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Our Healthy for Life team can help by:  Meeting up with you at your home or another place to have a chat about you and your family’s health issues  Linking you to a Doctor or Specialist  Arranging for you to have a regular Health Check.  Supporting you to get to your health appointments by arranging transport .  By providing ATSI checks for you, we get to know more about you and your health and how best to care for you to promote your health.  You have the option to tell us how you want your health care provided

Healthy for Life

 It provides us with the best strategic approach through health promotion and intervention and provides primary health care and

Our Healthy for Life Program is an Australian

referral services, health education and liaison between the Aboriginal

Government Program that is aimed at helping Aborigi-

& Torres Strait Islander communities and other health care providers.

nal and Torres Strait Islander people to get better

 Together Together with other health services in the area the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers play an active role in working towards ‘Closing ‘Closing the Gap’ within the service area.

Umoona Tjutagku Health Service Aboriginal Corporation Lot 08, Umoona Road,


Program Objectives are to:  enhance the quality of life for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people with chronic and complex illness

 improve the health of mothers, babies and children

Coober Pedy

 improve the long term health outcomes for our

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 reduce the incidence of adult chronic illness over



Healthy for Life's program design is based on delivering population health approaches in a primary health care context using quality improvement principles, processes and tools.

How can the Healthy for Life Team help you? Our Aboriginal Healthy for Life Team is made up of Registered Nurses, a Midwife and Health Workers who have the passion to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

Mums, Bubs and Kids Health & Wellbeing We work together with you, helping you and your family through pregnancy, birth, and the first growing years of your little ones’ lives. The Team can support you to make healthy choices for you and your family:

 give you information about pregnancy, child growth and development  Child immunisation  Education on breastfeeding, starting solid foods & nutritional education and support for young mothers and children

 Hearing referrals to SA hearing

Men’s and Boy’s Health Men and boys have different health and wellbeing needs to women and girls, which is something we recognise at Healthy for Life. Our Program is about listening to your health concerns, then helping you get to see a Doctor and have a Health Che Check, ck, even if you’re feeling fine at this point in time time..

Chronic, Complex and Aged Care Our Healthy for life perform health checks to improve the health outcomes of Aboriginal & Torres Islander people with chroni c health health conditions through multidisciplinary care and Asthma clinic, Wound Care, Eye , Ear , Foot , Diabetes, Heart and ASTI Checks are do on regular basis.

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