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UseLocally Newark’s

Issue 9

Local businesses grow when you Use Locally January 2014






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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

We operate a policy of customer service that will never let you down


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Belvoir Interiors Beautifully Designed Kitchens

FREE Design Service

‘No one ever regretted buying quality’ Belvoir Interiors have been trading since 1969 and have been selling kitchens and interiors in Newark for over 25 years. We offer kitchens for every budget and style. From Traditional shaker kitchens to modern high gloss. Whether you are planning a new kitchen, building a new home or remodelling your existing kitchen, we’d love to hear from you, we can put your ideas into practice with a design service that represents exactly what you want, tailored to match your lifestyle and to suit your home, bring us your measurements for a free design and no obligation quote, appointments aren’t always necessary.


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OPENING HOURS Our normal opening hours are; Monday-Friday 9:00am - 5:00pm Saturday 9:00am - 4:00pm Sundays - Closed

Cook House, Brunel Drive, Newark, Nottinghamshire, NG24 2FB Tel : 01636 705892 Fax: 01636 676538 Web: Email:

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

In this issue...

Karols Korner


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, even though this is our January issue! You are probably reading it before Christmas. And what a year 2013 has been! The highs and lows - the birth of a royal Baby and Nelson Mandela passing. From one extreme to the other, but will you look back on 2013 with regret or having lived it to the full? And what of your resolutions? Do you still make them? We have some fabulous ideas for resolutions, from taking up a martial arts class, to learning to sing, and even taking part in a rugged extreme adventure Mud Run! (Not for the faint hearted I think!) Sitting here enjoying the mild weather I can hardly believe that soon I will need salt and shovels to cope with the snow coming our way – better pop over to Newark Paint opposite Northgate station, to be prepared. So to get 2014 off to a really great start, we have 4 new competitions for you to enjoy, we have had incredible response to our December competitions, thanks for entering and making them such a success, and sorry that there can only be one winner for each! So have a great New Year, remember to have a designated driver if going out over the festive season and have a glass of fizz to welcome 2014! Remember wherever you go to mention that you saw the advert in Use Locally! Happy New Year!

12 16 18 20 22 23 24 28 30 31 34 35

Spotlight on Energised Gym - a behind the scenes look at Gareth & Sams dream. Education Matters! News from Lancaster Grange Professional Legal & Accounting Clinic Stan the sweep wins Newark Business Awards Scrabble with the Drabbles – Januarys Short Story Eat, Drink & Be Merry! Enjoy getting down and dirty with the tough guys! Sowing Time with Pippa Greenwood Competition Page – Free draws & great prizes to be won! Whats on and Where to go this month. 6 ways to make money from your home. Local Business – Use Locally to help the community


yN Happ ear Y


Where can you pick up a copy of Use Locally? Use Locally distributes to the South and East sides of Newark, specifically: Witham St. Hughes, Fernwood, Farndon, Balderton, New Balderton, Beckingham, Collingham and Coddington. We are also available to pick up at various outlets across Newark. If you haven’t received a copy & would like one, please email To become an outlet for Use Locally, please email, with OUTLET in the subject line. For full distribution list please refer to our website For leaflet inserts in Use Locally magazine, please contact Leaflet inserts can be distributed for just £22.50 per thousand.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Newark Paint & Hardware

Bump SkidKid Red


Delta Sledge

Omega Sledge 83 Appletongate, Newark, Notts. NG24 1LP Opposite Northgate Station Monday - Friday: 7.30am-5.00pm Saturday: 8.00am - 12.00pm

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014


How to complain and make money

By Jasmine Birtles,

LQZULWLQJWRWKHKHDGRIÀFH$VN for compensation for your time and effort (suggest an amount of money) as well as having your item mended or replaced. Send letters by recorded delivery. Step 3: If you still aren’t VDWLVÀHGZULWHDJDLQDQGEH persistent. Those who write a third time usually receive at least some of what they want.

Complain about train tickets

When you purchase something, whether it’s a holiday or a hat, you’re entering into a contract of exchange. This means that the seller has agreed to meet your ‘statutory rights’. If these are not met or you’re not happy with the service, you can make a complaint and ask for compensation, either in the form of money or goods.

Complain about goods and services Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, shops must provide goods which are of satisfactory TXDOLW\DVGHVFULEHGÀWIRU purpose and last a reasonable length of time. They must provide services which are carried out with reasonable care and skill within a reasonable time and at a decent cost. The way to complain about substandard goods or services is: Step 1: Make a complaint in person or over the phone as soon as possible. Inform them that you know your statutory rights as a consumer. Step 2: If you don’t receive a satisfactory response, complain


You can be compensated between half and your entire ticket price if a train is delayed for more than half an hour (depending on the cause of the delay). How to do it: Step 1: Write to the train operator. Forms are available IURPWKHWLFNHWRIÀFHWKHLU website or from Step 2: Take your complaint further. If you’re unhappy with the response from National Rail, you can seek independent passenger representation from for journeys outside of London or uk for journeys in and around London. Claims will need to be made within 28 days and the original ticket must be sent with your complaint. Compensation is usually paid in rail vouchers.

Complain about insurance FRPSDQLHVDQGÀQDQFLDO services If you’re unhappy about the service you have received from DÀQDQFLDOFRPSDQ\LW¡VHDVLHU to complain than it used to be: Step 1: Complain directly to the

company in writing, explaining why you’re not happy and what you want the business to do in return. Send copies of paperwork and keep a record of your correspondence. Make sure you complain as soon as things go wrong. They will look at your complaint and see if it’s appropriate to compensate you. However in most cases they will try and avoid this so be persistent. You might have to be patient though as a business is allowed to take up to eight weeks to reach a resolution. Step 2: If you disagree, you can ask the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) ZZZÀQDQFLDORPEXGVPDQRUJ uk to look at your complaint for free.

Claim back PPI Millions of people across the country have been mis-sold Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) and have claimed back thousands of pounds in compensation. Step 1: Gather your paperwork and details and make a formal complaint to your bank or lender. You can download the forms from the Citizens Advice Bureau, Step 2: If the complaint isn’t resolved, you can refer it for free to the FOS via their website or by calling 0800 0234 567 (or 0300 123 9123 from a mobile).

FUN FACT: About 34m PPI policies have been sold since 2001, with almost ÂŁ14bn so far set aside by the banks and building societies in compensation.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Start your New Year with a Minster Conservatory and A rated doors and windows designed to your specification.

Minster Conservatories Doors & Windows

At Minster Conservatories our goal is to not only help you design and build your dream conservatory but make the process easy and enjoyable for you. We are a family run business with 20 year’s experience A Minster Conservatory will soon become your favourite room and an excellent way to boost your property’s price. Don’t move - improve with a tailor-made conservatory FREE DESIGN AND PLANNING SERVICE Let’s discuss your ideas! Your free consultation is just a phone call away. 01636 819477 To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014


ENERGISED FITNESS STUDIO Energized Gym is one of Newarks hidden gems, set in an old Georgian home, lovingly restored to its former glory, hiding a wide array of state of the art equipment and top hand picked instructors to help you achieve the results you have always wanted, in a supportive almost family style environment. I visited with Sam & Gareth over at Energized at Northgate House, and that is exactly how I felt as I drove away, as though I had been to visit friends. This is entirely due to the welcoming & relaxing atmosphere that both of the owners work very hard to achieve. Sam remembers how it felt to be the newbie at the class, feeling nervous, not knowing where to stand, not being able to keep up with the class, what to wear, and all the other worries we have about going somewhere new. Gareth has struggled with his own weight issues and put on lots of weight after giving up a blossoming rugby career, due to injury, he has worked hard to lose over 3 ½ stone in the last 18 months to achieve the desired weight and level of fitness he now has. Both of them always planned careers in the fitness industry 8

and are well on the way to achieving their dreams. This underpins everything they do at the gym. There’s never a them & us feeling, and there is a real depth of understanding to the problems real people face with the reality of juggling life, work, families, down time and all the other everyday problems we all face, just where do we find the extra time to go to the gym? This ensures that, above all Sam & Gareth focus on the client’s needs and work incredibly hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome, included and comfortable. From the simple things such as making sure the toilets and showers are well stocked, with all the usual items and other personal touches such as make up wipes, hair bobbles (don’t we all forget them!) and even foundation sachets, that you don’t find in other gyms. To the bigger issue of no annual membership or joining fees. Class times are adapted to clients needs where possible, and held both early in the morning and later in the evening to accommodate client’s needs. Personal training is available at times to suit too. There’s a lovely feeling of family

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

in the gym, no impersonal rooms with the machines sited in such a way as to give birds eye views of bottoms here, even the placement of machines are thoroughly thought out. The studio is beautifully light and airy, and it’s a space to be with friends and feel supported on your journey to fitness. The fitness machines vary from a rebounder for the less supple wannabe gym bunnies, to a free motion column, which works every part of you on 1 machine, - and this is continued all across the several rooms where clearly they have thought to ensure that all different body types and abilities can work out on the equipment, and in a smaller more intimate environment to suit each and every one of us. All across the gym you can see the personal touch and attention to detail that have Sam & Gareth’s names all over it. Chandeliers hang in the stairwells, the original flagstone floors, fireplaces, staircases and doors all lovingly and painstakingly restored by them, 10

and its obvious to me that this attention to detail continues into their clients. Sam & Gareth have a dream of 5* luxury at a reasonable price, and are achieving this at Northgate House. Enter the free competition on page 30 to win a free months membership, facial and massage, and even if you don’t win the fabulous prize, all entrants win a free class to allow you to sample the Energized experience for yourself.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

The Better Life Car Boot Capers by Derek Thompson If Chinese philosophers ever need new pearls of wisdom, I’d like to suggest one of mine: When your garage is so full of WDWWKDW\RXFDQ¡WÀWWKHFDULQ it’s time to do a car boot. ,GRKDYHDWDWÀOLQJV\VWHP RIVRUWVVRLW¡VQRWGLIÀFXOW WRÀQGDQ\WKLQJ LI\RXFDQ clamber over everything else). On one side, opposite WKHÀUHZRRGSDOOHWWKDWZH found dumped in a lay-by, is a salvaged cupboard unit, held together with an assortment of odd screws. In there live the boxes of books relegated from our shelves, an old beer tray from a charity shop and two binbags full of Anne’s castoffs - mainly shoes.

the last box of books from the boot. As car boot trader novices, we were surprised at how quickly some of our best stuff went, and even more surprised at how quickly it reappeared on other stalls at twice the price. Also, I lost count of how many times a cheery conversation ended up being steered towards the phrase: ‘Any chance of a discount?’ And this was often for books going for ÂŁ1 apiece.

I’m not a massive fan of haggling, although I did manage some furtive bartering for veg. After a couple of bursts of brisk trade, business really tailed off. And when We’ve always loved car boots. the same faces went past They’re really another form of for a third time we decided recycling - turning unwanted to call it a day. Ironically, JRRGVLQWRFDVK DQGWKHQ packing up brought all the EX\LQJRWKHUSHRSOH¡VĂ RWVDP  hardcore bargain hunters Car boots can also be a out from the shadows. A new great place to pick up old and phrase became the norm: perfectly serviceable tools. For “How much for this - save you example, my much-loved ÂŁ1 taking it home?â€? Frankly, I felt wrench was the only thing that embarrassed for the books. could undo the old water pump 2QFHZH¡GĂ€QDOO\FORVHGWKH so that we could replace the boot, we did a circuit together. gasket and shaft head. Now, by some strange When we parked up on site, alchemy, random objects people swarmed around our acquired unexpected allure. car as if we were in a zombie How had I ever got by Ă€OP DQG,VFDUHHDVLO\ $QQH without a ceramic foot warmer stepped out to force them or a DVD of Yes Minister? back, but she was already doing deals before I’d lifted

a beeline for one of the plant stalls. By the time I caught up with her, she was hunting for specimens on some invisible list I’d not been privy to. Once she’d checked what was available and asked about growing conditions, I watched, in astonishment, as she ceased swapping pleasantries to ask, “Is there any discount for buying in bulk?â€? She always was a fast learner. Anything we didn’t sell on the day went to a charity shop. It turned out that the ceramic foot warmer leaked GRQ¡WDVN VRLWQRZVLWV in ignominy in the garden. The DVD was excellent. I’ve moved it to the garage, in the empty cupboard, just in case.

Derek Thompson is a writer and humourist based in the West Country. His writing blog can be found at www. alongthewritelines.blogspot. com and he is also a regular at www.strictlywriting.

Anne left me to it and made

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

JACK HAS GOT AN EXTRA CHOICE OF SCHOOL “I’ve just put our Jack down for the Newark School of Enterprise. I applied using their application form and it didn’t affect my school choice. Fantastic news, a brand new school with fully qualified QTS teachers, 21st century facilities and Jack will learn business skills from Year 7 too! It’s a no brainer, he can’t lose”. Jack’s mum didn’t know about the NSE direct application process when she applied for a school place via the Local 12

Authority. She was told about NSE by a friend and then spoke with Tony at NSE who talked her through the process. She is absolutely delighted as applying directly to the NSE now means there is a choice of an excellent school for her son in Newark . If like Jack and his mum you would like another secondary school option for your child, but you are worried about it affecting your Local Authority application, simply fill in the NSE application form and either post it to the address at the foot

of the page or arrange with Tony for it to be collected.

The NSE application form will be delivered through your letter box this week & can also be downloaded at Talk to either Tony or Andrew on 01636 653056. Remember applying for a place at NSE by this method doesn’t affect your school current application.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

VISITORS ARE WELCOME ANY TIME Welcoming, friendly, highly qualified staff Flexible childcare at affordable prices

Amazing outdoor areas

WE OFFER A caring environment

Martin Forster House, 10 Appletongate, Newark, Notts, NG24 1J4

Great facilities, beautiful garden and room to offer breakfast and after-school club too. We also offer care for 0-5 year olds. Free places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds

FREE french & golf lessons A place for children to develop to their full potential

52 London Road, New Balderton, Newark NG24 3AH Tel:01636 679050 79 Appletongate, Newark NG24 1LP Tel: 01636 613829

Come and see us! For more information call Alison on

01636 706949

Don’t forget to mention Use Locally when replying to adverts!

This space could be yours for as little as


per month

reaching over 30.000 readers in and around NG24 14

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Have you seen the

What’s on section online? for more information


SIDED LEAFLETS 170gsm glossy paper

Other sizes and quantities are available Call for details


ÂŁ110 including delivery

01476 407323 To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Lancaster Grange... welcoming visitors and helping older people to stay safe and well over Christmas. With the long winter days now with us, here at Lancaster Grange care home we are aiming to take the worry out of winter for many and to offer support and company to our local community throughout the coming months. With a range of tasty FREE Winter Recipe Cards currently available to all visitors to the home - we also have hints and tips to offer on keeping warm and well this winter. Situated on the edge of Fernwood we offer a warm welcome in a homely and comfortable atmosphere. Amanda and the team have been busy developing a great calendar of social activities to cater for all tastes and this gives both residents and visitors the opportunity to make new friends and enjoy a wide range of entertainment. From the recent launch of our regular monthly Coffee Mornings (on the first Thursday of each month, from 10.00 12.00am) to our first Christmas Party on Wednesday 18 December from 3.30pm when the Palace Singers are performing, all are welcome - it certainly continues to be a busy few weeks as we welcome many new visitors and residents to our home! This can be a beautiful time of year but it can also be hazardous and cold for older people. So our simple tips.... have at least one hot meal a day to keep your energy levels up; make sure you drink regularly; keep warm and wrap up even when inside; make sure your heating is working; have food in the cupboard that will keep in 16

It was 'eyes down look in' at our December Coffee Morning as we enjoyed a Musical Bingo session with our own Amanda as caller.

A festive trip out to the Palace Theatre Snow White Pantomime provided a great afternoon's entertainment - complete with interval ice creams!

case the bad weather makes shopping difficult; make sure your flu jab is up to date; take care moving around, especially outside; be extra vigilant on dark nights; keep in touch with neighbours, friends and family. The consequences of poor nutrition are well-known but are especially important for those people living with Dementia. With Daycare and short respite breaks also available at Lancaster Grange we are able to offer a worry-free alternative with no fuel bills to worry about or food shopping to do, whilst knowing that qualified care staff are always on hand. Lancaster Grange's surroundings and services are tailored to accommodate people requiring different types of care - from

residential and nursing, to dedicated dementia care in our Memory Lane community. Providing high quality services in a first class setting is something we are proud of and are already building a great reputation as can be seen from the recommendations that we continue to receive. We are committed to providing the best possible care, promoting dignity, independence and choice and are always happy to discuss the care choices available. Familiarisation days or just a quick coffe or lunch with us can be arranged so that you can see just what life at Lancaster Grange is all about! So if your care needs or those of a relative of friend should change, we can offer support and advice to allow you to make informed decisions about the future. Caren Billingsley, General Manager at Lancaster Grange, has a wealth of experience in health and socal care, both as a qualified nurse and as a successful manager. As Caren said 'The best way to find out about the care we provide is to come and visit us and get a good feel for Lancaster Grange. We adapt care to meet your needs or those of your friend or relative. We continue to engage fully with the local community and friends and relatives are welcomed at all time, particularly over this festive period.' Why not call in for more details of how we can take the worry out of your winter this year and collect your FREE Winter Recipe Cards or call Caren on 01636 594300.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Making your Will or Power of Attorneys has never been so easy Get professional advice and your most important documents drafted without having to leave your home to do it. Call Steve Drury on 01529 306005 for a truly outstanding, professional, friendly and value for Money service.

FREE talks and presentations to groups of 10 or more (daytime or evenings) (1 hour duration)

ESTATE PLANNING SERVICES Wills, Advance Decisions (Living wills), Trusts including protective property Trusts, Severance of Tenancy, General & Lasting Power of Attorneys (Property & Financial Affairs and Health & Welfare), Inheritance Tax Advice, Probate Services, Pre paid Funeral Planning. All appointments are made in the comfort of your own home


Telephone 01529 306005 Email:



“A meadow and woodland for remembrance in Sherwood Forest in the County of Nottinghamshire” 9 miles north of Notts City Centre | Salterford Lane, Calverton. NG14 6NZ Member of the Association of Natural Burial Grounds Tel 01623 882210 (Op 2) or 07800 635037 E:

The object of sudoku is to insert the missing numbers in the boxes to satisfy just one condition: each row, column and 3x3 box must contain the digits 1 through to 9 exactly once. This can be done by applying logic – you do not have to guess.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

As a New Year begins why not get your personal affairs in order!

A recent survey showed that over 60% of adults in the UK have not made a Will, and more alarmingly 74% of co-habiting couples do not have a Will. Without a valid Will, your loved ones will have little control on the inheritance of your estate. Take control and make your Will today. Making a Will need not be a complex process. Our legal advisers will guide you through the procedure to ensure your Will complies with your wishes. Are Wills expensive? No! A standard Will for one person is £115 plus vat whilst Wills for a couple are £175 plus vat. Charges for additional advice for example on inheritance tax may be made by your adviser with your agreement. In short making a Will is a simple procedure. Our staff are friendly and as one of them often states to her clients ' we have dispensed with torture equipment' and the process is painless (we promise) at a relatively low cost to you. What is achieved by making a Will? By making a Will your wishes as to who is in charge of your personal affairs and who benefits from your personal assets are controlled by you. This prevents the confusion and what can be unfairness of the intestacy rules.

IS YOUR YOUR NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTION RESOLLUTION TO T O MAKE A WILL? W ? WILL As a New Year begins why not get your personal affairs in order. Making a Will need not be a complicated and GLI÷FXOWSURFHVV:HKDYHDWHDP of caring experts who can guide you through the process and take the burden from your shoulders. Wills start from as little as £115 +VAT for a Single Will and £175 +VAT for a Mirror Will.

We will work with you to ensure your requirements are dealt with and provide you with the peace of mind that your last wishes are respected and your estate will be distributed the way you had intended after you have gone.

Call us on 01636 594460 and let us help.

If you are interested in making a Will please contact us at our offices on Bargate in Newark or call 01636 594460.

2 & 2A Bargate, Newark. 01636 594460.

Ringrose Law where individuals count. 18

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Allowable expenses for the self-employed Being self-employed you are allowed business expenses which can go through your books and onto your tax return. Do you know what you claim and what you cannot? This can be the downfall of some when they claim disallowable expenses and then have to pay these back when under a HMRC investigation. The worst part can be that they have now claimed what they can, meaning HMRC are very happy. Some of the do’s and don’ts of expenses are: Do’s • Purchases/Materials • Tools and equipment • Promotional items • Motor expenses • Telephone charges • Postage and stationery • Mileage • Legal, Professional and Accountancy Fees • Bank Charges • Use of home as office • Capital expenditure Don’ts • Entertaining • Drawings • Personal/private expenditure not related to the business • Depreciation

Focusin Focusing ng g on your needs d needs “ Focus Focus A Accounting ccounting was es established stablished in 2009, 2009 and is an award winning accountants with offices in both Retford Worksop Retforrd and W orksop o in North Nottinghamshire We We understand the pressures involved in starting start and growing a busin business, so we will be there to ssupport and advise you alon along the way. You Yo ou can feel confident con knowing we are there to deal with your accounts for you. you Creating a system that is simple to use, meaning you have ha more time to spend on sp growing your business, bu making it work ffor you.” Claire Weingaertner Weingaert Owner and Accountant A ccou

Points to remember: Allowable expenses are generally the same each year but these can change, so you need to check and make sure when filling in your return that all your expenses are allowable for that financial year. From 2013/14 onwards there are flat rates which can be used to simplify your return, however, just ensure this benefits you and your business!. You can use a simplified expenses checker for this which can be found: Focus Accounting advice online provides answers to any queries you may have to any submission dates to ensure you meet all your deadlines. With no cost to this service, you can ensure you are staying on the right side of HM Revenue and Customs so you can sleep easily. If you would like to speak to us with any queries you may have please contact Claire on 01777 712762 or Focus Accounting – where we focus on you!

Retford Office

Worksop Office

Retford Enterprise Centre Randall Way Retford Nottinghamshire DN22 7GR 01777 712762

Langfell Chambers 135-137 Gateford Rd Worksop Nottinghamshire S80 1UD 07568 558592

email: web: If you haven’t haven’t got the timee to come to us, don’t don’t worry we will simply come out to you, whether it’s it ’s your home or place of business. businesss.


To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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FREE CAVITY WALL INSULATION This offer is available to all homeowners and private landlord tenants in the East Midlands.



Your qualified surveyor is: Lane Sands

07721 026878

Stan sweeps the honors at Newark Business Awards! What a year for Stan the Sweep, first he was awarded the BEST NEW COMPANY 2013, by the Guild of Master chimney Sweeps, for clearly providing a service above and beyond the industry standard. And to end the year on a high he has won the Newark Advertisers Successful New Business Award. Stan provides first class Chimney Sweep and Maintenance Services throughout Newark, Retford and the surrounding areas within a 30 mile radius. Chimney Sweeping is important as it helps to prevent chimney fires – a clean chimney is a safe chimney. Therefore he offers an unrivalled brush and vacuum sweep service to British Standard 6461, and is able to offer knowledgeable and independent advice in all aspects of chimney care and maintenance. As a professional Chimney Sweep Stan can diagnose chimney problems and blockages and provide and fit chimney liners to provide 20

the spread of combustible waste products and heat loss. Make sure you get your chimney cleaned & swept without delay.

STAN THE SWEEP Professional Vacuum Chimney Sweep No Mess & Fully Insured Certificate Issued Chimney Liners, Birdguards, Specialist equipment for stoves wood burners & liners Stove bricks, glass & Rope supplied & fitted Stoves refurbished

07831 661304 / 01636 821466 Email:

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r a e You Y w w e e N N


Classses Classes for All for

Goo S Swimm i ming i Swimming

First 50 join for

FREE Membership Sale now on...

W ork Out O in Work Fit Fitness S it Suite A One to One appointment with a Professional Instructor

16 £ m o r F nth o m r e p

We will help you achieve your targets quicker: Benefits of our programme: • Quickest way to get lean • Best way to burn fat • Improve your body shape now


Blidworth Comm Community munity Leisur e Centr e Leisure Centre (01623) 466266

Duk eries Le eisure Dukeries Leisure Centr e Centre 469 (01623) 862 862469

Gr ove Leis ure Grove Leisure Centr e Centre (01636) 655 5780 655780

South well Le eisure Southwell Leisure Centr e Centre (01636) 81300 00 813000


LEISURE CENTRE TRUST w To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Short Sho rt Sto Story ry Scrabble Scrabbl e wi with t the Drabbl th Drabbles es Melanie had arrived at the hotel in Lanzarote exhausted butt excited, then received a glo glowing owing welcome from a handsome e young Receptionist, with th the he name ‘Angel’ on his badge badge.. Her family had thought her decision to holiday alone was w crazy crazy,, but Melanie wanted, just once in her life, to do some ething something reckless. If the hotel guests s are as nice as Angel, she’d d ng to thought, this holiday is goin going be perfect. After exploring the hotel complex, however however,, she’d slumped into a state of dism may. dismay. She discovered the island was w having its wettest January ad for thirty years, and she ha had ofbooked herself into an outout-ofd of season resort with a crowd his Bingo-loving pensioners. T This g was not going to be the big adventure she’d hoped it would w be. It was dull, but bearable, un ntil until she met Dennis and June Drabble. Dennis swooped ture upon her like a clammy vul vulture declaring his intention to ta ake take her under his wing. He had d a fondness for his own awf ful awful opinions. And June was kid dding kidding herself that wearing massiv ve massive sunglasses concealed the fact f that she was constantly lus sting lusting after Fario, the overweight lifeguard with one eyebrow w. eyebrow. The Drabbles wouldn’t leav ve leave her alone. So far Melanie had h shared an evening of Mono opoly, Monopoly, T rivial Pursuit and Cluedo with w Trivial them in the hotel lounge. Dennis D was the type of person who o sulked whenever it looked like he might not win. June glug gged glugged back all-inclusive gin until her h


sunglasses steamed up. All A day g Melanie had been dreading their threat of Scrabble, so o rebel. tonight she decided to rebe el. When the coast was clear she a tiptoed into the lobby and asked Angel to call her a taxi. “Where are you going, Mis Miss?” ss?” picked he asked politely as he pic cked up the phone. Melanie shrugged. “A A bar? Somewhere lively? y? I need to get out of here.” He glanced towards the lounge, looked back at herr sympathetically and winked d. winked. “I know the perfect place: good food, great music, yo oung young people.” ude. Melanie smiled with gratitu gratitude. “That sounds absolutely perfect.” Across the lobby Melanie g sight g of the Drabble es caught Drabbles parading through to the lou unge. lounge. She ducked down behind a potted palm but was too la ate; late; they had spotted her her.. “Ready for Scrabble, Missy y?” Missy?” Dennis rattled the scrabble e box in her face just as Ang gel Angel announced, “Y Your o taxi will arrive “Your LQÀYHPLQXWHVµ A look of supreme of fence offence crossed Dennis’ s face. Dennis’s “Y Yo ou’re not going out?” It “You’re sounded more like a statem ment statement than a question. “I am actually,” actually,” Melanie gu lped. gulped. “I’m going to a bar”. “On your own? Surely that isn’t safe?” “No,” Melanie lied. ”I’m me eeting meeting someone.”

“He’s a terrible gigolo I hea ar.” “He’s hear.” “We should come with you u,” “We you,” s Dennis said glancing at his watch as though this was all ed to very inconvenient. “I’ll nee need ÀQGP\ZDOOHWµ ckly. “Oh no,” Melanie said quic quickly. The last thing she wanted was the Drabbles chaperoning her w on an imaginary date. “I would .” hate to spoil your evening evening.” y “It would seem it is already g the spoilt,” Dennis said tossing desk. scrabble box onto the desk. What the young lady mea ans ” ans, “What means,” s Angel intervened, “is that she nds will be in perfectly safe ha hands and delivered back to the hotel h in one piece - by me.” With authority, he ushered them m authority, towards the lounge. “Thank you,” Melanie said d, said, ne. once the Drabbles had go gone. n’t “Honestly though, you didn didn’t have to lie on my behalf.” ´0\VKLIWKDVMXVWÀQLVKHGDQG ´0\VKLIWKDVMXVWÀQLVKHGDQG you my my I would love to show y d beautiful island,” he smiled shyly. “Unless you’d preferr shyly. Scrabble.” The taxi pulled up outside outside.. The arm rain had stopped and a wa warm ed breeze blew in that smelle smelled d, of sea mist, adventure and and, possibly, romance. possibly,

“Not Fario?” croaked June June..

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By Jackie Bre Brewster ewster

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Your Special Day

Why not come along and taste coffee made by those who love it? Choose from a range of beverages including our well loved coffee l Drink in or take away l IGMOO - Milkshake in over 90 different flavours l Delicious food served from 7.30am l Free Wifi l

TRY OUR MOUTHWATERING SELECTION OF 5 SPRINGHEAD ALES, AND 1 GUEST ALE ALWAYS AVAILABLE. Enjoy our Sports Lounge, with Sky Sports, and delicious Sunday Carvery available 12- 4 on Sundays, at only £4.95 for children & £6.95 for adults. REGULAR LIVE ENTERTAINMENT EVERY SATURDAY Open from 12 every day Need a venue? We have a 100 capacity function room available for hire.


For more information call 01636 673386 The Roaring Meg, 117 Barnby Gate, Newark, NG24 1QZ

Visit us at 22-24 Kirk Gate Newark on Trent


Café Feast Home made vegetarian & vegan world food

Hundreds of suits From £49.95 From 34” - 54”


4B Church St Newark (directly opposite the church door)


Mon – Sat 10.30 – 4.30 Dinner by reservation

Christmas gifts don’t fit or Winter coat too big? We do alterations too!

Call Jonathan on 07913 695315 Find us on Trip Advisor.

Sherwood House, Dale Lane, Blidworth, Notts, NG21 0SA

01623 793073 07807 889795 Open 9 – 4 Mon – Sat

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

TOUGH EVENT “TAKES OFF” IN NEWARK We interviewed the organisers of ‘Airfield Anarchy’, a local Mud Running event that’s all over town. Not only does it have tough and demanding obstacles set over two course lengths, 5km and 10km, but it is the first of its kind to be themed around the Royal Air Force. Even better, the event takes place here in Newark! The event takes place at RAF Winthorpe, an ex-World War II base that many of you now know as the show ground. The airfield was a training station to 5 Group, (part of Bomber Command) and saw our bomber boys flying a range of aircraft, converting to “heavies” such as the Lancaster throughout the conflict. Over 1000 runners are expected to flood the area in March, many supporting the RAF Benevolent Fund, a cause very close to the hearts of many in the area due to the number of families connected with the

RAF. It is good to see that the event organisers are also keen to “keep it local” where possible, working with home-grown businesses, especially in the event village which is set to be an experience in itself. The day is also set to be a great family day with a kids club, live music, hog roast and camping facilities, not to mention a free pint of 'Triple A' (‘Airfield Anarchy Ale’) or soft drink for every finisher provided by the Poachers brewery.

The event is taking place on 22nd March 2014 just outside Newark, on the A17, so if you fancy a challenge in the New Year in support of a worthy cause, get involved at 24

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

CORPORATE & FAMILY ENTERTAINMENT AT ITS BEST If you’re a Karting enthusiast, Paintball adrenaline seeker, Quad bike fanatic, or simply fancy beating your mates at Ten-Pin Bowling then Ancaster is definitely the place for you. Here at Ancaster Kart Racing we specialise in event organisation, so that means even if you can't see an activity on our site, we can arrange it for you. Anything from nights out to clay pigeon shooting & spa weekends, how is that for taking the stress out of organising your mates birthday or Stag/Hen weekend?

Ancaster Leisure Enterprises

Tel: 01400 230306 Fax: 01400 230153 Wood Lodge, Ancaster, Grantham, Lincs. NG32 3PY

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This space could be yours for as little as


per month

reaching over 30.000 readers in and around NG24

New Year’s Resolutions A New Year, a new resolution, a new challenge. So you want to get fitter, burn of a few calories, shed a few pounds, feel more energetic, learn some healing skills, new life skills and some self defence. There are people out there doing all that and more right now. So why not join them. For just £5 per 2 hour session you could enter a new lifestyle with like-minded people and create and develop a New you. There’s no age limit as long as you’re over 16 and suitable for either gender. If you want all that and more then Ninjutsu is for you. Mention this and get all of January FREE. Contact Kiyth Fotitt 07860 755201 or Training times; Weds 7-9 pm, adults only, Sunday 10 am -12 noon Venue; 6th Newark Sea Scout HQ, Riverside, Farndon, Newark, Notts, NG24 3SX

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Guaranteed saving savings gs EXTRA DISC% O ON ENE UNT RGY Energy on Ener gy Save money - or get ge et ‘Double the Difference’ Differen nce’

Start your day with us Home made & Home cooked, fresh local ingredients to make fabulous warming hearty dishes, with meat provided by Porters Butchers. Join us for delicious dinners, lovely lunches and tasty breakfasts & our own freshly baked cake & pastries. Our regulars come back because we are friendly, good value, and always aim to please.

Phone orders taken fo collectio r n Want W a ant guaranteed savings? Join n the Club!

Find out more!

Craig Craig Tulip Tulip 01775 722792 01775 722792 Charges, terms terms and conditions apply. apply. For full details of the Utility Warehouse Warehouse Warehouse website. ‘Double the Difference’ Price Promise see the Utility W arehouse a


GROUP BOOKINGS TAKEN Jennys Café 55A London Road, Balderton, NG24 3AG 07580 036783 (next door to M-R Systems)

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Gray Lawrence

Tighten, Tone & Firm in as little as 45 Minutes

A single wrap is £25.00 If you have 8 or more interested in a house “party” yours will be free.

It Works! offers the world’s first naturally based body contouring line. You simply won’t find anything like it in the world today. To this day, It Works!’ first product is still its most popular: The Ultimate Body Applicator. The Ultimate Body Applicator is a non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically-based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning, and firming results when applied to the skin.

To find out more please email gray at Tel: 01522 691508 Mob: 07726 591314

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION TO STOP SMOKING? Come in and ask about our FREE stop smoking service. Firendly & helpful advice and help. Try our FREE prescription collection & delivery service, for your regular & repeat prescriptions.

Open: Mon­Fri 9am­5.30pm Sat 9am­1pm Sun Closed l


en the Have you se ection What’s on s online? for uselocally.c ation more inform To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014





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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Strictly Come Dancing The Live Tour Returns for a FAB-U-LOUS Seventh Year Abbey Clancy, Deborah Meaden, Susanna Reid and Nicky Bryne Complete the Star Studded Line Up on The Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2014 With just four tense weeks to go until the grand final on BBC One, the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour 2014 is delighted to announce that model and dancing sensation Abbey Clancy, Dragons’ Den star Deborah Meaden, BBC Breakfast presenter Susanna Reid and Westlife heartthrob Nicky Byrne will complete the 2014 celebrity line up. They will join former England Rugby World Cup winner Ben Cohen; Coronation Street’s Natalie Gumede; and actor and funny man Mark Benton on the much-loved tour. The multi-million pound show production will visit Capital FM Arena Nottingham 4-5 February 2014. Alongside the exciting celebrity line-up, Craig Revel Horwood, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli are back as the tour’s formidable judges. They will be on hand to give their expert feedback and all important scores to the celebrities and their dance partners. They will be joined by former Strictly favourite Lisa Riley, who returns to the glitterball dance floor as host of the 2014 tour. On announcing her place on the tour, Susanna Reid said: “Strictly is intense, absorbing, enormously demanding and endlessly enjoyable. I’m thrilled I’m going to be part of the tour, I’ll be making sure I’m on top form, to put on the best show possible for the wonderful arena audiences around the country.” Nicky Byrne added: "A Strictly experience is like no other and I thoroughly enjoyed my time on the show. After originally deciding to retire from competitive ballroom dancing and hang up my Cuban heels, I've decided to dust them off and give it one more shot to try and change Craig's mind about my dancing! I'm excited and ready for the challenge - I think!" Last December a peak audience of more than 13 million viewers tuned in to watch the Strictly final on BBC One, when gymnast Louis Smith was crowned the winner. The television format, also known as Dancing With The Stars, entered the

Guinness Book of World Records three years ago as the world’s most successful reality television show and 48 different versions of the show have been licenced across the world by BBC Worldwide. Tickets are available to buy now and are priced at £50.40 and £72.80 (price includes administration fee). Tickets can be booked online, via 0843 373 3000 or in person at Ticketing & Customer Services, Bolero Square, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1LA. Please note there is a maximum of eight tickets per person for this show.

Marshalls M a r s h a l l s of of Sutton S u t t o n on o n Trent Trent L Ltd td “Y o u r Aw a r d W iinning n n i n g C oach oach Your ward O pperator” erat or” C ooach a c h E n ggineer i n e e r ooff tthe h e yyear e a r & FFinalis i n a l i s t SSmall m a l l B uuss o pperator erator 2 0011 3

22014 014 D Day ay T Trip r ip B rrochure o c h u rree O UT N OW OUT NOW F For o r further ffuu r t h e r information i n ffoo r m a t i o n please p l e a s e don’t d o n ’ t hesitate h e s i t a t e to to ccontact o n t a c t us u on o n 01636 0 1 6 3 6 821138 8 2 1 1 38 ccharlie@marshall h a r l i e @ m a r s h a l l sc s c o a che s .c o .uk. “W o o k forward ffoo r w a r d to t o seeing s e e i n g you y o u in i n the t h e ffuture”. Wee llook fuu t u r e ” .

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014


2 free entries to take part in the mud running event. FREE DRAW


Must have email and address on entry. Entries should be sent to with Airfield Anarchy in the subject or by post to Use Locally, Kane Farm, Boston Road, Heckington, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 9JQ marked competition. Entries by the 14th January 2014. Phone entries are not accepted. Editors decision is final. No cash alternative.


FOR TWO ADULTS TO THE KELHAM HALL FAIR ON 26th JANUARY. Simply answer the following question. WHEN IS THE NEXT ABBEY FAIRS EVENT GOING TO BE HELD AT KELHAM HALL? Must have email and address on entry. Entries should be sent to with Abbey Fairs in the subject or by post to Use Locally, Kane Farm, Boston Road, Heckington, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 9JQ marked competition. Entries by the 15th January 2014. Phone entries are not accepted. Editors decision is final. No cash alternative.


ALL ENTRANTS RECEIVE A FREE CLASS JUST FOR ENTERING, Must have email and address on entry. Entries should be sent to with Energised in the subject or by post to Use Locally, Kane Farm, Boston Road, Heckington, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 9JQ marked competition. Entries by the 10th January 2014. Phone entries are not accepted. Editors decision is final. No cash alternative.

FREE Prize Draw

win 2 tickets

to see Strictly Come Dancing on February 5th at 2.30pm (matinee show)

Must have email and address on entry. Entries should be sent to with Strictly Come Dancing in the subject or by post to Use Locally, Kane Farm, Boston Road, Heckington, Sleaford, Lincs, NG34 9JQ marked competition. Entries by the 15th January 2014. Phone entries are not accepted. Editors decision is final. No cash alternative.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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MUSIC FUND We welcome everyone and strongly encourage you, whatever your own beliefs or background, to join us at one of the eight choral services held each week, by taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to empty yourself of care and reflect on the wonder and vastness of this magical place, whilst listening to some of the most exquisite music to be heard anywhere in the world. Lincoln’s Choir Outreach Project engages with schools around the county, offering an opportunity to develop children’s singing in partnership with our professional musicians. Singing is a powerful and multi-skilled activity, giving children access to a uniquely wide range of development and educational tools. Since launching our project in 2007, we have worked with primary schools, but we are equally interested in partnerships with secondary schools and would welcome a conversation about this with any interested teachers. It does not matter at all whether or not

Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

a school already has a choir – we have started choirs from scratch and worked with existing and experienced groups. Help us keep alive the tradition of child choristerships. With your support we can bring enormous benefits to the lives of talented young people. Contributing to our choristerships is easy and we greatly appreciate donations of any size. Make a donation through the collection boxes in the cathedral by ticking the ‘Music Fund’ box on the donation envelope Through regular giving, a legacy, or living will, or by a larger gift from £3,000 upwards. All of these methods of giving will directly contribute to a Choristership via: The St Hugh Choristership – A regular donation by standing order of amounts over £100 or more, preferably under gift aid, will be put towards this annual Choristership and enable a suitably talented young person

to enter the choir. You will also receive an invitation to the next Choristership Service held in September. The Imp Choristership – A rather mischievous name for a chorister, but you can fund this Choristership by making regular donations of any amount up to £100, preferably under gift aid, or by making a donation through the collection boxes in the cathedral. The creation of an Annual Choristership (£3,000) or Permanently Endowed Choristership (£50,000) in the name of your choice. You will also receive an invitation to the next Choristership service held in September. To keep up to date with the latest events go to www.lincolncathedral/events or to receive regular updates via a monthly e-newsletter contact: Angela Chappell 01522 561612

Sponsor a Chorister

HELP US KEEP THE TRADITION OF CHILD CHORISTERSHIPS ALIVE With your support we can bring enormous benefits to the lives of talented young people. Fund a Choristership by making regular donations of any amount, remembering to add Gift Aid. 32

Alternatively for a single donation text IMPS13 to 70070 followed by a space and then the amount you’d like to donate between £1 & £10.

/Lincoln.Cathedral @LincsCathedral

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014


NEW YEAR NEW YOU? Have you thought of your New Years resolution yet? Would you like to drop those bad habits and become a leaner, fitter, kinder version of yourself? Are you one of those people who start off well and lose motivation by March? Then make 2014 the year, you stop smoking, or get fit, sponsor a chorister, learn a new skill, join a theatre group or do a mud run for charity, but whatever you do this New Years, resolve to make a difference. Get the most out of life and use every second wisely.

all yo

Hot and Cold Buffet and Disco


8.00pm until late. Fun and Festivity in a Fabulous rural setting Please contact us for any celebrations you may have in 2014/2015. i.e. Wedding, Birthday, Anniversary, Meeting etc.

Tickets just ÂŁ40 each

Norton Lodge Old Harbour Farm Norton Disney Lincoln LN6 9JR Telephone 01522 789111 Fax 01522 789222 E.mail

. ce n e se peri ex rn. lea p. o sh t. ea it. vis e.

ry galle ting ted to i c x e Five s dedica craft & e y spac mporar ing the e for c e cont n, includ tion spa nd. i g desi st exhib in Engla e n larg & desig g rnin ns craft l lea ru tiona ramme n a r i insp ils i rog Our vents p full deta site, e and ar. Find our web of e all y uide, on member nd a g our eak to a ception e or sp iendly r fr our ry staff. rt. galle e. eat a e gr t creativ c n e i e r e G p . d x E spire Be in rf, Wha d, tion Sleafor a g i Nav Street, ngland e E k Carr lnshire, rg.u 10 Linco 7T W 29 3087 design.o 4 d 5 NG3 44 (0)1 lcraftan Tel: + .nationa www

The Nat Cen ional for tre Cra & D ft esig n

To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Six Ways To Make Money From Your Home

By Katherine Sorrell

Turn a spare room into a money-making space by taking in a lodger. Shown here is the Eva Sofa Bed in Egret, £1,045, from

Forget cash in the attic – there’s money in every brick, stone or tile of your house, and even in the garden and garage. Katherine Sorrell explains how to make pounds from your property 1. Rent A Room One in ten homeowners now earns extra cash by letting a spare room to a lodger, according to Santander. You can also rent to commuters, Mondays to Fridays. How much can I make? Average weekly rent from a lodger is around £90, says Pros - You can make up to £4,250 a year tax-free under the Government’s Rent a Room scheme. A good lodger can be a friend, share the housework and keep an eye on the place when you’re away. Cons - A bad lodger can be a nightmare – in your space, may not pay the rent and hard to remove. Home insurance may go up. Need to know - Obtain references, and have a written 34

agreement about rent, bills and how the house is shared. is a good source of information. You may need permission from your mortgage lender and, if you have one, your leaseholder. Tenants should obtain permission to rent a spare room from the landlord. 2. Be A Host For Language Students Many English language schools, and some universities, need ‘host’ families for their students, to provide a bedroom and meals and make them feel at home. It’s often just for a week or so, but sometimes longer. How much can I make? -From around £100 per student per week, before expenses. Pros - A great way to learn about other cultures and meet interesting people, and they’re not with you for long. Cons - Not a reliable, yearround income. Need to know - Tell your home contents insurer. Obtain a written contract with the

language school. 3. Run A B&B Worth considering if you have a spare room or two and live in a desirable area. How much can I make? Depends on location, number of rooms, quality of accommodation and food. About £35 per room per night is a minimum. Pros - Meet interesting people. Open for guests when it suits you. Cons - Early starts and lots of cooking and cleaning. Upfront costs to convert your home. Then there’s marketing, insurance and book-keeping. Need to know - You may need planning permission, or alterations to meet building regulations. Tell your mortgage lender. Don’t be overly optimistic: start by aiming for a 35-40% occupancy rate. 4. Rent Your Parking Space Rent your drive or garage to a commuter people attending the theatre or a sports event. Advertise in the local paper or online.

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

How much can I make? You could earn more than £200 a month, depending on \RXUSUR[LPLW\WRRIÀFHVWUDLQ tube stations, stadiums and so on, and what local parking and restrictions there are. Pros - Extra money for very little effort. Cons - Getting rid of someone who stops paying but continues to park could be tricky. Need to know - You can’t rent out a resident permit holder space, and tenants with a parking space can’t rent it out. Draw up a simple contract, tell your home insurer, and check that the parker has insurance in case he damages your property while behind the wheel. 5 Rent Out The Whole House You could move out of your

property (live with family or friends, or rent somewhere cheap) and turn it into a holiday home in the summer. If you live near a venue for sporting events or festivals you could rent it out to visitors. Or you could even rent it to long-term tenants. How much can I make? Depends on the size and location of your house: a two-bed Cornish cottage, for example, should make more than £500 a week in the summer. Pros - Good money. Cons - Cost of decorating and maintenance. Lots of organisation, from clearing out the house and marketing, to dealing with changeovers. Need to know - Obtain public liability insurance and FRPSO\ZLWKÀUHUHJXODWLRQV (Visit England’s Pink Book is

helpful, at www.visitengland. org). Tell your insurer and declare your income to the taxman. 6 Be A Movie Location Your home could be a star. All sorts of properties are used, IURPFRXQFLOà DWVWRFRXQWU\ estates. How much can I make? From about £500 per day for stills photography to £2,500 for a big-budget movie. Pros - Interesting and excellent money. Cons - Not a reliable source of income. Could be lots of disruption, and neighbours may object. Need to know - Most demand is for large houses with good parking within the M25. Signing up with an agency is free, but you’ll pay a commission.


Paxton’s Court, NG24 1DH

Tel: 01636 613300

Our £5.00 per person early booking discount ends on Friday 31st January...... • • • •

Many exciting new holiday destinations Free pick up within 10 miles radius of Newark Free Customer Loyalty Scheme (Pick ups in surrounding villages available for a small additional charge) *Not applicable to Country House Mystery Weekend and Luxury London Overnight

Please telephone for your copy Tel 01636 703813

Life is a special occasion

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014




01636 016 36 616425 616425 wilki nschimney k

Don’t forget to mention Use Locally when replying to adverts!

FOR MORE INFORMATION TO SEE HOW GLASS COATINGS CAN START SAVING YOU MONEY IN YOUR HOME OR OFFICE contact our head of technical Mark on his mobile 07834 221892 during normal business hours.

Transform your home with gleaming uPVC For a first class job which will last years with no maintenance or repairs. Fitted by trained professionals. Don’t take the risk - Call the professionals now. Free No Obligation quote and Survey


Newark & Notts Fascias Tel: 01636 821704 or Mobile: 07776 102 937 36

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Pictograms 3 words DON P_THO_ PAN_SA_


4 words


Commercial Domestic Industrial Installations Emergency Call Outs



Tel: 01636 678834 07860 445994 Director: David Greenbury, 8 Thomas Road, Fernwood, Balderton, Newark, NG24 3FU

Luna Ceramics w

Our O ur sstunning tunning n new ew Ki Kitchen tchen sshowroom howroom German G erman eengineered ngineered kkitchens itchens iin n tthe he llatest a t es t contemporary contemporary and and ttraditional raditional designs designs

Free design service using the latest 3 D software

2255 b bathroom athroom oon nd display isplay in in ccomplete omplete room room ssettings ettings

55,000 ,000 ssq q ft ft sshowroom howroom 5 Bishops Bishops Road, Road, Lincoln, Lincoln, L LN2 N2 44JZ JZ - T Tel el 001522 1522 5521112 2 1112 -

Free design service using the latest 3 D software

To advertise contact us: 01529 469 526 / 07527 006737


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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

Eco Friendly and Safe Fast Drying Fantastic Resultts Excellent Rates Free Quotation mercial Domestic/Comm 10 Years Experience Fully Insured mmercial Domestic & Com


Speedwe ell Carpet & Upholste ery Cleaning   


  Dreaming D reaming of of a N New ew Kitchen, Bathroom K itchen, B athroom orr B Bedroom o edroom ?

Beacon Hill Retail Park, NG24 2ET 01636 643600 Visit our showroom and talk to our helpful advisors about your project -Free design service -5 year guaranteed installation -A range of finance options - Plus we will beat any comparable quote

SAVE ÂŁ100 Monday to Saturday 08:00-20:00 Sunday 10:00 -16:00 38

off a fully installed project at B&Q Newark ONLY with this advert. T&C’s apply ask in store

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

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Our fabulous first edition of 2014. Heres January