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Career Preparation Supporting a World Class Education


to educating Washington’s future workers and civic leaders remains a core institutional function. However, throughout the past decade, our State’s investment in services and programs to support our students has declined steadily. The resulting environment comprised of career and discipline pressures, compressed time to degree and reduced public funding creates the need for unprecedented collaboration between curricular and co-curricular services and programs at the ‹˜‡”•‹–›Ǥ–—†‡–•‡‡†…Ž‡ƒ”‡••ƒ‰‹‰–Šƒ–†‡›•–‹ϐ‹‡••–”ƒ–‡‰‹‡• ˆ‘”…‘ŽŽ‡‰‡•—……‡••ƒ†’”‹‡•–Š‡Ȅ†—”‹‰–Š‡‹”ϐ‹”•–ƒ†•‡…‘† ›‡ƒ”Ȅ–‘ƒš‹‹œ‡–Š‡‹”…‘ŽŽ‡‰‡‡š’‡”‹‡…‡Ǥ –Š‡ϐ‹ƒŽƒƒŽ›•‹•ǣ We must help students synthesize their curricular and co-curricular learning to develop a deeper understanding of how their discrete University experiences intersect and broaden their perspective and generate opportunity.

OUR MISSION In helping students to successfully connect their academic accomplishments with a wide variety of employers and to move forward in their roles as well-educated world citizens, the Career Center aims to simultaneously support the goals of each individual as well as the goals of our broader context: employers, the university, the state, our nation, and the extended global community.

Our challenge as an institution is that every Husky ought to be able to –ƒŽ…‘ϐ‹†‡–Ž›ƒ†…‘˜‹…‹‰Ž›ƒ„‘—––Š‡‘™Ž‡†‰‡ǡ•‹ŽŽ•ǡ‹–‡”‡•–• and aspirations honed during their time at the UW. This is a tall order and we know that not every one of the UW’s undergraduates is willing or able to embrace their education in this way. Nevertheless, by thinking big we challenge ourselves to change the culture and feel of the undergraduate experience in our large, public research university in ways that some may say isn’t possible. I, among others, believe it is not only possible—it is absolutely necessary if we are to educate today’s students effectively for the roles they will play in our world tomorrow.

WHO WE SERVE Individual Services by College

On-Campus Interviews by College

Arts & Sciences

Business School



Business School Environment

The Information School



Arts & Sciences




The Information School

165 112

171 114

UW Bothell

Majors & Colleges Also Served: Built Environments, Education, Interdisciplinary/Intercollege, Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Public Health, Social Work, UW Bothell, UW Tacoma

Other Participating Majors & Colleges: UW Tacoma, Environment, Interdisciplinary/Intercollege

DESTINATIONS A Sample of MOst ATTENDED Graduate Schools:


EMPLOYERS HIRING MOST Undergraduate Alumni:

University of Washington Seattle University University of California, Berkeley Stanford University Columbia University Cornell University Gonzaga University University of California, Los Angeles University of Southern California Washington State University

University of Washington Boeing Amazon Microsoft Seattle Children’s Hospital State of Washington Seattle Public Schools Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Highline Public Schools U.S. Government Deloitte Ernst & Young PricewaterhouseCoopers Swedish Medical Center University of Washington Medical Center

University of Washington Amazon Boeing Microsoft University of Washington Medical Center Starbucks Deloitte Google Harborview Medical Center Liberty Mutual U.S. Armed Forces AmeriCorps Intel Seattle Children’s Hospital Teach For America

Based on 3217 responses to our New Alumni Survey

Susan Terry Director, The Career Center


Alumni Tell Us…. “It’s been a while since I’ve gradu-

“The information I learned from you

the class and the personal help you

you know that your advice to net-

ated. I wanted to thank you again

is very practical and greatly clears

give students in crisis is really ben-

work sure worked for me. After I

for your guidance through college.

up some of the muddiness I was

eficial. I can’t believe it’s been a year

graduated last summer I began

Your mentoring really made college

experiencing. As a new grad on the

since I was the panicked and self-

applying online to a lot for jobs and

worthwhile and it’s been something

job hunt, the new skills and resources


doubting senior about to graduate.

was getting no response. I remem-

I draw back on all the time.”

you showed were life changing.

2011 AND JUNE 30, 2012

I am really enjoying work right now—

bered your advice and began talking

it does not feel like “work” but like a

to whomever that I was looking

hobby where I learn so much every

for work. They offered advice and

today! Thanks for helping during my

day. Thanks for all your help.”

contacts for me to call. People’s

transition. The tools and skills your

responses were very enthusiastic

office teaches are an invaluable

and they were happy to meet with

asset. I’ve found myself turning to

me. One of my coffee dates through

them a time or two in the last few

a friend of a friend ended up turning

years with this volatile job market.”


“My email is just to let you know that

“I just wanted to thank you and let

into a job. So again, thank you!”

Thanks again.” “I’ve found a new position. I’m starting

HOW WE SERVE Counseling Team of 4.5 Full-Time Employees




Employer Team of 3.5 Full-Time Employees

Online & Print Resources


WE ARE MORE THAN YOU EXPECT 137 in-house workshops to 3069 students and alumni 85 requested outreach workshops to 2864 students 49 sessions of Navigating Career Options course 1768 scheduled counseling appointments 376 mock interviews 1063 same-day sessions 1067 peer review same-day sessions

2 career fairs, with 2689 attendees, and 150 different employers 2 g rad school fairs, with 595 participants, and 148 different departments at 137 unique institutions 62 Meet the Employer sessions, with 1394 attendees 5 employer visibility events, with 599 attendees and 52 employers 3125 on-campus interviews with 119 unique employers

approved 2590 new HuskyJobs employer accounts 6474 individual job postings 19 new memberships in our Husky Signature Employer program (for a total of 26 members) 959 new HuskyJobs alumni user accounts 174 sales of resume books to employers




6,200 comprehensive Career Guides

320 messages to Facebook, which were viewed 247,307 times and led to 1,041 new Likes for a total of 3,252 Likes dynamic website which logged 450,887 visits from 251,387 unique visitors…totaling over 2 million page views!

Campus Partners Tell Us…. “Thank you for your accessibility,

“Thanks again for coming to class

Employers Tell Us… “We are always so pleased with our

Veteran Services


In Winter and Spring 2012, the UW Career Center partnered with the UW Veterans Center, the UW student veteran group Husky United Military Veterans (H.U.M.V.), and the Counseling Center to produce a series of events and workshops targeted at the UW student veteran community. Over the course of six months, nine events and workshops were offered on campus, which brought in campus personnel and support staff, employers, and guest speakers to offer skill-building, mental health, networking and employment opportunities. The culminating event, a Networking Event with area employers, brought in more than 75 veterans who are actively job-seeking. The Career Center will continue to determine ways to support our student and alumni veterans.

In 2009, Student Life identified assessment as a top priority for our division for the purposes of improving our practice and telling our story. After gradually ramping up our assessment efforts, the Career Center made some big strides in 2011–2012. For the first time ever, we were able to show a statistically significant relationship between students using our services and having a job six months after graduation. More specifically, students who participated in a Mock Interview or in our On-Campus Interview program were significantly more likely to be employed than students who had not utilized these services. We learned a lot about creating quality assessments and we look forward to continue enhancing our assessment efforts.

The Peer & Intern Program

Peace Corps

The Career Center has a long history of hiring student workers to help enhance the depth and breadth of our work. In 2011–2012, we employed 15 students. Three focused on specific job functions—graphic design, tech support, and Peace Corps marketing. Eight students, called Peer Associates, provided front-line customer service to students, alumni, and employers at the front desk, over the phone, and via email. The remaining four students, called Peer Advisors, supported our counseling team by facilitating 1067 resume reviews and 23 mock interviews. Simply stated, our student workers are a tremendous asset to our center!

The UW’s Peace Corps recruiter is located in The Career Center and our partnership is cherished. During the 2011–2012 academic year, the recruiter hosted 18 events, which were attended by 525 students. He also facilitated weekly drop-in sessions and conducted one-on-one interviews. In Winter 2012, the UW was ranked #2 in undergraduate alumni Peace Corps volunteers and also #2 in graduate-level alumni volunteers. Furthermore, the tremendous work of our Peace Corps recruiter during the 2011–2012 academic year helped result in UW tying for the top spot in February 2013!

Students Tell Us…. “I wanted to thank you for all your

“I just wanted to tell you *thank you*

your collegiality and your ongoing

this afternoon. You should know that

applicants from UW. Thank you

help and quick responses to my

for your excellent efforts in helping

“I wouldn’t be the person I am today without our brief sessions in the UW

“Thanks again for the guidance. The tips on ways to get more out

“In my 4 years at UW I think my main problem was as you mentioned in

thoughtfulness about the work of

your visits came up very frequently

for all that you do to facilitate our

emails. You have been the most

prepare grads for the job market.

Career Center. I say that with my

of the informational interview and

focusing too much on my weakness,

the university. My students and I

on the midterm course evals as one


kind and accommodating out of

Your work has made a positive impact

whole heart. When my new company

professional organizations were very

which has strained me over the years

really appreciate it.”

of the best and most useful parts of

everyone I’ve reached or tried to

on my career. I have accepted a tenure

scales to be everything it can possibly

helpful, but what I appreciated most

to have a negative perspective of my

reach and I greatly appreciate the

track job. During the whole process

be, be on the lookout for your name.

is that you actually went through

academic and daily life. This impact

wonderful customer service.”

of applying for jobs I drew heavily on

I couldn’t have done this without you.”

the process to search out people to

has made me blinded literally of every

talk to and meetings to attend. It is

accomplishment that I have achieved

“I just received my official invitation

so much more inspiring to see how

through my classes and thus devoid

the class! Not only do they love your

“This career fair was stellar. We had

visits, but the resume, goal statement,

a booth staffed by 8 and were busy

workshop on Wednesday! As usual,

and informational interview assign-

the entire time. We all walked away

we sang your praises afterwards all

ments have been much appreciated.

with a sense of energy and excite-

the way back to our building. (It’s

It’s clear that the future is on their

ment, were impressed by more

easy—I was able to screen, interview

doing on site interviews, and negotiat-

to partake in the training program

much there is out there to help with

me of acknowledgement of any posi-

hilarious, really – every year we have

minds and that having career devel-

students than we thought we would

and extend an offer in just over a

ing an offer. I feel lucky to have had

we discussed. I had an explosion of

the search than to just hear about it.”

tive experiences. You made me feel

the same conversation!) We’re very

opment as part of this class is really

be based on other career fairs.

week. The resume books make it

these resources. Thank you again –

emotion and so much gratitude. I

what I learned and did in any class

lucky to have the privilege of collabo-

appreciated by our seniors.”

simple to search for certain experi-

your work is greatly appreciated!”

know your support was crucial in my

can create “good” experiences that

acceptance. Thank you once again!!!”

are important as well as applicable

“Thanks so much again for the great

rating with you year after year.”

materials that you and your office “You made the process simple and

ence and background.”

provided on writing cover letters,

to the outside world.”

WHO WE PARTNER WITH Tailored Workshops FOR CAMPUS GROUPS: Undergraduate Departments: Bioengineering Business Civil & Environmental Engineering Communications Drama Early Childhood & Family Studies Economics Education, Learning, & Society English Environmental Health Evening Degree Materials Science & Engineering Oceanography Prosthetics & Orthotics Psychology Social Welfare Sociology

Graduate Departments: Audiology Global Health Health Administration Information Management Library & Information Science Museology Nutrition Physical Therapy Public Health Social Work Teacher Education

134 Mary Gates Hall Box 352810 University of Washington Seattle, WA 98195 206.543.0535

Other Groups: Admissions Office Alpha Kappa Psi BIOLink Chinese Students & Scholars Association College of Engineering Experiential Learning Programs FIUTS Engineers Without Borders Freshmen Interest Groups Hillel HUMV Jumpstart National Society of Black Engineers Orientation Leaders Pipeline Project Residence Life Robinson Center SAMLink Society of Women Engineers Student Association for a Greener Environment Surgical Outcomes Research Center Transfer Interest Groups Upward Bound Zeta Phi Beta

THANKS TO OUR EMPLOYER PARTNERS: Husky Signature Employers: Chevron CNA Insurance Comcast Edifecs Enterprise Rent A Car Expedia Fisher Investments Franz Family Bakeries Frito-Lay KeyBank Liberty Mutual Macy’s Medio Systems New York Life Novel Oregon Department of Transportation Philips North America Progressive Insurance Prudential Student Painters The Boeing Company T-Mobile Turner Construction Company United Marine Corps Officer Selection Team United States Navy Officer Programs

Thanks to our Campus Partners: Carlson Leadership and Public Service Center Counseling Center Departmental advisers First Year Programs Graduate School OMAD Academic Counseling Services Student-Athlete Academic Services UAA Advising UW Alumni Association Veterans Center

UW Career Center Annual Report 2011-2012  

UW Career Center Annual Report 2011-2012

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