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BOARD of DIRECTORS Board of Directors In Memoriam Roger Behler Judith Berkowitz Marlene Boll Bjorn Erik Borgen Jack Crosby Andrew Daly William Esrey Johannes Faessler Tim Finchem Cecilia Folz, President Harry Frampton, Chairperson Peter Frechette Stephen Friedman Gerald Gallegos John Galvin John Garnsey Margie Gart Robert Gary George Gillett, Jr. Donna Giordano Sheika Gramshammer Martha Head Mike Herman Robert Hernreich William Hybl Chris Jarnot Rob Katz Kent Logan Peter May R.A. “Chupa” Nelson Eric Resnick Doug Rippeto Michael Shannon Ken Schanzer Stanley Shuman Rodney Slifer Ann Smead Oscar Tang Stewart Turley Betsy Wiegers

President Gerald R. Ford

Directors Emeritus Adam Aron James Berry Craddock Pepi Gramshammer Steve Haber Elaine Kelton

dear FRIENDS, As the Vail Valley Foundation approaches its 30th anniversary in January of 2011, it is only natural to reflect on everything that we have been fortunate enough to accomplish, not only in the past 365 days, but the previous 29 years as well. While there are plenty of nostalgic moments to ponder, reflecting on the past or being overly impressed with the status quo has never been the “foundation” of this organization. Our vision has been one that is constantly focused on the horizon, dreaming of what we can help this community achieve or become. In a sense, the Vail Valley Foundation has strived to provide the building blocks that have helped to shape the Vail Valley community. As the cover of our Year in Review illustrates, there are a great many programs and projects that comprise the Foundation that when put together, provide a solid foundation for our valley from an athletic, cultural and educational perspective. Over the course of the past year, the Vail Valley Foundation has continued to dedicate itself to adding new blocks to this foundation from one end of this valley to the other. We have once again helped to

Teva Mountain Games

provide a platform that allows each and every person to fully explore the true potential that lies within all of us. There were numerous new blocks that were put in place in 2010— new and exciting events that included winning the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships, helping to bring professional cycling back to the Vail Valley with the Quiznos Pro Challenge and the creation of a new Winter Mountain Games that will launch in 2012. In addition, the Foundation launched three new education initiatives with Sowing Seeds and First Notes, while also rolling out a second Magic Bus. None of this would be possible without your continued support. We hope you will take the time to revisit 2010 with the Vail Valley Foundation in the coming pages. If the past 30 years have taught us one thing, it is that together, we CAN and DO make a difference.

Cecilia Folz, President


Harry Frampton, Chairperson

Bud Light Street Beat Free winter concert series in Vail. Locals can register to win a brand new Volvo, presented by Volvo Cars of North America.

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Home of the Vail International Dance Festival, Bud Light Hot Summer Nights concert series, Bravo! Vail Valley Music Festival, and numerous other performances and community events.

WHO IS THE VVF? The Vail Valley Foundation brings together the unmatched spirit of the people and breathtaking beauty of the Vail Valley to enrich and improve lives. Whether it is through athletics, culture or educational initiatives, our mission is to harness the hearts, minds and spirit of this community to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives, day in and day out.


Education Elevation Enhancing educational opportunities for Eagle County kids of all ages with programs including Full-Time Kindergarten Funding, The Magic Bus, Celebrate the Beat, First Notes and Sowing Seeds.

Birds of Prey World Cup Race Week International World Cup ski racers tackle one of the world’s toughest downhill courses in existence, the Birds of Prey on Beaver Creek Mountain.







Bud Light Street Beat

Bud Light Street Beat

American Ski Classic

Bud Light Street Beat

High School Graduations

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater





Teva Mountain Games

Celebrate The Beat

Celebrate The Beat

First Notes

First Notes

Success At Six

Success At Six

Free Concert Series Winter Schedule

Kindergarten Scholarships

The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels

Free Concert Series Winter Schedule

Kindergarten Scholarships

The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels

March23–27 Pro/Am Ski Event

Bud Light Street Beat

Free Concert Series


Free Concert Series Winter Schedule

Celebrate The Beat

Winter Schedule

First Notes

Celebrate The Beat

Sowing Seeds

First Notes Sowing Seeds Success At Six Kindergarten Scholarships

Success At Six Kindergarten Scholarships

The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels

Scholarships Awarded Community Performances

Celebrate The Beat First Notes Sowing Seeds Success At Six

June 2–5 Athletes, Music, Mountains

Bud Light Hot Summer Nights Free Concert Series

American National Bank Showdown Town

Kindergarten Scholarships

Free Concert Series

The Magic Bus

Summer Schedule

Library on Wheelss


The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels

The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels


Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC) The Vail Valley’s premiere performing arts venue located in Beaver Creek. Year-round performances and community events. Presented by Beaver Creek Resort Company. Facility sponsor, U.S. Bank.

Vail International Dance Festival The world’s best dancers in residence and on Vail Valley stages. BeijingDance/ LDTX. Photo © 2010 Erin Baiano

Korbel American Ski Classic Skiing legends, celebrities and corporate America join forces for a weeklong celebration of skiing.

American National Bank Showdown Town

Teva Mountain Games

Free music, children’s activities and more in Eagle Town Park on Thursday evenings throughout the summer.

The nation’s largest celebration of mountain sport, lifestyle and music.






Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater


Birds Of Prey

Vail International Dance Festival

Vail International Dance Festival


July 31–August 13

Bud Light Hot Summer Nights Free Concert Series

July 31–August 13

Bud Light Hot Summer Nights Free Concert Series


Community Performances

Summer Schedule

First Notes

First Notes

Sowing Seeds

Sowing Seeds

Success At Six

Success At Six

Kindergarten Scholarships

Winter Schedule

First Notes

December2–4 World Cup Race Week

Sowing Seeds

Birds Of Prey

Success At Six

Athletes in Schools

Kindergarten Scholarships


The Magic Bus

Education Elevation

Winter Schedule

American National Bank Showdown Town

American National Bank Showdown Town



Summer Schedule

Sowing Seeds

The Magic Bus

Celebrate The Beat

Success At Six

Free Concert Series Summer Schedule Library on Wheels

Free Concert Series

Kindergarten Scholarships

The Magic Bus

The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels

Library on Wheels

Grants Awarded

First Notes

Library on Wheels

Kindergarten Scholarships

The Magic Bus

Library on Wheels

The Magic Bus

Quiznos Pro Challenge Vail & Avon Stages

Library On Wheels

August 25-26


First Notes

Sowing Seeds

EDUCATION The Vail Valley Foundation’s education efforts are focused on one goal—to give every child in Eagle County access to education-based programs that ignite passions and expand their horizons. In order to achieve this goal, we identify educational gaps then develop, evaluate and fund programs that provide youth with the skills, confidence and support to become outstanding leaders and stewards in our community and the world. Parents, educators and community organizations all come together to ensure the success of our programs. In doing so, they enrich their lives and society. That is the power of education and the important role the Vail Valley Foundation plays in our community, as we serve approximately 24,500 children throughout the valley on an annual basis via our numerous education programs.

Magic Bus Learning starts long before the first day of kindergarten, but

not every child has the same educational opportunities prior to starting school. Funded by the Vail Valley Foundation

challenges in later grades and is essential to closing the achievement gap among minority and lower income students. While

responsibility through stimulating hands-on activities. Sowing Seeds works with public schools to integrate gardening into the curriculum, resulting in teachers having the ability to use this resource-rich school garden as a catalyst to discuss the food cycle, the natural environment and

“I love Celebrate the Beat! It gave me the confidence to do something I’ve never done before. CTB is the most fascinating, fabulous, entertaining, enjoyable thing ever.” Gavin, 5th Grader,Meadow Mountain Elementary School and facilitated by the Youth Foundation, the Magic Bus program provides children ages 3-5 who are not enrolled in a licensed pre-school program, access to a year-round kindergarten preparedness program.

Success At Six Just six years ago, only 21% of Eagle County kindergarten-aged children attended a full-day kindergarten program. Studies have shown that enrollment in a full-day program can decrease learning and social

the State of Colorado does not provide for full-day kindergarten, a partnership between the Vail Valley Foundation and the Eagle County School District provides every child with funds to participate in a quality program. Thanks to this partnership, teachers report dramatic improvement in at-risk students.

Sowing Seeds Planting a garden connects children to the environment, fosters understanding of the origin of food and teaches


making smart food choices. The program also allows students to incorporate their gardening produce into the school cafeteria program and learn food economics by selling plants and vegetables at the Eagle Farmer’s Market.

First Notes Research indicates that early access to music instruction enhances memory, math ability, reading skills, vocabulary and spatial temporal skills, while also greatly improving academic performance. First Notes is an

Celebrate the Beat Rehearsal

after school music-based program that introduces elementary school students to the world of instrumental music. As students learn to play their instruments, they are also exposed to the importance of achieving success through hard work, dedication, determination and passion.

Celebrate the Beat Through dance, children not only learn the benefits of exercising, but they also learn coordination, stamina, memory and discipline. Celebrate the Beat gives 1,000 elementary schools students in Eagle County the chance to dance. This school-based program motivates children to believe in themselves, value artistic expression, develop creativity and teamwork and instills a personal standard of excellence.

College Scholarships An advanced degree is more important than ever, but college tuition can be out of reach for many. Established by the Foundation in 1992, the scholarship program has grown to the largest collegiate scholarship effort in the Vail Valley, with

Magic Bus #2

a total of $1.4 million raised. The VVF awards a variety of scholarships, including the VVF four-year and the June Kang Love of the Arts, along with up to 10 Karri Casner scholarships annually for students attending Colorado Mountain College.

Education Elevation While the Vail Valley Foundation has numerous in-house education programs, it is equally important for the organization to identify and financially support those programs in our community that have the highest educational expectations for children. Education Elevation’s goal is to create a pipeline of seamless services that address the needs of the changing demographics of our community. By identifying needs, creating and funding programs to fill gaps through community grants and joining in the collaborative efforts with other organizations to avoid redundancy, the Vail Valley Foundation is providing leadership in ensuring that valuable programs for our youth are supported within the community.

Celebrate the Beat Performance

STARS—Support The Arts Reaching Students The Vilar Performing Arts Center’s STARS series of performances is offered to promote artistic, educational and cultural enrichment to local students, with in-school workshops and daytime shows at the theatre. Each year, the Vilar


Center provides transportation and tickets to more than 5,000 Eagle and Lake County students to expose them to the thrill of live performing arts.

2010 Korbel American Ski Classic

Korbel American Ski Classic

ATHLETICS American Ski Classic March 17-21, 2010

The 2010 Korbel American Ski Classic was a tremendous success on the racecourse. The addition of the Conway Cup, presented by Korbel, provided a wonderful new clientele for the event as all the top local racers from throughout the valley came together for the inaugural race to honor Dan Conway. We also shared in the excitement as Volvo Legends Casey Puckett of the U.S. and Isolde Kostner of Italy captured the Volvo Legends of Skiing Giant Slalom, while Team American Airlines Domestic put on a fantastic and thrilling show en route to capturing the Korbel Ford

Cup celebrity team competition gold medal on Saturday. Many less fortunate people in the Vail Valley were also winners,

were able to raise over $150,000 for a wide array of charitable initiatives that the Vail Valley Foundation annually facilitates.

Hold’ Em For Hope Benefit

Canucks were inducted into the International Ski Racing Hall of Fame as the 2010 Legends of Honor. The annual Korbel American Ski Classic is chronicled in a one-hour nationally-syndicated television special that reaches approximately 800,000 U.S.

“We’re all excited about the 2015 World Championships. It’s been a goal for a lot of the people that have worked here for a long time–to bring back World Championships. All their hard work has paid off. They are putting on awesome events year after year and it’s awesome to finally see it pan out for them.” Andrew Weibrecht, 2010 Olympic Super-G Bronze Medalist, U.S. Ski Team courtesy of the generosity displayed at the third annual Hold ‘Em For Hope benefit. We

The 2010 Korbel American Ski Classic came to a wonderful conclusion as the Crazy


households, with additional re-airs via Resort Sports Net.

Teva Mountain Games

Teva Mountain Games

June 3-6, 2010

The 2010 Teva Mountain Games marked the ninth annual celebration of the nation’s largest showcase of adventure sports, music, art and mountain lifestyle. The record crowds and record participants are always a welcome sight during a typically quiet time of year for Vail businesses, officially kicking off the summer season in the valley. The Vail Valley Foundation continues to improve the event while still honoring the Mountain Games vibe, heritage and authenticity. Likewise, the Mountain Games continues to draw the top athletes within their disciplines, putting them on the starting lines next to the weekend warriors. This year’s event featured the addition of Stand Up Paddling to the Whitewater component of the event, along with an 11% growth in total athlete registration over 2009. Close

to 40,000 people were on hand throughout the weekend to take in the wide variety of competition and entertainment opportunities, with an estimated economic impact of $3.9 million. The 2010 Teva Mountain Games enjoyed a one-hour nationally syndicated television show, produced by Jalbert Productions, along with national Fox Sports and Outside TV time buys that reached approximately 1.9 million viewers.

Teva Mountain Games

2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships

June 3, 2010

Take the word “Candidate” out of the logo, Vail/Beaver Creek is the host of the 2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. The third time was indeed the charm for the Vail Valley when FIS President Gian-Franco Kasper announced to a crowd of 1,000 Congress delegates in Antalya, Turkey June 3 that Vail and


Teva Mountain Games

Quiznos Pro Challenge Host City Announcement November 4, 2010

2015 Community Celebration

2015 FIS Alpine World Ski Championships Annoouncement

Beaver Creek would host their third World Championships. Now, the real work begins, however, with just over four years until the world comes calling again. Major plans for the Championships include the construction of a new women’s Downhill course in Beaver Creek, adjacent to Birds of Prey, along with the construction and relocation of a new Red Tail Restaurant that will serve as the Main Media Center for the Beaver Creek events. In conjunction with these two projects, the Red Tail Finish Stadium will be reconfigured to create additional space. This project will involve moving the current timing building to the opposite side of the racecourse and re-grading the finish area. The dates for the 2015 World Championships were finalized by the FIS Council at their November 2010 meeting, with the event running February 3-15.

Quiznos Pro Challenge Host Cities Announcement


Major international road bike racing will return to the Vail Valley August 25 and 26 of 2011 as the Vail Valley Foundation helped pave the way for both Vail and Avon to be selected as stage components of the inaugural Quiznos Pro Challenge cycling event. The announcement came at a press conference on the steps of the State Capitol in Denver on Thursday, November 4, 2010. Over the course of the past four years, Foundation officials have worked to bring cycling back to the Vail Valley, most recently serving on the advisory committee for the concept that has evolved into the Quiznos Pro Challenge. The campaign was aided by the Foundation’s previous role in cycling, including the 1994 and 2001 World Mountain Bike Championships. Vail and Avon will join nine other Colorado cities in hosting the 2011 Quiznos Pro Challenge, which has been scheduled for August 22-28. The Vail and Avon stages will be coordinated and hosted by the Vail Valley Foundation, the Town of Vail and the Town of Avon, along with additional interested individuals and organizations throughout the valley.

Birds of Prey

December 3-5, 2010

While the annual Audi Birds of Prey World Cup Race Week always provides plenty of stories and memories, the 2010 edition featured two in particular, both worthy of headlines, both unfolding on the final day of competition and both bringing smiles to the large crowd assembled in Beaver Creek for the races. For the home country fans, the first story centered around U.S. Ski Team member Ted Ligety. The 26-year-old from

Audi Birds of Prey

Park City, Utah, took flight on the Birds of Prey, posting the fastest time on both runs to win the Audi Birds of Prey Giant Slalom, outdistancing runner-up Kjetil Jansrud of Norway, while Austria’s Marcel Hirscher claimed the third place spot. The day’s second story appealed to all fans of ski racing as Switzerland’s Daniel Albrecht stepped into the starting gate of his first World Cup race since sustaining life threatening injuries in a Downhill training run crash in January of 2009 in Kitzbuhel, Austria. The Red Tail Finish Stadium erupted in a roar when Albrecht crossed the finish line in the first run, eventually finding himself in 17th position and qualifying for the second run. The assembled trainers and athletes in the coach’s corral applauded as well before offering hugs and high fives to the Swiss racer. Unfortunately, Mother Nature also scored a victory in Beaver Creek as high winds forced

Audi Birds of Prey

the cancellation of the Men’s Downhill, while Austria’s Georg Streitberger took home top honors in the Super-G race. The 2010 Audi Birds of Prey World Cup action was viewed by

approximately 500 million people worldwide, with NBC airing a one-hour special on the Super-G, while Versus produced shows for the Super-G and Giant Slalom. Additional on-site television


included on-site international broadcasters from six nations, including crews from Eurosport, Austria, Norway, Switzerland and Italy.

Natalie Cole at the VPAC

CATS at the VPAC

CULTURE Vilar Performing Arts Center Celebrating its 12th season in 2010, the Vilar Performing Arts Center (VPAC) has firmly established itself as the premiere year-round performing arts venue in the region and one of the top resort theatres in the nation. The 2010 winter and summer performance seasons once again showcased a diverse lineup of entertainment options that included concerts, Broadway musicals, classical music, dance, family programming, comedy and community events. Winter highlights included a gala evening with opera legend Renee Fleming, blues guitar superstar B.B. King, engagements of both STOMP and CATS, two

nights of the spectacular Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre and the unparalleled jazz saxophone of Kenny G.

Carpenter, Randy Travis, Ani DiFranco and a very special closing performance by jazz legend Herbie Hancock.

Teatro D’Lirico at the VPAC

off season. The seven-show series was designed to provide more of a “club” look and feel to the venue, with primarily acoustic unplugged sets from an eclectic collection of some of the fastest rising stars in roots music today. Dubbed Love for the Locals, Underground Sound also

“The Vilar is by far one of the nicest places that I play. It is as aesthetically pleasing as they come. Just amazing to step foot in that place for the first time and see the beauty of the architecture on the inside and how they’ve really grabbed ahold of the Colorado mountain lodge vibe.” Keller Williams, Internationally Renowned Recording Artist Summer’s highlights featured a plethora of sold out shows, including Natalie Cole, Jonny Lang, Keb’ Mo’, Mary Chapin

New to the VPAC in 2010 was the fall Underground Sound Concert Series that brought great value on great music during the


introduced a transferable pass, good for all shows, as well as allowing drinks in the theatre. Plans are already underway for

Bud Light Hot Summer Nights

the return of Underground Sound in the fall of 2011. The Vilar Center also continued its role as an invaluable community asset, playing host to a variety of youth performances, fundraising events and the STARS (Support the Arts Reaching Children) series. In addition, select artists also visited the Vail Valley Medical Center through the theatre’s Arts in Healing program, providing mini-performances for patients. Over the course of a year, the Vilar Performing Arts Center plays host to approximately 90 performances, with a total estimated audience base of close to 41,000 people.

Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater Long considered the preeminent summer performing arts venue in the region, the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater finally christened an original component of the initial facility plan with the opening of the orchestra pit on July 31 in conjunction with

Bud Light Street Beat

the Vail International Dance Festival’s performance by Pacific Northwest Ballet. The orchestra pit features a 45-musician capacity. When not in use, the orchestra pit will be covered by a modular scaffold filler, which can then be utilized for standing room once again. In addition to the new orchestra pit, the major garden area behind the stage underwent a complete makeover, providing

for an enhanced and attractive visual backdrop for all of the performances at the venue. Looking to the future, the Foundation, spearheaded by Harry Frampton, has proposed a major redesign of the lower bench of Ford Park and the Ford Amphitheater to the Vail Town Council for consideration and potential funding. The total estimated cost of the project is expected to be close


to $10 million and if approved, the project could begin in the fall of 2011, with potential staging of the construction over a two-year period. The Vail Valley Foundation would spearhead the fundraising efforts for the Ford Amphitheater portion of the project, while the Town of Vail was asked to consider covering the Ford Park improvements.

individual crowd was for the Break FX performance during the Vail International Dance Festival, with 4,500 in attendance throughout the evening. All told, approximately 40,000 locals and guests enjoyed the nine-show 2010 edition of Bud Light Hot Summer Nights.

American National Bank ShowDown Town

American National ShowDown Town

Free Concerts Bud Light Street Beat While many begin the countdown to the weekend when Wednesdays roll around, “Hump Day” never sounded as good as it did in 2010 as the annual Bud Light Street Beat free concert series returned with more great sounds in more locations. The free winter series featured an eight-show lineup and not only visited its traditional Checkpoint Charlie, Arrabelle at Vail Square and Golden Peak/American Ski Classic venues, but added two free performances at the new Solaris project in order to further spread the love around Vail. The 2010 schedule got underway January 13 with the legendary reggae sounds of The Wailers at Checkpoint Charlie, while the February 24 offering showcased Stockholm Syndrome, the “Dream Team” of jam rock collaborations. The agenda got fast and furious in March, with a quartet of shows, including March 10 with The Mother Hips, Cowboy Mouth on March 18 in conjunction with the American Ski Classic, the Pimps of Joytime on March 24 and Zivanai Masango & Pachedu on March 31. April performances included Danielia Cotton on April 7 and

the finale on April 14, featuring the Michael Jackson tribute band Thriller, with DJ Logic. In addition to the Grand Prize Giveaway of a 2011 Volvo C30, the finale also featured a Michael Jackson costume and dance contest as locals and guests alike

continues to prove that it is the social event of the summer, turning the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater into the weekly gathering spot for guests and locals alike. This past summer’s highlights included hosting the community-

Since its inception, American National Bank ShowDown Town has quickly developed into the official “down valley” weekly summer gathering spot for the residents of Eagle and Gypsum. This five-show, family friendly local event has also cultivated a strong “up valley” fan base that makes the trip west each Thursday in July. For 2010, the emphasis was to secure more regional bands, as opposed to local bands, in an effort to bring better variety to the series. This was accomplished,

“The setting of the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater here is spectacular. Audiences can see the evergreens and ski slopes that cover the Rocky Mountains. And on Friday night, while taking our seats beforehand, we could watch star dancers practicing their steps on the uncurtained open-air stage.” Alastair Macaulay, New York Times packed the streets of Vail Village. A total of nearly 25,000 people attended the eight-show 2010 Bud Light Street Beat free concert series. The 2010-11 edition of Bud Light Street Beat also hit the streets in 2010, with a rousing bluegrass kickoff provided by the Emmitt Nershi Band on December 16. Eight additional free shows are on tap for 2011.

Bud Light Hot Summer Nights The Bud Light Hot Summer Nights free concert series

wide celebration of Vail/Beaver Creek being awarded the 2015 World Alpine Ski Championships at the July 20 concert. We were pleased that the Vail Town Council was able to join us for this celebration and impressed with the excitement shown by the community. Other highlights included a free performance by nationally acclaimed band Toad the Wet Sprocket, along with high energy shows, including Soulive to kick off the season and Jonathan Tyler. The show with the largest


with a wide variety of musical talent on display during the month-long series. More than 8,000 music fans packed Eagle Town Park for the five- show 2010 version of the American National Bank ShowDown Town series.

Vail International Dance Festival The 2010 Vail International Dance Festival enjoyed another successful year of growth as one

Vail International Dance Festival

Paul Taylor Dance Company in Promethean Fire. Choreography by Paul Taylor. Photo © 2010 Erin Baiano

Vail International Dance Festival

BeijingDance/ LDTX. Photo © 2010 Erin Baiano

of the world’s most acclaimed and respected summer arts events. This year’s line-up received praise and promotion in a wide variety of print as well as a robust web presence on dance-centric sites, including a VIDF-specific YouTube channel, archiving and updating highlights from Festival performances and rehearsals. The Festival once again brought artists representing all styles of dance from tap to tango to ballet to modern, performed by dancers from Russia to China to Denmark to Argentina. In addition to presenting classic works by the great figures in dance of past and present, the Festival featured four world premieres by some of the most important choreographers from around the globe, including a ballet created for New York City Ballet star Wendy Whelan by the former Artistic Director of the Bolshoi, Alexei Ratmansky. Companies featured in this year’s Festival included Pacific Northwest Ballet, Paul Taylor Dance Company, Beijing/LDTX


Vail International Dance Festival

Sarah Lamb and Eric Underwood. Photo © 2010 Erin Baiano

(translated Thunder Rumbles under Heaven), and Tangueros del Sur from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The 2010 edition of Dancing in the Streets featured the public performing in a fashion showstyle runway dance at Arrabelle, arranged by Artist-in-Residence Larry Keigwin. In addition to the variety of world class dance, the Festival continued to expand its use of live music, courtesy of the new orchestra pit at the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater. Among the musicians appearing were legendary Latin Jazz virtuoso Eddie Palmieri, who accompanied the greatest tap dancer in the world, Savion Glover. Additional live music was provided by the cutting edge quintet, while musicians from the Colorado Symphony also helped christen the pit. We look forward to increased use in future seasons. A total of over 15,000 tickets were sold to the 11 performances of the Vail International Dance Festival in 2010.

Dancing in the Streets at the Vail International Dance Festival

COMMUNITY The Vail Valley Foundation prides itself on being a key resource for the Vail Valley community. In addition to the higher profile athletic, cultural and education events and initiatives, the Foundation and the Vilar Performing Arts Center provide much needed funding and in-kind services to the community through a variety of annual programs. Whether it is joining forces with the U.S. Forest Service and Bear Naked to host a trail cleanup day in conjunction with the Teva Mountain Games or nurturing the cultural passions of future generations of performers by providing free access to a one of a kind performing arts venue, the Vail Valley Foundation and

Vilar Performing Arts Center annually stand at the forefront of these efforts.

Valley community arts groups with in-kind contributions exceeding $60,000.

Vilar Center Community Use Fund

VVF Community Initiatives Vilar Center Community Performance Fund Each year, this fund underwrites the technical, production, labor and theatre usage cost for approximately ten local dance, music and theatrical performances. The fund provides local artists the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing on an incredible stage with professional production qualities and support. Each year, the fund supports Vail

The Vilar Performing Arts Center opens its doors to other Eagle County nonprofits each year by hosting fundraising events, lectures and performances at a reduced cost to organizers. Approximately 25 local groups take advantage of the Fund annually.

Arts In Healing Created in 2009, the Vilar Performing Arts Center joined forces with the Vail Valley Medical Center to launch Arts in


Healing, a program that brings various performing artists from the Vilar Center’s lineup into the Medical Center’s healthcare settings. The program provides performances and interactive arts events to individuals who, due to illness, age, disability and challenging socio-economic and geographic circumstances, have little or no access to the arts.

Nurturing Future Artists The Vilar Center provides local music, dance and drama students tickets to select performances at no charge, giving them the rare opportunity to experience renowned artists and fueling their dreams of one day performing on stage.

Vail Valley Athlete Commission In conjunction with Vail Resorts, the Town of Vail and the Beaver

Yo-Yo Ma at Imagination Celebration: Adventure in the Arts

Mud Run and the Teva Mountain Games

2010 included Sarah Schleper, Sylvan Ellefson, Heidi Kloser and Cameron Kullas.

Annual Grants Since its inception in 1981, the Vail Valley Foundation has contributed more than $12.2 million to other local nonprofit organizations and projects that reflect the Foundation’s mission statement of enhancing the spirit of the Vail Valley. In 2010, the VVF and VPAC awarded $662,000 to local nonprofits, enabling them to continue serving the community at large.

Mountains of Music Free Concert at the Teva Mountain Games

Creek Resort Company, the Vail Valley Foundation annually awards financial support to deserving individual athletes competing in an international

arena to assist with training and travel expenses. In 2010, the Commission awarded funds to 18 local athletes, enabling them to compete around the globe.

Athlete Commission grants are awarded twice a year, once for summer athletes and a second process for winter athletes. Athletes receiving funding in


Teva Mountain Games


Sowing Seeds

Vail Valley Foundation

Direct Financial Impact to the Community The Foundation spends a significant portion of its revenue on new and existing programs in the local community, which result in a direct infusion of over $9 million into the economy.

Event Production. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $3,629,000 General and Administrative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,864,000 Marketing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $812,000 Education and Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,438,000 Lodging . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $791,000 Food & Beverage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $815,000 Total Direct Impact. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $9,349,000

$61,577,000 Total Economic Impact To The Vail Valley Retail and Services. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8,596,000 Television. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $15,056,000 Editorial. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $14,253,000 Food and Beverage. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,119,000 Lodging . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $8204,000 Total Indirect Impact. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $52,228,000

Events Of The Foundation

Indirect Financial Impact to the Community The programs and events of the Vail Valley Foundation attract tens of thousands of visitors to the Valley annually, while garnering worldwide media coverage. The indirect positive economic impact of this is considerable. Most importantly, the Vail Valley Foundation’s efforts enrich and enhance our community for both residents and guests alike.


2015 Community Celebration

Vilar Performing Arts Center

Revenues n Individual Contributors. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $6,027,000 n Sponsorships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $4,218,000 n Tickets Sales/Event Fees . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,698,000 n In Kind Contributions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,113,000 n Agency Support. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,379,000 n Other. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $529,000

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,964,000

Operating Expenses n Athletic Programming . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,760,000 n Cultural Programming. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $5,406,000 n General and Administrative. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $2,772,000 n Membership. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,042,000 n Education and Grants. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $1,438,000 n Other . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $538,000

Total . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $16,956,000

Net Income . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $7,400


Teva Mountain Games

SPONSORS Access Commercial Real Estate Agave Albert W. Bluemle All Mountain Technologies All Mountain Transportation Allegria Spa Allegro Coffee Company Alpine Party Rentals American Airlines American National Bank Anheuser-Busch Antlers at Vail Ascent Sotheby’s Atomic USA Axel’s Baroness Wines Bear Naked Inc. Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company Beaver Creek Sports Beaver Creek West Beck Building Company Beyond Coastal Big O Tires Bighorn Toyota Bike Magazine Blu Sky Restoration Contractors, Inc. Blue Sky Mortgage Body Sculpting Concepts Bonterra Vineyards Brandess - Cadmus Braun Associates Inc. Breakaway West Broadway Liquors Brush Creek Village Burger King C4 Waterman Canoe & Kayak Magazine Care Inc. Ceren Vodka Chaos-Ski Tops Christie Lodge Chums

Climbing & Urban Climber Magazine Colorado Business Bank Colorado Mountain Express Colorado Tourism Office Comcast Comfort Inn Costa Creekside at Beaver Creek Cricket Communications, Inc. Cricket Trailer Cross Propane & Gas Supply Inc. Crossroads Realty Ldt. Crystal Clear Windshield Repair & Auto Glass Custom Rubber Products CytoSport Dawn & Bill Hazelett Dead Point Magazine Dean Johnson Management Inc. DeLorme DeMore Financial Services Denver Newspaper Agency Descente Destination Resorts Vail Dew Active Gear DockDogs Dollar Rental Car Dominos Pizza Donna Giordano D’Oro Dry Corp, LLC Eagle County Ambulance District Eagle Ranch Fitness Club Eagle Ranch Wine & Spirits Eagle River Foundation Eagle Valley Trout Unlimited East West Resorts Eco Transit Eddie Bauer Eden Florist Edison Learning Edwards Business Center

Enguage M EPS Design & Print, Inc. EPS-Doublet Ergon USA, Inc. Eukanuba Evergreen Lodge Everyday Outfitters Fetzer Vinyards First Decents FirstBank Four Seasons Resort Vail Fuxi Racing USA General Nutrition Corporation Gibson Guitar Corp. Go Fast Sports and Beverage Co. GoalØ Goals for Youth GoPro Gorsuch LTD Granger’s Grizzly Insurance Gu Energy Labs Guyot Designs Happy Valley Grill Harding Dental Center Head USA Hertz High Chaparral Ranch High County Copiers High Sierra Sport Company Higher Ground Associates Honey Skateboards Hot Bandits by DeFleece Designs Hotel Gasthof Gramshammer Ice Cream Lady Imagicom Inn & Suites at Riverwalk IronKids ISS Research IZ Style J. L. Viele Construction, Inc. Jack’s Plastic Welding, Inc.


Jackson Kayak JanSport Jean Richmond & Horst Essl Julie & Bob McCormick Ken Sowles Kenda USA KidSport Korbel California Champagne Korby Fleischer Kruger Wine & Spirits KT Tape KVBA TV8/17 KZYR 97.7 FM La Tour Lakota River Guides Land Title Guarantee Company Lee’Ann Mathy Lifthouse Condominiums Lionshead Inn Lionsquare Lodge Lodge at Avon Center Lodge at Lionshead Lulu B. Wine MacDermid Magpies Mango’s Mountain Grill Manor Vail Lodge Maui Jim Maximum Comfort Pool & Spa, Inc. McNeill Property Management Mi Zuppa Minturn Anglers, LLC Mirage Electric Moe’s Original Bar B Que Montage Properties Montaneros Motorola Mountain Communications Native Eyewear Nedbo Construction NEMO Equipment Inc. Nestle Waters Nicky’s Quickie Gourmet Greek Gyros

Bud Light Hot Summer Nights

Norma & Charlie Carter NRC Radio Nutcase Inc. Nuun & Company NYSE Euronext One Eagle One Willow Bridge Road Orographic Publishing Osprey Packs, Inc. Outside Magazine Parajumpers/Valbruna Park Hayatt Beaver Creek Park Plaza Beaver Creek Paul Beckler Pazzo’s Pizzeria Pepsi Perky Jerky Petzl Plum TV Polartec Pop Chips Premier Mortgage Resources Primaloft Proctor & Gamble Pet Care Quark Expeditions R&H Mechanical Real Player Reliable Racing Supply, Inc. Resort Events Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch Ritz-Carlton Club of Bachelor Gulch Ritz-Carlton Residences - Vail Riverwalk Wine & Spirits RLN Consulting Rock & Ice Magazine Rocky Mountain Hydroponics and Organics Ross Reels Royal Wolf Lodge RTP Technical Services Ruffwear Ruggs Benedict Sage Scientific Angler Scully’s Art & Office Supply SecondMarket Seirus Innovation SHC Nursery & Landscape

Audi Birds of Prey

Simba Run Ski Racing Development Slifer Smith & Frampton Sonnenalp Foundation Sonnenalp Resort of Vail Southwest Fly Fishing Magazine Special Protection Inc. Specialty Sports Sports Authority Sportube Spot LLC Sprint Spyder Stanley - PMI Worldwide Starbucks Steammaster Street Swell Sundance Water Company Sunny Communications Surefoot Swire Coca Cola Teva The Arrabelle at Vail Square The Charter at Beaver Creek The Dusty Boot Steakhouse & Saloon The Gallegos Corporation The Lodge At Vail The Sitzmark Lodge The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa Thul Electronics Thule, Inc. Tivoli Lodge TNT Products LLC Tower Residences at Lion Square Town of Avon Town of Eagle Town of Vail Trail Runner Magazine Trek Light Gear TriState CareFlight Triumph Development United States Ski and Snowboard Association Universal Sports US Bancorp Foundation US Forest Service Vail Athletic Club

Vail Beaver Creek Magazine Vail Beaver Creek Resort Properties Vail Board of Realtors Vail Cascade Resort & Spa Vail Daily Vail Honeywagon Vail International Vail Mountain Lodge & Spa Vail Myriad Vail Racquet Club Vail Resorts Rentals Vail Resorts, Inc. Vail Valley Ace Hardware Vail Valley Jet Center Vail Valley Medical Center Vail’s Marriott Mountain Resort & Spa Venture Sports Victorinox Swiss Army Vittoria Industries North America Vogelman West Volvo Wagner Equipment Co. Walmart Wells Fargo Wendy’s West Vail Shell Western Enterprises, Inc. Western Slope Beverage Western Slope Laundry Company Western Slope Supplies Westrich Photography Westwind at Vail Whirled Peas Catering Wigwam Mills, Inc. Wilderness Workshop World Cup Supply Xcel Energy Xing Beverage LLC Young Presidents’ Organization Zacapa Rum Zoik Inflatables ZonePerfect

Audi Birds of Prey

Korbel American Ski Classic


Marlene Boll (BOD, Cornerstone Friend) with Celebrate the Beat kids

DONORS VAIL VALLEY FOUNDATION DONORS Millennium Club The Millennium Club recognizes those listed below who, over the course of their lifetimes, have made gifts to the Foundation of $1,000,000 or more. We sincerely thank these members for their lifetime of philanthropic commitments. Anonymous Beaver Creek Metro District Beaver Creek Resort Company Marlene & John Boll Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Susan & Harry Frampton Pat & Peter Frechette The Gillett Family The Giordano Family Leni & Peter May Argie & Oscar Tang Town of Vail Vail Resorts, Inc Alberto Vilar

Leadership Giving Circles What began as “Friends of Vail” has evolved into a trio of leadership giving circles recognizing those who make major, unrestricted financial contributions to the Foundation. We are indebted to the individuals below for their yearly major gift support.

Cornerstone Friends Judy & Howard Berkowitz Marlene & John Boll Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Susan & Harry Frampton Pat & Peter Frechette Graciela & Carlos Hank Martha Head & John A. Feagin, M.D.

Champions’ Circle

Directors’ Circle

Marilyn Augur Joanne & Jack Crosby Trish Fillo Joan Francis Laura & Bill Frick Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Terri & Tom Grojean Kathy & Al Hubbard Amanda & Thomas Jenkins Alexia & Jerry Jurschak Marlene & Ben Krell Abbie & Wales Madden Gene Mercy Sissel & Richard Pomboy Dr. William Rodkey Lisa & Ken Schanzer Suzanne & Bernie Scharf Janis & Ronald Simon Beth & Rod Slifer Nancy & C. John Snyder Gay & Richard Steadman Brooke & Hap Stein Nancy & Tom Traylor Sarah & Gregg Tryhus James Vincent Carol & Patrick Welsh Joan Whittenberg Carla & Leonard Wood

Margo & Roger Behler Amy & George Burnett Sharon & William Dennis Lyda Hill Gretchen & Jay Jordan Marjorie Marks Hazel & Matthew Murray Jamie & John Stone Stephen Tomlinson

Legends’ Circle Leni & Peter May Vicki & Doug Rippeto Mary Sue & Mike Shannon Marcy & Gerry Spector Argie & Oscar Tang

Friends of Vail Barbara & Jim Allen Judy Hart & John M. Angelo Dorothy Browning & Carl B. Colby John Carlen & Jean Gleason Patsy & Pedro Cerisola Lucy & Ron Davis Julie & Bill Esrey LeeAnn & Jeffrey Ettinger Stephanie & Larry Flinn Donna Giordano Georgia & Don Gogel Lyn Goldstein Neal Groff Jeanne & Jim Gustafson George Handtmann Jan Helen Karen & Michael Herman Robert Hernreich Heather & Glenn Hilliard Britt & Philip Hult Mr. & Mrs. H. Anthony Ittleson Elana Amsterdam & Rob Katz Cynnie & Peter Kellogg Patty & Bill Kleh Vicki & Kent Logan Pat & Frank Lynch Shirley & William McIntyre Vicki & Trygve Myhren Terri & Mike Noell Jullie & Gary Peterson Molly & Jay Precourt Mary & Steven Read Bonnie & Richard Reiss Sara & Eric Resnick Helen & Vincent Sheehy Sydney & Stanley Shuman Lisa & Rupinder Sidhu Ann Smead & Michael Byram Eleanor & Bill Stolzer Susan & Steven Suggs

Leejun & Jim Taylor Patrick Tierney Debra & Ken Tuchman Linda & Stewart Turley

Eagle Program Lisa & Ronald Brill Kelly & Sam Bronfman Georgia & Bob Hatcher Vera & John Hathaway Susu & George Johnson Ruth & Sidney Lapidus Tara & Bob Levine Sue & Jim Liken Nicole & Steve Lucido Michele & David Mittelman Amy & Jay Regan Helen & Charles Schwab Lynn & Chuck Steinmetz Joel Tucker Laura Tumperi

Future Founders’ Club— Medallion Level Molly & Rob Cohen Sarah & Peter Millett Dr. & Mrs. Marc J. Philippon Ruthanne & Rich Ruzika Dr. William Sterett Marjorie Swig Joanne & Steve Virostek

Miscellaneous Judy & Russ Carson Gary Saltz Foundation

Annual Giving Circles Annual giving is the backbone of any non-profit organization, and the Foundation graciously thanks the individuals below for their unrestricted gifts to our mission to enhance the Vail Valley through athletics, education and the arts.


Gleneen & Joseph Brienza Lois & Stephen Eisen Thistle & Rose Foundation/ Kay & Roger Haupt Elizabeth & Michael Kojaian Kathy & Stephen McConahey Andrea & Andy Potash Nancy & Donald Remey Laura & Steve Wehrle

Future Founders’ Club— First Tracks Level Anonymous Jill & John Alfond Ann Newman & Andy Arnold Beck Building Company Alix & Hans Berglund Rachael & Brad Cohen Ceil & Steve Folz Vicky & John Garnsey Andrea & Michael Glass Lisa & John Goldstein Kelly & Michael Gottlieb Joy & Todd Guth Dr. Thomas Hackett Bethany & Jonathan Haerter Margo & Paul Hields Ami & Scott Hudgins Heather & Trygve Hutto Ellen & Mike Imhof Randi & Patrick Jaerbyn Chris & Greg Moffet Kaia & Misha Moritz Stacey & Robert Nibbelink Amanda Precourt Paulina & Scott Proper Myriam & Steve Santa Maria Stacey & Jay Sapp Melanie & Timothy Schmieding Brielle & Tye Stockton Susan & Rob Tartre Andrew Tennenbaum Jean & Alexander Urquhart Allison Krausen & Kyle Webb Melinda & Bob Welter

President’s Circle Anonymous Mary & Paul Asplundh Samuel Barrows Jayne & Paul Becker Diane & Jeff Brundage Tom Burch Graham Burton Virginia Kraft Payson & David Cole Mary Ellen & Stanley Cope Judi & Peter Dawkins Arlene & John Dayton Irene & Jared Drescher Dr. & Mrs. Matt Ehrlich Holly & Tim Finchem FirstBank Craig J. Foley John Forester Jon Franklin Mikki & Morris Futernick Adrienne & Burt Glazov Becka & Stuart Green Doris Dewton & Richard Gretz Susan & Murray Haber Michael Hagerty Roslyn & Ralph Halbert Stephanie & John Hanson Kenton Hopkins Verna & Thomas Howard Kathy & Bill Hybl Cheryl & Bill Jensen Mary Sue & Stephen Katz Elaine & Art Kelton Candice Wilhelmsen & Ted Leach Tina Nielsen & Andrew Littman Nancy & Richard Lubin Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Jenifer & Lance Marx Mary McDougall Brenda & Joe McHugh Nancy & Robert McLeod Daine & Paul McNamara Jan & John Meck Diane & Eric Neste Todd Nicholson Deborah Nunez Jackie & Jim Power Happy & J.P. Power Ann & Ronald Riley Ann & William Sacher Pamela & Frank Saxton Carole & Peter Segal Christie Smith Janis & Doug Smith Mary Lynn & Warren Staley Suzanne & Michael Tennenbaum Nancy & Tim Tyler Vail Valley Ear Nose & Throat Group Kathryn & Leo Vecellio Diane & Marshall Wallach Susan & Tom Washing

Vail Valley Members Sandra & Larry Agneberg Barbara & Theodore Alfond Arnold Family Reita & James Bayman

Edwina Carrington Norma & Charlie Carter Natalie & James Clayton Pamela & James Crane Susan & John Dobbs Sara & Ray Duncan Peggy & Gary Edwards Widge Ferguson Kristi & Craig Ferraro Barbara & Paul Flowers in Memory of Victor DeNunzio The Foster Foundation Herbert Glaser Mr. Matthew Gobec & Mrs. Doris Clinton-Gobec Drs. Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Nicole & Philip Hadley Dwight Henninger Cathey Herren Gary C. Klein & Family Patricia & Charles McMunn Sean Norris Diane Tope & Richard Patriacca Jan & Bob Pickens Andrea & Joel Press Elissa Stein & Richard Replin Dr. Howard Rothenberg Pam & Jim Starr Marree & John Townsend The John & Marilyn Wells Family Foundation

Community Members Donna & William Barrows Helga & Henry Beck Jody & Arthur Bellows Nancy Byers Richard Caples & Wayne Haskins Joan & Jack Carnie Joan & Donald Chambers Gail Day Sally Blackmun & Michael Elsberry Barbara & Sandor Falk Annette & Borys Goldrajch Meg & Tom Gorrie Ziggy & Robert Gosiewski Linda & Chris Hanson Catherine & Graham Hollis Bettan Laughlin Diane & Dominic Mauriello Debbie & Ralph Merritt Nancy & W. Peterson Nelson Gerry & Ed Palmer Nadine & Ben Rader Marcia & William Reed Jean & Horst Richmond Dr. William T. Seed & Mrs. Elizabeth Dorsey Smith-Seed Robyn & Mark Shegda Madeline & Les Stern Pat & Larry Stewart Marilynn & Carl Thoma Barbara & Marc Van Ness Janis & Brad Vaughn Marti & Pat Waneka Susan & Albert Weihl Carolyn & Tom Wittenbraker Ellen Wood

Supporting Members Anonymous Peter Abuisi Terry Kay & Richard Bargar Mary Bennett Wendy & Andrew Bernstein Kay & Charlie Bertrand William Bethke

Margaret Blazek Janelle & Buck Blessing Erin & Robert Boselli Pam Brandmeyer Sally & Dave Brew Barbara & B.A. Bridgewater Vi Brown Shan & Caleb Burchenal Carolyn & Gary Cage Jimmy Calano Nancy & George Casey Aaron Ciszek Barbara & Charles Clark Margaret & Tom Edwards Pamela & Warren Ellish John & Virginia Eschenlohr Ellen & Bruce Fleisher Sally & H. Foster Maureen & John Golinvaux Corrine & Howard Goodstein Marshall Gordon Sharon & Donald Green Suzanne Greene Gaynelle & Vernon Grizzard Pat & Bill Hammon Dr. Rochelle Hanley Jill & John Harrison Nancy Hassett Summer Holm Mary & Albert Hoza Eileen & George Hricik Maryan & Caleb Hurtt Stacy & Jim Jacob Lynn & Don Janklow Laura & Hjalma Johnson Sandi & Skip Kinsley Brian Kolzow Marjorie & Lawrence Kyte Annette Ladt Evelyn & Fred Lang Elizabeth & Jack Malo Melanna & Jean Marcellot Pat & Jack McTavish Cheryl & James McVey Giedre Mereckis Kristine & Jim Mestdagh Wendy & Don Milliman Delphine Mulvihill & Ann Milburn Starla & Scott Nelson Helen & Foxhall Parker Elizabeth Hamlen & Michael Parker Joyce & Robert Pegg Susan & Albert Pollack Steve Prawdzik Martha & Scott Raecker Debra Rappaport John Ruggles Bobi Salzman Gwyneth & Richard Sample Ivylyn & Dick Scott Katharine & Robert Shafer Betty & Don Simpson Deborah & Scott Smith Kelley & James Smith Katherine & Robert Smith Stevie & Art Strasburger W.I. & Trudy F. Thomas Patrick Toole Tina & Steve Vardaman Judy & Phillip Walters Franklin J. Weiser Paul Wible Jodie & Bruce Willard Katharine & Thomas Wilson Betty & Michael Wohl Brian Woodell

Art Kelton (General Fund and VIDF) and Howard Berkowitz (Cornerstone Friend and VIDF donor)

Betsy Wiegers (BOD, VIDF and EDU donor) and Donna Giordano (BOD, FOV and VIDF donor)

Contributing Member Werner Bruggeman Peggy & Jack Buchannan Alan Crocker Cathie & Morgan Douglas Barbara & W. Edward Frazer Perri & Terry Green Ann & Chuck Hodge Hollie L. Jones Peter Korst in name of Keith Brown Karen Lechner Mark Medina Burton Merical Betsy & Dirk Nevin Sue Froeschle & Orv Petersen Patsy Rowe Bill Simmons Sarah & Norman Smith Mr. Kevin Swenson George Tompras George Vaught Jacqueline Jodl & James Viceconte

Education Through donor-advised grants to Valley-wide educational programs, scholarships for the Valley’s most deserving students and a focus on providing early childhood education, the Vail Valley Foundation and the donors below are making a difference in the lives of our community’s children.


Gifts to Education Donor Advised Funds Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Brooke & Jon-Erik Borgen Donna M. Giordano The Michael & Karen Herman Fund Julie & Bill Esrey Randi Borgen Jaerbyn & Patrick Jaerbyn Judy & Alan Kosloff Vicki & Kent Logan Family Fund Kaia Borgen Moritz & Misha Moritz The Richard & Sissel Pomboy Fund Sara & Eric Resnick The Shannon Family Fund The Betsy Wiegers Fund

Scholarship Benefactors Ann Smead & Michael Byram Susan & William Casner Eagle Valley Home Builders Association Suzanne Gallegos/ The Gallegos Corporation Rose & George Gillett June S. Kang Fund Travis Potter Les Streeter Program, Inc. Barbara & Richard Wenninger Gifts below supported one or more of the following VVF Education Programs: Magic Bus, Kindergarten Scholarships, Sowing Seeds, First Notes, Celebrate the Beat and Education Elevation grants’ to other community organizations.

Education Champions Anonymous (2) The Anschutz Foundation Judy & Howard Berkowitz* Marlene & John Boll* Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen* Ann Smead & Michael Byram El Pomar Foundation Julie & Bill Esrey Susan & Harry Frampton* Diane & Larry Feldman Pat & Peter Frechette* Suzanne Gallegos/ The Gallegos Corporation Rose & George Gillett Donna Giordano Mary & James Hagan Karen & Michael Herman Graciela & Carlos Hank* Martha Head & John A. Feagin, M.D.* Randi Borgen Jaerbyn & Patrick Jaerbyn Judy & Alan Kosloff Leni & Peter May* Rob Melvin Kaia Borgen Moritz & Misha Moritz Sissel & Richard Pomboy Sara & Eric Resnick Vicki & Doug Rippeto* Mary Sue & Mike Shannon* Marcy & Gerry Spector* Argie & Oscar Tang* Alison & Charles Townsend Carol & Patrick Welsh Barbara & Dick Wenninger Margaret & Glen Wood *Denotes Cornerstone Members

Ryan Thompson West Coast Management

Education Contributing Member

Beth Slifer, Steve Friedman and Marty Head

Education Legends Alpine Bank Colorado Creative Industries Amy & Steven Coyer Rosana & Johannes Faessler Neal Groff Carol & Geof Kirsch Tara & Bob Levine Lynne & Peter Mackechnie Leslie & Chuck Madison Kathi Renman Stephanie & David Spina Marjorie Swig US Bancorp Foundation Joanne & Steve Virostek Emily Zeigler

Education Directors’ Margo & Roger Behler Brooke & Jon-Erik Borgen Noelle & David Brock Sunny & Phil Brodsky Dorothy Browning & Carl Colby Brush Creek Elementary School Susie Davis Sharon & William Dennis The John G. Duncan Charitable Trust Izabel & David Flowers Margie & Tom Gart Rose & George Gillett Ronne & Donald Hesse Verna & Thomas Howard Ellen & Mike Imhof Yvonne & Chris Jacobs Shelly & Chris Jarnot Robert Knous Lissa Tyler & Mike Larson in memory of Max Kreig R.A. Nelson & Associates, Inc. J. Tradd Newton Amanda Precourt Molly & Jay Precourt Carolyn & Rick Renaud Patricia & William Smith, Jr. Dr. William Sterett Lynne & Patrick Sullivan Jan & Steve Watson Dacia & Gary Woodworth

Education President’s Anonymous Susan Ludlow-Abramson & Edward Abramson Agvion Shannon Armstrong & Todger Anderson

Gleneen & Joseph Brienza Kelly & Sam Bronfman Helen & Stephen Catlin Yvonne Chen Kay & Thomas Clanton Silvia & Alan Danson Eagle Valley Home Builders Association Kristi & Craig Ferraro Micki & Larry Fletcher Ceil & Steve Folz Grace & Stephen Gamble Sally Gart Andrew Gunion Dr. Thomas Hackett Patrick Horvoth Greg Lewis Sue & Jim Liken Jean & Ernie McSpadden Alison & Frank Navarro J. Tradd Newton Martha & Terry Allen Perl Debra Rappaport Dr. & Mrs. Saul Schwarz Jean Graham Smith & Phil Smith Melisa Rewold-Thuon & Chico Thuon Patrick Tierney Joy & Benjamin Warren Stephen E. Watson Betsy & George Wiegers Joni & Scott Wylie

Gold Star Giving Anonymous (2) Lorie & Bill Amass Catherine & Russell Coburn Holly & Tim Finchem Cookie & Jim Flaum Joan Francis Diane & Tom Gates Katherine Gold Lynda Goldstein Betty & Lin Grubbs Kathy & Bill Hybl Mary Sue & Stephen Katz Jackie & Kenneth Marchetti Rita & Rick Mueller Jane & Skip Netzorg Harriet & Bernard Shavitz Cody Smith Susan & Steven Suggs Drs. Jean & Alexander Urquhart James Wear Dee Wiser

Education Community Member Patty Meneley & Brad Bickham Janie & Bill Burns Kelly Liken & Rick Colomitz Lucinda & Andy Daly Diane & Thomas Gates Sharon & Donald Green Tiffini & David Hyde Marisa & Merrill Lahman Tracy & Brian Lenehan Greg Perkins Patrice & Marshall Ringler Stacey & Jay Sapp Melanie & Timothy Schmieding Judy & Bobby Shackouls Janice & Doug Smith Vail Eagle Valley Rotary Club Walkin The Dog, Inc. LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Trudi Wilkes Alyn Park & Jay Wissot

Education Supporting Member Lynn & Jerry Anderson Chris Avignon Kathryn Benysh Julie Bergsten Martha Brassel Monique Busold Catalyst Foundation, Inc. Chair 10 Holdings Kathleen Cope Dana Correia First Bank of Avon Peter Fontanese Amanda & Peter Ford Bonnie & Gary Goldberg Tina Hahn Pete Hayda Joan & Ken Hodges Home Depot Heather & Trygve Hutto Rivers & Paul Jardis Kathryn Johnson Laura & Hjalma Johnson Leanna Kith Molly & Greg Londo James Malernee Ellen & Jean Claude Moritz Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Linda & Kalmon Post Margaret & Rick Rogers Rachel & David Smiley Natanee & Matt Spencer Michael Suman


A-Peak, Inc. Lucy Baumrind Dionne Drugan Heidi & Stephen Elzinga Rosalie Isom Han Kang Kate Kenoyer Julie Kurtz John Lewis Frances & Gary Little Ann Norris Susan & Bert Rewold C. Lee Rimel Erika & John Sousa Kerry & Brad Stamp Bob Walsh Amy & Jim Yurcak

June S. Kang Scholarship The June S. Kang Love of the Arts Scholarship Fund was established in memoriam by the Arrowhead community. The first scholarship was awarded in 2010 to a graduating Eagle County high school student pursuing a degree in the arts. Anonymous Patricia Bailey Reita & James Bayman John Bierk Vicki & Dick Bourret Therese Lusby & William Butler Ellen & David Caplan Carol Cebron Toko & Bill Chapin Elizabeth Cobbs & Phillip Green Marla & George Coleman Margie & Keith Deimund Barb & Rob DeLuca Norman Dreyfuss Sandi & Leo Dunn Melinda & Stan Epperson Sara & Frederick Ewald Colleen & Rick Gardner Holly & Ben Gill Mary & Jim Hagen J.W. Hahn Kathryn Hanley Gail Homuth Marlena & Keith Jones Brian Kennedy Nils Ladenburg Rebecca & Stephen Laird Virginia & Thomas Leonhardt Stephen Limbaugh Diane & Louis Loosbrock Barbara & Edward Lukes Barbara & Joseph Mahoney Donna & Patrick Martin Patricia & Theodore Martin Sandra McCullough Pauline & Howard Morrison Barbara & Marvin Morrison Sally & Richard O’Loughlin Monica & Daniel Porter Andrea & Andy Potash Ruth & Tom Powers Arlene & Robert Rakich Susan & Peter Riccardella

Dr. Bill Rodkey Randall Russell Stephen Saldanha Carole & Peter Segal Donna & Randy Smith Lois & Berton Solomon Mignon & Ricardo Souto Alva Staples Nancy & Jerry Stone Joel Thompson Alicia & John Tlapek Anne Trumpower Jennifer & Jake Van Beelen Susan Lynch & Daniel Virnich Sharon & Paul Wagner Joy & Benjamin Warren Ellen & Bruce Winston Susan & Ron Zapletal

Vail International Dance Festival Now in its 23rd year, the Dance Festival has become a fixture of summer life in the Vail Valley. It is thanks to those donors below that this world-renowned celebration of dance is able to flourish in our small, mountain community.

Presenters’ Circle Judy & Howard Berkowitz Leni & Peter May Argie & Oscar Tang Betsy & George Wiegers

Underwriting Circle Anonymous Marlene & John Boll Priscilla Brewster Lucy & Steven Cookson Marjorie & Phil Odeen Jill Plancher Linda & Stephen Waterhouse LaDonna & Gary Wicklund

Diamond Dress Cicle Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen* Bobbi & Christopher Brody Susan & Jeff Campbell Pam & Ernest Elsner Susan & Harry Frampton* Pat & Peter Frechette* Sheika & Pepi Gramshammer Graciela & Carlos Hank* Martha Head & John A. Feagin, M.D.* Karen & Walter Loewenstern Vicki & Kent Logan Nancy & Richard Lubin Jean & Tom McDonnell Jane & Bob McNichols Martha & Terry Allen Perl Vicki & Doug Rippeto* Mary Sue & Mike Shannon* Marcy & Gerry Spector* The Mary Wolf Family *Denotes Cornerstone Diamond Dress Circle Members

Platinum Circle Dierdre & Ronald Baker Sandi & Leo Dunn Lois & Stephen Eisen Kathryn & Tim Eller Michael Ginsberg Rose & George Gillett

Argie Tang, Kristin Tang Marston (Future Founders Club donor) and Oscar Tang (BOD and Cornerstone Friend) Donna Giordano Robert Hernreich Debbie & Len Herz Wendy Williams & Noel Kullavanijaya Rella & Monroe Rifkin Beth & Rod Slifer Susan & Jeffrey Stern Genie & Robert Stine Dhuanne & Doug Tansill

Gold Dress Circle Anonymous (2) Deborah & Charles Adelman Donna & Donald Baumgartner Warren & Wendy Blumenthal Arlene Harris & Martin Cooper Linda & Berry Craddock Karen Nold & Bob Croteau Lynette Dallas Joan Francis Margie & Tom Gart Judith Hoffman Bonnie Lee & Lawrence Kivel Judy & Alan Kosloff Honey Kurtz Tracy & Brian Lenehan Marianne & James Lowrey Yvonne & Burt Nordstrand Sarah Petersen Lynn & Brian Ranelle Amy & Jay Regan Bobbie & Jim Ruh Phoebe Smedley Christie Smith Deana & Gerald Stempler Linda & Stewart Turley Joan Whittenberg Margaret & Glen Wood

Silver Dress Circle Anonymous Barbara & Jim Allen Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen Clara & John Cargile Pamela Mayer & Robert Coull Joanne & Jack Crosby Renee & Jeff Epstein Geoff Fallon Holly & Tim Finchem Micki & Larry Fletcher Ceil & Steve Folz Vicky & John Garnsey Barbara & Alan Goncharoff Susan & Murray Haber Lorraine & Harley Higbie Elaine & Art Kelton

Marion & Terrence Martin Mr. Ferrell McClean Jane & Skip Netzorg Deborah Nunez Stephanie & George Ogden Debbie & Jim Schultz Marla Steele Brenton Ver Ploeg Mrs. Barbara Webb, Webb Family Fund of the Pikes Peak Community Foundation Gena Whitten Barbara & Jack Woodhull

Vail Valley Members Lisa Appel Marcella & Robert Barry Jayne & Paul Becker Margo & Roger Behler Pamela & Brooks Bock Kelly & James Brinkerhoff Tiffany Burnette & Donald J. Casturo Margaret & Clayton Chessman Sally & Michael Connelly Maureen Cross Brenda & Thomas Curnin Lucinda & Andy Daly Silvia & Alan Danson Arlene & John Dayton Julie & Reggie Delponte Julie & Bill Esrey Rosana & Johannes Faessler Carol Ebert & Jim Ferrell Dawn & Steve Friedman Linda & John Galvin Kris & Bob Gary Holly & Ben Gill Drs. Maryalice Cheney & Scott Goldman Jane Hand Stephanie & John Hanson Karen & Michael Herman Jill & Loyal Huddleston Kathy & Bill Hybl Cheryl Katz Susan & Steven Lipstein Lisa & William Maury Deborah & John Morrissey R.A. Nelson & Associates, Inc. Sandra & Fred Pack Diane Tope & Richard Patriacca Ronnie & William Potter Molly & Jay Precourt Debra Rappaport Cherryl Hobart & Martha Dugan Rehm Sara & Eric Resnick

Jeanne Gustafson, Jullie Peterson and Vicki Logan—All Friend of Vail donors Ann & Ronald Riley Carole Schragen Carole & Peter Segal Carol & Stanley Shapiro Sydney & Stanley Shuman Nancy & C. John Snyder

Community Member Lynn & Jerry Anderson Catherine & Truman Anderson Ellen Arnovitz Karin & Ron Artinian Lisa & Ronald Brill Joan & Jack Carnie Erin & Donald Chappel Louise J. Douglass Mrs. Betty Ford & Family Mikki & Morris Futernick Catherine & Barry Gassman Kitty George Kaye & Bud Isaacs Gretchen & Charles Lobitz Bunny & Dennis Lukas Sherry & Joe Mackinnon Marjorie Marks Dominic Meylor Teri & Anthony Perry Carey & J. Timothy Romer Barry, Ann & Kelly Schmitt Mark Taylor Leila Thorne Kathy & Tom Tyree June & Bob Vanourek Patty & Ed Wahtera Hanna Warren Barbara & Stanley Weinstein Alyn Park & Jay Wissot Betty & Michael Wohl

Supporting Member Anonymous Shelly & Arthur Adler Sandra & Larry Agneberg Shelia & James Amend Reid Balthaser & Martin Atkin Drs. Nancy & John Austin Toni & Richard Bachman Eve & Frank Barborek Mary Bennett Heidi Bintz Marie & Steve Booren Martha Brassel Barbara & B.A. Bridgewater Virginia & Robert Burns Nancy Byers Louise & Woody Davis Lee DePaolo


I. & F.W. Distelhorst Mary & Rodgers Dockstader Lee MacCormick Edwards Holly & Buck Elliott Wendy Erb Maxine & Louis Fantini Elise Ford Ingegerd Franberg Nancy & Gary Freedman Eileen Friars & Scott Pyle Felicia Furman Ronald Goldman Elisabeth Goldman Linda & Richard Greene Leslie Grooters Sue Harvison Brenda & Alan Himelfarb Pamela & Richard Hinds Maryan & Caleb Hurtt Louise Ingalls Lynn & Don Janklow Shelly & Chris Jarnot Nita & Jim Johnston Betty & Clint Josey Abbey & Alyne Kaplan Irit & Lawrence Karsh, M.D. Lynn & Andrew Kaufman Meredith & Jeff Kennedy Darcy & Sean Kolassa Susan & Tony Krausen Dorothy Lee Becky Lenaburg Carol & Lawrence Levin Elspeth MacHattie Leslie & Jack Manes Barry Mankowitz, M.D. Ellen & Stephen Manshel Vicki & Roger Marce Melanna & Jean Marcellot Maeva Marcus Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Linda McKinney Joanne & Walter Mendes Leslie & Charles Mishner Barbara Myers Diane Nolen Ruthie & Ralph Nultemeier Judy & Denny O’Brien Nadine & Ben Rader Barbara Reed Suzie & Frank Robinson Julie & Dan Rohr Mary & David Rollins Ella Foshay & Michael Rothfeld Bobi Salzman Gina & Steve Spessard Joe Stearns

Lynn Swanson Joanie Tanous Carol & Howard Torgove Carol & Albert Tucker Jane & Edward Wasson Anne & Dennis Wentz Joyce & Bernard West Tina & David Wilson Kimberly Yashek Margot & Richard Zallen

Contributing Member Diane & Richard Bardack Kathryn Benysh Virginia Browning Christine & George Burns Patty Lou Daugherty Christin Crampton Day, Center Stage LLC Susan Dean Sherry Dorward Patricia Frese John Friestad Mary Ann & Dan Garcia-Travieso Michelle & Robin Gersten Susan & Ron Gruber Jan Harkins Malin Johnsdotter Darryl Kogan Robert Lees William Lessard Laura Lodge Mary Lamb Lucas Maria & Ignacio Martinez Rebecca & Chris Matlon Gary Moore Linda & Kirk Nelson Suzette & Michael Newman Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Nili Olay Kimberly Peterson Gloria & Arthur Rosener Patricia Rozzano Stephanie Rudnick Stephanie and Bernard Simon Martha Skinner Natanee & Matt Spencer Carol Sperry Bebe & Armando Telles Lucile Trueblood Judy Van Bergen Donna Whittington Linda & Dean Wolz

Bill and Jarona Stevens with Keb’ Mo’

Vicki and Doug Rippeto with Natalie Cole

DONORS VILAR PERFORMING ARTS CENTER DONORS Grand Patron Society Marcine & Michael Balk Tina & Melvyn Bergstein Judy & Howard Berkowitz* Marlene & John Boll* Kathy & Bjorn Erik Borgen* Julie & Timothy Dalton Debbie & Jim Donahugh Loretta & Ed Downey Nancy Gage & Allan Finney Susan & Harry Frampton* Pat & Pete Frechette* Linda & John Galvin Kristen & Bob Gary Sandi & Ron Haddock Graciela & Carlos Hank* Martha Head & John A. Feagin, M.D.* Sandy & Charles Lloyd Leni & Peter May* Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Toby & Mort Mower Jerri & Dr. Steven Nagelberg Vicki & Doug Rippeto* Ella Foshay & Michael Rothfeld Mary Sue & Mike Shannon* Marcy & Gerry Spector * Oscar Tang Family* Linda & Stewart Turley LaDonna & Gary Wicklund Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Wilhelm *Denotes Cornerstone Members

Patron Society Anonymous (4) Karen & Stephen Baird Pamela S. & Richard H. Bard Lin Bercher Lisa & Ron Brill Noelle & David Brock Cathy & Dave Bullen Susan & Jeff Campbell Jean Gleason & John Carlen Susie & Bob Castellini Joel Cox Shirley & Thomas Day

Lisa Dennis Jane DeNunzio Suzy & James Donohue Irene & Jared Drescher Lynn & John Egan Pam & Ernest Elsner Amy & Vernon Faulconer Sallie & Robert Fawcett Laurie & Warren Florkiewicz Craig J. Foley Peggy Fossett Dawn & Steve Friedman Vicky & John Garnsey Holly & Ben Gill Donna M. Giordano Debra & Norman Goldman Barbara Goldenberg Anita & Ned Goodman Terri & Tom Grojean Michael J. Hahn Randi & Ed Halsell Linda & Mitch Hart Lee & Bob Hirsch Suzanne & Dan Hoffman Cheryl Holman Judy & Bob Holmes Mathew Juechter James Reeves Kaylor Memorial Foundation Joyce & Paul Krasnow Marlene & Ben Krell Jennifer & Curtis Krizek Robert Kurlander Libellule Enterprises Sue & Jim Liken Patricia & Frank Lynch Leslie & Jack Manes Ann & John Martin Millennium Bank/ Stacy & Donald Mengedoth Sherry & George Middlemas Paula & Jeffrey Miller Peggy & Vaughn Morgan Sammye & Mike Myers Dorothy & Henry Norton

Diane & Roy Parrott Carolyn & Steve Pope Monica & Daniel Porter Arlene & Robert Rakich Jill & Scott Ramsey Lynn & Brian Ranelle Gretchen & Bob Ravenscroft Amy & Jay Regan Carolyn & Rick Renaud Suzanne & Bernie Scharf Pam & Tom Schouten Carole Schragen Debbi & Charles Smith Caren & Al Stahmer Janet & James Stanard Jarona & Bill Stevens Susan & Steve Suggs Patti & Cliff Thompson Janis & Roger Ward Linda & Stephen Waterhouse Mr. & Mrs. Michael J. Watters Joan & Will Weiant Drs. Anne & Dennis Wentz Mary Clare & Bruce Williams Gerri & Jeff Wilson Linda & Don Winter Carla & Leonard Wood

2010-2011 Underwriters Circle We thank our underwriters and sponsors whose support allows us to present a high caliber line-up of artists at the VPAC.

Season Sponsors Beaver Creek Resort Company US Bank Volvo

Series Underwriters & Sponsors The Frechette Family


Linda & Mitch Hart Carolyn & Rick Renaud Vicki & Doug Rippeto Vilar Performing Arts Center Guild

Performance Underwriters & Sponsors Anonymous (4) Michelle Alford Kathy & Tom Allen Liz Armstrong Marcine & Michael Balk Beaver Creek Property Owners Association Tina & Mel Bergstein Judy & Howard Berkowitz Marlene & John Boll Kelly & Sam Bronfman Carolyn & Gary Cage Susan & Jeff Campbell Susie & Bob Castellini Jo-Ann & Ned Churchill Dorothy Browning & Carl Colby Carla Bossi Comelli Debbie & Skip Courtney/The Sherrill Family Foundation Patty & James Cownie Charitable Fund Amy & Steve Coyer Lynette Dallas The Dalton Family Debbie & Jim Donahugh Loretta & Ed Downey Nancy Gage & Allan Finney Peggy Fossett Susan & Harry Frampton The Frechette Family Friends of Vic DeNunzio Linda & John Galvin Kristen & Bob Gary Michael Ginsberg Terri & Tom Grojean Sandi & Ron Haddock Risa & Jerry Harris Linda & Mitch Hart Martha Head & John A. Feagin, M.D. Laureen Hopkins Cheryl & Bill Jensen Sandy King & Charles Johnston Alexia & Jerry Jurschak Kerma & John Karoly Barbara & Timothy Kelley Carol & Geof Kirsch Susan & David Knust

Elizabeth & Mark Kogan Joyce & Paul Krasnow Sandra & Charles Lloyd Karen & Walter Loewenstern The Malloy Family Leni & Peter May Carolyn & Rollie McGinnis Mr. & Mrs. William S. McIntyre IV Paula & Jeffrey Miller Olivia & Rod Miller Ann & Alan Mintz Toby & Mort Mower Jerri & Dr. Steven Nagelberg Sandee & Eric Noreen Blue & Cliff Olson Rhonda & Thomas Peed Pam & Ben Peternell Carolyn & Rick Renaud Vicki & Doug Rippeto Pam & Tom Schouten Shelly & Steve Shanley/ Northwestern Mutual Vail Valley Mary Sue & Michael Shannon Helen & Vincent Sheehy Harvey Simpson Ann Smead & Michael Byram Jean Graham Smith & Phil Smith Marcy & Gerry Spector Marilyn & James Steane, II Mary Rose Taylor Yafit & Jon Tietbohl Linda & Stewart Turley Vail Resorts ECHO Vilar Performing Arts Center Guild Vilar Performing Arts Center Volunteers LaDonna & Gary Wicklund

Friends of VPAC Anonymous Sissy & Jeff Austin Barbara & Ralph Baldrey William Cohen Roxanne & Michael Connor Ellen & Michael Esposito Stephanie & John Hanson Barbara & Richard Massman Hilary & Patrick McDonald Diane & Tom McMeekin Priscilla O’Neil Beth & Rod Slifer Donna & Randy Smith Patricia Bowman Terwilliger Family Foundation Kathy & Jon Zeschin

Herbie Hancock and Peggy Fossett

Vail Valley Member Penny Bank & Family Herbert Bank & Family Barbara & Fred Baumann Stuart Bender Pamela & Brooks Bock Donna & Tom Brewer Edwina Carrington Toko & Bill Chapin Ms. Anne Collins Holly & Tim Finchem Cookie & Jim Flaum Mrs. Betty Ford & Family The Foster Foundation Alison & Michael Greene Roslyn & Ralph Halbert Verna & Thomas Howard Eileen & George Hricik Alberta & Reese Johnson Irene & Gasper Lazzara Marjorie Marks Patricia & Stephen Murray Janet Pyle & Paul Repetto Karen & Mark Rosenbaum Ann Smead & Michael Byram Ann & Patrick Wallace

Community Member Anonymous Mary & Jose Armario Drs. Margaret & Blane Bateman Reita & James Bayman Helga & Henry Beck Margo & Roger Behler Kathy & Jack Blair Brenda & Thomas Curnin Debra & Lee Dittmar Charenton Drake Lainie Edinburg & Joel Kaye Sally Blackmun & Michael Elsberry Mikki & Morris Futernick Sharon & Donald Green Amy & Jim Healy Brenda & Alan Himelfarb Bea & Harry Hoopis Mr. & Mrs. Wolfgang Lampe Ann & William Lieff Marla & Lowry Lomax Lynne & Peter Mackechnie Barry Mankowitz, M.D. Peggy & Houston Munson Anita & John O’Connell Suzanne & Jeffrey O’Hara Bernadette & Adolph Padula Jeanne & Henry Paparazzo

Andrea & Andy Potash Tura & Edward Resavage Francine & John Shanker Stefanie & Fredrick Silfen Nancy & C. John Snyder Paula Sorber Nancy Alexander & David Staat Pam & Jim Starr Marla Steele Tina & Paul Stewart Rosalie Wooten Jane & David Yarian

Supporting Member Anonymous (3) Molly & Richard Apple Shelly & Patrick Baldasare Adriana & David Bombard Erin & Robert Boselli Rita & Joerg Braun Mary Clare & George Broadbent Judie & John Chain Barbara & Charles Clark Marla & George Coleman Julia & Barry Collins Dwight Devon Lee MacCormick Edwards Holly & Buck Elliott Renee & Jeff Epstein Cathy & David Evans Sally & H. Foster Nancy & Gary Freedman Colleen & Rick Gardner Tracy & Brian Gillette Barbara & William Goldy Dr. & Mrs. Frank Gordon, Jr. Stewart Greisman Dana Gumber Jane Hand Nancy Hassett Norman Helwig Marjorie & Max Henry Joel High Joanna & Gordon Hoffstein Bonnie & Bill Hubbard Maryan & Caleb Hurtt Alvin Huss Susan & David Joffe Julia Jonwa Irit & Lawrence Karsh, M.D. Alan Kenwood Rebecca & David Kraushaar Lynn & Gregg Landau Helena & Peter Leslie Kevin E. Lofton

The Peed Family with Randy Travis

Carol & John MacLean Ellen & Stephen Manshel Melanna & Jean Marcellot Brian Maurer Mr. Ferrell McClean Cathleen & William McKinzie Carolyn & John Moorman Pauline & Howard Morrison Dr. Alvah J. Nelson III Nancy & Mauri Nottingham Deborah & Alexandra O’Neill Gerry & Ed Palmer Mary & Garrett Plepel Happy & JP Power Susan & Ken Press Debra Rappaport Lynn & Ronald Richter Betty Lou Phillips & John Roach Sybil Roos Michele & Richard Ryan Schneider-Maurer Foot & Ankle Association Maureen & Les Shapiro Barbara & James Spiker Renee Steiner Madeline & Les Stern Pedro Torres The Tuschman Foundation Nancy & Tim Tyler Jennifer & Jake Van Beelen Susan & Albert Weihl Barbara & Stanley Weinstein William Wilkerson Michael Williams John Yablonski

Contributing Member John Ball Eileen Silvers & Richard Bronstein Virginia & Robert Burns Amy & Eddie Edwards Kathy & Dick Fishburn Cheryl Foley Mary Ann & Dan Garcia-Travieso Sandy Gooch Corrine & Howard Goodstein Marilyn Hyman Susan Jones John LaRue Karen Lechner Deanna & Gary Ludwin Debbie & Ed Mace Sandra Murray James Newton Wendy Nichamin


JeriLynn & Gordon Ommen Allison Platt Roger Rice Raymond Scott Bruce Shymanski Angela Spaulding Natanee & Matt Spencer Pearl & Charles Taylor Patrick Toole Melinda & Bob Welter Jennifer Wooley

STARS—Support the Arts Reaching Students Funding through the VPAC’s STARS program provides over 4,000 area school children with free transportation and tickets to numerous productions each year. The Frechette Family– series underwriter Vail Resorts ECHO

Community Performance Fund The VPAC serves as a community resource for the entire Vail Valley. Each year, the Fund provides over $50,000 annually in grants to local performing arts organizations to underwrite the costs associated with performing at the VPAC. Joyce Mollerup & Robert H. Buckman – series underwriter Eagle Valley Community Fund Mr. & Mrs. Robert E. Wilhelm Vail Jazz Foundation Vail Performing Arts Academy Vail Valley Theatre Company

Endowment Fund The goal of our Endowment Fund is to secure the programming and operational needs of the VPAC in perpetuity.

$1,000,000 & above Alberto Vilar

$250,000 & above Joyce Mollerup & Robert H. Buckman

$100,000 & above T&R Birdsong Fund Marlene & John Boll Carolyn & Gary Cage Jeri & Charlie Campisi Diane & Charles Gallagher Tomisue & Stephen Hilbert Lisbeth & Bertil Hult Robert Lashbrook & Pierre Monney Vicki & Kent Logan Leni & Peter May John McDonald & Rob Wright Lola & Antonio Roig-Ferre Mariette & Michael Satz Kay & Craig Tuber

Valley Visionary Circle The Valley Visionary Circle recognizes those listed below who have kindly informed the Vail Valley Foundation that they have included the organization in their estate plans. Anonymous P. Richard Bauer Margo & Roger Behler Ann Smead & Michael Byram Holly & Tim Finchem Ceil & Steve Folz Susan & Harry Frampton Kristen & Bob Gary Jean C. Graham Anne & Donald Graubart Neal Groff Family Jeanne & Jim Gustafson Robert Hernreich Lee & Bob Hirsch Marlene & Ben Krell Vicki & Kent Logan Dora Beatty & Peter Macdonald Dr. Barry J. Mankowitz Sherry & George Middlemas Ed O’Brien Martha & Terry Allen Perl Vicki & Doug Rippeto Lynn & Chuck Steinmetz Mary & Paul Webster

2010 Audi Birds of Prey Talon Crew


The Vail Valley Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to our volunteers, whose generous contributions of time make all our events and programs possible. Anthony Abachiche Mary Abbett Megan Abbott Marcy Abling Larry Agneberg Nancy Alexander Luke Allen Jennifer Anderson Dennis Anderson Andrea Andersson Draganco Angelovski Ann Antonius Nikita Apostol Kelly Aremburg Susan Armitage Christina Arrigoni Don Artico Brandon Ashby Nick Asoian Kevan Aubel Joseph Azbell Judd Babcock Ashley Babcock Jill Bachman Neil Bachman Donna Bagneris Kelli Bailey Hunter Bailey Jeff Bailey Derek Bailey John Baker Austin Baker Bob Baker Susan Baker Susan Balcomb Barbara Baldrey Don Baldwin Sherri Ball Tracey Barna Marc Barnwell Caren Barrere Patrick Barrett Heather Barrie

Darian Barry Lucy Baumrind Danielle Bautch Megan Beardsley Karl Becker Scott Beebe Doris Beitling Rick Beitling Clayton Belcher Kelly Belfanz Scott Bellingrath Jim Benson *Kathryn Benysh Donald Jerome (Jerry) Berg John Berg Phil Berg Karl Berger Amy Betuker Roseanna Bitetto Katie Black Kym Black Miki Blakemore Vit Blanr Hanz Blanr Mike Blondin Steve Bloom Cayla Bluhm Susan Bock Dan Bogardus Jaime Bogardy Daniel Bombac Kristy Bond Patty Bork Mike Borrego Danielle Bouch Lisa Bowen Barbara Bower Norman Bowles Judy Bowman Steve Boyd Douglas Boyer Sheryl Bradley Jackie Braidech

Chris Brandewie Frank Brandse Nick Braun Joerg Braun Rita Braun Dana Braun Annie Breckheiner Bjorn Bredeson Mark Bridges Tobias Britton Zoe Brooker Rose-Lopez Brown Pat Brown Jen Brown Greg Brozovich Susan Brozovich Lois Bruce Cali Bruington Lynda Bruington Robert Bruington Barry (Bear) Bryant Donn Bryant Barbara Bryanyt Peggy Buchanan Jim Buckner Aleksandra Buczynska Jacek Buczynski Evie Budd Peter Bugbee Andrew Bugbee Gena Buhler Andrew Bukatko Jerry Bumgarner Neil Bunker Tim Burch Megan Burch John Burk Erin Burkart Carol Burlingame Kira Burner Anthony Burns Caroline Byrne

Greta Byrnne Sara C. De Iraola Caroline Cakir Andreas Calabrese Carol Calinoff Bob Callicrate Cindy Callicrate Brian Canepa Ryan Cantrell Buddy Carey Sue Carey Lise Carnes Lisa Carpenter Sierra Carroll David Carson Judy Carson Roseann Casey Paul Chadwick Joan Chambers JD Chambers Harry Chandler Mary Chandler Kathy Chandler-Henry Sounia Chaney Michael Chaney Cameron Chaney Skylar Chaney Lynn Chapin Jim Chapin Jean Chatterton Deisy Chavez *Tenie Chicoine Jerry Chicoine Elizabeth Chicoine Caleb Chicoine Camille Chicoine Gordon Chicoine Jim Childers Colby Childers Susan Chipman Joyce Chizmadia Aubel Chris Kerr Chris

Kent Christian Allen Church Anna Claasen Pat Clancy Jaye Clare Anne Clark Casey Clawson Doug Clayton William Cleair Scott Cline Tucker Cocchiarella Amy Cochran Sarah Cochran Bryan Coffey Pat Coffey Bill Coffin Jane Coffin Diane Coggin Diane Coggin Lynn Cohagan Ross Cole Holly Cole John Cole Michael Collins Gary Colwell Steven Combs Jim Concannon Sean Connor Carlos Conti Tamra Converse John Conway Vince Conway Quintin Cook Curtis Cook Mickey Cook Zach Cooley Beth Cooney Anya Cooper Julia Cooper Thomas Cope Kathleen Cope Jesse Corchnoy Jonathan Corchnoy

Cody Cormier Greg Corniea Jay Corsetti Tanner Coulter Judy Countryman Keith Countryman Billie Cowdan Natalie Cox Mallory Cox Erin Coyne Jeffrey Craig Adam Crook Mike Crowder Bryan Culp Jake Cummings Kim Cummings Andrea Cutter Bob Dagg Sharon Dale Heather Damon Jon Damon Megan Dancer Janet Daniels Katy Dannenberg Kelly Dantas Wink Davis Quin Davis Andy Davis Christy Daw Andrew de Morais Fred DeBaets Deep DeChoudhury Dale Decker Nicky DeFord Belle Deforest David Demko Brett Derwin Colbey Derwin Bryan Desmond Rachael DesRochers Doris Dewton Abby Dixon Kristin Dockery


Scott Dodd Drew Dodd Don Donnalley Judy Donnalley Kerry Donovan John Donovan *Bill Douglas III Marie Dow Jim Dowling Don Dressler Mike Drinker Lepeska Duane Mark Duchart Dudley Duel Tatiana Dunbar- Hall Emily Duncan Kelly Dwyer Linda Dyal Griffin Easter Rachel Edwards Jim Edwards Tom Edwards Erik Eischen Brett Elkman Terry Ellstrom Terry Elpers Lynn Emmert Molly Eppard Greg Erickson Horst Essl Janelle Evans Tom Evans Mike Evans Sue Eves Elizabeth Eves Elizabeth Ewing Kathy Fagan Sandor Falk Jules Fargher St John Farnham Lydia Farr Eloise Fauland Jim Feeney Coudouy Felix

Linda FergusonMuldowney Jim Ferraco Sue Ferraco Gordon Ferris Andrew Fickling Nicholas Fickling Bob Finlay Phyllis Finlay Ellie Finlay Buzz Finn Dawn Fogarty Chip Ford Reed Ford Nick Foster Susan Frampton Corey Franklin Harry Franzgen Terry Fray Karen Frei Mikala Freitas Mike French Michael Friedberg Bernie Friedman Sharon Friedman Susan Fry Sandra Fundy John Furtner Steven Gaiser Graeme Galyer Laura Garbe Warren Garbe Richard Garcia David Garcia Greer Gardner Jack Gardner Greer Gardner Gay Gardner Vicky Garnsey Joan Garton Henri Gaspard Dilia Gayfutdinova Tom Gaylord

Bill Gaylord Sandy Gaylord Elaine Gelvin Mickey Gershtenson Margie Gershtenson Karen Ghent Brad Ghent Curtis Ghent Marilyn Gill Mitch Gilman Mary Gilmore Pedro Gimenez Amy Gish Stephanie Glenwright Sue Godec Nancy Goetze Fred Goldberg Nate Goldberg Jason Good Fred Goodwin Alina Gorlanova Wiebe Gortmaker Rob Gosiewski John Goss Russ Gotzmer Don Goudec Dave Goulet Robert Gouterman Sheila Gouterman Sigrid Gray Doug Gray Jim Green Christopher Green Claire Greenblatt George Gregory Dave Greiner Tommy Grogan Carrie Gudorf Mike Guida Victor Guilmineau Tony Guilza

Thomas Gutmann Michael Guy Andy Guyer Dave Haakenson Jim Haeffner Christian Haeusermann Mary Beth Hagearty Karen Haley Thomas Haley Jessica Hall Shelly Hall Robb Hamina Ross Hamlin Bruce Hamlin Pat Hammon Dave Hammond Kimberly Hannold Doug Hansen Sue Hansen Courtney Harkins Jim Harnick Ezra Harris *Fred Haslee Charlie Hauser John Hayden Patrick Hayden Colin Hayes Dylan Heaney Stephanie Heckman Kyle Heckman Shelby Hedrick Annika Heid Julia Heid John Helmering Bobby Henderson Dwight Henninger Tim Hennum Deanna Henry Richard Herbert Terresa Herbst Karin Hermann Davis Hermes Jesse Herrera Mark Herseth Cindy Hester Maria Hidalgo Christy High Joel High Brianna Hiland Michelle Hiland Nina Hill Phillip Hofling Scott Hogarty Karen Hoiem Steve Holden Kevin Holderness Marcus Hollins Paula Holman Dan Holman Josh Holmes Jacob Holmes Martha Holmes Summer Holmes Diane Honey Kiss Matthew Hood Sasha Horn Mary Houston Sherry Houston Chip Howard Brian Hoyt Linda Hryckowian Fritz Hubbard Bill Hubbard Bonnie Hubbard

Barbara Huggenvik Mark Huggenvik Gina Huggins Patrick Hughes Pam Hughes Nancy Hughes Aaron Humphrey James Hunter Rita Hurst Michael Hurst Janine Iannillo Dana Iannillo Ellen Imhof Judy Inglis Jack Irving Katharine Irwin Susan Ivison Billy Jackoboice Jeff Jacobs Alexandra Jamieson Michael Jamieson Athena Janssen Harry Jasper Debby Jasper Logan Jauernigg Scot Jenerik PJ Jenick Tom Jenkins Jamie Jensen Lisa Jerke Heather Jochl Ulrica Johansson Diana Johnson Kyle Johnson Susan Johnson Luke Johnston Jeremy Johnston Laura Johnston Melissa Jones Matt Joswick Heather Kane Emese Karhardo Fritz Kaser Erik Kastner Mary Sue Katz Jonathan Katz John Keane Judy Kearney Jean Kearns Kevin Keelan Cathy Keil Eric Kelley Kim Kelly Mac Kelsall Ryan Kelsey

Mike Kimrle Everett King Rich King Becky Kiser Adam Kiss Ron Kitchell Marcie Kittay John Kleckner Jim Kleckner Janet Kleinhardt Tom Kleinhardt Nancy Kleinman John Kleinman Tillmann Kleppe John Knight Scott Knoll Sue Knowlton Brian Knowlton Brad Kobishop Milly Kohlman Brian Kolzow thomas Konecny Yuri Kostick Peter Kozinski Patti Kravitz Klaus Krebs Jim Krezowski Liz Krezowski Kylie Kroneberger Ben Krueger Sue Kruger Bailey Kuechenmeister Tim Kunkel Susan Kunkel Ben Kurtz Barbara Kusske Bill Kusske Brigette Labadie Kelly Ladyga Chris Lai Paul Laincz Stacy Lake Mary Lamb Lucus Matthew Landon Janifer Larson KC Lasher Don Laughlin Marion Laughlin Scott Lawlor Tom Lawlor Pat Lazarus Jody Leach Peg Leblanc Karen Lechner Macy Lee Mitchell Lee

Carrie Levin Tara Levine Cam Lewis Steven Liccardi Arn Lieberman BJ Lieberman Joel Lieberman May Lilley Carol Lincoln Andy Linger Dyann Linger George Linger Heidi Livran Tess Lloyd Melody Loar Eric Loman Keith Long Meaghan Long Tunes Lorton Woody Lottman Cameron Lowe Bo Lowe Glenn Lowe II Glenn Lowe III Herb Luhman Sherry Luhman Vanessa Lyons Zach Mahone Jason Malec Matthew Malone John Mandel Tina Mann Robert Mann Axelina Manning Jacob Manseau Scot Marana Jean Marcellot Tim Marek Marjorie Marks Deb Martin Logan Martin Anna Martin Jeffrey Mason Jim Mason Diane Mastaglic Carol Matthews Larry Matthews Mart Matthews Mike Matthews Robert Matzkin Cassie Mauney Molly McBride Marlene McCafferty Julie McCahan Marcia McCalden Tom McCalden

Jon McLaughlin Sean McLaughlin Gordon McLean Fred McLoota Genevieve McNeill Carole Ann McNeill David McVicker Lauren Meehan Barbara Meese Dale Mehl Adrea Mehl Deanna Meiresonne Joe Menendez Gedra Mereckis John Merrit Stephanie Merritt Ewing Merry Rick Messmer Gigi Metcalf Steve Metcalf Mary Anne Metternick Chris Meyer Scott Meyers Herb Meyring Tina Michieli Bill Miles Jessica Miller Patti Miller Rick Miller Greg Miller Justin Miller Hayden Miller Quinn Miller Gavin Millette Marcia Millikan John Milne Chris Minton Anne-Worley Moelter Grifen Moller Mark Moltzan Paula Moltzan Shay Momiroff Kim Monteith Larry Moore Jan Morgan Steve Morgione CJ Morgione Joe Morrill Susan Morrill Macky Morris Bobby Morrison Marv Morrison

Shannon Murphy Denali Murri Johanna Mutschler Charlotte Myerberg Chris Nacarado Jeff Nadas Jodi Nagel Scott Nardelli Gary Nauman Elaine Nelson Andy Nelson Rob Nelson Ross Nelson Glee Nett Theresia Neuman Suzette Newman Leah Newton Kim Newton John Nichols Breanna Nichols Christophe Niederhauser Jim Nielsen Joyce Nielsen Violet NietzkwKrebs Brandon Noel Max Nolan Terry Nolan Michael Nordstrom Eric Noreen Sandee Noreen Clyde Norelli Sean Norris Beth Notis Laura Notorangelo Mike Notorangelo Nancy Nottingham Mauri Nottingham Susana Novembre Emily Oatis Cannon O’Brien Susan O’Connor Lance ODonnell Joy Okman Brents Olmstead Tim Olson Holly Orr Dudley Ottley Emma Oumette Kirsten Ovind

Laura Patton Dave Paulekas Carey Peacock Greg Peairs Ed Pearl Patt Pearl Jim Pefanis Scott Peterson Julie Peterson Peter Petrovski Lindy Phanensteil Shea Phelan Justin Picken Zeke Pierce Patricia Pierce Lloyd Piercy Greg Pike Sydney Pittman Bo Pitto Jeff Place David Plain Tom Pohl Steven Post Jeri Powles Graham Predeger Erin Priest Scott Prince Amber Prince Matt Prowse EmRee Pugmire Emil Pulick Rosemary Pulick Merlon Pusey Keith Pykkonen Pat Quenon Dana Query Virginia Racht Justin Rackley River Radamus Sarah Radamus Fred Rader LeeAnn Rader Christian Rainbolt Gail Ralston Greg Ramirez Alexandra Ramonas Taylor Rapley Luke Rasmussen Patti Rassmussen Cristhian Ravelo Dave Rawlings Simone Reatti Courtney Reed Bill Reed Dondi Reed Tricia Reed Nic Reese Karyn Reffsin Mike Reisinger The Vail Valley Foundation has attempted to recognize as many of Jeff Reiter the wonderful people who devote their time to our organization as Jozef Remsik Lea Renay possible. We ask that any volunteer not recognized in these pages Tura Resavage please contact us, and accept our heartfelt gratitude for your time Buz Reynolds and contributions. Sean Reynolds Steven Rice Christine Rice Daniel Kelsey Jack Lee Carol McCallister Kathleen Morse Phyllis Owens Gary Richards Lana Kelsey Broby Leeds Mike McCellan Kathy Morse Tom Owens Katie Richardson Alex Kendall Dan Leever Lucas McConnell Jeanne Mosier Ron Ownby Jacob Richey Nancy Kerby Harold Leever Jennifer McCorkle Dale Mosier Music Pace` Dawn Richman Steve Kerby Rene Leist Sean McCormick Tom Moss Allen Pachmeyer Jean Richmond Tracy Kersch Senna leith Pamela McGarry David Mott Sue Pachmeyer Jesse Ridler Joanna Kerwin John Leonard Louise Sue Mott Jeremiah Joyce Riedel Steven Kessenich Chris Leseur McGaughey Jan Moyes Paquette Jerimiah Rieman Carol Kethcart Valerie Lessard Josie McGovern Abigail Murer Matt Paschang Nina Riggio Heather Keys Matt Lesseur Molly McGrew Nancy Murk Liz Patterson Patrice Ringler Steve Kilpatrick Kristin Lester Megan McGrew Mark Murphy Delaney Patterson Sharon Rioux


Denise Roach Kaelin Roach Rick Roach Marshall Roach Jonathon Roberts Anne Robertson Tyler Robinson Amy Roden Patti Roenicke Courtney Rohde Teresa Rohde Bob Roman Anthony Romano Nicholas Romano Connie Roscoe Derek Rose Jerry Rose Nancy Rose Donna Rosenberg Peter Rosenberg Ann Rosenwald Paul Rosenwald William Rothrock Leslie Roubos Jim Rowland Kimberly Rowland Keith Ruebsam Andrea Running *Tom Russo Mary Sackbauer Rita Sacks Jay Sage John Sage Lynda Sampson Glenn Samuelson Kaytlyn Samuelson *Jim Sanders Kelsey Sanders Scott Sangster Tom Sangster Justin Santiago Nick Santinello Kristina Sappenfield Venny Sariev Ken Sassi Mark Sassi Adam Savin Mike Sawatzki Brett Sawyer Gwen Scalpello Scott Scherer Robert Schilling Detflet Schilling Carol Schimmer Christina Schleicher Walter Schmid Conrad Schmidt William Schmitt Bill Schneider Christina Schoeni Paul Schuler Bill Schultz Eula Schultz Elizabeth Schwab Steve Schwab Lois Schwager Bernie Schwartz Bobbi Schwartz Jon Schwartz Stephanie Schwartz John Schwartz Amy Schwelling Judy Scopolleti Randy Scruggs

Betsy Seeger Les Seely Christine Sena Bob Senn Rich Seth Doug Seuer Kara Shaffer Tom Shaheen Bernie Shaski Sharon Shaski Christina Shearon Bob Shearon Josepht sheely Mike Sheppard Cas Sheridan Pam Sherman Taf Sherrill Charlie Sherwood Chad Shoulders Matt Shoulders Marybeth Showalter Jeffrey Shroll Karen Shupe Alex Sierant Sands Simonton Cliff Simonton Bonnie Sims Buddy Sims Bob Sinn Philip Skaff Joe Skolasinski Lauraine Skolasinski Martha Smith Jim Smith Robin Smith Caroline Smith Sharon Smith Dail Smith Kathy Smith Randy Smith Tina Smith Gerry Snow Alec Solimeo Bobby Sontag Vincent Sorbello Jerry Sorensen Ron Sorrells Rosie Sorrells Hannes Spaeh Kevin Spang Karen Spearing Gina Spessard Rick Spitzer David Staat Moe Stack Eliza Stallings Jill Stautner John Steiert Corey Steinke Prawdzik Steve Don Stevens Mike Stevens Nancy Stevens Wendy-Mee Stewart Zack Stickles Dean Stockdale Sylvia Stocker Eric Stone Lilian Strange Frank Strauss Joann Strauss Larry Strauss Russ Strickler Daniel Stripp Todd Strom Ronald Strong

Anne Strong Liz Strong Anne Strong Emmy Surma Chelsea Swain John Swanson Jim Swanson Barb Swider Jamie Swift Margaret Szindler Travis Tafoya Tom Talbot Kathleen Talbot Kathie Talbot Doug Talbot Noelle Tarabulski Garrett Tatreau Ethan Tatreau Jim Taylor Kim Taylor Lilian Taylor David Tepoorten Matthew Tepoorten Claire Thayer Heather Thomas Pam Thorn John Tinker Pete Torcicollo Elizabeth Torgerson Marcy Tracy Wayne Trudeau Bob Turitz Laura Turitz Karissa Tutthill Rachel Umbriano Anne Valanti Ann Valenti Courtney Van der Linden Brandon Van Pelt Kendall VanHee Tina Vardaman Barbara Vaughn Melvin Vaughn Jaan Vehik Josue Velasco Pete Ventres Debbie Vernell Hank Vernell Rob Verratti Bonnie Vesey Ted Vickerman Danny Vignola Al Voltz Mary Von Dedenroth Heidi Vosbeck Alayna Wade Barbara Wagner Fred Wagner Renee Wagner Rich Wahl Terry Wahl Dick Wahoff Michael Wahoff Chris Wall Lauren Wallace Steve Wallace Kristi Waring Drew Warkentin Mike Warmenhoven Erik Warmenhoven Amanda Watkins Ted Watkinson Trent Watne

Stuart Webster Andre Weingart Mark Weinreich Howard Weisman Rich Weiss Margot Welch Norm Welch Casey Welch Warren Wetlaufer Alex Whetstone Carrie Whipple Leila White Kathy White Chris White Richard White Lon Whitman Gary Wicklund LaDonna Wicklund Jeremy Widmann Carl Wight Jim Wiley Dave Willemssen Bruce Williams Mary Clare Williams Bob Willloughby Joan Willloughby Jean Wilson Frank Wilson Connor Wilson Deb Wilson Bill Wilson Carly Winn Becca Wirth Fred Witsell Tom Wojciechiwski Nicole Wolf Dean Wolz Linda Wolz Mike Wommack Susie Wood Murray Wood Stephanie Woodruff Randy Woods Kara Woods Peter Woods Allison Wright Melissa Wyatt Kristin Yantis Sandy Yost Roger Yost Emmy Young Lisa Youngwerth Jessica Yurtinus Maldy Zang Jonah Zeigler Bill Zeller Linda Zerangue Diane Ziegler Mike Ziegler Kelia Zigich Zach Ziolkowski Richard Zollars Keenan Zopf Shelly Zuroff

* The “Super Six” volunteers generously dedicate their time year-round to VVF events.


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2010 Vail Valley Foundation Year In Review  
2010 Vail Valley Foundation Year In Review  

The Vail Valley Foundation's 2010 Annual Report, The Year in Review.