on tap.

Locals’ day at the races Friday, Nov. 30, all day Nothing brings the Eagle County community together quite like ski racing. In appreciation of more than 50 years of support, volunteerism, and passion for international ski racing, the Vail Valley Foundation and event organizers have dubbed Friday, Nov. 30 as ‘Locals’ day at the races’. Flash your Eagle County ID for $1 off drinks at the Pumphouse bar.

Live music: The Monophonics Friday, Nov. 30, 3-6 p.m. The Monophonics have become one of the Bay Area’s hottest bands – but ski racing fans can hear them up close, and for FREE from 3 – 6 p.m. after the races live from the TINCUP Music Stage near the ice rink in Beaver Creek Village. Soulful rock, rock-full soul, either way you slice it, the Monophonics bring a big, big sound with a talented 6-piece band.

Racers in the village: U.S. Ski Team Athlete Signing Friday, Nov. 30, 4-5 p.m. They’re here, they’re heroes, and they’re just as excited to meet their fans as fans are to meet them! Always a big hit, arrive early to get in line, meet U.S. Ski Team athletes, and have them sign your favorite posters or gear from 4-5 p.m. at Gorsuch in Beaver Creek Village.

Racers in the village: Awards and Bib Presentation Friday, Nov. 30, 5:45-6:15 p.m. One thing about the men of the Audi FIS Ski World Cup – they look just as good up close as they do speeding down the course. Friday night, fans will have a chance to lay eyes on the best in the world when the Downhill formal awards are given out right in the heart of Beaver Creek Village Friday night on the TINCUP Music Stage. Then, the world-famous (and extremely cute) Mountain Safety dogs (and possibly one puppy!) of Beaver Creek Ski Patrol will assist in the following day’s Super G bib draw, where the top-10-ranked skiers in the world will find out, live and in person, what order they will race in the legendary Xfinity Birds of Prey Downhill Saturday morning.

Fireworks! Friday, Nov. 30, 6:15 p.m. After the Awards and Bib Presentation, the Beaver Creek sky will light up with the picturesque fireworks, viewable throughout Beaver Creek.

Photo by Rick Lohre

FREE Bloody Marys from Lorissa’s Kitchen

Live music: Beau Thomas

Participating breweries include:

Friday, Nov. 30 – Sunday, Dec. 2, 9a.m. till they’re gone

Saturday, Dec. 1, 1-3 p.m.

• Ballast Point

It’s fitting that Saturday, after the Downhill races are over, a Colorado native will step onto the TINCUP Music Stage to help us keep the good vibes alive in the wake of one of the most anticipated snowsports event of the year. Based in nearby Summit County, Thomas will bring his soulful vocals and up-tempo arrangements to the village as everyone gets ready for the start of perhaps the village’s main event: “Beers of Prey.”

• Bonfire

Live music: The Hackensaw Boys

• Vail Brewing Company

Saturday, Dec. 1, 3-6 p.m.

LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Après Reception

Lorissa has a lot of goodness coming out of the kitchen. Known for their excellent jerkey, Lorissa’s Kitchen is revving up the race audience with free Bloody Mary’s for those 21-and-up ahead of the races on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – only while supplies last. Visit the Lorissa’s Kitchen booth for more info.

Warren Miller’s Face of Winter Friday, Nov. 30, 7:30 p.m. Vilar Performing Arts Center in Beaver Creek $20 From RED Mountain to Switzerland, Chamonix to Portillo, Warren Miller Entertainment’s Face of Winter, will be a visual journey to many of the best skiing locations in the world. At the same time, with the death of Warren Miller this past year, this year’s film will pay homage to the man who practically invented the modern ski movie. Get tickets at vilarpac.org.

Free Ice Skating Friday, Nov. 30 and Saturday, Dec. 1, 3-5 p.m. If you’re got a penchant for the idyllic, look no farther than the picturesque Beaver Creek Ice Rink located right in the heart of Beaver Creek Village. Skating is free from 3-5 p.m. on both Friday and Saturday, so lace up the skates (or rent them for FREE from the shop on the north side of the rink)

Raw, gritty, and perfect for a Saturday afternoon post-race event, the Hackensaw Boys will provide perfect accompaniment to the fun, games, prizes, giveaways, and Beers of Prey seasonal tasting also scheduled for Saturday in the village. Led by founding member, guitarist and songwriter David Sickmen, The Hackensaw Boys are back on the road with new songs, joined by fans of their 17-year span of making dancefriendly Americana music.

Beers of Prey Winter Seasonal Tasting Saturday, Dec. 1, 2-6 p.m. $35 Tickets at bcworldcup.com Nothing pairs better with the Xfinity Birds of Prey better than Beers of Prey, presented by Ballast Point. Bring an ID, get your tasting glass, and enjoy rare samples from renowned breweries in Beaver Creek Village. Along with frothy excellence from the servers, enjoy FREE music from Beau Thomas and The Hackensaw Boys during the tasting.

• Avery

• Boulevard • Cigar City • Duvel • Firestone Walker • Lagunitas • New Belgium • Odell • Ommegang • Oskar Blues • Sierra Nevada • Upslope • Wild Tonic (hard jun kombucha)

Saturday, Dec. 1, 3-6:30 p.m. 26 Avondale Lane Suite #119 RSVP at livtoski2018.eventbrite.com Join the Liv Sotheby’s International Realty Team for Saturday Après.

Birds of Prey Way, Sunday edition Sunday, Dec. 2 Activities in Beaver Creek Village continue until 3 p.m. on Sunday, during and after the Giant Slalom races. *All events in Beaver Creek Village *Schedule subject to change



DH Kristian Ghedina, ITA DH Andreas Schifferer, AUT SG Hermann Maier, AUT

1999 SL GS DH SG

Didier Plaschy, SUI Hermann Maier, AUT Hermann Maier, AUT Hermann Maier, AUT


DH Hermann Maier, AUT SG Fredrik Nyberg, SWE


No races held


DH Stephan Eberharter, AUT SG Didier Cuche, SUI


DH Daron Rahlves, USA DH Hermann Maier, AUT SG Bjarne Solbakken, NOR

2004 DH SG GS SL

Bode Miller, USA Stephan Goergl, AUT Lasse Kjus, NOR Benjamin Raich, AUT


DH Daron Rahlves, USA



SG Hannes Reichelt, AUT GS Bode Miller, USA SL Giorgio Rocca, ITA

SG Lindsey Vonn, USA SL Ivica Kostelic, CRO


DH Christof Innerhofer, ITA SG Matteo Marsaglia, ITA GS Ted Ligety, USA


Aksel Lund Svindal, NOR Bode Miller, USA Massimiliano Blardone, ITA Andre Myhrer, SWE

2007 SC DH GS SG

Daniel Albrecht, SUI Michael Walchhofer, AUT Daniel Albrecht, SUI Hannes Reichelt, AUT



Lara Gut, SUI Lara Gut, SUI Jessica Lindell-Vikarby, SWE Aksel Lund Svindal, NOR Patrick Kueng, SUI Ted Ligety, USA







DH Aksel Lund Svindal, NOR SG Aksel Lund Svindal, NOR GS Benjamin Raich, AUT

SC Carlo Janka, SUI DH Carlo Janka, SUI GS Carlo Janka, SUI

SG Georg Streitberger, AUT GS Ted Ligety, USA

2011 DH SG GS GS

Bode Miller, USA Sandro Viletta, SUI Marcel Hirscher, AUT Ted Ligety, USA


DH Kjetil Jansrud, NOR SG Hannes Reichelt, AUT GS Ted Ligety, USA

DH Kjetil Jansrud NOR SG Marcel Hirscher AUT GS Marcel Hirscher AUT

No races held


SG Vincent Kriechmayr, AUT DH Aksel Lund Svindal, NOR GS Marcel Hirscher, AUT

Photo by Logan Robertson 26

Available at the official Birds of Prey bars throughout Beaver Creek!

Join The Wild Tonic Revolution! GLUTEN FREE


Wild To n i c â„¢ Hard J un-Kombucha is an innovative craf t brew made by fer menting honey and tea to create a clean and refreshing 5.6% alcohol Kombucha.

W W W. W I L D TO N I C .C O M

KIDS AT THE RACES Things are looking up for little ones at the 2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup Beaver Creek, Colo., Nov. 28, 2018 -- Little kids look up to our Audi FIS Ski World Cup racers in more ways than one. When the heroes of the Xfinity Birds of Prey come through the finish line, kids traditionally cheer, go for autographs, and line up for high-fives from the world-famous Olympians who come through Beaver Creek each year. Unfortunately, little ones looking up toward the race course don’t always have the best view. All those darned adults get in the way, and so does that 4-foot-high air fence. That’s why the Vail Valley Foundation, who organizes the event, has created a solution. This year, the YouthPower365 Kids Zone, presented by TIAA Bank, will give kids a front-row seat to the races. The Vail Valley Foundation’s mission is to enhance quality of life through arts, athletics, and education. The education component is called YouthPower365. TIAA Bank is a proud cornerstone partner of all the VVF’s projects and stepped in to help make the YouthPower365 Kids Zone a reality. “This is a great example of the Vail Valley Foundation’s mission coming together all in one place, with tremendous support from the incredible teachers we have at YouthPower365,” said Tom Boyd, spokesperson for the Vail Valley Foundation, which has hosted the Xfinity Birds of Prey races since 1997. “TIAA Bank has been a



Parents can drop their kids for a 30-minute session in the YouthPower365 very supportive Kids Zone once they sign up and sign the waiver. YouthPower365 teachers partner, and we will be on hand, ready with games prizes, and good times. have worked together with space). Complete the signup process online them to make sure we can provide an to reserve your young skier’s spot for your elevated experience for the little ones who preferred time. Please note that space is come to our races. limited and any late arrivals could potentially “Who knows, perhaps the next River lose their spot! Arrive promptly to ensure RADAMUS (USA) will be somewhere in that prime viewing. Kids Zone at the races,” Boyd said. To make the YouthPower365 Kids Zone, presented by TIAA Bank, happen, a new platform has been built in the front row of the races, and the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 teachers will be on hand to help make the Kids Zone safe and fun. There will be high demand, so parents have to sign up for a time slot at bcworldcup.com/ kids-zone. After the races, families can head to Beaver Creek Village for free ice skating (3-5 p.m. FriSat), fun games like cornhole, giant connect-4, giant jenga, giveaways, live music and more.

How to enjoy the YouthPower365 Kids Zone presented by TIAA Bank The YouthPower365 Kids Zone presented by TIAA Bank will provide a fun and safe atmosphere for kids to enjoy the races along with several YouthPower365 teachers. They’ll also have a great view! Sign up for a time slot at slot at bcworldcup. com/kids-zone.

How it works: Beginning at the start of the Saturday and Sunday races, 30 kids are admitted into the zone for 30-minute sessions (dependent on


All participants & parents/legal guardians are required to complete a zone waiver and contact sheet prior to entry. Save time and sign up online.

Friday, Nov. 30 The winning class of the TIAA Bank Financial Literacy Challenge, in partnership with EverFi and the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365, will get to watch the races from the Kids Zone!

Saturday, Dec. 1 + Sunday, Dec. 2: The YouthPower365 Kids Zone presented by TIAA Bank is available to the public! • Your child must stay under the supervision of the Kids Zone staff at all times. • Your child may be photographed. • Adults are not allowed in the Kids Zone area but must remain on race course grounds while kids are in the Kids Zone. There is a viewing area behind the Kids Zone, or parents can sit in the stands. • Parents/guardians are required to sign their child in and out of the Kids Zone.

Photo by Rick Lohre

For Information

www.pepis.com 800-610-7374

GETTING TO THE RACES Parking & Arrival at Red Tail Stadium Spectator parking is available in the resort parking lots at the base of Beaver Creek. Regularly scheduled free shuttles will bring spectators to the Vilar Performing Arts Center and Birds of Prey Way expo area. Free race shuttles depart from the Covered Bridge, every 5-10 minutes throughout training and race days. Skis and snowboards are not permitted on the race shuttles. From the race shuttle drop off location, there is a five-minute on-snow walk to Red Tail Stadium. Please allow one hour of travel time from the base of Beaver Creek Resort to Red Tail Stadium to avoid missing any of the action! ADA access to the venue is available on request. Please contact Birds of Prey Registration at 970.748.5901.

Spectator Access & Viewing The Birds of Prey Racecourse has a mid-mountain finish and all race events are free and open to the public. Public concessions and restrooms are available.





Official Air Medical Sponsor of the 2018 Birds of Prey World Cup flightforlifecolorado.org

GET connected Support your favorite Vail Valley Foundation events, venues, and programs on Dec. 4 for Colorado Gives Day!

Schedule your donation today at coloradogives.org/VVF

vvf.org P.O. Box 6550 Avon, Colorado 81620





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2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey Official Program  

Official program book for the 2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup in Beaver Creek, Colorado.

2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey Official Program  

Official program book for the 2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup in Beaver Creek, Colorado.