Vail Valley Foundation 2017 Annual Report

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To enhance and sustain the quality


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In Memoriam

Johannes Faessler

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Harry Frampton,

In Memoriam

Development Johannes Faessler, Chair

of life in the Vail Valley by providing leadership in the arts, athletics, and education.

Alexia Jurschak Events

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Steve Coyer

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John Garnsey

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Hans Berglund

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Andy Arnold

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Margie Gart

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Vail Dance

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membership as of

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December 5, 2017.

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Vail Valley Foundation

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Linda Waterhouse

Inside cover imagery: Special thanks to photographers Erin Baiano, Dan Davis, John Ryan Lockman, Rick Lohre, Zach Mahone, Brian Maloney, Logan Robertson, and Jonathan Selkowitz.


A YEAR OF CONNECTIONS Our community is well-known for our skiing, beautiful summers, and an unparalleled mountain environment, but what makes us truly unique is our identity as a community with a culture of volunteerism, generosity, and support for one another that creates lifelong connections between all who take part. In the following pages you will find images and stories of people connecting to their interests, to their passions, to each other, and to brighter futures. Everything we do is focused on raising the quality of life for everyone: from our part time residents, to destination guests to working families, aspiring athletes, dance aficionados and more. It’s our

mission to enhance and sustain quality of life for all, and while we do it through three core areas—arts, athletics, and education—we like to think that the positive effects reverberate across all boundaries and walks of life. In this volume, we look back on a successful year that set high water marks in multiple arenas, yet we also look ahead to bold new ideas and an even brighter 2018. As our 2017 community survey revealed, there is a wide base of support for continued pursuit of major, headliner music acts at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, as well as the Vilar Performing Arts Center. In education, we seek to ‘finish the job’, ensuring that the work we begin in early childhood continues throughout grade school and into career and college readiness. In athletics, our 50-year

legacy in international ski racing pairs perfectly with the unbridled potential for the flourishing GoPro Mountain Games. We love what we do and we work hard to properly steward your support into meaningful action, improving the lives of everyone who lives in, and visits, the Vail Valley. We have been fortunate to inherit a ‘think big’ mentality from those who have built and sustained this organization since its inception in 1981, and we look forward to continuing with that spirit as we seek to make impactful contributions to our remarkable community. With sincere thanks,

Ann Smead, Chairman of the Board

connections Mike Imhof, President and CEO



anticipating a

DYNAMIC Only a few moments after the lights came up on August 18, it was clear the

Rodrigo y Gabriela concert at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater was going to be a smashing success. The first brilliant notes from their acoustic guitars were met with uproarious applause, and the energy only amplified from there, into the following night’s performances from Dead Man Winter and Third Eye Blind, punctuating the Ford Amphitheater 30th Anniversary celebrations with a definitive exclamation mark. The late-August event brought closure to a summer of dynamic classical, dance, rock and country performances that set a new standard for success at the iconic venue, and also gave an opportunity to recognize the community which envisioned, created, and has continually improved the facility and its artistic offerings. On hand to represent the family of the late President Gerald R. Ford was his daughter-in-law, Juliann Ford and his grandson Christian Ford. And, in a performance of perfect symmetry, the 30th Anniversary concerts also featured Lukas Nelson, son of Willie Nelson, the legendary country star who played the first major show at Ford Amphitheater in the summer of 1997.



This page: Third Eye Blind. Opposite page, upper photo: Donavon Frankenreiter.

Opposite page, lower photo: Keller Williams’ Grateful Grass. Photos by John Ryan Lockman.

FUTURE The summer also hosted benchmark performances for two other well-known artistic institutions in the Vail Valley. Although a separate entity from the Vail Valley Foundation, Bravo! Vail has called the Ford Amphitheater home for 30 years, and their anniversary celebration included a record number of world premieres, expanded educational offerings, and the largest-ever number of string quartets. The festival is thriving, and we look forward to many more years of partnership with Bravo! Vail. It was also 30 years for Hot Summer Nights, the free concert series that has become a center of social activity all summer long each Tuesday night (and which now matches nicely with its cousin in Eagle, the Vail Valley Foundation’s ShowDown Town free concert series). The Vail Dance Festival, too, welcomed a larger, wider audience than ever before

as it prepares for its own 30th anniversary in 2018. In all of the above, the Ford Amphitheater’s spacious pavilion and its trademark lawn seating were often filled to capacity, with the greenery of Vail Mountain visible to one side, the splendor of the Gore Range to the other, and the meticulously-cultivated beauty of the grounds all throughout. An inevitable consequence of looking back on three decades is to also look forward, and wonder what the next 30 years of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater will bring. The Vail Valley Foundation has long been built upon big ideas, and perhaps nowhere else will this become more readily apparent than at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. Those same reverberating notes that launched the 30th


Anniversary celebration also launched a newfound enthusiasm to explore the possibilities for headliner acts that such a venue naturally inspires. As Willie and Lukas Nelson can attest, the opportunity for big-name music at the Ford Amphitheater is as much a vision for the future as a return to roots. As we explore future options, our community will find a place to come together, reconnect with one another, and reconnect with the same visionary leadership, unity of purpose, and generosity of spirit that created the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in the first place.


“When the community needed a place

“The Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater is where we

and celebrate the lives of two of our town’s

enjoy the performing arts in all its

pioneers, Jen Mason and the Vail Valley

many forms, it’s where we

Foundation threw open the doors of

celebrate the graduation of our

the Amphitheater and welcomed us all in. It

students, and even where

was a beautiful gesture not only because it

we memorialize the lives of those

gave us such an extraordinary place

where we could all come together

we’ve lost. It’s hard to

to gather, but also because it’s exactly the

imagine life and culture in the Vail Valley without it.”

kind of spirit this town was built upon.” Kristin Kenney Williams, Vice President, Mountain Community Affairs

Dave Chapin, Vail Mayor

Vail Resorts

56 22

Vail Dance Festival

were sold

the Hot Summer Nights

dancers, danced


on the GRFA stage


2017 total summer season

golf cart rides given

number of attendees in

Bravo! Vail events held



number of attendees at

events held in 2017



Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater


bags of popcorn

balloons dropped at the GRFA 30th anniversary concerts

This page: Gabriela of Rodrigo y Gabriela. Opposite page: Mountains of Music at the GoPro Mountain Games. Photos by John Ryan Lockman.

In 2018, the Vail Valley Foundation looks to expand headliner music offerings at the Ford Amphitheater.



for those who dream of

SUCCES At the VVF’s YouthPower365, decades of work are coming to fruition. The children who entered our early childhood education programs dreamed of lives that may have seemed out of reach. In K–12, we taught them the basic skills to show them just how real those dreams could become. Through scholarships

and training, we helped make those dreams a reality. Each year we continue to help a new wave of young people step into the world to prove what can happen when a community comes together to support its youth. YouthPower365 provides continuity from early childhood (PwrUp), to K–12 (PwrHrs), and into “I have learned techniques to help my career & college readiness own children and I have become more (PwrOn), so that our young people are working with involved in my community the same familiar faces and schools with greater ease.” every step of the way. Our successes have begun to Blanca Cabral, make YouthPower365 a Parent Mentor coordinator



national model for private-public partnerships, and in 2018 a national conference will help us share what we’ve learned as we’ve helped more than 12,000 young people reach their potential. There is still work to be done, from early childhood to graduation day and beyond. As we look ahead, we are focusing in on high school, and students transitioning to high school, to assure that no one falls through the cracks or gets lost along the way. (continued on page 10)



PwrOn career and college programming supports youth in PwrHrs K-12 programming


their pathway toward

empowers youth to achieve


their potential through

PwrUp early childhood

education and career

engaging academic and

education programming takes


enrichment opportunities.

a two-generational approach to learning for children in

need so that every young child (0–5 years old) and

every parent is kindergarten ready and equipped to be

positively engaged throughout their educational journey.

Both pages: photos by Logan Robertson.

There are effective and researchbased solutions to some of our student’s challenges. That’s why we partnered with the L.A.- based Fulfillment Fund to borrow their proven ideas in the fight against high school drop-out rates. We are also partnering with Eagle County Schools, the Vail Valley Partnership, and Colorado Mountain College to provide valuable career training right here in our valley via Career X internship and CareerWise apprenticeship programming. And our pilot group-mentoring program is providing role models for young people to lean on as they navigate the complexities of young adulthood. Together with our existing programs, and with tremendous community support, we are making great strides toward our goal to serve, ‘Every Child, Every Day,” in Eagle County. As we do, we are connecting students and teachers, parents and mentors, and a community with its own future. Most importantly, we are connecting young students with their dreams.

12,000+ students served to date

“The community here is engaged in education and willing to take action to

“Our students are in a safe,

provide opportunities for our young people,

engaging and loving environment for four

so the level of support we see here is

weeks, and they might not get

entirely unique to Eagle County.

these experiences

It feels like I stepped into such a gift.”

all summer long if it

Dr. Maggie Lopez, Interim Superintendent

was not for YP365.”

Eagle County Schools

Brittany Rivera, PwrHrs Teacher



oral reading fluency


after PwrHrs programs

contact hours in 2016–17

schools with programs offered in the

math computation after

from YouthPower365 Dollars for

school year and summer 2017

2016–17 school year from 6 to 11

PwrHrs programs

Scholars and 16 partner entities

428,000 10


GirlPowHER grew the number of




awarded to graduating seniors

Both pages: photos by Logan Robertson.

“The Magic Bus program has been such a gift to my children both academically and socially, and a blessing to our entire family.� Heather Bergquist, Magic Bus Parent, Gypsum, Colorado

Board Member Gary Woodworth joins teacher Maria Calvo and students for an eye-opening day on the Magic Bus.



the evolution of a

LEARNING Most everyone who comes to the Vail Valley has experienced

Amy and Steve Coyer were presented with the Education Legacy Award at the 2017 Star Dancing Gala, joining 2016 recipients Ann Smead and Michael Byram, the

a moment when they are awestruck by the natural beauty of the Rocky Mountains. It can be quite transformative, and is often followed by a silent pledge to return, perhaps even make a home here. Day by day, year by year, over the past half-century our valley has grown from a sparse collection of ranchers to a thriving community, known worldwide, that now spans the entire valley. This growth brought real-world challenges to our community. Perhaps the most important among these is the creation of fair and equitable education opportunities for all. Early on, the board, staff, and donors of the Vail Valley Foundation realized that the education aspect of the organization’s mission would play a key role in supporting our young people and families as they navigated the often-difficult path required to make a living,

and sustain a quality life, in these remarkable surroundings. In the 1990s, the Vail Valley Foundation began to significantly develop its youth education activities in the community, identifying areas of need and taking active steps to make an impact that would span from early childhood education into college scholarships. Although the effort was communitywide, there were several individuals who were extraordinary not only in their financial support, but in their engagement, creative ideas, and leadership in the partnership with the local school district to create education programs that are still pillars of our work today. Among those who made a transformational difference are Oscar Tang, Kathy and Bjorn Erik Borgen, Karen and Mike Herman, Joe Smead, Ann Smead and Michael Byram,

Tang family, and the Borgen family.



This page: photo courtesy of Amy and Steve Coyer. Opposite page: photo by Logan Robertson.

LEGACY Lissa Tyler, Susan and Harry Frampton, Sandra Smyser, Brian Nolan, Amy and Steve Coyer, and former VVF Presidents and CEO’s, John Garnsey (with his wife Vicky) and Ceil Folz. Several among these have received the Vail Valley Foundation’s Education Legacy Award, recognizing the highest level of support for education initiatives in the Vail Valley. Those are: The Oscar Tang family; The Bjorn Erik Borgen family; Ann Smead and Michael Byram; and Amy and Steve Coyer. The Education Legacy Award is presented each year at the Star Dancing Gala, which celebrates its 10th year on July 17, 2018. As the VVF’s education initiatives expanded, a few important education programs were funded in whole or in part by the VVF and managed by the Youth Foundation. Founded in 1997, the Youth Foundation’s work in education began to grow in

the 2000s to include a series of programs from early childhood education, into K–12 programming and scholarships. Just as VVF had key visionaries so, too, did the Youth Foundation. Passionate and committed individuals like Barbie and Jim Allen, Kathy and John Brendza, Chupa Nelson, Gerald Gallegos, Mark Smith, Susie Davis, Peter Abuisi, Bob Brown, Don Remey, Ron Davis, Jay Regan and many others created something very special. In time, the benefits of merging the Youth Foundation into the Vail Valley Foundation became apparent, and in 2011 the work began in earnest, with the merger officially completing on January 1, 2012. All of the Vail Valley Foundation’s education work is now known as YouthPower365. Today, VVF’s YouthPower365 education mission is to provide year-round extended learning opportunities that

empower and educate the youth and families of Eagle County from cradle to career, and our vision is to serve, ‘Every Child, Every Day’. Throughout the year, and on these pages, the Vail Valley Foundation would like to take time to share our gratitude with everyone who has been a part of our education legacy, and a part of the creation of the important work being done today by YouthPower365. In 2017 and 2018, we are entering an era when the children who were part of our first early-education programs are coming of age, and making their impact on the communities around them—many of them right here at home. Day by day, year by year, we are proving that our support for one another, our families, and our youth can be just as beautiful and inspiring as the mountains that surround us.



the beat of a

RACING H As one of the best ski racers of all time,

Austria’s Marcel Hirscher knows the World Cup tour inside and out. So, it was high praise when Hirscher, fresh off winning the 2017 Birds of Prey Giant Slalom, said in his post-race press conference that our races were probably the “best in the world.” This reputation did not arise overnight. The Vail/Beaver Creek ski racing legacy began in 1967, then took a leap forward with the first of three FIS Alpine World Ski Championships in 1989, and again with the first running of the Birds of Prey World Cup in 1997. At the 1999 and 2015 Alpine World Ski Championships, and at the annual Birds of Prey World Cup races early each December, our valley shines in the international spotlight, with multiple organizations working tirelessly to uphold our ranking as the No. 1 overall venue on the


Birds of Prey | America’s Winter Opening

This page: photo of Andrew Weibrecht by Jonathan Selkowitz. Opposite page: photos of Ted Ligety, Steven Nyman, and fans by Rick and Julie Lohre.

HEART World Cup tour according to an independent survey of athletes and coaches. In the 2017 lead-up to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, the international spotlight shined exceptionally bright. National networks from around the world joined NBC Sports in delivering the Beaver Creek story to a worldwide viewership audience of more than 80 million. Not only did viewers experience a dramatic athletic event on a worldrenowned course, but in the precious moments between runs they were also given a brief window into our Rocky Mountain world. There are stories inscrutable to a camera lens. For those, there is the written word, capped by Beaver Creek datelines in publications like the New York Times, USA Today, the Denver Post, and the Washington Post; radio commentary from National Public Radio and Radio Österreich International; news feeds and still photography from Associated Press, Getty Images, Reuters and

Agence France-Presse; all of it capturing moments from a course known as one of the toughest to ski, but the most enjoyable to watch. In this day and age, much of the story is told through social media. Thousands took part in the crowd-pleasing press conferences held among the public in Beaver Creek Village with stars like Ted Ligety, Steven Nyman, and Bode Miller. On Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram, a new generation of fans experienced a digital sample of what Vail and Beaver Creek have to offer. Thanks to EverBank America’s Winter Opening, the offerings in Beaver Creek Village included a vibrant collection of concerts, parties, movies, athlete signings, giveaways and more, all of it celebrated with selfies and hashtags on the all-important small screen. In 2017, the professionalism of the snowmaking crews and courseworkers were on grand display. Even more than any other year, the 2017 races required strong collaborative effort from the Vail

Valley Foundation, Vail Resorts, U.S. Ski & Snowboard, Beaver Creek Resort Company, the FIS, the U.S. Forest Service, Ski and Snowboard Club Vail, more than 700 volunteers, and many other people and partners from around the valley and the world. The work did not go unnoticed: FIS Race Director Markus Waldner said the course was in better condition going into training day than he’d ever seen it. When the world comes to Beaver Creek, Beaver Creek connects to the world. We connect with ski racing fans near and far, re-enforcing the bonds that make ski racing such a tightly-knit community. Our races also allow young ski racers to connect with the dream that maybe one day they, too, will race a World Cup right here on their own home soil, and become one of the legends to have conquered the world-famous Birds of Prey course.



“The Birds of Prey World Cup downhill is, to be honest, it’s

one of the best races in the whole season not just because it is in the U.S., but because of the

characteristics of the course.

“The Birds of Prey World Cup event at Beaver Creek is a highlight of the year for athletes, coaches, spectators, and the International Ski Federation. The Vail Valley Foundation, Vail Resorts, and U.S. Ski & Snowboard do an excellent job of welcoming the world to this iconic venue, and ensuring

It has everything in it that a great

that every aspect of hosting the race is performed at the

downhill course needs...and

highest possible level. It’s no wonder that some of the

it’s a lot of fun to ski as well.” Thomas Dressen, 2017 Bronze Medalist, Birds of Prey Downhill

best skiers in the world hail from this incredibly

supportive mountain valley. We value our

partnership with our friends in the United States, and look forward to continued success for World Cup ski racing at Vail and Beaver Creek in the future. Sarah Lewis, Secretary General, International Ski Federation



since first Birds of Prey race


coach and

athlete ranking of the Beaver Creek venue






of the media on-site

Daron Rahlves, Dec. 5 2003


media viewers worldwide

downhill course record by

Birds of Prey | America’s Winter Opening



Both pages: photos by Rick and Julie Lohre.

“We spend most of our season skiing in Europe, so being able to ski on home snow at

Birds of Prey in front of family and friends is huge for us in this Olympic year.” Ted Ligety, Six-time Birds of Prey Giant Slalom Gold Medalist

In 2017, the Downhill race was moved to Saturday, bringing one of the biggest spectator days in Birds of Prey history.



MOUNT “The GoPro Mountain Games defines the active lifestyle. It’s the kind of event that in four days manages to encapsulate everything we’re about as a brand, and is as much fun for families and music lovers as it is for athletes and dog owners and everyone in between.” Sam Moulton, Content Marketing Director, Outside Magazine


GoPro Mountain Games

This page: photo by Logan Robertson. Opposite page: photo by Rick Lohre.

TAINS adventure


There were early signs that 2017 was going to be a good year at the GoPro Mountain Games. It started with an event forecast for sunshine paired with a light mountain breeze. By Thursday, June 8, the sun was sparkling photogenically off the roiling waters of Homestake Creek as the world’s best kayakers performed in front of Outside TV’s drone-borne cameras. Thursday night’s Mountains of Music benefited from the beautiful backdrop of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater while international slackline celeb Mickey Wilson dazzled the crowd from his highline 40 feet up in the air. Athletes milled about the grounds, high-fiving kids. The sun began to set, the music came up, and it suddenly became clear: the Mountain

Games were ON, and it wasn’t just going to be good…it was going to be phenomenal. By Saturday, the GoPro Mountain Games hosted what was likely the largest day—winter or summer—in terms of visitors to the Town of Vail. Spectator numbers throughout the weekend exceeded 70,000, and more than 3,300 athletes and 140 brands took part in the latest incarnation of the event, now well-known as the best all-around mountain experience available anywhere in the world. The quality of the experience is no mistake. Guided by the principle that everyone who attends should

want to return again, the Vail Valley Foundation sought to enhance experiences across the board. A new website, new events, improved registration, and an all-new Ultimate Mountain Challenge were just the beginning; additional shade, water, and access to information were all considered and improved. Mountains of Music free concerts were expanded, and electrified the Ford Amphitheater. The process is working. At the 2017 GoPro Mountain Games, the net promotor score (a number which gauges the percentage of attendees who would recommend the event to others) reached a record-high 94

percent, a remarkable 18 percent increase year-over-year. In recent years the GoPro Mountain Games have found their stride, but big things are on the horizon, and intriguing possibilities await. In 2018, new events and improvements will continue the 16-year legacy of this now-iconic event, encouraging each and every spectator and competitor to tell their stories, share their memories, and spread the word about just how good it can feel to connect to the GoPro Mountain Games and to the arts, athletics, and culture which can be found right here each June in the heart of the Rocky Mountains.



“It’s by far my favorite event of the year.”

“The Mountain Games continues to be one of our favorite and premier events for our brand, not only because it brings together a passionate

Gretchen Reeves,

community of outdoor enthusiasts that we can

2017 Ultimate Mountain

interact with, but it also gives us an opportunity

Challenge Champion

to have fun participating in the events.” Rick Loughery,

VP of Global Product Communications, GoPro


estimated revenue to Town of Vail


31: average adult age

42: average adult age




10% increase from 2016










GoPro Mountain Games



of attendees attended with a dog

SPECTATORS This page, from top: photos by Logan Robertson and Rick Lohre. Opposite page: photo by Rick Lohre.

The GoPro Mountain Games has become one of the valley’s most popular events.



EXCEPTIO Literally or figuratively, it is exceedingly difficult to catch Damian Woetzel off balance. Michelle Dorrance nearly succeeded one evening at the Vail Dance Festival as the two parlayed during an onstage interview. It was a fleeting moment— and not everyone caught its significance—but in it, Dorrance hinted that Woetzel would once again be dancing in a formal piece at the Festival, something he had not done since 2007. The secret survived intact until the crucial moment. Woetzel, whose name had been held off the program, gracefully entered the stage and joined 14 other dancers in Dorrance’s new work called, we seem to be more than one. The audience took advantage of an ideal excuse to show their


Vail Dance Festival

appreciation for all he’s done for the Festival since becoming Artistic Director in 2006 with an enthusiastic round of applause. Woetzel quickly fell into rhythm with the others, playing his part in an orchestration that brilliantly celebrates both unity and individuality, with dancers from multiple genres each performing their own variation on tap. The importance of the piece was not lost on the patrons, staff, interns, dancers, and the greater Festival family that had gathered in Vail July 29–Aug. 12. In fact, the concepts presented onstage resonated throughout the audience, the Festival, and the dance world as a whole because of what it so perfectly represented: improvisation, plurality, and inclusiveness;

This page: Misty Copeland and Alexandre Hammoudi. Photo by Erin Baiano.

ONAL artistry unity and connections that in 2017 found their apogee in Vail, onstage and off. More than any other year, the Vail Dance Festival’s 29th reverberated with new friendships and collaborations, a sense of comradery and heightened artistry that indicated that the Vail Dance Festival is heading into its 30th year with spirit and momentum enough to carry it far into the future. Consider the moment when Roman Mejia, a 17-yearold sensation, now an apprentice at New York City Ballet, danced Edward Villella’s role in Balanchine’s 1964 Tarantella pas de deux. His father, Paul, one of the great dancers of his time, was there in the audience to watch his progeny push himself to new limits. Or consider the evening of NOW Premieres, when the night featured new works created entirely by female choreographers. Or in Avon, where two performances allowed more spectators than ever to enjoy free shows at Dancing in the Park, even as more than 1,000 young

people took part in our free ticketing program for children 12 and under at the Ford Amphitheater, and more than 200 new audience members were given the opportunity to experience dance via our Community Arts Access program. In more ways than one, the 2017 Vail Dance Festival was a success for the record books. For the first time ever, lawn seats were sold out to capacity, and ticket sales were better than any other year in terms of tickets per show as well as overall revenue. In 2017, thanks to tremendous support from patrons, partners, sponsors, and the greater Vail Valley arts community, the Vail Dance Festival created a series of livewire connections that buzzed with heightened energy, connecting the audiences to the art, dancers to one another, and the national dance community to a Festival experience that explored the artform with remarkable passion and enthusiasm.


This page, upper photo: Lil Buck and Ron “Prime Tyme” Myles. Lower photo: Miriam Miller, Devon Teuscher, Lauren Lovette, and Patricia Delgado. Photos by Erin Baiano.



“I had the chance to take a group to the Vail Dance Festival this summer thanks to the Community Arts Access

Program. The grace, precision,

and athleticism of each dancer made for a truly magical evening for all. I was extremely impressed with the organization and the simplification of the reservation process. Thank you to the Vail Dance Festival Community Arts Access program for providing

“This past summer was my tenth anniversary dancing at the Vail Dance Festival, which seems perfectly fitting that it was the first year I felt I was really able get to know the fellow artists in ways I never had before. The

Festival always felt like

such a family onstage with Damian bringing together such amazing and giving artists and

collaborators; however, what I really found this year was that their talent extended way beyond the stage. They are such amazing human beings and it was so nice getting to know them so well offstage, as friends.” Tiler Peck, Principal, New York City Ballet

a special evening full of joy!” Pat Nolan, Eagle County Healthy Aging Program Coordinator


community events, attended by

3,369 guests





local children participated


in Celebrate the Beat’s

complimentary tickets

children ages 12 and under

distributed through the

Master Classes

attended performances

Community Arts Access

attended by

with free lawn tickets at the

Program via 16 local

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater

non-profit organizations

459 students

Vail Dance Festival

Pop Hop Camp


volunteers contributed

2,539 hours of service

This page: Unity Phelan, Lauren Lovette, and Cameron Dieck. Opposite page: Michelle Dorrance and Byron Tittle. Photos by Erin Baiano.

Artist-In-Residence Michelle Dorrance was one of many who helped elevate the 2017 Vail Dance Festival.



ENTERTA without boundaries When the curtain came up on the summer 2017 season at the Vilar Performing Arts Center,

“Plush new


seats were just

the beginning.”


it revealed a building so well-appointed as to appear virtually new. Hours of work, years of planning, and an exceptional amount of support and generosity from the community had ensured that the VPAC would look (and sound) as beautiful as possible for its 20-year anniversary, which it will celebrate all through the 2017–18 seasons. Plush new seats were just the beginning. Improved stage lighting, a new theater floor, new carpeting, enhanced audio monitoring equipment, and of course the very-popular new beverage holders are helping the theater put its best foot forward. Like everything in show business, the behind-the-scenes activity for the theater makeover was frenetic, but it all came together by

show time. This was highlighted at the season-opening Bruce Hornsby & the Noisemakers on July 3: a filled-to-capacity audience had no inkling that the last of the immaculate new seats (which, by the way, are engineered in perfect balance of comfort and sound-absorption) had been bolted into place only two hours before curtain. A bustling schedule is a core part of life at the VPAC, so it can be hard to recall what the Village looked like more than 20 years ago, when the Beaver Creek community initiated a bold idea to place a world-class performing arts theater beneath an ice rink at the base of one of the finest ski mountains in the world. The creativity of that idea has been matched only by the hundreds of performances since then, bringing Beaver Creek alive with Broadway, concerts, dance, classical, comedy and family performances on par with anything available in major metro areas throughout the world. And yet, for 20 years, we’ve been able to host these performances right here in the heart of the Rockies. Throughout

Vilar Performing Arts Center

AINMENT the season we will undertake a heartfelt effort to give thanks to an outstanding array of visionaries, architects, donors, volunteers, patrons, underwriters, and community institutions that have been a part of its creation and its subsequent flourishing. It took a village to build The Village. Today, a new era of supporters and visionaries continue the legacy of the Vilar Performing Arts Center. VPAC Committee Chair Alexia Jurschak and Executive Director Duncan Horner are laying the groundwork for another 20 years of connecting artists and audiences, connecting patrons with their passions, and connecting all of us to one another as we celebrate this impeccable gem in the center of the Beaver Creek community.

inment This page: photo of Gregory Alan Isakov by Jonathan Resnick. Opposite page: photo by John Ryan Lockman.

“…some popular destinations have a vibrant cultural scene such as

Beaver Creek, Colo., which is home to the

Vilar Performing Arts Center, which hosts

“The VPAC is a great asset to our community and Beaver Creek is lucky to have it. As a live performing arts center it covers everything from Opera and Broadway to rock bands. In other words

something for everyone.” Bruce Williams, VPAC Patron

high-caliber plays and music performances.” The New York Times,

“This is one of the most beautiful theaters,

Dec. 20, 2016

if not the prettiest, that we’ve ever had the chance to play in.” Alison Krauss, Country Star



average occupancy rate

VPAC volunteers

25,000+ tickets sold



for 2017 summer season typical height

of the holiday tree, requiring a crew of seven to install

Vilar Performing Arts Center


800 LBS. the total weight of the

red Grand Drape (or main

ticketed events per year

curtain), 400 lbs. per side

This page: Ukraine Symphony Orchestra. Opposite page: Trace Adkins. Photos by John Ryan Lockman.

Trace Adkins was one of the first to benefit from the VPAC’s improvements, including an enhanced lighting system.



vail valley foundation









REVENUE Program $1,146,295 Sponsorships



























Interest & Other Income






Net special events



























Exchange portion of membership dues In-kind Contributions Net Investment return

Total Revenue EXPENSE

Program ($3,766,875) General & administrative Fundraising

(3,193) -

Interest Expense ($90,399) Loss on uncollectible promises to give Total Expense























CHANGE IN NET ASSETS BEFORE DEPRECIATION & AMORTIZATION ($438,059) AND CHANGE IN THE VALUE OF THE INTEREST RATE SWAP Depreciation & Amortization (822,149) Change in the value of interest rate swap CHANGE IN NET ASSETS




Vail Valley Foundation Financials


The financials at left reflect an eight-month fiscal year (10.1.16–5.31.17) The Vail Valley Foundation changed its financial year-end from September 30 to May 31 to more closely align with program, event, and subsidiary business cycles. The initial 8-month year ending May 31, 2017 does not include revenues from three major events as the summer 2016 events were reported within the 12-month year ending September 30, 2016 and the revenues generated from the summer 2017 events will be included in the 12-month year ending May 31, 2018 and for all subsequent years henceforth.

This page: photo by Preston Utley. Opposite page: photo by John Ryan Lockman.





The Global Energy Forum ended its storied six-year run in the Vail Valley in 2017, and will now move to the Stanford campus. The Global Energy Forum at Stanford will be held in the spectacular new David and Joan Traitel Building November 1–2, 2018 with the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy leading the effort to plan and execute the annual event. “We are enormously grateful to our friends in the Valley for their generous reception to the Global Energy Forum that past six years,” said Jay Precourt, founder of the Global Energy Forum. “We have laid a solid foundation and are excited to take the Forum to the next level at Stanford beginning in 2018. The future of energy offers


Global Energy Forum

enormous challenges and opportunities and we are excited to continue our examination of those at next November’s Forum.” What started in 2012 as a relatively small gathering of local Vail Valley residents and energy thought leaders quickly grew into one of the energy industry’s premier gatherings. Nearly 500 high-level North American energy executives, policy makers, academic leaders and students made the journey to the Vail Valley for the annual Forum that featured speakers such as Former Secretary of State George Shultz, Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Michael Hayden, Former Director of the NSA and

This page: photos by Zach Mahone.

CIA, U.S. Senator Cory Gardner and U.S. Senator Rob Portman, among dozens of others. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper was a constant presence at the Forum, participating in all but one event. For more information about the 2018 Global Energy Forum, visit the Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy at

Citizen of the year:

JAY PRECOURT The best way to get to know Jay and Molly Precourt is to meet them for a day of fly fishing, or lean on a fence rail to talk horses with Molly. And while they’re well-known for their love of the outdoors, the Precourts are even more well-known for their legacy of philanthropy that has been transformative and impactful across all areas of life in the Vail Valley and beyond. Jay Precourt’s wide-ranging philanthropic work has reached into the world of arts, health, the environment, education and more. For this, and for all he has done in support of the community, the Vail Valley Foundation recently announced that Jay Precourt has been awarded the 2017 Vail Valley Foundation Citizen of the Year. Jay and Molly first came to Vail in the 1970s, and have been active in the community ever since. Since 1994, Jay has been a steadfast supporter of the Vail Valley Foundation’s mission to provide leadership in the arts, athletics, and education in the Vail Valley. He was instrumental in the 2001 Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater capital campaign, and has been a generous contributor to all of the Vail Valley Foundation’s efforts, in particular to the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365, helping serve more than 4,200 youth in early childhood, K–12, and career-college readiness programming. He also recently provided a significant donation to Vail Health which funded a lifesaving cardiac lab, now known as the Precourt Family Cardiac Catheterization and Electrophysiology Lab. His donation not only supports the Vail Health cardiac program, but extends the hospital’s endocrinology program, research at the Steadman Institute, and supports the renovation and expansion of the Vail Health campus. Jay’s donation also seeded first ever capital campaign for Vail Health (formerly Vail Valley Medical Center) and Steadman Philippon Research Institute, and is a groundbreaking combined effort to make Vail a destination for research and medicine in the years to come.

Citizen of the Year

Jay has served on the hospital’s board of directors for the last seven years, has been the President of the Eagle Valley Land Trust, and has served on the boards of Denver Art Museum Foundation, the Children’s Hospital of Denver, the Historic Denver Foundation, and the world-renowned Alley Theater in Houston. His generosity spans over multiple organizations in Vail Valley, including Walking Mountains Science Center, Steadman Philippon Research Institute, and Bravo! Vail. Jay received his BS and MS degrees in petroleum engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard University. He and Molly enjoy skiing, fly-fishing, and equestrian activities. The Citizen of the Year honor is presented at the annual Black Diamond Ball event, hosted by the Vail Valley Foundation Feb. 17, 2018, at the Park Hyatt in Beaver Creek.



Thank you to our

VOLUNTEERS Vail Valley Foundation and VPAC Volunteers Keith A Rust Bob Abrams Teri Abrams Ryan Adami Larry Agneberg Roman Ahsanov Willie Alexander Mary Alldredge Andi Anderson Beth Anderson Grace Andersson Molly Ansfield Eric Aragon Lindsay Arnold Don Artico Susan Artico Chris Aubel Meg Austin Silas Axtell Gretchen Babcock Paul Backlund Ashley Bailey Breanden Bailey Jerry Bailey Zach Bain Kathie Ballah Michael Balster Celia Barrie Bob Barron Adam Bartlett Paul Bates Oscar Baudrand Victor Baudrand Janet Beals Lauren Beckos Jeffrey Bell Kathleen Bell Lorrayne Bell James Benson Chapin Benway


Rachelle Bernstein Thomas Bethke Benjamin Bigwood Kathryn Birch Michael Bisner Leslie Blackham Louis Blaum Brian Bloess Brian Blood Pat Blood Brooke Bobela Jaime Bogardy Corie Boley Nanci Bolton Mike Bond Steve Bonde Andrew Bone Kaitlyn Bone Matthew Bone Tammy Bone Holly Bouchard Barbara Bower Norman Bowles Judy Bowman Erik Boye Finnegan Bradbury Jack Bradbury Jen Bradbury Adam Brandse Frank Brandse Cheri Breeman Johann Brendel Scott Brockmeier Kim Brodin Melinda Brown Fletcher Brown Lorraine Brown-Bassett Chase Brownstein Johnny Buchanan

Sherry Buchanan Alexander Burgess Anthony Burns Brian Bybee Roxanne Bybee Gene Bygd Edgard Cabanillas Cliff Callaway Chris Canfield Craig Canon George Carey Abby Carlson Ingrid Carlson Jay Carlson Lise Carnes Jack Carnie Joan Carnie Roger Carter Lacey Carter Haley Carty Ellie Carvis Sara Carvis Teddy Carvis Jim Castillo Delaney Cavanaugh Maren Cerimele Annie Cerovich Jan Cerovich Paul Chadwick Adam Chambers Suzanne Chandler Karen Chandler Kathy Chandler-Henry Alicia Chavez Dan Chayes Larry Chenier Eugene Cheong Gordon Chicoine Tenie Chicoine*


Jim Childers Susan Chipman George Christman Holly Clark Cindy Clement Liam Clevenger Richard Clubine Kt Cobb Peter Cobos Amy Cochran* Susan Cody Holly Cole Richard Coleman Rosane Coleman Richard Collier Sandy Collier Mark Colman Richard Colt jr Wendy Congleton Tim Conley Callan Conniff Nick Cooke Rand Coolman Dorothy Corlin Jay (bones) Corsetti Susan Corsetti Billie Cowden Robert Coyne Jeff Coyner Roseann Coyner Jennifer Crites Alan Crocker Robert Cross Brent Crouch Bruce Crow Brian Culp Michael Current Bill Cutting Maple Damien Mark Damien

Grace Dammen Janet Daniels Rose Daniels Stephen Daniels Wendy Davidson Bill Davis Caren Davis Elizabeth Davis Kristen Davis Sara De Iraola Alexa Dean Matt Debus Katie Deck Dale Decker Vaughn DeCrausaz Elizabeth Dee Kathy Dee Candie Delp David Demko Dillon Demore Andrew Derickson Elfi DeVaney Doris Dewton Sydney Dietz Finn Dippy Andrew Disch Jessica Ditoro John Ditoro Kirsten Dockstader Scott Dodd Jim Dowling Stuart Drury Mark Duchart Loren Dumont Michael Dunahay Richard Durben Sage Eaton Judy Edeen Craig Edgar Mickie Eggebrecht Terry Ellstrom Ryan Elwyn Lynn Emmert Jackie English John English Nina English Paul English Robert Eppe Dana Erickson Janelle Evans Tom Evans Merry Ewing Ann Faison William Farris

Eric Fehringer Nicholas Fickling Irene Filatov Serge Filkin Bob Findlay Eleanor Finlay Buzz Finn Gordon Finnegan Patrick Finnegan Bill Fisher Sara Fisher Kimberly Flynn Garrett Fonda Alicia Ford Becky Ford Chip Ford Reed Ford Sheila Foss Carrie Foster Lew Fowler Karen Frei Mike French Shelli Fullhart Calley Gottbehuet Cindy Gagnon Shannon Gallegos Suzanne Gallegos Joyce Gano Sam Ganow Warren Garbe Richard Garcia Greer Gardner Jack Gardner Vicky Garnsey Henrietta Gaspard Harrison Gayer Jackson Gayer Maddox Gayer Tamyra Gayer Xania Gayer Tom Gaylord John Gee Julie Geiman Will Geiman Joye Gelo Lorilie George Netia Gerken Clara Gerlitz Jillian Gerlitz Shari Gerson Donald Gerstein Helen Gerstein Brad Ghent Curtis Ghent

Jeff Gibson Keith Giglio John Gillivan John Glover Jeremy Gobeli Dan Godec Sue Godec* Henry Goetze Nancy Goetze Don Goldberg Eric Goldman Frederick Goodwin Marcette Gordon Sasha Gordon Sandy Goss Jilly Gossett Cooper Grady Shawn Graef Phillip Granger Kristin Grebe Jim Green Scott Green Bob Gress Linda Gress Gerrit Greve Susan Gruber Michael Guy Lynn Haas Merry Haas Jim Haeffer Karen Haeffer Robb Hamina Christine Hamrick Evan Hannibal Katherine Harnick Charles Harris David Haupt Charlie Hauser Chip Hauser Tory Hauser Jessica Hawkins Ken Hawkins Sara Hawkins Robert Hay John Hayden Stephanie Hays John Hayward Holly Heise Kathy Heller Elizabeth Henning Deanna Henry Terresa Herbst Jakob Herndler Bob Hickey

Nancy Hickok Tamara Higgins Erika Higgins Bryonny Hiland Jan Hiland* Gerry Hill Kelly Hillencamp William Hipschman Anne Hirn Thelma Hoessler Alena Holbert Philip Holbert Steve Holden Kevin Holderness Paula Holman Dan Holman Elise Holmstrom Todd Hopkins Tyler Hopkins Dave Horne Chris Hoss Mike Houck Chip Howard Richard Howard Audrey Howell Heather Hower Kira Hower Kylie Hower Brian Hoyt Linda Hryckowian John Hsin Alice Huang Bill Hubbard Fritz Hubbard Pam Hughes Michael Hurst Rita Hurst Ellen Imhof Miles Imhof Dudley Irwin Rosalie Isom Jay Ivison Jake Jacobson Harry Jaffe Elizabeth James Katie Janus Debby Jasper* Harry Jasper Nancy Jastatt-Juergens PJ Jenick Candice Jenkins Annika Johnson Jay Johnson

Mike Johnson Sarah Johnson Susan Johnson Greg Johnston Carl Juergens Siegfried Kampl Ryan Kane Howard Kaplan Mary Sue Katz Christopher Kearney Cassie Kellen Katie Kellen Michael Kelley Lindsay Kennedy Rebecca Kennedy Matt Kenny Betty Kerman Joanna Kerwin* Matthew Kessler Angela Kettinger Mike Kimmel Jeff Kingston John Kinnear Kevin Kinney Chris Kissel Ronald Kitchell Tom Kleinhardt John Kleinman Nancy Kleinman Charlene Koegel Brian Kolzow Olivia Kosanovich Samantha Kosanovich Jenn Koscelnik Ron Koscelnik Yuri Kostick Terri Kottal Kathi Kotula Serena Kozusko Heather Krauss Ariel Krawczyk Liz Krezowski Hayden Krueger Pavan Krueger Theo Krueger Susan Kruger Kerrie Kuhl Carl Kurt Barbara Kusske Bruce Kusske Sandy LaBaugh Eva Labine Olya Labuza

James Lahrman Charles Lamb Robert Lambert Tania Landauer Janifer Larson Monique Larthrop Tom Lawlor Anna Lee Bitzie Lee Dawn Lee Jim Lee Linda Lee Jamie Lenehan Duane Lepeska Lukasz Lesniowski Teri Lester Paul Leto Niklaus Levy Philip Levy Sherry Lewis Dave Lieberman Justin Lightfield Katherine Lillis Michele Lillis Sarah Lillis Grant Lindstrom Florence Linet Amanda Linger Andrew Linger Dyann Linger George Lingle Gary Lipets Darlynne Littman Melody Loar Kimberly Lockhart Cliff Loeb Robin Loeb Justin Lottman Tom Ludwig Tom Lundeen Ron Lunsford Natalie Macfarlane Hank Mader Andrea Malagon Shyanna Maloney Maurice Mandel Christopher Mandrick Maryann Manion Robert Mann Aiden Manning Amalia Manning Chris Manning Tessa Manning

Volunteer of the year:

JAN HILAND Jan Hiland, the Vail Valley Foundation’s 2017 Volunteer of the Year, is a somewhat reluctant recipient who has a very simple philosophy when it comes to volunteerism. “I really feel there are other people who have been volunteering as much if not more than me for many years in the Vail Valley,” said Hiland. “Of course, I am extremely surprised and honored, but I kind of look at life as holes that need to be filled. You jump in and you fill the holes.” Filling holes can include almost anything, and in a quarter century of Vail Valley volunteering, Hiland has done virtually everything—from chairing Wild West Days early on and raising tens of thousands of dollars for local elementary schools, helping to open the Middle School in Gypsum, to running events for the Vail Valley Charitable Fund, helping found Eagle County for Human Rights, and volunteering for the 1999 Alpine World Ski Championships, the Red Ribbon Project, and Vail Resorts’ Epic Promise program. For Hiland, filling holes can also be much more than a mere metaphor. It can literally mean patching up the costumes of world-class dancers at the Vail Dance Festival and calming the nerves of never-ever dancers at the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 Star Dancing Gala fundraiser every year. It all started with a daughter who danced and a friend who ran a dance school. This led to Hiland volunteering for the remade Dance Festival at the Ford Amphitheater, soon after the Bolshoi left and the Festival was being successfully reinvented. Hiland volunteered in order to get tickets for friends and family, but then started hanging out back stage and helping put on costumes, armed with only a couple of shoe boxes full of needles, thread, and a steamer. Many years later, Hiland is the officially titled and professionally-equipped Wardrobe Mistress, who also doles out oxygen and water for professional

dancers impacted by Vail’s altitude and dry atmosphere. But she’s not interested in credit for that role because it’s been more about bringing young dancers together. Hiland, whose day job is as a senior administrator for Beaver Creek Mountain Operations, is now an integral part of the Vail Valley Foundation’s Dance Festival team after those early volunteer days starting in 2001. But no matter the cause, it’s all about filling the holes in life for Hiland… and doing it with style.

Volunteer of the Year



Clarissa Marcoux Melanie Marier Leeann Marshall Deb Martin Jessica Matsen Jeffrey Matthes Liam Mattison Lim Mattison Bernard Mauch Addie Maurer Grant Maurer Ana Mauro Thatcher May Tim McAdow Beckah McGoodwin Carol McKown Jon McLaughlin Fred McLoota Joe Menendez Stephanie Merritt- Johnson Rick Messmer Linda Mestas- Morin Herb Meyring Bob Mickus Kathryn Middleton Martha Milbery Scherezada Milfeld Greg Miller Patricia Miller Karin Millette Marcia Millikan Cody Mills Zander Miscio Holly Moebius John Moebius Kate Moin Shay Momiroff Ron Mooney Courtney Moore Kyle Moore Ryan Moore Sue Moore Jeff Morgan Ed Morin Joe Morrill Susan Morrill Pete Mott Jan Moyes Larry Murdoch David Murray Hannah Nadeau Seth Naef Paolo Narduzzi


Susan Narduzzi Kelsey Nash Felicia Nassi Tamara Negomir Elaine Nelson Rob Nelson Rita Neubauer Suzette Newman Ty Newman Skip Nichamin Scott Nichols Linda Nielsen* Patrick Noll Clyde Norelli Sean Norris Beth Notis Zdenek Novak Tony Nunnikhoven Bill Nussbaum Cindy Nussbaum Chris Oetting Brents Olmsted Camille Olson Nicholas Olson Ron Ownby Music Pace Kevin Page Blaine Palmer Karen Palmer Amy Parliament Casey Parliament Kyle Parliament Rich Passey Carol Pattison Mackay Pattison Greg Peairs Greg Pent Janet Perdzock John Perdzock Clementine Perkins Zach Perzan Dave Peterson Antoniy Petkov Taylor Petrowski Phred Phunk Gina Pickle Dan Pike Lauren Pirchner Ethan Pitcher Jeff Place Grace Poganski Tom Pohl
Beth Pond Kim Porter

Greg Potvin Brad Powers Gail Powers Steve Prawdzik* Carson Preytis Scott Prince Marc Prisant Steve Pritchard Yuri Prizemin Colleen Pruss Kimberley Puccio Sarah Purvis Merlon Pusey Olivia Pyke Mary Quinlivan Mike Quinlivan Robyn Raboutou Patrick Radecker Alisa Rader Howard Rapson Johnny Rauzi Angela Raven David Rawlings Helga Rein Mike Reisinger Brandy Reitter Dan Rejda Jozef Remsik Carl Richardson Ronald Richardson Jerimiah Rieman Theodore Rinaldi Cooper Rippeth Eric Rippeth Grady Rippeth Tanya Rippeth Cathy Roach Jeanne Robinson Timothy Robinson James Rockler Amy Rogers Ian Rogers Teresa Rohde Finn Rooney Natalie Rooney Kathy Roper Kent Rose Rayma Rose Vincent Ross Max Rowe Mike Rowe Nancy Rowe Bella Rubis Tom Russo*


Alexis Sabel Lenka Sage Iliana Salazar Keith Samuelson Bonn San Diego Jim Sanders* Reeve Sanders Shiloy Sanders Jerry Santoro Aleksandar Sargic Venelin Sariev Alison Sarinopoulos Campbell Sarinopoulos Cate Sarinopoulos Holly Sasso Dick Sawyer Gary Scanlon Linda Scanlon Lisa Schafer Peter Schafer Scott Scherer Paul Scheuermann Carol Schimmer Marc Schlesinger Reiner Schlimbach William Schmitt Bev Schneiter Judy Schoch Marc Schoch Lucy Schram Andrea Schroeder Weston Schroeder Karen Schultz Lois Schwager Jon Schwartz Karen Seitz Christine Sena Katie Seymor Kathie Shafer Joe Shankland Dan Sheffield Mike Sheppard Scott Shick Karen Shupe Nedree Simpson Buddy Sims Senna Sink Carolyn Sipes Jim Sipes Kyle Siverhus Dustin Skinner Jack Skjonsby

Barry Skolnick Marc Slatkoff Elizabeth Small Robert Small David Smith Diane Smith Jacki Smith Loren Smith Mason Smith Parker Smith Shirley Smithson Jerry Sorensen Laura Spanioli Chad Sperry Rick Spitzer Sofia Springer Edward Stapf Margaux Stavney Dawes Stephanoff Don Stevens Joanne Stevenson Maya Stojkovich Darlene Stookey Staci Striegnitz Shawn Stringer Tamera Sturgill Caitlin Sullivan Mona Sutphen Jeff Swanson Fletcher Taylor Kyla Taylor Mark Taylor Claire Thayer Elise Then Marshall Thomas Vonda Thomas Jennifer Thompson Matthew Thompson Peter Thompson Christopher Thrall Cynthia Thrall Laura Tobin Colette Toma Natalie Toma Janice Tonz Vincent Tophoff Judy Turtletaub Talia Tyler Jeremy Ueland Mariah Ulvestad Palmer Ulvestad Monika Vainaite Kent Van Vleet

Loy Van Vleet Ruth Van Vleet John Vanwart Cathy Verlinde Dave Verlinde Rose Verlinde Scott Verlinde Debbie Vernell Hank Vernell Ted Vickerman Ariane Viola Eric Vogt Jon Wagnergp Jack Walker Karla Wall Thom Walter Tyler Walton Bob Warner Paul Warren Christian Waszak Rob Waters Shane Way Bob Weaver Heidi Weckbacher Howard Weisman Michelle Weiszmann Wendy Welch Grace Wellwerts Scott Wessner Warren Wettlaufer Keith Wetzel Nik White Rebecca White Kyle Wibbing Gary Wicklund Helene Wieting Megan Wilder Mike Wiliams Bruce Williams Celine Williams

Chase Williams Clay Williams Cole Williams Halle Williams Jeremiah Williams Kit Williams Mary Clare Williams Mason Williams Patrick Williams Bill Wilson Jean Wilson Richard Wilson Tom Winters Rusty Witcher Addison Wittenberg Carole Wolff-Sowers Dean Wolz Linda Wolz Murray Wood Heather Woodard Lisa Woodard Barrett Woods Kara Woods Parker Woods Sheena Woods Aidan Woodworth Kyle Woodworth James (Jim) Worthington Shawn Yakely Jack Zacks John Zavodsky Greggory Zeliff Bill Zeller Kirsten Zeller* Thomas Zenklusen John Zevely Bill Zuehl Rochelle Zuroff

YouthPower365 Volunteers PwrHrs Afterschool & Summer Olayamika Adeboje Nadia Cabrera Elisha Fox Jessa Goldner Satya Heater

Khyara Johnson Rachel Johnson Alexander Murfey Daniela Murillo Antonia Saucedo Jordan Semititsky Emily Zeigler

Girl PowHER PowHER Up for Success Delphine Gennison Jan Hiland Kaycee Picot Bonnie Pottorff Shiloy Sanders Minute Mentors Martha Brassel Cindy Clement Taylre Derby Deb Dutmer Jennifer Law Stephanie Lord-Johnson Gentian Nuzzo Tammy Schiff Emily Sessler Tricia Swenson Meg Walsh Laura Waniuk Kris Wittenberg Girl PowHER Enrichment Vail Dermatology Wells Fargo Duchess Ride Olivia Snider Mind Springs Health

Parent Mentors AES Juana Garcia BCES Alma Landeros Lizeth Mendoza Maria (Elena) Mendez Maria Sanchez EVES Leticia (Letty) Guzman Guadalupe (Lupe) Montes Karely Vega GES Veronica Barrón Gladys Garcia Noelia Lujan Consuelo Meráz Mirna Martinez Maria (Elva) Rosales

HPS Blanca Cabral Diana Flores Adriana Maldonado Selene Ovalle Maria Elena (Nena) Ramirez Yolanda Silva JCES Luz Pedroza RHES Isabel Sanchez

PwrON Group Mentors Greg Bloom Erin Blue Patrick Connolly Larry Dutmer Michael Esposito Zeek Ferraros Melise Gramm Jose Antonio Hernandez Carrie Marsh Molly Minett Molly Middleton Martin Nieves Kory Pryor Bibiana Rivero Lauren Ruhl Stacy Sadler Patrick Scanlan Olivia Snider Todd Stipetich Laura Warren Jamie Woodworth

PwrON Jan Abbott Allison Navarro

Magic Bus Jean Keith Judy Kurt Claudia Quijano

COPA Soccer Humberto Bello Miguel Casas Aby Castillo Jesus Camuñez Norma Camuñez

Jesus Chavez Manuel Chavez Antonio De la Fuente Bryan Diaz Roberto Diaz Jose Enriquez Veyra Gamboa Erick Gonzalez Paola Laguna German Lechuga Chris Lopez Edgar Luevano Tony Luevano Lance Matus Dony Montes Maria Morales Aldo Moreno Alexandra Ordoñez Jared Rodriguez Esmeralda Rosales Annette Palacios Luis Ruiz Melissa Sanchez Liz Sandoval Alex Soto Armando Soto Fabio Soto Hugo Soto Melissa Velasco Carlos Velasquez Ciany Villareal Alan Villegas Nadir Yañez

Events Jeffrey Chmielewski Scott Douthitt Erik Garcia John Halloran Jan Hiland Leadfoot Linda RA Nelson Lindsay Penney Kacee Picot Jim Sanders Kelsey Sanders Reeve Sanders Susan Wagenknecht

Thank you to our

SPONSORS 5-hour ENERGY Adidas Outdoor Adventure Film School Agave AirLounj Aksels Allegria Spa Alpine Bank Alpine Collision Alpine Party Rentals AmericInn Lodge and Suites Antlers at Vail Aquafina Sparkling Aquamira Arrigoni Woods Aviator Nation Bagito Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company Beaver Creek Resort Properties Beaver Creek Sports Beaver Creek West Beck Building Company Berglund Architects Bev Paw Big Agnes Big Heart Big Hands Big Mountain Enduro Big O Tires BioLite BLDG Active Blue Buffalo Blue Sky Mortgage BOA Bonfire Brewing Bravo Vail BullFrog Sunscreen Camping With Dogs Canoe & Kayak Cardin Chiropractic Chef’s Cut Real Jerky Co.


Chic’s Couture Christiania at Vail Christie Lodge Christy Sports Chuck & Don’s Pet Food & Supplies Chums/Beyond Coastal Cirque Mountain Apparel Climbing Magazine Colorado Institute of Massage Therapy Colorado Meat Company Colorado Mountain Express Columbia Confluence Outdoor Constellation Wines Costa Costco Creekside at Beaver Creek Crespelle Croakies CytoSport Dean Johnson Management Desert Mountain Medicine Destination Services DockDogs Dog Is Good Donna Giordano DT Swiss Eagle Ranch Fitness Club Eagle’s Nest Outfitters East West Resorts ECOXGEAR Eden Florist Ekahi Grill Elevation Outdoors Elevation Resort Residences Enstrom Candies EPIC Bar EverBank

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Thank you to our

DONORS The donor lists that follow represent supporters who contributed to the Vail Valley Foundation (VVF) between October 1, 2016 and September 30, 2017. Thank you to all of our loyal donors. We have carefully reviewed the names that are listed. However, if you find an error or omission, please accept our apologies and contact us at 970.777.2015 ext. 5951 so that we may correct our records.

Donor Listing Key ^ Denotes Deceased

Millennium Club The Millennium Club recognizes those who, over the course of their lifetime, have given $1,000,000 or more to the VVF. We are sincerely appreciative to these members for their generous philanthropy. Anonymous (2) Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company Judy & Howard Berkowitz Bloomberg Philanthropies Marlene & John Boll Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Joyce Mollerup & Robert Buckman Ann Smead & Michael Byram Amy & Steven Coyer El Pomar Foundation Julie & Bill Esrey Susan & Harry Frampton


Pat^ & Peter^ Frechette Rose & George Gillett Donna Giordano Martha Head Karen & Michael Herman Robert Hernreich Lyda Hill Vicki & Kent Logan Leni & Peter May Molly & Jay Precourt J. Douglas Rippeto Mary Sue & Michael Shannon Oscar Tang Family Town of Vail Vail Resorts EpicPromise Alberto Vilar Betsy & George Wiegers


Education Legacy

Annual Giving

The VVF’s Education Legacy Award recognizes individuals who have gifts of $1,000,000 or more over their lifetime to educational programs administered through YouthPower365. We are sincerely grateful to the dedication.

The generous support of our donors enables us to enhance and sustain the quality of life in the Vail Valley by providing leadership in the arts, athletics and education. While many of our donors choose to designate their contribution to specific areas, such as our Annual Fund, Vilar Performing Arts Center, Vail Dance Festival or YouthPower365, the list below reflects overall combined giving to all these areas.

Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Ann Smead & Michael Byram Amy & Steven Coyer Oscar Tang Family


Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle The Vail Valley Foundation Visionary Circle recognizes those individuals who have included the VVF in their estate planning. We are extremely thankful to them for entrusting us with their legacy. Anonymous (2) P. Richard Bauer Margo & Roger Behler Ann Smead & Michael Byram Holly & Tim Finchem Ceil & Steve Folz Susan & Harry Frampton Linda & John^ Galvin Cheryl & Robert Gary Jean Graham-Smith Anne & Donald Graubart Neal Groff Family Jeanne & James Gustafson Robert Hernreich

Clairlee & Bob Hirsch Loyal & Jill Huddleston Marlene & Ben Krell Vicki & Kent Logan Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Dr. Barry J. Mankowitz Sherry & George Middlemas Ed O’Brien Martha & Terry Allen Perl J. Douglas Rippeto Margery Pabst Steinmetz & Charles Steinmetz Mary & Paul Webster

Beaver Creek Resort Company

$250,000–$150,000 Bloomberg Philanthropies Ann Smead & Michael Byram The Colorado Health Foundation Amy & Steven Coyer Doris Duke Charitable Foundation Mary Sue & Michael Shannon Oscar Tang Family

$149,999–$100,000 Karen & John Arnold Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Kelly & Sam Bronfman Buell Foundation Jeff & Susan Campbell Pat^ & Peter^ Frechette Betsy & Mark Kogan J. Douglas Rippeto Betsy & George Wiegers

$99,999–$50,000 Bacca Foundation Lisa Tannebaum & Don Brownstein Daniels Fund Susan & Gordon DesCombes

Eagle County Schools Julie & Bill Esrey Susan & Harry Frampton Peggy Fossett^ Gallegos Corporation Donna Giordano Martha Head Karen & Michael Herman Gina Browning & Joe Illick Susu & George Johnson Alexia & Jerry Jurschak Diane Pitt & Mitchell Karlin Tara & Robert Levine Leni & Peter May Sherri & Robert L. Patton, Jr. Molly & Jay Precourt Vikki & Michael Price Quest Foundation Amy & Jay Regan Sara & Eric Resnick Jim & Tammy Snee Marcy & Gerald Spector State of Colorado Deborah & Fred Tresca Vail Resorts EpicPromise Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation

$49,999–$25,000 Anonymous (2) Barbie Allen/ James C. Allen Charitable Foundation Alpine Bank Phyllis & Steve Anderson Marlene & John Boll

Sheldon D. Andrew & Jeffrey D. Byrne The Anschutz Foundation Patricia & Sergio Arguelles Jody & John Arnhold Donna & Donald Baumgartner Judy & Howard Berkowitz Brooke & Jon Erik Borgen Randi Borgen Dr. Garry Boxer Priscilla Brewster Mary Beth & Phil Canfield Patsy & Pedro Cerisola Colorado Mountain College Foundation Angela & Peter Dal Pezzo Renee & Todd Davison Elizabeth B. DesCombes Marijke &Lodewijk DeVink East West Partners, Inc. El Pomar Foundation Stephanie & Larry Flinn Fredman Family Foundation Cindy & Christopher Galvin Margie & Tom Gart George Family Foundation Georgia & Donald Gogel Lisa & Bruce Goldman Lyn Goldstein Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Terri & Tom Grojean Jeanne & James Gustafson Mrs. Kim Hackett & Dr. Thomas Hackett Viviana & George Handtmann Judy Hart Angelo Georgia & Robert Hatcher Rick Hayes & Johan Segerdahl Heather & Glenn Hilliard Kathy & Al Hubbard Mr. & Mrs. H. Anthony Ittleson

Cynnie & Peter Kellogg Ruth & Sidney Lapidus Vicki & Kent Logan Nicole & Steve Lucido Patricia & Frank Lynch Shirley & William S. McIntyre Sarah & Peter Millett Michele & David^ Mittelman Kaia & Misha Moritz Amanda & Neal Moszkowski Marjorie & Philip Odeen Jean & Raymond Oglethorpe Senenne & Marc Philippon Jill & Kevin Plancher Agatha & Anthony Precourt Mary & Steven Read Paul Repetto & Janet Pyle June & Paul Rossetti Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust Lisa & Kenneth Schanzer Sydney & Stanley S. Shuman Kerri & Steven Siegel Harvey Simpson Jean & Phil Smith Sue & Martin Solomon Janet & James Stanard Marilyn & James H. Steane II Margery Pabst Steinmetz & Charles Steinmetz Dr. & Mrs. William Sterett Bill Stolzer Storr Family Foundation Lynne & Pat Sullivan Sarah Nash & Michael Sylvester James W. Taylor Denise O’Leary & Kent Thiry Debra & Ken Tuchman Laura & Keith Tucker Linda & Stew Turley Barbara & Richard Wenninger

Mary Forrest Wolf Kristy & Bill Woolfolk Julie & Ben Zeeb

$24,999–$10,000 Anonymous (4) Holly Adams Adolph Coors Foundation Mary Ellen Anderson Libby Anschutz Ann Newman & Andy Arnold Marilyn Augur Dierdre & Ronnie Baker Beaver Creek Property Owners Association Jane & Robert Berry Jeanne & Joe Brandmeyer Lori & Bob Brown Kathy & James Cargill Kay & Thomas Clanton Carolyn & Paul Clark Liz Cronin Joanne S. & Jack^ Crosby Lauren & Marvin Daitch Lucy & Ron Davis Nancy & Kenneth DeLine Katherine & Peter Dolan Debra & James Donahugh Jane & Reed Eberly Andrea Eddy Dave & Maggie Eickholt Pam & Ernest Elsner Diane & Brad England Cynthia Engles EverBank Kenneth Farrell Trish Fillo Nancy Gage & Allan Finney Craig J. Foley Nancy & Mark Foster Joan Francis Laura & William Frick Elizabeth & Michael Galvin Vicky & John Garnsey Diane & Tom Gates Suzie & Larry Graveel Malo & John Harrison Linda & Milledge Hart Kiwi & Landon Hilliard


Kenton Hopkins Kathy & William Hybl Jon & Nancy Tellor Family Foundation Sue & Rich Jones Roberta & Michael Joseph Kristen Nostrand-Junker & Steve Junker Elaine & Arthur Kelton Shelby & J. Scott Key Doris & John Kirchner Patty & Bill Kleh Knapp Foundation Vicki & Seth Kogan Marlene & Ben Krell KSL Advisors, LLC Wendy Williams & Noel Kullavanijaya Almudena & Rodrigo Lebois Mr. & Mrs. Thomas M. Lippincott Nancy & Richard Lubin Marvin Naiman and Margery Goldman Family Foundation Jean & Tom McDonnell Richard McVey Carolyn & Gene Mercy Alejandra & Tomas Milmo Drs. Toby & Mort Mower Vicki & Trygve Myhren NAI Mountain Commercial National Endowment for the Arts Valerie Ropes & Richard “Chupa” Nelson Jane & Skip Netzorg Sally & Don O’Neal Haley & Mike Pearson Teressa & Anthony^ Perry Pam & Ben Peternell Sissel & Richard Pomboy Amanda Precourt Suzy & Phil Quigley Gretchen & Bob Ravenscroft Nancy & Donald Remey Rella & Monroe Rifkin Susan & Gary Rosenbach Annie & Richard Rothkopf

Sue & Michael Rushmore Suzanne & Bernie Scharf Elaine & Steven Schwartzreich Carter & Jeffrey Sharfstein Rupinder Sidhu
 Sidney E. Frank Foundation - Colorado Fund Janis & Ronald Simon Elizabeth & Rodney Slifer Slifer Smith & Frampton Stephanie & David Spina Brooke & Hap Stein Mark & Becca Stupfel Majorie A. Swig Ripley & Gregory Thomas Town of Avon Treasurer of Eagle County Colorado Vail Health Vail Valley Cares Vail Valley Surgery Center Amy L. Roth, Ph.D. & Jack Van Valkenburgh Jacqueline & Norman Waite Linda & Stephen Waterhouse Laura & Stephen Wehrle Joan & William Weiant Wells Fargo Pamela & Steven Wexler Joan Whittenberg LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Gena Whitten & Robert Wilhelm Margaret & Loyal Wilson Marilyn & Ron Wollard Kendra & Michael Zupan

$9,999–$5,000 Anonymous (4) Lynn Adkins & Linda Lighton Anne Roberts & James Aull Christine & John Bakalar Barbara Baldrey Marcine & Michael Balk Pam & Richard Bard Terre & Jack Bergman Tina & Melvyn Bergstein

Berkshire Hathaway Bessemer Trust Company Biondi Family Erin & Douglas Blue Bolwell Family Patty & Michael Booker Carla Bossi-Comelli & Marco Pecori Noelle Brock Barbara & Christopher Brody Cathleen & Dave Bullen Norma & Charles Carter The Castellini Foundation Jill & Thomas Chinn Donae & Rob Chramosta Dorothy & Bill Cohen David Cohen Meryl Rosofsky & Stuart H. Coleman Nicole & Michael Conroy Patty & Jim Cownie Charitable Fund Joel Cox CSMN Development LLC Thomas Danco John Dayton Jane DeNunzio Suzy & Jim Donohue Jane & Matthew Donovan Irene & Jared Drescher John & Lynn Egan Lois & Stephen Eisen Amy Faulconer Betsy & Jesse Fink FirstBank Laurie & Warren Florkiewicz Barbara & Paul Flowers William E. Ford Aleene & James Fraser Stacey Frieder Dawn & Stephen Friedman Paula & Gerald Friesen Grace & Stephen Gamble Cheri & Roger Gardner Katherine George Anita & Steven Gilbert Holly & Ben Gill Marshall Gordon

Laura & Morris Gottesman Rebecca & Stuart Green Guardian Scholars Rita Haddow Deborah Wittman & Rik Heid Jean & William Hellegas Jane & Ray Heller Robert Hernreich Clairlee & Bob Hirsch Laureen Hopkins Heather & Jim Hughes Sarah & Christopher Hunt Kristel & B.J. Hybl John Jaran Jared Polis Foundation Gift Fund Cheryl & Bill Jensen Kathi & Stanley Jones Marlene & Robert Josefsberg Kaiser Permanente Judy & Alan Kosloff Jennifer & Curtis Krizek Kathy & Frank Kyle Robert Levenson Debra & Marc Levy Sue & Jim Liken Alexandra & Robert Linn Janie & Bobby Lipnick LIV Sotheby’s International Realty Ann & Hal Logan Diane & Louis Loosbrock Carol & Douglas Lovell Mary Lujack & Sarah Johnson Lt. Gov. Donna Lynne Brent Martin Ann & John Martin Alison & Tim McAdam Marcia & Tom McCalden Kathy & Steve McConahey Hilary & Patrick McDonald Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Ellen Mitchell Susan & Thomas Moran Kay & Bill Morton Linda & Michael Mossman

Mountain Family Health Centers Kim & Tim Muffley Sammye & Mike Myers National Winter Sports Education Foundation Wendy & Skip Nichamin Eric Noreen & Suzi Hill Susan O’Brien Jennifer Alsever & Kevin O’Donnell Joanne & Jeffrey O’Neill Lisa & John Ourisman Marlys & Ralph Palumbo Diane & Roy Parrott Karen & Marc Peperzak Polly & Mark Peterson Wendy & Paul Raether Lynn & Brian Ranelle Rosalind Reed Melisa Rewold-Thuon & Albert “Chico” Thuon Michael Ritchie Jo Ann & Ronald Robertson Nancy Sands Pixley & Ken Schiciano Carole Schragen Lisa Dennis & Gavin Selway Susanna Johnson & Timothy Shannon The Sherrill Family Foundation - Debbie & Skip Courtney Deborah & Jim Shpall Debbi & Charles Smith Donna & W. Randolph Smith The Solich Fund Spruance Foundation II Nancy Alexander & David Staat Caren & Albert Stahmer Mary Lynn & Warren Staley Jarona & Bill Stevens Genie & Robert Stine Barbara & Carter Strauss Dhuanne & Douglas Tansill Michelle & Craig Taylor Janet & Paul Testwuide Patti & Cliff Thompson

Catherine & James Tobin Kathy & Patrick Toole Elizabeth & Clayton Tresca Julia & Blake Tresca US Bank Vail Health Foundation Vail Mountain School Vail Valley Business Women Barbara & Kyle Vann Kathryn & Leo Vecellio Claudia & Charles Vieth Betsy Vincent Bonnie Vogt Martin Waldbaum Lisa & Mark Walsh Mary & Paul Webster Susan & Albert Weihl Mindy & Gregory White Mary Clare & Bruce Williams Toni & Michael Williams Judy & Bob Wilner Linda & Donald Winter Betty & Michael Wohl The Women’s Foundation of Colorado Nancy & Thomas Zinna

$4,999–$2,500 Anonymous (4) Dana & Brendan Addis Brenda & Joe Adeeb Alpine Party Rentals LLC Martin Atkin & Reid Balthaser Georgia & Tom Barnett Marcella & Robert Barry Amy Becher Gish Beck Building Company Jayne & Paul Becker Margo & Roger Behler Alix & Hans Berglund Ann & Steven Berzin Cathy & Bill Bethke Dr. Heather & Sasha Bourkovski Margo & Terry Boyle Katherine Brennand Gleneen & Joseph Brienza Amy & Terence Britton

Covell Brown Jennifer & Michael Brumbaugh Robin & Thomas Burch Kathryn & David Campbell Kathleen Fort-Carty & William Carty Susan Catalano Tokuko & William Chapin Charitable Foundation of the Edwards Rotary Club Sara & Michael Charles Yvonne Chen Caryn Clayman Matt Coleman Jane & James Comerford Arlene Harris & Martin Cooper Country Club of the Rockies Linda & Berry Craddock Robert J. Croteau & Karen A. Nold Julie & Michael Current Lucinda & Andrew Daly Mary Ellen & Bob Darretta Reg & Michelle Del Ponte Deborah Spohn & David Dimmit Eagle Valley Community Fund Engel & Völkers Vail Thos Evans Deborah & Anthony Forcum Paul Funk Miriam & Morris Futernick Nancy & Samuel Gary Jennifer & Richard Geisman Katherine Gettys Joni & Paul Gotthelf Tricia & James Gould Lori & Arthur Greenfeder Doris Dewton & Richard Gretz Pamela & David Gross Randi & Edward Halsell Stephanie & John Hanson Michelle & Bobby Head



Debra Herz Lorraine & Harley Higbie High Country Healing Alex & David Hyde Ellen & Michael Imhof Invited Home Vail Valley Amanda & Thomas Jaffe Shelly & Chris Jarnot Raydean Acevedo & Walter Jenkins Barbara & Timothy Kelley Meredith & Jeffrey Kennedy Maidee & Arnold Kirkeby Justin McNulty & Brad Korell Christina & Josh Lautenberg Candice Wilhelmsen & Ted Leach Tina Nielsen & Andrew Littman Philip Livingston Hilary & Kevin Magner Debbie & Devinder Mangat Mangat Plastic Surgery Centers Barbara & Richard Massman Helen McIntyre Nancy & Matt McKenna Nancy & Robert McLeod Diane & Paul McNamara Larned A. Waterman & Paul S. Mesard Olivia & Rod Miller Karen R. Nagel Allison & Frank Navarro Jack Neal Richard Neill Melanie & Allan Nelkin Malia & Jay Nobrega Noah Nordheimer Rosanne & Gary Oatey Laurie & David O’Connell Priscilla O’Neil Linda & Joseph Perry Margot & Marc Pinto Polar Star Properties Ronnie & William Potter Property Boss LLC Vicki Rippeto


Krizia & Michael Routh Pamela & Frank Saxton Peggy & Tony Sciotto Cynthia & Ted Senko Irene Shen Rochelle Hanley & Shirish Shenolikar Thomas Shoup Carel & Marc Slatkoff Slifer Designs Mary Smith David Sondheimer Susan Sosnick Marla Steele Deana & Gerald Stempler Susan & Steven Suggs Kelley & Brendan Synnott Susan & Robert Tartre Joan Nissman & Judith Nissman Taylor Tim Tyler United Way of Eagle River Valley PJ & David^ Walder Allison Krausen & Kyle Webb Tina & David Wilson Ellen & James Wiss Glen & Margaret Wood Dacia & Gary Woodworth Rosalie Wooten

$2,499–$1,500 Anonymous Debby & Bill Akers Roxanne & Ed Anderson Chris Anthony AssuredPartners of Colorado, LLC Deborah & David Boillot Bonfire Brewing, LLC Rebecca & Howard Braverman Sidney & Philip Brodsky Diane & Jeff Brundage Christine & George Burns Cristina & Ronald Byrne Carolyn^ & Gary Cage Kaye Summers & Dan Carpenter Robin & Dan Catlin Patrice & John Cogswell


Alisha & Randall Cole Colorado Mountain College Community First Foundation Mary Ellen & Stanley Cope Heather Olson & Glenn Crotty Carling Delaney Bennet Kara Horner & Spencer Denison Lauren DesCombes Jacqueline Deveric Paulette & Gil DiGiannantonio Jane & Thomas Dimmig Julia & Simon Dixon Carol & Greg Dobbs Dan & Chrissy Doyle Dorothy Distelhorst & Karl Edgerton Elegant Cabinetry & Design Rosana & Johannes Faessler Alison & John Fallon Marty & Tim Farrell Wendy & Alan Feldman Ritva & Stephen Ferriss Erika & Matt Fitzgerald Cookie & Jim Flaum Micki & Larry Fletcher Terry & John Forester Alice & Campbell Frey Frieder Family Lindsay Gannott Greer & Jack Gardner Jeffrey Goldsmith Gorsuch LTD Alison & Michael Greene Susan & Murray Haber Bethany & Jonathan Haerter Amy & Richard Hammett Dana Gumber & Craig Held Margo & Paul W.R. Hields Ali Hild Cathy & Graham Hollis Jennifer & Steve Hooker Christina & Bret Hooper Susie & Wes Horner Ami & Scott Hudgins Rossie Carter Hutcheson & John Hutcheson Holly Proctor & John Hutto

Terrie & Doug Ideker Judith & Jay Inglis Sarah & Tait Johnson Terri & Mathew Juechter Mary Sue & Stephen Katz Courtney Kennedy Kathy Palakow & Neal Kimmel Daney & Lee Klingenstein Caroline Fisher & Bob Knous Bettan Laughlin Ruth & Robert Lavinia Julie & Dan Leever Leroy and Connie Schmidt Family Foundation Jane & Tod Linstroth Gretchen & Charles Lobitz Elaine & Jeffrey Lovell Susan & Thomas Lundeen Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Susan & John W. Madden III Leslie & Chuck Madison Katy & Randall Marcus Nancy & Ron Marshall Dana & Brian Maurer Ferrell & William McClean Patricia & Charles McMunn Janet & John Meck Ann & Alan Mintz Laurie Richer & Jeff Morris Rita & Rick Mueller Tom & Dr. Karen Nern Brigid O’Connor Odd Molly Vail Susan Stearns & Frank O’Loughlin Mary Beth & Charles O’Reilly Kathi Renman & Jim Picard Jackie & James Power Jane & Michael Reisinger Jennifer & Scott Rice Ann & Ronald Riley Judy & Kenneth Robins Carey & Tim Romer Nancy & Robert Rosen Sarah & Bill Ross Barbara & Howard Rothenberg

Jason Russell William A. Russell III Stacy Sadler Nina Saks Marina & Christopher Scanlan Lisa & Ken Schapiro Marilyn & David Scott Heather & Jason Sica Kelley & James Smith Bart Snyder - Churchley Financial Group Nancy & John Snyder Nickolas Sophinos Colleen & John Sorte Molly & Gregory Sparhawk Donald Swatik Sweet Basil Carly & Christopher Tanis Todd and Martha Nicholson Fund of the Nicholson Family Foundation Kate & Scott Turnipseed Vail Summit Orthopaedics Jennifer & Jake van Beelen Randy & Heather Viola Shawna & Andrew Wachter Diane & Marshall Wallach Jill & Robert Warner Susan & Thomas Washing James Wear Marie & Daniel Welch Megan & Nick Wilder Christine & Patrick Wilhelm Melinda & Stephen Winn Kris & August Wittenberg

$1,499–$500 Anonymous (4) Sandra & Larry Agneberg Letitia & Christopher Aitken Claire Alpert Alpine Appliance Center Sheila & James Amend Natalie & Chris Amoroso Martha Brassel & Chris Anderson Nerea Anderson Carol April

Architectural Engineering Consultants, Inc Stephen Arent Ellen Arnovitz Christina & Balz Arrigoni Andrew Artz Nancy & John Austin Beth Barbre Jenna & Peter Barclay Heidi & Dale Bathum Beaver Creek Chophouse Barbara & Jack Benson Jeannine & Scott Benson James Bigos Anthony Binsfeld Wendy & Warren Blumenthal Pamela & Brooks Bock Tanya & Stephen Boderck Marian & Mike Boyd Renee & Tom Boyd Diana Bradley Eleanor & Gus Bramante Kristine & Nicholas Brinkman Annie Bronfman Lilia & Nicholas Brown Tamara & Scott Brown Matthew Bryan Carryn & Bret Burton Andy Byrnes C & C Painting Inc Clara Willoughby Cargile Joan & Jack Carnie Donna & Bill Caynoski Cindy & John Chase Margaret & Clayton Chessman Kay Chester Kiki Fornito & Jeff Chmielewski Barbara & Charles Clark Patti Shwayder & Steve Coffin Comcast Karen & Carlin Conner Joe Conroy Constellation Brands Allie Coppeak Kim & Donald Corenman Brenda & Thomas Curnin Colleen & Stephen Curran

Susie Davis Chus de la Lama Diane Bradshaw & Dr. John Demenkoff Gail & Carl^ Dietz Carrie Dill Fred Distelhorst Wendy & Tom DiVenere Terry & William Doepken Sue & Erik Dorf Louise J. Douglass Nancy & Stephen Dowdle Sarah & Dan Drawbaugh Margarita Dreyer Ranoa Drimmer Kathleen & Jack Eck JoLynn Edwards Susan & Carl Edwards Margaret & Gary Edwards Gail & James Ellis Barbara Krichbaum & Kent Erickson Carolyn & Don Etter Ewing Trucking & Construction LLC Christie & John Faires Bruce Falkenberg Widge Ferguson Margaret & Randy Ferguson Holly & Tim Finchem Marsha & Robert Fine Becky & Bob Ford Deborah King Ford & Robert Ford Pollyanna Forster Four Seasons Resort and Residences Vail Shawnna & Graham Frank Melanie & Martin Frank Audrey & Andrew Franklin Friends of the Dance Shannon Connell & Matt Gaghen Shannon Garton Gasthof Gramshammer, Inc. Greg Gastineau Diane & Waldo Geiger Andrea Georgopolis Elise & Daniel Gilbert Karen Gilbert Thomas Gilbertson Sarah & Jason Glass

Doris & Matt Gobec Sue & Dan Godec Bonnie & Gary Goldberg Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Mary Poole & Paul Goodspeed Margaret & Thomas Gorrie Melise Gramm Anne & Donald Graubart Olivia & Rich Grayson Suzanne & Alexander Griffin Neal C. & Nancy E. Groff Wendy Groover Grouse Mountain Grill Jan & George Grubbs Betty & Lin Grubbs Annette & James Grundtisch Carla Guarascio Helen & Stephen Gubin Emy & Michael Halpert Andy Hancock Kay & Jeff Hanes Sharon & Tom Haverstock Beverly Hayes Jane & Thomas Healy Maureen & John Hendricks Lewis Henkind Dwight Henninger Kristine & Robert Higgins Pamela & Richard Hinds Russell Hohensee Mark Hopkins Jack Hunn Jay & Chris Hynes Intermountain Landscaping Jill & Jay Javors Twila & Michael Jenkins Karin & Dean Johnson Tina Fleishman & Frank Johnson Alberta & Reese Johnson Jennifer & Steven Jorns K.H. Webb Architects, P.C. June & Peter Kalkus Kerma & John Karoly Leslee Kass Lynn & Andrew Kaufman Wendy & Thomas Kelly Patti & James Kemp

Shannon & Greg Kennealey Jim Kennedy Brenda Buglione & Jeffrey Kirwood Bonnie Lee & Lawrence Kivel KK Design Dorothy & James Klein Jim Klein Roberta & Melvyn Klein Benjamin Kogan Elizabeth Kraus Susan & Anthony Krausen Nancy & Carl Kreitler Donna Lang Lois Lautenberg Tracy & Brian Lenehan Caroline & Jeff Leonardo JoAnn & Edward Levy Ann & William Lieff Jane & Corey Light Renata Lilischkies LOC Marketing Inc Merry & Steven Logan Susan Ludlow Deborah & Dan Luginbuhl

Steve Lundquist Dorothy Hamill & John MacColl Lynne & Peter Mackechnie Karen Marisak Marjorie Marks Bryan Maroney Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, Inc. Mary Jane & Mac McEachron Lindsey & Christopher McKeever Patricia & Bill McNamara Anne & Doug McNeill Jenita Meier MentorMore Foundation Kristine & Jim Mestdagh Pamela & Gary Meyers Barbara Miller Karin Millette Alex Mintling Carol Moore-Mink & John Mink Barbara Kahn Moller & Karsten Moller

Jody & Jeff Morgan Kelly & Geoffrey Moser Marka Moser John Murphy Marcie Musser Lynn & Irv Myers Neff Insurance Agency Inc Patricia Pacey & Charles Neinas Nancy Nelson & W. Peterson Nelson Sandy Newman David Nichols John Nichols Tina & Tyler Noel Terri & Michael Noell Rita Numerof Stacey & Trey Odom Blue & Clifford Olson Suzanne & John Oro Sandy & Fred Pack Amy & Michael Paderewski Gerry & Edmund Palmer Linda Pancratz Donna & Barry Parker Cindy & Federico Pena

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MARTHA BRASSEL Martha is originally from Saratoga Springs, New York, and began working with the Vail Valley Foundation in 1998. She enjoys helping with her husband’s ski and bike shop, road cycling, and spending time with her three dogs. She is currently Director of Development for the Vail Valley Foundation.


Ed Perks Haley Perlus Lisa Muncy-Pietrzak & Michael Pietrzak Judith & Edward Pitkin Mimi & Keith Pockross Darci & Hap Pool Monica & Daniel Porter Premier Landscapes, Inc. Andrea Markezin & Joel Press Judy Holmes & James Progin Kim & Thomas Puntel Drs. Meg & Michael Racenstein Jennifer & Brian Reed Colleen & David Reitan Jeanette Renfro Elissa Stein & Richard Replin Amy & Thomas Ricci Cathy & Peter Ridder Patrice & Marshall Ringler Bill Roberts Jill & Chad Roberts Maria Rotunno Crissy & Fred Rumford Lisa & Lloyd Ruth Cynthia & Anthony Ryerson Vanessa Kerzner & Nick Sagar Denise & James Sanderson Scarlet Maple LLC AK Schleusner Fran Schulman Elana & Kenneth Schwartzreich Barbara Scrivens Ellen & Eugene Seaman Carole & Peter Segal Michael Seguin Susan & Jonathan Seltzer Stephanie Shaffer Jonathan Shamis Carol & Stanley Shapiro Lynn & Raymond Siegel Jeanne Shuldener & Dalton Sim Iris & Adam Singer Timothy Slattery Page & Michael Slevin

Rachel & David Smiley Jill Smirl Peter Smith Bubbles & Steven Smolev Gina & Steve Spessard Karlene & Edward Spivak Linda & Timothy Stancliffe Barbara Steinhauser Gaye & Robert Steinke Maureen & Allan Stiner Jamie & John Stone Edward Stratemeier III Evelyn & Barry Strauch Peter Stroble
 Mary & David Stueber Judith & Philip Stupp James Sullivan Mark & Kimberlee Sullivan Daniel Sunday Kristen & JP Sunderland Carri & John Tedstrom Susie & Brad Tjossem Kim & Pentti Tofferi Stephanie & Eric Toler Diane Tope Jennifer Tuinen Leanne Tyler Vail Board of Realtors Foundation Vail Dermatology Roz Valentine Tina & Steve Vardaman Anne & Robert Verratti Patricia & Edward Wahtera Sheila Wald Gloria Walker Walking Mountains Kimberly Walter Jared Walters Hanna Warren Jan & Stephen Watson Patti & Ron Weinstein Amy Wentworth Jane & Ben West Patricia White Jeffrey Wilcox Jan & Dee Wisor Jayne & Dennis Withers Carolyn & Tom Wittenbraker Heather Watts & Damian Woetzel

Barbara & Charles Wolff Ellen & Michael Wolfson Cynthia & Timothy Wollaeger David Wooten Barbara & Peter Wright Jane & David Yarian Sarah Yonover Heather & Mike Young Janet & John Zar

$499–$250 Anonymous (4) Active Energies, Inc. Jennifer & David Adkins Rochelle & Arthur Adler Janet & Bill Adler Roxanne & Stephen Adzima Nadine & Dennis Ainbinder Lee Ann Allman Katrina Ammer Mary Jo Anderson Carol Atha Tracy & Michael Autera Lisa & Jeff Babb Christy & Andrew Bartlett Susan & Dale Benditz Carrie Benway Lee Berk Stephen Berke Jen & Tim Bettenhausen Jennifer Beuche Sharon & Britt Bishop Kathy & Jack Blair Blue Moose Pizza Beaver Creek Deb & Scott Bobek Marie & Steven Booren Joan & Henry Bornstein Sandra Bourgeois Wendy Boutin Miguel Bracamontes Jonathon Brachle Lindsi & Paul Bradbury Dr. Donna DeSimone & Dr. Stephen Brenman Sarah Briam Marc Brombert Stacy & Michael Brown Jennifer & Michael Buckley Connie & Peter Burkert Lauren & Greg Burnett

Campo de Fiori Judy & Arthur Canter Linda & Mark Caplan Beverly Carson James Cassel Cathy Thompson State Farm Insurance Roxanne Chandler Jerome Chaves Rita & Cleve Clinton Mary Lynn Cohagan Holly & D’Arcy Cole Robin & Alex Coleman Kiki Coles Francisco Colon Comerford Insurance Agency, Inc. Elizabeth Cooney Gary Coursey Peter Cranston Vicki Crawford & Lisa Ligon Sonja & Brian Craythorne Maureen & David Cross Darlene Daugherty Anne & Richard Davidovich Robin Deighan Nancy & Craig Denton Patricia Desocio Martinna & Charles Dill Lisa Dillon Debra & Lawrence Dutmer Heather Eberts Elways Vail Renee & Jeffrey Epstein Maria Espinosa Booth Mark Ettenger Michael Ewers Angela & Daniel Feiner Carole & Peter Feistmann Bridget & Harry Felber Mark Fenstermacher Kathy & David Ferguson Barbara & Lawrence Field Kirsten Fink Carolyn & Reed Ford Jim Francis Donald Freedman Suzanne Gallegos Garfinkel’s Jennifer & Ryan Geller Karen & Ben Gilbert

Betsy & Nelson Gilbert Lisa & Paul Gordon Sally Graham Dianne & Ed Green Jackie Brown-Griggs & Tim Griggs Cheryl & Mark Grimaldi Mildred & Bill Gwinn Caryl & Jeffrey Hahn Patrick Halvorson Linda & Chris Hanson Michelle & Hugh Harvey Francine & William Hecht Katie Heinz Marjorie & Max Henry Jana Henthorn Rebecca Hernreich Ronne & Donald Hess Joel High Ben Hochman Daniel Hoeffel Sheika Gramshammer, Jr. & Dan Holtkamp Hooked Shana & Duncan Horner Marilyn & Matthew Horween Louise & Philip Hoversten Robin & Mark Howard Loyal & Jill Huddleston Meredith & Roger Hutson Leslie Isom Laurie & Matthew Iverson Yvonne & Chris Jacobs David Jaffe Sherri & Jon Jaksha Paul Jenkel Kari Johnsen Gyde Carolyn & Gary Johnson Kevin Johnson Mary Heinen & Andrew Jones Lee Jones Sue & Joe Justice Kaya Enterprises Keller Family Elisse & Eric Kelley Ann Kennedy Connie Kincaid-Strahan Amy & Steven Kisielica Mark & Jane Knauer Laurie Knott



Eli Kogan Katherine & Derek Konopka Terri & Dave Krueger Pavan & Karl Krueger Eloise & Arthur Kubli Gerry Kurtz Irene & Gasper Lazzara Cynthia LeBreton Lynn & Charles Lemon Helena & Peter Leslie May Lilley Filippa Lindstrom Melissa & Dennis Lipton Joshua Liss Gwen Longino Margarita Lopez Julie & David Lumley Mary Ann & Tim LyBarger Deborah & Edward Mace Henry Mader Sara Manwiller Vicki & Roger Marce Stephen Marquart Carolyn Marsh Benjamin Marshall Kristy Maslan Trudy & Robert Matarese Matsuhisa Vail Karen & John Maxwell Rachelle McBride Julie & Robert McCormick Ingrid & Sean McGinley Kate McKay Mac & Dava McWhorter Liz & Luc Meyer Atlanta & Charlie Meynier Meza Family Gabrielle & William Mimeles Daniel Mironov Leslie & Charles Mishner Jacqueline Moehn Kudner Linda & Paul Monticciolo Elizabeth Chambers & Ronald Mooney David Morgan Ellen & Jean-Claude Moritz Emorene Morris Beth & Charles Morrison Peggy Morse Catherine Mullen


Dawn & Larry Mullin Zola Munter Network for Good New Electric, Inc. Ursula & Larry Nisonoff Martin Oberman Lauri & Jeffrey O’Brien Anita & John O’Connell Renee Okubo JeriLynn & Gordon Ommen Melissa Paoloni Park Hyatt Beaver Creek Allison Parrish Bart Peasl Jason Peck Jodi Pederson Pamela & Daniel Pennington Tracy & Gary Pesso Jayne & David Petak Penny Wilson & John Picciotto Susan & Al Pollack Jane Schoen & Sam Portman Brian Powers Peter Printz Heidi Heltzel & Marc Prisant Melissa & Matthew Provencher Eileen Friars & Scott Pyle Carlinda & Luis Quintero Lizabeth Rauch Terri Hanley Reichert & John Reichert Susan & Bert Rewold Lee Rimel Jacob Roach Maria Romano Sarah & Byron Rose Lynn & Randy Rose Martin Rosenberg RRRevolution LLC Stephanie Rudnick Barbara & James Ruh Bob Rulon Jill Rutledge Shelby & John Saer Gail Flesher & David Salvin Lewis Sapiro David Sarabi


Deborah Sarthou Annalisa & Adam Savin Donna Moran & Mark Schacht Vandy & Alexander Schaefer Diana & Matthew Scherr Tracy & William Schloss Cecilia & Fritz Schmidt Deborah & James Schultz Mary Scott Rachel & David Segerdahl Karmen & Justin Serbinski Russell Shay Amy Shea Deborah & Patrick Sheehy Deborah & Robert Shields Caitlin Shields Karla Smith Kathy Smith Devon & Rick Smith Pamela & Perry Snavely Terry Snyder Paige & Brian Sodergren Sonnenalp Hotel of Vail Frances Karsh & Leo Spaziani Robyn Specthrie Margaret & A. Thomas Stavros Tammy Schiff & John Stearns Jamie Stecher Kenneth Stein Nanci & Lawrence Steiner Susan & Jeffrey Stern Gretchen & Zak Stone Diane & Richard Stovall Kimberly & Eric Strauch Bernard Strauss Dennis Streit Gina & Mitch Sturde Patricia & Jack Sturdivant Molly Suggs Sweeping Change LLC Ken Talanian Lori & Gregory Tarpey Cathy & Keith Thompson Nina Timm Alison Tomlinson Stacy Toyama Deborah & Richard Travers

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JEN MASON Is an avid road cyclist and enjoys hiking, skiing uphill and spending time with her husband Jim and her dog Nelson. She is the Director of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater, manages all of the volunteers and “live shows” for athletic events, and has been a multi-talented member of the Vail Valley Foundation since 2001.

Triumph Mountain Properties Stacey Truitt Thomas Trumble William Tubman Rosemary & Robert Tutag Laurian Unnevehr Jenifer Valentine Don Vandevander Victoria VanEngelenburg Kim & Galen Vetter Carol & Peter Walker Robin Walls Janis & Roger Ward Nancy Warshofsky Diana & Bryan Watabe Sigrid Weigert Evin Garretson & Jens Werner Donna Whittington & Charles Singer Francis Wiederman Bari & Jesse Wiens Mary Williams Claudie & Richard Williams Bruce Wilson

Jan & Greg Winchester Traci & Michael Wodlinger Lynn & Mark Wurzer Kelly & Chad Young

$249–$100 Anonymous (4) Susan & Edward Abramson Mary & Robert Albritton Pamela & Richard Alexander Catherine & Scott Alexander Erin & Chad Allen Randi Alt Linda Alvis AmazonSmile Foundation Nicole & Jonathan Ament Bill Anderson Catherine & Truman Anderson Jean & Jason Andrew Carol Apparies Andrew Armstrong Tamarin Austin Marilyn Averill

John Bailey Karen & Stephen Baird Zoe Baird Amy Bamford Donna Barrows Christine Bates Janice & Zdenek Bauer Dana Beach Shirley & Jack^ Beal Stephen & Sandy Bell Michael Beltracchi Elizabeth Benish Nancy Berkley Carolyn & Ron Bernell Kay & Charles Bertrand Martha & Bill Bevan Lisa Birer Greta & Gary Blamire Erin Hall & Eric Blitzstein Deborah Boam Michele & Richard Bolduc Les Bork Carla & Charles Borkan Travis Bossow Linda Havlin & Paul Boulis

Karen Shupe & Norman Bowles Sue Brandl Rita & Joerg Braun Dana & Thomas Braun Timothy Braun Suzanne Brazil Judith & Gresham Brebach Lindsey & Wyatt Breed Sally & Dave Brew Laura & Gregory Brice Cynthia & David Bright Kathy & Ben Brown Anne & Jeffrey Brown Bobbi Bryson^ Jill Rubinstein & Andrew Buecking Dawn & Randall Burcham Shan & Caleb Burchenal Patricia Burrows Althea & Clifford Callaway Suzanne & Tom Canfield Julie Carr Judith & David Carson
 Paul Cartmill Nancy & George Casey Roseann Casey Janet & Lawrence Cavanaugh Tenie Chicoine Susan & Edward Chipman Michael Christenberry Deborah & Daniel Clarke Laurie Claus - O.K. Detrick Foundation Katherine Clayborne Cheryl Clayton Kathy Langenwalter & Dick Cleveland David Clickner Mary & John Cohagen Avern Cohn Kelsey & Jason Cole Coleman Custom Homes Marla & George Coleman Jennifer Conley Carolyn & Mike Connolly Karyn Contino John Cook Mary & Bill Cotton Carolyn & Fred Coulson Judy & Keith Countryman

Ellyn & Phillipe Courtois Kendra & Jason Cowles William Cox Susan & Barry Craythorne Chris Cremer Sara Daines John Dakin Karen Rosenbach & Thomas Daniel Walter Daumler Rebecca & Glenn Davis Yvonne & John Dawsey Kathleen Dee Nicky DeFord Ellen Dehaven Madeleine Deininger Amber & Cole Delgman Danita Dempsey Rebekah & Peter Denise Susan Depue Debra Devereaux Becky Diamond Gregory Dickhens Georgette Dienst Anthony Discenza Cathy & Ralph Dockery Betsy Doepken Dan Doggett Lynn Dolven Judy & Don Donnalley Sherry Dorward Alicia Dow Pribramsky Alan Downs Kathryn & Patrick Drew Marc Drobnick Barbara Dubin Meg & James Duke Shawna Dumas Tina Dur Jennifer Egan Diane & Matthew Ehrlich Holly & Buck Elliott Susan & David Elliott Elizabeth Ellis Heidi & Stephen Elzinga Lynn Emmert Sheryl & Robert Engleby Wendy Elaine Erb Jenny & Wendell Erwin David Escamilla Jean Richmond & Horst Essl

Michele & Chris Evans Mary Kate & Bart Ewing Janine & William Fackler Noel & Brett Falk Mary Ferguson Brooke Ferris Phyllis & Robert Finlay Chris Finley & Daron Smith David Folkes Amy Fordham John Fornito Denise & Holger Forrest Peter Fralick Inge Franberg Scott Francis Ellie & Michael Francisco Victoria Frank Lauren Freedman Marlene Fuchslocher Phillip Gallegos Thomas Gendron Jane Gilbert

Katie & Tim Glenn Merrily Glosband Vicki Glotzer Anne Glover Lisa & Wayne Goad Wendy Goldberg Carol & Ronnie Goldman Maureen & John Golinvaux Abbey & Davy Gorsuch Mr. Bill & Dr. Sandra Goss Lynn & John Gottlieb Arran Green Robert Green Cappie & Scott Green Jennifer & Brad Greenblum Suzanne Greene Laurie & Jim Gregg Kim Griffinger Wachtel Jennifer & William Griffis Julie & Fletcher Groff Leslie Grooters Julie & Ben Guevara

Jennifer & Steven Gullickson Sharon Gurwitz James Gwynne Laurie & John Haffenreffer Cathy & Thomas Hall Sue Ann & Crawford Hamilton Patricia & William Hammon Jan Harkins Kirk Harmes Karolyn & Neal Harper Devan Hartnett Mary Hartwig & Martha Ripon Jennifer Haskell Barbara Hataway Suzanne Hatcher Heartwood Custom Woodworks Inc. Chris Heinritz

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MAC GARNSEY Grew up in the Vail Valley and is now the Director of Operations in charge of logistics— including the often complicated creation and breakdown of venues at Vail Valley Foundation athletic events. On days off he can be found with his wife, Nicole, outside, enjoying the mountains on foot or on a bike, or relaxing on a secluded beach somewhere far away. Mac has been with the organization since 2008.


Cynthia Hennessey Anthony Henson Cathey Herren Jessica Herrin Janet & Greg Herring Clint Herron Barbara Hershfelt Gloria Heyer William Hibbs Anne Hintz Kimberley Hoch Beth Hockemeyer Sophie Hofmann Betsy Hoke Noel Holbrook A. Jackson Holt Rebecca & Chris Hooper Robinette & Stephen Hoppin Bratzo Horruitiner Beth & Rich Howard Christianna & Timothy Howell Jamie Humphrey Stanton Humphries Beth Isacke Jan & Donald Jackson Jerry Jackson Catherine Jarnot Roberta & Lawrence Jennings Paul Johl Carol Johnson Sally Johnston Kathleen & Elliott Jones Terri Jones Patricia & Tim Jones Drs. Larry & Irit Karsh Sheila Kautt Anne-Marie & John Keane Michelle Kedrowski Diane & Edward Keely Conrad Kehn Julie & Brooks Keith Rick Kelly Candice Kennedy Joy Kenny Alan Kenwood Karen Kesner Robert Kidd Claudia & Bruce Kiely Mallie Kingston

Jann Kinney Tracy & Peter Kinsella Eileen & Mark Kleiman Janet & Tom Kleinhardt Jane & Arnaldo Kluczkowski Charlene Koegel Susan Kohli Thomas Kotsines Liz & Jim Krezowski Carol & John Krueger Amy Kuark William Kucharski Ruth Kullman Caroline & John La Voie Jill Lampe Melinda & Keith Landsness Evelyn & Edward Lang Ellen Lautenberg Jennifer & Pete Law Teri & Joe LeBeau Cynthia Lee James Lee William Lee Alaine Lerner Joan & Robert Levine James Lincoln Emma Lister Amber Livingston Lauren Logan Missy & Bill Love Chancy & Zach Love Elspeth MacHattie H. Carroll & Jonna Mackin Sherry & Joe MacKinnon Deb Madden Michelle & Brian Maloney Leslie & John Manes Jennifer Manta Susan Marquez Ledezma Norma Mashburn Rebecca Masler Lynn Matthews Maureen Mayer Jacqueline McCullough Janet & John McDavid Tracey McFadden Gail & Brent McFall John McHale Nancy & Michael McKeever Linda McKinney Carole & James McNeill

Cheryl & James McVey Margaret & Clifford Meek Daniela Melgarejo Farhan Merchant Debbie & Ralph Merritt Nick Metcalfe Ivars Mikelsons Martha & Kevin Milbery Paula & Jeffrey Miller Kathleen Miller Michelle Milner Paula & George Mirmelstein Moe’s Original BBQ Allison & Russell Molina Patricia Montgomery Keli Montoya Joseph Morgart Susan & Joe Morrill Carmen & Dennis Moser Pamela Moses Justin Moss Lori Moss Mountain Temp Services LLC Regina & Berry Mullennix Jennifer & Bobby Murphy Daniel Murphy Karen Lechner & Mark Murphy Pam & Michael Mycoskie Mary Byrd Nance Julie Naughton Jean Naumann Shannon & Ryan Neville Suzette Newman Margaret & Jeffrey Nicholls George Nimmo Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Courtney O’Brien Judy & Denny O’Brien Patrick O’Brien Devra Ochs The Ogden Family Andrea Ohde Kellye & Cody O’Kelly Yvonne & Rob Oppenheimer Hope & Greg O’Quin Hector Ordonez Marie & Donald Osborn Jan Otteman

Katherine Ozan Helen & Foxhall Parker Katherine & Dennis Parsons Dora Pate Richard Patriacca Carol Pattison Maria Payen Pazzo’s Pizzeria Jason Peck Joyce & Robert Pegg Mark Pennington Peoples Bank Celia Perarnaud Christina Person Uda Peterson Nancy & Kent Pettit Carol Kay & Michael Phillips Barrett & Reid Phillips Shelley & John Pinkham Joseph Pologar Maureen & Kenneth Pomper Anne & Jim Powell Wendy Powell Milly Goldstein & Herb Pozen Steve Prawdzik Lizabeth Prentiss Terri & Chris Preston Martha & J. Scott Raecker Louis Ramunno Emily Reaser Barbara Reed, MD Carolyn & Brian Reihe Michael Resch Resort Books Julie Retzlaff Maggie DeDecker & Bill Rey Nancy Reynolds Vinson Richter Wendy Rimel Maureen & Jerry Riordan Kimberly Risi Renee Ristow Alanna Robertson Suzie & Frank Robinson Kenneth Robinson Beverly & Timothy Roble Dr. Bill Rodkey

Nancy & Gerald Rose Philip Rosenfeld Ann & Paul Rosenwald Jackie Rothstein Terie Roubos Kimberly & Jim Rowland Liz & John Ruggles Bob Rush Nancy Pennica & Wayne Ruting Merced Rutty Karen & Jack Ryan Jeanne Sagurton Erik Sale Lou Samara Gwyneth & Richard Sample Gwen & Richard Scalpello Jeremy Scherer Janet Schliefert Julie Schlossinger Susan Schneider Gayle & Douglas Schwartz Scott S. Turnipseed AIA Jane & Johan Segerdahl Bonnie & Marvin Selby Emily Sessler William Seyferth Charles Sherwood Todd Shollenberger Shelley & Bill Simmons Monika & Ted Sirotta Jane & Mark Skerkoske Kerry & James Skidmore Martha Skinner Skipper & Scout Slifer Smith & Frampton Foundation Cleveland Smith B.J. & Garrett Smith Jason Smith Kati & Michael Smith Nancy Smith Katharine & Robert Smith Tamara & Scott Smith Justine Smyth Olivia Snider Penny & Doug Soder Doreen Somers Gary Sommer Kristen Sorensen Robyn & Leon Specthrie Miriam & Arthur Spector



Dianne Spell Barbara & James Spiker Linda Stamper Boyne Anne & Josef Staufer Gay & Richard Steadman Jacob Stepan Madeline & Les Stern Judy & Robert Stiber Brielle & Tye Stockton Charles E. Stoopack Stephanie & Arthur Strasburger Jan Strauch Mary Streit Karen Suing Sheila Sullivan Lisa & Tim Swift Swiss Chalet LLC Synergy Systems CO Jill Tanenbaum Andrew Tennenbaum Lachlan Thomas Trudy & W.I. Thomas Robin & Tim Thompson Argie Ligeros & Patrick Tierney Michael Tocci Natalia & Karl Topp Suzanne Torris Pat & Bob Torvestad Ellen & Stephen Tower Danie & John Tyler Amy Underwood Regina Urbiene Vail Chophouse Lois & John Van Deusen Jen & George Vanderhoof Brian VanStone George Vaught Victor Vensas Laura Lee & Ray Verlinde Ivan Vigil Bethany Vorthmann Renee Wagner Judy & Phil Walters Elyce & David Walthall Heather Warmuth Chloe Warner Michelle & Gerald Warshofsky Martha Waterhouse Steve Weaver


Christian Weigert Kathryn & Mike Weller Linda Wells Bella Whelan Claire Mann & Lauton White Margaret Thompson & Wade White Virginia Widmann Sheresa & Tim Wilbanks Shawna & Kevin Wilson Nina & Kenneth Wise Carole Wolff-Sowers Linda & Dean Wolz Brian Woodell Anna & Bruce Yanke Yellowbelly Joanne Young Kirsten Zeller Luann & Stan Zemler Catherine Zinn

$99–$25 Anonymous (6) Jorge Aguero Robin Allen Bob Alsradt Anita Altman Loring & Bill Amass Sara Amberg Friedemann Ammer Russell Ammon Patricia Anderson Heidi & Brendan Archer Ian Archer Sarah Arison Sam Armatas Susan & Louis Armitage Kristin Babbs Maia & Carlton Babbs Toni & Richard Bachmann Heather Bacon Sylvia Baizas Kari Bangtson Whitney Bardwick Rachel Barrett Paul Bates Janet & John Baumstark Betsy Beasley Mallory Beberman Angela & Michael Begg


Keith Behrens Mark Bellio Susannah Bene Nancy Berg Summer Berg Mary & Joe Blair Amy Blakey Deborah Webster & Stephen Blanchard Margaret Blazek Sue Blumberg Jennifer Boggs Cindy Tibble & Seth Bossung Susan Boyd Dalene Bradford Lee Brandsma Christine & Jeff Braun Judi & Mike Brubaker Lauren Bullock Patricio Burillo Mary & Bill Burns Jeff Busch Erica Byrne Greta & Michael Campanale Charlyn Canada Mike & Wendy Carey Susan & Buddy Carey Samantha Carr Quinn Carrasco Geralyn Carroll Maria Julieta Cavallo LaKay Cecil Cheryl Charles Carly Cheatham Molly & Perry Churchill Elizabeth Clinton Andrea Cohen Reed Colley Wilhelm Coln Colorado Pool & Spa Scapes Mary Catherine & Steven Conger Haley Conroy Christelle Cook Kathleen & David Cope Steve Corneillier Sylvain Cote Michelle & David Courtney

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DEB DUTMER Deb manages YouthPower365’s Magic Bus program, and when she’s not supporting early childhood education efforts, she enjoys art, sketching, designing stage sets, reading, taking long walks with the dog, concerts, plays or travel. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois, and has been with the Vail Valley Foundation’s YouthPower365 since 2000.

Shirley Cowles Jacqueline Cramer Christin Crampton-Day Norma Creighton Kiersten Crosby Kyle Cross Susan Daggett Kathryn & Harold Dahl Jennifer DAlvarez Lee & William Dandrea Shannon & Benjamin Daniel Casimir Danielowski Silvia & Alan Danson Betsy Ray & Dean Davis Michael Deagle Susan & Mark Dean Charlotte & Douglas Dechant Vaughn DeCrausaz Lisa Delafield Shannon Demas Clyde DeMersseman Michelle Dibos

Lauren Dickie Amanda Dixon Benjy Dobrin Julie Doepken David Dondelinger Elizabeth Door Kathleen & David Drescher Donna & Gary Drizin Sarah Drumm Amy & Matt Drummet Julie Dutcher Eagle River Youth Coalition Sara Eaton Nelson Eddy Lexie Elliott Peter Elliott Mary & Glen Ellison Laurie & Charles Ermer Luis Escalante Karen Eyrich Sheryl Feiler Sarah Fellner

Violet & John Ferguson Francisco Fernandez Cueto Lourdes & Paul Ferzacca William Fibkins Rodolfo Fierro-Stevens Eleanor Finlay Maggie Fitzgerald John Fleming Susan Floyd Petra Weber & Michael Forster Kathleen Frank Marsha & Russ Friedrich Beth & Glenn Frommer Alexandra Reid & Gary Fuller John Furcon Samantha & Michael Gale Sheryl Gallegos Barbara & Jim Galligan Eric Gallinek Elisa Garrett Lauren Gary

Mariana Garza Melissa & Silvestre Garza Ilene & Gary Gauger Joye Gelo Samuel Gerk Catherine Gerken Netia & Henry Gerken Elizabeth Gill Daniel Girzadas Andrew Gittle Andrea & Michael Glass Marie & John Glover Heather & Morris Goldberg Troy Goldberg Manuel Gómez-Daza Hannah Gonzales Marcette Gordon Amy Gosewisch Mari Jo Grace Carolyn Grant Kristi & Robert Grems Tim Gropp Susan & Ron Gruber Bonnie Guthrie Jennifer Haggar Patrick Halloran Simon Hamui Susan Hanna Emma Harckham Ron Harshman Rebecca & George Hasseltine Douglas Haynes Harry Heiman Macrina & Randy Heinz Kellie Henderson Cindy Hennessy Casady Henry Kathy Chandler-Henry & George Henry Kirsty Hintz Anne & Patrick Hirn Heather & Chad Holleman Christine Holmberg Carl Hoover Jamie Hopper Rachel Horowitz Michelle Horton Debbie & Pat Horvath Tim Howard

Anita Hoyt Marcelle & Johnny Huard Barbie & Mark Huggenvik Colvin Hugh Jeri & Chuck Hurst Tom & Vina Hyde Joel Hylen Birgit Imkamp Jessica Irwin Jennie & Ross Iverson Tomas Jablonski Lisa & Mark Jackson Jake Jacobson Victoria & Steven Jacobson Elizabeth James Dani Janklow Michael Jankowski Al Johnson Joseph Johnson Joy Johnson Mark Johnson (2) Scott Johnson Tori Johnson Nicole & Brian Judge Rebecca Kanaly Susan Kasser Sandana Kasthuri Sandy Kavanagh Sarabeth Keating Erin Kelly Kevin Kenney Larry Kessler Sarah Kettler Danielle Kirschner Suzie & Frederick Kirschner James Kleckner Danielle Kling Kimberly & David Kochel Elizabeth & C. Michael Kojaian Kenneth Kolano Rick Kozole Julia Kozusko Judith & Carl Kurt Jennifer Laackman David LaGrange Deborah & Jeffrey Lamb Marsha Landesman Elizabeth Lane

Cindy Lang Francisco Langer Ron Larson Kenneth Lasher Karen & Brian Lee Alice Leeds Bronwyn Lehman Sheila & Aaron Leibovic Laura Leitzinger Beth Leuchten Trisha & Alan Lewis Carol Lewis Zilli Stephanie & Rod Linafelter Carol Lincoln Pamela & Ulf Lindroth Jane Lindstrom Dyann Linger Susan & Steven Lipstein Therese Liscio Linda & Robert Llewellyn Susan Locke

Kimberly & Doug Lockhart Kristi Lopez Albert Loushin Judith & Bob Love Shannon Love William Low Ricky Luevanos Kent Lupberger Claire Thayer & Matt Lydens Jane Ma Kristine & Paul Macaluso Carol & John MacLean Laura Marrero Patricia Marsch Maryann Mason Lisa Mathai Kay Maune & David Elmore Dan Maurer Maureen & Wing Mayer

Christine Maynard Julie Mazenko Alexander McCaffrey Chris McCoy Alyse & Grant McCracken Valerie & Francis McDonough Geneva & Stephen McGervey Clare & Brian McGowan Debra Mckenney Marcia McMahon Beth McMakin Beth McNicholas Jeanne & Harry McQueeney Sam Meints Burton Merical Jennifer Merry Carolyn Mescall Ingrid & Josiah Middaugh

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DEAN DAVIS It’s hard to summarize all that Dean Davis has done for the Vilar Performing Arts Center since he first joined in 2006. As Facilities Manager he oversees work on capital improvements, engineering, housekeeping, freight and artist parking logistics. When not at the VPAC he enjoys attending live theater and dance performances, visiting art museums, and biking with his partner, Betsy.


Andrea & Robert Miller Shelley Mills Melina Valsecia Monreal & Alejandro Monreal Jon Montague-Clouse Lindsey Montgomery Cecelia & Lee Moosburger Natalia Morales Dunning Domingo Moreira William Moretz Syra & Jason Morley Louise & Mylon Morris Nancy Moskal Susan & David Mott Anne Marie & John Mueller Delphine Mulvihill Nora & Joseph Murbach Anthony Muston Lindsey Myers Catherine Myran Gay Neilson Kathy Neustadt Betsy & William Nevin Christine Niedbalski Barbara Nitsch Robin Norton Sean Novosad Laura Nowicki Sue O’Connor Ryan O’Donoghue Elizabeth & Owen O’Neill Robert Oppenheimer Darrel Brenneke & Lawrence Orozco Diane & Jarrett Osborn Rickie Owens-Davis Brooke & Gary Palumbo Julie Pappas Hoon Park Pat Parrish Kevin Parsells Lisa Pelchat William Pendleton Joey Peplinski Antonio Pereira Gloria & William Perlitz Maryse Perrigaud Chase Peterson Martha & Kent Petrie

Pamela & Daniel Piro Brannin Pitre Samantha Powell Donald Prater Alex & Stefanie Price Cyndy Price Anne Prinzhorn Elizabeth Pugh Michael Raitman Annette Ramer Anne & Anthony Rash Marcia & Bill Reed Melanie & James Regele Beverly Reid Carol Renne Onix Reyes Martinez Gigi Reynolds Susan Reynolds Lewis Ribner James Richards Amanda Richheimer Lee Riedinger Robert Rienzo George Riggs Slavina Rindone Cynthia & Whit Riter Linda & Richard Ritholz Nancy Rittenhouse Janea Roberts Roxanna Herrera & Hugo Rodriguez David Rohrbach Root & Flower Ella Foshay & Michael Rothfeld Tristan Rubadeau Robert Rymer Ruth Johnson & Kris Sabel Matthew Sadler Sarah Salomon Susan Salomon Carolann Samuels Laurel Broy & Harry Sandell Aline & Richard Sandomire Heather & Ross Sappenfield Ashley Saunders Wayne Saxton Gary & Linda Scanlon

Steve Schenbeck Koren O’Neill & Todd Scheurich Carol Schimmer Tim Schlough David Schneider Melanie Schoen Jennifer Schrader Gretchen Schumacher Jordanna Schutz Lois Schwager Jurgen Schwanke Roberta & Jonathan Schwartz Sharon Schwartz Bill Sears Michele Serine James Setterberg Joe Shankland Jean Shearon Ricki & Steve Sherlin Barbara & Clark Shivley Adrienne Siegfried Mary Clare & Daniel Silva Deborah Simmons William Simon Rob Sinclair Marion Singleton Damaris Skouras Mandy & Mark Sladden Sally Slaughter Allana Smith Lorraine Smith Paul Smith Leslie & Brett Snyder Linda & Richard Sommers Audrey Songer Steven South Carol & Roger Sperry Rod Squires Joseph Stainbrook Brenda Stanton Jason Starling Kim Stelle Anita & Conrad Sterkel Rosalynn Stoller Darlene Stookey Maria Suarez Tarrah & Michael Suman Sun Mountain Door Aly Swansen

Susan & Gordon Swanson Jim Swayze Martine & Jeff Sween Kathie Talbot Mason Talkington Darren Tank Joanie Tanous Jon Tarkington Peter Tempkins Sue & David TerBush Nicholas Terlizzi Thomas Thomas Susan & Cullum Thompson Victoria & Robert Thompson David Thoreson Chris Thul Hugh Thurnauer Josephine & Kevin Tice Karen Sue Timson Julia Toblas-Bearss Leanne Toler Veronica Tomas Iris Tombari Kimberly & Charles Toms Alison & Charles Townsend Anna Trenary Heidi & Michael Trueblood Antje Tyedmers Elisabeth & Steven Van Beek Judy Van Bergen Vivianna Van Deerlin Ellery Veldhuizen Laurie Veldhuizen Frank Veloso Jenifer Vick Debbie Voboril Alison Wadey Diane Wagener Ruth & Carl Walker Erin Walsh Maureen Walsh Trudy & Robert Walsh Ainsley Walter Lauren Walton Lanbert Wang Stefanie Warmuth Rudy Warnock


Alison & John Warren III Valerie Watts Kim Weiss Grace Wellwerts Jennifer Whipkey Elizabeth White Leila White Steven White Christian Wichmann Kathy Widlund Hollie Wieland Susan Wilder Robert Wiley Talena Cox & Adam Williams Carrie Williams Kathy Bellamy & Mike Williams Louise & Hans Willimann Virginia & Andre Willner Marla Wilson Cheryl & Rodger Wilson Melissa Wittenborn Linda Wolcott Kimberley & Michael Woods Allison Wright Nancy Wright Rod Wright Sarah & Todd Wyscarver Andrea & Gary Yetman Nanette Zelle Miranda Zintgraff




Whitney Harper, Development Officer

Sales & Sponsorship

Mike Imhof, President & CEO

Gretchen Swanson, Development Officer,

Dave Dressman, VP of Sales & Sponsorships

Heidi Elzinga, Assistant To The President

Membership & Development Carrie Benway, Development Director, Education

Leadership Giving Circle

Greg Bloom, Sponsorship Sales Director

Kiki Fornito, Development Officer, YouthPower365

Jessica Stevens, Sponsorship Sales Director

Sara Amberg, Sustainability, Capacity &

Sacha Kostick, Sponsorship Account Manager

Grants Director

Marketing & Public Relations

Beth Pond, Development Director,


Sarah Franke, Senior Director of Marketing

Tanya L. Hiple, Director of Major Gifts

Mac Garnsey, Director of Operations

Tom Boyd, Director of PR & Communications

Martha Brassel, Director of Development,

Jen Mason, Director of Operations, GRFA

Maggie Bevan, Senior Marketing Manager

Julia Salerno, Senior Lodging &

Ruthie Hamrick, Senior Marketing Manager, VPAC

Vilar Performing Arts Center

Major Gifts & VDF Kendra Powell, Membership & Donor Relations Manager Emily Sessler, Senior Development Manager

Operations Manager

Alix Miller, Marketing & Digital Media Manager

Erin Kelly, Competition Manager

Melissa Bartoletta, Assitant Marketing Manager

Lisa Babb, Hospitality Manager

Erin Hall, Development Administrator


VVF Staff

Photos by Rick Lohre, John Ryan Lockman, and Logan Robertson. Staff photo by Tom Boyd.

The staff of the

Finance & Administration Bob Ford, Chief Financial Officer Erica de Longpre, Assistant Director of Finance Dionne Drugan Brown, Office Manager

Laura Watkins, Enrichment &

Matt Phillips,

Vail Valley Foundation thanks you for your

Technical Director

Youth Activation Manager Jeff Corn, Strategy & Research Manager

Kristen Ruthemeyer Hammer,

support in achieving our

Production Manager

Deb Dutmer, Magic Bus Manager Kendra Cowles, Early Childhood Manager

Dean Davis, Facilities Manager

Maria Calvo, Magic Bus Coordinator

Kim Hannold, Manager of Artist &

Magdalena Lopez, Magic Bus Coordinator

mission this year.

Community Relations

Helen Gies, Senior Accounting Manager

Brittany Kinney, Girl PowHER Coordinator

Chris Whitney, Food & Beverage Manager

Gail Russell, Accountant

Nicole Bentzoni, PwrHrs Coordinator

Lauren Gary, Box Office Manager, VPAC & GRFA

Stefanie Price, HR Director

Shiloy Sanders, Volunteer Coordinator

Tim Felton, Box Office Assistant

Brian Muller, Senior Director IT & Special Projects


Kevin Rowe, IT Manager

Lauren Johnson, Front of House Manager

Vail Dance Festival

Damian Woetzel, Artistic Director


Martin Nieves, Assistant Director of Operations

Melisa Rewold-Thuon,

Vice President of Education

Vilar Performing Arts Center

Lauren DesCombes, Director of Operations

Duncan Horner, Executive Director

Peter Barclay, Assistant Director of PwrHrs

Chris Henry, Director of Operations

Bratzo Horruitiner, Program Manager

Erik Brown, Director of Special Projects &

Pedro Alvarez, PwrHrs Coordinator








Vilar Performing Arts Center

YouthPower365’s COPA

winter season

soccer programming



Black Diamond Ball

Music + more, programming at Gerald R.

MARCH 9 GirlPowHER Fashion Show

Ford Amphitheater

MAY YouthPower365 Dollars for Scholars scholarships awarded

Hot Summer Nights concert series at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater

YouthPower365 Parent Mentor Graduation

JUNE–SEPTEMBER Vilar Performing Arts Center

JUNE 7–10 GoPro Mountain Games

JUNE YouthPower365 summer PwrHrs programming YouthPower365 Dollars for Scholars picnic

summer season




America’s Winter Opening &

Camp College

Birds of Prey World Cup race week

YouthPower365 Girl PowHER


Adventure Camp



Star Dancing Gala


ShowDown Town


YouthPower365 education

concert series



Magic Bus Graduation

Vail Dance Festival

SEPTEMBER– NOVEMBER Vilar Performing Arts Center Underground Sound

NOVEMBER PwrHrs Extended Learning conference Turkey Trot

Vilar Performing Arts Center


P.O. Box 6550 Avon, Colorado 81620 970.777.2015 phone 888.883.8245 toll free 970.949.9265 fax


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