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How to self register a new member as an Admin

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Task: Self Register a Member • Conditions: Using the USJTF Website as a Major or above in the United States Chapters or a Chapter Commander of an International Chapter learn how to self register a member with a new account who does not have internet access at the current time to the USJTF Homepage. -Importance of lesson: All USJTF Members are required to have a USJTF account and it is your responsibility as a senior leader to ensure either your members sign on for an account themselves or you manually make accounts for them they can access.

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Requirements • Must have a valid E-Mail address to register the member • Ask the member what his or her username will be to make signing on easy • No duplicate accounts for one member • When registering it is recommended you add rank to your members account • Please review the next slides to see how to register new members without internet access “Tip of the spear”

Click on Admin

Click on your members username by finding it in the member list or when they sign up right away here

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Go to members/ registration / and Click on register new member

Click on Modify Profile

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How to register a new member

Add username and USJTF rank by abbreviation (see next slide for details)

Give the member a generic password of 12345678 They can change it Enter their E-mail Assign the member their USJTF Rank

Click on Account Settings Click to finish “Tip of the spear�

How to abbreviate ranks Every rank is displayed before the User Name as Such EXAMPLE: Member signs up as “Newguy” in his username. To meet the standard (OPR) or the USJTF Rank of Operator is placed before his username he signed up with. Hence the new username would be: (OPR) Newguy

Officer Rank

USJTF Abbrev

Enlisted Rank

USJTF Abbrev

Enlisted Rank (CONT)

USJTF Abbrev

Second Lieutenant




First Sergeant


First Lieutenant




Sergeant Major




Operator First Class


Command Sergeant Major






Lieutenant Colonel






Staff Sergeant


Brigadier General


Sergeant First Class


Major General


Master Sergeant


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Enter your password you use to log in the website to complete the process

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What wrong looks like

Username no rank assigned Read next slide

Green bar confirmation below shows the member has been successfully registered Rank no rank assigned

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Conclusion • Setting up accounts for members with no internet access is an easy and simple process as shown in this presentation. • You are responsible for ensuring each member in your chapter either signs up for an account themselves or is made an account they can access. • Follow the procedure outlined in this presentation to include the abbreviation before the username and ranking members. • Any questions? Contact us at “Tip of the spear”

How to Self Register a New Member as an Admin  
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