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> MESSAGE FROM LEADERSHIP The past year continued to challenge thousands of families in Racine County who struggled financially and particularly for those who were still seeking work after years of relative stability. Yet, many people who have seen their own assets depreciate over several years, however modest their previous savings, continued to support our efforts to advance the common good through their contributions of money, time and talent to United Way. For that generosity of spirit and financial support, and the incredible resiliency and compassion of our neighbors and friends, we are deeply grateful. For the first time since 2007, our annual campaign results exceeded the previous year with more than $5,000,000 being pledged through the campaign and through the financial support of special initiatives. We send a special thank you to John Erskine, Chairman of Racine Federated, for his leadership in the 2010 campaign and his exemplary call to “do everything you can do, and then just do one more thing.” John and his colleagues keep United Way in their hearts and minds year-round and that is the continuing challenge for our entire community. We think this Annual Report is worth your time to read and will give you an even better understanding of the incredible value United Way provides to our community – made possible by our volunteers, partner organizations, advocates, staff and donors.


Francisco Sanchez Board Chair

1 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

David L. Maurer President

ADVANCING THE COMMON GOOD. When a child succeeds in school, when families are financially stable and when people are healthy, our community is stronger. United Way of Racine County believes that together, united, we can strive for lasting change, improving the lives of all in our community. That’s why we focus on the building blocks for a good life: education, income and health. United Way brings together the people and organizations with the passion, expertise and resources needed to get things done. We fund programs, special projects and initiatives and also partner with leaders from government, corporations, faith groups and human services to develop innovative solutions to issues in Racine County.

> OUR MISSION United Way of Racine County improves lives and creates lasting community change in partnership with local organizations.







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United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> EDUCATION United Way invests in programs that prepare children for productive adulthood. Some programs work to build academic skills while many other programs occur as afterschool or weekend activities. Children who are engaged in safe, structured programs outside of the school day tend to do better in school in terms of attendance, discipline and academic achievement. The Caring for Kids Committee provided $733,292 to support programs for children in the areas of education, health and social development. Other United Way committees awarded an additional $14,308 to special projects for children and youth in the areas of youth leadership, job training and recreation. To make sure that youth, parents, educators and other youth development professionals are aware of afterschool, weekend and summer programs for school-age children in the greater Racine area, United Way continues to manage the informational website, Racine Afterschool. Visit to check out programs, events and resources.

Through grant making and community service, Youth As Resources (YAR) empowers young people to make a positive difference in their communities. YAR awards grants to groups of youth that want to perform community service projects in Racine County. The projects must be youth designed, youth implemented, and address specific community needs or problems. During 2010, YAR board members volunteered at the seasonal opening of the Root River Environmental Education Community Center and helped run children’s activities at an AFA Holiday Party. The YAR communications committee completed their annual project of designing and distributing cards to local florists for prom flower orders reminding students not to drink and drive after prom. Youth As Resources had three grant deadlines during 2010 and funded nine projects totaling $7,834. Since 1996, YAR has awarded nearly $250,000 for 376 community service projects that address a variety of local needs.

2010 YAR Funded Projects “Medicine Wheel Garden” – Girl Scout Troop 5536 “Joining Generations Fiesta” – Racine Family Literacy Youth “Dogs and Cats Galore” – Girl Scout Troop 5754 “Tree Kiosk” – Boy Scout Troop 334 “Day at the County Fair” – Big Sisters of Racine, Inc. “Walden Wheels” – Walden III High School Study Group 316 “Roots” – Racine Urban Garden Youth Committee “Construction for Instruction” – Mitchell Middle School Science Sisters Creating Jammin’ Walls “Recycling Initiative” – Case High School Team Recycle

3 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

Desired Outcome: Children succeed in school/academic settings. Indicators of Success: • • Improved school attendance. • Improved grades in core subjects. • Improved test scores in reading and math. • Increased graduation rates. • Local Results: • Through programs focused on increasing commitment to education, more than 600 students improved their report card grades and school attendance.

Desired Outcome: Children succeed in a variety of environments and situations. Indicators of Success: • • Increased participation in positive out-of-school-time activities. • Increased involvement in community service. • Local Results: • More than 10,500 students participated in structured afterschool activities for three or more hours per week. • Nearly 500 youth successfully completed service projects that helped the community.

FUNDED AGENCIES Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Racine & Kenosha Counties, Inc. Boy Scouts of America - Southeast Wisconsin Council Burlington Safety Patrol Family Literacy of Racine Fox River Middle School George Bray Neighborhood Center, Inc. Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast Innovative Childcare Summer Program John XXIII Educational Center Racine Area Soccer Association Racine Family YMCA Racine Youth Sports, Inc. Raymond School Urban League of Racine and Kenosha Washington Caldwell School Youth for Christ - Southeastern Wisconsin YWCA of Racine Zoe Outreach Ministries

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> INCOME United Way helps individuals and families become financially stable and independent by investing in programs and activities that give people new knowledge, skills and opportunities to improve their current situation. The Supporting Self-Sufficiency Committee awarded $727,596 in programs and services that help individuals and families achieve maximum independence through emergency support, education, training, and other supportive services. In addition to this annual funding of Partner Provider programs, United Way invested $22,737 in programs and events that help meet basic needs of Racine County residents.

OTHER AREAS OF INVESTMENT United Way of Racine County promotes networking among members of the human service community and shares information in ways that support United Way core strategies related to community investment and community impact agenda. United Way provided $50,500 for several programs, events and information management systems: IMPACT Racine 2-1-1 Leadership Racine LGBT Center of SE Wisconsin Networking Breakfasts for Service Providers Seabrooks – eCimpact University of Wisconsin – Parkside: Nonprofit Development Center Volunteer Solutions Voces de La Frontera

Education, income and health are the building blocks for a good life that many Racine County families lack. In order to provide information to the community about these key areas, United Way compiled research and created the 2011 United Way of Racine County Community Indicators Report. Some key points are: • Seventy-three percent of children in Racine County qualify for the free or reduced-price lunch program. • It costs $55,161 annually for a family of four in Racine County to meet basic living expenses, yet two adults working full-time, minimum-wage jobs only make $30,160. • Twenty-four thousand Racine County residents live in poverty, unable to lead self-sufficient lives. To view the full report, download, share, search and print, visit our website

5 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

DID YOU KNOW? In addition to United Way committee grants awarded in 2010, United Way Partner Providers also received $323,907 in donor designated contributions.

Desired Outcome: Individuals function well in their day-to-day lives. Indicators of Success: • • Improved communication skills. • Increased skills in financial literacy. • Improved daily living skills. • Local Results: • With additional training and support, 300 adults gained skills in verbal and written communications. • More than 930 adults developed or increased skills to manage their households and finances.

Desired Outcome: Individuals have the skills to obtain living-wage employment. Indicators of Success: • • Improved literacy and English language skills. • Increased job search skills. • Increased employment and earnings. • Local Results: • Through training and support programs, 792 adults gained the skills needed to secure a job or improve their current earnings. • More than 110 youth gained skills and work experience through the County summer employment program.

Desired Outcome: Individuals have immediate and emergency needs met. Indicators of Success: • • Availability of safe shelter. • Increased access to needed food. • Increased access to additional support services. • Local Results: • More than 1,490 homeless men, women and children received shelter and other emergency services. • Racine County Food Bank secured and distributed 753,000 pounds of food to local food pantries.

FUNDED AGENCIES Asset Builders of America Money Conference Burlington Transitional Living Center Caldwell United Methodist Church Food Pantry Catherine Marian Housing, Inc. HALO, Inc. (Homeless Assistance Leadership Organization) HALO Financial Literacy Training Love, Inc. Norway Evangelical Lutheran Church Food Pantry

Racine County Food Bank Racine County Workforce Development Center Summer Youth Employment Racine Literacy Council Racine Vocational Ministry SAFE Haven of Racine The Salvation Army – Burlington The Salvation Army – Racine Corps Union Grove Food Bank United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> HEALTH United Way supports efforts to improve the health of Racine County residents, from birth through adulthood. While the ultimate desired outcome of United Way’s Success by 6 is that young children enter school ready to succeed, the Success by 6 Committee works toward this by focusing on the healthy development of children, birth to six. In 2010, $298,107 was invested in several programs that increase parent and other caregiver knowledge of early childhood development through workshops, classes and home visitation. School-age children benefit from United Way funded programs that help build healthy habits and keep children safe. The Caring for Kids Committee awarded $388,000 in programs and counseling to help youth and their families in the area of health. Other health-related issues include safety, mental wellness, access to health care and support for special needs or elderly populations. The Supporting Self-Sufficiency Committee provided funding of $742,944 to 12 programs that address those issues, with another $15,905 awarded through other United Way committees.

FUNDED AGENCIES The Arc of Racine County Alliance on Mental Illness of Racine County (NAMI Racine) Burlington Senior Center Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee Central Racine County Health Department Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin Family Literacy of Racine Family Service of Racine Family Smart/Kid Friendly East Family Smart/Kid Friendly Partnership Focus on Community

Health Care Network Lincoln Lutheran of Racine Lutheran Social Services of Wisconsin & Upper Michigan Project New Life Project SAFE Program Racine County University of Wisconsin Extension Racine Friendship Clubhouse RADD/Cerebral Palsy of Racine County Transitional Living Services Kismet Klub Women’s Resource Center of Racine Western Racine County Health Department

No one should be forced to choose between paying for food, rent or medicine because of the high cost of prescriptions. That’s why United Way partnered with FamilyWize to make the prescription discount cards available to everyone in Racine County. United Way of Racine County joined over 900 other United Ways in all 50 states whose communities have already saved more than $100 million on prescriptions. Total savings in our community is more than $42,000. The cards are available for everyone to use – they are free, have unlimited use, are accepted at 95 percent of pharmacies, have no age or income restrictions, and have no enrollment. For more information, visit

7 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

Desired Outcome: Children develop to their maximum capacity. Indicators of Success: • • Incidence of healthy births. • Evidence of healthy development in children, ages birth to five. • Improved understanding of positive early childhood development and other parenting strategies. • Local Results: • 94% of babies born to mothers involved in United Way funded programs had healthy birth weights. • Of the 151 children assessed, 94% scored in the healthy range for cognitive, communication and motor skills. • More than 1,230 adults increased their knowledge of and skills in positive parenting.

Desired Outcome: Children make positive health choices. Indicators of Success: • • Increased avoidance of risky behaviors. • Increased demonstration of healthy habits in school-age children. • Local Results: • 15,750 students learned about the risks around drug, alcohol or tobacco use and physical safety issues. • More than 6,700 youth demonstrated making healthy decisions. • Almost 1,000 school-age youth participated in United Way funded recreational programs that build health and sports skills.

Desired Outcome: Individuals function well in their day-to-day lives. Indicators of Success: • • Improved coping and communication skills. • Increased sense of positive quality of life. • Local Results: • Through counseling and opportunities to interact, 1,826 individuals improved abilities to get along with others and cope with daily living. • About 270 families reported improved quality of life as a result of services.

Desired Outcome: Individuals take appropriate action to prevent/remedy health and safety issues. Indicators of Success: • • Increased access to health care, as well as prevention resources. • Improvements in chronic health conditions. • Increased safety of families and children. • Reduced isolation of families and individuals. • Local Results: • 96% of children in United Way programs are up to date on immunizations. • 134 young children were transported in properly installed car seats. • About 1,625 individuals gained access to health and dental care. • More than 15,000 adults and children experience increased sense of safety through new skills and safe living conditions. United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> ADVANCING FAMILY ASSETS Key Strategies for Families INCOME: Establish durable connections between families and the mainstream economy. In order for families to fully participate in the mainstream economy, households must have adequate income to support all family members. Family income may be generated through jobs or accessing benefits to which they are entitled. Families must also be able to build and protect their assets through increased financial literacy skills and to maintain their assets of home or vehicle. EDUCATION: Advance individuals’ potential to achieve academic/ vocational success.

Advancing Family Assets (AFA) is a community impact initiative of United Way of Racine County working in partnership with other organizations to improve lives of low-wage working families and to ensure a quality workforce throughout Racine County.

Adults and children need to continue gaining knowledge and skills that ultimately lead to productive lives. All children need positive preschool and afterschool experiences while adults may participate in training programs. Family members are connected to local educational resources.

Advancing Family Assets supports low-income families through an intensive coaching approach that works to alleviate problems in the areas of income, education and health while helping all family members focus on their best possible futures: adults get jobs or better jobs, families manage their money better, young children get preschool experiences preparing them for success in kindergarten, kids do better in school and participate in afterschool activities, family members learn to get along with each other, and all members practice healthy lifestyles. These conditions and behaviors give families the best chance for success.

HEALTH: Assist families in maintaining healthy relationships and lifestyles. All members of the family experience success in various aspects of their lives, from school to work to home life, when they build healthy habits and demonstrate positive relationships in the household. Families need to gain new knowledge and skills to develop healthy lifestyles.

9 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

Advancing Family Assets ensures the provision of high-quality coaching services with Individual Success Plans, jointly developed with AFA family members, that address the whole person/family across life domains and systems related to income, education and health. Our thanks to the City of Racine, Racine Community Foundation, Racine County, Racine Federated, and WE Energies for their financial assistance and ongoing support of AFA. By 2020, Advancing Family Assets will have measurably increased the financial and family stability of at least 500 families in Racine County, achieving a variety of positive outcomes within the families that will increase the number of reliable and productive workers, ultimately reducing the incidence of poverty in our communities.

> FAMILY SUCCESS. Upon enrollment of the “G” Family into AFA, the single mother of three girls set lofty educational goals for herself and her children. She desperately wanted to get her daughters back on track at school, as well as further her own education. The mother shared her goals with her AFA Family Success Coach and together they developed a plan which included a team meeting with Mom, the teachers, school social worker and the AFA coach to discuss the girls’ grades and behavior. The AFA coach shadowed and observed the girls at school for a month to provide an unbiased perspective of the situation and to relieve Mom of the need to take off time from work. Additionally, the AFA coach provided homework assistance on major projects. As a result, Mom acknowledged what she and her girls could do differently and ultimately improved communication with the school staff. During the last grading period, all three girls received high marks on their report cards with few behavioral incidents. Mom also holds herself to high educational standards. She is now a proud Carthage College student who successfully balances the demands of school, work and being a single mother.

In July, Advancing Family Assets moved to its new office and meeting space at 1220 Villa Street, across from St. Catherine’s High School in Racine. The ground level of the facility is the family meeting space which includes a conference area, computer workstations for families, an activity area for children and a resource library for the staff and families. The staff offices are located on the second floor. We are thankful for all the assistance from the St. Catherine’s High School Alumni Association - Friends of Angels. The contributions of various corporate and private donors made it possible for AFA to fully furnish and decorate the family meeting space and staff offices. Donors include Johnson Bank, Modine, Tri City National Bank, Diversey, Racine County Food Bank, and many caring members of the Racine community. For AFA, the space is much more than a facility. It is a symbol of growth and stability, indicative of the commitment of United Way and the community to serving working families.

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> VOLUNTEER LEADERSHIP Every year hundreds of caring people volunteer with United Way. Their efforts and service hours are helping to advance the common good and improve lives in Racine County. Our community is a better place because of them. Thank you.




VICE-CHAIRS AT-LARGE Kevin McCabe Alicia Tanguma Scott Terry


Carmen Castro Bruce Duerr Jennifer Eastman Ethel Gates Mark Geisler

Mike Goebel Daniel Horton Keontay Jackson Ray Koukari Cristie Leto

Jeff McKeown Steve McLaughlin Guadalupe (Wally) Rendon Debra Rudan James Shaw

John Siegert Chris Terry Dave Titus James Walker Leslie Wininger

Susan Boland Bob O’Brien

Keontay Jackson Dave Albrecht

Rod French

Chris Leberfing

Drew Abram Tom Berger

Cristie Leto

Jeff McKeown

Bob O’Brien

Alicia Tanguma

Bruce Duerr

Scott Terry

John Siegert

Milous Adams Nancy Anderson Randy Dorece

Chris Leberfing Laura Matter Mark Mundl

Deborah Pierre-Louis Rakesh Popli Francisco Sanchez

Karen Severson Mandy Wellen Mary Wyant

Tom Berger Ethel Gates Mike Goebel

Al Hartog Pete Knotek Diane Lange

Kevin Mieczkowski Maria Morales Marilyn Nemeth

Juan Ruiz Scott Sharp

Members at Large Andrew Abram Milous Adams Tom Berger Susan Boland Maria Campbell

Finance Committee CHAIR Tom Burke

Personnel Committee CHAIR Denise Wilcox

Nominating Committee CHAIR Chris Terry

Community Invesment Committee CHAIR Paul Rohling

Labor Advisory Committee CHAIR Jeff Van Koningsveld

Campaign Cabinet CHAIR John Erskine VICE-CHAIR Christopher Ruud

Drew Abram Jim Beere John Erskine III Mark Geisler Mike Goebel

11 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

Dave Johnson Cristie Leto Kevin McCabe Ahmad Qawi Dan Taivalkoski

Kelly Martyn Gene Szymczak Chris Leberfing Rebecca Mason Catherine Powell

Jim Parrish Dave Perkins Shannon Rollins Jeff Van Koningsveld

Loaned Employees Reid Blake Michelle Bouwma

Nicole Chekanoff Victor Frasher

Kara Mullikin Nancy Pierce

Steve Schiele Ann Silvasi

Ron Thomas Marnet Zimmer

Chad Rottier Kim Schulte

Jerodd Taylor

Dave Titus

Ben Lehner Janis Lemke Jamie Martin

Shannon McGuire Mark Mundl Dorothy Sack

Sharon Schulz Melody Streeter Culleen Witthuhn

Mary Gehlhoff Diane M. Ingalsbe George Karegeannes Marissa Keller Kevin W. McCabe

Sandi McClaron Jo Ann Rodriguez Nik Sendelbach Beth H. Shelton Lloyd R. Swager

Sandy Swager Brenda Thomas Valerie Zamecnik Candy Zicarelli

Scott Frey Andrew Ganaway Mike J. Goebel JoAnn Goodyear Tiniesha Griffin Joe Heck Judy Kehlstrom

Gregory Kidd David Kleba Marianne Maleske John Merrill Cami Meyer LeRoy Miller

Rakesh Popli Teresa Reinders Paul Rohling Richard Therkelsen Arletta Tucker Cherry Wardrip

Dave Albrecht Beverlee Baker

Jolene Fotiadis Bill Schoessling

Gary Tilleros Tom Trimberger

Debbie Witte

Jacob Ahn David Algrim Casey Ange Alicia Below Stephanie Besaw Tyra Butler Matthew Campbell

Emma Campion Mia Coney Jenny Craig Katelyn Flynn Jimmy Gullberg Kurt Haffner Allison Jopke

MaryBeth Kallio Michael Kelly Shannon Kelly Seth Kuranz Milan Meyers Megan Morey Ciara Page

Mavis Rohling Niru Sivanushanthan Emilie Smiley Samantha Smiley Yimin (Amy) Wang Claire Weyers

Community Investment Financial Team Mark Dahms Chris Leberfing

Jim Parrish Kara Reske

Success by 6 Investment Committee CHAIR Deborah Pierre-Louis FINANCIAL ADVISOR Chad Rottier

Angel Carlson Jennifer Eastman Sue Goelz

Caring for Kids Investment Committee Co-CHAIRS Randy Dorece Mandy Wellen FINANCIAL ADVISORS Kara Reske Kim M. Schulte Paul Krumrie

Olivia Alcorta Kathy Dunkerson Jill Fall JoAnn Garrett Linda Gayhart

Supporting Self-Sufficiency Investment Committee Co-CHAIRS Nancy Anderson Laura Matter FINANCIAL ADVISORS Mark Dahms Chris Leberfing Blaine Metzger Kara Metzger Mike Peterson Jerodd Taylor

Dan Baran Laurel Borst Patrick Bohon Matthew Clausen Romeo Collier Connie Eberly Lindsay Fiori

Western Racine County Grants Committee CHAIR Cyndi Armstrong

Youth As Resources Board COORDINATOR Jessica Safransky 2009-10 CHAIR Lucas McCann 2010-11 CHAIR Shan Sivanushanthan

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> WESTERN RACINE COUNTY Racine County is a unique and beautiful place. United Way recognizes the differences that exist among our diverse communities and is committed to enriching the lives of children and families throughout Racine County. Since 2009, United Way has maintained a satellite office in western Racine County. The office at 615 North Pine Street in Burlington has allowed us to have an increased presence west of I-94 and strengthen partnerships with local organizations. In 2010, two new part-time staff came on board as Western Racine County Associates, Joanee Meyerhofer and Colleen Benkendorf. Colleen’s focus is to maintain our community presence in western Racine County while Joanee is continuing to build the Imagination Library program. Both of them are helping to maintain a pulse on the area’s most pressing issues and concerns.

Joanee Meyerhofer (left) and Colleen Benkendorf (right) present a check for Christmas food baskets to Bill Schoessling, Love, Inc.

Each year United Way invests more than $500,000 in programs, services and special projects that touch the lives of approximately 10,000 residents in the communities west of I-94. The allocation process is managed by the Western Racine Advisory committee comprised of individuals who work and live in or around the areas of Burlington, Union Grove and Waterford.

Imagination Library was created in 1996 by famed country-singer Dolly Parton to foster a love of reading in all children, regardless of income. All participating children receive free books through the mail each month, from birth to age five.

85% of the foundation for a child’s intellect, personality and skills is formed by age 5. Children are born ready to learn. Source: Brain Initiative, Wisconsin Council on Children and Families, 2006

13 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

In 2009, United Way launched the Imagination Library initiative in western Racine County. It was a perfect fit for United Way’s early childhood outcome focused on the healthy development of children and school readiness. In 2010, the program doubled from 150 children to more than 300 and growing. A special thank you goes to founding sponsor, Runzheimer International, whose generous contribution provides age-appropriate books for our community’s children.

> 2010 CAMPAIGN The 2010 campaign was full of education, optimism and fun which resulted in a campaign that raised more than $5,000,000 for the first time in three years. Campaign volunteers, led by Chair John Erskine of Racine Federated and his cabinet, numbered in the hundreds. John Erskine’s genuine style of leadership was felt throughout the community in the very successful efforts to meet his challenge of “do all that you can, and then do one more thing!”

Campaign Chair John Erskine thanks the community at the 2010 Victory Celebration.

Workplace campaign coordinators and campaign committee members spent thousands of hours making sure the Live United message of Give, Advocate, Volunteer was delivered in colorful and genuine ways to their colleagues throughout Racine County. United Way Partner Provider program representatives shared moving stories of families whose lives have been dramatically improved and of children who received needed support because of the generous contributions to United Way.

SC Johnson & Son, Inc. employee and retiree giving exceeded their goal and provided the foundation for the success of the 2010 campaign. With over $1.6 million pledged to United Way of Racine County from employees and a match from the SC Johnson Fund, the total continues to represent the largest annual charitable gift by any organization in Racine County. The thousands of beneficiaries helped through United Way programs and the volunteers and staff of the agencies providing those programs owe a special thanks to SC Johnson employees, retirees, volunteers and the organization for their ongoing exemplary generosity of time, talent and treasure. No one has been more inspiring to his colleagues in raising awareness while having fun in the past two years than Matt Andis and his team. In this past year, they increased total giving by 35 percent. Following a 47 percent increase in 2009, Andis has become one of the top 12 contributors in Racine County. Great progress was made in telling the United Way story west of I-94 and nowhere better than in Burlington Area School District which achieved a huge increase thanks to a boost in understanding of the United Way investments in their communities. More than 10,000 individuals and 300 businesses contributed to United Way in 2010. Thank you to everyone who answered the call to “do one more thing.” Together, we can accomplish more than any one can alone. United, we can create a better community.

Matt Andis shows off his new mohawk after Andis exceeds their campaign goal.

Special thanks goes to the following organizations for providing a 2010 Loaned Employee or sponsorship: CNH America LLC Educators Credit Union InSinkErator Modine Manufacturing Company Racine Federated, Inc. Ruud Lighting, Inc. SC Johnson & Son, Inc. Twin Disc, Inc. Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare/All Saints Burlington Area School District Employees “Live United.”

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> 2010 CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS 21st Century Preparatory School 3M Company A & E Hand Tools Abbott Laboratories Accounting and Business Services, Inc. Alliance on Mental Illness of Racine Co. (NAMI-Racine) Alliant Physical Therapy Group Alloy Welding Allstate Insurance Company American Automobile Association American Bin & Conveyor, LLC American Express Foundation American General Finance Andis Company Associated Bank Assurant Health AT&T Aurora Health Care Baxter & Woodman Baxter Healthcare BCI Best Buy Big Brothers/ Big Sisters of Racine and Kenosha Counties, Inc. Boston Store Boy Scouts of America- SE WI Council Bridgestone/Firestone, Inc. BRP North America Burlington Area School District Carpetland Carthage College Cassity Tree Service, Inc. Catherine Marian Housing, Inc. Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee

CBR Foundation for Financial Education Central Saw & Mower Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin City of Racine Clifton Gunderson LLP CNH America LLC Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage Combined Federal Campaign Communications Workers of America Local 4611 Community State Bank Cooper Power Systems/ Cooper Industries CRB Insurance CSL Plasma Services David Insurance Agency, Inc. Delta Flexible Products, Inc. Derse Exhibits Diversey, Inc. Dot’s Place Dr. Pepper Snapple Group Dremel Rotary & Benchtop Power Tools Drewco Corporation Duracolor Durand Automotive Center, LLC E C Styberg Engineering Eckmann Pressed Metal Company Econoprint/ EGX Group Educators Credit Union El Paso Corporation Electronic Systems of Wisconsin Eli Lilly Erickson Auto Trim Exelon Corporation Express Employment Professionals Family Literacy of Racine


ca ipate in a en partic tt a B e ik en and M John Batt iser at Twin Disc. dra n fu h was

15 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

The Pio ne their w er Products/P inning etersen sch Machin Campa e team ign Kick ool supply sc d ulpture off. at the 2 isplays 010

Family Service of Racine Fed-Ex First Banking Center First Choice Pre-Apprenticeship First Weber Group Fischer Precise Focus on Community Gap Gateway Technical College GE Capital General Rental Georgie Porgie’s Girl Scouts of Wisconsin Southeast GlaxoSmithKline Goodell Chiropractic Office Goodwill Industries of SE WI Gordon Food Service Gordon J. Maier & Company, LLP Great Northern Corporation Grove Gear HALO, Inc. Hanson & Gasiorkiewicz, SC Health Care Network, Inc. Henry & Wanda’s HSBC - North America IBEW Local 430 IBM Image Management, LLC InSinkErator Inventive Solutions J C Penney Co. Jenkins & Vojtisek John XXIII Educational Center John’s Main Event Johnson & Johnson Johnson Controls, Inc. Johnson Financial Johnson Foundation, Inc.

Johnson Keland Management, Inc. Johnson Outdoors, Inc. JP Morgan Chase & Co. Katt Construction Knight-Barry Title, Inc. Kohl’s Department Store Kranz, Inc. Lakeside Curative Services Landmark Credit Union Landmark Title of Racine Lavelle Industries LDV Lia Sophia- Gina Bartel Lincoln Lutheran of Racine Longaberger- Jane Kurylo Lutheran Social Services of WI and Upper MI, Inc. M & W Shops, Inc. M&I Bank McDonald’s Restaurant McLane Foodservice Distribution Merchants Moving & Storage Merck & Co., Inc. Merrill Lynch Metalworld, Inc. Midland Packaging and Display Miller Compressing Company Miller Plumbing & Supply Miller’s Flowers Modine Manufacturing Co. Nelson Electric Supply Co. Nestle USA New York Life North Shore Animal Hospital Northwestern Mutual Life O & H Danish Bakery Oak Ridge Care Center Office of the Chief Judge

OfficeMax PA Staffing Pactiv Corporation Pet Valhalla, Inc. Petersen Machine / Pioneer Products Pfizer, Inc. PNC Mortgage National Premier Aluminum Project Management Associates Public Golf Associates Putzmeister America, Inc. Quadra, Inc. Quality Resource Group Quick-Cable Corporation Racine AFL-CIO Labor Council Racine Area Manufacturers and Commerce Racine Broadcasting, LLC (WRJN-AM/WEZY-FM) Racine City Tavern League Racine Community Foundation, Inc. Racine Correctional Institution Racine County Racine County Economic Development Corporation Racine County Food Bank Racine County Opportunity Center, Inc. Racine Cyclery and Fitness, LLC Racine Education Association Racine Family YMCA Racine Federated, Inc. Racine Friendship Clubhouse

Racine Literacy Council Racine Marriott Racine Unified School District Racine Vocational Ministry, Inc. Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility Racine/ Kenosha Community Action Agency RADD River House Pub & Grill Robert W Baird & Co, Inc. Rockwell Automation Runzheimer International Ruud Lighting, Inc. SAFE Haven of Racine, Inc. Salvation Army Sam’s Club Sargento Foods, Inc. SC Johnson & Son Retirees SC Johnson & Son, Inc. Schneider National Scholle Corporation Schuette-Daniels Funeral Home SEIU Local 152 Sheet Metal Workers Local 18 Shopko Stores Siena Center Southeastern Wisconsin Building and Construction Trades Council Spring Dental Group, Ltd. St Catherine’s High School State Farm Companies Foundation

State of Wisconsin Target #0152 Teamsters Local Union No. 43 The Arc of Racine County The Garvey Group The Journal Times The Prairie School Time Warner Entertainment TJ Maxx TJW Investments, LLC Tri City National Bank Trustmark Insurance Company Tuesday Optimist Club Twin Disc, Inc. U.S. Cellular UAW Southeastern Wisconsin CAP Council Uncorkt, LLC Unico, Inc. United Food & Commercial Workers Local 1473 United Health Group United Parcel Service United Way of Dane County United Way of Greater Milwaukee United Way of Massachusetts Bay United Way of McHenry County, Inc. United Way of North Rock County United Way of Racine County United Way of Waukesha University of Wisconsin - Parkside Urban League of Racine and Kenosha, Inc.

US Bank UW- Extension Office Verallia Village of Mount Pleasant Walgreens Walker Forge, Inc. Wal-Mart Warren Industries Waterford School District Waterford Union High School WE Energies WellPoint Foundation Wells Fargo Bank NA Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare/All Saints Wilson’s Coffee & Tea Wisconsin Plating Works Of Racine, Inc. Wisconsin Screen Process, Inc. Women’s Resource Center of Racine, Inc. Wyant Law Offices, SC Youth For Christ Southeastern Wisconsin



Note: List compiled as of March 2011. Our apologies if your company has been inadvertently omitted.

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> LEADERSHIP GIVING In 2010, more than 750 individuals accounted for a quarter of the total annual campaign by giving at or above the Beacon Circle Bronze level starting at $1,000. The Tocqueville Society was created to honor the goodwill and community leadership that inspired French philosopher and historian Alexis de Tocqueville’s writing about the caring and generosity of the American people more than 150 years ago. Local Tocqueville Society members contribute $10,000 or more annually and are listed in the nationally circulated Tocqueville Society 2010 Leadership Directory. Thank you to all the 2010 Beacon Circle and Tocqueville members for your extraordinary expression of leadership and providing the foundation for United Way of Racine County’s work in advancing the common good.



Ordre de Liberté ($25,000 - $49,000) H. Fisk Johnson

Membres de la Société ($10,000 - $24,999) Michael and Gloria Batten Karen and William Boyd The Allen Buhler Family Tom and Ginee Burke Caron and Andrea Butler Imogene P. Johnson

Helen Johnson-Leipold and Craig Leipold Edward and Laura Lonergan Catherine and Bill Perez Alan and Patricia Ruud


DIAMOND CIRCLE ($7,500 - $9,999)

Gus and Sandy Antonneau John and Lyn Erskine Jennifer C. and James M. Perkins Christopher and Chantil Ruud


Steve Soileau and Kay Villa EC Styberg Foundation Eugene Szymczak Mary and Willard Walker Fred and Sandra Young

Louie H. Seabolt and Jane M. Hutterly Steven P. and Judy M. Stanbrook

GOLD CIRCLE ($5,000 - $7,499)

Gregory Alston and Myra George Alan and Marty Biland Scott L. Bowser Harold and Laurel Boyanovsky Virginia and Allen Buhler Greg and Bonnie Clark Fredrick and Deborah Ganaway John and Cathy Goelz

17 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

Sue and Dan Horton S. Curtis Johnson and Tracie Stier-Johnson Scott and Joan Johnson Ron Jones David C. Kaissling Dennis and Sandy Kontra Ko and Myrna Kryger

Tony Loyd and Lynn Bousquet Neal and Gerry Nottleson Dave and Cathy Perkins John and Catherine Powell Steve Shibley Ted Sokoly and Nancy Toll Jeffrey and Linda Waller Russ and Debbie Weyers


SILVER CIRCLE ($2,500 - $4,999)

John and Rajean Alexander Dave and Mary Andersen Matt and Lisa Andis Gregory and Shona Barron John and Jane Batten Nora and Jerry Becker Pam and Chip Brewer Frank and Jane Bryant Lois and Ron Brzezinski L. Greg Byrnes and Diane Scheurell Dominic and Rosemary Cariello R. A. Causey Cedric and Belinda Chan Sally Davis Jim and Jan DiMarco James and Audrey Ditter Roger and Betty Anne Dower Dave and Jane Durment Mark and Linda Eckhardt Chris and Beth Eperjesy Mary and John Erskine III


James E. and Barbara Feiertag Jana and Rick Fiegel Tom and Lynne Fiser J.L. Fuhrman Arthur C. Naleid Fund Mark and Eileen Geisler and Family Linda and Mark Gelhaus John and Cynthia Georgeson Karen Golmer Darian and Mary Ellen Griffin Tracy Guard Jay and Nancy Gueldner Mary Harper Walter Haven Trust Brent and Joanne Hoag Gene and Carol Holtz Stephen and Kathryn Hrpcek Tom and Annette Jacobson Jennifer C. and Charles W. Johnson Chuck and Barb Jopke Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Kann

Margaret C. Kelsey and Michael J. Teich Donald and Gabriella Klein Beth Klimczak Gerald and Marianne Konz Rich and Andrea Konz Gayle Kosterman and David Mitchell Ken and Beth Kumer Anthony and Cristie Leto Darwin and Janet Lewis Don and Mary Lofty John and Linda Mallon David and Julie Maurer Keith and Jean Maurer Pascale and Alain Meyran Myles and Karen Mullikin Tom and Jackie Nelson Lynn Kay Nienas Monica and George Oess Jerry and Sue Oksiuta Deanna and Jim Parrish Mary and Mike Patterson

Cheryl Paul Patricia Penman Drs. Lawrence Platt and Michelle Snyderman Platt Paula and Gary Powell Victor and Maria Elena Puente Scott and Abby Putnam David and Nancy Quast John and Cindy Rote Mr. and Mrs. J. David Rowland Don and Bev Schumacher J.D. and Nancy Sedlar Dr. James and Kelly Semrau John Shannon and Jan Serr Fran Strickland Tim and Mary Jo Sullivan Bree and Ron Thomas William and Patricia Van Lopik Kiran and Meena Vedak Dan and Denise Wilcox Five Silver Circle Donors chose to remain anonymous.

COPPER CIRCLE ($1,750 - $2,499)

Greg and Carol Anderegg Jim and Marie Andreucci Jim and Kathy Beere Cynthia and Evert Berndt Dean and Michelle Bratel John and Debbie Byrne Paul Byrne and Karen Sopik Jim and Margie Carrington Tom and Sue Christensen Norman Clubb Carolyn Cooke Roger and Mary Cornelius Thomas and Patricia Cummings Dave and Kathy Czerniejewski Agnieszka and Mark Dahms Diane and Mike Delaney Jeff Eichholz Franklyn A. Ericson Jan and Clint Filipowicz Jerry and Lynn Franke

Drew and Angela Franklin F. Scott and Eloise Frey Jeff and Martha Friday Kim and Maureen Gillin Mark J. Gorog Sharon and Keith Gostomski Dale Grinstead Catherine and Douglas Gundlach Sara and Kent Harris Karin Henkes James G. Holland and Susan K. Ott-Holland Linda Hoover Mike and Michelle Hudak Randy and Anthi Jerow Ray and Cecilia Johnson Steve and Kathy Johnson Bill and Jodi Kessler Brian and Angela Lee Joey and Anna LeGath

David and Barbara Leifheit Dr. William Little Dennis and Linda Lloyd Cory and Roseann Mason, III Jay and Laura Matter John and Julie Matthews Kevin and Jeanine McCabe Thomas and Susan Meitner John and Rhonda Monks Grace and Mark Murphy Mr. and Mrs. William Naleid Michelle and David Novick Patrick and Betsie O’Brien Todd and Jane Paul John E. Peters Tim and Dana Probst Scott and Kara Reske Tracy Richters and Robert Kerr William and Wendy Roeber Ken and Lynn Rustici Frederick and Robin Schmidt

Annette Angell-Schram and Dave Schram Kim M. Schulte Dr. and Mrs. Howard W. Short Tom Sierminski Dan Taivalkoski and Chris Dellich Dr. James and Deborah Tierney Gregory and Barbara Troy Eric and Cheryl Truesdale Buddy and Marie Tucker Steve and Sandy Tyler Tom and Cathy Valentyn Bill and Shelley Van Atta Amanda and Be Ware Daniel and Martha Wenzel Tim and Debbie Woods Seven Copper Circle Donors chose to remain anonymous.

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report



BRONZE CIRCLE ($1,000 - $1,749)

Drew and Pat Abram James and Coleen Aceto Sam and Kathy Acker Mr. and Mrs. Edward Agnew Dave and Donna Albrecht Martine Albritton Brendan and Erika Anderson Mike and Nancy Anderson Robert and Melissa Anderson Laura Andis Marcia Andis Matthew L. Andis Brian and Stephany Angielski Norm and Corinne Angotti Chris Antonneau Jerry and Jean Apple Kim and Joan Ashton John and Karla Attanasio Darryl and Akemi Babu Lucy Bangs Barbara and James Barker David and Lisa Barrientez Robert and Julie Bates Christopher and Julie Beard Jerome and Gail Becker Jerry and Pat Beere Rick and Chris Behrend Rene M. Beland Thomas and Valarie Berger Bruce and Janet Bernberg Mike and Sharon Best Dr. Hemant and Mrs. Geeta Betrabet Jeff and Janice Bezzo Steve and Kathy Bierman Fred and Renee Billman Greg and Cindy Blair John Blum Pat and Monte Bohman Ms. Susan Boland Chuck and Vicki Boles Mark and Karen Bollmeier Kenneth and Laurie Boone Craig and Donna Braaten Steve Brazell Eric Bretch Don and Sheila Brownell Scott and Susan Brucker Kraig and Mary Bryant David A. Buechel Thomas Buhler Alex and Gina Burnett John and Maribeth Busey

Maria L. Campbell Tim Campsall Sean and Maggie Carey Steve and Denise Carter Marc and Lori Castor John L. Cayer and Wendy W. Cayer Joan Celeste Rick and Amy Cermak Fung Chin Jane J. Choi and Michael S. Haisler Jim Chwala Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Clark Gabe and Robin Cleek Glenn and Dolores Coates Simon Conway Noel and Kevin Cookman Richard and Marie Craig Michael Cretton Kendall and Annee Crook Tom and Linda Crowder Gerald and Terry Cummings Ann Daane Marchelle D’Anna Don and Bobbie Dettor Marvin and Nancy Dokter Mike Dries Bruce and Linda Duerr Jeff and Kim Dyer Jim and Bonnie Eastman Dick and Pat Ehlert David and Colleen Eland Garry Embleton John and Sandy Engel Marc English Ron and Barbara Erickson Sandy M. Erickson Robert Evangelisti Dennis and Barbara Feider Julie Felix Patrice and Kevin Feltes Tony and Karen Ferraro Jeffrey and Joyce Ferris Lee and Brenda Fluke Michael T. Flynn Dave and Linda Fox Michael and Patricia Fox Bob and Kerry Frank Brian and Tammy French Tom and Lynda Friedel Jeffrey and Barbara Fries Craig and Jane Friesema

19 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

Sonia Fuentes Martinez Michelle Gabor Chris and Kristy Geary Michael and Tiane Gee Mike and Sue Gibbs James and Sharon Gierahn Brian Gilner Dolores Gonzalez Cindy and Mitch Goodell Chuck and Cindy Goodremote Brad and Marea Goodwin Rob and Cathy Gordon Dick and Jane Gorton Colleen and Steve Gottschalk Susan C. Gould Denise and Ron Grancorvitz Alec and Kim Granger Grant and Elizabeth Graver Peg and Geoff Greiveldinger Donna M. and Kevin M. Griffin Michelle Gross Trevor and Theresa Grove Patrick and Cindy Guiney Lee and Barbara Gutbrod Stan and Sharon Hallin Mrs. Louise Hamilton Dr. Tod and Marilyn Hammes Pamala Handrow Scott and Krista Hansing Dr. Jerry and Mrs. Sarah Hardacre Scott Harris Sue and Gerry Harsh Jeff and Dara Hart Ann and Ted Hart Robert and Jill Hartmann Jim Hasler Eric Haugaard Tony and Andrea Hauser Esther and Michael Helding Jack and Sue Helland Jim and Lori Henderson Jim and Janice Hennessy Robert Hernandez Todd and Jenny Herndon Cynthia M. Herrera Dave and Nancy Hess Edward Hill and Barbara Kopack Hill Jacqueline and Elliott Hillback Phil and Mary Hines Ken and Kathy Hinze Lisa and Nick Hirsch

Deborah and Richard Hitzelberger Don and Teresa Holm Jeana and Aaron Holt Chuck Holtz Al and Joyce Hornish Ken and Melanie Horrell Tom and Renée Howard Tammy Hutchinson Oddone Incisa David and Barbara Isaacson Paul and Mary Jaworski Brian L. Jensen and Mary C. Girsh-Jensen James Jensen Frederick Joachim David and Arlette Johnson David and Carrie Johnson Jason and Rachel Johnson Jeff D. Johnson Jack and Peggy Jude Gordy and Rita Kacala Ron and Linda Kafchinski Bob and Lori Kampstra Richard J. Kassing Justin and Natalie Keister Jim and Lynn Kimball Marsha and Larry Kimball Ken Kloet David and Katie Knabel Scott and Laura Knapp Joseph and Bonnie Knott Gary and Tamra Knudsen Jeffrey and Roxanne Knuth Jeffrey and Susan Knutson Michael and Kerri Kobylka James and Sharon Koenen Claudette and Paul Kolosowski John and Mary Koors Bill Korallis Tom and Susan Kosmicki Ray Koukari Jr. and Linda Naegeli Joe Kraus Shelley Kutis Terry and Harmony Lafferty Arvid Lager and Karen Evenson Phillip and Tracy Lancour Christina Landish Steve and Amy Langer Shirley and Steve Langley


BRONZE CIRCLE ($1,000 - $1,749)

Dr. Richard and Holly Larson Emily J. Lawrence and Steven S. Reynolds Ann and Dan Lawson Mark and Ann Lee Robert and Becky Lehner, Jr. Richard and Ellen Leuenberger Family Charitable Fund Jim and Laurie Lewis Felicity and Chris Librie Michael A. Lisco Serge E. Logan John and Kathy Loizzo Bruce and Gai Lorenzen Dr. James and Debra Luetzow Lois Lukens Joe and Vera Maalouf David and Lisa Macnair Dr. and Mrs. Ernest L. MacVicar Jeffrey and Linda Madore Chuck and Lynn Maglio Thomas Mainland Timothy and Linda Majcen James and Donna Makouske John and Jennifer Mandli Carol Marshall Marjorie Martin Cory and Rebecca Mason Denise M. Matrisch Drs. Steve and Karen Mawn Gregory Maxwell Terry McCarthy Michael McGlade Casey and Amy McIntosh Julie C. Meyer Rev. Kevin Mieczkowski Dick Milholland Robert A. and Michele M. Miller Matt and Sheena Montei Jon and Patti Morelli Emily S. Mueller Gregory Mueller Colleen Connor and Scott Munro Allan and Joan Naegeli Brian and Patti Nagai Roula and Marwan Nakad Catherine and Ben Neal Willard and June Nettles Jeffrey and Lisa Neubauer Hon. Mark F. Nielsen

Diana and Joe Nowak Debra A. Oakes Robert E. O’Brien Ben and Pam Oksiuta Kathleen and Michael Olson Mr. Steven J. Oppeneer Lance O’Reilly Nicolai and Teri Orno Shawn and Kelly Ostrowski John M. and Jan P. Owens William G. Parsons Steven J. Patkus Dr. Charles and Joan Patton Alonzo and Kimberly Payne Margaret and Marty Payne Robert and Susan Payne Jorge Perez Jennifer M. Perkins Greg and Anne-Marie Peterson Jeanne Petit Peterson Kristi and Brian Peterson Robert E. and Agnes R. Peterson Karmen and Ron Pierce Steven, Megan and Steven Pinter Janet and Michael Pobar Jay and Kathy Poplawski Joy and Rakesh Popli Dan Porter Elizabeth and Patrick Powell Lex Prichard Chris and Jill Radi Judy and Michael Rahn Sammy and Denise Rangel Christina and David Rasmussen Wayne and Margaret Rees Tom and Julie Reigle Jim and Deb Rexhausen Joe and Carmella Richards Lori Ridgeway Gary Riemer Daniel and Glenda Risch Kenneth Roach Keith and Michelle Rode Douglas Roe Charles G. Rogalske Mavis and Paul Rohling Michael Rohrer and Beth Worzella Chad and Kara Rottier John S. and Paula G. Rowland

Steven Rubinson Jay Price Ruffo Glenn and Gail Rusk Gary and Sharon Sadler Gerald and Judith Salzman Keith F. Samz David and Lynne Santalucia David A. and Barbara H. Schneider Joy and John Schoene Stephen Schroeder Mary Lou Schuler David R. Schultz John and Kay Schulz Michelle A. Schutte LeRoy and Carolyn Seeger Debbie Seeger Jayant Sharma Steve and Natalie Shepard Steve and Bridget Shirley Dr. Robert and Susan Siegert Donna and Harry Simonsen Tom and Carolyn Simpson Russell Skewes Mark Skorski Dave and Shelley Smith Stephen and Karen Smith Sue Smith Mike and Kim Smolko Eva M. Sorenson Mitchell and Monika Sosnowski Jeff and Susan Sparks Jim and Sandy Spielmann Meg and Michael Sranske Melody Stake Mark Steinberg Jim and Tori Stephens Bradford and Alejandra Stong John and Jan Strack Lori and Scott Strangberg Karen and Devin Sutherland The Swager Family Paul G. Szczesny Joyce A. Szulc Drs. Jim and Susan Taylor Robert and Beth Taylor David and Barbara Temple Jennifer Tenhaeff Rick Tennessen June Termini O’Donnell Skip Theuring Leanne Thorsson Mr. Ronald K. Thrash

John Tierney Richard J. Tinder Dr. and Mrs. James Toniolo Xuan Tran and James Frasher Dan Trittin The Family of Timothy and Rebecca Truel Jean M. Tsokatos Robert and Beth Tsuchiyama Don and Jeanne Tyree-Francis Tim and Cathy Ulrich Nancy Underwood John Valko III John and Cindy Valko Kevin Van Kampen Usha Vedula Tony Vohs Kevin and Mary Wagers Thomas and Janet Waldhart James and Karen Walker Jim Walker Kevin M. Walker Doug and Jackie Walsh Mark and Nancy Wanggaard Jim and Cherry Wardrip Dr. Jonathan and Ana-Maria Wattelet Linda Webster Robert and Kathleen Weeks Jay and Kirsten Weiss Kevin and Claire Weslaski John and Sheila Westrich Jennifer Whisman Jim and Carla Wilks Dr. and Mrs. Warren H. Williamson Phil and Annette Wilson Richard Wilson and Karen Carnabucci Wayne Wiltse Carlton and Leslie Wininger Bill and Jacki Winkler Chuck and Pat Wise Mark and Tamra Wittenberg Mark and Susan Worden Deborah Wunderle Weikang Xin James and Cathy Yonker Dr. and Mrs. David Zablotney Dan and Nicole Zautis Willy E. Zech 63 Bronze Circle Donors chose to remain anonymous.

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


> STATEMENT OF FINANCIALS United Way of Racine County, Inc.


STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION Current Assets Cash and cash equivalents Short-term investments

Year Ended December 31, 2010

Public Support $ 1,879,111 1,628,462

Accrued interest receivable


Accounts receivable


Contributions (annual campaign net of $224,625 in uncollectible pledges) Contributions, prior period campaigns TOTAL PUBLIC SUPPORT

Grants receivable



Prepaid expenses


Grants Racine County Human Services Department Emergency Shelter/Transitional Housing Grant City of Racine Children’s Trust Fund Racine Community Foundation

Promises to give (net allowance of $429,612 for uncollectibles) TOTAL CURRENT ASSETS Other Assets Long-term investments Investments – Racine Community Foundation TOTAL OTHER ASSETS

3,737,731 7,326,971 700,468 955,446 1,655,914

Property and Equipment Equipment Leasehold improvements Less accumulated depreciation Net Property and Equipment TOTAL ASSETS

157,388 75,000 232,388 (182,400) 49,988 $ 9,032,873

Current Liabilities Accounts payable

$ 85,422

Accrued vacation


Campaign funds payable to agencies


Agency allocations payable


Deferred grant revenue TOTAL CURRENT LIABILITIES

40,000 1,922,566

Net Assets Unrestricted


Temporarily restricted



21 United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report

566,818 7,110,307 $ 9,032,873

Investment gain and interest income Endowment fund investment gains Agency refund income TOTAL REVENUE TOTAL PUBLIC SUPPORT AND REVENUE

$ 4,290,593 152,819 4,443,412

186,484 202,961 15,000 56,461 30,000 97,485 106,839 15,940 711,170 5,154,582

Distributions and Expenses Allocation Expenses Functional Expenses Advancing Family Assets Community Impact Management and general Fundraising Total Functional Expenses TOTAL DISTRIBUTION AND EXPENSES INCREASE IN NET ASSETS NET ASSETS - BEGINNING OF YEAR NET ASSETS - END OF YEAR

3,542,594 231,346 495,260 262,163 357,496 1,346,265 4,888,859 158,884 6,844,584 $ 7,003,468

United Way of Racine County’s audit was conducted by Jenkins & Vojtisek, S.C., which delivered a complete unqualified audit. The audit is available for public review by calling Dave Maurer, President or Barb Jopke, VP - Finance and Administration at 262-898-2240.


MaryBeth Kallio Community Investment Administrator

Marisol Beauford Communications Specialist

Star Marquez AFA Family Coach

Colleen Benkendorf Western Racine County Associate

Joanee Meyerhofer Western Racine County Associate

Michelle Brown Campaign Administrator

Kimberly Payne Advancing Family Assets Project Facilitator

Alicia Gollaz AFA Family Coach

Tamekia Shaw AFA Family Coach

Susan Gould VP - Community Impact

Jessica Safransky Youth As Resources Coordinator

Marie Hargrove Community Initiatives Administrator

Ashley Staeck Research, Evaluation and Grants Specialist

Jill Hartmann Executive Assistant

Ron Thomas AFL-CIO Labor Liaison, Community Services Director

Barb Jopke VP - Finance and Administration

United Way of Racine County • 2010 Annual Report


2000 Domanik Drive Racine, Wisconsin 53404 262-898-2240

2010 Annual Report to the Community  

2010 United Way of Racine Annual Report to the Community

2010 Annual Report to the Community  

2010 United Way of Racine Annual Report to the Community