2018 Vail Valley Foundation Annual Report

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t� ou� Communit� Annual Report 2018

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vail valle� �oundatio�



Andy Arnold

Johannes Faessler

Chris Jarnot

Rod Slifer

John Arnold

Tim Finchem

George Johnson

Ann Smead,

Hans Berglund

Steve Friedman

Alexia Jurschak


To enhance the quality of life in the Vail Valley through arts, athletics, and education.

Sam Bronfman

Margie Gart

Doug Lovell

of the Board

Susan Campbell

Donna Giordano

Sarah Millett

Hap Stein

Charlene Chen

Sheika Gramshammer

Ellen Moritz

Kristin Tang

Steve Coyer

Mike Herman

Kaia Moritz

Fred Tresca

Andy Daly

Beth Howard

Jill Plancher

Mary Webster

Ron Davis

Al Hubbard

Michael Price

Betsy Wiegers

Matt Donovan

B.J. Hybl

Ken Schanzer

Gary Woodworth

Bill Esrey

Mike Imhof

Mike Shannon

Kristy Woolfolk

Collage imagery:

Special thanks to photographers Erin Baiano, Tomas Cohen, Dan Davis, Rex Keep, Jon Resnick, John-Ryan

vail valle� �oundatio�

Lockman, Rick Lohre, Zach Mahone, Brian Maloney,


Chairman Emeritus

Marlene Boll

Pete Frechette,

Bjorn Erik Borgen

In Memoriam

Berry Craddock

John Galvin,

Jack Crosby,

In Memoriam

In Memoriam

John Garnsey

President Gerald R.

George Gillett

Ford, In Memoriam


Agence Zoom.

vail valle�

Harry Frampton,

Judy Berkowitz

Logan Robertson, and

Pepi Gramshammer

Vail Valley Foundation

Steve Haber

Oscar Tang

Martha Head

Stew Turley

William Hybl

Elaine Kelton Kent Logan Peter May

Eric Resnick

Doug Rippeto

Stanley Shuman

vail valle� �oundatio�


Fred Tresca

Johannes Faessler


Mike Shannon

Ellen Moritz, Chair

Tina Vardaman

Tim Finchem

Bill Esrey, Chair

Ann Smead

Susan Campbell Ann Smead Gary Woodworth


John Garnsey

Charlene Chen

Donna Giordano

Andy Daly

Alexia Jurschak,

Steve Coyer, Chair

B.J. Hybl

Steve Friedman

Vail Dance Festival

Andy Arnold

Chris Jarnot

Doug Lovell

Susan Campbell,

Board Excellence

Sam Bronfman

Ken Schanzer

Sarah Millett

Bob Brown

Mike Shannon

David Salvin

Margie Gart, Chair

Gina Browning

Rod Slifer

Mike Shannon

Kristi Ferraro

Ron Davis

Kristin Tang

Rod Slifer

Ann Smead

Tim Finchem

Mary Webster

Al Hubbard


Sarah Millett

Ann Smead, Chair


Kaia Moritz

Susan Campbell

Vilar Performing Arts Center

Chair Jill Plancher, Vice Chair Judy Berkowitz

Chair Michael Balk Jen Brown Gina Browning Susan Campbell Laureen Hopkins Beth Howard

Ann Smead

Priscilla Brewster

Sarah Millett

Hap Stein

Allie Coppeak

Ben Peternell

Stacey Frieder

Doug Rippeto


Lisa Goldman

Stew Turley Mary Webster

Ann Smead, Chair

Brian Nolan

Steve Coyer

Mike Herman, Chair

Sheika Gramshammer

Johannes Faessler

Jill Plancher

Bill Esrey

John Arnold

B.J. Hybl

Ken Schanzer

Phil Qualman

Johannes Faessler

Steve Friedman

Sarah Johnson

Ken Schanzer

Margie Gart

B.J. Hybl

Alexia Jurschak

Board of Directors


Kristin Tang

Mike Herman

David Salvin

Jane Netzorg

and committee

Johannes Faessler,

Gary Woodworth

Beth Howard

Stan Shuman

Sennene Philippon

membership as of

Mike Imhof

Oscar Tang

Fred Tresca

January, 2019.


Chris Jarnot

Hans Berglund

Beth Howard, Chair

Alexia Jurschak


Betsy Wiegers

Steve Coyer

Hans Berglund

Ellen Moritz

Ken Schanzer, Chair

Damian Woetzel

� �oundatio� Chair

John Arnold

Linda Waterhouse

Margie Gart

Andy Daly

Ken Schanzer

Steve Coyer

Donna Giordano

Matt Donovan

Mary Webster

Alexia Jurschak

Tom Jaffe

Bill Esrey

Kaia Moritz



accolade� �o� the pa�t,

ENTHUSIASM FOR THE FUTURE It’s worth taking a moment to think about what this valley would be without the Vail Valley Foundation. The best way to get a sense for that is to read this Annual Report. Within it, you’ll find an overview of all this organization’s great work. There are many factors that come together to make this work a success, but I want to point out two particular important components. First is your generosity. Without it, we couldn’t accomplish so much across arts, athletics, and education. Equally as important is the incredible staff at the Vail Valley Foundation. They are truly talented and perhaps the most hard-working people I’ve ever encountered. To everyone at the Vail Valley Foundation: thank you so much for your inspiring efforts. At the VVF, 2018 was a time where we looked to the future and challenged ourselves: what will we establish for the long-term benefit of our community? How will we prepare ourselves for the years to come? In answer, the Vail Valley Foundation has created a five-year strategic plan that puts us on strong footing to flourish in the long term. There are many kinds of strategic plans, but ours is a nimble one. It is clear and deliberate, but it is not rigid. It’s our belief that an organization must remain flexible; always ready to respond to community needs. This plan builds upon the work and leadership this organization has provided since its founding in 1981. As we look back on a successful 2018, and forward to an exciting 2019, we invite you to help us continue to serve this unique community. At the center of all we have done, and all we will continue to do, is the kindness, volunteerism, and philanthropy of each of you. With sincere gratitude,

Ann Smead Chairman of the Board, Vail Valley Foundation



get �ead� �o�

‘BIG IDEAS’ IN 2019 At the Vail Valley Foundation, we are at once celebrating a phenomenal year and looking forward to a future that is bound to be exciting and adventurous. As you will see in these pages, we are innovating, planning, and preparing for what's next across all that we do. It is fitting that our Annual Report is adapting and changing along with the organization. In addition to the printed copy you hold in your hand we also offer an interactive, digital version of this report [vvf.org/annual-report]. It offers a captivating multi-media journey through our year, as well as a glimpse of our future. Looking ahead and thinking big are two hallmarks of this organization. Where we stand today is due, in large part, to the foresight of our founders, who anticipated the changes in our community that are now part of our everyday reality. As we look to the next five years, our sights are set on addressing the changing needs of our community and setting up our organization for great success for decades to come. From financials, to fundraising, to organizational structure, our eye is now on the future. The coming year will usher in a new era for the VVF. We look forward to working on this together with you. Thank you for your support throughout an exceptional 2018. We look forward to all the great connections, and changes, that await in 2019.

Mike Imhof President, Vail Valley Foundation



The powe� o� the

JOURNE The majesty of the Vail Valley is immediately

breathtaking, but at the Vail Valley Foundation, we know that our community is the real source of magic in our rural, mountain resort towns. Hard working families contribute to our success as a world-class destination, driven by the hope that their personal investments create opportunities for their children. Our educational programs have been their partner in preparing our next generation for success for nearly four decades.

Ready to learn This year, our Magic Bus state-licensed preschool rolled out a new customized RV to serve children ages 3-5 who do not have access to quality early childhood education. This state-of-the art classroom on wheels, equipped with its own bathroom, has not only allowed us to serve additional underserved areas, but has generated a buzz that brought our program to full-capacity this summer.

Ready to excel Our PwrHrs afterschool and summer programs continue to wrap around the school community, its families and children. This year, summer camp extended from a half day to a full day – growing our contact hours with students to more than 300,000 annually. PwrHrs also secured (continued on page 8)




NEY “YouthPower365’s contribution to

ou�ne� PwrUp initiatives ensure that

PwrHrs K-12 empowers youth

PwrOn career and college

every child, from birth through

to achieve their potential

programming supports youth

age five, and their families,

through engaging academic

in their pathway toward

have access to the tools

and enrichment opportunities.

post-secondary education

needed to establish a strong early learning foundation.

Photos by Logan Robertson.

and career opportunities.

education is critical to our future success. Through our partnership, we can develop the next generation of leaders to give back to our Eagle River Valley community.” Philip Qualman, Assistant Superintendent, Eagle County Schools



state licensure, becoming the largest childcare provider in the county. All of the above is good news for our community, because our studies show that PwrHrs attendance is associated with academic gains, and PwrHrs attendance significantly improves school day attendance. We provide transportation home for our children as well as a daily healthy snack. This allows our hardworking families to take comfort knowing that their children are being cared for, in a safe environment, where they will thrive.

Ready for college or career Our Group Mentoring program continues to pair more than 100 middleschool students with role models from the business community, providing them with a trusted adult relationship that can make the difference between graduation and dropping out. YouthPower365 couples this program with Camp College, a two-week program of family-student workshops focused on completing college applications, financial planning, major exploration, and parent support strategies. This year, we further defined and deepened our partnerships with CareerX and Careerwise – internship and postsecondary navigation programs. These multi-faceted efforts ensure students are ready for their next step in life.

Ready to climb the next peak A thousand smaller moments of accomplishment are nestled among our annual notable milestones. The morning a Magic Bus child sounds out the alphabet for the first time; the day a PwrHrs child finally understands physics while designing his own race track; the evening a high schooler gets help with her FAFSA application and, for the first time ever, college finally seems within her grasp; the week a parent feels welcomed as part of a school family; and the year a teacher connects to their student in a way that changes their life. We are ready for our next steps as an organization – to create new community connections with our November 2019 PwrHrs Rural Afterschool Conference; to integrate local community services into our programs through our three-year Colorado Health Foundation grant; and to strive for quality in all our activities using strategic planning and research. Thank you for being our partners in this journey to improve the lives of children in our Valley.




MISSION To provide year-round extended learning that empowers and educates the youth and families of Eagle County from cradle to career-readiness.

“It is so helpful to finish our workday

and know our daughter is safe and having fun!” PwrHrs Parent

Photos by Jon Resnick, Max Phannenstiel, and Logan Robertson.

“For 20-plus years I have been supporting the efforts of YouthPower365. My reasons are simple: YouthPower365 provides our community’s children hope and belief in themselves through education of the whole child. One visit to any of our local elementary schools during our PwrHrs program will treat you to huge smiles and engaged children, reinforcing the value in our giving.” Robert Brown, President, Swift Communications (owners of the Vail Daily)


of Magic Bus children are prepared for kindergarten as defined by teacher evaluations.




BY THE NUMBERS Eagle County Schools’ graduation rates†


of Eagle County children do

not receive formal pre-school before kindergarten*


contact hours





37% 10

From 40% to 94%

all PwrHrs programs

Parent Mentors in serving


of PwrHrs students demonstrated oral

growth in confidence of

as their child’s first teacher of Eagle County Public


students took part in

Magic Bus participants



annual student-teacher

reading fluency growth


of PwrHrs students

Schools’ children benefit

demonstrated math

from free or reduced lunch*

computation growth


†Colorado Department of Education Graduation Statistics: http://www.cde.state.co.us/cdereval/gradratecurrent. On time (4-year) 2017 graduation rates. *Eagle County Early Childhood Roadmap Report, 2016

“The work being done at YouthPower365 is


scholarship dollars awarded


students who received scholarship support

“Now I have learned that there are

critical to the success of our young people

no limits to learning and

and families. It was an honor to be a part of

everything depends on oneself and

that work for the past five years, a time

the desire to advance, by looking

during which I saw first-hand how impactful

for the appropriate resources and

the work of YouthPower365 teachers and

watching the people necessary to

mentors can be. I look forward to being of

achieve success.”

assistance as the organization continues to

Parent Mentor

take our community’s challenges head on.” Melisa Rewold-Thuon, former Executive Director of YouthPower365, current Assistant Superintendent, Eagle County School District


sixth graders engaged through mentoring programs


mentors agreed that mentoring with this program can make an impact in helping participants realize their full potential

Photos by Dan Davis and Jon Resnick.




APPLAUSE With the Gore Range to the east, Vail

Mountain to the south, and Vail Village to the west, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater occupies a rare and cherished place on earth. It also occupies a rare and cherished place in our community. It’s a place where locals and visitors come together to celebrate the arts, enjoy headliner music, raise a toast, see old friends, and cultivate the connections that are the heartbeat of a strong community. In 2018, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater enjoyed a summer unlike any other. The inaugural year of the Whistle Pig Vail concert series brought big names and ticketed shows to the Ford Amphitheater, merging big-name rock and pop with the Ford Amphitheater’s already-beloved lineups including the Vail Dance Festival, Bravo! Vail performances, and the Moe’s Bar B Que Hot Summer Nights free concerts on Tuesdays. Looking ahead, the Ford Amphitheater and Whistle Robert Plant at Whistle Pig Vail, 2018. Photo by John-Ryan Lockman.


Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater


E Pig Vail are poised to make an indelible mark on the Rocky Mountain music scene. Word is out about the successful 2018 series, and blockbuster 2019 performances are already on the books. The venue’s innate charisma is sure to expand its already-renowned reputation among artists as a phenomenal, welcoming place to perform. The venue continues to be a place unlike any other, thanks to the support and patronage from our community.

A better view for all Visitors to the Harry and Susan Frampton Lawn at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater were wowed and welcomed by a new


addition to the venue: a 23'x10' digital screen

that brings close-up imagery and video for

general admission guests. Big screens are an integral aspect of the

modern performing arts experience, and the

screen was received with resounding praise. The Vail Valley Foundation would like to

recognize Karen and John Arnold and the Town of Vail for their lead gifts, and Julie and Bill Esrey and the Hernreich Family Foundation, for their generous financial support of this amazing addition to the Ford Amphitheater.

Photos by John-Ryan Lockman and Erin Baiano.



In 2018, the Ford Amphitheater enjoyed a new, big screen and new, big-name artists. Photo by John-Ryan Lockman.


Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater







total attendees

events held in summer 2018

Bravo! Vail events held

flowers planted

guitar strings broken

of Whistle Pig Vail attendees ‘extremely


likely’ to recommend

“The Ford Amphitheater sets us apart from other communities because we have this venue where

Whistle Pig Vail attendees

people can gather. In one week you can see your favorite touring band, and then go to the New York Philharmonic, and then American Ballet Theatre.


Where else can you do that? And the venue itself is Hot Summer Nights attendees

so beautiful, it’s gorgeous. I feel “The pioneer spirit

47% local

13% in-state



fortunate to have been a part of it.” Jen Mason, Executive Director of

continues to thrive

the Colorado Snowsports Museum,

here … one of the

Vail Town Council member, Ford

reasons Vail is Vail.”

Amphitheater Director, 2000-2018.

Greg Clifton, Vail Town Manager

Photos by John-Ryan Lockman.



The height� o�

ARTISTRY The Vail Dance Festival enjoyed the

benefits of tremendous momentum in 2018. In its 30th season, the event was catapulted into new heights on the strength of a now three-decadeslong history of building the Vail Valley as a summertime dance haven for artists, choreographers, audiences and, perhaps most importantly, for the progression of the art itself. Take just one cross-section of the event by way of example: Tony Award-winning choreographer Justin Peck was paired with Pulitzer Prize-winning composer Caroline Shaw to create an entirely new creation, RISE WAIT CLIMB THROUGH for NOW: Premieres Aug. 6. It wasn’t Shaw’s only premiere of the night. She also collaborated with Festival-favorite Lil Buck. Extemporaneously, Buck and Shaw built their own recording studio in Vail, and Shaw helped shape a new musical structure that included Buck’s own voice, to match his choreography for the mind-blowing World Premiere of 38109. Created entirely while here, the new piece joined together with an equally-astounding set of new works from Michelle Dorrance, Lauren Lovette, Tiler Peck, Silas Riener, Rashaun Mitchell and Claudia Schreier, for perhaps the most impressive collection of new works to premiere at the Vail Dance Festival. All of the above took place on one night of a two-week Festival which featured 13 performances, 170 artists, and thousands of moments, large



and small, that collectively helped build new connections and enliven the diverse cultural communities that unify for this extraordinary event. The Festival also took notable strides toward expanding the off-stage integration of audiences, interns, young dancers and long-time fans into the collective process of discussion, thoughts, and ideas that should, and do, surround a top-tier event like the Vail Dance Festival. These include the expansion of Festival Forums live podcast events, the Young Patron Party, Master Classes, the Dancing in the Streets events, and of course the advent of the new Tutu Tea Party for little aspiring dancers. Simply put, 2018 was an exceptional year not only for the new collaborations and pairings, but also for its unmatched creativity.

Photos by Erin Baiano.




weeks of dance



“It’s a very unique cross-pollination of


artists that are here, and I think it’s carefully curated by Damian, so there’s


a clear vision and artistic choice that


exists because of how he runs


festival attendees


Celebrate the Beat Pop Hop

of Festival funding comes from the generous support of individual donors


Camp students


Tutu Tea Party

Master Class students


the Festival. That, in turn,

“When in Vail, though, what

creates a unique experience

you see is how these returning

working on the specific pieces

artists extend themselves here

that we’re creating here... It’s

— tackling new idioms,

really a beautiful experience.”

developing new partnerships,

Justin Peck, New York City Ballet

working on choreographic premieres — as nowhere else. You haven’t seen their full range if you’ve missed them here.” Alastair Macaulay, The New York Times



Photos by Erin Baiano.

Justin Peck and Michelle Dorrance in They Try To Tell Us world premiere. Photo by Erin Baiano.



The a�t o�

PERFORMA There is not a bad seat

in the house at the Vilar Performing Arts Center. There is, however, a view that not many people get to experience: the one from the stage, looking outward at the audience. Grammy-winning artists and Broadway stars have been there, and so have rock stars and country legends. Jazz ensembles and ballerinas, comedians and magicians, mezzo-sopranos and soulful singersongwriters have all stepped onto the nowstoried stage. So have our youthful aspiring talents, because the VPAC quite often hosts the performances of our academy and community theaters – always to a packed house. What performers see, when looking out at us, is almost as interesting as what we see while looking on at them. In fact, in some ways it is more interesting. They see hundreds of faces that mirror the emotions of the experience. They see a community that comes together to support the arts, that values the ethereal yet important connections that are only




MANCE made live, in person, when people come together to share in the heartbreak, hilarity, romance and reflection that true artisanship can guide us through. Creating such moments requires widespread support. Only 33% of the $4 million required to keep the VVF’s Vilar Performing Arts Center open comes from ticket sales. The remaining 67% must be raised through corporate and individual contributions. At the VPAC, it’s no mistake that we have an audience that is as diverse as it’s programming. Among the wide pallet offered by the more than 125 events a year, the VPAC also hosts young S.T.A.R.S. (Support The Arts Reaching Students) audiences from our local schools, many of whom would never otherwise enjoy such an experience. Whether it is part of S.T.A.R.S. or to see famous stars, audiences of all ages and interests come to the VPAC and find new friends, bond with old ones, and build the memories and meaning that, taken together, are the connections that create community.

performanc Chris Botti, photo by Jon Resnick. This page, photos by John-Ryan Lockman.



The view from the stage at the Vilar Performing Arts Center. Photo by John-Ryan Lockman.




of operating revenue comes

from generous individual, corporate donations


total days of operation


volunteer hours

The Vilar Performing Arts Center is a


government, and

6,230 special and unique place. When you attend an event at the VPAC you notice

active volunteers

the perfection of your surroundings.


Not only is it beautifully constructed and decorated, but the sound is of the

of volunteers are new

highest quality. Cyntha Thrall, local homeowner

i ncrease in overall attendance

from 2017 to 2018



net promotor score

tickets sold in summer 2018


S.T.A.R.S. kids served

Our S.T.A.R.S. field trip to the “Wow! Top-notch all around.

VPAC was beautiful: A

Amazing venue and staff.

wonderful cultural experience

Thank you!”

for our kids. They were inspired

Trace Bundy, singer-songwriter

to dance, later, in our classroom. They loved it!

“It’s magic to play here,

Marci Briones, Avon Elementary

winter or summer!”

5th grade teacher

Bela Fleck, 16-time GRAMMY® Award Winner



The maje�t� o� ou�

MOUNTAIN The moments after dawn at the

GoPro Mountain Games illuminate scenes of anticipation: Fisherman are plying their casting skills, trail runners are warming up through Vail Village, cyclists are adjusting their tune, and kayakers are shaking off the cobwebs with paddle strokes in Gore Creek. As the GoPro Mountain Games approaches the dawn of its 18th year, it is still as young and fresh as ever; still overflowing with a similar sense of anticipation and potential that comes with mountain rays of morning light. There is nowhere else where so many people, from so many places on earth, come together to find communion in the mountain lifestyle through athletics, art, music and more. Vail has established itself as the connection point for the greater mountain community, which leads us to wonder what the future might bring for this one-of-a-kind event as it nears the end of its second decade as the best all-around mountain sports and lifestyle event anywhere in the world.


GoPro Mountain Games


“This is the event where all the athletes from all the mountain sports come together for one big, hurrah with people of all ages and abilities. It’s a blast and

In 2018, the GoPro Mountain there’s nothing like it.” Games showed once again that it has its own, special, kind of Nick Troutman, World Champion kayaker gravitational mass. It reliably attracts the people, partners, and products that are at the epicenter of the outdoor world, and the four days in Vail each June are growing to become an annual pilgrimage for mountain-loving people from all around the state, country, and globe. It’s a can’t miss event. As it grows, it’s clear there are big things ahead for the GoPro Mountain Games. And, just like those who brave the dawn in Vail each June, we know that wherever we head next, it’s bound to be a beautiful adventure.

mountains Photos by Rick Lohre, Logan Robertson and John-Ryan Lockman.



The 8-ball kayak sprint is the traditional, bonecrunching, finish to the GoPro Mountain Games. Photo by Logan Robertson.




spectators (10%

more than 2017)


brand partners



new attendees


unique athletes


satisfaction rate (out of five)

“We thoroughly enjoyed our first year as the exclusive timepiece and timing sponsor at the GoPro Mountain Games. The event exceeded our expectations in both consumer traffic and sales, and

$6.2 M

we loved meeting with and celebrating the community of athletes

economic impact

and fans that the Mountain Games are known for. We look forward to continuing our partnership with VVF for years to come.”

avg. # of days attended

room nights generated

1.1 B

“The Mountain Games continue to be a pivotal partnership for GoPro. The event allows us to put the GoPro brand on full display to an extremely attractive demographic of active

DEMOGRAPHICS Average Adult Age

Marketing Manager, Timepiece Division, Casio


total media reach

Male vs Female

Tyler Stanulonis



59% / 41%

54% / 46%



consumers while activating across multiple GoPro departments. Our partnership with the


81% have a 4-year degree or higher

Vail Valley Foundation is our longest running

Mean HHI

50% earn more than $100k

sponsorship and we are excited to keep the

TOP STATES OF ORIGIN 70% Colorado / 30% out of State 1. Colorado 2. Illinois

GoPro Mountain Games at the forefront of Mountain Sports and Outdoor lifestyle.” Todd Ballard, Chief Marketing Officer, GoPro

3. Texas 4. California 5. Utah




RALLY Pro Cycling has been a big part of

Vail history going back to the Red Zinger in 1975, the Coors Classic in the 1980s, and the more recent USA Pro Challenge. In 2018 a new chapter of this legacy was written when the Vail Valley Foundation partnered with RPM Events Group and the Town of Vail as part of year two of the Colorado Classic. The race included a day-two Time Trial up the legendary Vail Pass course, but it also included a circuit race through Vail Village, something the town had not seen at that level since the Coors Classic. Expo booths, concerts, games, and ancillary activities like the Gravel Fondo brought liveliness to Vail Village during the Thursday and Friday race window. Thousands came to show their support, and aerial cameras for Eurosport 1 broadcast the event to prime-time European markets. Together with livestreaming, social media, and traditional news outlets, the event helped show the majesty of the Vail Valley to a global audience. On days three and four, the Colorado Classic completed its run in Denver. Here in Vail, the Vail Valley Foundation continued the festivities by hosting a two-day, sold-out weekend of concerts at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater as part of the Whistle Pig Vail series.


Colorado Classic






hours of international TV coverage




live streaming views

countries reached via TV and streaming

Photo by Jered & Ashley Gruber, courtesy of RMP Events.

Men’s and women’s pro riders experienced a beautiful pro cycling course in Vail in 2018. Photo by Jered & Ashley Gruber, courtesy of RPM Events.

Feel the need �o�

SPEED Xfinity Birds of Prey

Jared Goldberg photo by Alexis Boichard, Agence Zoom.


In this valley, snow news is good news, but for the hundreds of course workers at the 2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey, heavy snow equals heavy work. Other venues may have buckled at the implications of 13 inches of snow falling on a 1.2-mile-long race course during race week. In Beaver Creek, the inimitable fortitude of the race crew (including the all-volunteer Talon Crew, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, and the pro team from Beaver Creek Mountain) was on grand display. The courses were cleared, conditions were excellent, and round-the-clock effort set the stage for an extraordinary year of racing at the 2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey Audi FIS Ski World Cup. Millions of Americans watched on NBC, and tens of millions watched from around the world as Olympic champions tackled the legendary Birds of Prey course. At the venue, one racer in particular stood out: River Radamus, home-town hero, was featured on the event’s banners, posters, programs and more, giving the 20-year-old Edwards resident a true taste of the big-time. In the Village, concerts, fireworks, ice skating and falling snowflakes made for a quintessential Beaver Creek experience. A new YouthPower365 Kids Zone (presented by TIAA Bank) gave kids a front-row seat to the races, s'mores made for family-friendly fun in Beaver Creek Village, and adorable ski patrol puppies stole the show during Friday evening’s bib selection ceremony. In the end, the champion racers grabbed global headlines as a new round of medalists achieved greatness, forever etching their names into Xfinity Birds of Prey history.

peed Photos by Francis Bompard, Agence Zoom, and Tomas Cohen.



“A BIG thanks to the VVF and volunteers who helped the


disabled folks (like me) at the Birds of Prey races ... I could never

nations represented

have been a spectator at the Birds of Prey races if the VVF and


volunteers were not willing to provide rides and other help.” Mary Neville Hood, Middlesex, Vermont

competitors on the Super G podium (only the second

around the

three-way tie for third in men’s Audi FIS Ski World Cup history)

$2.4 M

65' 10"

Korbel cork Spray-Off

global broadcast


overall rank of Xfinity Birds of Prey


and coaches

presented by TIAA Bank

551 volunteers


posts sent to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter by VVF during event window


Xfinity Birds of Prey

we work with, their professionalism, and their

Mike Kurtesz, Technical Operations Manager,

YouthPower365 Kids Zone

hours contributed by

top stops in terms of the quality of the people that


kids enjoyed the

and of all places we go, Beaver Creek is one of the

90 M

in independent survey of athletes


world to every Men's Audi FIS Ski World Cup site,

commitment to putting on a world-class event. It's

estimated worldwide

winning distance


countries receiving

economic impact

“We travel all

Photo by Tomas Cohen.

one of our top stops on the tour each year.” International Ski Federation (FIS)

Vail Valley local River Radamus was a huge fan favorite at the 2018 Xfinity Birds of Prey. Photo by Alexis Boichard, Agence Zoom.



vail valle� �oundatio�

FINANCIALS The financials below represent the full fiscal year of the Vail Valley Foundation June 1, 2017 to May 31, 2018. ARTS




G&A +





























In-kind contributions







Net investment return










































































Exchange portion of membership dues

Other revenue Net special events revenue Total revenue

EXPENSE AND LOSSES Program services expense General & administrative Fundraising Interest expense Loss on uncollectible promises to give Total expenses and losses



Change in the value of interest rate swap














Federal Tax ID # 74-2215035


Vail Valley Foundation Financials

Photo by Rick Lohre.



Thank yo� t� ou�

VOLUNTEERS Vail Valley Foundation Donna Abbruzzese Jeremy Abraham Bob Abrams Teri Abrams William Acuff Helga Adasz Sean Adler Larry Agneberg Roman Ahsanov Marco Albertini Mitchell Aldrich Mary Alldredge Mike Allen Brian Allison Laura Allison Bruce Alper Christian Alvarez


Paul Amos Theresa Jimenez Anders Beth Anderson Greg Anderson Patricia Anderson Paul Anderson Andi Andersson Mats Andersson Linda Angeloni Matt Anger Christian Apps Jeffrey Apps Eric Aragon Zach Arenberg Mark Ariniello Gretchen Aronoff Christina Arrigoni


Mike Atkinson Chris Aubel Tristand Babka Paul Backlund David Bacon Chris Baer Donna Bagneris Ashley Bailey Breanden Bailey Kathie Ballah Joe Balocco Michael Balster Celia Barrie Betsy Barringer John Barringer Breanna Barry Radka Bartha Adam Bartlett Paul Bates John Battisti Oscar Baudrand Victor Baudrand Brian Bauer

Tanner Bauer David Baugh Elizabeth Beck Gillian Beck Tom Becker Bailey Beebe Jenifer Behrins Steve Belknap Jeffrey Bell Kathleen Bell Lorrayne Bell Martin Bell Sarah Bell Shelley Bellm Mike Beltracchi Justin Bennett Samuel Bennett Michael Benov Jim Benson Jennifer Berg Kristen Bertuglia Amie Bervy Max Bervy Thomas Bethke Elisabeth Biebl Michael Bisner Brian Blood Pat Blood Brooke Bobela Jaime Bogardy Nanci Bolton Mike Bond Steve Bonde Andrew Bone Kaitlyn Bone Matthew Bone Tammy Bone Cathy Bonser Evan Bookman Linda Bookman Cheryl Boone

Jovian Borek Macallan Borg Brett Borgard Connor Boschert Sara Bottome Holly Bouchard Barbara Bower David Bowes Norman Bowles Judy Bowman Roberta Boyd Carl Boyhan Jack Bradbury Jen Bradbury Adam Brandse Benjamin Brandse Frank Brandse Reva Brandt Javier Braun Gayle Braunholtz Cheri Breeman Karen Breliant Kimberly Brewster Scott Brockmeier Kim Brodin Suzanne Bross Quin Browder Eileen Brown Jimmy Brown Thomas Brown Lorraine Brown-Bassett Mark Brownson Heidi Brunner Andrew Bugbee Peter Bugbee Brian Bybee Roxanne Bybee Don Cacace Cliff Callaway^ Jim Callison Jan Cammermeyer James Carleton Jack Carnie Joan Carnie Frank Carriere Leslie Carter Jim Castillo Jan Cerovich Paul Chadwick Adam Chambers Karen Chandler Christian Chang

Daniel Chang Noah Chang Eugene Cheong Brooke Chesnut Gordon Chicoine Tenie Chicoine* Jim Childers Susan Chipman Kent Christian Blair Christiansen George Christman Peter Ciprari Anne Clark Holly Clark Nicole Clemens Cindy Clement Richard Clubine Chad Cobb Travis Cobb Nicholas Cocina Susan Cody Tomas Cohen Jon Cohn Holly Cole Rosane Coleman Rick Collier Sandy Collier Jennifer Collins Will Colt Richard Colt Jr Wendy Congleton Karen Conklin Mark Conlon Alissa Consenstein Rod Corlin Dolly Corlin Joslynn Corredor Jay Corsetti

Maureen Court Paul Court Billie Cowden Kim Crawford James Crea Alan Crocker Bruce Crow Victoria Culbeaux Marnie Cullen Rick Cunningham Anne Cuny Ryan Currence Bob Dagg Robert Dagostino Charles Dalton Sharie Damm Ingrid Dampier Janet Daniels Rose Daniels Stephen Daniels JD Danni Wendy Davidson Bill Davis Caren Davis Elizabeth Davis* Reese Davis Susie Davis Sara De Iraola Jorge de la Torre Matt Debus

Sam Deckard Dale Decker Vaughn DeCrausaz Kathy Dee Candie Delp Michelle Delumyea Mike DeMino David Demko Courtney DePriest Jarrod DePriest Jared DeResta

Marianne Desmarais Addison DeTrolio Sydney DeTrolio Elfi DeVaney Doris Dewton DeDe Dickinson Jay Diehl Jocelyn Dienst

Bob Dienst Elizabeth DiJulio* Andrew Disch John DiToro David Divine Zach Dobrota Scott Dodd Jim Dowling

Voluntee� o� the yea�:

Past Vail Valley Foundation


“ Voluntee� o� the Yea�” recipients: 2000

A 21-year veteran of the VVF volunteer

Kim Bender

crew, Tenie Chicoine is now “retiring” from volunteering to focus on the family business in Gypsum and on her actual family here and in California. But the 2018 Vail Valley Foundation “Volunteer of the Year” will miss her extended family of brownie consumers and sock-wearers. “I have a fantastic crew of people, and we do this all together,” Chicoine said. “It’s like family, and we just have a good time doing events. We’re all on the same page, we’re here to help out and to have a good time … and we do.” Tenie started with the VVF as a way to meet people after first moving to the valley in 1996, and her first event was a World Cup mountain bike race in 1997. Soon, she was coordinating and dealing with all the products coming in from the sales force – the goodie bags, gifts, sponsor materials, volunteer uniforms. Basically, the SWAG, or “Stuff We All Get.” “She has more energy than any other person I’ve ever met. She runs circles around like 20- and 30-year-olds. It’s just incredible,” said Jen Mason, who organized the nonprofit’s volunteers for more than a decade. “Tenie has a big truck and trailer and she’s constantly running, going to Denver and picking up large shipments, all the products. She’s literally like a machine, like the little engine that keeps us all going. We’ll miss her. We love her. She’s going to leave a large hole in this organization.” A large hole figuratively but not physically. A Louisiana native, Ernestine Chicoine came by her nickname “Tenie” because of her diminutive frame and huge heart, but she credits everyone else in the organization for winning the volunteer award. Tenie is also the first person to win the award twice – first in 2005, and in 2018 a second time as a special way to send off this one-of-a-kind, veteran volunteer. “It’s been a fantastic run. I enjoyed it. I appreciate everything everyone’s done,” Chicoine said. “I mean, without the team that I’ve had through these years, I could have never done it. Everything’s a team effort; it’s not just me. It takes the whole group.” Chicoine is passing the products torch to Jim Lee, who she’s been working with for six or seven years (he can have her brownie recipe, too), and she’s confident the show will go on without her. But she will miss her extended family. “What I say is, this is the longest I've stayed with any particular thing in my life, except being married to my husband,” Chicoine said.

Volunteer of the Year

2001 David Ozawa

2002 Barb Treat

2003 Dick Pawnall

2004 Bill Douglas III

2005 Tenie Chicione

2006 Fred Hassle & Jim Sanders

2007 Susan Frampton

2008 Kathryn Benysh

2009 Cheryl Jensen

2010 Doris Dewton

2012 Cookie Flaum

2013 Debby Jasper

2015 Brad Ghent

2016 Nancy & Mauri Nottingham

2017 Jan Hiland



Derrick Dreyer Mark Duchart Dudley Duel Loren Dumont Michael Dunahay Riley Dunlop Pat Duran Craig Edgar Mickie Eggebrecht John Eisenhard Mike Eisenhauer Terry Ellstrom Lynn Emmert Polly Enochs Brian Erhart Denise Erhart Tom Erhart Horst Essl Janelle Evans Tom Evans Merry Ewing John Fairbanks Sami Fairchild Andrew Farquhar William Farris Christopher Faytis LaVonne Feigeles Agathe Felix Sophia Ferguson Terry Ferguson Charlie Fial Kay Fial Nicholas Fickling Steven Field Bob Finlay Jeff Fine Don Finks Treva Finks Eleanor Finlay Heather Finlayson Buzz Finn Julie Fischer Bill Fisher Diane Fisher Sara Fisher Dan Flores Kimberly Flynn Garrett Fonda Alicia Ford Chip Ford Reed Ford Max Forgensi Joni Forman Steven Formica


Michael Forster Sheila Foss Eric Frank Tonya Frank Edith Fred Peter Fred Nate Free Karen Frei Kirk French Jeff Frey Yvonne Fromm Beth Frommer Clara Fuerte Cindy Gagnon Alana Gall Maria Gallagher Gabriela Gallegos Shannon Gallegos Suzanne Gallegos Jamie Gallo Vincent Gandsey Sam Ganow Daira Garcia Richard Garcia Greer Gardner Jack Gardner Vickey Garnsey Carolyn Garvie Henrietta Gaspard Colleen Gauron Harrison Gayer Jackson Gayer Maddox Gayer Tamyra Gayer Xania Gayer John Gee Joye Gelo Netia Gerken Clara Gerlitz Jillian Gerlitz Brad Ghent Curtis Ghent Paul Gibbons Keith Giglio Wes Gilliam John Gillivan Asimina Ginis Tim Glick John Glover Marie Glover Dan Godec Sue Godec* Henry Goetze Nancy Goetze


Don Goldberg Kiah Gongaware Miguel Gonzalez Alex Goodman Jove Goodman Frederick Goodwin Marcette Gordon Sasha Gordon Jilly Gossett Robert Grauer Jim Green Scott Green Lisa Greenberg Claire Greenblatt Fred B Gretsch Alicia Gresley Bob Gress Linda Gress Sandra Griffith Joe Grossman Natalia Grossman Norma Grossman Beth Groundwater Neil Groundwater Susan Gruber Todd Grubin Ron Guerin Fabian Guerrero Celine Guilmineau Greg Gunter Michael Guy Lynn Haas Merry Haas Will Hadden Jim Haeffner Karen Haeffner Christian Haeusermann* Amanda Hajoglou David Hajoglou Kathleen Hall Wyatt Hall Carrie Haluza Thomas Haluza Robb Hamina Ian Hanbury Darcy Hanley Kevin Hann Kerry Hanson J. Craig Hanzelka Gordon Hardenbergh Tait Hargraves Tim Hargraves Aiden Harris

Eve Harris* Kaelyn Harris James Harrison Caleb Harsch Karen Harsch Jennifer Haskell Scooter Hathorn Anders Hatlestad Margaret Hauff Charlie Hauser Ken Hawkins Sara Hawkins John Hayden Stephanie Hays John Hayward Ian Hazel Julie Heaydon Patricia Hedlund Clare Hefferren Kirstin Heinritz Cathy Heller Samuel Heller John Helmering Deanna Henry Janette Henry Terresa Herbst Mark Herhusky Amy Hernandez Dre Hernandez Benjamin Herr C.J. Hescheles Tamara Higgins Jamie Hijmans Kelly Hillencamp William Hipschman Anne Hirn Bill Hoblitzell Madeline Hoeppner Thelma Hoessler Scott Hoffman Philip Holbert Steve Holcomb Cindy Holden Steve Holden Kevin Holderness Dan Holman Paula Holman Dave Horne Courtney Hornsby Emily Horton Chris Hoss Townsend Hough Chip Howard Rebecca Howland

Brian Hoyt Linda Hryckowian John Hsin Alice Huang Bill Hubbard Fritz Hubbard Carl Huck Todd Huck Rolf Hufnagel Keith Hurley Michael Hurst Kris Husted Ellen Imhof Miles Imhof Megan Immerfall Craig Irwin Dudley Irwin Rosalie Isom Jay Ivison Lauren Ivison Bill Jackoboice Reese Jacobs Jake Jacobson Marcie Jaeger Patrik Jaerbyn Robert Jakel

Liz James Michael Janelle Nastassia Janes Debby Jasper* Harry Jasper Nancy Jastatt-Juergens Suzu Jeffery PJ Jenick Candice Jenkins Andrew Jensen Eric Johnson Jay Johnson Kent Johnson Reese Johnson Stephanie Johnson Susan Johnson Greg Johnston Bryce Jones Chase Jones Carl Juergens Brad Kallevig Scott Kamber

Siegfried Kampl Howard Kaplan Charlie Kardaleff Jonathan Katz Sylvan Kaufman BJ Kaufmel John Keane Christopher Kearney Andrew Keating Mary Keating Joe Keen Gina Kelble Eric Kelley Michael Kelley Daniel Kelly Alex Kendall Julie Kenfield Dan Kengott Jeff Kennedy Rebecca Kennedy Thomas Kennedy Betty Kerman

Karen Kern Joanna Kerwin* Matthew Kessler Ellen Keszler Angela Kettinger TJ Kilian Mike Kimmel Andrew King Kasey Kingham Rex Kingham Kevin Kinney Annie Kiser Ronald Kitchell Nikolai Klarich Tom Kleinhardt John Kleinman Nancy Kleinman Lily Klein-Padilla Keith Klesner Corey Knop Sean Koenig Milly Kohlman Brian Kolzow

Olivia Kosanovich Samantha Kosanovich Aili Koski Andrea Koski Yuri Kostick Kathi Kotula Kevan Kozlowski Heather Krauss Julie Kresko Liz Krezowski Greg Kritner Bernard Krueger Dale Krueger John Krueger Kevin Kuebert Kerrie Kuhl Leslie Kuhn Carl Kurt Barbara Kusske Bruce Kusske Christine Labadie Sandy LaBaugh Todd LaBaugh Olya Labuza Chris Lai Nikki Lalican Max Lamb

Steve Lamontagne Dave Landau Myra Landau Rory Lanning Paige Larkin Peter Larsen Dawn Larson Janifer Larson John Lasine Monique Lathrop Zoe Laughlin Don Laughlin Marion Laughlin Amy Laurent Tom Lawlor Jason Leach Anna Lee Bitzie Lee Jim Lee* Ken Legeai Duane Lepeska Kristin Lester Teri Lester Lonnie Leto Christiena Levandoski Becky Levi-Cohen May Lew David Lieberman Samantha Lindall Cheryl Lindstrom Grant Lindstrom Florence Linet Andrew Linger Dyann Linger George Linger Gary Lipets

Jim Lippert Thomas Litchev Vicky Litchev Jay Livran Melody Loar Ian Lochead David Lockhart Kimberly Lockhart Linda Long Joaquin Lopez-Doriga Justin Lottman Matt Luby Halsey Lucas Tom Ludwig Tom Lundeen Ron Lunsford James Lurie Roger Lynn Natalie MacFarlane Greg Macik Hank Mader Carolyn Maessen Pieter Maessen Kevin Magner Ali Malehorn Jeff Malehorn Laura Malehorn Maurice Mandel Maryann Manion Nick Mans Michael Maple Sandy Maple Susan Marhoffer Melanie Marier Simon Marsh Bill Marshall John Marta Chip Martin Hope Martin Travis Martin Roxana Martinez Diane Martins Sierra Masters Jessica Matsen Tony Matteo Jeffrey Matthes Bernard Mauch Amy Maxey Chris Mayhew Margaret Mayne Tim McAdow Jack McBride Kelly McCann Sandy McCarthy

Lucas McConnell Mac McDevitt Fletcher McDonald Nikki McGee Marla K McLane Neal McLaughlin JJ McLeod Frederick Mcloota Matt Mcloota Connor McQueen Megan McQueen Melissa McQueen Steve McSpadden Laurel Melton Kris Mendez Joe Menendez Fritz Merizon Lee Merkel Stephanie Johnson Rick Messmer Cory Meyer Silvia Meyer Herb Meyring Hannah Mihaich Kevin Milbery Martha Milbery Sherazada Milfeld Justin Miller Kris Miller Kristaco Miller Patricia Miller Diane Milligan John Milligan Tammy Millington Cody Mills Holly Moebius John Moebius Kate Moin Kelsey Molinare Shay Momiroff Ron Mooney Courtney Moore Larry Moore Lee Moore Rene Moore Susan Moore Sam Morales Michael Morley Anders Mortenson Erik Mortenson Pete Mott George Moyer Jan Moyes Vicki Mueller

David Murray Greg Myers Paolo Narduzzi Susan Narduzzi Gail Nash Felicia Nassi John Neal Benji Neff Elaine Nelson Rob Nelson Nikola Nemcanin Suzette Newman Skip Nichamin Kara Nichols Linda Nielsen* Patrick Noll Dylan Nordeck Sean Norris Zdenek Novak Sofija Novoselic Cindy Nussbaumˆ Chip Oestreich Chris Oetting Brian Ogawa Chris Ogilvie Stacy Ohlsson Kevin OKeefe Wallace Oliveira Brents Olmsted Eric Olson Nicholas Olson Virginia Olson Marv Olson Brian Orinick Brody Orinick Galen Orinick Cal Orlowski Genevieve Ormond Linda Orseck Don Orseck Linda Osterberg Sandy Ovind* Ron Ownby Kevin Page Blaine Palmer Karen Palmer Mia Panado Mindy Pannell Charlotte Parker Laura Parker Amy Parliament Casey Parliament Kyle Parliament Lauren Pasquale

Quentin Patnoe Shae Patnoe Taya Patnoe Carol Pattison Randy Pattison Madelyn Payne Tomas Pecinka Jim Pefanis Gus Pernetz Lisa Perricone Roger Perricone Galen Peterson Nancy Peterson Tonja Petticrew

Eric Phannenstiel Gina Pickle Christina Piquette Ethan Pitcher Jeni Planegger Tom Pohl Jordan Pohutsky Susan Pollack Jesse Pomerantz

Tom Pooley Kim Porter Toni Portmann Greg Potvin Keith Powell Lisa Powell John Power Brad Powers Gail Powers Mary Pownall William Prather

Steve Pritchard Kimberley Puccio Sarah Purvis Merlon Pusey Mary Quinlivan Mike Quinlivan Susie Quinn Jaka Rabic-Bevc Urska Rabic-Bevc Robyn Raboutou Alisa Rader

Steve Prawdzik* Heather Price Kelly Priebel Silvia Prieler Pamela Primm Scott Prince Marc Prisant

Michael Ramos Patrick Ranalli Howard Rapson Ashley Rasnick Erin Rast Johnny Rauzi David Rawlings

Addison Reed Emma Reeder Molly Reeder Helga Rein Mike Reisinger Dan Rejda Chris Renick Shannon Renick Kristina Revello Rosemary Rich Spike Richards Theodore Rinaldi Mary Rindal Kenny Rindy

Andrea Robbins Sarah Roberts Anne Robertson Jeanne Robinson Timothy Robinson James Rodeffer David Roetzel Teresa Rohde Charmane Rohr Rick Rohr Rebecca Romano Thomas Ronde Kennedi Rose Lee Rosenbaum Ann Rosenwald Paul Rosenwald Teri Ross Gail Rothfork Isis Rothfork Mike Rowe

Nancy Rowe Ben Roy Cheryl Rue Curt Rue Phil Ruschmeyer Christopher Russ Tom Russo Grace Ryan Jenny Ryan Kymberly Sabins Stacy Sadler Milton Saffry Tony Salay Iliana Salazar Racquel Salazar Keith Samuelson Brandon Sanchez


Jim Sanders* Shiloy Sanders Ford Sanger Venelin Sariev Alison Sarinopoulos Campbell Sarinopoulos Cate Sarinopoulos Gary Scanlon Linda Scanlon Lisa Schafer Peter Schafer Alexa Schehrer Wolf Scheiblberg Scott Scherer Paul Scheuermann Joseph Schiffer


Carol Schimmer Linda Schindel Moore Tom Schlader Aryn Schlichting Kristoffer Schmarr William Schmitt


Bev Schneiter Lisa Schober Lucretia Schram Bill Schulz Eula Schulz Mike Schultz

Lois Schwager Jon Schwartz Judi Scott Ryan Scully Gwen Seccombe Steve Seccombe Mette Sedivy Greg Seebart Mike Seguin Christine Sena Cameron Seni Bob Senn John Serba

Chip Seymour Dawn Seymour Katie Seymour Kathie Shafer Joe Shankland Jason Sharpe Robert Shearon Dan Sheffield Mike Sheppard Taf Sherrill Scott Shick Brad Shoemaker Shannon Short Ryan Shorter Chad Shoulders Thomas Shoup Cathy Shuler-Collins Karen Shupe Jim Sidell Tony Siminski Britney Simpson Nedree Simpson Buddy Sims Senna Sink Carolyn Sipes Jim Sipes Evan Siverhus Kyle Siverhus Jack Skjonsby Barry Skolnick Shelley Slater Michael Slusarz Elizabeth Small Robert Small Abbey Smith

Addison Smith Cole Smith Diane Smith Larry Smith Loren Smith Mark Smith Parker Smith Shawn Smith Shirley Smithson Pawel Smolarkiewcz Maximilian Snider Jackie Snook Jeanne Snyder Robin Sobieski Mark Soley Dave Sondergaard Jerry Sorensen Hannes Spaeh Bree Spell Jonathan Spence Tracie Spencer Chad Sperry Joseph Spinelli Rick Spitzer Sofia Springer Charlotte Springer Jay Springer Deirdre St John Ferguson St John Justine St John Jesse Starr Sheryl Staten Jill Stautner John Steiert James Steinbach Barrett Steinmetz Chris Steuri Don Stevens Cody Stevenson Darrell Stigler Terry Stimac Charley Stocker Brian Stockmar Kathryn Stoffers Konstantinos Stoilas Elizabeth Stoller Lisa Stone Emmett Stottlemyer Rydell Stottlemyer George Streeter Jon Strickler Staci Striegnitz Shawn Stringer Todd Strom

Mark Struss Suzanne Struss Mona Sutphen David Swanson Joseph Szasz Tom Talbot Karen Tannenbaum Mladen Tasev Jim Taylor Mark Taylor AnneMarie Tellefsen Jim Telling Elburn Templeton David Tepoorten Claire Thayer* Heather Thomas Vonda Thomas Matthew Thompson Pete Thompson Jennifer Thornton Cynthia Thrall Elaine Tillman Colette Toma Natalie Toma Will Tonelli Janice Tonz Kristin Tran Phuc Tran Jane Traweek Kristina Tsanova Otto Tschudi Judy Turtletaub Michael Turtletaub Chris Tyler Pamela Tyre Jeremy Ueland Jim Ulrich Mariah Ulvestad Palmer Ulvestad Loy Van Vleet Ruth Van Vleet Inge Vandenberg Marta Vastagh Stephen Vastagh Martin Velazco David Verdun Cathy Verlinde Dave Verlinde Scott Verlinde Hank Vernell Debbie Vernell Ted Vickerman John Vincze Sergio Vinelli

Ariane Viola Eric Vogt Tara von Kuegelgen Anna Vyskoubenko Peter Wadden Sarah Wade Jon Wagner Kate Waldheim PJ Walder Andie Walker Henry Walker Brian Walter Christopher Walter Kathy Walter Thom Walter Brockton Ward Ash Warner Bob Warner Laura Garbe Warren Paul Warren Evan Wasserman Christian Waszak Mary Charles Watts Steve Weaver Jay Weber Petra Weber Cheryl Webster Howard Weisman Michelle Weiszmann Grace Wellwerts Scott Wessner Warren Wettlaufer Alex Whetstone Ami White Rebecca White Stephen White Michael Whitfield Lon Whitman Jeanne Whitney Daniel Wick Gary Wicklund LaDonna Wicklund Helene Wieting John Wild Marcia Wild Doug Wilke Gary Wilke Bert Willemse Bruce Williams Chase Williams Clay Williams Cole Williams Jeremiah Williams Johnna Williams

Judy Williams Mike Williams Andre Willner Bill Wilson Jean Wilson Amy Winnen Laura Wojtalik Chris Wold Carole Wolff-Sowers Rosemary Woller

Linda & Dean Wolz Murray Wood Rebecca Woodard Sheena Woods Kyle Woodworth Shelley Woodworth Rob Worrell Jim Worthington Clay Wright Tasha Wyatt Zach Yeo Concetta Young Domenic Yunker Rachel Zacher Jack Zacks Franz Zarda John Zavodsky Jeanette Zbierajewski Greggory Zeliff Bill Zeller*

Kirsten Zeller Thomas Zenklusen Linda Zerangue Kelia Zigich Karl Zogg

Bill Zuehl Peter Zwiebach *These volunteers graciously dedicate countless hours of their time to volunteer for ALL Vail Valley Foundation events and/or coordinate other volunteers.

Black Diamond Ball Molly Braxton Gina Browning Shawna Dumas Andrea Eddy Nate Ferguson Ali Hild Vanessa Lyons Lexi Mossman Kim Muffley Beth Slifer

Vilar Performing Arts Center Donna Abbruzzese Susie Armitage Anastacia Baker Bob Baker Susan Baker Shary Balius Kathie Ballah Matthew Bersagel Ruth Bersagel Charles Bertrand Kay Bertrand Kathryn Birch Indre Biskis David Carson Judy Carson Kris Cashman Rece Chilton Susan Chipman Kelly Conley Terry Copeland Robert Dagostino

Grace Dammen Janet Daniels Randi Davis Charlotte DeChant Danielle DiNardo Vicki Dodd Don Donnalley Judy Donnalley Loren Dumont Judy Edeen Denise Erhart Tom Erhart Karen Eyrich LaVonne Feigeles Mike Feigeles Tracy Feldman Tim Felton Ric Fields Bob Finlay Eleanor Finlay Phyllis Finlay

Jonathan Frank Beth Frommer Cathie Futernick Ann Gallo Jaime Gallo LuLu Garton Carolyn Garvie Gary Gauger Ilene Gauger Colleen Gauron Joye Gelo Netia Gerken Linda Gilles Greg Gunter Patti Harkreader Anne Hatch Kathy C. Henry Bryonny Hiland Jan Hiland Nancy Hines Mary Houston Don Jackson Jan Jackson Elizabeth James Eric Johnson Russ Jones Janet Kleinhardt Tom Kleinhardt BJ Knez Jim Knez Kathy Kosierowski

Liz Krezowski Carl Kurt Judy Kurt Marsha Landesman Cindy Lenzmeier Alan Lewis Sherry Lewis Dave Lieberman Carol Lincoln Dyann Linger George Linger Darlynne Littman Lucia London Nicole Lucido Marlene McCafferty Marcia McCalden Tom McCalden Beckah McGoodwin John Merritt Lynda Meshkov Mary Anne Metternick Mark Millar Victoria Millar Joe Morrill Susan Morrill Dave Mott Sue Mott Janet Marie Mueller El-Bitar Suzette Newman George Nimmo Julie Norberg Nancy Nottingham Janet Perdzock John Perdzock Elizabeth Perner

Kim Porter Jeri Powles Jillann W RichardsonRohrscheib Ann Rosenwald Paul Rosenwald Teri Ross Tom Russo* Jessie Santaro Gwen Scalpello Gary Scanlon Linda Scanlon Carol Schimmer Lois Schwager Bobbi Schwartz Jon Schwartz John Serba Jean Shearon Ricki Sherlin Steve Sherlin Charlie Sherwood Char Shollenberger Barry Skolnick Darlene Stookey Kathie Talbot Dawn Theelke David Thomas Christopher Thrall Cynthia Thrall Debbie Vernell Hank Vernell Bonnie Vesey Jack Vesey David Watson Sarah Watson Valerie Watts Barbara Westerman Charlene Whitney Bruce Williams Celine Williams Jeremiah Williams Jessica Williams Mary Clare Williams Andre Willner Carole Wolff Sowers Dean Wolz Linda Wolz Geoffrey Wright Megan Wright Nancy Wright Stayce Zamora

YouthPower365 Star Dancing Gala Logan Coach Wyatt Coach Jan Hiland

SDG Dancers Doe Browning Travis Coggin John Dawsey Reed Edberly Yvette Frampton Erik Arcia Amanda Precourt Sophia Walder

Kickball Chris Evans Michelle Evans Andy Halminski Jessica Halminski Rick Juedemann Elizabeth Kettinger Nick Kettinger Judy O’Brien Todd Stipetch

Turkey Trot Erik Garcia John Halloran

Fashion Show Models Chris Bivona Brenda Buglione Reed Connoll Kyle Deighan Reed Eberly Kathleen Eck Sylvan Ellefson Abbey Fox Gorsuch Delphine Gennisson Yoana Gonzalez Jon Haerter Becky Hernreich Andrew Jensdotter Elaine Kelton Corey Lamothe Argie Ligeros Liz Logan Carrie Marsh

Courtney O’Brien Lauren Ruhl Erik Sale Patrick Scanlan Tammy Schiff Beth Slifer Pete Smith Gladys Villa

PwrHrs Emily Ziegler

Resume and Interview Night Companies: Colorado Workforce Center Cordillera Metro Distict HR Plus Sonnenalp Hotel Vail Health Vail Resorts Individuals: Katy Boothby Theresa Friel Danielle Grimley Carol Lewis Erin McCuskey Tori Stephenson

Self-Care Day Melissa Bartoletta Corey Lamothe Lauren Ruhl

Snowshoe Race Nicole Barth Laurel Dubriel Wanita Kirwan Olivia Snider

Girl PowHER Annette Anderson Cristyle Blanchard Martha Brassel Kristen Bunn Colleen Butler Maria DeSimone Briana Fernandez

Tonya Frank Mac Garnsey Carolina Guzman Michele Hannan Jan Hiland Susie Kincade Ryan Kipp Sandy LaBaugh Laura Lodge Stephanie Lord-Johnson Maureen Mulcahy Natalie Murray Sage Nelson Luz Pedroza Stacey Romer Karen Rosenbach Stacy Sadler Cassie Scales Emily Sessler Carrie Shelton Heather Study Laura Warren

Magic Bus Maria Gonzalez Louise Willimann

Group Mentors Jose Antonio Hernandez Greg Bloom Erin Blue Travis Bossow Michael Carlton Patrick Connelly Larry Dutmer Michael Esposito Zeek Ferraros Jennifer Geisman Melise Gramm Erin Hall Jen Jewett Victoria Jones Erin Kelly Sacha Kostick Steph Littlefield Carrie Marsh Molly Middleton Yadira Miller Molly Minett

Martin Nieves Kory Pryor Bibiana Rivero Lauren Ruhl Stacy Sadler Patrick Scanlan Olivia Snider Jesse Starr Todd Stipetich Norm Vogel PJ Walder Laura Warren Jake Wolf Jamie Woodworth

Parent Mentor Program Angelica Aceves Veronica Barron Blanca Cabral Rebecca Davila Raquel Delgado Luz Maria Escobedo Maria Gonzalez Jose Antonio Hernandez Noelia Lujan Angelica Macias Maria Elena Mendoza Victoria Montes Ana Pacheco Cindy Ramos Maria Elena Ramos


Cristal Romero Elva Rosales Veronica Ulciny Lupita Romo Velasco

Camp College Jan Abbott Stefanie Best Marc Brennon Carla Cammarata Tom Gladitsch Jeanne McCann Allison Navarro Sue O’Connor Amanda Spannagel Maureen Stiner Patrick Toole

FAFSA & PwrOn Nights Cassandra Armas Kathryn Desportes James Thompson Louisa Tuthill


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SPONSORS 5-D Shield 5-hour ENERGY Active Energies Solar adidas Outdoor Adventure Film School Agave AirLounj Aksels All American Pet Proteins All Copy Products All Mountain Technologies Allegria Spa AlliedPRA, DSC Almresi Restaurant Alpine Bank Alpine Collision Alpine Party Rentals Amp Human Performance Annie Chun’s Antlers at Vail Aquamira Arborjet Arrigoni Woods Assured Partners aTana Aviator Nation Backyard Soda Co. Baileys Baked and Loaded Bang Energy Bearded Goat Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company Beaver Creek Resort Properties Beaver Creek Sports Beaver Creek West Berglund Architects Bessemer Trust N.A. Big Agnes Big Heart Big Hands Big Mountain Enduro Big O Tires BLDG Active Skin Repair Blue Buffalo

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DONORS The donor lists that follow represent supporters who contributed to the Vail Valley Foundation between January 1, 2018 and December 31, 2018. Thank you to all of our loyal donors.

We have carefully reviewed the names that are listed. However, if you find an error or omission, please accept our apologies and contact us at 970.777.2015 ext. 5951 so that we may correct our records.

Donor Listing Key ^ Denotes Deceased

Millennium Club The Millennium Club recognizes those who, over the course of their lifetime, have given $1,000,000 or more to the VVF. We are sincerely appreciative to these members for their generous philanthropy. Anonymous (2) Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company Judy & Howard Berkowitz Bloomberg Philanthropies Marlene & John Boll Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Joyce Mollerup & Robert Buckman Ann Smead & Michael Byram The Colorado Health Foundation Amy & Steven Coyer El Pomar Foundation Julie & Bill Esrey Susan & Harry Frampton


Pat^ & Peter^ Frechette Rose & George Gillett Donna Giordano Martha Head Karen & Michael Herman Robert Hernreich Lyda Hill Vicki & Kent Logan Leni & Peter May Molly & Jay Precourt J. Douglas Rippeto Mary Sue & Michael Shannon Oscar Tang Family Town of Vail Vail Resorts EpicPromise Alberto Vilar Betsy & George Wiegers

Education Legacy The VVF’s Education Legacy Award recognizes individuals who have given gifts of $1,000,000 or more over their lifetime to educational programs administered through YouthPower365. We are sincerely grateful to their dedication. Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Ann Smead & Michael Byram The Colorado Health Foundation

Amy & Steven Coyer Karen and Michael Herman Oscar Tang Family

Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle The Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle recognizes those individuals who have included the VVF in their estate planning. We are extremely thankful to them for entrusting us with their legacy. Anonymous (2) P. Richard Bauer Margo & Roger Behler Ann Smead & Michael Byram Holly & Tim Finchem Ceil & Steve Folz Susan & Harry Frampton Linda & John^ Galvin Cheryl & Robert Gary Jean Graham-Smith Anne & Donald Graubart Neal Groff Family Jeanne & James Gustafson Robert Hernreich

Clairlee & Bob^ Hirsch Loyal & Jill Huddleston Marlene & Ben Krell Vicki & Kent Logan Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Dr. Barry J. Mankowitz Sherry & George^ Middlemas Ed O’Brien Martha & Terry Allen Perl J. Douglas Rippeto Margery Pabst Steinmetz & Charles Steinmetz Mary & Paul Webster

Annual Giving The generous support of our donors enables us to enhance the quality of life in the Vail Valley through arts, athletics and education. While many of our donors choose to designate their contribution to specific areas, such as our Annual Fund, Vilar Performing Arts Center, Vail Dance Festival or YouthPower365, the list that follows reflects overall combined giving to all these areas.

$250,000+ Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company The Colorado Health Foundation Frechette Family Foundation Mary Sue & Michael Shannon

$249,999-$150,000 Karen & John Arnold Bloomberg Philanthropies Ann Smead & Michael Byram Jeff & Susan Campbell Amy & Steven Coyer Julie & Bill Esrey Gina Browning & Joe Illick J. Douglas Rippeto Oscar Tang Family Ripley & Gregory Thomas Vail Resorts EpicPromise

$149,999-$100,000 Jody & John Arnhold Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Kelly & Sam Bronfman Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Eagle County Schools Karen & Michael Herman Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

$99,999-$50,000 Anonymous (2) Bacca Foundation Judy & Howard Berkowitz Priscilla Brewster Doe Browning Lisa Tannebaum & Don Brownstein Daniels Fund Susan & Gordon DesCombes Eagle County Board of Commissioners Susan & Harry Frampton Fredman Family Foundation

Freeport-McMoRan Foundation Gallegos Corporation Donna Giordano Lisa & Bruce Goldman Judy Hart Angelo Martha Head Robert Hernreich Amanda Precourt & Andrew Jensdotter Diane Pitt & Mitchell Karlin Betsy & Mark Kogan Leni & Peter May Sarah & Peter Millett Quest Foundation Amy & Jay Regan June & Paul Rossetti Jim & Tammy Snee Marcy & Gerald Spector Stephanie & David Spina Janet & James Stanard Liz Logan Sterett & Bill Sterett Kerry Stokes & Christine Simpson-Stokes Storr Family Foundation Town of Avon Deborah & Fred Tresca Betsy & George Wiegers

$49,999-$25,000 Anonymous (2) Mary Ellen Anderson Alpine Bank Phyllis & Steve Anderson The Anschutz Foundation Patricia & Sergio Arguelles Donna & Donald Baumgartner Marlene & John Boll Brooke & Jon Erik Borgen Randi Borgen Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust Mary Beth & Phil Canfield Patsy & Pedro Cerisola Angela & Peter Dal Pezzo Renee & Todd Davison Eagle County Department of Human Services Jane & Reed Eberly Andrea Eddy

El Pomar Foundation Stephanie & Larry Flinn Cindy & Christopher Galvin Margie & Tom Gart Gates Family Foundation George Family Foundation Elise & Daniel Gilbert Georgia & Donald Gogel Lyn Goldstein Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Jeanne & James Gustafson Mrs. Kim Hackett & Dr. Thomas Hackett Georgia & Robert Hatcher Rick Hayes & Johan Segerdahl Heather & Glenn Hilliard Kathy & Al Hubbard Susu & George Johnson Roberta & Michael Joseph Alexia & Jerry Jurschak Cynnie & Peter Kellogg Ruth & Sidney Lapidus Tara & Robert Levine Nicole & Steve Lucido Shirley & William S. McIntyre Michele Mittelman Kaia & Misha Moritz Amanda & Neal Moszkowski National Endowment for the Arts Valerie Ropes & Richard “Chupa” Nelson Phil & Marge Odeen Jean & Raymond Oglethorpe Senenne & Marc Philippon Jill & Kevin Plancher Molly & Jay Precourt Vikki & Michael Price Mary & Steven Read Paul Repetto & Janet Pyle Sara & Eric Resnick Lisa & Kenneth Schanzer Sydney & Stanley S. Shuman Timothy Slattery Jean & Phil Smith Sue & Martin Solomon Margery Pabst Steinmetz & Charles Steinmetz

Bill Stolzer Lynne & Pat Sullivan Dave Sypniewski Lori & Bruce Tabb James W. Taylor Denise O’Leary & Kent Thiry Debra & Ken Tuchman Vail Health Martin Waldbaum Walking Mountains Wells Fargo Foundation Barbara & Richard Wenninger Jan & Greg Winchester Kristy & Bill Woolfolk

$24,999-$10,000 Anonymous (5) Holly Adams Barbie Allen / James C. Allen Charitable Foundation AlliedPRA DSC, Inc. Sheldon D. Andrew Libby Anschutz Ann Newman & Andy Arnold Dierdre & Ronnie Baker Beaver Creek Property Owners Association Jane & Robert Berry Victoria Jones & Thomas Boyken Jeanne & Joe Brandmeyer Molly & Ernest Braxton, Jr. Barbara & Christopher Brody Lori & Bob Brown Buell Foundation Jeffrey D. Byrne Castellini Foundation Charitable Foundation of the Edwards Rotary Club Charitable Foundation Vail Rotary Club Kay & Thomas Clanton Catherine Jones Coburn & Russell Coburn Colorado Mountain College Foundation The Crevier Family Foundation



2019 Citizens of the year:


It was the mid-1800s when Benjamin Jowett first coined the phrase, “The way to get things done is not to mind who gets the credit of doing them.” In the Vail Valley community, it is Betsy and George Wiegers who are the embodiment of the concept, coining it anew through incredible acts of philanthropy throughout Eagle County and beyond. Betsy, in particular, has spearheaded a quiet yet forceful, compilation of philanthropic work here in the Vail Valley. Together, their combined efforts have created and supported a body of work in this valley and beyond that has impacted countless lives across a broad spectrum of giving.


Citizens of the Year

“There is virtually no area of community life that they have not elevated through their giving, Board service, vision, and foresight,” said Ann Smead, Chairman of the Vail Valley Foundation Board of Directors. “We are so thankful to them, and I feel, in truth, they are honoring us by allowing us to honor them as the 2019 Citizens of the Year.” In the arts, in education, in mental and physical health, and in the overall development of this community and others, the Wiegers have been a stalwart and largely unseen force for positivity across all fronts, and have notably, and characteristically, eschewed accolades or recognition throughout. For their good work in this community and beyond, the Vail Valley Foundation has named Betsy and George Wiegers as the 2019 Vail Valley Citizens of the Year. Betsy has been instrumental in the flourishing of the Vail Dance Festival, Bravo! Vail, and support of classical music and dance in general, including her roles in strong support of American Ballet Theatre, the Denver Art Museum, the Betty Ford Gardens, the Philadelphia Philharmonic, the New York Philharmonic, and the New York Historical Society. She plays a crucial role on the Vail Dance Festival committee, and as underwriter for countless performances in both dance and classical, including the creation of the Betsy Wiegers Choral Fund. She has been a trustee of Bravo! Vail and served on the Board of Directors for the Vail Valley Foundation since 2007. “Betsy responds to the idea that the arts should be there for everybody,” said Damian Woetzel, Artistic Director of the Vail Dance Festival. For newcomers to the Vail Valley, it can come as a serendipitous surprise that the venerable New York Philharmonic has a summer residency here, and has since 2003. Only a very few are aware that it was Betsy who played the pivotal role in instigating this program. Both Betsy and George are ardent supporters of YouthPower365, were among the original supporters of building the Vilar Performing Arts Center, both have been involved with the work of the Eagle County Land Trust, helping create conservation easements throughout the valley, in particular at Bair Ranch, and both have been active in support of Vail Health. It has largely been George who has spearheaded the couple’s work in mental and physical health, environment, and veteran’s affairs. George was the visionary behind the creation of the Helen and Arthur E.

Johnson Depression Center at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus. His original vision continues to drive the Center, which has treated thousands of patients who may not have otherwise received care since its opening, including services in Eagle County through telehealth. “I think George’s legacy is huge, and it’s really changed the face of mental health care in Colorado and beyond,” said Heather Mulvihill, Chairman of the Depression Center. George has also been a major funder of Dr. Karl Deisseroth, whose laboratory at Stanford is globally recognized as an epicenter of new research in neuropsychiatric disease. George has also helped create a theater at Niagara University, his alma mater, and has been a strong supporter of Vail Health, Howard Head Sports Medicine centers, and the Vail Veterans program. George was also finance chairman for the University of Colorado in 1991, helping bolster funding for the University. Betsy and George met in New York, soon after George left the Army. They were married there in 1965. Their son Alex was born in 1968, and is now married to Connie Wiegers. Betsy and George are now loving role models to granddaughters Hanna Wiegers and Lizzy Wiegers, as well as to the extended Wiegers family that gathers often at the family ranch. George received his masters at Columbia Business School, where he helped found a series of classes helping teach the principles of capitalism to students at the renowned journalism school there. Later, while at Lehman Brothers, George took part in a series of major deals, including the sale of Pebble Beach to 20th Century Fox in 1978, and helping finance the beginnings of cable TV. During her career, Betsy was active at Time Life Books, eventually taking a leadership role at the company as Director of Strategic Planning for the Time Inc. Books Group which included several subsidiaries in Europe, Japan and Mexico. She was also on the board of the Book of the Month Club; Little, Brown & Company; and Navarro S.A. publishers. Both Betsy and George have a lifelong love of skiing – first in Vermont, then in Colorado, where they quickly fell in love with Vail Mountain. Through their friend, Jay Precourt, they began visiting Colorado in the late 1970s, and joined Precourt in purchasing the Skylark Ranch in 1980. In 1991 they bought a lot in Vail, and moved permanently to Vail in 1993. “We were partners in many ventures together,” said Precourt, a longtime business partner, friend, and also the 2017 Vail Valley Citizen of the Year recipient. “George is not only a great partner, but he’s a terrific friend. He’s active, generous, and a great philanthropist.” Betsy and George join a distinguished list of previous recipients of the Citizen of the Year honor.

Citizens of the Year

*No 2018 recipient was named due to an adjustment to match the new schedule of the Black Diamond Ball event.

“Citizen� o� the Yea�” 1981

Peter Abuisi


E.B. Chester


Jack Crosby


President Gerald R. Ford


Harry Frampton


Helen Fritch


George Gillett


Merv Lapin


Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer


Paul Johnson


Kent Rose


Rod Slifer


Dr. Richard Steadman


John Garnsey


John Horan-Kates


Vi & Byron Brown


Gil Giordano


Barbara Treat

recipients: 1999

Judy Alexander


Pete Seibert


Mary Louise Shaw


Gerald Gallegos


Cathy & Howard Stone


Oscar Tang


Diana Donovan


Chupa Nelson


Bjorn Erik & Kathy Borgen


Jack Eck


Beth Slifer


Martha Head


Ann Smead


Amy & Steve Coyer


Pat & Pete Frechette


Mary Sue & Mike Shannon


Jay Precourt


Betsy & George Wiegers



Liz Cronin Lucy & Ron Davis Barbara & Robert De Luca Marijke & Lodewijk de Vink Jane DeNunzio Katherine & Peter Dolan Debra & James Donahugh Sarah & Dan Drawbaugh East West Partners Dave & Maggie Eickholt Pam & Ernest Elsner Diane & Brad England Cynthia Engles Trish Fillo Holly & Tim Finchem FirstBank Laurie & Warren Florkiewicz Nancy & Mark Foster Joan Francis Laura & William Frick Paula & Gerald Friesen Nancy Gage & Allan Finney Elizabeth & Michael Galvin Diane & Tom Gates Anita & Steven Gilbert Marvin Naiman & Margery Goldman Family Foundation


Suzie & Larry Graveel Terri & Tom Grojean Guardian Scholars Inc Malo & John Harrison Linda & Milledge Hart Tina & Craig Held Kiwi & Landon Hilliard Holy Cross Energy Kathy & William Hybl Jon & Nancy Tellor Family Foundation The Jerome Robbins Foundation Sue & Rich Jones Kristen Nostrand-Junke & Steve Junker Elaine & Arthur Kelton Shelby & J. Scott Key Carol & Geof Kirsch Patty & Bill Kleh Marlene & Ben Krell Wendy Williams & Noel Kullavanijaya Deborah & Jeffrey Lamb Sue & Jim Liken Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Lippincott Nancy & Richard Lubin Patricia & Frank Lynch Jean & Tom McDonnell Richard McVey


Carolyn & Gene Mercy Alejandra & Tomas Milmo Kay & Bill Morton Vicki & Trygve Myhren Melanie & Allan Nelkin Jane & Skip Netzorg Joanne & Jeffrey O’Neill Susan & Franklin Orr Marlys & Ralph Palumbo Peed Family Martha & Terry Allen Perl Teressa Perry The Peter-Murray Foundation, Brian & Julie Claydon Pam & Ben Peternell Sissel & Richard Pomboy Agatha & Anthony Precourt RA Nelson LLC Ann & Tom Rader Gretchen & Bob Ravenscroft Nancy & Donald Remey Rella & Monroe Rifkin Annie & Richard Rothkopf Sue & Michael Rushmore Paula & Scott Ryan Suzanne & Bernie Scharf Elana & Kenneth Schwartzreich Elaine & Steven Schwartzreich Irene Shen Shiffrin Family Charlene Chen & James Shim Katherine Clayborne & Thomas Shoup Lisa Sidhu Kerri & Steven Siegel Harvey Simpson Elizabeth & Rodney Slifer Slifer Smith & Frampton Foundation Sonnenalp Hotel of Vail Mary Lynn & Warren Staley The Steadman Clinic Marilyn & James H. Steane II Brooke & Hap Stein Mark & Becca Stupfel Marjorie A. Swig Dhuanne & Douglas Tansill

Michelle & Craig Taylor Catherine & James Tobin Treasurer of Eagle County Colorado Laura & Keith Tucker Linda & Stew Turley Umbrella Roofing Vail Health Foundation Vail Valley Cares Vail Valley Surgery Center Amy L. Roth, Ph.D. & Jack Van Valkenburgh Vilar Guild Jacqueline & Norman Waite Linda Waterhouse Mary & Paul Webster Laura & Stephen Wehrle Pamela & Steven Wexler Joan Whittenberg LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Gena Whitten & Robert Wilhelm Mary Forrest Wolf Marilyn & Ron Wollard Dacia & Gary Woodworth

$9,999-$5,000 Anonymous (4) Edward J Abramson & Susan Ludlow Alpine Mountain Builders Anne Roberts & James Aull Christine & John Bakalar Barbara Baldrey Marcine & Michael Balk Amy Becher Gish Beck Building Company Jayne & Paul Becker Terre & Jack Bergman Dr. Maria Rotunno & Dr. Arthur Bertelsen Biondi Family Bolwell Family Mike & Patty Booker Margo & Terry Boyle Noelle Brock Covell Foundation Trish & John Buckley Cathleen & Dave Bullen The Cangelosi & Chramosta Families Susan Catalano Jill & Thomas Chinn

Donae & Rob Chramosta Carolyn & Paul Clark Caryn Clayman Dorothy & Bill Cohen David Cohen Kathy Cole Robin & Alex Coleman Community First Foundation James & Patty Cownie Joel Cox Joanne S. Crosby Shirley & Thomas Day John Dayton Suzy & Jim Donohue East West Destination Hospitality John & Lynn Egan Lois & Stephen Eisen Elegant Cabinetry & Design The Faessler Family Amy Faulconer Kim & Andrew Fink Betsy & Jesse Fink Elysabethe Firman Olmstead & Christopher Firman Julia & David Fleischner Barbara & Paul Flowers Craig J. Foley Kimberly Foos^ Aleene & James Fraser Dawn & Stephen Friedman Linda Galvin Cheri & Roger Gardner Vicky & John Garnsey Melissa & Silvestre Garza Katherine George Holly & Ben Gill Marshall Gordon Gorsuch LTD Jan & George Grubbs, Jr. Kari & Richard Gyde Pam & Gib Harris Kathy & Jim Haymaker Deborah Wittman & Rik Heid Jean & William Hellegas Jane & Ray Heller Lorraine & Harley Higbie Rebecca & Roy Hillenburg Kenton Hopkins Laureen Hopkins Heather & Jim Hughes

Rossie Carter Hutcheson & J. Randolph Hutcheson Kristel & B.J. Hybl Shelly & Chris Jarnot Raydean Acevedo & Walter Jenkins Cheryl & Bill Jensen Barbara & Timothy Kelley Claudia & Bruce Kiely Maidee & Arnold Kirkeby Patricia & Peter Kitchak Jennifer & Curtis Krizek Terri & Dave Krueger Kathy & Frank Kyle Laine & Merv Lapin Amy & Gene Lee Edward Leh Janie & Bobby Lipnick LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Ann & Hal Logan Elaine Lovell & Jeffrey Lovell Mary Ann & Tim LyBarger Mabel Horrigan Foundation Dorothy Hamill & John MacColl Mangat Plastic Surgery Centers Lou Ann & T.V. Mangelsdorf Sharon & J. Landis Martin Ann & John Martin Marcia & Tom McCalden Kathy & Steve McConahey Hilary & Patrick McDonald Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Ellen Mitchell Susan & Thomas Moran Mountain Family Health Services Drs. Toby & Mort Mower Kim & Tim Muffley Sammye & Mike Myers Ann & Richard Neill Elizabeth & Donald Nichols Joan Nissman & Judith Nissman Taylor Eric Noreen & Suzi Hill Sally & Don O’Neal Diane & Roy Parrott Pamela Paul Karen & Marc Peperzak Polly & Mark Peterson Suzy & Phil Quigley

Wendy & Paul Raether Lynn & Brian Ranelle Melisa & Chico Thuon Michael L. Ritchie Jo Ann & Ronald Robertson Carey & Tim Romer Ruthanne Ruzika Sam S. Bloom Foundation Nancy Sands Carole Schragen Peggy & Tony Sciotto Lisa Dennis & Gavin Selway Shaeffer Hyde Construction The Sherrill Family Foundation - Debbie & Skip Courtney Deborah & Jim Shpall Janis & Ronald Simon Debbi & Charles Smith Donna & W. Randolph Smith The Solich Fund Nancy Alexander & David Staat Caren & Albert Stahmer Steadman Philippon Research Institute Jarona & Bill Stevens Genie & Robert Stine Edwin Swinford Kelley & Brendan Synnott Patti & Cliff Thompson Diane Tope Julia & Blake Tresca Elizabeth & Clayton Tresca United Way of Eagle River Valley US Bank Vail Mountain School Vail Valley Business Women Barbara & Kyle Vann Kathryn & Leo Vecellio Betsy Vincent PJ Walder Michael Watters Allison Krausen & Kyle Webb Mindy & Gregory White Mary Clare & Bruce Williams Toni & Michael Williams Judy & Robert Wilner Tina & David Wilson

Margaret & Loyal Wilson Linda & Donald Winter Betty & Michael Wohl

$4,999-$2,500 Anonymous (3) Active Energies Solar Dana & Brendan Addis Brenda & Joe Adeeb Alpine Party Rentals Heather & Rob Bruce Shannon & Todger Anderson Jill Hamilton Anschutz & Christian Anschutz Reid Balthase & Martin Atkin David & Heather Bacon Beverly & Don Barnes Tom & Georgia Barnett Beck Building Company Alix & Hans Berglund Colleen Curran & Stephen Boane Deborah & David Boillot Cathy & Grant Bonser Dr. Heather & Sasha Bourkovski Katherine Brennand Virginia Browning Robin & Thomas Burch Katie & David Campbell Toko & Bill Chapin Stanley Chiu Patrice & John Cogswell Frank Cohen Matt Coleman The Colorado Trust Nicole & Michael Conroy Ms. Arlene Harris & Mr. Martin Cooper Mary Ellen & Stanley Cope Linda & Berry Craddock Rebecca & Joseph Crosbie Robert J. Croteau & Karen A. Nold Michael & Julie Current Lucinda & Andrew Daly Bob & Mary Ellen Darretta Joseph Demmler Jennie & Richard DeScherer Meg & James Duke Holly & Buck Elliott

Nicole & Leonard Firestone Erika & Matt Fitzgerald Deborah & Anthony Forcum Becky & Bob Ford Stacey Frieder Miriam & Morris Futernick GE Johnson Construction Company Jennifer & Richard Geisman Catherine Gellert Andrea & Michael Glass Richie & Kimberly Graham Rebecca & Stuart Green Doris Dewton & Richard Gretz Pamela & David Gross Dana Gumber Colleen Weiss Hanen & Chris Hanen Rebeca Lergier & Daniel Hanrahan Pam & Duke Hartman Michelle & Bobby Head Stephanie & Jake Henry Beth & Rich Howard Alex & David Hyde Ellen & Michael Imhof Kaye & Bud Isaacs Amanda & Thomas Jaffe Jennifer & Scott Johnson Sarah & Tait Johnson Kathi & Stanley Jones Brian Judge Jon Kinning Ryan & Marianne Kipp Caroline Fisher & Bob Knous Justin McNulty & Brad Korell Christine Lane Lissa Tyler & Mike Larson Candice Wilhelmsen & Ted Leach Rodney & Stephanie Linafelter Alexandra & Robert Linn Carol & Douglas Lovell Mary Lujack H. Carroll & Jonna Mackin Hilary & Kevin Magner Barbara & Richard Massman Alison & Tim McAdam Ingrid & Sean McGinley


Helen McIntyre Nancy & Robert McLeod Diane & Paul McNamara Larned A. Waterman & Paul S. Mesard Dylan Metzner Liz & Luc Meyer Olivia & Rod Miller Donna & Terry Miller Elizabeth Chambers & Ronald Mooney Linda & Michael Mossman Karen R. Nagel Allison & Frank Navarro Jack Neal Wendy & Skip Nichamin Malia & Jay Nobrega Terri & Michael Noell Deborah Nunez Rosanne & Gary Oatey Jennifer Alsever & Kevin O’Donnell Priscilla O’Neil Tyler Stonum & John Pfeiffer Cynthia & Philip Pillsbury Margot & Marc Pinto Sharmie & Kent Plaster Carolyn & Steve Pope Joanne Posner-Mayer Melissa & Matthew Provencher Irv Robinson Elise & Jay Rossiter Krizia & Michael Routh William A. & Bridget A. Russell III Gail Flesher & David Salvin Marina & Christopher Scanlan Fran Schulman Marilyn & David Scott Frederic Seegal Rochelle Hanley & Shirish Shenolikar Peter Smith Nancy & John Snyder Colleen & John Sorte Marla Steele Judith & Philip Stupp Susan & Steven Suggs Carly & Christopher Tanis Tim Tyler

Susan Lynch & Daniel Virnich Susan & Albert Weihl Melinda & Stephen Winn Ellen & James Wiss Heather Watts & Damian Woetzel Glen & Margaret Wood Amy Woodworth Rosalie Wooten Barbara & Peter Wright Heather & Mike Young

$2,499-$1,500 Anonymous (4) Adams Capital, Inc., David Adams Roxanne & Ed Anderson Chris Anthony Ellen Arnovitz Jenny & Greg Baldwin Meredith & Patrick Barrett Christine Bates Margo & Roger Behler Kathleen & Jeffrey Bell Cathy & Bill Bethke Marianne Bokan-Blair & David Blair Wendy & Warren Blumenthal Carol Brannigan Rebecca & Howard Braverman Amy & Terence Britton Diane & Jeff Brundage Christine & George Burns Kaye Summers & Dan Carpenter Maggie & Clayton Chessman Patti Shwayder & Steve Coffin Country Club of the Rockies Chelsey Helling & Alexander Cudney Brenda & Thomas Curnin Tony Dahl Decorative Materials Reg & Michelle Del Ponte Kara Horner & Spencer Denison Jacqueline Deveric

Paulette & Gil DiGiannantonio Jane & Thomas Dimmig Deborah Spohn & David Dimmit Dr. Fred Distelhorst Julia & Simon Dixon Carol & Greg Dobbs Dan & Chrissy Doyle Shawna & Paul Dumas Sandi & Harold Dupper EarthEcho International Dorothy Distelhorst & Karl Edgerton Jean Richmond & Horst Essl Thos Evans Ewing Trucking & Construction Alison & John Fallon Marty & Tim Farrell Wendy & Alan Feldman Ritva & Stephen Ferriss Megan & Tom Florence Amy Fordham Terry & John Forester Pollyanna Forster Catherine Bennett & Fred Frailey Greer & Jack Gardner Renee & Jonathan Gibbs Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Jeffrey Goldsmith Randy Goodwin Gore Creek Concessions Joni & Paul Gotthelf Annette Phan & James Grundtisch Ali Hild Sophie Hofmann Cathy & Graham Hollis Jennifer & Steve Hooker Christina & Bret Hooper Susie & Wes Horner Ami & Scott Hudgins Icon Inc Terrie & Doug Ideker Deborah & Harry Jasper Jill & Jay Javors

Constance & Chris Jouflas Amy & Bruce Karpas Mary Sue & Stephen Katz Anne-Marie & John Keane Kathy Palakow & Neal Kimmel The Kind Bikes & Skis Eli Kogan Donna & Anthony Lannie Betsy Laughlin Ellen & Harry Levitt Ann & William Lieff Jane & Tod Linstroth Tina Nielsen & Andrew Littman Claire Thayer & Matt Lydens Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Susan & John W. Madden III Debbie & Devinder Mangat Katy & Randall Marcus

Nancy & Ron Marshall Ferrell & William McClean Nancy & Matt McKenna Tony & Pat McMunn Janet & John Meck MentorMore Foundation Laurie Richer & Jeff Morris Marka Moser Todd & Martha Nicholson Fund of the Nicholson Family Foundation Brigid O’Connor Renée Okubo Susan Stearns & Frank O’Loughlin Mary Beth & Charles O’Reilly Alice & Ben Phillips Andrea & Andrew Potash Jackie & James Power Mary Pat & Keith Rapp Jane & Michael Reisinger

Ann & Ronald Riley Patrice & Marshall Ringler Judy & Kenneth Robins Nancy & Robert Rosen Stacy Sadler Nina Saks Pamela & Frank Saxton Lisa & Ken Schapiro Leroy & Connie Schmidt Family Foundation Elizabeth Seibert Carel & Marc Slatkoff Slifer Designs Kelley & James Smith Bart Snyder - Churchley Financial Group Molly & Gregory Sparhawk Kate & Scott Turnipseed Mark Tuttle Leanne Tyler Vail Summit Orthopaedics Vail Youth Ballet Company Patricia Peeples & Tony Vangalis

Tina & Steve Vardaman Randy & Heather Viola Ofelia Vujusinovic Wall Street Insurance Diane & Marshall Wallach Jill & Robert Warner Susan & Thomas Washing Jan & Stephen Watson Marie & Daniel Welch Megan & Nicholas Wilder Bruce Wilson & Carol Hollenshead^ Heidi Witherell Anesthesia Kris & August Wittenberg

$1,499-$500 Anonymous (9) Sandra & Larry Agneberg Letitia & Christopher Aitken Pamela Olson & Grant Aldonas Randi Alt Sheila & James Amend Kayce & Clark Anderson Bonnie Andrikopoulos Architectural Engineering Consultants Stephen Arent Henrietta & Eric Armbruster Alicia & Craig Arseneau Martha Awad Kay Barber Beth Barbre



Jenna & Peter Barclay Johanna Barrows Amy Bennett Barbara & Jack Benson Carrie Benway Mary Reisher & Barry Berlin Jen & Tim Bettenhausen Winslow & Ross Blankenship Janelle & Buck Blessing Toni & Roy Bliss BluSky Restoration Pamela & Brooks Bock Michele & Richard Bolduc Sidney Bonser Denise Delaney & Glenn Bourland Renee & Tom Boyd Diana Bradley Marka & James Brenner Sarah Briam Debbie & Peter Brill Sidney & Philip Brodsky Lilia & Nicholas Brown Sandra Brown ZoĂŤ Baird & Bill Budinger Carryn & Bret Burton C&C Painting Inc Gary Cage Eric Campbell Mo & Steve Cardinale Joan & Jack Carnie Norma & Charles Carter Kathleen Fort Carty & William Carty Robin & Dan Catlin John Chamberlin Cindy & John Chase Jacqueline & Jerome Chaves Yvonne Chen Chubb Insurance Travis Clem Virginia Kraft Payson & David Cole Marla & George Coleman Coleman Custom Homes Comcast Allie Coppeak Steven Corneillier Monica & Kevin Courville Rebecca & Carl Crawford CRS Insurance Brokerage Amy & Adam Cunningham


Karen Rosenbach & Thomas Daniel Mary & David Davies Yvonne & John Dawsey Chus De La Lama Ellen Dehaven Elizabeth & Joel Dekanich Sharon Dennis Martinna & Charles Dill Wendy & Tom DiVenere Paul Docktor Susan Dodson Terry & William Doepken Maxene Dominey Jane & Matthew Donovan Carla Dore Louise J. Douglass Jill Drury Barbara & Marty Dubin Thomas Dunn Drew Eberly Kathleen & Jack Eck Susan & Carl Edwards Margaret & Gary Edwards Anne Ekstrom Laura Leovic & Glen Ellison Renee & Jeffrey Epstein Evans Chaffee Construction Kathleen & William Farley Andrea Feldman Widge Ferguson Cookie & Jim Flaum Sheree & Jeff Fleming Judy & Khristopher Fortson Yvette & Christopher Frampton Jim Francis Shawnna & Graham Frank Audrey & Andrew Franklin Donald Freedman Alice & Campbell Frey Frieder Family Brenda M. Fulkerson Jane & Gerald Gamble Grace & Stephen Gamble Greg Gastineau Waldo & Diane Q. Geiger Joseph Gibbons Sharon & Herbert Glaser Doris & Matt Gobec Sue & Dan Godec Virginia & Martin Gold Bonnie & Gary Goldberg


Profile on


The Vail Valley Foundation has been fortunate to have so many supporters who have given their time, guidance and financial generosity. After many decades of serving our community, the VVF wants to thank and recognize the Borgen Family for their insightful vision, generosity and thoughtful leadership. The Borgen family is the single largest individual contributor to VVF in our history. From the Magic Bus to the Birds of Prey World Cup and three Alpine World Ski Championships, from the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater to the Vail Dance Festival to the Vilar Performing Arts Center, the lifetime contributions of Bjorn Erik Borgen, his family, and the Borgen Family Foundation are in the millions of dollars along with countless volunteer hours of their time selflessly given to the VVF. Bjorn Erik’s personal story is also one of inspiration and achievement. He emigrated from Norway to the small town of Strum, Wisconsin, where he flourished due to opportunities available to him through the local public schools. He received a scholarship to attend the University of Wisconsin, later completed his MBA at Harvard Business School and went on to a successful career in entrepreneurship and investment. Bjorn and his wife, Kathy, have three children: Kaia, Randi and Jon-Erik, as well as 10 grandchildren. The entire Borgen family makes charitable giving a priority. Their commitment to the Vail Valley community has been a major force for good, and created a legacy of where the community is headed for decades to come. On behalf of the Vail Valley Foundation Board, staff, and a grateful community, we thank the Borgen family for their exceptional leadership and generosity.

Mary Poole & Paul Goodspeed Lisa & Paul Gordon Margaret & Thomas Gorrie Renie & David Gorsuch Melise Gramm Anne & Donald Graubart Alison & Michael Greene Suzanne Greene Molly & Oliver Griffin Jennifer & William Griffis Neal C. & Nancy E. Groff Helen & Stephen Gubin Elizabeth Haenel Bethany & Jonathan Haerter Emy & Michael Halpert Kay & Jeff Hanes Stephanie & John Hanson Jordan Harrill Ray Harvey Lisa Haselden Sharon & Tom Haverstock Linda Hendricks Dwight Henninger David Hernandez Debra Herz Ronne & Donald Hess Margo & Paul W.R. Hields Gary Hill Pamela & Richard Hinds Tracy Hoff Catherine Gerken & Russell Hohensee Shana & Duncan Horner Nancy Lipsky & Bill House^ Loyal & Jill Huddleston Ami & Scott Hudgins Jack Hunn Holly Proctor & John Hutto Judith & Jay Inglis Intermountain Landscaping Twila & Michael Jenkins Jennifer & Stephen Jewett Ed Jones K.H. Webb Architects Kerma & John Karoly Dr. & Mrs. Malvin Keller Wendy & Thomas Kelly Patti & Jim Kemp Ann Kennedy Suzie & Steven Kirby Brenda Buglione & Jeffrey Kirwood


Bonnie Lee & Lawrence Kivel Daney & Lee Klingenstein Judy & Alan Kosloff Tony & Sue Krausen Jacque Kudner Sara Lanious Bettan Laughlin Ruth & Robert Lavinia Kaye Lawrence Kate Lear Laura Leitzinger Jane & Corey Light Erin & John-Michael Liles Susan & Steven Lipstein Gretchen & Charles Lobitz Kerry & William Lott Susan & Thomas Lundeen Kelly & David Lyle Dallas Lyon Tyler Malone Sara Manwiller Jackie & Kenneth Marchetti Karen Marisak Bryan Maroney Joe Maslowski Krista & Michael McClinton Rattana & Scott McDaniel Jeanne & Harry McQueeney Julie & Richard Meister Jean & Thomas Merrick Melissa Meyers Atlanta & Charlie Meynier Martha & Kevin Milbery Andrea & Robert Miller Patricia Miner Allison & Russell Molina Margaret Morgan Ellen & Jean-Claude Moritz Victoria Morris Mary Jane Mortimer Peter Mueller Mary Lynne Munn Hazel & Matthew Murray Nancy Nelson & W. Peterson Nelson Network for Good Kathy Neustadt David Nichols John Nichols George Nimmo

Lauri & Jeffrey O’Brien Stacey & Trey Odom Ruth Malman & Michael Opatowski Our Community Foundation Sandy & Fred Pack Gerry & Edmund Palmer Linda Pancratz Cindy & Kelley Parker Laura & Tim Parker Dick Patriacca Peak Interiors Joyce Pegg Linda & Joseph Perry Peyton Perry Melinda & Eric Phannenstiel Barrett & Reid Phillips Christine & Robert Pierangeli Melanie Pinker Judith & Edward Pitkin Plumbing Systems Mimi & Keith Pockross John Polikandriotis Mary Pownall Premier Landscapes Lorraine Prentis Andrea Markezin & Joel Press Leslie Rabine Drs. Meg & Michael Racenstein Emily Reaser Carolyn & Brian Reihe Colleen & David Reitan Lindsey & Brent Rimel Susan & Richard Rogel Maria Romano Merle & Philip Rosenfeld Sarah & Bill Ross Crissy & Fred Rumford Tom Russo Lisa & Lloyd Ruth Rachel Sanders Maria Luisa Santos Kathy & Terry Scanlan Jonathan Schneider Jeanette & Chad Schouweiler Minna Schrag Carrie Marsh & John Schultz

Barbara Scrivens Kathryn Seitz Select Surfaces Maurice Seligman Carol & Stanley Shapiro Dawn & Jeremy Sheaffer Charlotte Shifrin Jeanne Shuldener & Robert Sim Page & Michael Slevin Patricia Smith Lindsay & Peter Smith Robin Smith Dan Snyder Lynn Myers & Irving Stein Yulia Artemova & Hector Soto Robert Spangler Robyn & Leon Specthrie Gina & Steve Spessard Linda & Timothy Stancliffe Barbara Steinhauser Gaye & Robert Steinke Maureen & Allan Stiner Evelyn & Barry Strauch Kimberly & Eric Strauch Mary Streit Mark & Kimberlee Sullivan Tarrah & Michael Suman Kristen & JP Sunderland Aly Swansen Sweeping Change Cynthia & Chris Thrall Sandra & Thomas Thomas Kathy & Patrick Toole Drs. Jean & Alec Urquhart Vail Board of Realtors Vail Dermatology Vail Rotary Club Jenifer Valentine Roz Valentine Priscilla Van Horn Claire & Kirk Vanhee George Vaught Anne & Robert Verratti Marjorie Vickers Drew Wachter Patricia & Edward Wahtera Gloria Walker Carol & Peter Walker Joan & Robin Walls Jared Walters Hanna Warren

James Wear William^ & Joan Weiant Pamela & Curtis Wells Kathleen Wells Joe Wenal Amy Wentworth Katherine & Michael Whitcomb Patricia White Connie & Alex Wiegers Kristin & David Williams Justin Williams Nina & Kenneth Wise Jan & Dee Wisor Jayne & Dennis Withers Carolyn Wittenbraker Lauren & David Wooten James Yager Jane & David Yarian Charles Yeagle Michael Zeno Kendra & Michael Zupan

$499-$250 Anonymous (6) Laura Abramson-Pritchard Janet & Bill Adler Roxanne & Stephen Adzima Jill Landman Alfond Erin & Chad Allen Terrie Allon Alpine Builders Hardware Tom Amedro Katrina Ammer Martha Brassel & Chris Anderson Anne & Thomas Apple ARC School of Ballet Christina & Balz Arrigoni Carol Atha Tracy & Michael Autera Lisa & Jeff Babb Toni & Richard Bachmann Susan & Robert Baker Elise & Brian Barish Karin & Robert Barker Robert Barrett Becky & Ryan Baugh Robert Benson Nancy Berkley Jennifer Beuche Jordan & Alison Biggers Jennifer & Bryan Bill

Jan Billhartz Brad Binkowski Dena & Dalyn Blackney Greta & Gary Blamire Cristyle Blanchard Kate Boniface Jennifer Boren Erin & Robert Boselli Jan Boswinkel Kimberly Bradley Dr. Donna DeSimone & Dr. Stephen Brenman George & Linda Brodin Family Annie Bronfman Lynn Brosmtedt Stacy & Michael Brown Jennifer & Michael Brumbaugh Nicholas Budor Judy & Arthur Canter Jan & Jeff Cerovich Barbara & Charles Clark Mary Lynn Cohagan Anne Collins Comerford Insurance Ramsey Cotter Maureen & David Cross Kathryn & Harold Dahl Darlene Daugherty Erica de Longpre Diane Bradshaw & Dr. John Demenkoff Nancy & Craig Denton Dogma Athletica Sharron Dorward Paul Dunkelman Kay Maune & David Elmore Sally Blackmun & Michael Elsberry Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration Mary Kate & Bart Ewing Sue Ann Fagerberg Sherry & Kenneth Fardie Carole & Peter Feistmann Phyllis & Robert Finlay Robin Fitzpatrick Micki & Larry Fletcher Carolyn & Reed Ford Kiki Fornito Margaret & Andrew Forstl Ellie & Michael Francisco

Suzanne Gallegos Mark Gebauer Andrea Georgopolis Michelle & Robin Gersten Peter Gilbert Tracy McCoy Gillette Cheryl Goldberg Elizabeth Golde Abbey & Davy Gorsuch Mr. Bill & Dr. Sandra Goss Lisa & Jerry Greenberg Jennifer & Brad Greenblum Elizabeth & Mark Greenhill Sean Gross Joyce & Charles Haime Kathy & Ronnie Hankamer Jan Harkins Alicia & Daric Harvey Jennifer Haskell Heartwood Custom Woodworks Marjorie & Max Henry Rebecca Hernreich Shelley & Mark Herron Joel High Anne Hintz Brandy & Ken Hoeve Nancy & John Horgan Tracy Horn Louise & Philip Hoversten Robin & Mark Howard Barbie & Mark Huggenvik Gareth Insull Leslie & Stephen Isom Michael Jahn Catherine Jarnot Alexis & Thomas Jasper Lorrie Johnson Alberta & Reese Johnson Mary Heinen & Andrew Jones Susan Kasser Sheila Kautt Kelly & Matthew Kienzle Julia & Mike Kirk Ann & Collier Kirkham Colleen & Allen Kirkley Amy & Steven Kisielica Caroline Koekkoek Carole Kraemer Pavan & Karl Krueger William Kucharski Therese & Douglas Landin

Lisa Leach Roger LeBlanc Tracy & Brian Lenehan Beth Leonard Lindroth Family Elspeth MacHattie Robertson & Marchetti, PC Maeva Marcus Stephen Marquart Brent Martin Jenifer & Lawrence Marx Trudy & Robert Matarese Lori McCall Carmel & Bill McGuckin Tina Mcnew Mac & Dava McWhorter Kristine & Jim Mestdagh Camela & Scott Miller Daniel Mironov Leslie & Charles Mishner Alicia Morgan Morgridge Family Foundation Syra & Jason Morley Kelly & Geoffrey Moser Mountain Temp Services Gudrun Lange & Benjamin Natelson Laurian Unnevehr & Jerry Nelson Sage & Michael Nelson Rachel Nelson New Electric Veronica & Glen Newhart Patricia Nixon Ann Norton Anita & John O’Connell JeriLynn & Gordon Ommen Leslie & James Pavelich Pamela & James Peros Alex & Stefanie Price Sharon Puczynski Eileen Friars & Scott Pyle Melissa & Carlos Ramirez Elisabeth Reed Liz Riley Lynne & Jack Rossman Liz & John Ruggles Barbara & James Ruh Lauren Ruhl Erica Ryan Karen Ryan Eric Savage



Deborah & James Schultz Carter & Jeffrey Sharfstein Shepherd Resources Inc/AIA Charlotte & Todd Shollenberger Lynn & Raymond Siegel Virginia Singer Geoff Smart Rachel & David Smiley Kathy Smith Shelley Snowden Terry Snyder Kenneth Stein Kathryn & Brian Stoffers Theresa Tao Peter Tempkins Carrie Thomas Cathy & Keith Thompson Argie Ligeros & Patrick Tierney Karen & Emmett Towey Eli & Stacy Toyama Nancy Traylor Triumph Mountain Properties Michele Marie Trumbull Mariah P. & Jon Ulvestad Sarah Valente Amy & Rudy Vanwel Janette & John Vickers Alison & John Warren III Carole Watters Elizabeth Weigand Adriana Weinberg Darcie & Peter Weiser Margaret Thompson & Wade White Talena & Tyson Williams Linda Wolcott Chris & Jen Wright Sarah & Todd Wyscarver Karl Yeh Linda Yip

$249-$100 Anonymous (17) Stephanie & Kelly Adair Jennifer & David Adkins Rebecca Aliber Lori & Larry Allen Aly & Greg Anderson Matt Anderson


Catherine &Truman Anderson Lindsey & Garrett Antill Sandy & Jeff Apps Courtney Armitage Susan & Louis Armitage Andrew Armstrong Elaine & Richard Asarch Heather Bacon Nina & Robert Bandoni Valerie & Edward Banner Donna Barrows Marcella & Robert Barry Madison Bartock Shirley Beal Chris Beatty Jessica & Troy Beauchamp Megan Bee Barbara & Peter Behrendt Stephen & Sandy Bell Elizabeth Benish Heather & Robert Benson Suzanne Berger Karla & David Berman Linda Bernhard Debra Bernstein-Siegel Kay & Charles Bertrand Martha & Bill Bevan Charlie Bird Janelle Blessing Megan Bryant & Benjamin Boese Prisca Boris Joan & Henry Bornstein Karen Shupe & Norman Bowles Pamela Boynton Claudine Brandt Nancy & Benjamin Broder Marc Brombert Pam & Nick Brooks Kathy & Benjamin Brown Dionne & Erik Brown Barbara & Russell Browning Jennifer & Luca Bruno Allison Brunwasser Bobbi Bryson Carole & Todd Bukovich Rebecca & Patrick Bultemeier Shan & Caleb Burchenal Heather Carney Julie Carr


Inga & Brandon Causey Kathleen & Michael Cavataio Donna & Bill Caynoski Caroline & David Cerise Ruth & Randall Chang Karen & Joseph Chesnick Jr Deborah & Daniel Clarke Cheryl Clayton Jerry Cobb Travis Coggin Holly & D’Arcy Cole Kristin Heath Colon & Eric Colon Kristin Comerford Karyn Contino Ryan Coon Mary & Bill Cotton Kendra & Jason Cowles Dr. and Mrs. William A. Cox Peter Cranston Megan Crowley Anni Davis Susan Davis Katherine & Hassan Dayem Kathleen Dee Candace & Thomas Decker Mr. and Mrs. James Deighan Lori Del Vecchio Susan Depue & William Hughes
 Taylre Derby Kristen DesCombes Debra Devereaux Kim DiStefano Cathy & Ralph Dockery Lois & Gary Donahee Judith Douglas Charenton Drake Kathryn & Patrick Drew Debra & Richard Durben Sharon Dwinnell Margaret Eberly Katherine Eberly Spellane Sylvan Ellefson Tori & Will Elliott Heidi & Stephen Elzinga Sheryl & Robert Engleby Wendy Elaine Erb Katie Jean Ewing Ms. Marisa Ferrara Kristi & Craig Ferraro

Caryl & Kenneth Field Barbara & Lawrence Field Linda & Raymond Finn John Fleming William Ford Vanessa Foreman Jami & David Forschner Sally & Crosby Foster Matt Frampton Inge Franberg Victoria Frank Nancy & Gary Freedman Daniel Friedman Sherri Fritsch Carrie & Lee Froman Phillip Gallegos Debra & Rick Geddes Netia & Henry Gerken Hilary Gerlach Katrina & Howard Glasser David Glover Family Lisa & Wayne Goad Serge Goldberg Diane & Paul Golden Maureen & John Golinvaux Maximo Gomez Cathy Cohn & Gilad Gordon Marcette Gordon Todd Goulding Carol & Allen Green Kristen & Robert Grems Jennifer Gunn Sharon Gurwitz John Halloran Susan Hammer Simon Hamui Debbie Hand Whitney Harper Marilyn Heaney Cathy Heller Betty Hellman Susan Henoch Chris Henry Louis Henston

Jana Henthorn Cathey Herren Paula Herzmark Brenda & Alan Himelfarb Tanya Hiple Clairlee & Bob Hirsch Betsy Hoke Allissa Hollis Amy & Claes Holm Nan Holt Robinette & Steve Hoppin Bratzo Horruitiner Jan Houston Gretchen & Mikey Hovey Christianna & Timothy Howell Heather & Kirk Hower Kelley Howes Heather & Jeremy Hughes Dana Hugo Stanton Humphries Owen Hutchinson Adele & Roy Igersheim Myra & Frank Isenhart Jennie & Ross Iverson Victoria & Steven Jacobson Kim Jacoby John Jaran^ Adriana Jimenez Paul Johl Malin Johnsdotter Tina Fleishman & Frank Johnson Janet & Carl Jordan Courtney Kanouff Kelly Karas Drs. Larry & Irit Karsh

Katherine & Linas Kasparitis Chris Kastelic Amy & Carter Keller Elisse & Eric Kelley Joanne Kemp Alan Kenwood Robert Kidd Tessa & Steven Kirchner Shawn Kirschner James Kleckner Janet & Tom Kleinhardt Mininder Kocher Lindsey & Casey Kraft Liz & Jim Krezowski Ken Krieg Peter Kuettner Julie Kurtz Ivy & Frederick Kushner Anne Lackritz Audrey LaFehr Robyn Landry Diane Larsen Kimberley Laskey Cynthia LeBreton Karen & Brian Lee David Lee Henry Levine Pamela Levine Edward Lewandowski Richard Liebhaber Mary & John Lohre Stephanie Lord-Johnson Helen & Robert Lyon Deborah & Edward Mace Gail & Jay Mahoney

Jennifer & Gideon Malherbe David Maloley Rosalie Marquez Terri Martin Rebecca & Chris Matlon The Maurer Family Mindy & Tony Mauro Janet & John McDavid Monica McDonald Naomi McEndaffer Patricia McFarland Nancy & Michael McKeever Linda McKinney Cheryl & James McVey Cynthia Mead Colin Meiring Rick Messmer Mary Meyer Erinn Hoban & Josh Miller Doris & Monte Miller Paula & George Mirmelstein Jean & Patrick Mitchell Charles Mize Ryan Molzon Steph Moore Carol Moore Mink & John Mink Jody & Jeff Morgan Jana & Matt Morgan Beth & Charles Morrison Sheila Mossman Michelle Muething John Murphy Melissa Murphy Jean Naumann Cynthia Neil

Nestlerode Family Shepard Nevel Peggy Nicholls Atsuyo & David Norman Nancy Nottingham Kristofer Ochs Laurie & David O’Connell The Ogden Family Sally Oloughlin Hope & Greg O’Quin Marie & Donald Osborn Elizabeth Owens Helen & Foxhall Parker Rachel & Aaron Parsons Haley & Mike Pearson Pamela & Daniel Pennington Angela & Stephen Penrose Tracy & Gary Pesso Jayne & David Petak Carol Kay & Michael Phillips Rodney Pilot Shelley & John Pinkham Julio Pita Grace Poganski David Prebble Anne Prinzhorn Martha & J. Scott Raecker Nancy Rehder Resort Books Maggie DeDecker & Bill Rey Ross Rice Tracy & Matthew Ritter Alexander Roberts Suzie & Frank Robinson Joan Robinson Kenneth Robinson Dr. Bill Rodkey Coralie Rogers Patricia Romero Lynn & Randy Rose Karen Royce Jarret Rubis Karen & Jack Ryan Jennifer & Stephen Sagner Kaili & Erik Sale Gwyneth & Richard Sample Lynda & Pete Sampson Steven Sanders Hillary & Patrick Scanlan Becky & David Schamis

V V F Educatio� Legac� Awa�d Hono�ee�:

KAREN AND MIKE HERMAN To Karen and Mike Herman,

The Education Legacy Award recognizes donors who have given more than $1 million toward Vail Valley

Foundation education philanthropy is much more than writing a check. As integral initiatives. members of the Vail Valley and Kansas City communities, the Hermans say they see philanthropy as, “bringing people into society, making them part of society.” This is not only reflected in their formal philanthropic endeavors, but also in the way they live their lives and raised their children, and they have inspired several generations of Herman family members who strive to give back as much as possible to their communities, especially in the area of education. Karen and Mike have expanded the boundaries of philanthropy by committing their time and leadership to institutions that make a difference. Karen is the founding President of the Women’s Foundation of Greater Kansas City, and has served roles on the Board of Directors for The Hadassah Foundation, the Global Women’s Funding Network, and the Midwest Center for Holocaust Education. Mike is past President and CEO of the Kauffman Foundation and past President of the Kansas City Royals Baseball Team, and has used his experience in investment and engineering to serve roles on the Board of Directors for Tanabe-Marion Labs, Marion Labs, Nordic Labs, Cerner Inc., Circon, Inc., Santarus Inc., Senomyx Inc., and New Enterprise Associates (NEA). Currently, Mike is a Trustee of the University of Chicago Graduate School of Business and he has served nine years on the Board of Directors for the Vail Valley Foundation. These are only a few of the vast array of philanthropic leadership roles that have defined the charitable lives of Karen and Mike. Although they are highly regarded as esteemed individual leaders, the philanthropic work that the couple has accomplished together continues to be highly regarded by their communities. We extend our sincere thanks for their generosity.

VVF Education Legacy Award



Diana & Matthew Scherr Cecilia & Fritz Schmidt Susan Schneider Gayle Schwartz Jordan Schwartz Shaw Electric Russell Shay Jean Shearon Kate Sheldon Ricki & Steve Sherlin Charles Sherwood Kimberly & Oleg Shikverg Nancy Sievers Shelley & Bill Simmons Martha Skinner Melissa Smith Pamela & Richard Smith Tamara & Scott Smith Gary Sommer Kristen Sorensen Frances Karsh & Leo Spaziani Dru & Philip Spellane Barbara & James Spiker Linda Stamper Boyne Spencer Stanford Tammy Schiff & John Stearns Debbie Steckler Sabine Stener Carolee Stewart Judy & Robert Stiber Anne Stodghill Ellen & Ronald Stone Charles E. Stoopack Stephanie & Arthur Strasburger Rose Stratton Abby Summers Gretchen Swanson Martine & Jeffery Sween Selma & Harvey Sweetbaum Tricia Swenson Sirine Tabbara Jill Tanenbaum Sue & David TerBush Janet & Paul Testwuide Kerri & Jeremy Thelen Lachlan Thomas W.I. & Trudy F. Thomas Deann Thoms Hugh Thurnauer


Lai White & Bernd Tischer Herbert Tobin Cheryl & Gerry Tolley Jennifer Tower Anne & Robert Trumpower Laura Tucker Trace Tyler Vail Performing Arts Academy Vivianna & Peter Van Deerlin Sandy & Pete Van Deventer George VanMeter Jennifer Veruchi Vintage Leslie & Gregory Walker Joseph Walker Abigail Wallach Kerry & William Warburton Jennifer Weintraub Gayle Westerberg Renee & Warren Wettlaufer Vali Pulis-Wilcox & Willy Wilcox Janet Windham Kathleen Witsil Traci & Michael Wodlinger Valerie & Ronald Wolfe Rosalind & Larry Wolff Carole Wolff-Sowers Brian Woodell Ann & Daryl Woodworth Allison Yoelin Scott Zankl Rachael Zehms Alison & John Zuckert Cecilia Retelle Zywicki

$99-$25 Anonymous (7) Daniel Abrahamson Jorge Aguero Benjamin Aiello Michille Alfaisal Jane Allaman Nancy Allen Sheila Allen The Alley Family Daniel Allis Mary Allyn Carol Almanza Roberta Ampudia Theresa Anders


Ivy Andersen Kimberly Anderson Patricia Anderson George Andrews Margo Andrews Eric Aragon Elizabeth Arnold Joshua Arnold Marie Artim Taleen Avedian Neil Ayer Enrique Azcarraga Chelsea Bahney Patricia & John Bailey Mary Anne & Charles Baker Beatriz Ball Amy Bamford Sondra Barlow Jacquelyn Barry Hamilton Ann & Gerald Bass Jeffrey Beacom David Beaulieu Richard Berger Karen & Jack Bergey Shawn Biehl Kathryn Birch Susan Black Wells Black Mary & Joe Blair Christina & Bruce Blake Deborah Webster & Stephen Blanchard Dina Bleecker Erin Hall & Eric Blitzstein Greg Bloom Nicole Boege Lauren Bonati Alisha Quinn Bosco & Giuseppe Bosco Debi Brandt Elaine Bready Darren Brennan Stephen Bressler Sally & Joe Bridges Benjamin Brockwell Valerie & Daniel Brod Gary Brooks Mary Brown Jenna Browning Joanna Budzynski Allison Burgund Lauren Burnett Jerry Busby

Wendy Rudolph & Graeme Bush Carol & Wesley Butero Eleanor Cahill Selina Calvillo Rosario Camacho Greta & Michael Campanale William Campbell Geralyn & Pedro Campos Dan Cannon Richard Caples & Wayne Haskins Karen Cardwell Geralyn Carroll Evan Carsman Judith & David Carson Yvonne Cass Barbara Cecil Valerie Cervantes Raquel Chavez Robyn Cherrie Leon Chipman Delphine Cillard-Garcia Amy Cimbura Sylvana Cisneros Doreen & Jeffrey Clevenger Betsy Cochran Andrea Cohen Francisco Colon Lelia & Mark Conlin Marilyn & John Connelly Michael Conner Mike Cooper Kathleen & David Cope Sarah Walker & Jeff Corn Sunny & Thomas Corrigan Eustaquio Cortina Michelle & David Courtney Arthur Cowperthwaite Alan Crocker Katherine & Michael Crofton Lauren Crowley Anne & William Cuny Emily Curtis Shannon & Benjamin Daniel Silvia & Alan Danson Kelly & Dave Dantas Rebecca & Glenn Davis Susan & Mark Dean Charlotte & Douglas Dechant Katie Decker

Melissa Decker Catherine DeMane Melanie Dennis Kathy & William DesPortes Michael Detrisac Charlotte Dettbarn Jocelyn Dienst Eric Dilz Patrick Dolan Judy & Don Donnalley Mark Donovan Edward Dowling Mark Duckett George Dunn Charles Dyer Michael Earl Jana Eggers Nancy & Thomas Eiseman Kelly Eisinger Molly Eppard Luis Escalante Jody & Pepper Etters Karen Eyrich Sara & Travis Fahrney Jennie & Gil Fancher Sue Nikolai & Markian Feduschak Cealy & Steven Fellman Olivia Fernandes Brooke Ferris Andrea Fierro Howard Finkelstein Eleanor Finlay Rich Fiore Sarah & David Fischell Caron Fish Colleen Forrest Kent Foster Kathleen Frank Brett Frey Sara Friedle Cherie Friedman Beth & Glenn Frommer Zachary Gains Samantha & Michael Gale Eric Gallinek Paula Garcia Cindy Gardner Lauren Gary Joye Gelo Toni George Melissa Gerard Sarah Gilsdorf

A �amil� �i��t app�oac� t�

CHARITABLE GIVING Remember the Vail Valley Foundation in your Will or Living Trust Did you know it’s easier than ever to support the Vail Valley Foundation and become a Vail Valley Visionary? Simply visit our new gift planning website to begin your giving journey today. Our redesigned site will help you personalize your gift’s impact at the VVF while also helping secure your financial future. You can plan your gift based on the amount you want to give, your age, or the asset you would like to donate. Whichever way you to want to create your Vail Valley legacy, our website has you covered. Learn more today at VVFVisionary.org

Daniel Girzadas Andrew Gittle Nancy Gladstone John Glynn Joe Goldberg Heather & Morris Goldberg Yoana Gonzalez Michael Goodstein Victoria & Todd Green Victoria Green Elizabeth Griffin Tim Gropp Harry Grout Susan & Ronald Gruber Jennifer & Steven Gullickson

Gregory Guthridge Jean Hadley Molly Hadley Courtney McRickard & David Hagan Dale Hahs Jane Hall Cheryl & Fred Halpern Kathryn & Michael Hanley Susan Hanna Kim Hannold JP Harbour Karolyn Harper Mary & J. Bruce Harreld Adam Harrison

Stephanie Harrold Melissa Hartwig Russ Hathaway William Head Jennifer & Sean Healey Cliff Hendrick Cindy Hennessy Casady Henry Lisa Hensel Timothy Herbst Ricky Hernandez Amanda Hewitt Gloria Heyer Hillary Higgins Allison Hjorth

Leigh Hoerner Eileen Hoffmann Joanna & Gordon Hoffstein Jared Holfelder Steven Holsinger Elyse & Taggart Howard Harold Huffaker Lauri Hughes Kimberly Hutchins Joel Hylen Eric Hynden Tiffany & Brian Ingoldsby Jessica Irwin Marcia Ishizuka Pia & Thomas Jablonski Tomas Jablonski Robert Jahn Michael Jaques Jane Jelenko Carol Johnson Daniel Johnson Joseph Johnson Sheridan Johnson Elena Jones Katie & Matthew Jones Amy & George Joseph Korey Kadrmas Cindy Kahn Debora & Lawrence Kalas Rebecca Kanaly Colleen & Kevin Kaneda Lynn & Andrew Kaufman Krista & Andrew Keiser Sharman Keller-Green Erin Kelly Timothy Kelly Pamela Kennedy Svetlana Kertanova JoAnn Kirk Mark Kirschner Mary Kitchen Susan Kleiboeker Karen Klein Casandra Konior Markos Koutmos Darcy Kramer Kristine Kreilick Kroger Kris Krohn Theresa & Bernard Krueger Carol & John Krueger Mike Krupka Judith & Carl Kurt


The LaBaugh Family Corey Lamothe Marsha Landesman Robin Lang Catherine LaPorte Jill LaVea Dawn & Randy Lebowitz Alice Leeds David Leibowtiz Pamela Ann Leland Angus Lemon Beryl H. Lemon Mary & Trudo Letschert Carol Lincoln Karen Lindner Jeff Linssen Frances & Gary Little Linda & Robert Llewellyn Garrett Lodewyck Gladys Lopez Kristi Lopez Missy & Bill Love Shannon & Keith Love Dana Macik Stephen Mangerson Gary Mansir Daniel Manzanares Cinthia Manzano Patricia Marcine Jenifer Marks Michael Marston Jessica Martinez L.S. Butch Mazzuca Rachelle McBride Debra McClave Chad McDaniel Anne & Thomas McGonagle Gayelene McIngvale Beth & Matt McKenzie Edward McKersie Carole & James McNeill Anne McPhilomy Emily Mead Meg Mead John Merritt Amy & John Messenger Mary Anne Metternick Kirk Metz Elizabeth Meyers Zachary Meyers Britta Miles Christina Miller Emily & Steve Miller

Shannon Mills Bay Miltenberger Rhonda Miner Molly & Wesley Minett Melanie & Sean Molloy Irina Monger Mary Marguerite Mongrain Kristi Moon Rene & Nathaniel Moore Gilbert Morales Heather Morgan Andrew Morin Thomas Morsefield Susan & David Mott Rene Murai Nora & Joseph Murbach Cookie Murphy-Pettee Donald Murray Tracey Muston Melissa Neelley Holly Nelson Patricia Nelson Brett Neuville Shannon & Ryan Neville Betsy & Dirk Nevin Suzette Newman Sara Newsam Lynne & Patrick Nosal Karen & Norm Numerof Courtney O’Brien Sue & Michael O’Connor Jason Odau Hubert Odom Jeanette Okazaki Juana Palaciosserna Brooke & Gary Palumbo Charis & Mark Patterson Patricia & Charlie Penwill Maryse Perrigaud Steve Petersen Jay Peterson Lorrie Peterson Courtney Phillips Kelly Phillips Faye Pickelman Kathryn & Joseph Poehling Gloria Ponce Jennifer & Chris Pope Victoria Pope Kendra & John Powell Jeri Powles Lezlie Poyastro Sharon Prange

Jennifer & Justin Pronga Rebecca Puhl Lois Purtell Elizabeth & Philip Qualman Mauricio Quirch R&H Mechanical Joel Rabinowitz Sudheer Ravuri Jennifer Razee Kathryn & Daniel Regjo Beth Reilly Tess & Jeffrey Reinhold Gigi Reynolds Michelle & Lewis Ribner Nancy & Rick Richardson Helen Bradley & Christopher Rieder Wendy Rimel Maureen & Jerry Riordan Kimberly Riordan Jonathan Rippentrop Bibiana Rivero Brittany & Harrison Roberts Mandy & Glenn Robison Steve Rockwell Kathleen & William Roe Robert Roehl Chris Romer Maria Roques Jackie Rothstein John Ruhl Andrew Sabin Rory Salem Julia & Brian Salerno Susan Salomon Connell Saltzman Laurel Broy & Harry Sandell Aline & Richard Sandomire Patricia Santiago Gary & Linda Scanlon Carol Schimmer Gay Schmergel David Schneider Bev Schneiter Vicki & Gary Schnell Devin Schow Mary Jane Schultz Matthew Schultz Roberta & Jonathan Schwartz

James Scibetta Emily Selonick Steven Sendor Emily Sessler John Shave Patrick Sheridan Barbara & Clark Shivley Teri Shockey Lynne Siefert Mary Clare & Daniel Silva Donna Whittington & Charles Singer Erla Skuladottir Marco Slim Allana Smith John Smith Sandy Smith Wendy Smith Mikelsons Leslie & Brett Snyder Anselmo Solís Amanda Spannagel Ron Speaker Carol & Roger Sperry Darrin Stafford Jane Stampe & Susan Cremer Jamie Stephen Joyce Sterling Jay Stilwell Holly & Jim Strablizky Jill Suarez Elam Swan Lynn Swansen Susan & Gordon Swanson Carol Swig

Susan & Cullum Thompson James Thompson Chris & Mike Thul Betti & Michael Tiner Kimberly & Charles Toms Elizabeth Topp Liduvina Torres Ellen & Stephen Tower Heidi & Michael Trueblood Dail Turner & Lee Corey Jill Turner John Tydeman Silvia Unterkreuter Bryan Urban Rebecca Urquhart Stacy Utay Aimee & Bart Valls Judy Van Bergen Lois & John Van Deusen Amelia Van Dyke Lea VanSchaack Bonnie & John Vesey Leslie Vidal Thomas Viele Nicolaas Vlok William Von Handorf Ruth & Carl Walker Sandra Walker Erin Wallace Janet Walsh

Alice & Thomas Walton Stephanie Ward Stefanie Warmuth Laura & Steve Warren Natalie Warshaw Laura Watkins Valerie & Darell Wegert Sandie & Alan Wehe Carol Wellbaum Grace Wellwerts Andrew Wendt Brian Wesbury Kathleen Gleiss & Karl Weston Michael Wheeler Kristen White Kerry & Stephen White Susan & Jerry Whiteman Sheila Whitman Michelle & Tom Whitten Christian Wichmann Katherine & Doug Widlund

Vanessa Willard Bill Williams Kimberly & Erik Williams Elizabeth Rountree & Robert Williams Melissa Wills Edward Wilton Russell Withers Linda & Dean Wolz Allison Wright Nichole & Zachary Wurth Walter Young Scott Zanki David Zelman Diane & Michael Ziering Miranda Zintgraff



VVF staff Executive

Finance & Administration


Mike Imhof, President

Erica de Longpre, Controller

Melissa Bartoletta, Marketing Manager

Heidi Elzinga, Assistant to the President

Dionne Drugan Brown, Office Manager

Maggie Bevan, Senior Marketing Manager

Bob Ford, Chief Financial Officer

Tom Boyd, Director of Public Relations

Membership & Development

Helen Gies, Senior Accounting Manager

Kristen Dudding, Assistant Marketing Manager

Carrie Benway, Director of Development, YP365

Carlos Molina, IT Help Desk Technician

Sarah Franke, VP of Marketing & Operations

Martha Brassel, Director of Development, VDF

Brian Muller, Senior Director of IT & Special Projects

Ruthie Hamrick, Senior Marketing Manager, VPAC

Erin Hall, Development Operations Manager

Stefanie Price, Senior Director of Human Resources

Alix Miller, Marketing & Digital Media Manager

Whitney Harper, Development Officer

Gail Russell, Accounting & Finance Manager

Owen Hutchinson, Director of Development, VPAC

Kathryn Steffan, Accounting & Finance Manager

Christina Miller, Director of Major Gifts

Operations Lisa Babb, Hospitality Manager

Glen Newhart, CFRE, VP of Membership & Development

Sponsorship & Sales

Sarah Franke, VP of Marketing & Operations

Kendra Powell, Membership & Donor

Greg Bloom, Director of Sponsorship & Sales

Mac Garnsey, Director of Operations

Dave Dressman, VP of Sponsorship & Sales

Erin Kelly, Operations Manager

Emily Sessler, Senior Development Manager

Relations Manager

Sacha Kostick, Sponsorship Account Manager

Martin Nieves, Assistant Director of Operations, VDF

Melissa Wills, Development Officer, YP365

Julia Salerno, Director of Sponsorship & Sales

Lesley Norton, Operations Manager, Lodging & Logistics

Jessica Stevens, Director of Sponsorship & Sales

Aaron Strubel, Operations Coordinator, Venues & Facilities


VVF Staff

Photos by Kendra Powell, John-Ryan Lockman, Logan Robertson, Tom Boyd.

The staff of

Education—YouthPower365 Pedro Alvarez, PwrHrs Coordinator Sara Amberg, Sustainability, Capacity &

Vilar Performing Arts Center

the Vail Valley

Erik Brown, Director of Special Projects

Foundation thanks you for your support

& Infrastructure Dean Davis, Facilities Manager

in achieving our

Nicole Bentzoni, PwrHrs Coordinator

Tim Felton, Assistant Box Office Manager

mission this year.

Carrie Benway, Director of Development

Lauren Gary, Box Office Manager

Maria Calvo, Magic Bus Coordinator

Madelyn Green, Assistant Box Office Manager

Jeff Corn, Data, Strategy & Scholarships Manager

Kristen Hammer, Production Manager

Kendra Cowles, Senior Manager, PwrUp

Kim Hannold, Programming Director

Deb Dutmer, Magic Bus Manager

Chris Henry, Director of Operations

Miguel Hernandez, Program Coordinator,

Duncan Horner, Executive Director

Grants Director

PwrHrs & PwrOn Brittany Kinney, Program Manager, Girl PowHER & PwrOn Kirby Lemon, Program Administrator


Owen Hutchinson, Director of Development

Cortney Munger, Artist Relations Coordinator Matthew Phillips, Technical Director

Magdalena Lopez, Magic Bus Coordinator

Vail Dance Festival

Jennifer Martinez, Director of Programs,

Martha Brassel, Director of Development

PwrHrs & PwrOn Laura Watkins, Senior Manager, PwrHrs

Martin Nieves, Assistant Director of Operations Damian Woetzel, Artistic Director



P.O. Box 6550 Avon, Colorado 81620 970.777.2015 phone 888.883.8245 toll free 970.949.9265 fax



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