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Tone may be old as dirt, but it’s bring-

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ing a new look to bathrooms of all types. Sure, stone is known as a long-lasting, highly-durable option for bathroom walls and floors, but it’s today’s surprising treatments and unique fixtures that are making the material more dazzling, more dynamic and definitely more statement-making than ever before. From glowing onyx and classic marble to ornate agate and patterned granite, stone has become today’s decorative must-have for splashy spaces, from showy powder rooms to luxurious master baths.

Top Right: Designed by architect Scott Jaffa and fabricated from polished Utah onyx, this cantilevered asymmetrical sink creates a statement of color and light in a Park City home. Jaffa dressed the walls in undulating sandstone to ground the modern bathroom with an earthy mountain vibe. Above: Crosshatch sections of agate create a stunning patterned backsplash in the powder room of a Park City home. Designer Valerie Paoli positioned the treatment at mid-wall level where it could be easily studied and admired. Right: A pair of illuminated Veneto pedestal sinks by Stone Forest captures the brilliance of amber onyx in stunning, sculpture-like forms. Opposite: Subtle patterns in CaesarStone’s white quartz animate this cutting-edge modern bathroom. Backlighting the translucent quartz walls and floors accentuates the material’s luminosity and shadowy white tones.

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