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Business Information Technology Welcome to the School of Management and Governance! It is an honor for me to introduce you to the School of Management and Governance of the University of Twente. Our school provides high quality and attractive Master’s programmes in Business Administration, Public Administration, European Studies, Health Sciences, Business Information Technology, and Industrial Engineering and Management. Concrete topics at the core of our Master’s programmes are management and governance, administration, innovation, technology and entrepreneurship. Prof. Dr. Karen van Oudenhoven-van der Zee, dean of the School of Management and Governance What makes our Master’s programmes of high quality and attractive? - Our Master’s programmes concern themes that apply to various sectors at the very heart of our society, from healthcare and higher education, to banking, business services and industry. - The driving force behind our programmes is a combined philosophy of high tech and human touch: how can we translate principles of management and governance into innovative technologies and what are the management and governance issues related to technological developments? -W  e offer Master of Science degrees that represent solid scientific and professional training in each of the six disciplines. Students learn to apply scientific principles in a practical and multidisciplinary way, and get handson experience by participating in the research projects being conducted by our academic staff. - Our educational model is aimed at educating students in research skills, organizational skills as well as skills in designing social interventions.

- We believe in high quality standards and expect commitment, enthusiasm and continuous performance from both our staff and our students. - Our Master’s programmes are characterized by an open atmosphere built on close collaboration between staff and students. We offer our students great freedom in customizing the curriculum to meet your individual preferences. In that way students can create a Master’s programme that suits their own interests and skills requirements. The School of Management and Governance prepares you for international professional practice and a promising career. Our aim is to develop the individual talent that the world needs to build a sustainable and creative future. We invite students who share this ambition to come and study with us!

Business Information Technology


programme The Master’s in Business Information Technology focuses on IT-based business innovation. You’ll become an expert at applying IT to devise new services and radically improve the way businesses work. IT continues to drastically change the way we work and live. As a BIT professional, you know that IT is not a goal unto itself. Using your keen insight into business processes and organizations, you know how to implement IT to innovate and add value. The two-year programme provides you with knowledge in areas like E-strategy and E-commerce, business and IT architectures, IT-based business models and management of IT projects. You will gain experience in designing successful organizational change programmes to implement new ways of working. The Master’s programme in Business Information Technology recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. It is run by leading research groups and pre-eminent


scientists and scholar-practitioners. The programme consistently ranks among the top-3 Master’s programmes in the Netherlands. Business Information Technology graduates are in high demand in industry, consulting, research and government. The shortage of individuals that can bridge IT advances and industry demand is expected to increase even further in the years to come. Exciting national and international careers await you!

Business Information Technology graduates are in high demand limited security). Using the latest theories and modelling languages, you will be able to design a goal architecture and assess the optimal change process. By aligning strategy, business process and IT architecture you will learn how to make IT work. The specialization focuses in particular on using IT to integrate business in a “value net”, in other words, an agile business network (one of the research themes of the research groups involved).

IT Management

Enterprise Architecture In today’s global and competitive world, businesses thrive when they work together seamlessly to offer leading services. This specialization gives you the knowledge and theories you need to design and implement business and IT architectures that enable businesses and business networks to function effectively. You will come to understand how IT infrastructure and software systems can be configured to support business processes and service innovations. The methods for information system specification, design and implementation will become part of your toolbox. You will learn to analyse current enterprise architectures and their limitations (e.g. lack of flexibility, lack of support for e-commerce and social media,

For both SMEs and large corporations, Information is now a key asset. Many IT specialists are employed by IT companies or contracted in sourcing arrangements with them. How can the IT function deliver high quality services that answer to the needs of business? What software systems should be installed to support business processes and services? How can a company’s web presence and social media usage be designed and implemented? These questions have become key in today’s business environment. Without professional IT management, modern organizations cannot survive. The IT management role requires knowledge of business processes and IT as an enabler of innovation and change. You will learn how to build strategies using IT and how E-commerce is using IT to serve customers on the web. Using financial knowledge and techniques from economics, you will master techniques to design a business case for IT projects. You will study the pros and cons of sourcing IT globally and the challenges of managing IT projects.

Business Information Technology


Admission requirements Dutch HBO students

International students

Graduates with a Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field of study from a Dutch University of Applied Sciences (HBO) may be considered for admission. Students will first need to complete a pre-Master’s programme.

International students with a Bachelor of Science in the field of Computer Science, Information Management, Industrial Engineering, Business Information Technology or Business Administration with the specialization Information Management and a CGPA of at least 70-75% of the maximum score are invited to apply for admission. In addition international students need to pass an English language test.

University of Twente students

Students holding a BSc degree in Business & IT, a BSc degree in Industrial Engineering and Management (Technische Bedrijfskunde) or a BSc degree in Computer Science (Technische Informatica) from the University of More detailed admission requirements are available at Twente qualify for direct admission. Students with another Bachelor’s degree from the University of Twente can refer to for admission requirements.

Dutch university students Students with a relevant Bachelor’s degree from another Dutch Research University are invited to apply for admission.

Career OPPORTUNITIES As a graduate in Business Information Technology, you will be perfectly placed for a career on the interface between management and computer science. Every sector needs people who can build bridges between IT and business and innovate businesses using IT resources. IT is vital to all kinds of businesses. You could work for an IT end-user as a business operations analyst, IT manager, information architect or system tester, for example. Or for a consultancy firm or IT company as a strategy consultant, IT manager or project manager, taking part in various different projects. You might also aim for a career in research and development or continue your studies as a PhD student. Or you may start a venture and become an entrepreneur. Your skills in IT, business, organizing and innovation will give you a great head start! Did you know that,, and many other leading e-commerce companies were started by students at our campus? You will be well versed in analysing and communicating with colleagues and external experts such as IT, marketing and financial specialists. You will have the know-how to make calculated decisions and to develop and implement methodical information systems from a scientific perspective. In short, making IT work for businesses will be your speciality., and many other leading e-commerce companies were started by students at our campus

Business Information Technology


Student’s Touch ‘Don’t hesitate to be innovative and always try to think how to use the new learned theory in the real world’ NAME Agung Adi Priyanto

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I completed my Bachelor’s programme in Information Technology at the Bandaung Institute of Technology in Indonesia. Afterwards I worked for over four years in the Financial department at a private company in Indonesia. This Master’s programme combines both experiences. This Master’s programme allows me to better understand my field of study. In the e-commerce course students were instructed to create a prototype of a new e-commerce business. It taught me how to create a business from scratch and what steps to follow to eventually have a full running business. A lot of Indonesian students favour the Netherlands. Since the UT is a member of 3TU I was expecting to study at one of the best technical universities in the Netherlands. Since the UT is a campus university it has a number of integrated facilities. Also, the number of international students here is quite high. This offers a great experience.

CONTACT For general information about the Master’s programme or the University of Twente, as well as for questions about the application form of your enrolment status, please contact:

University of Twente Study Information Desk Phone: +31 (0)53 489 5489

Student activism is difficult to combine with your study, but manageable. I am a board member of the Indonesian Student Association in Enschede (PPIE). There, I mainly learned how to work together with external organizations. After I finish my Master’s programme I plan to go back to Indonesia and apply for a job in the corporate strategic area. Eventually I hope I become an expert in the IT management field.

Business Information Technology  

As a Business Information Technology professional, you will be an expert in applying IT innovations to change the way businesses work.