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How to Prepare for the UW Law Fair Chanira Reang Sperry, Pre-Law Adviser Gateway Center – Undergraduate Advising – MGH 171 For more information on applying to law schools, visit:

Wear whatever.


DO Wear business casual clothes—similar to what you would wear to a job interview.

Carry a backpack—it’s sloppy-looking and you can accidentally hit people or knock over table displays if you turn too quickly.

Bring a tote bag or a bag with handles that’s easy to carry all the law school brochures and FREE pens you will pick up (there will be a lot!) at the fair.

Come unprepared.

Bring a pen and notepad to jot down notes.

Ask, “What’s your median GPA and LSAT?” or “Do I have a chance of getting into your law school?”

Ask, “Anyone like me with my numbers (GPA, LSAT)?”

Ask, “Why should I go to your law school?”

Ask about any facilities or elements that are important to you: campus housing, family housing, childcare centers, lactation stations/rooms, 24-hour library access, clubs for students of color, clubs for GLBTQ students, clubs for parents, etc.

Ask, “How are you ranked?”

Ask, “What programs do you have in place to foster (insert a value that is important to you) collegiality OR diversity OR community at your school?”

Ask, “Will I get money if I go to your school?”

Ask, “What kinds of scholarships do you offer?” and/or “What kind of LRAP do you offer?” Loan Repayment Assistance Programs (LRAPs) are important to those interested in public interest law. Visit:

Ask, “Will you read my personal statement or resume?” For help with your personal statement, check out the Personal Statement Tips Packet at:

“What do you think sets your Career Services office apart from other law schools?” (i.e. mentorship program, excellent alumni network, fellowships, internships, externships, quarterly career workshops, biannual career fairs, etc.)

For help with your resume, visit the Career Center.

Thanks to the DeLoggio Achievement Program,, for many of these helpful tips.

Getting Ready for the Law School Fair  

From the UW pre-law advising group, tips on preparing for The Career Center's Law School Fair.

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