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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014


ENERGIZED FITNESS STUDIO Energized Gym is one of Newarks hidden gems, set in an old Georgian home, lovingly restored to its former glory, hiding a wide array of state of the art equipment and top hand picked instructors to help you achieve the results you have always wanted, in a supportive almost family style environment. I visited with Sam & Gareth over at Energized at Northgate House, and that is exactly how I felt as I drove away, as though I had been to visit friends. This is entirely due to the welcoming & relaxing atmosphere that both of the owners work very hard to achieve. Sam remembers how it felt to be the newbie at the class, feeling nervous, not knowing where to stand, not being able to keep up with the class, what to wear, and all the other worries we have about going somewhere new. Gareth has struggled with his own weight issues and put on lots of weight after giving up a blossoming rugby career, due to injury, he has worked hard to lose over 3 ½ stone in the last 18 months to achieve the desired weight and level of fitness he now has. Both of them always planned careers in the fitness industry 8

and are well on the way to achieving their dreams. This underpins everything they do at the gym. There’s never a them & us feeling, and there is a real depth of understanding to the problems real people face with the reality of juggling life, work, families, down time and all the other everyday problems we all face, just where do we find the extra time to go to the gym? This ensures that, above all Sam & Gareth focus on the client’s needs and work incredibly hard to ensure that everyone feels welcome, included and comfortable. From the simple things such as making sure the toilets and showers are well stocked, with all the usual items and other personal touches such as make up wipes, hair bobbles (don’t we all forget them!) and even foundation sachets, that you don’t find in other gyms. To the bigger issue of no annual membership or joining fees. Class times are adapted to clients needs where possible, and held both early in the morning and later in the evening to accommodate client’s needs. Personal training is available at times to suit too. There’s a lovely feeling of family

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

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Use Locally - Issue 9 January 2014

in the gym, no impersonal rooms with the machines sited in such a way as to give birds eye views of bottoms here, even the placement of machines are thoroughly thought out. The studio is beautifully light and airy, and it’s a space to be with friends and feel supported on your journey to fitness. The fitness machines vary from a rebounder for the less supple wannabe gym bunnies, to a free motion column, which works every part of you on 1 machine, - and this is continued all across the several rooms where clearly they have thought to ensure that all different body types and abilities can work out on the equipment, and in a smaller more intimate environment to suit each and every one of us. All across the gym you can see the personal touch and attention to detail that have Sam & Gareth’s names all over it. Chandeliers hang in the stairwells, the original flagstone floors, fireplaces, staircases and doors all lovingly and painstakingly restored by them, 10

and its obvious to me that this attention to detail continues into their clients. Sam & Gareth have a dream of 5* luxury at a reasonable price, and are achieving this at Northgate House. Enter the free competition on page 30 to win a free months membership, facial and massage, and even if you don’t win the fabulous prize, all entrants win a free class to allow you to sample the Energized experience for yourself.

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