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8 July 2013


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UWIDEF is a proud partner of the JN initiative.

Cover Story —The Gift That Keeps on Giving P.1 Make a Gift, Mak e a Difference P.1 Ways to Give P.2

Support Jamaica by donating to UWIDEF on

Center Story—Dr. A ubrey L. Mc Farlane — Preserving his Example and Legacy P.2/3 How to set up an endowment P.2 From Y ou, Through Us, For All P.3 Students DO Care! P.3 Giving to UWIDE F P.3 Photo Feature: Gifts that keep Giving P.4 UWIDEF News P.4 SAVE THE DA TE P.4

Your gift will MAKE A DIFFERENCE The University of the West Indies Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) funds scholarships and projects to assist with the development of the Mona Campus. There are many ways that you can help develop the Mona Campus and assist deserving students obtain a tertiary education.

Establish a Named Scholarship or Bursary (*suitable for companies, individuals, commemorative activities, families, associations).

    

Contribute to a pooled Fund through the Each One Give One campaign that makes financial assistance available. Offer internships and job placement opportunities. Create an Endowment to support your philanthropic goal and leave a legacy that lasts. Support a Project – an existing one or one that realizes your specific goal. Make UWIDEF a beneficiary on your insurance policy. You can designate your contribution to a specific Faculty, Department, Programme or activity.

Our UWIDEF staff stands ready to help customize your gift to ensure your intent is fulfilled. “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” ~ Greek Proverb

A GIFT THAT KEEPS ON GIVING LIME and UWIDEF in partnership to provide equipment to the UHWI The University Hospital of the West Indies (UHWI) - Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Department received a gift of instruments valued at over US$15,000 from the UWI Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) on Wednesday May 15, 2013. The donation of equipment is made possible through a gift to the University of the West Indies Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) in 1995 by the Telecommunications of Jamaica (TOJ) (now LIME). The purpose of the contribution was to replace obsolete equipment, improve facilities for patient care delivery and support the hospital‘s teaching capability. The gift typifies LIME‘s corporate social responsibility ethos of caring and making a difference in Jamaica and is an example of the company‘s long legacy of philanthropy and giving back to the population it serves. Almost twenty years later, the purpose of the TOJ Hospital Fund continues to be fulfilled as UWIDEF manages the contribution in a manner that allows annual support for the hospital while preserving the capital for future needs. LIME Foundation Chairman, Mr. Errol Miller notes that, ―this is probably one of the most beneficial and timely contributions our company has made for the benefit of the Jamaican people. We know that it has made a significant, positive difference, and the fact that it continues to provide valuable resources to the University Hospital after all these years is testament to the strategic value of the donation and the forward thinking of the managers of the UWI Development and Endowment Fund. It is in fact, a gift that keeps on giving.” The original contribution totalling US$700,000 was used to purchase equipment over a number of years and the unexpended sum was later converted to an endowment to ensure its sustainability. The endowment now makes approximately US$15,000 available annually to assist the hospital, without spending the capital sum invested. Mrs. Sasha Parke-Lynch, UWIDEF‘s Executive Director explained the pride associated with this particular project. ―It truly embodies some of the principles which we hold dear in providing stewardship for charitable donations that we receive—the principles of partnership and sustainability. This partnership demonstrates how corporate funds can be aligned to help address needs of the hospital for patient care and teaching while providing the intended benefits in a sustainable manner and long into

the future‖ Besides providing valuable equipment for specialty areas like ENT, this type of support helps ensure that medical students will be exposed to the use of the newest and most technologically advanced equipment. The UWI Mona campus‘ enrolment of students in the Faculty of Medical Sciences stood at 3,398 in 2011/2012 showing the clear demand for the continued high quality education that it provides for health professionals. In thanking LIME and UWIDEF for the contribution, Dr. Trevor McCartney, UHWI CEO noted that ―we have to keep on the cutting edge of technology and it is imperative that we procure equipment to ensure that both the service we offer is of the highest level and that the students we teach are taught on the best equipment to do the right things and have the opportunity to do the research.” He also noted that “in times of a cash crunch, procurement of capital items is abandoned,” and for these reasons gifts of equipment were especially welcome. Dr. Hugh Ashman, ENT Surgeon and Head of Department at UHWI highlighted the importance of the gift to training the most talented students and relevance to offering microlaryngeal treatment to a population with the most talented vocalists. The partnership between LIME, UWIDEF and the UHWI is a model worth emulating by other private sector entities to support valuable services required by the Jamaican population. UWIDEF continues its appeal for other corporate leaders to embrace this model of cooperation to enhance the UWI‘s offerings and provide opportunities to young Jamaicans to excel. Cover photo: L-R—(Dr. Hugh Ashman, Mrs. Sasha Parke-Lynch, Dr. Myrton Smith, Dr. Trevor McCartney, Mr. Karl Wright and Mr. Errol Miller). Participants in the handing over ceremony listen attentively as the use of the instruments is explained.

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Making a donation is ... 1.EASY 2.CONVENIENT 3.TAX DEDUCTIBLE Our methods of payment include: 

Online Payment - via UWIDEF‘s website at http://

Cheques—make cheques payable to the UWI Development and Endowment Fund (Jamaican donors or The Friends of the UWI Development and Endowment Fund (US donors)

Credit/Debit Card— visit the UWIDEF office to conduct this transaction.

Tele and Internet Banking – Bank of Nova Scotia (BNS) and National Commercial Bank (NCB)- contact UWIDEF to get your personal donor account number .

Cash Deposits at the following:  NCB Account Number – 401006753 (Mona)  BNS Account number – 28040 (Liguanea)  Wells Fargo Account Number – 4025873891 (Account name - “Friends of UWI Development and Endowment Fund”)

Payroll Deduction

Pre- Authorized Payment/ Direct Deposit (from any of the five Commercial Banks)

Now you can also support a special project via by visiting project_details.aspx?pid=54


“He set the Island Medical Service a fine example.” Recognizing a Giant…...helping preserve his example and legacy


o important is his contribution to medicine and its advancement in Jamaica that he is described as the ―doyen of surgery in Jamaica‖ and an important player in the era of transformation of medicine and the practice of surgery in Jamaica. This is among the accolades extended to Dr. Aubrey L. McFarlane in Prof. John Golding‘s book, ―Ascent to Mona as Illustrated by a Short History of Jamaican Medical Care.” After personal interviews with Dr. McFarlane about his work and experiences, Professor John Golding in his account of this noted surgeon and physician par excellence, spoke of Dr. McFarlane as one of the most gifted surgeons he has ever met. Prof. Golding‘s book captures Dr. McFarlane‘s own account of his training, his experiences as a surgeon and his involvement in pioneering activities and medical services which we today take for granted. Dr. McFarlane obtained his MBBS in London, FRCA in Edinburgh. His extensive training in Neurology and Orthopaedics in Vienna and the UK led him to establish ―the first fracture clinic in the region and the first neurological service‖ on his return to Jamaica. The establishment of the transfusion service in Jamaica along with a group of 7 other doctors is also listed as one of his important achievements. He held the office of Senior Medical Officer at the KPH and in addition to being responsible for training and guiding many other excellent surgeons, his influence developing other supporting areas of practice is well known. Dr. McFarlane‘s interest in the practice of anaesthesia, the abilities he developed in spinal anaesthesia and his influence in the development of anaesthesia in the KPH is referenced in other publications.

To receive an award that commemorates the memory of this man: who is remembered as one with ―determination to overcome all difficulties‖, “steady dedication to improve services,” an appreciation for excellence, and whose contribution to advances in surgery and medical care in Jamaica is undeniable - is an esteemed position and an honour. The student who gains the top mark in the Final MB BS (UWI) Examinations in Surgery at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus is awarded with the Surgery Subject Medal and also wins the Dr. Aubrey McFarlane Bursary Prize. The award is funded annually from an endowment established by Dr. McFarlane‘s sons, Douglas and Ian McFarlane, and is managed by the UWI Development and Endowment Fund (UWIDEF) in close collaboration with the UWI Mona Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care. UWIDEF is proud of this collaboration and honoured to steward this fund which ensures that Dr. McFarlane‘s legacy lives for generations after his own sons and his example remains firmly etched in the minds of those who follow his examples and excel in surgery. Source: Information in this article was compiled from the book Ascent to Mona as Illustrated by a Short History of Jamaican Medical Care, 1994, Prof. John S.R. Golding a noted orthopaedic surgeon. Photograph courtesy of Dr. Douglas McFarlane.

How to set up an endowment with UWIDEF……. Establishing an endowment is a sustainable and meaningful way to ensure a flow of funds to support a specific activity or purpose over a period of time, or in perpetuity. The Donor:  Identifies the activity and defines the purpose to be supported  Specifies the conditions and terms for stewardship.  Capitalizes the endowment with a financial gift—(one time donation or seed funding followed by incremental sums to grow the capital base over time) UWIDEF:  Creates a legal agreement detailing the purpose, terms, stewardship, fund management and disbursement guidelines and signatories.  Invests the financial gift appropriately to maximize yield while preserving capital.  Disburses payments from income and in accordance with stewardship guidelines.  Provides periodic reports about the status of the fund.  Provides timely, regular and prominent recognition for your gift(s). Endowments have been established by families, associations, companies, individuals to commemorate individuals, fund programme activities, scholarships, bursaries, equipment etc.

Terri-Anne Russell cops the prestigious 2013 Dr. Aubrey McFarlane Memorial Bursary

Students DO Care UWIDEF seeks to build a culture of volunteerism among the UWI student population in a variety of ways. It is our belief that students gain as much as those they serve by giving their time and talent. Not only do students experience the gratification that comes from service, they also obtain valuable work experience, and new skills which are assets as they look towards employment after completing a University education. Selected student assistants play a major role in assisting with outreach and in this issue, one of our student assistants, Dena Farquharson, shares why they proudly give in time and service. "Working with the UWI Development and

The recipient of the 2013 Dr. Aubrey McFarlane Memorial Bursary is Ms. Terri-Anne Russell. Ms. Russell excelled during her five years of medical training, making the Dean‘s list in each of the five years. She was a member of the Honour Society from 2009 to 2013. She obtained an A or A-plus in 35 of 38 medical curriculum courses.

On behalf of the UWI and the students you will impact, we thank you! The Each One, Give One campaign promotes the idea that ‗many‘ can benefit through the cumulative effect of individual actions. By several individuals and organizations periodically (monthly/yearly), contributing a financial gift, it becomes possible to make more assistance available to students in need. Prospective contributors are encouraged to donate any amount that they can afford, to be pooled in the UWIDEF Scholarship Fund.

UWIDEF acknowledges the generous contributions of the following donors:  Airport Authority of Jamaica  Cornwall College Old Boys Association (Kingston Chapter)  Mr. Ian McFarlane & Dr. Douglas McFarlane  UHWI Nursing Alumni Batch 84  Raphael Codlin & Co. Ltd.  UWI Mona Department of Surgery, Radiology, Anaesthesia and Intensive Care  Bacchus Engineering Works Ltd  Mrs. Jasetta Lambert  Decorative Crafts Ltd  K B Real Estate Company Ltd.  Mr. Wentworth Charles  Maritime Towing Co. Ltd.

Contributions have ranged between J$5,000 and J$250,000 and have been contributed by individuals and small, medium and large firms. Students are supported through full tuition, bursary and grant awards. In 2012, through the support of donors to the ―Each One Give One‖ campaign, assistance valued at over $3 Million was given to financially needy students who meet specific criteria for need and academic performance. All donations to UWIDEF are tax deductible in Jamaica, Canada and the United States. Contact us to learn how you can access this benefit.

Endowment Fund over the past year has been fulfilling. Surrounded by people with the drive and passion to help those in need is truly something to talk about. As a student myself, I am aware of the demand on finances that attending UWI, or any University for that fact, can have. Throughout Dena Farquharson, UWIDEF Student Assistant the year we are faced with challenges as we try to accumulate enough funds to help students who show outstanding academic performance as well as financial need. It is heart-warming to see fellow deserving students enjoy a little kickstart to success, and I do hope that we can continue this effort, and even extend it some more, as we are now trying to do with our special needs programme.”

Giving to UWIDEF UWIDEF welcomes and values gifts of all sizes from all donors – individuals, families, associations and companies. Your gifts provide needed scholarships and financial assistance for students and support important research and developments on the campus. You can designate the purpose of your gift and the terms of stewardship are customized to ensure your intent is fulfilled. Gifts to UWIDEF are tax-exempt in Jamaica, USA and Canada. Giving is convenient and hassle-free with a range of payment platforms including online gifts. Contact us now so we can partner with you to make a difference.

UWIDEF on Social Media Follow us on Facebook: Visit our website: Send your feedback, suggestions and stories to:


Photo Feature: More about the gifts that keep giving …… TOJ/ UWIDEF Hospital Fund and The Degazon Fund


Photos: (1) Drs. Trevor McCartney - UHWI CEO, Hugh Ashman—Head of ENT Department UWI Mona, and Myrton Smith— ENT Surgeon examine the features of the new surgical instruments received for the ENT department; (2) Dr. Trevor McCartney, UHWI CEO representing the beneficiary of the TOJ (now LIME) Hospital Fund, Mr. Karl Wright, Board Director UWIDEF representing the organization providing stewardship of the fund and Mr. Errol K. Miller, Chairman LIME Foundation representing the donor all share in the official handing over; (3) Some of the special surgical instruments which were handed over; and (4) UWIDEF Executive Director, Sasha Parke-Lynch, presents the 2013 Degazon Awards for Ophthalmology to Dr. Sonya-Kay Bruce-Forbes, Dr. Kristina McGaw and Dr. Noel Cowell. Drs. McGaw and Cowell will undertake residencies in Canada and Dr. ForbesBruce will take up a residency in Columbia.



UWIDEF partners with JN Foundation for

UWIDEF has partnered with the Jamaica National Foundation on their ISupportJamaica initiative. ISupportJamaica is a web-based crowd fundraising initiative which was launched July 6, 2013 and which allows persons in the diaspora to lend their support to small businesses and projects of not-for-profit organizations in Jamaica. UWIDEF‘s first project targets the collection of US$7,000 to fund bursaries for students with disabilities. To learn more about and UWIDEF‘s campaign, visit https://

Department of Surgery Establishes Endowment UWIDEF is pleased to acknowledge the gift of just over J$1 million from the UWI Mona Department of Surgery to establish an endowed fund. This fund will support an annual award. The details of the award are to be announced.

Scholarship Applications Closed Applications for scholarships brokered by UWIDEF and administered by the UWI Mona Office of Student Financing closed on May 31, 2013. Please stay tuned to learn about this year‘s recipients.


4 The Fund

Issue 8

July 2013

U WI D ev elopm ent and Endow m ent F und UWIDEF is the major fundraising arm of the UWI Mona campus and provides stewardship for funds raised through capital campaigns and projects, general endowment and planned giving.

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Please join us…….. as we say thank you to our valuable donors and celebrate academic excellence. Come to be inspired by the keynote address from The Most Hon. P. J. Patterson, ON, QC, PC, OC All proceeds in aid of the UWIDEF Scholarship Fund. Tickets are now available at a cost of J$7,000 each.

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This is UWI Development and Endowment Fund's Eighth Newsletter published April 2013